A Tagalog English and English Tagalog dictionary,
Nigg, Charles.

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Page  [unnumbered] Aug dahilan nang pagstilat nitong libro,i, diii iba kun di ang maka, albuloy nang pagpapakalat nang inahalagang wika xnang Ingles na, ngayo,i, lnumalatag sa halos lahat nang manga inacionDeg; kayft ang nasa nang sumulat av aug tumunlong hi ndi lamang sa mnan a Armericano at Jngl6s na, may pitang inattito nang wicang Tagalog kundi lalonglalb na, sa, manga, maginoong taga, rito sa Filipinas na nkayo,i, nagsusurnikap sa pagaaral. nang wikang Ingh~s. Pinagpilitan. sa painaniagitan niang masiyasat at masinip na paghahalunkat ang pagtitipon nang Lahiat naug manga matatanda, at manga batang salita, at wikang Tagalog sampo nang wniana kuhlulugan nang bawat isa upang maihulog sa wikang, lngl~s at gavon, din naman, ang wikang ito sa, Tagalog at gayondin narnan pinihit ang ibinigay sa bawat isang wika, sa, paghuhulog ang lialaga at kahuiugan sa iba at gayon din na man ang manga tinatauag na, Frances baga, ay pinilit ang magkaroon nang tunay na kahulugan sa kaniyang tunay na halaga ss iba. Ang librong ito, ay nakasulat sa bagong ugali nang pagsulat nang wvik-aig Tagalog; Kay-a augr fific fl2 C av naging K: ang Gui ay naging gi: aug Qui ay naging ki; at U ayan naging W. At dahil dito, kung may halIIanaping salita na, sa, dati ay nasusulat sa C at hindi makita ay dapat hauapin sa K. At gayon din nainan ang niqnga dating nasa Qui ay dapat hanapin sa Ni: at ang dati sa U ay lhaiapin sa W.

Page  [unnumbered] PREFACE The author's object in compiling and publishing this book is to put before the public a work that will aid both the American and the Filipino in learning either English or Tagalog whichever the case might be. It has taken about three years to compile it and each word has been thoroughly tested so that the definitions will be found correct. It is written in what is called the New Tagalog which differs from the old in the following respects. The C has become K, Gui has been shortened to gi; qui has been changed to Ki and w is generally substituted for U. Therefore should a person look for a word that begins with C and fail to find it he should turn to K; should he be unable to find Qui he should turn to Ki; and in case of u should turn to w.

Page  1 NIJ( 'S TAGA LOG-ENGLISH DICTIONARY ERRATA In a pioneer work of this character it could hardly be hopled that where tlere are so many opI))ortunities some errors woull not creep in, but these for the most part are trivial and of thle sort to be expected Until Manila typesetters become more accustomed o English orthogrkaphy and Anerican ideas of exactness. It is suggested( that teachlers would do well to make tl:ese corrections in ink in the appropriate places and that as most of tlie changes only involve 1 letter or two the task would not be difficult. The word as it now appears is given first in this list, after the page numbller, and Tagalog, followe(l by tlhe corrected fornl. 7 aba po-Virgen-Virgin.-alaala monlento-lmemento.-alalayan-assert-assist. 8 andluklla-hel paid hlelp, aid 9 apo-descondent-escendent.- asinan ---pikcle —pickle. —ayunan ang iba-suscribesubscribe. 10 babala sa mInlala —programne —progra. —bagay- lecig —desian.- )aray —usefur — nsefll. —lbarsik stricness —etric(tness;-larslness hlarshness.-hahid-sing sign. baitano g-le(t (-r-ladd(ler. 11 hala r hteatrt-th reat. 12 banta nntion tion on.-Iasag -fra( tered(-fraecturedl. 13 h}igyan —siznlif sifgnif. bigyan kapi)anrryariaI-autorize-autllorize -bigyangr sindak friggten-frirghten. 14 bihis.-clotaes- clotles.-lilas —mrrp —arr.-bilog-spaleresphere. - inti - slangshank- -binya-an — (hriatian —Clristian.- biroan —caroucol —carousal. -biruin6oke-joke lbinuhuklllan origen-origin. bisa positivility-possibility. bilog rotunditp-rotnd ity. 15 Ibugtong -puzjle -puzzle. —bahatan - impaecli —impeach. —bu)ayv-livoly lively. buhayin -resusticate reslscitate.-buig-bu chl-bunch; racenle- -raceme. — )ukal origen-origin; course course; finst-first.-bukod sa il)a-feroign-foreign.-l uksan-rhow-sh (ow. 1 6 bulaw- wilb-wild. buloukan-rotiil g-rottin,-ll umabasat —leader-reader.-bumlbuangrowin-crowl.-bui hlukial sprink spri ng.-buukl)od-separste-separate. 17 butilxlan-pertect'on perfection; butil frain-grain.-butlig-pustle-pustule cabelleriza —estable stable.-canlta chorous clhorus. daan-ocasion-occasion. 18 (laliasan-ferce-f(or(e;-stregtbeu-strelngtlen, daing inorilur-mnrmur;-supli(cation supplication.-dakila-illustration illustrious; - angesti llajestic; -rnmagaificent magnifi ent;-protent potent; —wealty -\wealthy; —tran sciel(lent -trans cie deint dakip cappure capture -dali instunt-instant. -dali(dalianl pispose-dispose.-dalitaan- suffe suffer. -dalitain-compoort coniport; condesend-condlescend.-dalosdalos i(lrot-idiot. 19' ldacihlan-oougmnent augent.-dapa:)t ivalang lianorable- ionlorable.-daplat ipagtagullilin-]llfnllle-laudab)le. -dapat magalingin nepectable respectable.-dapat parusalhan-puisliablle p)unis}lable, 20 liccionairio -Iietionary i licti(onary -di lhikayatincorruptable-incorruptible.-di karamtipatani-irope-iirope-imrper. dikdikin-crash-crusll,-lilag orar (uer-randeur,rilllcy-lbrilliancy.-(li nabal)lago- stapla-sta)le; onchlanlgable unc hangeable. di mnahigpit unstaple- r stable. —di makararaan —imt)assible -impriassablie. di inalapatani unlie-unlike; unequa unequal.-di Imalirip inscrutaltle inscrutable. (li 1naruiongo(r mag vera ios veracious.-di matarok-unfathonalble unfathoma able. di ii asasala ng nunringled n-uni ngled. 21 ldios rig alak iclinus B(cchllls. di )pagka-palagay inconstanty inconstancy. di sapat —ndeq- ' n- inaldeq(la('c -lispunte -backs-stich-backst.it li.-dowalagilierisul it —pusuit. do\allinin- persue-pue ullre. tduende —fray fay. dtulo,-sulisummi t dulnial- ablioren(e- -al)liorrxence. -lumalas- frelquant frequent. -dtumh1an-polute p1-ollute. 22 dunong,. sience —science.- urog- ushedl- crushed. diurugin- crash - crusli.-(dustaotject-abject gagarin mi ark otwf fe llt. 23 gallig-behetit benefit; sntility —utility.-gahit-allray-angry;-firetftl fretful.-galit

Page  2 na ralit-lmery very.g mnot p- itioin- potion. -ganimti n - dlotor - (loctor. - gnniiri vedilecit vidlelicet.-gapusin gyne-gyve. 24 (r;iyak pirepertie peative pt;-)po)l)tious )lonpolus.-gayaitinl sitice slice.-gi biln im.ar'k out lerbel. gilala-tilldi-tiimditi. gikban assiat assist.-gilil gi lgrildi25 rglo n di ssention dissension.-gulo-at conliseIt cclnfutsed(.-ullllin ang-conlfotlnnl. confti(und.-gumagad minic-minlic. gumlinllhawa a)g tromt-from 27 gunIaml unamlni refltsxicin reflection. gruniieni-pan tonl-plhalioll.-labalg, ltat)ginconipasion conil-assioi -hlaluin colulfe-coilfuse. 27 llampasin ni came canle. l hri-severignsovereign.l 28 lhwani-disengagacl -liseiigag'ed-haw-ana-disiennage-diseililgagle; facillitate faicili tate.-liga 'mlti-vengei ice-vengeance lhikaiyat, hliaikayatili facitnatiol fasciinatioin facilnate fasc inate.- i awin — crne cru(e. lii nanhllinlan itater tflattery. 29 hiinli lnagbhtulat oorioinal i: igi il. 30 hinlog fonrfatlhes ftref;thers. lirangin-close- choose.-lhi wasan en-on.-lhiyaT seream sicreal. 31 Ilubdlal — euie-deniude.-h bog curver curved. -likavin inmli exturne exhlunle - hnlaln pirophecy pIrol)iesy. lllli advn.-mark ozut yelp; elping — trlillhal-packback. hull-lma-trice t iatric -. hulhgin ng-srnctify sanctify lunllllaba-protrict prot ract humatk banst stirs st r. 32 hlulnarap appaer-appear. huliiyaw ovell-yell lunipay —interrudtion-interrupl tioli. lhunlulav. perilict- pr.dict. hlmupa-wcak-weak. 33 ibaon -preoare preplare. ibu'id, ilulusok ruin rain.-idagdag inscrease increase.idarang scortch sco (ci.-igalang-regards regard. - igiba - deloisl - (denlolisl.illabilal)il i i i'otiissioin coiniission. 34 ilulog ang -tormenst- tornments. ilaig-n exasision-evasin. ilagay sa ibaln-tranlsslate-tran slate. 35 ilagay, sa codi(o (det'y (codify. ilap-w\illness-wildiess.-ilarawaii-portrait-portra itilalov-smnelead sinelletd. 36 mark out /rs'f t wo lirnes i t top of first collun.-inutog enlage-enlarge-ipagin tinini annulnce anncunce. ipagkaloob-cencede concedle. 37 ipagtllalkan indlel- impel. i. ahlintllt ot- )rivelege- rivilegre -ipasan loaid-loadip1atalo-let lose-let loose. ipatuloy- ersue pursue.:18 isabor- layish lavish.-isulat atng ngalan lnarticulate matriculate itago-id(lose inclose. itak gorn corn. 39 itatua ( cnltradict- conltradlict. itula, —I)ersue-pursue.-iuli-reestablih-reestablish iuna-preceed-precede. 40 kal)ablaya - foll )ow-fellow.-kalagayx-ac conadating accommodating. kabaitan-di seretion- (liscretion kabait-.l sa pagrtpad -concientiousness conscientiousntess.-k bnlia ' lxn-fi a grac y-fra grancy. 41 kabigatan gaavaity-gravity.-kabiglaanan quie-hness-quickines. 42 kahabaanl nl bIuli y-longetivy loingrevity.-kalihaiibuigan-poimluosity-poitpoit kalligpitani-perttelaiity-1)ertiinac(it. kcalinaan ng efferinenct, effelinai eness effeinlenl('cy, effminacy. 43 kaikli:al il —(lulnless- tllnles.-kailain ang indespensible indispensable. 44 kakulanlr antl nlg bait- indescretionl —ilndtiscreti — kalalan- onem-enetly. kalabaw-tcaiatou caabao lkalagayangc bIata pe ulity puerility -kalakhan ig katawatn corluledcty-corl)ulency. kallaulin fors ee-foresee. 45 kalibuganl-lowx\nes-lowneiss.-knIligryaltan-gay at gaiety. kaliitan sutility-stubtilty kalog-eimi)uty-emi)pty;-alloll,(w-iollow. kailutpaan homliness homneliness. 46 kamalgmananl- (dlness-duillness. —kanIote cotatoe-pt tato.-kanluklha-siirilar-si mIlilar. -lkaituralln —sauvlitV-scuavity. kanunuanl frefetllers forefathers. kapa baIaanall nonen aaoet al)bandonment. kapal tickness thickness. kanalaluan arogaance arrogance; polmpulosi pcllity ppoomp ity; -p puousness -polmpousness. kapanauntal nll eptpomrtunity opp)ortunity ka7 kapalngyarilhan meanls means. -karangalan exellence excellence karaniwan prevaleuit prevalent. 48 karapatan inert-merit karuagan effellineen e, effenliniateness-effiminenecy, effe minacy karupukan britleness, b)rittlenes-; wealdness, w-eakness-tbasalaul laan -impurity -impurity -kasalbahian sav aentess savageness.-kasaliwaalnia

Page  3 — 3 --- illconstency, inrcnlstancyll;-ficl pleess, f ickleness, kasaliwan -g palald illiluk illluck 4:) kaibaan —glottotny-glau tony-kasiguruti an spon set3r sponsor kasiralanlllistaklllis take kasiraan gig puri-deFre)dtin-legra(ation.-kasukaban-threaclerl treachely j50 katampalasanan.- petulen'e —petnlatlce. katandlaan longlevity-longevity-katatal;goaan adv — nlidlig —in dling.-katha-mide-minld.-katimltimlln lg c(oistailck c(onstan cy. katiyagaan-persistance-pesr isteHce. 51 llkatlinan. (acl eratio certio atio-a celeratiot k atsulal-sgacousneiss-sagaious ss. kau11k(l- coreespon(lent corresp)on(elt.-katullalm a precet(idece-i)precel(e.l k tn ll1uran.-dulnies (lullneess. kaupasalaan tl reach er! -treaclhery. kausal)-w-li(icl wllomn.-kawalaii n1i bait-indes reio -ilisctioo -iis leti kaw laI ng gawa liesiure leisure.-kawalan nl gusto disp)leasnse d isl)leasure kawalann n11 In a-sIllnle sallmtelesses s;- — flip i) y -t ippancy -kawala 1I nl kail anlan abaIln(t nnlit a Ian(, lln ment. 52 kayab)aigall -ponmpllnlositNy,pomriposity;-poinpuioisness,po:)nipouslnes.-kavyaallllan ina11on- iraii, lon.-ky) arianl- perpe(tion -perfectionl.-kilalilinl-fou see-foresce kiling inclanation, inc(lination; sip, -i(ie. 65 knullman ig tpila.-sleep-fnltd l-eep-fold. 54 kumiapal l —enlarg) enlarge.-klniaplit- sieze seize -knpllisalin ascartain-ascerlain k un gt-tllhongli though, klpitii -tleiv\e-tliieve, kurap-nlovlment-nolvenlet.-kuro imnagniatiotnm-ilagintation.-knruin concept conceive. 55 kuyunlpis m,'rk out denied.-labahin, labllan laundry launder.-lagpos-a.-exilorbitant-exorlbitant. 5t6 la(rgsatLw-rutstlilny-rustling lahlat-laltat guite-qite.-lalii-sept, sect; foction, faction lakas nl pr)l,,lltitntde prolmptitude. laki n1 arnoman granduLer-grandelur. alalan-esseence -esseni e.-lanlisill-lantlell landlle. 57 lamlpas-exssive, excessive:-exhorl)itant, exorbitant.-lanu in-puniel pulinel lansetang-lac 1 e lance.-lanta —a. - ftlhered —witlmered.-lasap-aesthetice aestietics.-latag outspaead-outspread. 58 lata g ak lak lete lees.-laya-ereedonl-freedo -lihisan-evoid avoid. likc-uunllawful-unlal ful.-li nt tgin Iuli-republisp-republislh. 59 linkod sa woer-wooer. linta-leach leecl-.-listahan-dock do(cket.-listahan nig mnga tawonmg voice invoice litaw a.-s- ncible sensible;-n apearance-appearance liwalnalan-i olve.-evlve -loob nrg bulaklak corollo corolla.-lool) ng d ib-ibbusom bosoml-luat prolixnees prlixness.-lubag-toose loose. —lublang-exlorbi tant-( xorbitant.-lublang hambog,resumtptions presunmp. ous 60 lubugin-watar water.-lugal-lien lieu-lugal na pinagtltulruanllcollega-colletge.-luihog suplican-spltion-suppliction.-lumalo lurposs-surpas s;-ot tvie outxie. 61 luInmigaligterrupt.-interrupt.-lumiko sa tl:n rtglit the right.-luli)ana certain print-certain point lIunitak-creak-crack. 62 lusawin cosulme constume -mnaamnoy-oderous, odorous;-oderiferous odoriferous. 63 mabalakubak-scurry scu rfy.- imabango-arronIatic-aroitiatic; (oderiferous, od(oriferous;-oderous, odiolouts.-inabigla-to to toe mabisa-(liligence-diligent.-nmabuliiv uli.-re-usticate resuscitate. 64 mLabulunlin grumbiing gruimllin, rmabunyi —renowled- renowxnedl niaburak nmlry-mniry -llmabuti conivenieut con venient. —mladaling } ubugin-eithe-li tte mnadidikit vicid-viscid. 65 nmagagalitin —seasily easily.a -magarammjit servicible -serviceal)le. —niagaling-mngnanamous mnagnanilmous.- miragaspang- iinci(dent,-in(decei t.- mnlagbahlala (c< rn care.-magbakod falnce-feince.-miagbalita-wxarrn warn. 66 magbawas siuk-sink -magbigay lugod gratity-gratifv.-magdalit, calnt ctmanlt.-nmamgdilim ang-nark out tach.-lnaglldugtong-at-attach. 67 magitla-starled.-startlet(d-agitlalhin-skittlish skittish. 68 magkaisa ang of at.-mllagkanimalabis overfow-overfiow. 69 mIlaglaro-ganblo-gambtol.-miaglula- amle come. 70 magpaaraw -oa- to.-magpalhirap - everpower - overpower, - mnagpalakas-stregtII strength.-magpamana ldemtze (lelnise.-rllagpasakit-paini-)ailn. 72 magsubukan spig-spy, mragtili-circunisize-cir(cumcise. magutom hanlger-hullger, maalalavli-imlpuledent imprtent. ahllliin-profer-t)pefer..1-.

Page  4 -4 - 74 millinahon prnltent-prtuent; courtious-courteous. Inahihin ohliging obliging. mahlirap-dissatrous t(isastrous. 75 Ill:kalbuullhav l nrisig n ourislling.-itiakaisaang lavo of at-makasing layo of-at 7 i m:ikattuladl-!aket like. Iliaki-apid adultterate clmmit a(tulterv.-tmakia yon aco)odlate acc toIoate -inakipagawayv-ol)ss-op l)ose-op, makipagc(apowa-corteous. (co r teo us.- lala is ts ex l, l )i ta it- exorbitant. 77 ialabo) nilnteligi)le-uinintelli gible -malago fruitrul fruitful.-mnalagpos exxcessive-excessive. malaks afort foot drawny borawny -ilalamtlnbot plaint-plilant. mualanlmib scurry —( clry. lmala ngis oleagnie(i'u -(leagenouis.-malason poiasn poison. mnalason-a. —vellelns-\venomolus tmali)ag-ity tilltliy. 78 nialiit na maliit litle little. inlaliiiaw- crear- cleiar.-lmalil)s fnll of of pustles full of pustiiles -lnal ulllntng boutvant bluoyartt.-lmalunmla-lhecone becolLe-mallumbay ' loi m-glooiim. 79 rnaiiiaiala reek reck. mainaintal-biten bitten -manalln-rside seside. nianaing niisfortuness -inisfortnies- nmanaingl a -hear en —lharken.-manintas -cristicize c rit i ize. 80 ilnalnlradlit -ti iel tliief. -angtragamnot ng-vetrinnrinn, veterinarian;-ferrier, farrier. maIlnlgagka yonl( aoi1-,onlse(rt-(onlcert. ialnlrlahas agressive agg,,ressive. 81 inanglminmas!,k Ilterru) interrnpt ma glhinapang farce force. manindal-added aii e(d. 82 maniinulsa- papist —rapist. —mapagbasiagulo.e outiouts —captious.- rnapagkit —vicid viscid. 83 lmapagodl-uot out. tiapagwari-mtnaditatinil,.meditatin'r; contemplative, comtemiplative -enapakialattil inad.lesonie el(ldlesome tmapakikinlabangan — ervicible, serviceahble: utseft I, useful. ) apalagay- close-c-losee. mapang-agad quiclky. (luicklsy.- attl: tp)at-dlifii ite (lefinite 84 mln.taatlalia-stulfe vinil stlliuplefxvili; -wVdeful, wonderful. map(aghati —antiphatethlic atip athetic, nnarangal- (exellent- excellent.-marikit -genseel- genteel; handltomt(e- }andsoumeu. barullmlaln — beespatter. - ttr. - marumi grtmy griyi N;-droosy-( Irossy.-Imarunis-droos-drossy; at tolp oJflpagc S5-uninndtece, indecent; be oling, iunbeecoming; liewd lewd. 85 malsatr a-evcessivelv.-excessiv ely.-masaktan main, maiml; affend, offend, masala. b-scr()tcll -sc(O('rch.- ImasamlaL n fault fault. masamain aihor-abhlor.-masiba g1littinlls-glitto)lnots. - iiasiolia dliligect diligent 8; masurino -arter after. —natabal- fertille fertile.-mataginting —sonoreu sonorous. imasob:ssob-tc tfull (dowl-to p1ull (l(doxvn. iiasund(lo-arteter-after.-asupok-to be (ion si llied-to )e co(nsiiined. 87 imatapa g atressive- agressive. -Iatatangap —recievable -receivable,- matibay storno stro)1i; permanl-ell t perlllanetll.-atiis-obstinent-abstinenit.-atowid gllhteouly riillteonsly. 88 matung ol aportain —all)ertain.-mlatua joiful-joyful. —inauhaw- thristv- thirstv. manna ptreceetl p}recede. tmaunito(g-oolide collidle.-mnawalan ang hiya-same shamne -lnawalan ang pitagan-ilimpruideint-iiipudent-.may ari propietor prol) rietor. 89 nay katowiran justiticalble- justilia)le. may vpananib malmulog-wevering wavering. may puiri virgen-vir-rin, may sala-(dilinlquent-(ielinqtenlt.-mlay tatlcn)g wika-trileniuar trimgoulalr.-mmi iItal I l cheon luncheon.-mitsa-whichl wicklollja muiin-mml.-mali -xexati onvexativ tn;- abborence a)blorrence. —mulhliin te'i(lo s-tedious. 90 1lfnada ava -(ecievi ng-,ecei viln, naanlay- dedication dedication. nagaarawmercilnar — mlercenar -nagl)lab alita lnarraton-narrator. nagbal:analbanalan (-emur (delllure. 91 ia,hlitanil lodonater-ifonat,,r. lnaokakadugtong continmos coti inuouis; asiduous a-:sicduotus.-lnal:asala- liolater-v iolator. magoa)pastol-llerdsmen-lerdsman. 92 nakalihiliki at exe itinlg exiting.-nakaluiliya-abl)olmnible abominable; hienous heinous. 93 laktassuka-namseo:ls inaiseous. nakatatawa ludricous —ludicrouts.- naniis -crys; o)snlivl-cry; sol; snivel. 4 inapapaloob- witlimtl-witliin. nararamdaman s sensitiva sensitive.-nalukol sa revelatlt relevlmat.-naulmkl sa bato perule-puerile.-nauukol.sa lupa-eartly

Page  5 - 5 -earthly. -nanukol sa, m-iga kulay chromnatis-chromati c..95 naunkol sa pagtangi-niegatorv.-nutgatorv.niauukol sa. tivan- ventrial- ventral.. nauna-preceeding-precehing. -ngala-n-g-ala-plharnyx-plbaryn'X —nlgimii —ermerity temerity.-nilavin m-yoditate-i-meditate. —niingninirg — lusteo —luster;- gleen-gleamy. niva-it's-its.-huno spight, sprigL t; panitomi —phantom-ni-wit-wNith. 96 ordenanza ordeianc(,e-ordinance. —ovaini-nr riducuile- ridfictle.-owang-rembles-resenibles.-pabava —ind.escreet —ind~iscreet.-pabuya- premium - premiun —pagaaliw-liesure.-leisure.-pagaanin —aleviate-alleviate. 97 pagalipusta, etton tr) —effrontery.-pagalis- agression -aggression. —pagbabalintuna, perpersity-perv ersity.-paghanalbanalan i-by poc-ricy hypocrisy. 98 pagbawi-redemtion-redemption. pagbubuhat- baginwing -beginning. pagdahas coersion coercion. 99 paggiba-dIesoltution-desolation.-pagullamos —piuching pinching.- pagbahalili —re-. liel-relief.-paghiarap-exib-ition)i-exhiibition.-paghilhimagsik-rebellouirners-rebe iliousness.-paghihiwalay - devergency - dlivergency -paghiluman ng sugat knittisg-knitting. 100 pagiiwan-abandonm tnait-abandlonment.-pa~giyak-corying-cryinig-pagkabalisa res lessrness-restlessn ess. pagkabata-peruility -puierility.-pagkabawi-irecevtrY-recovery. 101 pagkabigla- quikness -quIickne.E s. —pagkadios —diet-ydeity. —pagkahiibang —delirimi delirium. pagkaka~galitan- qjurreling -quarreling,.-pagkakaliniga-col icitud~e-so li( itude. pagkakamukha likiness-likenests; equaelity equality. 102 p9,gka~kasalirnoot —deustiy- density. —pagkakayas -whitling-whittling.-pagkalipol distinction, destruction; extiniclion —extiinction. —pagkalubog snbmersion submersion. 103 pagkasagi broslhingbrutsh ing.-p~agkatina- dying-dyeing.- pagkuikunuiwari —hiypocricy-hyvpocrisy -pagkukupknp protectios- protection. — pagkupas -pading-fading, -pa gkluskus catching scratching.-paglabag, paglabani-resistence-resistance. paglabas - exodios ex-odus.-paglagin pyeqluenc-e-frequencee-paglagorn junciiiure-j unc,,tu-re.-paglaktaw ng-elipsis-ellipsis. 104 paghigalig — definity dlefiniite. —paglilibang — lies-ure — leisure. — pagIinhog, pagmamyaka —an~o-sniplicat~ioni —suipplication. —pagmamamtowid —dissenitationi-dissertation.- pagmamana- inikeritaince-inhleritan-ce.-pagmi-amatwiran-diisquiisitation, disquisition; dissen 'ation-(lissertntion. 105 pagpaalaala ---miomiento —miemento — pagpapahlayag -anunciation —annutnciation. pag.papahin~a liesure-leisuire.-pagi(papasAkit-tortuie-t~ortuire106 pagpi~lipit-wreating-wreatlinig.-pagpilit-coersioni-coercion.-pagpuikol-trow-tlhrow pagsala't-proverty poverty. 107 pagsalin-emptiing-emptying. —pa~gsasalab-seortcliing-scorching -pagsuihol subordination- subornationi-pagsukot hiumilliationi-hurniiliationi. 108 pagtatamo-suifference-suifferance. -Ipntatanaw- diceriim enit discern ment.-pagtigil1 suspence-suspense. 1019 pagtupad ebedience obedience. 111 palakasin renove-reni-iove. -palanPov boulyantt-buoyant. 112 palasugal —quambler- gambler.-pal ih im-surreptuously surreptitiously. palutang bouyant-buoyant. 113 p~amamanglaw- lonliness, ---lonieliness. —pamiankin. —neice-niiece.-pamutti-adlormnient adornment. 114 panauhan-bordter-boarder.-pan&-:amba,-suspence-suspense;-indicision indecision. pangapas siekle sickle;-gyue-gyve. 115 pangatngat - nible —nibble. —panghinuli- earphick - earpick.-panginoon-propietor proprietor. panglaw-loniliness-l-onieliness.-pangpatulog-marcotic-narcotic. 116 pangl)atuvo-drieii-drier.-panimiba-closlhes-clotlles.-panip~it-princers-pincers —panu(110k- sti mulan-stimul ant. 1 17 panyo-lhankerchief-handkercb-ief. paragala-girt-gift. 1 18( paruisa-penality -penalty.- -requittal —requital --- pasalurga —pe- ugnaut-ly — rcpugnan tly. -pasuini —scortch-scorc!h.-pIatabain miaka-make-patago -clandest-inety clandestinely. 119 patawarin- pard on- pard lon. —patayi n-(iuenca- quenclh.-patutot-poostitute-prosti - tuite. —pay~o-a(l moniiton-admoniitioni.

Page  6 -6 -120 pi-osa-ahcess aibs-cess.-palihiin-d isort-dIistort. 121 pito picolo piccolo. 122 pumaia-orrow arrowi.-putniavapa-traniguil ize tranquilize.- puinokpok trot) throbpuimuno pod pad. puribin plaudit-ap~plaud. 113 plisod ng novel-navel.-putlin, putulfin resind rescind. 124 sakit desease disease.-sakit na naka-venerial desease-venereal-disease. 126 sal abi n scortch-scorch. —salahula slutisli —snttish.-salitaan convenant- covenant. 226 salawahaiig-inidicision-indecisioni-salubsob-on-or. sanid hiondiiness homeliness,,; misfurtune mnisfortune.-samnbahin ang-indolize idolize. 127 sapat-anough enough.- sapilitan - indespenisible-indlispensable. -savii na-ecstacy ecstasy. 128 sigaw-s hieech-screech.-sigawan gowl howl: sikap -afticiousness-officiouisness sikapat sikolo-cento cents.-silab, silabin- scortch scorch.-siksik thich thick. jimaron, intractible intractable sinapupunan grons-groin. 1 29 siraan-delapidate dilapidate-sirain ang mabuting,-puri-viliate vitiate.-sisi repientence-repentance.-sowail-intractible-intractable. 130 suga-thether tether.-siihol bride bribe;- subordination- subornation.-suklani- dispicable-despicable, 131 surnasaimba sa-adolater idolater.-sumaya to elate-to be elate.-sunira delapidat-e-dilapidate.-suiuiisigaw-cryer-crier. 132 sundan —persue-pursue.-sunodsuinod-alterate-alternate. sunugin-scortch-ecorchl. 133 taba-corpulancy-corpulency.-tabas pusod-naval-iiavel.-tabi-iuiargen-n-argin.-taga bilang-acomptant accomptant. taga-kabila-a.-transmountane-transmountaini. 134 tagiliran-margen-margin.-tagliran —fllank-flank. 136 tali-litigation-ligature.-talino guickness quickness.-talohiaba-elipse-ellipse. 136 tandaan-m emoramdum-n-emiorandu m.- tangapin reseive-receive - - tanka - cuim-; hanidon-culmination. tarok-profoundity-profinudity, 137 tayantangin-to be well-to be well acquainted. 188 tinagin-nove move. 139 tipirin-enonomize-economize -tubos-redemtioni-redeintptioni. 140 tulisan s-a dagat-corsican corsair.-tumag lid-lay lie. 141 tumpak-knac-knack 142 tumuntong-accupy-occupy. 143 udlok-boman-instigater. 146 unatin-stcatch-stretch.-usigi -persne-pursu e. 146 usisain-scrutenize-scrutinize. —utal —stuterer-.-stutterer. —utusaii edict-make edict. viage-jonrney-journey.-virgen-virgen-virgin.-wala- on-no.-walang-gawa liesure leisure. 147 walang kabualuhan —addle —addled.-walang —kahulugan-wortlesss-worthless. walang larnan-addle addled. 161 Andres-Adrew-Andrew.-Cristina, Chistiana, Christiana, Cristino Chistian Christian. Enriquetta Henrieta Henrietta. Josepa Josaphine Josephine. Margarita Margarita Margaret. ENGLISH-TAGALOG 162 Nicolas Nicolas Nicholas. 163 Josaphine Josaphine Josephine. 164 Balph Balph Ralph. 166 abbet-abbey. 168 acoos-across 160 advise-noun-advice-avisory-advisory..affoot-a-foot. 161 albiet-albeit. 162 amatuer amateur164 annus anus. 171 basam-balsam.-bainsh-banish. 176 blowse-blouse. 177 boatswaim boatswain. 179 beeze-breeze.

Page  7 182 but-noun-butt.-calculous-ntoun~-calktlus. 184 caribou carabao. 195 caridone-condone. 19.47 contemtuous-contemiptuous. 198 coutradictory-contradictory. 199 cadate-cordate. 202 crociform-cruciforn-t. 209 diety deity. 210 disvelieve-disbelieve. 210 duodesimal-duodecimal. 225 eurie- eyrie -facination-fascination. 232 fonteen-fourteen. 236 gas coal-oil.-geniel-genial. 238 grande-grandee. 239 grogery-groggery. 242 headguiarters-headquarters.-hitase-hiaste. 243 under-hemp mark-out copra. 2 4 7 1-conj if 21I~ inparity imparity.-impheacment-iniipeachmiieiit. 2419 impromtu-impromptu. 250 ihundate-inundate.-iracible irascible.-ironiicsronioal-irouiics,. ironical. 2.I5 9,key-veib-lock 201 larcency-larceny.-laterly-latterly. 269 meadw-meado-mead, meadow. 271 midgeo-midget. 213 nunerally-numerally. 289 oglle-ogle. 286 penant-pennant. 287 permament-pernianent. 188 piet-pier.-pharnyx-pharynx.-piano-pianiofortr-piaiio, pianoforte. 294 probosis-proboscis. 295 premptitude-promptitude.-prohetic-proplietic. 304 repitition-repetition. 305 resusticate, resuscitate.-resusticationl resu scitatioii-reticle-reticul e. 310 genatorium-sanatorium-. 312 scissors-verb-scissor.-screach-screechi. 315 sarpnes sharpness. 317 shwb-shrub. 321 safa-sofa. 322 soncery-sorcery. 323 soverign-sovereign. 324 sgongy-spongy. 235 stalliont-stallion. 326 staiwar-stalwart. 331 supolant-supplant. 334 tater-tatter. 336 teamnination-termination. 341 tradegy-tragedy.-tranpierce transpierce. 346 uun-un-a prefix.-unap-unapt. 348 uneigborly-unneighboriy. 361 venicon-venison. 357 whtlle.-whittle-wifehoop-wifehood. 358 witess-witness. - A

Page  8 .;.". r~'" L~f~ -.**..,.:c flI.w.- P u'w..w- q........:-^,..ii.. - 9n:..............;.:) W O a W t4.1 t~ r... -..- -..-.I. -

Page  [unnumbered] The English and Tagalog Alphabets. Ang Maiga Alfabetong English at Tagalog. ENGo.lSH TAGALOG A.......... A N......... N B..........B......... C.................. P D.........D.... E...........E.. F....... F S......... S G.........( T.......... ' H........... H TJ............ I.......,,. I \V........ J..................... \.................. L......... Y.......... Y M............M Z....... Ang manga reglang sumusunod ay tunkol sa pagsasalita ng wikanyg Englis. 1. Ang sumusunod ay ang manga vocales na letra sa wikaig Englis at ang kanilang manga tunog, Titik sa Englis. Tunog sa Tagalog. A...................... e E....................... I I....... Ay OI................... 0...............0........ U................. I 2. Pag nauna ang titik na W sa letrang R ang W mamatay sa pagsasalita, 3. Pag nauna ang titik na 0 sa manga letrang E, I, at Y ang pagsasalila ay tutunog ng S. 4. Pag nauna ang titik na 0 sa manga letrang A, 0, at U ang pagsasalita ay Lifihog gg K. 5. Kung ang titik na vocal ay sinusundan ng alin mang letraig consonante bukod lamang ang R at isang E, ang vocal sa una ay tutunog nu mahaba at ang E sy patay. IManga halimbawa Cane. Ang pagsaaalita ay keyn, home ang pagsasalita ay hornm. scene sin. bile bail. abuse-abius. Manga exception-care, have, come, love, dove, done, prove at gone. 0. Pag nauna ang titik na A sa letrang e ay di mababago aelg pagsasalita ng letrang A. 7. Kung nagkakalaban ang dalawang regla ay ilalagay sa gitna ang pagsasalita. 8. Sa manga salitang mnaikli ang titik na vocales ay tutunog na gaya nito. Ang a ay mamamagitan sa A ate; ang E; ay nmanamagitan sa E at I: ang 1 magiging I ang 0 magiging A; at ang U magiging U. 9. Kung ang letrang a ay ilauna sa manga titik na II, Ik, 0 sa W; ang A ay tutanog sa pamagitan ng A at 0. 10. Kung ang manga letrang igh av magkakasama ang pagbasa ay parang ay. 11. Kung ang manga-titik na ough ay magkakasama ang pagsasslita ay parang ao, datapua,t, maminsanminsan ay ttunog ng parang U. 12. Kung nagkakasama ang dalawang titik na ow ay tutunog ng parang ao. 18. Kung ang dalawang letrang na ou ay sinusuudan ng nd ay tutunog nang parang ao; nguni,t, kung ang susunod ay Id ay wiwikain ng parang U.

Page  [unnumbered] 14. Aug karanliwaug tunog n~y dalawang letrang ch ay parang tsh, kiung nas.,aiaa sa salita. Tangi laimaug aug man a umusunod: Machine, Chagrin, Cluivalry, Mustache, at Chaise-, aug sa ganito ay tutunog nang parang sh. 1 5. Kun-v aug dulo ng salita ay tion, cian 6 sion tutuinog na parang shun. 106. Knug aug dulo ng salita ay tous 6 teous ay tutunog na parang shus. 17 Kapag ang dalawang letrang gh at ph ay nagkakasama ay tutunog nang F. 18. Kunt- aug — letrang G ay naunta sa A, 0, at U, ay tutunog, ng matigas. it(J. Kumg aug ti'tik na G ay sa katapusan ng alinmang salita aug pagwiwika. ay mnat igas dling parm, ug nauna. 20 N'un aIy (qllcalawaiig letrang M at B ay nagkakasama sa dulo nA isang salita, ang B ay Truamamatay sa pagwiwika. 21. Knuig auig d'alawang titik na B at T ay magkakasama sa dulo ng- isang salita, aug, B ay ninamatay sa pagsasabi. 22. Kuno au letraug G av nauna sa N at M ay patay aug G. 23. Aug titi k na H ay patay sa manga salitang sumusonod: Honest, herb, hour at honor. 24. Amg ]etrang L av patay kailanma~t nautina sa manga titik na D ---K at M. 25 KNun aug (Ialawang letraug M at N ay nagkakasama sa dulo ng isang salita ay aug Al bumang aug tutunog at aug N ay patay. 26. Augr letraug Q ay katimbang 6' kaparis ng K. 27. Kun aug. ietrang, 0 ay nauuna sa Id ay dapat tumunog ng mahaba paris ug& TVagabog 28. Kuugr ( dalwang letrang ed ay mialagay sa katapusan ng salita at aug kauivani sinusundail ay- P at K ay aug ed ay tutunog na parang T. 29. Nun (lalawang oo ay iuagkakasama at nauna sa P at K ay tuiunog nk U7. Kun aug (dalawang~ 00 ay uagkakasama at nauuna sa 1 ay tutunog rig U. 31. Nuni sa dub u isaug salita aug E ay naiipit Dg isang consonante at t) sa katapusan aui E ay patay at aub D ay siyang tutunog.:1 2. Nunil ang W ay nanunia sa letrang R ang W ay patay. Rules for pronouncing Tagalog. 1. The vowels have but one sound. The a ahl, the e a; the i-e. 0 0; and u-u. 2. Whien the n& is written with a wave over tare n it has the sound of ng in the termi ination aug, while without the wave it is pronunced as t is spelled:3. Th'le c is alwavs hard. 4, The gis alwavs hard as in gun. r.Lhe 1i has, the sat-le soun(I as hi in English. 6. The accent in Fagabog should never be forgotten as it sometimes changes the meaning of the word as Kayo cloth while Kay6-you. Thie abbreviations used iii this dictionary are the following. Aug, uan~a, tandla n& ginagamit sa fibrong ito ay aug sumusunod: nadajetive, adjetivo Conj -Conjunction, conjuncion Aldv-adlverb, adverbio Pro_-ipronom, pronombre 11 noun, sustantivo Inter-Interjection, Ilnterjecion prep)-preposition, prepocsicion V-Verb, Verbio

Page  7 AKA 7 ALI A A-a-A. Aba-inter. -Alas. Aba-a Miserable; wretched; de jected. Aba Po (anq) Prayer to the Virgen Mary. Abahin-v-To tell; say. Abala-n-Obstacle; impediment; hindrance; obstruction; nuisance; clog; arrest. Abalahin v-To obstruct: impede; hinder; block; bother; clog; arrest; baffle; vituperate. Abay-n-Companion; retinue. Abo-n Ashes. Abogado-n-Lawyer. Abot-inter.-There: well; what Abuloy-n-Help; assistance; aid; succor; favor.. Abuluyan-v-To help: assist; aid succor; furnish provide. Abutan (Abatin)-v-To reach: overtake arrive; obtain; amount to; (angqmasid) iscover; disclose; show. Adyafigaw n-Pitch: rosin. Agad-adv.-Soon immediately; instantly; presently: rightaway: betime; betimes. Agadagad-vtdv.-Immediately; instantly very soon speedily; in a trice in an instant; whitout delay; in a moment. Agagan n-Cloth sieve or strainer. Agagin-v-To sieve or strain through cloth. Agahan-n-Breakfast. Agamagam-n Foreboding; scruple; doubt Agap-n-Activity; haste diligence; anticipation. Agawin v-To snatch; grab; take by force. Agipo-n.Charcoal; half burnt wood. Agiw-n-Soot. Aglahi-n-Feast: festivity: rejoicing. Agnat-n Space: or distance of time. Agos-n-Current or course of a river. Agpang a Opportune; convenient, right. Aha-n-Imagination; conception; fancy; purpose; design. Ahas-n Snake: serpent. Ahit-n-Shaving. Ahitin-v To shave. Akala n-Opinion; idea: design; object intent; intention; mind: notion; end; plan; perception; outline; scheme; view; purpose. Akalain v-To think; scheme; plan; tie vise consider, contrive; imagine. Akay n-Brood. Akayin v To lead guide; teach; train; init-uct; conduct. Akin pro-My; mine. Akma-a-Fit; proper; appropriate; con venient: suitable; opportune fair; just; apt due. Akma adv, Properly: suitably; iiitenitio nally; purposely; designedly. Ako pro, I. Akoin v To promise go bail: stand good. Aksayahin-v-To Waste; mis spendl lavish. Akyat-n-Ascension; acclivity; rising; mounting. Alaala n Remembrance; recollection;nle. mory; momento; gratification. Alabok-n-Dust; powder. Aladalad-n-Echo; resonance. Alagaan-v-To watch; take care of; heedt; keep; guard; protect. Alahas-n-Jlewelry; ornament. Alak n-Liquor: grog. Alakin v fo distill. Alalahanin v-To remember; recollect: bethink; mention; remind. Alalayan (alalayin)-v-To sustain; mainltain: assert; support: endure. Alam n-Knowledge; publicity; vulgarity. Alam nang madla-a-Public: vulgar; coimmon: general. Alampay-n- k erchief: large hankercheif. Alang-alang-n-Politeness; regard; respect: veneration kindness. Alangan-a Questionable; irresolute; un1 decided. Alanganin ang loob-a-Neutral. Alapaap n-Cloud. Alapaap nang loob-n Jealousy; suspicion. Alay-n Offering: oblation: offer: gift; contribution; obligation; homage, present gratification. Alayanv To offer one's love. Ale n Aunt. Ale sa pakinabang-n Step-mother. Alibadbad-n-Nausea Alibugha-n-Jealousy Decrial; slander. Alikabok-n-Dust: powder, Alila Scullion; servant; page; valer.

Page  8 A M A (8 ANT Alil'ancrbabavi n handnmaid;handlmaiden AI lisbi in aSugarmill1. Alilisin l,-o grind, mill. Ahnimn o-n S'anderab. crab. Aliniasao n Crab Aliniurahin vTo insult abulse: outrage; offend: revile., curse. A im pro Winch. Alindlo n-Cares~s; petting,; fondling. Alimndutr~~uimn v To care~ss; pet fondle; humnor wheedle- coax; jollify. Alin~asn~as-n-Dispute noise 'rumor. Alin~awvngaw n Rumor- noise. Alinmnanpr() Which so ever: who so ever, anyone; someone: each; every one. A~lintana-n Disre gard; disobeva1"nce gibe: disrespect. Alintanahiin-7-To disobey; (lisregard; gibe look (]own upon..A lipin-n Slave; serf; bondman: tlhrall. Alipin in-v To enslave: subject; oppress; overpower- crush; enthrall. Alipunga-n Chafe Al ipuista-n Insult; injury; wound; obio(lil: fleer. Alipustain-v To insult;- offend; malign; tiont; fleer wound. Alisaga a-Inconstant: fickle: idle: lazy; loitering. Alisau-v-To take off, take away, remove. Alisin-71-To take awav: remove- subtracit; extract lessen; scratch out; dives-t; abol ish, ous"t - Alitaptap ni Fire fly. Alitiit it Squeak; creak. Alituvad-n Echo. Aliw a1 Delight; pastime; comfort; sati sfi cti on. Ali walas a-Open; clear;, plaint. A-liw~an-n Sporting place; sport; (liversion pastime. Ali winyv-To console: comfort; c-heer; amuse: entertain; solace. AlIkagfi et e -n Ruf fian.AlImanake n-Almanac; (calendar. Almirol n Starch. Alimirolin-v-To starch. Alok it Presentation: offering; p~roffer; overture: proposition. Alion-n-Wave. Alquetrain aTar; pitch. Alinlod -n-Eavestrough; condluctor-glutter; Drain; spout. Alulong-i-EchoAlttpoirig it Snake; serpent; viper. Altuvan-n-Cradle. Amna n Father. Amag n Mold;: mildew. Anivgin —c-To become moldy;- mildew. Amnagin-a-mnoldlv; musty; muildewed. A main n Uncle. Amtain spakinabang nStep father. Ainalmm-aii Delay; dretention. AMA NANIIN n THE LORD'S PRAYER. Ama nanmg nuno-n-Great grand father. A mbag n —Cont-riibution; assistance; aid; subscription - Anmbon-nMist; drizzle. A mihian-n-Breeze. Ami I-n-Stuttering: stamnmering. Amio-n-Flatterv; caress; love; liking. Arnoin —v To tame flatter; coax; wheedle. Amnoyn Smell; scent; stink; stench. Amov-an i To smell;, scent. Ampatin-ii-To stop; check. Amnpoun-nSupport; protection patronage:, shelter aid. Amponin-v To support: protect: aid; shelter patronize; provide; defend: help assist. Amnyuan v.To smell- scent. Anak n-Child (descendent; off spring; progeny posterity. Anak sa asawang I auli-n-Stepchild. Anak sa Jigaw-n-Bastard: illigitimate child. Anak sa pagka dalaga-n Bastard; illigitimate child. A~nas-adv-Softly; gently. Anasin v-To talk softly or gently. Anat n-Artery; ligament. Anayad a-Soft delicate: docile. - A-nayad-adv.-Softly delicately. Andukha —n Defence; protection; hel:paid: assistance:. patronage. Anim a Six. Anim it ix, Anim na daan n Six hundred. Anino-n-Shade: shadow:. spirit; ghest-. Anis-n-Anis. Aknis mascado-n-Nutmeg. Anitin-v To strop. Anito n Idol. Ankin n-Usurpation;, fraud: cheat. Arnkinin-v-To usurp: defraud: cheat-; arrog-ite Anlutague-ac-arpenter. Ano pro What. Aco-adv.-How as: if Ano ang (lahilan-Since when; why; what in the reason. Anomanp pr-What soever: h, ovr Anonian n.Somiething; any thing. Anoman,y, wala-None; not one; neither. Ano pa What else. Antak-n-Pain ache. Antala-n-Del ay; (leference; retardation.,A ntaliahin v) To (lef er. delay; retard;d ally: obstruct: omit.

Page  9 BAA to) BAB Antok-n-Sleepuiess; dIrowsiness; soninambulance; somnambulancy. Anvahan-v-To invite; stand treat Arnyaya-n-Invit~ation. Anyo-n-Civility; custom: habit; outline; plan; scheme; project; means,-; form; manner; shape. Apad nt-Colic:wcramnps. Apat n-Four. Apat na daan-a-Four hundred. Apat nia panulukan-a-Four cornered; quadranigular. Apat na puo-n-Forty. Apawan-v7 To submerge: inundate; over flow. Apdo-n-Bile, gall. Apellahan ang usap nt-To appeal. Apo nt-Grand child; (lescondlent. Apog n-Limne. Aporo-n-Lining. Apo sa talampakan-n-Great grand child. Apoy-n-Fire; conflagration. Apuhapin-v-To feel or grope one's way. Apuyaii n-Heart; fire place stove. Aral n-Doctrine; teaching; instruction; exhortation. Aralani-v To instruct; teach; advise; educate; drill; inform; apprentice. Aral na.patnugot-n-Maxim: axiom. Araro-n-Plow. Ararohin-v-To Plow; furow. Art~w n-Day. Aarawaraw-adv.-Dailv. Araw nang kapangianakan-it-Birthday; (lay of birth. Araw~ nang fiesta-n-Holiday. -Araw sa langoit-n-Sun. Ani-n-Fortune: farm; state. Ariini-t-To own-use. Ariin aug di kaniya-v-To usurp. Anianang sarili-n-Fortune; property; state. Aropel-n-Thisel; tinfoil. Areglahin-v-To organize; arrange; regulate. Arzobispo, n-Archbishop. Arokin-v-T'o try; fathoin; sound. A~sa-n-Hope; expectancy. Asahani ---To hope for; expect; await. A~sal-n-Customn; habit.; miode; style; action; fashion-. Asa] bata-n-Actions of a child. Asaniasani n-Anxiety; hankering: an. guish: longing. Asainiasami-Yn-v-'lo hanker; long for; desire. Asarol it-Hoe~ Asawa-n Spouse. Asawang b~abavi-n-Wife; lhelptmeet. Asawan g lalakil n H usband. Asimi-n-Crudity; crudeness; sonrness. Asia n Salt. Asinan-v-To salt; corn; pikcle; cure season, brine. Aso n- Dog. As~in-Smoke; steam; vapor. Asoag ul6l-n-Mad dog. Asu kal-n-Sugar. At-rovnj.-And. Ataho n-Partition wall. Ataul-n-Coffin; ca ket. Atay-n-Liver. Atimininv-To bear with patience. Atip-n-Thiatching; thiatch; roof. Atipan-v- ro thatch; roof cover. Atuhin n-To weigh; poise. Auspicio-n- Asylum. Awa-n-Mercy; clemency; condolence; leniency; ruth; generosity; pity. Awak-nt-Crow; raven. Awasan-v To deduce-; subtract; take away; lessen. Awatan-v-To separate; part, Awatin ang hayop v-To wean animals; Away-n-Dispute; quarrel; fight; riot; tumult; strife; affray. Awit-n Song-legend; fiction. Ay ano-:What else. Ayaw-a-Loth-unwilling. Ayaw magbait-a-Inconrigible. Ayon-pr-ep.-According to; about; persuant; coincident. Ayos-a-Fit; proper; elaborate; to the purpose. Ayos-nt-Sy minetry; aptitude, pertinence;, array; op)portunity. Ayunan v-To restore friendship. Ayunan ang iba-v-To seco~nd, suscribe consent; prom-ise. Ayup-n-Sarcasmy: abuse Ayupan-v-To abuse ridicule. Ayusin. v To conform; arrange propor tion; array; police; m-arshall; methodize. Azegue-n-Mercury. Azul-a-Blue. Azul ang~ mata a-Blue eyed. B.-B. -. Baakin-v-To split; break. Baakin-a Fissile: capable of being split. Baba-n-Chin. 2

Page  10 BAG 10 BAG 10 B~~~~~~~~~~3 A K Babag-n-Tumult; strife; contest; riot; quarrel; fray; scufile; fight; dispute; setto. Babagin-v-To scuffle; fight; dispute offend; irritate; hurt; injure. Babala-n-Admonition; omten; advice; alarm; threat. Babala sa mnadla-n-Programe; anuouncement. Babalam-(babalan)-rvTo imitate; induce; request; r?quire; investigate. B1abasagin-a-Weak; delicate; brittle; frail; fragile; thin. Babayi-n-Woman: femtale; lady; mistress; concubine. Babaying abay sa pagkakasal-n-Bridesmaid.I Babaying alila sa bahiay-n-House keeper. Babaying banal-n-Virgen. Babaying Guinoo n-Lady; damsel. Baboy-n-Pig; hiog; barrow. ahoy ramo-n-Wild hiog. alulusan-d-Bellom-s. adya-n-Mockery; miminicry; tease. Badyahin-v-To tease; mIoc.; mimic; imitate. Biiga-n-Lung. Baga-ni-Live coal; ember. Baga'-nAbcess; tumor. Bagabag-n-Vexation; mortification; (lisgust; disturbance. Bagabagin-v-To vex.- mortify; afflict; disgust; disturb. [I agal n-Tediousness; prolixity; (lelay; laziness; tardiness; slothi. Bagaman-piep.-Yet; as yet, still; ovcr; never; the less; though; hiowever; not w~ith standling. Bagang-n-Back toothi; grinder; molar. Bagaso-n-Bruised sugar cane. lBagay-n-Object; thing; item; desig; endJ; circumstance. Bagay-a-Fit; proper; adequate; apt; competent; seasonalble; appropriate usefur; deft; profitable convenient; suit. able; natural; punctual; exact; applicable. Bagay lulpa-a-Earthily; wordly; terren e. Bagabagin-r-To farm~; plow.till. lBagkus-pt-cp. anti co.j.-If not; but; except; only; besides; excepting. Blauo-a-New; recent; modern; young novel first. BPago-admii-beforeItin mediately; presently; right away; here. to fore; rather. Bagongbago-a-Very new. Bagong binyagan-n- Convert; neophyte. Bagong lah~as sa Colegio-n-Graduate. IBagong nag-aaral-n- Beginner; novice, learner; tyro, freshman. Bagong tawo-n-Single man; youthi. Bagong tawong may- ed ad-n -Bacliel or. Bagot-n-Displeasure; disg.ust Bagok-n-Mud hrole. Bagsik-n-Stricness; strenuoinsless,;sternness; severity; rigidlness: rigor; narsliness; tyranny. Baguhin-?-To renew; remodel; alter; change; modify; deviate; vary; amnend: reform; convert; mnake over; retract:taiie; back; recall; annufl; revoke. Bagwis n Quiill; q-uill pen. Bagyo-n-Stormi; tempest. Bahia-n-Flood; inundation. Bahag-n-Truss or band age fom- rimplturies gee string Bahag hani-n-Rainbow. Bahagi-ni-Piece; part; portion; sliare division; section segment; qliota: f ragmen t, Bahagi ng isang lIukbo-n-Squad. Bahagiliin-vc-To (livide; part; shIare. Bahagya-advr.- Scarcely; hiardly. Bahang bigla at anmaaki-n-Torrent. Bahawin-v-To w-ound; sear; scar. Baliay-n- House; habitation; ediflice. Balmy bata-n-Womb. Bahay gagamba-n-.Cobweb; spiderweb. Balmy ginikan-n -Hav lof; strawloft. IR ahay na pinagtitinaan-n- Dyeshiop. Bal-my fig hian-n Palace Bahay pukyutan n-Beehiive. Bithid-n-mark; sing. Bahin it sneeze. Bah~bvn-Stenchi; stitik; corruption; pouttion: infection; Bahog-n Mixture; mnedley; mortar; coatpound.( Bait-n-Sense; pruidence; intelligence; ability; mind; will; skill; know-ledge: knack; circumnspection; pinit; uinderlstanding; disposition; standard;- judYement; continence; COntileacvIN. Baiki n-Mumps. Baitang n-Step of a flight, of stairs; Raing, of a ledderBaka-n-Cow; kinie. Bakal-n,-Iron. Bakal fig kabayo n-Horse shioe. Bakam-n Groove: hiack: mortise. IBakas n Track; footprint; ruit; sigon; fi — row; mark; blot; vestige. Bakat-adc-not alike; unequal, rough-Ij Bakbakin v,-To unglue. Bakia-n-Wooden shepattina Bakin (bakit'-adrI,-Whvy; htow. Raklad-n-Fisli corral..Bakman-n-Slieep fold. Bakod-n-Fence; inclosure; y-aid; playgrroundl court.

Page  11 BAL 1 1 BAN Baktasani-n- Shortcut. Bakuran n-To Fence; inclosure; court; playgroundl; railing. Bakuran vTo fence; inclose. Bahitn-Theart; surprise; fright. Bala-n- Bullet. Balabatohin-a-stony. Balahibo-n-Hai r; fleece; feather, Balahibo fig tupa n-Wool. Balalio-n-Mud; mire. 13a1ak-n-Proffer; proposition; estiniate; computation; calculation; supputa' ion; account. Balakang-n-Loin. Balakilan.n- Crosspiece; cross timiber Balakiin-v-To compute; proffer; reckon: calculate; count; estimate; notify. -Balakubak-n-Dandruff; scurf. Balang-pro.-Each; every; somneone; Balanka-n-Round earthen pot. Balangaw-n-Arc; bow. Balang buan-adv-Monthly. Balang lingo-adv.-Weekly. Balang na-adv. —some what; in a manner; Balang na-pro. Some one; whichso ever. Balan-n-Piles. lBalantok a-Arched: bowed. -Balat-n-Peel; rind; crust; s in; pelt; hull. Balat kayo-n-Fiction; falsehood; stratagYem.; strategy. Balawis a-Hot beaded; quick tempered. B~alayi-n Marriage; Baldokin-n-Canopy. B~albas-n-iPeard; whiskers: barb. Bali-n-Granary: inow. Bali-n-Break; fracture; crack. Balibul-n-Anger; gimlet; hit. Balibulin-v To perforate: drill; bore. Bal iin-v To break; fracture; crack; crash; shatter: disrupt. lBalikat-n-Shoulder. Balikatan a Firm; fast; hard; resolute. BaliKatin-v-To shoulder; carry on the shoulders. Balik-a-reversed inside out. Balikin v-To verthrow; reverse; overturn; crush. lRaliktad-a-Reverse; refractive; Baliktarin~?,To overthrow; overturn; reverse; cru.sh Balilisian-iTo raise; lift. Balindanign-Canivas; sailcloth. B& Iintunia-adv-Against; backward. Balisa-n-Restlesness; hankering; anxiety. Balisa a-Restless; anxious:. Bali-sahin-v-To vex; disturb; perturb; h iarass.Balisaksakin a-Strong; robust; corpulent. hal isunsonga-n-Wrap; Stingy person. _Palisunson&inv-To twivit; wrap. Balisuso-a-Curlv; curled. Balisusuin-v To ring: curl: encircle. IBalita-n-News; notice; message; omen; information; report. Balita-a Famous; celebrated; ren~o nedl; accredited: distinguished. Balitang Mainam-n-Evangel. Baliw-a-Furious frantic: miad; crazy. Ba liwin —v-To mope: fool; be come demented. Balok-h-Pellic~ule; cuticle; inner skin of f ruits. Balon-n-Well; Cistern. Balot-n-Bundle; parcel; pack: cover; covering. Balot nk Kalawang-a-Rustv. Balot nk stilat-n-Envelope, Baltak-n-Haul; pull; tug. Balubaluman-n-Crop; maw. Balukan-v-Clean; husk; strip off links. Ba luktot-a-Curved; bent; ho ed; curvate. Baluktutin-v To b)end; curve; turn; clinch: rivet. Baluifilgoyfi voy-n-Nosebleed: Heninorrh age of the nose. Balutan-v-To wrap uip: Balutanun-Parcel envelop. Balutan fig papel n-Pad of paper. BRalutan fig sapotr —To enshroud. Balutin-v-To wrap up, emnbale, cover; envelop; pack; screen. Baluti sa dibdib-n-Nightmare. Bam-bo-n-Gallows; bamboo cane. Bamnbohin-v-To cane. Banakai-n-The wvood around the heart of a tree. Banal-a-Virtuous; pious; holy; pure; virgen sim-ple; just; merciful, Banat-a-tense; tight; stiff. 'Banatin -v-To stretch; lengthen; expand;, haul tight; thwarl; tug; uenfold; adjust; enlarge Bana-vad- a-Moderate; modlest circumispect; cautious; slow; sluggish; tardy. Banday-a imnpious; irreligious- profane. Bandila-,n-Flag; standard; banner; colors; peniiant; ensign. Bandeja-n-Tray; salver. Randejada-n-Platter, Banga-n-Narrow necked olla. Banga-n-Combat; fray; kinock; collision clash; fight; encounter. Ban~rain-v-To light; assail; attack; assault - Ban~alin-ii-To cut off at the root; chop:off; maim. Bangan-n Granary; mow. B~angaw- n-Horsefly. Bangbang-n-Canal; drain. Banban_~in-i.'To dig a canal or drain,

Page  12 BAR Ban gang gatasan-n-Milk pail. Blanki n-a-Rough-,- corduroved. Ban-in bans in-a-Rough cragged: rude; rugged. Bangis n Tyranny severity; ferocity; wildness; cruelty. Ban~is-a-Tyrani-nical; severe; cruel; wild, fierce. B~angitnm Record; reference. tlang~itin-r-To m-ention; relate; refer; touich; treat of; record; report; (lireet. B aunungot-n-N i~ltnmare. Bani~uyni-oy-n-I-Iemorrliage; fluix of blood from the nose. Bango-n-Sweet smell; redolence. Ran~os-v Shad. Banhain-'v-To fra me; begin work. Hanka it-Boat: canoe; shallop: bark. B ankay n- Corpse. Bankero-n-Boatman; ferryman. Banko-n-Bench, Bank. Banlian-v-To scald. W anlik -Mud; mnire; slimte. Bansag-n-Nickname; alias. Bansagin-iv-To nic name; ridicule. Bantay n-Guard; NN, atch; sentry; vigil; sentinel; custody. Ba nta-n Idea; notion; fancy; admonish; forwNAard; premeditate. permionishi; have a nntion. Bantamn-n- To intend; design; fancy; admoni~sh; forward; premeditate; permi-onish; havea notion. PBantavan-n-Guard; watch; patrol. Bantayin v-To watch; keep gua-id; keep: protect; preserve. Bantog,-a-Celebrated; famous: noted; renown ed: illustrious: notorious; distinguished; accredited: noble; honoralble. Bantog sa kabiambugan-a-Blown; n otor iouts,. Bantuan-r-To assuage: tune poui cold water with warm. Pao-n-\Vidow; widIower. Baog-a- Barren; sterile; unfruitful. 'Rao iig Hani-n-Queen dowa ger. Bao ng ulo-n-The crown of the head. Bao sa buhay-n-G~rass widow-; grass wvidower. Barn n-Yard stick, shaft. 1 araba-n-Playing cards; paclk of cardls Bara hin-r-To m-easure bi. vardls. fBarak-a-pale. Baraka-n-Market; market; place. Harak sa takot-n Pale with fright, B3arandillas a- Baluster. Barazo -n-Arm. IBarazo n& dagat-it-Payv; gulf; sound: am-in of the o(canl. ____ BAT B1aria-n Coppers; pennies; cents, Bariles-n-Barrel; keg; cask. Baro n-Shirt; jacket Barongbarong-n-lHut; cottage: shack. Barrena-n-Ghiible; auger. Barriop,n Suburb. BasA a-Wet; damp; moist. cn~ hamog) dewy. Basabasahin-v'-To read; peruse. lBasabasain-ti-To (lampen; moisten; wet Basag-a-Broken- fractured- destroyed. Basag n- Break; -fractered crack. Basagin-v-To break; fracture; bust; destroy; crak; crash; shatter. I3asag u-lo-n-Puzzle; perplexity' dissent; dissention; quarrel dispute. Basahan-n Rag fragment of cloth. Basahin v-To readl. Basahin no patakbo-v-To peruse; rend sw-iftly. ]Basahin munli-ivTo reread, read again. Basain-v-To w-et; dampen; moisten; wvater; dabble; sprin~le. Eatisan-vc-Ford. Blastos-a-Coarse; rude; i nde(-ent; illbred; tough; rough; disreputable; fell; immoderate; contumelious, rustic, unbecoming; gross; unpolished, noisy; blowzy: boorish; clamorous. B3astos na ugali-a-Abusive; insultiug; illbred. Bata n-Child. boy; girl; lass; lad. Batahin-iv-To mnainttain; suffer; sustaini; tolerate; endure; resist; abide; oppose; relpel; comport. Batak-n-Tug; pill; haul. (na bigia) Jerk. Batakin- v-To pull; tug; touse; lenghten, stretch (nang pabi~qla) jer B atang iunaganda n-Cherub; (mtaliit) Inf ant; babe. P atasan-u-Short-cut. BRAT HAL~N-GO40D. Bati-n Salute; greeting; salutation; curtsv; observation; remark:, note. Batia-nWash tub; tul); layer. Batibatihian-r-To beat; knock. Batibot a Strong; robust; sound; stout, tirm; solid; inflexible; bard; rigid; arduous; tight; entire; comlplete; stulbborn; just,; informed. Batiin-r-To salute; greet; halloo; repri; mandl; rebuke; chide. Batik-n Stain- spot; blot; blemish. Batikibatik-a- Spotted; speckled; mottled; brindle. Batikola-n-Crupper. Batoni Stone; rock; cliff. Bato-balanii -n-Magn(iet~ism; loadstone. Batohin-r-To stone.

Page  13 BEN 1 3 BIG Batong Marm-ol-n-Marble. Batong Mahilt n-Cobble; cobble-stone. Bato ng- katawan-n-Kidney. Batugan-a-Lazy; indolent, inatentive, indiff erent, idlle, slow; tardy. Batugan-adv-Lazily, indlolently, tardily, inattentively; slowly. Batuilang-n-HBasket, hand-basket; pannier Batya-n Washing place; laundry. Patyag-n-Listening; hearing. Batyagin-v-To hear; listen, hearken, understand; comprehend. Baul-n-Trunk; locker; coffer. Baunan-n-Place of burial; grave; se-.pulcher. Pawal-aFurtive; clandestine; prohibited. IRawang n-Garlic; cives. Bawas -n-reduction; subtraction, deduc; ti'on. Pawasan-i-To subtract; reduce, lessen, discount, deduct, deduce, pare, clip, lighten; cut away. Bawat a Each;every.(buan) adv —monthly. IBawiin-v-To recover; win lback; regain. Bayadl-n-Pay fee; stipend, salary, conipensa ion, wages, retribution, payment, satisfaction; reward. B ayag-n Testicle; (nanq camp~ana)-bellI; c-lapper. Bayakan it-Bat; vampire. PFayan-n-ToWn; City. Bay ania-Valiant; courageous, brave, intrepid, audacious, strong, gallant, viaorous., noble, famious, celebrated, illustrious, renowe(1, distinguished; noted. Pavani-n Champion; combatant. Bayang tinubuan nt-Birth-place. Itaybay-n Shore; strand, lim-it, border, edge, (da(qat) n Shore; beach sea shore sea-coast; sea side, Bayara n-vi-To pay; recompence, corn, pensate, retribute, idemnify, reward, fee, liquidate a debt, (nai)di-'-Repay, pay again, (nfflaqpos)-v-Overpay. Bayaw-n Brother-in law. Bayawak 11-Guana; large lizard. Bayawang-nmWaist; (v~ damit)-Waist band (Yirdle. Payong. n sack; bag; sac. Bavynban v-To turn the ground; weave the edge of a tray or basket. Bayugo no tuhod-n-LKneeca p. 13av-uhan-it-Place of flailing; mall, mallet; flail. B&, uhinuc-To pound; flail, mall; drive w\ith a mnall or mallet. Paviumno itScreen. Pelis n)-Half cenit. Bt-uditaham it-Holy watering pot. Benditahin-v-To consecrate. Biak-n-Half; crack, fracture; piece. Biakin-v-to have; break, crack; fracture. lBianan-nt-Father or Mother in-law. Bibi n-Goose. Bibig-n-Moutb; chaps; orifice. Bibinka-n-Tile; piece of burnt clay. Bigas-n-Rice. Biga~san n-Place where rice is threshed; building in which rice is threshed or hulled. Bivat-n-Weight; gravity, heaviness, heft, importance, consequence, toil, burden, trouble; cross moment. Bigatan-v-To poise; load, oppress, mortagage; try the heft. Bigay-n Gift; present. donation, grant, gratuity; keepsake. Bigay lamang-a-Gratis; free of cost; for nothing. lBigkisin-b-To pronounce; expre,-s; name. Bigkis-n Bundle; parcel, pack, forgot; sheaf. Bi-kisari v-To bundle; parcel, bind; tiegird. Bigkisin-r To bundle pack, bind, tiegird. Bigla-a-Unexpected; unforseen; quicksu iden; rapid; cursory; injudicious; in descreet. Bigla-ad?'-Hurriedly; unexpectedlly; rapidly: suddenly, quickly; hastily. Biglai n-Frror; mistake; hurry; suddeness; quickness. Biglaan-a Urgent; pressing; executive. Piglabigla a-Unexpected; surdden. Biglainv To precipitate: hurry; hasten; press. Biglangbigla a-Sudden; hurried; precipitate: unexpected. - Bigti-n. Suicide; hang ug, Bigtihin-v'-To hang, commit, suicide. Bigyan-r-To give; present. lBigyan ang kahulugan-r-To signif; umean; declare. 3iPiyan aug kailaugan-r-To give the necessities, providle; aid; succor (lefray; supply; furnish; minister. Bigvan kapangyarih~an-v-To autorize empower comnmision Bigvan katibayan v-To guarantee; ratif y. Bigyang loob-i-T& gratify; condescend; indulge, submit, give way. Pigyang pasiya-v'-To judge; decide; (determine; conclude; resolve. Bigyang salat-r-To blame; condemn, ac-cuse criminate, imipeach; reproach, ag.gravate. Bigyang sindak c,-To friggten; scare, dispirit, rendler (le.jected.

Page  14 BIM 14 BIT Bigyan lakas-v-Tostrenghiten; cheer; give strength or force; reanimate. Bihagin-v-To capture; spirit; kidnap. Bihasa-a-Accustomed; used; capable, skilful, practical, dexterous, sly, prudent; knowing, able. experien ced; clever, expert, astute, cunning, elegant, excellent, polite; civil; corteous, graceful; smart; learned. Bihasahin-v-To guide; teach; train; educate. IBihasang lubhia-avery learned; wise well e(Iucated. Bihasa sa pag-gawa-a-Accustonied; fit; proper: convenient;. Bihira-a-Scarce-uncomnmon; pare; old, excellent. Bihira-adv.- Few; seldom, rarely, uncommonly. Bihis-n-Change of clotaes. Bihisan-n-Change of clothes; dress. Bihisin-i-To change clothes; dress. Bfik-n-Shoat. Buis-n-Reward; remunerarion. Bikas-n-Sbape; form, statuire, size, aspect, measure, ostenut, mode, gui'e, will (lisposition; manner. Biki-n:-Mumips. Bikik-Chioking; small obstruction. Biklarin-v-To unfold; enlarge; extend - Bilang-n-Count; computation; numneration. Bilangin-v-To count; ennumnarate; calculate; conipute; estimate; suppute. Bilang fig pauialon-n-IDate, Bilango-n-Jail; prison; calabose. Kilanguan-n-Jail; prison, calabose, JBilaran-n-Drying place; place where anytAhing is dried. Bfilas~-n-Two people who marrp two sisters; sister and brother; or two brothers. Bili-n-Cost prices; buying price; value. Bilibirin nig suga-v-To fasten with a rope. Bilig sa mlata-n-Cataract of the eye. IBilin-n-Message; errand; mission; (-harge; commission; request; mandate; injunction; ordler. Bilingbilingan-n-Windlass. Bil is n-Vivacity; roidm*ss; excessinvenss; rapidity. Bilis-n-Billitirds. Billete n-Ticket. Bil og-n-Roundness; circle; s pahere; orb;, globe; rotunditp; disc; (lisk; total. Bilog-a-Circular: round; wLole; total; universal; entire. Bilugin-v-To round; suim; add; complete. Bi mbhinin-rc-To retard(l; elay: ('lefer. with-hold; stop; check; dally; monopolize; preserve; suspend. Binat nRelapse: second fall. Binata a-Young; youtful, juvenile. Binata-n-Juvinile; youth. Bingas-n-Gap or notch in a tool. Bingaw-n-Gmmp or notch in a tool. Bin~i-a-Deaf; hard of hearing. Bingihin-v-To deafent make deaf. Binhi-n-Seed; grain; germ; bud. Binithay-a&. p. p-Sifted. Bintang-n.False charge; imputation; presumuption; suspicion; im posture, Bintangin-v-To accuse falsely; inculpate. in(Iict. Binti n-Calf of the leg; shang Binubukalan-n Source; spring; origen. Binwit-n-Fishing tackle. IBinuili-a &l p. p. Polished. Binutas ng tanga a-Moth-eaten - Bitiyagaa-n-Chriatian; con vert; baptism. Binyagin-n-To christen; baptize. Birador-n-Wrench; Birang-n- Hlandkerchief. Biro-n-Joke; jest, pun, trick, buffoonry. hoa, flirt, drollery, grimiace. Biroan-n- Caroucol, rev'elry, rom ping, jocularity; jocoseness,, jollity, scuffle, (masakap -sarcasm.c Biruin-v-To 6oke; jolly, fool; revel; laugh at, ridicule; flirt. Bisa-n-Activity, valor, force, fortitude: vigor; courage; power authority; ability; possitivility - Bisaklatin,-Tro spreado)r extend thiefeet. B-iscotso-n-Toast. Biscuit-n- Biscuit. Bisto-adv Perhaps. Hitag-n-Snare; trap. Bitak-n Crevice; chink; cleft; crac~k, tissuro. Bitakibitak-a-Fall oif aracks or lissures. PBitakint' To fissure; chink; crack. Bitang-n-Springe; 1)eer net. Bitav-n Gallows. Bitayin-c. hang~; cxc ute by hran ging. Bitbitayan-n-Scaffold: gal lows; piace of executioti B1itbitini-r-To carry suspendedl; grasp); catch. Rithay n-Sieve; middle; cl-il); criblble. Bithayin-'c-To sift; bolt. Bitik it Garter. Bitiwaii-c-To let go; forsake; v-ield untie;1 loosen; discharoe; slackemi; selvye; permit; forego; set at liberty Bitiwan alid dala-ir-To lay dowii a burden. Billing-n-Ring. Bito-n Feast: festivity: rejoic-~ing holiday;,

Page  15 BAHl li, B U1.4 Bituiini n-Star. lBituka-n-Intestine; tripe; gut. Biwas-n-Tug; pull, hauil, wave; move. Biwasin-v-To tugr; pull, lhatfi, move; wave. Biwiin v-To untwist. Biyaya-n-Gift, present, grant, favor, keepsake, gratification, compliments; pleasure. Bivayay nk 1)108 n-lmction. devo —tioni anointing. Bokot-a-Roughi; rumpled; snarled - Bola-,n Ball. llolinga-n-Aii obscure thought. PBoinbani-Fire engine. Boogin-n-To rot, remove. Buan —n-Monithi Buan darating-n-Proximo. Buan sa langait n-Moon. Buaya-n Alligator; crocodile, cavinan; caiman. Bubas-ri-Small tumior. liuboni-Clown buffoon. Bubog n-Hall; crystal; glass. Bubong-n-Roof, thatching. Bubong ii~ paa-n,'Instep; tarsus. Bubuaii-n-Mol d. fRubungaii-nt-Roof: sheed. Bubuivog-n-aumnble bee. Buchebuchie-n-Fritter. Budburin-v-To s~ow; scatter: powder. Budlorngin-n-Po punch: bore. liiga-n- 1-imice. BuibA-n Spit. Bugain-n-To buinisli; glaze polishBugawini v-To scare awNAay: frighten. Bughbo n, Contusion; b~ruise, hurt; wound injury: blow. Ilugbuigjn-v-To contuse; bruise; ]hurt; injure; inong~le- wouni; maim: crippie; poundl crash. Bugnos-a-Loose, surplus. Bungnusin-n-To loosen, inftic. Bugok n-Addle; rotten, em-Ypty; void. Bugs k-n-Basket; h ampler, Iiaid basket. 1Bugotong-a,-onlv; single, particular, indlividual, unique, rare: singular. Bugtong-adi'-aloiie. Bugtong-214Enigrna; puzjle, iridd(lie, co 1inun1drum, poser, re 11s; qluiz. Ung~tong na anak-,n-Only begotten child. Buhiagha-g-as 8pongy' porous, fungus soft, lblended; thinB~uhaghag-a-An idle talker. Hulhaghagin-r.To thin rarifv: dilute. Ruhalhal-n-FooI muadhan: i'diet. fBuhalhal -a-frank-open. BRuhanginn-Sand. Buhat-adv.-Since; -after; fi'oin PBuhavt-a-Originiated; derived. Buhatan aug kasalanan-rv-To accuse: irnpaech, criminmate; incriminate. Buhat~in-v To raise lift, elevate, heave: get up. Buhat ng-ayon-ad'c. -Hereafter. Buhawi-n-Whirlwind. Buhay-n Life. Biuhay-a-Active; livolv, spiiited, high; spiritedl. Buhayin-v-To vivify; enliven, spirit, electrify; spirit. Buhavin muli-v-To resusticate; restoi-e, tolife revive acquirne li. Buhay na loob a,-Awake; lively: ilmiletous; vivacious; active, fervent. Buhok-n-Hair. Bulhong-a-Haughtyx; lofty, rude, insolent, shameless imipudent~. Buig-n-Buuch; racenne. Buis n-Taxes impost, excise, duty, levy; contribution. Buisit a-Ungrateful bad, uinlucky; unfortunate. Buisitin-v- To cauise to be unfortunate. Buikal-n-Origeii, eource spring, jet, fountain finst cause.Buc-alani-n-Head- sprinig;spreng; founi-t ai iBukal sa boob-a-Spontaneous; vdluntarv. Bucas-adv To morrow it Morow - Bukds-adv open.-a-clear; open. Bukbok-n-Grub; wevil; rotte(d tooth i Bukbukin a-full of grubs or weevils. Bukid-n-Field; country, farm, soil, land:, groundl; region. Bukid na sinasakani Cultivated ground: or land. Bukiran-n-Field; farm., Bukirin n-To farm cultivate. Buklaw-n-Tumor; extubertance. Buklod-n-Ring. Buko n-Joint knuckle. Buko-n-Green cocoanuit. Bukod-adiv.mnore over; besides: except. Blukod any-The rest; others. Bukod-a.Special; particular. Bukod pa sa-adv.-besides; u orei ver. Bukod si cadv.-Let; besidles, nmire-over, except, away from; miore than. Bukod sa iba a-Strange: feroigia, rare. Bukod tanlgi a-Distict; particuilar-. Bukol-n-Abeess; tumior, lump. lBukot-a-Crooked; hump-bac edl. Buksan-i-To open: rhow disclose, discover, display. Bula-n-Froth; foam: spumue scuimi Bulaan-n-Liar: imposter. Bulaan-a-Lying; erroneous. Pulag-a-Blindnuan. Bulag-a-Blind. BulagaW a-Blue or gray eyed1.

