Filipino-English vocabulary: with practical example of Filipino and English grammars
Daluz, Eusebio T., American Philosophical Society. Library.

Page  [unnumbered] Class ] 9 2,// No. S Presented by H. H. BARTLETT COLLECTION ON THE PHILIPPINES NOc

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Page  [unnumbered] F I PINO-ENGLISH VOCABUL:A RY WIT'H PR1'kLA_1'1GA [ J IC XXAMPILES 0F Fl IPINO AND IiWNGLISH GRAMMARS B y EUSEB10 T. DALUZ, Graduate Teacher by the "Escuela Normal Superior de Maest.ros de Manila", Ex-Principal in the Primary Public Schools uhider the A int r.can Sovereignty, Instructor inri severil Private Colleges, Member of the Association of the Tagnlog Writers (SAMAHAN;M.4l.4 MA'NANAGALOG) and of the literary society "ILA\ AT PA NT fl K".;x- President of the Coin mittee for the Organization of th- &cad~iny of the Pilipinio Language, and actual Secretary of Lilis N.ttioaal Academy (AKa DEMYA NC WIKANG PILIPINO)PART I Basetd oi thie VFilipi no (ram mlar P'RS 1' EI)1 riON MANILA, P. I. 1915.

Page  [unnumbered] COPYRIGHT I.-.A g akdIng ito( ay pagc aaring tunay nr kurnthlng, si PEu. sebio T. Diluz. I.-WalAng sinomain'g makapagpapalirnmbag ng walalng kapahintulutan ng naturan'g kumathfi. III.-Bawa't salin oy may tatiak at tandAng lihitn n kurnathA, at ipalAlaga.y na nakaw na dapat pag-usigin ang rnga salin'g d? nagttaaglay ng nangasabing tlatak at.landAng lihim. IV.-Ang nagpalimbag nitong Unang Bahagi ng Talatinligan ay si G Juan Martinez, at siya ang rnay-ari ng unang pagkalimbag. /V ~I/,'r ~:~ ~.,~ ~' ~~.CpYjYL, r IM. r~, f I" -.

Page  [unnumbered] CERTIFICATE OF APPROBATION CERT[LFCA.AXIOS que oste Voc:abulario Filipino-Ingls s fu6 aprobado y adoptado oficialmente por la Academia de la Lengua Filipina en sesioh ordinaria celebradat el dia7 de hMarzo de 1915. Y paraque cori~te firinamios la presente en Manila, 1. F., hoy veintidi s de Mayo del afio del Sefior de mil novecientos quince. SOFRONIO G. CALDERON. Presidente de la "Akademyat n& WikAlng Pilipinro". RFPRIN DA DO: P \UL L. STANGL, B. S, M. Ph., Secretario interitlo y Vice-Secretario de la 'Akad(emya nc WikAng Pilipino". KATIBAYAN NG PAGSANG-AYON PINAXTOrO'rOHIANAN NAMIN na aug Talitingigin'g- iton, Pilipino-Ingles ay lubos na sinang-ayunan at itinadhanAng gamitin ng Akademy)a ng Wiking Pilipino nang magdaos ng karaniw.n'g pnlong noon'g ika 7 araw ng Marso n' 1915. At upang mapatibay ang katotohanan ay linagdAlan namin ang kasulatan'g it6 sa MaynilA, K. Pilipinhan, ngay6n'g ika dalawangpi't dalawai ng Mayo ng ta6n ng 'hinanakop, ising libo siyam na, gatds at labinglima. SOFRONIO G. CALDERON Pangulo ng Akademya ng Wiking Pilipino. PINAGTITIBAY: PAUL L. STANGI,, B. S., M. Ph., Kalihirn Sarmnntala at PuliKalihim ng Akademya ng Wiking Pilipino.

Page  [unnumbered] PREFACE This historicI, constrUCtional. period,-in which the national idea i - seen to acquire definite formy;, when nationald boundaries are tending to becomne defi ted more and more along li nes of eth nical cleavage and entities group on ac ahinity; when the coniscioniness of a, world milssion becomes the logical fr~uit of -widespread education, and e.tch rlaclial unilt tends to arranige 'itself upon its ntural basve, to develop more hilly and take its proper plac-e in the concert of world powers to) beari its~ share of the burPden -and the hieat of the day in bring~ing to aricher frutinthe heritg of initti; this is the time of creating new~ V factor'Js Of in1guIisti c dsvlper In thisd. epoch the natives of the Philippines, after being, for over three centturies sh~ut o)ff by a worse than Chinese wall of ex clusion 01porstight, bound by the swadd~ling, clothes' of religiu and scular p,re.uic, here-,y growth va-s hindered, have at lat ee freed o)f the trammtels, and in less than two decades have taken eniorinous strides forward On) the path. of nation~al greatniess -It is at snchl timei, wften the trainryels of dialects and other var-' int5of speech -are most, strongly made mnanifest, and prove the test of true national fitniess. Nk unlit.d Ge-rmany with its, people speaking, (iverse dijalects,, w ts only solved by making one of them the standar-d and from the re-st enriching it, mnakimig it the virile expression of national" Consciousness. Tlhe, world has seen no strong nation -adopt the language of anotherx people; still less- that of a raice a lien in thought, feeling, speech anid habit. Hence, however well meaning it may be to try oimlant the, E nglish speech in these Islands as a common meium 9it is so obvicausly a viohition of all psychie, and ethnic unities, that (tan never, in the opinoio of the writer, be a lasting success. Henice a solution along those lines; that, centuries of experience has proven to be the onfly logpical, because natural one, that of a dev~elopecl natio[alI larngmuige- based Jon national stock and material, enriched anmd perfected, but akin to the native spirit of rich and poor,alike,. is~the only onle thaIt, in the end, will, succeed. Whatever the place o-f English, nio doobt, impwortanit in the economic dev~elopment of landl arnd people., a n~ational. inidlasikvn language is bound to be th~e proper vehicle of a' united Filipinio people Hence boo i~ h preet (hih give concrete form to this innvate asp(IS(1 iration, and wtiatever its presen-It iinper~feocions, which detiuitelv shapes:- the, raw In-aterial along plausi-ble, stable lines of developmenit, is wo~rthy of:opplaluS(, Studly alid support. It can, only be recornenidted to( the' tho0ughtfull stuldy of friend and foe alikel, In ord-er that it maI-y fulfill itsmisionof aiding in the solution of tha~t importanlt question the fut ure larnguage o)f the Filipino people. Mlay 'it Ifiec~t with succes-3, aind that each successive edition be a va,.st imyprovemrent, on the preNcedinlg ofie, is the (~uriest winh of PAUL L.,STANGL, B. S. M1 Ph.

Page  [unnumbered] I NTRODUCTION Irhis vocabulary is intended mostly to meet the demands of those who want to establish a common Filip'ino language, the 'aim and purpose of the "Ak~denya ng Wik~ng Pilipino" (Academly of the Filipino Language). It contains' words used in everyday life and is very practical. It is a mixture of the different Philippine' dialects with 'the 1'agalog as basis. Most of the words, of course, a re I agalog, but a large number also are taken from. the Bi-saytin, Ilokano, Bii~ol, Pampangan and other native dialects, all of which are Tragihzed. Mo-st of the technical terms h~ave beeni taken directly from their primitive sources, Greek and Latin, thep Filipinization' of Which and that of their derivatives have been made complete, through the nat-ural linguistic mnechanisma of Tagalog and Bisayan. The work consists of two parts Part I, which is the present book, is an attempt to prkesenit the essentials of Filipino Grntixnar in such a formi that without stitting any grammnatical (lefiitioins and rules it is practically a combinia tion of vocabulary and gramimar based, upon the TIaigalog language. As to this, all the p irticles-suffixes, prtfixes anid interfixes-are applied; and combined with the ro'ots form a great tiumber of floun~i 4abstract, collective and verbal-, various-, classes 'of I djectives, fre-quernattives, verbs con~jugated in the acti,~e and passive voices. After the -alphabetical list -of root- verbs with their.respective infinitive forms follo'w the adverbs, prepositions, conijunctions anid inter'Jec,tioms. In this work the copiousness and great impor ance of LakanDulA's toi~gue have been demonstrated in order that it may be th'e foundation of a nlatio~nal speech -rich and'vigorous. Part II' also forms a separate book and is based on the English Grammar. It contains a great, deal of exarnrples and excerci~~es ia which the griimmiatical rules of this language are practicatlly involved. Both parts together are, dedicated to the students of the Filipino and English languages, and I firmly, believe that in the miakingy of this vocabulary, which was (compiled during five years of philolo — ical studies of E,-glish at d the cultivated Philippine tongunes, 1I have, contrib)uted so~mewhat to the national culture of my beloved nativeteomitry I desi re to express my lindebtedness to the ilustrious director 6f 'Ateneo, Rizal'' the wise philologrer and Filipinist Dr. Paul L. Statiwl, B. -S, M. Ph., for his valuable 'aid in the compilation of this book and fo r impiortant suggestions upon the suitah le way of enrichiing, Lh- Filipino lexicon b)y adolopting and Filipinizing the unliversza scierilific words taken from Greek Likewi'se I express my cot-dialO gratitude to the Academy of the Filip~ino(.LangUage, which h)as officially,approved and,adopted this brief v, calholary as the fir-st work of its kind sanctioned by the, atlithor1i ty of that National linguistic Association. THE AUTHOR.

Page  [unnumbered] f '-^ ^" f ' ^.,. i i

Page  1 A BRIEF VOCABULARY FILIPINO-ENGLISH ( aikli^T T i, "illl''J Piiil)ilo-Ingles.) I r I FIRST PART.-UNANG BAHAOI. I. AlgMi bohafi 1g/ I t (l (. 1 to O. A ilo. Atiay. Baha. Baga. Balat. Balintat aw. Batoik. Bal ik at. Balak ang. Mga balakaiig. Balagat. Baywang. Bagang. Mra baga-ng. )I'/ s o wf th/ l t}XX ~ hoiiu.I~v Gall. Liver. Chin. Luntg. Skin. Eye-ball. Nape, cervix. Sh1ouler.1l. Hip. Ilips. Clavicle, the co)llar- bone. Waist. Grinder, molar tooth. Miolars, (or back teel I). Mouth. iisig. M51ia bisig. Bituka. Biyas ng bintf, biyas ng bisig. Bitis, binti. Bub6ng ng paa. Bukong-bukong. Butit, kalamnan ng binti. A rl. Arms. Gut,- tripe, intestine. Shinbone, arm. bone. Leg. Tarsus. Ankle. Calf of the leg. Buko ng daliri. Joint or knuckle of the fingers. Bung6. Skull, cranium. Bumbunan. Top of the head. Buh6k, balahibo. Hair. But6. Bone. Katawan. Body [of a man or animal.] Kalingkingan. Little finger. Kanlao, galanggalana'n. Wrist Bibig.

Page  2 -2 --- Kamgniy. aMg'a lkamally. Kilay. Kilikili. Kitko. Dalirl. Mga daliri. Daliri ng-dato. Daliring-singsitgan. Dalirl ng paa. Mga daliri nl paa. Dila. Dibdib. D ugo. Gilagid. Gulug6d. Gulunggul u ngan. Gutil, til aw. Ngalarigalai. Ngipin. Mga ngipil. Hlinlalaki. Hintuturo 6. Hith. Ilong. Labi. Mga la hi. Laman. Lamad. Lawas. Ialamu nan, ak 1H1aid. Hands'. Eye-brow. Arlmpit. Nail. Fillger. lingers. Middle-fillnger. Ring-filnger. T(oe. Toes. Tongue. Breast, chlest. Blood. Gum. Spille, Iaclcbone. (ES(oplhlagulls, larynx, gullet. Glottis, gorge. Palate. Tooth. Teeth. F(,re-tinger, ilndex-fi uger. Thigh. Nose. Lip. Lips. Fleshl. Membrane. Body [of man, animal, or of anything. I Tlhroat.,iig.,i ko(d. Liti(l. I,A1O({l. Ia,ati. Muskla. Paa. M'a pa a. Palad ng ka 'Patantog. Pilik,,wata. Pilipisan. Pisni*. Pitlunugan, alakain. Pigi. lfusn, ut(ly Pus6. Puwit, bul( PusIod. Sakong. SikmnurA. Sinr it. Sihang, pai Siko. Suso. Talampalka rTakday. Tadyang. Mga tadyar Tagiliran. Tainga. Neck. ac('k. Slinl, sinbone. Eye. Eyes. 1Muscle. Face. Fore-head. Foot. Feet. -mniay. Palm of the hand. Bladder. Eye-lash. Temnple. Cheek. alak- Haim. Buttock; hip, olg. Abdomen. Heart. l it. Backside. Navel. Heel. Stomacih. Groin. '*a. Jaw-bone, mandible. El bow. Teat. n. Sole of the foot. Fore-arm. Rib. ng. Ribs. Sid(e. Ear.

Page  3 ---- Mg a ttilla. ' Tiyan. '|Tuliod.. M'ga, tlll(,d. IJlo. U Itak (sa hbut'. ) 1;Il(. 1 I Aga( ibdlg l1,gay na /k)ol sa t. o'. A rang. Bal)ai. Mzga ba:bai. 1ata. Bathng lalaki, bi ra. Bat' tag i)al)ai, iiiing. Batlt, sanggol. Mga lbata, niga sanggol. Bahay- batit. Bato. Bagongtao, })iiath. Binabai. 13 i nLa bili. Buy6n, bahaykanin. Ears. lielly, ab d(lol)l; )V011I1). K nees. Helad. Vei n. MNarrovw. Brain. 1. Other t/iings belonaging to Ildividual. \VWloden. Boyt, girl. Boy. Girl. Clildlren. Matrix, womb. Kidiney. Y()1nIg 1man. I ermaph rod(ite. Iaunch. Katalubataan. Kilit. Mga kilit. I)al aga. i)iwa. i)un'. ~ Dunang tao. Gumni, balbas. Illunan. Iskeleto, kalan-.say. Lalaki. MIa slalaki. Matanda, lakay Misay, bigote. Pangalan, jigalan. Pitilya. Sanggol. MAla sanggo]. Sinapupunan. Tao. Talubata, ka si bulan. Ulila. Ulay, birgen. Utad, litid. Walalg asawa. Youth. Pore. Pores. Young lady; virgi n. Spirit. Being. Human being. Beard. Placenta. Skeleton. Person. Man. Men..Old man, person. Mustache, Name. old Whisker. Baby. Babies. Lap. Man,.person. Young. Orphan. Virgin. Nerve. Single, bachelor, unmarried. Single, maid, unmarried. I [.. Walai ng bania.. Kabinataan, Ika- Young men, bagongtauha.. youth. Kadalagahan. Young ladies. Ktilulwa. Soul. Asawa. Bana. Mga asawa. May asawa. Wlife. Husband. Wives. Marrie( (nan ),

Page  4 ---- May bana. Babaing balo. Lalaking balo. Malrriel (won:li ) Widow. Widower. III. Mga bagay-bagay sa iskiu)elahdn, atb. AS('k001 thiogr, oeh' Akda, gawa. Worli Aklat. Book Alisong. Prepc Alagad, ina- Pupil aralan, tiinuturuian. Aris6. Interj Arithmisan. Arith Arithmisnin. Arithi Arithmison. Arith Antas. Grade Agrikultor. Agrict Agrikulturan, Agrici pagsasaka. falr Bangk6. Bencl Banhay. Rougl Bayhon. Page. Banig ng papel, Sheet banig na papel. Band'll, wata- Flag. wat. Balanan. Bask( Bakol. A squ ~ Bilao. A rot Buslo. A sm, )sition., d(isciJple. eetio n. metic. neticia n. imetical.;; degree. ilturist. ltutre, I1. I.. Li drawing. of paper. I za;Iya. Verb. | hiri[, gara- ('ira nar. allhain. 1B1 iIlrila I an ii, G r-,m a j i I I il i ria n. matnggaga'ramia, garanlatlltui lI. latitas. Co mma,. l BilanIg. Nutlnl)er. tuklatil, ak Cpy- Co-ook. lat-s;ililIIa-n. KtuVVwa(lro, mar- Picture-fr;alt. k o. KJaha, kalho6, Box, cilest. kabatn. Kuwarto, silid. ltooni. Kaalaman, Knowledge. ala1 m. Kapanutuhain, Education. pinagkatutuhan, katutuihan. Kolegiyo. College. Kasanlingan. Morality. Klase. Class. Kasalaysayal. Explanation. Kattha. Composition. Klaseng maba- Junior class. ba. Klaseng mataas. Senior class. Kudlit.: Virgulilla (81).). Kuwit. Apostrophe ('). Karunungan, Science. dunong. Kasiningan, si- Arts, art. ning. Kintang. Music. Katinig. Consornan t. -t. are basket. and basket. all egg-basinciation. ket Pront Bigkas.

Page  5 Daylas. Disiplina. Dibuho. Dalawaing ttlldok. (Geometra. (remetrahtin. Gambi. Guhit. Gamlang. Geograpo. Geograpluhain. Guro, tagapag tur6. Hatak, paghahatak. Hipn6. Halipnama. 1Historya. Istituto, Istitusy on. Isip, pag-iisip. Lapis. I amesa, mesa dulang. Latok. Larawan, ktuwadro. Lisyon. Limbit, walinj sulat. J Latib. Langilangi, bingkulong. Lakmay. ILubit, diin. Labanan, pa Article. l)isciplinle. l)rawi ng. Colon (:). Geometer, geometrician. Geometry. Quotation ('" "'). Stroke, dash, lille. Industry. Geographer. Geographly. - Master; teacher. Physical exercise. Translation. rolnoun. History. Institute. Institution. Thought, mind. Pencil. Table. A low table. Picture. Lesson. g Blank. Hyphen (..,.). Parenthesis.....). Paragraph. Accent. Contest. ligsahan. Logikahan. ihanm. Logikanhin, Lampiba:dyfi, Lista, listahan. Maltik. Mathesisarn. Mfathesisniin. Mathesison. Nama. Oras. OrasniiM, relos. Panulat. FPinitikan. Panagano. Paniun usai). Payam Logic. Letter. Logician; logical. Adverb. 1 List. Id(lea. Mathematics. Mathematician. Mathematical. Noun. Hour. Clock; watch. Pen. Literature. Clause. Sentence. Subject, t written 4 cise. opic; exer Panuto. Rule, ruler. Pupitre, hapag. Desk. Pisara. Slate. Pisarang-dalig, Blackboard. pisarang malakf. Papel Paper Palatuntuna!n. Program. PIaaralan, isku- School. welahain. Pakikipagkapwa Urbanity; politeness. Pag-aaral. Study, studying. Pagsasaysay. Recitation. Pag-aandukh, Education. pagtuturb. Pagtutur6. Instruction; teaching. PNngarunangan. University.

Page  6 - I3 - Pagbasa. Iteeading. Paghasang la- Current reading. lusan. Pagsullt. Writing. Pagsasa nay. Exercise. Pagaba)ay bay, Spelling. bay bayin. Pilosop6, phil6- Pllilosopher. sop6. l~fI()" Fi gIlab,is, po)int of exclaI l 14c1cti s). Pil6sopohaln, philosopohin. Pilosophanin, philosopha- ] nin, philosophanon. Paglilimi. Pagtatalo. Pakpa. PataralAn'g panguna. Philosophy. Philosophic, philosophical. I)iscussion. )ebate. Object. Prilmry School. Paghllu iluay huwIay. R1i eto ranan. Rhetoravif )l. Rlhetorallnon. Sunidinig. Sagot. Salin,, llidl. Salaysay. Salit a. Sa6. Sulti. \ SAlitaaaii. Salapong. Sugn6. Tinta, dilsol. Tintahan, dinlsulan. Tisa. Tabla, dalig. Tiklat. Talnong. Turing, pagtuturing. Talaan.. TatangnaIn. Tagdan. Talakay. Talatil. Taludtod.. Tuldok. Tuldok at b)antas. Tikm6. Tiidik. PaiaralAn'g pa- Secondary School. ngalawta. Paaralin'g pa- Intermediate magitnl.A School. Paiaralhn'g ma- High School. taas. Paaralhn'g ba- Public School. yan. PAaralan'g bhl- Private School. kod. l Pangtinig. Vowel. Pantig. Syllable. Parayon. Prose. Panilos. Penknife. Punto. Point. Punto ng ta- Point of interron6ng. gation (?). 1]thet oriC'. hlletolrici an. Rhetorical. Stick.. A nswer. Copy. Statemen at.,Word. Dialect. CoI nversatio. Coljunction. Adjective. Ink. Inkstand. Chalk. Boar(1d. 1Small stick. Question, interrogation. Expression. Register. lHandle. Penholder. Phrlllase. Line; versicle. G4om etrical i nej Period (.). Semicolon (;) Subject, matter. Dot (.).

Page  7 T'iti k. I'aluimpatl, pananalitAi. Taytutay, tul'a. Tula, panunul t Tingig, salitl, arnano. Ti nig. Tagsa. UpfAtli, Ill)Aitl. Wika. Talaamanitll n. Talatin 0;igan. Letter. Speechll. Verse. Poetry. Termr, wor(l, diction. Voice. Stanza. SeAt. LiLaguage. Dictionary. Vocabulary. Buwal, tilning- Clod. k al.. Bakais ng yapl)ak. Fo)tstep, track. IBulalakaw.' Kindlled exhalation in sky. Buwis ng lupti. Land tax. Bola. Ball. Bigkis. Fagot. Butas. Hole. Binditialan. Holy-water pot. 13itAtk, litaik. Crack, crevice, chink. Bukail n' tubig. Spring. Barongbarong, Hut, cottage. IV. AMga ibdng bagay,na karani'wan sa pug-ut 1 -sap og sdlitaan. Amag. Asoge. Apog. Ainpunan. Agtas. Akdas. Agham. Bakal. Bako(d. BaI6n. Buko. Bull61. Balahibo 1lg tupa. Batdng-tatgisan. Batobalanl. Bulo. Other th/ings tha} are commvon in 8peaking o0' conversation. Moss, miould. Quicksilver. Lime. Asyltum. Path, route. Practice. Theory. Iron. Fence. Well. Node. Knot. W(ool. NrWhetstone. fLoadstone. Down, soft hair. danlpa. Bantayan. Buhangin. Baybay-dagat. Bilanggcuan. Bangkay. Bukid, bukira!n. Bakuran. Biyas n, kawayan. Kalawang. Kiling (nIg hayop). Watch-tower. Sand. Sea-shore, seacoast. Prison. Corpse. Field, farm. Pale..Part of a cane from knot to knot; joint. Rust. Mane. Kunot, kub6t. Plait. Katalahil)an. Land overgrown withl high;wild grass; land full of reedgrass. Kotse ng tram- Tram-car. biya. Kabaong. Coffin.

Page  8 Kalaliat'i Kawad. Do'on-an, (Ian1 -xigan. Dakot. Dalundorig. Daan. Daan'g-bakal. Dalan. Dalang. Garing. Gint6. Gatha'. Hardin, halainanan. Himpilan. Himulmol. Hapuhi np-g hayop. Hukay ng li'bin~an. Ibabaw; itaas. Latak. Li wasan. Landig~in. IPrt. Handful. Tent. Road, street. Railroad. High-roa~d. Rare; rarity. Ivory. Gold -. Hack. (Gardeii. Detachmenit; station. Filamrent, or thread of ('1oth..Stable, stalls for an imaS. Grave. Bottom. Top. Scum, lee. Plaza, square. Wharf. G4r imne, dirth, filth. Mitafl. Niy uglan. Nasasakupan. Panarath~ Ipanjuluihin. Pastulan, sabsaban. Parang. Parangpa ra.. near. Pa gkaka'ikir('S patafI n.11 Pi lak. Pamuti, plalaPinagkikilan. Putikan. Panar'k. Panunigkit. Paglihis,9 Pagsi nsay. Panggatong. Parang; larangan. Puwang. Nangwisik. Pilapil. Nadaluyan, bangbang. Pangpang. Riles. Sanyawa, 'asupre. Sapot. Supot. Sa'pal. AletaC..Cocoan iit, grove. ~Jurisdiction. Principal. Lanwn;field; 1'iea(Iow. Cross-wvay, c ro *zroad1. I`t eel. Silver. 1)ecloratioi, ornameut, ado(rflning. Muddy place. Sounding. Hook. Deviation. Firewood. Country; field. Space. Wate~r-sprinkiler.. Bank or moundI of earth. Di-op. Channel, d itch. Bank of a riv'er. Rail. Sulphuir. Shroud. Bag, sack, wval-. let. Coarse rematinF. I t I I i i iII j i LUnggA,YUDng-ig. Cave, g rot. Lamuymnoy, hi- Fiber, filament. Laban-fin. Crib, manger. Lansangan. Street, road. Lagwerta'. Orchard, fruit i Midalya. Mina. garden. Medal. 'Mine.

Page  9 I ------ sakaiy. Subyaig, tilik. Taliiap'il, tniyang:!i. Ti ngilg(. Iill a s gi,, y p l(. Tan bso. I iikl, Tlrt ubiya, karong (lgital)T'ranll)iya. Trei. 11lb6. IJrang, tulos. Uling. UliJi lg 4kaloy. Yelo. piga i.( ita tit ~I cfdgcpul)~hin,' g plhisia, /ia,. RTon fi (.. Horn. li, Trap, snare. Prick le. Terrace. Mlarke t. Alum. Ieal. (Coppler. Tin,. I i(i dng-place, conceallment. IBarking. Thorn. I)ross, slangs. Bridige. (Cat, (elettric car. Tram way. Trai n. I og-sty. Stake. (oal. Charcoal. Ice; frost. Physica(" l ( ogL'aphy termrs. Anggan. Alon, (aluyong. Agos, mtga ago3. Bar. Wave. Current, currents. Alipuyo. Fluid. Alapaa p. Cloud. A.11)onl..Drizzle. Ap'y. Fire. Arsenil. Arsenal. Balanllgiw. Rainbow. Banlu ag. Temperate. B'uh1awi. IHurricane. BJagyo). Typhoon. Busilak. Snow. Baromnetro. Barometer. Batis. Fountain. Bukail, balong. Spring Bati. Stone, rock. Bat6nog tunaiw. Melted rock. Bangkutia. Reef. Bundok. Mountain. Burol, tugatog. Hill. Bulkan.1 Volcano. Baybay, dalam- Coast, shore. pasigan. B;athging ti- Solid part. gain )ay. Bahaging da- Liquid part. n6ll. Bantilanl. Shipyard. Kalawakan'g- Continent. dalat. Kapuluian, Islands, archisangkapullain. pelago. Kaparangan. Meadow. Kanil, taguling. Canal. Kati ang tubig. Low-water. Kl i ma. Climate. Kidlat. Lightning. Alanlvwag, si- Vapor. ngaw. m

Page  10 -Ito Kulo'g. Thu iider. Kahaluimigmi- Humidi gfin, dimik. ion 0h Kahignawain, Sei'eiiil linaw, aliwalas. Kaugallan'g M id(dli yunto. Karagatan. Oeean. Kahuyadn. Grove. Kapatagan. Phain. Dagat. Sea. Dalisdis. Slope, Dalampasigan. Beachi, Dalat, dalatan, Land. lupafin.. Dagatan. Gulf. Danlaw, Ilawn. La ke. Delta. Delta. Di-organuhon. Inorgai Dagitab. Electric Daginditig ng Thunde knli'g.' Gabon, lup~k. Ground Globo. Globe. Gulod. Mountai Gubat. Forest. Gasis. Gas. Grado, antas. Degree. Hamo'g. Dew. Hang-in. ~Air. Hidrogeno. Hydrog( Hirnpapawi'd. Cloud of Hu15. Sou rce. Impapayaw. Atmosp] Init. Heat. Ilog na pasukdan. Inlet. Ilog na la'basan. Outlet. Iity, ture. y.. ng wind. declivity.. strand. I ical. -ity. r-clap. [n-chain.:,n. the skly. here. I Ihiu g. Ipoipo, ' u 1at. I log. L upk, s a Lawakc, I laIy. Lfam bak, Liigdal at L ibis. Lakhi aug) LookI. Luncr'os. Lin'dol. Lika's na wag, tv poog. Li way waI Linti k. Mina. Minuaban. Malaptil6 Minerail. Ml Ca IIi ty M ainit. Mij)a flunl Mabi mig. iAlay urnin yuu1to;. Mahlklias y un1to. Llitili. ngliIgay1 - IDesert; wilder11 (SS. Wlhirl, whiirl.. wind. Rill.River, Atramn. Elarthi. E~xtension. libi's. Valley. Isthmus. 'Glen.. tubig. High-water. Bay. Creek. SW amp. 1 Farthiquake. alang- -Natural e~vapoLrn- ration. Daiwn. Trhinder-bolt. lDowni-hill. Mine. Mineral- deposit. Peninsula. lup&. Fertile soil. Mineral.. roro. MAeteors. Hot, warmt. son. Monlsoons. Cool. gSoft wind. na Strong wind. Maragand's na Impetuous wind.

Page  11 -1 I — yui1ito; marag~ami's n1a Sig Temperatui r~a. Tubig iia ta Temperature. Fresh water. j1 o; mablugSong hangin. Nitroge no. ~Osis. ~Oksigeno. jo rganuihon. IPatag. i"PUl6. Pui zitod. Pagkilos, pa,-gINILgusan, paal~araluman. IPenomeno, phenomeno. ML- phenoineno. Salitre. Sulip.,Sialog, lu~ngft'W, sanaw. Sal u n gahi'n. Saph. Suiguran, sadsaran. iQSaluysoy. ~Sirnoy., ~Sigwa. ~Tubig. Tangwa. ~Tatgway, ta~,Tagudtod na imtra bundok. Nitrogen. Oaisis (pl. oase's). Origa n. O rganical. Level.Island. Sand -bank. Movement. Channel,, drain. Sea-compass8., [brzijula] Phe-nomenon. Phenoninens. S aitpetre. Soil. Pond, marsh, pool, fen. Up-hill. Salt marsh. Harbor. Brook. Breeze. Storm. Water. Cape. Point. b in g. Tubig na alat. Salt watei Taog,, paglaki 't Tide, surf pagkuati. 1 Taog na, pdlaki tubig nia pa- Flood- tidi laki. Taog na pakati, Ebb-tide.tubig na Pakati. Talo'n n' tul Termometro Talukltok, t~ gay tay. Tugo's. Usok. Ulap. UhI ''n. Uldn n- but~ Wawa. Yunto, sigp( Mga salita Gedgrapuhdi ast~rononmhan, lig. Cascade, wa'terfall.' Thermometer. a- Summit, -peak, top. Electrical current. Smoke, steam vapor. Fog. R 0og. Hail. Mou-th of the river. ).Wind. VI. 8a Astronomical V'g Geography term8. in. 8. Adlaw. Sun. Araw. Day.1 — Araw, Senang..Sit~n,, Phccbus (in (8a panurnuda). poetry). Ridge of tains. moun

Page  12 -12 --- AznilILan. East. Araw at gal)i. Day and nig Agwat. I)istanlce. Araw astronom- Astronomical hanrin. day. Araw lurgsura- Civil day, Kin. Araw na hamb6, Natural day. araw na likis. A pogeo. A pogee. Ark o [In6 bag- Arc. way. ' AAlirong. (',ir cu1 fere l c Banawen. Era. Bagwlay. ('ircle. Bll an. Mooln. Buwan. Month. Buwan, banlilong:Moon [sa parnuttllla. [in) poetry] lit. K1b)iillgan lg, FtIll I oo,0( n. bulatn. )iyalnetro,. D)iai 'et Disko. Disk. Epakta. Elpact. IEkinoksiyo. Eqiiio,: EIklipsisan. Ecliptic Ekiwval (r. EIqu ato l-al agan. Spalce. Hilihid, iilihi- Splhere. ran. H-fatilhilillid og lHeell ispr liatilhilihiral. (41,. K. t. t'. )e1're. e. BIarikod, sumibol. Balakla6t, og hilagtngckanluran. Benlls.!'olumen. Balabalaki ng any6 ng bulan. Bagong bulan. Buntala. Kaki-lan it. Kalunuran og kanluran. Kinsi ng Lupa. Kalendalhan. Karaniwan'g ta6n. Comet. Nortlhwest. Venus. Vol ume'. Different phalses of the 0moon. New moon. Planet. Horizon. - Occident, west. Ilati]ng-gabi. HIabagat. Itilag& og hilagaan. I ilagtn g-sil.angan. II a pon. H1upiter. Ikapat sa paglakf, palaking bultn. Ikapat sa pagliit, paliit na LuI pa. Ilantit. Ilaho, paglalall6. lalblng ganlip. Iahong pangkat. LiwaInag.: idnightt. West. North. Nortlheast. Afternoon, eve, ling.,JiUpit(er. (I'Cescenit nmoon. I)(,) rease of tliea 111((mo, decres 1 cent mioon. Earth. | Sky, heaven. Eclipse. 1 'lotal eclipse. I-'lrtial eclipse.. Lighlt, clearness.;l The Axis of the Earth. Kalenda r. Civil year, coI1 -mon year.

Page  13 1 wanlag ngll u blall. [tarte. JIerk uryo. Madaling-anl w. Maghatpon. AMagda nIuig. Misi k, og t i, Itlog-sila nugait [iridya.111o. Musiln, l alla;n tsim. Miillto. prbiti, og ang laan. it isaing Sll,-sh1inle, MO()l l sIi lfne. Mars. l1ercuI ry. )taw In. All the dlay. All tile night. Sot Il -e ast. Meridialn. SeasonS, seasons. sftngsinukob, The worl-d1. sangsinukuban. Sat(el ite. Satellite. Surgang-lanlit. Firmament. Sanglhililid, The whole sphere. sanighilili iran. Silana u, sila- Orient, east. nganan. Sabalas, og hi- Nortlheast. 1 a gng-sil I a ng'an. Salatan, og ti- Southlwest. lnlog- kanlura n. Silim, takipsi- Evening. lilm. Sona,. nga sona. Zone, zones. Sonang mnainit. Torrid zone, hot A inutte Orbit, ()or the pla r It path of a i t ntala. net. iOras. Htour. IPagpih it ng Tnurnin Lup. I. Eart] Pagkilos sa pag- Movemn pillit. rotation Pagkilos sa p:tg- Movemi ligid(. trans Perigeo. Ierigeu gee.!Pagsi kat n, Sun-risi adlaw. Paglyih6g ng Sunset..adlaw. tPolo, mtna polo. Pole, t lRadyo. Radius. IPaInahol.1 Tine; v lPetsa. Date. sangdaid(lig, Uni vers sangdaigdigan.!Sanglib utaan, g of tlhe |. en~t of 1. ent of ]atli(n. m, perie. Sonang 1 mig. Sonang. I I wag. Segundo. Saturn,. Siklo. Sinag nQ nala)an zone. Frigid zone, col(d zone. Temperate zone. lie p ~les. veatlher. e. Soltisyc. Signo ng yako. Takna. Taon. Tuwig. Tag-ulain Tag-adla Taglawaig Taghisi. Second. Saturn. Cycle. adlaw. The sun's rays; sunbeam. Solstice. sod- Sign of the zodiac. -Period, space of time. 'Year. Epoch or epoeha Wet season. w. Dry season. Spring. Summer,

Page  14 — 14 — Titg-ula'n. Autumn. T aig - g i n w. Winter. Taludtod. Line. Tao'n'g lungsu- Civil year. ranin. Tao'n'g bisyesto. Leatp-year. Tropik6'. Tropic. TaLnghall. Noon. Tirnog ogf tiniu- South. gar) Talh,: lahaft ng~t Heavenly body: lawas na ma- luminous body l uningning -sa' of the hea vens,,langit, gaya such as the sun, ncr ad law, bu- moon and stairs. Ian at m'a-bituin. Agosto (31 a'- August. raw). Septiyemnbre (30 Septemil araw). I Oktubre (31 October' araw). Nobyemnbre (30 NoVem-ib araw). Disyemibre (31 Decemnbi araw). )er. er. er. Viie Umaga. Morning. Sanglinggo, se- Week. mana (7 araw). Li nggo. Sunda'y. Lunes. Mon day. Martes. Tuesday. Miyerkole's. Wednesday. Huwebes. Thursday. Biyernes. Friday. Sabad6. Saturday. Enero, (31 araw). January. Pebrero, (28 og February. 29 na araw). Marso (31 araw). March, Abril (30araw). -April. Mayo (31'araw). May. Ilunyo (30 a- June. raw). I1u.lyo (31 araw). July. Algaa salitaing Ulcol sa panatlungsuran at palasambiah~an, atb. Asya. A prika. Amerikii. Asyan hiin'. Aprikaino, aprikanhin. Amenikano, amenika nhin. Arabya, Amabinhan. Arab6', arabyanh'in. Alemanya, Aleman an. Alemain, alemanyanhi [I.. Aristokrata, m ahiadiikA. Aristokratahain. Arnist~okratan Political and reUigious terms, etc-. Asia. A fri ca. Amierica. Asian, Asiatic. A fricanl. American. Arabia. Lrabian, Arabic.,Germany. Germ an-. Aristocrat'.. A nistocraoy. Aristocratical,

Page  15 hin, aristo- aristocratic k rataholn. Alnirante. Admiral. Arsobispo. Archbishop. Anlgel, Angel. Agtural. Chief, Alnarkahan. Anarchy. Rathalal, Diyos. God. Bansa. Nation. Bayaln. People. n.Bay n. Public. Banwa. Country. Bald ln. nlMunicipal ity. Balilnon. Mlnicipal. Bans.anin, ban- National. s. on, panal)ansla. Bayta non.. Popular. Banwal n nin og Countryman. banwanhin. Bihasa, linur;g- Civilized. suldrlin. Balawis. Barbarian. Bangyan, ta- Savage,' wild ong-gubat, ta- people. ong-dam6. Banyaga, dayo, Foreigner, stran dayuhAn. ger; exotic I I I. I(atipul ln. Kapisanan. Associati Society, ration Kaulnungan. Society. Kagimungan. Congregr I(Kalguman. Solidarit Ktlam lan. Commun Kalipunanl. Confedern Kad,4m. Senate. Kadaimnin. Senator. Komisyon. Commiss Komisyunanin, Commiss komisyun6n. Ka(awtad, gala- Member. wad. Konseho, sang- Council. 'gunlain. Kasanggrupi, Councilor konsehunhin, konsehunon. Kalaigayan'g Ecclesiast parl. state. Kalagayan'g 'oble sta mahadlikA. Kalagayan'g ti- Plebeian f ion. corp ition.;y. ity. ation. ion. ioner.;ical bte. state. mawx, I1 4 Bisayht. Balaod. Batis. Batastin. Ang karununcran sa pamahalaan. Kaharil n. Kapulunran. foreign. Bisayan. Proclamation. Law. Legislature. The science of ] Klaseng inag- Productive class aani, uring manggagama. Klaseng mang- Industrial class ggagamlang. Klaseng inanga- Commercial ngalllakal, class. uring mangbabaligyA. Klaseng magpa- Laboring class. paupa, uring manggagawA..I government. Kingdom. Assembly. I

Page  16 -16 - Klase'ng ananit'a- Emplovees. ngatung'kullan, igoa 1kawanli. Ktpaiigyarilhan. Power'. Kapangyarilhail'g Legislative tagapagbata;s. ])<wer. Kapanlgyariihan'g.JtIdicial power hlkulmaLEl. Kapalngyarilhani g iExeen,,tivc Kakarndidatul- Candlidateshlip. han; pagkakanI(lidato; kand id atl llhan1 I. tagaganajp. Kabataisan, pa ghabata s. Kapital. IKapitanll, kapitall. Kali hi n. Kawanti. Kataastaa:san 'g Kalhayan. Kalangliarad1 -yaa i, og ka - taast.aasanl'g k p)angyari 1 an. Kasarii nl in, p:agsasarilf. Kapulutnga,'g Bay an, og l)alain Bayanon. K.apulunIgalno)V, og galawadkapu lu nian. Kinatawan, tagap n.ay), tagapanindigan. K andidato.,,, ])() W(1 ~. Legislat ion. C(pl)ital. Capt ai n. Secretary. (Cei' rk. Suprelme (Court. l i )crlty, free-. d ()I111. Sovereignty, (or sulpreelll a 1 -a- thlority. IlL(lepel(ndene, indepe n I eniy, P)opul:r Asseinbly. Assemblytna n. Delegate, re)lresentative. (Candidlate. Kandllidlata, Feniale kal(ldi(d: I nli. d(ate. Kagawad. F'nn(tiol lKristiyano, Ch ristiar kristoIll:~fin. Kakristiyanu11an, kakris- Christiat toliin ani..Katlolanhi. Catlholic. Kak!<t il,,~ni ni, C:atlolici p:agkakatliolaK's t il'a (lala- SpaIIiard king kastila.) Kastila, ispalno, Sp)anish]. ispltnyanl]ii. - Kakastilian, Thle Span kaispalaiiihall. tion, tl ity. Cn.U 11 lary. 1. dli 1. ish na1 IKi)ili)i zllnha n. Ka malayuhlian. Kai(ndiyuhll. Kawal. KJ't taatstasan 'g Pu1o). nisli people. TIle Filipino I at tion(, the Fli| lipino people)el)l lle T'ngalog people. ''The Chinese na| tion. 'The Malay people. The Indlia)s, Ilindoos, or! natives of Inl di(a. Nlilitar, nmilitary| Supremre Chief. i

Page  17 -17 --- Kabo.- COT Komandante, COT komand1Lnhin. Koron~l. Col Kiero. Cle Kleruhanfn, Ole klerig6. Katidral. Cal Kardenal. Cat] Kapamrtayan~in. Cit. KapamansAan, -Nal katpanabanS~anr, kalba'nsaKolono. (o Kol onohitin. Co] KahIagaya-n'g EC( aginmad, ka- t hi'gayan.n(, paiianalhpt. Kattit~ub6ng ya- Nat man ng 1uph. Kap-Atagan'g da'- Gr muhlin. Kaqlap. Lu Katad; -bahi't. Le Konsul. Co Konsulnan. Co Dunity. Rel IDal'arn.. Hol Dalain n& ba- Oh~ i gyA lDalam na Ma- up taas. Dalam na Ma- LO IDaai n~ nanka Po mnamayan. -poral. nmander. onel. rgy. rgymran,;hed ral. rdinaal. izensbip. Liona-di ty. onist. [oniy. )nomical n.ation, cc iomical co ilition. tU ral re-,ources. assy plai n. 0i I Diyakon6(. Deacon.Diyakioni 'a. Deaconess. Demokrata. Democrat. Demokrutahlifn. Democracy. Demokratanhin, DemocraticalI, demokcratahlon.- democratic. lDiwatA. Deity. IDiyusnin, bat- Godlike,; divha1Min. ie. Diyosbini. Goddess. Emnper'ad'r.' Emperor. l'iimpera bini. Empress. Europa. Europe.. Europanhi n. Europetn. G3usztng. Tribe. Generail General. Gobernado'r. Governor. Gimong. Congress. Giniungja ninl, Congressma~n. mna nggig~im, (g. G iryego. G reek. Gresya. Greece. miber. Lther; fur. nsul. nsuliute. gion. ise.; chamber. amber of 16,Om Inerce.,per House. wer House. pulation. I I Heswitza, hesusf.,in. Hanl. Haribinil. HarIng Tibobos. Rarlng Kinatawall. Rar~ing Itinatag. Jesuit. King. Queen. Absolute King. Representittive King. ConstitLutional King. IHdkuman, huk- Court. manan, hukuminan.Huk'nm balinon Municipal Judge. Hukdm pama- Just~ice of the yap&. Peace..

Page  18 -18 - Hdkurnan'g ba- Municipal Court. linon. Huko'm. Judge. Hiikumnan'g Court of the Unang Lak- First Instance. bang. H i M L Ias~ian. State. Huk~bo, lhuk- Army. bong-kati. Hukbung-dagat. Navy. llukbong-laka'd. Foot-soldiers. Hukbong-kaba- Horse-troops. yuha'ii Hukbong-ka~n- Artillery. yon, artilye.. ruhtin. Hudyo, hudya. Jew, Je'wisb.'Hapo'n. Japan. Hapo'n, hapu- Japanese. non, hapunanin. flapo'n'g babai, A Japanese wo'babaing ha.. man. pon. 'Hapo'n'g binibi- A Japanese lady. ni, binibining hapo'n. Ispanya. Italy a. Italyano, italyanhin. Italyahon. Iloko6, ilokano. [Insi k Insiknan. Lahling putt. Lah'ing rn;Lrihilw. Lah'ing kayumnangfgi. Lah'ingr itim. Lalawigan. Lalaw-iganon. Lang'haradyAi. Lupkin. Lungsod. Lungsuro'n. Lungsurunan., Lung'suranin,4 lungeudnin. Linungsudnin.( Lupon'g Lala- I wigan, Hun S pa in. Italy. Italhan. llokano. Clii nese. The land of the, Chi nese people; China, White race. Yellow race. Brown race. Black race. Province. Provincial. Sovereign. Land. City. Civic.. Civics. Civil. 3provincial. Board. Ingatgameng. Inginyero.Inginyerulhin. hnperyo. JInperyuhon. Jmperyunhin, makaimperyo Ingles. Town. Treasurer. E ngineer. Enginery; engineering. lEmpire. Imperial. Imperialist.English. England. -tang Lalawiganon, Sanggunlhin'g Lala.. wigan. Lupon'lg Bali- Municipal non, Sanggu-' Coui nlbI'n'g Bale'n. Lupon'g Ili, Town-Hal Sanggunhiri 'g Liii V own-T Lu-pon'g Lung.. City-Hall.?Icil. louse

Page  19 50(1, Sanggu-. mn ~ng Lungsod. Lati n. Lati no. Mehbik6. Mehilc ano. M alayo. Ma'mamnayain. Metropoli. Metropo'linhin, metropolihon;. Monarka, harl. Monarklthi n. Mona rkanhbin'. Marina, Marinlanhin, marinlahon. Mdkinai. Makinanhin. Ma kinahan. Maki nahion. M i kan ihb: n. Mikaninhin. Mikanihon. Monghe., Mongha'. Me'todonhin. Nayon. Oseanya. Obispo. Obispuhon. Obispunhan. Pull's. Latin. Latin. Mexico. Mexican. Malay; malay an. Ci ti zen. Metropolis. Metrop olitan. Monarch, king. Moniarchy. Monarchist. Navy, marine. Mariner. MAcnhine. Machinist, me chanician. Machinery. Machinial. Mechanics. Mechanician. Mechanical. Mon k. Nun. Methodist. Suburb, barrio (Sp.). Oceania. Bishop.. Episcopal, bishoply. Bishopric. Policem an. 19(disan. Politikai. Panalungsod; pan~alungsuran. Politikanuhin,.mananal ung.. sod. Purok. Pook, lugaiI. Pookbayan, iii'. Protestanhin. IPres biter rano. Papa., Papa nhan. Police.', Policy; politics. Political; poli~_'tics. Politicia'n. District. Place, locality. Locality, -town.Protestant. Presbyterian.Pope. Popedom, Papacy. Papahon, pa- Papal. napapa. Papanhin. Popish. Palakriston- Chri-stianism, or hirnin, og Pa- Christian Relasambahan'g ligion. Kr-istiyano. Palakatholni- Catholicism, ornan, og Pala- C~atholic Re'lisarnbahan'g gion. Katholani'n.. Palasambaha- Religious, piouD3. non. Parl. priest. Parlon, panaparl. Belonging to priests. Pas tor. Pastor, a clergy-. man. Pasturon, pana- Pastoral.' pastor. Pastol.- Shepherd. Pastol na babai, Shepherdess. pastora. Presbitero. Presbyter. Patriarka. Patriach.

