3. The 1989 PHS Regulation on scientific misconduct, applicable to misconduct before June 16, 2005, is still available online at <http://ori.hhs.gov/policies/regulations.shtmlhttp://ori.hhs.gov/misconduct/reg_subpart_a.shtml.>, with the new PHS regulation, now in effect, which defines research misconduct as "fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism in proposing, performing, or reviewing research, or in reporting research results. . . . (c) Plagiarism is the appropriation of another person's ideas, processes, results, or words without giving appropriate credit." For the first time, the PHS regulation now includes plagiarism in "reviewing research," i.e., in peer review of PHS grant applications or PHS-supported manuscripts (even if the respondent/plagiarist did not have relevant applications to or funds from PHS agencies for the research).

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