Page  16 BUM 1 6 BUN Bulagin-v-To blind; darken cheat. Bulaklak-n-Flower:- blossom, pqsy. Btulaki akan-n- Pla(~e of maux- flowers; flower garden. Builanglang-n Vegetable soup. Builaos-n-Path; trail. Bulaw-n-Young wilb boat~. Bulaw-a-Fadled; withered. Bul ati-n-Worm. Bulaybulay-n-IMieditation: contemplation. Bulaybulayin-voTo meditate,,nmuse, consider, contemplate. Bfili n-Sm-all tree snake. Btilihin-v-To polish; b~urnish, finish; smooth. -Balihin muli-v To repolish..Bulinaw-u Short or near sighted. Bulo —Calf; stickling. Builok-a rotten; corrupt; putriol. Bulonign- Whisper. Bulong adv.-Softly. Bulongbtilongan-z- Whisper; rumor, report; mnurmur. Buk ngi baka-n-Calf; heifer; veal. Builos-n-A roll of cloth. Bulsa-n-Pocket: pouch. IBuluikan n-R{otiing place. Buluikin o,-To rot; corrulpt; mnake pntridl disrupt. Bululos-r iDiarrhea. Bunmaba-v To lessen; lower, (descend, go down, flow, slump; let down. Buimabag- r-To fight, contend, dispute. struggle. Bumaba ang loobrv-To humble, tame. Buinabasa n-Bender. Bumnaho-r-To stink; smiell, bad; get, or Buimaka-' — To war; fight, oppose, con-. tend; struggle. Bumalarv-To threaten, menace; pro claim announce. Bumago-c —To renew; alter, change; disturb. Bum~alak-r'-To rpropose; offer, announce; proclaim. Bumalik-v-To return; go back, fall back, retrograde; retrocede. Bumalikuas-v-To over-tuirn, double, duplicate; turn over. Btumalong-v-To sprhing from; sprfing,: issue or proceed from, begin, growv; have it's beginning in. Bumalong ang dungo v To bleed. Bunmaluktot-v-Tro curve ben-d. Buinanat-v-To extendl;enlargre;grow large. Bumnan~a-v-To attack; assault, attempt fight; collide. Bumian~is-v-To become or grow fierce, o- wild. Buimankon v To arise; rise, get up. Bumnasa-v-To readi; peruse. Buinati-t-To saluite; hail, greet (urtsv; halloo. Bumatis-v-To ford; wade. Bumnantot-t!To stink. Biumawas vl To slump; dwindlle, lessen Bumawi n-To retrievo a loss; regain. Bumbuan-n-Grown of the head. Buimigat-v'To grow- heavy; increase in heft. Bumigat auig diamdan v-To grow worse impa-ir; deteriorate. Bumigti-v-To hang. Bumihiag c-To captivate; kidnap, cap)ture, charmi. Bumilang-v-To count; enumerate, r-cckon; calculatio. Bimili-i-To buy; purchase. Burninyag v-To christen; baptize. Bumithay-rvTo sift; separate. Bumuav-v-To be unstable. Buintbuga, ng-v-To vomit; spit. Bumubukal-n-Springing. Bumuga-v-To vomnit; spit, expectorate. Bumugbog-t-Ta injure; hurt, wound. bruise, harm-, cause pain; irritate. Bumuhat v-To raise; lift up; erect. Bumuis-iv -To pay taxes; contribute3, promote.. Bumukaliv To lproceed from.: issue or sprink from, bubble; emanate. Bumnukas-v-To open, dilate. Bumukod-v-To sort, separste, remove, dissuade. Bumukol-r-To lum-p. bunmula-v-To foam; froth, spume effervesce. Bumulok-v-To rot; addle, debauichl, decompose. Buwulong-v-To whisper., mu rmur, purl. Bumulongbulong-?v-To whisper; mutter, mnurmutr, grumble; growl. Bumulubok-v-To bubble. Bumuno-v-To wrestle; content; struggle. Bunnmti-v-To better; thrive; prosper. Bumutil-v-To grain. Bundok-n-Mountain; hill, mount; knoll Bundok na bato-n-Cliff; rock; mounItai n of rock. Bundok na napuputok-n Volcano. Bun; a-n-Fruit; f ruitage. Bun-a n' bayabas-n-Guava. Bunkang araw-n-Prickly heat. lBungi a-Toothless. Bungin v-To corrupt; rot. make putrid. Bunkin-a-Rough; coarse. Bungo-n-Skull;cranium. Bungo n Clalsh; collision, knock, blow,

Page  17 DAG 17 DAG encounter; shock; push: fight; confusion; suddden meeting. Buni n-Scurf; tetter; scurvy. Bunihin a Scurvy. Buno-n-Wrestle; wrestling; tussle; struggle; strife. Buntal-n Slap; blow with the open handl. Buntalin-v To slap; strike with the open hand. Buniton n-Heap; pile; stack; crowd. Buntonbunt-_a a Piled; Having many piles. Buntong hiinin~ga n-Tail; train; cue; cau-Bimntot nTail; tra-in: cue: caudal appendage. dal appendage. Buntutan-cr-To follow; pursue; persecute; (log; importune; implore; dun. Blunuhan-n-Fish corral; place of wrestfiug. B1unot n-Pull; tug(-. Bnnutin —v-To pull up; eradicate; extract; abstract. P1unyi-a-Il lustrious; noble; famous; celebrated; noted; conspicuous; notori ous. Bumo a-entire; whole; complete; full; perfect; integral; chock; intact; utter; sound; just; informed; candid. Buo aug, lob-a-Valiant; brave; bold; courageous; whole hearted. Buo at paikpik a Solid; firm; sound; consistent. Buoin-'-To sum; addl; fill up); fill, integrate; complete. Burahlin-r-To blot; blur; erase; raze; efface; abolish; expune; cloud. Burak-n-Mud; miire; slime. Burakburak-a-Mudy; miry; slimy. Burol-n-Dry bed of a river; corp-e. Buruhia-v-To salt; season; sprinkle. Busilak-n-Snlok; frost. Buslo-n-Basket; hamper. Busog a-Full; satiated; satisfied. Busugin-v-To satiate; fill with food, saudsfy. Butas-n Hole; aperture; eye; puncture. Butasan v-To perforate; puncture; bore. Butasin-v-To perforate; puncture; bore. Buti n-Kindness; gooduess; improvemnent; generosity,; benificence; be nignity; clemency; good will. Butihan n-Kindness; goodness; generosity; grace; gallantry; spruceness; smartness; pertection; delicacy; gayety; finery. Butihiair-To better; Make goodl or better. Butiki-n-Eft; smnall lizard. Butiktik n-Reptile. Butil n Frain; grain of corn. jButlig nt Pimple; pustle. Buto n-Bone; seed: ernel. Buto no balskang-n-Haunch bone. Buto no pay pay-n-Scapula; shoulder blade. Butong inalamibot-n-Gristle. Butones-n-Button. Butuhlan-a-Re ard, premium; satisfact - ion: gratification. Buya- n-Re ard; premium, satisfaction; gratificstion. Buvain-v-To Reward; satisfy; satiate; gratifyv. CD Cal el leria-a - Caval rv. Cabelleriza-nt Barn; estable. Cajon n-Box; casing; Crav-pi)-e-p -of; with; from; on; for; by; to. Cauitison-n Smock. Cantana Chorous; song. Cantador-nt Chorister. Capital-n-metropolis; capital. Carbon-nt Coal; charcoal. Ci rco-n-Ci rcus; Hippodrome. Clina-ni-Climnate. Cosmetico-n-Cosmetic. Cornetin it Cornet. Cuartel-nu-Barrack. IDaan -n-Road; street;Iane;gangwvay; place, spot; timie; ocasion; leisure- itinerary. Daa~n n&, a-ai-o-n, Furrowv. IDag-i- Rat; miouse. lDaganan-r-To c-over-; put below. lDagat-n-Oceiii: sea: gulf; bay. D~ac,dag-n Adldition:, cineease; increment; amendment; patel); repair; fringe; porder; binding - Dagdagan -r-To add to; increase; auig. mieat; add; enlarge; exaggerate amend, aggrandize- (ang bigat.) -overl'oad. Dagdagan no m alabis-t-To superadd~. Dagdagin-v-To augment; add; increase, enlarge; amend.

Page  18 DAL 18 DAMT Dagison-n-Assistant e; aid'; hel~p. DagliI-adet —Soon; speedily; quickly; liurrielly; swiftly. Dagok-n.Blow; cuff; knock. Dagta-n-Sap; gum-; juice. Dagukan-ir Te punch; s rike; beat; knock. Dahak n-Cough. iPahandahan-adi.-Slowly; softly; gently; by degree. Dahas-n Courage; bold ness, strength of heart, vigyor; force, 1)ahasan-r —To ferce; urge, give forceinvigorate; strengthen. Dahidahilansn-Excuse; pretence; reason; pretext. IPahilan-n-Excuse; pretence; reason; pretext; motive; cause; plea; right; occasion; allowance; forte; sake probability. 'Dahil (lito-adv.-Therefore; thus; so also; for this reason; in this mranner. Dahifig-a-Sloping; inclined; slanting. JDahilig na lupa-n-Declevity; slope; incline. Dalhil sa prep.-For; be cause; albout; as; by; through; on account. Dalion ut-Leaf. Dahunan -a Leaf v. Daigin-q —To c verpo wer; overcome, tsorpass, excell: surmount. D~aing-n-Lanientation; lament; corn plainit; petition; plaint; dole; wvail; suplication; request; remonstrance; grievance; mormur; groan; entreaty; dlolor prayer; evening prayer. Dakila-a-Grand; noble; illustration: miagestic; splendid; honorable; tuagaificent; eminent: proteut; famous; stiblitme; solemn; exalted; palatial:- gorgeous; lofty; high; elevated; great; powerful; w~ealty; patrician; transcieln(lent; tremendous. Dakip-n-Cappure; spoils; prize. Dako prep. Towards; about near; in the Idirection of. Dakong kaliwa To the left sidle. IPakong kanan-To the right side. Dako rito-adr - Nearer; hither. Dako roon-adil.-Farther; forward; on the' other side. Dako saan-priej) Towards; about; near; in the direction of. Dakot-n Hand full. Dakot-a Few. lDakpin-ir-To capture; seize; catch; iniprison.Dala-a-Cauitious; wary; suspicious - DIaladalawan(, taon-adiv.-Bi-ennial. Dalaga-n-Young lady; Single lady; loss: Maiden; miss. 'Dalagan.. may edlad-n-O( ai Dalahan-n Hand h)asket. Dalrin-r-To frigitcn; scar; cause to he warv or cautioos. Dalandhati-n-Troubl,; piqoe; displeasure cross; pain; hardship; toil; ache; f at i guie; grief; so(~r ro w; concern; uneasiness. Dalang n-P ctition; prayer. Drilani-an-i —To rarify; (lilute, thiin. Dalangin r To petition; entreat, pray Da las-n-Freqoenc(y 1)alaw-n- Visit. Dalawa a-Two both. D alIa wa - Tw o Dalawa ang koilay-a-lBi-coler-ed - Dalawahin t' -To dutplicate; repeat, hial -e. Dalawahitin-a (double Dalitwit-ir-To visit. 1)alhiti-v-To carry; conv-ey, -ondtic-t, transport. Dalhin dito v To fetch., lDali-nMomnent; instant. DAli-,n-Witdh of a finger-. Dalidalian (dalidaliin)-r-To liasteti; precipitate; pispose of; alleviate; dispateli. Daliri-n-Finger; digit. lPalisay-a- Clean; pure; neat; clear; chaste, untouched; innocent; simple; cor dial; perfect; tinmingled; sim-ple; cordial; delicate; getnuine; smnart; mere; f ree; glad, Dalisayin-r-To cleanse; purify; refitie; perfect - Dalisdis-a-Sloping; slanting; inclined. Dalisdis na lupa-n-Declevlity. 1)alsdisin-'c-To cut away the edgye. Dafit-n-Song; ditty dirge. Dalita n-Misery; poverty; tornment; pain; anguish; torture; patience; toleratice. JPahit-at-v-To sufffe; bear; tolerate; abide, c-om port, tormc-nt; torture. Dalitait-i!-To stiffer; bear; abide; comipoort; deign; condens-end; pain.' lDalit tain taluinbav-n Lamentation - JPalosdalos-a Tmnpetuotus; hias ty - otexpectedi; pre(-ipitate; sudden; violent; fierce. Dalos~dalos-n-Idrot; noad Jan; fool. Dalubav-n-Interpreter; translatom-. Daluhlong-n-Assault attack. Daluhungin-iv To assail; attack, a.ssault. Dalutuat-n-Stifferance; suffering, toleratioti Dalutnatiui>-To soiffet; t I et-ate; ab idle; comport - Daluyong-n-Wave; sutrf; sw~ell of the sea. I)amnag-a4dr-all night: Dattahin-ir-To feel; tooch; grope; ex'amine: investigate; prONve; procure;

Page  19 DAP 19 DAY experiment; treau of; move; inspire; tempt. Darnara-n-Shade; tent. Daniasko-n-IDatnask. Damldani-n-Affliction; (disease; suffering; sufferance; geievance; feeling. Danmdarnitiv-To suffer; grieve; feel; perceive. IDami-'v Maltitude; crowd. Daimihan-v-To ougment; increase; sum; enlarge. )atnit-n Clothes; dress; robe; costume gar b; habilarnent; vesture. Damit na pang-ibabaw-nLoose garment; woin over the shoulders, overcoat. IDamot-a-Stingy; mliserly;- closelisted, scant; short; avaricious. 1)amot n Stingin-ss; closefistedn ess. Damotinv'c To suffer; abide; telerate; comport; vrasp; seize. Darnpot-n-Grasp; hold. Damnputin-v To grasp; holdl; seize; pilfer; receive; hold up; heave; get uip; raise. Damitan v-To furnish; provide; sopply;hive. 'Damuhian-n-Hay-field; Meadlow. Danaw-n-Small lake; lpond-; loch loug~h. lDdnay-'n-Boundary; limit; district. Dangal n-Honor; reputation fame; glory excellent; kinkiness; excellency; triumph; esteem. Danlkal-n- Palmi; hand breadth - Daong'n-Ship; vessel, schooner, conster. 1)apat a-Worthy; deserving., adequate, competent, fit, apt, condign, convenient, exact, punctual; nmeritorius. Dapat-v.a.-Must; ought. iDapat akma-a-Fit; seasonable, aptu. JDapat batiin-a-One who should be saluted. Dapat damndamin a-Sensible; perceptible; feeling. Dapat-a-Reputable; estimable. lDapat giliwin-a-Adorable; lovable, amiable; affectionate Dapat ibigin-a-Ainiable; lovable, adorable; pleasing, affectionate; kindl;loving,,-. Dapat igalang-a Reslpectable; honorable. Dapat il'agaiN -a-Avoidable; n-That which should be avoided. Da)pat iptlag dangal-a- liustr~iouis; noble; honorable. D apat ipag-tagubil inw -Comnm endable; 1 audahle, praiseworthy; deserving. Dapat isumu Ong- aAccusable; blAamable. Dapat kmtakuitin-a Awful; frightful., dreadful, terrible, fearful: ferocious. Dapat n iat~apos-atTeriniinab~le. D apat mu agyal in inz,-a- Preferab~le; nepectable; praitsewortlv.I Dapat mahialin-a-Preferable; coinuiendable; appreciable; laudable; praiseworthyv. Dapat pangusapin-a-Reprehensible Dapat paniwalain;-a-Creditable worthy of credit or belief. 1)apat parusahani-a- Culpable; puisha. ble. Dapat patawarin-a-Pardonable; justifiable, excusable; venial. iPapat puribin-a-Praise orthy; laudable; plauditory, enlogistisc. laudatory; estimable. JPapat sisihin-a-Reprehensible; sufferable,. iDapat tanga9pin-a-Receivable; admissible, proper; fit. Dapit-n The acompanying from, one place to another; meeting and conveying from one place to another, iDapitin-v-To take freni one place to another; call; summon; meet and conlvey. 1)apit saprep).-Towards; about; niear, i n the direction of. Dapog 'n-Oven; fireside; hearth. Dapug~an na labasan ng- as6-n-Chimnev; smo e-stack; stack. lDarak-n Bran; short; chaff. lDarating, panahon-iiFuture tinie. lDasal-n-Pra-ver; oration. T) asalI n a sutnria ng palI a tay a- n- Creeld; articles of faith. Dasal sa umagaii-Matin. JDatapnia-prep.-Except; yet; besides; more over; however; not be it. lDatapwa-conj-. But. Dati-it Original. Dati )n-OrigiinaI; quondam. D atihan-a-Accustomed; used; excellent; (lexterous; original. Datnan-v- Io overtake; reach; meet enicounter. 1I)awag n-Perplexity; impassible place. DawNis-n-Anguishi; anxiety; grief; sorrow. IPaya-u-Ch-eat; (deceit-; delusion; im-positioni; fallacy; frandulence; dodge; dece(itfu tlness;trap;aff ectation;shnnm;trick, canard; claptrap; sleight; gull gtuile. Daya a-falIse; deceitful; delusive, shaml, claptrap; fraudulent; not real. Dayai n-v-To cheat.; delude; defraud; (deceive; counterfeit.; falsify; imI-pose upon; default; sliam; fleece; gull; jockey; cozen; allure. I ayami-n-Straw. Da-vap —n-Lime; lemon. Dayu-n Visit; challenge. tDaytubiin-i-To challenge; visit. Davukdo~k- nG_'-lut~ton; hungry person.

Page  20 DI 20 DI Demnonio-n-Devil; satan; the evil one. Di akna a- Unfit; i iproper; inconvenient; inexpedient. Di bagny aTUnfit; unbecoming; improper, mal apropos; inexpedient,; unseemly; inconvenient. Di bagay sa anak a-Unfil'Iial1. Di binvagan-n-Pagan; heathen; savage; idolater. Dibdib n-Breast, Di buo ang loob-a-Half-hearted. Diciembre-n-Decemiber. Diccionario-n-Dietionary. Didal-n-Thim-ble. Di dapat patawarin-a- Inexcusable. Dighal n-Belch.I Digma-n-War; combat; fray; fight, Di Li ayat sa masama a Incorruptable. Di hinihintav-a UnexpectedA; unforseen; sudden. Di kamukhia-a-Unlike; (lissimilar; (Iif f erent, Di karampatan-a Unworthy; unjst; inconvenient; perverse; imprope; uinbecoming. Di karaniwan a-Old; queer; non descript. not general. Dikdikin v To crash, powder; pulverize; triturate, bray; pound. Dikit-n-Beauty; fairness; comeliness; godlinless. Dila-n-Tongue; tan~g. Dilaan-r-To lick; lap. Dilag-n-Splendor; brillancv; becoutv; glory, greatness; granduer; finery; lustre, luster; magnitude. Dila ng c,.mpana-n Bell-clapper. Dila;t; duna-Onie and nll. Dilaw-a Yello; yello ish. Dilhay-ni- Belch. Dilin-Reflection; thought. Dili adv.-Perhaps; maybe; perchance. Dilidili-n-Ii-nagination; fancy; concep. tion. IDilig-n Sprinkling; watering. Diligin v-To sprin le; wNater; spray. Dilim-n-Dar nes8; obscurity; glroom, gloominess; opacify - Di maaninag-a-0paque; not transparent. Di maari-a impossible; impracticableDi mababago-a-Inmmnta-ble; stable; stapla, unchangtable, permanent.; fixed; lasting. Di mnaaninawv-a-Impercep -ible; opaque. Di mababawas-a-Irreducible. Di mabait-a-Restless; incorrigible. Di mnabasa-Illegible. Di mabubura-a-Indelible. Di ruagagaling-a-Irremediable; incurable. Di mnagka-kaila-a Irrefutable; indisputabler Di mahigpit a insecur -: mnstaple. Di makababawvi-a-Irr-ecoverable. D i maka, kilala-a Incog; in-ognito. Di inaka- ita-a-Blind; Latent. Di maka-raraan-a-Impassible. Di mnaka-sisira a-Ilarmnless; pure. Di maka-titiis-a Insu. erable Di ma, atulog-a-Sleepless. Di malapata n-a-Unli e; unequa. Di malfirap-a-Imperceptible. Di inalirip- a-Inscrutable; fathiomless,. Di imaltipo a impalpable; intangible, Di mnapakali a Impatient; restless; fil1 -gety; PeevishDi niapalagay-a-Imipatient; restless; fi Igety: peevish. Di mapasok aug batol-a-Inflexible; Iti variable. Di maramndaman a —Imperceptible; imipassive. Di mnarating a-Inaccessible. Dimarini-n-Relucetance; aversion; repugnance. 1Dimarim rn~ sikmura na tila ibg muagsnka-n-Nausea. Di marinig-a-Ln-iperceptibie. IDi marunong mag~-sinnualing-n —Veracios; truth teller. Di inarunong mapagod-a indefatigable unwearied. Di martunong t-Unlanaw ng utang na boob a Ungrateful. Di masalat-a-Impalpable; unitan~gible. Di masasaktan-a-Invulnerable..Di mnasavsav-a Unspeakable. Di masupil-a-Invincible; unconqluerable. -Di matagos a-Imipenetrable. Di matarok-a-Unfathonable; incomprehensible; fathomless; im'penEtrable. Di tnatibay-a-Shakyj'instaple; frail. Ili mnatiis a-Intolera4ble; insufferable. IDi tnatingkala-a Incomprehensible. lDi maw-awala-a-Indestructible. Din-adt. also; a same; similar; like; selfsam e. Di nagdadalita-a Insensible; imnpassible. Di nahahati-a-Undivided. 1)i naka-tutulog-a-Sleepless. IDi naki ila a-Unknown; not known1. Di Naka-sulat- a-N uncupatory; nuncupative, tin- ritten; oral. Di naniumunka-a-Sterile; unfruitful; barren. Di nararapat-a-Unworthy; und(eservin,.; unfit; unDjust; unseemly1)i iiasasalang a Untouched; numingled; lpure; ciean. D i nawiwibii-a-UnDf'avorable.

Page  21 DUJ 2 1 DUVI',N Dinaya-a &p. p. Deluded; decerive(1, cheated; swvindled. Dinding-n-Partition wall; wall. Dingin-v-To hear; listen, understand; comprehend. Dini-adv.-Here; hither, this way. Dinig-n-Hearing; listening, un-lerstandilng; comprehensionDIOS-n-GOD; THE LORD. Dios ag alaK-n-lBachus; the god of wine. Dipa n-Brace; spread of the arms. Di pagka-lalagay-a-Restlessness; uneasines.s Di pagka-palagay-a-Inconstanty\; fickleness. Di pagod-a-Refreshedi;unweari-ed, restedl. Di pagka-tunaw ng pagkain sa siknuira-n-Jndi gestion. Di pa nasusupil-a-Untanmed; wild. Di paniniwalain-a Incredulous; unbelievable. Di pa panahon-a-Unseasonable: undue, out of seasoni. Di pa siguro a Comparative; not- very certain. Di rain-a- l-lear-eyed. Diri-n-Despicability; loathing. Di sapat-a-Jnsufficient; inadequaty, lacking. Discipulo-n-Disciple.- scholar. Di sinasaysay a-'Non descript. Dispunte-n- t ack-stich. Di sukat nangyari-a-Inipossible; impracticable. Di susuko-a-Jndomnitable. Di tatalonin-a-Insurmouintable. Dito-adv.-Here; hither. Dito;it doon-a-Passim. IDiwara-n Curiosity; conversation. Diwara-a Curious; inquisitive. Diwi-n-Snirit; soul. Diyan-adv.-Tbere; yonder.. Di yari-a-Imperfect; incomplete, faulty; defective. Doon-adv.-There;- yonder, thither, opposite; on the other side. Doongan-n-anchorage; place of anchoring, har~bor, port; landing. Dowahagi-n-Persecution; harass, dun: persuit. Do ahaginin-v-To harass; persue, dun, importune, persecute, an;, sustain. Duag-n Coward. iDuag-a-Cowardlv; craven, chickenhearted, pusillanimous, timnorous, timlid, faint-hearted; fearful. Duble-a-Double; duplicate. Dublihin-v To douible; duplicate. Dublihin nk tatlo-v-To treble-, triplicate. Duda-n-Doubt; mis-trust. IPuende-n-FaitV; sprite, fray, elf; goblin-. Dugo n-Blood. l)ugodugoan a-Bloody~; sanguinary. I)ug~tong-n-Addition; splice; affix. Dnikha-a-Helpless; destitute, POOr, penuirious, mnean, niggardly, paltry; niggard. Dukuiang-in-vi-To overtake; reach; obtain - Dula sa kapwa n 1-Resentmnent; grudge; anger. Dulang-n-Table. D ulin g a-Cross-eyed: torvous. 1)uLo it Point; end extreme, extremity, sunlit, headland, upshot;- pinnacle. Dulo-a-Last; end(, latest, late, latter, final; extreme. Dulot n-Present; gratification. Dumaan-v To pass by a place; go by; pasts. )inumabog-v-To growl; snarl, grumnble; murmur. Dumadalaw n-Visitor. Dumahak-v-To spit; expectorate; cough. Dumahing laruin-v To frisk; romp; sport. Dumaing vTo lament; bewail, remonstrate, nil, crave, complain, resent, reprimantl; expostulate. Dumakip-vI-To -apprehend; capture. Durnakip n-Apprehender. IPumal n-Aversion; abhorefice. Dumalagang mianok n Pullet Dunialagang-vi-To thin; rarifv. ]Dunmalang~in-r,-To -imiplore; beg, entreat, solicit, crave; pray. Dumalas-v-To frequant; repeat often. Dinmalaw-v-To visit. Durnalisav-v To refine; purifv; cleanse. Dnmalo v assist; support, produItce, visit-. Dumalulong v-To attack; assail, assault, undertake; attempt. Dumalusong-v-To asozail; assault; attack. Dumami-v To thicken; s ell, increase, g(ro, thrive, improve; grow rich. iuumampot, v-To pick up. Duinapit-v-To mneet at one lplace and escort to another. iDumapo v-To p)Crch; roost.Du mating-r-To arriv\e; come, approa~li; reach,.Duimhau-r-To stain; polute, soil, dirty, daub, dlab, bespatter, darken, corrupt; profane. Dumnin-Dirt; dross, slngs, filthiness, nastinEss, feaces; grime. Dunmihan-a-To dirty; soil, dab, (laid), darken, obscure, cloud; con fuse. IDumi fig tinta-n-Blot of ink. Dum'ikit-v To stick; cling, cohtere; paste.I-humilhav-v To belt-h. Dumiinig v-To hear; listen, understand, com-prehend; overhear.

Page  22 GAll1 22 GrA L Dumoon-a To lodge; rest, reside, dwell. Dumnoong-77-To anchor. Dumoong isa gawa-la To complete ones,, work. Durnoon sayv-To be at. Dumnpoli n-v-To tinge; dye; stain. 1)umudugo-r-Bo bleed. Dumudugo-a-Bleeding; bloody, sangui; nary. Dtumugo v To bleed. lDuinulasvi-To slip; slide. 1)nmnulas sa kamay-v-To slip from the hand. Dumulang v-To washi gold. Duinulog v-To present; arrive, reach; approxi mate. Dumunonlg v To illustrate; experience, grow or become wise. Diimpo v-To become weak or infirm. Dmnusta-v To become low or abject. Dumusta, n& muasama sa kapwa-n-O)ffender; delinquent. IDung-uis-n —Stain; blot, filthiness, dirty, danb, grimne; nastiness.Dungisqin-i eTo stain; blot, (amb, dirty, (larken; corrupi. Edad-n- Age F in patso-n-ID digestionl. Enero-n-January, Favor n Favor; boon. Febrero-n-February. Feclha-nDate; epoch Filipino n-Philippino. Dtin_~is sa puri-n Sbtain or spot on one's character. Dun;,it-n-Point; extremity, end, suimmit: headland. Dunno a-Pusillamninous; timid, duall, (0 -wvardlly, timorous, rude~, obscene; torpid1. Dinuuol-n-Blow with the fist Dun g7ot n-Summiit; apex, top, point, extremity, endl; edge. Dupok-a-Brittle; weak, frail; fragile. D)unong-n Sience; knowledge, accuracy. wisdom, understanding, excellence; excellency. Dupong-n-Hfalf burnt wood; charcoal. Duraduhi-n-v-To gilt; gild, adorn. Duro n'Stitch. Durog-a-Po dered; broken, ushed. Durugin-v-To powder; crash, poundl, shiatter; pulverize. 1)uruin-v-To stitch; penetrate. IDusa-n-Chastizement; punishment. Dusta-a-Bad; low, object, miserable, Diuyan'-n-Cradle; hammnnock. Duyvan ng lubid-n-Swing. Duiyo ng bilanguan-n-Dungeon. Escnandlalo-xScandal. Es pada-n-Sword. Europa n-Europe. Formnal a Formal; serious, solemin; im. lportan~t. Fren on-Bridle. Frenohan-,r To bridle; curl). Graan u Lightness; levity; celerity. Graananv Tlo lighten; alleviate. ('Taano-How miany; how much. C.Gabay* Baunstrade; banister. Gabok sDust; powder. (Gabokmfil v To powder. Grabok na ginto-n-Flake gold; (lust. (4abukin-v-So powder: Gagad-n-Imitation; counterfeit; copy. Gagahin v To usurp. Gragarin-v-To imitate; counterfeit, forge. mimj'ic, copy, mock, feout; ape. (.4Tahasa-a-Tmpetuoiuqs; violent, fierce. Gabi-n-Tear; laceration; mark. Gxaihin-'c,-To toear; lacerate,' rend; mnark. (Jalhisin v-To force; allure. G1(al is in andl dalaga-v-To rape force ravish. Gala-a-Errant; wandlering, erring. G-ala-a- Walk. Galak-n-Pleasure; glee, content; merrii-nent, rejoicing, festivity, joy, hap. lpiness; satisfaction. Galakgak-n-Loud laugh. _'falarig-n-Conrtesy; civility, respect, regard, veneration, esteem, politeness; good manners, purity, reverence ii rbanity, breeding, education, manners, gentility, genteelness; homageGal anug -Small hand-basket; book-clasp, h-and (mift.

Page  23 GAN 23 GAW OGalapong-n- Flour. Galaw-n-Agitation; mnove. Galawin-v-To agitate; move,. (i'alawingr mali-c-To alter, dismniss change; remove. Galing-n-Goodness; behiefit, suitilitv, kindness, health, welfare, prosperity. salvation; generosity. (Galing sa-a-Originated dri\-ed froin. (Galis-n-Jtch; inange. Galisinaa-Itchy mnangy. Galisin-v —To hiave the itch oriiiaiige. Galit-n-Anger. rage, animiosity; indigLation spite, mnalness, odbium, annoy. annoyance, rancor eniiimitv: (disconi-1 posure, clioler dudgeoii. Galit-a-Angray; mad, firetful. peevishirate, ireful, wroth, indignant, at variance with another. Galit na bigla n-Anger; rage; passion. Galit na galit aMery angry; furious; en raged. (lalit na labis-n Spite; hatred. Gallera n Cockpit. Galletas-n Hardtack; crac ers. Galos n-Scratch; scrape; scar. Galosan-il-To scratch; scrape. Gamit-a- Used; experienced; skilfutl, practical - (Garit-nt Use; disposition, prac' ice, experience. Gamnitin-i-To use; serve, wear, practice, accustom; adopt, emnploy, make uise of, allay, espouse, wield, affitiate; (na laqi addict. Gamiitin-a-Ueeful; emp loyed. Gatnot-n-Medicine; physic; portion. Gamot na may hialong apian-n Opiate. Gantutin-v-To dlotor-cure; heal, inend; remedy - Gatnoganio-nHorseflV dragon fly. (lTanap-a-Perfect; coiinplete, exact, right, finlished, punctual, clever integral, whole, candidl, just,, entire, faultless. critical. G~anapin-t-To complete; perfect, tiinisli. (landa-v-Beuty; godliness, fairness, beneficence, 'kindness. (Ganda, no tikas n.-Gentility; elegance, eas-iness, fr~eedoml. (Ganid aCruel; lhard-hear~ ed; severe. (ianiri-adv.-So; thus, also, therefore; 'vedilecit. G'anito-advy-So thus; also, therefore, in this manner. (Caisal-a-Odd. unequtal tmneven. Gransal-n-Thmat which is left over. G'anti-n Revenige; reward, recompelice, gratification, satisfaction, trilimlil, remuneration, coinl)ensatioin, retri - but ion, jpreiiiuii, honor, amiends, fte, wages, stipend, salary, payment glory, requital, imeed expiation. Gantihin-t- To revenige; reward, recomnmpence, gratify, indlulge, remnunerate, retribute, requit, expiate; disgorge. (iamitih in ang loobv'-To reward recoiiGantiii - loob-n- Preiiuium; reward, prize. Granting palad-ti lReward' preniiium, prize; boumitv. Ganza-n-Goose. Gaod;n-Paddle; scull. Gapasan. n-Harvest tdlace of harvesting. Gapasin-v-To harvetst;' reap miow. Ga~pusin-v-Tk) mantacle; hand cuff; tramtmnel: gyN-e. Gapusin aug paa ng liayop-'v-To hopple. Garabanso n-Pea. Gari ng-n-lvory. Gasa-n-Border; edge, brimi; imarg in - Gasaan-ii'-To chide; scold. (iasg-as nt-Waste, expenditure. Gasgas-a-Us'ed; worn. CGasgasiii-r-To waste; expendl, wear by tIse.Gasta-n-Charge; expeiise; cost. G_'astos-n Charges;- expenses," costs; outI ay. Gatait-Jnuice, sap. G ata nMilk. Gata~-an v-To iiiilk. Gatasan a-Mdcli. Gatasan n-Milk cellar. G'atong n ITinder; kindlings, tire-w-ood. Gaw- i n Work; myeans, toil, occupation, task, business, pursuit, labor, husbandry, operation, def(l, action, act, conlduc~t, umanagement, procedlure, cut, fashion. shape, figure; mnake. Gawaan-n-Manufactury; factory - Ga's aarig hunhangYn Foppe- y; inmprudence, folly; foolishiness. Gxawa na niarang-al-n-iAl sterpieco. Gawaaii ng katad n-Tannery - Gawaan u libro-n-Book binder. G-awamig bastos n MAeanness: iiialice. G'awango bata —nt Childish doings-. Gawangr dapat ttil'ran nt-Examiple, precedent copy; pattern. Gawang haianak it MNalice; meanness, knavery; injustice. Gawa nk kainay-a-Hamid mnade. (i-awan- lahas sa miatwid-n-'Wrong; injustice. (Gawamig niabuti-ia-RIemnedy; good. (4awaing tmahalay-n-Knavery; nimahice; wantoiiness -

Page  24 r'A Y 24 GMY G'awang mnaralngal-a ("lot ions deed, m-asterpiece. Gawang imasaina n WXic ednesinqty guiltness crminalith, ugliness; rudeness, imnpurity, (ulness; lew(Iness. (rawang. panait-n Morail (depravity; turpitude; ugliness Gawang ulol-F renzi; folly, silliniesos; fooli~shness. Gawgawin-v-To stir; revert; returii. Gawi a-Commoni; frequent. inclined. G._awi-n-l nelin~ationi; frequenice, frequenCy, stvl e, use; eti~qtom. Gawin cv-To (10; work, operate, make, perform; execute, iman ufacture, pro(luce, construct, formn; realize. (iawi ficg lob-a Tendency; propens,-,ity; incliniation. Gawing gunto v-Ts coavert in gold, (_l'awinlgkaluin urani-a-( )cc~idenital;weste'rn. (iawing kabnnuraui-od. Westerly. (9awinig kanania Right. Gawing labas n15 Panu11lukain n-Angle; corner. Gawing laAi v-To practice. (iawing likod-naGroup; back-side. Giawing muli-v-To iterate; do again, reproduce; reconstruct. (inwing panibagovc-To renew; repair regenerate. (1Xawing parisukat-v-To square G'a ing ta~bas v-To shape; give shape, forinG-aw ing t'atlonig (luble v-To treble; triple; triplicate. (4awitn ng pasulipat-v-To do or place anything obliquely, Gayakna Preparationi; pomp, show, (lecnoration, adornment, embellishiment, ornament, ipreparative; dIress. (3ayak aPreperativye; providefit, orna memital; pom-tptious. Gayakan —?'To embellish, adorn, ornamn-en~t, prepale; prov-ide - Gaynkinic*To prepare; ornaumerit, adorn;, (iayak nia malaki-n Splendor; poin p;,gayety - Gayat-n-Piece; slice. (iayatin-v-To pick to pieces; cut, sifice; divide. GJayon-ad~r.-So also; as, Such, therefore, as much, as great, in this manner;,-similarly. G'ayondin-airc-Equally; uniformly, evenby, also, likewise. inioreover, sucIh, like, eke, straightway; ditto. Ga y onmaii-adr-Yet; notwith), standing.4tihI, nevem-theless, however; adthough. Gayon nawa-Amien. iayo n nga-a-Right; adv.-tat way. (3ayuma-n-Fascination; hypnc tisni; enchantm ent. Giba n Destruction; ruin. GIibainv 7To destroy; demolishi, i nin, plunder lerbel. GTibanv-n-Reel; stagger. 6Gibang-a-Reelii-g; staggering. G.iikan-n-Threshitig place; threshing. Gdi in-v-To thresh. G(ilagid-niThe gums. G'ilalas n-Temerity b shfulness. Gxilalasin-a-Timd~i; bashful; co ardl. Gilalasin v-Tro frighten; make bashful. Guilid n-Edge; border, margin, brim, verge, frimige, limit; sire. Gifid no kayo-n Edge of cloth; selvage. Gilig n-Chaff. Gilik-n-lOust; powder. Gikban-v-To help: aid; assiat. (iikban sko inter.-Help me. G-ilingian-n Mlill; grinder. Gilingang munti-n-Hand-n-iill. Grihiniin-'c-To grindi mill. Gilit n-Cut: slice. Gilitaur —To cut slice. Gilitan ang, lug-v To behead. Gilitin-i-eTo cut; slice. GJ'liw-a- Beloved; dear; estimable. Giliw-a Esteem. love: delicacy. Gxiliwin-n-To love; esteem, amjuse; make happy. Gimbal-n-Kettle drum. G~inagawva ug taontaon-ady-Yearly. GJinaw-ni-Cold: frigidness, frigidity. Ginawa sabav-a-SimultaneousGinday n-Affeceted gait or walk. Ginawa a-Easy; light; convenient; fit. (A'inibangwgibang-a-Oscillating; vibrating. Ginikan-n -Straw. Ginisa-v-Stew. Ginoo-nMister; gentleman, master; sir, Ginoo-n.Gentlemnanly; polite. G'into it Gold. G~intoin v To convert into gold Giray n-Wabble; affected air or gait. Giray-n-Reehing; staggering. Gisahin vrTo ste G'isi n-Smiall piece; fragment, tear. Grisiin-v-To tear; rend1, lacerate. Gising-a-Watchiful; lively; wakeful. Grising-adic. Awake; alive. G~isingin-r-To wake; awaken;'- weaken, Gitla n-Surpise,,astonishment, fright. amazement. Gitlahinuc-To surlprise; astonish; amaze. G'itna-a-Center; middle, midst, medium. C.iyon-n-Hyphen.

Page  25 GUM 25 GUM Cobierno n Government. Gobiernador-n-Governor; prefect. Goma n-Gum rubber Gorra n-Cap. Grifo-n-Faucet hydrant. Guang-n-A hollow spot; in wood. Gubat-n-Woods: forest backwoods. Gubatin-v-To pillage, plunder lay waste desolate. Gugol-n-Expenses charges costs. Guhit-n-Line, mark, design, plan: sketch vestige. Guhitin-v-To line. Guitara-n Guitar. Gukgok-n-Grunt Guk-gok a-Disheveled. Gulagulanit a-Ragged. Gulang n-Age. Gulang ng isip-n Solidity, firmness or integrity of thought. Gulanit nRag hanging from clothes. Gulanita-Ragged, wornout. Gnlat n-Fright; consternation; astonishmnent alarm. Gulatan-v-To frighten; astonish; surprise. Gulatin v-To frighten: alarm; startle make tremble. Gulat na gulat-a-Fearful; awful scared. Gulay n-Vegetables herbs; verdure. (ulil,i-n-Trifle. Gulo-n-Perplexity confusion; disturbance; turmoil tangle chaos chayos; discord; dissention, din; revolution; sedition, scrape agitation, shindy; discomposure; disquietude disquietness entanglement ado; pother. Gulo-a-Reverse intricate, tangled, conlused chaotic. Gulod-n-Hillock barrow; slope. Gulok-n-Bolo large knife, corn-knife. iulo ng isip n-Bewilderment. Gulong n-Wheel, circle. (ulonggulongan-n Windpipe; gullet. Gulugod-n Spine backbone; chine. Guluhinv-To disturb, entangle, tangle; ierturb, ensnare, row, subvert; perplex disconcert alarm disquiet discompose, confound, reverse, overturn, overthrow; stir agitate. Guluhin aug isip-v-To bewilder; confonnd; perplex. Gulungin-v-To wheel; roll. Gumaan-v-To lighten; alleviate. Gumabi-v-To grow (lark; benight; grow late. Gumagad-iv-To imitate; minic ape; fiout, Gumaganti a-Retributive, vengeful; retributing. Gumagatas n-Miller. Gumlagawa-n-Workman; doer, laborer; worker, journeyman. (urnalaw-v-To move stir. Gumalingv-To recover; get or grow well, convalesce. Gumanap-v-To execute; perform; discharge. Gumanda-v-To beautify; embellish; adorn decorate. Gumaod-v-To row paddle; scull. Gumapang-v-To crawl, creep go on all fours, Sec. Rob or steal at night. Gumapas v-To mow cut, reap harvest. (tumasta-v To spend; waste, wear away. Gumatas-v-To milk. Gumanting loob-v-To correspond; suit; agree. Gumawa-v-To do; make, manufacture; execute, labor construct, build, perform; form, produce; practice; operate cause; act. Gumawa ng an os-v-To digest, considerassist; produce. Gumawa ng hatol-v-To judge; make zudgenent. Gumawa ng kautusan-v-To maKe or enact laws. Gumawa ng salitaan-v To contract, stipulate. Gumayak-v-To prepare, adorn: get ready; caparison: clean. Gumayak agad-v-To prepare hastily. Gumayongayon-v-To idle loiter; loungebe eareless. Gumibik-vTo Aid; assist; help; save; succor: support. Gumugiti a-Growing. Gumiik-v-To thresh. Gumiit-v Lo meddle; interfere. Gumiliw-v-To love like adore, esteem. Guminday-v-To walk with an affected air or gait. Guminhawa-v-To thrive; prosper; easebecome easier. Guminhawa ang sakit-v To recover trom sickness. Gumiraygiray-v-To swagger; wabble; stagger. Gunliri-v-To clamor; howl. Guniisa-v-To irritate; smart. Gumiti-v-To bud; grow; shoot; begin to appear. Gumueol-v-To expend: spend; waste. Gumuhitv-To draw; line. Gumukgok-v-To grunt. Gumulo-v-To disturb; perturb; riot; destroy; be noisy; perplex. Gumulong-v-To roll. Gumulong sa lupa-v-To tumble. Gumumon-v-To roll. 4

Page  26 HAL 26 HAL Gunamgunam-n-Memory; memorial; memoirs; reflexion. Guniguni-n-Fancy; imagination; presumption; pantom, hallucination. Guniguni-a-Fantastical; fantastic; whimsical; imaginary; fanciful; chemerical. Gunigunihin-v-To imagine; fancy; suppose. Guntingn-Shears; scissors; snips. Guntingin-v-To shear; cut with shears or scissors. Gupitin-v-To cut shear. Haba-n-Length. Habaan-v-To lenghten; prolong; protract; distend; extend; amplify; enlarge; stretch out. Habag-n-Clemency; compasion; pity, condolence; mercy. Habagat-n-North wind. Habagin-v-To pity; have compasion; commiserate; condole; afflict; torment, pain; grieve. Habagin-a-Compassionate: conmmisserate. Habi-n-Weaving; plat. Habihan-n-Loom. Habihan-v-To weave. Habihin-v-To weave. Habulin-v-To pursue; vex; persecute; chase; catch. Hadhad-n-Abrasure; scratch; wound. Hadlang n-Stall; cell; obstacle; imped iment; obstruction. Hadlangin v To stall; partition; obstruct; impede, hinder; restrain. Hagdan n-Stairs; staircase; steps; stairway. Hagdanan n-Staircase; stairway, steps, ladder; stile. Haging-n-Whistle; whistling; hum; whir; whur; hiss. Hagkan-n-Hug kiss. Hagkan-v-To hug; kiss. Hagulgol-n-Flood of tears, mourning. Hagurin-v-To soften; pummel. Hahalili-n Substitute. Haka-n-Thought; meditation; idea; design; supposition. HAkain-v-To suppose; meditate; think; design. Hakam-n-Presupposition. Halaan-n-Bivalve; shellfish. Halagn-Cost; price; charge; value; amount; worth; moment; valuation; appraisal; estimate; estimation; expense. Gupitin ang buhok v-To cut hair. Gupo-n-Fall. Gurlis n-Scratch. Gusarin ang lupav-To clean ground. Gusi-n-Large china jar. Gusot-a-Tangled; intricate; difficult; snarled. Gusutin-v-To entangle; snarl. Gutom-n Hunger. Gutomta-Hungry; Gutumin-v-'o make hungry; starve. 31 Halagahan-v-To appraise; value, estimate, assess; prize. Halagahang muli-v-To reassess. Halagahin-v-To value; prize, esteem, estimate. Halak n-Horselaugh; loud or boisterous; laugh. Halakhak-n-Horselaugh; loud or boisterou S laugh. Halamanan-n-Garden; orchard. Halapn-Alarm; notice of danger. Halas n-Ulcer. Halata-a Sensible; noticable; notable; plain. Halatain-v-To notice; feel; note; scent; recognize. Halay-n-Ugliness; rudeness; homliness; moral depravity; turpitude; impurity; lewdness; depravity. Halayin-v-To ridicule; censure; decry; slight; disregard; laugh at. Haligi-nPost: pillar; support. Halik-n-Kiss; osculation. Halikin v-To kiss; osculate. Halikuatin-vTo raise on edge; pry. Halimbawan-Example; pattern; copy; precedent; examplar; instance. Halinghing-n-Sigh; moan; groan. Halinhan-v-To change; exchange; substitute, succeed, surrogate. Halo-n-Mixture; compound; medley; mortar; admixture. Halobaybay-n-Anchovy. Halohalo-a-Mixed;promiscuous;conf used Haloin-v-To mix; stir. Halomigmig-n-Luke-warm; neither hot nor cold; slippery. Halomigmig-n-A small mixture. Halos-adv.-Almost; nearly, well-nigh. Halos wala-adv.-Scarcely; hardly. Halubid; Stroke; with a whip or rope, Haluin:v-To stir; mix; revert; derange; confuse; break the thread of intercourse.

Page  27 IAN 27 HAR Htalumigigm-a-Darp; humid; moist. Hamak-aLow; abject; contemptib'e; vulgar; despicable: infamous; unbecoming vile; mean; base; knavish; unworthy; contumelious; cursed; undeserving; discreditable; clamorous; menial; servile; sneaking; slavish, petit; plebian. Hamakin-v-To underrate; undervalue; depreciate, disobey; lower the stan dard. Hambal-n-Grief; anguish; affliction. Hambog n-Pride; haughtiness. Hambog-n-Haughty; supercilious: arrogant; proud; vain; presumptuous; preposterous; disdainful; ostentatious. Hamog-n Dew. Hamon-n-Challenge impeachment threat, fight. Hampas-n Stroke; scourge: blow. Hampasin ng tungkod-v-To came. Hampas lupa n-Vagabond; vagrant: tramp. Hamunin-v-To challenge; rival; Fight threaten. Hanapbuhay-n Occupation; situation; employment, employ; profession; vocation; work. Hanapin v-To search; look for, find, hunt. Hanay-nRow; file; line; arrangement; order. Hanayin n To put in line; order file; arrange. Handa-n-Preparation; pomp; show; provision. Handa-a-Preparative; prepared; provident; coutious. Handa rna malaki-n-Splendor; pomp: large feast. Handog n-Offer: gift; grant; homage; tribute; gratification; pleause; cornpliance. landuka-n-Tolerance; patience; forbearance. Handulungin-v-To assault, assail; attack. Hanga-n-Limit; boundary; border; goal; district; milestone; bound; butt; confine: contour; term, milepost; landmark; end; edge; crisis; margin; period; frontier; condition. Hangahan-n-Boundary; limit; landmark, border, frontier. Hangad-n-Concern; interest; desire. Hangal-a-Foolish; stupid; ignorant; indecent; rude; coarse; clownish. Hangalin-v-To astonish; stupefy, infatuate; fool; be rude; deceive; surprise; cheat. Hangan-n-Extreme: extremity. Hangan-adv.-even; till as far as: also; Hanganan-n-Boundary; limit; end; termination; goal; milestone; district; period; term. Hangang di-a Provisional. Hangang ngayon adv.-Here to; here tofore; here unto; till now. Hanghang-n-Pungency: acrimony; pique Hangin-n-Wnd; air. Hangin hilaga-n-North-wind. Hangin sa araw-n Eastwind. Hangin sa balas-n North-wind. Hangin sa kalunuran n-West-wind. Hanguin-v-To extract; ta e out; take from- remove; bring out; extort; deduce; ransom; release; liberate; redeem free; set a liberty; acquit. Hanguin sa sakit-v-To heal; cure. Hantungan-n-Halting place; stay so journ; habitation. Hanip-n-Louse; flea. small thing. Hapak-n-Cutlass. Hapdin Pain; prickling; smarting. Hapdi ng kalooban-n-Wound;affliction; anguish. Hapis-n Gloom; sadness; grief; pain; ache; anxiety; hardship; disgust; sorrow: grievance Hapis-a-Grievous; sad; dejected; disgusted; dispirited; painful; pained; peevish. Hapisin-v-To vex; mortify; afflict; pain; sadden pain; torment; grieve; dis gust render dejected. Hapitan-v I'o press. Hapitin v- I'o press. Hapo-a-Exhausted; weary: worn out. Hapo-n Fatigue; hardship; anguish; pain. Hapon n-Afternoon. Hapunan-n Supper. Hapunan-n-Perch; roost. Harang n Hold-up; ambuscade; robbery; stop. Harangin v-To hold-up;,ambuscade rob; plupder; beset- waylay stop; restrain. Harap-adv.-Forward; lead: before. Harap-a-Front. Harapan n Front; Face; fore-end; forepart; lead. Harapan ng bahay-n-Facade; face of a house. Harapinv-To present; ones self. Harin-Monarch; king; severign, ruler autocrat. Harina n-Flour. Hari nga-inter.-Would to GOD; GOD grant. Harumpak-n-Waste; expense. Harumpak-a-Active; wasteful.

Page  28 HIG 28 HINT Harumpakin-v To expend; waste. Hasikan-n-Place of sowing. Hasikan-v-To drill; sow. Hatdan ng viatico aug may sakit r-to administer sacraments. Hati —a-mid; half. Hatid-n-Conveyance; conduction. Hatiin-v-To divide; halve; part; share; conpart; cut apart. Hating gabi-n-Mid-night, Hatol-n-Decision: judgement; sentence; verdict; issue; advice; opinion, resolution; proceedure; council. Hatulan-v-To sentenee; judge; decide; resolve; determinie. Hawak-n-Clasp; clutch grasp. Hawakan-v- ro grasp; clutch;,catch; hold. Hawan-aFree; clean; neat; pure; cleardisengagad. Hawanan-v To free; dissengage; facillitate make easy; ease, expedite. Haya-n-Sheaf. Hayag-a-Manifest plain; clear, public; general, open, vulgar, perceptible. Hayin-n-Gift oblation, offering. Hayop n-Animal brute; beast. Ha, op na apat aug pan-n-Quadruped'. Hayop na walang gulugod n-Invertebrate. Hayurna-n-Patch. Hayumahin-v-To patch; mend fix. Hibaybayn-Boundary, district; limit; territory. Hibik-n Lament; lamentation; groan; sob. Hibla-n-Fiber; yarn, Hibo-n-Cheat; fraud; deceit; delusion; decoy; sham; claptrap dodge; trick; guile. Hiboin.v-To cheat decoy,deceive seduce; sham; guile; jockey; cozen. Bibuin-v-To cheat; cozen; deceive; decoy; sham; victimize; Jockey seduce. Hibuin sa pagibig-v-To jilt. Hielo-n-Ice. Higanti-n-Vengence. Higitin-v-To enlarge; stretch; lengthen; surpass, Higo-n-Fig. Higopn-Swallow; draught; sip; absorption. Higuit-n-Tenacity; pertinacity; contumacy; asperity; closeness; tightness; marrowness; straightness. fligpitan-v-To compel; press; oblige; oppress, squeeze; tighten, restrain, bind; compact. Bigpitin uli-v-To retighten; repress. Higtan ang balicak-t-To shrug tihe shoulders. Higupin-v-To swallow; sip. Hihiganun-Couch; bed. Hihigan n& hayop sa damono nLair, Hika n-Asthma. Hikaw-n-Earri ng. Hikayat-n Attraction; invitation; facination. llikayatin-v-To attract; facinate; invite. Hikuatin-v-To pry up. Hila-n-l)raw; pufll, tug; drag. Hilaga-n-North; North-wind. Hfilaga a-Northern; boreal. Hilagaan-n North. Hilagaan a-Northern boreal. Hilagaan-adv.-NortherlyHilahin-v-To haul; tug; (rag, -pul; draw; hale. Hilakbot-n-Horror; (]readl; fear. Ililamusaun-Lavatory; wash-stand. Tlilatsa-v-Thread of cloth. Hilaw-a Crude, green; rare; raw; unripe unfinished. Hilawan v-To separate; pick. Hilawin-v-To make crnde. Hilbana-n-Basting. -ilera-n Row; file; line. Hilig n-Inclination; propensity; tendency; disposition. Hilig-a-inclined; disposed. Hilig n loob n-Inclination; fancy; propensity. Hiligan-n-Anything to lean on. Hilik-n-Snore; harsh soudhd. Hilo-aDrunk; intoxicated; dizzy. Hilongo-n-Drunkard. Hilot-n-Mid; wife. Hilurin-v-To soften; rub; stroke; act as mid-wife. Hilutin-v-To rub; act as mid-wife; stroke. Himagas n Dessert. Hiinala-n-Miracle; wonder. Himanhiman n-Flatery; cajolery. Himanhiman-a Prudent. Himiimlay-v To rest; repose Hiniatay-n-Fainting; swoon; faint. Himatayina-Subject to fainting. Himawa-n Blasphemy. Himawain v-To Blashpemy Himpakhimpakan-n-Loir s of an animal. Himpakhimpakan-n- Bashfulne-ss. Himu bol-n-Small knot in cloth Himubmol a Ragged; tattered. Himulmob n-Small knot in cloth. Himulmulan-v-To pluck. Himutok-n-C'-omplaint; murmur, Hina-n-Weakness; prostration. Hinabi-p. p.-Woven.

Page  29 HIN 29 1HUN Hinabi-n-M[at wNhich has been woven. Hinabing lino-n Linen. Hinagap-n-Suspicion. jealousy. Hinagap-v o beleive credit give faithi. Hinagpisgn-Tribulation; anguish atliction; anxiety envy comnpasion pity. I iniahon n-Modieration; forbeacra-nce; p1-ui dence continence contin en cv. H inala n-Dread, fear, suspicion:, jealousy presurnption supposition. malice conjecture. Hinalili-p p.-Changed. Hinanlakit nt-Complaint: murmur disgust H inang-n-Solder. Hinangin-n-To solder. Hinapang.-u-Courage valor; mind; intention. Hinawan ng kamay n- Washi stand. Hiinay-n-Delay; dretention, lingerin~g; slowness. Hinayangn,-Grief pity; com-ypassion; condolence. Hinayhinlay adv.-Little by little. Hindi-adi%-No; not. Hindi Ayos aDisheveled- irregular. Hindi ayos-adv.-Uulike; disorderly. Hindi binyagan-n Pagan; heathen - Hindi dapat a-Unbecoming- unworthy: unlawful, illicit- undeserving. Hindi gamit a-Disused-, obsolete. Hindi ganap-a-Imperfect; faulty; def ective. Hindi gumagalaw-a Quiet undisturbed. Hindi kaayon-a Contrary; unlike. Hindi kailangan a-Unnecessary, superfluous; dispensible. 'Hindi kamu ha a-Stranoe foreign; uinlike; dissi milar. Hindi kaofficio-a-Foreign; different vocations. Hindi kaparis a-Unlike, dissimilsr, contrary; different. Hindi kauigal ian-a-Strange; unknown, foreign. Hindi quilala-a-Strange; unknown; fo - reign. Hindi mabahagi-a-Invisible. Hindi mabuti-a-Bad; false; faulty; untrue. Hindi mabuti ang lasa-a-Sour; -badtasting pungenit. Hi ndi tniagkaayos-a-Confusedi;disorderly; perverse intricate (lifficult contrary. Hindi mahalata-a-Imperc-eptible; hidden; unsean. Hindi makamalay tawo a-Spiritless weak; feeble. Hindi malayo-adiv.-Near; not far. Hindi man-adv.-Though; notwithstanding. H indi mnangyari ug mnabahiagi-a-Ndivisible. Hindi naiaso-a Obsolete disuse~l, passed gone l)y. Hin~di Inapawi a-Indelible. Flirdi niarnnong-a Stulj)idl ignorant Hindi marunong suimuniod a Obstinate;disobedient. Biudi mnasaysay a-Indefinite, indeternminedl. Hindi m-atanig,-ap-TInacceptab~leI mnadmnissible Hindi matarok a-Un~fathomable. Hindi alipin a-Free. Hindi nababago-a-Constant; firm; loyal; permanent; do iable; lasting; mnanifest. Hindi nabubulok a Tncorruptible; imperishable. Linmdi nagagalaw a U7 ntouched; pure unmningledl. Hindi nags gayak-a-Informal; indisposed. Hindi nag'buhat sa iba a COoriginal; primnitive; first. Hindii nagpapaaino aFree; frark; liberal. Hindi nakaalam-a Stupid; ignoraL t, unknown. Hindi nalulupoa-aPure; untouched; uinmingled; chaste. Himdi mapaamo-a-Untamtable; inflexilble. Hindi napagnusapan a-Pure; clean (per — taining to conversation.) Hindi pa nalalam-an-a-Unknown. Hindli pa nangvari-a Unfinished; incomplete; lack~ing. Hindi pa napaamno aUntamed; wild. Hindi paris a-Unlike; unequal, different. Hindi patag.a Rough; cragged; craggy. Hindi payag-alInadmissible. H-indi rin-a & conj.-Neither, nor. Hindi sagrado-a-Profane, not sacred. Hindi sinasadya-a-Accidental; casual: unintentional. Hindi tama-a-Amiss; false; not true, untrue, wrong. Hindi tapat na loob-a-Unfathful false; feigned; infidel; disloyal; instable; fickle; uncertain. Hindi tinatalaga a-Casual: unintentional, unexpected- accidental. Hindi tinatangap a-Unacceptable; inadmissible. Hindi totoo-a Fictitious; untrue, false; fabulous; feigned; uncertain; spurious. Hindi tumupad sa ipinanumpa-a-Perjured; forsworn.

Page  30 H4I-T_______ _ lHin'l tunaay-a False; untrue, feigne& count erteit, imitated. IJi i &al i Pan t; palpitation; difficull breathing. I-Iin~ako~n-.Agony; gasp; last breaths of a dying person. H- ingbubuili-n-Lizard. 1-lingil a- Propensity inclination,- desire lfin~zil-a-Disposed, inclined. Hin~il sa -adv.-Moreover besides; over, above according to; relating to, concerning. liingkod a-Lame: hipshot. HinE in-n Urbanity; civility; calmness. tranquility, politeness, kindness, frugality; bashfulness. Ilinkod-a Lame; hipshot. H-inlalaki-n-Thumb. liinlog-n Lineage: race, forfathers; off spring class, parents; relatives; kindIred- pedigree. Hinog a-Ripe: maturefiintay-n-Stay; stop: hope. Hintayin-v-To await; hope; expect. Iulinto-n-Stop; halt; pause. Hiutuan-n Stopping place; halting place. Hinubahin-v-To collect, deduce; infer. [Jipag-n-Sister-in-law. Hipan-v-To blow, play on a musical instrument. Ilipo n-Touch; blind man's stick. Hipoin-v-To feel; touch; grope. Hfipon-n-Shrimp. ilipon sa dagat-n.-Lobster. l-ipuin-v To feel; touch; grope. Hirain-a- Lent; Hiram —n-Thie thing which is lent. Hiramin-n-Iro, borrow; loan; tax. Hfiran-n Example; instance; pattern, Hir-ang a Selected chosen; select; choice Ilirang n Selection; choice. Hirantin-v-To select; choce pick. Harap-n- Hardship; pain terture; grief toil, tormnent; misery; poverty; distress affliction; anguish; cross; trouble: -anxiety; fatigue; ado: dolor. Ifirap nk kalooban-n-Wound; affliction: injury. Ifir'aran-Example; instance. Hfira ia-Accustomned; used. liiiiratihin-v To accustom; use. lHirava -n-Illusion; apprehension. Ilniing 'in-Syrinhe. Hirin~ hin-v To syringe. Ilfistoria-n-History. 1-1itatn- Ihigh. Ilitcid n-Whore- harlot; prostitute. lHifit-n-Suck; s-moke. llititin-i-To snmoke, such. Hlitsur-a a Shape; form, mode, aplpea 30 nuL rance; phase; likeness; mien; garb; guise; ostent; cut, fashion; face. Hiwa-n-Slice cut; incision. Hiwaga-a-Mystery. - Hiwain v-To cut; slice; carve. Hiwalay n-Separation. -Hiwalayin v-To separate; assort; sort compart; renounce; (divorce; divide part. Hiwas a-A cut on a bias. H- iwas-a-Slanting. squint-eyed; -incorrect. Hiwasan v-To cut en a bias or slant. Hiwid-a Hipshot- lame. lliya-n-Shame; bashfulness' modesty; emberrasnient; compunction. IUivain-v-To shame;- embarrass; affront; insult. Hiyas-n Ornament; adornment; trimming, furniture. Hiyasan v-To ornament;adorn;embellish. Hiyaw-n Shout cry; seream: howl; outcry; clamor; hootL Hiyawan v-Outcry; clamor; shout; cry; hoot- howl. Hiyawin-v-To shout; cry-out; howl; huzza, clamor; hoot. Hodyatn Countersign; watchword passport. Hodyatan-n fCountersign; wartchword.; rendezvous; appointment. Hogyat-n-Alarm; notice of danger; watchword. Holhol-n-Howl; crv of horror. Howad-n-Counterfeit; imitation; copy; forgery H owaran-v To counterfeit; copy, imitate; forge, mimic; pirate. Huad-n-Counterfeit; copy; forgery; imitation- likeness; transcript: Huag-inter.-Shan't; do not; don't:, stop. H uaggawin-v-To neglect; quit; relinquish;, forsake, leave, yield; let; omit; retuse to do. Hung gumnanting palad v-To be disagreeable. uncompromising. Huag ipagkaloob-v-To refuse; deny. Huag ipatulov-v-To desist; discontinue; supercede;, stop. Hung isama-v-To exclude; shut out; keep separate - Hung kalingayin-v-To slight; disregard. Huav kumilala v- To disown; disclaim. ignore: refuse to recognize. Huag kumilala ng utang na loob-v-To be disagreedable: uagrateful. Huag kupkupin-v —To leave in danger; refuse to help: aid: shelter or protect.. Huag inagalingin v-To reject; condemn lower ri-fuse to approve. Hua g magsalita-t-m To refuse to talk hiush; rem-ain silent.

Page  31 HUK 3t Hu 'I Iluag mahalata-v-To hide; conceal; keep secret. Huag m-ahalin-v To slight.; disregard. Huag makipag-usap-v-To stand mute; remain silent. fluag makilala-v To disown; disavow; refuse to recognize. Huag malamian-v To disown; disavow; be iguorant of. ]Huag bilankin-v-To exclude; shut out;.refuse to count. Huag mapanabi-ii-To restrain; refuse to tell or say: bind. Huag matanto v-To be ignorant of; not to. know. Huag pahintulutin-v-To disapprove; di. - favor;discountenance; ref use to permit. Huag pamanahin-v-To disinherit. flung, pumayag-v-To refuse; object; disfavor; veto. Huao, sabin-v-To refuse to tell or say keep secret or silent; seal; secrete. Huag samantalahin vTo fail to take advantage of; fail to gain advantage; fail to procure Hung tamaan-v To err; misjudge; mistake. Huag tangapin-v-To reject; ref use; object to. Hung tumupad-v-To shirk fail to (10. Hung umimik-v-To remain silent; hush keep still. Hubad-a Naned; nud'-. Hubaran-v.To denude; underss; empoverish; make poor. Hubaran aug luksa-t-To leave off mourning. Hubdan-v-To undress; deude; disrobe. Hubog-a Curver; bent; crooked. Hubog-a-Bent; curved; crooked. Hubog-n-Bend curve; ar~h; crook. Hubogp. p.-Bent; curved; arched. Hubugan v-To bend; arch; curve. Hubugin-v To bend; arch; curve. Hudyatan d-Passport; cou nte rs ign; watchword. Hugasing-v-To wash; lave bath. H ugos ng compana-n Bell-clapper. Hugutin v-To extract; remov2; take out; Ideduce; draw out: abstract; extort. Hukay-n-Excavation; hole; pit; hiollowv; cavity. Hukayin-v-To dig; excavate; hollow. Hukayin muli-v-To extume. H ukbo-n'Army. Hukom-n Governor; judge; arbiter. liukluban-n-Place, of covering any thing; rotting place. Hukuman-v To Judge. Hukuman n-Province; governor's house. Huila- n Prediction; prophecy; conjecture. surmiise; omien; divination; augury,; precursor. fl-ulaan v To predict;, foretell; prophec~y; sooJthsay; prognosticate; divine. Huluhold4Howl, yelp; yelping. Huliadv.-Late; yelp yelping. Hdili nCapture; spoils; prize. Huli ng sasakyan dStern. Hulilhaii-n-The pa k part; stcrn. Hulihian ng hokbo n-Rear-guard. Hufihin-v-To capture; seize; catch; get; apprehend. Huh sa lahiat a-Last. liulma-n-Mold; mitrice. Hulo-a Upper. Hulo no ilog-n-Source of a river. Hulog-n-Fall: tumnble. Hulugin-v To throw (Town; cast. Huilugin nggracia ni DIGS-v 'to srnct'ifv;, bless. Humaba-v-To lengthen;, protroct; prolong. Humiabi v-To weave; plat. Humnabol-v-To catch; run after. Bumagkan-v-So hug; kiss. Humnaging v-To whir; whur, whistle, whiz; hum. Humagpos-v-To slip; slide, skutlk; escape fromi danger. -Humahialo n-Rocker, one who stirs. Humiakbang-v-To step; stirs. hlumal a Na, a]. Humalaw-v To choose; select; elect. 'Humalay v-To consume decry. Humalik v-To kiss; osculate. H umalili -v-To exchan~ge; change, alter-. nate, reciprocrate; supercede. Hunmalimhim-v-To set; hatch. (per to fowlVs H uuinalinghing v-To sigh,- groan; nioan; -lament. IHumamak-v-Grovel; lower; degenerate,. Humaniok-v-To bedew fog. Humamok-v-To fight; struggle; contend. HunmaMon v-To anger; provoke; fight:. irritate; offend; excite; contendl; struggle.Humnanap-v-To find; search for; lhunt; search; look for. Humanda-v-To prepare; get ready - Hamanga vTo limit; finish;. end; ciose. Hiumangitin-v-To gnaw; molest. Humankos-v-To pant; palpitate. Humiantong-v To stop; halt- desist. Humapdli-v-To smart; irritate; hurt; prickle. Humapis vTo oppres-;: grieve; inourn. Humapon v-To eat slipper. Humapon-v-To perch.

Page  32 IBA 32 IBA Humarap-v-To present appear, confront witness. Hlumatol v-To judge give sentence sen tence, decide condemn. Hurmawakv-To clasp clutch hold, have. HuImbak v-Concavity; hollowness. Humibik-v-To sob lament groan. Humigitv-To exceed, surpass excell. Humigit a More. Humigit-adv.-More over. Humigop-v To sip suck absorb imbibe. Humihip-v-To blow, Humikayat v-To attract draw invite. Humilig-v-To incline, tend; lean; recline. Humilik-v-To snore. Humimalay-v-To take what is left Humimawa-v-To blaspheme curse. Humminig-To bubble, appear; answer. Humimpay nTo cease; forbear, desist stop. Humimpil-v-To appease, calm; pacify; becalm; rest repose, stop. Humina-v-To grow weak; debilitate, impair weaken, pall, enfeeble; languish. Humindu;ayv-To weaken; give up an iintention dispirit. Huminga v-To respire, breathe, exhale, expire. Humingal-v-To pant palpitate. Hunmini v-To ask request, petition; beg entreat; implore, demand claim; exact. Huminkod-v-To limp; deviave. Huminkodhinkod — To limp. Huminto-v-To stop; halt; desist rest; repose' Humitit-v-To smoke, suck. Ilumiwalay-v-To separate; diverge, deviate. Hurniyaw-v-To oyell shout exclaim. Humpay-n-Intermission interrudtion. Humpayin-v-To interrupt, intermit; discontinue. Humuad-v To counterfeit, falsify, copy; imitate mimic. Hunmubad-v-To undress denude. Humubo-vTo undress; denude. Humubog-v-To undress denude. Humukay-v-To dig excavate, hollow; delve enter, Hunmula-v-To foretell prophesy; perdict; portend, prognosticate announce conjecture. Humula-n-Predictcr, prophet. Humuni v-To neigh. Humupa-v-To rest calm; grow quiet; become thin or wcak. Humutok-v-o arch; bend; curve. Hunghanga-Foolish silly, ignorant; stupid. Huni-v-Neigh. Hurno n Oven. Husay-n Order, regulation array. Husay a Regulated arrayed; elaborate; orderly. Husayin-v-7 o arrange; perfect regulate; array- adjust class; order correct; set off, put in order; rectify, repair; patch- conform; improve; mend; modify. Husaying muli-v To rearrange; rearray; Husto-a-Enough; complete; complete. perfect; exact right; sufficient effectual equitable, upright honest; clever. Hustuhin v-To complete, perfect; finish; execute, perform. Hutukin-v-To arch: bend; curve. Huwarin.v-To imitate; copy; simulate I Iabang-v-To wait for, watch for; await. Iabot-c-To proffer, hand; offer: reach. laga v-To foresee, anticipate, preoccupy; prepare. Ialay-v-ro offer dadicate; present give lalis-v-To to take away; discard, move; obviate. Ialok-v-To offer, hold out; proffer, offer for sale; entrust propose, layos-v-'To regulate, arrange; array; busk: put in order. Iba-a-dissimilar, different; diverse; unlike, other. Iba-pro.-Other. Ibabai-v-To lower, put down. Iba,t, iba-a Various. Ibabala-v-To explain; announce; anticipate; foretell; signify. Itabao-n Topside; outside; cover; surface. Ibadbab-To soak; steep, imbue. Ibagay-v-To make convenient; conform. Ihago n-To renew; make over, change. Ibahin-v-To change; transform; alter; deviate; remove; vary; convert; reform; transfigure; transmute, modify. Ibahin ang hitsurav-lo change the shape; disguise. Ibahog-v-To mix; mingle; unite; incorporate. Ibalabag-v-To throw; cast. Ibalibag-v-To throw. Ibalik-v-To return; restore; devolve. 1 balita-v-To relate; report; tell; announce;

Page  33 IDA 33 IHI say menltion, notify apprise, make known narrate proclain. Ibalot-v-To envelop. Ibangon-v-To raise; stand up, elevate; heave. Ibang tawon-Stranger, foreigner. Ibanting-v-To tie; fasten. Ibaon-v-To bury; inter, submerge; conceal. Ibaon-v-To preoare or fix for a journey. Ibarka-v-To load or freight a ship. bl:atay-v-To prop, build; upon; be supported. Ibawal-v-To prohibit. Iban v-To change; diversify. Ibig-n-Love, friendship. Ibigay v-To give present, bestow, donate, cede, afford. Ibigay nawa ng Dios-inter. ---GOD grant; Aould to GOD. Ibivin-v-Lo love, like. Ibilad — I'odry. sun, put in the sun. Ibilango v-To imprison; arrest, confine; shut up. Ibitin-v-To suspend; hang up. Ibon-n-Bird. Ihsan-v-To lower; take away; forgive. Ibual v-To overbalance; tip over, turn over; discomfit. lbubo-v-To mold cast; founder. Ibudbod-v To sprinkle scatter, sow; distribute. Ibuho v-To empty, clear: induce; prompt. Ibuhol-vTo tie, knot; join or unite by knotting. Ibuhos-v- 'o pour; spill, empty; effuse. Ibukodv-To separate; divide, except, exclude, preclude, set apart, blink, segregate, keep out discriminate. Ibukod ang tuliapes sa palay-v-To winnow. Ibulid-vTo precipitate: expose to ruin. Ibuluak v-To pour; spill; leak. Ibulusok-v-To precipitate; expose to ruin. Ibungo v-To collide. Ibunton-v-'To heap; pile up, put together. Ibunyi-v- 'o extoll; praise; magnify. [busav-To parch; roast. Ibuyo v-l'o induce inspire, incite, rouse, stimulate, imbue; persuade. [dagdag v- ro add to; inscrease, accrue, aggrandize, aggregate; superadd. Idaingv-l'o implore; complain; beg, petition, appeal; entreat. Idaiti-v-To unite; join; touch. Idalangin-v-lTo intercede; mediate. Idamay v-eTo implicate; effect. Idarailng-v-To complain. Idarang-v-To scortch; singe; heat. Idaos n-To dispatch, dispose of, colmplete; verificate. Idatay-v-To stretch; unfold; expand. Idatigv-To unite join, pu: together. Ideposito-v-To deposit. Idikit-v-To stick paste; glue. Idikta-v-To dictate. Idnkitv-To sculpture engrave. Igalang-v-To esteem; respect, venerate reverence, regard, appreciate, have regards for; notice. Igawgaw-v-To mix; mingle, unite, join, coalesce, consolidate, copulate, incorporate; conjoin. Igayak-v-To prepare; get ready; adjust arrange. Igi-n-Ease; goodness, kindness. Igiba-v-To destroy, demoish; obliterate. Iganagayak-v-To prepare. I guhit v-To draw: trace; line. Iguho-v-To demolish; obliterate; destroy. Igumon:v-To roll; wallow, humble. Ihabilin-v-To comission; give charge. Ilagis v-To throw; cast. Ihagis ng pabigla-v To jerk. lhalabos-v To boil; cook-in water. Ihalal-v-ro elect; choose. Ihalang-v-To put cross-wise. Ihalili-v To substitute; change: exchange; surrogate. Thalov-To mix, mingle; alloy; join; unite coalesce; admix; intermix; intermingle; blend. Illampas-v-'lo strike; beat; whip. Ihanda v- 'o prepare; get ready; supply; provide; arrange, adjust. lhapay-v-To incline: lean. Ilarang v-o stop; check; hold up. I-harap-n-To present; exhibit; confront: compare. lhasa-v-To sharpen. Ihatid-v-To convoy; accompany, (convoy, conduct: carry; transport. Ihawin-n-To roast; toast bake: grill. Ihayag-v-To publish: disclose; show; expose; apprise divulge; lay open; reveal. Ihayin-v-To offer; present give. Ihi-n-Urine. Ihian-n-Retreat. Ihiga-v-To lay; down; stretch; unfold; expand. Ihilabos-v To boil; cook in water; strike sweepingly. Ihilbana-v-T baste. Ihilig-v-To incline; recline; lean back; influence; inmbue; persuade induce. Ihinang-v-To solder; mend with solder. Ihinday-v To move to a distance. Ihingil-v-To incline; influence; induce; persuade. 5

Page  34 IKA 34 IILA ihiwalay-v-To separate; divide; set apart; subtract; lay aside; revoae; with-draw; sunder; sort; remove; discriminate; divorce; segregate. 1hiwas-v-To slant; sling; diagonally. lhuli-v-To put last or at the end. Ihulog-v-To throw down; translate; interpret. 1hulog ang kapwa sa infierno-v-To damn; condemn to eternal tormenst. Ihulog sa ibang wika-v-To translate; interpret. lihan-n-Chamber pot. linit-v-To heat, kindle. lisa-tisa adv.-One by one. lit n-Nickname. Ikaanim-n-Sixth. Ikaanimi a-Sixth. lkaanim na puo-n-Sixtieth. Ikaanim na puo-a-Sixtieth. Ikaapat n Fourth. Ikaapat-a-Fourth. lkababayad-n-Payment; that which is paid; pay; reward; satisfaction. Ikabit-v-To fasten; stick; join; tio; paste; add' to. Ikadalawang puo-a-Twentieth. lkadalawang puo-n-Twentieth; vigesimal Ikadkad-v-To unfacr1; unroll; unfold stretch; expand. lkahon-v-To box; embale; pack. Ikaila-v-To deny; lie; negative; gainsay; refuse to tell.Ikaisang-libo-a-Thousandth. lkaisang-libo-n-Thousandth. lkait-v-'ro deny; reject; nefu se. Ikalabing apat-n-Fouirteenth. lkalabing apat-a Fourteenth. Ikalabing dalawa-n-~welvth. Ikalabing dalawa-a-Twelvth. Ikalabing isa-n-Eleventh. Ikalabing isa-a-Eleventh'. ikalabing "pito-n-Sev~enteenth, I kalabing pito-a Sevententh. Ikalabing tatlo-n-Thirteenth. Ikalabing tatlo-a-Thirteenthlkalabing walo-n-Eighteenth-. lkalabing walo-a-EighteenthIkalat-v-To scatter; distribute; (1isperse;.diffuse; extend-, publis~h. lkalawa-n- Sec~ond - lkalawa-d-Secondlkaling-v-To unite; join., lkama-v-To adapt; apply; adjudge consolidate; copulate, join; (conjoin; unite; collect.' 'Ikarna, ang i sang bagay-v-To interv ene in'sert. Ikanlong-V-To' hidfe; nbonceal: defen~'id; excuse; disguile; keep s'ecret.' lkao-prop.-You; thou. Ikapit-v-To apply; adapt; adjudge. lkap~ito-n-Seventh. Ika'pito-a-Seventh. Ikasampuo-n-Tenth. lkasampuo-n Tenth. Ikasal v-To marry; betroth; match. Ikating-v-To incorporate; join; conjoin consolidate, unite. Ikatlo-n-Third, lkatlo-a-Third. lkawalo-n-Eiglhth. Ikawalo-a-Eighth. Ikawalong-adv.-Eightbly. Ikawalong puo-a Eightieth. ikawing-vl'ro fasten; add; paste; tie; Stick. Ikiling-v-To incline; induce; persuade.Ikina'bubuhay-n-Nourishment; food; maintainance; sustenence; ration* livlihood. Ikin'tal-v To stamp; print, imprint. Ikiran n-Spindle privot axle, bobbin. 1kiran v To wind, convolve. Ikiskis-v-To scIratch; 'Smooth polish;, rub, burnish. Ikit-n-Turn, Jklian,-v-To shorten; abridge; reduce confine; restrain; pare; clip. Ikrno-n-Betel nut leaf. Ikog-n-Turn.. Ikumpas~v-To beat time. Ikuskos-v-To scratch; scour; rub. Ikusot-v-Tu wrinkle; rumple. Ilabas-v-To remove; put out; exclude extract; extort; reject; eject; effuse shut out.' i Ilabas sa katawan-v To excrete. Jladlad-v-To. unfurl; unfold; expand; stretch. Ila'g-n-Shyness; fright; scare; avoidance;, exasionIlag-inter.-Begone: keepoff. Ilagak-v-To deposit; entrust leave with another. Ilagan-v-To evade; -shun; avoid; parr'y stave off blink; obviate; escape. Ilagay-v-To, puit;, place'; set; lay; arrange; appoint;, situate; wager; pledgemoi tgage. Ilagay nk- man'a dingding-v-To partition. Ilagay sa aia'w v-To' to p u t or' plac'e'in the sun.. Ilagay sa grade-v-To grade; class; classi fy. Ilagaiy s,- ~hulihannv-To p ut 'or place last. Ilagay a, ibang' wika-v-' To ' interpret; transsIate,- ' '''

Page  35 ILI 35 Ilagay sa kasukatan-v-To appraise; value. Ilagay sa codigo-v-To codefy. Ilagom-v-To congregate; unite; join; meet. Ilagpak v-To tumble or throw down; overturn. Ilahok v-To mix; brew; comprise; intermingle. Ilak-v-To solicit; collect. Ilak-n Collection; solicitation. Ilakip-v-To Reconcile; unite; join; league; congregate; coalesce; conjoin; tie; bind; alloy; copulate. Ilalim-adv.-Underneath; below under. Ilalim nang-prep.-Under; below. Ilang-adv.-Deserted; lonely; barren. Ilang-n-Lonely place; desert. Ilang-a-Sundry; several; various. Ilang-How many. Ilangkap-v:To unite; join; conjoin; incorporate; knit; coalesce; comprise; contain: include. Ilap-n-Willness; shyness; coldness; temerity; avoidance; bashfulness. llapat-v-To unite; join; inclose. Ilapit-v-To approach; bring near: approximate. Ilarawan sa papel-v-To portrait; photograph; take pictures. Ilatag-v-To unfold; stretch; out; evolve; expand. Ilatag ang bato-v-To pave. Ilathala-v-To declare; manifest; expound; explain; divulge; publish; present. Ilaw n-Lamp; light; clarity; clearness. lawan-n-Light lamp. Ilawit-v-To hang up; reach. Ilaylay-v-To hang up; hoist; reach. Ilayo-vTo remove; separate; divorce; distance; retire; withdraw; retract; lay aside. llibing-v-To inter; hury; intomb; sepulcher. Ilibad-v-Te to take turns; cause to disappear. Iligaw-v-To lose; err; commit a mistake; go astruy;,cause to mis judge. Iligin-v-To move to 'and fro; handle much. Iligpit,-To gather; collect; hide; hoard; conceal. tligtas-v-To rescue,redeem; ransom; suco r; save; fre;,' exempt; acquit; lexcnse; liberate; pardon; relieve; remit. Ilihim-v-To conceal;' keep secret; hide; disguise; reserve. Ilihis-v-To separate; obviate; misgu:de; remove. INA Ilikmo-v-To become: fit; suit, establish; smooth. Ilimbag-v-To stamp; print: emboss; seal. Ilimbang-v-To take a round about way. Ilingid-v-To hide; conceal; bury; keep secret; diminish. Ilipat-v-To transform; remove; move; cross: passover; transpose; transport. Ilipat ang tanim-v-To transplant. Ilitan-v-To envy; pay less than one should for anything underpay. Ilitaw-v-To disclose; show, adduce; discover. Ilog-nRiver; creek; stream. Ilog na munti-n-Rivulet; creek. Ilong-n-Nose; snout. Ilual-v-To advance money. Ilubog-v-To sink; submerge; immerse; dip; put under water; douse; duck; merge. Ilugmok-v-To wallow; roll. Iluhog-v-To beseech; appeal; ask; pray; implore; harangue. Ilulan-v-To load; ship; lade; freight. Ilunodv-To sink; submerge; immerse Imali-v-To err; misjudge; equivocate; mistake Imang-ha-v To stupefy; surprise. Imarka-v-To mark; stamp. Imbak-a-Old; cured. Imbot-n-Concern; interest. Imot-n Economy; frugality. Imot-a-Economic; frugal; close. Impas-adv.-Equal; even. Impis-v To thin; diminish; lower. Impitin-v-To press; prolong the appearance. Impukin-v-To keep guard; watcl; observe. Imukha-v-To resemble; conform; favor; assimilate. Ina-n-Mother; mamma. Inaakala-v-To intend; mean; design. Inaalon-a-Wavy; undulatory. Ina-ama-n-God-father. Ina-anak-n God-son; God-daughter. Inaaralan-v-To counsel;' advise; teach; correct. Inahin-n-Hen; Female (per. to animal.) Inahitp.p.-Shaved. Ina-ina-n- God-mother. Inam-n-P eauty; goodliness, fairness; delight; pleasure. Inam ng kilosn Gentility; elegance; good breeding. Inam ng' tikas-n-Genteelness; elegance; bravery. Inamoy-p p.-Smeleed; scented. Inang n Mamma. Inanyaya:-p.p.-& imp.-Bade; bad,

Page  36 IPA 36 I PA apo-n-Grandchild; de-scendant; posluterity. Inawak-n-Veil, (over. Incenso-n-Incense. Indahin-v-TIo feel, perceive grieve. Infierno-n-Hell; purgatory. Ingat-n-Care, solicitude cautioii guard; precaution: pains attention; watch; observation; circumspection, protection. Ingatan-v-To guard; protect; observe; watch- care for, look after. hteed, keep. IJn~ay-n-Noise; carousal, revelry, romn p ing;- scuffle racket Ingles-n-English. Ingles-a-English. Inig-n-I'rremble, s'hake; quake; quiver; quaver. tniginig-n-Shake; tremble: oscillation. I~nihalili-n Substitute: 'delegate. Ini-ibig-p.p. & a,-Loved, beloved. Ini-ibig-a-Dear,- estimable. Ini-ibig-n-Dear. Ini-irog-p p-Loved; beloved. Ini irog a-Beloved; dear. In i nat-n-Reserve; secret; exception. Fngit n Envy; jealousy. I[nimot-adv.-Gently,softly; little by litile. Inip-n-Envy; impatience; eagerness; hastiness In is n-Choking; suffocation;, smother, oppression. luisin-v-To smother; oppress; choke; isuf focate. Init n- Heat; warmth! zeal; f ervor; ch afe. Inomnin n Beverage; drink. Inomin-v- Fo drink. Inotinot-adv.-Gently; softly; little by little. lInpo-v-To become; smooth; suit; establish. Insik n.Chinaman; chino. Insik-a-Chino; ch-inese. Instrumento n-Instrument. Interes-n-Interest; behalf. Inugin-v To go round; encompass: encircle. Inurnin-n IDrink; beverage. Inummny-To drink. Inuman-n-Afterbirth. Inunos-a-Worm-eaten. Inupahan-a Hackney; back. Inutog-v-To grow large; enlage; harden (not used). Inuto-P.p.-Ordered; sent; bade. Inumit-n-Theft. Inumnit-Pp.P.-Stolen. Inuyat-n Treacle; sorghum. Ipaala-ala-v-To remind; hiint; suggest; prompt;, mention. lpaalain c-To ask permission; bidi a(fieti. Ipagbigay alamn-v-To encourage entice; reward; induce. Ipabuya-v-To encourage; entice; reward induce. Ipadala-t-T-'o send; (lispatch; reinit transmit: expedite: convey. tpagavak-vc-To provide get read)-. Ipag-awit v-To sing; chant Ipagbalav 'c-o threaten m1enlace. Ipagbalobalo v-To feign; pretendl affect. Ipag banda-v-To Proclaim; announce. Ipagybawal-v-To prohibit; interdfict; forbid; refuse; denym; ban. Ipagbilin-v-To charge; enjoin; recomimaend 1 pagdiwag v-To shout; huzza; applaud. Ipagciiwang-v To celebrate; feast; solemnize: praise; verify. Ipaghabla v-To accuse: demand; iniform-. Ipag-intindi V To signify; intend; tneani; declare: annunce. Tpa-gitna-fv-To center; put in the c-enter-. Ipagkaila-v-To deny - contradict refuse: disown. Ipagkait-v-To deny; contradict; keeps secret; disown. Ipagkaloob-v-To cencede; cede do- ate; bestow; confer; assign. Jpagkapuri-v-To honor, respect. dignify; credit. Ipagkilala-r-To introduce; present. Ipagkatiwa la-c-To give credit; confide; deposit. lpaglaan-c,ITo prepare; persist; maintamn. Tpaglaban-ii-To dlefendl; protect: mnaintain; argue; sustain; persist hold;. dispute. Jpaglagay-v To put or place for anotb'er-. Lpagmasakit-v Tfo interest; concern; defend: protect; give share in; enjoin; charge. Ipagmnatowidi-v-To argue;, regulate; dispute contend; straighten. Ipagpag-v-To shake brandish - Ipagpshuli-v To put behind; leave behind. Ipagpalagay-v-To suppose. Ipagpalit-v'-To lpermute; exchange;, barter. Jpagpaluinat-v-To remove; transport; tranfer; convey; hold anything until it increases in value. Ipagpasial-v-To titke for a walk. Jpagpista-v-To feast; celebrate; solemtnize; praise. Ipagpauna-v-To expect; anticipate. Ipagsangalang-v-To defend; maintian; sustain; protect.;,Support.