Page  20 -20 - Prayle. FrIar. Prinsibini. Princess. Puino. Chief,~ stitwrior. Iinun6. Office r P~iluunong ba- OfficitaI. yan, basail. Pa-tn a Iay A. Belonging to freedo ii Patiaiala3yA. The love 'of Ii,berty; th'e en-~ joying of liberty. Ptimahal~ain. Government. P~imahalAt*in'g Philippine GoPilipino. vernment.' Paimahalha'n'g Popular GoBay;Ln, og PAi- vernrnent. mithal~dn'g Bayanon. rigulong- Pook - ba yan. Pangulo. President. Puli- Panchilo. Vice-.President. Puli-Kalihim. Vice-Secretary. Pdnti~uluhbin. Pr'esidency. P an js i w Aan. Ad niministration. Pu rok-hbiiku- Judicial district. man. Pranses. French. Pransisna n, France. Prtinsiya. Portuge's. Portu'guese. Portugisnan, Portugal. Portugail. Taong iiantina- Iih-abitant. hananu. Pags~isaka, agri- Ft arm ing. ktilturan. Paghahalftman, Horticulture. hortikulturan. Paggagamlang. In-dostry. Pagbabaligyft, Trade,' WMpang$Lngalakal, mercei. pamamnal igy&. Paghahanapbu-. Trade. hity, paggagamtiy. Piinj-atungku- 'Civil Service. lan'g L~ungsura nfII, Og Pagalingku ran 'g Lungsurani n. Pan~ztki-zsiwA& Public Adni nis-, sa Bayan, Pki- tratio'n. n gasi wA&'n 'g Bay an. Pulan-az. Fleet. Psmrahalhadn'g sa-rilinhin at malayA. Pdlipinhan'. PilIipi nh in. 2Pui6ng- Pang kalahatin, Agturadl..Panalhiht, ganon, Agtuval- Lala w iga — non. Pang"ulong Balinon, Pa Free and i~ndependent. government. The country of the Filipinos; the -PhilipPines. Philippine. GovernorGeneral. Provincial vernor. Municipal sident. GoPre

Page  21 -2 1 - Pagpo~pook, kapookan. Paglalaba's na kalakaL. Pagfpapasok 'ng kalakal. Pag dud urning, pagmirmina. Pagkikimo't. Pangrangalap. 'Paghahayupan. Pan~aat~akad, pangrangaso. Pagkakalagoin, paglalagorM. PagkakalagompanabansAi. Pagkakaiisaing ban sfion. Rel igi yon. Religiyunon. Religiyon ni Kristo, Reli Location. Export, exportation. Im port, importation. Mining. Manufacturing. Lumbering. Herdintg. Hun ti ng. Consolidation. National Consolidation. National union. Samahlain. Comnpany, society. Simba'han, iges- Church. ya. Simbahanon, Belonging' Eklesyahon, church; Eklesgyanhi n. clesiastic to) ecal, Religion. Religious. Christian gion. Simbahan'g9 Catholic K atholani'l. Church. Simbalian'g Or- Greek Orthodox todokso fg Church. Giryego. -Simbahan'g Sis- Sqhis'matic manhin'g Gir- Greek Church'; yego. Simbnlalban' g Kat- Philippine Caholanin sa Pi- tholic Church. lipinhan. Simrbahatn'g Pili- lud-epen dent F~ipin~ong Sari- lipino Church. litihin; Simbahan'g Tagalog. Simbahan 'g Protestant Protestanhin. Church. Sultan. Sultan.Sultangbirdl, Sultana, sultaSultana. ness, Sundalo. Soldier. Sargento'. Sergeant. Tenycente. LiAeutenant. Tininti. The chief of the Rel i - giyon'g Kristohanf n. R~eligiyon 'g Ma- Moha hometanin. Relig Religiyon'g Pa- Paganicgano, Palapa.ganuhan. Republikai. Republi Republikano, Republi Republikanhin. RadyAi, raha'. Rajali, Ruso, Rusyan- Russian hin. Rusunhan, Rus-. Russia. ya. mmedan:ion. Im.,C.I ican.. king'. I Tinubcian'g-lu-, inangbayant, tinubaian'gbanwa, pinagamahin. )arro. Ltive-country, father-land. Tinipon'g Hi- United EStates of

Page  22 — 22 --- mnans~an ng America. Amerika'. Tagalog. (Alin- The Indo-Mal1a sunod sa atin'g alamitna pinagti bay n "" K. K. K., tayong lah'ing kayumanggi Ea Pilipinhan aLY mga'Tagalog aong ay TAGA-ILOG, tagaba~yba~yin,. taga- kapJang7XLflgan, tagaalog, taga-iba64, taga-kapatagan.) Tagalog. T Teina, Sung-( song. TikmA. B, Uman-uman, ( kalipunan. yan people of the Philippines,'according to Tagalog tradi.tion. It is believe(1 by the Tagalgos that all the Filipinos are Tagalog. (Ta ga - 'hg, from the river, or living near the river.) he Tagalog language, the b~asis of the Filipino lan-gua ge. T'hina. usiness; affair; negociation. wonfe.'dertacy, confederation. rYnga hiyas, atb.A lampay. Agnos. A sp ihI Barb. Baro'ng Baro'ng babai. tagalog. Birang, pany6. Balabal1. B 16k uI6O, tungkod. Bakva. Bitonis. Bah'tg. Baksa, pangliig. Balutl. Kasak&. Kam iseta. Kayo, damift. Kamisola. 'Kamiso~n. Kotso, kortso. Kurbata. Ka16. Kalmen. Kuw-intas. Kuldon; liston. jewels, etc. A shoulder kerchief. Reliquary. Pin. Shirt, carnisa (Sp.), clothes. Chemise. Native clothes, Filipinio clothes. Kerchief. Cloak, mantle, cover. Staff. Wooden shoes. Button. A k ind of gaskins. A neck-kerchief.Breast-plate, plastron. Coat. Undershirt. Cloth, d ress. (Jamisola (Sp.), ruffled shirt. Gamis6n (Sp.), long and wide shirt. Clogs. Neck-tie, cravat. Hot. Scapu'lary. Beads. String; ribbon. vi"i. Parnanamit at Clothes and

Page  23 -23 — Kuw~ako. Kalsitin. Darnit, pananami't, kasootan. GnIihng, kalumbigdYS. Pipe, tobaccopipe. Smiall stockings. Dress, clothes, -garment. Bracelet. Singsing. Tungkod, baston. Tungkod n"" obis'po. Tapis. Guwante. Glove. Hikaw. Ear-ring. Laso, buhlol, tall, Knot'.I SiW. L'ambong, mnawa'k. Midyas. N~agwas.Pany6, panyulito. Panyul0,n. Panurok. Pamay pay. Payong. Pam igkis. Relos. Salaw~iI. Salawilis. Saya; patadyong. Sintas. Sintu-ron. Head-cover women', mantle. for veil, Stockings. Inner shirt.' Haiidkerchief. A long square shawl. Bre~ast-pin. Fan. Urnbrella. Girdle. Watch. Pantaloons. BreechesI trousers. 'Skirt. Ribbon. Belt.I I for taking out nits'. Ring, fingerring. Walking stick, cane., Crosier of a bishop. A piece of cloth which is worn by Filipino women to cover their skirts, as sig n of honor and chastity.. lI x. Hinggil sa ikina. bgibuhaV. Adobo. Agahan, almussdl. Asukal, asukar. Alak. Asado. Asin. Biga's. Biskotso, biskuwit. Baboy (karne ngbaboy). Bun'ang-kahoy; About food. Fried meat or pork seasoned Iwith vinegar and garlic. Breakfast. Su'gar. Wine.Roast meat. Salt. Rice (the olean rice Biscuit. Pork. ISarpatos, parukAi. Shoes.Sinelas, tsinelas. Slippers. Suklay. Comb. Suyod. Lerndrera (Sp_.), a Iclose comb Fruit; fruits.

Page  24 -24 - *m~rra bun('ang1 -kahoy. Balungbalunan. Bagoonig. Biptek, bistek., Kanin, nasI. Karne. Karneng jinhaw. Karneng sinan(lity, kcarneig. piflirito. Karneng inihaw sa parn1 -ya'. Karneng giniss', karneng tinadtad'. Knrne nly baka'. Karne n& tupa,. Karne ng bul6'. Karne n& usii. Keso. Karamelo, karmelo. Kompitis. Kinilaiw, dalo'k. Kustilyas, tAdYang nir-baboy Dum~alaga (mano'k). Gatas. G'ultlyin. (Iinatkii. Gizzard.Fish or small shrimps in lbrinle. Bleef-steak. Cooked rice. Meat. Roast meat. Fried mneat. Broiled meat-.' Hashed meat. Beef. Mutton. Veal. Venison. Cheese. lsugar-ca'ndy. Conki. Salad. Pork-chop. Pullet, chicken. Milk. Vegetable, legume. A ki nd of liquid food with -co-' Gamo't. Galapo'ng. Harinat. Ham 6n'. Him agats. Ilapuna in. Isk abetse. Itlog, Tin-a. itlog. Istupad oig karne. Lauyfa, putseroug tagalog. Linagi~ng nman6k. Litson. Linugaw, afole. Linagi~ng karne. Linugaw na may gata". Mano'k (inahin) Matainis. -Mirindal, pamahaw. coanu111t mnil Anld sugar. Medlici ne. Rice flour. Flour. Hlam. IDessert. Pickled fish. Egg, eggs. Fish. Stewed meat. Spice, Spices. A. kind of boiled beef, the broth of Which is well seasone~d with sweet potatoes or kat'vnotes, beans, vegretables, J)Olk and at little sugyar. Boiled lien or chicken. R~oasted pig. The Philippine gruel, or the liquid cooked rice. — Boiled mneait. Rice-mailk. Henl. Sweetmeat~. Lunch,

Page  25 M1 alIti kL. MNantikil, y..MJ igas. I'a.gkin Pag-ilno6tl. P;lult at. P:Itis, kcctSnpl). l'ispis. 4I (I; butler. 1 Butter; a kind of lblltter-cake ' rScrap. Crush. Eat i 'g; food, l)ri Iking. VTegetables, leaves, or fruits, thlat are eateni witli viaIl(dts. A kind of blrie. Offills; sc;ra1p. 2 5' - pw j)(ot"'IhC" taiI-d1 I a l'rito. Prit-) ulaa. Pottage. lI Il lng-)(ee f, jerked-becf. Ho ley.. (,(id ileat. Fried( iica, t or1 tisl. Frie'd pork, ineat or fish seasoned with gerlies, tomnatoes and esa. A kindl of boiled or len, the broth of wlvicih is seasoned withI a bit of ginger and some otlher Spices. Boiled tisl with1 Pa, si w, 1i n a Sabaiw. Si nigauig. Sinai lg. Sop)ta, sopas. Sukulate og kulate. k tilatpy. Ti napay. a little sail, a:nd tomnatoes. A kind of gruel with hen or.chick en. k- A kiuid of boiled fish or pork, t.le broth of which is seasof(ed with vinegar a nd other spices. IBroth. Vinegar. A kind of boiled fish or meat, the broth of which is seasoned with the juice of tainarind fruit or solne other sour fruit, onions, tomatoes, and a little salt. Some times ginger and vegetables are put. P'esa seasoned with lard. The cooked rice. Soup). si- Chocolate. Bre:ad. PeshV, pin * P]i AII rkit

Page  26 -2(; — Tinap,y (is;icg ILoaf. t.innlpay). Ma tinapay. TLoav\ Tubig. Watv' Tosino, ilias- Salt pi nan'1t g l)aboy. Tosinotng inalari- Fr ieslI mig. 'rad ta rin. M i (,( Tinola. - Woile dtpo iia ien Tortilya. A lit Tortilyang itlog. ()nel Tangh.aliain. I)illn Ularn. Via n x. Mga gusali, ka- Bltil kamagan, da- vniti'r rdl at iba pcang i(t balyay-bagay thingy na ukol sa ba- ing t hay, aob. Allnires, Il- Brass sunglusu - nga n. Alilisan. Sugar Alul6d. Spoul Alhibe. Cist.c Aluyan, inda- Cradl yunan..S. 1'. I() I IC J.i('011r pl)ork. 1 a Ileat. l1 hlen or ken with (l essed lard1', garginger a',.d e othler e.,tUiId c(ake d(c of valis ingredts. tie cakle. et. e0r. '1. iiyngs, fntre, materand other 8 belonglo a house, etc. -in ortar. ~-cane mill. t. rn. ee. Akiatan. Aranya. AlampCian. Apugan. Araro. Asar6l, asada. Bahay. Batalbin. Batayan, saligan. Raytatg. Ba-hatn, sikang. Bubunra.n. Balisbisan. BaTIig. Balungan, alkansiya. Bangi, redoma. BatyA. Bayong. Baso, hugalong. Basihal, tuytoy, pup6ng. Bal.nan. Blakol. Bilao. Busl6. Bareta, landok, lingkal. Bith:iy, bistay. Kuwarto, silid. Kusin,, pagalutfan, pinagldlutfuan. iCira ry. h,i dt I l,i r. Ten,plh, c'!t,'.ch Lime-kiln. Pl<ow..e att)ck spade. House. Step. (of (aIS(). Begam.I. a stair Roof. Rc() [. Eaves. Mat. Mioney-box. A kinid l f t rit l l. Sack, bag. Glass, tumble, r; vase.. Vase, vessel. Basket, Sq utre-bl)a slet. Ron d-btasket. Egg-b >askt. SmaIll 1'. Sieve, c(ril,lle. RKiit(ll. Kitchen.

Page  27 - 2 7 — Kak.a imat IIn I si g kama-!J~;11. l(Komod(a..ltsi, silyt., |l urete. Kulamlo6. Kasalngkalpa K(labln, ban Il Kopa. Kuh)yerti(s. Kutsara. Kutsilyo. Kalloy. Kahyawan. Kttaro. Karosa, katr waell, k ots Ka:romata. Karitln; ka tela. Kawali. Keined6r, p: kainan. Kandi 1a. Karayomn. Kataiix. Kikil. I)iDn,awan, 1 tana, lilnil I. Furnittre. A pie(ce',f furniture. A (clothes-lpr)css; I)urea ul. Bedstead(1. ta- Cha'i r. lPavilion; II()squito, net. '1lanlket. ilu- Veil, manatle. Stove. Tool. Trunk. Cup. Covers, t:illeservice. Spoon. Knife. Wood. Sugar-m ill. Car. Carriage Car(romhtak (Sp.) Cart. D)ingIdi I1g. l)uyan. Dartl, k<as angkapa n. 1)Dapg, kaln. l)ulalg. I) inula I i g. Dafm ban?I. Daltrs. DidAtl (,g diral. Gunti g. Gusal. Gusi. GatLang. Gilingalln. Grado in l)ahay. G ulo6g. 1Ial.igi. Hagdanan. HIagdaln'g buhatin, ay ran. HihigAtn. Hu l ag way. Hurno. Hilan sa)n. Hawla. Ilaw. Istanl)a,. Istante. I1 earth. Table. Dish. Altar. Adze. Thimble. Scissors. Building. A china jar; a chamber-pot. (h1wtupa (Sp.?). Mill, rice-mnill. Story. Wheel. Post; pillar; (col umln. Staircase, stai rs. Ladder. Frying-pan. iga- D)ining-roo m, refectory. Candle. Needle. Plane. File (a kind tool). t)inl- Window. Bed. Portrait. O(ven. Basin. Cage. Light. Picture. Shelf, bookshelf. I)own stairs. 'Up stairs. Gridiron, broiler. Low table. of 1ibaba' n, balhay. ltaas ng ballay. lhawa n. Latok.

Page  28 lALrawanl. lamrnpara, ilawvvn, sulnbuhan. Ilup'ad. Luti ig, kisarme. Lublid'. Lingkaw; karit. Lukoh; pait. Lulog. Lagari. lum bo. Mantel. Mangkok. Pinlggan. Pasbol; pinto. Pad'er;dinllglinlg. pIatalngwa, balkon. P'alasyo. Palababahain. Pal ay6k, palyok. Palaasiwlan. Plato. Palakol. Palihain. Panghikwat,. Pangalawit. Pangbut as. Plantsa, pirinsa. Punda ng unlln. Pisi, leteng. Panarmibi I, tamblil. Picture, i imige. effigy. Lanmp. (.rotld 1l Ho., pa1 ve le I I tC. Oil. Ceiling. Rope. Sickle. Chisel. Sp)unlk, tind(ler. Saw. A kini ()f dipper. Tab)le-(cloth. Bowl. I'late. Door; gate. Wall. Balcoiy. Palace. Balustradle. Pot. Salt-cellar.. Plate. Axe, ha1tchet. Anvil. Lever. [tlook. Borer. Iron. Pil low-case. Small rope, String. awning. IPa ingati. Pi lgkia, il, nalon. bi Pang-alltit. Parolang, sasakyan'g I gulong. likuran. Sahifg; lap):igain Satnpayan, S uhlay, tutkod. Si n) Saro. Sandok. Sipit. Suligl, tlnod. Stullob. Salop. Saklob (ng isairn bahay) Salas.Salon. Salon'g marmo] Simpanan n~ akiat. Salamin. Salarnin-samnatia. Sepilvo. Sinutlid. Sutla. Sasanign, tirika1n'g-kandili lu re. Steel for strikinig fire with a fli [it. A simall fishbasket. Raztr, clas)knuife. Veh icle. ay Water-closet, privy-house.. Floor. Perch. Prop. Cupboard. A small jar. A large spoon.,longs; pincers. D)art. Potlid. Ganta (Sp.?). C(overt, roof of a house. Par'lor. Hall. I. Marble hall. Bookcas.e. Lookilng-glass. Sp)ectacles, eyeglass. Brush. Th read. Silk. Candlestick.

Page  29 -29 - Susl, yawi. Silong.. T'a rir5, titn~)aTn Ia 1 ti ')a ngn. Tangkalig, mrntton. Troo ng. Tab(. Tagayayll, surlylaw. Tublo. Tanali. Tabing. TanikalA. Tiimba. Tapayain. Tinid6r. Tarln. UJnan. Walis. x X Kam,ag-analcan og kahinlugan. Amai AmbA, ingkontg, atndl, arr nng. Soap. Key. Groutil -floor; dowvi stairs. Balance, a pair of sclles; scale. Block (for ropes to rlll in) Bulcket. A kilnd of tumbler nmade of coc(o-shell. Cul p. Tu be. Mitrdor. (Sp.), gallery. Post of dingdin g. Curtatin; veil. Chai n; fetters. Pail. 'inaja (Sp.), a large jar. Fork. Cock-knife, Pillow. Broom. I.I KitMlred or relationship. Father. Fond names for gran(dfather. family; trile. Anlilk (na lalakii Son. Anaik (na babai) Daughter. Ap(. Patriach; lord. Apo. Grandson, granddaugllter. Apdi-sa-t l ull)d. G reat-grandson, great-granddaugater. Apo-sa- tla n- G re t-greatpakan. grandson, great-great. granddaughter. Andak na pa- First-born, prinr:l nay. niogenial. Ankti na (On y- begotten. htugto l Anailc sa W i 't I. Anak sa yAtin.. katu- Lawfully begotten; legitinmate son or daughter; legitimate child kalis- Illegititnate son or daughter; illegitiYmate child. igaw. Bastard, a son or daughter born out of wedlock. Anak sa I Anak na tunay. Anaik-na-pangaman, Amang-pa ngaman. True son, true daughter. Step-son, stepdaughter, stepchild. Step-father. Angkan.

Page  30 -3(0 - Ali, Iitgla. Ate^ ate ng. Asawa. Mga asawa. Bana. Mga bahra. Ba:yaiw, hipag. Bliyanain. Balai, b)aysanl. Bilais. Buns6. A tint. Fond nam-es for eld(est sister. Wife. Wives. Husbanld. HIusbands. Brother-in-law. Father-i n-law, mother-inlaw. The fathers 01' mothers who marry thleir children together. Husbanld of the sister-in-law; wife of the brother-in - law. Younger; the youngest soln or (laughter; the little child. Brother. Sister. A fond name for elder uncle or aunt. A fond narme for eldlest brother or sister. A fond name for KlamblnIa. K apatil-saga tas. K m 1,)tih -IIakal hati. Kap)ati(l sa ala't ina. Kalpatid sa ama, at hindi sa inai. (id(lest brother. Tw i n. iFoster- 1) rotlle r. I-;l f-brother. Brothler b)y tlhe Satm1Ce fat hier:111d m o)te r. Brother by tlhe father, but not by tthe mnother. Brother by the mother, but not by the father. Ancestry. )escendan ts. Relation lby affinity or by imarriage. Affinity. Consa"nguti nity. Kapatid sa at hinldi Si, sa Kapati(d lalaki) Kapatid babai) Kaka. Kaniun'ian. Kainlapuhain, 'mna i napo. Kabalai. KaJal)laiha n. K1arug0 ian,,)agkakartugo. Kamag-anak, hinlog. Diko. Ditse. Gusang. Hipag. Inlda, impo, ining. Relation, tive. re1(a (1ia A foli(I name for second b)rotlier. A fond name for secoltd sister. Tri be. Sister-iI-law. Foild names for grand( -m other. Kaka. Koya og kuya.

Page  31

Page  32 Baboy. Biik. Bahoy-ramo. Bakfa Bakang kap1n, buivey. Mga buwey. Bakang babaya gin, toro. Banyas. 1Buwaya. Balanag. B^ngaw. Bubuyog. Bulati. Bulating-lhpa. Mgal ba yawak i Bayagbag. BanigkalAing, timbabaltk, bubuli. Bayawak. I;Butiki. Bukbok. Btiyakl an. Banoy, agila. B;itobato,; plin ay; bald. Buronlg.. H)g, pig. Little pig, young Pig. W\Tild Ihog..( 'ow. Ox. Oxen. - Bull. Serpelnt. (Crocodile, alligator. Locust. Gadfly, horsefly. LIm:ge-lbee, 1b1mlible-bee. Worm, Eartbworll. 1. Ig?.tan do Sp. Saurio (Sp). ). Lizard. Igualna. Sinall lizard; newt. Wood-louse. A kind of snall bhLt. Eagle. M (r l ta in -(love. Bird, a general name for tlhe feathered kind; fowl. BRanak. Bisugo. Bttse, tingka.. Kabayo. Kalabalfw. IKaT tbyong-l)ai Kabayong i}unl ti. Kambing. Ka,,n bing- nalaki. Kainbi ng-nahbai, K:lmelyo. Koneho. Kuting. Kal a. Kalal)a]i, kontsa. Kabibi; tahlong Kai(dlt1. Kabayas, 1hasAhash. Kulyawan. Kulasisi. Kasili. Kailapati, palapati. Kalapatingl-lt ki Kalapati ng- }a i. Kuwago. K(llaw. Kuliglig. Kagaw. Sklat e. Secab rea m. Craw. Horne. (Ca.rabao. MNi are. Po1 Y. Goat. lie-goat, lbck. Slie-goat. Ctamel. Ralbbit. Kitten, kitling. Turtle-shel I, torto(ise-shell. S1hell. Shellfish. A kind of catfish, Horse mackerel L(,(rio(t. Smatll-parrot. Co('rmo(rantt. Pigeon, dove. C. ock-pigeon. THen-p)igeon, (Iove. Owl. A kind of bird. -Ha1rvest-fly. 1H a nd-w(orm, ring-w iornm. 3Bal,1ng1 s; salt16). Shad..0 ~ ~CCI~~I~ r~~~~

Page  33 i I II I — 33 - Kagaykay, kuliglig-luph. KabagkabAig. DagA. Dagang-(l;lki. DagAngbai. M a (laga. Gansa. Mira 'g:ns&. ' GanEAng-laki. GansAng-bai. Galid sa gubat Guya, bul6. Mga guyat, ni bul6. Gadya. Gagamba. Hayop. Hipon. Hayop-gubl)t, Iin. hayop gpanabahay, h. iyop bahayanin. Halilmawv, le6n Halilnaw-nabai. I-1uiiyalno6. Mga hayop sa lupih, rrna hi yop dalatanni M1:a liatyop sa tubig, rn-a 1iayop tuligMin. M-a hayop tia lullilipaid, Grass-lhopper. Slnall-bat. Mouse, rat. He-mouse. She-nmoase. Mice. 'Goose, gander. G eeese: GoL nd r. ' noose..'Wfil beast. Calf. t Calves. Elephant. Spider. Animal. Shrimnp. Wild animal. Domestic animal.. iLion. Lioness. Chamnaleotn. Terrestrial aninals, lanld a1. Ini als. Aquatic animals, water alnimials. Volatile animals, flying mIga hayop li- animals. padnin. Mga hayop na Reptile anir gumagapang, crawlers. m)a hayop hilahudnin. Humento. Ass. Humentong- Female ass. bai, humenta. 'Ibon. Bird. Ibon'g mani- Bird of pre:niimlbad, i'bon'g mang:daragit. Itik, bibi. Duck. ipis: Cockroach. IkAin Fish: chia -- 1:, 1 nals, y. fIy, Isda. Isdang-balibit, lamnangdagat. Langaw. Lam6nk. Linta. Langgam. Langaylangayan. Laki. Loro. Law in. Labuybng-laki. Labuybng-bai. Musang. appledt to fresh-water fish that have no name. Fish, pescado (Sp.) Shellfish. Fly. Mosquito, gnat. Leech. Ant, pismire. Swallow. Male, male aniinal. Parrot. Hawk. Wild-cock. Wild-hen. Civet-cat.

Page  34 -34 1 Mulo. Mula. Maya. Manok-na-laki. Manok-hainahin. Mamnali. Oso. Pusa. PsIIsa g-l a k i. Pustng-bai. Pabo. Pug&. Pagala. Paroparo. Pukyttan,. I igwan. Putakti. Palaka. Pawikan, pagolng. Palds. Pagi. Pating. Panikl. Sala^ubang. Sawa. Sisiw; inkikay. Sugp6. Snpot. Suso. Tuta. Mule. She-rmule. Spa rr ow. Cock. Hen. A kind of saltwater fish, which is very common in Kabite. Bear. Catt. He-cat. She-cat. Turkey. Qutail. Pe4icanl. Butterfly. Bee. Tupa. Tupa (isAing tupa). Mga tupa. Tupang-laki. Tupanlg-bai, Tigre. Tigreng-laki. Tigre Ig-bai. Tagaik. Tipol. Tuttube. dllal 1/ k. Talaba. Tungaw. Tana. Tuko. Unggoy, mats ing. Ugaiw. Unggoy-na bai, kuldv. Usa. Usa (isang usfi) Mga us,. Ulupong. Uod. Uwang. Uwak. Ulahng. Sheep. A sheep. Slheep. Sheep. Ewe, TitgW, tigress. Tiger. Tigress. Heron. Crane. D)ragon-tty. Small crayfilth. Oyster. Tick. Moth. Gecklo. Monkey. Ape. Female monkey. l)eer. A deer. Deer. Viper. Worln, minaggot. Black-l )eetle. Crow, raveln. Lobster, Wasp. Frog. Turtle, tortoise. Eel. Ray. Shark. Iatrge-lbat. Beetle. Boa. Chicken; chick. Large-sl rimp. Bug, bed-bug. Twisted-shell, snail. Little dog, small dog. XI1L Hinggil sa mnga About plaits. halaman. Ampalayfi, apalya. A kind of vine, the fruits of which are bit

Page  35 -35 - A\ tnmpalayang ligaiw. Bitsuwvelas. Bawfang. Balatong, m u nggo. Btit6 (11'; bulnga). Binhi. lBultil. Busil. Balwig. B13;att, ul)ak. IBinakal, balat. Balanggot. Bultaklak, sampaga. Buko. BliIna, btlnvalng-kalioy, 1ulnganghIalamall. 'Iga l)ul)ga. Baging. Bulil. B3i kawe. Kawaya, n, banl 1b). ter; }ut tley are mel ici n al,:and good for eating wlher cooked. Wild amnpalaya, Bean. Garlic. Mongo. Kernel; seed. Seed. Grain. Cob. Bunch. Skin, peel, rind. Bark, A kind of cyperus, a se(lge. Flower, blossolm. Bud. Fru it. Fruits. Vine. Rice (clean and without husk). Wild small tlhin bam boo. Wild snmall thick bam boo. Bamboo. KI(aloy, punongkallioy. Kalhuykahluyan, dutong, tubli. Kabuyaw. Kaikaw. Kape' Kam.atis. Mg:a kamatis, Kal abasa. Kolis. Kamote. Shr-(. Shru Kulalsi mn. Korola. Kalik.. Kastul~e. Kfil)ute. Kamnot-kabtLg, si pi t-ul'ng, sapinit'. Kalikitan, likit, kasukalan. Dayam i. Dahon. NIga (lalloi. Dano,, i)arit. Daland(lan. i)ayap. Duliat, lumlnboy. IDawa. I)iliw, kasul)la,. ( Gulayi n. ({:ul)anso)s, b, bush. Wild- oralnge. Cacao. Coffee. Tomato. Tolmtoes. Squash, gourd. Cabbage. Sweet-potato, kamote. Pturslain. Corolla. Calyx. Mars-mallow. Mushroom.. Bramble. Brake. Straw. Leaf..Leaves. Herb, gralss. Orange, small orange. Lemon. A kind of cherry. M illet. Saffron. Vegetable; legunle. Chick-peas, Spa: n isl- pean..

Page  36 -36 - Gi li nggil ingInan. Ilalaman. Halaman'g1b1lak. Halaman'gpanaani. Halyas, punhal, pun6 ntg kahoy, pulln n halain an. Ikmo, buy 6. Istamli. IpA. Labong. Lam in. Laba nos. Litsugas. Lintiga. Luya. Luyos. Lukban, sihla. Luyong. Mais. Mustasa. Mansallilya. Milon. Mulawin. Mingli, gan(-,aw. Niyog. Olibo, aseytunas; oliba. Pun6. Pun6ng-niyog. Punong,-papaya. Punong-mangga. Mall ows. Plant. Cotton-plahint. Garden-stuff, pot-herbs. Trunk. Betel, btyo. Stamen. Rice husk. Bamboo-shoot. Pulp. Radish. Lettuce, lettice. Sesame-seed, beneseed. Ginger. Betel-nut. Large orange. Ebony. Corn, maize. Mustard. Chainomile. Melon. Molave (Ph. Sp ) Twig. Cocoanut. Olive, Tree; plant; shrub; bush. Cocoanut-tree. Papaya-tree. Mango-tree. Punong-sal n alok. Punong- bayabas. Punolg-m1ansanas. Palma. Palay. Pimiintit. Palkwa n. Pah6. Patola. Pitalo. Pipino, katimolln. Patani; pirliolis. Patatas. Mga patatrs. Pus6 (nig niais, atb.) Rim us. 'tTamari n(d-rGuavaw-th'ee, A )pple-t re; lIn P'alm,}. Rice (ill hutsk Pepper. VWater-nie]lol.' Paho (Tag.) 'Patola (Ta;g.) Petal. Cucuniber.I Kidnley-be.,n. Potato. Potatoes. Ear. Ri'mas 0'ag-) a kindl of tree its fruit. White cabblage Branch. Repolyo. Sanga. Mg)a sai 1 Sepal. Sagi ng. SambonPI I n I Sibuyas, IsonnA. Sili. Su1ly. Sitsat6. SarsUpari lya. Supling. Suwi. Brtanhes. Sepal. B. Lia na Sage (a medici nal plant). Onionl. (Capsicum, cayen ne-peplper. Shoot; stenm. Pea, peas. Sarsapa rilla. Shoot. Sucker. I

Page  37 I 1..I I., I (: I -37 Vamb~.Stemn. fangkay. Sak 71ub6d. Suga-r-cane. T~aycrn. Indigo. Tal~ng. E~gg-pb"Int. Tal bos, sthIo, Sprout, shioot. uighos. TJsa,, ts.ia'. Trea. Tabako. Tobacco. U~bas. Gra pe. Ugadt (nry bala- Root. Uhlay. Spik~e, ear, Upo. White squash. Usborig, suipang. Sp~rout, chit. Xraitok, uiway. Ratann, bejitio (Sp.). XIVO Bigwasan. Kanggabsa. Karang. Katig.. Daimuhi's. Dao'ng, sasakyan..Doong, suima119a. Dala. Fishing-cane. Starboard. Awning. Counterpoise, A large ship. Ship, vessel. Bow. A kind of fish lahtai'g at panflimna(la - kava. Aibor, Palo), Bangk~ll. Birniy, bote. Bapo'r% Bapo'r-damnula's. Bahu wan. Bfigbag', lubodg Ba11kla d. A boutt sailing and fishing. 'ast. Boat, banka. (Tagr.) Bocat. Steam-boat. Steamier. Yard. 'Afloat; buoyant; light, sailing well. Shipwreck. Fish-fence, corral (Sp.) Gaod; sagwan, Goleta. Huhf ng dao'ng, muli I. Hapin, pWIs. Layagr. Lulan. Lambat. Liwag-absa. Lawfg. Lubi(I. Magdaragaft, niltrinanhbin. Ma6 malo'ng, Mal6 ng —pangdigm'.. Magdarao~ng. Pagda,ragat, marina. Panaragat, og nauukol sa d~agat. Ptiglalayfig-. Cord, a rope. Sail. Cargo; burden, loading. Net. Larboard. Any of the cord. employed in a ship; cable. Rope. S~ailor,- seaman, mariner. Ship, vessel. Battle-ship, ship of wvar. A ship-owner. Seamanship, nautical art, marine. Maritime, or belonging to the sea. Navigation, sailing. i ng net. Row; paddle. Schooner. Stern.' thin

Page  38 Paglalakb)aydagat. Pulyagan, trilngkete. Palakaya, pang inIisd~l. Pu kot. 'Pansi lg. aPmansinlan, bangkAn g-pimansinganl Pain. Pandong. Patubiling, girl. Paghulli na isd(A. Panghulli 1r ayania, panghuli ng alima ngo, panghuli Ilg alimasag. Sinipete, kawat. Sundong. Tikinl. Tigib. IJgit, tinlon. UIndAl, pagund( a;pagliila. Voyage. Foremast, foresail. Fishing. A k ind (of fishing-boat. A kind of fish ing by fishhook. A small boat. for fishing lby llook. Bait. Deck. Weather- cock. Fish-trap. Crab-trap. Anchor. A large stick. A long stick to govern/ the bloat. Loaded; full. IRudl(der. Towinlg; hauling. Alipunlgti, Apad. Angol, piste; A ng61-tabuk 1<:vw. Bunngang-ilit, gasdi. Biki, bayki. Buni. Binat. Balisawsaw. Balingnyn'oy. Bulutong. Bulaig. Bin;i. Buswang. Bublas. Bikat. Bulibluli, og dipagkatutnaw nll kinain, Buld6k, k(ab)1 -ltikain. Bukol. Baga. Butlig. Batag, I)in}Ii Inr sakit. Mga baktirya. Bundoy, tnntoy. Kulani. Chilblains. Colic. Pest, pestilence Bubonic pest. Rash, a cuta neous eruption Wen; mumps. Herps, tetter. Relapse. St rangury. He(morrhage, hemorrhaNgy. Small-pox. Blind. Dea f. Tumor on the feet. Buboes, pustule. Tumor in the llneck. Indigestion Pus, corrupted blood or hlulimor. Tumor. A bscess or tumnor in the groin, in the teat, or in tlhe armpit lPimple. Germ. XV. 1tinggil sa?ulilip Abon, health a,(d1 atf sa mga stkgit. illness. Bacteri:,. 1) ropsy. A tunior Agilap. Blister. or

Page  39 -39 - Kati )g p Igl<ati Kabag kalbag, usog. Kataro. Kantgkai). kanser. Kulugo. Kal!ulagalii. Kapilayani i. Ktab)i nihain. Kau lulan. Kayawh, sakit sa Iapiy. Ketong. Ketongi n. MgIa lketongin. Kigiw, baktirya, mikrobyo. l)aragis, iti. Galis. Garilatw. Galisin. Gmrilawin. Garilawon. Gartano. Nilki, pangiki. < Ngalo, panga- I ngal6, llgimlay, } Hika. Hikain. Hikhon. 1 Hilo, liyo. swelling ill tlhe gro i n. Itch( or itching. Fl itus. Catarrlh. C i leer. Wart. Blindness. Ltmeness. Deaf tess. Madniess, craziness. Spleen illnless. Leprosy. Leprous; leper. Lepe rs. Microbe, bacterium. Dysentery, Itcli, mange. (Cllolera, clio-!ler;;- iorbus. Itchy, mangy. Choleric. Belonging to the cholerIa. Furuncle. Chill and fever. ulmbnless, torp)or. Asthmla. Asthmatic. {Belonging to the asthmna. Vertigo. Hawa. Hilab, uhito, bulibuli. Hunhon, og pagkatunaw n` kinain. Higis, higisian. Higisnin, higison. Ilagin. Lag nat. Likfik. Lu npo. Lug'. Latay, p:isa. Maysakit, mahuyiang. Manas, painamlanls. May-sala. Ma ntal, p):i mamia ntal. Masakit. Malit, pamlaImalfit. Masasakti n. Muta. Muitaiin. Manhid, pamamanhid. Contagion. Surfeit, indigestion. Digestio n. Hygiene. Hygienic. Diarrhcea. Fever. Callus, callosity. Cripple, crippled. Corrupted matter in the eaLrs. Lividness, lividity. Sick, diseased, infirm. Swelling, tumefaction. Crippled, il aine(t, Slight swelling. Sore. Hoarseness. Sickly, healthness. Bleardness: a slimy.humor running from the eyes. Blear-eye(d. A kind of rheumatism.

Page  40 -40 - Nanh. Paigamutan, Hospital. Pipi. Pigsa. I'Pangingilo. Painamagfi. Pulikat. Pasma. Pily. Piyo, sakit na piyo. Rayuina. Rayumiahin. R},yumalion. Sakit, damdan), huyaing, katrarndaman. Sakit. Sakit sa ulo, sakit iug ulo. Sakit sa ngipin, sakit ng ngipin, salkit sa bagaing. Sakit sa bittka. Sakit sa sikn mura. Sakit sa kalahati nlg ulo; halkeka. SubA. Suka. Si nk. Corrupted mattef', pus. Infirmary, Hospital. Dumb. Boil, furuncleTingling pain in the teetlh. Swelling. Cramp. Spasm, convulsion. Lame; cripple. Gout. Rheumatism. Rheumatic (the patient). Belonging to the rheumatism. Illness, sickness, disease. Pain, ache. Headache Toothache. Griping. Stermachach e. Samad, sugat. Samarin, sugatin. Sinat. Sipo6l. Sigim, tuy6 Sal,~. Tiknya, aliway. Tikayanhin, aliwayanin. Tagulabaiy. TungA. Tigdas. Tingm;ita, sakit nr Inatia. Ta6l. Tagihawat. Ubo, U161, baliw. Uhog, Uhugin. Umor, duga. Ulilip (gitnhawa at kagalinL.n n~' kat:wain, og bagay na natutungood sa kagalinaln ng k:tawain). Walang-sakit, maulilip. WalAng-ulilip, mahuyang. Ulcer,oun (dw. Ulcerous. Slight fever. Cold; catarrh. Co risumnption. Strain; dislo cation. Convalescence. Convalescent. Wheal. Felon, fellon. Measles. Eyesore. A burning fev: that afflict tlhe children Pimple in tl] face. Cough. Crazy, mad. Snot. Snotty. Humor, ]IuIllour. Health; sanitation. Healthful, healthy. Unhlealthful, unhealtlity. Megrim, a pain affecting one side of the head. Convulsion. Vormit. Hiccoughl, hickup.

Page  41 -41 - XVI. itila.tifigic zgan g ildl 'g palasak na na(maLng a(t2il og pa(tngkahirntail gai,, pangkatipu'aULt, ba(ia!laon,, atb. Vocabulary of some useful abstract lnoluns, collective nouns, verbal nouns, etc.. A AwA, kaawain, habaig. AwA sa kapw&tao; kclanm, kcakalaman. Alind!og, ulayaw. A(dhika. Alang-alang, pita ga n Alingasl gas, ingay, Alingawnlgaw, sabisabi. Aliw, k.Laliwanl, gali. Ab(5t, kakaya- ( hain. A nino, Aso, asok, usok. AkalA.; isip. Ayos, husay, kaayusan, kahusayan. C(,i passion, pity, comImlliseration. Liberality, generosity, bounty, b)0oulntifulness. C(aress, endearmlents. Diligence; desire; solicitude. Regard; consideration; politeness. Noise. Rumor, report. Consolatioll; joy; comfort. 7apacity, ability, capability. Shladow. Smoke, steanm. Thought. Order; method. Aba,l. Abal-abal. Abala. Abuloy. Abyug}i; panahll6o; dahilan, Agdon, ambay. Ato, pag-ato. Asugyo; tutol; pagohabol. Araw-1ng-kapanganakan. Alaala; gunanigunam. Aral. Ay. Ambag, amlbagan. Occupation, business. A little occupation, a little work. Impediment; botheration; occupation. Contribution; help. Occasion. Mai ntenance; support. Attempt, trial. Claim, reclamation; demand. Birthday, nativity. Memory; remnembra nce; commemoration. Doctrine; instruction. Favor. Contribution.

Page  42 -42 — Again-agam. Angkit, kap. kuann. Astal. Adwanaf. AkdA:pg(Ia; pagr-aaf dIX Kaabalaba'in. abaa. Kaasalaina Kaalatan, i Kaarawfiia', arawv. Kaalitan, Po kakaali't. Kaamnia n, hayop, ki mansuhti K aalwarin"t wan. Kaarn plAiltil -Kaangki nai K atsamrr'iu, Scrupie. ~a- Interest, COII(ermient, advantage. Tradition. Custom. Custom -h-1OUSe. k- Work, wor1ki ng; Ak. doing; labor-. K -A Bothieration, bother; ocCu - pation. sial. Conduct, behavior, dleportme nt. Day.,,ig- Distagreemuent, discord. Meekness, gentleness, mildness. D_ Tameness. n 4 ai- Comnfort, conveni1ence, ac* com'modation. *Dependence, depedency. n. Propriety; peculi arity. Eagerness. I pag-asam, hannc-r d. pag —alipustill. Conltemlpt, do.spisi rIgI. P-A Pag-a,,sa, pananaIi g. Pag,-aalitilangran, Pag-aalaala. Pag-aaway. Pag-at anyaya. Pag-aali'w, pagliii baing. Pag-aaral. Pag-alis, pagyao. Pag-aali's. Pag-ayon. Pag-aya'w'. Pag-,aayawlayaw. Pag-alimura, allimura. Pag-aarl. Pinag-aralan Pinag-aaralan. Pag-apli, p.a'giinbi,, Panaamo~y. Pan~angaral. H-ope. Douibt, question. lRememibrance. Qu~arrel, fighbting. Itivitation. Amnuse-menit, di-.version. Studying. Departure. Taking off. Conformation, (conformity; aorreement. Refusal; dislike. Proportion. Outrage.. P~roperty. Subject of studyOffence, grievSmell, smellinig. Preachinfg, sert 'non. II i I i 1!,I, I

Page  43 B I I I Biahin. BalA. Buntong-hilni11ga. Baliga. Biyaya. Buwis. Binyag. Bullay. Banlong, Ba lip..BIlit.'. Banlsag; painagat. Balhaitdi. Bahlandi nl. ba3y:n. Banibllani. Balidya. Budhi, hibal6; dilidili. Sneeze. Threat. Sigh, Story. Grace, mercy. Tax. Baptism. Life. Adva ntage; gain. Sign, token, signal. Notice; news; info rmation. Surname. Farm; forniture; riches. Finance. Simulation. ContIract. Conscience. I I I I I I charge, corn mission. Ba.lighi,; kaba- Absurdity; nonllagbagan. sense. Bako, Illlhhula; (iuessing. bIiko. Bakihaki, dlu- Caprice, whilm. hol. Banunlgot. Nightmare. Bigaiy, kal6l)b. Gift. K —B Kababhan glbob, kapaku lnbabhaa. Katba:iitlan. Kah):attan. Kalnatinoil an. Kab l ntisa'n. Kabigatin. Kabal isahlin KabaIisanb: n. Kabagayain. Kabalikann. Kabi hlasnan. Kabutihan. Kahababwan. Kallnhunlgl n. Humbleness. Virtue; prudence. Holiness, sanctity; virtue. Youth. Stublbornness, obstinacy. Pregnancy, gestation. (Gravity; heaviness; weight. I nquietude, restlessness. Trouble. Circunista llce. Back-part. Civilization, culture. G(oodness. Shallowness. Crime; offelnce. Lie. I Balitgyi, panga- Commerce, nalakal. trade. Bahlidl:i:; badlih. I)atnum; indication, Mi;a haml:Iha. Bahf. Biro. Big ay-k ava. Data. Flood. Hoax, jest. Dower, dowery; endowment. Command; BIilii. I Kan ulIaanian.

Page  44 -44 - -B Pagbi l)igaiy. Pagbublluno, tunggali tiala d. Pagbatti, barti. Pagbi bigay-sala, p)aratang. Pagkabalo. Psgbabatat, pagtitiis. Pagbalam. Pagkabalani. Pag)babakod. Pagbabawas. Pagbl)iahagi. Pagabanal b: (G iving. St rugle, wrestling. CGreeting, salutati( J.. I ln)put ati on \Witdowblood. Sufferin ig, patieltce. Detaining, d(etention. DI)elay. Fentcinlg. Sulbtractio(. Divisirn. Hypocrisy. Kuir(, pagktl Karuruktan. Kinaing, ilm 1ing. Kagip. Ka.yain, hinl lig. Kutwventa. Kaki putan. Kaktulainliln Kakahuy;ill, kahuyan. Kakapalain. Kakuparan, sagalan, k bagalan. Kakayahan. Kakautlitiln. C- (riteion Seat of lbono h1Jls whle courts of ju t ice bold the sittings. g- Glitter; shlining Esset'1e. t- Conviction. Acoiunt. K-K Na rri w I Iwess, closeness. fI tult ness; failing. G rove, plantation of trees. Crowd; density; thickness. ka- Slowness. nalan, pagpapain babaiw; pagbabalatkay6. K Ka)pl. Thickness. Kawan, kaban. Flock, herd1. Kasail, boda. Wedding. Kaling,a. Heed, care, tentiion., Il 11 - I Capability, capacity. Fewness, little1iesS. at Kurot, piral. Kutab; sabak. Kawayainan. Kalupkop. Pilch. Groove; hack. Bamboo plantation. Enchasing. P —K Pagkilala. Pagkilala ng l, ecognition, recognizance. Acknowledg

Page  45 -.45 --- ut:ang n: nient, gi Idob). tude. Pagktluh, pag- rTaking; cl gaingain. ture. Pagkakuha, O(cupa llcy, I)agkaganmgain. capture. Pagkak nlidili. Protection. Pagkakalillh,. Solicitude, Pa lglI k a i l: - I) ( 2 "Il., Pagkaba l)n. (li t)(ib). Pagkakasdl; k;Nsil. Pagli ukulang. Pagkukulang, pag-uiiti. lPagkukulnpil, Pja'gp. I); til )a y. Paglkukull6t, pagkltlkl u bt. Pagkililg, hlilig. Pagkaka pat id, kaigsiill||(i. Pagkukuwental. Pagklatg (sa pint6). Pagkalkuli, p)agbala k. D 1)atlal, para- I llSkit. Diri, st iklaull. I tention, 1: Necessity, r wa n t. Palpitationi. The act of r ryillg; I ria ge. Failinlg. Diminution. 1 I I I 1 3 'atilpateed. eed, nra r-?" niarLkar.1X l Day",, karayaall. Daing, kartiintlan, hliiaing. Dahilan. Dahidlahilin. Dalft. Dastil; panutadyi; Dulo, hangganan. Daing, Iiinanakit.!'%...1 Deceit, fraud. Petition, request. Cause. Excuse, Couplet; Prayer; office pretex. hymn. fiivine 1Jlg* id y. Conlfirml'l tion 1. Plaiting: Inclinatiotn. Brother hood, fraternity. Accounting,. Knock, knockilig. Calculation. I, ILI r.t. gausea, loathsoleness. D.yahng-pakaflu, bakay. Daniw. Danilv. Dan gi,. Dr in darl in. K-! End; bounda C(omplai nt. Belch, erulctation. Way-l ying, trick, stratagem. [Ise. Honor; honesty. Feeling. Ka(dahil;lanl, Motive, cause, sa i ll. Ireasoln, Ka(lustiaan, ka- Infamly, dislhoruistlaaii. nor. Kadilimni, Darkness. Kadalamnhatilan. Sorrow, affliction; grief. Kadalasain, ka- Frequency. runsulan, kalimitan. (adallani. Quickness, promptittude, speed.

Page  46 -46 — Kadulasain. Kadalalg'an. Kadalumatan. Kadakilhan. Slipperiness. Rarity. Toleration. Greatness; mnagnificence. (Gilalis, p111n'ggigi la lias. ( an.1 ti gpalh, hihis, ganti. Gakla. Gugma. Gilinaw. Adnmiration, W(0)ller. Reward, recom pense, Surprise. Will. Coldness, cold. P —D Pagdating, pag- Coming, reach K.-G dat il. Pagdalvaw Pagkadulis. IPagdul6g. Pa;nam (d In. Pak i rain lan; dtamnlamii n'g pang la Il hatOi] IPanin dirnm. ing, arrival. Visiting, visitation. Slip, slipping. Act of recurring. Sensation, feeling. Comimon sense. in. Thought, imllaginatio n. G Gamit, kag, imni- Use. Kaigalitall, Kagalin!4an, gal ing. Kagut lang- I n. Kagul I uhIn. Kaginoohan; kanmlthala n. K1agaida!a n, gandlla. Kagandlalan 'gl4ob, kaayuhan. pPag-galhiw, j)agki los. I'.io-ga Ai. Anger, ire. (Oodness; excel. lence; virtue; bedalthfulness. Lightness. Olitdge. Turbulence, disorder, confu(entlemeln; O)* bility, noblelness. Beauty, han1dsoneness. Kindness. Acomn plishBureau, office. -G Moveinmeit. )Doing; working; making; I4 ltbor. tall. Gahing; pitaga n. (insed, pulut,(6)g. Gameuig, kayalnanalu'g 11atatagC.,SI'ahdmn, kapangya ri han. Gutornm. Gitln, sindak. lteveren.e; re spect; veneration. Group. 'I reasu re. Potency, powor. Hu ger. Fright.

Page  47 Panggigigil. Pinanggal illuan, siutlll. Pa lggagaais, panggaagfi 11 tyo gl. G ti p?(1. ('Cou rge; rage. Origill. Violat ion. Flock. (Himlaw, lait, (lusta. I nju'ry, insult. Hinap, Hiralh. Iufli s. St:ain, spot. Disappointment; undeceiviilg. Illusion, Sipping, sip.,ength. NG Ngallan, plania- Name. lan. Ngitt. Smile. Ngitngit; kI- Anger; great Jitgitnitl6. darknless. H HiningiA. Htik. b. Hatol. Ilingal. Handog. Habla, daloInl. Himnala. Hiya. Himanllinimn, himannman. Ilalik. Habihatn. Halim ba wv. Hult. Hinagpis. Hakbal g. -lalagai. Breath. Yawtn, yawlinllg. Judg1me nt; a(lvice; sentence. Pa lt. Offert, gift. (Complaint. Miracle,. Shame. Alleviation, mitigation, Kiss, Weaving-loom. Exalmple. Propliec y. Anguish, affliction. Step. Price, cost; va-?lte; estima: tion; am loun t. Hi ray, ha ra Higop. Hab<i, ikahabAn. Hallinlghing. Huni, paghli Halakliak. Kalianaga.l Kalinbaligal Kahintan. Kahunaan. Kaihinhinan Kalhirapai. Katlulugatn. Kalialagahar kahalagah Kahunghangatn. Kal) imtangai Neighing. mii. Bird's singing; hissing; chirpi ng. Loud- laughter, Iorse-laugh. K-H Dignity; wortliness., Foolishnless, foolery, nonsense. Weakness. Feebleness, flaccidity, flaecid ness. ~ Modesty. Hardship; painfulness; poverty, misery. Meaning., I mportarnce. tin. Malice, raliciousness. ta. Condition. V.

Page  48 -48 — KalL i lyi.l, Kahilyayln, bisyo. Ka hi tg ifl11 lam alnaii Paghaliawab Paghhahawak 6oob. Paghahalbil, lalan. 1awv. Isip. Imbl)ct. Inam. Igi. Init, kainitai Kaisiptin. Kainaman. Kaigih an. Kaitimain. I in purity, illI - nodesty, lewd ness. \Vicioutsness,.vice. ka- Advantage. P -H h. Iolding. n, Ir (., tinelle. hia- IElec;tion. P-I I Jighlt. 'Thought, min(d. Interest; amnbitioln, covetousness. FiJieness; deliglht. Good, utility, benefit. i. Heat; warnness, warnmth. K-I Thought. Faitrnless; pretti ness. Goodlness; fairness; fair. Blatckl ess. Pag-iisip. Pag-ilng, pagilas. Pag-ibig, pagsinta. Pa4lg-ii n1,at. Pag-irog. Pag- i n bay, irbay. Lalang. Ligos. Li hi. Lanya, kalanyAain. Layaw, kllayawan. JLilirn. Limin hbgan. Libimlan. ( Labis, higit. 1Labi, labis, tira.,unas. Realson, tle rational faculty; thought. Shutnning, avoidlLo e. Keeping; p)re caution; vigilanc e. JLove, the act of fondling; caress, act of endearment. The act of swinging the arms. L Invention; institution. Elei gance. Secret. Iib.:rtinage, licetnce, ]ibertinism; licentioulsless. Pleasure, (Ieliglt. Shlade; shadow. Printing, printing-office. (cmlnetery; graveyard. Overplus. Residue, rest, remai n(ler, Remedy.

