1. I am keeping with Stanley and Williamson [2001]’s formulation of Intellectualism, according to which the relevant question is a question of the form “How could one f?" where the modal “could" is interpreted as a counterfactual ability modal. They convincingly argue that in the infinitival construction “how PRO to swim," xPROy is to be interpreted not as a generic PRO, but as a reflexive PRO, giving rise to a de se reading. 2. The qualification “in the relevant sense" is important. There is a sense in which I do come to know how to swim by coming to know what my swimming instructor told me. As observed by Schaffer [2007, p. 396], one comes to know how to play the flute, in some sense, by coming to know Monty Python’s explanation of how to play the flute is as follows: “Well, you blow in one end and move your fingers up and down the outside." But knowing such an explanation does not give one know how, in the relevant sense. carlotta pavese Practical Senses 0
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