Page  37 __WA________ Lpagsalbi-v To tell; publish; reveal; proclai i. lpagtaboy-v-To divorce; separate; disImDi s"S. Ilpagtabuyan v-To Divorc:; separate; dismiss - Il)agtangol-v-To defend;' protect; ai d; save; help; support; mnaintain; sustain. lpagpatuloy vTo protract; prolong; -onltinue; hold. Ipagtulakan-v To push; imdel; shove. lpagwisik-iy-To sprinkle. Ipahialang-v-To lay crossways or crosswise; thwart. lpahalata-v-To display; show; make known.I pahalay-v-To thwart.. Ipahatid-v-To send an escort; (dispatch; send. Ipahayag-v-To proclaim; publish; anlnlounce; reveal; herald; cite; make known; impart; declare; mnanifest; apprise; sendl; forth; cornmunicate; emit; divulge. l1pnh ay ag MUli V-To republish; reannounce. I pahintulot-v-To leave; let; permit; give consent; consent; agree; condescend; sanction; privelege. I pa~ibabaw-v-To add; augment; put upom]; boot. 1 pailalim v-To put under; put below; bury; (-over. lpainomi-v-To give, to drink; invite to drink I l)akilala-vm To introduce; present: manifest; demons-trate. lpakiloi-r To actuate. Ipakipagtalo-v-To (lislpute; controvert. I p.kita-v-To show; exhibit:, lay before; point out; explain; expound; present; display; evince; produce: bespeak. lpakiusap-v-To beseech; implore; appeal; intercede; entreat; harangue; ask; pray. L'pako-v-To neail; spike; peg. Llpako sa crTuz-v-To crucify. Ipakuskos v-To order to clean or rub. Ipalabas v-To put out: effuse. Ipalagay-vi-To choose; elect;, name. 1palagay sa loob v-To put within. Ipalaman-v-To put inside. Ipaligid-v-To beset. fpalit-v-To Change; barter, substitutoe; exchange. I1paloob v-To put withinl; enter,; sheathe. I palutbog v-To sink; unmer-se: inundnate hide, conceal. I parnahagi-v-To appiortion; d istri bute part; (hspart.; divi(Ie. Ipamalit v-To exchangye; permute c h an Le. lpamnudmlod-riTo sprin ide; distribute: (livide; part; apportion. 1 pamulsa v-To imburse; put in the pocket; p~ocket; lpouch Ipanabi~vTo tell; publish: reveal; proin-laim: say. Tpanagano-v-To dedicate; consecrate. 1pan~ako v-To promise; insure. lpangranaki -To give birth; bear chil.dren. lpangat-v Tco expose; lay open; boil. Ipan~ayaw-v To refuise; reti-ocede; retire; denyvJ-pangusap-ii-To adiv ce; counsel; for-: show. Ipanhik-v-To go upl; take uip; invite up. Ipanumpa-i —To swear in; adjure. Iparis-v-To favor;,pair reseinble; Ipasan-v.-To loard; landI put On the shoulders. lpasial-ii-To take for a walk. Ilpasya-v To ordain, decide; enact; determine conform. Ipasok-v-To place in; putit inl; enter: interject. Ipaspas v To shake. Ipataas-v-To lift up; raise; emlbo-ss; aggrand(ize. Ipatagiv-To level; make level. I patalastas-v-To make known; inanifest; explain announce; declare; construe; i mpart. Jpatalo-v-To lose; cause to lose; lose purposely; let lose. Ipatanaw-v.To show; exhibit; expose: lay before; point, out. Tpatawad v-To forgive; pardon. Ipatong-vTo add to; put on; l-)ad; boot. Ipatnugot-v-To dirmect; teach; guide; show the right way; manage; conduct; show; rule; govern. Jpatuad-v To invert- turn upside down. lpatuloy-v-To continue finish; persuie; follow; accomplish Ipaunawa-v-To expound; explain; point. out; announce; teach; lay before. Tpawis-v-To perspire:, sweat. Ipayag-v-To concede:, allow;, adamit; grarmt: conform.Ipifig-iv-To shake. Ipinanganak sa bundoki-n-Mountaineer highland er. Ipinahirain n Loan; that which has beeni lent.

Page  38 ISA 3-8 ITA, l pinta-v-To paint. Isaw-a-Gut; tripe; intestine; entrail.' ipinta ang tabas-v-To draw the out- Isawsow-v-To dip. lines; trace. Isda-n-Fish. Ipis-n-Cockroach. Isikad-vTo kick spurn. Jpisan-v-To unite; join; congregate. Isiksik'v-lo cram in; f orce, p~it in by I pit n-Tweezers; pincers, force. Jpitin-v-To pinch; press. Isilid v-To put in; pack; place in. Ipoipo-n-Whirlwind; vortex. Isilid sa supot-vTo sack Ipukol-v-To throw; cast. lsinga-v-To blow the nose. Ipunin-v-To gather; store; hoard; lay up. Tsingit v-To cram; put in by force. Ipunta-v-To point; direct. Isip-n-Reason; thought; sense; will; Iraos-v-To finish; complete. understanding; mind; idea; meditaIre Pro.4 'his. tion judgement; notion; fancy. TI-nnGroan. Isipin-v-To think; reason; meditate; conTrog-a-Dear; beloved. ceive; contrive; fancy; suppose. Irugin v-To love: esteem. Isiping-v-To put or place by the side; Isa a-One..lay beside. isa n-Digit. isipot v-To cause to appear; show; disIsabat-v-To interrupt, close. lsabit-v-To hang UP; suspend. Isisid-v-To duck; put under water; dip; Isabog-V-To seatter; throw broadcast; douse. bhestrew; squander; layish; misspend; Isisin v To scrub; wash; mop. (sa glulo)-discomk:t disperse. Isubo v-To eat with the fingers. fIsahong-v-f o fight or pit cocks. Ilsuga-v-To tie to a rope; tether. _isadya-v-To do intentionally or pu r- Isugba-v-To pre cipifate. posely. Isulat v-To write. sagi-v-'fo use out of place or when Isulat ang huling kalooban -v-To write one should not. a will; bequeath. Isa-isa one by one; one at a time;-adv.- Isulat ang n-alan sa isang libro-v-To singularly. inartieulate; register; enroll; record-. Isakay-v-To ride; emnbark. Isulong-v-To propel; shove along. Is-alangsang-v-To oppose; object; 'con- Isumbong v To accuse; inform. tradict; trespass cross; go through. Isuot-v-To put on; wear. lisalin-v-To copy; transcribe; transfer. Isurot v-To indicate; point out. fsalit-v-To alternate; mix; imingle. Isurot sa isip~v-To suggest; hint; Isalong ang sandata-v-To sheathe. prompt. Isaloob ang hindi totoo-v-To' suppose. Tsusi-v-To lock. Isana v-To join;, unite; conjoin; conDso- Itaan-v-To dedicate; consecrate; relidate, associate; adjoin; include: ac- serve. (company; incorporate; collect; alloy; Itaas-v To lift; raise up heave up; elemix; mingle; affiliate-, knit. vate; uphear. TIsaumbulat v-To ascatter; squander lavish. Itaas-v adv.-above; over; high. fsarnpay-v-To hang up; suspend. ltaboy-v-To divorce; remove; sepaisandig v-To recline; lean hack. rate. ls,,andok-v-To disli; stir with a spoon. liagal-v.To suffer; tolerate; abide; comJisangag-v-To toast; torrefy. port; prolong. Isan~g (lali-n-Instant; trice. Itaguilid-To raise on edge. Isang (locena'-n-Dozen. R-ago-v-To hide; conceal; guard; keep Tsang kasuotang. husto-n A complete secret; reserve; idclose. suit. Itagpu v-To patch; mend. I'sang lal~sa-a-Ten th'Wusand. Itagpos v-To continue; hold; protract; Isang kisap, mata n An instantr lengthen; endure. Isang pulutong-)i-A -platoon. Itabhanyv-To Quiet; still; place; put. Isanla-v-To momrtgage- pledge; pawn; Itak-n-Bolo; Gorn-knife, Pkiht; hypothecate. Itakad-v-To move by degrees. Isara-v-To close; shut, Italatag-iv-To exhibit or show all.' Tsarin-vTQ resemble: be~ alike. ltalay-i)-To dedicate;, consecrate. T'Iatli-4 To return;'re4std'te; reestablish. Itakwil-t —To reject; repel;' gaine~ay (onIsawmila-r-To cause to lose;- make' lose; tradict. lose. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Itali -v-To tie; fastenbi;olge

Page  39 KAA 39 KA itambal-v-To strenghen; join or unite in order to strengthen. Itampok-v-Toemboss; extol]; aggrandize. Jtanda-v-To remember; note; record; register. Itangi-v-To except; excludle; keep out; separate; divide; lay asside; refuse; deny; disown. Itanong-v-To ask; question; quaere. Jtanyang-v-To present; extoll; mianifest;, magnify: exhibit. Itaob v-To overbalance; put face down; overset. Itapal v-To poultice; put on; apply,,. Jtapon-v-To throw' away cast; lavish; mis-spend; waste; discard. Itapon ang may sala sa iban& lugar-'r-To ~banish; dreport; exile. Itapon sa labas-v-To eject. Jtatag-v-To establish; institute; found; ordain; fix; enact. Itatua-v-To (deny; cuntradict; gainsay,; disown; refuse. Itay'o-v-To establish; build; situate; cons~truct. Itayong-v-To delay; suspend. Itavo, uli-v To rebuild; reestablish; reconstruct.' 1tigil-v-To discontinue; suspend; delay; stop. Itim-a-Black; jetty; blackish; gloomy. ltim-n That which is black; blackness. Ttimbuang-v-To leave or let lay. Itrik-v-To set ~posts. Itiwalay-v-To 'separate; sort; divide remove; divorce; withdra-w; lay aside;' dissuade. Itiwasay-v-To calm; tranquilize. Ttlog-n-Egg; testicle. It6-a-This. Ito-pro.-This. Itoon-v-To join; 'unite; add; increase. Ttowid-v-To straighten; make righit. Itudla-v-To point with the finger. Ttulag-v-To throw a spear. Jtulak-v To pust; impel; shove, drive; press; forward. Itulos-v-To set on end; set posts. Itulot-v-To compare; dedicate; permiit:, give permission. Ituilay v-ro continue; keep, on; persue. Itungo-v-To direct; conduct; incline; influence. Itungkol-v-To destinate; pertain. Ituro-v-To teach; train; guide; direc-t; show; construe; point out; (lenote. Itidvok-v-To induce: egg on; encourage, persuade; prejudice. Itigoy-v-To swing; rock; move. Iukol-v-To destinat e; pertain. Iul-v-To restore; reform; reestablilh mend; tenew. Tuna v-To anticipate; preceed: f oregyo. Tunat v-To unfold; extend; stretch out.: Iutos-v-To order; enact; ordain; send; command. Twa-n-Cut; gash. Twvaan-v-To cut; slash; gash. Twagwag-v-To shake wave. Iwaksi-v-To separate; reject; condemn; repel; preclude. Twala-v To lose; miss. lwan-v-To leave; let; abandon; forsake;, omit; quit; relinquish. Iwayway-v-To wave; shake. Twisik-v-To sprinkle. lyak-n-Cry; howl. Iyak nk tupa-n-Bleat. Iyan-a- Irhat. Jyan-pro.-That. Iyangyang v-To dry; put in the air; air. lyang manga a- Those. Jyan' manga-pro.-Those. Iyan inka-pro.-That. Jyo-pvro.-Thy; thine; your; yours. lyon- a-That. lyon-pro.-That. I'yuko-v-To bow; incline or lower ones, head. iyakod-r-T6 humble; lower. 3-J" Jelea n-Jelly; jamn.I Iesu Cristo~n-Jesus,,Christ; Messiah - Juidio-n-Jew; HebrewA-. Judio-a-Jewish; Jew: hiebrew, Jurnenton-Jackass; ass':' Ka-pro.-You; 'thee", Ka a' w.94 Rival; cuotnpetitor;, antooonist;.Ka-adv.-Verv. 6pp6h~ent-,i. Kaabalahan-~rt-tObstaele; impediment. Ka-agulon t-Mistress; (:0(1vubile,

Page  40 KAB 40 KAB Ka-akana-a Syinpathet ic. Ka-alaban, nz, lob-n- Fervor, warmth; -z,eal ardor. Ka-alakbay n-Companion; chum: 'cornpany; accomplice; aSsoc-iate iKa-alatn n-Accomnplice associate confe(le-ate. Ka-alimutraltanun Abuse; insult; contempt. outrage. Ka-alisc~~,kagaat-n n-Inonstancy;: levity he-' kl en ess Ka-a-lit n-Enrmy; antagonist. 1Ka-aliwan-n-Solace sport consolation: luippineC5s relaxation. Ka-amioani-n- Ti'Iami-eness kindness hurnility mod0(esty. K aarnuau 'aTanineness: mneeknes gentlenes~s mildness. JKaanavaran-n-Softnessw gentleness; mildfness (1e11-aey, mneckness. Kaang-n-IDyer's copper, Kaapit baba-~n-Neighbor. Kaasalan-n Rite veremiony;c-ustom habit. lKaawa-awa-a- Pathetic. Kaaway-n-Enetnv opponent. antagonist; com petitor Kaavya-aya-a Sminding agyreeable- peaceful: pleasing (lelightf id deliciouis. Kaayahan n Festivity- rejoicing, gayety; happiness. Kafiyawan n Reluctance. Kaayawan gumnawa n-idleness, lazine~sreluctance, to do~~ work. K aayi-n-n-iUnan imi ty. Kaayo i-n Unanimous. Kaayos-a-Un ani m ous. K aayupan -n- Baseness; ruden ess; insult humiliation. Kaba-n Fear dread suispicion- emotion. Kahabaan-n Meekness; huimility; mildr~ess inferiority- modesty. Ka~babaari nk kilos-n-Meanness; lowness lewdness. Kababaan ng loob-n- Humility; mildlniess modesty; meekness. lKababalaghan~n-Impediment; obsta le; prevention: anything that c,,an perturb the mind. Kabangisan-n Ferocity: wildness; cruelty; inhumanity. Kababayan~n- Follow-citizen; countryman. Kabag-n Gust of wind f rom the stomach; colic. - Kabatg-n-Wave of the hand. Kahagalan-n Slowness; heaviness; dul ness; turpitude; carelessness; slo venliness, impurity; lewdness; ugli ness. Kabagay-a FiL appropriate, synipat-betic accomadating. Kabagayan-n Fitntess propriety, relIiableness reliability, adaptation; -aptitude. KabaIgkab6.g n Smnall bat. Kabagsikan-n Severity harshness rigor; asperity (,cruelty - truculency, sharpness:- inhumnanit; force. Kabagong tawohan-n Youth eel ebacy. Kabalhag n-Part piece portion. Kabahayaa n-Place of mnany houses. Kabahoan n-Fetidness. stench stink. Kabaitan n-Wisdomr knowledge, pr-ijdeuce skill moderation, u~lgement, learning; diseretioni morali ty: K abaitan sa pagypalapat-n-Equity - right-; justice, impartiality - moderation; con ci entiousn ess. Kabaitan sa pagtupadl-n-Equity-; justice impartiality. concientiousness; moderation Kabal ikan-n-Wron g side; back part; reverse - Kab~alis,-abafl-n-Restle~sn,,ess, unrest;, commrotion disturbanceKabalhuktutan n-Ci-cokedness; bend;curvation; curvature.IKaban-n Trunk chest coffer; locker. Kaban n~ sombalilo-n- Hat-bok. K aban alan-n-Virtue purity;, sanctity; holiness godliness,,. Kaba nR dibdib-n-Paipitation; pant-; heaving of the breast. Ka banayaran-n Prudence; equity; jus4 -tice- right; mildness impartiality; moderation. Kabamn-n-Coffer; bier. Kaban~isan n-Cruelty inhumanity, trucuilency asperity; ferocity. Kaban~uh an-n- Fragrance fragracyvKaban11gutan-n- Fame; celebrity glory; reputation renown; namie excellence. Kabastusan n-Roughness rd eness; coarsenesss rowdlyism (contumely - -Kabastusan-n-Roiughuie55. rudeness - coarseness; rudeness. -vile conduct-; meanness- contumely; rowdyisim. Kabataan-n-You~th- girlhood- boyhood;, childhood. Kabatu..an an n-Slowness; slovenliness (carelessness. Kabayanihan-n-Heroism;h bravery; conurage. Kabayo-n-Horse; shelte; hackney- plug. Kabayotig ginagamit nalig sunmdal.o-71 -charger. cavalry horse. lKsbayong kargahau-fl.Pack-horse. Kabayong kulaklang-fl-Spotted horse.

Page  41 KA13 41 KAG Kabayong uguI so-n-Peevish hos Kabayong siklan-m Stallion. Kabiak-n Halfctiliute-part. K abiawvan. n-Sugyar-inill; clane press. Ka bi'atan n-lilea vitness heft; weight; gaavity enormity; serio'usness. Kabigayan n-Liberality; giving. K. biglaan n-Speed; quiickness; proimptitude; rapidity prompltness; activity; haste. Kabiginlanaiin- Haste; activity; speed,urgency; exigenice; quichiness; promptnISS; prounptitute. Kaluhasahian 'n-Habit Custom K abihiasanan n-i earning; wisdom knowledge; skill; ability; sagacity. Kabihasnan n-Revelation; I Iici~dati on; ill'u-tration; thie formning of a habit. Kabilang-an ii~ tawo sa isang lugar-ncelisus; population Kab~iltigan-n,-Wlhole; total; totality; rouindness; account. K abilmgan nig buan-n Full moon. K abi nzihan -n- Deaf ness'. Kabinian-n Modesty: (lecency chastity, gentility gen~teeln~ess meekne s. K abinyagan n-Day of baptism. Kab~kab n;Cavity in wpoLd K able n-Cable. Kaho-n Corp ral - Kabog-n-Fall hutrt: contuision; bl ow k~nock Kabubuliranun Precipice fall. Kabuisan it Revenue tax; rent. Kabu~tlaanani-n-Fic-titiotisniess, falsity: uncertainty: lyIing. unreliability. Kal ulagaun-n 131 ndness error, stupidity:. dIul ness. Kabuluhian n- \,\ eight Worth con1sequence imlportance moment use. Kabuflukan-n-Corruiption: pollution: putrefaction depravity rottenness. Kabulukan. no sugat-n Prouidtlesh, gaingrren pus. W~abunduikan n-Mountain system. Kabuntisanun Pregnancy. K abunyvian-n Famne glory, reputation; excellence name. Kabuoan-n-Total totality:.entirety:; siam: amount roundness. Kabuoani ng loob-n Valor,- bravery; bodld; ness, couerage in repidity. Kabuoan ng, puso-n Serenity:, Valor- intrepidity. - --- K abuirakan-,n-'QuIa gm-ire slough; marsh; swamp;. miry place.K absugu-n Satity:satiation:, satisf act ion:II. Kabntle~iha-n-G~obdess " kitidn ess; good: b)e n iefii t; utility; benevdlence. Kabutihian no isip-n-Wisdeim; knowledge prudence. Kabntingtingaan n-Folly; tedium; -useless work. Kab~uyaan n-Satiety;saitiation ~satisfactiomit Kadaghan-n Promptitude activity. Kadakilaani-n-Greatness; sublimity Imagnituide; preeminence, superiority, royalty grandness dignity; loftiness:, ia~jasty sumptuousness. Kadlalagaliau-n Maidenhood. Kadalain-tyhatian-n),-Grief; (lisgust: abh~or-; rence. Kadalasan n-Frequence, frequency. Kadlali in Instanit. h alabian nQuicknese; activity; speed: promptitude rush - facility, ease, hurry pressure ready compliance. Kadialitaan-n-Poverty, misery. K adataan-n Softness delicacy: tendern iess; sutiav i ty. Kadilitnan n- IDarkness; obscurity; density; opacity. Kadin~atd ingat a-U~nexpected; unfor-,seen; sudden. K adi 'ng-atdingat-adv.-Suddenly:, unexpectedly. IKadiosan-n-Diety divinity; sanctionary. Kadi" araa,,n n-Curiosity;i inq isitiveness. K adlit n-Sin all. cut; incision. Kadlitan v To incise 'make a small cut' Kadoongan-n-Harbor. anchorageKadowahiagian-A f fi i cti o n; humiliation injury. Kadugo —n-Kindred: relation;-having the s-,ame bloodl of the same blood Kadugtong-n-Add ition; continuation: endl postscript. Kadukhaan n-Lowness lewdness; Vileiiess abjection: (legradation. Kaduluihan n-End; extremity. KadJulthan a-I ast end: extreme. Kaduim~an n-Contraction; humillationi; humility - backwardness. Kandun gnan-n Bashifulness;. backward ness temerity; pcrtness. K aduistaan-n Lowness; vileness: lewdness abjection. Kadustaduista, a-Humiliating: ignoble; ignominous, disgraceful; low:, abject: miean. Kagaan an-n- Levity; lightness. Kagabi-n-Last night. Kagaga'wan-,n-Action:, doing; feat: event;, f act. Kagal~ng-n-Pair; the other. Kagalangan nRespect- reverence; 'regard.; politeness; civility; homage; cour tesy;goodmaniiers;education;breeding; manners, observance; obedience:, 6

Page  42 KAH 42 KAIT K~,agalauaggalang-a-Respectable, polite; respectful; courteous, reverend; civil. Kagalawan n-Movemnent; disturbance; moving. Kagalingan-n-Goodiheszt: k i nd n es s gentility. K agalit-n-Enemy; apponent; antagronist. Kagdlitan-n-Anger; indignation; vextion; passion; rage. Kagalitan-v To anger; perturb vex. Kagamitan-n Use; custom; ut ili ty. profit,. 1U againitan a-Ordinary; usual; customary. Kagampanan-n-Compensation value., K agamutan-n-Remnedy; reparation; curie: redemption; recourse K agandahan n-Beauty; elegance: comleliness: kindness, gentility; am iability; genteelness. Kagandahan nang loob-n-Miunificence. kindness; benignity: benificence; generosity, benevolence; liberality. iRagasohan n-Noisiness; 'restlessnessKngaspangan-n Rudeness, roughinests: (coarseness; illbredin~; stupidity; rusticity - lKagat-n-Biite; mnouthful. Kagatin-v-To bite; gnaw: nip. 1agawiann Inclination;hiabit; us-e;cu-stom Kagayat-n-Slice, Piece, cut. Kagilit-n-Con-panion. Kagilit adv.-side by side. Kaginhiawahan-n-Ease; facility; prosperity. Kaginisaginsa adv.- Suddenly; unexpectedly. Kagirnsaginsa a-Sudden; unforseen. Kagipitan-n-Narrowness; close n ess; straghtnss;hard straits. Kagulangan-n-Maturity. Kagulanggulang-a-Mature. Kagulatan-n-Fright; scare. Kagulatgulat-a-Dreadful; f ri glh t f u I; shocking. Kaguluhaii-n-Disturbance- confusion; commotion; carousal; tumult: revelry; scuffl~e; romping; quarrel; perturbation; overthrow; noise; fight. Kagungkonig-n-Noise; clamor; bustle; dispute; tumult; rumor. Kagyalt-adv.-Hardly; with trouble; scarcely; almost. Kagyatin v-To prepare,. Kalhabaan-n-Length; protraction. Kahabaang nmalabis-n-Tediousnes. Kahabaan no buhay-n L~ongetivy Kahabagan-n-Wretched; misery. K~habaghabag-a-Wetched; miserable; downfallen. Kah~alagahan-'n Ap praisemieut; valuation; value; price; worthi. Kahalakhan-n-Boisterouis laugh ing. Kahialakhalak-a-Happy; joyful. Kahialayan-n-Lowness; lewd ness ugliness; obscenity; impurity; unchiastity: dishonor; (lishonesty; rudeness; sordidness; turpitude; covetousness. Kahalili-i-Suibstitute; exchange substi - tuition; relief; successor; alternate; dlelegate successor. Kahialo-n-Mixture accomyplice. Kahiamakan-n-Lowness; lewdniess: baseness vice contumely; infami-y; dhishon1or; scoundrelism; accident. Kahiambalhaunb~al-n-Sad, (leplorable: lamnuet.ble; dismal; dlolefuil; humrrible., Kahianbugyan n-Bragg.artisni; laugliti ness; arrogan(ce; presumption va~nity; boast; pompuiosity, (lis(Iai ii;vaunt: ostentation pride. K~ anarign-Limit; bound. Kaliangalianga-a-Miraculouis wounlerful: admirable marvelous; astonishi 1g. Kahanginan n- Braszgartisnm: brag, boaist. presumption; ignorance; foolish ness: clowni~shness emptiness. Kahapisan-n-Suffering hiardship; suifferance: infelicity: calamity. Kahapishapis-a-Dolefuil. sad; dismual: deploi-able. Kah~apon-n-Yesterday. Kalhapon-adv.-Yesterday. Kahiarian-n- Kingdom, c-ru wn; (linasty: realm. Kahayopan-n- Brutality: inhumanity. Kaf-igpitan-n-Tightness: tenacity; couituniacy pertenacity; severity: hiarsh)Kah igtan-n Surplus; increase augntenta - tion- overplus preference (lifferenle. Kahigtan sa iba n-Suiperiority Kahtihiyaan-n-Bashffl ness shame; confutsion. hiumilation; compromnise. Kahiflawan n-Crudeness, crudity:Kahiman-prep.-Though: notwith -stani(ling. Kahinui-anawari iat~er-. W~ouild to GOI)GOD grantKahimp. k n Large slice. Kalhinaan-n-Weakness: debility; feet)bleness.- Prostration. Kahinaan ng loob-n-Effeminence: effemin~encv. Kahinab nayan-n-Compassion: pity. Kahingian-n-Petition; request; claim: prayer,. demand. Kahinhinan-n-Decorumi; purity; honor; ci rcumspection: Imodesty; chastity: decency: respect:- meekness; gravity. seriousneuss.

Page  43 'r RAI 4.! 1 KAI 43 ~~~KA K Kahinuyaii n Maturity; ripeness. Kahirapan n Hardship poverty; misery; sufferance; disas~ter; suffering; duress; yoke; dis-idvantage calamity. Kaihit.-advc T1hou-oh; unotwithstandling Kahitman-pre(p.1Though; notwithistanding. Kahiwvian-Slice- (ut: piese part. Kahl-iviiy duya-IDisgraceful; sham-eful;, inglonious low, lewd. Kahonun-Box; crate. K ahoy-n-Timnber; wood-treexcudgel;stick. K ahoyan it-G rove woods tirniber. K ahnad-n-Likeness, imitation, copy; coun iterfeit. F ahutbaranun-Nakedness nuditv Kahulihanun Posteriority. Kahulihulihan-a-Last hindmost;, latest, inizzen; utmost; uttermost. Kahulihulihang pasiya-n-ITtimat-um. Kahulihulihang salita n-Ultimiatum. Kahultngan-un-Signification; (lefiniition: prognmostic utility. Kahumalan-n, Nasality. Kahumibakan-it Concavity.~ hollowness. Knhung hangaiin-Foolisliness; silliness; rusticity. Kahusay~ ni-n-Decency; order; arrangement propriety.Rahustuhar'n-nSufficiency; enough. V aiba (1 Foreign~ strange; rare. 1<aiba anlDitterence strangeness. Kaibahatin a Iifterence. diversity: variety. N aiblhan nk lalaki sa habayi-v-Sex. K~aibigan-n-Inclination; desire; mind; wish; intention. Kaibigan-n Friend. Kaihuturan n Center: interior; inside. Ea-idkuran-n Scraper; cylinder; roller; meaniness; avarice. 1~aigutan-n-Penury; avarice meaniness; paltriness: poverty; difficulty. Kaiklian n-Shortness: brevity. Kaiklian n~g isip-n-Dulness,; stupidlity: ignorance; turpitude. K aila-n-Negation- denial; rcfnsal; relpulse. K ailana'an-n Wildness; bashifulnesss, shbyness; backwa.rdness V ailani'an-a '-iN-ecessary; needful; requisite; stiringent` esssential. lhailangain- N'ece'ssity; need; want; requisitiwtii essential; requisite. X'ailan;(atiog m-alnhha-n- Indespensi hie, n eedful. Kailanganin -v To eqie, need: necesh ailunman advkl:Never; always;, at. one tirri e. Kailanman hindi na'rinig-a Unheard of; strange. foreign. K ai naman-n-Neatnes,-s, heauty, elegance: prettiness; finery; nicety; goodnessKainanirnanalita-n-Fluency or elegance of speech Kainan-n-Feast; dinner: banquet. K aing-n-Basket. Iainkatan-n-Care- prudence; caution. Kaingayan-n-Noise (-arousal, revelry: romping; clamor; scuffle; jargon: racket: hustle. Kainipan-n-Envy; impatience: eagerness hastiness. Kainitan-n-Heat. fervor; warmith; zeal, ardor; zest. lHaini aan n-Proverb. Kaisaa-ld-ntical; smilar; equal: uniform; like; unanimous; united. Kaisa-n-Unanimiity; similarity. Kaitaasan-wn-Top- peak, summit. Kaitiman-n-Blackness, darkness. Kaiva n-Fish-basket. K akaiba a-Eccentric-, strange: absurd rid ictilous. Kakaibang umisip-n-Paradok. Kakailangan-n-Stringency. Kakal na may ngiphinn-Curry-com-b. Kakanan nk hayop-n-Manger: crib: Kakapalan n-Thickness; density. Kakapusan-n-Lacking: shortcoming: lack. Kakapusan ng isip-n-lncapability: inicapacity inability, dulness; stupidlity: ignorance; folly. Kaunti-a-Scanty; scare; limited: small:, little: slight. Kakaunti aug halaga-a-Trifiing: of little value; valueless: worthless. Kakikita adv.-Recently, seen. Kakilakilahot-a-Horrible awful; monstrous, terrible; horrid dire diireful: grime: grisly; ghastly: horrific. Kakilala-n-Acquaintance friend. Kakinankan-n- Brightness: smoothn~ess; terseness; purity.' Kakinisaun-n-Brightness; delicacy: tinery; cleanliness beauty. terseness. Kakiputan-n Narrowness; stralightness: closeness. K akitiran n-Narrowness, straightnes"s; closen ess. Kakubaan-n Hump, (curvatuire: Humpback. Kakubutan-n-Curvature; hump-hack.. Kakulaiikan-n-Lac~ing: - defect-. deliciency, shortcomiing; shortage, slight, discrepency;, -want..need; necessity.

Page  44 'KAI, 44 KV Kakulankaw_ ilk ay os-n-JD~iscord; di s- Kaaa —ecanie omdt. Karran~eaontn. Kahikaran-n-The usual or ordinr cuI Kakulan~an nag palad-n Misfortune, torn or habit. l"IYc mishap; mliseryN unhappiness; dit4 IKalakasani-n-Streng.)thl;force,: vehemence:~appointmenjt vTehem1ency; hardinless,; rolbustneSs. Kakuian~gan nig bait n-Folly, nonsense:? IKalakhan n size; amnplitude; greatness. indescretion absurdity. Ka'akhani n 41) katawan-n Corpulence; Kakuparaun-.uSlowness; sloth sloth corpuledcv. fulness, laziness indolenre. Kalakhan na puison-9Liberalit. g'enKakupinan-n-Slowness; laziness: in io- erosity, largeness- of, heart. lencee slothfulness. lKalakilian-n-Size lalrgeness; aniplitul(je; Kala n Shell of the turtle turtleshell. gradndess. Kalaban-n-Opponent, competitor; an- Kalaki p-n-Annexationl; joining; inclotagonist rival onemny. sure. Kalabasa-n-,Squash' lKalihir-a'n-n Depth; l)ro~fnnjlit v. Kalabaw n-Carabou. IKalaluan it Surpassing; excs: upls Kalabisan-n-Excess: surplus; overplus; superfiluity. ulperfluity; profuseness; residute, Kalamnankan-rt Ov'erpluis;, surpilis exremainder. cess residue. Kalabnawan-n-Liquidity thinnests. Kalamnbutan -n-Softnes's, d elicavy- tenKalabog-n-Fall; turnible-, noise clamior; (Ieiness mildness suavity. pliability; bustle. pliableness. Kalabuan nMuddiness- opacity. opaquie IKalaniigaun Cold coolness; frigidness. ness, dulness stupidness. Kalamklam n Tickling. Kalagayan-n-State condition- as;p e ct; alaminan-n-l ip buttock: rump. situation; rank; attitude disposition: Kalann-Fireplace; forge; hearth. inode; consistence consistency, pre- Kalanda n Bier heat se. dicatnent; manner; quality. Kalang i-ege; prolpi. Kalagayang mahirap-n-Peasantry. I~alapn Timber; woodj. Kalagayang bata n Childhbod peruility. IKala paral~ i n-Width, tsp a ce: i1t capaity Kalagayan ni- bob n-Humor; mnood. interval. Kalagin-v To unhitch, unifasten, uintie; Kalapa,,stangtianan-n~iOffenise injuiryin loos en; absolve pardon. -solence; impudenice;. transgresin Kalagin sa sala-v-TO pardon:- acquit; Kalapati-n-Pligt-on; dove. forgive lKalapit-a-INeigboring next; pr'xi mate; Kalagitnaan-n-Middle: center: mnid-t in; ediate; conitig;otios conjunc.t un1itmn (ium; average:, half (hiameter-. ed; near. Kalagok-n-Swallow; draught. Kalapitan n IProximity, closeness. v-cin-Kalngposan n-Suirplus; overplus; super- ity; Conti onity. fluity; excess; superabundlance. Kalapsawini-To stir revert. Kalagpusan-n Surplus; overplus; super- IKalaputann ThI~iickness; denisity. fluity; excess;,superabundanmce. Kalasag-n Shield. Kallaguan-n-Fertility;, plenty; fruit- lKalastin-n (Chaise. fulness. Kalasin v' To undlo Kalaguan no sanga-n-Tl~ickne~s of fo — Kalasinc n Clatter jingle; janiigl e. fiage. Kalat-n fI stribution; scatierinig. Kalaguyo-n-Companion; comnrade; part- Kalatis-n Noise madle in wa,-lking. ncr; friend. Kal-atog-n Noise made by shaking anyKalalhatan-n Totality; total; entirety; thling; soun(I1; report. whole. -Kalauliu-v-To forsee; know beforehand.l Kalahati-a-Half; semi: moiety. Kaulaunang panahon-n-Antiquity. K,1ahatian-n-Half; middle; m~inidst; av- Kawag-utsin - erage. Kalawangin-a Rusty; moldy. Kalahati ng bilog-n Semicircle; half Kalawangin-v-To rust. circle. Kalawang. jig,, tanso-n Verdi~gris. Kalahok-n-Ingredient; mixture; coin- Kalawit-n- Hook~. panioi:, associs te. Kalawiftin-v —To hook.Kalaitlaita-o-Nefariouls; a bomnnablIe; Ktalayaan n-Freedom; iibkrty, release. ~hideous; despicable- vile;, reprehensi-: Kalayoiayoan-la-Farthest; farthermost; bl e; l ow. - -Utmost; Uttermnost.

Page  45 IK A IJ __ 45 __ _ KANI Kalendario-n Calender. Kalooban n Will mind; sense un(lerKalesa n Chaise gig. standing; sheathe; interior. Kalibangan-n-Neglect; joy; pleasure; Kalooban adv.-At will, amusement. Kaloobloo)batn a-Most central; miost Kalilbgan-n-Ob-cenity; i mmnodes t; inward; inmost. unchastity lewdnless; sharlelessiess; Kalaoblooban-n-Center. impudence: impurity lust ugliness; 1 alos n-Strickle level. rudeness- tnrpitude. lowues. Kaluagan n Breadtlh; width; freedrom K(alidad-n-Quality. liberty. Kaliayalian n Happiness; joy; ga aty; l\alualhatan-nt GlorN; honor; sane conviviality. tionary; finae; felictyv. Kaliglharan n-Spittinlg; expectoration. Kallban-n-lrplemenlt fhed; place for Kaligharaian v-To spit expectorate. keeping implements. Kaligtaan-n Forgetfulness carelessness; Kaliubayan n Stop; compliance. neglect; omittance. Kalubayan nig lool n Amiability: pru-, alihim-n Secretary detective; allay; dence; affability; serenitv; meekness: confederate enlissary. mriltldness. Kaliitan-n Smallness niceliy sutility. Kalub)ongnCover; covering net. Kaliksihan n Quickness activity; agility; Kalugolugod- -I)eligltfull; pleasing; ac promptness: promptitude accelera- ceptable; liappy; (dlicious. tion; nimbleness; velocity; lightness Kalugkog nAnytlling that -serves to speed; accuracy. make a noise. Kalikutan-n Restl ssness; misclhievous- IKaluguran n Happiness; gayety; conness; trick; wile. viviality anlusemlnt. Kalilohan n-Treachery perfidy treason: Kalukunan n-Colnvexity. disloyalty; felony, overthrow; over- lKaluluwa n Soul stirit; ghost; spright. turning. Kalunitan n-Obscurity closeness. Kaliluhan n Treachery: perfidy Trea- Kalungkutan n Sa(diless: sorrow gr ef; son disloyalty; overthrow;overturning. contrition; contriteness; infelicity. Kalimutin v To forget neglect; over- l alunitan -Obs curity; c]oseness. look; miss. Ialliun osluncs -l)Deplorable lalenttable; Kalinawann Clarity; purityv ldetestable; Wretlce(d. ialinawan ng isip-v-lllustration sane- Kalunural a-\est; Western. ness; sanity, clearness of thought; Kalnnran -W est. illucidation. Kalunva n. Mistress (concubine Kaling n-Door knocker crossbar Kalupaan nEi1nrtl lilnss; sens ua li tv Kalingain-v-To favor; patronize protect. lewdn(ess morial depravity; ugliness; ialinisanzn Cleanliress; chastity-; putl- hornliness; turpiitude ity; neatness; decency; decor (uil: alupitan n?, Cruelty; inlhumanity; (lete4 -excellence; frankness; modesty. cor- tation'; iatred diality; accuracya; honesty. Kalupit-lupit a )etestil)le; a n t efu 1. (alipuIlan" —n-De-truction; Iiavoc. loatihesoime-; cruel; inililman. Kalisan v-To scrape. Kalupkop ) Noise; l(orse shloe any lKaliskis-n Scales. thlirn thiat serves to make a nisce, Kalituhan n-Confusion; perplexity ' per lKalnpklnpan Cover; srea(d. turbation; lightheadednes overthow; Kalupkupan-, To cover; overrspread; overturning, screen. Kaliwa-a-Left lKalusnkan-n Mu(ddy place ruilbish. Kaliwa n-Left. Kamaganak-n Parent relative, kindlred; Kaliwegan n-Delay; protraction tar- relation. diiness. Kmaganakan n Lineage; kindred; reK aliwanagan n Illustration; clearness; latives; offspring. l)rightness; clarity. Kamahalan-n-lDignity; honor rank reKaliwang jkamay-The left hand. putation; nobility; purity; respect Kalo-n Pulley. decency: decorum; valor; distinclalog-a Emputy; hallow. tion; splendor; glory, lustre yen Kal6ogn-Clatter. erosity. Kaloobn Gift grant; present; gratiti Kamahalan po ninyo-Your Grace, cotion; keepsake donation; booS;, Your worship. benefaction.: Kamakalau wan-lbedayl efore yeiterday. i

Page  46 K ANX 46 KA P Karnakalawa eidv -Day before'yesterday. Kamalba-san-n-Mallow ground, place where, mallous grow.,Kamnalian n-Wrong; error; mistake: blunder; fault slip injustice. Kaimdlig-n-Store house. Kamaina-iii-To kneadl. Karnaiiahan-niIn hieritan(e; leierloonm. Kamrandag 't-Poison. KamnandagYan-,v-TIo poison. Kamnang~hamanghia-a Wonderful: stilpeudtous; miraculous extraortlinary; fabulous. Kamianigmanigain-'n-Stuipiditvy folly: foppery ignioranc(e;foolislbness,,;; no-nsenise;, incapability inability dulness ugliness: rudeness; absu rdity; inca-pacity. K atnatayain-nDeath; rnortality;fate pest. fatality. K~aniaw-n-Wrist; earthen pan, Kainav-n-Hand. Kamtyiyaw-n-Acc-~uu rl i.e;~ associate. Kamijyawin v To stir; associate, begin; mo1ve. Kainkaan nt-Pr-overb.) Kat-tkam n-Avarice; envy. Kamote n Sweet potatoe. Kam~papafis n-Swallow. Kain pit nKnife. Kamukha-a Like; smilar; uniform; equal; alike. Katnukha-adv.-Alike; on a- par. Kutntani-vrio attain; obtai m; collect.; gather possess Kam uluian-v-IJo hate, abhor: (letest; (leslike. Kamuinuo-n Bee. Kamnunti-n-'Mite; whit. Kamut~nti-adi%-Very little s-ome hat. Kanmuntian.-n Smallness. Kanimuraan-n- Im-maturity; tendlerness; sauvity; delicacy; softness. Kamnnrahan-n Cheapness; insult infamy; censure; affront,; outrage, baseness; lowness; dishonor; humilliation. I%.a~niuthi-v-To scratch; scrape Kanan n-Righit Kanan-a Right. -Kanawin-v To dilute, dissolve. Kandara n-Latchl. - Kandila' nn-'Candle. Kandlirit-n-Hop. Kamuga-n- Wa gon - K~an inong-pro. Whose. Kanila-pro.-Th ~ir; theirs.Kaningasan WF'ervor; warmth -zeal: ardor; flame; vehemence: velwteneu)cy. - aniioug-p r~O-Whos'e. Kanipisan-n-Trhinnecss; nicety. tebtuity; su btil~nes4-`delicacy; acuteness: Kaniyapr-o.-His; hers. Kaniyahin-v-To appropriate; Usurp: (lefraud; cheat. Kanltingan n-Conversation a ni -on g mnany; gruup of talkers. Kanlungin-v-To shelter; protect; (lefend. Kanot a Bald. Kanta a-Song. K antero n-Masoni; bricklaver. Kanugnog-ni-i.mit; bound. K an unuan-n-Ancestry; forefeth ers. K anyon-n-Can non. Kapabayaan-n-Negligen ce; neglect; abtandom-ent (carelessness; laziness: mnad vertanee; inadlvertancy; lassitude; iudolence; idleness. tardiness; iniflcuracv. Kapag-d.Hw as. if after; just as. Kapagalan-n Service; work. Kapahatnakan-n-Calamnity; disappointmient accident. Kapah~ingahaun-n-Rest; quiet; traqu~lility; repose; quietude. Kapahintulutan-n Permission; leave; liber-ty; dfreedoli-n. Kapain-v —To search; grope; feel; touich. Kapaitan-n-Bitterness; asperity; poig. -nancy. lKapakinabangan-n Utility; profit; gain; advantage; usefulness. Kapakumibabaan-n Submission; coinpliance; modesty: meekness, density; miultitude; (creation. Kapal-n-Ticknes; coarseness; density: multitude creation Kapalagyayan-n-Tran~quility; rest; repose; calmness. Kapalagayang boob —n-Confidence. K,'apalagayanig boob-a-Confident. K apalalunan-n Pride; presumption: at, ogYance; haughtiness; vanity: loft - mness; pomnpuosity, pompuousness: inflation; swellingK apalan-v-To th~icken; strengthen; miake thick. K apalaran-n-Fortune; success; chance; luck; fortuity; doom; fate; hap; contingent; contingency: hazard; happines's. Kapalibhiasaan-n Affront; onutra ge; 'infamy. dishonor. Kapalit-Exechauige; 'sustitutioin: substitute barter delegate: comumutat ion., Kapalit nang-prep,-For, by, about; 'As by: onl account. K(a-pan agh~ilian n-Envy;, covetnousness. Kapanahorn-vCo'ntem pry;time. K a pan ah'unan-'n2Matiirity; s'eason; time. term; age; epportunity.'.

Page  47 KAP 47 - KA R K~apanatagan-n-'lranquility; rest; repose, peace; calmness; quiet; security. Kapang~ahasan-n- Zeal; valor; braver'.,,boldness;. insolence; imnpudence precociousness4 precositvl. Kapaiiganakanun-Nati vi ty birthi. Kapangana kan a-Natal; native. Kvpankani~a-n-n-I)atnger risk; hazard. Kapangitannu-Ugliness; hi6de otiisn ess: homliness; sordidness; moral dlepravitv; turpituide; covetousness. 1ka-pangrlawan-n-G~looni; sadness-, obsctiity; (larkness. Ku pangyarihan n Power; authiori ty: aibility; j tirisdliction mnea s, righitco minanid; dominion; virtue; faculty. 'Kapangyarihian gumnawa nAuthority or power to dlo. Kapangyarihian ag lh ukom-n-Jurisdiction. Kapantay-a-Equ-al; similar-, uniform; equable.I Kapantayani-n Similarity;- equi valence;: - uniformity; equinanity?; equalization. Kapara a-Identical, equal; similar, alike. Kaparis a-Alike; similar-; equal: identical; unifom; even; equable. I Kaparisaiin-nEquality; uniforniity; Sirnilarit-. likeness; comparison..Kaparte-n Participation; part. Kapaslang~an-n-Impudence; insult; outrage abuse; contempt. Kapatagan-n-Evenness; levelness. 1(apatak-n-Drop; little. Kapatawaran-n-PIardoD; absolution; forgivenn~ess; acquital. Kapatid-n-Brothe'r; sister. K-apatid na lalaki nBrothier. Kapatid na babayi nSister. Kapatid ng arna nUncle. IKapausan - n-Hoarsen ess. Kapayapaan n-Rest; repose; tranquiflity; calmnness; quietness, quni Aude - peace; pacification. Kbapayatan-n-F~eableness - leanness; thlinness, Kape-n- Coffee. Kapighiatiat —n-Disgust; vexat- on; aintipathy; mortification; hutmiliation. Kapilavani-n ILamreness. Kapilipitan-n-Sinuositv. Kapilitan-n-Force; perseverance; persis. tence persistency;, necessity; ind is pensibility,; persuasion. RKapinsalaan-n-Reunion - obstacle; imrpediment; herd; flock; dtrove.KapinItasan-n-Fault; defect;- censuire.Kapirangot-n-Particle. Kap'iraso-n'-Piece; lI oce; cut; fragme~nt: scrap; part;i por tion; share. Kapisana n- -n —Reun11ion; cIongregaition; meeting; facition; clique. lRapisanan ugs buuidok-n Range of mountains. Kapisanian ng kalap) n-Raft of logs. Kapisanani ig mng~a uitos, ifs gobiernio itCodle of laws. Kapisanan ngi togra hiayop-n Flock; hierd; dtrove K'apisanan ii~ man g)a tawo-n 54 ciet v; partnership; corporation. Kapisanan nig tula utos u Diges-t. Ixapistalian n-Feast; holiday; festivit; exhibition; presentation - Kapit baliay-n Neighibor; fellow cr-eature. K~apootamiia- Anger; vexation; - rage4, h atredl. Kapormalan-noFormnality; seriousli e ss gravity; circumrrspectiun. Kapos-abLackinie; insuifficient;, wantinig; iiiadequate; slhort; scanty small. Ka powa-pro. - Both. Kapowa tawo-n Fellowereattire. Kapulaan ing- salhingv-c- o paint or1 cover, withl litcli. Kapuruifan n —Dullness turpitudle u1ghn(-ss; impurity,; stupiditiy. rudene~s; lewdlness. N apuspusaun — IRoundliessi; fullness. Kapuisukan-n-hieat; vivacity. 1~aputican-n-Marshi; slough miry place. Karagdagan n-A ddition; increase, in lprovemiemit. Karakatraka-adv,.- mymidiately; instantly: stiddenly K arakot-n-Hand fui Ifewness. h arakot a-Few. Karatula sa ibabaw ng libing-n Epitaphi. Karalangani-n-Rarity; looseness. Karamihian-n-Abundance- plenty; nmul - titu(le;- torrent. Karamiramihian v-Most. Karampatan a-Fit-; proper; cotivenen t; correspondlinig. Karamnpot n-Mite; whit. K aramutan-n-Stinginess.- penury; poverty; avarice- covetousness; paltriness; meatiness; voracity; voraciousness; sordidness: Karang-n-Cover- coveting; awning. 1(arangalan-n-Glory; honor; dignity; royalty; fame; prestige; majesty; exellence; eniinence; sublimity; elevation; loftiness; superiority. Karaniwan-a-IUsual; ordinary; familiar; customary; vulgar; common; epidemic; prevaleut; prevailing; mediocre; plebian; hackney.

Page  48 KAS 48 iKaraniwan tawo n-Plebian. IKarapatan n-1)ignity; conoiignity; inert. IKarapatan- a-Just, deservin~g; corresponl (I mng. Karatig-adtv.- Near close; neighboringI lKaratu-'a sa ibabaw nz- libing n-E'pitaph. Karayoni it Needle. Karavoin na patiabi nzg stipot. n-Packing; Kartton-a-Wagon; cart-. kargador-n-J'orter, packer. Kargahian. n Pack. Kargahiau —To pack; load. Karikitan n-Neatnes-s beauty, elegance; prettiness, gentility. Karne-n Mleat. Karne n.il baboy-n-Bacon por-k. Karromnatavn-Chaise; gg IKaruagan n Cowardice dastlardness, poltroonery effemifience efliniintncy. Karugtongri-Annex addition; annexa; tion sequence -sequel. Karuikhaan-n- Penury, poverty, mnisery; lowness lewdness. Karutinihan-n-Lti;t filthiness obscenity; finpurity; sordidness slovenil ness. lKarunnnl~an n-Wisdom; knowledge; learning science sagacity, ability.keft erudition; discretioni; art illustra tion sapience virtue cultu-re. aptittmde; cleverness. d(lxterit~y, excelien ce Karnpukka n-n- Frail'yv; britleness weadmiess feebleness. Karyag in-n-Clearness clarity; front, or right sidle of anythingKasabay-n-Con teniporary - coinpaintion; comipany. 1Kasabay adv.-Together, sinitultaneously; at the sam~e timle. Kasabihian-n-Proverb umaxirn. lKasaganaan-n-Abundance plenty; profuseness profusion fullness; aninpli ttide; lavishness in ultitude excessK asaganaang mnalabis-n-Over'abu ndance; superfluity overplus, surplus excess. Kaszaganaan~ n~ pagaari-n-Opulence, wealth affluence. Kasagsagau-n-Trot haste, Kasakinian-n Avarice, stinginess;, covetousnes.s. lKasakitan-n-Sickness. 'Suffering;, suifferance, calamnity. hardship. cross; toil; trouble; epidemnic, anger. Vexatiomi. lKmsakitsakit a-Painiful>1' sensitive..Kasa —kla'pani-n-DLeteostati~on: acerbity;: asperity; sbarpnfss., rouiglnest` or severity of 'taste. 1K saksaan-n-Trimne; season: opporturnity. K AS K~asal-n-AMarriave; wedding,; espousal, betrothal, betrothmnent, espousal. Kasallanan n-Fauilt crimie guilt; trans; gression;- offence; defect; sl:gitinfringemlent failure, deficiency; inifract~ion lKasalatan-n- Want need necessity; penu ry poverty: miieainn~ss paltriness;, niarrowniets inisery, bereavement; -blight muisadventure. h aslahuilaan-n-Fil h dirt sordidness; t ilthiness obscenity im-ipurifty lust. i mnioinloe:ty uinchastity rudeness; lewdlness Squalor! squalidness, squalidity, ugliniesss imipudlence 1<asal bahian n-Savagey y savgaeness; truculenc~e tt-uculen( y. Kasaliwaan n,-Misfortune, mishap; Miscry stubbornness; contrariness. Kasaliwvaang bo0b nInIconStenCY;- ticIpleness (ontrariness. Kasaliwmiang palad-n-Calamnity- rnisfortune niishap (lisaster illiluck badluck fatadity unhappiness. Ka aluktivan-a-Actual present;, real; ef:, fecti ye. IKasaia n Comip ani o n; collea g ue; company; partner, comnrade; help-L m at e Kaisania-a- Inclusive, united. 1Ka~ama ad~v.-Near close near at hand. K asamnaan-n-Nialice xvickedness iniq uity. lowness vileness infamny; ba~seness dishonor proflig-acy, evil banevice crimninality, Kasaminaan no lasa-n-Bitterness, asperity want or lack or taste. Kasamiahan n- -omnpanion, accomplice; collea gue. Kastimaszm.ina-an a-Worst. Kasmna sa paggawa-n-Cooperator; ac: cot ip1 ice - Kasanryain-Patc aIbilitv; aptitude. 1Ka:sandok-n-Spoonful 1ladle. Kasa ngkapan-n- Instrumnent tool: furniture appliance: apparatus. 1Kasangkapatn pan ugat in~ araw-n-H cli(mneter. Kasanigulan-n-In fancy; childhood; be.ginning K asantosan n-Sanc-tity; holiness; grod; liness.' K asantosantosan-a-Most holy. Kasapatami n-SufficienCY. Ka- arapan-n-Sweetness; ~delicacy. Ka-sariwaan-n-Freshness;- coolness. Kasayahian-n-H app iness jocularity gay~ety, mirth gl;e; joy, festivity; rejoic ing content; plesue; comedy c-omicality; con viviality; vivacity;

Page  49 IKAS 49 1Kr AT vivaciousness, jocoseness; comlicality, cornicalness. Kasavsayan-n Signification; explanation; interpr Itation: account; comnment; ileclaration; definition affirmative; narr~ation' relation. Kasia-a Sufficient; ap~t; fit; proper; enough Kasiba n-Splinter. Kasibaan it G~lottonv. Kasiguruhan-n-Sec-urity; certainty, bail; sponser probability. Kasiitan-n-Grove of bamboo. Ktasikian nImpediment obstruction; obstacle difficulty; nuisance. K asikpan-n-Narrowness, closeness; inltiimacy. Kasikpan-n- Narrowness: intimacy cltoseness. Kasinidakan-n-Fright scare; horror. K-ashid~aksin(Iak-a-Awful horribble terrible; (lreadlful- horrific; tremen(10115. Ka9s~iig-adv-So: as much as; so much; ais much as well Ka's ng buti-adv -A good as. Kasing halagana-Equivalent, of the same -value. Kasinsinan it Density thickness; solidity. closeness; comlpactness. Kasintiio;aliini'an-n-ljyiing: untruth' false hood fib); fiction; fallacy; delusion; deceit. Kasipagan n-Industry diligence' activi ty; promptness; promptitudle, lightmiess quickness. Kasipiiigadv 'Beside: near; mediate. Kasiraan n'Destruction, fault' defect; scath: error; rnistak; disadvantage; rotting. Kasiraan mialaki-n Calam-ity; havoc; disappointment. K asiraan n g bait-n -Madness; insanity (lerangement of the mind. Kasiraan nk loob'n Dementea. Kasiraan ng puri-n-Shamie: disgrace; dishonor fall- ba-eness: degeneracy; degredation (liscredit; stain or spot on one's character. Kaisirnang tinatangap nPrejudice; inutrv; detriment; damage- dishonor. K asiyalban-n Suifficiency frugality; commensuration; sobriety; proportion: (co inpetemnce; moderation; ternperateniess abstinence; justice; temperance; thrift inethod. Kaskiisayi-n-Grater; scraper; rake~r; roller cylinder. Kas- asin-v-To grate; scrape; rake. Kas~ko-n-Casco; barge. Kasowayan-n'Rebell iousnes~s; stu bornness; disobedience. Kastilanii Spaniard. Nastila-a Spanish. Kasubha-n Saiffron. K asuitikatiitn-Theft thieving; rascality; fraudulence cheatingo-. Kasukaban-n-Threachery, disloyalty! perfidy felony crime. Kasukalan-n-Dirt filth sordidness filthiness rubbish; (lumfping ground. Kasaikalan n,~ loob-n-.Mortification, vexation. Kasukasuan -n-joint. Kasukatain-n-Measure, dimensionI measurement justice; right; enough; sobriety; equality. K asuiklamaii-n- Hiate; (lisgulst; abhiorrence. (detestation repugnance; dislike, anti pathy revulsion; curse execration; K asumklarnsuklanm it-Detestabl e; hateful; loathesomne dreadful; awvfil horrible. KasulatanI-n-Writing (deed: contract; tre~atise (locument maxim' abstract;, accord bccordance; schedule. Kasulatan ng isang puino-n-Attestation;, disposition; or (command in' writing. Kasuniod-n-Successor follower, one who follows. Kasunod-a-Successive following; consecutive next. Kasuinod-ad'v. Then following. Kataasan-n-Height eminence- emninency superiority, preeminence; arrogance haughtinessK ataastaasan a-Supreme; paramount; tallest; most high; highest; om-nipo tent most powerful almighty. Kataastaasan lugar-n-EHighest place; acme. K atahaan-n- Corpulence corpulency, obesity f at. Katabaan n~g lupa-n-Fertility; fruitfulness. Katabi adv,.-Beside conjunct: near. Katad-n-Skini leather: hide. Katagan-n-Con venien cy. Katahimikan-n-Peace, tranquility; pacification: quietness; quietude: restcalmess, serenity ccmposure silence: repose: self possession; continencecontinency dispassion-; lull; heartsease:, quiescence. Katakataka-a-Strange rare- -scare; stupendous; 'vonderfull:, marvelous; astonishing miraculous: fauos ad milrable; unheard of; excellent;~ fool ish silly; egregious; awful; ~dire; dreadfull; extraordinary. 7

Page  50 KAT 50 KAAT K atakawan-n- Gl utton. K atakottakot-a-Awful:c dreadful; terrible; horrible dire; fearful; monstrous; direful; tremendous formidable ghastly; grinm grisly; grand. K ataksilan. n- ireason; perfidy; treachery; instability criminality. Katalasan n Sagacity; sharpness cunning craft wisdom; sagaciousness; ability; prudence; skill le ruing; sapience; handiness, Katalinuhann-Learning; wisdom; ability sagacity; sagaciousness; prudence; skill, handiness; sharpness quickness. Katalo-n-Riival antagonist; opponent; adversary: competiter. Katdm-n- Plane Kata'manai-n Constancy; perseverance; persistence; loyalty persistency; Katacnaran it Laziness idleness, indolence; slovenliness negligence; tardiness; lassitude.I, neglect; carelessness. 1F atamasan-n-AdVantage; gain. Kataminu-vTo plane. Katamisan-n-Sweetness; fineness. Katamisan ng dila-n-Eloqnence. Katamilayan-n Sadness; indisposition; gloominess; coolness toward a friend. Katampalasanan-n-Insolence; imipudence inclivility: insult disrespect; disregard; flippancy petulence; haughtiness inhumanity. Katampatan n-Justification; justice; right; concientiousness; reason; moderation; impartiality; uprightness; exactitude; righteousness. Katampatan-a-Equitable; just; honorable; impartial. Katamtamiain- n-Sfficiency; enough. Katamntaman-a Sufficient; fit; proprotional. Katam-itaian-adv1.-Midd(Iling so so. Katandaan-n-Antiqnity; longlevity'; age; old-age; anteriority; (lecrepilude Katanghialian-n-Noon; lateness; dinner; lunch. Katangilan-n-Refusal; denial; negation; exception; difference. Katapangan-n-Boldness; bravery; sauciness. Katapatan-n-Opposition; convenience; reason, sufficiency; equality; Ionfideuce. Eatapatang loob n Loyalty; sincerity; fraxjkness, cordiality; fidelity; honesty; fealty; candort troth. Katapusan-a-l.ast; latest; final; hindmost; extreme; conclusive, determinative; end. Katapusan-n-End; final, finish extrem ity; conclusion; goal, result, boundary; termination. 1atas-n-Juice; sap; substance; essence. Katasahan-n-Valuation; appraisal; approximationi;appraisement-calciilatioii Katasin v-To draw out the sap: sap. Katas ng katawan-n-Humor; mood. Katatagaan-n Mediuin; middling sufficient. Katatagaan-adv.-So so, midding; even. Katawan-n-Body. Katha-n- Fiction; fabulosity; invention of the minde. Kathain-v-To bring forth; produce; generate. Kati-n-Ebb. Viati-n-Jtch. Katibayan-n-Guarantee; plight bail; document; firmness; solidity; steadiness; stability. Katibayon ng ioob-n-Inflexibility; perseverance! constancy; loyalty; firmness: candor; proof reliance. Katig-n-Out-riggers; balance. Katigasan-n-Hardness; sstiffness; firmness; stubbornness. Katigasang makipagusap-nilarshbess or severity of speech. Katiisan-n-Forbearance- suffering; pa. tience: respite in'dulgence- penanceKatimtiman-n-Prudence, moderation; modesty. Katimtiman ng loob-n-Constanck; loyalty; fidelity; fealty; firmness. Katingan-n-Boiler; cauldron. Katinig-n-Unsion; two things Which have the same sound. Katipunan-n-Meeting; congregation; reunion; society; secret society. Katialwa-n-Agent. Katiwasayan-n-Tranquility; repose; qui etude; serenity: peace. Katiyagaan-n Constancy; loyalty; perseverance; persistance. Katog-n-Blow; knock. Katotoha-nan-n-Truthl; veracity; truism; reliableness; reliability; criterion: proof; reality; equity; testimony: certification; witness; reason; indication. Katowiran-n-Right; jnstice; loyalty: lawfulness; reason; cause uprightness; exactitude; staaightness; prerogative; consideration; argument: forte; moderation. Katugon-n-Response; reply; answer: aid; help. Katulad-n-Similarity; uniformity; likeness; resemblance; simile; facsimile equality.

Page  51 KAU 51- KAW Katulad na lubos-a.Like similar; equal; even; on a par. IKatulinan-n-Swiftness agility; activity; rapidity; promptitude; speed; quickness celerity; accleration. Katulisan-n-Sharpness; keenness. Katulong-n-Co-operator; accomplice; helper; helpmatie. Katulun~gin v-To associate; cause to help or ai d. Katuna-yaunn-Reality; truth; fact; certainty; legitimacy; legitimateness; security; truthfulness. lKatungkulan-n-Position; occupation; dtity; employment; obligation; work; profession; situation; business; trade; engagement; employ; contract; coram and; power; authority; prefecture. Katunugan-n Sonorousness. Katuparan n-Complianice; excution; discharge. Katusuhan n-Craft; cunning; astuteness; sagacity; sagac( usness; ability. Katutubo-a-proper, fit. Katutitdbong hilig-a Natural. Katuwaan-n-Joy; gladness:, drollery; mirth; merriment; diversion; gayety; happiness comicality: comedy; comicalness; joyfulnes. Kauvalian-n-Customn; habit; use; usage; style; fashion; mode; manner; rite; skill. Kaug-alilang sarili-n- Natuiral customn. KaugoygoyF n-n Underbrush; cops e; shrubbery. Kaukol- n-Coreespondent. Kaukulan-n.-Correspondence; relevancerelevancy; pertinence. K aultilanl-n-Nonsense; foolery; foolishness bosh; madness; insanity. Kannahian-n-Preference; preceedence. Kauinauinahan-a First. Kaunaunahan-adv.-First. Kaunaunahan martir-n-Protomartyr. Kaunkasan-n-Nonsense; ignorance; stupidity: foolishness: turpitude. Kaunti-a-Somne few; little; scanty; not innu clh. Kauntian n-Smallnless; scantiness: paucity. K"aun tiai riA pagm amahal-n-Lack of respect: scorn; contempt. Kautinfunti!an-a-Minimurn; least. Kauntiuntian n-Minimum. Kanunuian-n-Ancestry; fore fathers; ancestors. Kaunuran-n-Duln ess; ~tupidity; non sense; ignorance; foolishness. Kaunuran-n-Confidante; crony. Kaupahan-n-Wag~es paymnent; ee;salary. K aupasalaan-n-Threachery; perfidy; inconstancy; treason. Kausap-n-Companion in conversation; the person with which one coverses or speaks. Kausutin-v To move; touch; manage; direct. Kautalan-n-S~,ammering: stuttering. Kautusan n-Proclamation; order: command; errand; message. edict; pe cept: rule; law: mandate. Kaiwa-n-Caldron; boiler. Kawad-n-Wire. Kawalaan-n-Loss; deficiency; lack; ab sence. Kawalang hiya n-Shamelessness; imipudence; insolence; immodesty. Kawalan magamnpon n-Lack of support; destitution. Kawalan nA awa-n-Inhumanity; cruelty; inclemency; rigor; severity. Kawalan nA ayos n-Slovenliness; carelessness disarrangement. Kawalan, rig bait-n-impudence; indescretion. Kawalan DA darndam-n-Health; welfare; prosperity; apathy. Kawalan rig damit-niNakedness; nuidity. Kawalan DA dunong n-Inaptitude: inability: ignorance lack of know-ledge. Kawalan DA galang-n-Incivility: imnpudence; disrespeot, inattention; lack of beautv. Kawalan nang ganlda-n-Awkwardness; lack of beauty. Kawalan DA gawa n-Liesure; lack of work; idleness. Kawalan nA gusto-n-Displeasuse; lack; of taste: dissstisfaction. Kawalan rig hiya-n-Imnpudencee; shamefllippancy. Kawalan rig interes n Sangfroid. Kawalan n& kailangan n-Necessity want; need; lacking. Kawalan riA kailanaan-n-Inattention: abandonmant; carelessness. Kawalan DAg kaya-n-Incapability; in~capacity: inability; inaptitude. Kawalan ng, laman-n-Vacancy; vacuity; emptiness. Kaawlan - nrg lasa n-Want or lack of taste; bad taste; disgust. Fawalan ng pag-ibig n-Lack, of love; unconcern. K awalan rig pagmamnahal-n-Scorn; contem pt. Kawalan 11 pananarnpalataya-n-Incredulity; unbelief; disquisition.

Page  52 KEL Kawalan ng paniniwala-ii-hIcriedulittY; unbelief disquisition. Kawalan no puno n-Anarchy. Kawalan ng tikas-n-Awkwardnes~s. Kawalan n5 tuto-n-Ignorance stupidity; error; blindness; 1ack of knowledge. Kawalan ng ugali nDisrespect; incivility, lack of manners.Kawalan ng wasto-n-Uncleanli ness; fillthfiness carelessness.: lack of care. Kfiwali n Griddle skillet. Kawan-n Herd; flock bunch: multitude Kawankis-a-Like, similar; alike. Kawankis-n-Li eness simile; similarity. Kawaingki-a-Like; similar alike equal. Kawanki-n Similarity, likenes,,s, equalit y; resemblance; simifle. -,.away n-Brandish flourish. Kawayan-n Bamboo; cane. Kawayan-i-To call or summnon by signs; signal; brandish. Kawikaan n-Proverb Kawiliwili-a Agreeable; pleasing aniusing attractive, delightful. Kawit —n Hook gaff drag-liook. Kaya-n-Ability power aptitude; capacity; authority; possibility. Kaya-adv.-Since perhaps thenr, by%' what way. Kaya n~a-p~rep.-Therefore. Kayabankan -n- Braggarti sin brag; boast: vaunt. pompuiosity, pompuosniess. Kayabangan nk sajia-n-Tlhickness of foliage. Kayamanan-n Riches;, wealth: treasure; fortune, property; pelf, potency, affluence opulence; mamion. Kayamoan n-Gluttony; excess suipei — fluity. Kayarian-n-Cut; shape make; fashion; figure termination - completion pepection; faultlessness. Kayariang Inbos-n-Completion; pe'rfection; faultlessness. Kayasan-i To scrape, (-lean; polish. Kayas n-Scrape. Kayayari pa lamang-a-Rece~nt; modern; new. Kiiyo n-Cloth. texture. Kay6-_pro.-You. Iaiyong panlulksa-n, GrapeKalyong sutla-n-Silk; silk cloth. Kayo6 po-p ro.-You. ---Your honor; youiworship; you sir. Kayong suitla at mabintab-n-Satin. Kay sa-copj.-Than. Kayumangi-a-Brown: swarthy; drab. Kayumangi-a Drab; brown. Kayunmanging mura-a-Brownish - Keloov-n-Mire; mud; quagmire. 2. KIN Kimb-n-Fish-hook. Kibal n-Bend, curve. Kibit-n-G'rimace wry- face. Kibit-in-v-To make a grimace of wry, face; shrug; hook. Kihitin' ang isda-iv-To hook a fish. Kibot n-Pant; palpit ation Inerv-ous Movein ent. Kidkirin-v-To uniwind; wind. Kidlat n-Flash. Kikilin-F.o ile; rasp. Kikio-n-Desire. K ilabot-n-Pore; Horror; fright, scare. K ilIala-In-Acquaintance. Kilalanin-v-To acquaint know. Kilalanin mnaagav —To anticipate, forsee. Kilalanin miabuti-n-To ascertain; consider; recognize; know well. Kilap n-Splendor, brilliancy, gloss; 1 ustre. Kilay-n-Eyebrow. Kilig-n-Shrug. Kilikili-vn Armipit. Kilikin-v-To take in ones arms. Kiling-n-Inclanation; sidp motion; declevity. Kiling n-Mane. Kilin-gan sa masamin-,r-To (defend any one who is bad. Kiliti-n-Tickfing tickle. Kilitfiin-r-To tickle. Kilkilin-ti-To, file rasp. Kilos-n-Act action; move; imovement; manner; form; deportmIent; civility; antic, todo. Kilua-n-Mustard. Kilusin-v-To move act; excite;- inispire; touch. Kimi n-Temnerity; shyvness bashfulness. Kimpot-n-Temerity, 'shyness; bashfulness; pant; palpitation. Kinagatan-p-p.- Bitten. Kinakabagan-a-winldv; inidigestible; coliky. Kinalong n& abo..ado n-Client. Kinamtain-p.p).-Gotten. Kinanipan-n- IUniitioni; joint- addition. Kinang-n-Gloss; polish; finish; brightness; splendor; terseness. Kindat-n-Wink. Kindatin-r-To wink. Kindi-n-Ani affected air or walk. Kinikita-n- Wages; salary; earnings; payA. Kinis-n-Polish finish; brightness; ins — tre; gloss, fineness; terseness. Kinsay-n-Celery Kintab-n-Gloss.: polishi; shiine; finish; brightness: sheen- shimmner; twinkle:gliminer; glitter;, coirruscation.