Page  49 -49-. L~iwanag, ilaw, Li narin nam, lasa. [~japad,. Luwang. Lak~is, tibay. Lamig. Kalinisan. Kalibugan. Kalooban, lMob. talikslan. K-alubayan nk l0"ob. Kali wan agan. Kalanigain. Kcaligtasan. Kalabiasa~an. Kaligaligti'n, Kaliauayan. Kahliliman. Kalinawan. gligt; clearness, clatr i ty. Relis'h, taste Width. Broadiness; lar-geness. Strength. Cool; f resh air. Purity, cha~stity; clean ness, cleanliness. Lewdness,, concu piscence. Will; interior. I Kahibnswiin. Kaliapwan.g pana hon. Kalinang-an. KaIimTIi tan. Kalihui"n, lih6 kakuh n inT~~. Kalagyflain, kaKalungkutan; kadalamhbatian. Kalisdininan. bang-issin. I(flakihitn, Icalakhban, 1- Ia( I linggit. Kalarngh~an, langhbi. Mutddi us cnnity. Liquidness. Thickness. Fair weather. Cultuire. Closeness. Defect, fault. Personialit'y. Sorrow, sorrow. fuliiness. Simpleness, Cruelty, inhumanity. L-ooseness. TLarg eness. Smallness. Pride; dignity; Majesty. Celerity, swiftnless. Meek ne~ss, gentle ness, mildtie~ss. Brightness; enlighitening, enlightenmaent. Cold i iess, Coolness. Salvation. L-avishness, prodigal ity. Trouble. St:Lte, condition. Deepness, Clearness. P-L Paglilitis; pag- -Trial. taya. Pag-lilingkod. Servi( Paglilihi.' ConcE Paglar4y6y. Swim. Paglin"6. Murd( I I Paglililo. Pagi i1. sine Trea-s yall Fal sif forgei,3e. 'Iption. ming..Y.r,MaUaition. )n; disloby. ication,

Page  50 1 agl in a ), pag-ay5. Pagliliblng, libing. Pagktalimbag. l'aglinias, pagIilinas. P'iagliliwaliw. Paglait, panglalait. Paglusob. Iaglaban, pagsalangsang, pagsalkid. Paglabaig. Paglagi, patnanatili. Paglimnot, pagkalimnot. Paglutas. Mitlang, suliranin. MaIla. Munimuni. Malay. Mungkahl. KKamurhan. FIvor, p)'(0t t(:ction. Bl3rial1, funeral. iEdlitiO. WVorking and(1 ilnprovi g, mnlaking prof it of; explo)itatio n. Vacation. Insult. Invasion. Resistance. Infracftion, vi0 -latio)n. Permanen(ce, I)ermanec:(Vy. Forgetfullness. Resolution. 4 I I II i I I I I i i i i K a n I rah aI i. KI alnu ra}llu. Kal aitl atlsi n. Kamfitayat, pagk amat.Karnalil l, mall. piga.i Pa,1 in a sf 4a I a - Pagkat-niay-a rl. Pag kakan Iatiy. Nilaynilay, pagninilaynilay. N ipis, 1kan li Iisan. Ni gias. ( licap))ess. I )ishonor. Childlhood. I onor, no}e,1 ness. Del)carness. Ignorance. I)eath. Eirror, Inistlake. -M Ob( ervation, I1fla k. lttle, gossip, nmisreport; gossip!ing. Ownershlip. Multitude of deaths (causedt '}y (pi ermy, war, etc. N M. (t itat iIr. )Desire, wish. slendlcrnetss. (l it ter. Question, )1 blenll. Inheritanc (e, heirdomrn. Cousi (erat ion thought. Sense. Motion,; su,,gestion. -M laTende(re te,. I I0 -i I I I i

Page  51 P ['tlad, kapalaran. lukbo.' I'ikt6. Panliaginip, );aIgarnap. IInata. Piti k.!'iral;; ku rdt. Ptiltllayil. Pti ilawall. l'iki nabang. I i fintlIlot. Piging. PLlanatili, panaILnatil i. I';laizln t)itan, pIanatlanibitan. Paniliala. Parusa. Pakli, sag6t. K Kapasiyahain, pasiya. Kapalaluan. FoPtu ile, f;te, goodtluck, 1Ce sre, b. Troo)p. i D)i vision, depa rtmont. DrettI.II Vow. Fillip. I'inch; il)p. Bet, wager. Stocks for p)nislhnent. Profit, beIl fit, utility. Permission. Banquet. Perseverance. D)irge, a (t(dleful(litty. Disposition. Punishment. Reply. Resolution, determination, decision. Iaughtiness,. pride. Kapa lnagh ilianill lkatan l)'ta I n. K[payatan. KIapalanga'sa. I( apabayatiln. K apangyari - lian. K 1apatawa n. K)apa l),nahullla.n. Kapa.i gitan. KI(apa;slangAain. Kaptusutkan. Kaparanoalanan. Kapan intunt a: In. P Pagpapatotoo. Pagpa)aala1am, paalalm. Pagpapataspatas, kapatasan; pagkakaialas, pagkakatumbas. Pagpuppugot. IEnvy. Peace. Leannes. Whiteness. Boasting. Forlornness, abandonmenet. IPower, faculty, authority. Boldness, audacious ness. Society. Pardon, forgiveness. Ti mn e; occassion. Ugliness, deformity. Hurt, abuse, illtreatment. Ieat of temper; fieriness. Vanity, ostentation. Profession. -- Affirming, assertion. Leave- taking; farewell. Equality. Beheading, decapitation.

Page  52 -52 - Pagpapasyal, pasy-al. Ptigpipisan. Pagkakapisan. Pagpaparaliiu. Pamnim intuh6. Pagrpuri; pag.. pup'uri. K Kara~n aalan. Karimutan. Karikitan, ka. ri'ktan, kagandahan.' Karayagan. Karunsulan. Karini'ralanll d ingral. Karagudagan, dagdag. Karapatain, Karztmpatan. Lg. Karuwagrin. L.'arasi kan. K a ru i Tih ''I in. Kalrukh~1arn Karamihian. Walk. Addition. Meeting. Multiplication. Ve'neration; homag~e. Prai se0 Honor, dignity. Parsimi( ny, avatrice. Beauty. Outside, right side, face. Frequency. Beautifulness; magn if i ce n ce. Supplement; addition; increase. Merit;- right. Justice,' right. equity. Lustre, nobleness, Cowardice. Rigorous justice. ib irti nes-s, na'stiness. Poverty, inldigence. Multitude; most. i Sa'lik, linai n am. Simbuy6'. Sa'ad.Saktio nrig S a ga yu r Sauggop. Sa-yaiw. Siste, bir6. Sak~sak n~r si Suntok, dat Suntok sa S: tm aht~t n Siphay6. Sum1pA1, tun yaw. Kaisiyaha'1. Kasipagan, pag". Klasayahbtn, tuwvhan. Kasi nungfili n r'a n, a, bulaa'niln S T-Substance, e,(Mi1ceC. Patssion. i nPflrtatiot-ii~rreport. Task. lak. Trampling. gan. Tranxscendency Treatise. Datnci ng. Joke. ~ko; Blow with th( elbow.. rok. Blow with th( shult fist., Blow in the facu with the clinched flit Association, company. Reproach, insult, censure. ~'a- CU Ise. K —S Tremperance. si- Diligence, acti. vi ty. ka.. Merriment, re joicinrg, ~glad. I Ie SS. Falsehood, le.

Page  53 -5 3 - Kasuslt n, kasi- Solicitude, hiead. nupan, sinop: Ka.isal~itdn. Kaselanbi-ran. Ktisukalan ng l6ob, sukz4I ni-r lob. Kasaiguta n, sa~got. Kasalanan; Rala; kalinK isilitin. Kasigasigarn, sig'asig Kasi ginziran K~asarang- an, katuwiran. Kasuuya'in. K asiyasipan. Ka.iaan KasakunfLUM Kasawviz-'n, sakuna'. Kdisund~anK~asaldma'n Scantiness, scarcity. Deliceateiiess, de-.licacy.Grief. Answer, reply. Sin; guilt; fault. Reprimriand. Activity. Vigor, Reason. energy. Pagsasalita', saP.aigs-asabi Pagsuno'd, pagtal ima. Pagsuway. Pagysisiyasat. Paags u s uri. Pagsusul it. Pagrsamba, a nanarn ba. Pagsasaimahan. P~aogsaamahiin. Pa-gsusuwail, kasuwaihkina1. Panim nampalataya. P~anunumpa-~ Pagsulong. Pagkaka'sund6. Pagkasira', pagPasiya, hakb,. P~asiya. Takot. Taas. TnA. Tawa. Tall wa~k~s, pagtaliwakais. Speaking, talki ng, tal k. Saying, telling. Obedience. Disobedien ce; default. Jnvestiioation. Inquiry, exami? nation. Examnination. Wors~hip. Society. Cou ipanionshiip, fellowship). Rebellion; rebelliousness; contumacy.Faith. OaIth. Imuprovement, progress. Concord, harnmony, agreemenit. Destruction; undoing. Op)inion. Resolution. T Fear, dread. Height. S ign, mark, Laugh. Retractation. Proportion. Judiciouisnes; prudence; wisdom; j ud gmye nt. Communion; comunity. Badness, wicked-,ness, evil. Cala mity. Misfortune, (isgrace; adversity. TreatyA inbition, covetousness. Pagaint.a.Loe Love.

Page  54 'I<l ) iong, p)lgta110IIg. Tal i nghaga, sam l)ilgiay. Tlil):i, tipalin n. Ta1gkla., Ti ka ' Tl'anirig. T a I )( ) ( Ir t(I_ Talt.o, p;,ill:Lt,(g. 'I'akl) 'I'agu bilin, tipain. I'ulckso. T"ub(), paki labang. T'ulyot, gutoil. 'l'ungkulin, kautana"i l. Tae, tak la. 'I::bulifin. Tuligsa. Tayba, p'atunay. KKatakawan, Kataksilin. Q('uestion, i 'nterr(ogaIt io. Allta:lphor; e(igma; p)ara,le; c al gory. Pact, (ol(T(cerl't, 1agrleelmenlt. Plrpose; prorlise. Ter,. c rmlgl in. sIl, wnileg. T'elmptatio (f ( II i il. Stlg''-lamilte. (Colletiton, C(-rpilemen t. Osl igation, d Iltty. Dirt, excrement, soil, Warou tn. IPanltati(onl of sugar-cane. ('ritique, cenisure, criticism. P( oof. — T (' hlttony. Treachery, trea( herousness.; I(ltwiS rnial. i(atu wiri ll. K(:ati ayan. K( ati wasayan, katahinmikan. KIati wasayalUi 11 5 1001). Katatsa'n. tiaslanl 'g.1 sticte. R ight; reaso; justice. I)c)(c:unelnt; certi fiate. lt'ra (quil ity, qulietul(e; repOSe. Fiorl)ea lrince. Fatness. Height. Pri(te. I i i I(loo; kalin- glKatan(tlsn, ka- ().ldatg(. ]akayan. Katotohal: nan. Katu layan. Katibayan nr 16ob. Katapatain'g loob. Katipunan. Katuusain. pagtutuos, Katinuan. Kata]inuhan. Katigagalan, pagkatigagal. Kataimaran. Katanmlsan, katuwiran. Katubusan. rl'uttl, ve('racity. 'ruthl, sincerity. F>r tittlude. Fait thful tness. (Co)gregationl; society. Iiquidation. balance. Pru.detnc(e, wisdoi. En1 ightenmrenlt. I (ndolen(e. Lazi ness. Equity, right, justice. Redemption. i

Page  55 IKa tal],asan n^ isip, katariKatapan gatn, t.apaxng. Kt unllgkulanl Klt.ataltarh, tagal. Kathimisan, tamis. PPagtuya?; paghi bt); panghillibo. J'agtawag. Pla^tatawag, balaod, painahaytag. Pngtitipid, katipirfin. Pagtatagubilin,. tagubilin, panianIlli ic. I'agtatwfa, pagtaiggi. Pagtakwil. IPagkatotoo, katunayan. Ta lellt, abilities, Valorousness, couirage, valor; bravery. Employmlent, dignity, office, obligation; post. Duration, lastsingness. Sweetness. Ptanintv i wn lhl. Paninirahan, pai anahalan.l Pagti tiyagaa. Pagtamiis, panlan ngis. lPagtulIak. Piti akbtiha i Belief. Residence. (Co) iIstance. Act of weeping; weeping. Pushing; impulse; pressi ng forward. l;ice. racin,g. Flattery; lation. a(di U Upasala, pag- Backbiting, uupasala. slanlering. Up)a, kaupaha i, I. Salary, wages, pay. UJlat. Report; inlculcation. Usapin, gawid. lJaw-suit, litigation. Usap. Affair. Utang. Debt. Utos. ('Conllandl. IUdyok. Incitation, inciteIment. U}maw. Thirst. Ugali. Cust;o Im. Tu'ali. k al)at u- Habit. Call, the act of calling. Proclamhiation. Economy. Reco i mm endationt. Nega,tion, denial. Rejection, reflusal. Certainness, certainty, certitude. nan. K Kaugallan. Kauntitin. K(autusan. (Ceremlon y. Littleness, smallIeWSS. ()rdi nance; law. P) 'aglk^aatiwalh, Trust. pagtitiwalI, Plag-unlad, ka-.-'1rogreKss; ad-.

Page  56 utnltardn; pag- vancement. ktakut~ilad, long. Pag-uronz, pagkakau - rong.-.' Pan~runaus'ap. PgUs ig. Pag-uulok. Pag-uukol*ukol. Pag-uul at. Pag-urall. Pag-upat, pang uupat. Pag-uy~am. Retrocession, retrogressionl Speech; sentence. Persecution.Seduction; in~stigaltion. Proportion; accorn o'da tion. Inculcation; report. Persuasion. md u~cement. Sarcasm. Pag-wawari.Pag-wawaldas. PagwawalAn-j g ba-iha RI. 'Pag kaivii Pag'kawalA ngsala, katwalatInomalayan. Pagwiwisik, pagwiWilig, Yarl. Yabanga, kayaYakap, yapo's. KKayarlain,. p~jagkga wt Pangyatyari; I pftgkapangyayari. Pagyao., PagyayA, ydakag. Opinion; seem ing. E4,mbezzlement. misapprop ri tio Ii. Indifference; 0negligence. WXillingness; incinattion - affection. Innocence. Sprinkl~ing. V Pag-ur'y, pagli- Scoff, mocking. b a"k. wV Waka's. Wigwig. KKawalAn. Kawikhan, kasabihain, salawik~fn. Kawastflain.Kawaka'sain, waktis.. Kdwanihadn., End. Delay, tion; f uge. protracsubter Make; work; inad e..Faiifroniide-, boast,- brag. Hug, embrace. Form of a work.Case'; eve iit; occurrence. Going; departuro., Call1, act of illviting. Lack. Adag'e, proverb. Correctnes~s. Conclusion, end, close. Office.

Page  57 -57-.XVII. )Iga namnang Frequentative pangkaransat- nouns, frelanS sgagongq quentattive adpangkara as a- ject'ives, etc. lan, atb. MVIGA NAMANG PANGKARUNSULAN. z=FREQUENTATIVE NOUTNS. Asinan, iras~an. Buihugan.. Kakawa~n. Kialabasaha'n. Kamnotihain1 Kapi ha n. Ka'lihim n-. Da'muhan. Ikinuhan. In-itgami - n'gtin, ingatAn'g-yaman..Maisan. S)alt-pit, saltmine. Hole through which. 1 etters, are thrown into the post-, office. Plantation of. 'chocolatetrees. Ground plaftedl with pumpkinis or gourds. Plantation of karnotes.Plantation of coffee-trees. Secretary's office..Land f ullI of grass. Plantation of betels. Treasury. Maize-field, In-.dian corn field. Barber's shop. Pal ayi II. P lig'iftin. PArin Un fi i. PNinatnuigut,,iin. Paimilihan. Pdbtahia n. P i ntu IR. Pusa'lfirn. Sagin ii n. Sabsaban. Sabungan. Tindahan. Kakanfin. Hihig~izi. Lalagvati Sisidlan. Pulpit. Rice- field. Bathing-place. Office of th~ chief. Director's office; directory'. Market. Tailor's shop. Store; storehouse, warehouse. Quagmire-; muddy place. Plantation of plane-trees, banana-plantation. Pasture-,ground. Cock-pit. Store, small store. Place where criminals are hanged; gallows. A feeding- trough for. fowls and other animals. Bed, couch, a place of repose. Place where something is.. put. Vase, tum ble r, or similar thing, where csomething is put in. PNg upi tan.

Page  58 IKinatitisurian. Place where they are accustomed to ~stumnble. Kinahiihu'lu- Place where peogan, pie are accustomed to fall. Pagabitaya'n. Place where criminal are' hanged. Pagabiny~agan, Place where the sacrament of -baptism is administered. Pagagimflan, Laboratory. Pagahinawaii, A place where they wash their hands. Pagahuwayan. A place where, th ey rest; a. p'lace of recess. Pagapatiayan. SIlaughterhouse. Pagasayawan. Dancing-place. Magaliti iMasigavv Masaigut MiTas i nt a', Mataway Mawilihi Ii. Fret-ful. \r. ociferouas in. Giving answers constant I3y. bin. Loving, aiffection ate. L n. A mateur;Wvillitg. Mialilimutfin, Forgetful;' Ma'lulugdin.. Merry, joyful. Malalagnatin. Propense to fe-. ve rs. Masasaktin. Sickly. Matatak utin. Fearful, ti mo 0 -r ous. Matutulugin. Sleepy' person. MdA, SUGNONG PANGKARUNSULAN. A..-FREQUENTATIVE ADJECTIVES, ly a kin. Panibughtlin. Piyuhin. Tiyaniin, Maaw~fn, Mfaibigi n. Crying with tie cause'. Jealous.. Gouty. Big- bellied. lit.' Mag-aasin. Ma gdaram6o. Magbabangk~l. Magkakabad. Magkokotse Magtatabak6'. Magsasakd. M agpapa lay6k, marngdadaba. Maglalangis1.3 M1agmia, mnana, manahanin. Mag- iikmo. Magnianakaw. Maghaihilaga'. Maglahigari og rnanglalagarl. Salter. Grass-seller. Boatman, ferry. man. Com positor (it) printing). Coachman. Tob~.cconist.. Farmer. Potter. Oil-man. fleir; heiress (female). Betel-seller. Robber, thief. Appraiser. Sawer or saw'yer. Compas'sionate, merciful. Anxious, long.. i-ng; capriIcious.Affectionate. Mairugin.

Page  59 -59 - Mainganigakad, Hunter. maingangaso6. ManggagawAi. Maniggagapas. Maing-ing-isda', maimamalakayfi, Man gbububo'. Mdangd irigma'. Manggigibal. Manggagamot. Manggagaod. Nlanggagamlang. Manighahabi, m anglalala. Manglili mbag. '. a nghuhuli A Manglalal i k. Manglililok. MKangdiribuh6'. Manghihi bol. Manghuhuli. Maulg-nuklit. Mfangbabasa.Manglalak6, maglalak6. Ma'nanakop, Laborer, work - man., Reaper, harvester.Fisher-iman. Melter, founder, caster. Warrior. Demolisher. Physician. Rower. Ind ustrial. Weaver. Printer. Prophet; soothsayer. Turner. Sculptor; carver. Drawer. Painter. Catcher; one who, apprehends. Etigraver. Reader. Peddler. Collector. Savior. MAdnanagum- Triumphant; pay, tagum- victorious, payanfn; conquering. magwawagi, waginhin. Ma'nanahlt Taylor. Mainanahlng- -Seamstress. babai. Mainanagal6g.' Tagalist. hin. M AnunultAi. Writer. Mininitik. A literary man. Mgamaininitik. Literary men, li. terati. Mainunluha. Poet; poetess (female). Maamamahandi, Elconomist, fibahandihanin, nancier. MaimaruaI6. Whipper. Mfinininal, ma- Dyer. nanayom. Mainananim. Sower. -Mainunukso. Tempter.. Mtinunu'ri; ta- 'Investigator, gapagsurl, ta- examiner. gasurl. Mainunuligsa'.. Critic,,censurer~. Mainanaziggol. Lawyer; advo cate. Tagapagligtas. MNfa*'n un ub Os. Redeemer. Ma'nanalo'. Victor., vanquisher; winner. Mapag-aksayit.' Mapagbiyay&. Mapagba'la. Mapaghintang. Mapagmasid. Mapagkandil~i. Squanderer. Boun~tiful, liberal. Threatener. Imputer..Observer. Protector.

Page  60 -60 — Map~agkiipkop. Mapagpalayh. Mapagpanagi - nip. Protc.tOr,7 pita'ller. Liberator. D reamer. lhos rT1agapagla b11i. L aun11derer, I washer; 1,aundres!~ (female) Manpagipalayaw. lFond ler. Mapagpatub('. lU~surxr. Mapagsum- Demitrwiator. bong. MAfpagsuway. C~ontravener', transgressor. Mapagsuhiol. Suborner. Mapanghib'.' Flatterer, fawi *1* er, SO( Mapanintai. Lover. MlapanirAng,- Defamer puri. ler. Mapam intas. Bla-mer. Tagaaky Guide, 1( Tagahatol. Sentenec Tagaiturat, tca- Keeper. pag-mnrat. Tagabili'. Buyer. Tagatanod. She~pher( )ther. I, libel jader. "Ir. Tagapagtanggo~l. Ttagapagsaysay. Taga pagsa yod]. rragapaglutb, ttigapangusi11A. Taigapa gsai i n g. Tlagapagsiy as a t. is?~. rfagasulat.,ragapaniila~t. Tagapamjil"I. Tagapai mali a] A Tagapama~tnugot, taglapatnugot. /Tagapangasiwa". PalaaI w n ifo, Palabathal "'. PalariwAh, pailaispiritti. Palariwh\on, palai spirituhon. Palain6m., Deferi der. Declarer. Defi ner. Cook. Rice-cook. Inspect or'. Supervi~sor; inquiiienr. Amanuensis,a clerk. News~-writer, reporter. Pp rehaiser. -'"erson assuming the management of at thing. 'Director, Manager, admni. nistrator. Idlolater. Deist. Spiritist.' Spi ritualist. Dri nker. 'i. Tagapagbata's, mangbabatas., Tagapagbilf'. Tagapa~gban - tay, bantay. Tragapag-am.. pon. Tagapagkan-I diii. Tagapagbayad. guarder, guard ian. Legislator. Se~ler, vender. Watcher, guiard Protector;pitaller. 3rotector. hos Paye r, p ay mas - ter,,

Page  61 Palasinta. Lover, wooer. Pala,-tsugaM. Gambler. Pa~au~ip.Barrator, enlconrager of lawsuits. MQ-'A MBANG URI NGO MG'A NAMA AT MGA SUGNO. --- OTHER CLASSES OF NOUNS AND ADJECTIVES. Bun -ang~ra'n. A wide-mounth.. ed person; gabbler, prattlerl. bLabhn. Large-lipp'ed. Tain'ahda. Long-eared, flap eared. Uluha'Dn. La rge-headed. Buwanan.,Lingguhan, semanahain Pan-arawairn. Pihayagfiii, Mantalfian. Sandatahain, Balutian. Utusain. Agin gayin. A buhin'. T.-lisayin. Mistisuhin. Monthly. Weekly. Daily ncew s - paper, ournal. Newspaper. Review. Weapon ed, armed.A man armed with a c~at of mail. Man datary. Somnetir~g resembling the color of agifi gay read-grass. Ash-colored. A cock whose feathers resemble the color of talisay tree. and its leaves. A person looking li'ke Me8tiZO. Taga-Kawit, kawitn in.Taga-Kabite, kabitinhi~n.Taga-Bakood, bakoodn in. Taga-Kapis, kapisnin. Taga-Kalibo, kalibunhin. Taga-Aklan, akianon. Taga.. Kagayain., kagayanon. Taga -Bulakain, bulakanm in,. Taga- Palawan, palaw~anon. Taga. Mindamiw, mindanawani n Taga-Mayiiil&. maynilaanfn, manil~knin. Taga-Mindoro, m indorohanin. Nati~ve of XR1 wit. Native of Kabite, kabitenian. Native of BaBakoor. Native of Ka-.pis. Kapisian ' Native of Kalibo. Native of AkIlan. Native, of Kaga.yan. Bulakeniain. Palawanmian. Inhabitant of Mindanaw. Manil an. 'M i nd oren ian.

Page  62 Malabathal~a, bathalhin. Ma laangel, an - gilo'n. Mtalaman6k. M alarayap. N{ alagatas. Babainin. 1Lalakin in. Mlag n i t. Palamnagnitan. Palaulnuni-ran. PalalamaLanl. Palaanituhan. Palari waan. Palariw~kurian. Palarogmahan. Palarinam'isan. Palateknihan. Alkimya. Alki~myanhin. Algebra'. Algebrahon. Godlike, Angelicald; angel-like. Gallin8 ceans. Lemon-l ike.Milk-like. Akademya. Academy. Akademyah on. Academic, aea.(lemical. Akademiyanhin. Academician, academ ist. Damnsel.- i ke, ef - feminaite man. Virago', a mnasculine woma n. Mfagtiet,- loadstone. Magnetism. Socialism. Commonism. Idolatry. Spiritism. Spiritualism. Dogmattism. Dynamics. Technie~. Biyo'grap6. Biyograptihain. Biy "ograpuha-, non. Botanihan.. Botanihon. Botaninhin, mnangbobotani. Kirnyahan. Kinmyahon. Kimyanhin, mangki - kim~yai. Krim i no n. Kirurgo. Kiru rguhan. Kirurguhon, kirurguhanon. Diploma. DiploimnsyaDiplinoasyahon. Botany. Botanic, botanii. cal. Botanist. Chemistry. Chemical. Chemist. Relating to crime; criminal, not civil. Chirurgeon,, surgeon. Chirurgery, -surgery. Chirurgic, chlirurgical; surgical. Diploma. Diplom'acy. Diplomatic. Biographer, Biography. Biographical. Alchemy. Alchemist. Algebra.' Algebraic, a Ige braical. Anatomnihan. Anatomy. Anatomihanon. Anatomical. A natomi nhi n IAnotomist. Diplomasyan- Diplomatist.. hin., Etimo'logohain. Etymology. Ebangelyo. Gospel. Ebangelyuhon. Evangelical. Ebangelyunhin. Evangelist; gospel ler.

Page  63 Ensiklopedya. Encyclopedia, Encyclopedy.-,Ensiklopedya- Encyclop.1dianl. non. Ensikiopedyani- Encyclopedist. hin. Geodesya. Geodesy ahon. Lfidro'grap6". llidr6grapuhI'n. Hidro'grapuhanon. liidro'metr6'. Hidro'metruha"In. Hig~rometrd. Higro'metruhII,n. Huriskonsulto. llurispantas. H urispanta,san. Hurisnin, manghuhuris. Lito'grap6'. Lito~grapuhlan. Lito'grapuhanon, litographan'in. Nfidisina~ Geodaesia, geo-. desy. Geodetical. Ilyd rographer. Hydrography. Hydrographical. Hydrometer. Hydrometry. Hygrometer. Hygronmetry. Jurisconsult., Jurispru(lent. Jurisprudence. Jurist. Lithographer. Lithography.Lithographic. Medicine; phy.. sic. Medical.' Optisn in. Parmasya. Parmasyahani. Parmasyahon,. Parma syanhi n. 'Parmako'logoha'n. Parniakolo.. gonhin. Parmakopea. Poto'grap6'. Pot6grapuhdn. Pot rapuhanon. Pisisa n. Pisison, pisisa f n.. Pisisnin, Ma mimisis, mang hahamb6. Pil6log6. PiIo'logohain. Pisy0,10og6 Pisyologonhin. Pisylo'ogohbin. Pono'grapuhain.' So6log6. Soo'logobain. Sosy6l ogobtin. Sibil. Siglo. Te'legrap6'. Tipo'grap6.l Ti po'grapuhiin, limbaga'n. Ti pograpuhanon-. Teleskopyo. Optician~. Pharmacy. Pharmaceutics. Pha rmaceu tic, pharmaceuti cal. Pharmde'ist. Pharmacology. Pharmacologist. Pharmacopceia, Photographer. Photogyaph. Photo'grapic. Physics..Physical. Physician; turalist. na Midis inahon4 Philologer, phi. lologist. Phil ology.Physiolog-er, physiologist. Physiology. Phonography.. Zoologist. Zoology. Sociology. Pertainiiig to at citizen or society. Century. Telegraph. Printer, typographber. Typo'graphy. T ypographical. Telescope. paniamidisina. iMidisinanhifit. Physician. M~i~i~ir i- An author who noti, krimi- has written on nunmin'. criminal matters. Magistrado. Magistrate. M agistraduhan. Miagistracy. Optisan. Optics. Optisonl. Optic, optical.

Page  64 -64 — Teo'log6', teologonhin. Teo'logoha'n. Teo'logohanon. teologhan i n. Tele'pon6'. Trekno'logohAvi). M.akabansL'-. Mlaka'p'ili-pi I Io. Xtakaanierikano. Makabanwa. Nfakaba'ya n. MakamnahadlikU. Theologist, theologian. Theology. Theological.Telephone. Technology. Nationalist. Filipinist, Philiippinist. Americanist. Patriot. Patriot;- patriotic; demnocrat. Aristocrat. I Di-kabilAnin. Salanhin, sal ah-t Pithfian, a, plapitho'. Pagka-kahi la' - nin. Pagk 1-d_ kahilAnin. Makasalanan. Makatarunga~n. Makatimiran. in partial. Criminal, aI6 guilty Persoil I deal is t,. Parti'ality. Impartiality. Sinner. Just. Rightful, reasonable. Pagkamaka- Nationalism. ba'nsa', kamiakabansA~ian. Pagkamaliapi- Filipinism, Philipinio, -kama- lippmnlism. kapili pinuhan. Pagkanmaka- Americanism. amerika no. kamakaam erikanuhan. Pagkamaka- Patriotism. banwa, kamakabanwahain. Pagkamakaba- %t~riotisml'; deyan, kamaka- imocracy; love bayanan.!of dem'ocracy. Pagka-maka- Love of aristo'-mahadlika', cracy. ka-maka mahadlikAfian. XVIII. Alga '~sugnong Descriptive adjecpan gkabaga - tives, verbal ydn, bad~yaon a4jectives, and at pan qtiyak. t liffting adjectives. A Alisaga', anyaAksip. Alas, kaalas. Buhaiy. Buko'd. Idle. Equal; a pair, couple. Equal.B Linta'w. Lintaw'anin. KabilAanin, kabilArin. Cruise.' Corsair, cruiser. Partial. Living; aliyve. Privat'e, particular'. Celebrated, famous; remarkable. IBantog.

Page  65 -65 - Bunyt. Bago, BiglI. Bingaiw. BUhagha-g. Batnayad. Batug an. Baibasagi i.. Bana'l. Baguh~in. Basaig. Bako'g. Bughaw. Bantulo't. Butihin. Bass. Buktot. Bulaan. Buho'ng. Kayumanggi' Kaayaaya, kalugo'dIug'd. Kulang. Katapusain. Illustrious, celebrated. New; modern. Sudden. Notche'd. Spongy, porous,..f ungous.Mild, gentle. Idle, idler, Brittle. Saint, holy, sacred, pious, just, virtuous. Novel. Broken; fraction. KulI6 t. Kasa kitsak it. Kaunti.Kanan. Kaliwa^. Kaliw'te,kai IWaon. Kimaiw. Kunwari, Pa-..kunwari; Kapwh. Kamahalmabialan, baniAl. I Curly, curled, crisp, crispy. SoVrowful, painful. Fe w; little. Right. Left. Left-handed. (. Handless. Apparent., real. not Fellow-being. Sacred.. ) Curved, line. a crve Blue. Irresolute. A beautiful person; affectedly- nice in d ress. Wet. Unjust. Liar. Criminal. Brown. Delicious, pleasdelightful. Insufficient, deficient.. Final; co nclusive. DukhA, rnahi- Poor, rap. indigent. Duwag. Coward. Dakilh. Great;' magnificent.. Darating', Future, coming. Dulinka's. Precipitate, imprudent. Dung6'. Timid. Duk6, tunggak. Dull. Dalisay. Pure; sincere. Garil, utail. Gising. Gibting, may pagkaulo'l. Stammering, Istuterer. Awake. Haif-witted, foolish.,

Page  66 (ransal, hindi Oddl, uneven. aksip, linl(li tuk6l. NG L Ngiwt. \V T~r-i i no t h.led(1 H HIarnb6. Htangal, ungais. Ifamak, bIulisik l uminal. Hil6. Hingkod, Haloha6.l Hilaw, hindi luto. Hilatw, bubot. HampaslupA. Hinog. Hamlu miginig. tga. Iba, ibapa. [sapaS [latg, ilas. Iba, balaki, 1alabalaki. Natural. Foolish; stupi(l; injudicious. Despicable, worthless, vile, abject, contemptible. Snuffling. Blunderer, blunderhead. Hipshot; lame. Mixed. Crude, raw. Unripe, green. Vagrant, vagabond. Ripe. l)amp, humid. I I)ry, evaporated. Other; anllother. Another; one more. Shy; separated, distant. Different, unlike, distinct. Lub6s. Iasing, lango. Lao6n, lurnt. Lagalcig, laysis. Lublia, labis. Lul)lIang-nlalak i. Lubha ng-dakila. Lubl a ng-ialii t Luntiyanl, ber(dc Lusaw. Lupakayh. Lanta, looy. Lamnpawham b6. Mahail. Maang, tanga. Mangmang. Mlura. Mura. Madia. IMalTI, hidwa. Complete, perfect. I ntoxicated, (drunken. Old, stale. Vagabond. Excesive, superfluous. \l.ry large, very big. Very great. Very little, very small. Green (color) Liquid. Inutile. Wilted. Supe rnatural. I I) ea r. Stupid, simple, silly. Ignorant, unlearn ed, Cheap. Green. Many; several; vari(ous. Wrong. P Pantay, patag. Patas. Even, level. Equal.

Page  67 — 67 - IPantas. PahlAinl. Pan(dlak. 'alPalao.!Iisalk al)g mati a. Pah i wis. IPayak. Pipi. Panlrit. [Pattiy. Pabaya. Payatt. Pino, tana Prangah is. Pitho6; Illi Pun6, pll Puspos. Wise; learned. Very vise, very learned. Dwarfish, low. Proud, lhaughty. isaing One-eyed. Oblique. Simple. Dumb; silent. Ugly. Dead. Careless, negligent. Lean, thin. k. Fine. Daring, audacious, bold. thi. Ideal. Wpos. Full. Con plete. I rp., 1. U lnay. Tulig. Tuy6. Tal As. Taal. Tangi. Tiyak. Tarn baas. Tahimik. Tam ad. Tigagail. U161, baliw. Urong-sulong. UlIa n. Evident, certain, true. Harebrained, giddy. Dry. Real; clear; pure. Neat.. Special. Fixed. Frank. Quiet; still. Lazy. Indolent. U Crazy, mad. Irresolute, undecided. Doting. NV S Salaul. Salawahan. 5an, santo, santa. 3aking. Sunlayain. 3inilungaling. Tukol, aksip. Totoo. Indecent. Voluble, inconstant, fickle. Saint. Bandy-legged. Horned. False, liar. T Even. True, real, sincere, veritable. Wagas. Pure. Walanghang- Eternal, endless, gan. everlasting, infinite. WalAnghiya. Shameless. Walaht. Destroyed. Wast6, tumpak. Correct; right. Y Yasaing, tuyo. Dry. M-A Maalat. Salty.

Page  68 '-68 - Maalam. Maantak, Maam6'. Maasim. Maawin. Maalab. Maayosg. Maaninag. Maanta. MababA\. Mabuti. Mabangis, ma.. bagsik.' Mabaft. Mabang6'. Mabilog. Mabah6'. Mabaraw. Mabat6'. Mabalahi~bo. Mabagal. MababAng..l0'ob, pakumbaba. Mabiga't. Mapagbigaiy - JMob. Makisig. Learned. Painful, sore. Meek, gentle, mild. Sour., Comnpassion'ate, merciful. Inflamed. Methodical,' With order. Transparent, l1i'mpid. Rancid.. -B Low. Good. Cruel-; tyrann i - cal; tyrant. Prudent; virtuous. Odoriferous. Round. Fetid, stinking. Brave. Stony, rocky. Hfairy, downy. Slow. Humble, submi-ssive. Heavy. Indulgent. -K Gente~el;gallant; elegant. I Makin is. Makunat. Makata's, mn Makapangy: han.Makamaiida Makuyad, r bagal.Makitid. Makipot Makislap, mh k iiin',rtng. Madalang. Mla da a I A Mad ilfin. Maduhis. 1 Mad ihw,I' HI rihi'w. Magda rayai, 'raya. Madirihin, 1 Miararn i n. M a gaa n g. Magaling. Mtagarsi aw. Magahi~w. Ma'gappang. Smooth. Ductile. Thick. lagat- Juicy.,iri- Powerful. ig9. Poisonous. ma- Slow. Narrow. Narrow (Speakbig about holes.)ia- Brilliaint, lustrous. R a ire. Frequent; quick. Dairk.Slippery.,Ia- 'Yellow. Quick, promp~t. im, - Deceitful; cheater; deceiver n a- NauseousA n.Sentimental; sensible; seni-.sensitive. M-U Light; easy, Excellent;. goodl; virtuou s. Restless. Restless. Coa-rse.

Page  69 IMNagal ang. Magalan gfn. Magulang. ' Magi naw. Mfagmnawi n. M~agahi's, maga-_ lasgas. MagaV'k. Maganda, maxik]it. Respectful, reverent. Respectf ul. Old; parent., Cold. Chilly, very sewn sible of cold. Rough. Glad, rejoicing. Beautiful, handsomye. Mairog. Mahabh.' Long. 'Mahayap. T7all or long and well shaped (any part of body). Mahawt'is. TPall and well shaped (the body). Mahirap-gawin, Difficult, hard, rnabigait, mali. arduous. Mainit. Maigi. Main-am. Maitim. Maiklt. Maigsi. Mailap. Mapan g- iring. Malab6". Malaka's. Malabnaw. Malangha.. Malamaing. Malamain. Malaki. Malagkit., Malamnbot M~alamnig. Malapad. Malapot. MalapyA, tala1pyA. malanday. Maliit. Malibog. Maliniis. Maligdong. U0JUo. Good; fine; -de, — licious. Black.I Brief; short. Short. Shy; wild. Scornful. wag. M4ahi rap. M ahianghang, na~an ghang. M~ahinh.. Mahinh angr Mahinuhi n. lvahalagai. Hapanghingf, Hard, painful; poor. Piquant. Weak. 'Weak-hearted. VIluddy. Stroing. Liquid. Pr'oud. Advantageous. Fleshy, carnous; pulpous. Large; big. Clingy, sticky, glutinous. Soft. cool. Wide. Thick, con - densed. Flat. Small. Lewd. Clean; pure. Formal; circumspect. Modest.Valuable, cious.. Craver. pre,

Page  70 -70 - Maluk6lig. M.\alungkot. Malum bay. Maluwag. M. Man i pis. Manin;'as. Maningning. Mapagnas,. M Mapanglaw. Mapalad, Inaligaya. "r Mapait. Mapulhi. Maputik, lnaalabwab. Mapusyaw. Mapittagan. Mapitagan, magalang, maalang-alang. Mapamansag, palangas. Mapagparangya. Maputi. MMarangal. Marilg. Sorrowftll, sad. Sorry. Loose. BK olnd. -. —N Th in). Ardent, fervent'. G]ittering. Desirous,, longiI tIg. -- -P Sad. Happy. Bitter. Red. Mulddy. Deadened color. Respectful. Polite, coulrteous, Miarahlis. 1MaralitA. MIaratnot. Marikit, masantinlg. Marunris. Marumi. Maruilong. M Masamryo. Masaratp. Masanm. MasalitAf. Masakft. Masalik. Masanling. M asidliaya. Masidhla Masigasig. Masipag. Masikap. Masi ri b. Masiyasip, rnaisip. Masi kip. Masallghil. Masdninrin. Mas.wayi n. I,(igorous; b)ravIe. Poor, indigent. Avaricious. Pretty. Spotty, speckle(d. Dirty. -Learned; intelligelint. — S Merry, joyful, content. Fragrant, odolri ferous. Savoury. Bad. Talkative, talking. Sore. Nutritive. substancial. Moral. Eloquent. Perfect. Active. Diligent, laborious. Diligent. Intelligent. Judicious, pru. dent. Tight, close. Strict, rigorous. Obedient, submissive. Disobedient. Boastful. V ainglorioi)s. Whlite. Honorable; honest. Illustrious, honorable.

Page  71 -' 1 --- M at taa s. M atayog, asta rik. Ma tarintg, talim6. NMatalino. Matin6. NMat:Lpang M ataba:. Matirnti y] tilntims Matamlnbo Mtatakaw. MIatali n, las. Matulis. Matulin, lis. Mali bay. MgtigAs. Matining loob. Matinis. Matinip. Matarong Matuwid. Matamais. Matipfd. Matutn6g. Matiisin. MapanuyA Maplgtun yaw, pa Iigh, elevatel; tall. Tall. Steep. n1-l- Bright,, talente(dEnlightened. Judicious, p)lrudent, wise. Brave, valiant. Fat; greasy. ian, I)iscreet. k. Bul ky. Glutton, a great eater. ILata- ISharp. Sharp-poi ntel. I1 mab i- S wift. Strong, solid. Hard. 1na Serene. Sonorous, harmo nious. Serious. Just. Right; straight. Sweet. Economic. Sonorous. Patient. I. Flatte rerI. ga- Cursing. latu Maulbaln. Maulil. Maus'p. Mau tang. Malunti, mutnti. M [l a yabtng. Mayumi. May uni, M ayaman. Hoary, grayheaded. Rainy, showery. Inclined to lawsuits, given to law-suits. Debtor of a great deal. Little. -Y Boasting, vauntiDg. Soft, mild, meek. Tender, delicate; mild. Rich. Baak, siphlk. Clovel. Bawal. Forbidden. Bihis, naysuot. Clad. Binigwasin, hi- Shapen. nugisan. Binuntal, hi- Stricken. nampas, DI-binyagan. Infidel, pagan. Di-mabilang. Innumerable, numberless. Di-madalita, Insufferable indi-madalumat. tolerable. Di-marating, Inaccessible. di- malapitan. )i-inaraanan. Impassable. Di-masabi, di' Inexpressible. m aisaysay, di-maituring. ngayaw.

Page  72 -72 - Di- mabasa. DI-masal ang.t DI-rniat,,ro'k. Di-matingkalfl, Di- namniumuna Ginashian, binulas. Illegible. Intangible, not t~o be touched Unfathomable. Incom prehe n - sible. IMifruitful. Chidden. GinApas, gapas. Mown'. Nkusti1uin1. Long-snouted, blubber-lipped. Hinin~1, hini'hi- Bidden. n~1, nmiuutos. Hlindi. patas; Unequal. di-patas; hindi-alas, di'alas. Hindi-paris, di- Unlike. *paris. Inahitan. Shaven. Ipinaig-ana'k. Born. Linagarl. Sawn..Makas~samA, Noxiou1s, hurtnakasa'samA; ful, mischievmaakapa'- ous. pankanyayA, nakapaipan~anyayA. Maipagbibilli, Saleable, sukat bilhin. marketable. Maihtiihalail. Eligible. Nabaibasa, u Legible. kat- mabasa.Na'kikita, fita'w. Visible. MNili lilok, n'iuu- Graven. kit, nuikikintalI. Nama'tmagA. Nakaikain, Sukat-makain. Naf'initan, naaialinsanganan. Nagiginmiw. Nahf'hiyA.. NattituwA, naifIligaya. Namlm utikti k, Nag-ii isai Nagdgutorn. Natiuhaw;, Narnaimaos, namaimalaft. Nayaiyamo~t, yamo't. Nakatay6 ngmatuwid, nanfnigais. Nauukol.,natutung'od. Pat'fty. Pi nasubo6, Iut6. Pinagkita'D, maypagkit. Sakaiy. Suno'g, siladb. S u n Ods un Od. TinagA., tinadtad. Ang. A n6o? Alin? Alinman, kahi't an6', kahi't alfn, Swollen. (Comestible., eat. able. Warm. Cold. Ashamed. Joyful, glad, cheerf ul. Replete. Alone; single. Hungry. Thirsty. Hoarse. Weary. Stiff. Belonging. Dead. Sodden. Waxen. Ridden. Burnt. Consecutive. Hewn. The. What? Which? A n. j

Page  73 i I I i I I I -73 - Ang tanrin, ang The whole... bo6ngg.. amg sang.. Bawh't, bawa't Each. isa.. Ba:l't, ]ahlit, Every. I1,IIt II. Bisain, bilang- Either, neither. na, alinman. BiksA, bisAin. Neitlier. RapwA, duha. Both. Kauntt. Fevw. K!araamihan, Most. ang lalong nimaranlli.. Iahstuhan, Enough. kaigihan, sap~it. GaSon.; Suclh. Gayol din. Samne. Ibti. Other 1[1il, kaunti. Some. Ilil.. A few. Tsi. A, an. Isa' pi. Another. Lalhit, tanan. All. Lal6ng inarmmi. AIore. MAraami. Many; much. WaIA (wa- No. lang.... ) PAGLIINGAY NG MGAi DAYLAS N5 'MG.\ NAMANG PANGKALAAf-A.AN, —DECLENSION. OF THI ARTICLES OF COMMON NOUNS... IYominatlnhin (.) (Arominative) aenitutthin,. ( GeRitive). Dlttainhi. (D tive)..... A4tusatntn'in. (.4ctsat ive). (]itokttnn in Vocative) (blltnhi n.q dahildn Alt lugdt. ('CsO. Cal and Local Ablative). Ang.... The Ng, s...... Of the. $a, parn sa. To the, for the. N,, sa.... The Sa....... For the, through thle, from the, to the, at the, in the, into the. Ng..W. With the, by the.... I I Ablatunhin ng sutlyang (In.stfmental Ablative).. $ a.I,_________ _ (.) Arg mrn:l salitang it6 ay galing sa latin'g 7)ominnts, "ninala an, bggit'; geit "in ia llak"; tus, "ibi. ig;iy"; accusztl., "sin:l)i", inlakusahAin" "binala"; vocatus, "tinawagcr"; t ablatus, "dinal.ti'

Page  74 74 — PA(ULIINGAY NG, MGA D)AYLAS NG( MGA NAMAAN PANGSARILL. -DECLENSION OF THE ARTICLES OF PROPE NOUNS. Kasalaj, Singu la r. Noi... Genit.. Dat... Aku.. Ablat..... Si........... Ni, kay.... I.* Kay, parai kay. ~.. Kay......... Kay...... John.ll John's; of John. To Jolhn; for Johln. John To, for, from, witl John,, (Boka t) k/a 'ri ean. I1l1ur'al. IV orw...... Si a P ransisko..... Nina (og kina Pransisko.... Kiia og parti kina Pransisko......Kina Pransisko.... Kinina Pransisko. Francis alnd (company; Francis and family. Francis and company^s; Francis and family)'s. To, or for Francis and co:npany; etc. Francis and companyv; etc. To, for, from, with Francis and company; ect. Akus Ablat. Ang inga. Arg mga binibining pil;pinhin. Sa mga binibining afnerikanhin. Ang kahinhinin ni; imga bal)aing pilipinhin. Kay Ginoong Bantog. Kay Ginang Kalinisan. Kay Gining Liwayway. Ang bahay nina katpitan'g Pelis. The, rThe Philippine ladies, To the American ladies. The 'modesty of the Plhilippine women. To Mr. Bantog To Mrs. Kalinisa n. To Miss Liwayway. The house of Kdpitdn Pelis and family.

Page  75 11 I I I I I i I I I I - 7 5. PANGHAMiBTNG =COMPARATIVE.' KjaI)ait para mo, og mabait na, para. mo. K1as'ipaggaya 1(0. 3faputf parang kastih\, og mnaputing parang k~astih\. ~i Pedro ay kasintg -dunong. ni Huwan. Ito'y kasintg saya niyon. It6'y singhaba niyAn. Si Katali na ay kasingy gandLt niIne's. Aug akin'g lapis ay siiughaba iiA akin'g' panulat. Akng iyong dulang ay s~in glai 0nk akin'g duhmng. Singgagali ng. S8ingdid ilg. 18ingbabang-6. ffagkasi nglaka's. fIagkasi1ngdan~. —iR1, iuagkakasingd a ng a1. Prudent like you. Diligent like -L 'Whit'~ like Spaniard. Peter is as learned as Joh in. This is as mnerry (is that. This is- as long as that. Catharine is at; beautiful as, A-gnies. Mly pencil is as long as my pen. Your table is as large as' my (They are) equally excellent. __- - equally illustrio'us.i. - - equailly odoriferous.. qually strong.. - - equally honorable,' equally honiest. ffataaA ka kay sa akin. Ik~aw'y lalong mataas kay sai akin. Mataas pa ikaw (og mataas ka pa) sa aki n. SBi Luwiks aty lalonyninatali no da kay Pransisko. 'Si Gregoryo ay mapitagan pa sa kay H er'n imip6. l(long rnah-invhin si MAfariya, sa kay Huwana. Lalong maganda kay sa. Laloniq malapad kay 8(1. Waong inalamig kay sa. You are taller tihan I am. Louis is more enlightened thait Francis. Gregory is miore poliie thian Jerome. Mary is more modest th a l Joanna. Handsomer than,.. Wider thanl. Cooler than.

Page  76 -76 - Lalong inlayaman sa kay. Lalonql kaibig-ibig sa kay. Lalong matin6 sa kay. Siya ay di gallnong nmapitagan para?ni Pablo. Ang atis ay di gaanonat masaratp para e12% mtI)anggt, Di gaanon,r tiiasigasig para ni. Di gaanong inal)ulai para ng. l)i gaanong dukha gaya ni. Di gaanong buhaghag gay/a ng. Kalang ng sigasig. Kul, ng ng puli. k ulang ng bait. Richer than. More a:ni ible tian. More prudlent (jldicious than. He is not so polite as Paul. Atis is not so savoury (as mango. Not so active as. Not so redl as. Not s, p (or as. Not so sponllious (s. Less active. Less red. Less prudent. PANGKATAASAN 'G TIBOBOS.=ABSOLUTE SUPERLATIVE. Lubhang Inaligaya, lubhang napalad. 7ubhang dakili. Lubhang lnaganda. Lubh4ang malitki. Maflgaldai kang lubll. Maganda kang totoo. 4Maganda kang di sapaib. Maganlda kang di hamak. 1ltaganda kang tdi palik. I[kaw ay napaka ganda. Iktiw'y labis ng ganda. Labis ka ng ganda. Mfalay6ng di palik. bIal pang mabuti; mabuti! d palak. Very happy. I \ Very great. Very bealutiful. Very large. Yon are very beautiful. You are very handsome. Far (listant, Far better.