Page  53 I N' 1,Il 53 K7FM Kintal-n-Seal; signet, sign; cruicible; melting pot. Kintalan-il-To purify cleanse; clean. K'intalin-v-To smelt; melt. Kinukulungan-n-Place where anything or anyone is confined. Kinuilty-n-Tanning. Kiiiusa-adct.-Initenitioinally-: pturposely; dresignedly; knowingly. Kipot-n-Narrowness. K iputan-v-To norro w; contract; curtail; restrain: cnsri;tighten. Kirot n-Pain ach. K isap-n-Flash; wink; brilliance; sheen; shimmer: corruscation twinkle. IMsap mnata-it Instant wink of the ey 7e; imoment jiffy. Kiskis-n-Polisli file- scarf. Kiskisini-v-To file; polish; smooth; rub. hita-n-Appearance: face; looks; likeness. Kitang-n-Roundfish. lKitiing- n-Fish-net. Kitid-na Narrowness. Kitid-n-Fish-net trawlnet, trawl. Kitiran-n-To narrow. Koiniedialian it-Theaire; theatricals. 1Komediante-n-Actor; player; comnedian. Komerciante n Merchant: dealer. Konowa-a-False; apparent; (leceitful; hypocritical. K onowari-a-False- hypocritical; deceitful apparent but not real. Konvento n-Convent; priory. Kopa-n-Cup; goblet; wine-glass. Kosina-n- Kitchen. Kosina ng sasakyan-n-Galley. Kosinero n Cook. Korona-n-Crown; diademt. Koronahian-v-To crown. Kotsero-nt Coachman. Kreosote'-n Kreosote. Kruz-n-Cross; intersection. K uago-n'-Owl. Kuako n-Pipe. Kuarta-n-Money; coinage. Kularto-n-Room; chamber. Kuarto nk babavi sa Turkia-n-Harenmi. Kfiba-a-Humpbacb; deformed; crooked. Kuibo-n-Calbin; hut; barrack; shed;-,shanty. lK'ubkob-n-Defense: protection. Kubkubin-r-To defend; protect; sustain. Kudkuran nt-Grater; scraper. Knienta-n-ealculation; example; problem. 1< nientahin-v-To calcnlate; reckon; figure; compute; estimate. Kuetis-n-Skyrocket. K< ugon-n Straw; mountain-gr~ass. Kuha-inter.-There; well; what. Kuiitib ni- Blackaiit. K6kak-u-Toad. Kuko-n-Nail claw hoof; talon - Kukob a Convex (-on vexed. Knlamn-a Fascination eli(-laItmielit Kulanibo-n Mosquito net. Kulamuin r-To fascimiate (-har-n enl(-hant; Kulainos-n-A_ furrow miade by a plane,. Knlandong-n Cover; coveritiig awning; curt aini Kiulang it-Defective; lok iingy; (leficieii t, faulty inco iiilplete; wanting insufti(-ient inadequate scrilll s(-alnt less. Kuflan~gan iig aiouiman-i —To discouint;(lelu(-t; ctirtailIKuilanIg ii ngripin-a-Tootlhless. Kulang palad a Unflucky unhiappy;, misfortunate; miserable; wvretclied dlejectedl. Kulang~ sa pagkain a-Huiigry. KulapulancvTo besi uear; siiieai-. Kulay-n Color line. Kulay (lalanglhita-n-Xantliia. Kul av-iuoaBoclrd KulaV gIinto-o.Gold colored. Kulay kapis-a-Pearl colored. Kuiilav\ lila-n-Lilac colored; mauve. Kulay pula-a Red: ruby; ruddy. Kulay pulot-a Honey colored. Knlav rosas-a-Rose (-oloredl. Kuln Iav suha-a Orange colored. Kulay tabaco a-Tobaclco colored - Kulav talon-a- Livid. 1Kulay trigo-a-Brownishm Kuliglig-n- Katydid; ci-i(ket; locust. Kulkuliur To scrap; scratclhKulo-n-Boil; boilingK ulog-n-Th under. Kulos-n-Rlistle,; rtustling; noise. Kulot-n-Curl; riniglet. Ku'lot-a-Curly; crisp. Kuluban-n Sweater, swveatinlg; ptloce. Kulubot n-Wrinkle. Kuilu~bot-a-Wrinkly; ruigose. Kulunnganin-Coral; pen - inclosui-e; placc of confinement. Kuluingan nig tmipa-voSlheepfull. Kulungin-r-To shut uip; peii tips lock uip; seclude; circumsciibe immune; Kulutin v-To twist; curl. Kumiaba ang dibdib-iv-To pant; Ipalp~itatu~ Kurnabila-r-To cross go over. Kumagat-v To bite; gnaw; nip1.) Kumagun gkon g-?Y-To makc a nioise - umnain-v-To eat; dine. K-umain ang agahan-v-T, I reakfast; eat; breakf ast Kumakaw-v-To bark; howl. IKumalnsing-v To jingle; jangle: sound; rattle. Kuimalat- c-To scatter; throw broadcast - I

Page  54 KUMI 54 KUT Kuiimali n~a-v-To care for; protect- look out for adm-inister, govern serve. Kumialog v To clatter; make a noise from, within. K umapal-v-To thicken; grow; increase; swell; augmnent enhtrgo. Kuniapi v To grasp; sieze. Kunmasal-v-To esp6use. Kumaskas-v-To rub. Kumatas-v-To extract the sap or juice. Kurnatha-v-To think; plant; invent; creare; appoint. Kamati-v-To itch smart. Kumati ang tubig-v-To ebb; recele. Knrnatig v-To take hold. of anythingy to keep it from. falling. K'umatog-v-To knock. Kunmansap-v-To talk; speak. Kumavod-v-To grate. Kumidlat-v-To flash; lighten. Kumilap-v-To glitter; glow; shine; glisten. Kumiflig v-To shrng. KI'uminiing-v-To incline; lean. Ku'nilos-v-To move mct. Kuniinot-v-To economize, save; hoard. Kumindat-v-To wink. Kuminidi-v-To assume an effected air or walk. Kuminig v-To tremble; vibrato. Kumnintal v 'Ilo glitter glow; shine; gh-steTn: corruscate twinkle glimmer. Kuniipot-v-To nartrow,; contract. Kumirap-v-TIo move the eyelids; Wink. Kumnisap-v-To shine; glisten; gljitter; glow; corruscate; twinkle. Kumislot-i~l Make a sudden move, move sudd(enly; act quickly. Kumita v-To gain; earn; see. Kumnitid-v-To narrow; contract. Kurnitil-v-To pinch; cut, gather one, by one. Kumiyaw-v To brag; threaten. Kumnon-n-T.)ilet; closet. Kumnot-n-Blanket; Comforter; connterpane. Kumot na linso-n-Bed-sheet. K unpari-n-God-fath er. Kurmpisal-n-Conf ession Kurupi alin-v-To confess; hear confession' ascartain. Kumpuinihiri-v-To recompose; mendl; make over. Kumudkod-v-To grate. Kumuha-n Taker. Kumuilang pa-adv.-Nearlv;,, almost;- in sufficient; less than; scrimip. Kumnulo-v-To boil seethe; simmer effer-xes ce. Kuniulog-v-To thunder. Kumiunpuni-v-To repair; patch; mend fix, Kumiumtrato-v-To contract. Kumunti v-To lessen decrease; growIRuaiupas-v-To fade. IXumurot-v-To pinch; nip. Kumusta-v-To greet. Kurnusta-n-Com lplimnents; greeting. Kumnuto v-To he lousy; have lice. Kumutog-v-To palpitate pant; flutter. Kundi-conji.-But. Kundi-adv.-Yet; besides; moreover., ifnot except. Kundol-n-Citron. Kong-prep.-If; though~ when. Kung, gayon-adv~ Then: at that time. Kutig hindi-a'Zv.-If not; on the contrary. Kung sacali-If perhaps; provided; if it should happen. Kunin vTo get take; fetch; extract; remove; subtract; seize; grasp; receivye. Kuning ilabas-v-To extract; draw obt. Kunotin v-To corrugate. Kunotkunot-a Rugose; wrinkly. Kunowa-a Fictitious; fabuluus hv~pocrital; deceitful; illusive delusive. Kupas a Faded; discolored; colorless withered- decayed; pale. K~upitin-vTo steal rob theive. Kupkupin-v-To aid help, succor; protect; defend. assist; champion shelter; advocate preserve. Kurai-n Coral. Kurap-n-Movm ent of the eyelids. Kuripot-a Stingy; petit; close, miserly Kurlit-n- Commna. Kuro-n-Imagnation- fancy; conception. Kurot n-Pinch; scratch-, nip; flip; tweak. Kurso-n DiarrheaKuruin-v-To imagine; fancy; calculate; concept. Kurus-n-Cro-ss. Kurusan-v-To cross. Kurutin-v To pinch: tweak; scratch. Kusal-n-Spontaneousness, spontaneity; voluntariness~ voluntariness. K usina-n-Kitchen. Kusknusin-v-To scrub; rub; polish,. Kusot nShavings; sawdust. Kasutin v-To rub; scrub clean. Kuta-n-IRampart; fort:, wall;, castl. Kutab-n-Groove; hJack; mortise. Knting-n-Kitten; kit. Kutkutin-v-To excavate; hollow; investigate. Kuto-n-Louse. Kutod-a-Short.

Page  55 LAB 55 LAG Kutod ang buntot-a-Shorttailed. Kutog ng puso-n-Foreboding; m-fovemient of the heart. Kutong aso-n-Flea. K~utsara n Spoon. Kutuhin-n-Lou sv. Kutuihin-v-To become lousy. Laan-nSecret; reserve. Laba-n-Washi; Washing. Labag n-Contradiction; resistance. Labahin-v-'l o contradict; gainsay; oppose; resist. Labahihi-i-To wash; laundry. Labak-n-Puddle:- rut; pit; pon(eL Laban-n-Adverse; contrary; opposite. Labandn-n- War, fight; setto; assault; attack. Labamndnv-To war; fight; -resist; assault.; assail attack. Labangan-n-Crib;.rack; manger; trough; hog-troughi. Laban cay-prep.-Against; by favor of. Labanos-n Radish. Laban sa-prep.-Against: counter. Lahan sa - katowiran-a-Illegal; unlawful. Laban sa pagkahulok a-Antiseptic. Lahan sa pinuno-a-Against the goverment- insurrectionary. Labasprep. Besides; except that, without; excepting: over and above. Labasa-n-Razor. Labas~in n-Outlet; result. Labasan ng ilog-n-1 hie mouth of a river. Labas ng bayan-adv. Abroad; in public,. Labas sa hirap at sakit-a-Healthy; sound; well. Labas sa katowirani-a-Illegal; unlawful; unjust; unrighteous. Labas sa inatowid-a Wrong; faulty. Labas sa panahon-a-Unseasonable; abortive; untimely. Labas sa panaanib 'a-Safe' unhurt; undamaged. Labay-n-Skein. Labayan-n-Reel. Labhan-v-To wash; laun~dry. Labi n-Lip. Labing apat-a- Fourteen. Labing a at n-Fourteen. Labing d~alawa a-Twelve. Labing dalawa-n-Twelve. Labing isa a Eleven, Labing isa-n-Eleven. Labing lima-a-Fifteen. La'bing makapal-nThick lip. Labing tatlo-a-Thirteen. K utuhin v-To p~lait; fold; (louble crimple. IKutuhin aug kayof-To fold c~loth. KutyaiI-'c-To censure; decry; criti(-ise, defaine deride Kuy-unupis a-Wrinkled; denied; timid; pusillanimous. Kuyusin v-f1o rub,against.. Labing tatlo-it Thirteen. Labis-n-Excess; surplus; superfluity: remainder; residue; overplus; refuse; debauc-h. Lablab-n-Quagmire, mud: mire; mia-sh. Labnutin-v-Tro pluck out; pull out.. Labo-n Obscurity; dar~iiess. Lahuan-v To cloud: obscure; darken;, (lelay make muddy. Labillan-?v-To feed by scattering; Laceta-n Knife; skean. Lagablab-n-Flam e; blaze; fire-light. Lagak n That which is left with another-. Lagallag-n Tramp; vagabond:. hum. Lagainap-a.LUniversal. general: public. Lagdipac-v-Sound or report made by the fallingy of anything. Lagari n-Saw. Lagariin-v-To saw. Laaasan-n-To strip; draw. Lagasan no dahon-v-To strip off leaves. Lagasan n& -ngipin-v-To draw teeth. Lagay n State: condition; rank; status; cat~egory; form: shape appearance; look; likeness; face aspect. Lagay na loob-a-Frank; outspoken; clear. Lavay ng loob-a State or (condition of the mind. Lagi-adv.-Always. Lagi-a-Perpetual; everlasting; habitual permanent; durable;.stable; firm; steadly continuous. Laigim-n Sadness; gloom gloominess; gathieringLag i na-adv.-Always: frequently. LMgi na-a-Perpetual; everlasting; habitual; frequent. Laging madilim-n-Perpetual darkness. Laglag n-Fall; Lag~nat-n-Fever. Lagot-n-Draughit; swallow; tragus; potion LIagot-n-Break. Lagpak-n-Fall; collapse. Lagpos-n-Excess; surplus; remainder; overplus; overtime. Lagpos-a-Excessive: superfluous; exhorbitant; extravagant: lavish;- ennormous.

Page  56 LA K -56.11A n 1Lagpos-adv. -Too niluclh. Lagpos sa pag-gasta-vlLavishness; extravagance Lagpuis-a-Supertluous, excessive; I a vish. Lagpusan aug karampatan-r-To transgress,; pxceed. L agumltin-v To Gather collect hoard1 Lagrfsaw-n-Noise maade by the rustliny of paper or the shaking of water; movement. Lagutsaw advc-Spread out. Lagutini c To break pull apart. Lagutok-n-Crack; crackling, clash. Lagyaii v-To put; place. Lagyan n) ( asin v-To salt. Lagyan ng bubotig-v-T() roof. L'lgyan ngi butas —c-To perforate. Lagyan nik halagavcTo estimate; value:1 appraise. Lagyan n& ribete v To hieni. Lagryan Dg sangka-v-To (construct canals or drains. Lag~yan nR ssello c-To Stamp. L.agyan ngr siya sa kabayo-r-To saddle a horse. Lagvan ng sopas-v-To put soup. 1 agyaa ng tanidacv-To seal- sing. Lagyan ng tandangc krus v-To make the Sign of the cross. Lahang-it-Crack- cleft; fracture- chink. Lahfangin-v-To crack, cleave; split, fracture. L ahanDin-a-Brittle; frail; fissile; fraLalhat a-All: whole- entire; each: every; total; gross; universal. Lalhat-lahat-adv.-Whollv- entirely: guite, Lahat-lahat-a-iEntire; all; whole; everA'; total. Lahi-n-Progeny; race; clan; lineage: sept: foction: cl-as - offspring. Lahok ng harn-n-Dynasty. Lahok-niAd mixture; mixture. L ait-n-Insult- abuse; execration; curse. Laitin-t-!'- o insult; abuse; curse revile; (execrate. - Lakad n,-Walk:' step; pace; passage; excursion; journey. - Lakad nA paa n-Pedestrian. Lakad ng panalion-n-Course or space of time. Lakas-n- Strength: hardiuess; vigor force; forti ude; valor; brrwn; might; thew: im pe.;us: violence; robustness; activity; albility. Lakans ag boobiz-Resolution; courage: dlecisionl; forti tud e; wvillI: power;,strength of mindl; pr(romlpttut(le. Li rdi-n-Size; largeness. Laki at lapad n liuensimiu, -etent:, capacity; b~ulk. Laki nk anomauin Magniitude, greatness grauiduer. Lakn ip-n-Cream Laksa-a-Tren thousauid. Laksa-n-Ten thousand. Laksi-n Coiftidence aid help. 'Laktaw n Omnission skip. Lalagin n To Undo gather col~)lect. Lalagyan-n-Place of putting. Lalagyyan n& asia n Salt —cellar. Lalagyani ii ginikaiin-I-mv or strawv loft. Lalagyan n.g labasa-9 IRazorcase. Liala gy-an DA imanga kopa-i-Cuph toardl. Lalagvan iag palaso-n Quiver. Lalagyan DA salapi nTill. Lalagyan n;o salsa-n Saucer. Lalau.yan Dg son-brero-n-Hatbox. Lal agyan n ~ tabaco-n-Tobacco pouch - Lalaki-n-Man; mnale. Lalaking bagong kasal-n Groomi. Lalam in-v-To reserve; retain, restrain; with-hold; suspend. Lalarnunan-n-Throat gullet- windpipe:. esophagus gorge. Lalang it Shategy stratagem; snare: mu)dustry:1 trick; wile cunning; craf slInDess; skill; creation: inventton; handiness; handicraft; work, toil;labor employment. Lialangin-v To produ c; create generate make: institute bring forth.' Lalas-n-Banishment extermination. Lalasin-v-T o banish; exterminate; halv-e. 1 alawigan-n-Province; county; shire. Lalikain-Axletree; wheel. TLafikin-v-To t~urth- - wind around. Lalim-n-Depth prq4fundity; profoundness. Lalo-adv.-Nlore. Lalo-a More. Lalong-ad-c.-NMore. Lalong dakila-a-Superior: p~araumounmt. l~aloniglalo-adv.-Pr~incipally. Lalong mnabuti a-Better. Lalong magaling-a Better. Lalong Dialaki-a-Bigger; larger; more grand; su perior; paramount. Lalong maliit-a-Smnaller. Lalong iin-asamd-a-Worse. Lalong mataas-a- Higher; loftier;,sm perior. Lamian —Substance- esscence. Laman nag tiyan;ni-ihcera. Lam-ang-adv.-Alone; solely; sole. Laniang-a-Sole; singular. Lamasin-v-To knead; puniniel; handell1. Lamnat-i-Crack; chink.

Page  57 LAN 57 LAT Lambanog-n-Sling. Lanmbat-n-Net: snare. Lanibo-n-Tassel; tuft. Latnbong-n-Kiack veil; _Lambot-n-Softness: (lelicacy tenderness. Lambutin-v-To soften; mollify. Lamig-n-Cold; freshness: coolness; frigidness; damp: frigidity. Lamnok-n-Mosquito; gnat. Lampara-n Lamp; light. Lampas-n-More; exssive; exhorbitant. Lampas-n-Excess surplus; remainder; residue: superfluity: overplus: Lampas sa panahon a-Overdue. Lamnugin v To pumel- make soft: soften. Lamunin-v-To swallow, glut: eat hurriedly; stuff ones self, imbibe; engulf, gorge: gobble: gormandize; gulp: devour consume; absorb. Lamuymoy-aThTreadbare; shabby; ragged. timuiyot-n-Deeit- fraud; imposition. Lamuyutin-v To deceive; delude: seduce; impose upon; pick to pieces. Lamuyntin ang isang dalaga-v-To seduce a young lady. Landas-n-PIath; trail; defile;pathway;way. Lan gainn-Ant. Langsaw n- Fly. Langaylangayan-n-Swallow. (bird) Langib n-Scab; scurf; Langis n-Oil. Langislangis-a-Oily; unctous; greasy, Langit-n-Sky; heavens. Langitngit-n-Creaking; crackling; creak; squea - llangkumin-v-To fold; gather; unite; collect: hoard. Lango-a-Drunk; intoxicated; inebriated. Lango-n-Drunkenness. Lango-n-Drunkard. Langotse-n-Gunny. Langoy-n Swim; swimming. Languay-n,Beetlenut box. Lahguhin-v-To inebriate; intoxicate; make drunk., Lansa-n-Stench; fetor; bad smell. Lansag a-Ruined; broken. Lansag-n-Destruction; ruin. Lansagin v-To destroy; ruin; tear to pieces. Lansakin-v-To congregate at a certain place to dlo a piece of work. Lansangan-n-Street; road; lane; avenue. Lansetang panagra-n-Lancet, small knife or lacne. Lansi-n-Trick; stratagem; wile; craft; thrust in fencing: throwing of a lance. Lanta-n-Fading; withering. Lanta-a-Faded; wfthered; parched. Lantahin-a-Perishable. Lantahin v-To perish; fade; wither. Lantot-n-Stench; fetor: stale water. Laion-aOld; stale; musty. Laon n-Duration: age; preservation; prolixity: prolixness; oldness; time; continuance. Laot-n-Middle; center. Laoya-n-Stew. Lapad-n Width. Lapak-n Break; fracture. Lapakin-v-To break; slice; part. Lapang-n-Piece: slice; part. Laparan-v To widen; extend; outspread; expand: enlarge; amplify. Lampastanganan-n-Insult; offense; outrage; abuse. Lampastanganin-v-To insult; offend; abuse outrage: depreciate. I~pat-a)Exact; even; punctual apt; proper; fit. Lapok-a-Weak; feeble; forceless; frail. Lapukin-v-l o enfeeble; make weak; rot; make brittle. Larak-n-Proof; review. Lakarannv-To review: prove: observe. Larawan-n-Efflgy; image, figure copy; portrait. Larawan ng Jesu Cristo-n-Crucifix. Larga vista-n-Telescope. Lario-n-Brick. Laro-nPlay; sport; game; jest amusement. Laroan-n Plaything. Larong karat-n-I ottery. Larong rifa-n-Raffle; lottery. Larong tanga-n-Play that resembles pitching. Larot-n-Leaky; ragged; broken; (lestroyed. Lasa n-Taste; palate; relish; flavor; essence; smack; gust; aesthetics; delight; pleasure: satisfaction; substance.; Lasang matapang-n-Tang; taste. Lasap-n-Taste: smack; relish; palate; gust; aesthetice; pleasure; delight. Lasapin-v-To taste; relish; smack; like sip; enjoy; try. Lasa sa'pananalita-n-Wit. Laseta n-Knife. Lasing-a-Inebriated; intoxicated; drunk. Lasing-n-Drunkard. Lasou-n-Poison; venom. Lasunin-v-To poison; envenom. LatA-n-Weakness; feebleness; debility. Lata-n Can. Latag-a-Flat; extended; outspaead. Latag-n-Extension paving. Latag~n-v-To unfold; expand; stretc-hm. titak-n-Sediment; silt. S

Page  58 LIG 58 LIN Lataik ng alak-n-Lee. Latigo-n-Whip, scourge. Liatok-a-Rotten; putridI. -Lawad-n-Plool; pond; lake; reservoir,. Lawak-n-Width.I extension; ssize. L-Away-n-Spit; saliva. Lawin-n-Hawk-, castrel; falcon. 1Laya-a-IUngoverned; free, exemnpt; independent, unencumibered; unrestrained L-aya n-Ereedom; independence; exemip; tioni. Layag-n-Sail. Laya's-n-'Tramp:, fugitive. Layaw-v-Caress; favorite. Layawin v-To 'caress; favor-, free. Layo-inter-.-Keep off; begone. Livo-n-Distance. Layog-n Distance. Lavolayo-Rather far. Layolayo ang~ pagkalagay-A~t certain distances. Layinauc-To distance; lput at a distance. Leccion-n-Lesson. Letra-n-Letter. Ley-n-Law. Liad-a bent back. Libag n-Filth; dirt; nastiness. Ldibagan-v-To dirty;,imake filthyv or n astv Libdgan-n-Gossip. Libak-n-Mockery; ridicule: sneer, scoff; derision jeer. inoc Libakin-v-To deride; ridicule-, cu-ff; mock:. sneer at, lauglhat: reprimand. Liban-adv.-ess; except. LiAban-n-flappiness; gayetv. Libankin-v-To make happy: distract. ILiban sa-adv.-Away fromi; except; without-, excepting. Libing n-Funeral:, burial. Libingan-n-Grave; sepulchre; vaulIt; tomb. Libingang~ mairilag-n-Mauisoleuint. Libis n-Declevity; low land. Libo n-I housand. Libo-a-Thousand. Libro n-Book; volumte. Ligalig-n-Perturbation; vexation; COnfusion; laziness4; riot. Ligaligin v-To perturb, vex; disturb; molest: conf use. Ligas n-Garter. -I igaw-a-False;erroneous; m ediaciotus;lost. Ligaw-n-Fugitive. Ligawani-v-To 'love: court: pretend. Ligaw na balita-n-Silliness; false news. Ligaw sa akala-a-Deluded; deceived. Ligaw sa daan-n-Misguided; illadvised. Ljigaya-n-Mirth; merrimnent: pleasure; h~appiness,: felicity; (lelight; comnfort; satisfaction; caprice., Ligisiii-v-To inill; pound; break into; hits. powvder. Ligtaan-n-lo neglect; forget; omit. Ligtas a-Free; saved; exemnpt; unigoverned. Liguanin-Bathing place Liha-n-Emerv. Liiia-n-Ginger. Lihinin-Secret; termination; secrecy; clandestination; caution; silence. Lihim-adv.-Secretly, hiddenly. Lihiim-a-Hidden; secret; clandestine; reserved; private;- silent. Lilim-n-Shade. Lihis-u-Avoidanc-e- sliunning escape. Lihlisan-v-To evoid shunil esc ape. Lihis sa daan-a-Misgnided lost; Tlhs sa nu~atovwid-a 1\rung; illicit; unlaxvful; unjus9t Luga-n-Neck. Lug nk pantong-n-Urethra. Liit n-Smiallness,; littleness. Liitan v-To decrease: curtail; clip; abridge; impair; reduce; lessen. Lija n-Fruits. Lija-n-Joint of bamb~oo. Likat-n-Intermission: interruption. Li~o-a-Illegal; unnlawfully; illicit; wrong. Liko-n-Angle;- turn; salient; ply. Likod-n-Back:. reverse. Lu1kod. ng hlikbo-n-Rear guard. Liksi-a-Activy 1lightness: speed; quickness; promptness; nimbleness. Likuran-n-Baek part; croup; back. Lila-n- Foaster, roaster. Lilik n-Scythe; sickle; reaping hook. Lifini-n-Shade. Lilis-n Raising of th~e pnl~ Lilis ang binti a-B'arelegged. Lilo-a-Unfaithful; treacherous: dIisloyal; perfideous; infidel. Lilukanv-To engrave;- cut in metal. Lima-n-Fi',e. Lima-a-Five. Liniangpuo-a Fifty. -Linmhao-a-Print- printing; editioii. JLimbagin-v-To print; stamip. Limbagin muli-v-To reprint; repuiblisp. Lirnonada-n-LemonadeC; sode water; 1)01) Limos-n-Charity; alms. Limiutin-v-To forget omit. TLinab-a G'reasy. f atty. Linan~yin ang hnpa-v-To cultivate; farm. Linaw-n-Clarity, clearness. Linawan-v-To clarify; clear; illuminate; Lindol-n-Earthquake. Li ngap-n.-Notice; appreciation; regard; (Abservation.

Page  59 ___LW Ling-apin-v-To regar(1; notice; appreciate; watch: observe; behold Linkod-n-Servant. Linkod sa isang dalaga-n-Woer; lover. Linkod n Sunday., week. Ljinguhan-adv-Weekly. Linis-n-Cleanliness; neatness. Linis a-Clean neat pure. Linisin-v-To clean (dear; purify; cleanse; sc~our. Linisin ng walis-v-To bruish;- sweep). Linkaw-n-Sickle. Linso-n-Linen. Linta-n Leach; blood-suicker. 1LAntik-n-Electricitv; lightning. Ljiltos-,n-Blister Li pa-n-Nettle. Lipak-n-Callouis. _Lipas-a-Old istale; gone, by; musty; obsolete; disused; passed. L~ipay-n-Vine. Li pi-n-Offspring,- descendent; race. ~lipos-a-Full. repleto, complete. Lipolincv To destroy; abolish; oblitarate; an nihilate; exterminate; suppress; raze; rase efface. Lisa-n-Egg of a louse. Lis'alian-n-List; dock;, bill; catalogue; role; file; register. schedule. Listahan ng- manga, bagay sa isang I ugar-n-In voice. Litstahan ng m~a salita n-Vocabulary. IListahian ng mga tawong tumiatahian sa isang lugar-n-Census; poll, voice; register. Listahin v-TIo list; schedule, invoiCe; register' Liston-n-IRibbon. Ljitak n-Crevice; fissure; (-_hink; cut; cleft; crack. Litang-n-The spreading of a ladder so that the rounds fall out. Litaw a-Vulgar, apparent; public; general notable, sensitive; sencible. perceptible. Lita a-Ushotapearance. Litid-n-Nerve, ligament., Llitiran-a-Nervous;, strong. robust. LiAsanin-v-To choose; select.. Litiran-v To cut the cord or ligament of the ankle. Litoliin-v-To amutse; entertain. Lituhin-v-lFo ainuse; entertain. Liwag-n-Dela'y. Liwanag-n Clarity; clearness; brightnese; splendor; refulgence; refulgency; ~illumination,. explanation. Li wanagan-v-To clear; clarify; illum-inate;. lighten; illustrate; explain; ivol\,e. 5 9 LUB Liwanagan aIng isip-v.To enlighten tho mifnd. Liwanag nia malaki-n Splendor; great light. Liwanag nang isip-n-Illustration; illuci(lation; revelation; clearness of thought. Liw ayway-n- Dawn; twilight. Lobo n-V Wolf. Loco a-Crazy; daft; (lelerious. Longib-n-Cave; grot.- cellar. Loob-n-Interior; inside. Loob-a-Interior. Loob nk bulaklak-n-Corol; corollo. 1-00o) ng bubunkan-n-Ceiling. Loob ng (libdib-n-,Breast. busoni. Loob no sinibahan-n-Nave. Look-n-Bay;, gulf. Loteria-n-Lottery. 'I ad-n-Mud: mire. Luag-n.iWidth. Luiagan-v-To widen; loosen; free; ease; sla ck en. Lualhati-n-Glory; honor; fame. Lual hati-a-God-like; famous; glorious holy. Luang-n-Width. Luiaginuc- To widen; free; extendl; enlarge. 'Luat n-Delay; protraction; length of time prolixity; prolixnees. Luatan-v To delay; prolong; protect; extendl; lengthen; postponeLuiat ng isang panahon-n-Era; age, length of time. Lubag-a-Toos e; free. Lubagin-v-To loosen free; slacken; ease. Lubak-n-Hollow; hole. Lnbha-adcv.-More; greatly; very. Luohiang a-Exhorhitant; enormous; excessive. Lubhiang dakila-a-Superior; supreme. Lubhang duag-a-Tinmorous. Lubhang galit-a- Furious; frantic. Lubhiang hiambog-a-Presumnptious Lnbhiang hunughan g-a-Savage; barbarous; very ignorant. Lubhiang mabaho-a-Fetid; stinking. Luibban ibahalaga-a- In estimable; invaluable. Lubhang miahigpit-a-Austere; strict;, rigorouls. Lubhang niainam-a-Exquisite; superfine;, excellent. Lubhian g tago-a-Hiddeni; sec-ret; ab struise.Lubid-a-Rope; cord. Lubid na maay silo-n-Halter. ILubirin v-To twist; miake- rope., Lubluban-n-Wallowing place. Lubog-n Dip; souse; (louse.

Page  60 LUM 6 U 10 6 LUM Lubos-a-Com plete, full; perfect; uitter; quite; plenary; absolute: plentiful. Lubos ang maanna-Beautiful; fair; handsome fine. Lubugin-v-To sink- submerge; put under watar; dip; souse, douse. Lubukin-v-To aid; assist; lpreserve. l1ubunutan-v-To pluck. Lubusin-vTo complete; perfect; finish; (crown. Lugal-n- Place; position:, spot; region; time; occasion; leisure; stead; lien. Lugal na aliwan-n-Place of recreation; play groundl. Lugal na doongan-n-Place of anchoring; por: harbor. Lugal na gawaan no lario-n-Brickyard. L ugal na gawaan nA lubid n Ropewalk; ropery; ropefactory. Lugal na gawaau n~ tisa-n-Tileworks. Lugal nk ilano —n-Desert. Lugal na labahiann-Washing place. Lugal na madulas n Slippery place. Lugal ng lug-n-Throttle. Lugal na patakbuhan ng cabayo-nRacetrack. Lugal n~o parusahtan-n-Place of punishinent. Lugal na patuyuian-n-Place of drying. LuagI na pinagaalakan-n-D i s t ill e r v; still; brewery. Lugal na pinagpapatavan. nk hav 7op-nSlaughterhouse. Lugal na pinagtuturuian-n-Schiool; collega; studio; place of study. Lugal na tago n-Place of privacy. Lugal na yatigyangan-n-Drying place. Lugi-n-Loss; perdition; disadvantage. Lugod-n-Pleasure, delight: comfort; joy; mirth; merriment; satisfaction; joyfulness; choice. Lulia-n-Tear. Luhaan-n-Place, where the tears cm from. Luihaluhaan-adv.-Weepingly. Luliog-n-Request; entreaty; petition; suplication; oration; demrand. Luikba.n Bulb. Lukob-n-Gouge; rouud chiisel. Lukubin-v-To gouge. Luksa-n-Mourning; sorrow. Lukso-n-Jumip; leap; bound. Lula-n-Seasickness; dizziness. Lulan-n-Load; baggage. Lulod-n-Tibia; shinbone, Lulon-n-Swallow; draught. Luluan-v-To gain; profit. Lulunin vTo roll uip; swallow. Luma-n-Old; stale; rank; antique; musty; archaic; worn out. Lamabag-v-To disobey: oppose Lumabag sa kautusail-v-To violate; oppose. Luinaban-v-To fight; war; oppose; de; fend; protect; attack;, combat, contend; resist; repel; conflict; copeadvocate; antagonize; champion; tilt; rival; undertake; attempt. defy. Lumaban sa utos-v-Tlo violate. Lumaban sa utos-n-Violator. Lumabas-v —To go out; sally; (lepart; proceed f orth. LuLmabis-v-1 o exceed; overfl~ow; surpass. Lumabis na lubha-v-To superabound. Luraabnaw-v-To thin; rarify. Lut~iabo v-Tro grow dim; (larken; bedim. Lumaganap v-Tro extend in all parts. Lamagay v-To put- place Lninagi-v-To endure; last; persist. Lumagitig-v-To crack; crackle. Lumago-v- I'o grow; thrive; improve; increase swell; become f ruitful. or fertile; fertilize. Lumago muli-v-To resprout. Lumagpak-v-To fall; collapse; plumbpod. Lumagpos-v-To exceed; superabound. Lumagutok v-To crack; crackle. Lumahang-v-To split; 'crack;, splinter; chink flaw. Lumahok-v-To mix; mingle. Lumalait n-Insulting, person. L-umakad-v-To walk; go away; depart; amble; march. Lumakad ang hukbo-ii-To (lecamp; march..Luamakas-v-To strengthen: become or grow strong. Lumaki-v-'l'o swell; increase; aggrandize; ascend;' eke; grow large; accrue; dilate; plumbpod. Lumalo v-To increase; aggrandize. Lumalakad-n-Pedestrian; passenger. Lumalak-n-One who grows. Lumalang-v-To create! found; institute: invent. Lunialik-v-To wind about; turn; in. crease; aggrandize; outvie. Lumalo-v To exceed; surposs; excel; increase; aggrandize; ontvie. Lumambot-v-1lo soften; emolliate; grow or become soft; limber. Lumampas-v To exceed; surpass; excel. Lumankitnkit-v-To squeak; creak; grate. Lumangoy-v-To swim. Lumapit-v-To draw near; approach; abut; advance; join; arrive. - Lumapot-v-To thicken; condense; curdle; grow; thick. Lumata-v-To become ~or grow weak; enf eeble.

Page  61 LUM 61 Lunmayag-v-To sail. Lumayo-v-To separate; quit; absent go away, abandont; forsake; leave; evade. Lumbay-n-Sorro w; grief; concern; gloom; anguish; af fliction; melancholy. Lumnbay in-v-To render rejected, dispirited, sad, gloonmy or melancholy. Lumbo-n-Drinking gourd. Luniibak-v-To ridicule; roast; make f un of Lumibat-v-To repeat; try again. Lumnibis-ii-To descend, let or go (lown;tllow Lumigalig-?v-To perturb; disturb; terrupt; harrow. Lumigpit-v-To collect; gat~her; hide; conceal. Lumihis-v-To separate; remove; sort; escape; lose ones away. Lumiit-v-ro grow smaller; descend; fall, descrea'se; lessen. Lumiklik-v-To go round; encompass. Lumiknmo-v-To sit: Lumiko v-To sheer; digress; turn. Lumiko sa kanani-v-To turn to thn rtght. Lumiksi-v-To be active; accelerate. Lumilirr-v-To be came or grow shady. Liiminbutod-v-To jut out;. Lumindol-vi-To quake. Luminaw-v-To clear, lip grow or become clear; clarify. Lumipad-v-To fit; transfer. Lumipad na magpasiKosiko-v-To flutter. Luinipana-v-To extend to a ccrtain printLumipas-v-T o pass; grow stale; elapse. Lunmipat-v-To transfer; transport; remove; convey. Lumitak-v-To creak: split; splinter. Lumitaw-v-To appear; come- out; occur; result; come into view; seemi; resemble Lumiwanag-v-To (lear lip; clear, illumninate; lighten; explain; be come serene; clarify.Lumnkalin-v-To inspect; survey; investigate; register, record. Lumpo-n-Di ngue; inability to walk; weakness of the lower limbs. Lumpon-n-Crowd; group; hunch. Ltimuag-v-To loosen; free; ease; slacken. Lumnuag ang loob v-To appease grow calm; be comne pleasant or generour. Lumuang-v-To broaden; widen; extend; loosen; free; ease. [umubog-v-To sink; submerge; inundate; put; uinder water. L~mh —To weep; mournlaetle wail Lumnuhod-v To kneel. Lumuhod-v.imp.-KneltLumuhog v-To beg; petition; crave, implore; pray; solicit; entreat; demandl; claimi; covet. LAS bum ukso-v- ro leap jump; rebound. Lumulan-v-To load; ship; freight; embark Lumulutang sa tubig-a-Natatory. Lumnundag-v-To leap; jumip; rebound. Lutrura-v-To expectorate; spitLumusob-v-To fight; combat; attack assail; assault. Lumusong-v-To descend; flow; go down; help another dlo work. Lumusot-v-To fall through; pass in a runninig matc-l. Lumnutang-v-To float; be on the surface of tLe water. Luuas n-Antidote. Lunas no ilog-n-Bed of a river. Luudag-n-Jumnp; leap; bound. Lung-a-Cave; grotto; grot; cellar. Lunga ng daga n Rathole. Luni ngning n-S~plendor;finery;brillance, brilliancy; glory. Lun itn-Frequence; f req uency. Lunusin-v-To affect: move,; touch. Lupa-n-Grounid; soil; laud; earth; globe: universe. Lupain-n-Large tract of land. Lupang alatan-n Salt marsh; land that is reached by the tide. Lupaug asinan-n-Saltmarsh. Lupang nmaluag at patag-n-Pl1a inm; prairie; champaign. Lupang may tanim na mansanias-vApple-orchard. Lupang panagulauin-Riccland. Lupang patag-n-Prairie; plain: level ground. Lupang puti-n-Chalk. Lupang sinasaka-n-Farm; estate; grange; plantation. Lupang tuyot nt mlahina-n -Barreniground; sterile g'rou.nd. Lupang walang damo-n-Desert. Lupnypay-n-Weakness; debility. Lapuypay na loob-a-Languid; downf allen; feeble. Lupian-n-Place of doubling or turning; folding; turning. Lupigin-v-To usurp; apropriate by force. Lupit-n Sternness; harshness; cruelty; inhumanity; rigor; moral depravity; inclemency. Lupon-n'-Reunion; mneeting; congregation. Lupong-n Reunion; meeting con gregation; gathering. Lura-n-Spit; saliva. Luraan-n Spittoon. Lusak n-Mud; mire. Lusaw-n-Liquid; fluid. lusaw-a-1 iquid; fluid.

Page  62 MAA (32 MIIA B Lutnawin-v-To liquefy, dltite:' dissolve; mnelt; cosumve; mhis spend'. Luslosan-The uniwindingr; giving out; freedom. Lu. Iosan-v-To unwind Igi ve more rope; free give more freedomi; increase. ILula it Profit; advantage; improvenient, proficiency, progre~ss utility. NMaaaring ipaliintulot a-Permiissible; admissible; allowa bl e. Maaaring mabiak-a Fissile. Mfaabala-v- o be embarrassed. Mlaabot-'a-Attainable, obtainable. Maabot nk isip-a Comiprehensible. concei vabi e. Maabot ng isip-v-T6, comrhed n derstand. mrbnd n Mlaaboy-v-'ro be led; taken to. Mlaaga-adv.-Earlv; soon. Mlagaap-a-Active; smart: quick: alert; diligent; ready. Maagrap-alv.-Early; soon; quiickly; dilIigently. M~aa~oasan-ix-To miiscarry; menstruate. Maagaw-v To be stolen. Mlaagaw tulog c-To doze: nap; he drowsy. Maakmna-a-Proper; fit; suitable; agree able. Maakma-v To be projper; f it; correspond; suit be ready;. fit. Maaksayti-vTo be spent foolisbly; m-IissJ~-nd. Maakyatx-vTo ascend; go lip. Mail-a-M rbe; memorial. Maalab a-Fervent,- ardent. M~aalaga-at Diligent active; officious; careful; obsequious. Maalamn na boob-a-Gentle; mild; ined; quiet; pruden t. Maala nalahat-a-General; 6mnni1scient; omnipotent. Maalas-v-To note'. Mlaalat-a-Salty; salted; briny;` h-usky; brakisb; Saltish. Mlaalikabok-a-Dusty. Maalindog-a-Facetiouts; happy. Maalis. ang galit-vc-To becomne appease(I; appease. M~aalis ang puit-v To lose the bottoim. M ~aal isan ang ati p-v-To unroof. Mlaaliw-v-To rest; 'port; live at ease. Maaliw a-Diverting; free-, happy_`Nlaaliwalas-a Spac-ious; capaciouIs; wide; commo11dious: f ree. iLutasan-n-Finisli; termination; conclusion;. end: Lutasin-v-To terminate:, finish: conidlude close; end; dispatch; dispose of. Lu1to n-Cooking; manner of cooking. Lutcs- n-Rottenniiess. Lut~usin 'c-To rot on the iiisimle. L utufn-v-c-o cook; boil. Lutuin sa mantika-r-To fly. /T i\Iaaluningning-a Brilliant: sparkling. Mlaaluningning-a Brilliant; sparkling: m-agnificent. Mfamagy a-M1'usty; inouldy-. Mlaaaio-a-Tame mneek:I geitle; minld,; benign.; benignent. Maamong loob-a Soft affable meek: placid; jovial; gay merry; cheerful. Maamoy a-Sented; oderous; oderiferous..Maaugliang-a-peppery; sharp. Maankilin-v To growvl, demand in a loud voice. Ajaangilin-a-Growling: snarling. Mlaaninag a-Transparent. Mlaanta-a-Rank; stale: stronog scented. iM~aantala-vc-To retard;, defer;, delay; (detain. Mlaasahan-a Sanguine: hopeful: ex-pectal) t. Maasim-a-Sour; acrid; sharp s~alty; crude; briny; saltedMlaaso-a-Smoky; fumy; full of sm~oke. Ma~wa-a-Clement; compassionate. -M\aawa v-To pity; be clement; be sorry for another. Maawain-a-Clem ent- human e: com passionate; commiserate; miagnananious:. generous; n-rerciful, touching, noble; godly. MNaawain sa mahirap-a- Charitable: generous; liberal Mlaaya-a-Eloquent; pleasant: pleasing. Maayos-a Honest; pure; ai-ranged clean: convenient; decent; reasonable modest: suitable. Mlabaak-v-To be cleaved, quartered takeii to pieces. M-\ababa a-Low; abject; ordlinary; vulgar; plebian; dull. Mlababa aug hialaga-a Cheap: inferior. Nlababakla-v-To be disturbed; peturbed or vexed. Mfababa sa iba a-Inferior: lower. Mlababang loob-q-Humnble; mneek; submissive:- gentle; quiet; milnd: tame:.simmle; plan. resig'ned; respectful. 'Mfababasa-a-Legible.

Page  63 MtAB 633 MX1-A B Mababaw-a-Low; Shallow;, superficial. Mlabagal-a-Slow; (lull; -tardy; lazy7; indolent dilatory: Sluggish' NIabagay-a'-Fit; prop)er; suitable: (011 -venient, becomingii adaptable, agreeable. Alabagbag aug sasakvan ir-To be ship-~ w reclikrd. Niabago-il-To be altered: claiagedl or renewed. Mabagsik-a Rtigid: severe- rigorous: austere; cruel truculent,; fell; tstern: arbitrarvy fierce; terrible; grim:l tyraninical bard-hearted:- uespostic; rough ugly. Mabahagi-t!-To lbe divided or parted. Mlaba"a u sugat-r-To heal or cuire~ a wound. MN'abaho-a-Stinking, bad-smelling. MNabait-a Prudent; judicious:, mmodest; dizcreet, just; fair; honest-, hono~rable; reasonable; skillfull; capable: smyart: clever; candid:- wise: sensible; circum-rspect; (leceut; sharp); mature; (continent; becominig;' suitable; conisiderate. Mlabait ang Ugali-a-I)ecorous; decent. Mabakbak-v-To unglue. MAabalahibo-a-Woolv7; fleecy; bairyv. Mabalalhoa-Swamnpy, marshy; mutddy;. Mabalakuibak-a Scurvy; Scurry. Mabalat-a- Unpo'lished; unifinished; ruistic. sk aniy.' Mahalatong-i —To be interceptedl; deviat e. M-abalda-t-To be interrupted. Mabali-vi-To break. M'abalian ang buto-rc-Break a bone. Mlabalisa-i-To be restless: disturbed; perturb. Mabaliw-vc-To miope; fool; he mlopisli. Mlabahiwag a Deep. -Mabalot-c1-To be emibaled: packedl. Mlabalot-Having many wraps. Mabaanagan-vc-To h ave an idea. Mabanga v-To bumip agai mist, collide. MNabankis c-~Sever~e: c-ruel; hard-hearted; tyrannical,. despotic- sanguinary-; uglv-: wild; -fierce; savAg ferocious; aritrary- trtii-ulent grisly: gri III; in olerable. MAaban~o a- Fragrant; arromuatic; redolent; oderiferous: oderous. Mabantog-a-Famous; noble; hon orabl e: great; grand; celebrated; renowned. Mlabao-v'-To be colme a widow or widower. Mahasa-v-To become w~et or- moist. \Iabasa ((Wet; moist. \labasag-a -Broken - Mabasag — To becomne broken. Mabatbati-vTo be S(cratc-hed or Scraped. ilabatidvc-To unilerstanid, hear. Mabato a-Stonv rocky. Mabawasan-v Tfo diniminiiiSIi; l essen: waste. Mabawi- c-'ro recover gain back. Mabiak-ri-To cracki; cleave. Mabigat-a-Jicavv; burdentoine; weighty. importanft; griev-ops; offensive; serious; (-inubrouis; pondlerous; gravye; onerous. ilabigat gaw in-a- Laborious; tiresomne; paintu I. Mabiglaic-To sum-prised or astonfishteil dlo without thinking or in a hurry. _Mabihasa-v- [o lbe accustomed, oitraiiedi. Mabihasa a-Wise. MAabilanigoc-iTo lie coutineil Or imiprisonied Mabifis-a-Rapid:. quick; precipitate: swift; lie'llt. Mlabilog-a-Romnd; circular, spherical. Mabilog na, haba-a-0v-al; plumip; eggrshaped; (iblOng,. Mabilogy aug, katawan-a-Pltimp; plumbt. M~abinat-i'-To relapse (levclve. Mabinigbhig-v-To be impeded, check~ed, or stopped.. Mabino-i-i- ro, becomne or grow (leaf: deafen. Mabini a-Quiet: peacef ul; mjodest; chaste: decenit- unassuminig. Mabisa aStout strong: fervent ardlent; adiye; effective. ileligence; vigorous,. Mtabitin-ti —To stispenil; be suspendledl MNaboiid-v-To' le obstructed; impedled. MNabaal-i11 ro tuinible, fall; topple., Xlabubo ---To overflow run over. Mabudbod-t -To be distributed; divided. Mablngno(s-1-To comie untied; open - Mabuhaghagi —To become loose; free. Mabuhay —i-Tii live; he alive. Mabuihay-a-Livelv; active, alive Mabulhay sa gugol nk iba-r-To live on antitlier; live on another's salary. Mabuihav ia, maliaba, sa iba-r-l o outliv-e- survive Mabuhay nli-r To restore to life, revive: resusticate; live again. Mabuhiok a-Hairy. NMabukid a-landed. Mab'ula-a-Frotliy;' foamiy. Mabulalas v-To be frank, open or indisc-reet. Mabu~alas-a-Talkative; gemierous; Spendthrift. Mabulid-tc-To fall: tumble; topple.

Page  64 MAD 64t Al-IA Mlabulo-a-Wooly; fleecy. Mauulok-a-Rotten; spoiled; damaged; putrid. Mlabulok-v-To rot; spoil; decay; corrupt; putrefy. M-abulungin-a Grumbiing. Mlabunga-a-Fruitful; fertile, Mabuni-a Scurvy. Mabunot v-To be pulled up. Mabunton-v-To be heaped up; piled. Mabunyi-a-Celebrated; famious: renowined- noble extolled; excellent; magnificent. AlIabura-v-Erasable. Mlabura v-To blot; be effaced or clouded. Maburak a-Mluddy; mlry: s ampy.,abusog-v To be satisfied, filled; satiate. Mabutia-Good: wholesome: suitable; healthful: salutary: useful; fit; pro. per; profitable covenieut. Mabat -adv.-Well. Mabuti ang gayak-a Elegant. Miabutihin-v To make good; justify; accept. Mabntil-a-Seedy: granulous, granular. Mabuting kapalaran-n-Good —luck; success prosperity. Mlabuting loob-n-Kindness: generosity; benevolence; magnanimity. Mlubuting nialan-n-Fame; good name; reputation. Mabnting pagnuugali-n-Urbanity; good; manners7 civility. Mlabuti sa katawan-a-Healthful salutary. Mabuto a-Bony; seedy. Mabuya-v-To stuff or glut one's self. Mlabuyo-v-To be indluced or persuade. MNladagdagan-v-To be augmentecl. Madsgil-v-To wear away by friction gall; chafe. Madahakin-v-To spit phlegm. Matlahon-a-l eafy. Madaig-v-To lose: be cot quered. Madakila-a-Grand; superior; paramount; excellent; glorious; noble; honorable. Madala-v-To avoid be scared or frightened; become timid; evade; shun. Madala-v-To be carried or conveyed. Madflang-a-Rare: scarce; wide; spare. Madalang-adv.-Seldom. Madalas-avd-Frequently; often. Madalas-a-Frequent habitual. Madali-adv.-Quickly; promptly; briskly; urgently; actively; swiftly; soon. Madali-a-Quick; urgent; pressing; brisk; 1)rief prompt; ready; nimble; concise; active; swi.t; cursory. 1\ladalian-v-To be in a hurry; be in haste; bo quick or active. Madaling araw-n-Day-light; dawn. Madaling gaiawimi-a-Mo vable; variable; unsteady, shifting. Madaling gawin-a-Practicable; feasible; easily done. Madaling gumalaw-a-Unsteady; movable; variable: Shlifting. Mladaling gutnulong-Easily rolled. Madaling hubugin-a-Eithe. Madaling humalataEsily noted or (istinguished. Madaling intindihin-a-Intelligible; conceivable; easily understood. Madaling kalagin-a-Soluble; solvable. Madalingkuruin-a-Intelligible; conceivable; easily; understood. Madaling niacaraan-a-Transitory. Madaling mainuo-vi-Congealable. Madaling maniwala-a Believable credible: trustworthy. Madaling masira-a-Brittle. Miadaling matanaw-a-Soluble. Madaling matunaw sa sikmura-a-Digestible. Madaling ulolin-a Siinple: artless. Madalita-a-Poor; penurious: suffering. Madapat-v-To become; behoobe; concern; belong to. MadapataProper; fit; corresponding; convenient. Madapilas-v-To slip; slide. Madatay-v-To be laid smoothly. Madawag-a-Thorny: shiny. Madaya-a Deceiving delusive. Madidikit-a-Vicid; viscous; sticky. Madilaw-a-Yellow; xanthia. Madilim-a-Dark: gloomy; hazy; slmady; opaque; murky; obscure; unintelligible. Madiwara a-Curious; troublesome prying; cautious. Madla-n-Public; multitude. Madla-a-Much; abundant; plentiful; many. Maduag-aCowardly; dastardly. Madugo-a Bloody; sanguine; gory. Madalas-a-Smooth; slippery. Madulasv-To slip; slide. Madumhan-v-To besmear; be covered withi dirt or filth. Madungis-a-Nasty; dirty; filthy. Madungoa-Silent; dumb; repellent. Madurog-v-To break: powder. Maestro-n-Master; teacher; pedagogue. Maestra-n-l ady teacher. Mag-v-To grow; do. Magaan-a- Light; gay; nimble; swift; agile; spry; buoyant; jaunty; janty; gildy; trifing. M-a gaan aug difgo-aSympathietic.

Page  65 MAG 65 MAG Mla gaang basahin-a Legible; easily read. Mag aaraw-n-Day laborer, journeyman; laborer. Mag abot v-To reach amount to. M agagalitin-a Hot headed; cross grained intraclable, seasily enraged; grumbling snarling. Magagamit-a.Usual; customary: ordinary; profitable; useful; fit; servicible; helpful. Magagapas-Fit to be harvested. Magagawa a-Possible; feasible; prac ticable. Mag akala-v-To think- plan: wish; design; invent fancy, imagine; try; intend; desire; discuss. Mag alaala-v-To remember remind. Mig alab-v-To burn: blaze glow. MIag alaga-v-To breed bring up; care for heed; nurse educate. Mag alak-v-To distill: still. Magalang-a-Urbane; polite: respectful: kind; obliging; decorous; decent: courteous. Magalang adv.-Respectfully; courteously' kindly obligingly; politely. Magalangin a-Courteous; polite; civil; wellbred. Magalaw a Lively; noisy; boisterous; restless; mischievous. Mag alay-v-To dedicate: consecrate; sacrifice; offer; pay homage. Magaling-a-Gallant gay; smart: elegant; noble genteel; polite: fine: perfect; delicate: civil; good; precious: valuable; magnanamous: generous; liberal; attentive; heedful. Magalingin-v-To respect: appreciate; have regard for; honor; be polite; credit; dignify; approve: prefer; like; enjoy; adorn: be pleased with. MIagaling kay sa iba-a-Better. Magaling na lubha-a-Wonderful: astonishing; miraculous; marvelous. Mag alipusta-v-To blackguard; defamerun down. Mag alis-v-To leave off; take away. Mag alis ang luksa-v-To leave off mourning. Mag alisaga-vTo loiter; idle; lounge. Mag alisan v To take off or away. Magalit a-Angry; mad. Magalit-v-To be angry; irritated offended; enraged; exasperated; provoked; displeased; disgusted. Mlag Aliw-v-To intertain; keep in hope; amuse; delight; comfort; rest: gratify; recreate: sport; live at ease. Magiamit a-Usual; customary; ordinary; useful. Mag ampon-v-To shelter; aid; help; protect assist. Maganda-a-Beautiful: pretty; handsome; fine: fair; dalicate, smart; neat; exquisite; gorgeous; winsome: comely Magandang kalooban n-Gentility; magnanimity- generosity; liberality; benevolence nobility. Magandang loob-a-Generous; magnanamous benignant; liberal; bounteous; benevolent; benign: gracious; noble. Magandang tikas-a-Elegant: graceful; exquisite; gallant: gay; gentle; polite. excellent; brave; strong: robust. Maganit-a-Tough; glutinous. Mag aral-v-To study; learn; pore. Mag araro-v-To plow; plough. Mag asawa-Man and wife. Magaslaw-a Rompish; boisterous; noisy; fidgety: restless. Mag asawa-v To betroth; espouse; wive; marry: match. Mag asov-To smoke. Magaspang-a-Coarse: rough; rude; illbred incident: blowzy; gross. Magasta-a-Expensive; costly. Magawa-v-To do; be done. Mag away-v-To fight; wrangle; war; quarrel: dispute; struggle; oppose. Magagawi-a-Inclined. Mag ayos-v-To arrange; put in order; place. Mababag-v-To struggle; fight Magbabaliwag-n-Haberdasher. Mag bago-v-To be eformed; reform; renew; correct; mend; change; alter; transfer. Magbahala-v-To care for; take earn of; man; manage; run; take charge of. Magbahin-v-To sneeze. Magbakod-v-To build fence; make a fance. Magbala-v-To threaten: menace. Magbalak-v-To proffer; announce. Magbalatkayo-v-To go incognito; delude: deceive. Magbalita-v-To inform; report; relate; proclaim; announce; give notice; herald: warm; tell. Magbaliwag-v-To traffic: trade. Magbaliwas-v-To pull up a pole and line. Magbalobalo-v-To feign; pretend; delude. Magbanalbanalan v-To feign; pretend; be a hypocrite. Megbangay-v-To combat; fight; attack. Magbangit-v-To allude; mention. Magbankat-v To reinforce; tie; bind; fagot. 9

Page  66 _MAG( Magbankon-v-To arise; rise; get up; edify;. build; erect. Magbanhay-v-To framne. Magbanli-v-To scald. Magbansag-v-To nickname; (1111. Magbantay-v-To patrol; guard; watchi. M~agbasabasa-v-To moisteni,dam-fpen wet. Magbasag ulo-v-o dispute, fight quarrel; wrangle. Magbatikbatik-a-Spotted;- speckled. Magbawal-v-To prohibit; divest. Magbawas-v-To lessen; reduce; decay; siuk; decline; abridge;, grow smaller. Magbayad-v-To pay; reconipence; retribute; disburse; liquidate a debt. Magbayaran-v-To pay; recompence; retribute. Magbeberso-n-Poet; Author. Magbigay-v-To give; grant; concede; allow; admit; donate. Magbigay alamn-v-To inform; warn; tell; give notice; participate; advise. Magbigay daan-v-To allow; give way; admit; give a reason; assign amotive. Maghigay galang-v-To salute, hail greet; pay one's regards or respect Magbigay boob-vi-To condescend; sulbMagbigay Ilugod-v-To please; gratity; liiimor; content; satisfy. mit; comply; allow. Magoigay ng fianza-v'-To bail; give security. Magbigay n- katibayan-ii-To bail; give security. Magbigay pagkain-v-To give food; feed; nourish; maintain. Magbigay pakinabang-v-To give or yield a profit. Magbigay parteri-To give notice; participate. Magbigay purn-v-To purify bonor; respect; credit; dignify; adorn. Magbigay salarv-To cri inmate; accuse; impeach. Magbigti-v-To commitsuicidelbylhanging Magbihis-v To dress; change clothes. Magbinata-v-To act like a child.; Magbingibin~giban-v-Ta grow, (leaf; act like a deaf person. Magbintang-v-To accuse falsely; impute; attribute; suspect; criminate. Magbinyag-ti-To christen; baptize., Mabiro-v-To play; joke; palter pun; jest. Magbitlhay-v-To sift; s~ieve. Magbitin-v-To hang up; suispend. Magbubo-v-To found; cast. Magbubong-v-To roof. Ma~gbugbugin-v-To contuse; bruise. Magbugnos-v'-To loosen; untie; free,extricate. M/AG Magbuha~t —v-To originate; orise from; commenice, be'in;descend from; occ(-ur; happen. Magbuhiat kailan-Since: whien. MagbuhoI-v?-To knot. tie in a knot. Magbukid-i. To farm; plow; plough; cultivate till,?dagbukod-v-To separate; remove, sort; dissuadle. Magbhilaan-v-To lie; falsify; dreceive. Magbulay bulayan-v-To cogitate, muse; think; meditate. Mlagh~uno v-To wrestle; struggle tussle. Magbuntod-v-To pile uip heap, accutmulate. Maghbuntong hininka-v-To sigh, draw a deep breath. Magburil-v- lVo engirave- polish. Nlagcompisal-v-To confess. Ma~yaaii-v- o go by; pass: walk. Magdagta-v-To gather sap. Magdahilan-v-To feign; give a reason; give an excuse. Magdala-v-To carry; wear; bring: bear. Magdalit-v-To sing; cant; buin. Magdalita-v To suiffer Magdamdam-v-To feel. he sensible of, suffer; grieve; resent;, be sorry; lie affected or moved', deplore; lament; b)ewail; smart; irritate. Alagdarfigat-n-Mariner; seafaring mhan; sailor, seafarer., Maggdaragat-v-To sail the seas. Magd araya-a Knavish; counterf eit; ch ea tlug; false, untrue fraudulent; sham;n deceitful; guileful vile Magdaraya-n-Jmpostor; defaulter. sharper swindler; cheat; defrauder. Magdasal-vc-To pray; beseecb. Magdenuncia-ii-To mienounce; blamne; accuse. Magdibuhio-v To (Iraw; lithograpb. Magdiladila-v-To flatter; coax; (lelight.; please. Magdilig-v'-To sprinkle; spray; water; moisten. Nlagdilimi-i-To grow (lark; (laze. Magdilim. ang buan 6' araw-v.To tach. eclipse. Magdiwang-v-To celebrate. Magdiwara-v-To pry; be inquisitive. Magduda-v-To doubt- mistrust,Magdugtong-v-To add; exaggerate; at - Magdulas.vro sli~p slide. M agduling-v-To look crosseyedl, Maggalawtv-To move; traverse. Maggalawin-v-To stir begin; move. Maggamot-i-To tboctor. Maggantihan-v-To revenge; retribute; recompen e.

Page  67 MAG 67 MAG MNaggasta-v-To spend; disburse. Maggiliwan-vTo amuse one another; love one another. Maggisa-v-To cook. Maggrado-v-To grade; class; reach a certain class or grade. Magguhit-v-To draw. Magguniguni-v-To imagine; cogitate; muse. Maghahalamlan-n-Gardener; horticulturist. Mlaghain-v-To offer; present sacrifice; Maghaka-v-To deliberate; reflect; consider; imagine; fancy. Maghakbang v-To step. Maghalaman-v-To garden. Maghalimbawa-v-To give or set an example; instance. Maghalinhinan-v-To take turns; alternate; exchange Maghalo-v-To mix mingle. Maghambog v To brag; boast; blow; bully; swagger; vaunt infatuate. Maghampas v-To chastize; punish; strike: whip. Maghampns lupa-v-To tramp; loiter; lounge; lead a licentious life. Maghamunan-v-To defy; rival; challenge. Maghanda v-To prepare; get ready; provide; furnish; cater; busk: dispose; dispatch. Maghandog-v-To present; offer; sacrifice; dedicate: pay homage. Maghangad-v-To desire: wish; long for; require demand. Maghangin-v-To boast; brag; blow; swagger. Maghaplit-v-To hustle; hurry; rush; bustle. Magharang-v-To hold up; rob on the public highway. Maghari-v-To govern; reign; command; predominate; be king. Maghasik-v-To plant by drilling; sow. Maghatid-v-To conduct: accompany. Maghigab-v-To yawn; gape Maghikab v-To yawn: gape. Maghilatsa-v To ravel. Maghilik-v-To snore. Maghimatay-v-To faint; swoon. Maghimutol-v-To lament; complain; resent murmur. Maghinagap-v-To believe; credit; give faith. Maghinakdal-v-To receive; protect; give shelter. aghinala-v-To presume; suppose; conjectare: suspect. Maghingalo-v-To gasp expire. Maghingutuhan-v-To criticize one another. Maghito-v-To stop; pause; halt; cease. Maghirap-v-To grow or become difficult. Maghubad-v-To denude; undress; doff. Maghubo-v To denude; undress; doff. Maghugas v-To wash; bathe. AMaghusay-v-To arrange; put in order; adjust. Mag iba-v-To alter; change; reform. Mag iba-v-To fall; tip; over; topple. Mag ihaw-v-To roast; bake. Mag ikit-v-To turn. Mag ilaw-v-To enlighten; illuminate. Magiliw-a-Tender; loving; affectionate; amorous; friendly. Maginaw-a-Cold; frigid. Maginawin a-Chilly. Maging-v-To become; be; be current; exist belong to; behoove; concern; beseem; worth. Maging alak-v-To ferment. Maging asawa-vFuture wife. Mag ingat-v-To care; heed; watch; be on one's guard; reck; beware. Mag ingay-vTo make a noise; be noisy; be boisterous. Maging bagay-v-To beseem. Maging bastos-v-To become coarse. Maging buto-v-To ossify. Maging bubogv-To vitrify. Maging paano ay hindi-in no degree; by no means. Maging para sa isa-v-To become like. Maginhawa-a-Prosperous; successful; fortunate; happy; easy; eminent; potent; wealthy. Mag inis-v To smother; oppress. Mag initvTo heat. Maginoo-a-Principal; honorable. Maginoo-n Sir; mister; miss; master; madam; gentleman; lady. Mag isda-vTo fish. Magising-v-To wake; lawake. Mag isip-v-To think; reason; meditate; muse; contemplate; consider; pore; deem. Mag isip isip-v-To meditate: muse; deliberate; reflect; consider; con; cogitate; ponder. Mag isis-v-To scrub. Magitla-v-To be surprised or starled. Magitlahin-a-Timid; fearful; skittlish. Magitna-v-To be between. Mag iwan-v-To leave; forsake; abandon. Mag iwi v-To nurse; breed; bring up; care for.

Page  68 MAGMA 68 MAG Magkaakma-v To sympathize; be sympathetic. Magka amag-v-To moss; cover with MOSS. Magkaanohan-justly or unjustly; by all means. Magkabungo-v-To bump against; collide.. Magkabutasbutas-v-To be perforated. Magkagalit-v-To displease: anger; offend. Magkagusto-v-To be pleased; like; enjoy; relish. Magkahalaga-v-To amount to. Magkahiang-v-To sympathize; be sympathetic. Magkaiba-v-To dissent. Magkaibigan-v-To be friends. Magkaibigan-v Friends. Magkaila-v-To negative; disclaim; contravene; abjure; recant. Magkailangan-v-To want;, need; necessitate; be in need. Magkailangang mahigpit-v To be urgent or absolutely necessary. Magkailanman-adv.-Always; perpetually. Magkainkil-v-To wear 'or waste away by f riction; collide. Magkaisa-v-To resemble; be equal; agree; coincide; be, of the same opinion. MVagkaisa ang layo-Equally distant; of an equal distance. Maakaisaisa-v-To agree; concert; be united. Magkakaayon-a-Accordant. Magkakahoy-n-Woodsman; woodcutter. Magkakalakal-n-Merchant; trader; ishopkeeper; dealer. Magkakalap-n-Wooddealer; timber-mnerchant. Magkalabog-v-To fall and make an noise. Magkalagot.-v-To pull; apart: break. Magkalakal-v-trade; buy and sell. Magkalaman-v-To grow fleshy; be of the same flesh and blood Magkalawas-v-To tie; bind; fagot. Magkaliliin-v-To be shady. Magkaloob-v-To allow; give; bestow; grant; concede; admit. Magkalugat-v-To contain. iMlagkalunatlunat-v-To defer; delay differ. Magkamali-v-To err; make a mistake; mistake; commit an error. Magkamatayan-a-Mortal; fatal. Magkamit-v-To reach; overtake; come up; obtain; attain. Mag amtan-v To acquire; get; beget; win. Magkanlalabis-v-To overfow. Mlagkandili-v-To bring up; breed; care for; watch. MVagkanlong-v-To protect; bide; shield; conceal. Magkano-How much. Magkanta-v-To sing. Magkapari s-v-To resem 1)1e; be alike. Magkapuri-v-To honor; respect; dignify; credit. Magkarin igan-v-To misunderstand; conlfound conf use. Magkaroon-v-To have; get; beget:- contain; possess, attain, obtain; procure; take; hold fast. Magkaroo'n nk karamnpatan-v-To, deserve; merit. Magkaroon nk pag asa-v-To hope. Magkaro'on n~ - gali-v-To have habits. Magkasakit-v-To be sick; feel indisposed; ail. Magkasakitan-v-To pester; annoy. Magkasala-v-To sin; iufract; commit a misdeed.Magkasalot-v-To pester; annoy. Magkasalunnat-v-To oppose. MagkasamAi aug loob-v-To displease; off end. Magkasiksikan-v-To stuff; ram; sam. Mag~kasunduan-v-To agree; accord. Magkatam-v-To plane. Magkataon -v-To happen; befall: bechance; hap- be casual; take place. Magkatipon-v-To assemble; meet; coitgregate. Magkatiwala-v-To be an agent. Magkatkat-v-To cast a net; unfold. Mogcatulad-v-To assimilate; resemble; favor; be equal. Magkaumpog-v-To collide. Magkayayat-v-To extenuate; debilitate; waste away; emaciate. Magukidkid-v-To wrap up; reel; windl. 'Magkidlat-v-To flash; lighten. Magkita-v-To meet; see, encounter. Magkonowa-v-To counterfeit; pretend; forge: mimic; pirate. Magkonowari-v.To counterfeit; pretend; mimic, pirate; feint: dissemble. Magkontrato-v-To contract. Magkrus-v-To cross; intersect: make the sign of the cross. Magkuako-v To smoke a pipe. Magkulang-v-To fall short; lack: be deficient; fail; lessen: (diminish; decline; decay: sink; waste; shrink. Magkulang sa kautuwan-v-To sin; offend. Magknlung-v-To imprison: shut up. Magkulimlini-v-To darken; become dark.

Page  69 f MAG 639 AMAG_ Magkiumot-ty-To blanket.: use a blanket.. Magkumpuni-v-To repair; fix; mend; adjust. Magkunot-v-To wrinkle: plait; knit. Magkupkupan-v-To 'help one another. Magkural-v-To pen up; corral. Magkuro-v- I'o muse meditate; reason; contemplate; provide; get ready; fur. nish. conceal. Maglaan-v-To reserve; restrain; separat~e, provide: get ready; furmish conceal. Maglaban-v-To fight.: contend: war; invest; wager; sustain; defend. Maglabatiba-v-To syringe. Maglagay-v-To put; place: set: lay; ap point; wager; arrange. IMagJIa ga y n. uit-v To nickname; give an alias. Maglavav ng- nota-v-To make note of:, note; mark. Mlaglagavy n& tanda-v-To note; mark. Maglagay sa lobl-v-To put in. Maglagdd-v To legislate: enact laws. Maglagos-v-To omit; exeed; overlook. Maglaitan-v-To insult scoff deride; ridicule: criticize in an insulting manner; execrate; curse. Maglakad-v-To walk; march journ em Maglakbaybavan-v-To go from place to place: trravel. Magljalabra ng bato-7i-Stonecutter. Mavlalario n-Brickmaker. Maglaman-v-To contain; cornpriseMaglamas v-To knead. Magla'mas v-To handle. Maglantpaso-v-Tro play; gambol. Maglaro-v To play; ganblo. Maglaro ng rifa v-To rafflie. Maglasing-v-To get drunk; inebriate; intoxicate; besot.; tope. Maglatag-v.To uenfold; stretch out. Maglatag nA lbato-v-Tro pave. Maglaway-v To spit:. expectorate..Magliab-v-To blaze; glow; burn. Maglibakan-v-To scoff, ridicule; insult; laugh at; criticize. Maglibang-v-To sport; rest, live at ease;, amuse one's self. M~agI igawv-To becomelost; lose one's away Magliguak-v-To spill. Magliit-v-To shorten; become smaller. Magliit nk gastos-v-To redlace expenses. Maglikot-v' To caper: frolic frisk; jest, joke; be restless; be mischievous. Maglilingo adv Weekly. Maglilingo a-Weekly. Maglimas-d-To bail. Maglingas-v-To blaze; bur; glow.~ Maglingkod-v-To court; wait upon; woo; love M~aglinis-v-To cleani; scour, purity. Mlaglipat v-To transfer; alter the position transmit. Maglipat n~ pananim v-To, transplant-. Maglitak v-To crack; split. Magfliwanag-v-To glitter; shine; glow; gleam; become clear: illuminate. M~agluat '- Lo prolong extend; protractretard; lengthen-, defer; delay. dallv; remain. Magluhia-r-To weep: cry. Magluksa v-To be in mourning Maluluat vi-Perpetual; tedious ta rd v,. Maglunas-r-To build the 'bottom of a canal. Magluinas-n-To massage. M4aglundag-v-To jump, caper: frolic; spring bound. Maglungkot-v-To mourn; pine; lamentbe sorrowful. Maglura-v To spit; expectorate. Mlagluraan-v-To spit at one another. MaglutovTo coo - Magmadlalas-v-To frequent; haunt. Magmadali-v-Tohiurry; be in haste lbestir; buistle; hustle; hie rustle. Magmagaling-vi-To make good, become good1 or agreeable. Magmnahalan-r-To v-alue; prize, love; respect.Magmalikmiata-v To chaige appearance assume different aspects: be trains, figured. Magmamnana-n-Interior; heir. Magmania-v- ro inherit. Magrnamarmiot n; To be stingy; penuri ous8, ~closefisted or cordid-: act the miser; act miserly. Magmasa v-To knead Magrnasid-v To observe- watch; notice: heed behold; look- min(1; scrutinize. Magmasiran-i-To spy; watch: closely; scrutinize. Magmati gas-v -ro become hard; harden; persist; persevere be obstinate. Magmatuid-vl-To argue; reason; correct - remonstrate' set arig.ht;- make right; object oppose: protect; ast-ist. Magm inindal-v-To lunch. Magmithi-v-To resent; fail; begin to give way. Magmunang-v-To cast; throw. Magmkuha-v.,To resemble. Mamgukhang angel v-To resemlble, an angel. Magmula-v-To begin; commence: arise orignate: proceed from: issue; spring from came from; occur; happen, Magmuli'v-To repeat.' Magmd'ra-?r.To sprout' bud.

Page  70 ANMl A Gj' 70 MIAG Mgnozn nA-v-To curse, slander, insult; blakgiaard; censure. Mlagrnurahan-v-To blackguard,_ insult abuse; revile. MAagnaktiw-v-To steal, rob; plund~er; purloin. Mlagnana-v-To 51t ppurate. Mlagnanakawv-n.Thief; robber; f reebooter; Pick pock ef. Miagnangris v-To whine whimper, sntiftie cr-y. iMagnasa-tr.To wish- desire- long, for; Covet claim; dlemandl. MaLangasab)-t-To smack; mna'icate. iMa..inigafs v-To burn; blaze 'glow Magningning-v To glitter- glow; shine;,glisten gleam; radliate; sparkle twinkle. Mlagnutnot-v-'lo ravel. Magpalal —To reinember; recordl; inention. Magpaaraw-'v-To put oa dry in the su-n. M:,tgpabava-v-To neglect, forget; overlook; lounge. Mfagpabnis-v To loan money on interest, rent to another. Mlavpabuva-v-To recomnpence; reward' gratify. Mlagpadala v-To (dispatch; send; transmit: carry. Mlagpagal~v-To tire; work until tired. MNagpagalit v-To exasperate; irrita"-e; anger offend. Magpahalata-v-To cause to feel. Mlagpahamak-vi-To (lainage; injure; hurt; lower-; niake worthless. Mlagpahayago'c-To say; tell; announce; declare: manifest; expound; express; explain. Magpahid-v-To wipe- smear. Magpahinka-v-To rest; stop; repose; cease; live at -cease. Magpahin~galay-vi-To rest; repose; live; at ease stop work. MNagpahiram —v-To lend. Magypahirap-v-To oppress; mnake poor; overpower; crush., squneeze press,, Magpakahirap-ii-To hurt one's self by wo rk. Magpakaila-nman adv.-N ever; for ever and ever. Mlagpaktain-v To feed; nourish; maintain. Magpakai nom-t-To. drink often -.lagpakalaon-'c-TO prolenig; delay, retard; (defer. Magpakaluat-tv-To prolong; defer; dela-y; retardl; detain. Magpn,,pkasakit v-To work until oneAbecoMe, sick. Mlagpakilala-r-To make, known; i ntroduce; lay before; expound..Magpakita-v-To show. exhibit. iNlagpako-,v-To nail; spike. Magpakum pisal-v-To confess; receive Nlagpalatray-v-To addu-ce; suppose. Al agpalagi-v-To accustom; frequent. A~lagpalago v- o make f ruitf ul; maintain or nourish plants. Nlagpalahaw-v To exclaim shriek. Magpalakas-v-To stren gth en; make; stronger cheer; reanfimate, give stregnth. Mlagpalaki v-To increase,aggrandize; mnake larger. Mlagpala16-v-To boast; (Irag;l bully; be proudl or hauighty. -Magpalamig-v-To cool; refresh, MNagpalibhasa-v-Lo, insult; revile; abuse; revile. AI a imaligid-r -'o encomplass, go round; encircle. Mlapaliit-vi-To lessen; (liminish; make smaller. Magpalimuos-v-To beg; ask alms. Mlagpalipas-v To pass; cause to pass; leave or let becomte stale. Alagpalipatlipat-v-To fly across. Mngpalit-v-To change, exchange; trade; barter transfer. Magpalitan-v To barteri-. exchange. Mlagpamanan~-v To bequeath- demntze. Magpam ian gha-71-To astoniish' amaze..Vlagpamula-v-To (com mence; begin. Magypamiulsa v-To reimburse put in the pocket. Mlagpan~avain v-To continue make equal. Nfagpangako-v-To promise, plight. Mlagpankalan-v-To call; name; summon by name. Alagpanigkat-v-To (chapter; divide into (-hapters or paragraphs; paragraph. Magpapalayok-n-Potter. Nl agpap)ari-v-To ad mon ish; correct; adlvise. Magpapa-upa, a maghapon-n-Workman; journeyman. laborer. Magpaputok-v-To have ishot; cause to shoot. Al-agparaan-v To leave or let pass; resort. MNagparadtaiig-?v-To accuse; charge; i mpute; attribute. AMagpari-v-To be ordained; be a priest. Mlagparis-v-To compare; mnake ali e orl etlual. Mlagp.artsa-v-To chastize; punish; remnonstrate: sentence. Magpasakit-v-To cause or give paini. feel. Magpasalamnat-v-To thank.

Page  71 MAG 7 1 MAG Magpasalubi-v-To except, exclude keep) out. Magpasandahi-v-To lend.,Magpasawatan v-To compromyise without advantage. Mazpa'sial-v-fo take a walk; stroll, saunter. Magpasirnuno-v-To begin; commence. Magpasiva-v-To sentence, resolve, determine, give sentence. MIagpasok-v-To put in. Magpastol-v-To herd; watch cattle. Magp~asuso v-To nurse; give stick. Magp ataba-v-To fatten. Mag~patahimik-ti-To calm; pacify; appease. Magipatama-v-To hit the right th-ing. Magpatawa-v-To cause to laugh; make laugh. M-agpatawad-v-To pardon; forgive. Magpatotoo-v-To assure; approve; prve credit. Magpatubo-v To loan money on interest; cause to grow. Magpatuloy-v-To sheltei-; lprotect; continue; protract. Magpatupat vTo smoke a pipe. Magpatutot v-To lbe lewd; prostitute. Magpatutot n-Harlot; prostitute; stri-uii pit; whore..Magp~augap-v-To counterfeit; fo)rge; mimic; feign: affect; pretend. Magpauna-v To advance; go first. Magpaunawa-v-To aniiotince; proclaim; advertise. Magpaunti v-To diminiish; lessen; shiorten make smaller. Magpaupa-v-To rent; hire; let. Magpayo-v-To reconcile council. Magpighati v-To,grieve; disgust; detest; feel; consum-e with rnge. Magpilapil-v-To embank: terrace. Magpilipit-v-To distort; twist. Magpinta-v To paint; (lelineate: p~icture. Magpisan-v- Lro join; associate:, adhere; be?united; unite; asseimble; (congregate; meet, abut; adjoin. Magpisik-v-To sputter. Magpita-v-To desire; wish; long for; require. Magpugad v-To nestle; dwell. Magpugay?,-To saluite; hail; greet. Magpugot-v-To behead; decapitate. Magpulikat-v-To cram p; convulse. Magpumilit-v To persist; exert; enforce; contend; force; urge; persevere. Magpunas-v-To wash the hands and face. Magpunla- -To propagate; make a nursery; sow broadcast. Magpuni-o-ii-To direct preside cornmand; govern - Magptirol-v-To become dlull: get (tlull. Magpustahian-v'-To bet; Wager. Mlagputok-v-To sho ot, tire, break; burst; split; crach. Magpuitok sa towa-v-To burst with; laughter-. Magpuvat-v-To stay up all night. Mag rabo-v-To mortise. Mao~reiuncia-v-To renotince; resign; gi ve up; abjure. MNagsabi-vu-To tell: say; speak; express,. Magsabi ng cahangqinan-v-To brag boast. Magsabi nz, niabuti-v-To expound; explain; interpret translate. Magsabog-v-To scatter-; propagate; sow broadcast; throw broadcast. Magsabog aug ani-v-To mis spelid squandler; lavish; (dissipate. Magsabong vTo pit cocks. Magsagsag v-rLo trot; be in haste. Magsaka-v-To till, cultivate. Magsakdal v-To go to another and ask a favor; petition. Magsalaghiati-v-To resent. Mag.salamangkia-v-To juggle. Magsalangsang-v To olplose; contradi(-t confute. Magsalansangan-v-To imp)ugn: coiitradict: conifute. Mausalat-v-To Huinger, want; need-. lack - fa mish; starve; be hungry or in need. Magsalita-v To talk;- speak reason adl dress: harangue; converse. Magsal itaan-v-To converse; tal k tc,,gether; condition; convenant; larik"yMagsaluingrataii-v-To contradict; ga, insa yMagsamnasania-v-To unite lput tog I her; bind; alloy; MIX: leaguie coalesve; collec~t; gathier. Magsanay-v-To practice; exercise. Magsanigalang-i-To d efemid:d protect - assist; prohibit,. Magsan~ayoni-v-T( ass~ociate: join- united be united. Magsankletas —c-To weav toe Slippers. Mlagsa~pantahia-i-To stuppose; suspect; conjecture; presumne. Magsasabon-n- Soaptu aker - Magsasaka-u-Fariner;- agricultuirist. Magsatilian-v-To return. restore; give; back. Magsaya-v-To be hiappy; enijoy one's self; be cotiforted. sport. Magsavaw-v-To dance. Magsaysay-v'-To to relate; report. explain,: an nounce:- tell; characterize, Magsikad-v-To kick.

Page  72 MAG' 72 MAG Magrsikap-v-To economize; save..Na~silbe-v-To sdrve; be useful. Mlagsniok v-To hiccough Ma,singkaxx v-To hitch uip; hiarness; yoke. Magsinungaling-v-To lie; fib, deceive; Mavsira-v-To break ro;dgae Mavsiraan ng puriv To tarnish or darken one's reputation. Magsirain-v-To blacken or dar en. A.agsisi-v-To repeut- rue- bem-oan. MNagsiste-v-To assist; mnake or cause to laugh-I. Magsubsob-v-To fall down: crawl unider auything. MNIavsuibukan-v-To trig spig watch; rival. Magstigal v-To play cardls; gamble. Mag.suhiol-v-To bribe. X'Lavstitik-v-To rob; plunder-. Magsuka v-To vomit- (disgorae. Magsloly Topooke; induce; excite; arouse. Magsumakit v-To economize: lay uip:, lay away; hoard. MNsagsumbong v-To Accuse; blame; tell: denounce. Magsuimikap-v-To economize; lay away. Maglsungad-v To pit two animals. Mfagsuot-v-To put on; wear, cover, screen; pui in. Mas~suot sa gubat-r-To hide in the woods. Ma,. upling-v-To sprout: shoot; bud; germinate. NVugsuri-v To fold: plait; (louble' crimp1:, probe; investigate; eaxmiine. M1ag usuittla-n-Silkmiercer. Magt ian-v-To reserve:, defer; exempt; Conc~eal: separate: restrain; leave. Magtabyil-v'-To gossip. M.Nagtaealy-v-To fetch; carry; wear. Nlagtago-uvTo hide; conceal: diisguise; hoard: vollect; protect; shelter. 'Magtah:ati —To cease; (lesist forbear. M.N, gta ka-v-TkI marvel: wonder. Magtak-apan-t —To insult. MNagtacbo-v-T( run; caper: frolic; frisk. Magtali-v-To tie-. bind; fagot. Magtalo-v-To dispute; contend; rival; fight, struggle: antagonize; cope. Mag~tamnan-v-To suiffer; tolerate. Magtamnasa-v-To gai i; succeed; procure; acquire. M~agtanio-v-To follow:- pursue,; reach: overtake; come upt) obtain. Magtampo v-To pouit; be sulky. Magtanian-v,-To run awa -; leave -secretly, skip out. Magtanan:g sundalo -n-To desert, NIa-tanka v-To be miotheaten. Magtanga-a-Moth eaten. Magtangal v-To take apart; take to, pieces discompose. Magt,-tngkal-v-To lumnp. Mac, angol-v-To defend; protect; help);. assist; resist;- oppose; repel. Magtanim v-to sow; plant. Magtanong v-To ask, question; enquire-; consult. Magtapon-v To throw away; mis-spend., Magtapon ang ani-v-To mis-spend. Magtatag-v-To fouiid institute; build;, set up establish; construct; edify. Mag~tatagal a-, asting, durable. Magtatapayan-n-Potter; earthen, wareMaker. Mag~tayo-v-To build: found; institute: edify; construct form. Magtihaya-c-To fall on the hack; lay' face up. Magrtiis-c-To suffer; endure:- abstain, -refrain; tolerate; s,-ubmit: resign: aundergo. Magtika-v-To determine; (lecide. Magtimbang-v-1 o weigh. Magtinda-v-To sell; vend; cater. Magtipid-v-To economize - lessen expenses. Magtipiran-v-To economize; curtail or clip expensess Magtipon-v-1 o accumulate; gather; lay up:, store; save, lay away; cumulate. Magtirav-To reserve; defer; exempt; conceal: separate: restrain; leave. Magtirik-v-To set on end. Magtitinapay v-To BaKer; breadmaker. Megtitisa-n-Tilemaker. Magtrabaho-v-To work; labor. Magtubo-v-To gain; profit; grow; increase. Magtulak-v-To push; impel; press forward. Magtulakan-v-To push;- shove. Magtuli-v-To circumsize. Magtul py-v-To continue; proceed; ad-.vance; stay; sojourn. Magtulungan-v-To favor; protect; help; assist; aid. M~agtunawv-To (dissolve; liquefy; melt. Magtungayaw-v-To curse; swear; blaspheme, execrate. I Magturing-v-To propose; guess; haggle; higgle; offer a certain price. Maturov-To teach; educate; breed; instruct; drill;, (iscipline; coach; Magturuaniv-To discipline; drill; punish.

Page  73 MAG 73 MAH Mag tuos v-To balance an account; close an account reedem a pledge. Mag ubo-v-To cough. Mag ugat ang halalnanan v-To take root sprout. Magugol-a-Expensive; costly; highpriced. AMag ugnay v-To add to exaggerate; recompose; put in order. Mag ugoy-v-To swing; rock; move to and fro. MIaguhit a Full of lines. Maguho-v To fall collapse. Mag ukol-v-To pertain belong to. Mag ukol parang may ari-v To master; domineer Mag ulak-v-To reel; wind; wrap up' Magulang-a Ripe; mature; parent; aged. Magulangn- Parent. Mag ulap v-To cloud: darken, obscure. Magulat-v-To be astonished, startled, surprised; astonish, surprise. Magulatin-a-T imid; skittish; easily frightened. Mag uliuli-k-To whirl; eddy. Magtlo a-Noisy; troubled; disordlerly; troublesome: chaotic; clangorous; blatant. Magulo-v-To put heads together. Magulo ang kalooban a-Turbulent; unquite; dissatisfied; pertubed. Magulungin a-Rolling; wheeling; easily rolled. Mag umpok-v-To converse; hold or carry on a conversation. Magunigunihin-v-Apprehensive; fanciful; visionary fearful; timid: sensitive. Mag usap- vTo talk converse; litigate; contend: dispute. Mag usbong v-1 o sprout; shoot up; bud; germinate. Mag usisa v-Investigate; pry; reconnoiter: espy; reconnoitre. Magustuhan-v-To like enjoy; be peeased with; be delighted. Magutom-a-Hungry: ravenous: starved. Magutom-v-To hanger; starve; famish; be hungry. Mag utos-v-To order; send; command; ordain; enact. Mag utos parang may ari-v-To master domineer. Magviage-v-To travel, journey; make a journey. Magvisita-v-To.visit. Magvoto-v-To vote. Magwagi-v To wave; brandisb. lagwalis-v-To sweep; brush. Magwangki-v-To appear; see; hypocricize. Magwari v-To think; meditate: muse contemplate consider reason; reflect, cogitate; ponder, theorize. Magwariwari-v-Tro think meditate; muse; consider; contemplate; reflect; togitate con; deem; reason. Magyabang-vTo boast; brag; vaunt. Magyari-v-To complete finish. Magyari ng salitaan v-To contract. Mahaba-a Long; lengthy. Mahabag-a-(Co m passi o nate; clement; sympathetic. Mahabag-v-To sympathize; pity; have conmpassion; grieve; be sorry. Mahabagin-a-Compassionate: ' merciful pious; piebald: holy; godly. Mahabang lubha-a Prolix; tedious; very long; troublesome. Mahal a-Costly; dear; high priced; magnificent; grand: splendid. Mahalaga a-I recious; dear; costly; expensive; valuable. Mahalal v-To be elected; elect; choose; declare; decree. Mal alata-v-l o feel; note; percieve. Mahalata-a Notable; percievable. Mahalay-a-Indecent; immodest. obscene; shameless; lewd; impure; mean; homely; ugly; bad; depraved; licentious sordid; rude; imprudent: unbecoming; malicious; dirty, dishonest; slow; dull; torpid. Mahalan-v-To grow dear; overvalue; raise the price. Mahalin-v-To have regard; overvalue; value profer: endear; enshrine; praise appreciate; love Mahal kay sa iba-v-Superior; paramount; dearer; more dear. Mahalal na ugali a-Noble; honorable; gentlemanly; ladylaike; prudent. Mahambal-a-Mournful; sad. Mahangal-a-Stupid; dull; mean; low; abject. Mahapdi-a-Sensitive; painful; smarting; prickly; pungent. Mahapdian v-To irritate; smart; cause a shap pain. Mahapis-a-Sad; mournful; grievous. Mahapis-vTo sadden; afflict; be mournful. Mahapishapis- a-Woebegone. Mahawig v-To incline; be disposed. Mahibang-v-To rave: dote; become mad; go crazy; become demented. Mahiga-v-To lie down; lay down. Mahigit a-More. Mahigpit-a-Tight; tenacious; exact; severe; harsh; strict; taut; rigid; close; inflexible; narrow. 10

Page  74 MAHl i4 MAT Mahigypit kuinrapit-a-Tent-acious- firin; obstinate. Mahigpit na nasa-n-Eagerness: violent (Ie ire Mah~kavat-v-To exc-ite; rouse; stinmulate; be attracted. Mahilig-7-To incline; be inclined. Mahilig-a.Liable; subject,. 'Mahilig sa pakikipagtalo-a-Peevishi touchly. Mahilig, sa basagnlo-a-En. 4narirng; quarrelsome. Ntabilig, sa kasivahan-v-Ternperate; reguilated~; quiet. Mahilig sa pakikip~agsarnia-a Soc!iab~le; corteois~ social. MNahirnan-a Prudent slow, moderate. Mahina a-Weak; languiid];int~irni feeble: rickety; delicate; frail;- thin; imnbecile; insecure; wittheredl. Mahina ang tainga-a-Hard of 1rearing. Mahiniahon-a-Moderate; prndent; temperate; circumnspect; abstemious; affable; peaceful: courtious; eonlfidentinl;quiet; frugal. continenit; reserved. Mahinahoe-adv. Xl od~erately; calmly; quietly; peacefully. Mfahinang loob-a-Coward;, langid; wveak; forceless. Mahinrng urnintindii-a-Stulpidl slow to comprehend -dull mindled. MAahingil-a-Liable- subject. inclined.Nlahinhin-a-Chaste; pure; modest,; decorous polite,, kind obliging honest;m-oderate; attentivye circumspect; d ecent; virtuous; heedful, unasstuming - M7I ahinog-v-To ripen mnature; inellow. Mahinto-iv-To stop. Mlahinto muna-v-'Io stop before. M-ahipohipo-a-Tactile;, frequently barndled. Mahirap-a-Poor-; bard; (lifticult; bur(lensome; needy; grievous important; (lissatrous; dolorous; weary~; 'anxious: painful; decrepidl; tiresome; onerous; arduous; profound - (lis d vantageous; abstract- inaccessible; faint. Mahirap gawin-a-Laborious.- difficult; tiresome; painful; hard to accompli sh. Mahirati-a- Usual; ordinary; used - accustoined. Mahiya-v-To be ashamed; flush. Mahiya-a-Shameful; timid; backward. Ma hiyain-a-Timiid; shameful;, bavkwvard; bashf ul; shy. Mahiyang-v-To be acclinmated, unitedl, or accustomed. Mlahiyawin-a Clamorous; vociferous; boisterous; loud voiced. Mahubdan-v-To (len ude-; dlisrobe -.Mahubog-a-Plianit; easily lbent M~ahbufog sa lauibot-vrorp bend luectause of the softness. Mahukav-aPitted full of boles. Mahulaan —r-To foretell; prophiesy. Mahulagpos —c-To avoid escat~ peIil e — rate avoidl punishmnent. Mlahulog n-To) fall; yield unader a. dift'rcul ty Mahulog sa ibangr wica-ir-T() initerpret;' translat~e Malmlog sa iba-v —To relapse: fiall back. Mlahusay-atSound; healthy; wholesomtre; arranged; secure discreet; generous; noble; safe sincere durst. Mahusavini-v To arrange, justify; make goodl classify Mlaibigan-v-To like have regard for; appreciate. Maibigan a-Friendly; beloved; tern perate. Maibigan sa Ikasiyahanr a fLoving frieiid lv7 beloved. MlaibsarirvTo throw niff Maig~ot a-Paltry- nigg'ard- nigrd-wrlly~. iMaigotv To he bournd tightly. Maihawv-v-To be roastedl roas~t,Maiinorn-a Potable (drinkab~le Maikliia1Short; brief concise; srrrall; limited; diminished; conipendours, sum ymary. A.Maikli n(-, isip a-lull mninded. Mailag-v-To avoid. be bashful or shy be afraid of. iM~ailag~an-a-Avoidable; evitable; eludible;, that which nay be avoidled. Mailap a-Wild; un1soclial; intractable. Mairnot-a-Close: chary. Mainmot at inasakiin a-Avaricious. Mainaru-a-H~ands ome; fair pretty; linegenteel. dai-nty tasty; cheerful neat, entertainaing beaiutiful; exquisite; goIrgeouls janty- jaunty Mairtnaumr nai lubos-a Eleganlt; exquisite;. excellent; gracefunl dexterous. Maingat a-Careful prudent; unoderatesmodest; crrcumset; vigilant; mindfful; solicrtioum; cautious; chary; Conlfidential; awvare- precautionary; pre — cautionial; reservedl Mairn~at-a- Carefully - moderately; Irinr — dently. Mainip-v-To be imnpatient; restless, tidgety or Jealous; ve-x; irritate. Mainipar-a-Restless; impatient: fidgety; jealou6. Mainis-v-To smiother. Mainit-a-Hot; warn;: fiery; Sultry. Mainit ang nbc —Quick tempered;. hohead-ed..

Page  75 MAK 75 MAK Maintindihan-velo, Understand; compre bend. M,~aipagkakaila,-a-Ii)eniab~le. iN'ai pahihiutoIotthaa Permhissibl)e. Vti~ipapalit-a-Changeable permuhtab~le. i\Lairor-a-Loving~ lovable tine tender; aticconate; delicate: mild, kind; plea,4ing perfect. _I4airo.. in-a Lovable, amiable; pleasing. Mais-n-Corn Maits-arn nCortifield. Ma-isas~abit a Iit, to be, iungi uip., n tb i)t wxhic h may be hung uip. Mai~sipantn T o remember, remnind; think; flW(l itate. Mlaisipan a Pensivxe; thoughtful. MIait-ataro a-Concealable. Maitatain~i-a-Deniable. Mai timi-a-Black blalckish jetty; obscuire, g(loomyi, (lark; raven, ebonyv, dlarkbrow n. Mlaiwanur.-To leave; forego. quit. Mldka vCan; couldi havinig thie power. Mleakabubuhilay-a-Nutrirniental; nourisinu. AMakagagaling a Sanative; sanlablIe; he al thIful1. Mfakagijuilit n-Cutter. M..akahialin anig boob-zv-To call or court the love of another. Makalmnapis a-Painful; sad:- piteous. Makahjawxa-t-To contage; be contageous; infect: corrupt, pervert. Makaha wi- a-Propitious. Mlakahniiga sa hiarapxv-To breathe audlibly: perspire. Makahihiwa-a Sectile. M\a~kahiilagpos-,,-c-To pull apart; elude; sfalp. away, get away. Mlakahjon-v-lro emb~ale; be. packed or boxed uip. Xl"akatthuhubog,-a-Pliab~le. Makaisa aug lialaga —rTo be eqjuivalent; be of equal value. Makaisa, ang layo-v-To be of an equal di stance. Mlakaiyak a-Crying. Mlakakai ba-a-Alterable- alterant. Mlakak~ai n-a- Eatable; edible; comestible. M'lakakaintan-a-Attainable: obtainable. Mlakakita-v-To see. Mlakalat-v-To, scatter; extend. MaRa lawailg-a-Rusty. MNakal igtas-v-To liiberate; save fo d an ger. Mlakalilimi a Shady. Mlakalilimot a-Omissible. MAakaliliwanag-a-Illumtiinative; illuminating. Makal in-ot —v-To forget: omi8-: miss; neglect, Mlakalin~a-a-Careftil; solicitous; vigilant; mindIful. assi(ltioios; attenitive; (liligeint; anxious:; otsequeotis; compliant. Mlakalugod-r-To be pleasing; gratifying or humorous. MNakal ilugi- a-Disadlvanitageouis losing. Ma,,ka~l ulugodI-a-Agreeable; pleasing; smil. ilig humiaorous". Mfakal unos- v-To cause,sadn ess. Mtakalunos-a Painful, sad; piteous. MI'akam-yamiatay- a-D~eadly-. mortal. Makamiandag a-Poisonous: venenmous. Makamandagan-i'-To be poisonous: be affected by poison. IMakanaw-iaTo dilute: (dissolve. -Makapagbigay lilim-v To mnake shady; prodluce shade. Makapal-a-Thick; large; corpulknt, compact, numerous. serried; stocky; gross. M'akapal aug buhbok-a-Hairy. Makapamnabala n-Jurisdiction; authority. Makapainala-v-To heed. watch: manage. Makapangyarihan a Powerful:- potent; onminipotent; most powerful, almighty. eminhent; wealthy. Mlakapatigyayari a-Powerful pot en t; mnighlty; wealthy. Makapan gyayari sa lahat a- Omnipotent: almuighty; miost powerful. Mak-apasok-v-To contain; be able to eniter. Mlakapitong doble-a-Sevenfol~d. Mlakapulas-v- o escape; avoid danger. Makapupurga-n-Catbart-ic. Makaraan-v-To elapse: go by; pass. Maka-salaiiann-iSinner; offender; del in. (luent. M-aknsama-v-To hurt- injure, cause pain: Mlaknsapat-v-To be Just or sufficient.. satisfy:- gratify. Mlakasasama a-Injurious; harmful. Makasasawa-a-Tiresomne. -Makasilaw-m -To dazzle. Makasilin~ait-v-To crowd in, slip intake part after the proper time. M. a asing layo-Of an equal distance. Makasira-v To be able. to break or destroy. Makasistra-a-Harmif mi; injurious; not healthful; deleterious; d isad van,tageous; noxious. Makatanaw-v-To see; look view. Mlakatas-a-Juicy; sappy: succulent. Alakatatawa-a-Laughable; Inu(i cro us,; smailing: agreeable; droll: absurd. Makatawan-a-Vast-, massive; corpulent; fat: large. Makatekas-v-To cheat; ileceive; swindlIe..

Page  76 MAR 76 MAL IAlakatimbang-v-To balance; counterpoise; weigh. Makatitiis-a-Bearable; forbearing; patient. Makatulad v-To be lake; resemble. Makatulog-v-To sleep. Makaulinig-v-To misunderstand; hear imperf ectly. Makawala-v-To escape; avoidl. Makawangis-a-Alike, equal, sitnilar; assimilated. Makava-v-To be able;, have the power or ability. Ma kayatnutan-v To displease; offendl; disgustMakialaniuv-To interfere; mieddle; interineddle. Makiapid-v-To seduce; fornicate adul. terate. Makiayon-7-To coincide; adquiesel yield;, have the samie idea. Makibagray-v-To sympatize; accomodate. Makihalubilo-v-To be one of a miultitude. Makiisa v-Tro yield;, coincide; agree; attest; comform: prove. Makiisa sa pasiya-v To feel or- grieve for another,. Makilala-v-To know; understand'; detect;meet. ascertain; discover; recognize; judgeMakiling-aL Leaning; inclined. Makihtiial a-Ticklish. Makfimatyag-v-To look after care for; attend to pay attention Maikina-n-MachineMakinabang~vTo gain: profit; interest. Makinano-a.-Brighit; shiny; polished; gflossy; brilliant; lustrous. Malkinang pan gapas-n-Har vester; niower; reaper. Makinig v To hear; listen. Makinis-a Glossy; elegant; fine; shiny; nice; gay; graceful; lucid; shining; plain; neat, natty; terse; slick. Makintab-a-Showy; shiny; lamnbent: hI.I cientl glcssy. Mlakintal -vTo print: stamp: emboss:~ Makipagaw~ay-?v-To dispute; litigate-, contend, fightj rival; quarrelhopposse pick; a quarrel. Makipagbabag-v-To fight; rival: contend; quarrel. Makipagbaka-v To war; fight; att ek; combat; oppose. Makipagdaindamn-v-,o feel: grieve. Makipaghatnon-v-To fight opp~o.e; cfrnbat defy: challenge. Makipagcapowa-v-To be cordial, kind, so~cial or corteous. Makipagcasundo-t-To reconcile; comply: be friends or congenial. Makipaglamas-v-To attack; assault fight:, combat. Makipaglikutin-v-To be bois erous, he; rompi-h or noisy Makipagrmook-v-To fight; war; opl)ose combat. Makipagpasiyaim'To feel; grieve. Makipagsalitaan-v-To converse; talk; enter into a conversation. Ma~kipagctalo-v-Tod(ispuite; arguie litigate; contend: quarrel; resist oppose; repel; murmur.- snarl. Mlakipagusap-v-To litigate; dispute;, stud-lv talk; discuss contend; converse,,,speak; reason; confer;- harangue. Makipagyari-v-To complete; finish. Makipot-a-Narrow; close; tight. Makiskis-v-To scratch); waste by frict ion. Makisamna-v-To be friends be with. Makisap-a-Brilliant; shiny, bright:, lucid;, hucient; glossy. Makita-v-To see; look; mneet: ken. Makitalam-itam-v-To medldle; interf ere. Makitang muli v-To review; see or meet again. Makitid a-Narrow; close; tight; rigid1; exact Maki usap-v-To entreat: speak: barangue; reason; implore; crave; beg pr-ay:, request; petitionMakiug-ali v-To sympatbize; be c-on11(enial, Makuha-v-To get; take. Makulot-a Curly Maktflot-v]' o curl Makunan-v-To miscarry; menstruate very strongly. Makupad-v-Diliatorv; lazy; dull; indo lent: late: slow. Makupitin v-TFo purloin; pinch; knock (lown. Mlakuro-v-To know: unders tandl Makuto-a- Lotsy. Maliban-a-Opposite. Malabas-ii-To be excluded or kept out; be exempt. Malabis-a-Excemsive, exhorbitant; enor — m ous profuse; abundant; lavish; extreme. Malal)s-ar,-iv,-Abunidantlv;- Iavishlv; x cessivelv; profusely. Mlalabis n-Rest: remainder; residuie. Mtalabis na kafgamaan-n-Per v e rsit y, wickedness. Malabis nia luat n-Tedium; tedoiusness, prolixity,

Page  77 MAL 77 MAL Malabis na paginmamalial-n-Predilection; excessive love. Malabis nI tipitd-a-Miserable, mean; miserly; stingy. Malabnaw a- Ihini pare diluted. Malabo a Muddy; obscure; murky; (lark; glooniy; dubious; indistinct; uninteligible enigmlaic tliick. Malagak-v-'To put in charge of anotlier; Mala-amgamgam-a-Tepit; lukewarim. Malagas ang dallon-aTo fall off (per to leaces). Malaglagr - o fall. Malagkit a-Sticky. unctious; greasymucous gluttinous soft. Malago-a- eafy; pertile; luxuriant, fruitrul; copious. Malago ang bullk a Hairy. Malagot-v-'l'o break, pull apart. Malagot ang hlininoga-v-lo expire, (die. AMalagpos-a-Exxcessive; overa11bundantt. Malagpos-adv.-Excessively; abundlantly; profusely Malagpos u-Residue; remainder; overplus. Malagplos ang dami-a-Overabundant; exuberant, too many. Malagpos ang kababaan-a-Obese; too fat. Malait-a Contem ptible; despicable; low; abject. Malakad ang paa-v-T' o o afort; walk. Alalakas-a-Strong Ntout tirm; lusky; vigorous; lligilty; (drawny; burly; hale, corpulent robust; rigid perfeet; sound; solid: stocky; intlexi le; liard coarse brave; valiant active; effective; bouncing velhement. MIalakas ang katawan-a-Healthly sounld. Malakas kumain n-Glutton; healthy eater. Malakas uminom n-Tippler; drulkardl. Malakhin-r-To honor, respect, dignifv adlorn. Malaki a-Large; great; vast; huge; burly; gigantic; heavy; weighty; important; compact; strong lofty; corpolent; circumspec t; arduous; stout; grievous. AIalaking lakas-n Powder; might. M\lal akiIgrnalaki-a-Very great or large; chlief; principal. Malaking pag-ibig-n-Deep love. MIalaking tawon-Large man gentleman. Malaki paa Iarger greater. Malakuko-a Warnl lukewarlm tepid. Malalaluan-aS-Superable; conquerable, Malalim a-Deep; profouiltd. Malamain a Fleshy; full of nieat. Malainan-v L'o know; wit; ken; understand comi)relen(l; cognizwe. Malambot a Soft; splongy; pliable limber; bland; mellow; tender; lithe; flexibls; delicate; docile plaint weak; mild. M2alamlbot alng ugati a-Submissive; hum111 -ble resgilned affable; nie- k gentle: placid solft tenipered; lnient. MalaIig-a Cold; frigid; cool. bleak; refrigerant..Ialainiibl-a- Sca bby;Sr; scurvy; scurry; mangy. Malan gis-a-Oily oleagneous; fine. lalanta-v-To pinie or fall away witlher; (Ildy up. Malaon-nTime tide term; sea on; age; duration. Malaolna-Prolix old. Malapad-a-Wile;,pen; spacious, c'apacious. Malapad-nt-One cent. Malapit ad( -Near; close. Malapit a Proximity. next; neghl)boring; contiguous mediate impending. Malapit na malapit-a(iv.-Very near nearly; almost. Malapot-a hick dense close. Malasa a Palatable tasty; mellow. Malasin-v-To run over; peruse: survey review; revise; observe notice hee(d; mind. Malason-v-'To be poiasn. Malason a-Poisonous; venemos. MaIlata-a-l'ender; weak; delicate languid faint: soft heartless; withered MA lawak a Iarge; extensive ample; wide cap.acious sp)acious; (chlampaign. Malawav-a Sailivous salivary. Malawig-; —l'o explain in ar roundt about way. Malavo-a I)istant remote; outlyingi; far; retire(d solitary. Malayo sa ka;guluhaln-a-Quiet calm. Malavy sa kapowaa Shy. diffident. Malayo pa sa-adv.-Beyond, farther; on the otlher side. Mali-n-Mistake; error; fault; defect; oversight; blunder. Mali-a-False; mendacious; orroneous; bad; incorrect: faulty. Mali sa sulat 6 limbag-n-Erratum. Maliag-a-I)irty: greasy. filty. Malibog a-Lewdl lustful; i nlnodest; indecent; obscene; impure; shameless. Mpligaw-v' To mistake; commit an error lose one's way, err. Maligaya-a-Joyful pleasant: inerry; happy; fortunate; prosperous; convivial; holiday.

Page  78 ________ MA L 7 Mlal 0-'-t T o 1) the take a bath. 'Malitat-s v-To be saved. Mlalifiim a Se ret reserved cautious; contlileutial salient. _M lihis c V7-o err, mistake misjudg'e. hel omre lost. EMa'ii t-a- 1Lettle small short; scanty. M'tiliit na kuta-n Bulwark; defence. Mfalut na rualut a Xery small; very litle. Mallit pa sa-a Smalfler; less. Malikot-a Restless; boisterous; miscluievous livelyv noisyv turbulent. Mtaliksi a-Active (quick speedy, expeditious; smart- nimble lighit free; proript; lith-esomie hI~ighispiritedi;swift;: readly; spry; (lifient; loose; inercurial. Mhahil n-a-Shiady; umbrageous. Ni,-aliliu~utini-a-Forgetftil, obli viouis; negflectful. MX'alimbagi-v-To stampJ; print. -Maliinit-a Close (dense; thick; (compact; con den sed. Malimiutan-i-To forget; neglect; oni1it; mistake- unlearn. MN"aliniamnitamia-Delicious,,; select; miellow: buttery. MAl11inaw a(7-r ear; brglit plain; distin t; open; evidlent manifest; pubHel: trainsparent slicer; obvious. Maminaw dingin-a Intelligible; conc ievabde. prononune(1. Malhinatin v-To neglect: forget; overlook, skit) Mlalingat a-Forgetfiil; neglectful. Mahlnis-a Clean; pure; (clea r; decent; unmnixel- free: neat- plain;, immoculate; uinadulterated; virtuous; devout; tidy: honest; mlodest; refinedi: mere. Malinis na loob-a-Sincere; cl]ear; frank, cordial- puire. MNalinsad v-io 0 isjoint. Mali po v-To extiuguish; become exterininatedl or (lestroyedl. Malipos-a-Pustly; fill of pustles. Nialipos-v-To b~e full of. Malirot-a Unsavory: lhaving a bad taste. Malited-a Strong; robust; nervous; vigorous. Malito-iv To mistake; err: e~nlbarrass; be uneasy or (liscomposedl. Mlaliwag-a-Slow: tardy; slothful; indolent: lazy. Mal wag mam-~ari-a-Difficult- hard. MaI~liw'ariag-a-Clear; bright- evident; obviouls; luminlous; lucid; distinct; refulgrent; overt; ostensible: express; notable; quite.: Pronounced; point blank shieer. AMAL Mlali vanag na malabis a-tilistening. too shinly or bright. Malowag-a-Wide: free; open; loose..Malowag -a- Ljoose fi-ee oPenl; wide. M'aluag aug kainay-a Spendthrift, Prodi gal Maluag anc, lob-a-Free hearted; generous; caIlm; free; good natured Malualhati a Blessed; glorious, happy; b elo ved. M~aluag-a \Vide: diffuse- ample open; spacious; haiampaugn; (liffusive; capacious slow. Malunang maingusap-a Eloquent. Mlaluat-a Slow, taridv; protracted; prolix tedious. Malubay a Easy pliant; amiable; pleasning slow; easy of success. MNalubay aug asal-a-Amiable, pleasimig; gool naturedi. Malubay makipagusap-a-Mild of speech - M\alubay na b.ob-a Mleek; geimitle; tamiequiet; Mild. Malublba-a-Excessivye; extreme. MIalubbia-adv. Too; very. Malubog-v-To sink; subm-erge. iAialugas-v-To fall out;. shed hai r. Mlalugod-a-Amiable. pleasing; happy; mryconvivial good natured. KM alugyod-v-To be happy, contented, pleased, satisfied, delight~ed or conivivial. _Malukong-v-Concave, c-oncavity; hollow; bollo wness. Al'alulan-'c-To contain; hold; hiave; comprise- be hield. Maluluitang a-7Bonyant. M~laluima-v-To become6 old, stale or minsty. Nialumnanav-ti To Docile; gentle; slow; mieek; tam'le. 'Malumbak-a-Pitted; full of holes. Maluiimbay-a-Gloiny; sad sorrowful; mournful- plaintive;, mean. Malumbay v-To be afflicted or sad. M~alumbay na boob aSad;I mournful. M-alumiot-a-Mossy; oozy;11 slim~y. Maltumpo-v-To have i-lie dingue, gim>-e way in the knees. Malundo-a-Sagged. Mabulngkot.-a,-Sad; sorrowful; gl,0om1v; unhappy; mournful; melancholy; mean; ruefuil bleak; haples'a,; bownicast; crestlall en; chapfalle~n; contrite plaintibe: pensive; disc( Asolate. Maluninning-a right: hining;brillant; glistening glitter ingN. Maluinusan v-To be Ki d or Mournf ul.

Page  79 MAMT 79 MAN Ma) pa-a-Earthy, havng 1uc land; territori al. Mal upaypany-v-To grow (or becomrie weak or languid. MNaluipaypaya-L-1anguid; wveak. Malusaw-a Liquild. Malusaw v-To dilute; (liss~olve, Maluto-v -To b~oil; cook. Malutong-a-Brittle;- fragile. Maniaanig-v-To wonder; stare. 1AIamnaga-r-To- swe~ll- become swvollen; tunmefy. Nllamagitan-v-To intercede: interp~ose; mediate; bespeak. MamahahrI-To grow or become( dear: raise the lprice..Nlamyahala-v-Tl o manage; look after. hteed: take ctare: keep) govern. contitaud;dlirect; administer. man- wield; reek; b o ss. Mama,,mpag-v To shake; wvag. Ztlamnalagi-v-To continue, endure; hiabituate; subsist, protract. NIamnalago-v-To becomie fruitful; be. abuindant. Nlamali-v-To err; mistake equfivoclate: blunder; mnisjudlge. commit, a mistake. Manmali aug difig-ri-To misuinderstand. Mlamalo-v- o falsify;' be false. Mamalso nm Falsificator. NMamamayapa-n Pacificator:- pacifier. Mamana v To inherit. Mamauas v-To sweell tunnefyv Mlamangha v-To wNonder. imarvel; stioc. Mamanhid-v-To numbJ; benumib; (ralmp; become torpid or senseless. Mamanhik r-To in tercede, interpose;mediate; go t1). Maman sn-v-To brag; gl ory; boast - Maniansagi' To spiot. AlJarantal -v-To be flea, biten. Mamnantikv-a Putteiy mellow; fat; rooelpulent: coarse; obese. M-amantog-reTo inrflate; fill with wvind: blow full tof Windl. Marnaos-v-To become hoarse. Mlamaos-a Hoarse. Mlamnasdan-v-To see; watch: detect: find: discover; meet with; hfit upon. Mlamaslang-v-To be rudle or (lisrespectfiil. Mamnatav-v-To dlie; perish: cun] go out:,stop: terminate or concludle life Mamaulo-v To fill.; be filled or stuffed. Matmaya-dv.-Presently; soomi; ininiedliately, right away at oncee then; before long. in a moment,; after. Mlatili-v-To choose- buy; pu rc-hmase; go shopping; prefer, iMatninsanminsan advi.-Now- aund then,sotnletinmes; fromn timie to time. Manmintas i.-To frind fault; ceiis1UIre; ridlicile; cristicize. matnirinsa,-T-,o iron. Mantolvaghag-v-To rarifv. become th1jil NAlauiook-t'i-T wvar; tight oppose. Man ualan S To fill stoff; satisfv. Manmuhi-v-To (hisgust; displease of fetid; vex; molest loathe; excite )Matnhitiiatn-v-To found; furnish capital. INamuisan-tc-To loan onl interest; rent f or cash. Malnkiuka-r-To resemblelC be like; favor; Mlamukod-r-To separate, (ividele be th'stinct except; distimguish. Mamuk-od sa lalhat-r-To surpass; outvie exceed. excel. MAamula-il-To redden; blush dye red. Manmuaklak~I-v To flow-er, bloomt floutish thrive. Mamuiamnula-a, Reddisht. Matmula~ngose,To slip or rnm throughI the fi niers. MamulaYan-v To heave knowledIge. Mamutlayan a \ise, knowing. Ma~mun0ga-r-To bear fruit; produce: bringo, forth- flower; be fruitful. M~amtaumula-That which wvill become i-ed - Mamnltmbi-r-To begl be poor; iimpoverish-l uner starve; famish Mamuno-vTo commiand-, lead,- head;mia rsh al - Marinumuhunan a-Capitalist. Matnuti-r-To whiten. Mlamutik-i-To become mttddv, M ata-n-Itiheri tatice; heiirloom; rhetnn: patrimony. Man abako-r To -smoke cigars. Manada-n-Flock- herd. Managalri-To last; contitimue; subsist; enidmre- persist. Mancaghioy —To lamentit titourni; grieve,cryV, bewail. Managot-v-To b-ail answer. Manahan-ii-To inhabit- rstside'; dIwell. M anaigiv-To conquer., predominate: exc~el; out do-, surpass. Manning v To ham ent,- bewail; tell otnes mn isf ortuimi ess. Manain~a-v-To listen.; Hear. eni; hrear-, attemll. Maniakaniaka-advi.- Somretime~s: now zand, then- fromt time to time. Manakit-v-To liurt- wound; offend. Manakot-v-To frighteui; terrify; danunt, intimidlate: scare. Manalan;' -v,-To petitioit; haraiigue besee i; pray:, plea]); invocate iiivoke.

Page  80 MTA N 80 MVrA N AManalig-v-To have faith. Manalo v-i o win; gain conquer, exult, trium ph. Ma niitiamianiahana-Heredlitary7. MA tnamnbitauv To lament; mourn, cry; grieve; bewail Manampalasan-v-To insult: ofn( make-, angry revile; abi~se; injure. Mananagot it Bondsman. Mauanagpi-n Cobbler one who patchies..M~auagawan-n Rower; paldfler. Mananakop-n Savior; rescuer redeemer. Mlanananim-n- Planter, one who plants. Mfananavaxv n Dancer. Manarn~isvc To cry; mounru snivel; sob; grieve lament; bewail. Mlanaoo, v-To descend:, go down. Manariwa v-To grow' or become green. M..auiatili-vi-To coiintine: protrac-t endure; subsist; last fix; fasten: persist. Manbabayo-n-MNallet. Mlandlala ni Stack; rick. Man(laya v-To deceive; cheat. Manduduit n-Thie]; robber;- freebooter; pillager; pluinderer. Mandudurog n-Pounder; one who flails. Mlan ekas-v-To cheat- defraud; swindlle; gull; impose uPon. Manenegyosio-a-Negotiable. M - nenekas-n- Swindler; (lefaulter. Msan~aalhit-n-Barber. AI'anga anak-n-Children. Manga baoaybagayan-n-Chattels; fixtures; furniture. Man~a b agay nakasamsam sa kaawayn spoils capture, prizes. Man~oa bituka-n-Entrails; intestines. Man~abavo-?v-To ride a horseMafnga dam~it n-Apparel. Mangagamot-n-Doctor physician. Mangagamot na hindi nag-aral-n-Quack(loctor. Mangagamot no hiayop n-Vetri narian; ferrier, horse doctor. Mangagaod-n-Rower: paddler. Mangagapas-n-Reaper; h~irvester; mower; one who reaps or harvests. Man ga gastos-n Expenses; charges. Mangagaw-n- Robber; plujuderer thilef. Mangagawa-nlDoer: maker; author. Mangagawa ng bariles-nCooper. Mangagawa ng kutsilio-n-Cutler. Mangagat-v-To bite: Aiangagkayonkayon-v-To agree; consert; (lecide. M- nahas-a-Agressive.; s autic y; hol1d; plucky: intrepid: forWard; stalwart; stalworth, spunky; precociouts; highspiritedl -' Alangahas-v-To (lare:, defy; Vt. ture; try. MAani-aligkig-v~-To shiver or tremble wVithl coldl. MNang~aling-v-To come from;I issue from; airise, proceedI or spring; from: originate in. Manigaling sa inTo descend or come f ro'i, Manga manok-n-Poultry. Mang amiba-v To pretend to threaten. MAang- ng)-ahoy-n,Wood sinian woodcutter; timber merchant. MAangangalakali-n-Mxerchiant; (lealer; tra — der; shopkeeper. Mlanganib v-TFo be in danger. Man g)anina ag-To be traiusparent. Mlan~a pagkain-n-Victuals; provisions. iAlangrapit-v-To grasp; seize; catch; snatch. Manggas-n Sleeve. Mangas na maluag-n-Poke. Mangaso-v-To hunt; chase: go hunting; course gun; go on a chase. Manga sutdalong, ban tay-nGuard. Mangatal v To oscillate; vibrate, shiver; tremble. Man,6angatal v.Tremulous; quivering. Mfangangavat-v To become or grow thin, weak or poor. Mangati-v-To attract by deceit. Mangatowiran-v To argue; reason; discuss:- discourse; affirm; give a reason. Manga upang bato-n-.Tudge's fees.,Man_ gay ayat nt-To become weak; thin Ior languid; debilitate. Mangbabasag-n-Breaker; one who breaks. Mangbadya-v-To im-itate; Fcoff, mock; ridicule; copy. Mangbansag-v-To nickname, Manghihag v-To (capture; captivate. Mangbiliag ng saisakyan-v-To pirate. Man gbub ubo-n-Foundler. Mangd rigmia n-Warrior: soldier. Mlangubat-v-1 o go to the woods; work in the woods become or gi-ow woody. Mangugupit n.Barber. Manglia n Wonder. admiration: amazem ent. Manghialabi-n-Weave r. Mian ghalhabi ng suitla-n-Si lkweaver. Manghahalo#nMixer. roller. M anglhaharaiig-n Highwayman; bandit; robber.,Mauiglahaynmiia- nt-Patchier; cobbl ei Mangharang-v-To hold; up; rob; lplunder assault. M~anghawak-v-To attach; hold up; catchhold of. rvlaiglihiniiang-ni-Soldlerinig ironi.

Page  81 MAP3 N G Manghimasok-v-To interfere, interrup, mIeddl(Ie. Ylanghi matay-v- To faint: swoon. Manghina-T-To weaken pine: away, debilitate extenuate: waste away. Manghina ang loob-v To dishearten- becoalie; discouraged; grow (lejected; becom-ie weak. Manghinapang v-To become courageous strengthen; invigornte enforce; exert reinforee, gather farce; make strong or brave. Ma ingbiinguto-v-To louse; clean fromlice or fleas. Manghiniksik-v To louse; clean fromi lice or fleas. Manghinuha-v-To collect: gather. Manghiya-v-To shame; make ashamed; cause to be ashamed. Mlanghuhula-n-Prophet. Mang iba-v-To alter change. Mang iba sa capowa-v-To distinguish one's self. Mang iit-v-To nickname; ridicule scoff; censure. Mangilabot-v-To terrify, frighten; scare. Mangilala's-v-To marvel- wonder. Mangilid-v-To approach the edge or shore. Mang imay-v-To shell. Mang-inigv-To tremble; sparkle; oscillate; vibrate. Miingiti-v-To smile look. pleased or happy. Mangitlog-v-To lay eggs. Mang ivaw-v-To mnew. Mangkok-n-Crock; bowl; porringer. Mangkulam-v-To oewitch. Mang-laban-v-To struggle; fight; war; oppcse; strive; contend; resist. Man glalik-ni-Turner. Manglibak-v-To deride; scoff; jeer; mock. Mlangliligis-n-Miller; grinder. Manglilinag it Cultivator; gardener; horticulturist. Mangloob-v-To plunder; assault; pillage; rob. Manglulusog it-Plunderer; destroyer; pillager; consumer. Mangmang-a Folish idiotic; stupid; dull; conwardly- ignorant; rule; silly. Mangmang-n-Brute; idiot. Mangmumnli-n-Grinder: miller. Mangulo-v To wrangle; fight; perturb; dis turb: harrow. Mang ulo v-To head; command; be chief, govern. Mangulam c-To eat nothing but meat. Mlangulo-v-T ocurl. M1-AN_ _ Mang umit-v-To steal; pilfer; rob; seize' grasp. Mang unay v-To benumb. -Mang undot-v-To wrinkle; become wrinkly. Mang urong- r To revoke, retract; retreat; retire; go back. Mang tisap-v-To talk; utter; converse speak; reason harangue. Mangusap na hindi uiawatasan-v-To nubnble; inutter. Mangyari n-Result; consequences. Mangyari-v-To happen; be done- have; may; can; be possible; be able or feasible; possess. Mangyari-conj.-Because. Mangyaring bigla-v-To do in a hurry. Mangyayari a-Feasible; practicable; possible; easy. Mangyayari sa arawaraw-a-Quotidian. Mangyayariring ihiwalay-a-Separable. Mangyayaring mabusoga Satiable. langvayaring mamali-a Fallible. Manogyayaring - mapagaling-a Curable; healable. Mlangyayaring matapos-a-Term-iinable. Mangyayaring miatawa a-Laugliable; ludicrotus. Mangyayaring tiisin a-Sufferable; endurable. Manhid-n-Numbness; ache. Mahilakbot-v-~I o terrify; scare; frighten. Manhinayang-v-To pity; have compassion; grieve for: be sorry for. Manibasib-v-To attack; assault; undertake; attempt. Manibay-v-To strengthen; secure; make fast; prop; affirm. Manigarrillo v-To smoke cigarrettes. Mamihasa-v-To accustom; inure. Maniin-v-To prop up; build upon; raise on the hands; support on anything. Manika-n-Wrist. Manikad-v-To kick- fling out. Manikluhod-v-To ask; beseech; petition; beg. Maniko-v-To ellow. Manilbihan-v-To serve; favor; make use of. Mlanindal-v-To be added or supported by another.,,Maningas-a-Fervent; ardent; vehement. Mianigid n Trower. MCaningil-v-To collect. Maningning-a-Bright; sparking; radiant; shining: luminous; lucid; refulgent; grittering; lucient; quivering. Maningning-v-To sparkle; shine; glitter; radiate scintillate. Maniningil-n-Collector; taxgatherer.

Page  82 MAN 82114 MAP Manininta-n- Lover. Maninira-n- Brea ker, destroyer; in1isd1ealer; corruptor. Maninira ang ani ng may ari-n-Defaulter; dIefraudler. Maaninira ng pagaari-n-Spendthrift; squanderer. Maninira n& puni n-Defamer: slanderer. Maninirahan sa isang lugar-fl-Inhialitant. Manipis-a-Thin; slender; fine: sleazy. Maniralhan-v-To dwell, live; lodge, re side:, inhiabit. Manirintas-v-Tro 1)raid. Maniwala-v-To believe; trow; trust: have faith. Maniwalain a-Trustful. Mlanlalabra-n-Stonecutter. Mani1alagyari-n- Sawyer. Mainlalalik-n-Turner. c-re (I it; Man lamangy adv.-Though; 4it least;scarcely: hardly, otherwise. Manliso-n-Cram-p: spasm. Manlulupig-n Usurper. Manok-n-Rooster, cock; chanticleer. Mano na-intcer-Would to GOD; for heaven's sake. Manone-inter.-At least. Manong-adv.-Though; at least; scarcely; hardly; otherwise. Manotnot-v-To ravel. Mansa-n-Spot; stain;, blot; bluir; blotch;4 blemish; faeces: dirt. Mansahan-v-To stain; spoil; blur; blot; tarnish; bespatter; daub, contaminate; blotch. Mansuhin-v To tame; domesticate. Mantel-n-Mantel; tablecloth: altarclothi. Mantika-n-Grease: lard; fat. Mantinihin-v'-To maintain; support, sustain; hold up. Mantiquilla-n-Butter. Manuag-v-To hook with the hioris,; butt. Manuba-v'-To deceive; cheat; (lefraudl; swindle: impose upon., Manuba-a-Deceitful; cheating. Manubig-v-To urinate: em-it urine. Manubok-v-To spy; espy; waltch; test; try. Manuka-v-To peck. Manukod-v-To jut out; surpass; excelManuluyan-v-To lodge; board; repose; entertailn in one's home. Manumpa-v-To swear; make oath; curse; blaspheme. Manumpa nig kasinun~ralingan-v-To per juire; swear falsely. Manunuba-n-Swindler; clhent. Manunubok-n-Spy; hangdog. Manunula-n-Poet, MItanuinulid-n-Spiriner of thread,, examiiner. Manuiulong-n-Helper, aid; assistance; one who aidls or assists. Manunulsa-ii-Raper. papist. Manununog in-leendiarv; burner. Manuya v-To flatter; coax; defigtlh; please. Maolin-ain-v-To bespatter with soot..Maowi-v- ro return, (levolve; become. Mapa-n Map. Mapag aglahi-a-Joking funny happy. Mapag aksaya-a-Spendthrift prodigal. Mapag aksaya ang pag aari n-Spend. thrift; 'squianderer. prodigal. Mapagal-v-Tro fatigue, tire. Mapag amipoD-a-Generous; noble; liberal; magnanimous; kind. Mapagnumpa-a-Cursing. Mapagbalbas-n- Flatterer. Mapagbanalbanalan a Hypocritical: insincere. Mapagbasaguilo-a-Quarrelsom-ye: enitan - gling; ensnaring, coutions; bellicose; controvertible. Mapagbata-a-Childishi. Mapagbigay galang a-Respectfutl; polite. Mlapagbigay loob-a-Obedient; attentive; compliant. Mapagbiyaya-a-Extraavagant:- generous: wasteful, magnificent grand; splendid. Mapagbuhos-a-Effusive. Mapagdasal-a-Prayerful; pious. Mapagmagaling a-Curable. healable. Mapagliamon-a-Provocative:- irritative; provocating. provoking. Mapaghiangin-a- Boastful;- arrogant. M-apaghilik a-Snoring. Mapaghiinala-a Fearful; distrustful; suspicious: suspective; jealous. Mapag isip-a-Thoughtful; imaginative; fanciful. contemplative. Mapagkit-a-Vicid -viscous- sticky. Mapagkonowar'i-a-Hypocritical; deceitful; false: untrue: counterfeit. Mapaglantunay-a- Slothf ul; tardy, slouchy. Mapaglaro-a-Playful: jesting; rompisli; wanton. Mapaglaway-a-Salivous. Mapaglinkod a-Compliant, loving, kind; obliging; obsequeous. Mapag lura-a-Salivous. Mapdgmarikit-a Spruce; proudl; haughty; blown. Mapagmaruinong-n-Pretender; sciolist. Mapagnmasid-a-Observing; careful, cautious. Mapagmayabang-a-Conceited; proud; haughty.

Page  83 MAP 83 MAP Mlapagniura a Vile; slandering; low; slanderous. Mapagnasa-a-Desirous eager; greedy-, longing lewd. Mlapagod-v-To be or become tired, be fat'ilouted or worn uot. M~.~i~pagYiuibabaw-a-Feigtied; false. M apagpalaro-a-Playf ul. Mapa~gpaniaginip-a- I)reanmy. MI-Apagpasial-a Strolling walking. M1apagpasiya-a- Abstinent. Mapagpatawa-a-Laughable; happy; gay; joy3ful ludicrous. Mlapagpatuibo-a-Feitile; profitable. Mapagpigil-a-Temperate; frugal mfodlcrate abstemnious; prudent, sober. M-apagpita-a-Respectfnlly- kind; generous. Mapagpitagan-a-Polite; respectful; kind; obligling generous. M,,apagpasinuigii-oaling-a-Lying; (leceitful; erroneous. Map agsiste —a Joyful; gay, festive happy; graceful. Mlapagsugal-n Gambler. M1apagsumibong n Telltale. Mapagsurnbong n-Informer; telltale; talebearer. Mlapagtago a-Secret underhanded. Mlapagtago aug galit-a Rancorous spitefuli. M apagtamiasa-a-Profuse; lavish; showy; abundant. Mapagtanimn sa loob-a Rancorous:. spitefull. Mapagtapon-a-Spend thrift; prcdigal. MNIapagtawa-a-ILaughable. Mapagtiis-a Patient; forbearing; accomo(lating abstinent. M\a~pagtum-pak-a-Prudiishi; fastidious. Mapagtungay w-a-Cursing slanderous; vile; foulmnouthed. Mapagupasala-a-Critical; slandering; insulting. MNapagwari-a Prudent; considerate; inaditating oontemplat-ive. Mapaghamak-v-To injure: hurt. Mapahinga-v-To rest; repose; be calm; breathe; respire. MWapaigatan-a-To i,-terpose; intercede. Mapaikpik v-To ccmpm-ess; press. MNapainom-v-To invite to drink. Mapait-a Mordant bitter; poignant; punogent; rough to the taste. Mapakaila-v To de~ny; retract. Mapakaila a-Deniable. Mapakaluma-v-To be 01(1 or stale. Mlapakatanda-v-To) be very 01(1. Mlapakialamna-Maddlesome: i nter f e - ring. Mapakikinabafigan-a Profitable; servicible; u'Lseful: beneficial. Ma palad-a-Happy;jlucky; fortunate blessed pI-osperous; successful;, thriving. Mapalagay-v-To elect; chose; nominate..Mapalaran v-To be lucky; happy; or fortunate. MIapainanhbin-a- Snperstitous Mapanmansa-a Spotted,- dirty; proud; arrogrant MVapamunla-v-To commence; begin.Mapanaog-v-To go dlown; descend; let or sendl down. Mapang agad-a-Quick; early. Mapang, agad-ad'v-Early; quiclky. MNapan~aw ang guilong-v To stick in the mutd. Mlapangbabayi-a-Lewd; lustful. Mapanghibe-a-]Deceitful; cheating. Mapanglibka a-Scoffing: ridiculous. Mapanglibak nt-Scoffer; scorner; censor. M apanghiceayat- a Attractive; exciting. Mapanhinayan ga-Attractive. Mapangiba-n-Gainsayer. M alanelaw-a Gloomiy; dark; obsc~ure: sorrowful: sad;, mournful sullen; somber:- cheerless; rueful: mean; murky; hazy. M apangguilo a-Turbulent; seditious; mal content; discontented, noisy; hoisterous - Mapanhik-v-To mnount; ascend; go u.p:- increase.Mapa~nira-)v-Destroyer; breaker. Mapa~nirang. puni-n -Defamer. Mlapansin-v-To feel; note; understand; hit upon. Mapantay-v-To become equal or matched Mapanumpa-a-Foulmouthed; vile. Mlapanuya-a-Flattering. Mapaos-a Hoarse; husky. Mapalitan-a-Chiangeable. Maparafigalan-a-Boastful; arrogant; proudl haughty. Mapasa iba-v-To fall'to another; devolve; relapse. Maparis-v-To be like or equal; resemble; match. Mapasal-v-To meddle: interfere. Mapasalan-v-To be obstructed or choked uip. Mapa~sigaw-v-To exclaim; cry out. Mapasok-v-To enter; go in. Mapatawa-a-Comic, comical. Mapatong-v-To put on; add to; aug ment. Mapatpat-v-'To go to a place without any difinite object in view.

Page  84 MAR 84 MAR iviap~atulala-a-ast~onishling(; sttuif evi ng; won d efutll. Mapawis-v-To be sweaty or swveated. MN~apawis-a-Sweaty; perspiring Mapeka v To feel angry or hurt. M apekas-a An~gry; disgusted; hurt. Mlapiga-v-To squeeze, press. Map~aghati-a Antiphatetlhic; irritated. Mapigil-v-To be bound or restrained. Mapilay-ii-To become lamie limp sprain. Mapilipit-v To be twisted or twined, tvkist;1 twine abouit. Mlapdlit-a Urgent compulsory. M-iapilitin-v-To press; uirge; compel p oblige. Mapintasae-a-Censorious. Particular. Mapoot-v-To be exasperated, irritated, offended or provoked. Mapoot a-sulky; testy. Mapootin-a-Touchy; moody; fretful; irrasaible Mapudpod-a-Blunt; duill stupid. Mapula a-Red. reddish; ruddy. Mapula aug muikhia a Redf aced. Mapulang mukhia-n-Blush. Mapuilapula-a-[ ink reddish. Mapfflot-v-Tro find; pick uip; detect; hit upon: meet. Mapfflot-a Full of honey; having much honey. Mapunigay ang iiata-a-Squin tey ed; sleepy. M\'apuno-v-To, fill; stuff. Mapurol-a- Dull;- obtuse; blunt: spiritless. Mapurol aug isip a Dull; torpid, stupid; inert; slow. Mapati-a-White. Maputik-a-Muddy; miry. Maputiputi-a. Whitish. Maputla-a-Pallid; pale; discoloredl; colorless; sallow; ghastly. Marabilis-n-Maravedi. Marahian adv.-Slowly; little by little; by degrees. Marahas-a-Brave; valiant; bold; audacious forward. Marabil-adv-Probably; perhaps; mnaybe; can be; haply. Maralita-a-Needy. poor; poverty-strickeni; in want. MaramnaT-v-To effect: inculpate. Maramndaman-v-To feel; grieve; percieve; note. Maramdamiin-a-Sensible; tender; notable; sensitive; tender; hearted; aff ectionate. Maram-i-n-Many; numerous; copious; abundant; plenitifuil; manifold; severa I. Maraming buto a Bony., Maraming dahon-a- Leafy; futll of leaves. Maramning nabasa sa libro-a-Leai-ned. Maraming pagaaringlupa-n L and-holder, planter. Maramning panuilukan-a-Angular; cornere(l Marauiiug taba-a Greasy, fatty; corpulent obese. Maraming sanga-a-Branchiv ramous; ramiose having many branches. Mararnot-a Stingy: m-iserly; paltry; uiggardlly; petit; close meanu, cflosefisted; penurious; tight grasping; frug-al, voraciousn; selfseeking, m serab~le; 'churlish narrow. MNarangal-a-Emi-inent; honorable noble; illustrious,, solemn; exellent sublime: grand: great.: fine splendid; sum-yptuous; surpassing; potent; just; fair; ]hon est. patrician; transceadant;exalted; pow",erful; -wealthyv; large: huge. lofty important. Mlaarapat-i-To (lreserve; mierit; have due: appertain belong to. Mlarapatin-v-To incur, m-erit; heave (due. Marapatang tangapin a Acceptable. MNarapat nasain-a-Desirable. Marapat pagpalain a-Mieritable;deserving. Marapat parusahaiia Punishable, that Which should; he punished. Maratihan-v-To accustom; be experienced, ab~le or accustomed to. Marawal-a Unworthy; undleserving; unmneritable. M'arawal ang ugali a-Impolite; rude; false. bad mannered. Marawasan-v-To known; experience, be able. Margen-n Margin; edge. Marikit-a-Beautifuil; graceful; pretty gen see]; elegagt; excellent; nice neat; fair. hand~ome; gay; gallant; fine,; exquisite: (lexterous. Marilag a Eminent grand; famous; illustrious; magnificent, noble honorable:,splendid; gracefu'; gay; shinling; 'lucid. Marinero-n-Sailor; mnarine; seafaring man - Marinig-v-To hear: understand: pay attention: percieve-, overhear. Marka-n-Mark; stain ru. Marktihan-v To stamp; miark; brand. Marques-n-Marquis. Martillo-n-Hamnmer. Maruinhan-v-To dirty. soil; bedpatter. Marumi-a Dirty: sA-l (I. nasty; filthy; foul; sordid; indece it dingy; grtmy; dowd-lv; droosv: obW'-cene; licentious; obscu~re; jetty; gloomy. unbecoming. Marungis-a-Dirt-; soiled; filthy; foul; nasty; dowdy; droosy; sordid; din gy;

Page  85 MAS 85 \1 A S uninndtece, becoming; hiewd; licen tious, obscene,. Marunong, a-Wise; learnedl knowing,: discreet; prudent; judicious sage; erudite; shirewd; proficient pruden tial conversant able; civilized, sapient; reservedl. Maruuiongr-n-Save; wise mani. Marunong magin~at n~i Iilmiimia-Secret, silent reserved. Marunong inakipagkapwa tawo-a polite, urbane; courteou:, wellb~red. Marupok-a-Brittle; frail feeb'e fragile; delicate; forceless, frangible; w eak. Marzo n March., Masabi a-Loquaciouis talkative. Mlasadhian-v- ro be obstructed or chiokedI Lip). Masagyana-a-Abundant excessive plentiful; wealthy:. rich. Mas-ago,,na-ad-c~.-Abuindauitly; evcessively: plentif ully. M~asagana sa dugio-a-Sanguine. Masagana s-a pagaari a-1Mch:I opulent; affluent:, wealthy. Masagyi-v-Gall; wear away by friction. Masagutin a-Answerable; r es po n si vel respond ent. Mlasahinr-v-To knead. Masakinm-a-Avaric~ous; greed(y; niiserly.Masak~it-a-Sick; painful; dolorous. laborious - Masaklad-a-Sour, mordant; rou(,lm to the taste; upldea saut (Iisagreeable., Ma~sakop-v-To protect; defend; be an.nexed; be included; imnlendl Masaktan v-To (cripple hurt injure; mnain; woundl; offend; grieve. Masaktin-a-Unhiealthy: painful;- sickly Ma isaku na-a-Di sastron -. Mnsalab-v-To scortch:I singe. Mosalanta-i-To lbe of no use. Mas.l ita a-Loquacious, talkative; conv-ersant, garrulous; voluble. MAasalubong-v-To encounter; mneet: join; hlit upon. Masaltingat-v-To oppose; repugn; contradict. Masama-a-Bad; evil: wicked; vile; perverse vicious; pernicious unbecoming; indeceent~ banefu~l; dleleterious; harmful: abo ive protligate; arrant: (lespicible depraved: infamous; omlinouls: destructive, dreadful; false; ferocious: terrible; fatal. Masama-adv. Perverselyv viciously; pernicious lv; banefully. Masama-n-Evil~ bad harm; faul, hurt;, injurv; miscthief. Masama, at hiilig-a Sinister; inauspicious; vicious.Masainiiag htitsura-a, 1l1lshaped; deformied. Masanmain-v To(, disapprove; (,emisure:, dislike reprove make or cause to be bad.; hate adlhor detest loatlhe. Masamnaug kaugalian a-Illb.red rude. i\Iasamimag uigali a-Illmnannerredl, imuipolite; ihlbred. Mlasamna lpa-a-ANiorse. iAlasania sa lalmat-a-Worst. Mlasamnbulat-v-To scatter; sow bronilc ast. Moasanayv-lTo practice know; experience: 1)0 accustomied or able. Masamid~at-or-To till stuff; satisfy; glut.. Mlasonzia-a-Branchvy; rainouse. Masansang (1-Strong scented. Mlasapantalia-v To presume: suppose, Masapong-r-To meet, encounter; collidle; hit upon. Masarap a-Palatable: sweet; sav-orv; delicious. richi; dainty,- tasty. nlice: select; (eleicate. Mlasarapamm-v To bte sweet; sweeten; mnake palatable or savory. Masava a-hialppy;joy-fuil; cheer-ful jocose: jocular; entertaining; mermy; halcyoni; facetious; pleasan-; affable conivivial; bonlyant; gleeful; jaunty; viva, cious; winsome coinimcal; coniic good natured. cavalier, festive,- amusing:~ tasty - M\asAdvang-v To throw away; fail of success; (10 in vain. Masaya aug lobl-v-Happy; gay; jovial; mnerry; cheerful; compliant. Masay,-a aug mu~khiaa-Smliling; agreeable. Masculino-a Masculine. Moadain-nExploration watching examination:I study; observation; noticespying. Mlasabo a-Greasy fatty, fat. Maselang-n Clean; neat tidy; fastidious, cleanly; lparticular cleanly. Masiba-a-Glutfinous; fond (if dainties. Masid-n-Observation; glance; gaze; look. Masidli-a-Active; affective. Masigla a-Diligect; active; merry; amnusing. Mas-,ikap-a-Officious;diligent;indutstriouts; solicitous anxious; assidtuous. Mlasiki-a Shyv. bashful; emibarrassed - Mlasikip-a-N~arrow: close: tight. Mlas ksik-v-Tro fill up- stuff. Masilaw-v-To be dazzled; daze. Mlasindlak-v-To be startled, surprised, or astonished.

Page  86 MIAS 86 MAT Masinop-a Curious inquisitive. Masnsa-v-'obe clear, evident or M1asinsay a-Clear, evi(Ient. Masinusin-a Close thick; compact firm; solid; consistent, gross; tight. strong: massive. Masintahin-a-Aftectionate; kind; loving, pleasing. Maqinutahin sa Dios-a-Pious; holy; uterciful. Mlasi pag-a-Diligrent: indusitrious; thrifty; serl uous Officious: readly; prom l~t; quick; active; stmart. Mlasipag niagaral-a-Studious. MNa-ipak —v-To break (pcr'. to, the Jaws). Masira-v To,. break; (lamage, rot, spoil; impair. Masira ang isip-t7-To go crazy, become (lenented or crazy. Masivaa-i. ta-Curious; inquisitive. Maso()n-Nave; huh. Alasobaso-vol To full down. Masowanl-a Stubborn- rebellious: contradlictorv disobedlient Masa-iwvxin-a Disobedient; (contradictory; stubbo)rn; obstinate, rebellious, conceited. Mlasubok-v-To try; experiment; attempt; experience. Alasubuican v To wound; hur"; cause pai ii. Masuhin-v-To drive or pound with, a mallet. Masucal-aDirty; filthyv; slattern. AIqsiiscal ang loob-a-Mfalcontent; (liscontentedl. iaswuklain-a Acrid detestable; loathesome execrated, antipathetic.. Masuclarn aug oob a-Angry; irritated. Masulat-v-To be written or composed. MNasuhlong v-To swell increase; continue; be brave or bold. 'Masumpong-v-To run against: tucet by chance:- strike or buitt against. Masundo-v-To be calledl or sent arter. M-asuuiduan a-Reconcilable. Masuingit-a-Cross.- intractable; severe; hiarshi;ardutouis;erampily tynfi(,fell rigidl; arbitrary; comb~ative cynical; pugnacious; vixenish; vixenly- crabbed. Masunod v-To Follow,' ceme next. Mlasuinog-v-lro burn; blaze; infi mer M asunurin a-Docile; couxvenient; gentle, inolerate; obedient-; attenti e; (uonpliant submissive; humible (luti fuil; atniable; resigned. duteous; indulgent. MNTasu pok-v-To be on sumiedl Masustancia a- Succulent., juicy, nourishing C. Mlasusuklamn a-Repulsive. Masuwayin-a-Obstinate; obdurate; stubborn conceited. Masuyo a-Obedient; attentive compliant; civil; polite; (courteous. Mataas a-J all; high- elevated, lofty transcendant majestic. M,,,ataas aug gitna-a-Convex convexed. Mataas mnagsalita-a Grandiloquent. M\Iataasg aug halnoga-a Dear, costly; high. pri ce(-l. Mataas pa a-Hligher; taller:, superior. Mataba-a-Fat obese:, greasy; chubby chunky; 'plump. thickset, corpulent unctious-; fertille fruitfvl: copious. iMatabang-a-Tasteless; insipid; dutll; heavy Mlatabil-a-lal kative loquacious. Mataboy-v-To be divorced or separate(I. Matagal-a-Staple permanent; firm; steady-; las tinlg: durab~le; prolix, indefatigyabWe; unwearied Mlatagid-v-To be obstructed; take the clear and leave the mnuddy. Mlatagilid-adv.-Sidewise. Mlataginuti ng-a-Sonoreus; pleasing; harmlon ions. Mfatago-viio be hidden or concealed. Matago a-Hidden concealed. Matagpos-a-'lo be (heficient; fail. Mlatagpuan-a-'l o find (letect; meet' encounter, discover, hit on. Matagumpay —v-To triumph exult; M\,atahiinik-v-To become calm, peaceful; serene or quiet. Matahimnik-adv.-Quietly: calmly. Mataho-v-To know; be able; experience. Matacaw-a-Gluittonous;g~reedy; sharpset; 1i-avening hoggish. Matakot-a-Afraid- terrified; intimidated tremulous; timlid; fearful. Mlatakuitin-a-Tremulous; timid: fearful:cowardly; apprehensive; sensitive; (01-ward: chickenhearted. Mlat-alas-a Cute; cunning; sly; sagacious; tlne; smart lively: knowing; crafty; diligent adroit- shrewd; discerning:, readly: delicate- perfect. Ma talas ang isip-a-Learnedl: sharp: intel-ien;skillful skillful; awake; know; -ing; ingenious; able; sagacious; keen; sapient; sage; watchful; lively. Matalas aug mnata a-Sharp eyed. Matalas mi-agmasid-a Cunning; sagacious. M1atalastas-if-To know; understand; com - prebiend:,prove, deIn~onstrate; manrifest; ex perienr(ce

Page  87 MAT 8 7 MAT NiVataliin-a Sharp; pointed; edgedl. Matalino a-Clear: circumnspect; witty; prudent judicious wise known61g; sharp; sensible light; acute discreet; learned smart; intelligent skillful; sagaciouls sage sapient; mature. Matalo v7- co lose. Matambog-i-To throw to another-. Matainbokc a-Swollen. Ma taii-si-n Sugar sweets. iMatainis a Sweet dulcet. Matainpuhin-a-Sulky. to u.t by; poutMatanda-a-Old aged; (lecrepid, ancient;antiqutatedl antique. Matandang g alit n-Rancor grrudge. Matandaan-a- vindi~ful retentive. Matanga-v-, ro astonish; stupefy. Matangisin-a-Touchy; snivellhug. Matankad a-Tall straight. Matainto-v-To understand; hear. Matapan-g-v'-Brave; valiant, bold; intrepidl; spiritedl; vigorous-; gritty: re(loulbtable, courageous stong; -firiii: gallant; dougty.tv graceful: stalwart.; stalworth spunky plucky agr-essive; sauicy; pungeiit: poignant. Matapos-v- o finish; terminate: endo; perish: dlie; conclude.Matarok v-To enter: 1)enetrate: ren-iark; sound. be understood: judlge. Matastas v-To rip: ravel. Matatag-a-Strong; robust vigorous: firni; fast; resolute; consistent- intlexib~le; solid; stubborn- tighit. Matatag v-Tro be established, ordained or enactedl. M atatahian an- a,- mulabi tab~le. Mlatatakut-in-a Fearful, tim-orous; timid:1 ctowar(1. Matatangap) a-Ad -nissible; accept able; fit; proper; recievable. Matatawaniin-a-Smiling- agreeable. Mat aYog a-Hig_,h; tall; elevated Matayong-11-To obstruct chieck stop. Matibay-a-Firm; storng. staple; coim - pact; stout; sound- permanuent: per'fect: fast; steady: resolute:- secure; entire; constanit; coarse- cornplete; solid; vigorous hian]; rigid, informed, close. Matibay na, loob-a-Constant: loyal:, manifest; steadlfast; firni. Mat-igast aHard; solid; subborn; firiui; inflexible; vigorous: tight-. Matigas ang buihok o balahibo aBristly. Matigas ang ugali-a-Stuibborn; pertinaceous; obstiiiate. Mat-igas ang nbl-a-Stubborn: lpertina ceous obstinate, contumelious, (logredl- teimaceous. M atininak —L- Co impregnate: b e impregnated; soak. Matlis a- Volorable; suifferable- (constant: obstainiiig; obs~ mealt. triru; lox-al; Matikaian-v-Tro try; attenipt; experience; tamste" experimnent. Matili-n 'Shrill. Matinibang-i- r-1o balance:, counterpoise: be weighcd. Matindial-leavy; weighty - cunubro stroii;cubsone Matinik a-Thorny spiny. Matinilug-v-To re- ound; tingle. Matining n~a kalooban-a- brave-e strong: -valiant. Matining, na 1001))-a Vol oerate: forbeariii, temnperate kind - obliging; polite; const-ant; manifest, brave, valiant; Matinkal (a ulodldv. Mlatipi-a-To coinpress; be com-pressed. Matipip-a E~conomuic; fi-ugal; economn11 -ical; (lose; stingy. Matira-~ ro rem-ain: stay; stop ovei-; residle Matisod-rfo stumble sutub. Matisuran a-S,_'ttubl~ling tripping. Matitiis aTolerating- absteindios; sufferable; abstaining. Matitirahian-alunhabitable; hab~itable. Matiyaga-a-Constant loyal: firii; dili: gent: tolerating; sufferable. Matong-n Hamper; ba~sket. Matowa-c To be happy, g.ay, iimerrv, dlelighted rejoiced. Matowid-afRight- legal- la fuil- juistconstitutional; honest,-: up r iglut straight direct poimutblaiik. Matowid ad-c-Rationally; justly; honest. lv' gibteously. Matsing,-n- %bonkey. Matuirani-i-To dlebate. discuss; dispute.; controvert reason. Matfibo-a-Lucrativ-e. profitable: flour ishiing; thurivinig increasing; growing. Matuiklasan v-Te dliscover; detect: find; search - Matulin-a S'wift: quick, fast, nimbl e: rapid:1 prompt; hasty; preci litate; spry. Matuilin-ade'.-Rapidfly lighitly; quickly; ready; promiptly; precipitately. Nlatula~d-v To resemtible; be sim~-ilar. Matuilis-a-Sharp pointed: niarked. Matulog-v-To sleep.- doze; sl umber. Matulov i'To continue; p~roceedl; effect accomuplish -

Page  88 MAU __ _ _ _ IAlatutnal-a-Dii~ll~ (lepressive, Matunmbakativ-To coije cture; assert; gumess lilt upon: stamnp. Mlatuinaw-vi o dissolve; liquefy; mielt. Mlatunaw ang kinain-iv-To digest. Maunongkol-v- I o respect; belong or pertaim to apportain; concern, relate; refer, behoove, correspondl. M, tunog-a Sonorous; resounding; loud, MNatnto-v-To learn; experience: comlprehend. Xiatutol n Respondent: replier. Matuto-a -Readly; having the last word. Matutol-v-To respond. Matuituhan v-To learn. Mlatuwa aHappy: joiful- content- satishfedl; fain- gleefuli. good hunmoredjoyous5..Alatuyo-vc-To dlry up dessicate, fall; pine away; become lean'or thin. Mauban-a-Hoary; grey headed: old; hoarM.\aubos v-To give out; expend:, run out of; use uip Maubo-a-Hoarse with a cold. Mlaubuhain-a-Subject to colds or hoarse ness. Maug at a Nervous robust: lithe; vigorous M iuhaw a-Tlhristy, dIry. M~auko1-v-To pertain:, beong,( to; appertain. M1aukol sayv-To belong, pertain; concern; behoove. Maukol sa aninny-a Olfactory; pertaining to the sense, of smell. Maulan a Rainy; showery; pluvious, lpluvial. Mlaulap-a Cloudy-: hazy; forgy- misty. Maulininkan-v-To hear imperfectly; hear indlistinctly. Mlanlol v-Tro demenit; become crazy or (Iemn- e nt e d. Maumiii-a-Mute; short. Mlaumnid-v-To stan(1 munte or silent; shorten. Mlaumpog-v To bumip against; run against. Mauina-v-To go before; anticipate; go aheal;, preceedl. Mauntog-v-To bumlp against; oollide, strike against Mlaupo-vTo sit ilown. Mfausisa-v-To inquire;- investigate; be curious. Mlausisain a-Inquisitive; curious. Mautak-a- Brainy. Mautak at mahinahon-a-Prudent; sedate. Mautal v-To stutter; staummer. Mlantas-v-To finish; terminate; end; conci lude. 8 MAY 1'lau-amn-a-Critical; scoffing; s-arcastie; sardoniic. Mawvanki c-To be similar or- like; resemnble; be alike. Mawala-v-To lose, be lost. Mla~vulan-v-To lose be lost. Mlawalati aug hiya-v-3o become shamneless; lose one's sense, of saame Mawala aug dili-v-To lose one's seimse of honor, Mlawalan ang pitagan-v-To lose one's selfrespect, become rude or imprudent; be dlisrespectful. Mlawatasan-v-To understand; comiprehendt know. May-v-To have; l)ossess contain, hold. Mlayabang-a-Boasting; braggiiig; boast; ful; vaunting: conceited; blown; vainproud; haughty: whimsical. Mayaban g (an~q;-n-Boaster. bragger. Mavalbong a-Leafy; luxuriant; branchy; sprightly. Mayamnan-a-Riclh- potent; weal byv; opulent; powerful: eminent; afflue~ntMlayamnot-v-To disgust; vex; (displease; molest loathe; irritate lose p~atienceMlaya mutin a-Tedious; tiresome dlisgusting irksome; lcathe some irrita. ble; vexatious. May anini na panulukan-a Sixcorniered; May apat na mukha a-Four faced; qua(lrila'eral; having four faces. May apat na paa-a-Fourfooted; quadruped - May ani-n-Owner; propi etor; lord; master. May ani ng daong n-Shipowner. May ani ng gilingin-n-Miller, millown er. May asin a-Salty; briny: saline. May bait-a Judicious; prudlent; discreet. May huig-a-Bunchy; full pf bunchies. May buto-a-Bony. May damdlam-a Suffering; sick; indisposedl; feeling; patient. May dangal-a-Honorable illustrious; noble; gentlemanly. honest. May daya-a Counterfeit- false; cheating. May duda a-Doubtful; mistrustful. May dunong a-Wise; intelligent; a-pterudite; knowing; fit learned. May galit-a-Angry; mad. May gawa-n-Author; maker. May gawa-a-Busy. May guhlit-a-Striped; full of lines. May gusto a-Voluntary. May gusto-ad-v-Voluntarily. May haligi-a Columnar. May lialong Ilupa-a-Terrene; earthy. May hanga-a-Limited; finite, bounded.

Page  89 MAY 89 MAL May isip-a-Rational; prudlent, judicious; sensible. May kamandag-a-Baneful; poisonous. Mlay kapal-n Creator. May kasalanan a Culprit delinquent. May7 katawan-a Corporeal; cc rp ulent plumip; fat obese. Mlay katowirin-a-Justificable. May katungeulan n-Officeholder; Oue who has a trade or vocation. May katuingculan magbayad-n-Paynmas - ter. May kaya-a-Competent; fit- able; apt; proper; sufticieut; enough. May lalaug it-Creator. May lafigib a-Scabby. Ala' I ipak a-Callous. Mlay hluhaa Weeping. May malakiug nasa a-Greedy; ravenous; very desirous. May mnansa a-Stained, spotted; dirty. May masanmang kaloohan-a-Malevolent; malignant; malicious angry. May maraming butas-a CellularMay maraming hitsura-a-Multiform. Mlay nana-a-Furulent. Mfay filgipin-a-Toothed. Mayo-n-May. May pafigintindi-d-Intelligent; skillful; learned; knowing; wise. May pagitan-adv.-At intervals; by a tervals - May pagcaulolulol-a Foolish; silly; halfwittedl. May pagsala-a-Fallable. May pakinabang-a-Profitable useful; gainful; proficious. M.ay pahid na sebo-a-Greasy; greased..May pakpak-a Pennate. Mreay pafigako-a-Votary May pafiganib-a-Dangerous; perilous, haz,'ardous. May pafiganib mahulog a-W ever in g; unsteaby: unstable. M\sy-. pan~ganib mahulog-adv.-Waveringly. May pawis-a-Sweaty; perspiringMay pitagan a-Respectful; honorable; noble gentlemanly. M\ay puni-a-Honorable; honest; pure; just fair; virgen. MNay putik-a-Muddy; miry. M\ayroonD-V-T1O have: possess: coin tain. May sakit-a-Sick; ill; unwell; infirm; patient. M.\ay sak i tn- Patient; sufferer; sick person.May sala a- Faulty; guilty; dilinquent; amiss. May, sala-it-Dil inquenit; offender-; criminial. Mlay salapi a-Rich wealthy. May sugat a-Wounded May sunkay-a-Horned. May supil sa kamatayan a-Mortal; fatal (leadllv. May sutla-a Silken. May tali a-Subject; tie(d knotted; bu iid. May tangani-Motheaten. May tanim. sa boob-a Angry; wrothi; 0(11011. May tatlong nkipin a-Trident. May tatlong nkipin-n-Trident. May tatlong paniulukan-a-Il riangular. May tatbong panulukanun-Triangle. May tatlong wika-a-'lnrilenguar. May tinik-n-Tlorny: spiny. May tubo-a Profitable; gainf ul. MIayv tuka a-Beaked. M\ay tulis-a-Poited sharp. May uban - a - Hoary, white headed;,Mayun-ib-a Pitted; full of holes. May uod a-WormeateD. May usap-n-Litigant. Mayilscula-n-Capital. letter. May utang n-Debtor. May walong silaba-a-Octosyllabic. Mlelon-n-Melon. Mlercu rio-u-Mercury. Mey-v To have; possess; contain. Microbe-u-Microbe. Mina n-Mine Minamnahal -v -Beloved; dear; favorite-, (larl i ng. M i nanD.a- a-In heri ted. Mina ng asiu-n-Salt mine. Minindal-n-Luncheon; lunch. Mitsa-n-Lamp-which: which. MNo pro.-Thy: thine; your; yours. Molinette-n-Windlass. Monja n-Mun. Monje-n Monk. Muang-a-Foolish, ignorant; artless; simple. Niugmnog-n-Gargle. Mugmogin-v-To gargle. Mahi-n-Molestation xexation: disgust; abhorence; hardshid; detestation; grievar ce. Mluhiin-a-IDisgusting: teidous; irritable; impatient: loathesome. Mlukha-n-Face: aspect: surface: shape; outside; countenance; looks; front:, cover; side. MNukhaan-v-To face: make a face. vlukha nA dahon DA libro-n-Page of a book. MNukbang angel-a-Seraphic angelic. Mula.-n-BegiDning; origination; origin. Miila-prep.-Since; after. 12

Page  90 N'A D 90 NAG Mula adv. Since;, after. Mulaan v-To commience; begiuv undertake, attempt. Mulain-v- ro commence; begin attempt. uindertake, examine, investigate. Muli-adv.-Again. Muilihin-v-To grind. Muliing-a-Foolishi. Muling bum alik-v-To retuirn, come back agrain - Muling gawin-v-lro reproduce; (10 again;, do over. Muling ibigkis-v-To rebaundle rebind. Muling( ipatnlugot-i-To renew a lease or contract. Muting kathairi-v-To reproduce. Muling mubuhay-v-To acqunire new life; revive. Iviuling magsisui-v-To resprouit. Maling magysupling-v-To res'prout. Mffling tingnan-v-To review; revise. Malta-v- Mulct fine; forfeit. Multahan r-To fine; m-ulct; make pay a f orf eit. Multiplicando-nY-Muiltiplic.aud(,. 'Muna-adv.-Before; prior., Mundo-n World. Na-p~rop)-AW110; which; thiat,'whomn. Naagaw tuilog-a-Sleepy; drowsy. Naayon sa miatowid- a-Just; fair, equitable; honorable; according to rigt. Naayos-a-Shipshape; arranged. Naayos sa inabuiting caugaliani-a, Just; simple; sacred; honorab~le; noble; virtuous Naayos sa matowidl-a-Lawftil; jnst: according to law. Nababagyayra-Convenient; fit; pr-oper; suitable; proportional; correspondinig. Nabangit-a-Said. aforesaid; afo renientioned; abovemientioned. Nabibitin a-Pendant; hanging; unpaid. Nabububay sa limos-n-Beggar. Nababakod-a-Solitary; sepai'ated; lone; extra; especial;- special; extraordinary; exceptional; rare Uncom mon. Nabubulok-a-Corruipting. Nabulok-a-Corrupt. Nadadapat-a-Proper; fit;, ierited; corresponding. Nadadaya-a-Deluisive;, cheating; decieving. Nadarapat-a- Proper, fit; correspondling; merited.Nadarapat sa silong-a-Nasal; pertaining; to the nose. Muni-n-Peanut. Munika-n-Doll, Munti-a-Small; little. Munti aug halaga-a-Trifling; light; of no consequence - Munting duende n-Elfini. Munting (lamdam.-n-Indisposition. Munting trabaho-n-Chiore Muog-n-Rampart; wall. Manting piraso ag lupa n-Plot; plat. Muma-a-Cheap; valueless, tender; young; modern, new; recent,. Mura n Curse; imprecation. Mura aug, halaga a-Cheap;- valueless;, trifling. Muirahin-v-To insult; revile;, abuse; affront; accuirse; c-urse; detract; vilify;I vituperate. Muselinla-n-Muslin. Mdsica-n-Music. M iisico-n-Musician - Mason-n-Land mark. Mastasa n-Mustard;I mustard greens.; Mutain-n Soreeyed. Maltya n-Love; Mutytangc a Beloved; dear, darlin'g. Nagaahot n-Giver; dlonator, donor. Nagalay-n-Dedication; give; donator; donor. Nag-aalon-alon a-Wavy; undulatory - Nag amnpon-a-Tutelary; helpful; toutelam, protecting. Nag aantok-a-Sleepy; drowsy; soma amhal ent. Nagaaral-ni Student; Scholar; pupil; dIisciple. Nagaaraw-n-Laborer, journevyman; mercinary. Nngaas-ahan -a-Expectant - Nagaaso-a-Smoky; full of Sm-ok-e. Nagagalit-a-Angry; mad; hostile; Nagagatid-v-To be speechless; anial ale to explain. Nagagayak-a-Prepared; provident; readly. Nagbabalita n-Narraton; relater;- reporter; herald. Nagbabalita a-Monitory; niewsy; adnion - itory. Nagbabanalbannlan-n-Hypocrite. Nagbabanalbanalan -v- H y p o r it i ca 1;, false; demur. Nagbabayad-a-Retributit~ve; Iretrib~utinag: paying. Nagbabayad-n-Payer; lie who payls. Nagbibigay-n-Giver, donor.