Page  77 (A great deal of - - LubliAng muarami, maraminirg ma- A good deal of - 7 -ra mi.Very much. A great many'. A good many. Katamnistarnisan. 'Very sweet, or. the very. sweetiiess. Kalinisliniqan. Very pure, or the very pu'rity. Kalbutibutihafl. Very good, or the very goodness. KasamAiam~ian. Very bad, orthle very badness. K a ba in-flba nal a. n Very holy, or the very holiness. Katarungtarum-ran. Very ju4t, or the very justice. Kaslantusantuban. Very saint, or the very sankctity. Kat..inhagi nhawahan. Most salubrious., Kabanal banalal 'g Ama'i' Most Holy Father'. Main~ar na m'ainam. Very fine. Mlaayong maayo. Very kind. MAfgaang na magaang. Very lighit. Mabigait na mabigait. Very heavy. Malilksing maliksi. Very quick..Mabinhng maliinh. Very weak. Sadya ng balt, sakdal ng bai t, Eminently virtuous. sakdal kabaitan. PANGKATAAS AN'G An' lalong masipagy sa pap Ang la-long kawiliwili. Angq lWong pino. Ang lWong mapalad. Ang lalong inalaki'. Ang lalong "mali it. Ang Waong matimtiman. KATUGO'N.=LIELATIVE SUPERLATIVEN.,,-aaral- The'most st~udious. The most -agreeable. The fin est. The happiest. The largest. The smallest. The disc'reetest. m

Page  78 Mabuti; lalong mabuti; ang lalong mabuti, ang kabutibutihan. MasamnA; lalong masamr; ang Ial6ng masamA, ang kasaina-,amAan. Munti; lalong munti; ang lalbng munti. Marami; lal6ng marami; ang lal6ng mnarami, ang karamilian. Hull; lalong huli; ang kahulihulihan. Una; lalbng una, nauuna, datihan; ang kaunaunahan. xMatandtl; lal6ng matanda; ang katandataindAan.' Luma; lalbng lurtn; ang kalumlumnaan..Kapitapitagan. Kagalanggalang. Kauli-ulilip. Kaginhaginhawa. Kaayaaya. Kaibig-ibig. Katakottakot. Kakilakilabot. Kahang;&Ahangh. Makamaimatay. Makaldlugod. MakatuituwA. MakahfhiyA. Makaluiluwalhati. Good; better; best. Bad; worse; "worst. Little; less; least. Much, many,; more; most. Late; later; latest or last. Fore; former; foremost or first. 01d; elder; eldest. Old; older; oldest. Respectable. Velnerable; reverend. Healthful, salubrious, salutary. Salubrious, healthful. Delightful. Amiable. Dreadful. Horrible. Admirable. Mortal; mortiferoult., --- Agreeable, pleasing. Agreeable, pleasing, pleasant. Shameful. Glorifier, glorifying.

Page  79 -— 79 — Masaisabi. Mangyayari. MagTigawAn, matakldas. Makikita. Makaikakin. Maiin6m. MAatntanggap. Di-matiis, di mnabati. Di-madalumn at. Dt-mapatawad.. 1)i-magaimit. Expressible. Possible. Feasible, practicable. Visible. Eatable, comestible. Potable. Acceptable. Insufferable, unendurable. Intolerable. Impardonable, irremissible. Unserviceable, useless. Sukat miagawA. Sukat gawin. Mangyayaring nmaanmit. Mangycayaring gamitin. Sukat lmatiis. Sukat tiisin. Mangyayaring matiis. Mangyayaring tiisin. It is possible to do. It is possible to do. It is possible to use. It is possible to use. It is possible to suffer. It is possible to bear. It is possible to bear. It is pcssible to suffer.,-. -. -. -., -, -.. Madaling gawin. Maliwag sabihinl. Mihirap k.amtan. Kaparis, kapantay, kaalas. Kapara, kahalintulad, kahuliliip, kahalimbawa, katlimbing, kat.lad., kawangkt.. XL Mga sugol p,(tgntilaxg, atb. Easy to do. I)ifficult to say or to tell. Difficult to obtalin. Equal. - ' Similtar. Resembnl ing, silnilar. *.. lN\rmera o~l (,tfje7 tiF*pct MCA I'ANABILANG NA TI'BOO40S..ABSLS()ITTE.NUMERALS., B1alI of! ser1,. O (). Naugllt o0' 1(eo.

Page  80 -80 - Isa (sang). Dalaw... Tatlo.. Apt. -Lima Anim Pito. Walo.. Siyam.. Pu-=sn ngpfi=sangpull6 La.bingdalaw. Labingtatlo Labing- apt. Labinglimni... Labing-anim Labingpito.. Labingwalo. Labing siyam. DalawangpA... -.DalawangpAf't isA DalawangpA't dalaw. Dalawangpf't lima Tatlongp..... Tatlongpf't isai.. TatlongpCi't tatlo.. Apat-na-p.... Apat-na-pA't anim. Apat-na-pl't siyam. Limangpf.... Limangpa't apat. Anin-na-p..... Anim-na-p0't walo. Pitongpt.... PitongpA't pit... Walongpf. Walongpi't wal.. Siyam-na-p.. 1. One. 2. Two. 3. Three. 4. Four. 5. Five. 6. Six. 7. Seven. 8. Eight. 9. Nine. 10. Ten. 11. 'Eleven. 12. Twelve. 13. Thirteen. 14. Fourteen. 15. Fifteen. 16. Sixteen. 17. Seventeen. 18. Eighteenl. 19. Nineteel. 20. Twenty. 21. Twenty-one. 22. Twenty-two. 25. Twenty-five. 30. Thirty. 31. Tl i rty-on7? 3.1. Thirty-three. 40. Forty. 46. Forty-six. 49 Forty-nine..0. Fifty. 54. Fifty-four. 60. Sixty. 68. Sixty-eight. 70. Seventy. 77. Severity-seven. 80. Eighty. 88. Eighty-eight. 90. Ninety.

Page  81 -81 - Siyam-na-pfi't siyam.. Gat6s-.-anggat6s-=algdian. Sanggatos at labingtat lo Dalawtivng gat6s=-lalawAing dtian. DalawAvng gatds pitonz(pf'it isi. Tatlong gatts() sal,tlong (a'l tl T.ltlotig gatots at imia.. Apatnagat=o6sppat na raan. LilnAllg galt6s=lilnailg daan, Limang galt6s animt na.. ' pa t apat.... Animn na gi4t6-==anir na, rian. Pitong gat6sx-pit6ng d(aan Wal(ig gat6s Wa16ng - daian Siyarn na g.t6-=siyam nla ria.u. Libo -sanglibo Sanglibo't anim. Sanglibo anim na gatos.. [ at tatlo....... Sang-libo't apat- na-pu. 99. Ninety-line. 100. Hundred, one hundred. 113. One hundred thirteen.,200. Two hundred. 271. Two hinrdred seventy-one. 300. Three hundred. 305. Th'ree hundred five. 400. Four hundred. 500. Five hundred. 564. Five hundred sixty-four. 600. Six hundred. 700. Seven hundred? 800. Eight hundred. 900. Nine hundred,. 1,000. One thousand. 1,006. One thousand, six. 1,603. One thousand, six hundred three. 1,040. One thousand forty. 2,000. Two thousand. 10,060. Ten thousand. 100,000. One hundred thousand. Dalawaing libo. Sangpuing libo- sanglaksa. Sang(ato6s na libo=,tang daian'g g libo==sang-yuta..:.. I Anav.w=ang —angaw... -sangpi ing yut.... Dawinanraw.... Agyoan gaw....... Marnpatanhaw. Tun(dong-anaw.... Kalaangaw. Manapitang,aw... Sagatanyaw.... Bulairanaw....... Turuanraw 11000,000. Million. Billion. Trillion. Quad rillion. Quintillion. Sextillion. Septillion. Octillion. Nonillion. Decillion.

Page  82 -82 -MGA PANABILANG SA HANAY.==ORDINAL NUMERALS. Arig una =ang nauna. Ang ikalawa'. Ang ikatlo. Ang ikapat~ang ikaapat. Ang ikalimi& Ang ikanim rang ikaanim. Ang ikapit6. Ang ikawaI6. Ang ikasiyam. Ang ikasangp6-ang ikaptd. ang ikapul6. Ang ikalabing. iski Ang ikalabingdalawiL. Ang i kalabingtatlo. Ah'g ikalabing-a-pat. Ang ikalabi nuIi md. Ang ikalabing-atnim. Ang ikalabingpit6. Ang ikalabingwal6. A~ng ikalabingsiyamn. Ang ika'dalawanngptd. Aiig ikadalawongpif't is&. Ang ikatalongpifk. Ang ikatatlo'ngptt dalawki Ang ikapat-na-ptt. Aug ikapat-na-pfkt Iimnni. Ang ikalimangp1A. Ang ikalimangpiftt tatlo. Ang.ikanim-na-pd1. Ang ikapitongpif. Ang ikawalongpift Ang ikamivarm-na-pid. Aug ikasanggaL's = ang ikasatngda'an ang ikagat6s'. Aug ikasanwgat~s at isti -ang ikasandia'at inA =ang ikagat~s at isai. The first. The second. The tIhird,, 'The fourth. The fifth. The sixth. The seventth. The eighth The ninth. The tenth. Th' 'eleventh. The twelfth. The thirteenth. The fourteenth. The fifteenth. The sixteenth.1 The seventeen1th. The eighteenth. The nineteenth. The twentieth. The twentv -first. The thirtieth. The thirty-second. The fortieth. The forty-fifth, The fiftieth. The fifty-third. The sixtieth. The seventieth. The eighti'eth. The ni uetieth. The hundredth. The hundred and first. 1 I

Page  83 -83 — Aug ikaxsm.ggato's at dalawA ang i kas-angd~a't dalawA == ang ikagrato's at daIawnt.J Ang ikadalawanggato's srrang ikadialawangd~ia'n. Ang ikalimanggatO's- -ang ikalimangda'an. Ang ikasaniglibo =.angikalibo. Ang ikadalawangilibo. Akng ik&ananglaksd -ang ikaAung kasangyuta=='=ang i'kayuAung ikasang-ani~aw ---=*ang i'kaangaw. The hundred and second. The two hundredth. The five-hundredth.The thousandth. The two-thousandth. The ten-thousandth. The hundred-thiousandth.The millionth. MC~A PA'NABILANG NA. LA~MPIBADYAON=ADVERB[AL NUMERALS, Makfi1Ain?, ils'ng alap? Miniaii, isfAng sla'p. NMak~ilawa, dalawfing alap. Makaiitlo, makfitatlo, tatlong alAP. Maikfiapat, makfiipat, apat Da alap. Nfakft'ima', 1imning alap.l Maktian-im, anirn no. alap. Maka'pit6, pitong alap. Nlakfiwalo6, wal6ng alap., M a k 11siyam, siyam na alap. Maka'i~angpOk, satigp~kng alap. Makvilabing-anim, labing-anim na alap. Maka'dalawang plt, dsalawangpAng alap. flow many times?.Once, one time'. Twice, two times. Thrice, three times'. Four times. Five times. Six tiemes. Seven times. Eight timeaf Nine times. Ten times. Sixteen times.4 Twenty times',

Page  84 -84 -Malkaisaggatos, mnaki.lrang]daan, One hulndred times. sanggatos na aliap, sandfian'g alap. Makasanglibo, makailibo, sang- One thousand times. libong alap. MIGA PANABILANG NA PAMAHAGI. =PARTITIVE NUMEIRAIS [lin ilain? Isa isa. Dali-dalawa. Tatlo tatlo. Apat appat. Sangpli sangpq. DaHla-dalawangpu. San -sgga-saggat, sa ngdasangdaian. Sangli-sanglibo. Sangla-sanglaks a. Tig-isa. Tigalawa. Tigatlo. Tig-apat. Tiglilima. Tig-aninm. Tigpipit6. Tigwawanlo. Tigsisiya,n. Tigsaslarigpl i. Kalahatl. Katl6. Kapat. How many by how manly? One by one. Two ly two. rThree by three. Four by four. Ten by ten. Twenty by twenlty. One hundred by one hundred. Oiie thousand by one thouiand. Ten thousand 1by ten thousand. One to each one. Two to each one. Three to ealch one. Four to each one. Five to.each1 one. Six to each one. Seven to each one. Eight to ealch one. Nine to each one. rTen to each one. Half. Third. Fourth.

Page  85 -85 -- Plipisuhlin. SasalapfinI). Peperahtin, -sesentimusin. AptIIn apati In. Lilimnahini'g se ntimo's, lilirnahini'g pera, lilimnahin'g kagatos. Ls~aing sa~sangpuin' g piso. 'Akiat nai kakahfatlin. Kudernong sisikapatin, kuderiiong silapatin. Ra1o"ng, sangsalaplin. Tinal-p)y U a sesenti musin. Planytilitong sisikolohin. Tigatlong piseta. Tigalawang piso. Tig-sangpilng sikapat. Tigdalaw-angct 1inngpiso. Tigtatlongpithg "piso. TicmalongpO 't anim na senti rn6s. Of one peso. Of one salapi, or fifty centavos. Of one centavo. Piec'e' of four. Five-cent~avo, piece; five-cent piece; of five ceiitavos, of -five cents. A bill of ten pesos.. Book of two reals, or of twe nty-five centavos. Copy-book of one reol, or of 12~ centavos. Hat of four reals, or, of 50 centavos. A loaif of one centavo. Handkerchlief of one half real, or O 2/8 centavos, At three. pesetas apiece; -of 3 peSetas. At two pesos apiece; of 2 pesos. At ten reals apiece; of ten reals. At' twernty-five pesos apiece; of 25 pesos. At thirty pesos apiece.; of 30 pesos. At eighty-six centavos apiece; of 86 centavos. Mlanmera. Manjgagato's Manentimr6s. (Kusing) (Pera) (Kagatos) (Sentirno~s) One half 'centavo to ea'ch one. One centavo to each one. One cent to-each one.I One centavo or cent to each one.

Page  86 Manguwalta. Manaikapat, manikapat. Nianaikolo, manikolo. M amiseta. Man~ah atl. Manalapt. Mfariso. Mangdip&. Mangdangkal. -86 (Ku walta) (Saikapat) (Saikcolo) (Pieta) I(Kahatl) —,(Salap$) (Pis()) (Dipai) (Dangkal) One cuarto to'each one. One real to each one. One half real to each one One peseta to each one. Two r-eals to each one. Four reals to each one,. One peso to each one. One braza (fathom) to each one. One Przimo (haudbreadth) to each one. Onie cavan to each one. One ganta to each one. One chupa to each one. How much? Mang"ab~n. (Ka] Manal6p. (Salo Mangua tang. (Gat Magkano? Kagkakano ba an'g. mil6n? Tig w avkano aug milo'n? Mainiseta. Tig sancgp~Xng sentim6s. Tig inagk~ario anug salo'p rn' bigA3? Tigdalaivangpa1't li'maing sentirn&; man~ahatl. Tig tatlongpi~ng kagatds. LWin) ~V),ang) For bow much a melon? For one peseta. For ten centavos; for ten cents. For how mnuch a ganta of rice? -For twenty-five centavos..For thirty cents. WCUM MIA- IBkNG BAGAY NA, IIIGGIL SA. MGA S'UGNcNG -NABILANG, ATB.O0THERt THINGS AB'OUT,NUMERAL ADJEC'TIVES, ETC. fiSAi irsA lamang. fie&-is& fisA lam-ang. KaisdisAi, kaisaisahan. Dfidalawai, dalawAi lamnang. Dadahi'dalawa', da'dalaw~i lamang. T~itatlQ, tatlo lanmang. Tatatlo-tatlo, ttitatlo lamang. Ila'n? Ikailadn ka?. Ikaihin kay6? O nly one. Only one. Single, unique. Only two. only two. Only three. Only three. How many?.What number of order are you?

Page  87 Iktdhitn siya? Ak6'y ikalimai, ak o ang ikalimint, ak6'y siYang ikalimd'. Ikaanim siya. Ikailtin'g araw nkay6n nj buwan 'g ito6? [ka labing. apat. [ldn'g tao~n na, kay6'? Gaano6 ang inyong gulang? May ilhin'gtao'n kat na'9 Gaano ang gulang mo? Mayroon na ak'ng tatlongpfit siyarn na, tao~n. Tatlongpfit siyam na taon na ang akin'g gulang. Sang'libo isangdtian at anim-napflng kabay'o. Sangewato's na bahay. Bilang na isaing libo sainggat&s at labingpit6. Bakood, Kabite, K. Pilipinhan, ikalabing-apat ng Agosto. ng isanglibo walo'fg gato's pjitongpu't lima'. T-7vang 818aw J) Dis3-embre, 0 ika una ng Disyembre. -Piy6 ika. Una. PiY6 ika. l-jmai. Le6n ika Labingtatlo. Piy6 ika, SangpAX. Benedi kto ika, Labingimti. Pilipe ika Law4. Pilipe jks Tatlo. Ai"ponso ikca Lahingtatlo. -Guilyermo ilktt Tatlo se& Inglibiti. Isabe'l ika Lawd. Kabanatang ikalawi, Pangkat ikalabingtatlo. An6n'g ora" na? What number of order its he? I am the fifth. He is the sixth. What day of the month is 'it? It is the fourteenth. How old are. you? I am thirty-nine years old. A thousa~nd one hundred and sixty horses. A huindred. houses., Nuimber one thousand one hundred and seventeen. Bakoor, Kabite, P. L, August the fourteenth, one thousand eight hundred and seventyfive. The first day of December' or December the first. Pius the First. Pius the Fifth. Leo the Thirteenth.' Pius the Tenth. Benedict the Fifteenth. Philip the- Second. Philip the Third. Aiphonso the Thirteenth. William the Third of England TMizabeth the4 Second. Chopter the seco'nd. Section~ the. thirteenth. What okclQok is it?

Page  88 -88 — [kawal60 na sa or'asain, ikawalo~rg oras, ikawalo'ng oras na. Ika siyam. na oras, ikasiyanin nang oras. Ika~labingdalawaing orlas. Ilka lahingdalawaing oras at labinglimnaing minuto; iku labing dalmawtng oras at isaing k~uwarto. Ikca isaiug oras fat alaht'. Kulang n~r isaincg kuwarto sa ika dalawting oras. [katlong oras, at (lal1awangpCL ng minuto. Kula ng( n. J daLawa ngYpig mli n.uto sa ikatlong, oras. Sa an~n'g oras? An6ngY or'as? Sa ikca isaing oras, ikla ist~ing, oras. SI-, ika apat na oras, ika'apat na orks. Sa ika dalawaing oras at labingylimtingo Minuto. 'S,-t ika dalawaingy oras kulang iir isaing kuwarto. Miminsan, fisaing alap. M amaka'lawa', dWclUawi ng alap. Wunakd'sangfpu, Stsasangpcung alap. Ma~kisrimam s &sanggaLos n a M ap. Is~ing katl6, isa'ng katlong bahagi, isaing saik~atl~o. Dalawin'g katl6, dalawaing saikatlo, Tatlong kapat-bahagi, tatlong, saikapat. Tatlong ikalimai, tatlong saikal imli. It is eight o'clock. It is nine o'clock. it is twelve o'clock. It is a quarter past twelve. It it half past one. It is a quarter t o two; it, wants a quarter to two. I t is twenty. minutes past three.. It, is- twenty Minutes to three; it wants twenty minunttes to th ree. At what o'clock? At one o'clock, At four o'clock. At a quarter past two. At a quarter to two. Once only. Two timnes only. Only ten times. 'Only one hundred times. One third. Two thirds. Three fourths. One fifth. Three fifths.

Page  89 I Aniin na ikasiyamn. Lirmuing saikagat6s, limatng ikagat6s, limfting kagato's. Lst1ng saikalibo. [)alawA'ng saikalibo, dalaw~ing ikaqlibo, dalawa'ng kalibo. Tatlong dia'an'g s'aikaang'aw,, tatlongda'an 'g ikaaanYaw, tat.long gato's na kaanfaw, (apat~ikapat~sai~kapat. KCawal6=ikawa~d'saikawal6.* SaikapO. Katgat6s= —ikagat6s ---==Saikagat6s. Six ninths. Five hundredths. One thousandth. Two thousandths. Three hundred millionths. Fourth. Eighth. Tenth. Hundredt~h. :i xx Afga Ihatipnama. P~ronownl.g PAGLJILINGAY Nd MGA HAL'IPNAMANG'LAGYUON.'-DE-.. CLENSLON OF THE PERSONAL PRONOUNS. PAlIJG-UNANG LAG YO.-~-F1RST PERSON. -KasWalay. Nom. - - Genit. - Dat. - - dAkus. - Ablat. - - - Ak6. --- Akin, ko. — Sa akin, parit sa akin. --- Sa akin. - - - So. akin. Sin ular.I I. My, mine, of me. By me. Me, to me, for me., Me. For me, to -me, with me,- of me, from me', etc. Ka-riftgan'g tibobos. Mom. - - - - Tayo. Geni. --- Atin, natin. Dat. -- Sa atin, parsi sa tMi. Ak~,. — Sa atin. A blat. - -.- Sa atin. Absgolute Plural We. Our, ours, of us. By us. Us, to us, for us. Us. For us, to us, with us,.of us, from us,. etc,%.

Page  90 Karinfrgan I' Panghiwaldy. Norn. - -- - Kami. Genit. - - - Amin, namin. Dat. - - - - Sa tlnimi, pari sa amin. Akus. - - - Sa amin. Ablat. - - - Sa altnin. Restrictive Plural. We. Our, ours, of us. By us. Us, to us, for us. Us. For us) to us, with us, of us, from us, etc. PAVGALA WANG LAG YO. SECOND PERSON. Kasalay, Sing ztdr. Nom. - -— kaw, ka. Genit. - - - Iyo, mo. Dat. - - - Sa iyo, pa ra sa iyo. Aks. -. - Sa- iyo. Bokat. - - - Ikiw. Ablat.. - - Sa iyo. Ka rii iga n. Norn. - - - Kayo6. Genit. - - - Inyo, ninyo. Dat. - - - Sa iliyo, parai sa inyo. Aktus. - - - Sa ilyo. -1okat. -- Kay6. Ablat. - - - Sa inyo. You. Thou. Your, yours, of you. By you. Thy, thine, of thee, By tl)ee. You, to you, for you. Thee, to thee, for thee. You. Thee, You. Thou.. For you, to you, with you, of you, from you, etc. For thee, with thee, etc, Plural. You. Ye. Your, yours, of you. By you. You, to you, for you. You. Yolu. For you, to you, with you, of you, from you, etc. Panadut ta. Nm.n. - - - - Kita - - -- Kata. Dual. You and I (you of me). Thow and I (thou) of me.

Page  91 -91 --- Genit. - - - Karnitn', La. Ata, ta. iDat. - - - - Ss. Ianlta', para sa ka..l nlta'. Sa ata. pard sa ata. Aknu. - - - Sa kanita'. Sa atta..Ablat. -- - Sa kanitd'. S a ata - PANGA TLONG LAG YO. =THIIRD PERSOMV. K~aaUILY. Singular. Nom. --- Siya. Genit. - Kaniya, niya. Dat. --— Sa karkiya, -para' sa kariiya. Akus. $3a kaiya Abiat. - -Sa kaniva. He. His, of him. By him. Him, to him, for him'. Him. For him, to him, with.him, of him., from him', etc. (Sa babai) Nom. - - - - SiYa. G'enit. - - - Kariiya, niya. Dat. - - - - Sa kariiya, parA sa1 --kaniya. Akus. - - - Sa kaniya.. Ablat. - - - Sa kaniya. She. Hler, hers,.of her. By her. Hler, to' her, for her-. Her. For her, to her, with her, of her, from her, etc. (Sa hindi lalali, di'rin babai.) Norn. - -- - '-iya. 4 Geriit.- - - - Kaniya,,, niya, Dait. - -.- Sa kaniya, parai sa kani'ya. Abuos. - - - Sa kaniya. Ablat. -- - Sa kaniyal. 'It. Its, of it. By it. To it, for it. a. It. For it, to it, with it, of it, from it, etc.

Page  92 Karitgarn. Nom. - - - - Sil. Genit. - - -KanilA, nili. Dat. - - Sa kanil, pari sa kanili. Akus. - - - Sa kanila. Ablat. - - - Sa kanila. Ak6 rin. Ikaw n, k rin, kay rin Siya rin ngA. Tayo rin n,&A; kami nancA. Kay6 rin. Sila nangA. Plural. They. Their, theirs, of them. By thenm Them, to them, for them. Them. For them, to them, with theml, of them, from them etc. I myself. You yourself. -He himself; she herself. We ourselves. You yourselves. They themselves. M(GA HALIPNAMANG PANG-UKOL OG PANG-ARI. =POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS. Nonm. Ang akin'g lupMin. --- ng llpain ko. My land. (Ng akin'g lupain.= —Ng luptin ko. ) Genit. [ Of my land. Sa akin'g lupAin.==Sa lupAin ko. J FSA akin'g lup&fn.: ---Sa lupain ko. To my land, Dat. { Para sa akin'g lupain. -— Plar sa lupain ko. For my land. (Sa akin'g lupain. ---Sa lupain ko. ) Akus. My land. I Ng akin'g lupMln. Ng lupAfn ko. M Bokat. Akin'g lupAin.- LupAfn ko. My land. Ablat. Sa akin'g lupMin. ----Sa lupAin ko., For my land, with my land, etc. Ang akin'g mga lupAin. Ang mga lupAir ko. Ang iyong aklat; ang inyong aklat. Ang akiat mo; ang aklat ninyo. My lands. Your book. Your book.

Page  93 Anig inyonig mgra akiat. Xng rng-a aklat ninyo. Ang- kaniyan'g panulat. (8a hilaiac) Ang panulat ni'ya. Ang kciiiyang m~ra aklat. Ang- kaniyang pany6. (s(1 babali) Ang pany6 niya. Ang mga pany6 niya. Aung karii'yang kal6. Ang katiyang sa-ya. nAg at~in'g banwa. Ang banwa natin. Ang amin'g bans&. Ang bansA namin. Ang atin'g intra bahay. Ang mgar- 'ahay natin. Sa inyong mRna halaman. Sa m~a halam'aii ni nyo. Aig bandilA. ng kanilting) bansAi. Ang watawat -g bansfi nil' Sa kanilang m~ra mnagulang. Sa inga muagulang n~iha -93 — Your looks. * His -pen.H is books. I Hler handkerchief. Her His Her - handkerchiefs. hat. skirt.. Our country. Our nation.. Our houses. To your plants. The flag of-their nation. t To th.eir parents. MGA HALIPNAMANG PAMATLIG. =DEMONSTRATLVE IPRONOUNS. AMOM. - t6. ---- YarL' - - Nit6, dito sa. Niri, dini Ba. Dat. - - -Dito sa'. Dini sa. Akus. - — Dito sa, nit6. Dini sa, niri. Ablat -Dini sa, Dini sa. Trhis. Of this. To this, for this. This. I For -this, to this, this, of this, this, etc. with from

Page  94 -94 - Nom. - - - yan. Genit.- - - Niyan, diyan, sa. Dat. - -- - Diyan sa. Akus. — - Diyan sa, niyan. Ablat.- - - Diyan sa, niyan. Non. - - - Ya6n. -=I Genit. - - Niyaon, doon sa. N Dat. - - - Doont sa. Akus.- - - Doon sa, niyaon. N Ablat.- - - Doon sa. That. Of that. To that, for that. That. For that, to thlat. with thl: that, from that etc. yon. Tllat. [iyon. Of that. To that. for that. iyon. That. For that, to that, that, of that, that, etc. These babies. Those children. Those young men. To that man. In this year. This lady. Of that geltleman. To, that youing person. These. Of those. To those. it. with from It6ong mga sanrgol. Iyan'g mga batai. Ya6n'g mga binata. Sa taong iyan. Sa ta6n'g ito6. It6ng binibining ito. Niyan'g ginoong iyan. Doon sa talubating iyon. Ang mga ito. Ng mnga iyan. Sa mzga yaon. MG(A HALIPNAMANG PANGKATUGON AT MGA TALABING, =RELATIVE PRONOUNS AND LIGAMEMTS. Ang latavg naglalaro6. Ang ining na kumaikanta. Ang asong tmaitah1.ol. Ang alagad nza bumatbasa. Ang taong sinisinta. Anog ballay na nlasunog. Sabihin ninyosa kaniya, na ako'y naparito. Hin(di totoo, naa kayo'y na<paroon sa Kawit. Tulnay bang nag-aral kayo ng wikang pilipinhin? Taong mabait. The loy wiho plays (or is playing) The girl who sings (or is silging) The dog which barks, T}he pupil that reads; the pupil ichi rea(s. The person who is loved; the be. loved person. The house that was burned. Tell him that I came. It is not true that you went to Kawit. Is it true that you have studied the Philippine larnguage. Prudent man.

Page  95 I ij i atlbait na tao. krig ta6n'n' kasaluktlyan. Bayatln'g P1ilipino. Bariwang Pilipinhin, og Banwan.g Pilipinhanl. [apuliallyg Piliipidlllnl. (K. P.) Virtuous m, iI. The present year. Filipino People. Philippine Country. The Philippines. (P. I.)' M (A IIALIPNAMANG PANGTANONG. -=INTERROGATIVE PRONOUNS. K[a 8sat ty. IorTin. - - - Sino. Genit. - - Kanino, nino. Dat. - - - - Sa kanino., para kanin o. Ak'uts. -- -Sa kanino. Ablat. - - Sa kaninro. "Ka rifqlgan. [ i N'on. - * - Sinosino. - - IK(anikanino. Doat. - - -- Sa kani<nino, patati kanikanino. Akus. -- -Sa kanikanino. Ablat. - - - Sa kanikanin(o. I Singular. Who. Whose Of whom, by whom. To whom, for whom. Whom. For whom, to whom, with whom, of whom, from whom, etc. Plural. Who. Wlhose. To whom, for whom. Whom. For whom, to whom, with whomn, of whom, from whom, etc Singular. What. Of what. To what, for what. What. For what, to what, with what, of what, from what, etc. Plural. What. Of what. To what, for what. What. Kasa lay. Noin. -. - - An.=Ag an6. Gen it.- - - Ng an.o, sa an1.l. D, t. - - - Sa an, para sa ano. Akes. - - - N, atno, sa an6. Ablat. - - - SaaL6, ng an6. Kari igan. inom). Anol-ano. =Ang mIga an.. GTenit. Nganllt-ano, sa ano-an'. =Ng minga an6, sa a mg a 'an6. Da.t. Sa lgta anr6, etc. Ak1us. Ng mg.a an6, sa mIng:,ll6, etc.

Page  96 -96 - A blat. Sa mga an6', ng mga an6, ete. For what, 'to what,' with what etc. Ka8alay. Nom. Ali'n.=Ang alin. Genit. Ng- alin,,sa a in. Dat. Sa alin, parai sa -alio. Aku8. NA alin, sa alin., blat. Sa. ain, ig- alin. Karitiga-n. Ain-a~in. A ng mg-a aiinm. N- alin-4in. Sa alin-alim. Singular. Which. Which one. Of which. Of which one. To which, for which. To whici one, for which one. Which. For which, to which, from which, etc. Plural. Which. Which 'ones. Of which. Of which ones. To which. To which ones. MIGA HALL1PNAM AN&* HINDII.T1Y A K. =IN DEFINI[TE PRONOUNS. Nom. lsa'.=Ang isa'. Dat. Sa isa', p'ara' sa isai. Ablat. Sa iszi, ng- isai. Ito'ng isa'. Oiyan sa iski Doon sa isti. Iba". Ls~ng tao, isaing iagy6. Balang araw. Ang balang tao. Sa balang iski Man. SinomAn. AnomAn. Alinman. Ako main. Si Isko mnan. A, an, one. Of a, an, one. To 'a, ani, onie; for a, an, ote Ana, one. For ai, 3an, Ole; of a,, an, one from a, an, -one; -"etc. This one. To that oue; to that other. To that one of yonder place. Other. A -certain persons,_ Some day. Any man. To each one. Even. Any one, anybody, s.ome on sotmebody. Anything, something; whatever Anything, whichsoever. Even I. Evven Francisco.

Page  97 -97 — xx'. P's~ng maikling talatifiqn, ' mtga bad ya. A, 8hort vocabutary of verbs. A Akbang: uz-nabang, 'inag-abang, abang-an, iabang. Abtin1g: umabaing, mag-abaing, abang-&n. Abal: umnabal, abalin. Abala: umabala, abalahin. Abuloy: umabuloy, abuluyan, iabuloy. A~bot: umabot, abutan, abutini. Ab6t: umab6t. Abo't: abutin. Akalh: Ynag-akalA, aka1hin. AbO'y: Mag-ab'y, iabo'y. Ak64: umak6,- Akitin. Ak6, pang.Ak6: man'&ak.6, ipangak6, pan~akiuian. Akad,' pan-akad:. mangakad. Akay: umakay. mag-akay,' akayin.Akay: inag-akay.' AkdfA: urnakdA, 'akd~in. AkdA: mnag- akdft. Akda: mnai71akdA. Akdas: umakdas, r nag-nkdat, akdasfn. Tro let, to hire, to rent. To wait for asking something. To occu py. To bother; to occupy. To -contribute, to help. To overtake, to be overtaken. To reach. To get, to be got or gotten. To think. To dri ve. To bafl. To promise. To hunt, to chase. To guide, to lead. To breed. To make, to do, to form. To work. To act. To practise.

Page  98 -98 - Aklas: inag-aklas. Akusai: 1iluakusa, aktlsahan. Akyat: imrakyat. Adya: illag-atdya, iadlya. Adyo: tl1iia(lyo. Adhika': Imag-adlilika' Admiti: umtdminiti, adrnitihill. Agap: timaga p. Agaw: uinagaw, agawin., Agdon, alibay: iiag-agdoni, tnagamblay, qagdllnan, amht ya, l, iagdomn, iainbay. A naIt: tangatiil Ahit: uitnahit,:l!italI, ahli tin. Ahit: inag-ahit. A lion: unialion. Alion: il allo n. Alaala: mag-alaala, alalallinin. Alag: Inag-alag9A, atlag(arl. Alaala: ipaalaala. Alaala: m ag-alaalfi. A lang-al ang': maal ng-alamig, kaalang-alanganan. Alig: maalig, aligii. Alam: mnakaalamn, Inmaalainan, 'nlaman. Alain: umalain. Alam: makaalain, nmaalalrnan og nialaman. To strike. To accuse. To go up, to ascend, to cliimb. 'I'o save, to free from (danger. Togo up. To desire, to aim. To admit. To anticipate, to advan;,ce. To snatch. To maintain, to, support, to sustain, To lift ip. To shave. To shave one's self. To go it) hill. To lani, to go oil shore. To re i t.n )er. To caor. To rei,;ii1. To (d 1)t._ To c...:4. To v;:, to alter. To t i t,.ilre. To toe,,t:,, rned. To l~o;, to be acquainted with. Alarn: alamin, Alam: paalim: liugpaal^:n..\lalm: makial ali, plakialamail. To be ac(quainted with. 'o ik lea ve. To ii.oi,'ene; to meddle witlh.

Page  99 -9.) las: alas, maalas, na-al pag-:.1 asit. Ala lgalt:: inag-alagatAi, umallg;Lta, alagatAfin. A.l i nratsn Ias': mag-ali ngasngas. A linlangan: Inag-alinlangan, pag-alinlanganan. Alipust&: umalipust&, ilag-:lipusti, alipustafn. Alipin: umnalipin, alipinin. Alimura: urlalirnura, alin lira Iin AliIs umalis. Alis: mag-alis, alisin. Aliw: umaliw, aliwin. Alrumsi'l: rnag-almusal. Alpas: in.g-alpas, alpasian, pawalhiLi. A nis: uinanmis, amrisin. Al nbItag: urmun ba.g, lnag-atrll)ag. Ain6yy:.umaioy, amlnuyin. Am6y, pangramnoy man~am6y Anaik: mag-anak; maging anAk. Anlak: anakin. Anak, pangariik: mmigaiAk. Anak, panganak: i p'lantranak. Anumana og alumatia: mnaganumana, a.nimanahili, alumanahin. To equalize, to level; to,:.lma:tch. To procure, to try. To make noise. T'o doubt. Tr de(spise. rTo enslave. ' To outfrag:l. To( depart, to go away. J'o take off. To console, to cornfoi't. 'To breakfast. 'lo roalase. To 'o (on tribute. To smell. 'ITo s1ell. 'lo beget; to bear, to be begotten, To be a(loptf(l. To bear, to brilng forth. ')o be born. To min(i, to for, to( estet.til. Anduki: mag-andukA, umand(lukA, anduklin. To breed, to educate, to be bred, to be educate(1.

Page  100 -100 --- AngkA: umangkA, angk~inf. Angkin: um'angkini angkinfn. Angkop: mag-angkop, angkupinl, pag-angkupin. Anib: umanib. Antay: mag-antay, antayfin. Antabaiy: mag-an-cabay, antabayanan. Antig: umantig, mnag-antig, arntigini. Anitilo: urnantilo', antiluhin, makaantilo, maaritiluhan, maantilo. Anyaya1 mag;anyaya, anyaytahan. Ap6y: mag-apoy.,Apoy: apuyan. Api: umapi, apihi'n. Apelhi: um-apelai; Aral: umaral. Aral: iaral, aralarn. To arrogate, to appropriate to one' s self. To appropriate. To comnpound~, to compose; to etichase. To adhere. To wait, to await, to expect. To wait for, to expect. To0 agitate. To Understand, to be understood. to be acquainted with, to h1. informyed. rpo invite, to be inrvi ted.,ro make fi re. To set fire to. rpo wrong, to offend, to grieve~. To appeal. rpo teach, to eductate,, to instruct To be taught, to be educated, to be instructed. To stud'y. To be studied. To make (others) stud'y. To preach, 'to be preached Aral: mag-aral, pag-,aralan. Aral: pag-'aralan. Aral: magpaaral. Aral, pangaral: triangaral. ncraral, pangtrala~n. Arh: arlin, ipatlag~i.-' Al:. mag-arl. i pa To consider. To aippropiate anythi4ng to one's self. To possess, to own, to hold. Arh imag-arl.

Page  101 Arimuh~in: niag-arirnvhdn, arimuhaniin. Arw: Mag-arog, umarog. Ar6g: aruigin. Araro: mag-a~raro, araruhiri. Asa: umasa, asahan. Atso, pan-a so: mangaso. A.&,4n:. mag-asin, asnan. Asisti: umasisti, asistihii1., Asugy6: urnasugyo6, mag-asugyA Ataki: umataki, atakihin, plyapisin. Atas,: mag-atas, atasan, iatas9 at~s: magr-ata's, atasin, aatasin. Atim: Umatim, atimin A,6: umat6, magr-at6'. Awh: maawi., kaaw~an; inahabaig, kahabagain. Away: umaway, awayin. To save, to' be saved; to econo Inize. Tlo, adopt. Pro be adopted. To plow, to be plowed. To hope. To hunt with a dog or dogs. TPo salt, to be salted. To attend, to assist, to be at - tended, to be assisted. To claim, to-demand. To attack, to be attacked. Tro appoint,- to order,, to ordaian to be ap pointed, to be ordered, to be or'dained. To (livide, to part, to be divided into parts, to make parts. To suffer; to tolerate, to, be toleratei To attempt, to try. To pity, to be compassionate. To fight (one to other, not miutually) To fight, to quarrel (mutually). To separate, to hinder, to irn. pede. To discount, -to deduct. To sing, to be' s'ung. Away: Awat: mag-away. umnawat, awatin. Awcas:.mag-awas. Awit: umnawit, kumnar11ita, awi-tin,

Page  102 'Ayab:' umayatl, ayabin. AyaLw: ullay'aw, ayavivan. Ayaw: illg-aytaw-a,yalw, pag-ayawayawVin. A y', umray,:ay i.La, ayH i n. Ayon: umnayo, ayunai. Ayos: iiag.avos, ayusiii. Ayos, urnayos, n)itayos. Ayok: rnag-ayok, ayukin. Aywan og ewan (ko). Agpis: imag-agpis, agpisin. Abis: utnlabais, ah)asit. 0.:.. Angka:,p:, i:algklap. Ainlil: inag-arnbil, amtxilinl. ' A inmy: mag-amboy. Almboy: lyriamboy, ambuyin..Awitas.: uiag-antas, antasin, iu, Asog: inag-asog, u rnlmas, aslgil. B Babad: inagabal)d, ibalbad. Babig: rnaghba big.'!) -- T1() co(nvoke. 'To dislike, to rllefuse. Tlo proportion, 1() favor. 'To agree. To regulate. to (compoundll; to 'correct. to arra.nge; to order. '1'o ionfornm to). To consent, I do('t know. ''T press, to be p)ressed. To (disapprove, to Ie disapprovedl; to reprtove, to be reproved. r1) appliclate, to be applicated, to apply, to be applied. I'o commenilli.t, to be c.ommllndlclted. To adjudge. Tro appropriate t, one's self. To graduate, t)o be grallultted. Fo esterilize, to be esterilizled. ro soak; to st(ee,. 'o quarrel (two or more?perw.s, mutually).

Page  103 I -1- () tI j)tiag: I 1nmaba.ig, babab apin. tlal i: m, agbal)g a. 'I. klak: aklak: Iagbit)kl:ak, b}aklakill. Ako(i: 1 l:,gllak()l, alat0iran. fi.(,lis: bu},tma,(lis,,:llisi,, bad1 -lisitl. Ba: gay:.lbagay huiagay. II'g(o: I) i:gl)ago'. IaLgo: buin)lllla o, lagllliin. Balltngon: i}llll'tiriangoIl.;tmg1-5o-: 11 il)aIIlon, alilagi: inagltahalgi, i,)bahagilii n og h batldagin ii '. iliag i, patna. lt:gi: inalIRallagi, a i pai ahagi. laliin: Inagbahlifi). [,,l1a!,al.}, p.lial:li: lntll;ttltt, I)amal!alha:.. halha: inagbalti. Balaod: iagbalaod. ialay ag:,I:LgJ)alavIg, Itnynala.yag, balayagin. iala,:a,: r iagl)alaiia. " (lam: but-nalain, b4al; 1iull. I'alangkas: inagbalangkas, la:langkasin. Bali.: magbalah, )agbalaan. 1.alasa: magbalasa, mniamlasa, balasahi.. To qPuarrel (one to.othur). 5 '1'o notify. '!To disjoin. 'lo strip off the b:rk (,r trees, et< To fenc(-; to inl(tse. O, T()o draw lines; ti, draw, to e drawn. To suit, to fit. To vary, to 1change. To modify, to (nItlge. I'() rise, to get utp. To raise. To divide, to part. To1 distribute, to dispart. To sneeze. To ca1re. s To govern, to be governed d To speak, to say; to accuse,. To proclaim. To question repeatedly. To renew, to renovate; to reftorm To detain. To form, to he formed. To threaten, to threat. T,) shuffle the cards,

Page  104 -1 04- - Baklot: maghalot, balutin. Balidya: rnagbalidya, balidyahinl. Baliga: magbaliga. BaligyAi: magbaligy,4, mamaligyai, Baluktot:- rnagba~luktot, hal uktutin. To wrap up,.- to inwrap. I To contract,' to be contracted. To tell a -story. To trade, to tra~ffic. To be nd. Balik: maghalik, hurnalik. Baliklo'ob: -maghalikl6ob.,Banat: maghanat, hanatin. T o come back, to returii. Troconvert. rpo stretch', to lengthen; to adjust to extend. Bantay: magbantay, bumnantay, bantayfin. IBanglaw, anglaw: inagbanglaw, AngIh-wain. Baon: magbaon, baunin. Bado': magbao'n, ibao'n. Bar6': b~umar',- rnagbar6, hartihi n To guard, to wat(lb; to bie. watched. To rinse cloth. To' take provision; to provide, ar. tidles for a journey. To burry, to be hurried. To modernize. Ba~a:- bur'nasa, basahin. Basa: magbasa'. Basfl: bumasA, magbasA, bashin. Basag: bumnasag, basagin. To rea td,. to be read. To read mnuch. To wet. To break, to, be broken; to fracture, to be fractu red. Basag: in ag b as ig pghasagirn. Basbas: magbasbas. basbasain. Batak: bum'atak, batakin. Batii: maghatti, bathin. Batid: bumatid, makabatid,' mabatid, batdin. To break much, to be breaking. To bless, to consecrate.,ro pull; to attract..To suffer; to undergo tro-ubles. To understand, to perceive,.

Page  105 1 r I I -105 -- Baton: mabaturinn. 3Batyag: namarntyag, burrnatyag, batyagin, batytagin. Bati: butnati, batliin; magbigay ng maligayamg Ibati. Bawal: magbavwal, ipagbawal, pagbawalan. Bavas: magbawas, bawasan, bawasin. Bayad: m:gbayad, pagbayaran, bayaral, ibayad. Bayo: rmagbayo, bayuhin. Baybay: magbaybay, hbybayin. Bawl: bumawi, bawlin. Bawl: mngbawlv, biwlin. Bigkas: bumigkas,. bigkasirn. Bighni: burnighlanl bighanlin. Bighanl: mabighani. Bigo: inlbig6. BligAy: mtgbigiy, ibigay, bigyan. Biihag: bumnihag, bihagin, Bihag: nmatililag. Bihis: intgbihis, bihisan. Bihis: buinihis, billisin. Bilang: bumiilag, bilangin Bili: bunili, bilhini To become accustomed, to take the habit of. To be attentive, to mind. To greet, to salute. To forbid, to be forbidden, to pro_ hibit. To diminish, to subtract. To pay, to be paid. To pound, to be pounded. 'Jo spell, to be spelt. To retrieve a loss. To withdraw, to take. To pronounce, to be pronounced. To oblige, to compel. To be obliged, to be cormpeled. To l)e lost; to be disappointed to fail. To give, to be given. To captivate. To be captivating. To clotle, to dress. To rew:ard, to recompense. To count. To buy, to be bought. To sel, to be sold. To be buying or purchasing. To buy much. Bili: Bili: Bili: mlagbili. ipagbili Iramili. magbibili

Page  106 -106 — Bumi: rnagbilin, ipagbilin, pagbilinan. Binyag: rnagbinyag, binyawain. Binyag: -inaminyag. Bintaw: magbi'ntaw, burnint~aw bintawifn. Bingbing: magbingbing, bu-n irg - bing, bing"bing'in. Bitay: bumitay, maghitay, bitay in. Bitay: bitoyin. Bit~w, buttiw: magbitaiw, inagb.utuiw, bitawan, butawan. Bitiw: maghiti'w (nff tungkol). Bitin:- maghitin, ibitin. Biyahi: magbiyahi. Bilangg6: magbilangg6, ibilangg6, bilangg~in. Bir6: butnir 6, birciin. Bithay, bistay, ag-ag: magbistay, 'bistayfin, ag-agiin. Boto, botos: bumoto, bumotos, ibot&, ibotos, botohan, botosan. Buka': bumukai. Bukais: magbuka's, buksan. Bugbog: bumugbog, bughbugin. Budaan: magbulaan. Bulags: bumulas, bulasi~n. Bulas: bumulas. 'To charge, to request, to recommend; to command; to bespeak. To baptize. To be baptizing.m To s uspendi. To retain. To hang. To be hanged. To' loosen; to free, to release, To quit, to resign. To'hang up, to be hung up. To travel; to voyage. To imprison, to be put in prison To jest, to hoax, to joke; t6 mock. To si'ft. To vote, to be voted. To ope n. To op~en, to be opened. To bruiise, to beat, to be beaten. To lie. To seld1. To grow.

Page  107 i I -107 — Bulay: maghulaybulay, bulaybulayfin. Bulda: maghul da. Buli: bumili, bulihin. Buniot: burnunot, bunutiti. Bun6: magbun'6, ~maki pagbtin6 Buntal: maghuntal, bumuntal, buntali'n. Bunvong-hinin.T a: magbuntongh i n i n Buntong-hiniin-&: ipagbuntonighinin -'a, pag)luntuhRin'g-hini: To bethink. To embroider. To burnish, to be burnished. Tfo pull out, to pull up. To struggle. To strike, to be struck To Sigh. To sighi for. nghi. Bunton:- magalu tnton, ibunton. Bu6, bun: ma'gbu6,. rro pile, IIto- be piled. To mnake entire or integral, -to form. Bu.6, bun: bumu6), buflin. Bu6, bun: mamu6, m'amuiO. To compose, to be composed; to for1m, to be formed. To- coagulate, -to curdle; to Congeal. Burai: bumura', burahin. Burai: burahin'gl guhitan. Butas: bumutas, buitasin, butasan. Butawin: maghu'tawin. Bubb: magbub6. Bub6: magbub6,.ibub6. Buhay: mabtihay. Buhay na mag-uli: mabulhay na mag-ult. Buhay: buhayin. Buhos: magbuhos, ibuhios. To To To To To 'Ir) To To erase.dash.pierce, to bore. disburse, to expend. found, to'cast, tomelt. spill, to -shed. live. resuscitate, to revive. To resuscitate, to be resuscitated. To spill, to shed, to be s~pilt, to be shie(1.

Page  108 108 - Buhos: ibuhos, busan. Buwlis: itmnuwis. B13usod': lngilghulsod (nI bangka), ibunsod. To poui r. To Ipay taxes jTo launch.lle. K KLtg;it: kina',;t, k,gattin. Kal);i: kumabNl a[ ng dlib.lib Kaldt-: iwa,'kabit, kurnal)it, ikLtbit, kabitan. Kalhig: kum;tillig, kahigil. Kal;i4: klinnlllg, migkalatg, kal;igin. Kal ig: inagkahliag, kalaginl sa sala dg dusa, absulbillin, J)awalain'g-sala. K:al.akal, pangalakal: mangalakal. Kabis:kumalAs, magkalis, kalasll. Kal~t: nmagkalat, kumnalat, ikalat. Kalga: inllgkalga, kalgahin. Katli tibaR: kui nualiglA, katlinghiin. Ivalklll;i: kutnalkulAi, kalkulalhil). Ka.loob: mibagkal6ob, i pagkaloob, K;,il': kuinll.i'ii kaiiiui og kaljin. Kain:' tagp;kaii, p):tk;iizn. Kal6g: kumal6g, kalugin. To bite, to be bittenl. To p)alpitate. To fasten, to bc fastened; to at tach, to be attache(d. To scratch, to scrape. To untie, to loosen. To absove, to acquit. To trade, to traffic. To loosen, to untie; to unfolk' to expantd; to uwveave, to ravel; to break the promise. To spread. To load. T'1 hee(ld. To calculate; to reckon. To grant, to concede. To eat, to be eaten; to dine.. To feed, to be fed. To stir.

Page  109 — 09 - I(Kaillma nlg: manr.ailan a,i, kail atn(gallin. Kanlong: kumalinlong, 111:1 a l () II g. Kanlong: tnlalkajllong, kanlu1)n, ikaulong. Katrnot;: kurnatnot, kamutin. K:tllig,arig: krtlabig, kabigin tuI;i rig, arigiln. Kadlit: kuinadlit, kad(litAn. ( tlIt )',);): In i l lIl; k )p. ka, tl pKlandili: kumandili, magkandili,;kandii lill. CKaillit: Ilagkalrmiit, kaintarm. Ka nt:t, anvit: kumanta mnagkanta, kaLntallifn, llnaw\it, awitin. K{iti': kl;na,,l, kaunin. Ka!pit: kIlall;tit. KIll)on, batillg: kurnap6n, bu. m.atiing, ikapl)in, batigI in. K:sfil: rnagkas il, kasalin, ikasal. Ka:sil' Ipaktail; Ina:g-tasalva IKaskas: ktrniaskas, kaskasin; mrigkask;is. Ka:tig: kulnntig, k'at igan. Katg,: kutmIatog, katugin. IK:yag: kutnltyag, kayagin, manlyt aig. To need, to \want, to be wanted, to be needed. ro shelter one's self. To shelter, to cover. To scratch, to claw. To atract. To scarify. To enach 3e. To protect. To get, to acquire; to attain;, to succeed in; to be got or gotten To sing, to be sung. To call, to invite. To cling; to grasp; to hold. To geld, to castrate. To marry. To get married, to marry. To scrape, to scrape out; to rub. To favor, to protect, to second, to patronizeu To knock. To summon, to call to a meeting (Sp., muftir).