Page  91 NAG" 91( Nagbibili-n-Buyer, seller. Naghibili ng asin-n Salt dealer. Nagbibinta~ig-n-Im putor accuser. Nagbibisita-n-Visitor. Na-bigti n-Suicide. Nagubulig-a-Bunchy; full of bun ch cs or clusters. Nagbubu nga- n-Fertilizer. Nagdadakop-a-Needy; in want. Nagdadalit-n- Vocalist. Nagdladalarnhlati-n-Sorrowfuil; low spirited; drejected Nadamndam-a-Sorrowful; low spirited. dlejected. Nagd araan -a-Transitory - Nag did(iwang-fl-Celebrator; one who celebrates. Naghabilin n-Repositor. Naghahalai-n-Elector; chooser. Nagh ahalanman-n-Gardener, rthoiculturist Naghahiandog-n-Donater; giver; (lonor. Na ghahatid(-n-Convoy. Na9ghahayad n-Herald; reporter. Naghihhiian-v-'I o exist cause, make; form;Y) practice; produce. Naghihingalo-a-Dying; dear death. Nag iibig-a-Loving; desirous; longing; eager. N a~ iiinainalon-a-Wavy: undulatory. Nag iistt-a-Solitary; lone; only; sole; singular. single; individual; lparticular; especial; solus; lonely. Nag iisa adv.Aloine; 'purely;: simply. Nag iisipin-a-Pensive; thoughtful. Nagisincga-Awake, watchful lively. Nagykakaakma-a-IUniform; agreeing-, fit; proper; convenient. Nagka-kadugton g-ductong - a - Continuos; lasting; asiduous. Nagkakahiati-n-Halved. N agkakai sa-n-Attesting; unanimous; uniform; confirming. Yagkia-kaloob-n-Donor: giver. Nagka kapisan-adv.-Unanimously; uniformly; joinedly; conjointly. N agka-kataon-v-Accident-, casualty; happen ng. Nagkaroon-v.-ihp.- Had. Nagkasala-n-Violater, sinner; delinquent; malefactor. Nagkataon-al-Accidental; casual; unexpected, fortuitous; haphazard. Nagkatoan-n Contingent; accident. Naglalakad n-Pedestrian; traveler; walker. Naglalako, ng asin-n-Saltdealer. Navlalaro-n-Player. Niagfiligaw-n Lover; wooer; one who co) u ts. Nagrladqainai-a-Increas~ing; thriving; or grow ing N agiliw-anag-a Radiant; resplendent; sfininhg; glittering.,, Na luluflan-a Containing- having. Nauimn a n-Heir; lagatee. Na'ginakawxxn-Robber; peculator; thief. Nagnianasa a-IDesirious. longing; eager; greedy. Na nniguing a-Resplendent;?trlittering. shining. Napangako-n Votarist; votaress; votary. Nagpapahunga-n-F1rilit grower. Nagpapadala-nt Sender; remitee; remittor Nagpapahiina-n-Extenuating.,Nagpr~apapsiyat- a-Extenutating.Y Nagypapag~ayong(ayon-ni-Traimp; hobo; hum. N\ao, papakati- a-Dim iinuiitix-e, Nagp~apakonowari-a-False; feigned. Nagpapala as-a-Stren gthening. N-agpapalamibot a Softening; mollifying. Nagp a paIi i t -a- D im i nuit i ve. Nagpapalimbag-n-Editor. Nagpapalimos-n Beggar. Nagpapaluang a-Laxative. Nagpapamian an- Legator. Nagpaastl-n-Herder; cowboy; herdsmen; herdman. Nagpapasulsol-r-Agitator. Nagpapaupa sa araw-'n-Laltorer; journeyman; wor man. Nagpipigil-n-Detainer; oewho stops. Nagpipita-a-IDesirous, longing; eager. N asasalawahan-n-Irresolute undecided; flirting. Nagsaysay-n-Narrator; relator; reporter; analyst. Ntigsisisi-n-PenitentNagsutsumbong-n-Accuser; informer; denouncer. Nagsusugal-n-Gambler. Nagtatangi-v-T deny; refuse. i ag~tatakbo-n-Runner. Nagtafanim-n —Planter; farmer. Nagtitiis-n Sufferer; patient. Nagtitinda-n Seller- vender. Nagtitinda, no binhi-n-Seedsman. Nagtitinda no bunigang kahoy n-FruitvenderNagftitinda ng mn~a pagkain-n-Grocer. N~agitira sa bundok-n-Mountaineer. Nagtut-uro-n-Teacher; educator. Naguas-n-PetticoatNag ntos v. Imp.-Bade. Naghahalal sa katungkulan-ii-Elect; the chosen. Ndhahiang~a-a-Bordering; neighboring. Nahahapis -aGrievous; pitiful.

Page  92 NAK92AF 92 NAK Nahibo-n-Victim. INahihiya a Ashamed; sliv; coy; crestfallen; mortified. Nahuhuli-a-Last hindmost posterior. Naibigan-a-Lovable. Nais n-Wish; desire; will; want, longing;x eagerness; hankering lust; mind; aspiration; cupidity; whim anxiety. Nais ngi sarili-n Self will. Naka-aakit-a-Attractive inductive. Naka-aalibadbad-a Nauseous. Naka-aalimura- a Outrageous d is ho aI orable. Naka-aaliw-a-Loving; recrea tive, divert.ing; coutfortable. Naka-aanyaya sa katamaran- a-Lazy; Indolent; inattentive. Naka-aaral-a-Wise:- learned; sage. Nakaahon sa m~a utang-a- Solveut. Nababagot-a-Sharp; rough; mordant, disagreeable. Nakababawas-aDiminuitive. i~akabibigkis-a-Bundled. iNakabitin a-Pensile; suspended. Nakabubulok-a-Curruptive putrifying. Nakabubuti-a-Wholesorne, heathful; salutary. Nakabuikod-a-Distinct;disc-rete;exclusivye. Nakadadaya-a Delusive; illusive; deceitful; affected]; claptrap; sham - Nakadayti a-Touching: adjacent. Nakadudutlit aTerrifying; frightfuLI. NaKadudusta-a Ignominious; (lisgraceftul; dishonorable; reproachful; shameful. Nakadugtong a-Adjuinct. Nakadu-tong-n- Appendix - Nakagag ding n-Sinative. Nakagagalin sa kata wan n- Healthiful; wholesome - Nakagagalit-a-Offensive onerous: dis ag reeable; unpleasant; vexatious; ugly; immodest; homely; f asitidious; grievous. Nakagayak-a Prepared ready; p~romlpt. Niakahahialina-a-Alluring., attractive; instructive. Nakahalo-a-Mixed: mingled. Nakahianda-a-Prepared prompt,; ready-; fit. Nakalianga-a-Bordering. Nakaharap-a Present.' Nakaharap adv.-Present in front of. Nakahiga-a- Laid down; horizontal. Nakahigpit-a Tight; close; contracted. Nakahihibo-a-'Jheating deceiving- illusive; alluring claptrap; guileful; sham: simulateNakahihikayat-a-P ro vocative; exeiting; quarrelsome, inciting. Nakaliihila-a Attractive; induc-tive.. Nakihiiina'anga.Pitifuil; sad; (lolefuil; sorrowful - Nakah ihiya-a-Shamef ul; nefarious;abo amnible: hienous; shameless. Nakahilig a Minded inclined. Nakahiwalay-adv -Apart asu ader. Nakaiisip-a-Abstracted. Nakakaiwia-Eatabl e nutritous; nutr-itiv'e. Nakakalakip-adv.-Jointly, unait edl v; conjointly. Nakakalat-a-Svattered; wide; open. Nakakalat-adv.-Blroadcast: wide. Nakalabas-a-Free; unencumbered ialdependent - exempt uurestraime(1. Nakalagay a Situated; situate. Nakalamnan-a-Full of meat; i a vi ug sustin en ce. Nakalilibang a Recreative; diverting. Nakalilinis a Cleansing; purifyving. NakaliliwanagY-a Luminous; lumyinary;' light giving. Nakaluhiod-v. p. p.-Knelt. Nakalulugod-a Affable. recreative pleas — ing; agreeaole. comfortable; happy; placid; gentle. Nakalulurnbay-a Mournful; sad; mnelancholy; saddening. Nakarnamangha-a-Marvelous; u onderfu I; astonishing; awe inspiring. Nakamamatay-a-Fatal]; deadly Nakamatay-n-Murderer; cutilhroat. Nakamumuhii-a-Disagreeable dlisgYusting; vexatious agravating. Nakangiti-a-Smilina agreeable; pleasant. Nakapagaantok-a-Sleepy, drowsy. Nakapagkakasakit a Morbid; unhealthful; sickening. Nakapaggpapalakas a-Healthful; wholesome; salutary. Nakapagpapalaimhot a-Softening; mollifyin g. Nakapankinkilabot-a-Hideous: frightful; shocking. disgraceful; awful. N a ka p a n in gi m bu b o-a - E v ia b Ie. Nakapapagod-a-Tiresomie; tedious; anxions painful. Nakapapankit-a-Ugly: disfiguring. Nakapipilit-a-Provocative, exciting persistent; inciting.Nakapilipit-a- Twisted. Napapawis-a-Sudorific. Nakaraan na-a-P-reterit;I past; gone by; Nakaririmarim-na-Nasty; filthy; dirty; ugly,, homely; immodest. Nakasabit-a-Pensile; suspended. Nakasadsad-a-Anclhoredi. Nakasasaklaw sa lahat-a-Universalgeneral. Nakasa'samna-a-Harmful had;,, evil: prejudicial; pernicious; vicious; wickedl.

Page  93 N AM Nakasisindak-a-Terrifying; terrible; awful terrific; dreadful. Nakasisira-a-Corruptive; pernicious; Nakasisira nk katawan a-Unhealthful;, sickening. Nakasisira ng rualaki a-Destructive. Nakasisira ng purl' a-ignominous; (isgraceful; blighting;- ugly, homely; immodest. Nakasusuka- a-Nanseous. Nako susuklam-a Disgusting; ugly; homely. immodest. Nakasusunok-a-Sweet but not palatable; sickening sweet Nakasusuya-a-S weet but not palatable; sickening sweet. Nakataan sa D [OS-aSacred; holy. Nakatagilid-adv.-Sidewise. Nakatataho a Learned. N akatatakot a-Timaorous, timid; fearful. Nakatatalastas-a-Lea rued; wise. N~akatatawa-a-Laughable, hidricous; facetious, jocose, good natured. Nakatatawag sa iba-a-Attractive; all uring inductive. Nakatayo a-Perpendicular. Nakatitibay a-Strengthening; corroborative. Nakatotowa-a-Cbeerful; enter t aininug happy; joyf ul. N akatutulong-a-Co-operative. Nakatufigo a-Directory. Nakatutuwa a-Pleasing; happy; entertaining cheering, cheerful, joyous. Nakatutuyo a-Dessicated. Nakaupo-a-Sitting. Nakaupo-v. p. p -Sat. 'Nakaw-n-Thef robbery. Nakawala-a-Astray. Nakawin-v To steal; rob; plunder, peculate; filch; thieve. Nakayamot a-Grievous: vexatious. Nayayayamiot a-Fastidious; disagreeable; tedious; -unpleasant; offensive. Nakita-n-That which was seen. Nakita-v-imp. Saw. Na;ita-n-Wages; salary: earnings. Nalabana Opposite; adverse; contrary. Nalalahok-a-Mixed: mingled. Nalalayo-a-Distant; far, remote. Nalalaman-v imp.-Knew. Naliligayadt Glad; content; joyful. Nalilihim-a-Secret; confidential. INalilimutan-a-Forgetful. Nalimutan v. imp.-Forgotten; forsaken. Nialulugod-a Happy; glad; gay; cheerful; content. Namaga-a-Turgid. Namamagitan-a- Intervening; interruediate; mediating. ____NAN TNamamanhi d-a-Ntinib. Namamaos a-Husky. Namamaninkioon-v-'1'o hunt a superior;recognize one's superiors. Naman-adv -Also; likewise, moreover;, even; still; yet; as yet; never theless equally; evenly. Namatay-v. imp -Died dead. Namimili ng asin n-Saltbuyer-. Namninainti-n Nauseous, loathesome'despicable. Nanminamni a- Nausea; despicableness,. Naninam-n-faste. relish pleasure; delight. choice; caprice mind. Namnamin-v.To taste- relish like;enjov. Namumukod-aSingular; single individual, particular; surpassing; excellent.Namum-uhio aug (lugo-v~T( contuse. Narnumnla-a-Redd ish - Namumula-v- ro become red. Namumnunka v-,re bear fruit. Nanmumuti-ii-To whiten; become white, Namumutla-a-Discolored;- pale;, pallid; colorless. Namumutla-v-To grow or become pale or pallid. Nana-n-Pus; gleet. Naualo-v. imp. Won. Nanalo-n-Victor winner. Nananainga-n-lHearer; listener; auditor. Nang-prep.-For, about to. in. on; with if; as by; on account. Nangragaw n& isang babayi-n Rapist; ravisher. Nan~gangalakal hk puni nk isang habayi n-Pimp. Nankangan inag-v-To be transparent - Nankankaral-n Preacher orator; s peaker. Nankankatal-a Tremulous, quivering. Nati- hindi-v To refuse. Nagi-inter.-Meanin~g disgust. Nankingibig n-Lover. Naniiui~inig-a-Treimulous quivering. Nan g2ingititm-v-Tro blacken; becom e black, dark, or brown Nangis-n-Whimper;c-rys;obsniv~eI whine Nang panahiong yaon-adv.-Then; at that time. Nangyari na-p. p.-done. Nangyari na-v. imp,-Did. Nangyari na-a Preterit, past. Nangyaring, sabay-a-Simultaneous. Nayayari-n-Event; issue; success. Naninigas-v-To become bard; harden - TN aninigid-a-Prickling;piquiant,;ac-rid;hiot,. Nanininta-a-Lover: sweetheart. Nanonood-n-Spec~tator; looker on; bystander; gazerNanugat-n-Wounder. Nanunituod-n-Spectator.

Page  94 N AUT Nanuimpa nz, di totoo-n-Perjurer; for-.swearer. N,atitniuluyaui-u-Lodge(,r; b~oarder: guest. Napaltiva v-To be ashamed. iNap:akadakiia-a-Excellent, magnificent; potent;- fine; grand. Napakatulis a Very sharp). > apakatnyo-aVerv (Idrv. iNapapagal-a 1 iresonte, tat iguilig; griev0( S. Napapalo)b-ad~t. XXithl it. Narararrndamian a-Sensitiva feeling; sensible; perceptible Painful. Nararapat a-WXorthy; meritable,- suitable; serving. Nasunog-v. imip-Burned; burt. N-asusstklami ang loob a Disgusted: restless; sorrowful. Nasusulok-v. o be in the corner. N atakpa n-a-Cove redl I Natatago a-Secret; hidden: dlark: confit'cuitial. Natatalaga-a. Intentional; disposed, read v. N atatalagia- adv - Puiirp1os-ely N; inittenD.tionallv. alwavys. Natatangi-a-1 o be retired: refuse; sep)arate; divide. Natatapat-a Proper fit; convenient. Natatapat-adv Opposite; in front. Natatap~osa-Tret iuinial.)le transitory tratjNatav- n- ut~throit; inuirlerer. Nata v sa atiat ii Patti-id-te. Natay sa hari-n-Regi idle. N at ax- sa mna n Matri iide. Natay sa ka pw~ava -Homicide; murder. Natay- sa sarili-n-Sulicide. Natiiuawa-a Free untenicumbered; indelpeident, exenipt; unrestrained. Natoto wa-a-Glad pleased: happy; gay; mierry, cheerful; joyous: entertaining. Na turan na a-Aforesaidl;ab~oveiuieitionedl. Natutun~geol-a-Accordling; belongi(ing; per — t ai nng. N atutun geol, sa, regla a- Reguilar; acc,.ording t~o rules or reguilations. Natutwa-a-Glad: happy free; pleased; jovous merry; content; conten~ttedl. N'atina-a-Forem; o-at: first: previous; priniueval. NautilawN a-Thirsty; (dry-. Nattukol a-To ptertaini or belong to. Nauunkol a-Fit; apt. Naurukol sa-a Revelant. Namuukol sa, alipin-a-Servile; slavish; m en ial. N~aunkol sa alon a-'J idal; wavy. Nlauukol sa, amna a-Patr-imoniai: paternal; fatherly. I NAU Nauukol. s-a anak-a-Filial; childish; per tamning to children. Nauukol sa ara, a-Solar. Nanuikol sa aso a-Canine: doogish. N auuikol sa, awit-a- Legendary. atiukol sa babayi a Feminine; womanlvy womanihh. N autukol TN auiukol N auukol, holy - N au ukol N autikol N auinkol Natioukol, sa balboy-a-Porcine 1 sa bakang 1lalak'i a-Tatirine. sa 1)ata, a-Perule, childish. sa, Bathala a-,acred; godly; sa, bubo- a-Vitreous. 'ia buto a B, ny. sa kristal a XVitteon',. sa dati a-Primeval. sa, dugo-a-Sanguine, sangui Nauiukol. sa, gatas a Milky: lacteal. 1~auuikol sa cawa-a-Pertaining to work. N aunkol sa gobierno-a-Adminisl rative; gobernatorial. Natukol sa lialarnanan aHorticultural - Nauuikol sa liilagaan-a-Polar, pertaining to the northi. Naiunkol sa, historia-a-Historical; historic. Nau. kol sa, liukorn-a-Juridic; jtridiical. Naunkol sa, ilog-a-Flu vial. Nautikol. sa iloiug-a-Nasal. Natukol sa infierno a Hellish; itifernial. Nauunkol sa itimna Ethiopic;, ethiopian, pertaining to black. Nanucol sakaluiluiwa-a-Spiritual; ghostly. Naunkol sa kalunura~n a Occidental; westel i. T anucol. sa kapan~anacan a —'Natal; Dati '-CNaiunkol sa karunuingan-a-Scientific. Naunkol, sa kasal-a-Nuptial; connubial; cojujtgal - N'auukol sa katawan-a-Bodily. Nauuikol sa koniyento a-Monastic. Naiuk-ol s a kosina a-Culinary. Naiunkol sa, lalaki-a-Male:- virile. Naniukol. sa, latnesa-a-Tabul ar. Naiunkol s a lawav-a Salivous. Nautnkol sa lug-a-Jugular. Nauukol sa, likod-a-Dorsal. Nauukol sa liiubag-a-Editoial. Namukol, sa linigo-a-Weekly. Nautiukol, sa lulod-a-Tibial. N,,outikol sa I u pa-a,Eartly;terrenie;worldllv; earthyv. Naunkol sa I upan g tiinubuan-a-Vernacular. Nanukol sa, pagkakasarna-a-Social: (urnpanionable; sociable. Nanmukol sa, rana-a-Heredlitary Nanukol sa mn~a kulav-a-Chiromiatis.

Page  95 * ONZ 95 Nauukol sa pag iisip-a-Intellectual; mental; ideal. Nauukolsapagkain a-Nutritious nnutrive Nauukool sa pagkakapatid-a-Brotherly fraternal. Nauukol sa pagsasysays-a-Narrative. Nauukol sa pagtangi-a-Negative; negatorv. Nauukol sa pagttatawa-a Laughable Nauukol sa pauahoin-a Chlronic; primeval. Nauukol sa parang-a-Rural rustic. Nauukol sa paskonIg mahaba-a-Quadrigesimal. Nauukol sa patay a-Obituary. Nauukol sa puso a Cordial; sincere. Nauukol sa religion a-Sacred; holy. Nauukol sa sacramento a-Sacramental. Nauukol sa salapi-a-Pecuniary. Nauukol sa katawohan-a National. Nauukol sa serapin-a Seraphic, angelic. Nauukol sa su'at-a-(-raphic. Nauukol sa tingin-a-Visual. Nauukol sa tiyan-a Ventrial. Nauukol sa unaga a-Matin. Nauukol sa voces a-Vocal. Nauukol sa volcan-a Volcanic. Nauna a-Primitive; former, anterior p)receeding. Nauuso a-Customary; fashionalble; frequent. Nauutal-a-Tongue-tied; stuttering; stalmmering. Nauutas-v To finish; ternlinate. Nawala ang diwa-n-Spiritless; langllidl; weak; down-hearted. Nayon-n-Suburb district; territory. ham-l let; burg; small village. Negro-n-Negro ethiopian; etliiop. Nuetro a-Neuter. Nga-adv.-Well; tlen, since; therefore. Ngalan-n-Name; vocable: denominlation. Ngalanan-v-'o name; denominate; give a name; nicknamie. Ngala-ngala-n-The roof of the mouth; pharnyx. Ngasab n-Munching; crunchinig. Ngatngat-n Gnaw; gnawing. Ngatngatin-a-'lo gnaw. Ngayon-adv.-Nowv; at the presenlt time. Ngayon aiawadv.-To-day. Ngayon din-adv.-Now; immeliately; instantly: plumb. Ngiaw-n Mew. O-PO Ngibaa —Sillgular individual; particular. Ngibit-n Grimace, wry face. Ngiki-n-Chill. Ngimi-n emerity; scare; friglt. Niginin-'-The edge of tlle eyelids mor lips. Ngiain-n-' ootlh. Iigipinin at p)aglapatin-v-'l)o mortise. Ngiti-n-Smile. Ngiwi ni Grimace. Nguniasaib-c l'o crunchl; Iiaun'ch. Nglumi-aw —To Mew. Ngumiki-r -o chtill. Ngumniti —v-To smile. Ngrulliiuso-v-To pout; pucker. Ng'umuyna-,r-To masticate; c(lew. Nguni (o/.- But, neverthleless, except; vet. Nguso-uit iUper lip. Nguso ng baboy 6 havop it Stnout; Iose. Ngusuian-a- Iongsntouted. Ngusuyan-r-'ro point witlh tlhe nose. Nguyain-l-To cliew; masticate. \iPrel.-TO;: of; from; wi& on; by; for. Nila-pro.-Theeir; theirs. Nila u-Tlhoulhtt: meditation. idea. Nilayin — ro think; muse, moditate; contemplate; consider. Nilimbag-,n-Pamplhlet; printed Ilatter; edit ion. Ninlakaw-n-Tl'eft; robbery; that whichl has been stolen. Ningas-n-Fervency; flame; ferventuess. ardency. Ningning-n-Lssteo, glitter brilliaicv; britghtness shine; refulgency; refulgecce. scint;lla; shiimmller, gleel. Niog it Cocoanut. 'Nipis n-Thinness. Nipisan-r-To thin make tlin Nivaplro.-His; her its; hers. Nivon-radlt.-Then; at that time. N oo-n-Forehead. Noon-ad,.-'lien; at tlhat timie; when. Nunal-n-Mole. Nuno-n Grandfatler; grandm(hnotlher;spectre: specter; spighlt; pantonm. Nuno sa talmlpakan-n Great; greatgrandfather. Nutnut-a Ravellings. Nutnotin-v-To unravell. Nuynoy n-Exploratiou: examination. Nunovin -r-To explore; examine; name, specify. 0 Go adv -Yes' sure, ave: yea; indeedlt 0 opo-tad. Yes sir; yes-ma'anm Octubre-n-October. Onza-n-Ounce.

Page  96 PAB PAB 96 PAG9 PAG Oras-n Hour time. Orasion-n-Orison, even; eve. Gr-as n g camiatavan-n-I hie hour of death. Orason-n-Clock watch; timepiece. Ordenanza-n Ordenance bylaw. Gropel n-Tinsel. Pa-adv.-Yet; still, notwithi standing. Paa n- Foot Paalami-n-Goodbye; adieu:- valediction; valedlictory. Paali~sin-v-To dismiiss; send away; put out dispel. Paamoi n-v To tame; domesticate. Paamiuin-v-To tame domesticate. Paa ng ibcm 6 hayop na matil~is ang kuko-n-Talon: claw. IPaanayarin-v-TIo soften; mollify; mitigate. Paano-adv.-How; as; why; in what imann er. Paano iyan-How is that. Paano na ay hindi-By no means; in no degree. Paasaban-v To give hope. Paaasohan v-To make or cause to smoke. Ila asohian-n-Smoke stack:1 chimney. Paasohin-v-To smoke, fumigate. Pababain-v-To lower. Pababain ang loob-v-To humble; humiiliate tame; dishearten. Pabalik-a-Reverse- backward. Pabafikan-v-To reverse; rebut. Pabaliktad a Contrary,- reversed. IPabangisin-v-To make wild or fierce. 11'aban~o n-Perfumne odor. Pabangohan-v To perfume. P.1abaya-a-Indolent; neglectful; lazy; negligent careless, heedless; injudicions indescreet, inert; forgetful; in(Iifferent; devious: inadvertent; improvident; slovenly. slouclmy. Pabayaan —v-To neglect; omit; forget; overlook: abandon; countenance; quit, leave; let; relinquish; forsake. Pabaltingan-n-Spring. Pabigat-n-Weight burden; ballast. Pabig.labigla-adv.-Hastily; lmuriiedly; precipitately. Pab~ilin-n Com plimients; mes-sage; errand; COrm~ission. Pabuis-n-lnterest; profit: gain. P'abuflabukin sa, lalamutnan-il-To gargle. Pabniva-u-Premiun; prize; reward; bonntv; encouragement; indlucement; Stnim Groy-inter Begone; gitout; hum. Owang-n-Horned bug which remibles the june bug. Gyami-n-Mockery; scoffery; jeer; sneer, scoff; hoax. Oyamin-v-To riducuile, scoff, jeer. Padakilain-v-To extol,- exalt;, sublimate; elevate; manify. Padaluyan' no tubig-n-Canal; guitter; (Irain. Padapa-a-Prone facedown. Pader na lupa-n-Mud-wall. Iladilagin-v-l1o embellish;, aggrandize; beautifyv. adorn, emboss; raise; elevate; illustrate. Padilirnin-v-To blacken; darken; blirnd; obscure. Padparan v-To pare shorten; cut away; delineate. Padparin-v-To equalize; match; make; equal. Pad ron-n-Census. Pag aagawan-n-Scramibling, snatching - scrambling match. Pag aalaala n-Remembrance; reflexion;I thought thinking; meditation; COntemnplation. Plag aalab ng loob-n-Passion; rage; anger; strong love. Pag aalaga-n-Tutelage education breeding; taking care of; bringing up. Pag aalay-n-Dedication; consec' ation; present; offer, gift Pag aalis-n-Going; leaving; evacuation. Pag aaliw-n-Diversion; sport; merrymaking. liesure.- recreation; consolation; comfort, entertainment; amusement; pastime. Pag aalsa-gi-Rebellion;- uprising; insur rection; mutiny; riot. Pag aampon-n-Protection support. maintainance: kindness; favor; patronage help; aid; tutelage. Pa gaanin-v-To lighten, aleviate; make lighter. Pag aanito-n-ITlolatry: inordinate love. Pag aanyaya-n-Invitation. Pag aapoy-n-Kindling; ignition; setting on fire. Pag aaral-n-Study; learning; instruction: apprenticeship. Pag aari-n-Fortune; wealth; estate farmi. 1'ag aa-ri sa salaping buisan-n.Mortga g e; pledge; security. Pa,. aasawa sa dalawa-n-Biganiy.

Page  97 PAG 97 PAG Pag aaway-n-Fight war; combat; dispute: quarrel; conflict; contest; disagreement. Pag abuloy-n-Aid; help; succor; assistance. Pag agap-n-Activity; lacrity; quickness; prevention. Pag agaw - n- Scrambling: snatching; rape; pillage; plundering; marauding Pag ahit-n-Shave; shaving. Pag ahon-n-Going up; ascendency. mounting. Pag akay-n-Leading; teaching; drawing. Pag agkyat-n-A-cension ascendency. Pagal-n-Fatigue; hardship; weariness; molestation; work. Pagal a-Wearisome; tiresome; fatiging; painful. Pagala-n-Pelican. Pag alangan ng loob-a-Uncertainty perplexity; irresolution: wavering; hesitation; suspicion; suspense. Pag alimura-n-Insult abuse; reproach; slander; denunciation. Pag alalay n-Support: help; assistance. Pagalingin-v-To cure; heal; mend; heighten; extol. Pagalingin-v-To clean or clear land; prepare brush land for planting. Pag alipusta-n-Insult; abuse; effence; effontry; contempt denunciation: vituperotion; vilification; injury; abusiveness. Pagalis-n-Start; departure; egress; agression; exodus. Pagalitan-v-To anger make angry. Pag alitan-n-Cause of a quarrel. Pag ambag-n-Contribution; subscription; tax. Pagandaltin-v-To beautify; embellish; adorn; decorate; emboss. Pag angil-n-Growling: snarling; grumbling. Pag ani n-Crop; harvest. Pagano-n Pagan. Pagapan-adv.-Creepingly. Pag apaw-n-Inundation; overflow. Pag api-n-Grievance. Pag apid-n-Adultery. Pag aguhap-n-Groping; hunting for anything by feeling; blind man's stick. Pag asa-n Hope; expectancy. Pag asiste-n-Help; assistance; aid. Pag ato-j-Poise. Pag ayaw-n-Refusal denial; quitting. Pagayongayon a-Lazy; indolent: idle; careless; negligent; wandering; slipshod- harumscarum. Pagayongayon-adv-Indolently;carelessly; lazily; negligently. Pag ayusin-v-To arrange; regulate; set in order. Pagbaba-n-Descent; descencion. Pagbabadbad-n Steeping. soaking; wetting. Pagbabag-n-Fight; mutiny: riot. Pagbabaga-n Kindling; ignition setting on fire. Pagbabago n Renewing, change; alteration: transfiguration; metamorphosis. Pagbabagong lakas n Convalescence: recovery. Pagbabahagi-n Partition division. Pagbabahin n Sneezing; sneeze, Pagbabahog n Incorporation. Pagbabaka n War; fight; conflict; fray combat; dispute. Pagbabala-a-Threat menace; intention. Pagbabalbas n Flattery. Pagbabalayi-n Wedding; nuptials. Pagbabalibag n Throw. cast; casualty. Pagbabalintuna n Doing of anything by another, that should be done by one'sself reverse: perpersity; perverseness. Pagbabalita-n-Narration relation; notification reference: telling of news. Pagbabaliwas n Traffic; trading; comm erce. Pagbabalot-n-Package; wrapping; baling. Pagbabaluktot-n-The bending; clinching. Pagbabanal n Virtue; sanctification; virtuousness purity chastity. Pagbabasta ng kalakal n-Packing; package: baling. Pagbabawas n-Dimunition; decline; fall. Pagbabayad-n Payment; pay;retributionreward: disbursement; quittance. Pagbabayad ng lubos-n-Satisfaction; gratification; recompence. Pagbabayad ng upa n Payment; recompence. Pagbagayin v-To adjust; adapt: fit; make proper or convenient. Pagbago n-Renewal;alteration;renewing; transition. Pagbaha n-Overflow; inundation. Pagbala n-Threat; challenge; impeachment. Pagbalak-n-Intention: innouncement. Pagbalik n-Return; devolution. Pagbanalbanalan-n Hypocricy. Pagbangit n Mention; allusion. Pagbasa n-Wetting; moistening. Pagbasa n Reading. Pagbatak n Pull; haul; tug; draw; pulling; tugging;.regress, Pagbati n Salutation; greeting; salute. Pagbatiin-v-To salute;g reet; reconcile. Pagbawalan-n Prohibition; prohibiting. 13

Page  98 PAG Pagbawalan-v-To prohbiTt; deprive; suspend. Pagbawan ng kahoy-n-The felling of trees. Pagbawas n-Dwindle. Pagbawi-n Recovery; redenition. redeeming; retaliation. Pagbayaran-n-Pa ym-ent- recompence. Pagbibigay-n-Giving offer; gift bequest; legacy; present; presentation; gratuity. Pagbibigay ng upa-n-Payment. Pagbibigay parte n-Notification: lparticipation. Pagbibigla n-Haste; hurry; confusion: tumiult, speed. Pagbibilan g-n-Count; counting; enumneration.Pagbibilan-go-v-l-imprisomment:i mprisoning. Pagbibilin-n-Commiission: commandl; errand; charge; request; recommendation. Pagbibilog-n-Rotation; rounding sumt. Pagbibintang-n-Impotatioin; accusation: indiction indictment. Pagbibintangan-v-i o accuse; blame; imp~each. Pagbibithay-n-Sifting; bolting. Pagbigat-n Gravity; weight; importance. Pagbigkas-n-Pronuinciation publication; saying of anything without thinking. Pagbigyang lingkod-n Courtship; lovemaking. Pagbigyang loob-n-Indulgence! compliance. Pagbitakan-n-Cracking: splitting, Pagbitakin-v-To crack; split. Pagbual-n-Turnbling tumble;demolition. Pagbububo-n Founding, casting. f usion; smelting. Pagbubugbog-n-Bruise, contusion. Pagbubuhat-n-Origin;ba(nwinig;raisinig; lif ting. Pagbubucod-n-Separation: segregation: preclusion. Pagbubula-n-Effervescence; eff er ve s cency. Pagbubulaybulay-n-Meditation, contemplation; musing: thought idea. PagbuibulUngbulungan-n-Whiisper; whispering; gossip; gossiping. Pagbubuno-n-Wrestling; wrestle; 8cuffling. Pagbugaw-n-Scaring; fi-ight. Pagbugbog-n Contusion; bruise. Pagbuhat-n-Lift, raising. Pagbuhios-n-Effusion; pouring. Pagbukai-n-Springing up; dawing: emination. Pagbxuli-n-Polish. PAG Pagbulok-n-Rottening; pus,- corru ptiondecomposition - 1Paghuniot-n-Eradication; pulling up. Pagbutasbutasin parang bithlay-n-Perforation. Pagbuti-n-Improvenient; imp ro0vi ng; progress; adv~ancement; growth addi.tion. Pagdabog-n-Grumblfing; growlingy mur11 -muri ng. Pagdadala-n-Carrying.: carriage: transportation.I transporting. Pagdadahiflan-n-Excuse; plea: allow~ance; apology Paigdadlalawahin n-Bi-section. Pagdadaop-n-Dispute disagreemrent; the closing; of two things. Pagdahak-n-Hawk: hawking. Pagdahias n-Force; courage; vigor; fortitude valor; violence. co-ersion. 1'agdadalhi n n I1 ran sportation. Pagdaing-n Lamentation); entreaty; ini ploration; expostulation. Pagdaka-adv.-Soon; immediately; instantly: suddenly. right away; presently: speedily. Pagdaka-a-Sudden:, unexpected; immediate; plumb. Pagdakip-n-Seiznre: capture. Pagdalangin-i —To request, eutreat; petition; pray. Pagdalaw-n Visit; visitation. Pagdalo-n-Succor; assistance, aid; help, 'Pagdama-n Moistening. Pagdam-ay-n-Implication inculpation. Pagdamdam-n-Senitimnent; pe rcepti on; feeling: sensation; indisposition. Pagdarni n-Increase; multiplication; pro fici encv. Pagdaraan-n-Passing; review. Pagdaragdag-n-Addition; increase. Pagdaragdag ng lakas n-Reinforcemient. Pagdaramidam it Suffering; feeling suffarence: indisposition; sensation. Pegdarasal-n-Prayer. Fagdaraya-n-Cheating:, allurement; deceit; fiction. Pagdatal-n-Arrival; coming. Pagdating-n Arrival; coming. Pagdayo-n-Visit; visitation; going to a place for a certain purpose. Pagdedeposito-n-Depositing; deposition. Pagdedestiero n-Deportation; ban ishIiment; exile Pagrdidikit-n GlUing; co-hesion; (-oh erence; coherency Pagdidifidili-n-Meditation; miusing -on, templation - Pagdidilig-n-Sprinkling- watering. Pagdidilimt n~ araw-n-Eclipse of the sun

Page  99 PAG 99Q PAG Pagdidilim ng buan-n-Eclipse, of tbe Moon. Pagdidiwan~y n-Celebration. Pagdool-n-Perversion, - perversity: perverseness. deprevation. Pagdciwahagi n-Persecution: jillt reat - mienl abuse. Pa~yowaha iin-v-To persecute; illtreat; abuse Pagduduble n-Douibling: (luplication. Pagdudurog n Pulverization:, powdering. Pagd ulog-n-Presention; presenting. Pagdurnin-v-To prick; perforate: punch througrhPaggahis-n Rape; ravishment; allurein ent. Paggala-n-Stroll; gadding: going. Paggalang-n-Respect; a do r na t ion; worship. Paggalaw-n-Movement; commotion. Pa ggal ing-n-Recovery;- growth advance; progress: advancement. Paggamit-n-Use: service; employment., ecustom; adloption; affiliation; style; espousal: f ashion. Paggamot-n-Remedy; reparation; cure; healing doctoring; recourse. Paggcanti n-Remuneration; revenge; reward: retribution. Pagganti no utang na loob-n-Gratiflcation- satisfaction; gratitude. Paggapas-n-Harvesting: harvest; reaping; gathering of a crop. Pag~gasliw-n Liking affection: taste. Paggasta-n-Expense; costs, charge., disbuirsein en t Paggawa-n-Work; construction; operation working. Paggawa uli n-Iteration. Paszgiba-n Destruction; overturning; desolution- devastation. Paggibik-n-Succor; assistance; aid; help. Paggiik;-n-Threshing. Paggisi ng balat-n-Itch; itching. Paggitti-n-Sprouting. Pacguhit-n-Lining; line; drawing of lines. Paggulamos-n-Scratchiug; pinching. Paggulong-n-The rolling. Paghahaba-n- Length sning; prolongation. Paghahabilin-n Trust: recomimendation. Pag~hahialaga-n-Valuation; appraisal; appraisment. Pagh ahalaman-n-Horticultu re. Paghahalili-n-Change; substitution; reliel; exchange; c 'cession; surrogation: remnission. Paglialhaiak —n-Depr-ec-,ation; contempt; scr;disregard: insult. Paghahadmok-n Dispute; dissagreement: light war, battle; conflict. Paghahandog-n-Preparation: preparing; pleasure present: gratification. Paghialati-n-Division; partition: apportionment; compartment: distribution. Pagliahatid n-Conduction conducing;accompanying Pagliahayin-n-Oblation; offering Paghiahalal-n Election: choice; electing;, choosing. Paghalav-n-Awkwardness; scorn; contempt, depreciation. Paghalo-n-Mixture: mixing. Paghaluhaluini-v To mix; jumbkK Paghaluin-v-To mix: mingle. Paghahanga-n-Limitation, limit; dis, tric; bounds. Paklhamak-n-Depreciation; disregard;, scorn; contempt; insult. Paghiamog-n-The falling of the dew. Paghiamon-n-Challenge; threat: provocation. Paghanap-n-Search; hunt; searching; looking for Paghandulong nt-Assault; attack. Paghapis n Excruciation. Paghapit n-Pressure. Pagharap-n-Presence; presenting; presentation; exibition. Paghdtol-n-Setence: judgement Pahawan-n The felling of trees. Paghibik-n Groan; sob. Paghibo-n-Seduction: deceit; illusion; imposition; cheating. Paghigpit-n.Tightening; oppression; cruelty; hardship. Paghihigop n-Supping; sup; absorption; swallow. Paghihimagsik-n-Rebelliournes; severity; stubbornness Paghihimagsik ng bayan laban sa puno-n Revolution; sedition; insurrection' rebellion. J'aghihimpil-n-Alleviation. Paghihintay-n-Expectation; stop; stay;,sojourn; pause; expectancy. Paghihip-n-B'low: blast: puff. Paghibirap-n-Excruciation: pain. Paghihiwalay-n-Separation; disunion; segregation: divergence; devergency; compartment. Paghila-n-Draw; drawing; haul; banling. dragging: tug; tugging; towing: tow. Paghilig-n-Inclination; fancy propensity;. reclining. Paghilo n-Dizziness. Paghilot-n-Softening, mollifying Paghilumnan ug- sugat-n-The knittisg to g~ether of a wound.

Page  100 PAG 100 PAG Paghimangit-n The tearing into small bits. Paghinapangin-v-To fortify; strengthen; give courage. Paghingal-n-Pant; palpitation; respiration; breathing. Paghingi-n-Entreaty; request; petition; prayer, claim; demand; implcration. Paghinto-n-Stop, pause, suspension, cessation: relay; delay. Paghinuhod-n-Apology Paghipo a-Touch. Faghiwa-a-Cut; cuttings slicing. Paghiwa-hiwain-v-To cut into small pieces. Paghiwalay-n-Division; separation; sunder. Paghiwalayin-v To separate, divide; part; sunder. Paghuad-n-Counterfeit imitation; copy. Paghuhula-n-Prognostication. prophecy. Paghuhulog-n-Falling; fall; throwing down. Paghuhulog ng isang wika sa iba-ntranslation; interpretation. Paghukay-n-Excavation. Pgahukay muli-n-Exhumation. Paghupa-n-Decay; decline; fall; declination extenuation. Pagi-n-Dog fish. Psg ibig-n-Love; affection; esteem; attachment; desire; estimation; philanthropy; good nature. Pag ibig sa DIOS-n-Piety. Pag ibig ng mahigpit-n-Fraternity: brotherhood. Pag igi-n-Improvement; easing; alleviation. Pag igihin-v-To ease; alleviate. Pag iiba-n-Alteration; transformation; change; metamorphosis. Pag iikit-n-Giration; turning. Pag iilag-n-Wildness; evasion; scare. Pag iilagann-Wildness; temerity; evasion: scare. Pag iilagin-n-Diarrhea. Pag iilagin-a-Wild; timid. Pag iingat-n-Care; caution: precaution; prudence; painstaking; sefeguard watching; heed; reserve; security. Pag iinog-n-Gyration; turning. Pag iipon-n Hoarding; gathering laying away; storing; putting; amway. Pag iisa-n-Solitude; unison; lonliness; agreement: conformity. Pag iisip n-Thinking; thought; reason; talent; mind; brain; understanding; intention; justice; consideration; pru dence; right; principle; ability. Pag iiwan-n Abandonmant; quittance, Pag ikit-n-Rotation; turn; turming. pag ilag-n-Avoidance; evasion. Pag iling n Negation; denial; negative; refusal. Pagina-n- age. Pag intindi-n-Intelligence; understanding; skill; ability; sense; spirit. Paging-vTo be; become; exist. Pagitann-Space; interval, interlude; dis tance; middle. Pagitan-prep.-Among; between. Pagitna-a-Intermediate; intervening;me diate. Pag inis nSmothering; hardship; oppression, Pagiwi v Nursing;tutelage guardianship Pag iyak-n Cry; weeping; actofcorying; mourning. Pagka adv.-After; afterwards. Pagka aba n-Misery; humiliation. Pagka agas n-Miscariage; strong menstruation. Pagka ahon-n-Ascencion; ascendency. Pagka ahon sa pagka alipin n-Freedom. from slavery. Pagka akma n-Corespondence; fitness. Pagka alaala-n-Remembrance; recognition; memory. Pagka alila n Servitude, state of being' a servant. Pagka alipin-n-Servitude; bondage; slavery; thralldom; thrall, yoke; oppression. Pagka antala n Detention; delay, obstacle. Pagka api-n Degredation; fall; degeneracy; diminuit ve. Pagka ayos n Arrangement; order. Pagka ayos sa matowid n Justification; equity; justice. Paka baban Degeneracy; declination; fall; decline. Pagkabagoag ng sasakyan n Shipwreck. Pagkabalam n Detention; delay; slowness; lingering. Pagkabalatong n Accident; incident; de-. lay caused by the breaking of an instrument or machine. Pagkabalisa n Restlessmess; perturbation; uneasiness. Pagkabantay n Guard; watch. Pagkabasa n Wetting; moistening. Pagkabasag ng sasakyan-n Ship wreck. Pagkabata n Child hood; perulity: juvenility. Pagkabawi n Recevery; regaining. Pagkabayani n-Boldness; courage auda city. Pagkabigatan -n-Heaviness; overloading; surcharging.

Page  101 PAG 101 PAG Pagkabigla n Hurry; quikness., activity; promptitude speed. Pagkabihiag n-Captivity: confinement. Pagkabili n Cost. cost price, price. Pagkabitin-n Suspension hanging. Pagkabawal n Tumble; fall; overbalance; overturning. Pagkabuhay n Maintainence; support; sustinence;- subsistence; life Pahkahuhay na muli -n iResurection:- revival. Pag~kabuhos n Effusion; pouring. P agkabuli n -'olish, finish. Pagkabulok Rottenness, putrefaction; pollution; corruption inf ection; putridIness; depravity; depravation). Pagkabusog-n-Satiety; fullness of the stomnach. Pagkadalaga-n-Virginity; girlhiood. Pagkaduble-n-Duplication. Pagkadulas-u-Srnoothniess; slippingr. Pagkagalit-n-Anger; rage. Pagkadios-n-Diety; divinity. Pagkagawa-n-Work; cut; shape; fashion; make: doing. Pagkag~astahian-n-Expense; cost. Pag~kao,awgaw-n-Mixing. Pagkaginoo-n-Rank honor; (1ecortn]I; honesty; decency: nobility; distnuction; respect..Pa~ykagitla-,n-Surprise, amazemnent. Pagkiagulo n-Disturbance;, fight; noise: war, insurrection; commotion tumult; riot; confusion, pert.urbation. Pagkahamak-n-Tnfamy; dishonor; disgrace: humiliation; baseness. Pagkahanda-n- P-reparation; pomp; show - Pagkahan~o-n-Redemption; taking out; ransom. Pagkahapay-n-Inclination. Pagkahapo-n-Inability. Pagkahapon-adv -Afternoon; after dlinner; in the afternoon. Pagkahawa-n Infection; contagion. Pagkahibang-n-Dilirimi; dotage; rant. Pagkahilig n- Inclination; inclining. Pagkahilig ng loob-n Affection; inclination; fancy- liking, taste. Pagkahinog-n-Maturity:. ripenness. Pagkiahubo-n-Naked n es. Pagkahuklniban-n-Decrepitud le: old-age. Pagkahuli-n'-Pbsteriority; Pagkiahulog-n.Fall. Paukaiba-n-Dissim'larity; dir.similitude; inequality. Pagkaibig-n-Love; liking; desire.~ chioice;caprice. Pagkain-n-Food]; victuals; viand; ration;, fare;- sust-panrce. Pagkaina-n-Matern ity, On( dherhood. Pagkaiug ikinabubulhavin-Food, main - tenance; subsistance. Pagkaisa-n IUniforinit uns; unty; c nformity. Pagkiaitan-n-Refusal denial; negation. Pagkaa akgpang no mnga tawo-n-Fraternity; brotherhood. Pagkaka alit n-Dispute; disunion: (1iffereine~e; ontrove sy; discord; (lisagreemeat; mnisuinderstant(ling; variance. Pagrkaka ayaw-n Refusal; (denial. Pagkaka ayon-n-Accord; a cco0r (ancc; conformity:, uniformity-, unity; coinciclence. Pagkaka ayos-n-Arrangemrenf, equality: alliance, unity. Pagkakagal it n-Discord, angrer; dispute; ra~,e; pcyssion. Pagrkakagalitan n-Qurreling; misunderstandling rlisag~reenient dispute. Paglkakagulo-n-Rexvulution; insurrection; rhisturbane C sedhition. Pagkakalhalo-n Mixture; mixing I'agkakahiwalay-n-Separation, disunion; (livi sion. Pagkakaiba-n Alteration; difference. Pagkakaila-n 1)enia'l; contravention. Pagkakailangan-n Niecessit~y, want; needi; urgency: exigence. Pagkakaisa-n-Unitv; agreement; unanimity, Pagkakakulha-n Seizure; capture; taki rg:, getting - Pagkakalagay-n-Sta te; (ondfitiori. Pagykakalakip-n-Juncture joint; unity-; state, of being together. Pagkakalapat-n-Juncture; rinion; connection; uniting; combination; join iing; unity; coalition; contiguity. Pagkakalapit-n-Proximity; vi cian i t y proximation; approximation. Pagkakaling-n-Reference: relation - Pagkakalianga-n- Heed; care; attention; colicitude: caution:, watch-ing. Pagkakaloy-n-Timbrel maker or seller; stamp maker. Pagkakamag anakan-n-Relation;, relatives: kindred..Pagkakamal i-n-Error; mistake; blunder; oversight. Pagkakamatay-'n —Mortality; death. Pagkakamit n Attainment. Pagkakamtan-n-Attainmnent; acquisitioni Pavkakamukha-n ]Resemblance similarity; likiness: equity; equaelity; similitude; simile. Pagkakapantay-n-Equality; similitude. Pagkakaparis n-Equality: sinuilit-ude; similarity: simile:, equivalence; equity; likeness.

Page  102 PAG12PG 102 PAG Pagkakapisan-n-17nity; union; comnbination; meeting; congregation; alliance. Pagkak-apatid-n-Fraternity; brother - hood. IPagkakasal-n-Espousal; nuptials: wedding. Pagkakasalimoot-n-Deusity; closeness; compactness. Pagkakaksalingsaling-n Tradition. Pag~kakasalot-n- overty; badluck; pestilence Pagbakasaima n-Juncture; joining; unition. Pagkakasangayon n-Unity of time. Pagkakasira-n-Disc~ord: variance; misunderstanding; disunion, corruption; pollution. P agykakasunduian-n-Rec-onciliation; concord. Paogkakasunod-n- Success ion; series. Pagkakasnnodsunod-n-Row: file. Pagkakatalaga-n-Intention; app rop riation- propriety; manner; mode. Fagkakatali-u Tie; tying binding. Pagkakatalo-n-Dispute; opposition; argument- contradiction. Pngkakataon n-A cciden; occurence; occasion: happening: ha~p; opportunity. Pagkakatimnbang-n-Equiilibrium; balance. Pagk ikatiponun-Meetinlg; gathering; congregation; hoarding laying up. Pagkakatipon ng madla-a-Multitude; crowd; meeting congregation. Pa gkakatotoo-n Proof, r eaIi za ti on; truth. Pagkakatulad-n-Resemblance; simili. tude- likeness: similarity. Pagkakaumpog-n-Company:- meeting. Pagkakatapat-n-Equality: equivalence. Pagkakawanag-n Reference: relation. Pa.,kakawankis-n-Comi-formity; likeness; resemblance: similarity; simile; similitude. Pagkakawaniki-n Simyilitude; resemblance: likeness: simile. 1Pag akwasto-n-Ordler; likeness; uniformity; regularity. Pagkakayas-n-Whitling; shaving. Pagkakikil-n-Filings. I~agkakiskis-n-Scrqtching; friction. Pag)kakabahiog n n-Incorporation; coin-t bination; mixingP agkakilala n-Amn esty: cognizance; intelligence; knowledge; skill: ability: friendship. Pagkakiling-n-Tnclination; declination. Pagkakintal-n-Stamp, print; edition; impression. Pagkakola n-Gluing. Paogkakuha ng kabuntisan n-Miscarriage; abortion. PaIgkakulo-n Effervescence; ef fervescency. Pagkalagay-n-Attitude; position; state; condition: rank. Pagkalalaki-n-V irility. Pagkalanta-n-Withering; fading. Pagkalasa n-Taste. Pagkalat-n Scattering; distributien; dispersion. Pagkaligpit-n-Picking up: gathering; putting away: putting in order. Fngkalimot-n-Forgetfulness: carelessness heedleness: oblivion. Pagkalipa-n-Leveling. Pagkalipol-n-Exteriniination; distruction; extinclion. Pagkalis-n-Scraping; taking of the edge. Pagkalito n Confusion; perplexity; perturbation; lightheadtedness. Pagkalunok n-State cr condition of poverty Pagkaloob-n-Giving: gift; presentation; offering. Pagkalubog-n-Snbmersion; immersion. Pagkalugso-n Destruction. Pagkalula-n Swoon,dizziness;seasickness. Pagkalulo-n-S oon. Pagkalusaw-n-Fluidity; liquescency; squandering of an inheritance. Pagkaluto-n-The manner of cooking; cookery,; (lecoction. Pagkamaan-n-Amazement: charm. Pagkamalahining-a nt-Tepidity. Pagkamalakuko-n-Tepidity. Pagkamapagpatawa-nt-Jollity: joyfulness. Pagkamaramdamani-n-Tenderness; delicacy. Pagkamasdan-n- Look; review; examination. Pagkamiatay-n Death; decease; mortality. Pagkamot-n Scratch; scratching. PagkanIong-n-Hiding: protection concealment; shading: palliation; defense. Pagkapmii -Feel; touch. Pagkapalabunka n-Fruitfulness, fertility. Pagkapalagay-n-Adulation. Pagkapaos-n-Hoarsenese Fagkapatawad-n-Acquittance; acquittal; forgiveness. Pagkapilay-n-Lameness; sprain; limpdisability: halt. Pagkapilipit-n-Twist; wreathing; contortion; twining. Pagkapoeta-n-Poet. Pagkapuno-n-Repletioni. Pagkaraka-adv.-Suddeniy, 8t&"2IV immediatelv.

Page  103 PAG 103 PAG Pagkasagi-n-Broshiing of one's clothes; against another-, walking where one,should not. Pagkasakit-n-Disabilitv; sickness. Pagkiasaklaw-n-Uni versalitv. Pagkasala-n-Violation. Pagkasalangasanik n-Contraventioni. Pagkasalawahang loob-n-inconstancy; infidelity; uncertainty; suspicion: doubt; hesitation. Pagkasauli-n-Return; reintegration. Pagkasira-n-Ruin; downfall; pollution; corruption; putrefaction. Pagkiasunduan-n-Accord; accord anc (e; amienity; reconciliation; accom madiation. PagkasunodIsunod-n Alteration; succession. Pagkasupil.-n Suibjection; subinissioii. Pagukatagpo-n-Find: discovery-. Pagkatakid n-Trip; stum-yble. Pagkatangi n S~ngularit~v separation; remioteness; solitude. Pagkatangi-n Refusal; denial. Pavkatapos-adv.-Af ter, afterwards; theii; next. Pagkataipos n-Termination: end. Paigkataposg nang prep)-After. Pagkaiti-n-Ebb. Paigkatfi-n-itching. Pagkatina-n-Dye. dying act of dyNingPagkatingnan n-Review; examination. Pagkatisod-n-Stumble; trip, imypedimnent; obstacle- difficulty. Pagkatulisan-n Outlawry. Pagkatunaw-n Smelting. mnelting. Pagkatuinaw ni~ kinain-' -Digestion. Pac~katunaw-n-Reference; relation; uniity union. Pagkaugpong-n Juncture; union;,olinection - Pag~kaulianin. n Decrepitudie; 01(1 age; repitition. Pagkaulila n Orphanage. Pagkaulit n Repitition;- reiteration. Pagkaulol it Delirium; dotage: rant; craziness; insanity-% Pagkautal-n-Hesitation; stammering: stuttering. haw Pagkautas n Finish;, termination; end. Pagkawala n Loss. Pavkawala ng diwa it Loss of sense. Pagkawalang dalita-tolImpassibility. Pagkawalan ng 1lnob-n Perturbation; uneasiness. Pagkawaiv-n-Waving, notion ing. Pagkawil~i-n-Affection;l liking taste;, pleasure Pagkikikil-n.The tiling., Pagkilala ug,) utang na loob it-Gratitud~e; gratef ulness. Pagkipagkitaan nt Meeting; visiting; encounter. Pagkit-n Glue mucilage;l waxtaper. Pagkubkob sa isanig lugar n-Siege. Pagkuienta-n-Sumniing; addition. Pagkuha-n-Taking; seizing. grasping; grasp; capture; seizture. Pagkuha ang di kaiiyva -n-Usurpation. Pagkukulaing-n- Lack; shortage; want. Pagkuikulong-n,-Confinemen eit;. seclusion. Pagkukuflong sia kusa-n-Hermit; recluse. Pagkukuinuwari n Affectation; deceit; hypocricy. Pagkukupkup nt Shelter; protections; safe guard. Pagkukuro-n-Correction:- regulation. Pa~rkukuton-n-Wrinkling; wrinkle; ruf; fling Pagku Ionu-Boiling. Pagkupas n-Pading; wvithierilng. Pagkurot-n-Nip; pinch. Pagk-uskus-n-S'crape; catching; friction - Pagkusot-n-Ruifple; rumpling. paglabag-n-Resistence; stubbornness; rebelliousn ess; rebellion- insurrection. Paglabag sa kautusan-n-Violati on - Paglabanun-Resistencee; fight; war; antaganism- opposition:, assualt.. Paglabas-n -Departure; start-, exit; ex.odos; going out. Paglabnot-n-Pluck; pluckingr. Paglag~in-n-Prequence; f recuencv; permnanency; duration. Paglago n-Proficiency; profusion; imni provement addition. Paglagom-niUnision; uniting; joining; junclure:. joint. Paglahang n-Crack; cracking. Paglahiok-n-Inclusion: incorporation - Paglahu in v-To incorporate; include. Paglait-n-Abuse; contemnpt; outrage; insult. Paglakad-n-Walk; march. Paglaki-n- ncrease; growith; swell in g; dilation. Paglakip-n-Uni~sion: joining, alloy; unit,ing; coalescense gathering. Paglakasan-n-Strenigthening: exertion; invigoration; enforcement. Paglaktawn-Om-ission; skip; leavinig; out. Paglaktaw nk isang salita-n Eli psis. Paglala-it-Weaving. Paglalaba-n-XI ashing; wash. Paglalagari-n-Sawing. Paglahok-n-Inclusion; in corporation; mixture; mixing. Paglal aebay n-Travel; travelllitig;journey;, passage.

Page  104 PAG 104 PAG IPlaglalakip-n-Joining: union; juncture; conjunction; coalition; combination; alliance. Paglalang n Creation: creating. Paglalaro n-Hay; playing; rom-ping; amusement, sport: game. Paglalatag ng bato n Paving pavement Paglalaway-n Salivation; spitting. Paglamas n Kneading. Paglamatin-v-To flaw; crack. Paglamutak na Kneading. Paglaimuyot it Seduction. Paglangitnlitn Creaking squeaking. Pagplapad n Width; widening. Paglapastaniianan it Outrage; insult- affront: abuse. contempt; injury; slight, injustice; wrong; offense. Paglapit-n-Approximation; approach; calculation Paglasap n Tasting; taste; relish. Pa'wsalon it Poison; poisoning. Faglayo n Retreat; distance, privacy. Faglibak na Slander; (defamation; ridicule. Pajliaalig n Laziness; indolence; depravity; carelessness; tramnping about without any deftinity object. Pagligaw' n Love making courtship. Pagligawligaw n Subversion. Pagligpit n Gathering up; putting in order; putting away. Pagligtas ' Salvation; saving; preservation. Pagliitn Dimnunition; declination; decline. Pagliko n Sheer; digression. Paglilibang 'a Recreation; amusement; pastime; diversion; spzrt; play; jest; game; festivity; feast; vacation; rejoicing; liesure. Paglilibing n-Funeral burial; sepulture. Pa~yiligaw it Lovesuit love, courtship, Paglilihi m n Secret reserve; secrecy; exception. Paglilikot n-Restlessness,boisterousniess; uneasiness. Paglilimubag 'a Stamping, printing; edition. Paglifinkod it Service; courtship; atten(lance; compliance. Paglilinis n Cleansing; cleaning. Paglilipat 'a Transition; transfer; transportationPaglimot a Neglect: forgetfulness negligence; disregard. Paglinang 'a Harrowing. Paglinkuran n Service, courtship. Paglipana n Extension; scattering; skirDiIshing. Paglipat na Passage; transition; transfer. Paglipol-n-Extinction; destruction; extermination abolition. Pagliyasin-n-Try; attempt, examination; proof. Paglitakin-n-Cracking; crack; split, splitting. Pagliwanag n Solution; illumination. Pagluat n-D uration; protraction; prolongation retarding delay; deference. 'aglubay ' Stop; ce sation. Paglubo n Flattery; flattering coaxing; decoy. Paglubog n-Inundation; sinking; overflow, immersion; occident; west, submersion. Paglubog nA araw n-The setting of the sunXr. Pagluhog n Request; suplication; entreaty; imiploration; petition. Pagluluat n Slowness; delay; detention; lingering; prolongation. Palulubog 'a Submersion; immersion. Paglululan n-Embarkation; sipping;loadiug. Paglupig n Usurpation. Paglupi ' Fold. Paglupilupiin-n Redoubling; refolding. Paglura-na-Spitting; expectoration. Paglusob-n-Attack assault. Pagmamadalas-n-Vrequenice; frequency. Pagmamadali n-Haste hurry speed. exigence; hastiness; celerity; rush; promptitude. Pagmnamagaling-n-Pride: selfesteem. Pagnmamahal-n-Af fection; estimation; esteem; endearment; value; price. Pagmamahal no tangi n-Brotherhood; fraternity; predilection. Pagmainaka ano-n-Suplication; request; petition; doing in any way. Pagmamalikmata-nTransfg io.uration. Pagmnamana n-Heirdom; inkeritance. Pag inamarati-n- Durability, permanency; stability; duration; durance; minute; ness. - Pa gmamasid-n-Observance; observation; note; scrutiny; remark. Pagnmamatowid-n-Reasoning- argument; discussion; correction; disquisition; dissentation; dispute. - Pagmamatwiran-n-Reasoning; argument; (lispute; discussion; disquisitation; dissentation. Pagmuimukha-n-Mode; face; aspect; countenance; look; appearance; front; outline; arrangement: manner. Pagmumnultiplicar n-Multiplication. Pagmura-n-Sland 3r; insult; abuse; vituperation; vilification; slandering: insuiting.

Page  105 V'AG 105 PAG P~aginiura sa hindi kaharap n-Backbiting; gossiping. Paguiacaw 'n-Theft robbery:, larcency, peculation, pillage. Pagnianaknak ng sugat n Ul~ceration. Pagniging-iti i -n Silinlg. Ptagng&,ti-n Smile. Pa-:grig-iwxi-nGrim~a-e-; wry face. Pan gn~1so-n'-Pout. Pagimitinun Unigluehig. Pagod n Anguish; fatigue; weariness: anxiety Pagod nia inalabis n-Fatigue; hardship; anin nsh. Pagotig n-TFurtle; tortoise, terrapin. Pagpaa~lis n Expulsioni. 1Pagpagalati-n Work fatigue. P a p a n( Shake; flourish; brandish). P agp)a g pa g - n-ShIia k in g; b)r a nd ishIii ng;fliouir - ishinig. Pa-gpakonowari n Sham: fiction- falsehood stratagem. pretense deceit. Pao..palabas-n-Ejectioii; ejectment; exlpulsi on - Pagp-alat.avia Ascription. Pagrpalain-v- ro help support; shelter: protect heed. take care of; (10 well;, improve: mend; meliorate. Pagpalaki -n Increase; aggrandizement. Pagpalayaw n Cajolery; favoritism; caress. Pagp-ilitan-n Cliange;barter; permuttation Pagpalitan ng nalaniin Misnamiiig alias: taking, of aniother name. Pagpalitpalitan n-Changing ivi th fre(quency. Pagpalo-n Strike;bheating- whipping;hIiit. Pagpana n Shooting., of an arrow, archery. Pagpanaog n Descent; descension. Pagpanaw a Deportation: exile; banishmnent. 1a~gpanibagulhan it Renewal; mending — reiteration; reformation. P~agpaalaala n Remembrance; iuomiento. Pagpapaalis it Expulsion: sending away; banishment. Pagpapabaya nt Abandonmien t; neglect; negligence; carelessness. Pagpapabunga-n-Fertility, fruitfulness. Pagpapabuti:n Betterment. Pag~papala -a Remittance; remission:, rerutittal;.iemnitment. Pagpapagayongayon nIdleness; i ndo - lence; laziness. Pagpapaliangin n The airing. Pagpapahayag it Relation; notice; anunci ation;' manifestation: declaration, revelation; proclamntiaon - Pagpapahid n Sin earing: wiping. Pagpapahinga n Rest; vacation: cessation pastime:- repose, diversion; intermission liesure. Pagpapahinka ng hokbo nCamp: encanipment. lagpapalfinog it Maturity; maturing; ripen in g. Pag~papahintulot n Permission, leave; permit. Pagpapahiram n Lending loaning. Pagpapahirap n Illtreatment; abuse; giving or causing of pain. Pa"Ipapakaba-ba -a Humility; submission; meekness; humiliation; self-contempt. Pagi,~papakabanialn-,i-Sanctificationi; virtue. Pagpapakain n-Maintenance; s ustinence; feeding, giving of food. Pagpapai wan n Lea-, ing; abandonment. k'agpapvkilala a Prese:- tation, introduction; acquintance, explication; matiif estation - Pagpapalaogay n Supposition; putftinlg. Pagp-tpalago n Fertilization. I'agpapalalo nt Bragging; pride; haughtiness, P~agpap~aligo n Bathing. Pagpapalimnos n Beggary; inendicancy; begging. Pagypapalit n Chianging; permutation. Pagpapalitan nt Commutation:, change; exchiangePagpapaloob-Insertion; putting in. Pagpapalumagak-n-The leaving of anything with another. Pa igpapawo ok-n-Affray: scuffle; strife; strugg e. Pagpapanaw n-Deportation; banishment transportation.Pagpapanday nt Blaeksmithing. Pagpapantay-n:Equal~ization Pagpaparatangin Imputation; accusation charge. Pagpaparusa n-Punishment; chastizement Pa,,gpapasAkit-n-Tortue; pain; torment; anguishPagpapasiyal n Stroll: walk. Pagpapasiya n Sentence; judgment adlvice; determination. Pagpa~patalastas n Announcement;notice; declaration; annunciation. Pagpapatawad n Pardon; relief; remission; absolution; liberation; forgliveness. Pagpapatawag n-Call; calling; notice; notification; summons; admonition. Pagpapatay n Murder: assasination. Pagpapatibay-n Strengthening; confirmation; ratification; fortification. 14

Page  106 PAG 106 PAG Pagpapatigil-n Suspetision; cessation; stop. Pagpapatiwakil n-Exasperation. indignation. P'agpapatotoo-n-Confirmation rat fleation. affirmation; certification tes-timony:, assertion. P agpapatuloy-n- Continuation; continuance. Pagpapaupa-n-Hire. Pagpapaupa ng puri-n- Brothel whoring. pagpapautang-n-Giving credit crediting loaning. Pagpapawis-n-Perspirati on. perspiring; sweating. Pagpapayo n- Advice, exhortation. Pagparoon-n Going. Pagpas~in-n Contusion; bruise; burn. LPagpasalamat-n-Thanksgiving; than ks; tnanking. Pagpaslang-n-f11ltreatment; abuse; offence; injury, insult; lack of respect; transgression.Pagpasok n-Entrance, ingress; entree; entry, importation. beginning; interjection. Pagpasuko-n Repulsion Pagpasulong-n- Propuision; draive. Pagpasuso-n-Lactation; nursing. Pagpatalastas-n-Annunci ation; proclamation, announcement. Pagpatawad-n-Quittance;- pardon. Pag~patay-n-Murder. Pagpatay sa hanin-Regicide. Pagpatay sa kapwa-n-Homicide; murder. Pagpatay sa sarili-n-Suicide. Fagpatay sa sariling mna-n-Matricidle. Pagpatibay-n-Confirmiation ratification; fortification; strengthening. Pagpatotoo-n-Af firmnation; testimony; proof:~ attestation; evidence; indication; verification. Pagpaunawa-ni-Annunciation; proclamdtion. Pagpatuad-n Tnversion. demolition. Pagpawala n ang halaga-n Depreciation in value. Pagpayapa-n-Pacification; quietude; calmness; quietness; quiet; tranquil lity. Pagpayohan n-Advice; advising. Pagpayuhan-n Advice; admoinition; iiifluence. Pagpiga-n-Pressure; squeeze Pagpighatian-n-Disgust, loathing. Pagpigil-n Suppression; Si susp ensioni; stop; check- constraint. Pagpigilan-n-Chech: stopping~. Pagpigilan nk kaloobanun-Moderation. Pagpili-n-Election; choice choosing. Pagpilipit n-Twisting; twist; twining; wreating: contortion; winding. Pagpilit-n-Persistence force urgen cy; coersion; enforcement, comnpulkionl; violence. Pagpilit sa babayi-n Rape. Pagpipigil-n-Stopping; checking; stop.check. Pagpipiging-n-Festivitv; feasting. -Pagpipilit-n Urging: persistence-, Pagpipinsan n-Coushiship. Pagpipisan nReunion; meeting congregation. Pagpipisik n-Sputtering; sputter. Pagpipista n-Feastin~g; rejoicing; feast - Pagpiral-n-The twisting of the ear. Pagpisan n-Accumulat ion; heaping:, unision,~ uniting. Pagpitagan n-Resnect; regard; esteem: veneration. Pagpugot n Beheading: decapitation. Pagpukol n-Thow; cast. Pagpulandit n Spattering. Pagpupiilo-n-Congregation; meeting. P agpupulong-n-Meeting; congregation.Pagpupulong ng congreso-n-A session of congress. Pagpupuri n Plaudit; eulogy. Pagpuputong nk ko rona n-Coronation. Pagpuputukan ngs baril-n-Shooting of a gun. Pagpupuyat-n-Night-watching. Iagpuni-n-Commendation; esteem; estiruation virtue acclamation. Pagpuri nk kabutihan-n-Praise. Pagpusta-n-Ni ager; bet. Pagpuitok-n-Shootiug; shoot explosion., crack report. Pagputol-n-Amputation;- cutting cut. Pagputol n~g kahoy-n-The felhng of trees. Pagsabog-n-Dispersion; scattering. Pagsabunot-n-t'lucking out. Pagsadsad-n-Anchorage. anchoring, beaching. Pagsagot n Answer; reply, repartee:, contestation response. Pagsagsag n Trot; trotting. Pagsaka-n- Cultivation; agriculture. Pagsakay-n-The riding; r-ide. Pagsakop -n -Redemption:- salvation: ransom: taking under protection. Pagsalakay-n-Stealing;thieVing;surprise Pagtalang~sang-n-Resistance; opposition; contradictioi-irefutation contrariness, violation. Pagsrilat-n-Trouchi; touching: rotation; comprehension.Pag~salait-n-Misery; hardship: prover ty; bad-luck. 6 1 I

Page  107 PAG 107 PAG Pagsalin-n-Transcription; copying; empting from one vessel into another. Pagsalsal n-Flattening riveting; clinching, expending; wasting. Pagsalubong-n-Reception; meeting; encounter; compromise. Pagsa lungit n-Contrariness, opposition; disobedience; stubbornness, contrariety; reverseness. Pagshnia n-Connection; meeting; company; retinue; corporation; affiliation; uniting; joining; aggregation; aggregate Pazgysma-n-Perversion; perversity; depravation; wickedness; disobedience. Pagsarmnhin-n- he joining; collection; gathering: spoils; capture of anything. Pag-sdmasdmiiahiln-n-Collection; gathering Pagsainsam-n Collection. capturing;gathering. Pagsandig-n-Reclining; leaning against. Pagsapsaip-n iMnnching; crunching Pagssasabi-n Telling: report; narration; ralation predication. Pags~isabon-n Making of suds; soaping Pagsasagupa-n-Scuffie. strife, fight; affrav. Pagsasaka n Cultivation; farming. Pagsasakdal n-Recourse; appeal; petition; entreaty. Pagsasalab-n-Scortching. Pagsasalays-) av-n-Explanation; narration; signification; saying. Pagsasalin-n-Putting from one vessel into another. coppying transcribing. Pagsasa'lita-n-Talking. saying; conversation. Pagsasalitaan-n-Conversation chat; conference; talking. Pagsasamba-n-Homage. Pagsasandokan-n-The taking by spoonsfiil; ladling. Pag(,.asa2n gla-n-Hypothecation. Pagsasauli n-Devolution: return in g; restitution reintegration. Pagsaway n-Stopping checking, Pagsasaysay-n-Relation; narration; report; explication- declaration; account; saying; telling. Pag'sauli-n-Devolution; restoration. Pagsawa n-Fullness. Pagsosava-ib Feasting; rejoicing- festivity happiness, celebration. Pagsayaw-u Dance. P agsaysay-n-Narration; reference, relation solution: predication; portrayal; anal vsis Pagsesello n-Stamping. Pagsesermon-n-Preachling. Pagsiyasat-n Inquiry; investigation; examination;. Pagsigaw-n-Cry; screaming; yell; yelling; calling; vociferation Pagsilangngaraw-n-Therisingof thesun. Pagsilbihan-n-Serving. making use of. Pagsiinana n-Turn order; succession, vicissitude. Pagsirnba-n-Worship. Pagsinsa-n-The blowing of abe nose. Pagsin~gaw-n-Steamiing; exhalation Pa2sinta-n-Love; loving: courtship. Pagsipot-n-Appearance, apparition; emanation: birth. Pagsira-n-Breaking: destruction; disruption demolition; dilapidation: destroying rotting Pagsirang puri-n-Slander; defamation. Pagsilid-in-Putting in- sacking up. Pagsisisi-n-Repentance; penitence; regret Pagsisiyasat-n-Examination; investigation inquiry inspection; survey. Pagsmway-n-Diso'bedience; contrariness; contradiction; opposition. Pagsuhol-n-Bribery; subordination. Pagsukat-n Measurement; mensuration: measuring. Pagsu o-n-Subjection: surrender; rendition; yielding. Pagsukol -n- Prevention. Pagsukot-n-Humilliation; self-contempt; shame: submission. Pagsulat-n-Writing. contract: treatise: Pagsulong-n Progress; advancemenit; growth: augmentation: improvement; proficiency; addition' increase. Pag.-uma n-Sum: summing: up; total; addition: amount: conclusion. Pagsungab-n-Wrestling; wrestle. Pagsunod-n-Obedience; submission; observance; following; succession. Pagsunod -n- Burning; conflagration: combustion; burn. Pagsuob n-Fumigation; smoking; fumigating. Pagsupil-n-Domination; control; governing. Pagsusulatan-n-Correspondence; writing: intercourse. Pagsusulsol n- Instigation; infusion: (lomination. Pagsusumakit-n-Work;working with care. Pagsusumbong-n-Accusation;. impeachment' accusing. Pagsusupling-n-Sprouting; germination. Pagtaibas n-Shape; shaping; cut; outline. V'agtabas-n-Cutting; delineation. Pagtagupak-n-Slap;sound;madebya slap. Pagtahol-n-Bark; barking.

Page  108 PAG 108 PAG Pagtakal-n Measurement; measuriiy.Pagtakas-n MN~igration; es ape; elopemnent. secret leavinuy Pagtakbo-n-Run; running, flight. Patakpan-n-Cover, covering. Pagtalikod n- Denial; negation. Pagtalop-n Paring peeling. Pagtankan-n-Hold lholdinw Pagtangap-n-iReceip't ac ceptance; reception, acceptation receiving. Pagtangi-n-Denia1:, refusal; negation. Pagtankis-n-Crying, weeping; bewailing; Pagtapak-n Fread; tram-p. Pagtapakaui-n-Treadiing. tramlpli rg. Pagtarok-n-Soundin~g sound. Pagtatae na miay hialonig dugo n Dysentery - Pagtatagal n Duration; continuance: stability; continuation, subtsistence, prolongation: tardiness; slowvnes-s. Pagtatagpi n-Mending; patching(4. Pagtatagumpay n Defense; protectioni support. PagtataKa n-Wonider, am —azeniient;chlarnli,; admiration; amaze. Pagtatakapan n Dispute; tight with words ai-gument in whiich b~ad wvor(1s are used. Pagtakip n Cover; c-overiung hiding; concealment; concealing.Pagtatakpanan-n Covering; concealmient hiding. Pagtataktak n Branding; mnarking; sealing. Pagtatali n-Tying. Pagtatalo-n Dispute. quarrel; strifeftiglit; contest; conflict:, rival ry;completi tion; antagonism; argument; difference; litigation; lawsuit: (-ontroversy - Pagtatalumian n Cause of a (Ilispulte or argument; arguineent; quarreliiig. Pagtatamo n-Sufference: suffering; tolerance; toleration. Pagtataman n-Elopemnent. Pagrtatanan no sundlalo-nl- Desertion; deCserting. Pagtatanaw~ n-Deserninent; view-. Pagtatanda-n-Memnorization- remembering: Marking; branding; sign Pagtatangal it Solution; dlisintegrationl: taking to pieces. Pagtathangap-n?-.Receiving,: ac(-eptance; acceptation: taking. Pagtatangol-n-Shelter: protection; dlef ence. Pagtatanim- n-Plantiiig: sowiing. Pagtatanimi galit n-Hatred; aversion: rancor: grudge. Pagtataiim sakapwan-HaI-.-tred avers~ion. Pagtataiiiini sa I obl-n-Anger- passionll rage. Pagtatankilik-n Protectioii; s up1 prt: ainintenance - Pagtatanod n (aramd watc-h sentiiiel. Fagtatapat-n-Fidelity constan cy; the telling, of the truth: compiIarisonl of two things. Pa~gtatapon-n Throwing away; wAasti iig, cast; scatterilig. Pagtatapos-ni-Conl'ion -,,,t~i finish; fini~li. inp. endiing. Pagtatatag-nlhis.-titutit~on; foundinhg; establisliment; edification. Fagtatayo-n-Edification; building founiding: establishment; establishiing; ins it I t ion.) Pagtatlong, bahagi-n-The dividing into three parts. Pagtawad —n-Bartering; haniggling; offerbig of ai certain price for anything. Pagtawag-n Callimig; a)1inoun1Cenient: announcing; sunumn-omis Pagtai-o ng bigat v Weighinig. Pagtib-ayan-n- 1ta~tificam itin;i affirmiation: fortifi~cation; strengtheninmig corrobo-m ration; making; fast; secuirity - Pagtigil n 'Stop; check pause; dlelay: suspension; suspence; solourniPagtigpas-,-n-The act of cutting or slicPa gt~ikhhim -n-Tastf-; tasting.,, Pagtiklop-n-Fold Foldfing: (10o111blng. Pa-gt~iklop~tilklopin-n- Refo- din-g. Pagtilainsik-n-Spl-as~,hinig; splash - Pagiinanaiin-Xeiliig:balaiicing. Pagtingin-n-Siglit; respe(ct; rega-(l N-yenieration - Pa pti pi rin -n- Econo011 v Pagtira-n-HEabitatiori; lodginig; dwlelling: living; inhabiting. Pagtitiis-n-Patien ce; endum-ance; toleran(e-e toleration:, sufferance, sufferlng. Pagtitina-n-The act- cf dyeing. Pagtitipani-n?-Notificationi; agreemneiit;an nouncemen t. Pagfitipid-n F(cononiv: frugality. Pagtitipon-n-C-Tatheriung. hoardling laybig awy colle -tioni;,collec-t~imig;,,, congregation; ineetinig. Pagtubo-n irnerease; growth; augmiientation; profit gainn Pagtubos-n Redenmptioii m ansom; i-emi is Pagtudla-n Throw cast. Pagtugtog-n The playing (4 musical instrumnents. Pagtugtog ng, kainpania-n-Th e to-lling of a bell.