Page  110 Kayam: kumayam, ka~yamii. "Kay'amy: Makayam. tiwa1A, pagkatiwalaan. Kib6: kumib6. Kib6: huiwa'g kumih)6. Kikil: kumikil, mpagkikil, kikilin. Kilos: ktimilos, kilusin. Kiling: kumiling. Kiling: ikiling. Kinting: kuminang. Kinain, -panginain: manfrinairn Kilala: kumilala, kil'alanin. Kilala: makakilala, makilala. Kilala: man-ilala. KI'lala: magkilala. Kilala: magkakilala. Kilala: kumilal'a n- utang na 1601). n. To convir; cc. Tro be convinced. glka- To trust in, to coinfide. To move; to mumble. To be quiet., To file. To move, to be moved. To be, inclined, to incline. To incline, to be inclined. To gl itter. To-graze, to pastures. To recognize. To know, to be known.. TJo be recognizing. To recognize each other. To be acquainted with one. a nother. To acknowledge. Kita: mnak-akita, mak ita. Kita: kumita, kitain. Kongkista: kumongkistai, kongkistahfn. Kongkista: mangongkistsi'. Kuderno: magkuderno, magbahi't ng akiat. Kulang: rnagkulan'g. jKulang: na~gkulangr sa, sumala. Pro,see, to be seen.To look for. To conquer. rIo To go conquering. bi-nd books. I [ To be short.To fail.

Page  111 i I -111I KuI6: kumul.6. Kul6: niagpakul6, pakultlin. urn pistil: magkumpisaiI. umpisal: kumpi'salin. umnpurii: magkumpunf, kumnpunihinf. uha:, kcumuha, kuhanii Og' kunin. Uha: inanruha,.Pangrunin. uha: mnlikakuhia, makuhia. unA, kub't: magkun't, magkub6t. urihi: magkurihif, kumurihi'. urihi': kurih~in, kurihin. uwenta: magkuwenta, kumuwenta, kuwentahin. uimpil: inagkuinpil, kurnurnpil, kumpila'n.,Kuro't: kumuro't, kuruitin. lKu~kos, kus6t: inagkcusk's, kiumuskos, maLgkusot, kuskusin. K~uy6m, kuyunmpis, kuluntoy: man uy6m, inan~ruyumupis, mariguluntoy ~akIlA.; magpadakilti, padaki)again: rnagdagadn, daganfin, idagdn. 30b hiLI To boil. To confess the sins. To confess. To mend, to repair, -to compose. To take, to be taken.' To be taki ng. To able to take, can take. To plait. To correct. To be corrected. To accouint. *To confirm, to be oonfiri-ned. *To pinch. To perfricate. To shrink. To aggrandize. To burden, to press.

Page  112 Dagis: dumagis, rnagdagfs, idagis. Dalai: magdala roon, dalhindoon. Dala: dallian. Dala: magdabi rito, dalhin dito. Dala: magdalA. Dala: padali, magpadali. To outbid. To take, to be taken; to c To be given, to be carried t4 To bri:ig, to be bro:ughlt. To fetch, to bear. To sei(d, to have anything or brought. arry sen Datla: Dala: Dala: Dala: Dala: Dall: ipadalai, padalhiln. dumtlda, dalahin. mangdala. dalain. madalA. dallin, dalidaliin. D:li: magdumalt, Dama: duinamJi. dlamahin oq damliin. Dalaw: dumalaw, dalawin. Damndan: magdamdam, dumamdam. Damdamn: magdamdam. Damibong: dinmambong, damnbungin, mangdatmbong. Damdamn: magdaindam. D)anldam: magdamdam, darndainin. 1To be sent. To fihl witll net dala. T'o go fishing with net data. To correct severely, to be warne by s:ad experience. To be warned by sad experience To accelerate, to hasten, to forward. To accelerate, to!haste or hasten To louch witll hainds; to touch or feel. To visit, To feel. To regret; to resent. To rob. To be moved, To be sorry. to ble affected. D.dl6mn: magdalom, idal6rn dalumin. Dahas: dumahAs, da.hasin Daig: magdaig, daigin. To complain before a judge, demand justice. To take by force, to force. To fumigate, to steam.

Page  113 -113 _ I7afg: darna'ig, daigin. D0Mg: manaig. Danas: magd~tnas, durnanas, danasan, darnasin. Danas: maka~ranas,- maranasan. Oiafrig: dutmaffng, maghinanakit. Daan.: dumaan, magdaan. Daan: makaraan. Dakip: dumaki'p, dakpin. Dait: (lamait, idait, magdaift. Daiti: dumaiti, idaiti, magdaiti. Dagilap: magdagilap, dumagilap..Datanarin: dumnalan~irl, dala,Dalangrin:. ida-lan-in. Dalangrin,~ panalanig in: manalat ngin. Dalubas?&: magdalubasL, daluha-, shin, dailubas~an. Ditsail: magdasal, dasa-lin. Dashl: ipagdasA1l. Dasitail: magydasit'il, aitli l:apat: m~rapat. Dapat;. lDapat, kailangan. Daos: m~ag(laos, dausin, iraos. Daw og raw, diu'man6, dikuino', umano. To vanqush, to overcome.; to surpass. To prevail. To exp'erience, to he experienced. To experience, can experience. To complain. To pass. Can pass, or be able to pass. Tfo seize, to catch, to apprehend To join. To join. Tro reflect the rays of light. To pray, to implore. To pray for..To pray; to make an orison, (A prayer or supplication. Tro -interpret, to be i nterpretedi 1Jo pray. To pray for. To recite, to be recited.' To become worthy; to deserve; to be right. Shall, should; ought to. must. To holdi, to be held; t~o 'realize; to ta-ke plAce. It is s~aid, thiey say.

Page  114 -114 — DayN: magdayA, dumayh, dayAin. DayS.: mangdpayA. Dikit: m. gdikit, dumikit, idikit, diktan. / Dikit: magdikit ni ap6Sy. Ditgmi: dutmigma, digilain. Digmi: magdigmna, mag(ligmaan. Dikdik: dumikdik, magdikdik, dikdikin. Dikta: inagdikta, idikta. Dilim: dulnilimn, magdilim. Dilitn: padililllJ. Dilig: magdilig, diligin. Din lim, panirndim: manimdim, panimidimill. Dito: parito, pumarito. Dito: dulnito. Dibuho: nmagdibuho. Dispensa: magdispens'i, dispensahin. Diwallg: magdiwang, ipagdiwang Doon: paroon, pumaroon. Doon, lkIrorn: m gkaroon. Do)n: dunooii. Dulot: magdulot, idulot, dulutan. Dunris: dumungis, magdunris, dungisan. Dun^is: marung,isan. To deceive, to cheat. l'o be deceiving, or be cheating. To stick, to join. To kindle. T1'o war, to, fight, to combat. To war, to fight, to combat, To pound, to grind. To dictate. 'I'o darken, to grow dark. To darken. To water, to irrigate. To think, to imagine. 1To come, to come here. To stay here. To draw. To exclse. To celebrate, to hold a festivity, to entertain. T'o go,' to go there. To h ive, to gtt. 1To stay there. 'To give, to serve; to be given, to 1,b served. To stain. To be stained.

Page  115 -1.15 — Durom: magdurog, dumurog, du- To crumble; to bre:tk; to pound. rugin. Dusa: magdusa. Dusa, parusa: magparusa. Dusa, parusa: parnsabhan. Disp:tsa: magdispatsa, dispatsahin. To suffer pain because of guilt; to suffer,punishment; to suffer pa in. To pulniah. To he punished. *To dispatch. E Embhzrgo: umemhirgo, mtg-embargo, embarguhin. Emigr,: imemigrti. Empaki: mag-empaki. Ena, rktqt: nrneagkntnto, engk antuhin. To distrain, to embargo, to seize. To emigrate. T, patch 1np in chests; to wrap up in hidles or skins. To enchant, to fascinate. IElgkanto: maengkanto. Ergo: umergo, erguhfn. Gakla: gumakla. Gakla: magakla. Gag il: gumagiid, gagarin. Gig'i, gtahs: gumaga, gumahfs, gaigahin, gahisih. Galtlw: gumaltaw, galawfn. Galing: manggaling. Galing: gumaling. To be enchanted, to nated. be fasci To argue. To surpr:se. To he sulrprised. To imitate. To violate. To move. To come from. To reover from a disease or calamity; to improve, to grow better.

Page  116 -1 16 - G-aling: niagpagraling, pagalin-iri. Galing: mnapakagaling. Galang: gumalang, igralang. Galit: magalit, kagalitan. Gaul;: gumalit, galitin. Gamnlang: mnaggam'lang, mnanggarniang. (I'ama~y: maggcamnly, gumama~y'. manggamay. Gaimbalh.: gumanbalih, gainbalain. Gamil: maggamnfi, gumainA. Gamit: gumamit, gamitin., Ga~:gumamt gumutin. Gamo't: maggamo't. Gamo't: magpagam6t. Gana: guinatia, ganahin. Ganaip: gurna'nip,. gariapin. Gan-4p: magan*tp. Ganti: gumanti, gumantingpa1l.A,Gara nti:, gumaranti, garantihi~n. Gasta, -gugol: gumnasta, gumutgol, mnkggasta, mag-gugol; gastLahi n, gugulin'. Gaod: gumaod, sum~agwan. Gasta, gugol: mag'kagasta, Magkuagugol. Giatas: gurnatas, gatasan. GawA: gumawA, gawin.' To improve; to heal, to cure. To attain salvation. To revere, to respect. To grow angry, to be angry.To vex to irritate, to make angry. To be engag~ed in an industry. To work in an office, to be engaged in a trade. To hinder,,to' obstruct; to disturb), to perturb. To produce. To use, to be used. to be applied. To cure. To cure one's self. To have - — cured. To gatin, to e'arni. To execlute; to discharge, to perform; to accomnplish, to be accomn pl ished. To he accomplished. To reward, ts reco'mpenise. To guarantee. To'spend, -to expend, to be ispent. To row. To -have expenses; to pay the cost, -to bear all c~harges. To milk. To maktie, to, do, to work; to be Made, to be done.

Page  117 T~awA: macgpagawa', ipagaw~i. t~awA-: pagawin. (Gawa.: mflggawA,, manggawA. Gaya-, gumaya-, gayahanl. G~tya: glaya'hin, Gxiba: magrgibai. Gib&: mnanggibtl. Giba: magibA..Giling: gurnilng, gifing-in. (b10lw: gwlniliw,gfiliWill. (lilala's: manggilahi's. Ggil: mnanggigil. Gitla: 'migitla. Gie'ing:, gumising, gisingim. Gising: m~lgisfnig, grimising. Gisi': gumnisl, gislin. Gulat: gulatin. Gulong: gumulong. Gulong: pagulungin. -Gulo6: gumulod, gtiluhln. — 117 - To have - -made. To make~ work. To work. To imitate. To copy, to be copied. To demolish, to destroy. To demolish ma'ny things.. To be demolishing. To be demolished. To, grind, to be ground. To love-; to sympathize,' to remember lovingly. To wonder. To rage.' To frighten, to S;urpri se. To be frightened, to be su rprised. rpo wake. To awake. To re~nd, to be rent. To startle. To be retartled. Tro roll1. To roll, to make it roll. To embroil, to'confound, to involve in differences. Gul6:"I maglfkagul6. 11Gul6': manggul6'. Gulpi': gumlulpi,_ guilpihin. (lupit: gumupit, manggu~pft gupi ti n. Gupft: magrpagupit. Gusto: gumusto, gustuhin. To have trouble, to be -in trouble. To disturb. To hit, to beat, to strike, to be hit, to be beaten, to be s~truck. To cut with othe scissors, to cut the hair. To have one's hair cut. To like.

Page  118 -118 - G Ngahais, pangahas: mangahris. Ngalan: magtigalan, natllanan. N(alay: mandalay..N allt: mnagngalit. N alitn~it: magng.tlitnit, Ngaliya, pan:Oainbit: y ailiaiwba. Nratig: ngiir a ng5 N:' ' an Irl'u[bll~r<i,..... Ngia,)': npangiya)in. N';<nib, patiaalii); m'anganib. Ngyata: nmurnata, Iigatain. Ngillig: malgillig. NHilin, pangilin: manilin. NHatnbat: lIumatbllat, 1m;LgfllrItIllga t,t liat l atin. NMit': ugiumitt. Ngiti: ngitian. Ngtitngit: mitongitngit. Ngiyaw: ngutniyavw. N/:i3agw: pangiyawin. NguyA: numuya, n uya in. Habilin: maghabilin, ihabilin. HabA: humabA. (NG) To dare. To (lenomninate, to give a name, to bear such a name, to bi named, To be tired. To get very angry, making noisi with the teeth. To creak. To st;arle; to fear; to be in danger To chew betel. '1, cliew the betel. To be inll i;iger, to risk, to peril, 'I'o masticate, to be masticated. To tremble,;o quake, to-shake with fear. To abttain, to forbear. To gnaw. To smtile. To smile at. To get angry; to darken. To Imew. To imaake it mew. To chew, to masticate. H To recommenid; to deliver. To become long.

Page  119 i I -119 - IHab': InaghabA. HLbi: numabi, habihin. lHibol: hutuabol, habulin. Hlabla: maghabla, ihabla. Habig: mahabSag, kah:bagan. Haki: inaghakti, hakiLin. Hakbang: humakbang, H;tgis: hurnagis, tnaghagis, hagisin, ihagis. Hagidhid: humragidhid, hagidhirin.. lagadl: humagad, hagarin. Ifagol: humagod, hagllrin. IHanwb6: human 6, m;ighmLnb, hanruifn. HIang'': hurnannrA, hanigan. HalagA: magrkahalaga. [I14lagi: inaghalagai, Halal: maghalail, ihalAl. Halang: maghalang, ihalang. To lengthen. To( weave, to be woven.' To ru l after; to claim. To c()llmpi:iil Obefore a judge; to accuse. To pitv, to be compassionate. To form ami opinion; to think; to ima&gine. To step. To thrown, to be thrown. To absorb, to be absorbed. To rtl n after the other to overtake him; to run after him. To st roke gently. To extract, to remove, to take, to be relmoved, to be taken. To at dmira, to be admired. To cost. T'o appraise, to be apprased. To elect, to nominate; to be elected. To lay something athwart a place; to cross, to be crossed. To conjeture by signs; to deduce, to inifer. Can eotijeture, can deduce, can infer; c;an notice, can be noticed. HalatA: humalatA, halatAin. IalatA: makahalatA, mahalatL. Halinghing: humalinghing. To neigh.

Page  120 - 120 - Ha16: magha1?, ihah5. Hali-ka, half-kay6'. Ilalili: humalili, halinhan. Ulalina: humalina, halinahin. Hfalilagy6: huinalilagy6, ma-halilagy6. flali'k: hurnalik, halik~in og hagkan. Ilamak,: humrnaak, harnakin. flamat: inaghamat, harnati n, Ilamok: maghamok. liamon: humamon, harnuin Ilamon: magham.On. Hamit: maghamit, hamitin. [lambing: magrhambing, ihambing. Hlamb6: magrhamnb6, hamb(~fi.' Hrarnda: rn~.gha[ida, i'harndA. tiandAi magpahand&. Elandog, alay: maghandog, inagalay; ihandog, Waay. Handulong: humandulorng, handulun'in. Hanap: humanap, hanapin Hapis: humapis, hapisin. Hapis: mahapis. To mix, to minjile. To stir. Corn e. To relieve, to succeed, to be stiw. ceeded. To attract (morally). To resemble other person. To kiss, to be kissed. I1o contemn, to underrate, to u in dervalue; to be contemnned. To amend, to be amended. Tro fight a duel. To dare. To be daring. Tro reduce, to be reduced. Tro compare, to be compared. To naturalize, to be naturalized. To get ready,' to prepare; prepared. to be Order to prepare. Tro offer, to be offered.Tro advance, to attack. 'P11o seek, to look for. Te afilict, to be afflicted. To lament, t~o languish, to grieve, to grow sad.

Page  121 -121 - 1.-lapay: rnaghapa-y, iha pay. Ilapay: hu1mapay. Hapay: mahapay. JiaLpon: humapon, ogq kuimain. n~r' hapuinan. ilarang: humaranpg, harang in. Harang: -manglia'rang. ilaraip: htirnarftip. IiarAp: mnagharaip, Riharap. lHari: ma~ghari. H&Ad: nitaghasah, ihIasa'. liasik: rmaghasik, ihlasik. Hawalk: maghawak, hum-aw-ak, hawakan. I atag: maghatag, ihatag, ia tagan. Hatag: humatag.r Hati(I: maghati(1, ihiatid. Ilati: xiia~ghati, hat'lin, paghattiin. Hatol: hurnatol, hatulan, ihatol. Hayum&: maghllyurna, hayuma.. b)in. To demiolish, to ruin, to pull down, to bring to the ground, to fell1. To descend, to Stoop. Tfo fall1. To sup, to take one's supper. To intercept; to detain,, to be. detained by highwaymen. Tpo plunder, -to assault. rpo I.present one's self, to appear before, to report. To present, to be P're'sented. To reign, to predomninate. To whet, to'sha-rpen.i, To sow, to scatter.. To hold, to. be held. To exercise physically. T'o deliver, to be delivere —d. To deliver one~ s self 'up into the hands of another; to give, onle's self up. Tro conduct, to carry, to con'voy;. to take; to accompany, to l ead. To divide into two equal parts. To sentence;: tp judge; to advise, to be ad vised. To mend the net.

Page  122 122 - lie rsisyo: rnaghersisyo. ffint.6: huiniut6. FMi4k: humibik. Hica'b: inaghil(ib, hundka~b. HigA: hurnigf, Ing-higt~i. 1-ligop: hunimigop, hligulpin. Hingal: hurningal. Higift: humnigift. HillIkC: humilik. Fligid: hurnigid, higirin. H-ila: hurnila, hilahin. Raging: huma gi ng. Hili'ng: hurnilingy hilingin, hilingkin. TIo exercise physiclally, to exercise in militlary training. 'I'o rest, to stop. To( sob, to groan. To gape, to yaw~n. To lie down. Tro sip the, broth, To blow, to be blow!). TO pant.TI, pull, to draw. To be, over -and above. To snore. To attract, to be attracted. To pull; to tow. To buzz, to hIUIII. To request, to be, requested. fHimiawA.: hurniimaw~, hima-wiin. To injure, to be inijured. Himnagsik: manighirnagsik. To) revolt. Ifinod: hurnirnod. To l ick. Tiinalk: runaghinaliX, paghina- To suspect,, to be suispected. 1Man. Hip6: huuip6, hipitin.. To touich. Hfigpit: maghigp'it. Tpo piesf1inanalkit: maghinanakit, p.1g- To complain of -friends. hi nanakta ~n Hfinafing: manghiinaing,. rTo implore. Hinang: maghinang, hinaagin, To solder, to be soldered. hinangan. IHin-1: humingi, hin'~Hn. To ask, to petition. H-inap: maghinap, hinapan. I'o stain. Himanhilman: maghirnanhirnan, ro m itigate. himanhimanin.

Page  123 - 123 - 1inagpis: nmaghinagpis. 1tuli: ipagpahtll, ipaihuli. Hull: inathuli. Hipig: mahipig. Hiramm: hlniraim, hiramin. Hiram: msvgpalirnim, pahiramin ipahirasl. Hil,it: humitit. HIiwA: hurniw,', maghiw~. hiw&i n. HiyA: hurniyr1, hiy&in. IIi 'I: malliyyA. tliyaw: himiyiaw. HIirndl: intghirala', hiralain Hirala: mnahi ralA. Hiwalh: huwniwala, inaghiw;ila. Hu bad: naghi u biad. Hliibad: hlubaran. ub o: rnaghil bo6. Hulk: hmiulllt, hullaan iunli:.humuni. IIu!og: Inahulog. Hilo: g naghullog, ihulog. Hulog':,naghulog sa ibarng wika, ihulog. Hukay: humiukay, ihuka\in. Hukay: manghukay. LHuli: humuli, hulihiln. HLuli: manghuli. Hintay: maghinttay, hintayiri. To be anguished. To postpone; to be postponed To come late. To congeal, to concrete by cold. rTo borrow. To'1' lend, to be lent. To smoke. To slice; to cut inl slices; to wound, to be wounded. To shaml, to abash, to confo un d. To be ashamed. To cry out, to exclaimn, to shout. To' disappoint. To be disappoitted. To be abseint. To undress. Tro undress, to be undressed; to denude, to be dentudetd. (To undress. 'To foretell. (Let the lirdl) sing. To fall. To throw, to d( rop, to make it. fall. 'I' tran _late. To dig, to excavate. 1t be digging. To catch, to s-eize; to be eaught. To go catching. To

Page  124 -124 - Hipn6: maghipn6, hutnipno, hipnciin, ihipn6). hful: mi~huli. Huagpong: maoghugpotig, ihtigpong, hugpung-an. Hfulip:.hurnulip, manghnlip, hulipani. Hful": hutnu.15, hu'll'Uin. Huko'm: humuk6m, hukurna'n. Hutok:- hurnutok, hutukin. Hfusay: ruaghuisay, husayin. To translate from one language to another, to be transilate'd.To remaifin beh ind. To joint. rro repair, to he replaired. To deduce,,to infer. To judge, to be judged.. To bend, to be Ibent. To arrange, to order, ate., to correclt. to regu 1.. I f big, lMob. Ibig: 'umibig, ibigin [big: mag-fbigan. Trigli: makairngli,.magbiga'y balisa, makabakia. Inghi: maingli, inabalisa,''inabakia. Will.I Tpo like, to, loved, to be~ liked. To like each other,,- to love onep another. To1 affect. To be affected. Thaw. [hI: umihl, Hag: umnilag, ilagan. flaw: urilaw, mag-ilaw, ilawani Init: mag-init. fhn6: umin6, inuhin. brorg: magpainog, painugin. To roast, to broil. To ur~ine," to make 'Water, To avoid; to shun. To light. To distrain, to seize, to be dis I trained. To keep; to ke cautious. Tro heat. to warm. TO notice. To spin.I

Page  125 -125 - Inis: urinfs, inisin. lnsayo: mag-insayo, insayuhin. Inom: umtinomi, inurtnil. lsda: mangisdA. Isip: mag-isip, umisip, isipin. To choke, to drown, to be choked. 'o train one's self, to assay, To drink, to be drunk. To fish, to catch;fish. To think, to intend, to cotisider to mind. 'To gather, to collec(t. To blacken. To become black:. T'o love, to fondle. To leave; to forsake; to quit. T) remain.! Iponi: mag-ipon, ipunin. [tin: rnagpaitim, paitirlif r [tirn: unitim. Irog: umnirog. [wan. 1[wan: rInaiwarln. L IVLtn: mnaglaall, ilaal. Laan: lurnaan. Laba: maglaba, labhalli. lablas: Ihlunaba.s. [Labias: maglabas, ilabais. Labbis: magpalabais. Labag:' lumabag, labagil. Laban: lumaban, labanant. Laban: maglaban. Iakip: maglakip, paglakipi n. I,:kip: lumakip. Lakip: ilakip. Labra: maglabrai, labrahill. Iakf: lumaki. Taki: magpalaki, lakhanl. Lag:' maglaga, ilagA. To get ready, to provide, to prepare. To get ready, to be prepared. To wash, to launder. To go out. To extract, to remove, to take out. To show. To violate, to infringe. To resist; to fight; to contravene To fight, to contest. To join, to unite. To associate. To enclose, to be enclosed. To work the wood, to cut the wood. To grow. To incre;tse; to enlarge. To boil meat or roots.

Page  126 Iagay: maglagay, il;ga'y. Lagas: malagas. Lakad: lumakad. Lakad: maglakaid. Lakad: lakaran. lakad: lakarin. L:-gak: inaglagak, ilagak. Lagadlad: maglagadlad, lagadlarin, lunagadlad. Laganap: maglagalap, i la.gana)p, 1 umaganap. Lagda, pilma: lumagda, pumilma, lagdAan, pilmalhiil. I,aklak: lumaklak. Lagos: maglagos, lumago^. Lagarl: maglagari, lurnagari, lagariin. Lagi: lumagi. Lanaw, sayat: rnaglanaiw, magsayat, lanawin, sayatin. I.agilAng lumagilhing, lagilangin. Lait: lurnait, liitin. I'amas: lumarias, latnasin. Lamas: maglarnis' Lamas: magl;mas. Lapat: maglapat, ilapat. Larnbal: maglainbal, lam ballin paglambalin. Lainig: magpalarnig, palatnigin. To put, to pl;ce, to set, to la! To fall (tpeaking about the leac ves of free.s.) To walk, to go. To walk imuch. To walk where. TIo, g,( for. 'To deposit; to repose. 'lo develop. oI'( spread, to propagate. ''o sigll, to subscribe. To lap. rTo pass. To saw, to be sawed. rTo endure, to last. '1o explore, to be explored. 'rTo defeat, to be defeated; (1destroy health or fortune. ''o insult, to be insulted. To handle, to touch(, to touched. 1), To touch mu(ch, to hbe to(uchling To attack each other, to fight. ''(o adjust, to be adjuste(d. To do(uble, to be (loubled. To cool, to be cooled.

Page  127 -127 - Lahid: inaglahid, lahiran, HELMhid Lamnay: inaglanmay. Lag~uplop: lumaguiplop, laguplupin. L~amon: luma mon, Iamnu ninii Lapit: luraapit. Lapit'- maglapit.. L~tmbot: Iurnamnhot. A~tunbot: lflagpaltln~fb.t, p-.lamnhutiri. Ltang'Ap, Ianghap.: lumantigap, laI I5~a pin. L-tJAng1: IurnahIz`Ig, flal Ani1f. Lamrg.oy: Ium1-ani6y.. Larinrnaglarin, larinin. Lar6: niaglar6. Layak: rnagpalayA, palay~in. Layag: hinma'yag, agaig. Layon: rm~aglayon, layunin. Loibiik: lumibaik, libakIn. [Lib~ing, limbang: mnaglibdng,9 mnaglimbang. Ljiban: iliban, ilipat. Lik6: malikO. Libfing: mnaglibing, ilibing. To cool, to become cool. To anoint, to be anointed. Trowake, to watch. Tro roll up; to carry off; to def - eat; to absorb,. to be absorbed. 'Po swallow, to be swallowed. rho approachi, to come near. To -put it near, to have it near. To approach each other. To be come soft. To soften, to maollify. rpo breathe in. TO) invent; to institute, to be instituted. To swimi.' rro -amend; to mend; to cornpound. To play, to sport, to game. To free, to liberate. To be free. To sail, to navigate. To long, to aim. To mnock. To divert; to amuse; to enttertain. To amiuse one's stelf. To transfer. To be curved. To make it crooked, to -crook. To bury.

Page  128 Iikmn(: maglikm6, ilikmr6. Likha': lmlniklhA., likhiiil, TYmglikhai. ILigalig: lumigalig, livaligin. I,igtas: mangligtas, iligtas. Lin' rap: Juminlgap, ling apin. Lihi: inaglihi. T,ihi ipaglil. Lingkod: inaglingkod. Lingkod: paglingkllran. Lilis: rnaglills, ililis, lilisil. Ligaw: lumigaw, ligawan. Ligaw': IlaligAiw. Li go: inaligo. Ligo: rmagpfligo, paligiiIi1. Lilb}ag: magpalimbag, limbagin, ilimbag. Limi: rnagliini, luimihin. Lilo: maglilo. Lil6: maglil6, lurnilo, lilinl. Linang: maglinAng, linangin. Liitis maglinis, lumiilis, linisin. Lipid: lurnipatl. Lining: irmaglinling, luminting, linlgin. Lirip: lumirip, liripin. Liyag: lumiyag, liyagin. Linas: luminai, rmaglinas, linasin. Lihis: lurnihfs, To seat. o (creat. ''o trouble. T'o free, to save, to be saved, To favor, to be favored. To conceive. To be conceived. ''o serve. To be served. T'o tuck up, to tuck, to be tucked. To court, to love. To go astray. To take a bat.}h, to, bathe. T(o bathe, to be bathed. To print, to be printed; to starp, to be stamped. To discuss, to be discussed. To do treason; to be ungrateful; to betray. To falsify, to forge. To cultivate, to be cultivated. To clean, to To fly. To investigate, to be investigated. To conceive; to comprehend, to understand. To love, to be loved. To exploit, to be exploited. To deviate.

Page  129 -129 - linlalng: lut~inlal<hg, linlangxin. Lipad: lumipaid. Lilnot: lhiniiot, limutin, Mnakalinot, inalimutan. Liwaliw: Tagliwva liw.,i^san: lumisail, mnaglisan, lisanin. Lili6o: luO inigo, Iagling6o, linguhin. Lihamn' luniiham. Lihan: inagliharan. Lubos: lul)usiln. liAIba.g: tnaglubag, lubagin, il ibag. I.iub)g lu tlb6og. Lublg: luitnu)og (,ig adlaw.) [Lubalb: n'ma^lubalob. ljulblob:!niglibl(), ilubloto. lI[,klok' llltnlzilolk. Lllks(o: lumnkso. L11uho)id: In nulodld. uggt I: ina ltllgod ti. Jiigod(' nal ugd. LigoS I: I1lkaIl tigo(d. iugdi(l: pal)gura;i, pairugan, Lu1I6n n- nagl Ilor, I Ilunin. Luglog: luitmuglog, luKlugin. [,unlcl' I: tiintinok, ll i itrkn. lIunIad: lumnunsad. JLunod: inaluiiod, llmiiii nod. Lulnodl: inlaltIrI d Lurnay, lubiay: lun'iumi.ay, lumubay. LuI LS: Itlnrti las, Itli:tsali, mnaglunas. Lupig: luntupig, lupigin, lur.': luInur. r To divert from the right way. To fly. r1'o forget, to be forgotten, can be forgottenl. pTo take vacation. To omit, to leave. To urder, to assassinate. To write a letter. rlTo correspond by letters. To complete, to be completed. To lower the sails To sink. Tro set. To wallow. To wal low. To sit on the chair or throne. 'To) jrump; tO) hop. To kneel. To make eff 'rts To congratulate. To rejoice. To make merry, to gladden. ro comply, to please. Tro roll up. To shake. ro sw:.llow, to be swallowed. To alight from To drown; to choke. ro be drowned. To relent. To remedy. To rob, to ransack, to enslave, To spit.

Page  130 -130 - Lusong: Itrnusong9. Lulan: lumulan. Lulan: inagluflan, lulafnan. Lusaw: maglusaWV, lusa win. Lusob: lumusob, lusubin. Ljutang: lumutang. Luta's: lumuta's, luttashin. Luto; Ynaglut6, lutilin. LupI:' lumup'i, luplin. Luwaihati: lumuwailhatl. LuwaihatI:. ma -I luwaihatI. Luwaihatl: magpaluwalhatl. To descend, to come down, to go down. To emiba-rk. To load.,r1o dissolV. TO invadle, to be invadedl' To float. To resolve, to be resolved. To conclude. To cook, to driess victuals,. To fold, to be folded. To enjoy glory or beatitude. To rejoice. To glorify. M'LV adalt: magmadali. MagA, paga': mamag&. Magfing. NMahail: nmagmah~il, mahalin. MAhRi: rnagpamnah'il, pamahalin, mahahin. M,*ait: rynagkamali. Malas: magmalas, malasin.Malaisinas: mafgrnalasns nMalas To hasten. 'To swell. To be, to become. To esteer~,-,10 be esteemed. To raise the priee. To 1) To,ro( become dear. be miistak~en. observe, to nol(tice, to behold. perceive,, to be, perceived. MNana,: niagmana, manahi n. (Man -s, banis: mnamanis. M.1an-la: imagmrnada, maridtahi n. (ang mga suridalo.) MTaneho, makaalftm: matgma neho, mtnagm akaalim. Mangha: ma ga, To inherit, to heir. To he swollen' to be inflated. To coniVI mand.To mianage.' To be seized with admiration; to wonder at. To tarke amiss. M~asamA: masamfinf.

Page  131 Magyr, maari,ma. Mangyari. Mantala: mantal~in, mantanhin. M-arapatin. Masakit, malasakit: magmalasakit, pagmalasakitan, ipagmalasak it. Masid: 'magmasid, niasdan. Mataiy: mamataiy. Mlatyag: makimatyag,, pakimat-' yagain. Mfay, mayroon. Mirindal: magmnirindal..Miting: magmiting. Mithif: rnagmitht, mithifin, pagmithtian. Muht: mubtin..Muh`:- mamuhi. MUlA: maIHgmulA, muhin. Munglay: magmunglay, MUnglayi n. Munirnuni: magmunimiuni, munirinunihin, mulimulihin. MNumog: rnagmumog.Mtingkahl: xn agmungkahi", mag ayog. Mlura: maimura..Mura: inagpamura. Mlura; mufrahin. M~uyaig': magmrruyaig, mutyagin. CMaIn, may. To happen. To review, to be reviewed. Please. To he interested in, to be con-, cerned; -to protect'. To observe, to notice. To die. To listen, to hearken, to attend, to hear. There is, there are, there was, there were; have, has', had; there will be; will or shall have. To lunch, to take a luncheon. To hold a meeting. To desire or pretend something vehemently; to long for, To vex. To be vexed. To begin, to commence. Tro crumble, to chip; to tear into pieces. To consider, to think, to me..ditate. To rinse. To suggrest. To become cheap. To cheapen., To affront, to be affronted; to insult to the f~ice. To destroy by little and little; to moulder. To moulder M~uyaig': mamuyaig.

Page  132 -132 - N Nak;.iv: magnakaw, nlalawini, Naknakl: riagnaknak. Nak oak: papaginaklakiit. Nam llll,: 'IlliullamlY 'ill'}~r, n nrl Tnarnin. Nas&: magnasi, inasiin. pagnasAan. Nassl;,s: mnagnasnas, uasnasiil. Nisnis, nittrit, ltntlot: 'inagnisnis, manisnis, etc. Nisnis: nisnisin. Naynay: magnaynay. Milaynilay: inatgiilaylay. Nintas: papagn ingasi in, Ninlgas: rnagli ngas. Ningning: magiingriing. Nipis: magnipis, ripisan, panipisfn. Nipis: 'nu1tipis. Nuyno y: magruylloy, rtuyittlyin Nuynoy: numuynoy, nuynrIlyin, Obon: mag-ohon, umnobon, obonin. Okas: mag-okas, umokas, okasin. Okid: urokid, mag-okid.:Okon: umok6n, mag-okln okunin. Oko'p: mag-ok6p, okopin. To ( steal, to be stolen. To rankle, to fester. To increase the state of inflam Iation in a wound. To taste, to be tasted. TLo desire, to wish, to he (esired To scrape, to grate; to erase. To ravel. To perfricate. rTo plane, to( make smooth, to polish. rTo maditate. To flame. rTo blaze.. To glitter. To make thin or slen(ler. To becorme sle nder. T, specify. 'o deliberate. ). To string, to link. To t ntie, to undo; to cancel. rTo' carve, to engrave. To reunite, to congregrate. 'T( brood, to hatch.

Page  133 i I — 1 33 - O()lilaw: IlaoIngaw. O igik: umnongik. Olaw: miinolaw, oltwiii Olaw tinmfolaw. Olwv: nllag-olaw. 0la 1ll0no1ia, Inag- ola. OVlaw: maOimaw. O)naw: Ilinag-olnatw, O,1ld: u1lmlon6d. Opa v\ (Opit: ullnopit, Illi;g-op[it, opitin. O(.'ell: inag-olrdet, ordilllan (,,t pagkapari.) Pahaty: inagpabaya, Pa;ilai:iu in,.gpaalan,. lP'k(: ra.gpak6, ipkk6, pakinan. Pakli: puinakli. Pakit:bwang: rnakinabang, pakinaban g an. Padala: magpadal&, ipadali, paPag(d: pumagod, pagurin. Pagod: Iap)agod. Pagod: inagpagod. Pagal: mlagpagfl. To lisappear, to be lost, to be extinguished. To grunt. To molest by impertintelt questions. To be sea-sick. To turn around. To petition, to beg, to solicit. l'o lower, to grow less. 'o, diminish, to abridge. 'o thrive, to prosper, to improve, to progress. To slacken, to becomlle cool. To comtlpress, to constrain. 'o order, to orda;in, te be ordered, to b)e ordained. P. To abandon, to forsake; to give up; lo leave, to let; to neglect, to be abandoned, to be neglected. To take leave. To nail, to fasten with nails. To reply. To benefit, to profit. rTo seind, to be sent. To tire. To )e tire(i. To procure, to work, to *endeavor, to take pains. Tr, work, to endeavor, to take paine. (.) Halos ang lahat ng mna b)adylng ito nla namiianula sa 0, ay galing sa wiking ilokano.

Page  134 -134 - pagiil; m1apag"Il Pakita: magpakita, ipakita Pagpag: magypagpag, ipagp1ig, pagpagln. Pan~ak O: mangak6. Pan,5ulo: mangulo, panguluihan. Poin~urong: manan-urong. Pani-anyayk: mang-anyayi. 'a~h~is: man-ah~s. Pan-alawAi: pumanigalawai, pangalawahain. Pahid: pumahid, magpahid, pahirin. Pahayag: rnagpahayag, ipaha~yag. P ah aya~g':magpahays'g. Pahinka': magpahin&i, magphhin gah~y. Pahintulot: magpahintulot. Pa~lagaiy: ipalaggiy, Paluwal: magpaluwal, pagpaluwalft'n. Patlan'Aas: magpalang~aS. Palayas: maagpalayas, pafayasin. ralpal, pilpil, pipis: magpalpal, ipalpal, palpalin, pi lpilin, pipisirni, imagpilpil, rnagpipi's. Palift: punialft, magpalft, ipaift. palittin. Palit: magpalit, maagp~ilitan. Pam~ti, palamuti: magpamuti, magpalamuti, pamutihana, Palam uti han. Pariaog: manaog, panaugan. Panaog: ipanaog. Pazia~ytim: maepanay~it. To be ti redi with the work. To show, to be shown. Tro jerk, to heat, to strike. To wax, to fill with walx. To promise. To preside, to be presided. To shrink. To damnage, to harm. To (dare, to venture. To second. To wipe. To manifest, to declare. To publish. To rest. To permit, to allow'. To suppose. To bail. To boast. To expel, to drive out. To crush, to be crushed. To ehange, to be, changed. To exchange. To decorate, to adorn, to beau tify. To come down, to go down. To take it (down. To holdI a- conference, to hold n interview.

Page  135 -1-35 - Panaya'm: maghigriy ng1 C panfl~r3m. -Panimdim: nianinidim11. Pan inton: mamai~inton. PanihulA: nuanihiiha~; rnagpanihalh iIt\.1nvmaniha1lA. Paiiirahan, patiahanati manirahan, manahlaran. Panaghilli: managhili". Parnaginip, paiig'arap: managinip, mang-arap. P~anatili: manatili. Pmnood: manoodi. Panigama': miagpaniganAt, paullg ama hin. Pan'ibago: rmagpan ihiigo, panibagbui n. Panaa n analanriin. Parnaw: purrianaw panaw: imiagpapiln aw. Paris: pumaris, parisanr, pamarisan. To deliver a. lect~ure, to lecture,. To To To mind, to think. profess. dispose. To re —side, to dwell. To envy. 'To dIream. To persevere, to persist. To look at, to behold a show or,spectacle. To reproduce, to be reproduced. To renew, to be- renewed. To pray. To go, to depiart. To banish. To imitate, to be imnitated-. Paris,;: pagparisin, iparis. Parusa: rnaffgparuisa, parusab an. Parito: pumarito. Paroon: pumaroon., Parti: nmagparti', partihin. Pasok: pumasok.' Parami: miagparami, paramihiin. PasAi: pumasai. Pasiya: nmagpewsiya, ipasiya, pasiyahan1. Pasyal: magpaLs y lt Pas-laulg: purnaslIang, paSla~na-n ruamaslhung. To comnpare, to be compared. To punish, to be punished. To comne., To go. To — part, to divide. To enter; to go in, to come- in. To multiply, to he multiplied. To- paIss. To resolve, to determine, to d ecei de. To walk for exercise or amnuse. ment; to take a walk. To hiurt, to abuse, to mal treat.

Page  136 -136 - P fitts: iiagpatas, pagpattasijn. Patibh: inagpatak>A, patabi&a I. Pat,'y: purma tby, patayill. Patayv: mt;gpaanamat iy, tn;tghigti. Patay': patayin ang ilaw. Patag: patagi I. Pata w;i(t: malgpataW;(dl, patatwarl il. Pati(d: putnati(t, pati rin.!'atid ang hiningai: inapatdan'ghinin a. Pat;i.k: puinataik. Patlig: inagp ttlig, ipatlig. Pa).ttng: rmatg Ltolig, ipatong. Putonl': r:na gpiltong, putunlall, rnagkorona, koronahan. Pa ttoo: magpatotoo, patoto-. tuloy: nmagpatuloy. Pawis.: rlag pawis, pagpawi an, PiAyag: puL ayag, payagan. Pawl: pumawl. pawiia. Pawi: inapawl. PaIwi, pa. n: m napawi, 11t1:.Ar<ciLt. Payi: itagpayi, puinayi. payihii,. Petsa: petsahain. Pikit: pumikit, ipikit aug rtta, mata PiktA op pigtA: inapikta og mapigtb.. Piga; pumigA, magpiga, pig;:ii,. Pigil: pumnigil, pigilil. Pigil: magpigil. To equalize: to imake equal: ap plied to the number of votes. To tnallure. To kill; to extinguish. To suicide. Tro )put out the light. To level. 'o par(don, to forgive, to be forgiven. To cut a string. '1To ex)pire. To (rQp, to fall drop by drop. 'o() demonstrate. 'Po put. somethinig upon atnothler. To crown, to be crowned. To affirm, to certify, to assure. T1) o(ontinue, to pursue. To sweat. To ac(ce(de, to comply, to consent. To cause to vanish, to blot or efface. To vanidh. o() vanish. To blot (or efface a writi ng. To (date, to be dated. To close one's eyes. To be soaked. To squeeze. To detaini. To contain, to keep one's temper, to refrain. I'o;rrest. To turn. Piit: pumiit, piitiln. Pihit: purnihit.

Page  137 -1 37 - ihlo: puimniho, pihuhin. jilt: puitnilit, pilitin, mamnilit, juit: Mapilitan. intuh60: purniintuh6, pin~tuhiuiin. jimna: purnilma, pilmahlin. iral: pumniral, piralin. ilipit: puinilipit. pilipitin'. Prinsa: puamirinsa, prinsahin. L'rinisa: mamirinsa. Pill: pumili, pillin. Pirito, sanday: pirituhin, santdayin. PisAi: piurisi., pisAinl. Pita~s: pumnitais, pitaisin. lPisan: puinisan, rfnagpisan, pi sanin, ipisan. Pisan: mnagpisan, magkapis'an. Pisang: rnagpisang, pisangiiii. Pita41: mu~gpita, pitahin. Poot: inapo'ot, kapoottin. Pitik: puruitik, pitikin. Piyapis: piyapisin. Pukaw: pumnukaw, pukawiLii, i pu N~W Ptiks~: p uinuksA, puksAiri. Pukpok: ptunirikpok, pukpukin11 lpugot: ptInu11got, pugutinl, Pu1 -guitan). 1LugayV: 111Agpuigay. Ipulaan, pititasa'in. To fix. To compel, to oblige; to foree, to enforce. To be compelled. To venerate. To. sign. To pinchi. To tw i st. To iron. To be Ironing. To choose, to sel''ect. To fry, to be fried. To make burst, to break something like eggs or furunc'le. To gathier or pick the leaves or fruits. To add, to be added. r(o associate, to meet, to join. To part, to divide into pieces. To long for, to desire. To compress. To hate, tobe hate'd. To fillip. To attac k. To arouse; to inspire, to. awaken. To exterininate, to -extinguish. To drive, to be -driven, to hamme-r. To behead. To take one's hiat off a.3aasign of reverence. To censure, 'to blamne; to be blamed. To find, to bet found. Pu lot: makapulot, mnapuilot.

Page  138 IPtlot: pulutinl. Pulot: mamulot4 Punyagi: magpunyagi. Punit: puinunit, puliiitilti Punlit: ina11pulit. Pugriaw: putnugnaw, pogni Nvfl, Puri: pumnuri, purihin. Puri: magpuri. Puri: papiirihian. Pundar: magputiudar, i pundar. Pusyon: magpusyon, pusyuinin. Putit: rnagpaputi, paputtlin. Putt: pumut?. F'uti: pu'Muti, putihi-n. Pusta: pumusta. Pusta: pustahin. Pulpol: PUlPUl1in. 'Pun6: pumun6, magpun6, punifif. Puspos: pumuspos, puspusfil. Puto'k: putnut6k. Put6k: magpaputo'k. Payat: mapulyat, Puyat: pumuyat, puyatin. Puyokr, tukA: puyukin, tukAfin. R' Uaas: rnagraas. fRab~iw: rumabiw. Rabrils: rurnabnis, rabnisin, Rakab: magrakab. Rakud: rumaliud, 'rakuri'n. To pick up, to gathet. Tro gathe'r, to go -or be gatherintg, To make efforts, to endeavor. To tear., Tl()be to rn. Tlo burn, to 'Consutne.' To praise;- to applaud. To glorify, to praise. "I') honor, to Ibe honored. T'o found(, to be founded." To fuise. To whiten. To become white, to shovw whiteners.To pieck fruits. To bet. To out, the fish into parts. To cut, to be (.-At, To flatten. To fill. TO till. To burat, to shoot; to expIo(1e. Tro cause to shoot; to have'sho'ot. To keep one's self awake, to be, watchful. To ke-ep awake. To peck.. (O To feigrn; to fancey. To exalt one's self; to' overcome. To separate, to disjoin; to carry off precipitately. TO tie, to fahten. To glean, to gather.

Page  139 — 139 — Ruib: rumaib. Raim: rumaim.i T1o penetrate. To yield, to submit to another reverently.I Rwaip: magraip iraip'. Ragsy: ruinagaiy.' Rtago: inagrago. Ragpuyo: runa~gpuyo3, RLttgu 1): tnag~ragutp. Repaso: magrepaso, repasuhin, R:Lyab:. rumnaytih. RLlaoiul rutnangin. Rzatiggod: inagranggod, ranggurin. Rtanod: inagranod. Rapid: rumapild, rapirbi. Regalo: inagregalo. Reta'b: rurneta'b. Rene'k: *magrene'k-' Rikna': magriknA.L Rfingpas: rmagringpais. Ripirip: magripirip. Risaing: rumisang. To transplant. T&o vibrate. rI1o be merry, to rejoice. To incline. To join, to meet. Tro review. To move from one side other; to. flutter. To grow; to be- inflamed. To obtain. to an - To commiunicate. To cut by the trunk or root; to' ch op off1. To give a present. To begin to' -vegetate or germinate. To cause grea t pains or trouble. To feel, to perceive, to 'foresee, to prove; to taste. Totrin atto close, to finish To i nfe r. To rend. to tear; to withdraw frota. To withdraw from. To excavate. To subdue, to subject.. To become acqustomed. To chimne, to ring the bells. Ri~sing: rumising. Rukib: rumukib,, rukibfn'. Rukob: ruinukob. Itu warn: maruwamn Rupika'l: magrupika'L ru aiupik'I1 rupikalini. Ruknoy: rumnuknoy. Rukwas: niagrukwas. To bow. To undertake.

Page  140 - 140 — Ru-gnay: rLIMugnay, ruignayini. Rumbing: rumumbing. Rups6: marupso. To undo, to destroy; to effacle. Tut sprout; to appear aigaini. Tro spoil. S. Saad: Iuagsaadl, isaiad.. Sabi: -magsabi, sabihini. Sahog.: rmagsabog, isabog. Sakaiy: magsald~y, surnakcaiy. Sakiiy: sumnaki~y, sakanyfin. Sakiolo: surnakiolo, sakiolohan. Saklaw: suinukiaw, sakiawin1. Sakift: sumakit. Saki't: saktan. Sakit: mingkas~akit, Sakit: ruakaplAgkasakit, papag - kasaktin. Saka: rniagsakta, sakahin., akdal: rnagsakda I, isakl.dahl Sagash: stunagasO, makasagasa masagas~an. Sagabal, sagwil: makasagabal, makasagw il. Sagt: sumago~t, sagut'in, is~igot. Sala: surnala. Sala: magkasala. Sala': salahi-n. Salk mngsalhi, salAin. Lro iniform, to report. To paY, to tell, to be said, to told. To scatter. To' em bark. To ride. TO succour, to Caid, tohep t SupplPy. To comprise. To feel pa-in, to ache. To hiurt. To fall ill or sick. To make srick..To till the land, to cul1tivate th soil, to farm. To clatim protection; to cotnpbli n, t o lay p~eti tion in it cour of justice. To trample, to be trampled. To embarrass, to obstruct, to pu obstacle. To answer, to reply. To fail, to -miss. To S'in', to Offend. To reject, to reprove. To flte-r, to filtrate. G) Halos ang I l Ia'at n mz~a badyantg itWn nagmiimull sa R, iiy galing sa ilokano.

Page  141 -1-1.1 - S:la' inagkasal:., zriasalA. Saling: saling: sutalalng, sumaling, salanginl, salingin. Salita: magsalit~a, salitain, Salinerit: inagsalingit, isalingit. ' Sarna: simaina, sam ahan. Sam a: isama. Saina:. magsariLt. Sairni: magsaita. Salubong: sumalubong, sal - b)ungin. Saina,; sumrnana. Sainsarn: sumamisam, sanmIsarmin.. Sambit: sumainbit, sambitin. Salnbitla5' sunmambitla, sambitlaiien. Sangga: sumlangga, sanggihin. Sa.nay: salnayin. Sanay: mnagsanay. Salin: sumalin, salinin. Salin': inagsalill, Isalill. Sanggop: sumanggop, inagsanggop, sanggupin. Sam,: surnam6, i.snam(, salnIan. Sandat: sandatinl, Inasan(lat. Samba: sumnantba, samb-ahin. Sam palataya: suma mn palataya, samnpalatayanan. Sara: magsar^, sarhan, isara. 1ro I)e out of joint, to sprain, to lave sprain. To touch, to be touched, To talk, to speak. To intercalate, to interpose. To go with, to come with; to accompa ny. To add, to be added. T'lo join. To make a partnership. To go, to mneet. To become currupted or depraved, to become bad. To despoil. To call, to invoke. To in oke, to be invoked. To detainl or stop tle blow. To train, to be trained. To exercise. To copy, to be copied. To pour, to be poured. To treat To beg, to implore, to re to be requested. To stuff, to be stuffed. To worship, to adore, to ad(ored. To believe, to be believed.,quest, be To close, to' shut, to be shut, to be closed. To approve: to comply with, to yield. ang-ayon: sumang-ayofn, sangayunan.

Page  142 SadyAl: inagsadlyA, sady~in, Sainbot: slainbutinl. Samnbot: makasainbot. S3alarnat: inagpasalarnat, pagpasalamnatan, pasalainiatan, Sanhi: magsanhi, makasanhi, maging sanhli. SanIA: magsranlai isaxilA. Salagsagy: sunialagsag, salagsagin - Salapid, tirint-as: salapirin, tirintasi.1. Salangsang: surnalangsang, sa-' la~ngsangin. Salakay:. sumalaka'y, salakay in. Salun6: masaluni~xan, rmaitakwat. Sansala': suimansalIA, sansal~in. sar)g-ag: inagsangag, isangfig. Sandal: magsandal, isandal. 'sandal: suMandal Sariwa-: manariwai. Saya": mnagsaya. Sayaiw: rnagsayaw. Sayang: sayan-in. Sault: magsault, isauli. Saway: suinawaiy, sawayin Saysay: magsaysay, say-sayfil, isaysay. Salaysay: magsal aysay, salaysa - yin, isalaysay. Sibaik: inagsibadk, sibak'In1. Sikap: magsikap, sikapin. ~Siguro: stimiguiro, sigtiruhiii. To prepare, to1intendl, to design, to mnake special, to. -do somethiullg purposely. Tro stretcth out the hand:s for catching. 'Po retrieve7, To thank. To cause. To pledge, to pawii. TPo reprove, to he reproved. To'braid the hiair. Tro oppose. T1o assault, to be assaulted. To surprise, to overta~ke. To hinder, to impede; to forbid.. Tro toast, to be toasted.' To approach, to make lean upon. To lean u po n. To grow green agrain. To rejoice. To dance. To waste. To return, to restore'. Tpo correct, to reprehend, t~o'im. pede, to forbid. To declare, to mianifest, to inarrate, to recite, to tell, to relate To explain. To split. To labor; to Procure.. To recover, to collect. To secuire, to insure, to asstire.

Page  143 'Sigaiw: sumilgaw. Silai'b: sumilib, si labin, silabin, rnagsiUa'b. Sirita: suminta, 8intahin. Sinta: magsintahan. #jinop: niagsiriop,sinupin., Sigla: mnagpasigla, pasiglahi'n, sumyligla. Silang: ~UM ila n to Sinun~aling, bula:Lu: inagrsinu-. n~raling, magbulaan. Sipol: suitnipol, -surnutgsot. Sipol: sumipol. Sipsip, supsop: sumipsip, sumupsop; sipsipi'n, supsupin. Silig: sumilig. Sir~ sumr~,sirai'n. vSimulA:. magysimula. Sir~k ng puni, sirihan-'ng puni. Siphay6:. sumi'phay6, si'phayt'iin. Sipo~t: sumipo~t. Sisi: amageisi. Sisi: sumisi, sisihin, Sisid: surnils-id.' Sindi: rnagsindi, sindih."in. S.iste: inagsiste. Siya: ina'gkasiya. vSiya-sat: magsiyasat, siyasatin. SubA.: manuba,, suibini. Sub6: sumub6. Sub6,: magp~asub6", p'asubuhin, pakulhkfn. Subok: sumnubok, inanubok, subukan, To cry out, t'o shout. Tk) set onl fire, to burn. To love, to be loved. To love 'each other or one another. To keep; to'heed. Tro encouragre, to be enceourag ed. To rise, to appear on the horizon,, to be ho rn. To lie. To whistle. To pi pe. To s~uck, to sip. To transcend, to go beyond. To destroy, to undo. To beg-in, to commence, to mtart,. To defame, to dishonor. To reproach, to censure. To appear-. To repent, To reprimand, to accuse, to blame. To plunge into the water, to dilfe l-Io kindle to light. To joke. To be contained, to fit. Tro search, to investigate. To deceive,.to defraud., To boil. To boil. To wa~ylay, to lie in ambush..

Page  144 Su'Lbok: surnubok, subukcin. Subok: SLIUrnbo, suhbukin..Subok: rmasubunkan, marapatanr. Suka: suinuka, isulka, Suklay: suinukhl.y, suklayfni. Suko': sumuk6. Sugat: surnugdft,. sugatan, matkasuigat. Suib6: sumub6,- isubb. Sukat: sumukat, sukatin. S~gAIl: ma,-gSUgAiI. ugo: magsug96, sgin Sukli': magsukil, stikliftin. Sungkad: sumungkad, suingkarin. Subft: suimulit, sulitin. Sulit: rnagsulit. Sulat: suimulat, sulatin. Sulat: magsulbAt. Sulam: magsulam. Suinbong': rnagsurnbong, islIT1nbong. Suimpong': makasumgong, mAisumpungin. Sumponrg: s1ruumumpong, si umpungfnl. Sumakit: nmgsuimakit, p'agsumak ita,n. Sumaing: sumumaing, sumkngffn. Sunid6:. surnund6, sund~iin. Sunid6: mafsuindtIftn. To try, to examine, to prove, to give evidlence. To compare one thing with an-, -other. To surprise, to be surprised, to be caught in the act itself. To vomit. To comb. To surrender, to yield. Trowound. To put a morsel or food in onpe's mouth. To measure. To gamble. To sendtan ambassador or dIeputy. To change money. To measure; to compare onie measure with another. To examine, to be examined. To give acecount, to take exarni-, nation. Trowrite, to be, written. To write munch-. T~o embroider. To 'accu'se, to dienounce. rj(n le e t, to b e nie t. To a~ssault, to temrpt, to be assaulted, to be tempted. To take pai~ns. Tro resist., to oppose, to contradict. 'To call, to go for. - Toi find, to b~e found(.

Page  145 I i -1-15 - SAdI 1,6':,ma, gkAsSdlllolt. Sunoglll(): umUllltillog, m'ii slnog, y, I n I 1U#,i rl Sunsid s8utnunsid, Inagsuinsid, su nsi rn. Supil: stnlllupil, supilln. Sutl6d, tliina: stilnun6d, tuntlalilna, suztdin, talimrnalin..Sunod: sumunod. Sulong: sutnulong. Sulong: isulong. Sulong: Ilagpasulong. Sulong: sumnlong. Sulong: sulungan. Sulsi: inagsulsi, Fulsihain. 8'ulid: mnagsulid, sulirin. Sninl)A, tungay.,w: sumnui mp:A, tumunig-yaw, sumpaill, tlungayawin. Sumpfa: manumpa,, sumnpriln, palumnpaan. Suri: sumuri, nmgsuri, suriin. Suwa.y: surnuw.ty, suwayin. Suwail: inagsuwail. Suso, ut-ut: SUtnuso, stuslihin, utmtltC-ut, ut-utifn. Suso: inagsuso, susuhan. Suuy: mlagsuuy, pagsuuyill. Suya: masuy,. Sunolk: m:sunok. Taas: 'ingtaas, itaas, raas: ingta.s, it;sas. RTaas: tu mnaas. To( settle ditfferetes on friend ly telrml;s; to have, agreement, 1o lave (cnc(,ord. r(o I rll'l, to b)e )b rlit. To relduce, to abridge. T() over'o()i e. T'o obey. To( follow. 'To improve, to progress. To push. Toi stimulate. To go forwar(d, to advance. To attack; to give, to pay. ''o darn, to patch up in liaste. To spin, to be spun. T( curse, to be cursed. To swear, to make o;tlh, to be sworn. To inquire, to examinie. To disobey, to contralvene. To rebel. To suck. To set fire to. To proportion. -To have distaste. To feel disgust, to loathe. T To raise, to lift uip. To elevate. To become high, to be elevated; to ascend; to be promoted.

Page  146 -146 - Ta bai: tumabli. 'l'abi InagpatabA4, patablainl; tumaba. t Li IInIa a^. Tabog: tumabog. Tabil: tumahil, nagtabil. Tabas: ttrnalns, talb;san. Tabas: tbumabi.s, inagtablis, taiasin, pagtabasil. Taban: tuinaball, tabanlan. Tahon: magtabon,, tabllnall Tabon: magtalbon. Tab6y: magtably, itatt)y, ipagtabuyan. Takal: tuni nk:l, magtakal, takaliin. Takbo. tumakblo. Takot: inatakot, kataktltan. Takot: turnak(ot, takutin. Talcas: tumakas. Taka: magtaka pagtakhaili. Takda: magtakdc, itakt,:t, tak(l Ain. Takip: t unmakip, mnagtakip, takTakwil: tulinakwil, rnagtakwil. Tragal: tumnagal, magtagil. Tgagl:i magtngil. 'lago: Imagtago, itag(. Taglo: Inagtag6, tumnago. Taksil: magtuksil. Tadhana: InagtadhanlA. Tangi, tingl: magtangi, magtingl, tumangl, turningi, tanglin, tingiin. 'To grow flt.. To fatt-n. T'l') gruImble. '1'T prattle, to talk inuclI. '1T cut the olt ts as talilor; to shape. To cut ott'th branches,f the trees. '1o, sustain, to ho1(1. To cover soa.ething withl earth. To make a terrace. To (!live, to be (driven. To measure grailns or liquor. To run. To fear, to dread, to be tafraid. To frighten, to discourage; to itimidate; to terrify. To flee, to escape. To wonder. T'1) determiine, to lix. To cover. 'To reject, to refluse. To last. To remain or continue long in a place; to delay. To hide, to keep. To hide. To betray; to do foolishneAs. To advise. To distinguish, to be distinguish. ed.

Page  147 -147 — Tangg)ol, sanggalang; mnagtan ggol, nagsanggahing, ipagtlanggol, ip gsanggala,g. I'angkakal: m;gt;nllgkakal, tuInangkakal. Tatlnggi: ti ma nggi, tanggihfiI. TI;ina pansainlga: inai inga, }); - nai i a ha,,. Ta.gtlbiliin: nagitgulbilin, ittagn))ilin, ipagtagubilin 'I'anglal: magtanghal, itangial. rlagay: tnlnagay, tagayntn. T:igilyod: mtgtflgyiyd, tumagliyod. l'ag'fty: nagt,^glay. ITadtad: t umnadtad, tan(tarin, niagt,:(ltad. 'Fagp6O: n kdt, gp(, Imagtagpftan. Tagpi: magtagpt, tagpiin. Tanggap: tulmanggap, tanggapin. Tanglaw: tumanglaw, tanglarwan, mnagtanglaw. 'Panggal: ttlniantggal, rmnigtanggal, tangggli n. Trani,: tuman lis. 'Tanytg'. magtanyag, itanyag. Talindaw, kintang: inagtalindaw, inagkintang, inangizltalng, kulnintang. aia:' magtalA, ital.A l'all: mrngtall, t.umali, itali, tallan. Tahi: tumahi, manahi, tabilin. 'Tahitnik: tumahimik. Tlo advocate, to defend,. T, d efendl. To deny, to resist, not to accept. '1o listen, to be attentive. To recommendl, to be recommend(e(l. I'o exhibit, to expose. rlTo drink to somiebody's health. To lead.: To bring, to 'car'y, to bear. To chop. To mnet. to find. To mend clothes, to patch. To receive, to be received. To light the thing which is far off. To draw out nails; to disjoin. To weep. To manifest, to show, to exhibit. To play fiusic. To register; to seal, to stamp; to inscribe. To tie, to bind, to be tied, to be bound. ' To sew. To keep silence, to be silent or quite.

Page  148 -- 1Ls — Talaps, taliln: patalasill, patalili. Talay: magtalay, italay. Talid: turnalaidi, makita]tid. Talo: Inagtalo. 'anmplasIti:n ti tirnarpalasan, tampalasail; malnlapalatSi. Tatak: magtanak, ta;tnkiln. 'I'nan: inr;gtanun. ''atland: t utmandti. Ttti,d': t nigtand(la, tandIan.ll. Trtangka: maita ngkt, ta tgk'^it. Tarlnis: tuman is. Tamis: patiamisit. Tangkilik: tumangkilik, Inxgl langkilk, tatigkilikin. 'taliab: tlnmalatb.?^11i'gkas: maagLtlngka1, mai:lingkas. Tralwas: mnagtal ws, italwas. Talo:,l. mngttlo(b iitg aklit. Tali vakias tulltliwa kais. ITala mnitanm: rnagtalatnita In, In ikitalamitanl. 'T'anlil: rnagtamtm.ll 1alinay: tuiamam y, tNlnayi,. Tl;alno: rnagtarn6, (ltlmiinln1. l'a'asa: tr Igtarnasa. T',o: tumalo, manaflo. rualo rluat;Llo, talunin. ''alop: magtalop, tulupl)1n. Tah61: tutuahol rT;l)An: turnalnlI, in aiahlin. To( sharpen. 'To arrantge, to put. in d(lui plnc or or(ler 'I'o fight, to contend. ''o (dispute. 'To treat ill, to nmaltireat. To refine. '1') escape, to nimke one s e.sciltp(. To grow 1(1,. ')o rnark' to note; to nlind. '1() purpose. T'o l)ecolf( sweet. 1t'o sweeten, to dulcify. 'lo possess; to prote(t. To> penetrate. l'to Ilake bul('hes of' lcav's. To blanis}l, to be bA. ishied. to exile, to be exileld. To Iinld books. 1(o retract, t(o go b:ak from one s word. T', treat, to deal with; to!have intercourse. 'o devote, to d(edicate; ti pel'rsevere with tetlacity. 'To compel, to oblige. To eijoy, to olbtain. To enjoy very mli1uc1t, to;thav possession or fruitit oft': I,, satiate; to 'regate. T'o \ anquisl, to wiln. 'I'o be vanquished, to lose. To peel, to strip o,(. 'To bark. To inhabit, to live.

Page  149 -1 l49 - ITa l all: tumtil al:iJn. T'aldis: tutllandig, nagtandis. TrlIan0g11 tulanaling, Inrlgt anl)ng, talitlngin, itandng. TatfAg: magtatfig, itatig. Tatag: znagtatag, it.atag. Tapos: tutiapos, tapusin. rTap)o.: inata pos. Trapos: rnagtapos. T'rabaho magtrubahlo, tuln1ar1a1).. hlo 'rasa: inagtasa, tasalian. Tat.wA: tuinLtw:A, it.atwvA, t;t Ivaan. Tawa: tumawa, tiwanat,. Tanfl ri' a lgtanim, itatlinl. 'Ta'tlag: magtanlag, itanlag. Tap(: rnagtap(, tuTa,)m;fo, tap in. Tawidl tumawil. Tapang: tuniaparig. 'lTapan>g, htinapalgg: lnalglhiiapang. Tastas: tumirstas, tastasin. Tawag: tumawag, tawagi-). Tawag rnagtawag, ipagtawa,. Tay.l: tumayA, itaya. Tay6: magttay 11 g.usalt, itay.',. Tay6: tutnay6. Tayba: tumayba, taythatluai Tibay: turnibay. Tibay: magtibay, pagtil):iyin. T'ibay: tnagpatibay, paplagtil)ayin. To stop, to be quiet. Tl certify, to assure, to affirm to question, to ask a question, to interrogate. To establisll. To found. To finish. To be finished. To end, to be endl(ing. To work. T4'I' sharpen the pencil. T1 (lden y. To laugh at. To plant; to sow. To transplanlt. To effect. rIo ford, to wad(1e. To become brave, to }e encorraged. * To encourage one's self. To rip, to() U f ea. To call, to be called. To pr(claim, to be pr)eca i. ed. To put some money inl the game or gambling; to wager. 1To build, to b)e built. T'o stand. To prove. To })(econ e st rong. To fortify, to strengthlen; to approve, to pIss. To confirt, to c)rrtoborate.

Page  150 — I 5,0 - Tibay: mLanibay. l'ibig': tltnibAg, n;~rtib ig. 'libig: matibig. Tikay/,: alhiwiv, rna, ti'~y' i '.galiwaiy. Tlka: lnm-gtika, pagtik;(hlan. TikmA: magtikmlA. 'likmn': manikmfin. Tikm&: magtikmlA. rpikom itilcom ang bibig. Tikim::tuinikimn, ikinail. 'rig.s: tumig, a. Tigris: l1anigis* Tigas: In, patigasin. Tigambay: magtigambay, tigambayin. Tigambay: tumigamrnay. Tigili tumigil; itigil. riis: magtiis nlg lhirap. Tii: Inagtiis, tiisiln. ITilA: tumila. Tilas: tumilas, tilasin. Tinidl: tumin.idl, magtingidl, tingirin. Tiim: tumiim. Tingin: tumingin, tingnian. 'ringalA: tuming;ala, tin."alAin, og tingalin. Tingkab og tingklag: tumingkah, tumingkag, tingkabil. Timbang: tulmimbang, timbangin. Tinggal: nagtinggal, iti Iggal. TilAd: magtilAd, tilariln. To prop lup, to be supporteld. To destroy by little anfd little: To moul(ler, to fall. Po) recover from sickness. To purpose. 'o go on some business. To go on business. To negotiate. ITo close one's mouth. To taste. 'Po become hard,, to grow bi; To turn stiff. To make hard, to hlarden. To consolidate, to compact, harden. To consolidate, to grow firn. To stop. To undergo trolubles. To suffer. To cease raining. To tear, to rendt, to ln:a'ol:t,.. To distinguish. to To infiltrate. rTo look, to look at, to behold, to be beheld. To look up. To take off the lock, to disjoint with violence. To weigh. To store. To cut something into small parts.

Page  151 -151 - 'ilna: nmagtilnA, tuijin, tinAiri. t in'Ia. 'rinag: ttirinag, tinagin. Tindi: magtindi, tilnihflt. Tindi: tumindi. Tindig: inatinrlig, tulninilig. Tindig: magtindig- itilndig. Tining: turining. 'rigmak: mitiginak. Tipon: Inagtiponl, tipuinii. Tipon: Inagkatipon, Tripid: magti pfii, ti pi ri. Tinr: ntumira, tirallin. Tira: tumi ra. Ti 'a miatirA. Tira mnagtira, tilrl an. Tilannlhos: tunilattnbos. Tiyak: tutlniyak, tiyakin. Tisod: tnitisod. Tiwala: ni- gtiwali, mnagkatiwal.A Tiwala, paniwala: maniwala, paniwalaan. Tiwvllig: magtiwalbig, itiwallg. Tiwalag: tumiwalag. Tiwasiy, tahimik: tulliwrasiy, tulnahimik. Tub6: tumubb. Tube): magpatubo. Tub(: magtubb. Tub6: tumubos, tubusill. TukA: tumnukf, tukAin og ttkin. rTu(lll; tumudlA, tudlAin. Tukso: tumukso, tuksuhin. To (iye, to )e dyed. To mnove. To press, to burden. To become heavy or strong. To stand up, to rise. To raise. To subside, as liquors..To be soaked. To colleot, to gather. To join, to meet, to assemble. To economize, to save. To shoot, to throw. To live, to reside. To remain. To keep the part of a thing for some person. To crack, to break (out into fury or rage. To fix, to determine. To stumble. To trust in, to confide. To believe, to be believed. IV To To To separate; to excomunicate. part; to withdraw. be calm, to be tranquilized. To grow; to be born; to shoot. To practise usury. To gain. To redeem, to rescue. To pick, to peck, To shoot, to be shot. To tempt. To name, to fix, to reffer to. Tukoy: tumukoy, tukuyin.

Page  152 -15-2 T[kl.s t.iunuklas, tuklasili; I:1makiAtuklis, inaituklas, niatuklasain. 1Trgoy n magtugoy, ttlguyin. Tugoi11 ttuinugon. Tugtog: tunlmugtog. Tuoy tudloy- tumi(loy, tulldliyill. Tugpa: tutrngpa. Tunzo: tuillungo, tullnlihi. Tuno: turnmllgo. 'rtunlo: tutiglimi. Tuniio:;nakitungo, pakitun g uhan. Tunghay: tumlunghay, tungihaya1 1. 'rTul: tumulo. Tulhtd: tuinulad, tularan. Tulad; mnagtulad, itulad. Tuhog: magtuhog, tumuhog, tuhugin. Turnggali: tulnuutggili, tungga1lin, inavtunggali, makitunggall. Tulog: inatulo,. Tunaw: In gtun aw, tuImunaw. tunawin. Tuntaw: mlnituiaw. Tulong: tuinulozig, tulun&,ai, Tungtong: tumunrgtong, tungtu'rulak: inatgtulak, itulak. 'l'ulgsa: tulfuligsA, tuligsain. ruanay: inagpatunay, patunanya;i. To l;1id; to (discover; to he flou ld. To amnend. To correspoild; to answer. To play 0i a itmusical iilstrti<enlt to rilng a bell. To addres. To) set sail; to st trt; to go to the river or hlartor; to embark; to take to the 11harbo)r. To aim. To1 go to. To look d(lowl. To deal with. To look, to see. To d:Irop. To imitate. To comnpare. To link. 'T'o colitel -d, to. st truggle, to strive; to de late. To sleep To inelt, to liquefy, to dissolve. To bhe m-eltel, to be dissolve(l, 'To help1, to aid7, to) assist. To put ole'ss feet upoin somnethi ng. To plush, to press forward. To criticise, To certify, to assture, to affirm; to demonstirate, to prove. To( express. Tl'uring: imaigt uring.

Page  153 -153 - Turo: na~gtur', tur~i'an, itur6. Tuno'g: tumuno'g. T~ulis: rnagtuliss, tulisan; patulisin. Tuloy.; tuniuloy. Tuloy': inagpatuiloy, i pattiloy. Tuloy:. tuiyuloy. Tuloy: myagpatuloy, pat uluyini. Tulo'y: itulo~y Tunton: turnuriton, tuntunin.. Tuus: tumnuuis, magtuus, tuusi~n. Tuto: matuto, mnatutuhani. Totoo: tumiotoo, magtotoo, totohaniin. Totoo: magpatotoo, patotohanian. Tutol: tumnutol. tutulan. Tuwid: tumuwid. Tuwi'd: manu'wid. Tuwid: magtuwild,, tui% irfn. Tuway: ni agtuway. TuyA: tumnuyad, tuyadfn. T~uya~,.: m'agtuyag., tum~uyag, tuyagin, Tuy6): mattuy6. Tuy6: miagpatuy6), patuyi~in. U-bo6: u rnub6, uhuhiftl Ubo6: mag-Ub6'. Ub6: miag-ub.W Ubaiyh: magpaiubayli, ipaub~ayAi, (Jbos: umubos, uibusin. Ub6s: mauibos. To teach, to he taughit; to shov the way. To sound. To shiarpen. To ho0t, to lodge., To pursue, to continue'. To come in, to go) in. To admit one into our house." To contiiaue. to he continued. Profollow the way. To clear a-ccounts, to liquidate debts. To learn. To do something iii truth. To certify. To protest. To erect, to rise upright. To grow upright, to grow stiff. To eriect, to make straight., to rectify. To exchange, to permute,. Troflatter, ironically. 'To mak-e straight. To d ry. To dry, to dry up. j T ol gcuh. To cioughi strongly.' To transplan~t. To trust or respec-t a person by allowing hiim to do our work. To finishi, to consumne. To be finished.

Page  154 -154 --- UTkol: nmag-ukol, iukol. To ~,pply, to be applied(; to ad just; to proportion. Ukol: matukol To belong, to concern, tain; to accoCmoMlate, to suit. to per to tit UgAi uimlug, ugaiml. Ugoy: mag-ugoy, uguyin. Ugoy: umnugoy. Udyokl mag u-(yok, umudyok, udyukain, udyukin. Ugall: mag-ugali. Irgall: magkauigali, pagkaugalian. (Inga: umnngia. UnTal: um iulr)gal. Urngol: umnlngol. Uhaw: mauhaw. UlI^k: mag-uilka, umiulak, Ilakin. Ulan: urx ulan. Ulat: ma'g-ulat, iulat. Ulit: umulit, ulitin. T1it: mag-ulit. [Ii: urmuli. 171o, pangulo; manrthlo, panguiluhan. (Jlok: mag-ulok, umrulok, ulukan. Umit: tltnurnit, Inagumit, urnitin. Umpiai: rnag-umpisai, umpisahan. Una: maiina, utnuna. Una: man'P.una, umuna. Una: manguna, Una: magpauna, ipagpaimla. Unat: umunat, iunat. Unawa: umunawA, unawvin. To stir about, to move, to shake To move, to shake. To stagger, to shake. To incite, to be incited; to sed uce. To behave. To use, to be accustomed. To roar, to groan: applied tc young carabaos. To howl. to yell, to cry. To grumble, to murmur. To b>e thirsty. T() reel. To rain To report; to inculc.ate. To repeat, to reiterate. To persist, to wrangle; to reply. To (lo again. To preside, to be presided. To instigate. To steal, to tilch; to be stolen. To begin, to commence. To go forwards. To take the lead. To precede. To anticipate; to advance. To stretch. To observe, to c-onsider, to mind, to notice.

Page  155 nawa: rnagrpamiiawl, ipapagunlawa,' ipaunftaw, pagpaunawian. Unlad: umunlad., paunlak: magpaunlak. Unsi: mag-uiisi, unsihiri. PUti: umunti. Jnti: uimupa, upahan, iupa. JpasalW mnag-upasala'. pat: mag-upat, urnupat, upatan. Upat: Mang- upat. p6: umup6, lumikini6. p6: iup6 ilikm6. pos: umupos, rnaupos. p-op:- umup-op, up-1uPin. ro ng: u nu ro ng. rong: mnag-urong, Wurong. roy. umuroy, uruyin. Urn: magy-uri, tumuri, urlin', lUrall: mag-urali, Urnurali", uraIliaf, iurali. N~ap, pangyusap: mangusap. Lisap: mag-usaip. [JSAp: mag-usaip. LUsap: pag-usapan. Jsap: mnagkausap. -155 To advice, to be adviced; to give notice, to warn. To progress. To honor- to give prestige. To yoke. To decrease. To dimniziish, to lessen. To be scanty in eating. To pay for wages or, hire; to give salary. To backbite, to slander. To induce. To deceive, to impose upon,. to incite. To sit, to sit down. To seat. To sink entirely. To suck in, as the smioking Of cigar. To retrocede, to retrograde, to.come backward, to withdraw, to reti re. To retire, to withdraw. To scoff. To classify, to class; to examine closely.' To persuade; to (lissuade. To 'speak. t icus To converse, todscus liarly, to talk together. fami.. To litigate._ To speak about, to be spoken of. To hold a conversation or conference~. To talk with, to speak. Jsap: makipagf-usap.

Page  156 Usap:- makiusap~, pakiusapan. Ilsigo.umusig,' Mag-usig, usiginl. MUt: umut6t. Utang: umuitang, iitangin. (Jtang: magkautang,. tUtang. magpa~utang. Utais: umltaiS, utasi'n. Utos: mag utos, uitusan, ititos tUwang: umuwang. Uwi: umuwI. UwI': umuwI.' Uwi': ruag-uwi, i1wi, wIA Ii. Uy'im: umuyiim, mag-uyaim, uyamfn. Uyan: urnuyan, mnag-uyavn, uyanan. Uyon: mag-uyon, uynnin., U'Yon: nmagkaiuyO'I. Wa~s: wakashn. WalA: mawalA. WaIA: magwalA, iWab ", mriawal~n WalA. WalIA: ma'uiwa1A. WalA: magpawalA, pawalftul. WalAng bahaIA: mnagwahhng ha To talk to a person, solicitii~g something from himn. To persecute; to pursue. To breaki 'wind. To borrow; to ask lending mc ney on condlition of its hein, rep aid. To) be indebted, to Owe. To c red it,. To finish; to kill. To be finishied; to dlie. To command, to order., To -vociferate, to clamor, to er~ To go home, -to reti re. To come baCk. To 1)ring something in1 COMM back. To be reduced. To m'ock. To indemnify. Ta regula~te; to comp ou nd; aIjust; to arrange, To 'oin, to unite. To finish, to conclude, to close To lack; have not, has not thire is nb, there are no To be lost. To lose. To be absent, To escape. To release. To ne glect, to be indifferent. I I

Page  157 1i57 - Wa-il~n'gpa~la: pawalfnI'gsala. Walda~s: ma~gwaldas', iwaldas. Walat: mangwalat. walattin. Wagiis: magwagais, wagasirt. 'Wagitywty:, mag wagay way, iwagatywa-y. Wagwagr: magwagwag, iwagwa-Ig, Wangis: ma~wangis. Wa-ilay;, magywalay, iwalay. \Vaglit: miagwaglit, iwaglit. W'ag-lit: rmAwaglit.. Wahl: inagnvahl, w-ablin. W'ahil: magwahill, wahilin. Waifs: magwvallis, walisin. Walls: walisan. Wail: mag-warlwa-rl. Warl: magwarl, warlin. Watas: mAkawatas, mawatasan. Wasiwas: magwasiwas, i wasiwas. Wast6: mnagwa~st6, iwast6, wasthin. Wisik: magwisik, wi~si'kain. W'ilig: ma-gwilf~g, wiligtin. Wikias: wikiasin. Windangr: magwindang, windaYafo.- uao Yabo: umagpybo. Yabop: ymagapayabo. in Yakap: yumakap, yakapin. Ykak~g: magyakilg, pagyakag~ii To be absolved, to be acquited. To embezzle, to misappropriate. To destroy, to uindo. To purify,- to be p urifitd. To wave. To shanke, to jerk. To resemble. To separate, to withdraw. To -miss, to lose. To be lost to miss'. To divide or part with the hand To distribute, to dispart. 'To sweep, to be swept. To sweep the place. To suspect,-to-~iqfijectureTo fo'rm an opinion, to opine. To unders-tand, to comprehende, To jerk or shake from. left to right; to fence. To correct, to be corrected. To be willing, to incline. To sprinkle, as with the wqitersprinkler. To sprinkle with water or son) liqou r. To undo.; to cancel. To tear, to fr.acture, to be torn, to be fractured. v To grow fertile. To fertilize. To hug, to embrace. To call, to invite. To go calling, to go invitinig.

Page  158 -1 58 - Yalis: mag-yalis, yumalis, yaIsisin. Yagyag: yunmagyan. Y~agyag: payagyagin. Y'am an: yunmam an. Yaman: msagyanman, pagyamanin. yamanl: ma~gpayaman, payamanin. YambAi: yumambA, yambAbkn. Yanjgyang: mnagyangyang', iyangyang Yao: YUMao. Yapo's: yumapos, yapusin. Yapak: yumapak, yapakan. Yuri: mangyari. Yarl: yumari, yarlin. Yasaik: yumastik, magyasak, yasakin. YayA,: yumay&, yat'yin. Yayb,: magyayA, pagyayiin. Yayat: rnangyayat. Y'uko6: yumuk6'. Yupi', hupil, Iupo'k:- yumupi, mag.. yupi, yupiin. Yupyop: yumupyop, magyupYurak: yumurak, yurakan. Yuwis —: yumuwiiS, m~agynwi,S YUW isain. ri> alter. To trot. To make a horse trot. To grow or become, rich. To arrange. To enrichb. To" threaten, to manifest a desire. To expand the,cloth in the air. To go, to depart. To hug by the waist. To trend, to trample. To happen, to occuir; can, To make, to finish the work.To trample the corn-field' or rice-field. To call, to invite. To call or invite very muceh. To become thin and lean. To bow. To b r'uise. To protect or shelter the chicks; applied to hens.c, To trample by scratching with the feet. To confound-, to confuise.

Page  159 -1159 - XXII. VJ1ga lanipibadyd.. Adverbs. MGxA LAMPHRADYA' SA PANAHON~=A )VERkBSOF TIME. Bzinlang araw, balang araw, sa ib'ang araw. Bihirk~ moada-1 lang. lBukas. Kangina, miuna, bago. KangiaAain~ a Kan~inang uimaga. K"agatbi. Kahatpon. K amakalawa&L IlK.a ilIan? Kamakail~in. la.iIan pa? hi a n g gan g kaihi'n'? Kailan pra? Kaalaim alim, kaginisagi'nsat, karakaraka.. K a p ag, kapagkia. Ka raniwan.K~ailanparnan, kailan ma'y. h in di. Kuing. Kuing minsan IDan Njgayo'n. Ngaytin'g araw Other dlay. Seldom. To-morrow. Before. A while ago. This morning. Last night. Yesterday. The, day before yesterday. When? Some days ago. How long? Since wvhen~? Sud(denly. As soon as., Usuial]ly. Never. \W~hen. 5Somine t i m e s; now and. then,' ever n ow an1(1, then. Then. Now, at pr-e1ent. Tro-day, na Ito, sa arav' nla ito. Ng-ayon na'. Hanggang- kailan? Hangga nzray'n". Hull. Jlain'g panah On.' 'gaan6tigpanah'n'? Maaga. hi's, marunSol. Madahi's, malimit, d'i marnakaihi'n. Misa nduwa., Ma'may~.i Mamayfimaya.. Madali" og ma1frail. Manakainaka', inaminsan - ininsan. Minsan M~insan pa. Magparatiig, man saan. MulA noon, magmuhi noonp buhat noon, mn a g b u h a t noon, sapt.l noonl Na. Noon, niyo'n; nang patnaho'n'g yao-n, nang panaho'n'g jyon. Pa, 'By this time. Till when'? Till now. Late. ROW long? Early; soon. Frequently.often. Many a time. Few a tim'e. Afterward, by and by, after'. A while after. Soon. Fromi time, to time. Once; ever. Once more; again. Eiiternally, ever — lastingly, for ever and ever. Ever since. Already. Then, at that time. Still.: yet; else,

Page  160 -160 - IPara:t.i. Pag katapos. Pitg, kapag. Sa kasalukuyaiz. Sa xatkaraan, 4a hinlihanip. Sa, haharapl. Sa mulah.. lllfa. Sa una, sa dati og sn rati, nang imi a, noon'g una. Sa. makalawi. Saniartala. Sa wakals, sa katapusan. Sa tuwing...... Tuwlira, parati, at tuwT-tuwi. Uli, ulit. Always; ever, for ever. After; afterwards, next, then. When; as (soon aS. At present. In the past. For the immrediate future. For the remote future; iij the future. From the begilnning. Formerly; anciently; heretofore. )Day after tomorrow While; when as. Finally Whenever. Always Again. Sa njagkahil bil ia. Sa dakong ii Sa dakong ib Sa gitni. Sa harap ng harap ni. Sa 'hul.1 Sa itaas. Sa ibab a. Sa labas. Sa loob. Sa luwal, sa labais. Sa lik6d. Sa ibabaw. Sa ilalirn. Sa pagitan. Sa palibot. Sa piling, sa ping, sa ta St tn pat. Sa unaharn. k!a- In all sides. taas. Upward. )abia Downward. In the middle, in the midst. sa Before, in the presence of. Backward. Up, above. Down; below. Away; out; off. Within. Without. Behind. Upon; over; above; on the top of; at the top. Under, underneath. Betveen Around. si- By the side of. Ihi. In front of, opposite to. Forward. I MGA IAMPIBADYA SA LUGA=.-=A)VERBS OF PLACE. Dito, dini. D)iyan. Doon. Malay6. Malapit Mulai, buhat. Saan? Saan man. Sa kabila. Sa magkabila. Here. There.. Yonlder; there. Far; afar. Near. Since, from. Where? Anywhere. In the other side. In both sides Aghly, alakbay. agapay, sahay. Alinsunod sa, alinsunod kay. Ayon sa,.ayon kay. Agad, alipaali, Anis, paanAis, Together. According to. According to. Instantly, with urgent importunity, urgently. Soft, softly, MGA LAMPIBADYA SA PARAAN =AIDVERBS OF MANNER

Page  161 -161 — hnllng, mara- noisele BiLh;gyia, bulin, Sc:rcely. yo. essly. Bigl i. B;a 9g y hngay. Baliktad, tuwv ri Ic. Bu kod sa, buk I. Buk4d, tangl. KusA. Kngya t. Ga mioon, gayon. Ganii 6. Gaya, g, para. Halnos. Init in't, dahan-d sha n, ma rahandaLi bi n, tangi, t;l,i sa. Malkask (ang tiait ) Mar. han, hiDlaylfilmay, baiiavhanaly. M;thuti, maigi. M;,a,,,tiA. Maga.alg. mad;ill. walang lii wg. Maliwasg, mahirap, nrabigat. Ma:li wanag. Ma.:tnahil, mahigpit. Sulddenly, on a stddtell. Jtlst as. By the back pa rt. Besiide-, moreover, furthler, shlrt of this. Sinlul rly. Sp',llt, anrosly, vlolt ta ri ly. Trimeliately. So, t hll. I i this tn;rnner. Like; as; in a sense of comp.ri.;on, ill sc1(hll a manlier. Alml ost, nearly By little;nd little; slowly. Except that, exc,-pti ng. Aloud, loud. Slowly. Well, right. Badly, ill. Easily. Hardly, difficultly. Clearly. Strictly. Pa nAiy, rlnagl, arul tid, ian. t II,, 1 '11. Patda a, kapagdlka, kai)al, a ra ka, ka- pgkuwa n. Paanl (? S<,nlopikA. 'T'ikls, sadyA. 'Iulay. MOIG V LAMPIB G\NI H. N. QUA NTI'l 'Y. IKal,,ti. Ka- untl. K,tuti, tmuntt. K as iihalu, kaigih an. Kasal)atia n; kasiyaluin. K tlan..;Karlliihan, karariwan. GaH I ((V gano ) N, alinnll, ma I IalI s. lu iligfit kumulaug ng kaunti. Iln? La, hia.,L6l). higit, maligft. Talo sa FlAhhAt. LTl 1 nglalona.. LuhA.s LubhAs, mistul?,. LI,,,hA, disapalA. Magkano? Continually. Instantly. How? In whbi manlner? Speedily, swift ly, hastly. Purposely. Truly. ADYA S., ADVERBS KA OF Somewhat. Little Enough, Sufficiently. Less. - Mostly. I How much?, how many? Nearly. Almost. A little more or 1t-ss. How many? Too, too much More. Most. Mlostly. Fully. Entirely. Very. How much?

Page  162 Marami', lal6ng maramni. Miarami. MasaganA. Masakit, mainam. &tan lamang. Muntl nan g, kaunti flang, muntik na,, karnuntik na,mnan~a~hnga1iJ. Siya, sukat, su-. su'kat na, siyana. Wala. Waha'ng' - iwari, siyangsiya. Wala na.. More, to a greater degree. Much, in a great degre~e. Abundantly, In a g reat myeasure. At l east.Nearly. I Enough; stop. Nothing. Neither more nor less. No more. LaMd sa lah~it, higit sa lahait, mahigit sa la h a"t. The most. Lal6ng mabuti, Better. LalI'ng masaimft. Worse. Ang kasam~sasamhan..Sing, kas'ing. (Hindi') sing, (hindil) kasing. Worst. As-'as. So-as. MGA LA.IPIBADYX&NG PANG PATOTOO. =AFFIRMLATIVE ADVERBS. MGA LAMPIBADYA' SA, HANAY.=AIDVERBS OF ORDER. -un'd-sun "d. Sa katipusatin. au kawakasain, sa wa kAs. U nau na. Lastly, finally. Firstly. Kapalh pa. Kasi'. Ng"aiii. N9 bo6ng lug Od. Namitn, din, rnf, din naman, rin na-. man. Oo, wa; wen. Oo nQ-%A, o() na-. gA. Sa katotohatian, sa ka'tunayan Siguro. S iyanawA Totoo. Tunay. Of course; elt'arly.' f thinK so. -Surely, therefore, then. Willingly. Also, too; likewise. Yes, yea; indeed. 'Yes, sir; ye3, madam. Yes truly., Verily; indeed. 1MRC X. LAMPJBADYA S \ PAGHIAHAMBING.= ADVE~RBS OF CONIPA RISON. Katulad, kawa- Alike. n~is. Kulanig.. Less. Kulang sa lahdt. The least. Katramiihan. Most. Ka'uintan. Least.. 1halos. I Almost. Ljal6, higit., ma- -More. higit.I Assuredly, tiel-. cu re~ly. Thus it is. iI) fact, i n truth. So be it. Certainly,- assu rtdly. Truly, assured, ly

Page  163 - 163 — Toteo nAA, totoo Really. nganl, tunay ng-A. WalAng kihl, Poutblesis. walling peg. sala. Kung sal~all; sakall. Maaia~rl, mang.. y.9yari. Mahangay. Marahil. Sukat mangyari.. If -by chance'; in oase that" May be. It 'should be. better. Perha ps; per chance. Possibly. M(YA T.AM PIBADYANG PANGTANGGI. = NEGATIVE ADVERBS. Hindl p6 Di isarnun. fonhanin.) Hi ndi. Huwvag (prohiHluwag. na; h ind? na. Hinidi rnf. Hfind? rin alk4. Hindi rin kay6. Hind? pa. Hfind'ing hindi. Siye' " ma' y bindl. Not, no'.. No, si r; no, madam. In no wise. Christian.) Nay., Do not; no. No more. Neither. N~or I either. Nor you either. Not yet. Not At all. Nor he. XXII'. Alga Alisong at Prepositionu,mga.9aiapong.. -and conjune tion8. MG A ALIJSO NG= PREPOSITIONS. Ayon sa, ayon According to. kay. Aang-alang sa,- Considering, 4 fthing-alang, account of Ikay, -pakun- through. don~mn sq, pakundangan kay; Kay. To, in, at, o1 on I in MGA LAMPIBADYX Sk PAGAA.lINI~jANGAN. ADVERBS OF DOUBT. Apfin, disin, d iw'. Kahimnawniari; looV'in natwA. rig Poon: hadriW'A, hr~ina. nffA. [(Aita-An, pagkak Ata O I. K u ng dan "'atn kung hindi. Peraventure. Liest. Would to God; God grant.. By chance.But for. -Dako, dapit. Dahil isa, dahiMnsa; dahil kay, dahilhin kay. Hanggaln, hanggan sa. Hinggil isa, Ninggil' ka~y;, bagay kay, tungkol sa, tungkol kay.~ for, with,9 from. Towards, in a direction to, near to. On account of Until, till; I 'as 'far as; up to, down to. About, relating to.

Page  164 -164 - Laban sa, laban kay. May. 4uli. Ng. Ni. ParA sa,' pard kay. Sa. Sa harnip, rap ng, raip,~i. Sa ilalim. sa hasa ha Against, in opppsi ion to, oppot)sitec to. With. Si ncc, from., Of, hy, with. Of, I)y. For. To. in, at, on, for, froxm, with. Before. Under, underneath. Upon; over; ab, ve. Below; down. Above; up. A in o ng, amolg4t. Near, at hand, not far off. Between. Through, by. Without. MGA S LAPONG NA PANGIPAS[\WA,I = DIS.J U N C FIVE CONJUNC '10N. Kay6 ni BonipI;Syo. Kami nli Emilvo. Sila 1nr part. Na nin, ] in, di,, naman. You and BonijExilius and I He and the priest Also. likewise, as wel 1, m1noreover. Og, wino. A3 aoaig. Kuing. Maging. Sa ibabaw. Sa ibahA. Sa. itaas. Sa gitnA, sa gitnA ng. Sa may. Or. Wheth er, either. Whelther. Or, either. Either, whothler. MGat SALAPONG NX PANGKAL krBAN -A DVEI.S kTIVE CO JUNr ['IONS. Sa pagitan. Sa pa~mamagitan nD, sa pawamamigitan ni. WalA (walAng). f GA SA L A PO. = CON.JUNCTIONS. MGA SALAPONG NA PANO. DATIG. = COPUL\TIVE CONJ[TNC rIONS. Ktll}uni, Datap)wvA. datapwil't d1pwa,, dal^)*wv t. Suball, iubali't; 1;.lit~ban ea, liban sa;,iliiitnna. Bag'. 1s. Bagarian, bagaIlaIt, miatama;n. Sukd, n. Kalhit, kahi0< yotlnAfn.. Gayon rnn, ganoon man; man. But. Hut. But, except. yet. Unless. Rat her. 'ihol gh, notwvithtam,diog, alhou gh. Whichsoever. Nevert heles. Still. In spite of, notwithstand. iilg. At, sakA. P;iti, sampun. Bisin, bikaa..fa4n, hindl rin. Ni. -fit A nd. Even, also, jointly, together. Neither, nor, even Neit her, nor. And.

Page  165 -165 - MGAX SALAPONG NA PANGP. II \V TNAG. =I XPI.AN ATORY CONJUNCTIONS. Sa tnakatuwid. atalaolrg. Pag halilnbawL. Sa I;tloiig Ilma tuvvid( na pagst,-a bi; sa la16 ng lnabuiing pagsasalli tA. That is to say; viz. Fir int4anrce More properly speaking. Kayi, kayA n~A, kayA niga yat&. )ihllil doon. D;,liil dito, sanhi ritls, sa (ia}Jil^-nf^, itS. Sta tlgAy I,a it6. Sa bagay na. ito, salnhi rito. Saa;r di gay6n. Sa,1 ayidi iga.. D)air, kung g ayon. Therefore. On which accounl t. Wherefore. Whereby. Consequ ently, by conse. quence, wherefore. And w lv riot. Accordtingly. Then. MGA S.\LAPO'NG.NA PANG.K \ IINLGAYAN ==C NDITIONA, L CONJUJNCFI1ONS. Rung. Larnlang. Pag. Tuwing, sa tu win g. If. Provided that. A. Whenever, whensoever. M(A SALAPONG N\ PANGT U LO Y. = CO NT I N UA 'TIVE CONJUNC I'ONS. KayA ngt. Buk6d dito. MGA. S3ALAPONG NA PANGSANH OG PANGDAHII N AN. I=CA USAL CONJUNCTIONS. Sai.;a'4k. p't, piig- Because; f r kai't. the reason So that, therefore. Besi(es, moreover, short of tthis. that. As. aMGA SALAPONG NA PANGLA YON OG PANGW \ KAS.= CONJIJNCTIONS OF I'URPOSE OIR RESULT. Sap, gka, palibha^a'yv. tSapagk a' t. 1M aypapat., pag k; r)alibhasn. Yayarnanr, yaman.l, haBakin, di bakin. Wh resi. For the reason that. VWhtereas. Si nce. Since; inasmuch as. Upan g. Upang, nang. A nop i't. Upandin. In ode-r that; with the objec of. In order to; thlt. So that. Wit i a view to. MGA SALAPONG( NA P \NGHULO =[ILL.ATIVIE CONJUAC rlON'S. iMGA IBAPANG SxI\PONG A'r JA M PIRADYANG PANGSA L A PO N G = 0 r II1 R CO.JUNCllONS AND) CONJUNCTIVE ADVhRBS.

Page  166 -166 - Hindi lamangkundi. Sa ganfing, sa ganarig sa, sa ganting kay. Kung para sa, kuing para kay. Parang..... Kahit paan6. Pa. [bapAi, Kay sa; sa kay. Na. Ano pai, anopa't. Kung p2tan6, para ng. Gayondin, gayondin naman. Kung sana sa. Sapagka maranAAl na tao. GaytAn pala. Sa halip ng, sa lugial ng; sahaliro ni, sa lgigal ni. Not only-but. As for, as to. As for, on part. my As though. At any rate, any how. Else. Else. Than. That. Finally, last ly. As. So. As though. As an honest. man. So then. Instead of, in place of. i Ay sa abA mol I Ayail I Ayaa! Aba tayo! Alang-alang sa Diyos! A m punin ak6! Ayto!, etol, heto i BapafI I Bapaal i Ba pa ayaa I i luti nal I i Ba ra w l, I biye! I K., himanawarl!, inawi!, i maan61 i Kahangalin! i Kay-hanfdl! i KuwidAwl Dali! E! Ha1 Hala! H I!el Hali ka! H li kay6l Hipya! Hindi kaiac,fian!, hind! hale!, walAng kailangan! i I-I cysis! H:1kv5 o! Woe is you!, Woe is thee! Oh! What! Well then I Let us go! For God's sake Goodness mel Here it is I Get it! What! What! What!, how! Well! Bravo! Would to God Nonsense! How foilish! Look out, i Be quick 1, hurry upl (Emphasis, a tone i, speaking.) (An ir terjection of cares.] Hal Go or) Hear! Come! (A voice for in! citing the dog ) Never mind I Gracious I Begone I XXIV. Mfga aris6. A! Aha!' (ave l), ahba p6! lAbhil, loyal. IArmy! IAruiyl I Ah kol lAyl! IAy sa abA kol Interjections. Ah! Hail! God bless you. Ah! Hillo! What a pain! What an intense pain I Alas, poor me! Alas! Woe ik me!