Page  109 PAG 109 PAH Pagtuka-2n-The pecking; peck. Pagtukso-n Teasi jok i g j es i; ting temptation. Pagtutukin-n-The c ollision. Pagtulad-n-Imitatioll copying. Pagtullak- Slhove; push tlropullsiol. Pagtulonlg-n-Help; assistance; aid: cooperation; safe-tuar.l. Pagtupad-n-Compliance; coInplylilig; o,servance; ebedience. Pagturo- -Teacl in g; inistruction; doc trine. Pagtutukain-) Peck or pecking of a fowl. Pagtutullunlgan nC-Cooperation; aidl assistance llelp. Pagtutunnaw-n-Tlawing, ineltin smlelting:; 1,ss; lositng of m1oney. Pagtuturo-n-Teacing; instruction; edification. Pagdulot-n RIebounding ret ui rn i 1 r; bj uncillg; retrocessi(on. Pag uga-n Rocki ng;niov ing c(nlll notion; movemnent. Psg ugpungin I-The joinling at the eeils. Pag ugtunaaii-n The joiniln at tle ends. Fag uli-n-Repetition reiteratio0n. Pag ulit n- Reiteration; repetition. Pagulogulo (dr.-I)isor(lerly. Iiadlyl; sillily. Pagulungin-r-To roll; run on wiheels. Pag umnit-n Peculation stealing. Pag uno —Hesitation; wavering; stanmmering; stuttering. Pag unti-n-Dimunition; dec(liiie; fall; declination dwinldle; decay. Pag upak-n-Clap. Pag upak-n The huskiig. Pag upat-n Instigatiol; flatteryl persuasion destitution. leaving cf anotlher in destitute circumstances. Pag uraly-n-Instigation; impulse; persuasion; opinion. Pagurin v To tire; make tired. Pag urong-n Retrocession; taking back; return. Pag usad-n-Crawling creeping; woodlen rattle rag usig-n-Pet secution. Paa usisa-n-Examinlation: iivestigation; inquiry. Pag usisain- To inquire; i nvestigate; review Pag uumali —u-Proceedure; conductt: nmanner; demeanlor. use; customl;style;fash ion mode; form; methodl: deportment,. Pag uugnay-n-Conformity contiguity; combination; unioni: c iojunction: order unity: composition. Pag uugov-WrSwi-inginigig; oi; rocking. Pag uukol- -Destination pertainence. Pag uulli-z Restoration restitution; de volutioti; enewing: r eeistablishmllellt. Pag uuilit ) Iteration; reiteration, dtuplication. Pag uturong-n Recessioi backing down. Pagr u1sap-n )ispute, litigation: lawsuit coll tract. Pau' ttlsallpat-l- Session, conference; cont versatiol. Pagr uisbom a- Geritination. I'pagusrisa a- -Exainatioii resea rc; review; probation; itnquiry. Pa'uusisan mn li-lt -Revision. review. Paguulyall n Rihdictuile. Par\vov\oto- \ otn-Vtiin; vote; poll; b>allot. Pagwawu aksi u-Separati(o tll ivisiion; ctulling reflusal: lnegarion. Pag awari -IMeditation d(elileratioji reflection cogitation; contiemplation; reasoiiiiin Pagwiwika-n-Ta!king'; talk saying. Pagwiwika ni inasama-,a-Backbititng slan(ler; gossip. bad talk. Pagwiwika in katampallasatnn-an Insult; abuse; slanider, libel. abusiveness: libeling. Pagwiwisik-n Sprinklinu'. Pagyamanin v-To enrichl make rich; make fruitful or fertile. Pagyr\aw n Departure. Pagyari -n- Constructim;n; terninatiot; fitnisli. I'agyasak n-Traml)lilg; treadlig. lPagvukod n Respect venerationl; homage reverence; back warldness. Pagyurak n-Trantpl)ling treading. Pahlaba art.- Lenlgthwise sidlelong. Pallalalng-n-Crosspiec crossf-timlner. Paalna n- Learnilng; wisdoml. Palhaniginanii- o air; dry in tle air. lPa'arap-a.d.-Face forw\\artl. Palla-vagn-Nottice, proclalmatioIl; revelationl; publication. lPahlaag nl kasal -il-Bamlns Pahayag Ig pata!y —()}Oituary. Pahid-n-Smear; wipe. Pall iga-a dtr.-Horizoni tall y. Pahigra at-Horii ontal. Palhigitin-rv-To excell exceed; surpass. Pahigtin-r- ro tigilten; press. Palhimpilin-t-To- ease; ligliten-; calm; cease. 'Palinain-r-To weakenken weak. Pahinain ng loob-r-To disllearten; discouratge dismay. Palinavin-r-To prepare for cooking. I'ahindi a Denial; refusal; nIegation; con. tradiction; disotwniniig. Pahlingahan-n- Resting place; place of rest.

Page  110 PAG 110 PAK Pahintoin-v-To s:op; check; detain; keep-, retard. P'ahintulot-n-Permission; assent: leave: license; privelege approval; admittance; aoprobation; sanction -consent: indulgenice; ftirlough liberty: authoriiY righIt; power good will. Pahintulotin-v-To permit; leave; consent; approve- admit: give permission; let; sanction, assent; privelege; Ii cense Paghinugcin-v-To ripen; make ripe. Pahiran-i'-To wripe smear. T'ahiran n& alkitran-v-To tar. Pahiran n~, cebo v-To grease. Pa hirapan-?v-To chastize; punish; injure; abuse- aggrieve; agonize; distress. Pahiwalayan-v-To separate divide. Pahiwas-adv. Slantingly; slopingly. Pahiwas-a-Slopingz slanting. Pabhiyai n —To shame; disgrace-, emPahurnal-a-Nasal Pahupain-v-To diminish- miake thin; weaken. Pahusavini-7~-To arrange- put in order. Paibabaw-a-Uppermost; top superficial; shallow. Pai kit adr.-Gvratory Pakipik-a-Tight; compressed; pressed; solid. Paikpikin-v- o press; ti ghten;, make solid tamp. P~ailangilang-Scatteringly. Paqim babtaw-,n-Hypocrisyv;haugchtiness. Paina-n-Shelf. Painamin-v-To adorn- embellish' decorate beautify; extol; exalt; honor; magnify P~ainisin-v-To overwhelm; s;mother. Painitin-v-To beat; warm. Painog-adv -Gyratory. Paimom-n-Drink; beverage. Pa9inugin-v-'ro spin; twirl. Paininmin-v-To invite to drink; give to drink. Paisipan a-Thoughtful; meditating. Paisipan-n Puzz~le; enigma. Paft-n Chisel. Paitan-v-To chisel. Paitimian-n-To blacken; darken: ebonize. Pagkaasahian n-Hope; expectancy. Pagkahaual-n-Ptirity; virtue. Pagkdhanalan sa gracia n rg RP.ioS-ASoat cti fication - Pa,.akdu irugi n..?; Powderiiig; pniverizing. Pagkagiliwin-ii-ro love; make love. Pag~kagiliwvin-i Deep love;anxiousdesire. Pakakai sa-n-IUnity; agreement; unanimity: union. Pakakinisin-v-To polish; smooth; finish. Pakalayaan-n-Liberation; giving of free(loin; setting at liberty. Pakal igisin v- Pulverizatiou. Pakaliningi n-n Review; revision- inqui ry close observance., examination investigation. Pakalinisin-v-To clean; cleanse; purify. Pagkalog n Rattle. Pakamasdan-n-Look, observation; inquiry; review; revision; examination; Pakamustatn —Compliments; message. Pakana-n-Tdea- notion fancy; defsign. Pakanasain-a-Anxious; desirous. Pakanin-v-To feed; give to eat. Pakapilitin-n-Twisting twining. Pakapilitin-n-Perserverance; pesistence; inciting. Pakasalin v- o betroth- marry; match. Pakasamuin-v-To condpmn. Pagkasintahin-v-To love. Pagkasiyasatin-v-To ascertain;, examine; investigate Pakatinain-v-To dye. Pakatinvnan-n-Rev~iew; revision; look; investigation- sight; watchingx. Pakaway-n-Movement of the bands; weith. balance. Pakay-n-Intention; desire; end; goal; object; designPakikiapid-n-A~dultery; seduction. Plakikinabangan-a- Profitable; useful. Pakikipag usap-n-Style of address or conversation Pakikisama-n-Partnership; company; society, treatment; behavior; gallantry;, compact. Pakikitungo-n-Com pact; contract; traffic; trade. Pakinabang-n-Profit; revenue; gain; advantage; utility. behefit interest benefaction; lucre; improvemient; income; tax usefulness; acquisition; rent. Pakinabangan-v-To profit; benefit; gain. Pakinangin-ii-To smooth; polish. Paking-a-DistractedPakingan-v-To listen; hear; heed; hark; hearken; comprehend;, understand. Pakiiiisin-v-To smooth; polish; finish; brighten. Pakintabin-v-To brighten; - polish;, -smooth; finish. Pakiramdam-n Feeling, sensibility;- not — ability. Pakita-n- Appearance. Pakitang loob n-Gallantry; manners. Pakiusap-n-Request- entrea ty; petition supPIcatioD; prayer.

Page  111 PAL 11i PAL Pakiusapan-v-To request, entreat; beg or petition. Pakli-n Intercalation; contestation; distant answer. Pak6-n Nail. Pakong bakal na walang ulo-n-Brad; tenon; spile. Pakong kahoy-n-Wooden peg, peg trunnel. Pakong maliit-n-Tack; shingle nail; small nail. Pakong sabitan ng papel-n-aper tile.; Pakpak-n-Wing, lean to; addition pennon. Pakuan-n-Watermelon. Pakuluin-v-To boil. Pakumusta-n Compliments; expressions of kindness. Pakupasin-v-Tro fade; wither; cause to fade or wither. Pakupkop-n-[Protection; help; aid; assistance; favor. Pakunutin-v-To wrinkle. Pakunutin nk noo-n-To wrinkle the forehead. Pakuyumpisin-v-To shrink; contract. P~Ja n-Shovel; spade. Paldin Improvement gain; reward; profit; compensation, triumph, gratification; glory. Pala-infer. So. Palaw nito-n-Idolater; pagan. Palaantok-n-Lethargic sleepy. Palaaway-n Quarreller. Palaaway-a Quarrelsome; noisy, touchy; peevish. Palaba'-n-Wash: washing. Palabahan-n-Place of washing; laundry. PalabA nk buan-n-The raining at night when the moon shines. Palabiro-a-Jocose; jocular. droll. Palabiro-n-Joker; jester. wag, droll. Palabisin v-To exceed; excell; surpass; overcome; give more than is necessary. Palabuin-v-To darken: blur; blot obscure; cloud; confuse; make muddy or murky. Palabunga-a-Fruitful; prolific. Palacio-n-Palace. Palad-n-Chance: fate, luck: doom: hap; happinems prosperity; felicity. Palagay-n- Supposition; election; appointment. Palagay na loob-a-Calm; serene; tranquil affable meek; plain. Palaguin-v-To make leafy; unfold; unroll; increase. Palabangin-v-To crack; split; cleave; flaw; chink. Palahangin-a-Boastful; bragging. Palailii-a Continually making water. Palfi isipanin-Riddle, enignia; puzzle; rebus. Pala isipin-a-Thougtful; meditating. Palak a-Distant remote, separated. Palak-adv.-At a distance. Palaka-n Frog; toad. Palakad-n-Proceedure; conduct; demea ii. or. management; amanner; customl; use; usage, -mode; inethod. Palakad lakad a-Wanderinig vagaboitd erring; errant; excursive. Palakain-n-Glutton. Palakain a-Gluttonous. Palakang kakapsoy-n Toad. Palakasin-v-Fo invigorate strengthen; fortify; inspire or give courage; -make courageous; renove fear. Palakhin-v-To enlarge aggrandize; increase; heighten; augment; improve. Palakihin-v-To augment; increase, enlarge; aggrandize heighten. Palakihin ang isip-v To educate; in — struct; breed; bring up; teach broad. en the mind. Palakihin ang katawan-viro make fat; fatten. Palakol-n Axe; ax. Palakolin-v-To chop, hew; cut with anaxe. Palakpak-n Slam sound caused by the fall of anything; wooden rattle. Palalasing a-Intemperate; immoderate. Palalimin-v-To deepen; profon d. Palaloca-Proud; haughty; supercilious; overbearing arrogant;boftv presuniptuou,. insolent; impudent boastful; inflated. Palaluin-v-To make pround or haughty; exceed; excel; surpass; overcome;, overpower. Palam ara-n-Traitor. Palamara-a-Infidel; inconstant; untrue; traitorous. ungrateful: shameless. Palambutin-v-To soften; mollify; make soft, -bland or tencler. Palampasin-v-To exeed, excel; surpass go beyond: pass. Palanangis-a-Snivelling;. Palanangis-n-Sniveling. Palanas-n-Stony place; fiat rock. Palangana-n-Wastibasin, basin. Palangoy-a-Fboating- bouyantPalangoyin-v-To make or cause to swim. Falansikin-v-To bespatter; splaslb dab. Palamigin-v-To refresh; cool; -efrigerate. Palapala-n-Scaffold; shade.

Page  112 PAL' 112' P AM Palapputinv To 1 thiiCken; condlense; cur17 -dle. Palapatsialn Walker; one who iS Oil the go all the ~timie, gad about. IPilaso n Dart 'arrow. Palas-ugal na Qamnbler. Palasumnbonign Taleteller telltale. Pailatain-v-lo caus-e to wither or fade. Padatakna Click. Palatanong-n Querist. P'alatanong n- Quizzical. Palataw n-Hatchiet, broad axe. Palausap-a Quarrelsomie; touchyN. Palawit n-Anything, thiat. is huitig up as an adornmnent. Palay n Rice that is still in the hiull. Palayan n Rice-field'. Palayasin-t, To sendI away; dismfiss oust. Palayaw-n C.aress; cajolery; dandle; petting; freedomt. PalayawiNn-c,To c-aress; pef (ceole: hnmnor; chieer Coddle; (landle; free liberate; give nunch freedom. Palayok na gatasan-n-Milk-jar. Palavok-a-Jar olla. Palayok na tanso-v-Copper kettle. Palayuin-v-To distance roamove to a distaiice; send; away; separate part. I'alibid-ni-Circumiiferienc(.e; circuit; environs. Palibhiasaini-v-Io depreciate; insult; 'revile; abuse.. Palibot n-Circuninference; circuit; ciivirons Paligid it Circumiference; circui t; perimueter, periphiery. Paligid-adv.-Abomit. IPaligid-prep.-About. Paligiran v Fo circuit:- skii-t. Paligmn v lo bathie lave. IPalfihan nA nvil. I hlhiniiiadv.Secretly; hi ddenly;, surreptuously treacherously'. Palikid it Ball of string. Paikoh)Iko-adv,-Fluittecrhngily. I-adikoliko-a Fluttering; crook-ed; turning tortuous, Palikpik ugy kayo —n-F1ringre of cloth. Pafiligo-n-Batli. Palifin.g ad?7.-Obl.iq tieIy. Paul ing-a-(0blique. PalinanmnaMial-1-To taste; relish; give' taste. Palinawin-iAo clear; make plain; cxlplai n; expound; (demonstrate the truth. Palinsarini aiig buto-c-To disjoint; p~ull apart. Palinuliod-Humible; imeek; begging; kiieeliiig. Paliparin-v-To cause, to fiy. -Palipisan-v-Temple. iPalis-a-Clean, 11'al is-n-Place. Pafit-n- Chan ge; barter; exchange; stirrogration commnutation. Pahikatin-v —To split; cleave; crack, Palitawiu-Apparition; appearance; overt. I1'alitan-v-1 o chiange; exchange. barter; substitute surrogate; commute; permutte. replace. Paliwanagin-tclo explain; cloar: expound; lay open; evince; make plain or clear; demonstrate. Paliwas a-transverse; oblique. Paliwas n-Evasion; avoidance.' Palo-n-Pole- mast stick; cudgel; blow withi anything. iPalopalo nA damnit Clothes-beater. Paloob-v-To put in. enter, meddle; interf ere. P~al so a- False. Palsofiin-v-To falsify; counterfeit. Paltos-n Burn. Paluagin-v-To loosen; free; liberate. Paluagin ang oob)-v-To appease; cabin; tranquilize. Palubalub-v-To wallow roll in mud. Palubalub sa bisio-v I o wallow in vice. Palubayin-t-To mnitigate; assuage; appease calm;, stol) check; soften. Pa lubuigin-v-To submerge; inundate'. F alugit-n-Advantage, start; handicap; distance. Palugit in~ panalhon-n-In crease of time; furloughl. IPaluin-v-Tfo beat; strike;, belabor; puminch: scourge. Palumnatlumnatin- c-To (-rak; split; drefer; delay; (alaly. P1alumatin-vt,-To (-rack; split. Palundagin-v-To cause oi- make jumip. Palungkutin-v-To make or catise to be sorrowftil or sad. Paluputan-v-To wrap up. Paluputin-v-To wrap uip. P alutang-adv.-Floating: bouyar t.Paiuagain-v-To cause to oi- make swell. Pamagat-n-Vow; promise P amagat-n-Nickname; alias; denominination. Pamiagatan-v-To nickuiame; give aii alias; denominate- make a vow or promise. Pamnahabaan-v To manage; heed; care for; keep; guard; govern; direct; conduct; (lomineer. Fainahid-n-Wiping rag; packers waste. Paniahid n,& pawis-n-Handkerchief. PFam ahin-n-Superst-ition.Panuakpakn-Addition; lean to; wing.

Page  113 PAM 1113 PAM 113 ~~~PAN P1amnalimali-a Erroneous. fnll of mistakes; inconsiderate. Pamamiaga n Swelling: infiamation tumidity tumidness. Parnamagpak-n The waving of one's armns cruse:. biginning appearance. Pamamag itan n Intercession int-erven. tion meditation. Pamamahagi-n Partition; distribution: division' dividing Pamamahala n Care;cargo watchiguard, duty management government. Pamnamahala na mahagsik-n-Tyranny: severity, rigidity of g vernment. Pamamahay-n-Habitation, abode residence; lodging; mansion. Pamauualagi-,t Stability lasting hiabituation; subsistence. Pamamalat-n Hoarseness. Panmamalita n Narration: speaking revelation; speach; talk; talking Pamnamanas n-Beri-beri swelling caused by a cold. Pamamanglaw-n Solitude; lonliness; gloomine-s5 Pamamansag n Nickname: alia-s. Pamamantog n. Inflation. Pamamaos-n Hoarseness. Pamamiarati n Stability; duration; permanency: eternity. Pamamayad-n.Payment, compensation - Pamana n Legacy; inheritance. Pamanahan vTo legate. inherit. Pamanghain-v To amaze; cause to stare or wonder, astonish. Pamankin -n Nephew; neice. Pamankin na babayi n-Niece. Pamankin na lalaki n-Nephew. Pamankin sa pakinabang n-Stepchild. Pamiansa-n Promise; denomination; determination. Pamantugia n To inflate 1111 with wind,. Pamaoy n Scare crow. Pamaratihia v To accustom; inure; frequent. Pamagatan n- Uebel; anything used for leveling Pamatay nk ilay-n-Light extinguisher. Pamawis n Hankerchief. Pamaypay-n-Wag; fan; shaking Pamibigan~n Talk: anything that is put in the mouth. Pamigkis n Belt sash; girdle; hand; ligature; scarf Pamnigkis ng balat-n-Leather belt. Pamnihasanin v-To abuse; inure; accustom. Pamimili-n Purchase, buying; selection; choise; volition. Parnimintuiho n-Petition, praye-r; asking; service obedience; submissionPainimiutuhio sa Dios-n Prayer to GodPamIin~cihin-n To deafen. P)aminsan adiv Once. Paminta-n-Pepper. Pa mitpit-n Instrument, for -cutting. Parmugaw-n- Scarecrow - Pamutla, n Origin, source; beginning. root: entree, entry; element pria. -ciple: motive. Pamulaan-v-To comm-ence. bigin; -undertake attempt. Famumnubok n Crvstalization Pain urnin1kod-n Separation distinction:, singularity. Pamurinula n~ rnukha, it Plush; bashfulness. Pamumuno n clovernmentxcomrnandin-g: commandlmenlt: leading: heading. Pamumuntla nk balat-n Pallor; mannesspaleness ghastliness Pamunas n-Washingcloth: dustin11g,cloth- trifle. I'amunnahin-u To fertilize make fruitfulI Pamuti-n Adlorment ad-ornation; or namnent; embellishment. Pamutihian v-To adorn- embellish, setoff fit, uip: ornament; clean. Pamuntihin-v To decorate: embellish; adorn set off. Pamutiin v-To whiten: make white. Pana n-Arrow (dart. Panabihan n-Toilet; retreat Prnabing nCurtain: covering; awning. screen Pan abing sa pinto-n Screen. Panagano n Dedication. consecraton 0 inscription. Panavap ng bula-n-Skimmer. Panav'hiling banlal-n Emulation: envy. jealousy. lPanaghoy n'Lamentation dole: dolor; lament' bewailing, wail, strong sen. timent. Panaghoy na malumbay n-Sad lamentation.Paniginip n Dream. Panagp '-n Patch!. Panagutan n-Guarantee bail: response; responding; answering. Panahod nRecei'ver: small bucket. Panahtok-n- Spice, Panahon-n-Time- era; age; term: tide; season; epoch; occasion; opportunity. Panahon mabuting ipogtanim-n-Seedtime. Panah~on ina magkasing hiat ang araw at gabi n-Equinox 15

Page  114 'PAN 114 PAN Panahion nakaraan-n-1Past time; past tense. Panahon na walang gawa-n-Rest; repose; recreation. Panahon tiang b)abayi-n-Periodical indisposition c-f women; menses. Panahion nik gapasaiin-Harvest time. Panahion ug ptngani-n-Harvest- time. Panalhon n& tatlong. buan-n-Quarter. Panahion salat sa ulan-n-Drought. Paniahtunann-Turn; time; succession Panakip n-Cover lid stopper. Panakip nz- hihfigan n Coverlet, bedspi ead Panakot-n Scarecrow. Pnnaksak n-Poniard;- dagger: dirk; stilleto, Panaktak-n-Branding iron Panalangiii-n Prayer; petition, in vocation, oration; evening prnyer. Pan ali-n-String thong. Panali nk zapato~s-nShoestrinrg. Panaluyan bahay-n-Hotel; inn; boarding house. Panamnbil-n-Covering- screen, cover; inclination; vocntion. Panarnibitan n-Lamentation-; lamient; moan. Pananahaii-n-Habitation; abode; 1livi rg at a certain place. Pananakotan Fright; threat; surprise. Pananfihig Hope. expectancy; firn-ness; constancy.Panaiialita-n-Talk discourse; conversation; idiom; language. Paranal~o-n-Victory, winning. Pananainit-n Garb; wearing, apparel; clothes complete suit. Pananampnlataya n-Credeiice; fai thI; creed; belief. troth theory credit. Pananamnsmm-n-Pl under; spoils pillage. Pananatili-n-Stability, permanrence; duration; tenacity; continuance, persistency, Pananauili-n-Restoration; (levol utati on - Pananda-n- Branding-iron:- stencil marker: marking iron. Panangis-n Weeping; crying; snivelling. Panianim-n-Seed: sowing; seed ti ine; that which is planted. Panat-a-Tigyht: hard; firm: sol id. Panata-n-Promise, offer. Panatag n-Secure: constant: tranquil quiet, caimn rest. Panauhlan-n-Border; lodger: guest. Panay-a-Even, equal; continuous: all. Panay-ad v-Evenly: -equally; totally. PanAya n-Continuance; evenness; equality. 'Pandak-a-Short; chubby; stocky; chunky., Pandam pe-n-Blotte r. Pandareta-n-Tami bou. ri n e. Panday-n-IBlacksmitli ironsmith. Pandayann nBlacksmith shop; forge, iron works. Pan de sal nSalt bread:- bun; buinn. Pandilig-n-Spri-ikler! watering pot. Pandinig n Ear trumipet; ear Pandulo n Final; conchilusio acmie finish; lerinination; crisis, goal. Panduro n-Punch. Pan~a-n-Jawbone - Pangadlya- n-Aiiything usedl to (lefend something else. Pan~ahas,-n Daring; boldnesis; sauiciness forwardness insolence: im pai dence dissolution; auidacity; intrepidity; fearlessness, spunk. Pang ahit n-Razor. Pangako-n- Promise, guarantee; plight. Patigalag no tor'nillo-n-Screwdriver. Paiigalall-n-N~ame. Panalawa n Second. assistant. Pangalawa buhat sa (lulo-n-Penulti mate; the last but one. Pangalawang nigalan-n Surname, nick name.Pangalinig-n- Brush hook, instrument for cutting away brush. Pankalos-n-Scrapper; anythling used as a craper. Pankamrba-n-Doubt suspicion; jealousy, fear; plight, indicision; dread suspence; hesitation. Pangainhahin a-Fe-i rful; distrusful;, jealous suspicious. Pangamnoy n Nostril; nose. Pangangalakal-n Tra'ffic trade; corniue rce. Panganiigalakal ng k ataw ain-n-Brothiel, vhorniog prostitution. Pan gan-gal an-.-n The giving of,- a naure; naming. Paiigangnanak-n-Birthi; giving birth. Pankangaral-n-Preaching. sermon; exhortation - Panigangaso-n Hunt- chase; gunningy. Panigankatawan-n Shape or form o~f the body. Pangangayaw n-Negation; unwillingness. Pankankayayat-n-Exte'nuation feeblenoss; weakness;debility; wasti ngalmay. Pangano-ay~upapa-ni-Subm'ission, humilia tion: yielding; losinig in a fight. Panganib n-Danger; risk; peril; jeopardy; hazard. Pangapas-n-Siekle; scythe; reaipinghook gyue. Pankapon-n Discard.Pangapos nk paa-n-Shlackle8; hopple,

Page  115 PAN 115 PAN Pangapos ng kainay-ni-Handcuffs. Pangaral-n- Discourse; sermon; advice; preaching. Patikaralan-v-To exhort, preach. ing-a ral kristiano n Sermon. Pangarap n D)reamn. Pangaso-n-Chase: hunt. Pangati-n-D~ecoy. snare. Paug7)ating ibon-n-Decoy bird. Pan~atlo n-I hie third. Pan gtgat~-tn-Bite guaw; nible. Fani(_ayayatin-v-To extenuate; debilitate, make weak or thin. 1Pangayol-n Grater, scraper. F angbatak-n Pull; tug, haul, attraction. Pan gbatid-n-Darn. Pangbayo-n-Mallet mall. Pangbulok-n-Anything that will make or cause another to rot. Pangbutas-n-A uger gimble; punch; weevil; punceon. Pangh uya n Incitement; spur; 8timulous. Pangrdaiidanm-n Sensibility, sense; sentinment; perception. Panggapus-n-Tramrnel; hatdcuff; shackl e. Pano-gising-n-Alarmi clock; alarinbell. Panglhahapdi n Smarting; st ingi ngsmnart pain. Panghaharang-n-Highway robbery; holdup. Pauglialalili-n Substitute; that which is lput in place of another. Pan glali na-n-.Attraction; magn et. Panglialo n-Mixer; rocker; mortar; any thing that is us-ed to mix with. Pangh'apit-n- estle. Panighihiganti-n-Vengeance; retaliation. Pau~gliihiniaiigsik-n-,Sternlness; rigor; strictnif ss; severity. Panghihimagsik laban sa puno n Insurrection; rebellion; sedition. Panghihina-n Debility; weakn ess; extenuatiou; feebleness; wasting;- away. Panghihina ng loob-n.-Lack or want of courage; temer ity, weakness of heart; faintheartedn-ess. Fanghihinang-n-Solderin~g. Panghildip nk plate'ro n-Jeweler's blowpipe. Patighiliwalay-n Separator. Panghikuatb-Lever; fulcrum. Panghila-n Attractio; anything which serves to draw another. Panghilamos-n-Towel; the washing of the face arid hands. Panghina-n- nytliing which serves to weaken another. Panghinang-n-Sofder; soldering-irion, P anghininga-n-Toothpick. Panghinuli-n-Earphick. Panghuhiula n-Prophecy; surmise; conjecture. Panighuit-n-Lever; fulcrum. Panghiukay-n-Spade: hoe. Panghuli no isda n Fishtr~ap. Panghuli n Trap. Pariciiki n Chill. Pangil n Eyetooth; fang: tusk. 'Pangimayin-v-To benuinb, cause to be senseless-. Pangimbubo n Envy-, jealousy. Parigingiba-n-Shigularity; distinction; novelty; strangeness. Pan~ingilabot n Fright; terror. Panoirit~ilag n Avoidance evasion. Pangigilalas nAdmiration; wonder; aniazement stupor. Pan~in&1irii n Trem-bling shiaking; quaking sparkling. Pang-ingisda-n-Fishing. Pangingitlog n 'The laying of eggs. Pangingitlog no isda nl ihe spawning of fish. Pmanginoon n Master;overseer~propietor;owner-; mistress; lord. Pan gint1indi n Sense; spirit. intelligence; knowledge; skill; ability. Pangispiki nLever, fulcrum; handspikePangit n Ugly-, homely; immodest: (isfi-ured: dirty; deformed; sordid huge: Pangitlugan-n-IBen's nest; haunt of a hen.. Pnmaigkat-n-Chapter; part: clan. Pangkiat ng bayan-n-District; part. Pan-lalat-i n Prostration; languidness; weakness. Fanglasap-n Palate; taste; relish. Panglaw-n-Gloom; sorrow; grief; sadness.; lonliness; depression of spirits. Panglilibak n Slander; insult; ridicule. Pangliingot ng tapon-n-Corkscrew. Pangloloob n-Robbery; robbing. Pangnamnarn-n-Taste; palate: relish. Pangpahimpil-n-Sedative.- anything which serves to quiet; ease: or calm. Pangiti-n-Sniile; budding of blossoms. Panigpakilos n-Motor. Pangpalakas-n-Corroborative; anything which serves to strengthen. Pangpang-n-Shore; strand; bank. Pangpawis-n-Sudorific. Pangpasuka-n-Emetic. Pan gpasulon g-n-Propeller; incitement: rinducemnent. Panpatibay-n-Corroborative; guarantee; anything which serves to st.rengthen. Pangpatulog-n-Marcotic; (rug.

Page  116 PAN16PA 116 L PAN Ilan gpatu-yo-n- Dric n. 1Pangpiga-n-Fress; pestle. Panpigil n-Brake. Pangpihit n-Wrench. Plangsual-n Handspike. P1angsurong-n-Sh~ovel spade. P~angtala-n-Rule; marker. that which serves -to govern. IPankudnagod n-Grater, scraper. Parngulo n-Leader; commander; c hi ef principal; head. llangunahanfl Head: leader. 1)angunkulili n-Sordidness, filthinless; dirtiness. lPangungundot n Lance; blunt instrument used for purposes of defense. Pangungurong n Contraction bucking.; shortening retraction. retirement; backing down. Pangungusap n-Advice talking; lecture; locution; speech. P)angusap n-Correction advice; charge; reprehension; reproach. censure; reprimand; reproof. P~ankasapan-v-To advise reprimand censure; reprehend; admonish; lecture. Pankusav na masaklap n Reprimand; reproof; lecture. Pang uumit n-Trheft; peculation; stealing; thieving Pangwakas n-Final; conclusion, determnination: end; remembrance. Pangwakas a-Final, conclusive, last. Pangyayari n Accomplishment; event:incident issue, success. realization:casuality. Pangyayaring bigla nSudden; happenIng Panibago a New: renewed. Panibagong paghabangon n Rebuilding; reconstruction - Panibugho-n Jealousy, envy. Panimba-n Bucket. Panimba n- loshes usedl to go to church in. P~animbang n-Weight balance. p)animdim-n-Meditation; anxiety; restlessness caused by thinking of another. llaninkasin-v-To kindle set afire. P~aninkilan-n-Collection of debts, place of collection. Pan~inigalan-nl-Sidleboard dreszser. P~aninilaw-n Pallor; ghastliness; wan - ness; pallidness. P1aninilay-n Med tation: contemplation; musing. Paninilbihan-n-Service'; sevitude. P~aninilo at pagbabalat n& libro nthe binding of, books.~. Panininkil n Collection of outstanding debts Panininta-n Courtship love-making love suit. Pauiinirangpuri n Slander gossip backbiting. Paninirfi sa isang lugar-n-The living or lodging at a certain p~ace. Paniwala n Belief; faith;credit credlen-e. confidence testim~ony. Panipit-n Tongs princers; clamp. Panira ne punin-Slander defamation. Pani ala-n-Belief credence credit Paniwalaan v To believe credit; have faith in. Paniwalain-a Credulous; simple. Panlimas n-Bail. Panot a-Bald hairless baidheaded. Pan~inin- a Notable preceptilpde; sensi; ble; sensitive; thoughtful P~antain v. 0 level make equal. Fanta's-n Sage wise man writer Pantay-a Equal; uniform; level; eveni, similar; of the same height Pantayin v-To equalize; level; make, equal; match, make similar. Panti n Net. Pantuyo n-Drier. Panual n-Lever push; shove. Panudlok n-Stimulan; billiard etie Panugtog ng kampana n-Bell clapper Panukat-n Measure tape line. Panukat ng ul'an n-ljdometer., Pan ukaba n esign: intention. P~anul at-n-Penmanship. Patiulukan-n Angle, corner; nook. Panuluyanan n-Ian; hotel inin of it monj astery. Panumpa n-Adjuration. Panumpaan v To make oath; swear; promise Panungkit n Hook; gaff; window pole; provocation. Panunnan n Longing champion;, friend. Panunilba, n-Trick: deceit trap frauid. Panunubok-n Secret observation or watching; surprise Panunumbalik n Restoration devolution. Panunumnpa n Vow: oath; curse; imprecation. P1anunumpa ngc hindi totoo-n Perjury; false oath. Panuiob n Dis-infectant Panutog n -rick - Panutog ng nabetf —n Snuffers. Panutsot-n Whistle; call. panuyo-n-The asking of the farbier for the hand of his daughter in marriage; gallantry. service of love; congratulation.

Page  117 PAR I 17 PA R Panuyuan-v-To court;, love, woo. Panyito nk damit n-t0ore of skirt. Panyo-n Hankerch~ef.. Panyo sa Ii g-n Kerchief. Paos n Hoarseness. Fapa-n Pope, pontiff. Papag aralin-v To send to school, make or cause to study; teach. Papag alsahin v-To cause to raise. Papagbagahin-v To rubify; make like a live coal I'apagdalitain v To cause to suffer. Papa'ghirapin v-To give or cause pain;, jimpoverfish,- make poor. Papag initin v To heat, make angry. Papag asunduin-v-To ieconcile; cause to become friends again. Papaglamatin v To crack. Papagluatin-v To prolong; stretch; lengthen (per. to tirne). Papagpasain-v To bruise burn; coiltuse. I'lapagtakahin v-To astonish; aminaze cause to wonder or stare; surpris~e Papa nghimagsik-n Vengeance. cruelty; tyranny. Papang~ilabutin-v To terrify; scare. Papangilinin v-To observe;.sanct fy; respect, worship. Papan~gitan-v To pollute; stain; make ugly or homely. Papankitin-v-To pollute; stain; make homely or ugly. Papanglawin-v To sadden:- make ori cause to be sadl, gloomy, darK or mournf ul Papang undutin v-To contract; wrinkle; shrink. Papang urunkin-v-To contract, shrink. Papaniwalain-v To persuad; imbue. induce; make or cause to bel eve. -Papasok- n-Entering; manner of entering; entrance. P-apayo-n-Advice. Papal n Paper. IPapel na bastos n-Wrapping paper. Papilipit adv.-Twisting'y on the conltrary. lPapulahin-v-To redden; rubify. stain; make or cause to blush. Papulanditin-v To squirt. Papurihanv-To honur. res, ect - dignify Paputiin-v-To pick. Paputihin v To whiten. 1Paputukin v-To shoot; burst break open. Paraan n-Path:, mode; method; way, manner.- from: course gangway, disposition; will; aspect. Paraan nk isip-n-Theory. Paraanan nk mnasid ang isang fibro v-To peruse; run over, read hurriedly. Paraanin-v-To pass; Jet pass; give, way. Paraanin sa-v-To make go a certaimi way: compel to go a certain way. Paragala n-Gril- reward: preseiAt Paragos-n-Harrow; drag. Paralis n-Roller: rolling pin. Paralis ng nagliligawan n Pimp. Parainihin-vTo multiply; increase aug. ment dilate; diffuse; propagate. Parang-n Country field; meadow. Parangalin vTo extol; exalt; elevate; sublimate; honor. Parang apoy a-Fit~ry. Piirang bato a StonDr. Pairang hayop a- Brutal. PArang hindii-adii.-As if not as if it were not. Parang langiOb a Scabby; scablike, Parang ng pastulan-n-Pasture. Palrang nuno a Ghiastly. Palrang serafin a Seraphic, angelic, PAraing suitla-a SlikyPArang uihog a Mucous; slimy. Parapara-adv Equally; uniformly; e\-enIlv. Para sa prep-For to:. towards in order to to the endi that. ParAtanig nAccusation: charge impuitation. Paratangan v-To accuse; charge; impute; criminate impeach. Parati-adv-Always. Paraya n Deceit;' fraudParaya'-n-Suffering; patience- toleration. Pareja n-Pair, brace; couple; match; doublelt. Paribn-Priest; clergyman; divine, ecclesigstic. Parikit n Ornament- adornment. Parikitin v-To ornament; beautify; em.bellish adorn. Parinsa-n EFadimon. Parinsahiin-v-To iron. Pares-n-Pair; brace (loublet. Paris~in n-Pattern; precedent; typ e; model example: Parisan v To imitate counterfeit: mimic; forge- pattern. Parisukat n-Square: quadrate. Parisukat a Square; quadrate; quadratic Parisukatin-v To square: quadrate. Parol-n- Lantern - Paroodin-v-To go after; sendl. after. Paroparo n Butterfly. Parti n Quota: part. Paratihin v-To part; divide.

Page  118 PAS 118 PAT Partisa-n- Punshmnent; clhastizeminte penality; correction: requittal Parusahin-v-'1o punish; chastize; correct; requit. Parui-ahin sa salita-v-To rebuke;, cansure; scold., Pasd n-bruise. burn;- contusion; Pasabi n-Metssage; errand. Pasabug-sabog-alv.-Helterskelter. PSAs iia dugo-n-Serous blood. Ita-akabila ng bundok-v-To go over the mnountain. Pasak n- I lug, stopper. calk; peg. Pasakin-v-To calk plug stop; heck. Va~sakit-n Turnient;. torture; pain; anPasalkitan-v To pain distress; torment; torture: afflict chastize; mortify; disg-ust; disable, Pasal-n-Oakum. Pasalan-v-To calk; stop a leak; block u1P. Pasalapsa pa Shallow-: superficial. Pasaliwa adv.-Backhianded. Pasal untiA-adv Reluctantly; contrarily; reverse; pepugnantly. Pasalun~at-a Contrary- reluctant; repugnant; i-everse; against. Pasamnahin-vTo uinite join; put toget her. Pasamain-v-To deprave'; corrupt; make or cause to be bad. Pasamnain aug loob-v-To displease; disgust. Pasan-n Load. Pasanin v-To carry or put on thetihoulders. Pasarapini-v Tro relish; give zest. Pasaulan-n-Devolution); restoration. Pasayahin —nTo gladdea;, cheer; make happy. Pasial-n-Stroll; walk-, saunter. Pasialaun n-Promnenade. avenue; walk. Pasigaiin-Slhore; strand, beach. Pasiglahin-ieTo vivify; incite; excite, imbue, revive. flasinmal aan-v-To oommence; begin. Pasi mulan'-n lteginning; comme~eneent. Pasinungalingan-tv-To give the lie-, contradli ct - Pasiya-n #Decis (n verdict, judgemnent; sentence; resolution; (let-,rmnination, (lecree; rebiik&" Pasko-n Christmas. Paskong, mahiaba.-n-Quad rigesirma. Pasko ng pagkab~uhay n Easter. Paslanginm a-Skittish. Paslangin-v-To surprise, make a, sudden movementPasI ncr n Insolence; impudence; daring Paslaiigin-v-To insult:- profanie; dare* be impudent; violate, impute. Paslit a-Mucous; mucky; low:, abject: ignorant.' despicible:. depraved. Pds~-o n-Burn - Piiso nEarthien l)a1 or tub. [aso n Pass. Pmisok-n-Entrance. Posolo-n-Shiarp points Paspmis n-Shaking; (lusting; instigation, Paspasin-ii-To (lust shake. Pastol. ng tupa n-Shepherd. Pastor-n-Castor, di vine; ecclesiastic. Pastulan-n Filed; meadow: Pasture. Pasubali-n Exception; condlition; con ditionial promise. Pasubali sa nOn condition that. Pasfi-o-n-Emnbassador; counsel. Pasdini-v-To burn; scortch. Pasukab asv.-Treacherously, underhandel. Pasukal (Idv.-Treacherously: 'underhanded low; dirty Pasukalin ang loob~v-To vex:, disgust:, disturb; uuolest displease. Pasukuin-v-To subdue: quell overcoune conquer. subject worst overwhelm:, cause to stlrrendler; captivate; chiarmn. Pasulat-n-Dictation; order to write4 Pasulun)Aai-v-To (drive; impel. Pasuniod n-Example; precedent; copy; pattern - PasupilIn- 1Uriumph; suIbjection; conquering; overcoming; overwhelming. Pasupilin v-To overcome: subdue; overwhelm. Pasuotsuot adv.-Twistingly: tortuously. lasuotsuiot a-Twisted; crooked; winding; Pasusuhiin-v-To nurse; give suck. Pasutsot-n-\l histle. Pataasin-zi-To rais e; elevate. Patabain-v-To fatten; batten; fertilize; muaka fruitful. Patad-n-RosinPatag~aLevel; flat- even: plane: firm; equal; similar; uniformi; contain; co nsistent: tranquil; smooth. Patagin-v-To level; flatten. Patago adv -Hiddenly; secretly; clandestinety, Patahiumiklin-v-To calm: tranquilize:, pacify:, appease; settle; quiet. Patak-n-lDrop; blot; trip.. Patakasin v- t'o cause oir help- to- escape-, steal. Patalim-n-Steel., cutting edge. Patalimiin-v-To sharpen; make keen Patanaw-n-Sight; apparition; mnodel; pattern.

Page  119 PAT 11I9 PIG Patan~ahin-v-To ~cause to be lazy or indolent. Patani-n-Lima beans. Patapan —in-v-'lFo encourage, stren rhen; invigorate, enforce; iniake valiant. exert. Patahianin-v-To quiet; pacify; ap-efase; tranquilize. Paitaw n-Weight. Patawad-n Pardion; absolution-, palliation: forgiveness. Patawarin-v.-To forgive; p,,r(i1otl-: absolve; spare; acquit.- condone; pall'iate. Pattawin-v-To weight. Patayan-n- Killing: slaughter., carnage-, slaughter house. Patayin v-Tro kill; murder; assassinate; quenca: put oat: extinguish. Patayo a-Perpendicular. Patay sa kapatid-n-Frat~ricide. Patay sa sariling ina-n Matricide., Patibong-' -Trap deceit: fraudi cheat. Patibong, na panghuli n& (aga-n-llnt. trap. Patid-n Break; cult. Patigasin-v-To toughen, harden. L'atilansikin-v-To spatter: splash: dab; bespatter. Patingkayad-a-Tiptoe; walking on the toes. Patinin&i-n-To clear, up:- settle; make serene. Patirin-v-To cut asund~er; break; fracture. Patis-n-Brine. Patitiin v-To drain. Pati tis n Lampblack. Pati wasayin-v-To tranquilize; calm; pacif Y. Patnugot nt Maxim; adage motto. Patong-n-Addition; boot; premium; augrmentation. Patos n~o gulong n Clinch. Patotohianan-v To ratify; verify; prove; manifest- testify; confirm. Patotohianin. v To miake true; prove rat; ify: verify, true. Patuad-a-Inverted, Patuad adv.-Upside down. Patubo n Interest; profit. gain. Patuhin-v-To toss; pitch. Patulinan-v-Tro accelerate; enliven. Patuiloy-n-Continuation: succession. P-atuluyan-v-To continue; lodge. Patuluyan ang kapwa-v-To receivelodge; entertain: protect; give shelte r. Patuluyin-v-To lodge, let lodgings. Patungan-v-To add; augment; give boot;, give a premium. Patingout n Smnall addition:, or premium latunugin-v-JTo Whistle; make a noise Or sound on any thing. Path'pat-n- Pipe. Patutot-n-Whore poostitute; harlot. Patuyo-adv.-Dlryl y moroselyv. Patuvytinu-v-To (dry; clessicate. Patuyuin sa Ihan~in v-3 o (lrv in the air. Paulol-adv.,Foolishly; sillily; madly: haru miscarum. Paiilol n-Increase; addition. Paulol ulol-adv. Foolishly; madly sillily, precipitately; rashly. Patlflfini-v-To make foolish. Ptitiltiin-v-To fill augment add to. Pautang-v~redit; trust:. bill; note. P~w~aa-All each; every, all; whole. Pawalaan-v-To loosen slacken; free:, liberate set at liberty. J'awalan ang alipin-t-To emancipate-, liberate. Pawalan ang hqmlaga-v-Tro condemn: de. preciate; diminish the value. Pawalan nk kabuluhuan v-To condlemn; depreciate; diminish. Pawiin-vTo blot; ei ase; abolish; extingu ish; efface put out: suppress. Pawiin aug antok-v To wake. 1Pawiin ang kulay-v-To discolor; fade wash out. Pawiin ang tuhaw-v-To quench thirst. I'awikan-n Tortoise. Pawis-n-Peispiration; sweat. Pay amanin-vi-To enrich; make rich. Payamoyin v-To chafe disgust. Payanigrin-v-To make or cause to trem. ble. Payaos-a-Husky; hoarse. P'ayapa a-Pacifc, tranquill; calm; quiet, mild. Pavapain-v-,To calm: pacify; tranquilize, quiet; allay: settle; appease. Payat-a-Weak; lean; thin, poor; meagre; delicate; slender. gaunt. wizen; infirm; faint; barren. Payatin-v-To prostrate; exhaust; debilitate; make thin or lean. PAyo n-Advice; admoniton. Payong-n-Parasol: umbrella. Payong na munti-n-Parasol. Paypay-n-Fan. Faypayin-v-To fan. Pekas ng mukha-n Freckle. Pepino-n-Cucumber. Peras-n Pear., Perdegones-n- Buckshot - Pidpid-n-Stick; splinter. Pidpirin ang kahoy-v-To chop wood. Piga n-Squeeze; press; crush. Pigain-v-To Squeeze; press; crush.

Page  120 PIN l1ighati n-Disgust: melancholy; annoy an noyance: distaste duidgeon: grievanice grief; sorrow; gloomi- sadness; affliction Pigi n B~reech; buttock; hiaunch; hrip:, rump; posteriors. Pigil it Curb: check: stop. Pigilan-v-To stop curb check rein. Pigilin v-To stem- constrai n; check; curb: br (Ilie stop obstruck restrain. withhold Piging-n Banquet feast: fete. Pivingin i' To banquet give. a feast in hionor of another Pigsa —n Tumior~ abcsss; tu mnefaction:, boil. Pigtain-ti-To dIrenclh; soak Piliit n Turn sin nation. Pihitin r To turn t ghten sinuiate. Pikit n Wink; blink. Piklat-n Scar. Piko n Pick. Pilak n Silver. Pilapii n-Terrace; dike:, dama; embankment: imbankmnent. P iliay a Lamne. Pilavin v To lame (isable t' unvate; make lame Pilduras n Pill. P legas n-Plait ruff: ruffle. Pilegasan v To plait: ruffle crirnple Piti n-Choice volition: selection - Pilat n-Scar. P~alihin v To twist; warp; disort: turn; curl. Piliirn v-To choose select elect. Pilikm~ata-v Eyelash. Piling n Cluster, hunch -Pilipit a Sirnons; twi ted contorted. Pilirit aSiniuation twist, -Pilipitin-v-To twist; curl sinuate Pilit n-Persuation obligation; enforcement; compulsion Pilitin vTo persuade; urge: enforce; oblige: extort press: persist. beset; compel; Ply; prevail convince; drive, persevere. Pina-n Pine. 11ifia n Pineapple. Pinia aapuyan n Hearth: fireplace; stove:. Pinag aaralan n,-Breeding. education; manners. Pinag bubuan n Foundry: casting house. Pina buhatan-n-Cause; occasion. beginning- motive- source; origin; germ; nception; principle ancestry; forefather. 1Piinag gagawan n& sabou-n-Soap fac. torv.Pinagbhugasati n-Dirty water left after -wash i ng. 120 PIN Pinagkakautangan n Creditor. Pina~'aratihian n H4abit custom. Pinagkaskasani n Filings; scrapings Pinagkasund nan n Agreement reconici Iiation. Pinagkikilan n Filings Pinaglagarian-n Sawdust. Pinaglilibankan n-Place of recreation or -amusement. pinaglilimnbavan n Printing shop. pinaglinisan-n Oleanings rubbish. Pinig-luluitu- a n Place of c-ookingPinagmnulan, n Source: origin beginning. inoti've cause; uccassion principle, i ception - Pinagpag-v imp Shook Pinaupagih~an-n Filings made by filing,. with the tail of the pagi. Pinagpilian n Remainder: -residue; refuse; leavings offal. Pinagpupuigutan n-Place of beheading,. garrote. Pi nngputulan n-Residue or remainder of anything that has been cut. Pinag-qabunatin-Soapsuds: suds: lather. Pinagsasabunan n-Place of making sud1s Pinagsuigpun~onn n Join; juncturePinagtabasan-n-Clippings or leavingys cf a tailor. Pinagtatalan n-Chips faggots. Pinagtinghasan-n Chip fagotsPinag usapn n Contract subject of conversation: argument agreement. Pinagtutunku'asn n- esign; purpose object Pinag unsapan n Object; design; purpose; subject of conversation. Pinag utusan n-Servant agent errand boy. Pngyagitan n Place of congrgtin stolen articles Pinakamatanda sa lahat nSenior. Pinainilii-n-Furchases Pinamil6i v. imp. Bought; purchased. Pinangalinkan-n Source origin head; spring beainning,; cause: ancestry - -ancestors: forefathers root: germ. Pindang-n-Jerked beef; dried beef. Pindangin v To jerk or dry beef. 1'iadot m Pinch; nip, press; squeeze., tweak. Pindutin-v To pinch; nip:, squeeze-, press tweak. Pindutin-v To pinch squeeze; press; tweakPinga n-Lever; carrying stick. Pingan n Plate. Pingan na maloki-n Platter. Pingas n Chip; notch; chink; gal).

Page  121 PIT 121 PUL Pingasan-v-To notch; chip; chink. Pinsan-n-Cousin. Pinta-n- Paint. Pintahin-v-To paint. Pintakasi-n-Mediator; favor; patron; protector; intercessor; solicitor; one who does a favor. Pintas-n-Fault; defect; drawback; decrial; disappointment; criticism; scorn; contempt; censure; aspersion. Pintasan v-To criticize, censure; underrate; undervalue; dissapprove; reprove find fault; asperse. Pintasin-v-ro find fault criticize; carp; censure: gibe; inculpate. Pinto-n-Door gate; entry gateway. Pintuho-n-Veneration, reverence; respect; regard. Pintuhuin-v-To respect; venerate; reverence; esteem; obey; have regard for. Pinuno na walang sinusunod na utos n-Tyrant. despot. Pinya n-Pineapple. Pipi-a-Dumb; mute; silent. Piral-nA- pull or twist of the ear. Piralin-v-To twist or pull the ear. Piraso-n- iece fragment; scrap; shred; sherd; morsel, Pirasong manipis;n-Slice; thin piece. Pirasong munti n Fragment; morsel; nip. pinch, small piece. Pirito a Fried. Pirma-p-Signature. Pirmahan-a-To sign; attech one's signature, Pirmahin-v-To sign; attach one's signature. Pisak ang isang mata-a- One eyed. Pisanin-v-To meet congregate gather. Pisaw-n-Large knife, resembling a corniknife. Pisi-n-Cord; string. Pisigan-a Strong; stout; vigorous; robust. Pisik n-Sputter; flicker. Pisgi-n-Cheek. Pista n:Feast banquet: holiday. Pistahin-v-To feast banquet. Pisunin-v-To level; flatten; stamp; ram; drive down. Pita-n Desire; wish; liking; lust; mind; ambition; aspiration; cupidity. PitAgan n-Respect; politeness; veneration; reverence: homage: kindness. Pitahin-v-To wish; desire; like; aspire; have ambitions. Pitik n Chalk line: snap. Pitikin n To chalk line, snap. Pitisin-v-To squeeze; press; wind; tighten. Pito n Whistle; picolo. Pit6 a Seven. Pit6-n Seven. Pitong daan-a Seven hundred. Pitong daan-n-Seven hundred. Pitpitin-v-To mash. Piyaos a-Hoarse; husky. Platero n-Jeweler; silversmith. Plaza-n-Square; park. Pohian-Boiler: kettle; dyers copper; copper dipper Pokyotan-n-Honeybee. Policia n-Police. Pook n-Corner; point; place. Poon-n- Lord; saint. Poot-n-Indignation; dislike; disgust; aversion. Porcelana-n Porcelain. Pootin-v-To irritate; provoke; disgust; cause to be indignant or to dislike. Pormal-a-Formal; serious; ritual; earnest grave. Potro-n-Colt. Presidente-n President mayor;chairman. Pritutin-v-To fry. Pronombre-n Pronoun. Provincia-n Province; country. Pnang-n-Space;interval;distance breech. Pudpod-a Dull; blunt. Pugad n Nest. Pugaran-n-Hen's nest; haunt of a len Pugay-n-Salute; salutation; greeting. Pugo-n-Quail: bod white. Pugpog-n-Knoll; low hill. Pugot-a-Headless; decapitated; beheaded; blunt; cut off. Pugutan ng ulo-v-To behead decapitate. Puhunan-n Capital; fund. Puit-n-Bottom; breech; hinder. Pukaw-n-Fright; surprise; scare. Pukawin v-To surprise; excite; scare; frighten; rouse. Pukulin-v-To throw cast. Pukulin ng bato-v-To stone. Pukliin-v-To stone: throw: cast. Puklo-n-Udder; bag of a cow. Pukol-n-Throw; cast. Pukot-n Fishing boat or smack. Pukpok-n-Hammer; stroke with a hammer. Pukpukin-v To hammer. Pukpukin ng maso-v-To pound with a hammer. Pula n-Red: ruby; color of flesh. Pila-n-Criticism; censure. Pflaan-v-To criticise; censure. Pula ng itlog n-Yolk; yelk. Palgas-n-Flea. P6likat-n Spasm; cramp: convulsion. Pulon-lsland. Pulong n Reunion;meeting;congregation 16

Page  122 PUN M 1 22 Pubos-a'-All; entire; whole; each; every; equal-. uniform. Pulot-n-Honey; molasses. Pulpol-a-Blunt. dull; obtuse. Pulubi-n-Beggar. Pululian-n-H andle. Pulutin-v-To pick u p; grather. P uIu tonig n- PlIatto on. Pumag.od-v-To tire, weary:, fatigue; molest; ink. Pumnagpagv-To shake; flop., Puinaibabtaw-v-To be superior; put on. Purnalatak iv To click. Punialit-v- lro change: barter; alter. Pumalo-v To. beat,- strike cudgel; drub. Pumalo-n-Cudgel; club. Pumana-v-To shoot a dart or an orrow. Purnanaw-v-To absent one's self; go away: leave. Pumanday-v-Tro blacksmith. Pumankit-v-To grow or b~ecome ugly or homely. Pumnauhik-v-To go up; ascend; mount. Punmanhik sa kabayo-v-To mount ahorse. Pumantay-v-To equaliie; match; become equal or of the' sam~e height. Pumagaypay v-To wave, undulate. Pnmaroon-v To go; resort; wend. Pumasok-v-To enter, go in; interfere; meddle. Pumatak v To drop; drip; dribble. Pumatakpatak v To drip; drolp; fall in drops. Pumatdy v-To kill; murder; assassinate. Pumatnugot qv To defend; guard; attend; accompany; go with. Ptimawidpawid-v To Stagger: waver. Pumnawis v To perspire; sweat. Pumayag v-'To concede; permit: allow; cede; agree; acqmiesc-e; grant; coincide; accord; countenance. Pumayapa v-To calm; pac ty; appease; tranguilize; allay; settle; rest. Puma~yapa-n- Pacificator; pacifier. Pumiga v-To squeeze; press out. Pumihit vTo turn; go back; return. Pumikit v-To blink; wink. Pnmili v To -choose. prefe;: elect. Pumiling v To cluster;- bunch. Pumilipit v Tro twist; twine. Pumili v To urge; persist; force; oblige. Pumipintas v) Critic; faultfinder. Pumirma v To sign; subscribe; underwrite. Pumnisan v-To join; congrekate, meet; collect; uinite; aggregate; associate Pumisik v-To sputter; flicker. Pumukpok v To hamnmer; trob. Pumulaan-v-To commence; begin. Pumulot-v-To 'pick up; gather; acquire. Pumunlit-v-ToI tear; touse. Pumnubo-v-JYo fill, pod. Pumunta-v-To go., wend. Puinusta v-To wager; bet. Uutnutok-v To burst shoot.; explodebreak op~en; breach;, fulminate. Pumnutol v-To chop; cut down. Pumnuyat-v,'T'o stay up; keep awake at ni 'ht. Pnifal-n-Dagger; poinard. Phinasaii-v-T1o clean with a rag. Pund uhan-n Anchoring place, anchor age; harbor; port; place, where people - stop to rest. Pungke-n-Pannier basket; (Itust pan. Pungusin-v-To slice, cut away; pare off-, shorten. Punlan-Sp'rout shoot seedling. Punlaan-v-Seed plot nursery hot bed, Punin-v-To -fill, stuff. Punit n-Tear, touse. Punit a Torn; ragged. Punitin-v-TIo tear,, touse. Punitpunit-a Ragged; t'orn: very ragged. Pun6-a-Full; replete,; chock; plenary; complete; - Puno'n-Commander chief; leader; principal; prefect; trunk. Puno-n tBeggining, principle; mlotive,~ cause. Puno ng alikabok-a-Dusty; fult of dust. Puno ng banlik a-Muddy; full of mud. Puno nk kasamnaan a-Malicious; wickedbad. Puno na, lukban-n-Orange U'ree Punong aral n-Axiom; maxim; rule,standard: proverb. Purnongpuno a-Replete full to the brim. Pilno sa catedral n DeanD. Puntah in-v T'o point; aim. Puntas n Lace edIging, bobbinet'. Punto-n- Point. 'Punto sa pagsasalita n Style or man ner of speech. Punuin-v-To fill; replete; stuff; satisfy; satiate. Purga n Purge; cathartic, Purgahin-v-To purge. Puri n-Virture; honor; reputation; rank;~ fame; glory; applause; dignity. Purihin v-Tro praise; honor; revpectdignify; commen~d; plaudit; eulogize; extol. Pusa n Cat; pussy; puss. Ptisak n Movement; moving. Pusaical-a-Accustomned. Pusali n.Mud; mire; slime; clay. PASalian n Place that is muddy, sink hole; sink.

Page  123 SAB 123 SAB Puso~n- Heart. Puso ng m-ais-n Far of corn. Pusod n Center, of anythin~g. Pus6d-n Chignon. Pusod nk' tiyani-n-Novel. Pusok a-I roud; bragginur; passionate. Pusok an -oob a- Fervent; impetuous, fiery; lively. Puson n Groin. Pusot n Bottom; bed of a stream or river. Puspos-a-Full; replete; round; circular; Complete. Puspos in kalualhatian a-Glorious; excel len V. Pusta n Wager; bet. Pustahan-i,-To wager; bet. Pust~ah~a'~1 n Wager; bet. P-uta-n Whore-, harlot; prostitute..Putakti n-Hornet; wasp, yellow jacket. Putik-n-Mud; mire; clays. Ptitla-n- Paleness; wanners; pallor;'gbastPultlain-'v-To extenuate: grow pat~e. Putlin-v-Tro cut; chop, amputate; truncate; resind. Putlin n~ m1an~a sanga-v-To prune. Putok.-n-Shot, burst; report; crack; cracking; sound. Putol-n Piece. Putol aug kamav-a-Handless. Putong-n-Crown: wreath; coronet. Putulin v To chop; cut; resind; truncate', am putate Putunkan ng corona-v-To crown. Putusan-v To fill. Pututin-v-To rape; ravish: force. Poyat-n- Vigil: nightwatch;. Puyat a-Sleepless. Puyatin-v-To keep awake. Queso n-Cheese. Quita'-You, by me.: Rat~o-n-Mortise..I Regla n-Rule; order; preep ethod Religion-n-Religion; faith; creed; belie-f.I Retaso-n-Remnant. Retrato-n-Portrait; picture. Ri enda-n-Rein. Rifa-n —Raffile; lottery. Rigudon-n-Quadrille; cotillon. Pin adv.-Also, too; self same; similarly $ Sa-prep.-To- -of; from- with: at for; on; or; about; through towards; in. Sa aba ko inter. Poor nie;, unlucky me; pity me'.- - - - Saan-ad-v.- Where; whither;,.to or dt~liat place.Saan banda adv. Where: whither; at what place, at whlich side; - Saan mian adv.-Whereever; every-where; anywhere.Sabado n Saturday. Sabak-n-Cnrutch joint; mortise; groove. Sa balasan n Northwind. Sabarin-v-To vexl harrow: pertuihr; disturb. interrupt, interfere; disguift., Sabat n-Wedge. Sabatan -v- To Wed ge; split wft~h a Wedge., Sabati n-v-To ambush: ambusc'ade; lay in wait-; meet; encounter. Sabaw-n-Proth.Sa bawat sandali-adv.-Momentarily; ev cry moment. Sabay adv.-To'getber; at the same time. Sabay sabay -adv.-Simultaneously; together; at once. at the same- time. Sabi n-Talk; speech; citation: narration; Sabihin-ii-'o say: tell: narrate, cite., speak; talk; predicate. Sabihin ang ngalan-v-To name; call by name. Sabihin uli-v-To reiterate: repeat; say or tell again. Sabisabi-n-Rumor; report; gossip; fool,ish talk. Sabisabing lihimi-n-Secret; gossip. Sabitan -n-Hook; hanger; peg:- coat-rack: anything that is used to haing things on. Sable n-Sabre.

Page  124 SAH 124 SAK Sabon n Soap. SabsAban n rrough: hog trough. Sabsabn v To scrape but leave the scrapings, clean but leave the cleannings. Sabigan-n Scattering. Sabugan-vTo scatter; throw broadcast. Sabunin v To soap. Sadhan v-To obstruct, close; block up; seal. Sadia adv.- Intentionally; purposely; avowedly; disignedly; deliberately. Sadya adv. Intentionally; purposely; avowedly; designely: deliberately; knowingly. on purpose. Sagad-a-Brim full; replete; exhausted. Sagad na sagad a Brim full. replete. Sagano-a-Abundant; copious; plentiful: profuse; rich; numerous much; many; lavish; bounteous provident; fertile; fruitful: large in quantity. Sagana-adv.-Fullv; completely: abundantly; copiously; plentifully; bounteously; magnificently. SagApan n Skimmer. Sagapan ang bula v To skim. Sagawing adv. ln the direction of; toward. Sagawinghilagaan-adv.-Northerly;northward. Sa gawing kalunuran adv.-Westerly; westward. Sa gawing silanganan adv.-Easterly. eastward. Sa gawing timugan adv. Southerly; southward. Sagiok n-Crack; snap. Sagipin v To save; succor; deliver. Saglitadv. Shortly; briefly in a short space of time. Sago n Sago. Sagot n Answer; reply; retort; response; repartee contestation. Sagpangin v To snap; bite quickly. Sagsag n Trot. Saguan n Paddle. oar; scull. Saguing-n Banana; plantain. Saguingan-n-Banana grove or plantation. Sagutan v-To answer; respond; contest; guarantee. Sagutan-n-Answer; debate; response; guarantee. Sa harap-adv.-In front; against; before; in presence of. Sa hayag-adv.-Abroad; in public; at sight; publicly. Sahig n Floor. Sahigan v-To floor. Sahing-n-Pitch; rosin. Sa hipo adv.-By the touch. Sa huli adv.-Lastly; after; behind; back wartls. Sa hulihan adv. Lastly; after, behind; then. Sa hulo adv.-At the upper part; at the source. Sahurin-v To receive; accept. Sahurin ang upa-v-To receive one's pay or salary. Sa ibaba-adv. Below; beneath; under. Sa ibabaw adv. On; upon; above; on top. Sa ibayo adv.-Beyond on the other side. Sa ilalim adv. Under; beneath; below. Sa ilalim a Nether. Sa isang dali adv. In a moment; presently in a trice. Sa itaas adv.-Above; over; high up. Sa ito adv.-Here in; hereon; herewith. Sa iyo-For, with, to, of, from voj. Saka adv.-After; afterwards, next. Saka condj.-And. Sa kaduluhan adv. Lastly; at the end. Sakag n-Fish net. Sakang adv. Open legged. Sakang-adv.- Bowlegged. Sakali-adv.-Perhaps; by chance; at least; should it come to pass. Sakasakali-adv. Perhaps; if by chance; should it come to pass. Sa katapusan-adv.-Lastly; at the end; then; at last. Sakdal -a Full; replete; complete. Sakdalan n-Protection; shelter. Sakit n-Sickness; desease. torture pain; hardship; anguish; tornen;: ail; distress; dolor; malady; afliction; suffering ache; trouble. Sakit ng himatay-n Fainting swooning. Sakit na nakahahawa na buhat sa gawaang kalupaan n-Venerial desease. Sakit na pasma-n-Spasm; convulsion. Saklap-n-Bitterness; disgust; harshness; severity. Saklaw-n Hold up; heading of; turning. Saklawin-v-To head off. hold up: turn. Saklolon-Defense; help; protection; support; aid; suffrage. Saklolohan-v-To help; aid; succor; provide; support; protect; defend. Sakong-n-Heel. Sakramento-n Sacrament. Saksak-n-Stab; thrust. Saksakin-v-To stab; stick; dirk. Saksi-n-Witness. Saksi nakakita ng pinaguusapan-n-A-i eye witness. Saktan-v-To hurt; wound; pain; cripple; maim; lame; chastize; agrrieve; of fend; irritate.

Page  125 SAL 125.SAL,Sakuna n, Disaster, calamity; misfortune; misadventure; mnishap; misery; accident. Sakupin vrTo take or put under the control of another; subdue; subject; subordinate overcomeSal-n-Sin: fault crime; (culpability; infraction infringemenit; violationi;guilit; offense; transgression; defect; vice; (defiiency: slight. Salaan-n-Strainer, collander; sieve; filter cullander. Sn labas adv.-Out side; abroad; in public; publicly; moreover. Salabin v To scortcli singe. S~lag n Man Midwife. SalA(g n Contradiction: opposition Salagin-v To stop anything that is thrown toward you. Salaghati-n-Resentrnent: grudge; disgust: loathing; restlessues - inquietu(Ie. S'alain v To strain; filter. Salain muli v To restrain; refilter. Salagubang-n Junnebug. Salakuban -n-Leather bag or pouch - Salahin v-To reject; condIemn; find fault; criticize; S~lahin v-To weave. Salahula-a-Sloppy: dirty: filti y; slat. tern; slatternly; slutish: squalid: d owdy]. Salamiangka nJugglery: leger (le main. Salamat n Thanks. Salanibaw-n Fish net, snare, or trap. Salainian-n Looking glass; mirror, specul um. Salamin sa mnata, n Eyeglasses; spectacles. Salainin no tahina n Eardlrum. Salangin-v To touch. Salang palad n Bad luck misfortune. Salang palad-a Unlucky, unfortunate; miserable. Salangsang-n-Trespass. contravention. 8alangsangin-r'-To contradict; confuse; oppose; resist, controvert; dispute.; transgress trespass; reftite, reject; repel contravene; object. Salanta-n-Abuse; illt-re"Ament; misuse; mistreatment Salanta-a~il lused mistreated: abused. Salantain v To misuse; ill t rca t; abuse. Salapang-n-Fork, pitch1 fork spear. Salapi -n-Money: cash; pelf sapecie. Salaping katuibusan sa anotnanvn-RaniSalapun~gan ugr daain n-CI-ossroad. Salas -a Salon; saloon: ball. Salat-a Poor; needy helpless; destitute;, disconsolate; poverty stricken; scarce, scanty; wanting; lacking: deficient, penurious; paltry. mean; short; close. Salatin v To touch; feel; tsonud; probe," investigate; procure. Salnt sa bunka-a Sterile; fruintless. bar'~ reni; unfruitful. Salaulainv~To soil, make foul) nastv-; or filthy. Salawal n Pant; pantaloon.- trouser SAlay-n Nest; receiver; dripping pan. Salaysay n Relation; narration; account' explication; declaration; proposal.Salaysayin v To narrate relate declare: account, tell; explain; refer; propo)se. Salbahi n Savage. Salbahi-a-Savacre; truculent; mean; rude' bad Sn likodi adv -Behind; after at the back. Sa likuran adv. Behind; at the back: after; following. SalilongannaRedemiption: ransomn; as. sistance; defense; guard; shelter. Salilungan n Vindication defense; protection; shelter. gunrdl. Snlini n Copy: transcript; likeness; coumiterpart; duplicate. Sal nan n Place of copying or transcribing. Salinsing n Wild growth of grain. Salisalita n-Foolish talk; run or. Salita n Discourse speech talk- word: conversation; converse; gab: locution; vocable term.. Salitaan-n Conversation:, aggree inentcontract; discourse, col oquy; parley: chat; argument; - con ference, con vemn tion; convenant pact; paction; parlance. Salitaan ng dalawa n Dialogue. Salita at kilos palalo n-Braggartism. Salitain v To speak; talk; reason; harangue: narrate: say: tell; relate, Salita na mnay maraming silaba n Polysyllable. Salita nk isang nacion 6' kapuhluigan n Language. idiom; dialect. Salitang hunghang-n-Nonsense. Salitang inagkaisa ang kahtilugan-n-Synonym. Salitang nmahalay-n Rude word, phrase, or speech. Salitang malasa n Wit; witty talk. Salitang paninintax-nLove talk. Salitin-v-To mix; mingle; alternate; jumible. - Salitsalit-a-Streaked or interlined with fat and lean; alternate.

Page  126 $AM_______ 2___ SalawahanglIoob —n-Fickl enessjinfidelity; ind(iCisiofl inconstancy. Sali wahiang loob n Inconstancy; infideliry; Iidicisioin~: ficleness. 8aliwang. kapalaran n Bad or ill lucl<, itniis f,, rtutn e. ''I -wang obaUnha-rppy; unlucky; unffortunate. 84huon-n.Sa Imon. Salong, n-Ca-bin; barrack: hut. Salongaii-n [lace of coacealment; pro, tection; help., Sa, lobt advo-Within insidle; nternal., Sa bobl a-Nether., Sa lopilin v -0o damn: obstruct; augment: exag~gerate;. add to.; Salpok n Fh~w.~ knock; encounter: clash: sbh ck fliht; sudden mneeting. Salsal,- Obtuse; blunt: dull; flat nos'ed. Salsaiin-v-To blunt; dull the point:, r~ivet; clinch,% squander ~or spend money -foolishly. - Salub~sob n Thorn on splinter that has beean run into the foot slantwise.Sabu[bong n Gift, present. Sal ubunkin v- t'o m-eet; encounter. Sa Ingar ng-ad-b. Instea-d. Salukaii-v-To skim. take off. Salungahian n Ascension;' acclivity. Saluni(at-a-Opposed; contrary. Saluti ~atin-v-To oppose con tradiet- ob-' jct; resist; brush bacl' turn back; fin put.n. Salungl t sna-(YOpposite; contrary. Salun-gat sa adv. On the contrary. Salungatin-v-To raise with the point Of a nieedle or pi;reach with a pole~ or, stick. Saluysoy n-Ravine; gully; brook; rill, rivulet., Saina' n Ug-liness; wickedness; evil; badness imperfection; fault Mischief; injury; hurt; hearm); moral depravity; 1101111ness; turpitude; mi-isfurtunc, Sna mabuting panalion, a-Opportunie. Sn magisang sarili- adv.Alone; only.Sainahani-n Society; comnpany'; partnership: assembly. Samnalan-ty- to accompany; unite; join. Sa maikling panahion-adv. Sh or tIy; briefly; soon; in a short time. Samnakalawn, adv. Day after to-morrow. Samakalawa-n-The day'after to morrow. Sainit no loob-n-Di'spleasure; disgust; uneasiness; resentment; grudge; ainger; (liscontent; asperity; pique. Samang palad-n-lBad luck;- ill luck; mis. fortune. Samnantal-a adv.-While; in the meantime;, mieaniwhile;- interim. ___ _ __SAN____ Samnantalahin v,-To whilbe aw'ay time; -take advantage of imiprove. Samantalarig-a-Provisional. Sa mav-To him who 'has- - in the direct-ion of; near. near to'. Sambahan n-Chiurchi; temple.; place of worshi p Sam-baihi-ii~iTo worships reverence; hal-low; sanctifv. Sambahin ang, anito-v To in'dolize; worship -idols. SaInhalilo-n Pat. Shinbilatin-v-T6 scatter promiscuosly: throw about; tumble topsy-turvy. Sairpaguitan Small white flower., Samnpal nSlap; blow white the open hand. Sanipalataya n Faith- creed; belief. Sam palataynnin v-To believe, credit; giv - f ai th. Sampalin-v Slaps. Sampalok n -Tamarind; taimat-ac. Sampayan-n-Clothes line; lioc used Ihang things on. Sam payin-v-To hang up. Sampong adv. Till; until; als,-). xeve; as f ar aq. Sampulong adv.-Whole; entire-, all. Sampuo n-Ten.Samnpuio-a-Ten. Sampuiong utosing P105 n The Ten comimandments of GOD. Sanmsaman-n Collection: gathering. Samnsam~n-v-3 o collect-; gather; take. away conIgest. Sams~iamin ng sand ata v-To disarm. Samsamin-v-To capture. collect; gatherSanay-n-Practice; -. experi en ce; e x e rcise. Sanay-a-Experienced: expert; able: skilfull capable; fit; adroit graceful; deft: dexterous; practical. Sanayvin-vt o teach; instruct; praci; tra~in; exercise; break in; learn by experience; accustomn. Sandabi-n Instant moment; trice; jiffy short space of time.Sandal ias-n-Sandals. Sandat a-Full; replete; abundant; sa-tiated: satisfied.Sandata-n- word; wesapon:, arm. Sandatin-vi satiate; satisfy, -elt gratifySandig-a-Slantin g; sloping; leaning. Sandigan-n-Couch; baluster, anything t(1. lean on. Sandigan-v-To put a rail or balustrade on the side of a stairway. Sandok-n-Ladle; large spoon. Sandok na na~laki-n-Scoop.

Page  127 'SA P 127 SAY, -Sandokin v-To scoop. take out with a spoon ladle. Sang-a-A- an; one. Sati~a-n-Braiich. sprig. Sang daan n-One hundi(red. Sanl daan-a-A hundred. San-daig-digaui-n H ie universe. Sangrhaya-n.Dignity rank. *Sanig haya n.Hand full. Sangka-n Canal1 draini sluice, (ditchl. Sangkang, patnbiganit Cainal drain. Sanigkap n-Jewel;,ornamnent.: part piece. San gla-n- Pledge:- pawii; miortgage;- attachmnent; plighit: securi~y. Sanglang lupa n Mlortgaige. San glibntan-n- Yhe earth; globe; uniiverse. Sangoi-n-Creature; babe; baby. Sanigtaon-n One year. Sa'nib n -Juncture; joint. Sianepa-n-Picture fraine Sankalan-n-Butcher's block. Sankaip-n-mniplemiient tool. Sankatawohian-n flumanity - nation. Sankleta it Slipper. Sankutsahin-v- To parboil. Sansalain-v-To i mpece, hinder; obstruct; restrain; detain. Santa Biblia-n-Holy, bible; evangel. Santa escritura n Holy1 scripture. Santo n Saint,Yapa-n Rivulet brook creek. Sa paan omang paraan-adv,.-Resolutely justly or unijuitlty; by all means in any possible way; no0 matter, what passes. Sa p~agitu~n-prep.Betwee-n;b~etwixt;amnongSa pagitan adv. Meanwhile, mneanti~nie. Sapagka't-conj. Because, for; as; since. Sapakin-v-To break. Sapakin ang bibig-v To break the jawvs. Sfipal n Trash; crushed sugar cane. Sa palibid-adv.-Round; about:; around'; round about on every side. Sa paligid-adv;-Rounid: about; around; Sa palibot-adv.-Round; about; round about; around; on every side. Sa pamnagitan ng-ad'v,- 1-y means of. by virtue of; by favor cf.Sa panahon-adv.-Timnely; in time. Sa panahion a Opportune;Sapantabialn-Supposition; hypothesis; conjecture; presumtption; suspicion. Sa paraan ito adv.-Hereby, herewith; hereon. Sapat-n Sufficient; anough;. full; cormplete; replete. Sapatos-n-Shoes. Sapatos na bakal-n-Horseshoe. Sapilitan-adv. By force or persuasion. Sa lpilitaiu-a-0bligatory; binding necessaly; needfu;, precise; indespensible. Sapin n Shoe; shoces. Sapol sa uaat adv. From the root; entirely. S~pot-n Shroud, Winding sheet. — Sapsapan-v- 1o husk.- Stiip off husks; p-eel. S~putini v To enshroud. Sara-n Closing; sealing. Saraguete n-Trmimat; r-ascal.Sam-a no sulat n-The sealinig of a letter. Sarap n laste; relish pleasure; sweetimess, (lelight gratification. Sarili-a Self. Sarili-n-Self, Sarili ng araw-a Solar; belonging to the sun. Sarili ng nga, alipin 6' alila-a-Servile; mnenial; slavish. Sari iug asawa no isang babayi-n-Hus - band.Sarihung asawa no isang lalaki n Wife; Sarili iiila-pro-Their; theirs, Sarihi niya-pro lHis hier;-tiers. Sarisari-n-N otions. Sarisari a-Various; miscellaneous; mul.tiple:. Sarisaring kulay-a-Motley. Sariwa-nt Fresh; green; young;I delicate. Saro-n Jar. pot. - Sasakyan-n-Ship:- vessel. Sa sdriji To him or hor. Sa silong-adv.-Down stairs; beneath: be low; under. Sastre:n-Tailor. Satsat nk pami-n-Bald spot on a priest's head. Sa tabi nk n-Beside; on the brimi or edge. Sa tanyag adv. Abroad; in public visibly. Ska tanyag a-Visible; public. Sa tapat-adv. -Opposit~e. facing; in front. Sa towitowi na ado. Always; momnefitar ily. frequently; every moment.. Saulan-v-To restore give back- return. Sa, uli uli-adve-Againi; again and again. Sawdi-a-Eniough;sufficienit; full.:complete. Sawain-v-To prohibit; interdict; forbid - Sawatain-v-Tlo impede; hinder, obstruct, restrain; detrain. Sawi-adv. Opposite; contrary. Sawing kapalaran n Ill luck; bad lutck; misfortune. Sa'ya-n-Skirt. Sa'ya.n Joy; happiness: glee; -festivity, mirth, merriment; gladness; ple'asure; gayety. joyfulness: airiness. SaymA na malabis n Ecstacy.