Page  167 I -167 - Hol Stop te cf tl Ini ko My T ya! Che t [kaw ang baha- Ben l1i, kayo ang bahalia! Labas! Aw Layas! Get Lakad! Beg Loobin nawa ng We Poonl I Mabuhay 1, Hu i mabuhi! Manaa!, yari Be manaan l iMayapl, ima- W< buti Maligayang Ha bat l, lulilipl (INanay kol M: 104 0o 01 H 10, Kalangitan! G, Oy, hoy I Li Pagpalain ka B na.wa I Pgpalain nawA kay6o Pagk rami I V Kirami!, I dami ayaa!, I anIrig dami l, I,ay-rami I. ' Pala! ' I Pshi! I,I (An inrjection for )ntroling ie horse.) mother! erup Well hen! Let us ee! varel ay! Get out tout Away! gone;uld to God rrah! hold ILook here! ellt ill, greeting y rrfimmal hl ere it is Get it! ( od heavens isten, say (A voice for calling the attention of a fellow.) less your soul! Pagkai ganda!, H kay-g, nda!, an6ng ganda! IPoon'g ko! O I SalamLAt I T Salamat sa pag- V dating! ISayang! M ISawing-p.lad! V Sump&in kal C Sul, su,sul. ( Sulong ( Tabll, tabil, < ilag! rTahitnik! Tahain!, walAng imik! Tingnil i Totoo I Urong lUy! XX MAfa ibdng pagaavggkopnao balailaon. Ang kagandahan ng langit. Ang sa langit na kagandahan. ow beautiful h, my! hanks! Velcome l Vhlat a pity! Voe,urse you! An interjection for driv-. ing away the hens and chickens.) 0o on, Go ahead. Sive way!, Clear the way. Hush Silence!, not a word t Look, look here! Indeed! Get backl (An interjection of wonder.):V Other cal gramati'compositionfs. Vhat a How it is. crowd! plenty The beauty of the sky. 'lhere, well Pshawl

Page  168 Ang kapahaman Ini Sanl A gnstiin. Alng kty San, Agustin n11 kapalhaham an. Ang katnpangan 11I g tga kawal na pilipino. Ang sa mna ka wal ina pilipilnong katapa nga;t. Ang hahay ni Milteo. Ang kay vMateong bah.lay. Ailg mIna Ipluin,,ita G Bulan. Ang 1ina G Bulan'g mga l pain; ang kana G. Bulatl'g mga luphin. Mag-ama. Mag-a amai. Mag-inia. Mag-iina. Mlt-amai ni Hiwan. Mig-in:. ni Pedro. Mh;g-iniAng mahal ita Birgen. M:lg-arnang Lu];SS.. MHS inaing Mariya. The wisdoi,, of Sainit Au 1ustilI. Saint A lg l ti II Wis(.Iot The hr,;v,-ry o,f the Filipliio Soldier4 Tle Con(l' Mt;e (of \ lt Pliliilpine soldiers The hn lse of M1 a t, t e v lttlhew's Iolstfv-. The lands of.M r Ruila. Al r. Ktuitl's lands. Father and son or etla,- Iter. Fl lher an,].hilMot her anid child. Mother ald Cleild re. Ja,, and his f:ather Peldr<.:,mi1 his nmo her. The Holv Vir gin Motlher a,,d her s)on L,,nc, aid his chilld. Mari; and her child. Matg- asawa. Mag-ka Ilatid. M. agkak.ipaltid. MIagkasama. Mlagkakasarna. Sanp M1.ynila., Sang SanSa t g Sa Ig ^'a 'g lungsunrhn. bl ya nan. kail iin, daillkdigan. Husbh nd and wife. The two 1)ro: tlers, two isters; br'ob tlher and sist er Bi,tlherp;.isa ters; brohera h1t(d is,'-ers. (lore th/n t(co ) The it wo con Cmpnnions. Con I)} tions ( 'wr,,e than two.) All the people of M a inla. All the city. All the people. All t lhe town. All the wor d. All t le tliver'e. All the FilipiA little msster. A little bi-hop; pse-ldo bishop, a,pre tecnded bisA little priest;. a,r. tended pIriesl. A little ling; a falIe kingr. A very little tlnn; a doll. S o m e w h a t eood. S orn e w h a t bad. Sang kapilipi-;, rtnuhan. ('nrosrri'mnn. Obiolbispuhan. Hariharlan. Taotauhan. Ma,utlbuti. MasarAsamnA

Page  169 NI a I i gal i gaypa. Mal ay 'lay 6. Malapitlaplit. Pag ali1s k o. Pag lakad 'no(. Pag panhik ng tatay 1110. Pafgka ruisaf. p'agka in~rn. Pa~ka kain. ikAug pagbasag. Ang pagtkabaSag. Aug paghagis. Atig pagkahiagis Aug P ag ka(lyos. Ang pagkatao Aug pagkagaling. Ang pagkaeamii,"., Kasama. K as,-apI. K a-Ikdase. Kalar6..Kaiskuwela; kaiskoli nhin. Kas tma ia p-iglalakbIay. Somnewhat happy.A little distant A little near. After I have gone. As soont as you walk. As s~oon -as your papa. comes or goeS uip After the miass is over. After drinking. After eating. The act of hre,Lk~ing., The eff ect of hei ii broken, The ac-t of throwing. The effect of h av i n g thrown. Divinity, (laity. Huimanity. -,Go-odness. Badness. Companion; mnate, col - league. Partner, associa to. Classm ate. Playmate. Fellow-scholar. Fellow - travel - er. Kababhayati. Kab,%banwa, ka8 banwanhiiu. Kabansaanin. Katau~isa katao Kaputol, kapirae~o, ka-pisan1g, kzapiAnjim katao. Kaka'kain ko pa. Kafino'm pa niya KasAsalitA pit niya. Kafin-at ka. Katatapang kaN 6. BinIalingbing. TIinallab i b. Tiniabasan. pi-, n agta bas n.Inahitan, pinagahitani. Kina-yasan, pinag kayasan. Pinuluta'n. Countryman, of the s-im)e people. Fetlow-citizen. -Of the samne courttry. Of the same nation. A single mnan. A single piece. Six persons o '1 y. I have just en ten. He has just drunk. He has just spoken Be, very careful'. Be courageous. Formed like an o c tago n, which is the formn of a fruit called ba~gbing. A rice plant resembling, the talahib grass. Renaininig pie CeS, cuttings. Stubbles. Ra -pings. Thing made of honey or foodi with honey. Kagalo. Kasalo. Co mme nsal. I

Page  170 -' I70 - Si nabatan. Si nulaman. Pangbutas, pamutas. Paniall. A mat woven with designs. An emnbroidered mitt or cloth. Puncher, b.orer. A cord or rope for tying. Panilos. Pan itik. Pana h i d. Pang-a hit. Paniuskos. Pamukpok. Pen k nife. Pen. Cloth for cleanin1g. Razor. A brush for cleani ng. A hammer. XXVIe Arig talahiag t bad yang. ay, at, a~ng mgat bad uang may-mayroon, wala,- n8-nasa (it wala sa. The ligament and verb ay, and the verbs may-mayroon, Wala, na-nasa (Ind wala sB., MTGA!JALL$I3BdVA SA PA4GKA4 TALABI.VG NSqG AY..EXAMIPLES OF AY USED AS LIGAMJENT. Si Gnag Pransiska ay nagssi'salitA. Si Gni -Huwanita ay sumusulalt. Si G. Pabl-o aty guin'igaw". (og naggaigaw).0 Ako'y kumaikain. Ikl~tw'y umfinornl. Siyay, lu akadl. Tay-6'y nag-a'aral. Karyo'.y nagtutLur6. Sila'y naki'kinyig. K ami'y n a rr!ima'asi d. Angr umfiibig sa kapwA-tao ay urmibfig sa Diyos. Ang mt-a nangan-ailan,5-an nA mira akiat "a' makatptaririto at ku'nin it6ng mia akiat. M rs. Francis speaks (or is sp(-aking).' Nfiss Jen ny writes (or is writi ng) Mr. Paul works ('or is working) I eat. I am eati ng. You drink. You are drinking. He walks. He, is walking. Wel study. We are studying You teach You are teaching. They hear. They a-re hearing. Tney listen They are listening We observe. We are observing. He who loves his fellow-beiing loves Go'd. Those who want books may come to get thf'-se books..

Page  171 i i I -171 — Kung tuntay na ibig mong duimuno'rg, ay rnag-Aaral katig mabut i. If it is true that yoiu wish to he a learned matt, youl will study well. J'W1A HA LIMBAWA SA PA GK-A BA DYA. NG AY= EXAMIPLES OF AY USED -AS VERB. Ak6 ay pilipino (ako',y pilipino.) Pilipino ak6'. Tay6'y m~ra Ilaakivg pilipinhin. M~la la'laking pilipinhin tayo. Kay6'y mga babaing pilipinhin Mga babaing p)ilipitnhin kay6'. Sila'y nijararaing~l. Mararangal K:ty6 O'P6 ay mnaalarn. Maalam po kay6'. Ang ibon'g tengkeng ay maganda. Maganda, ang ibon'g tet'gkeyng. A ng paha'm ay si G. LatigharadyA. Aug marang-1 ay si G., Malinis. Noon'g araw kay6' ap akiii'g kagalit; ng-a)oi tayo'y mntgI4Libigan..Kahapon siya ay maysakit; bu.kias ay mnigaling i)a. I am a Fil-ipii~o., We are Philippine nmen. You are Philippine women They ar-e hones-t.Yoii ar-e wise, sir. The bird tengkeng 'is pretty.' The learned m~tn is Mr. Lang'haradyh, The honest man is Mr. Malinis. Formerly you w ere my enemty; now we are. friends. Yesterday he wvas sick; tomorrow he wi/il be well. MlGA HALLMBAWVA'SA MAY.MAYROON AT WALA.= EXAMPLES OF M1AY-MAYROON AND WALA. Ako'y may)rooni'gjpinulat. K~k6'y may panulat. Ala yroon'g panuht ako. Mayroon ako'ng panulat. Kayo~y mayroon'g salapt. Kay6'y mnty salapt. Alayroon'g, salapt kay'6. May salaqpt kay6'. Afayroon kay6ng salapi. Sili'y mayroon'g mga kal Sila'y magY -m~a ktl.6. Myaroon'g m-a kal16 sila'. Mery niga kal.6 silai. Afayroon s~ilaing mga kal6 ~ I have a pen. '11 ~ You have money. J 6. ~ They have hat~s. J

Page  172 -172 - Ako'y walang panilos. W'&la akong panilos. Ikatw'y wtlang aklat. Wd,1la kang damit. WValag damit ikaw. Sila'y walang sapatos. WValAng sapatos sila. Wala silang sapatos. Ala'yroon ba kay6ng sinelas? Mayroon ba siyang bagong kalo? Mayroon baga kay6ng mga kalabaw. Milyroon baga siling rnga parukf? May paruka baga sila? May parukA ba siya? May kabayo ba kayo? May lapis ba ikiaw. 'lay lapis ka ba? Mayfi kuderno ba ikgaw? May kuderno ka ba? May aklat ba ang iy(Yag kaibigan? MIayroon bang mna akilat ang nma kaibigan mo. Wala ka bagAnrg bahay? Wala ka bang b:irV? Walat bagai kayong lainesa? Wala ba silAnrg bukid? Kfay6 ba'y may kayamarian? HilA hagA'y walang mgapag aarl? Tayo ba'y walang sariling banwa? Ak6'y mayroon ngay6n. Ak6'y mnayroon kahapon. Ako'y mnyroon bukas. Akl'y nagkaroon noon'g isAIng lif ggo. Ak6'y magkakaroon sa.kal;iwt Il)ig ko\g magkraroon ka n fsalapt, Ktyd pA ny amin' g Pningulo. Ko'y6 p6 ay naging Panrgulo ng bal en.l. I have no penknife, You have no book. You have not a book. You have no clothes. They have no shoes. Have you slippers? Has lie a new hat? hIve you carobaos? HIlave they shoes? IHave they shoes. Has ho shoes? Hav'e you a horse? HaLve you a pencil? Have you a pencil? Have you a copy-book? Hiave you a bopy-book? Has your friend a book? Have your friends books. Have you i o house? Have you no shirt? Have you not a table? Have they no farm? Have you riches? Have they no property? Have we not a native-countr,? I hove now. I had yesterday. I Rhall have to-morrow. I had last week. I sh li have the day after tomorrow. T want you to have money. You are our President. You were a municipal president. You became a muiiicidal pres dent.

Page  173 -173 - N.i finp guro siya..Iiagiing pa g par an apatid tno. aV,vuing general si G. Noryel.,faying rm..tap.,t ka. /)liag rnatpait ka, flyyrooa'qg mIna sottirlang..If T. taib., i'Y; roIt' tti'big. Vazlang tinapay. Walang mga pinggaii. lHiad mntlakatroon n~, mabuting aii sa ta6n'^ daratilg. He was (or became) a teacher. Your brother will be a priest. Mr. Nory el was a general. f Be lo()al. There are knives. There is water 'Ihere is no bread..There are no plates. There will be no good year.. crop next MGA B I) YANO SA, NA OG NA SA, A7 WALA SA. &L inyo. Suma inyo. Simdsa inyo, Stsa inyo. Surma inyo. Na sa iyo ba alg akin'g rels? Na sa akin ang relos mo. W(da sa akin ang kuderno ino. Na kay Hose. NV kina LAsar6o. Nasa kina Iasaro. Na sa kanila ba aig mga midyas ng akin'g kapatid na lalaki? V asa kay Htliwanita ang mag;andang bulaklak? [Nasa kaniya Wala, sa kaniya. aN( saan ang walls? Na sa kusinA. Na saan atii tn-a aklac-saliniutl? Nasa silid. Ranino naroon ang mga akialtsalimnan? N\asa kilni n(o? N,,sa kanilai iVala sa kanila. Na sa iyo kahapon ang bihliya; ngayon ay nasa akin, at bukas n;tmln ay na sa kaniya. ITHE VERBS SA, NA OG NA SA, AND WALA SA. IVith you. Wis or were tzith you. Amn, are, or is, with you. Shafll be, or will be. tith you. Be with you. zHave you my watch? I luve your watch I do not have your copy-book. Joseph has it. Lazarus and company have it. Do they have my brother's tockings? Have they my brother's stockings? HIas Jenny the beautiful flower? She has it, S'ie has it,not. AV"'iere is the broom? It is in the kitchen. \\'ihere are the copy-books? They are in the room. Who has the copy-books? Who has thtem? Tney have them. They have them not. Yeaterday you had the bible; now I have it; and to-morrov he will have it.

Page  174 NAasaan ang mga hiya3? Saan naroon ang mga hiyas. Na sa mangananglakltl. Sumdsa Lat git ka. Mi;pa sa amin ang kabarian mno; parito ang kaharian mo. Nariri; nayari; nandini Narito; naito; nandito. NNiriyao; naiyan; nanliyan. Nraoon; na*yaon; nandoon. \Where are the jewels? The merclant has them. Tlhou art in iHeaven. Thy kingdom come. HIere it is. IHere ---is; here ---are. Here it is. Here — is; here ---are. There it is. There.-i.; there —are. There it is. There —i:; there —are., panmvmn gitan ng Conjugqtion by the verbal parmga tipik badyaon'g um, mag, tides um, mag, me, mang ma, mang at maka, 8(t tinig and maka, in the l active rCnd aktunhin at pasunhin. passive voice. ACTIVE UM. Ugaft (Root) —' Kaitl.- -.Cat. o Nakaraan (Past) --- —Kumain., Kasalukuyan (Preseznt) ---Kumakain. I Darating (Future) --- —-Kakain. E ~ Panghardp (Imperative and o ~ Infinitive- Kumain. Badyaon (Verba-l) --- Pagkail. PASSIVE IN. Ate; have or has eten. Eat, eats. Shall eat, will eat. Eat; to eat. The act of eating. Ugat (Root) -- -Kai n. ---Eat. Nakaraan (Past) --- —-—. Kinain. j Darating (Future) --- -* -- Kakainin og ' kakanin. ba Panghardp Imperative and Infinitive) -— Kainin og kanin. Ako'y kumakain ng tinap.y. I eat bri KumAkain ako ng tinapay. Was or were eaten. Ate. Is or are eaten. Eat, eats. Shall or will be eaten. Shall or will eat. Let it be eaten; to be eaten. Eat it. ead. I am eating bread.

Page  175 -I Aklin'g kiniikain aug tinapay. Khimikain ko ang tiniapay. Ang Ctinpy ay akinI'g klinski-in. Auig tinapay ay kinAkain ko. Kinain ko aug isd 4La Kuma'in ak6' nj pipino kahap~on. Kiiiain mno ting pipino. Lkaiw 'y kumAkain. Kuimakai n ikAw. Kum~ikain ka. Siya'y kuna'kai-n. Kumnfikain siya. Kuimain nqg saghig. Kainiin-(LL saghig. Kainin (Lg rrnga staginig. Kanin rmi's. Akin'g kaikanin, kaikaiiin ko.' ~75 - I eat the. bread. The bread is eateni by me. I ate the fish. The fish was eaten by me I ate cucur'n~er' yesterday.Yju~ ate the cucumber. You have eaten the cucumber. You eat. You are, eating. He (or. she) eats. He (or she) is eating. It eats. It is eating. To eat ba~nanzs. To eat the banana". To eat the bananas. Eat the corn. I sahil eat it. It will be eaten by m e..You will eat it It will be eitten by you. He (or she) will eat it. It will be eaten by him (or her). We shall eat it. It will be ea'ten'. Iby us.You have eaten it. It has been elaten by you (now)-. Th ey ate it. It 'w,~.s eaten by them. I have just eaten. You have just eaten He has just eaten. You have just eaten 'We, have just eaten. They have Just eaten. lyong kaikanin. Kaikanin mo. Kniiyang kaikanin. Kaiikaniii niya. Atin'g k~ikanin. Kaikanin natin, Inyong kinain. Kinain. ninyo (ngay6n). Kanilaing kin-aini. Kinain nihi'. Ktakiik-~ain ko pa. Katks'kain mo pa. KakAkain pat niya. Kakaikain pa ninyo. Kakaikain pa namin (og natin) Kak~ikain pa niha. ACTIVE UL 1 Ugdt (1?001) ---------- Iri,OM._ --- —-— Drink. Nakaraan (Past) ----. ----Unair Om. Kaiaukuyan (Pr-esentO- U minnm. Darctting (Futur-e). ---I ---in0'm. Paingharap (Imperative and Infinitive) -— * Umino'm1. Bad ydon (erb0 it --- —-Pag-ino'rn. Drank; have or has drunk. Dri~k., drinks. Shall drink, will drink. Drink; to drink. The act of drink~ing

Page  176 -176 - PASSIVE IN Ucdt (Root) — Ilon. -- l)rinlk. Nakaraan (Past) -------- Ininonm. Kasalukuyan (Present)-.lnfin6m. Daratine (Future) -- -- linuion.: Pangtu rdp (Imp. and Inf)-Illunmiln. Ak6oy umiin6m ng tubig. Umf- I drink inom ako nt tubig. water Akin'g iniinom ang alak. Inf- I drink in6rn ko ang alak. Ang alak drunt ay akin'g infin6m. Ang alrk ny infinom ko. [nin6in ko ang kape. [ dtrank Umin6rn ako ng serbesakahapoil. I drank Ininom ino ang gatas You (dra Ikaw'y uminin6o. Umiilln6m You drii ikaw. Umiin6m ka. Umin6m ng tubA. To drini [numfn ang tub,. To drini Inumfn ang hinebra. Drink tM Akin'g fiiumin.i inumin ko. I will di [yong finumin. linumin Imo. You sh drink by yo KI(aniyang finumin. liiumin He (or niya. He (c will b( Atin'g finumin. linurnin nitin. We wil drink Amin'g finumfn. linumin na- We wil min. ~ drink us. [nyong iniinm. Inin6m ninyo You h v (nQz)y4n). d runi KanilAng inin6m. Inin6m nila. They di by thi Kafin6m ko pa I have Kafin6m lamang niya. He has j Kafin6m mo pa. You ha, Klin6m pa ng iyong kasama. Your co drunlk Was drunk. Drank. Is drunk. Drink, ( rinkls. Will be drunk. Shall or will drink. Let it be drunk; to Ihe (drunk. Drink it. water. I ant drinking the wine. The wine is i by me. the coffee. beer yester(ldy. Lnk the milk. Ak. You are drin,king. c tu bA. c the tubAi.!e gin. rink it. I shall drink it. all drink it. You will it It will be drunk U. she) sh, 1il drink it. )r she) will drink it. It e drunk by him (or her) 1 drink it. We shall it. 1 krink it. We shall it. It will be drflnk by re drunk it. It has been by you (now. ra nk it. It was drunk em. just drunk. ust drunk. ve just drunk. mnpanion has just

Page  177 KaiinIrn pa ng ivong ln:a kalar. Kaiinomr pt) ng kanila ng mga kaiskuilwela. Your playmates lhave just drul k. Their schoolmates have just drunk. ACTIVE UM liJtt (Root)... ---..Sult. -- Letter; writing. N akar-an (P'ust) ------— Suuulat. a Kasaolukuy(lnn ( Present) --- Sumusulat. " Dlrtiing (altrltre) -- -— Susula5t. Panagharlp) ( lip. and f. ' -Sumulat. Bldydiorn ( Ilrbta) — -:- Pagsulat. PASSIVE IN Wrote; have or has writteln. Write, writes. Shall write, will write. Write; to write. The;.ct of writing. Tgd t ( Root) ------- - -Sulat Naklraan ( -pst )- - Sinulat. asalukulyan ( Present l- - Sindsulat. ' l )arating (Jluture). S.usulatin. ' I'nghagrap ( /mt. and /f )-Sulatin. Letter; writing. Was written. Wrote. Is written. Write, writes. Will be written. Shall or will write. Let it. be written; to be written. Write it P \SS[VIE I (/gat (Root) - ----. Sulat.Nakaraan (/'ast.) - -- sinulat.;f Kasaluktyan (/Present) - - Isinuisulat... ~ Darating tFuture) - - Isusulat. E PanI hanrap (/tmp. and Inf.) [sulat. -Letter; writing. Wrote with (the instrument of writing ) Write or writes with. Shall or will write with. Writp with [the instrument of wriling]. PASSIVE AN Uaa't (oot)- - - - Slat.- - - Nakaraan (Past) - - - - inulatan. Kasallukluyan (Present) - - Sinusulat n Darating (Future) Suisulattan. Letter; writing. Wrote in cr on. Write [or writes] in or on Shall [or will] write in or on. Write in or on. To write in or on. Paln, haap ( mp. and /nf.)-Sulatan.

Page  178 -178 - Ak6'y sumd1sulat nig is~ing liham ea akin'g amA Sumuisulat ak6 ng isting liham sa akin 'g ama. Sindisulat ko ang, liham. Akin'g sindisulat ang liham Ak6'y su'sulat Aa pap'l. Sisulaitan ko ang pap6l. An6 ba aug sindsulat ni Pedro? An6 ba ang isindstilat nii Pedro? L~apis ang isindsulat ni Pedro. I write a letter to mjy father, I write thre letter. I amr going to write on the paper. I shatll (or will) write on the' paper WVhat does Peter write? WVha is Peter writing? With wvhat does Pt-ter write? With what is Peter writing? Peter wri~tes, with a pencil. Peter is writing with a pencil. Surnulat ka Sumulat Siya, Sumuhat tayo O kami Surpulat kay6 tiumulat silt S3ulatin mo Sulatin niyo, Sualtin natin eg Sulami niny Sulatin ninyo rsulat MO Isulat niya isulat natin etnainin ISU lat xiin yo, [sulat, Iifla, Sulatan mo, Sulatan niya Sulatan natin eg namin Sulatan ninyo Sulatan nila4 'I I S.~ ng parayon. j yang WIal. J 1 ang pisarang (Thou) WVrite Let him or her write Let us write (You) Write Let them wvrite (Thou) WVrite Let him or her write LeG us write (You) Write Let them write (I'hou) Write Let him (or her) write Leet us wirite [Youi] W~rite Let themn write [Thou] write Let himn or her w rite Let tis write [You] Write Let them write a prose c,,omnposition j ~ the poem#, J with the pen.on the black - btoard. j PAGKOKONGHUGA NG" BA DYAING 'SL UMIA KA D"I I -CONJUJGATLON OF THlE VERB "L UII1AKAD". A KTUNHIN (*) Niakar~ [Past I -—. - Lumakad. Wle;hv rhswle Walked - have or hats walked

Page  179 I -179 — Kasal. [Pres.] - - * - Lumfilakad. Dar. [Fut ] - ------ Lalakad. Pghar. [Imp. and Inf. -Lurnakad. BadyAon [Verbal * - Paglakad. Walk. walks. Shal i or will walk. Walk; to walk. Walking. AN Nakar -Linakaran o; nilakaron. Kasal. -Lin,lakaran og nilalakaran. Dar. - -lialakaran. Pahar. - Lakaran. PASUNHIN. (*) IN Linakadl ow nilakad. LinAlakad og nil2ilakad. Iilakarin. Lakarin. I Ilinaka.d OQ inilakad. Ilinalakad oo ini lailakad. Ilalakad. Ilakad.. PAGKOKONGHUGI NO BADYANG "UMAbOT" =CONJUGATION OF THE VERB "UMA4BOT." Ugdt: Abot. UMnab6t.-To reach, to get. AKTUNHIN Nakar. [Past] -.- Umab6t. Kasal. [Pres. ] - - - Unaaab6t. Dar. [ Fut.]... b6t. P har. (Imp. and Inf.)-Umabot. Badyaon [Verbal] - Pag-ab6t. Resched; got. Have or h.s reached; have or has gotten. Reach, reaches; get, gets Shall or will reach; shall or will get. Reach; get. Reaching; getting. PASUNHIN AN Nakar. Kasal. Dar. P-har. IN Inab6t. I naab6t Aabutin. Abutin. I tniabot. Iniiaabot. laab6t. I;bo6t. Inabutan. Illaabutdn. kabutan. AbutAn. Was reached or gotten. Is reached or gotten. Will be reached or gotten. Be reached or gotten. [*] Ang salitang "aktunhin' ay galing sa latin'g actw na buhat sa. badyang n,,o na ang kahulugira sa tagalog ay "gumawa", "magtaguyod". Ang salitang "pasuiihin" ay galing sa latin'g,pauU na buhat sa badyAng patior na ang kahulugin ay 'magtiia,' "m uagbatii. '

Page  180 -180 - PAGKOKONGHUGGA NG -1ADYANG ''YUIMARlI". =CONJU(A. TION OF TH E VEl B " YU liA AI'. Ug7,t: Yari. Yumanri.=ro finish the work. A 1KTUNHIIN. Nakhr. [Past.] - -- - Yuari. 1'asal. Pres.]J -- Yumlnyarl. Dar. [Fut. ---- Ynarl. Pghar. [Imp. and Inf. ]-Yumari. Badyaon [Verbal] - - Pagyari. Finished; have or has finished, Finish, finishes. Shall or w\rill finish. Finish; to finish. FinishinIg. PA SUNVHIN. Nakar. -- ------- Kasal --------- Dar. - - - - - Pghar.- --------- IN Niyari. Ni\ ayarl. Yayariin. Yariin. I Iniyari. I niyayali. ly yari. iyri. ACTIVE MAG. Ugdt (Root) ----- Aral. -- - Doctrine, instruction. Nakaaaun (Past) - - - Nag-aral. studied; have or haM studied. | Kasalukuyal (Present) - Nag-atral. Study, studies. ( Darating (Future) - - Mag laral. Shall or will study. Panghazrtp (Imperative and Infinitive) - - - g-aral. Study; to study. Radyaon (Vevbal) - - Pag-aatral. The act of Ltudying. PASSIVE PAG-AN. Ugti (Root) - -ral. ---- Doctrine, instruction. iNakarvaa (Past) - - - -Pinag-aralan. \Vts studied. C s Kasalukulan (Present) -Pinag-aaralan. Is studied [' Daraiing (Future) - - - Pag aaralan. Shall or will be studied. - Panohlzrdp /mperative Pag-aralan. Let it be studied; t,and /nfznitve. be studied. Studly it. PASSIVE PAG-I Ugdt (Root) Aral.=...,.. Doctrine, instruction j Nakaraan (Past) Ipinag-aral. The reason, means o0, g Kvasalukuyan (Present) - - Ipinag aaral time on which, by o0;= Darating (Future) -- - Ipag-aaral. for which. a persol &/'anlIlardp (/mtp and studied. Etc., etc. -l /l )- Ipag-aral. Nag-Aaral akI n11 wik Ang pilipinhin. I study the Philippine language. I

Page  181 -181 - Llinag-Aiaralani ko ang balarilang pilipinhin. Nag-aiaral ka ba sa iskuwelahan? Nag-afyaral ha si Huwan ng batais? Nag-aiaral siya ng midisina. Pinag-arala~n mo, ba ang iyong uisyon? Nag-aral tayo I study the Philippine grammar. Do you study 'in school, (or at school)? Does John study law? He studies medicine. IDid you. study your lesson? IWe have studied. PAGKIOKONGEIUGA, NG BADYA.NG "M14GMISP". ='CONJUGATION 'qOF THER VERB "MJA G-.iIP1.` I U1jN at.. Isip. M~g-iSip. -;To think. AK T UNHIN. Nakar. [ Past'-L Kasal. [ Pres.]- - Dar. [Fut.]Pghar. [Imp. and Lnf.] Badykon (Verbatl) - -' — - Nag-isip. - Nag-iisip. -- Mag fisip. - Mag-isip. - Pag-iisip. Thought; have or has thought. Think, thinks. Shall or will think. Think; to think, Thinkingr.C PASUNHIN. PAG-AN PAG-'IN PAG-1 Nakar. — — Pinag-isip. Kasal ---- -- - &Pinag-fisip. Dar. - -Pag-fisipin. Pgrhar. - Pag-isipino An6 a~ng pinag-fisip mo? Pinag-lisip k,-o aing akin'g nangungulilang kabuhayan. Huwag mo ako'tig pag-isipan ng ma'samA. An6" ang ipinag-'ilsip mo ti ganiyan'g k~iraming bagay-bag-a)? Ipag-ifisip ko n9.' mga ibaing paraan ang bagay na it6" upanig Pinag-isipau. Ipinag-isip. Pitiag-isipan. lpiriag-iisip. Pag-fisipan. Ipag-ifisip. W hat are you thinking about? I a-m thin'king about my lonely life. Do not think bad things. of me. What is the cause of your about so many things? I will think of other means to settle the matter. PAGKOKONGHUGA NG BAVDYANG "MAGTAPON".=CON.JUGATION OF THE~ VERB "MA GTAPON".' Ugdt: Tapon. Magtap~on.=To throw.

Page  182 -182 - 4 AKTUNHIN. Nakar. [Past] --- Nagtapon. Kasal. [Pres. ] —. - Na gtitapon. l)ar [Fllt. ].- - -- Magttatpon. Pghar. [Imp. and Inf.] -- Magtapor. Badyaon [Verbal] --- - Pagtatalpon. PASUNIIIN. Threw; have orhan thrown. Throw, tlirows. Shall or will throw. Throw; to throw. Throwing, I. Nakar. - - - - - Itinapon. Kasal. - --- - ItinAtapon. Dar. - --. — Itaitaponl. Pghar.- - --- -- Itapon. Huwag mong itapon ang papel sa sithig. I fuwag kang magtapon ng papel, Itapon ninyo. Bakit kay6 nagtaitapon ng mga Mklat? Bakit itinataponr ninyo, og bakit ninyo itinatapon, ang rnga aklat? Hindi namin itinatapon. Itinapon ba niya ang bulaklak? Alin ang kaniyang tinapunan ng bulaklak? Ang daan alg kaniyang tinapunan. AN. Tinapunan. Tinatapunan. T'I'tapunaln. Tapurtan. Do not throw the paper on the floor. Don't throw paper. Throw it. Why do you throw books? Why do you throw the books? We do not throw them. Did she throw the flower? Where did she throv it? She throw it in the road. PAGKOKONGHUGA NO BADYANG '"MAGBIGAY,.-CONJU. GATION ON THE VERB "'hAGBILAY'." Ugdt: Bigfy. Mahgbigay. To give, A KTUNIIIN Nakar. [Past.] -.- - - Kasal [Prest.] ------- Dar. [Fut.] - -- --- -- Pghar. [Imp. and Inf.] - Badyion [Verbal] - - - - Nagbigaiy. Nagbibigay. Magibbigay. Mpgbigiy. Pa bi bifgay. Gave; have or has given. Give, gives. Shall or will give. Give; to give. Giving, PASUNHI.I. akar. - Iinig y. Nakar. - - - - Ibinigay. AN. Binigyan. Wa's given.

Page  183 i -183 - Kasal. - -. - lbinfiigiiy. Dar. Lbibigdiy. P~har. Lbgy ktagbfbigay Akd n- salapi Ea iyo. Bfbigyan kita ng salapt. IbibigAy. ko 'Fa iyo angalapf. Kanino mo ibibig~y ang talaa.. mandAn? Sinio ang bibigyAni niya ng anitnmisan? Si Karvo ung bibigryan niya ng aritmisan.Bibigyna sild n& L~akanin. Binibigyan. Is given. Bibigyan. Shall or will be given. Bigyan. Be given. [ will give, you kome money. will. give money to you. I will give you the money:..To whom will you give the diotionary? To whom will he give an arithmetic? He wvill give, Karyo an artith'metic. They will be given food. PAGKOKONGHUGA. NG BADYANG "JfAGOWALIS"1-CON41JLV GATLON OF THE~ VIERB "sMA G WA LL9". Upat: Waif's. Magwalis.=To sweep. AKTUNIiJN. N Akar. [ Past.]I - D.. - - Kasal. [Pros.] ----.- - Dar. [Fat.] - - --- Pjhar. [Imp. and Inf.] Bady~,fon [Verbal] --- NKagwaifs - Niagivaialfs. I - Magwd'walis. Magwalfs. -Pa-gwawali's. PASUNHIIY. Swept; have or has swept.'4"v Sweep, sweeps. Sha.ll or will sweep. Sweep; to sweep. Swee Ping. IN, Naskar. [Past I - -- - -- -- Ni wal10S. [(nisa!. [Pres.] - -- -- -- Niw-Awalf'S. Dar. (Fat.]- -— ' --- — WVa' alIi s'I 1. Pghar. [Imp. and Inf.-] -.-Walisin. AN. Niwalisadn. Ni w~iwalisiin. Walisa n. I, [niwalls. Iniwiwalh.IwI~walis Iwalis. PAGKOK ONGHUGA NGO MO(A BA'DY'ANG "LUJIABAN"1 at "I/A G LA BA4N" Lumnaban.=To resist, to contradict, to fight. Maglabani. =To resist. one, another; to wrestle, to fight each other. AKTUNH1N. UM1. Nakar. --- -- -- -Lbutnaban. MIAG. Naglaban. Fought~; have fought.

Page  184 Kas'al.- - - - - - - - -Lumnalaba ii. Dar ---- --— Lalaban.Pghar. --- — - Lutaban. LBadyAoi- - R ---- ag labn'a. Naglalablan. M ag hilaba u. Masglaban. Paglala bani. F;ight. Will tight.. Fight; to fight. Fig hting. P.IASUNH~IV. A N.: PAG-AN. Nakar.~-Linabaiian og nilabanan Pinaglabanani. Kasal. —LinAlabanan og nil.ila- Pitiaglailabanan. banan. Dar. - -. - Lalabanan. Paghdlabanani. P~har' --- Laban~an.- Paglabanani. I. PAG-IN, PA G-I. Iliniaban ogi inflaban. Llinailaban og irlillahdafl. EAUlab6,n. Jlabani. Pinaglaha ij. PinaglA labani. Pa~glafl abaniiin. Paglahanin. ipinaglabain. Ipiziaglalaban. Ipugdablaan. Ipaglabha xi Magpuloug -To hold a mneeting. Nakar. (Past.) IK~sal. (Pres-). Dar. (Fut.) -, P,&har. (Imp. and NzigpulongNagptipulong. Magpiipulo ng. Magpulonig.. Inn. Held a ineeting. Hold a meeting. Will hold ai mee'ting Hold a meeting; to hreld a meeting..Holding a meetin"g. Bady~on (Verbal) Pagpupulo ng. MNaghiwala'y.,=To separate fromn each other. Nakar. [Past.] - - — ' Kasul. [ Pres.] - ----- Dar. [Fut.]IP~rhar'. [Imp. aind Inf.-] - - Badyfion [Verbal] - - - - -- Naghiwalhiy. Naghi'hiwalAy. Maghihiwalaiy. Maghiwal 'y. Paghihii wriAiy. Separated f rom each other. Separate f rom each other. WillI separate fromn eafthl other. Separate fromi each other. Separating fruom each other. Magaintahan. =-To love eaoh other. Nakar. [Past.]I — - -- -Nagsintaihan. Kasal. [Pres.] - -. --- - Nagsisintahan. Dar. [Fut.]I --- —-- — Magsisintahan. Loved each other. Love each other. Shall or will lo've each otber.

Page  185 -185 - Pghar. [[mp. and Inf.] - - Magsinltahan. Love eachl other; to love each other. BaidyAon [Ver)bal] -Pagsisintahan. Loving each other. Magkagalitan. -- To get angry with eacll other [or at one another]. Nakar. [Past ]..... Klasal. [Pres......... l)ar. [Fut.]....... Pghar. [imrp. anu Inf.].. BadyAon [Verbal]..... Nagksigalitan. Nagkakagali tan. Magkakagalitan. Magkaigalitan. Pagkakagalitan. Got angry with one another. Get angry with one another. Will get angry with one another. Get angry with one another; to get angry with one another. Getting angry with one another. Magtin.-in-tinginan. —To look fat each other very much. Magsakit-sak kitan.^-To feign, to be sick. Magtahay. =To make a house. Magbigas. =To sell rice. 1lag-ikno. -To sell buyo. Mag-ikmuhan.-=ro work in the bityo tield. Magbangk&.=rTo go in a boat, to ride in a boat, Mlagkabanalan.=To exercise in virtue. Magrnarunong, magznaalam. =To boast, to be wise.; ACTIVE MA. Uvdt (Root).......Takot.=... Fear, dread. | Vakaraan (Past.)...... Natakot. Was or were afi A /'asalitukyan (Present).. Nakatakot. A m, are (r is a - Darating, (Future)... Mataitakot. Shall or will bc P?angharap ( f/perativs ~ and /nfinitive)........ Matakot. Be afraiid; fea /'ad yaon ( Verbal).... Pagkatakot. Fear; being raid. 4fraid. e afraid. r; to feAr. afraid; fearing PASSIVE KA-AN Ulgdt (Root) — Takot.= - - - Fear, dread. Nakaman (Past ) - - - Kinatakutan. It was feared; etc. A'Kasahlktkyan (Present) - Kinatatakutan. It is feared; etc. 1 )arating (Future). - - Katatakutan. It will be feared; etc. Pangharap ([ni and /f. )-Katakutan.. et it be feared. T~ ^. be feared.

Page  186 -186 - Nata'takot ak6o sa, kulo'g. AkoWY nata'takot sa kulo'g. Kinata'takutan ko ang kidflat. Akfin'g kinatAtakutan ang kidlat. I am afraid of the thunder. I fear the thunder. I am afraid of t~he lightning. The lightning -is feared by me; I fear the lightning. ACTIVE MA Ugdt (Root) - Glt Nalar-z (Past) - -Na~galit. C) Kasalukuyian, Present) -Nagpigalit. 0.PDrating (Fulure)~ Magaigalit. LPanghiarap (Imp. a nd:x fnf.) - - Magaldit. IBadyaofi (Verbal) - - 10agkagalit. - - - Anger, ire. Got,angry. xGet angry, gets angry. Shall or will get angry. Get angry.T"he act of getting anigry. PASSIVE lKA-AN Ugdt (Root) - Gal it. Naka raan (past) -- Kinagalitan. T'Kasailcukyan tpresent). - Kinmig'gpitan. 9' iarathig (Future)'- Kagsdgal it~ n. Paughiaraft (Imip and Tbig- Kagalitan. - PASSIVEC NAIA-AN Anger-, ire Ug dt (Root) — O.NAakcaradn (pasat) Kasalnkuyan (Prese Iangkarap (Impt. a Nagaigalit ka ha sit akin? Hindi ako6 naga'galit si iyo. Nagagalit ba siya kay Pedro? Hindi siya maga'galit sla kaniya. Kinaga'galitan m'o ba ak6'? Hindi kita' kinaga'galitan. Kaga'galitan ba niya si Pedro? Hindi niya kagadgalitan siya. -Galit. - Anger, 'ire, — Nakagali-tan.!1d) -Nakakagalitan. — Makakagalitan.' - -Makagalitan. Are you angry at mne? Are you angry with me? I am not atigry at you. I ani not angry with you. I do not got angry with you. Does she get angry with Peter? Is she angry with Peter?:$he- will not be angry with him. A re you a n.gry with me. I amy not angry with yo~u. Will she be angry with Peter'? She will not be angry with him.

Page  187 -187 - Kagaigafitan ko tang anomatn'g gawang masamli.,Nakagalitan ak6' no akin'g ama' dahil sa iyo. Nakagalitan ko s~iya. Nakakagalitan mo silai. I shall get angry at 'aty bad action. My father 'got angry with me because of you. I get angry with him. You get angry with them. PAGKOKOKONGHUGA NG BADYANG " MA MA TA Y.;"=CONJUGATIGN. OF THE VERB " AIAATA Y". bgat: Matbiy. Mamatiy. — To die. A KTUNIIIN. Nakar" (Past) - - - - Kasal. (Pres.) -!- - - Dar. (Fut.)- - - - - 9P'har. (Imp.. and Inf.) Badyfion (Verbal) --- Natnats'y. Namnaimatfi'y. Mamnaimataiy. Mamata'y. Rag kamataiy. PA S UNHIN Died. Die, dies Shall or will die. Die. Dying. N~akar. Kasal. Dar. Pg ha r. KA-AN. KinamatayadnKi iiamamratayftin. Kani'matayain. Kamataya'n. MAKA-AN. Nakamatayatin. Nakakramatayain. Makakamatayain.Makamnataya'n. II (IKA). L~kinamnatiiy. Ikan&maimaky. IkamatA~y. Anug matapang na sund~alo, ay nahahanrdang mamatAiy dahil sa bayati. Lason ang ikinamataiy niya. Na. mata'y sa lason. Aug atin'g Maniitnakop (Atin'g Mahtil na Panginoon) ay nanata'y dahil sa kaligtttsan ngl sangkatauhan. Ang kalig. tasan nk sangkatauhan ang ikinamatity no5 Atin'g Mahil na Pankinoon. Ang tinubtlanglapai ang ikinamrnamtdy ng mg-a magiting. Namaimataiy ang mg-a magiting sanhi sa tinubit~anglup&. 1t6' ang bahay nif kinamataya'in ng kapatid kong lalaki. Ang ili na kamarnatayain ko, ay ang akin'g iii..The brave soldier is ready) to die for the -country (for the people) He, died because of poison. He died of polsonil Our Lord died for the salvation of mankind. The intrepid patriots die for the fatherland. This is the house where my, brother died. The town in whish I shall die is my town.

Page  188 -188 — Kamatayan ko ang sariling tahanail. Mantatay ak6 sa sariling tahalan. Let Ine die at homle. Maitulog. =To sleep. Nakar. (Past) - - - - 1 sal1. (Pres.) - - - Dar. (ut.) - - - - - Pghar. (Imp. rnd Inf.) lA;LdyAon (Verbal) - - ACTIVE - Natulog. Ileptt. - Natitulog. sleep, sleeps. - Matdtulog. Shall or will sleep. - Matulog Sleep. - Pat.gkatulog, pag- S leepin-g. tulog. MANG. (MAN, MAM.) ( gat (Root) - - - Laga. - Naka(raan ('last) - - - Nanglagas..^ Q,_, '.C KasaiJuktlyan (/Pres.) Dacratiq (J'ut.) - - - ' Pan11b,'h()'Ip (i1mp. atnd r(.dyaoU ( Ie/rp(l) - Ugd t (R oot) ' Nakaraanrl (Past). Nanglahigas. * Mangbilagats. * Manglagas. I Panglalaos. DigmA.= - Natigdigmi. - -To fall of nma.y leavev and ftuits. They were falling. MSany fell. They are falling. 'l'ey will be falling. Be falling l'he act of falling. - War. Warred; were warring. Are warring. Shall or will war. Sh1all or will be warrin,. War; to war, to be warring. The act of warring. A0 K aUnL,. tkuyanl (/res.) - NanlgdirigmA. = D)aratirg (Fitt ) - - -Mangdlirigmna. '-~ ' g lagotiarap (Imp. and lf.) - - -Mangdigma. Badyaon ( erba/) - - Panglirigzn&,;;; N, WB E__ PASSIVE PANG-IN. iNakaravin (PaLt ) - -- PinangdigmA. Kasralukujyan (Pres ) - VinangtdirigmlA. Darat'tin (Fut.) - -- Pangdirigmain. 'Pangharap (Imp. vl nd If. ) - - - Pangdigin irn. PASSIVE PANG-AN. NAakaraan (Pt'a) - g- Iasalukuyarn ( lreT ) q Dakratin g ( Put.) - - d Pan harap (I np.,And s1 Inf.) - - Pinangdigm'an. Pintangdirigmian. Patrlgdirigmaain. - PangdigmgAn.

Page  189 -189 — PASSIVE PANG-I. -g att (loot) -- - I - )igmA. — - -.. W<ar. = Nakarcan (Past) - - - Ipinangdigmra.., kasalSkuvan t Pres.) - lpinangdirigmA. D- a Dara tig (/P'tt.) - - Lpangdirignlla..r d Pa(ryh(rap (IJtp. and o' I)f ) - - -IpangdigmnA. PA( KO IvONG[IT(;A NO( BAI)DYANG "t.WANULAT",. CONJJGArtLON O)F THI, VERB " IANULAT.'" UgLt;: Sttilt. Mlal-llat.= To write professionally. To be writirin A KT'UNHIN. Nakar. [ I'ast. I - KasaL'. e Pres - - l);ir. [F. ut. - -l - Pghar. [Imp. and liif.J }lal yao)n. 1 Verbl] - - - arnulat. - Nauinulat. - ManinIulat. - SNMaulat. - Panunulat. PASUNHIN V rote. Wjite, writes. Shilll or will write. Write. Writing. PAN-IN. Nakar. - * 'ilautlilat. Kasal. - - Pinn ainulat. l)..r..- - Paniiiulatinl..Pghar. - - Panulatill. PAN-I. Ipinanlulat. Ipinantinulat. [paninulat. lpanulat.. PAN-AN. P'illanultt,;l n. Pinanuinulatal. PaLnunulatan. Panulatan. PA(.;KOKONGIiUGA NG BADYANG "MAMAfIALA A" CONJU(GArtION OF rHE V1RB "'MA.IJAffALA." Iygdt: BaiialA. Mamahala. =To govern. A.KTUNIIN Nakar. ['Past] - - Kasal [Pros.-. - - Dar. [lFut ] -. - Pghar. [Imp an-d [f.] Bldyaiol [Verbtl] - - - -NanahtlA. - N;.mamahala.. MamamahalA. - MamahalA. Pamamahal&. A 4SUNHIN Governed. Govern, governs. Shall or will govern. Govern. Governing. PAM-AN. Nakar. -. - - - Pinamahalian. Kasal. - - - - * Pinamaimahalian. PAM-I. IpinamahalI. Ipinainamahala.

Page  190 -190 Dar. -. --- —. Pamamahalaan. Pghar. - - - -- Pamahalhta i. Ipammarnhala]. Iparnahalah. PAGKOKONGHUGA NG BADYANG "MAINGUIHA ", CONJUGATION OF THE VERB "MANGUHA., Ua4t: Kuha. Manguha.=-To gather; to take, to be taking. AKTUNHIN Nakar. [Past] - Nan';uha. Kasal. [Pres.]. - NanguInguha. Dar. [Fut.] - -- M- Mangungiuuha. Pghar. [Imp. and Inf.] - Manguha. Badyaon [Verbal] - - - Pangunguna. PA SUNHIN Took; gathered. Take, takes: gather, gathers. Shall or will take; Shall or will gather. Take; gather. Taking; gathering. PANG-IN. Nakar. - - Pinangha. Kasal. - - Pinguinguha. Dr. - - - Pangunguhanin, og paugungunin. Pghar. - Panguhanin, og pangunin. PANG —AN. Pinanguhanen, og pinangunan. Pinangtinguhanan, og pinangiingunan. Pan) uinguhanan, og pangungunan.. Panguharlan, og pangunan. PANG-I. Ipinanguha. Ipina.rgiirjguha. Ipanguinguha. Ipanguha. PAGKOKONGHUGA NG BADYANG "MANGAWNLONG" = CONJUGATION OF THE VERB "MA NGAJNLONG.. Ugat: Khnlong. Manganlong.=To shelter. AKTUNHiN Nakar. (Past)..... Nan anlong. Kasl.l (Pres ).... Nanganjgailong. Dar. (Fut.). ~. Mangainganlong. Pghar. (Imp. and Inf.). Manganlong. BdyAon (Verbal)..... Pallanganlong. Sheltered. Shelter, shelters. Shall or will shelter. Shelter. Sheltering.

Page  191 -191 - 'A SUNHIN PANG —AN. Nakar,. Pinangranlungan. Kasal...Pinangainanlungan. Dar..... Pangngnan1lungan. Pghtr... Panga nlunrl 'an. AN. Kilianlun'an. Kinakanlunigan. Kakanlungan. Kanlungin. PANG -I. Ipinanganrlong. I pinanga nganlong. Ipangallnganllong. Ipangallong. I. Iki nalllolng Ikinakanlong. Ikaikanlong. Ikanlong. PAGKOKONGHUGA N- MGA BADYANG "MA NG AA D"' AT "JA NGISDA. " Ugat: Akad. Nakar. [Past].... Kasal. [Pres... Dar. [Fut.... Pgh.Lr. [imp. and IIf.] Badyaon [Verbal].. Mangakad.=To go hunting, to hunt.. Nangakad.. Nanlgan akad.. ManAngakad.. Mangakad.. Pianganakad. Hunted. Hunt, hunts. Shall or will hunt. Hunt. Hunting. Ugat: Isda. ManisdA.=To go fishing; to catch fishes. Nakar. [ Past].... Kasal. [[Pres.]... Dar. [Fut.]... Pghar. [frnp. and Inf ] BadyAon [Verbal].. NaunisdA. Nangingisda. *Mani4jn?)isdA. Mangisda. Pan- ingisd&. Fished. Fish, fishes. Shall or will fish. Fish. Fishing. ACTIVE MAKA (POTENTIALITY.) Ugat (Root).... Sulat.=Writing, letter. Pangharap sa um: Sumulat.=To write. Nakaraan, (Padst)... Nakasulat kasalukuyan (Pres ). Nnkasusulat. ~ Daralting (lP'ut )... Makasusulat. r, 4, ~ Pangharap (Imp. and If.). Makasulat. Could or might write. Can or may write. Shall or will be able to write. Can or may write. Be able to write. May or can write. Being able to write. Badyaon (Verbal).. Pagkasulat.

Page  192 -192 - PASSIVE MA. Pangharaip sa in: Sulatin. = Write it; to be written. O I= D - s:: to as ) E-:t N.,karoon) (Past)... Nasulat. KICs'lukuyan (Present). Naslisulat. DLratitng ( aFuture).. 4astisul at. Pangharp ( Imp. (~tri Masulat. I,,f ) It couldl be wriitt,-n. It can hbe written. It can be written. That it ma' bhe writteln. Pangharap sa i: Isulat.=To write with; to be written with. Nakaruaan (Past). Naisulat. rc - ~Z.3 6I) Aaslukivyan (Present). Naistsullat. Daratin9Q (Fdturc').. M;,isfisulat. /'aiiiarap (Imp. ni td Maisulat. lif ) It couldi be written with It can be written, with. It can be %writteni with. That it nmay be writteii with Pangharap sa an: Sulatan =To write on or in. II5;." C.) 13. jr, r. w Ed, - U 01. Nakara.ant ( Kasaluku (yan (Presen t). Darating (Future).. Pangharap (Imp. (Lad Nasulatanu. Nafsii-ulatan. Mastisulatan. Masulatan. Inf ). j | Maisusulat mo ba ang lapis na ito? Naisuisulat ko ang lapis na ito. Nasulatan ba ninyo ang papel na iyan? Nasulat ko na ang liham nang dumating ka. Nakasulat na a k6 ng liham noon'm kay6'y dumnating. Nasulat namin ang amin'g mga kat}ha. Naniniwla ak6ng paghalik mo noayon'g hapon- y-nailat ko na ang akin'g liham. Sinulatan ba n-,:ttin'g kaibigan ang kuderno niya? Hindi xiiya sinulatan. Can you write with this pencil. T can write with this pencil. Could you write on that paper? I had written the letter when you came. I had written a letter when you came. We could write our compositions. I believe that when you come back t}his afternoon I shall have written my letter already. Did our friend write in his copybook? He did not write on it. PAGKOKONGHUIGA NO BADYANG "MfANAGA IIA'".= CONJUGATION OF THE VERB "MAKAg(A I11A" Ugdt: (GawA.

Page  193 -193 - PangharAp sa urn: Gumaw. —To make, to do, to work. Makagawi.-Can or may work; may or can mvnke: may or can do. AKTU.\VJIN Nakar. [Past]... Kasal. [ Pres.]... Dar. [Fut]... Pghar. [[mp. and Inf.] BadyAon [Verbal].. NakagawA.. NakagAgswA oq nakAkagawA.. MakAgagawA og mrakakagawA.. MakagtawA. PagkagawA. J'ASUNHlIAV IN. Nakar.. NagawA. Kasal... NagaigawA. Dar.... Magigawi. Pghar... MagawA, I. NaigawA, NaigigawA. Maigaigaw&. MaigawA, AN. Nagawatn (nagawAAn,) Nagagawann. Magcgwan. ' Magawan. PAGKOKONGHUGA NO BADYANG "MAKAPAOAWA."=: CONJUGATION OF THE VERB "MAKAPAGGAWA." Pangharap' sa mag: MaggawA —To work MakapaggawA. Can or may work. AKTUNHIN Nakar. (Past) Kasal. ( Pres. ) Dar. (Fut.)..NakapaggawA [nakapagtrabaho]. Nakapaggtagaw&, og nakaka paggawA.... MakapaggagawA, og makakapaggawA. nd Inf.). Makapnggawa [ma. kapatgtrabaho]. ial.. Pagkapaggawi, Could work. CanI work. Shall or will be able to work. Can work, be able to work. Pghar. (Imp. a BadyAon (Verb PASUNHIN r. IN. AN. Nakar... NapaggawA. NaipaggawA. NapaggawAan (napaggawin). NaipaggAgawA. NapaggAgawfian Kasal.. NapaggAgawA.

Page  194 -1-94 -Oar.... apaggAgawat MaipAggfigawA Mtapggigal'gain. Pghar.. MalpaggawvA. MaipaggawA. Mtpagg.wfiaan (mapaggawan). PAGKOKONGfHUWt NG R tDYIANG " fAK.4PAANGARAL". - CONJUGATION OF TIE VERB "MAKAPANGARAL Ufat: Aral, pangaral. PlngharAp sa mang: k angaral-.To preach. Maklapangaral. Can or may preach. A KTUNHIN Nakar. [Past..... N:ikap:tn~nral. Kasal. [Pros.].... Nakapan;ngaral, og naktkapanara!. Dar. [Flt.]...... Xkapannfin aral, og mahakapnngaral. Pahar. [[mn. anl [nf.]- TMkapa.ngiral. RadyAon [Verbal].,. PagkAipangarsl.. PASUN\TIIN Nakar... Kasal.. Dar.,. Pthar.....Naipancraral. N aipangan nral. MSaipanga'.g -';ai. n ia'nl. Masipa7ngtrl.R1 Napanq'arnlfln. Napangangsralan. MapanganSari lan. MNapangaralaft ACTIVE MAKA [CAUSALITY]. Ugat (Root)...... Ginhawa.=. Nalkaraan ( Prt.).. N* kBginhnwt a.! Kasalukuyan (lres.)- Natktgginll;lwa. S Daratino (Future). MakaiginiIa. s Pangharap (Imp. a"d!nf.).. Tkagrinhawa. Badyaon (Verbal). Pagk:nginllawa. Alleviation, comfort. It cnlwedl comfort. It eaniics comefort or I allevi.tion. It will cause alleviat ion. To cause alleviation. The act of causing comfort. PASSIVE IKA. ugat (Rtoot) 0. Ginha;wa..-=-. Alleviation, comfort.

Page  195 I196 - Nakaraan (Past)..Ikinaginhawa. ~Kaealukujyan (Prex..). lkingfginhawa. 0Darating (Fut.) I kagfginhawa, Panghaxrap ("Imp. artd Ia!....Ikaginhawa. Anod kayai ang makagfgitihawa sS What wi akin'g rsakit? Aug Baiial na lPalasambahan The Hol ang makagfginihawa sa iyong yourI isakit. And' ang nakaginhawa sa mnay. WVhat re' sakit? Aug gamdt na iyoxng ilbiniguiy sa. The med kaniya ay siyaug Ea.kaniya~'y lieved nakaginhawa. Ano ang ikinarna'taiy ni Ilorhe? Wha~t WI death.. L~agnat ang ikinamatt~y-.niya. Fever wo Nam %try siya st lagnat. Fever died ol It was the cause of the alleviation oi comfort. It is the cause of the alleviation or corn. fort. It will be the cause of the alleviation) oy comf ort. Be the cause of the olleviation or co mfortA. J1i alleviate my pain? y Religion will alleviate lieved the eick person?' Licine you gave him re, his sickness. is the cause' of George's is the cause of his death. caused his death. Ho -fever. PAGKO'KONGHUGA. NO BADYXNG PASUNELIN'G "'IK-A PAGKASUNDO".=CONJUGATION OF' TIME PASSIVE VERB IKAPA OKASUS DO."1 Ugal: Sund6. Pangharip sa magka: Magkaisund6. =To reconcile each other; to settle dif. ferences on friendly terms. IkapagkAsund6. =To be the motive of the reconciliation. Nakar. [Pasti la.0.1, Ikinapagkasund6. Kasai. I. Pres. I... 0.. lkinapagktikasund6. IDar. [Fut.].... a. IkapagkAkasund6. Pgbhar. [linp, and Inf.]. Ikapagktiuiad6

Page  196 -196-7 — Nakt~ ACITIVE MAKiA [COMPLETENESS.] i/gaS (Root). Yarl.=Finished work. Pagigharaip sa urn: Yumari. =To flinish the work; to. conclude. zr-aan. Nakayari na. Hlad finished the work. Shall or will have finished the work. 7hardp..Makayarl nia. After..httve or has finished the p(a n work. PASSIVE NMA. NakaroanNayari na. I~ a n g h r a p.M a y a n n a PAGKOKONGHUGA SA M0TrA BAL)YANG "SUMULAT" "MA G A,4RA 12' "Al 4TULOG" AT "'A!AGANLONG", SA. KAHULUGAN'G KAGA-NAPAN. - CONJUGATION Or' THE VERBS "SUAIULA71T", "MAGC-A RAL", "'MA. 'I'UYLOG" AN~'D "3fASGANLONG", IN THIR MlEANING OF COMPLETEtNESS. 'Nakaramn Parigharap Nakarsan. 1 Paighardp.~Nakaratan Parighar'p N aka,raa n Pangharadp *..Nakasuilat Ila. *...Maka-sulat na.-.Nasulat nia. *...Masulat na..~Na~kapag-aral n'a..~Makapag-aral na..~Napa~g-aralan nt...Ma pag-aralan- na..Natu logs tia...~Matulog Ila. Had written. Shall or. will have written. Af ter... have or has written. [t had beeri written. Af ter it has 'been written. Had studied. Shall or will have studied. After htive ---- or has studied. It had been stuidied.It will have been studied. After it has beeni studied. Had slept. Shall 07 will have slept. After. — have or has slept.

Page  197 Nakaraan.. k... Nakatulugan na. 0 Pangharap, Nakaraan. 3 Pangharlp -4 - Nakaraan,? PangharAp Nakaraan. Pangharap. I.. Makatulugan na. ~... Nakapanganlong na ako..... Makapanganlong na ak6. Had slept. Shall or will have slept. After: --- have or has slept. I had sheltered. I shall have sheltered. ' After I have sheltered.. Napanganlunlan ko na. ~ Mapanganlungin mo na. Napanganlungin Mapa nganlun~gn na niya. na natin. XXVIII Pqgkokonghuvg~ sa parmamagitan ng tiqk badyaon'g magpa, maki, pa, magka, maging, magsi, at magsa, sa tinig aktunhin (Lt pasunhin. Conjugation by the verbal particles magpa, maki, pa, magka, maging, magsi, and magsa, in the active and passive voiceS. ACTIVE MAGPA. Ugat (Root).... Sulat.=Writing, letter. Sumulat =To write. Mfigpasulat,=Order to' write, make write. Nakaraan (Past) Nagpasulat. k asalukuvan (Pres.) - - Nagpdpasulat. Darattng (Fut.) - - - Magppasulat. Panghardp (Imp. and Inf ) - - - Magpasulat. RBadyaon (Verbal) Pagpapasulat. Ordered to write. Order or orders to write. Shall or will 'order to write. Order to write. Ordering to write. PASSIVE PA-IN. 3 Nakaraan (Past).... Kasalukuyan (Present) Darating (Future).. Paugharap (Imperative atid Infinitive).... Pinasulat. *. Pinasusulat...Pasudulatin. * a Pasulatiz.

Page  198 -198 - Pi SIVE PA'I. Nakaraan (Past),.... Ipinasulat. S A Kasalukuyea (Presewt).... Ipinanisulat. f Darating (Fuitre). pasuilat. & Panghardp (inmp and N Itnf)....... Ipasulat. PASSIVE PA-AN. N akaraan t-Pst)..... Pinasulatan. ~ Kasalukuyan ('resent).... Pinasusulatan. - g DrratinR (Future).. Pasusulatan. E- Pangharp (Imp and Inf.)........... Pasulatain. lagpasulat ka sa kaniya nc iyong panagtlan. Ipasulat mo sa kariya ang pangalan'g Heszs. Pasulatin mo ang iyong mga alagad sa kanildag inga pisara. Euwag mong pasusulatan sa kanila ang mga aklat. Nakasulat na siya ne liham noon'g siya'y pasulatin mo. Make him write your name. Make him write the mane Jeru. Order your pupils to write on their slates. Do not let them write on the book. lie had written a letter when you ordered him to write. PAGKOKONGHUGA NA BADYANG "MAGPAGUPIT".= CO.TJUGATION OF THE VERB "MAGPAGUPIT" Magpagupit.-To have one's hair cut, AKTUNIIIN Nakar. [Past] - Nagpagupft ako. Kasal. [Pres. - * * Nagpapatgupit ka. Dar. [Fut.]....- Magpdpagupitsiya, Pgnar. [Imp. and Inf.]j-agpagupit tayo. BadyAon [Verbl] Pagpapagupit nilA. I'ASUNIV I. Nakar. ~... - Ipinagnpft. Knsal...... Ipinaggupft. I had my hair cut. You have your hair cut. lie will have his hair cut. Let us have our hair cut. Having their hair cut AN. Pinagupitin. Pinagiigugpitin,

Page  199 — 19 Dar. ~... - Ipagdgupf Pgha r. - -.. —. Ipagupit Saan mo ibig ipagawA ang iyong damit? Saan Ino niminaismagpagawA ng iyong da;mit? [big kong magpataht ilg aking damit sa bahay ni Dtiwaldo. Papag-aralin mo ang iyong mga anak. Papag-aralan mo sa kanila ang katesfs. t. Pagugupitin. Pagupitain. Where do you wish to havi your clothes made? I wish to have my clothes sewed ht Ned's holuse. Make your children study [or learn.] Make therti Iarn the catechism. NEUTER MAPA. ["MAPA", NUTL6 ] Ugde (Root) -.. -. - - Kalunuran.- Occident, west Hapakalunuran. Tr, go towards the west. Nakaraan (Past). - Kasalukuyan (Present) Darating (Future) ~. Panghardp (Imperative and Infinitive) - - - Bady oon (lerbal) - * - Napakalunuran siya. Napapa klunuran kayo. Masppakaltunuran tayo. Mapakaluinran Silt. Pogkapakulunuran. He went, or has gone, towards the went. You go towards the west. We shall go toward* the west. Let them go towards the west. Gnirg towards the west. ACTIVE MAKI. U:t (Root). - * Bili- buy; sell. Makibili. To meddle with others in buying. Makipagbilf= ''o meddle with others in selling. Makipamili- To meddle with others in purchasing. a.0 Ia a 48 0E rb A'karnan (Past) - - JIaylikuyan (Present)D(lr lting (future) - - Panghatrap (Itmp atnd I f. )... Badao (erbal) Badyaon (Verbal) - ' Nakihili. -Nalikihili. - Nakikibilf. Makibili. a Pakikibilf.

Page  200 -200 - Nakipagbilf..Nakfkipagbilf. Makikipaghili. Makipaghilf. Pakikipagbilf. Nakfkipamilf. Nakikipamili. Makikipamilf. Makipamniii'. Pakikip'm ill. PASSIVEN PAKl. Nakaraan (Past) - '~iKasalukuyan (Prnener)Darating (Future) - E-4 Pangharap (Imp. a-nd. Inf. Ipi nakibilii. Ipinakikibili. Ipakfkibill. Ipakibilii. I. Ipinakipagbili. Ipinakikipagbill, [pakidkipag bill. Ipakipagbilft IN.Pi nakibili. Pakikibil hi~n'. Pakibil hi n'. AN. Piiiakibjihan. Pinakikibilhayn. Pakikiblihan. Paki bilhan. AN. Pinaki pagbilhan. Pinakikipagbilhan. Pakfkipagbilhati. Pakipfigbil han. PAGKOKONGHUGALk NO BALDYANG 'WAfkILUGOD."9 -CONJUGATION OF THE VERB "JfAKILUGOD." MIakilugo'd,- makigal~ik =To congratulate. AKTUNHIN. Nakar, [ Past] -- Kaisal.- [ Pres] Dar. [Fut.]P-har. [Imp. and Inf] Bady on (Verbal]. - Nakar. --- - Kasal. Dul. - - - Pthar.- -- Nakilug6d. Nakikilug6d. M akfkilug6d. Makiltigo'd. IPakikilug6d. PA SUNH IN. AN. Pinakilugurtrn. Pin akikilugarain. Pakf kilugurft'n.. Pakilugursin. Congratuilated. Congratulwto. Shall or will congrafi tulate. Congratulate. Congral ulati n g. I. Ipinakilug6d. Ipinakfkilugo'd. Lpakfkilug6d. Ipakilugo'd.

Page  201 I -201 - lt;iki pag ibliga. Ml\aki pag tan i man. Malki pagsaliti n. Malkibigtis. Mlakiasi n. MIakiinsik. {faki kast:ila. I'ltkitalo,.Makihayop. To love each othler. To hate each other. To speak with each other. To ask for a little amount of rice. To ask for a little salt To act or behave like the Chinese. To behave or act like the Spanish. To resemble a person. To resemble a beast. ACTINVE PA. Uvalt (Root) - Ampon.=Protection. Paampon. = To ask for protection. Nakaiw~rvn, (I'tst) - - - - Napaay pon. Kasal1itkytral (Pres.) - - Napaaiampon. Daratiag (Fut.) - - - Paianampon. I'aalgharatp (Imp. and1 nf. ) - - - Paampon. / tlyaon (Vlerbal) - - - Pagpaampon. PASSIVE PA. Asked for protection. Ask or asks for protection Shall or will ask for protection I,.. Ask for protection. Asking for protection --: C.( xi N,,karaan (Past) - - Iasa(lukuyaa (Preser t) D)aratLing (Fluture) - - Panghardp (Imp. and,If. -..t. - I. IN. Pinaampon. Pinaaampon. Paaiampunin. Paampuni n. AN. Pinaampunan. Pinadaampunain. Piiamn punain, Paampunan. Ipinaampon, Ipi naiaanmpon. Ipaaarnpon., paampo n. PAGKOKONHIU&A NG MlGA BADYA\,G "'PARIJ'TO" AT "PABOOfN". = CON.JUGATION OF THE TVR RBS "PARITO". AND "PAROON". Parito.=To come here. Paroon. =To go there.

Page  202 -202 - AKTUNHI N Nakar. [Past] - - - Naparito. Kasal. [Pres.J - - - Naparirito, og lna pa parit o. )art [Fut ] - - - Paririto, og paparito. Pghiar. [Imp. and [lf.]-Parito. BRady:ion [Verbal] - - agparito Camle here. Come or oomes her'e. Shall or will corme here. Come. Coming. t PA S UNI-I N A N (place, like place, person). Nakar. - * - Kasal. - - - - Dar —.. - Pliar. - - - - Pilnarituhan. - Pinarirituhan. - Parirituhan - Parituhan. IKA (cacse, motive.) lkinap9 ri to. I kinapanriito. I kaparirito. Lk.parito. A KTUNHIN Nakar. | PasstJ - -._.... r __ -, - - mpatooii. Kasal. j Pres.J - - - - Napar6roon, og i apaparoon. l)ar. [F'ut.j -. -. - - Pariroon, og piparoon. Pghar. [Imp. anJf lnf 1-Paroon. BadyAonl [Verbal] - - Pagparoon. Went; have or has gone. Go or goes. Shall or will go. Go. Going,.. PA SUNHIN AN (place, like place, person), IKA (cause, motiv.'). Nakar. KarL l. Dar. - Pghar. -- ---- Pinaroonai. -. -.- - Pinaroroon rin.. - - - - Paroroonain - - -.- Parooantl. 1kinaparoon. I i nflaparoroot. II,,. par6roon, I aparoo n. PAGKI'OKONGHUGA NG.(MA BADYAN'+ PASUNHJIN'G "I4 PARITUHIN" AT "I A PA ROONN'. t-rCONJUGATI'1)N OF THE PASSIqVE VERBS 'PAPAPI1 -7'UIfIN" AND "PA PAROO. "N". SA I Paparituhin rmo siya.=Ordcr him to ()mie here; tell him S to colne r. Afagpa! Paparoonin. Order him t( o there; tell him to. J go there.

Page  203 Na;ar. [Pasti - - Kasal. I Pres - - Dar. [Fut 1 - - - Pghar. [[,lup. an(l I -. Pinaparito. - Pi naparfrito. - - Palparirituhi., og aI) iAparituhi n. nf ]- Paparituhin. Pinaparoon. Pi naparo roo n. Paparoroonin, o, ppapaiparoonf i. 'Paparoonin, og paparunin. Pahalik ---- Padiyyt, og p)a rayya Pasa Kawit k;,. Iaso.a 3akoodl siya. Pas'i ilog tayo.!'asa X'ayrl i I kay6. Pasa look sila. I'ahestis ka'. I^aoo ka. l'Allil(If ka. Patihayh. Pata6h. Patindig. - -o allow one's self to be kissed. - 'o illow one's self to be deceived. Go to Kawit. Let l-him go to Bakood. Let us go to t.he river. Go to XIanila. [et them go to thle bay. Say the lname of Jesus; invoke.Jesus Say "yes." Say "no." Upside down, reversed, Face downwards. On foot. ACT IVI MAGKA. U7ga (Root) - - - - - Salapi.=Money, some mnoney. Magkasalapi.-= [o get money, to have money. V( Ntk a(&r ' ( ast) - - - Nagk salapi. Got money. T KUl.1ak,,,l/a, (Preselt) - Nagkalkasalapi. Get or gets money. | Diratin.q (IFture) - - - M gkakasalapi. Shall or will get ' Paa gharc'ip (lmp. and money. ft/.) - - - Iagka.sa1api. Get money. ILBdyaoI1 ( VIrb h). Pagkakasalapi. Getting money. PASSIVE PAGKA. Nakaraan (Past) - - - = K'isalukutya"n (P,',eenl) - at - - Dsar'(titin (' IlFttre) - - ' " P ngthairap (Imp. and. [ f. ). 1. pi nagkasalapi. I pi nagkakasa lapi. I pagkakasalapi. AN. Pinagkasaltaplan. Pi nagk akas.l apfAn. PagiEkasalaplan. lpagkasalapi. Pagkasalapfan.

Page  204 -'20(4 -I'C(G KOKONG(iHU(i A NG BAI)YANG '".IlA C/A,4()o \ N(.PMABUT/N; /.4 A D".' —CONJUGATION O(F THE VIRB ".iAGKA7iAROO.V NG MA Ul (. /IN 'A L.A I) Magkaroon ng mabluting paladl.=To have or get good luck; to have success. A KTIUNHIIN Nakar. [Past] - - - - Nagkaroon ng mabuting palad. Kasal. [Pres. - - - - Nag ktakaroon ng mabuting palad. I)ar. [Fut.] --- MagkAi'krorn ng mabutilig palad. Pgahar. [Imp. and Inf.]-IMa.gkaroon n rmabhuting paltld. BadyAon [Verbal] - - Pagkkaaroon ng mabutillg palad. PA S' UNIIN I (oawcse, motiv'). Nak ar. - - Ipinagkaroon n ag m-a buting pala(l. Kasal. - - Ipinagkiknroon nA mabuting palad. Dar. - -- Ipagkaikar(oon ng mabuting pala(ld. Pghar. - - rpagkaroon,ig mabuting palad. AN (place). Pintagkaroonan njg anabuting palad Pinagkaikaroonain nrg mlabuting palad. Pagkakaroonan ng mabuting palad. Pagkaroonall ng mabuting pal ad. PAGKOKONGIIUGA,NG BADYANG "MfAGKAStKIt"'"..CONJUGATION OF 'THE VERB "MAGUKA^SAKIT'' Magkasakit. =To fall ill; to get. sick, to get sickness. N-Akar. [Past] - - Kasal. [Pros ] - - Dar. [Put.] - - - Phar. [[tnp. and Badyaon [Verbal] -- Nagkasakit. - - NagkAkasakft. - Magkatiasakit. [nf ]- agkasakit - - Pagkakasakft. Fell ill. Fall or falls ill. Shall or will get sick. Get sick. Getting sick. PIASUNHIN N:akar. Kasal. I)ar. - Pghar. 'I (cause, mnotie). -- Ipinagkasakit. - - pinagkakasakit. -- Ipagkaikasakit. -- Ipagkasakit. AN (place, person). Pinagkasaktan, og pinagkasakitain. Pinaglkikasaktan og pinagklikasakitain. Pagckakasaktan, og pagkakasakitadn. Pagkasaktan, og pagkasakitain.

Page  205 " - -205 — PAGKOKONGHUGA NG BADYANG "MA GK,4A 7IPOA"' CONJUGATION OF THE VERB "fAAGKA T7PO. " Magkatiponl.=To meet, to assemble. A KTUNHIN Nakar. [ Past] - - - - Nagkatipon. Kasal. [Pres.] - - Nagkakatipon. D)ar. [ Fu t.I1 -Magkaikatipon. Pghar. [ ltmp. and Inf ]-Magkatipon. Badyyaon [Verbal] - - Pagkakatipon. Assembled. Assemble Shall or will assemble. Assemble. Assembling. ASUNH/N I (cause). Nakar. -- Ipinagkatipon. Kasal. - - Ipinagklikatipon. Dar. - - - [pagi kkatipon. Pghar.- - Ipagkatipon. Nangagkatipon ang inga akadem~ yanhin sa "Litituto ng Maynil/i." Pinagkatipunan nilhi ang BahayPaaralan. Ano ang kanilang ipinagkatipon'? Bakit silt nangagkatipon? Ipinagkatipon nila ang paghahalal sa mga. galawad na biibu6 n6' Sangginlain'g Tagapatnugot. Nagkagutotn ang ili. Magkakagutom sa lungsod. Nagkagul6 sa balen. Magkailansaglansag. Magktiwalatwalat. Magkahaloha16. AN (place, like place). Pinagkatipunan. Pinagkalkatipunan. Pagkakatipunan. Pagkatipunan. The academicians assembled in the "Manila Institute." They assembled in the SchoolHouse. What is the reason of their hlaving assembled? Why did they assembled? They assembled for the election of the members who will form the Board of Directors. There was famine in the town. There will be famine in the city. There was tumult (or disturbance) in the municipality. To be broken into small pieces. To be destroyed entirely. To mix. ACTIVE MAGING Ugat (Root) -.-.- Halaman. —Plant, vegetable. Maging halaman. =To be changed into a plant.

Page  206 5 Nalkaraan ( /tast). A lA asolu/kuyan (Present). c Darating (Future). J-4 Panfghard p ( /tp and / f, ).. Naging halarnan. Nagiging halarnan. Vlagi,,ing hala!man... l.% Badyaon ( Ierbal) ~.,. 5laging }alaImall.. Pagiging hallman o [.. 3_ I {-> 9, _, &v PASSIVE PAGING. I (ca.tse). Nakaraa ( Ptat)... Ipillaging halatan. Kad!t8 kuyan. ( Pr'esent).pinagigi ng halaman. faratinR (Future)... [pagiging halarnan. Palngharap ( Imp and ( laf.)., Ipaging halllnan IKA (c(utse). J I kinapaging hl alaiman. [kinapagiging halallman. Ikapigiging halainan. Ikapagi ng halaanan P AG K O () ( H U N 1 A ) Y A N ( " (ING MA YAM 4 N''. — CONJI(UGATION OF THE VERB "MAGI. G MA YAJfAN.' Magilng ila.yailYan.= rl'o become richl. A K 7 UNIIiN Nakar. [Pa'Istt - - - Naging nmayaman. Becamte rich Kasal [ Pres 1 - - - Nagiging mayaman. Heconc oir bhetme rioh. I)atr [FFt ] -- - Magiging.ninayamnar. Shall or will become rich. Pt)2r. p. I a I rit In f I- Iagitg mnayf,,nafll. B iecome ri(ch B,(l!yaon { VerIal - Pagiging rmayamnan Becoming rich P) SUNtNfIN Nakar, Ka}ial. l)ar. - P2 ^ar I I (cmu'e) - I- pinalgin g iyarnan. - - Ipin Ltgi -ir, mayamatn - - pagi4ing a..t' lyamai. - I paging mayarman. I ki n pagi ng mayaman. ki apag iging mnay\n man. [kap;agiging rmayal an I kapagfnrig umayanian.,,

Page  207 P'AGI(OIKON(GHIJGA NG MGA BAI)YANG PAS'1NIIN'G "/-, /'/Al/N( DAP4AT7-/.A' AT "PtA/'AG/N(; I'Ih///,".= ()CONJUGATION OF THE PASSiVE VERKBS "PAPA G /.VG PA 'IN'' ANI) "p, PA GUi I PA HeIlNN. \ SA ) Papaging dlpatin tiya s a himiN worthy of steeien. gpa Ij a)agllng pariin.= To be ordained priest; mmake hirn priest Nalkar [ Past] - - - Piltpaging lapat. Pinapa.ging pan. KNsal [ lrs.1 - - - - ilapagigig lapat. Pilapagigii. paIri. I)ar. [ blt ] -- Papagiging (lapatin. Papfigiging parliil. Pgliir. a Imp. lld Inf. ] - Pa)aging daptin. Papaging pariin. Nagilg' panllglo ang iyong kai- Your friend hal. been a piresi, ibig:t. (lent. Your friend was a president Ang aflila lto ay Il;ging tamiriad. Your servalut has turtedt out,. lazy fell w. N ag in1 igig dalaw!wing )uwan. After two months. ACTIVE V MAG6SI. ULt'a, (Ioo t) - - - Dating. Arrival. l)umating =-'o come, to arrive, Magsi lrting. Let miany people comle or arrive. a Vakaraan ( - - Nagsirating.. a Kasalukcuyan (Present)- Nagsisilatiilg. Da ralting (Fut'ure) - - - - IMagsilirating. - Pangharap (Imp. attnd If f.) - ~- Magsir t i g. lIadyao (Verbal) -—. Pagsiiiratng. PASSIVE 'PAGSI. I (ca'tsce). NTLva, lraan ((Past) - -'- Ipinlagsirating. Kasalthlouyal7n (Present)- - Ipi::agsisil ating. Dano ting (Future) - Ipagsisiratinlg. Pan[hardp (Imp. and?If.) - - - Ipagsirating. AN (local). Pinagsiratingain, og pinagsiratnan.. Pinagsisiratintgain, og pagsisiratnan. Pagsiriratin1,an, o9 pagsisiratnal. Pagsiratin}i, og pagsiratnat n.

Page  208 -208 - IAGQKOKONGHUGA NG BADYANG-' I1 AGS/IPIGLA /A'/ Y"7. =CONJUGATION OF THE VERB "AMAGSIPAGLAKBAYY" Maglakbay.- To travel; to make a journey or trip. Magsipaglakbay.-= Let manly people travel. A KTUNHINV Nakar. [Past] - - - - Nagsipaglakbay. Kasal. [Pres.] - - - - Nagsisipaglakbay. Dar. [lFut. ] -. - Magsisipaglakbay. Pghar. [Imp. and Inf I-Magsipaglakbay. BamtyAon [Verbal] - - - Pagsisipaglakbay. '- 4SUNHI/N I N (dete'rminate object) Nakar. - - Pinagsipaglakbay. Kasal. - - Pinagsisipaglakbay. l)ar. - - - Pagsisipaglakbayin. Pghar. - Pagsipaglakbayi n. AN (place). Pinagsipagl a kbayat n. Pi nagsisipaglakbayan. Pagsisipagli kbayain. Pagsipaglakbayan. PAGKOKONGHUGA Nt( BADYANG "MA GSIPANALA STGIN"' -C CONJUGATION OF THE VERB "MAA GSIPANALAGIN." Ma;ldangin. =To pray. Magsipanalangin. =Let the multitude pray..-A"TUNIIiV Nakar. (Past) - - - Nagsipanalangin. Kasal. (Pres.) - - - Nagsisipanalangin. Dar. (Fut.) - - - Migsfsipanalangin. Pghar. (Imp. and Inf.)- Magsipanalangin. Badyaon (Verbal) - - - Pagsisipanalangin. IPA SUN HIIV I (cause or wotive). Nakar. -- 1pinagsipanalan;gi 1. Iasal. - - Ipinagsisipanalangin. I)ar. - - lpagstsipanalalltill. Pghar. - - Ipagsipanllalangin. AN (local or place). Pinagsipanalanginan. 'Pinag.fisipan al ang inan. Pagsisipunalanginan. Pagsipanalanfginan. PAKOK(ONGHUGA NG BADYANG "MAGSIPA GGALAK". CON.JJUG roT[ OF THE VERB "I AGSIPAG(GALAK." Maggalak, inagsaya. -To rejoice, to congratulate. Magsipaggalaik, magsipagsayai.==Let many people rejoice or congratulate.

Page  209 - )2()9 - A KI UJNHIN Nakar. (Pa.t) - - - NagsipaggalAk. K (Prs. ) - - - - Nagsisipaggalik. Dtir. (iut.) -- -- MIagsisipaggalak. Pghar. (Imp. and Inf )-Magsipaggalak. a(ya aon (V'eritl) - - - Pagsisipaggalak I/A SUNHiN Nagsi pagsa ya. Naglssipagsaya. Masisipagsaya. Magsipagsayia. Pagsfisi pa g aya. Nakar. - - Kasal, - - Dar. - - - Pghar. - - I (cause). Ipinagpipaggalak. Ipinagsisipaggalak. Ipagsisipaggalak. Ipagsipaggala k. AN (place). Ipinagsipagsaya. Ipinagsfsipagsm ya. Ipagsisipagsayti. Ipagsipagsaya. Pinagiag iggalakan. Pinagsi.sipaggalaka l. Pagsisipaggalakain. Pagsipalggalakan. Pinagsipagsay ahan. Pinagssiipagsayaha n. Pagsisipagsayahain. Pagsipagsayahan. ACTIVE MAGSA. Ugdt (Root) - - - Amerikaiio, arnelikanllin. =Amnrican. Magsaamerikano, miagsaamerikanhin. — To behave like al- American; to conduct one's self like an American Ugdt (Root) - - - Hap6n, hapunmin.,=Japanese. Magsahap6n, nmagsallipunmin. =To act like Japanes'e. Al akaaans (past) - - - - Nagsaarnerikano. 1 iasallluktan (Present) -. Nagsasaamerikano. = Darating (iuture)- - - - Magsasaamerikano. /:anlghlavrp (Imp. aind g (.) - - -Magsaamerikano. Badyaon (Verbal) - - - Pagsasaamerikano Nagsahapon. Nagsasahap6n. Magsasahap6n. Magsahapon.

Page  210 -21() PASSIVE PAGSA. IN (determniate object). Nakanaan,Past) - - - Pinagsaamerikano. Knsalukuyan (Pvesent) - - Pillngs,.sa-, amerikano. | )arating (Future) - - - Pagslaallerikanuhin. t Patnglarat (Imp andt /f.) - - Pagsaimerik an u h1ain. I (cause). Pi nagsab a pon. Pi nagsasal ipo1n. Pagsasaha puni.ll Pagallbapunin. Ipinagsaamlerikano. Ipinagsasaa meri kano. I pagsisaaameri kano. Ipagsaaineri kano. Ipinagsahlap6n. Ipinagsasa hap6n. Ipagstisahapon. Ipagsahap6n. AN (place). Pi nagsaamerik nuha n. Pi nagsasaamerika nuhan Pagsasaamneri k antuhan. Pagsaamerikanuhan. Pin agsahapunaiil Pinagstisahapu nain. Pag sisahapu nan. Pagsahapunafn. PAGKOKONGHIJGA N( 3 BADYANG "MA GSA' PLIPINO'" ('ONJUGATION OF THIE VERB "'MAGISAPIL PINO." Magsapilipino.-To conduct one's self, or to behave, like a Filipino. A KT7'UNVII Nakar. [Past.] - Nagsapilipino. Kasal. [Pres. - - Nagsasapilipino. Dar. [Fut.] - - Magsasapilipino. Pgthir. [[rnp and Inf.]-Magsapilipino. Badyfion [Verbal] - - Pagsasapilipino. /-P SUN Fl /N IN (dete'minarte cbject). Nakar. -- Kasal. - - Dar. - - - Pghar. - - Pi nagsapil ipi no. Pi nagsasapil ipi o.. Pagsasapil i pi nuhin. Plagsapili pinu hi n. I (cause). Ipinlagsapilipino. Ipinagsasapilipino. Ipagsasapil ipino. fpagsapiipi no

Page  211 PP -21 1 - AN (place). Pina gsa pilipin uhiii. Pin; gsasapili pi nuhan. Pagsasapilipinuhan. Pagsapilipinuha n. Siunapilipino, sapilipinuhin; magsapilipinlo. Magsapilipino. St tnatagalog, miag;,i t:Igalog. Mga salit,ang kastil', ia sinatagalog. Mga salitting giryego na sinapilipilno. To Filipinize; to make Philippine, to be Philippinized. To a(iopt the customs and manners of the Filipinos. To Tagalize. Spanish words which are Ttigalized. Greek words which are Filipinizecd. XXIX [ig' (,Ikog nhuga sa pi mamagita r ng tnga tip ic bady/aon'g manghi, magpaka, magpati, mag= Conjugation. by the verbal parti'cles manghl, magpaka, magpati' magkang, and magka kang,tt magkapa, s mnga tinig pa, in the active and passive aktunhiTn at pasunkin. voices. ACTIVE MANGHI. UVy0,t (Root) - - - Kuk6. -Nail, nails. MIanhingukl(=To cut or clean one's nails. Ugat (Root) - - - - Tutuli.=Wax of the ear. Manghinuli.=To clean one's ears by removing tile wax. - Nakaraon (Past) - - - - Nanghinguk(. Nanghinull. | A Kasalukuyatn (]'res.) - - Nanghifinguk6. Naiglhihinuli. i Darating (Fut ) - - M - Manghihingluk6 Manghihinuli. ~ ~ Panghardp (Imp and nf. ) - - - Manghinguk6. Manghinuli. Badyaon (Vrerbal) - - - Panghihingiuko. Panghihinuli. PASSIVE PAGNHI. M 0 1o a2 &t. la Nakaraan (Past) - - - tasalukuvan ( Pr'es.) - Darating (Fut.) - - Panghardp (Imp. and Inf.) - - I. - Ipinanghinguko. - Ipinanghihinguko. - Ipanghihinzuk6. - Ipanighinguko.

Page  212 -212 - AN. Pinanghi ingukulfin. PinagIhtingukuhlan. Panghlhingukuhin. Pnnglhi ng kullin. AN. I. Ipinangl i nuli. Ipinainghii i nuli. Ipanghihinuli. panghi ntll. Pinangh inulia.n. Pinanghihinuli hain. Panghihinlihain. Pina nghinulihai n. PAGIKOK)NHUGA N(- BADYANG "'MANOHIAALAY") =C(ONIJUGATION OF TrHE VERB "MAINHIMALA Y". Manghimalay. — To glean palay. A K T U NHIN Nakar. [Past] - - - Nallghirnalay. Kasal. Pres.] - Nanghihinialay. Dar. [Fut] - - - - Manghihimalhy. Pghar. [Imp. and Inf.]- Manghimalay. Badyion. [Vebal] - - Panghihimalay. 'A SUNHIN I. AN. Nakar. - Ipinanghimalay. Pinanghitnalayan. Kasal.- -Ipinanghfhi malay. Pinanghlhimalayan. Dar. -- -panghihinmalay. Panghihimalayan. Pghar.- -Ipanghimalay. Panrhimalayan. Nanghihfinabas si Pedro. Peter gather, Nanglihinayang ak6 hay Silbestre. I pity Silvesi Pinanghihinayangan ninyo siya. * You pity hin Manghimuti ka. Glean fruits. Manghinapang kay6. Encourage y( Maghinapang kay6 Animate or Manghilamos siya, Let him was] Humilamos ka sa kaniya. Wash his fac Hilamusan mo siya. Wash his fac MiakihinakAy ka. Embark. IN. Pinangli inalay Pinanghtlimalay Pa nghlhi mnalayi n Panghimalayin. remaining pieces. tre. n. oursel yes. encourage yourself. h hip face. e.:e. ACTI VE MAG PAKA. Ugat (Root) - - -. Pilit.= Force.

Page  213 -21.3 - MagpAkapilit. -To make efforts; to exert one's self. c Nakaraan (Past) - - - - 8 Kasalukuyan (Present)- - w Darating (Future) - - - Panghm(rap (Imp. and Inf. - - - Badyao (Verbal) - - - PASSIVE PAGPi Nagpakapilit. Nagpapakapilit. Magpapakapilit, Magpakapilit. Pagpapakapi lit. AKA. Nakaran in (lst) - - A'asalukl^a n (]'resent I)a'rating (Future) - - IN. - Pinagpakapilil. - -Pinagpapakapilit. - - Pagpapakapilitin. AN. Pinagpaka pilitan. Piinagpapakapilitan. Pagpapakapilitan. Pagpakapilita n. /'angiiiarp ((Imp and Ilf ) - - - Pagpakapilitin I. Ipinagpakapilit. Ipinagpapakapilit. Igpgpapakapilit. Ipagyakapilit. PASSIVE' PAKA. IN. Nakaraan ( I'ast).... Pinakapilit. kasalUk(uyalm (P>es ).. Pinakapipilit. Dairatino (F t.).... Pakapfpilitin. f'ari ghara p (Imp. and Inf.).. Pakapilitin. AN. Pinakapilitan. P inakapfpilitan. Pakapipilitan. Pakapilitan. I. Ipinakapilit. Ipinakapipilit. Ipakapipilit. Ipakapilit. PAGKOKONGHIJGA NG BADYANG " MAOPAKABAI'T"' CONJUGATION OF THE VERB "MAGPAKABAIT." Magpakabait'=To behave very judiciously. AKT UNAHIN Nakar. [Past] - - Nagpakabait. Kasal. [Pres.] - - - - Nagppakabaft.

Page  214 -214 - Dar. [Put ] - Ma-gpA.pakabait Pgfhar. [Imp arid Tnf.]-M-agba;ka)bait. Badyaon [Verbal] - - Pagp plakIatait PA SUUXH /N I (c.ause). Nakar. - - Ipinagpakab.lit. Kasal. - - [pinagpapakabaft. Dar. - - - pagpapakatait Pphar. - - Ipagpakabait. AN (place, like place, 1.) Pi ngpakabai t i.. PinagpapakIa bait an. Pagp)pakabaitan. Pagpakabaitan. PAGKOKONGHU'GA NG M( A 1A DYANG "MAO PAKAA IA,,IL". "MAGP IAAKPAG-.4 UAL' AT M.4 GPAKAPAN GA AL- 1, -CON.JTIGA ION 'OF fTHEi \VER B "'',4 GP,4 KA,4RA l " '".I.-IP K IP. I.4Kt Lr", kMD "JfW(,IPAKAPANG A RAL '. Umanra'l.:=ro teach, to inl3truet. Magpakaarl1.= To teacll very mruch. Mag-artl.= To stuldy. Magpakapag-aral. — To stucdy very mucll, to stud vy vy wll. Mangnral.= To preach. Ma^rpakapanraral. -rTo pireach very much. A K'7'UNH/N Nakar [Past].... Kasal. [Pres 1.. Dar. [Fut.]... Pg|har [Imp. and Inf.jBadyaon [ Verbal.. Stagpakat ral. Nalgpapakaaral. Magpapalkaaral Nagpa kaaral. Pagpaptakaaural. Nagpakapangaral. Nagpapakapa g il ral. Magpapakapall aral. Mngpakapanga ril. Pa g)apalkapangaral. 'A SUANHIN Nagp:akapag-aral. aggpi pakapagg-aral. Mlagpapakapag-aral. MrLgpl)akapag aral. Pagpapatkt.pag- al al. AN (person). Nakar. - - Pinakaaralan. Kasal. - - Pinakaaaralan. Dar. --- Pakaaaralan. Pghar. - - Pakaaralan. AN (the thing to be studied). Pinlakalpag-a rala n. Pinakapag-aaralan. Pakapag aaralan. Pakapag aralan.

Page  215 -215 - I ( he thing to be taught). i1 pinakaaral. Iplnakaaaral. I paka a aral. Ipakaaral. AN (person to w'chom). Pi nalcapangaralan. Pinakapan ang aralan. PlakapangA ngaralan. Pakapanlgaralan. Magpakatiis kayo. Pagpakasipagan mo ang iyong ha na)tpbuhay. Pakaisip-isipin mo ang akin'g sinasal)i sa iyo. Huwag kang rnagpakamataiy. Magpakarallan kayo. Ang inga makatarungan ay mapapakagaling. Ang mga inakasalanan'g hindi nangagsising totoo, ay mapapakasamA. Pinakasisinta ko ang akin'g tinubianglup/. l'inakarmaginahAl ko ang akin'g mgta kaibigan. )Pakagunamngunal in mo ang mahal na pasyon xlg Mananakop. I (cause). Ipirnaka pag-aral. Ipinakapag- iaral. Ipakapbg-aaral. Ipakapag-aral. I (the thing to be prteache( ) Ipinakapahgaral. Ipinakapaliiagaral. Ipakapanlancaral. Ipakapangaral. Suffer voluntaxily. Be very diligent in your bt ness. Me(litate what I say (or tell) you. Do not kill yourself. Go very slowly. The just will attain salvation. ]si to The sinners who have not truly repented will be condemned. I love my nattive-counitry very much. I esteem my friends very much. Meditate upon the holy pasion of the Redeemer. ACTIVE MAGPATI. ugdit (Root).... Luh6d.= Kneel. Magpatiluh6d.=To kneel speedily suddenly. Vakaraan (Past) |, Kasailubu yan (-Pres.) ', Darating (Fat ) f Pnghardp (1,imp. a nd dyao a (Verb f.).. Xadyao n, (Verbal).... or tll at once; to kneel. Nagpatiluhod.. Nagpapatiluh6d.. Magpapatiluh6d.. Magpatiluhod.. Pagpapatiluh6d.

Page  216 -216 — PASSIVE PAG PATI. IKA. Nakaraan (Past).. Ikinapagpatiluhod. lKasalukuyan (Pres.).. Ikinapagpaipatiluh6d. a r Darating (Frt.).., Ikapagpapatiluhi(d., ~. PPanghartad (Imp. and/ X In.f.)... Ikapagpatiluh6od. AN. Pinagpatiluhlura n. Pinagpaipatiluhuran. Pagpipatil uhul n. PagpAltiluhuran. PAGKOKONGHIUGA N(, IsADYANG "MA GPATIUPO" =CONJUGATION O)' THE VERB "MA(PATIUPO." Magpatiup6. — To sit down speedily or suddenly. A KTUNItiN Nakar. (Past).... Nagpatiup6. Kasal. (Pres.).... Nagpd^patiup6. Dar. (Fut.)..... Magplpatiup6. Pghar. (Imp. and Inf.) Magpatiup6. BadyAon (Verbal... Pagpapatiup6. PA SUUHIAV IKA. Nkar... 1kinapagpatiup6. Kaal... Iki,iapagptipatiup(. JI)r.... Ikapagpaipatiup6..? har... Ikapagpatiupo. Nagpatilulou siya sa 1) lon. AN. Pinagpatiupfann. Pinagpapatiupai.n. Pagpapatiupfi n Pagpatiupfan. He threw hilmself with impe. tuosity into tthe well. To lie down itvluntarily. To fall involuntarily. They lprostrated themselves inivoluntarily. Mapl)atihig.A, mapahigA. Mapatihulog. Sila'y riapatirapi, naparapA silti.

Page  217 --- 217 - ACiVE PAMAGKANG. Upgbt (Root).... Iyak.=Wcep, cry. Mlagkant-iiyak.-=To cry involuntarily; to vweep involuntarily. Nakuraan (Past).. Nagkaug-iiyak. Jr iasL&uakuyau (Pre..). Nagkakang-iiyak. 2 Dir-fing (Ft )....Magkakang-iiyak.: Pfimghri'p)I ( np,,lI Inf.).. Mangkang iiyak. l(Adytaon (Ve rbl)..... Pagkakang-iiyak. PASSIVE1 PAGKANG. 1. NarMkaraaa (Ptast)... Ipinagkang-iiyak. K Is'liukuyau (tPies ).. Ipingkikang iiyak. 2 Darating (Fut.).... Ipagkakang-iiyak. = 1 Pangharap (1mp. aind Inf.)...Ipagkang-iiyak. AN. Pinagkang-iiyakan. Pinagkakang iiyakan. Pagkikakag-iiyakan. Pagkang-iiyakn n. PA(GKOKNGHUGA N(G BADYANG ".tAGKA.VGPAPA JVS".= CtONJUGATION OF THE VERB "MAG KA.NGPAPA 'WIS." Magkangpapawis ==To perspire because of fright or slame, etc. A KITUNHIN Nakar. (Past)....Nagkangp;alpwis. Kasal. (t'res..... Nagkaikangpapawis. Dar. t Fut......,Alagkatkallgpapawi.s. Pghar. (Imp. and Inf.)-Mangkalngpapawis. Badyaon (Verbal).. Pagkakangpapawis. 4ASU.N I IN Nakar... Kasal... l)ar.. IIghar... I. Ipinlagkangpapawis. Ipinagkfikangpapaw is. IpagkAkangpa pawis. Ipagkangla pawis. AN. Pinagkangpapawisan. Pinagkkaangpapawisa. Pagkakangppapwisan. Pagka ngpapawisan.

Page  218 -21X AC 'IVE MAG{KA A. Ugat (?,{oo/).... Ngisi.= -ani.l Maikapan isi ==To re.i ii lauglih ig, showing the teetih. - Na, arrai,' (P4ast)..... N agk;Iran,isi. - a tslukuyin, (0Pr..). k Nagkapapanrisi. ^" l,,nrati'nr. (fttt.)... MN:lk.Lpapalngisi. t( l'a.Qghlr!j, (!np. ()I.(/ i,,f )... lagkapangisi. ' (d!/aon (Ver-bal)...,.. Pagka.papank isi. PASSIVE PAGKAPA. Nakar... Kasal... )a r.... Pghar... I. [pi nagkapaangisi. Ipini gkapaipankisi. lpagk.:,p, pangisi. Ipagkapanaisi. AN. Pi nag kap, ngisi ha n. Pi nagkap:tpai n tisiln n. PaIgkapapa ll iiih: 1). Paglnap;a irisiha ii. K PAGKOKOkONG(HUGA NG, ADYANI' ". AGKA4PANGANGA."CONJUGATION OF THE VERB ".l[AGKAPAAGNG A." " NM1agkapangarl(.a' =To relin l:i with one's mouth} open. A T7'UitV[lAT Nakar. (Past).... Nagkapanan. Kasal (Pres.).... Ngkapapanaanga. Dar. (Fut )... agku papanganga. Pjhlar. (Imnp, and [if.) —Magkapauganga., BadlyAon (Verbal.).. Pagkapapan'angai.,PA SUNHhIN N:akar... Kasal.. Dnr... IPThar... I. [pi nargka pangi ngai. ID i nagikaa P pan gan^ al. Ipagla papangr.n ia Ipagkapan A:, np ^ a. AN. Pina g 1k panga n ab hi. Pinagkapapanga ngahan. Pagka papan&anghhain. Pagkapanngaha a n.

Page  219 I I MGA KAMALIAN '* IERRATA (') Ba. hon Page;-) 1 'J ItS 23 45 5 1 60() -:. 88 ' 31 2 6 s 111 11 lcl 127 145 1 47 147 151 155 155 15'7 157 'l:alatA Lille 3:> 34 4-5 29 [2 16 3() 3 1. 4 1-1 1 1. 18 '29 24 9 33 26 10 1() 1 10 6 19 >;8 37 I 32 18 26 N.isusu,AT' W ItTTK N DAPA'.' SULATIN IT SHOULID BE W CI'rTEN Hyphen ( ---- ). Parenthesis -— ). Kindleid exhalation i sky. dlirth, Candidateship Horse-troops. Inner shirt. healthness. Strain;. flivilne kait iimnikan head.\ I I Itl lta, D)etin-. T'atlKin g.,ulnon pangoabilang, ikatalongpiA. It. it halif past one. Ablat. ----Dini sa, LIGA MEMTS. ordaian absove, ro able To thrown, To conjeture to lav be come reduce, inigtagpain quite reffer ipapag-unaw/, mag-usap comprehende som. Hyphen (-). Parenthesis ( Shooting star. ) n dirt, C; ndidacy Cavalry Inner skirt. healthless. Sprain; divine katahimikan heed Minunulat. Definer. Talker. sugnong panabilarng, ikatatlongpfi, It is half past one. Ablat -— Dito sa. LI G AMENTS, ordain absolve, To be able To throw, To conjecture to lay. becorme reduce,,fatagpA^n quiet refer ipagpaunav t mlag-usap comprehend some ___ (*) Yaon lamang mllalaking malt ng limbagan. Onily the serious mistakes in printing.

Page  220 MGA KAMALIAN 161 164.166 17() 170 1.72 172 173 180 182'~l 184 18,5 185 190 191. 192 1 92 193 193 19(i 1198 198 199 1 99 200 205) 207 207' 21-1 32 32 32 19 14I 26 16 17 13 -12 32 37 14 416 25 141 12 17 24-25 1 S4 35 C) 2 Inmnediatel-,y.,opposicion. cares. sumis ual t. umibfig bopy-book? property? 00G mag-airal S-he throw 'it Paglabna [ro feign, to be sick. To boast, to he w ise. Pm angha. Pint 'ngulha. Pangungura "MANGARAD"1 Naniniwla write on it. Mlagagwauxi. "AKAKAGA WA.' It hla's beeni Writtenl. mane Pasulatain1. Towards the, wenit. Pagkapakulu nuran. Nakiki parnil'i aiss e m blIe d? p ags.-,i sir a tn a n. PAG~NH1. IImmediately. opposition caress sum usulat. umi'ibig copy-bhook? properties? OR Nag- aaral She threw it Paglaban To feign to he sick. To boast. to' be wise. Pinangulha Pi nan~iirnguha Pangu nguha "&LA4N G A KA D rManiniwalik write i n it. M agtigawa~ n. 'MA h A PA GCGA WA." It had beeii written. name 1Fasulatanl..towards the west. Pagka~pa~kalunuranNatkipamili'. assemble?. pinagsisiratnaii. Pagsfsiratin*ifili PANGRI.