Page  128 SIG 128 STN Sayang n-Grief; pity; compassion; condolence; waste. Sayanginter.-Pity; what a pity. Sayankin-v-To waste; squander; throw away. Savaw-n Dance. Sayawan-n-Ball; dance. Sayasatin-v-To examine investigate. Saysay-n-Explication; declaration, demonstration; signification narrationaccount; proposal; Precept; muethod; order..Saysayan-v-To decide; distinguish; determ~ine,; give importance; explain; tell; narrate account, expound. Saysayin-v-To Explain; p. rtray; say; tell; narrate, recite; translate; relate, cite; predicate; analyze interpret signify: lay open; expound- manifest; report; rehearse; construe; dedare. charactarize; demonstrate: mean; denote. Saysayin an g kahulugan-v-To interpret; translate tell the meaning. Saysayin mabuti-v-To explain. Saysayin mnalinaw v To define describe; explain delineate. Say-ayin maliwanag v-Ta -describe; explain; (lefine; say or tell elaerly. 'aysayin sa pintas-v- I o comment. Sebada-n-Barlev. Sebo-n-Grease; fat. Sebuvas it Onion. Sentencia n Sehtence; decision; judge; men t. Sermon-n-Sermon. Sermon sa paglilibing n-Obsequy. Servilleta-n-Doile; napkin. Sesgo-n-Gore; plait. *-exo it Sex. Siasatin-iv-To in vestigate; examine; inspect; review; survey; study; probe; revise; register. Siap nPuling; chirping; chirp. SibA It Gluttony. Sibadia Runninig like the wind]. Sibak-n-Split. Sibakin-v-To split.. Sibat-n Spear; lance pike; staff. S~ibatini-v To spear; lance. Sicante n Blotter. Sidlhi n Rigor; sternness;' harshniess; keenness; fulness; completeness. Sigti' n Bonfire. Sige'n-v-To set. afire; kindle; burn. Sigaw n Cry, shriek; yell; loud call; scream; howl; shout; streak; scheech. Sigawan-v-To shriek; call, cry out; gUowl;' shoult: hoot. Sigawinuc-To shout; howl; scream; Cry; exclaim; hoQt. clamnor.,._ Sig-Awin-a Vociferous; clamorous; noi~sy; howling, Sigirin v-To prick; pierce. Sigla-u- Boldness; courage; activity; livliness. vivacity. Sigwia n Storm; tempest. Sihang n-Jawbone. Sikad-n Kick, spurn; thrust with the foot Sikang n Cross timber; long bolster of a bed Sikap-n'Diligence; inldustry; activity; afticiousness; assiduiity. Sikapat itShilling bit; 12-i cents Sikaqpat labing dalawa n-Twenty cents. Sikapat sikolo n-Eighteen and three quarters cento mex. Sikaran v-To kick spurn. Sikat-n Appearance; rising. Sikat nk araw-it-The rising of the sun. Sikmura-n-Stomach. Sikmnura. nk hayop-n-Maw. Siko-n-Elbow; hock Sikolo n Six and a quarter cents mex. Sikpinin v T'o Narrow, contract. Siksik-a-Dense; close; thich; compact. -Siksikin-v-To pack closely cramn stuff; jam force in. Sikulate n Chocolate. Silab-n-Burn; parch scorth. Siligbin-v Io burn scorth, parch. Silanganan tt-The east; orient. Silay n Glance; glimpse. Sil id-n Roomit; chamber apartment. Silid na tuluigan n Bed chamber; b~ed room; sleeping apartment. Silip n Glance, glimpse; blink peep. Silipin v To peep glance; blink. Silla n Chair. Silo-n-snare. Silongnih'e fiast story. Silsilin-vl'loclinch rivet secure. Sibangot n Frown (Iispleasure, wryface. Simaron-a Intractible; wild; savage; cross grainedl. Simbahian nChurch; temple; house of worship. Simot-a Exhau., ted; f at igued; tired; used up; totally dTrained. Simpan n Economy; guard; watch. Simpanin v To economize; keel); guard. Sinabi-v.p. p.-Said. Sinadya a-Intentional. Sinadya adv.-ntentionally; designedly; avowedly; purposely. Sinandali-v-To borrowv. Sinapete it Anchor. Sinapupunan n Grons. Siuasama'-v-To be unhappy; 114mluckyi

Page  129 SIR 129 SUB Sinasapantalha a-Putative; supposed; suppositional. Sinasaysay-a-A ffirmative. Sinsaysay sa libro-v-To quote; affirm. Sin(lak n. Fright; terror; dread; scare; surprise. Sindakin-v-To scare; frighten; surprise. Sindi-n Fire; light; burning. Sindihan-v-To kindle; light; set fire to. Sinelas-n-SIippers. Singaw n-Appearance; eruption. Singaw na anomnan sa balat n Eruption or outbreak of the skin. Singhot-n-Snuff' snuffle Singilin-v To collect dun; request payment. Sini it-n-Groin; crack. Singkad-a-('ehief; principal; important. greai. collective. Singkaw-n Yoking; hitch. Singkawin-v-To hitch yoke. Singsing-n-R inig finger ring. Sinkad-a-Full; complete; replete. Sinkamas n Turnip. Sino-pro.-Who;, which. Sinok-n Hiccough. Sinomanpro.-Anyone anybody. Sinoman-n Somebody. Sinoman ay hindipro Nobody; none Sinop n-Curiosity; inquisitiveness; inquisition. Sinsay-a-liegal; illicit unlawful. Sinsin n Solidity, thickness; closeness; cornpactness. Si nsinan-v-To condense: thickenconfine; press; condense; put close together. Sinsinin-v-To thicken; confine, press; condense; put close together. Sinta-n-Love; courtship. Sintahin-v-To love; court. 8intas-n-Ribbon. Sintaron-n-Belt: strap; Sinulat n& nagpapalimnbag-n-Editorial. Sinulid-n-Thread. Sinungaling n-Lie; cheat; imposter; liar; swindler; sharper. Sinungaling a-Lying: false; fraud; unfaithful; inconstant. Sinustndan n-Former antecedent. Sipa-n-Kick; spurn. S pag n-Diligence; attention; industry; thrift: officiousness. Sipain-v-To kick: spurn. Sipakin.w-To split; cleave. Sipan-n-Toothbrush. Siphayo-n-lnsult: censure; reproach. Sipiin-v-To compile; copy. Sipit-n-Tweezers: pincer; tongs. Sipon-n Constipation: catarrh. Sirai-n Putrid; broken; disrupt; cracked; ~used up; useless. Sird-n-Break; scath; breach: blight; putridness; putridity. Sira aug isang mata-a- One eyed. Siri ang isip a-Crazy; insane; delirious; mad; frantic; furious. Sirain-v-To break destroy: ruin- injure; fracture; scathe: disrupt; blight; (lelapidate hurt pervert; polute; corrupt; infect; deprave: shatter; stain; impair. waste; misspend; deteriorate. Siraina Brittle; fragile perishable. Sirain ang loob-v-To dishearten; alieniate. Sirain ang mabuting kaugalian-v-To corrupt. viliate. mar; seduce. bribe. Sirain aug puriv-To stain: viliate; degrade. deprave; detract: profane; stain or tarnish one's character. Sisfd-n-Dive: immersion; dip; plunge. Sisi-n-Repentence. Sisihin-v-To repent; scold; reprimand; admonish; blame. Sisiw-n Chick small chicken. Sisiwa-it Wet nurse. Sitaw-n-Beans. Sitsit-n-Gossip; false rumor. Siya-p~ro -He; she: it. Siya'-inter.-Enough: stop: halt. Siya-n Saddle. Siya nawa n-Amen. Siya nawa adv.-Amen Siya nka-adv.-Sure; surely; yes: yea. Siyasat n-Inquiry; - investigation; examination; inquisition; survey curiosity Siyasatin-n-To inquire; investigate: examine; explore: search, try; prove; scrutinize; scan; survey peruse;detect; find. Siyasating maingat-vTo search; pry into; consult. Siyasatin ang lihim v-To scent; pry or peep into; discover secrets. Sobre-n-Envelope. Sombrero-n-Hat: castor. Soriso a Sausage. Sowail-a-Obstinate; disobedieut; pertinaceous: rebellious; intractible: dogged. Suabe-a Soft; tender: delicate. Suabe-adv. Softly; tenderly; delicately. Suag n-Butt; hook. Suagin-v-To butt; hiook. Suatan-v-To fail to keep one's word because of an accident. Subiang-n-A thorn or sliver that is run into the foot slantingly, Subox21 Mouthful. 17

Page  130 SUIC 130 S UMI.Subok-n- Proof, assay; trial; indlication; signj token; evidence; reason. 8ubukin-v To try; prove, assay; examine; try one's streingh. Sud:-od-nPlow point: colter;- coulter. Sndsuran.-v To give the lie; contradict, Sudlan-n-Spindle. Sudya-n-Gore; plait. Suela ng sapin-n Sole; sole leather, Sueldo n-Pay; wages; salary; stipend; fee; payment. Suga n-TILether; stake line; stake rope; lariat. S~ubuk~n vTo spy; watchi closely; lurk; surp ise; o\ ertake: astonish. Sugal-n Gamie; gamibling: card-playinlg. Sugahin-v To tether, stake out. Sugat n Wound; cut incision; injury. Sugatan-a-IUlcerous easily hurt. Sagatan v To wound; hurt; injure. Sugat ng pana n Arrow wound. Sugat no saksak-n Stab..Sugpo n Large shrimp Lobster. Sugpong n Joint: juncture; union. Suhay n — rop:, f ulcrum; support. Sd'hol-n Bride; bribery; subordination; incitement. Suhulan-r-To bribe: suborn, Suhulin-v-To bribe; suborn. Sui n Shoot or sprout of a banana plant. Suit n Small bowl. Suitik n-Thiief; robber; higwayrnan. Suitik-a Cheating; infidel; disloyal; inconstant; crafty. Sukab-a Treacherous faithless; infidel; false. inconstant; traitorous; perfidous. Sukal-n-Disgust; garbage; filth dirt. Sukal ng loob-n-I)isgust; (lispleasure; discontent; anger. Sfikat-n Measure: rule: (limension; exteiit; capacity; bulk. Sukat inter Enough. Sukat-a-Sufflcient; enough, effectual; mete: apt; fit. Sukatin -v To measure mete. Sulkatin aug lalim ng tubig v To sound. Sukatin muli-v To remneasure. Sukat kamntan-a Obtainable; attainable. Sukat mabusog-a Satiable. Sukat magasta-a-Expendable. Sukat magawa-a-Feasible; practical; prac — ticable. Suk~at manyari -a Feasible; practical;practicable. Sukat inakadaya-a-Delusiv e; (leceiful. Sukat makaliwaniag-a-lilniniiiative. Sukat mamnuo a Congealable; that which ixiny or can be melted. Sukat mnatalastasin -a- Comprehensible: coniceivab~le. Sukat na-int~r.-Enoughi; halt: stop. Sukat n& anoman-n Measurement; size; dimensions; measure. Sukdan-prep.-Though; notwithstanding;.never the less. Suki n-Customer patron. Suklam-n-Disgust; dislike; ~ reluctance; repuignance; antipathy; nausea, loathing. Suklamn n-Nauseous; dispicable; disgusting, loathesome. Suklain nk loob n Aversion; abhiorence; displeasure; loathing. Suklay n Comb. Suko n Defeat; surrender;, subjectionvanquishment cession; repulse. Sakob-n*Buokram. Suksukan ng palaso-ni-Quiver. Suksu~kiu-v-To sh ffle. Sulambi-n Row; aisle; flank: brim. Suklob-n Cover; covering: lid. Sulasurin vTo fall headlong; stumble into errors. Sulat n-Writing: deed; letter: contract; treatise; inscription: epistle. Sulat k- sama sa testaniento 6' huling kalooban it Codicil. Sulat kamay n Manuscript. Sulat na hastos n Scribble. Sulat ng banhay n Rough (Iraf t. Sulat na maikli n Summary. Sulat na paninta n Billetdoux Sulat sa ibabaw ng libing a Epitaph. Suliap n Glance; peep; gaze; glimpse; ogle. Suiasw n Cup; crock; bowl. Suligi n.Dart: bamboo; lance. Sulipat-a Oblique, squint eyed. Suliran-v To spin; weave. Sulhrfn-n Spindle. Sulit u-Examination; investigation. Sulitin-v-To investigate, examine; explore. Sulo'-n-Torch; firebrand. Sulok n Corner: angle. Susol-n Shoot; sprout. Suiflong-inter.-Hurry UP; continue; be goiie get away; get out; go on. Sul-ol-n-Agitation; excitement; incitement, instigation; temptation. Sulsulan-v-To incite excite: agitate; temp; urge; instigate; prompt; hint; suggest. Stimaad-v-To inform; advise; admonish; warn. Sumiaba v-To be at home or in mourning. Sumabang-v-To fall headlong: remit. Sumabii v-To cling; hanig; catch on. Sumadsad-v-To anchor.

Page  131 SUMT I,) I sum S~urriagana v-To Swell: grow teemi: increase. abound;~ grow abun-dantly. Sumagana nk nialabis-v-To s ipe rabound. Sumagiok-,v-To smack the lips. Sumagot-v To answer; reply; respond; acknowledge, guarantee. Surnagstig r To trot, be in beaste. Suimaguan v-To row; paddle;s scull. Sumiahod-v-To receive accept. S-uimakay-v To ride eirbark. Surmikay sa cabayo-v-To ride a horse. Sumakit v-To pain: hurt; smiart. Sumaklaw-v To am-bush;encounter;meet; lie in wait; be bounded by. Sumakop-v-To join with another; he nuder the control of Sumaksi-v- fo testify. certify; be a witness give evidence. Surnala v To miss; fail, violate., be deficient; be guilty. Sumalangsang-v-To oppose go against-, violate-, resist; coutradict. Sumalig-v-To recline; lean back; lie hack. 8Simalilong-v-To be sheltered, protectedl, helped or favored. Sumalbn v-To copy; transcribe Sumalipad lipad-v-, o flutter. Sumaloysoy-v-To gully. Sumalubong-ii-To meet join; encounter. Sunialin~a v-To mount ascend. 8umamima-v-To accompany; attend: go witb; join; associate; follow; adhere; unite; be united. Sumamai-v To be bad- go to the bad: deprave; corrupt become depraved. Sumamba-v-To praise worship. 8umaimo-v-To implore; petiton; beg; pra\; crave. Sumarnpa-v-To mount; ascend; rise. Sunmampalatava-v-To believe-, trow; credit; have faith in. Sumampalataya sa Dios-v-To believe in God. Sumamyo-v-To smell. Sumandal-v-To recline; lean back. rSumandali-adt'.-Shortly; briefly; inmue-diatefy; instantly,. Sumandig sa siko-v-To lean on the elbow. Sumangunitv-To consult; take (Jr receiv-e; advice., Sumanib-v-To join; uinite; associate; adl here. Sumansala-?,-To prohibit; interdict forbid; stop; check. Sumapaw-v-To appear; sprout; shoot; overflow. Suimapit vTo arrive; reach; fetch amount to; approach; join end, Suma-ri ~va-e-To green; becomn 0 green., Suinasagana a Luxuriant;, a b u. mm d an t; superfluous-; superabundant. Sumia-aklaw sa lahmat-a-Uui\-ersal; pub. lie; vulgar greneral. Sutuasal-v-To irritaue. Sumnasanma aug loob-v-To disgust di~splease..Sumasamba sa auito nAdolater. Sumuawa vl-To tire, loathe; disgust grow tiredl of auything. Suinaway v-TIo stop check; dissuade. Suiy~vla vTo eae exult be happy.,sumbmg- )t-1-eadllong fall; dispute; quar- rel contradiction. Sumbani ~n-v-To fall headlong; dispute;, quarrell. contradict; gainisay. Sumbi at Slap blow. cuff; box. Sumbong-n-Accusati on; complaint. Sunientencia-v-To tsentence CO~dnle-in Suminp v-To pule; chirp peep,P PIP. Suimibol r. To sprout; bubble spring; appear. sumignaw 79-To cry; scream; s ho ut;, shriek; exclaim; clamor vociferate; balloo; hoot screech; screak. Sumiklat —v-To appear rise sally. Sumniikat aug, araw r- To rise (per, to the Sun.) Sumiki- v -To narrow-; cnrc ~ mingln,Ie. Sunuikip v-To narrow; contract; grow;less; lessen. Sumiinilakbo angtubig v-To luabble; spring;, gush - Sumnilaug-v-To appear; grow out. o(_ccur. Sumnilip v To glance, peep peekt. Sumniphayo v-To insult slander, abuse. Suminman~ot-v To pout; make a wr-v f a ce. Sumimibd-v-To go to church, hear mass. Sumingap v, To (1aw a long breath at'ter drinking. Suniin,&asing v To sn1iff; blow one's nose, Suminghot v-To sniff; snuffle. Sunminsin v To grow thick condense; become dense. Sutminta v To love'; wNoo court. Sumisinta-it-Lover, sweet heart. Sumipot 79-To appear begin; sprout;, eminate; loom; grow out. Sum ipot na walang abog abog v-To surprise; overtake; astonish; come without notice; appear suddenly. Sumira-v-To break;- impair; delapidate; ruin - Stinisi-v-To repent. Suimisi sa namamali-n leprehender. Sumtisid-v-To (live; plunge; dip. Samisigaw-it-Shouter; clamnorer;, cl-Vet,

Page  132 SUN 1-32 SWY Nunioway v-To resist; disobey;, oppose, violate, Sumpa-n-Curse. imprecation; oath. Sumpain-v-To curse, detract; accurse. swear make oath; imprecate. Sumuway v-To disobey; violate; oppose. Sumuway sa kautusan-n lDelinquent; offender. Sumubo-v-To eat with the fingers. Sumubsob-v-To crawl under, fall headlong. -ut on nue Sumnuvat-v-To hutI on nue Sumugat n Wounder; striker. 85umuliol-v-To bribe; suborn. Sumukab-v-To be traitorous; unfaithful, inconstant, bad, infidel or evil. Sumuko v-To Surrender; truckle, he def eated. Sumukot-v-To crouch; stoop. Sumulat-v-To write; compose. Sumulat nk bastos v-To scribble. Sumulat sa bato-v To lithograph. Sumnulid-v-To spin. Sumulong*-v To continue; adlvance; go ahead. Sumumpa-v-fo swear imprecate; bias; pheme; execrate; accurse; -curse; make oath. Sumnado v-To send for. Sumungka~l-v-To loosen-, not scatter about. Sumuno-v-To board; lodge; live with another. Sumunod-v-To follow, obey: yield; coinply; submit, ensue; be in~herent. Sumunod sa m-angyari-v To happensupervene. Sumunod sa iba-v-To follow another: comply. yield; yield to anothe's wish or desire. Sumunodsunod-aFollowing: ensuhing. Sumunodsunod sa uso-v-T o be in use. Sucaunodsunod s a uso-a Fashionable; customary. Sumurot-v To point. Sumuso-v-To suck. 8Sumustento-v-To sustain; stu p port; maintain. Sumusulat n~~ historia-n-Historian. Suimusuniodl-a- Successive; following; conisecutive. Sumusunod sa aral-n-Sectarv. Suiususno nSucker one whoj sucks. Sumutsot-v-To, whistle;- whiz. Sumuyo-v-To love; cut Sundalo n-Soldier. Sandalong dagat-n-Marine; marine soldier. Sundlalong lakad -n-Grenadier; Infantrymnan. Sundalong nagtanan-n-Deserter Sundan v-To persue; follow,goatr obey. Sundang n Poinard; Pointed knife. Sunday a-Inclined; leaned against; propped. Suindin v-To follow; obey; submit, coinIply; persu~e, persecute. Sundlulin v To punch. Sungaban-n-Wrestling; scrambling. Sungaba'in-v-To wre~stle (catch as catch can>/ Sun-ay n-Horn. Sunkayan a Horned; horny Sungkal-n-Rooting (per,- to the hog). Sungkal-n-Disord er. Sungkalin v-To root. Sun~oy-n-Gulch. gully. Suno-n-Guest lodger; boarder., Stinodsun'od-a-Successive; follo wing al. ternative; consecutive; alternate. Suniodsunod-adv. Successively; consecutively. Sunog-n Fire' conflagration; burn]; burn fling.; combustion. Stinok-n-Distaste; aversion to the taste Suntok-n Blow. fis-tycuiff, punch with, the fist. Suntigin-v-To burn; fire; scortch; set afire: kindle. Suob-n-Fumi,,ation disinfection. Suobin-v-Tro fumigate, disinfection. Supil-n-Domination, subjection; repression; hiumiliation reduction. Sdpil-n-Round or c'ircu'ar comb. Supilin-v-To subject; dominate; subdue conquer. overcome; humble; curb; rein subjugate; subordinate; repress confine: humiliate. Suplin-n-Sprout; shoot. Sfipot-n SSack; bag; pocket. pouich; poke,. SSupot ink dalawang itlog-n-Scrotuim, Sdpot nk sulat-n-M~ail bag. Sd'ri-n Ruff, ruffling pleat. Suriin v-To ruffle; pleat. Sfirot n Bedbug. Sur6t n The pointing with the finger. Surutin-v To surprise by pointing with the finger. Susi n Key; cock. Suso n Teat-. dug; pap. Suson n Layer. Susuhan-a Having large teats. Susiihan v To weave the corners of & bag or basket. Sutla n Silk Sutsot-n Distaste; averision of the taste, Suyo-n-Distaste; aversion of the taste. Sulyo-n-Courtship: courting; lov( making; loving, Siiyo-n-Compliance; civility.

Page  133 PAG 133 FAG Suyuin v-To love; court; make love; comply; be civil or polite. Suvodon-FEine hiaircoitib. Suyuriti-v-To comb with a 'fine comb. w Taan n Reserve, exceptionD, secret; caution. Ta-is-n Heighit highness. Taas n4 katawan n-Stature; height of the body. rfaasan. vy-To raise; heighten. Taba n-Grease; lard; fat; corpulancy - Tabad-n-Scratch; call by whistling-?. 'rabagan-v-To increase; augment. Tabak n-Lonig knife. point; lack of spice or seasoning. Tlabak-a- Fresh - 'Juabang-n- Lack of spice or seasoning, insipidity; insipidness,Tabaran-v-To Scratch: cause to bleed:' Thibas-n-Cuit; shape; fashiion; appearancee; aspect; look Tabiisan-v-,o cut, delineate;, lpare. off. 'Tabasdin n-Tai lors pattern; tailor's table. Tabas pusod'a- Naval shaped. Tain-ie edge; brimi; limit; border; margeni; fringe; verge; shore, banik; strandl Tabig n-Push; shove. Tubing-n-Cur-tamn; veil; screen. 'I abing ng pinto nt Door-cut-ain. I abla-9-lBoard. Tuablang miakapalin-Plank. 'I aboy-n-IDivorce.' Tabsing a-l~altislh; brakish. Tablado n-fscaffold. Tabunan-v To cover anything with dirt, chaff', straw, grain or sandl. Tadhanaan-v-To determ-ine, assign or give time:- set- a limit. Tadhaanaan-n-Tirre; limit; duration;season Tadtatr'in nt To chop fine; make' into sausage. Tadyak n Kick; treadl. Tadyang it Rib. Tea n Flux; excrement; faeces. Taeciug bakal a(- lags'; dross. Tea ng havopn Dung; manure. Ttiga nt Fishhtook. Tagii n Cut; slash; gash. Taga-prep.-From; of. Taga bayad-n Paymnaster; payinigteller-; payer; Tagabian n Acom-yptant. Taga Filipinas-n-Filipino. Taga gawa n NA orkmian; artif i-er; mnaker; author;, mechanic. Tagtt isiig it Alarm. Taga i batig bay-an n Stran get-; foreigner. Taga intierno-a-Helfish~ infernal. Tagak nCrane; heron. swan. 'laga kabila'ng bundo nt lransmoun-tainee r. Taga 'kabila n- bundok a- 1'ransmountane. belonging to the other side of the mountains. Taga kilala nExaminer. Tagal n-Durationtimine; protraction. dle, lay prolixutess. prolixity. Tngalan-ti-To protr-act, delay; prolong, lengthen postpone. Taga lan~it-n-Sahit. Taga lanpgit a-Heavenly; belonging to'ot front heaven. Tagaunis a.lear nreat; pure: clean. Taga pag. alaga-nt Breeder, trainer; nur~se; janitor. Tag' pagdialain-Conductor; carrier. Taga' pagr ins-nt-Tr-an sporter:, carrier, Taga pagkau long n Iefender. abettor; protector - Taga pagkulkod-n —~craper. Taga pagluto ni-Cook. Tuga a pagpasan it-Port er; carrier. Ttiga pa gpasuso-n-We(4t-niiurse. Taga pagsalin ang sulat-n-Copyist. Taga pagsuinog n-Incendiary burner. Tiaga pagtangol-n-IDefender; protector; support-er. Tagia pag ugoyv-n Ito ker; one who rocks. Taga pain agitani-ni-lnter'cessor;m-yediator;l petitioner; solicitor; advocate. Taga pangasap)-n-8peaker; o ne w ho sl eaks. Taga 'pigil-n-Brakentan. Taga panabok-n-Exantiner-; Scout; s~py. 1T aga ptilt-n*Islander. -- Taga R-omn a-n-11-tomani. - Taga sapr-ep)-Belonging to; fromn. T aga sa ibang bayan () lupa n-Foreig,)ner; stranger. Taga siyasat-n-Examiiner; in\-estig'itor-; surveyor Taga sulat-n-Writer, secretary; notary; clerk. Tamia tangap no btlis-n-Tax collectot-. Taga taktak-n-&ealer. Taga ttlpadl-i —Coinplitr; one wAho, comip~lies; envoy. Taga tawvag n-Call boy; bellboy-v caller.

Page  134 TAK ~134 A1TAL Tagdan n Handle. Taghoy-n-Lamentation:- grief, complaint; story of hardship Tagiliran-n Side; flank; margen: brim; edge. Tagiliran kanan ng sasakyan-ni Starboard. Tagiliran kaliwa ng sasakyan-n-Larboard. Taginting n Sonorousness. Taglay n-E uivalent. Taglayin-v-To equalize; fetch; carry. Tagliran-n-Side filank, verge. Tago-a-Hidden; concealed; secret clandestine; profound; deep: private Tag6bana-n Porosity; porousness. Tago bilin-n-Recomendation: charge; injunction: praise; command. Tagpi-n-Patch. Tagpian-v-To patch. Taguan-n-Storehouse; repository; place of concealing anything. Taguan no damung tuyo-n-Hay loft. Taguan ng labasa-n-Razorcase. Tagumpay-n-Defense; protection; support. Tagupak-n-Report of a slap; clapping; clap. Tahanan n-Habitation; abode, residence; lodging; mansion. Tahanan vTo live; reside; lodge; inhabit. Tahid n Spur (of a chicken). Tahi-n-Sewing; stich. Tahiin-v-To sew; stitch. Tahian n-Tailorshop;dressmakingestablishment. Tahiin nuli-v-To resew. Tahiin na bigla-n-To baste; sew quickly. Tahi mik-a-Quiet: peaceful; calm; pacific; placid; noiseless, gentle; undisturbed; serene; tranquil; mild: tame, meek; self possessed: dipassionate; halcyon: quiescent; composed; continent; tacit: mature: judicious. Tahong-n.Bivalve; shellfish. Tahul n Bark-: howl. Tainan-n-Tenacity; flexibility. Taimtim aLoving; affectionate; intimate. Tainga-n-Ear. Trikal-n-Measure; extent; dimension; capacity: bulk; mete: guage; contents. Takalan-v-To measure. (for someone else). Takalin-v-To measure; mete guage. Takalin muli-v-To remeasure. Taktpan-n Quarrel; dispute; insult; fight; affray. Taxapan-v To quarrel; dispute. insult, Takaw-n-Gluttony. Tukaw na malabis-n-G eed. Talas-n-Cunning; craft sharpness Wit: quickness of thought Takbo n-Run. scamper; running; sprint; course. jLakbo nD panahon-n-Lapse or space of time. Takbuhan -n-Race, Takdaan-v-To determine: distinguish decide resolve. Takip n Cover; lid; covering; casing. Takipan,-v-To cover; case, put on the lid. Takip nD lamesa nTablecover; tablecloth. Takotn-Fright; terror affright temerity; timitidy, cowardice, dread, consternation. akot nD marami n Panic akpan -v-To cover; overspread; hido: thatch; conceal: stop up. Takotin-v- I o scare: frighten; overawe. Takpa-i muli v To recover. Taksay-a-Fishing boat. Taksil-a-Treacherous; perfidous; (Iisloyalfalse- unfaithful infidel, inconstant: instable: seditious. Taktak-n2Seal stamp brand mark. Takutin v-To scare; frighten; t pall;cow-; overawe. TalanStar; sign; mark. TaldanvTo mark; assign; designate, brand; note. Talaan n Clam; bivalve; cockle Talaba' n OysterlalagA-adv.-Avowedly; disignedly, intentionally. Talagahan v To intend; do intentionally or avowedly. Talagahian-v-To do intentionally; or avowedly. Tala'hib n Reed grass- rushes. Talaksan-n-Measure of wood. (64 X 64 X 32 inches. (about 73 cu. ft.) Talampakan-n- he sole of the foot. Talampakin-v-To tread; trample under foot. Talampakin-v-To speak clear, frankly, plainly or openly. Talas-n-Cunning: slyness; wit; skill; sharpness of wit; handliness; craft.Talas-n-Drip; dripping. Talas nk isip-n-Talent; ability; genius; understanding; wit. Talalasok-n-Wooden wedge. Talata-n-Row; file: line. Ialbos-n-Vegetables (such as, the squash and sweet potaatoe).

Page  135 TAM 135 TAN Tali-n Garter; band; tie; litigation; string. Talian-v-To tie; bind; hitch; chock. Talian-n-Place of tying. Taliba-n-Guard; watch. Talibaan-v-To guard; watch. Talibis na lupa-n-Ravine. Talibugso-n-Knot. Talikuran-v-To turn the back; retract; take back; renounce; reject; abjure; negative; disclaim; recant; disown. Talim-n-Sharpness; cutting edge; steel. Talinhaga-n Proverb; allegory; example; mystery. Talino n Clearness of thought; wisdom; guickness of thought. Talino ng isip n-Talent; ability; wisdom; genius; clearness of thought. Talipandas a-Exempt; unrestrained; loose; dissolute, rude; insolent. Talis-n-Sharp prickle; fork; point. Talisuyotn Serf, slave; servant; lover; one who courts. Talo-vSetto; dispute; dissension; perdition; repulse. Talob n Cover lid. Talohaba-a Oval; oblong. Talohaba n Oval; oblong; elipse. Taloktok n-Top; apex. Taloktok ng bundok-n-The top of a mountain. Talon-n-Jump. Talonin-v-To jump;;vercome;overpower. Talonin ang hari-v-To dethrone. Talon ng tubig-n Falls; cascade; cataract; Talong-n-Eggplant. Talop n Peeling; peel. Tailtalan n Dispute; quarrel; argumet. Taltalan-v-To dispute, quarrel; argue. Taluban-v-To cover Taludtod-n-Row. file; line; lay. Taludtod ng bundok na sunodsunol-nA chain of mountains. Taludtod ng haligi n Colonnade. Talu ap ng mata-n-Order; method; rule; example; precept; following. Taluntonin-v-To follow. Talupan-v-To peel; shell; bark; husk; pare. Tama-aRight; exact; dogmatic; dogmatical; upright; faithful; honest. Tamad-a-Lazy; indolent; idle; inattentive; neglectful; heedless; negligent; careless; slow; tardy; inert. Tamad-adv.-Slowly; lazily; idly; tardily. Tainan-n-Firmness; steadiness; constancy: resolution. Tamanin-v-To oe constant; firm; resoluts or steady. Tama sa katuiran-n Reasonable; fair; just; right. Tambak-a Level; even. Tambakan-v-To level; even. lambal-n Joining putting together addition; exaggeration. Tambalan-v To join; put together; add to exaggerate. Tamban-n Anchovy. Tatmbing adv.-Immediately: instantly; hastily, right away; presently. Tambingin-v-To do immediately; prepare hastily. Tambol n-Drum. Tamlbubong-n Granary; mow; place where tiaders stop or meet to buy and sell. Tambuli-n Hunter's horn; deerhorn. Tamlay-n-Indisposition; sorrow; down heartedness. Tamnan-v-To sow; plant. Tamnan muli-v-To resow; replant. Tannan panibago vTo resow; sow again; replant. Tamuhin-v-To feel; bear; wear; suffer; forbear; lead; carry. Tampa-n-Advance of money on anything. Tampahan-v-To advance money on acrop. Tampak-lprep.-Against; opposite. Tampaln Slap; cnff; blow with the open hand. Tampalasan n Insolence. discourtesy; discourteousness; rudeness; abusiveness; insult: immodesty. Tampalasan-a-Insolent; rude: discourteous; impudent; flippant; abusive, profligate disreputable; overbearing, immoderate; contumelious; lofty; inhuman: soulless; perverse; haughty. Tampalasanin-v To insult;abuse; injuremisuse: malign; illtreat; mistreat; maltreat. Tampalin vTo slap; cuff Tampi-nBlow; knock; cuff; slap. Tampo-n-Pout; resentment; anger; pique. Tampuhan-v-To sulk; pout; resent quit; forsake; abandon. Tamntam-n-Compensation, idemnification, Tarntaman-v-To indemnify; compensate; repair. Tamuhin-v-To Reach; gain; feel succeed; procure; obtain; attain; bear; suffer. forbear; lead; wear. Tanaw-n-View; sight: prospect; look. Tanawan n Place of watching; ken. Tanawin-v-To view; behold; observe; watch: notice; discern, Tanda n Mark; emblem; sign; standard; note; symptom; precursor; score, badge; significant; prognostic; note, brand; seal; banner; print; stamp.

Page  136 TAN, 136 TAR' rfandaanln Catalogue; list, role; file;, memoramdurinTanda~n v-iTo remember; mark: seal;, record: note, stamp;- name score. Tandaan nk nangamatay-n-N S'Crology. Tandos-n Spear, lance javelin. Tanka-n Stu pid; slow; dull; igniorant; wotidering, starting. Tan'Dg n-Mloth. Tanga-n-A game whieli resembles pitchinig. Tankaa-n-v- t'o cause to stare or wonder,scare. TIangal-n IDisconned"-ion. T'langalin-vi1 o discon nest take to pieces; (lisuflite; disintegrate; take apart (lisarm; (lisband. Tangapin n-To reseive; take, accept. Tanghafi-n- Noo-n; noontinye; mnidday. Tanghali adv.-Midday. Taig'rhalian n-Dinner. Tan'ghialan-n Fair, exposition Tanii iaSiagnl~ar;, single; individual;' partictilar, rare strange; unequalled; 'Specia foreign. Tangi adv.Solely;- only; purely; alone. Tangi-n-Ref us di; deni~al; contravention. Tangihan v 1 o (leny; refuse; contravene, resign; (lisown. Tm( ng- iniam a Exquiisite; excellentTangi sa prep. -Besides; without; above; over. Tran~i sa-adv.-Besides; moreover. Tanyis-n-Snivel; crying. Tanngkakal n-Defense; protection; vinilication; aid;, assistance. Tangkalag n-block. Tanz kilik n- frotection; defence; aid; Shelter. T anDkiliu-an-v To shelter; protect; assist; aid. Tanglaw n-Light clearness; clarity. 'langunan-i-t Handlle, Tangnan-v-To take; hodd; lhave:, grasp; catchl; obtain. Tangnan n~ baldiln Hail. Tangiian n g palakol n-H elvxe. Tlango nNodl of the head sLignifying yes; conformi-ity. Tanikala n Chain. animn i Plant; seedl. seedtime; plantTairmn na bo(.b n-R1ancor; anger; hatred;, Taning-n-Termn: en(1. 'Ta ingan-vTo determine; (decide. Ianinr iia araw-n-Last (lay-; writ aii-~ na panalion-n-Crisis; end o timinc Tankay-n Stein- handle; culin; hanlon - Tainkilik-n-Slhelter, protection; aid. Tanod-n-Cnstody - guard;,Awatch; sentry; sentinel. Tanong-n-Question; inquiry;, interrogtation. Tanso14 n-Brass; copper. Tansong (lila w-n Brass. TanSOn~g pula n Copper. ln1'ntiat-n Comprehension; undlerestandi ng. Tantuin-v-cTo comprehend understand. considcr; try; ascertain; recognize. Tanyag-a-.Manifest, clear; open; plain. Taob advc.-Overset; up side dowii; face(lo wn. Taoii-n-Year. Taontaon-adc;-Annuall y; yearly. Ttion taon-n-Ann iversary; annual. Taos n-Afetion; liking Taos na loob aAffectionate; intimate. T-ans sa puso aCordial; sincere. Tapa-n-lOriedbeef; jerked beef. Tapak-pm14ootstep. foot print; tread; track. Tapal-n-Cover; 1)oultice; cataplasm. Tapal na pangtibay ag sikmura-n Ab-' (bominale bandagre. Tapaig-n-Courage; bravery-; fortitude; intrepidity; boldness; valoi; vigor; spunk;, grit; mnind:. intention. Ta pat-a Jus-t. - traight; upright; honest lawful perfect strong; sound; com11 -plete; steadfast; ev-ident; certain. Tapatan it Short cut. Tapat ug boob a LoN-al; confident firm;, faithfnl honest; sinceri-, frank cor-' dial. pture,; gentle. Tapat sa matuid advc-Str-aightly: juistly; hionesly;- franikly. Tapaynn-nt-Ewer; largeeai-then pot or jar;' Tap iasan-v-To (-tt slantingly or on a slant. Tapik-n Slap; clap of the hiands. Tapon-it Cork; plugn-; hung. Tapos-n-Finish; end; final; close; termii'ation; conclusion. Tapshina Brakish; saltish. Tapuinan-n-IDumnping; ground. Tapunan n~ yagit-n Dnngh ill. Tapusanil-To Close; finish; terniinate; endl; conclude. Tapusin-v ToClos'e;fiinishi;eindteriniiiate. Tapusin v To finis-h end; terminate; close; com-lude; complete; perfect;, crown - Tarak-n-Stake.. Tanik n-Steep slope.Tanik ((Steel). Tarok-n-Depth: profoundity; skill; judgmnent; wisdom11.

Page  137 TAW 137 TIB Taros-n- Prudence; knack; activity; skilljud men t. Taruhin v To measure; compare; estimiate Tarukcin-v-To try; fathom: sound(; probe., investigate; perforate; penetrate; sift. Tarukin nk isip-v-To comprehend un(lerstand enter the mind. Taruinahan-v To board a floor. Tasa n Cup. Tasahan-v-To appraise; value. Tasahan-v-To sharpen; point. Tasak n-Plug; cork. bung. Tasakdn v-To plug; cork; stop, a crack. Tasik n-Brine. TFasok-n- Plug; wooden stopper; cork; wedlcre- stab. Tastas-n-Rip. Tastasin-'c-To rip; unseanm. lIata,-n- Papa. ~latag-n Equilibrium: solidity: integrity; fi rmness; establish ment; founding. Tatahan at muling babal ik-a Intermittent. Tatak n Stamip brand; sign; seal; inark. Tatakain-v To seal; stamp; brand; mark; Tatal -n Splinter; chip, 'I atang, n- Papa. Tatatignan n Handle. Tatay-n Papa father. Tatlo-n Three. Tatlo-a-Three. Tatlo ang kulav-a-Tricolored three colored. Tatlong kulay-a-Tricolored; three coloredl. riaula ng paggawa-n Glorious deed; noble work. 7 awa-n-La ughi laughter; giggle. Tawad n-Bid immunity; pardon. Tawag n-Call; summuons; announcement; proclamtion. Tawagin-v-To call: summion; namne; announice;- proclaim, evoke Tawag sa mnadla-n- Froclamnation; publication; notice. Tawas-n-Alum Tawiran-n- Ferry. Tawirin v-To ferry; cross on a ferry; ferry across. Tawo-n-Person; iman; ind(-ividutal; womian;people; nation. Tawong bastos-n-Curi-udgeon; carl; myrmidlom; rude person. Tawong bukid-n-Tike farmner; person - Tawong duag n-Cowvard:- poltroon. Tawong gubat-ni-Backwoodsnman. Ti awong ginoo n-Gentleman; lady. Tawong hamiak-n-Plebian, h a rgdog varlet. Tawong kumakain aug- kapwa n-Cann i 6al. Tawong itim-n-iNegro.; ethiop. ethiopian - Tawong mababa-n-Plebian. Taworig malakas-n Carl. rIawNong mahirap n-Peasant. Tawong maramot-n-Codger, stingy persoilTawong martinkis-n- IDowdy p er s on; slouch. Tawong marunong-n-Sage; savantTawong matakaw-n Glutton; gorniand;gourmnan1., Tawong matalas-n Wit; genius; witty person. Tawong mayamian-n-Potentate. Tawonlg napakababa-nDwarf. Tawong napakasuitik n-Sharper; cheat'; swindlller. Tawong natatanohia-nOverseer; forem-an; inspector. 'Jawong sinoman-n Anybody; any person. Tawon g t-aksil -n Traitor; turncoat. Tawong ulol n-Luna ic;- crazy person; inadm an. Taya n-Bet- wager. Tayaan-?i-l o bet wager. Tayantankin v-To, be well or accustomled. Tayantangin adv.- ittle-by little. ~1ayo-n Position; posture; attitude; form; situation- shape; size; mode. Tflyog-n-HeightTayom n Tndigo: indigo plant. ~ayum n Suspense; uncertainty. leatro n Theatrerjekas-n-Pickpocket; cheat; swindler;, gull. Tekasin-v-To cheat; swindle; victimize; gull. Tiaga-n Sufferance. constancy. tolerance; tenacity. Tiaka-d-n-Stilts- booth.Tian nAbdomen; belly; paunch. Tianag-n-Groblinl; sprite; spirit. Tibag-n-Bank. avalanche; cave in. Tibagin v-To cave; slide down quarry. Tibay-n- SoliditV: firmness; f or t itu de; strength- integrity; force; vigor. Tibayan v-To strengthen; plight; mnami; fortify; support-. Ti bay na Iloob-n-Fortitude; forbearance; strength of heart. Tibo-n-I horn; fishhook. Tibok n-Pant; palpitation. I ibok nk puso-n-Palpitation; forboding18

Page  138 TIM 138 TIN rTibyaya-n Squash. Tigagal-n-Jdler; loiterer; indolent person. Tigas-n-Hardniess solidity, stiffness; ti rmness; strength; force; fortitude; violence; inflexibility Tigas ng loob n Resolution; decision, inflexibility teniacity; hardness of heart. Tigdas-n Measles; pimple. Tigdasen-v- jo break out with the measles or with pimples. Tighiabol n Augmentation; increase; addition. Tigil n Stop; halt; lull; cessation. Tigil-inter.-1{alt stop; beware. Tigmak n Stain; drench, Tigmakin-v-To wet; drench; stain; dampen Tigpas-n Slice, cut. Tigpasin-v- ro cut; slice; divide. Tih~aya adv. Face up. Tibaya a- j aced. Tiis-n- t oleration; suf ferance; endurancerepentance patience. Tiisin-v- o sunffer, tolerate, endure; bear. Tika-n Intention, meaning; mind; view; design; purpose, intent. Tika-n-1Forin; shape; size; mode; design; manners; gentility. Tikiin-n-Taste palate; relish; proof; experiment. Tikis-ad'v. Intentionally; purposely; desigiie-ly. knowingly. Tiklop-n-Fold; plait; ply. 'liklupin-vTo fold; plait: double. Tiklupin muli-v-To refold; rediouble. Tiktnan-v To try; taste, prove; experimient; probe; attemp; assay; grope; investigate. Tiktik-n- -py; hedger; scout; one who aids another to win at cards. Tiktikan v-To spy, watch secretly: lurk, Tila ad'v. Like it seems,- it appears. 'I ila patay-a-Ghastly. Tili-n Shriek; loud cry. Timain a-Fuisible. Timawa-n-Peace; tranquility; freedom. Timawana-Peacef ul; calm; tranquil; quiet; f ree. Timawain-v-To free; liberate; tranquilize; make tranquil. TJimawain aug alipin-v-To emancipate; free a slave. Timbang n Weight;, balance; poise. Timnbangin v-TFo weigh;. balance; poise-, counterpoise. Timog n South; southi windl. Timpla n'Temiper. Tirnplahin-v-To temper. Timplahin-v-To temper. Tim'sim-n Wicking. Tirntim n-Modesty. (lecencv; ehas~ty;h firminess. Timtiinan-a-De ent;- chaste; unassuntIing; modest. Timntimian-n-Chiastity; decency; modesty; firmaness. Tirmtimin-v To extract.; remnove; inves_tigate; inquire. Tirnug-n-ou1th. Timugan-n-South south wind - Tina n Dye; stain; indigo, '1 inaan-n-Dye shop; place of dlyeing. Tinag n-Touchj. Tinagin-v-TO nove; touch, direct; guide; mapage; usc Tinago-a-Hlidden; secret. Tinago-v. p.p. Hidden. secreted. Tic am-v To dye; stain. Tin alaga adv. Intentonally; designed lv; knowingly; dleliberately; purposelv-; avowedly. ~fitali-v. JL, _p-Tied; bound. Tinapay n-Bread. Tinuturuan n-Scholar; pupil. Tinda-n-Notions; anything that is sold; f ound. Tindahan-n-Store; shop; canteen. Tindahan ing gatas-n-Dair-y. Tindahan ng alak n-Groggery; grogshop; saloon. Tindahan ngs mga pagkain-n Girocerv. Tindi n Weight; gravity; importance; burden; guarantee. Tindig n-Sland! position. Tindigan-v-To stand; guarantee; 1)e responsible. Tindihian-n-Stretcher;- Jlace of stretching anything. Tinekas-n-Victim. Tinga n Lead. Tfingalan nts asin-n-Salt marsh. Ting'ang puti-n-l in;- tin plate. Tinglias-n Chip; splinter, sharp point. Tingin-n Sighit; look; gaze; glance; pros Pect. I ingin sa labas-n-Appearance; face, likeness. ~Iingkal n-Lump; clod. Tinigkaynd-adv'. On tiptoe. Tingkay ad a-Squatted. stooped. Tingnan —v-To look; see. Tingnan muli-v-To review; revise; look or see again. Tingnan muna v-To foresee;, see before. Tinig n-Sound, tone; echo; tune. Tiniis-v pp. Underwent; undergone. Tinik-n Thorn; fishbone; thistle. Tin ing-n-Settlings; residlue; remainder.

Page  139 139 SIN Tininkal-n-P Provision. 3 iningal-adlv.-Storedl away; put away. Tlning ng 1001l)-fl De(teruuiiii-it~ioii, resolution intrepidity: bravery; valor; boldnetss; courage; moderation; forbearan ce. Tinitingnan-n-The object which is seen that which one is looking at. Tin kaln (Mod lump. Tintit-u Ink. Tinutulugan-n-Bed chamiber; bed: place of sleeping. Tinuttunigtuntlaui-n~i-Rotte; ending; object; itinerary; goal. Tipa-nConvention, appointment, contract. Tipan-n-Promise; vow: testament. Tipan~an-n Convention. (contract; agreemnent; utility; profit. Tipiaw-n Trip; stub stumible. Tipid-aibconomnical fruiga~l; (lose. Ti pi-a-Compact; firm; close, solid; compressed. Tipiin-v-i1o press; compress. Tipirin-v-To enonomize clip or curtail expenses; be frugal cr saving. T15ip6 fnGap or notc-h in a tool. Tipo6-a Toothless. Ti pon-n Gathering meeting. assemnbly; con-rreo~atic ii Tipuinl-v- I o breack; nick; notch. Tripunin v-To gather; unite; compile:, pouch; congregate: meet. Tird-n Gleanings; residue; remainder; rem-ains; residliunl excess, refuse; overplus renmnant. Tirahaii-n-Habitation: abode: louse; homne: place of living. Tirahiini-v To save; leave over; reserve; set aside keep for. Tirik a Steep; perpendicular. Tirikan n& kandila-n-Candlestick. Tirikan-v-To put a candle in a candlestick. Tirintas n Braid Tirintasin'-v-To braid. Tisa-nt Tile. Tisain-v-To tile. Tisod n Stub; stumble; trip; slip: impediment; obstacle; (lifficulty. Tistisin-r-To sew; him). Tisuriii-a-Tripping; stumbling. Tisurini-v-To (cause to stumble. Titik-n-Letter; deed: writing. Titingkatingkayad-v-To walk on tiptoe or in a cowering manner. Titulo a Title:, (iplomna. Tiwalag-a Separated;, distant; farn; retiredl; divided. Tiwanigwaugiod-'rttl.-Wide:. open. iwasay-a Firm; s(-cure; safe, clear. iyan a- Abd(omjen; belly; paunch. Tiyot n IDrought. Toktok n Top; (-rest:e lownl. 'I ono n Tone; tune; volume Toro it Bull. Totohanin-v-To be serious- verify; accomiplishl; affect; mnake; true. Totoo a-Certain; serious, evidlent; true; positive sure; effectual: dIe vonut: downright; veritable; dogmatic; dogmnatical; peremptory; reliable, catagorical. Totoong-adv. Very: greatly. Towa aOoy; pleasure; glee. mirth; merrimient; gayety; delight; comfort; rejoic'ing; satisfaction. Towid-naRight; straightness. Towid a-Right straigh1t; just. Towi na-adv.-Always often:- frequently. Towirin v To straighten rectify justify: make right- right clarify. Trabajador it Worker; workmiian: laborer;. journeyman ar-tificer; mechanic. Trabajo-n-Work. task; labor; husbandrTrangka-tm-Gate gateway. Trangkaban it Gate; gateway. Trato-n-Contract; agreement. Tresagio-n Matin. Tresillas, n Gimp. Tresiete-n Whist. Trono n- hrone. Trop~a-n-Troupe; company. Tropang lakad it Infantry. Tro;, e n Trot. Ttsa n-Tea. Tubig n Water lymphi. 'I ubig na bumukal n Spring water. Tubig na ulanan-Rain water. Tub6-n-interest; profit; gain; lucre- revenue; emolument:. acqui& ition: advantagge; growth; increase. Tubd-n- SugarcaneC. Tubo n-Latrip chimney. Tubos n-Redemntion; ransom. Tubo sa ibang bayanna-Stran~ger; foreign. Tubo sa ibang lupa-n Stranlgem-; foreigner. Tubsin 7)-To ransom; redeem. Tubsin ang sangla v To redeem a pledge. Tubuan-n Sprout; growing; growth. Tubuan ng nkipin v-To cut teeth. Tub-uan-v-To grow sprout. Tuibusin-v-To redeem; ransom. Tudla-n-Aim; point. Tudlain-v-To aim; point. TudI in g-n-Furrow. Tudlingan-v To furrow~ plow. Tudlok n-Punch point.

Page  140 TUL 140 TUM Tudlukin v-To punch; poke; point; shoot with a cue. Tugak-n-Frog. Tugatog-nHill; knoll, hillock; small; mountain; hominock. Tugno-n-Brin e. Tugon-n-Answer; repartee; reply; response, retort Tugtog n-Play; piece of music; palying, on musical instruments. Tugtog muna sa kanta n-Overture. Tiigtog nk loob n InspirationTugtog ng mi'sico-n-The playing of a hand or nn oschestra. Tugtugan-n-Piece of music; playing of musical instruments. Tugtugan na walang avos-n-IDissonance: (liscord. Tugtugin v-To play on a musical instrument. Tuihod-n-Kn ee - Tuhiog-n- Stringer; that upou whichl anything is strung.9 Tuhuguin-v-To string; impale; pass through. Tuhuran-v-To push or shove with the knee. Tuka-n-Beak: bill; peck. Tukain-v-To peck; pick. Tukarol n-Cap; bonnet; turban - Tuko6 n- -miall lizard. Tukod-nPost: prop; support:, Protection. Tukso-n-Teasing; temptation; vexati on; aggravation:, enticement; instigation. Tuksuhin~v-To tease; vex entice:. tempt; instigate; worry; chaff, haggle; inveigleTuktok n-Top: crest. Tuktok nk mianok n Comb of a chicken. Tuktok ng ulb-n-The crown of the head. Tulii-n-Poem. Tulad-n Copy: counterfeit; imitation. Tulag-n-Spear; lance: dart; javelin. Tulagin-v-To throw a dart or spear; lance. Td'lak n Push; shove: thrust; drive. Tulakin-n-To shove:, push: thrust. Tulala-a Stupid; lazy: ignorant- indo: lent; idle: weak; feeble; imbecile. Tulalain-v To-astonish; stupefy. Tularan-v-To imitate; copy; counterfeit; mimic.Tularan-n-Precedent; exam plec: pattern - Tulatod-a-Last; hindmost, Tulatod-n-Rump; croup. Tulay-n-Bridge. Tult n-Circuimcision. Tulig n-Foolish stupil; torpid; ignorant; idiotic; senseless. rTulig-TiFool idiot; mnadlmani. Tuliin v-To circumcise. Tulini-n-Speed; velocity. quicknems activity; promlptL ess; promptitude. nimablen ess. Tulinkad-n Fool; idliot; madman. Tulis n Sharpness point acuteness; enml. Tulisan n Robber; nlighayman; bandit. Tulisan v- o sharpen; point. Tulisan sa dagat-n-Pirate, corsican - Tul6-n-Leak. Tulog-n-Sleep; slumnber. 'Talong n Help aid: assistance: 'support:I succor: vindication. Tnilongan-n To help, aid: assist succor: defend; facilitate: protect. Tulos ni-Stake. Tulot-n- ermi sion licenlse: fuirloughA) leave; admittance. Tuloy-a-Continued successive. c ontinuous; lasting; following. Tuloytuiloy-a-Prompt speedy. expeditions continued without interruption - Tulunkani-v-To assist; defend; aid hielp; protect; furnish; favor; minister; supply. Tuluingin a-To help: aid: assist; defend; protect. Tulutan-v-To permit:- license, give leave or permission. Tulnyvan r To continue: keep going. terminate. Tfiluyan-n-Hotel: hoarding houtse. Timnaan-v-To reserve; put away; keep) separate. Tumiaas-v-To grow in hieighit, ascend:mount; rise; raise. Tumaba-v-To grow or become fat or fleshy; fatten. Tumaba ang lupa-v-To fertilize:, growor become fruitful- (per. to land) Tumadiak-v-To kick Tunmae ang ibon-v-To mute. Tatrnagal-v-To last: prolong; enduri-; suiffer. dally. subsist Turniagilid-v-To turn sideawys, lay on the side. Tutrnaginting v-To sound. Tumnagistis ang tluha-v-To cry; weep; run (per. to tears). Tumiago-v-To hide: conceal; put away. Tumnagos-ii-To penetrate, leak; ru n through. Tunuagupak-v-To clap; make a noise by clapping the hands or stamping thie feet. Tunmahan-u-To dIwell; nestle; resi d lodge.

Page  141 TU N1 1-41 T VAl Tumnal~aul-v o calm; appease; grow or become quiet or peaceful. Tumalti v To sew; stitch. Tumahol-v -To bark:, yelp; yap vatil: ho wl1 'Tumnahimik-v-To appease; bt-.come or grow peaceful or calm; calm; rest; repose; lull. Tumakas v- [0 (lecamlp escape: slip off leave on the sly; sneak off leave secretly. Ttimakbo-v-To ruin sprint; course.~ hasten; flow. Tumakot-v- ro intimidate; frighten:, scare; terrif y. Tumal-n-Depression; scarcity: slownests. scantinees. Tuimal-a-Slo w; depressed; niot salablel(. Tumalas-v-To filter. strain; leak; trickle: trill; pour down; ooze. Tumalas v To becomle or grow witty. Tumnali v To tic bind. Tumalikod-v To turn ones b-ack: take back: retract, recant. Tumnalikod sa kanvang baitdila v. To desert one's flag. Tumnalima-v-To yield; submit, obeyN. Tumalima v-To contradict:- oppose; gainsay. Tumalon v-To jump down precipitate. Tumnfma v To hit, guess; conjecture. Ttumanan-v-To run nway: elope, sneak off make off; leave -secretly. Turn~nga-v-To prohibit; intel dict, forbid. Tumang~an v-To have hold. Tumangap o To receive; accept:- take. Tumangap n-Receiver, taker; recipient. Tumnangi V ro refuse; renounce;, deny; resign. Tuinankis-v To weep; mourn; lament: bewail. Tutnango vy-To consent; agree: confirm:, affirin; promise Tumaning v To give or prolong time; extend time; reprieve. Tumankilik v-To protect:- defend: support; favor; corroborate. confirm; hold up; prop. Turnanong v-To ask: question: itiquire:interrogate. Turnantan vTo- rest:- quiet; tLppease. Tumnaos vTo penetrate; pierce Tumapang v~ To encourage; become brave,courageons, bold or valiant. Turnarok v To souind; delve. Tumnatahan sa isang lugar 6 bahay-. s Inhabitant; lodger,. Tuniatakbo n-Runner. Tumatanaw-n-Spect ator TuitatatuamaBa- ckslidler one ~vlio denies anytling,, gainsaver contradictor Tntnatawat-n- Laughier; one "-ho lauighs. Tumatia. v To (tiny; contradict ga~ins ay. Tumawa-v,,o laug giggle. Tunmawag v'r- o tall; sumnmnon taname; tern send for; announice revoke; Tunava v'To b~et; wager. TumnaVo V To establishi; lIuild; edlify. Tunn a-m Tower; grave stone. Tumnba n~r patay-v-ITomnb vanilt sepuilchier; tollit stonle. Tunibong -N Anms- fndianetA. Tfirm:v v-Tro fortify. strengtlen; a' gumatarantee. Thimib~ok vTo palpitate; uittter. Tmnivas v-To htardei induirate. Tuiniguiii t To stop; cease; stay. h ill"ren-aitu; leave -off; work. TuiniinvaTo ooze leak. Tumn-ikacv-To limip. Tumnikim v Taste try; attempt assay. Turnikim rv-To coutgh; drawx ones,. atteli tion. Tumila v, To cease. Tun-ili r To shriek scream:r cry in a highi tone. Tumimbang-v-To weigh. Tumiu-ibuaig v 'o lna- down: stretvh1 ones self ott a bed. TUin1indig v-To arise; rise stand uplk. Tumninag v-To be brisk or smart. 'Tumin~in vTo see look: view; gaz~e: behold; observe;- watch; niotice di-s-,cern; vide. Tuningkayad u-Tro stoop; sq,.tata walk or -stand on the, toes. Tundira tc To dwell: live; resithe. lodgye; inhlabit; nestle~. Tumira rfTo remain: be left over. Trnmita tr To dTrain. let fall drop by drop. Tumitig-r-To evu; glance look. Tuimitis ang pawisv-i-To sweat or per-iI spire freely. Tin-miwalag v-To separate remove; sort; dissuade. Tuimpa-vLast journey or trip; goinig. Tnutpa gawi-v Inltchiatiou: tendency:. fancy. Tuinpak-n — Skill: juidgiinetit prludence. knac; mischievousness; restlessness. 'lnmpok-n Small rotind hteap. patt~y. Tutmubo-v-To grow:- inc~rease: swell. Tnmnbo purnatong sa ibaw-1-'I oultgrow. Tlmlmngon-v-To answer. respond; reply: ackiINowledge.

Page  142 T U TT 142 rrUW 1urimugtog-v-To play onl a musical instrument ring a bell. T umu~ka-t-To peck; pick. TuirnuktokrvTo bent, strike or knock with the knuckles. Tumnulad v-o equalize; make equal:I matchi Tunifflak v-To push shove:- thrust,. lTumIulo -v To leak, drip,~ fall drop by. drop. Tumulonig vl-To help aid assist coopcrate, favor succor; support serve; (lefend protect corroborate hold up; con1firm prop; minister. Tuniulotulo-v-To drip. Tunutmnbar- to l'ower. Tunmumog na mnalakas-nliesolution: cournlge; ain d promptitude; aid; determiniation. Tumutnok v-To gather- crowd. Turaum-ipa v-To carry dou in. have the ]List of anything. Tumi-unaw-v To mielt; li(luefv; dissolve. Tumunigo a To wend; tread; head bow. 'Irnunio, v To sound; chaik, clanig; TlurIn unton~g-v-To treadl; trample; stamp. put on accupy Tutnuapad v-Tro execute discharge; perform; comply: heed; do oae's, duty; dispetuse; observe. TIurnurote v To trot. Tanut-ttul-ii To reply; 'answer-; respond., affirmt; allege oppose: fight. Turn utol sa p.agtangol v To fight for, another; dlefend; argue ia anothier's f avor. Tunang n-Outcrv. Tunang mialaki-n-Tumult; out cry,; riot. Tuaawnu-Liquid: fluid. 'I unawini,'To Melt; liquefy; dissolve smelt, consumne; spend. Tunawin-a Soluble; solvable: mlelfible liquefiable. Tunawin ang kinairiv-To digrest. Tunay-a-True; cordia-fl sincere., loyal: constant; firm: manifest; sol emlm; (logmatic,; dogmatical; c rtain; (lowariglit; reliable; legitimate; actual; candid confildent; real; peremitory; important. Tunay ad-c.- Really; truly', actualw lov.y-ally x-candidly certainlyx; seriously; Surelyx positively; evidlently; Tuany nra-a-aTrtie serious: certain: positive. Tan a-a Slow; hilt witted; ignorant:torpid- rude, foolish. Tungaer a IHalt witted: foolish:,- drill1; torpid: slow; rgnrint:t rule; wild: ob~scene. Tunziarw —lick- woodtick. Tun~avaw-n-Curse;, imprecation; oath malediction swearing; ban. Tunig ayawinv To crurse, swear; imaprecate ban. Tungkay-n Object; design; end; intent. 'Tungkod-n anie staff, prop; fulcrum: support protection truncheon Tungkol-p. a-ccording pertaining: concerning. lningkol-prep.-About; over. Tungkol nDuty; obligation: contract: agreement. Tungo-n-Bow; nod, object: behavior;,trend. Tungo-a-Inclined; disposed. Tilungo n-'i uber. Tung6 ng look-n-Intent; (lesiga; purpose. lunigtong-n Cover lid pot lid. Tunod-n Magnetic needle; the unrolled leaves of the palm or banana. Tunog-n Sound; noise; report, clank; clang; ring; resonarice. Tunog na ba~gol n-Grating harsh sound. Tunog, ng voces-n- I ae; tonle. Tunsov-n-Shiner Tuntunigan n Objective; place that one is heading for. qup)a-n Sheep. Tupdd-n Compliance; doing of ones,, duty.T'upang babaye-n.Ewe. 'TuparinrvTo comply; do one's dulty.I Turing nBid asking price proposal;overture; proposition; guess. Turo-n-Teaclhhmg. instruction, doctrinie. Turuan-v-To teach instruct, educate: (liSCipline; imform. civilize poiut out-. Tuso, a-Sly; cunnming; crafty; sagacious; vulpine; keen; sapient, wily. Tusok-n-Stitch - Tust-usin-r-To loosen: slacken. Tusukin-v-To stitch; p~rick. Tuto-n-Skill; learning: knowledge; jud-gmeat: prudlence:- wisdom; sagacity; circumspection. Tutol-n-Answer; reply: response:, repatrtee. lutop-n Patch cover. Tutos n Stitch; union. Tntsang n-KBristle, Tutugin,-c-To separate or take out thle ashes- reduce to ashes. Tu tupan v-To patch; mrieid:- splice. Tutushi-ri-To stitch; sew. Tuwa-n- Happinress: inirtib: merriment - moy; pleasuire; content: solace; consolation; gladness; gayety; festivity:s rejoicing. Tuwa-a-Tlad; joyful, merry; happy. Tuwi a-Each, every; all; entire; whole.'

Page  143 ____UKO _____ Tuwituwmina-adv.Often, frequently. [ulydinFlattery false praise, TuyAin v-i o flatter. Tnuyo-a-Dry, barren; withered1 arid:1 4 3 UMA_ scar:- sere: wizen. Tuyongtuyo a-Verv dry. Tuivot-a D)ry; dessicatedJ. Tu iuin ct-To dry, de'ssicate. -CT Uban-a Hoary gray headled; white. Ubaii-n-Gray hair; chaff. IUbanina Old htoary gr-ayheaded. _Ubanin~v To growv old or gra~y headed. Ubas-n-Grapes; grape. Ubo n Couigh. Ubod n Heart; c-enter. Ubod jig hirap x Worst mtiisery. Ubong inalakas n- Whooping cough. Ubos-n-Terniination; consumiation; ending, Ubos a-Terminated, consumned; used up. IUbusin v To consumte use, up; end; terminate; expend, waste. 1 Udiok n Stimulat~ion; incitem-ent; per. suasion inspiration instigation. Udiokan nTo incite stimulate, instigate; excite; persuade, induce; inibue. Udiukan-v-To Persuade; incite induce, prevail upon inspire move. Udlok-n Bornan. IUdyok ni-Persuasion i uciteninent exciteinent, stimulation; inspiration, encouragem-en t. Udyukani-v To inspire persuade; induce; incite; ply; imbue. U~ga-n Move rock. UgaiiinnTo rock, move. Ugali-n-Use custom; habit disposition: usage; wont; fancy; temnper. Ugaling parang-a Rough; illbred- rus. tic. Ugangin v-To make foolish. Ugat n Root vein. 1)100( vessel; bud; source; origen; spring. Ugit-n Plow beami; plow hia~ndle, helm. lUgonig-n-Noise; clainor, crack: clash; din. Ugoy-n-Rockiiig sw /inging. Ugoyinr-Tv'Io rock; swing. Uhalea-?i Buttonhole. IThaw-n-Thirst. Uhawv na tihtaw-a-Verv thirsty: drty. lThaw-n-Head of grain. Uhiog-n-Mucous- slime snot; inuck.. Uhugin-a-Mucous; slimy. snotty. ITkit-n-Dent. T~kit-in vTo (lent. Ukol n-Correspondent-: trustee: agrent. 4 kol sa'a-Pertaining to; oconcerning; apt; fit: ready. U~kol sa sikinura a-Oi.1astric-: pertaininig to the stomnach. Ukol sa Iupa-a Terrestrial; b.elonginig or p)ertaining to the earth. IFlak?i Spindle; reel; pinfeat~hers. Ulakain-vWrapping frLame; spinIlie, reel - lilakin-vc- Io wiiid roll upt) wind arouind. Ulamn n-Mleat. Ulainun-Rain; shower. U~lanig bigla at inasasai-n-Heavy. shower of rain. IUlap it Cloud Ulak iia inakapal at mnababaiu-M.Nist.; fog. Ulapet-,n-Rag hanging- front the clothes. Ulian a-Wornout; de(ere pid. Ulianin a 0O(1; worn (Jut; (lecrepid. Ull-adv. -A gain. ITljin-v-To repeat, renew:, patch: mnake; over. IUlila nt-Orphan. Ulilang lab~os n-Orphan;l child who has iieither father nor mother. Uling-n-Coal; charcoal soot,-: cinider; grime; lampblack. IT liran-n-Type; pattern exam plc, model. U~lit adv-Again; once more. Ulitin-v-To repeat; duplicate: renew:, double; iterate:- reiv-erate; rehearse; (10 or try again. U liting mnadalas-v- fro relpeat frequentlx-. Ulili-n Whirlpool; edldy; vortex. Ulivaw-n Echo. P15)-n-I-ead; 1)011. U'log.n-\Iioveneien, mnanagyenient: direction.i Ulogiii-r-To move: manage: (direct. U lol-n- Lunatic: madlman, iIiot~ dolt; gump loggerhead; crazy man. Ulol a, 1eniemnted; crazy; insaIne; mad: (daft; delirious - foolish: stu pid distracnted; idiotic ignorant. unlearned. Ulong ulo a- Badhl~eaded. U1 ongan-Meeting. union; congreggation - IUlos ji~ sa —data —n-Slash or stab) Uluig-n Handling MOVing. UT Iugin-v:-To handle; move to and fro. Ululan-v-To exaggarate; add to. increase Ui~ling v-To infatuate sttipefy, miake: or cause to be foolish:, alienate. nimmabala v-To interfere; oppose; prevent, molest; trouble; vex: p)rolonig.

Page  144 UMA I 4 limabot-v-To reach; overtake; catch up, ap~proach; arrive, come up; get; (17 tamn abut. U mabulov v-To assist; hielp, aid, support: serve contribute; suffice; diefray; succor minister; promote. IUinaga-n-Morniing forenoon. Umiaga Mdv. Early; soon betimes. Umnaganig umiaga aMt. Very early. U mavang umaga-n-Dawn. break of day. U magap-r-To preoccupy foresee; air ticipate; be quick or active, [inmagaw c-To steal sn~atch. Umnagaw sa isang Iabayi-n-Rap st; rayisher. lFmahon-r-To go lip: aswend;, laudI mount;; climb uip (lisem bark. Umakin-v-To tame; domesticate. Umtakyat v-To climb; ascend; mnount; too uip; increase. IUmakyat na maguikiabit-v To clrmb with the uise of the hands. tLmalalad'v-To, resound; jingle; c!liuk. I Tnalalayv-v1lo support:, help: ass,4i st; aidl: Ymaintain. lImnali vTo succeed; happen. 'mnalimnura-v To insult; revile. UTmalinkasaw-v To rise: extend; transcend. U~maling-asaw ang babeo v-To stink; smell; bad. Umafingawn,~aw-v-To ech~o: resound; rumable: rumor. Imalis-v-To go; leave: sally: retire; abandon. forsake, quit: emigrate; absent one's self. tLmalitiit-v-To grate; creak; scrape. Uimalsa-r-To rime; loosen; grow fluffy; uprise. I('minambag-vi-lo. contribute; give: prom ote. Umamiboii-m,-To miist; dfrizzle; mizzle. U mamo v To tamne; (domesticate; become domnesticated. Uimampon v To help: protect' aid; tiefend; suipport. corroborate; favor conform. U'niamoy ci To stnell. Iiman~il v'To, h-owl; snarl; growl; murmur; grumble. UImangisv4o rtin'ik; smrell bad. -limani v 3o e'ither; harvest; reap) Ui' anit-v 'fo J)1ll. U.mankin-a To appropritate: usurp. Umanod-ii-To deseend; flow with the curtrents Utmant~a-v To grow rancid or- stale. I oi pa Aw- t-IM. o over fl ow, inu nd a te;I o ve r r un.U "Jmapid v- To seduce; abort. UMUJ Urnaral-v-To adlvise warn; info rin. Umari-v-To own have Umari ng hindi kaniya v To usurp: appropriate anything that is not one's ownI 1,masa r-To hope await; de re expect. IUmasim v To sour, become salty or briny, Uma-so-v-To smoke fume; reek. Irmiiso a-Funy; simoky;fumning smoking, Umiasok v-Th) smoke, fume. Umaway-v-To fight war oppose; dis+pute: rival; contest. Umavon-v-Tro conform; coincide; acquiesce; agree accord. XFnawit-v-To sing. carrol. Umayaw-v To resign: decline, quit:, renounce; reJect; stop. Umayos-v-To arrange, DIgree; put in order. IUmbok an g gitna-a-Convex- convexed. Umibig v-To love; like, wish;, desire; court; will. Itmibis v-To dismount- get off. inTmigi-v-,o ease: improve; appease; become less painful. Uimihi-v To urinate. lUmiki-v To limp. lUmikit-v-To turn;, revolve; roll; gyrate. Um iko-ty-To lim~p. Iimilag v-To dlodge; avoid; escape; shun;grow or become wild. Umimik-v-To murmur; mutter; mumble; reply;, re-,pond; answer. U'mindayogvi-To oscillate; vibrate;move. (3Tminkos vTo grumble; snarl; grow]. Uminis-v-To smother; oppress; overpower. crush; subject. (Fminog-vi o turn; gyrate; roll: spin. Uminomn-v-To drink; imbibe. (Trnin-tind i-v-To underst-and cornpreh endI Umisip-v-To think: invent; plan; plot; contrive: meditate. Umnitim-v-To blacken; become black; darken. Utnitim v-To steal; peculate; pilfer; cabbage;- purloin; filch. Imiyak v-To cry. weep; bewail; lament; Umiyak ang hayop-v-To low; bleat howl; grunt. I Tmpog-nCff.~lision; encounter; clash; shock; push. IU'mpok-n Conversation: converse - I 'mmdlot-ve To rebound; bounce; recoil Urnug 'n Moth; the fouling of grain so that it lumps. Uinuga-vTo move; shake:, vibrate., Umuguin-v-To molder; lump because of dampness.

Page  145 URG 145 USI Umugit-v To steer, pilot. Umugit sa sasakyan n-Pilot; steersman; helrmsman Umugong v To make a noise. Umugong parang kulog vTo fulminate; make a noise like thunder. Umnugoy-v-To rock; swing. Umukit-v-To dent. Umayabit v-To claw; scratch. Umulayaw-v-To coax; wheedle; fondle; pet; humor. Umulan-v- o rain; shower. Umulan ng busilak-v-To snow. Umulan ng bubog-v-To hail. Umuliaw-v To echo, resound. Umulit-v To pilfer: steal: peculate: filch. Umunav-To go before; go first; anticipate; forsee; expect. Umunat-v-To stretch; lengthen; adjust; anlarge; upon. Umugot-v-To whisper. Umunouno v- o stutter; hesitate; stamrner. Umunti-a-To lessen; decline; fall: descend; dwindle; grow or become smaller. Umupasala-u-To defame; slander; insult; deride. Umupo-V lo sit. Umupo v. imp. Sat. Umuriturit-vTo stammer; titter; stutter; hesitate. Umurong-v-To recoil; fall back: retrogradle back regress: backslide. Umurong ang kabayo-v-To balk. Umurong ng marami v-To quaff. Umusig-v To investigate; inquire; examine; follow register. Umusos v-To go down; descend. Umutalutal-v- o stutter; stammner; haw; hesitate. Uua adv. Soon; early; first. Una a First primitin e. Unahan-vTo go first; preoccupy; preceed; lead; anticipate; expect; foresee Unahan-n-Front; lead; fore end; beginning. Unan-n Pillow. Unang araw ng buan sa langit-n-Neomenia: first night of the new moon. Unano-n Dwarf. pigmy; manakin. Unatin-v-To stcatch: unfold; expand. Unatin ang baluktot-v To straighten. Unauna-adv.-First principally; chiefly. Unka-n-Lowing: low Ungal n Howl; cry of horror. I'ngas-a Stupid: foolish; dull' ignorant; simple; idiotic. Ungo-n-Monkey. Ungong babaye u-Female monkey. Ungos-n Sprout shoot; anything that protrudes from another. Unos-n- I ornado tempest; storm; hurricane; heavy shower of rain. Unosin v-To storm. Unouno Stammer, stutter; stuttering; stammering. Unsayanin a-Rickety; chaffy; without resistance. Untiunti-adv. Slowly; little by little; by degrees gradually' Untian-v-To lessen; curtail, clip; decline; sink; decay. Untog n Collision, encounter. blow; contusion. Uod n-Worm; larva; larvae. Upa-n-Wages; salary; pay; fee; recolnpence; stipend. Upahan-v-To pay; recompence Upahan ng araw-n Daylaborer; jour neyman. Ipakn-Bark; peel; rind; crust; skin. Upakan-v To bark peel; skin. Upasala n Insult; scorn derision; de famation; slander mockery. Upa sa pagtawid n Bridge or ferry toll. Upata-Bald; hairless; destitute Upat n Deceit; delusion; fraud. Upatan-vTo deceive; defraud; delude; impose upon; leave bald. Upaw a-Bald headed; bald. Upawin-v-To make bald. Upo n Squash Upo n Seat; sitting. Upuan n Chair; seat. Uralian-v- o imbue; instigate: inspire; persuade; induce; incite; stimulate: urge. Uraling masama-n Temptation; entice ment: incitement. Uraing-n Stake cudgel; club. Uria-n Border; fringe. Uriin-n'To assay; examine; look into. Urongsulong a Undecided; irressolute Uroy inter. Get out; git. Uroy-n Mockery; scoff; jeer. Urungan-v-To retrocede; take back; back. Usa-n-Deer Usang babayi-n Doe; roe. Usang inahin n Doe; roe. Usang lalaki-n Hart, buck. Usap n Dispute litigation; lawsuit con test: strife; dissent; contract. Usb ng n Sprout; shoot. sucker. Usigi-v-To examine; investigate; per sue; follow. Usisa n Probation; examination. 19

Page  146 WAL14WA 146 WAL U~sisain-v-To examine; investigate survey; inquire; inspect; scrutenize: probe scan. discern espy. Uso-n Use: habit; custom; usage. Usok-n Smoke; vapor.- steam. Us's-n Rupture. (of the scrotuem.) Utak n Brain. 'Utak ng buto-n-Marrow. 'Utal a-Stammering; stuttering; hesitatin'g; touiguetied. Utal-n-Stamrmerr ng; stuterer. Utang-n-Debt; obligattion; duty. Utas a-Finished; closed:, concluded. Utasin-v-'Fo finish; terminate; end; conclude; close bring to an end. tJth.yutay adv.-(iently, eoftly; easily. Varnis n Varnish. Vervo-n-Verb; predicate. Verso-n-Verse. Viage-n-Voyage; passage; jonrney; excursion. Violeta n Violet. Violin n Violin; fiddle. Violinista n-Violinist. Wa'as-a Neat; pure; clean: clear; free: innocent, virtuous. genuine. Wahiiri-v To tear; rend. lacerate:- cut:, wear out, break; fracture. Wakal-n termination:, end. conclusion; extremity, edge. border; extreme; limit; boundary; bounds. Wakas-n-Extreme; extremity- end, limit; bound. boundary; edge; border'; conclusion~ termination. Wala n-Nothing~ naught. Wala-ad). -No; not in on degree. Wala-a-Disttxnt absent; not present. Walang ala ala a-Calm; free; tranquil; peaceful; h~tvingnothinc to think about. Walang asa-a-Desperate. Walang asawa aSingle- unmarried. Walang asawa-n Bachelor: old maid. Walanig awa-a-Heartless; cruel- ruthless; inclement: fell; inhuman; hardhearted; soulless. Wal aug ayos-a- Disarranged disorderly. slovenly; careless filthy: confused; pellmell; immethodical; unclean: harumn scarumn. Walang bahid dumi-a-Clean: untouched:, pure neat; unmingled: innocent; virtuous; holy. Utong-n- Nipple. Utos-n-Law; order: command rule' statute, precept; edict: injunction: mandate; errand; message. proclarnation. Utd'san-v-To send; convey; command; order; edict. Utusan-v-To send; convey; comm-and; order, edict, lUtusan-n-Servant; errandboy; messen - ger; porter. U~upan n Chair: seat. lUyamn-n Sarcasm; mockery: ridicule,disdain; decrial. U~yamin v.ro niock- scoff; deride ridicule, scathe; make fun of. Virgen-n-Virgen. Visagre-n Hinge. Visita-n-Visit; chiapel. Visitahin-v-io visit examine. Vocabulario n-Volcabulary. Volcan-n- Volcano. Vol untarios-n-Vol unteer. Voto n-Vote. Walang bait a Thoughtless; imprudent. Walang baro-a-Shirtless. Walang basagulo-a-Peaceful; calm; serene. Walang bayad a Gratis; free of cost; gratuitous. Walang buhay a Lifeless; inanimate. Walang buhok a Bald; baldheaded. Walaniz daan a Impossible, impracti: ticable. Walang dalita a Painless:~ well. Walan' damdamna Insensible.- wiellwithout pain painless. Walang damnit a Naked. Walang dankal a Infamous; vile; despicable; low; abject. Walang dulo a Pointless. Walaiig daya a Equitable. Walang galang a Disrespectfu-l: rude; impudent; morose: insolent; haughty:lpeevislh, inattentive: thoughtless; lof tv: discourteous. Walang galang adv -Peevishly; inmpu. dently. morosely; insolently; (lisvour. teously; thoughtlessly. Walang galit a-Quiet; serene; calm: unmolested. Walang gawa-n-Liesure.

Page  147 WAL 147 WAL Wlang gulo-a-Silent; quiet; still: calm; tranquil; noiseless; loyal; constant; faithful. Walang gulugud-a-Invertebrate. Walang gusto-a-Loath; loth. Walang habaga Cruel: heartless: hard. hearted( inclement; incompassionate; inhuman; soulless. Walang halaga-a Worthless: trifling; vain frivolous; mean; vulgar; empty; void: fruitless. Walang halo-a-Pure: unmixed; unmingled; clean; neat: mere. Walang hanap buhay-a-Destitute: helpless; without work or employment. Walang handa a Extempore: informal. Walang hangan a Boundless; endless: interminable perpetual everlasting; immortal; infinite; infinitive. Walang hanganan-a Unlimited; bound less interminable; endless; everlasting: infinite; without end. Walang hiyaa Shameless; impudent: insolent; forward; disrespectful; obscene petulant; without selfrespect. Walang humpay-a-Continual; incessant; uninterrupted; continuous. Walang ikababavad a Insolvent, Walang ingat a Careless: incautious; heedless; reckless; forgetful; neglectful. Walang interes-a-Impartial; uninterested; candid; just; loyal. Walang kaba a Bold, intrepid: dauntless' valiant; firm; constant; serene. Walang kabuluhan-a-Worthless trfling; catchpenny; futile: addle; void; empty; incapable. Walangkahulilip-a-Incomparable;matchless; singular; unequalled; unparalleled. Walang kahulugan-a Senseless; unmeaning; trifling: wortlesa; useless; foolish Walang kalinga a Inattentive careless; thoughtless; heedless; negligent; neglectful. Walang kalulwa-a Soulless; in an i-.mate; lifeless. Walang kaunahalan a.Insolent: impudent; haughty;vulgar;ordinary; shameless: ignorant; without; dignity. Walang kapalaran a Hapless; luckless. Walang kapara a Matchless, special; unequalled; unparalleled; incomparable; particular; singular. Walang kaparis a Singular; special; unequallel; unparalleled; matchless; particular; peerless. Walang kapintasan-a Immaculate. faultless perfect. Walang karapatan-a Unjust; unjustifiable; unfit unreasonable. without justice. Walang kasam a Solitary; sole; only. Walang kasama ad. A lone; solely. Walang katapusan-a Endless. interminable immortal; without end; infinite. Walang katawan a Bodiless: immaterial. Walang katulad a-Unequalled; matchless: unparalleled; special; peerless without comparison; incomparable. Walang caya a Unable; incomparable; unfit powerless. Walang kibo a Silent; quiet: dumb. Walang kimi a Free; disengaged: unembarrassed. Walang kimot a Silent: quiet; undisturbed: dumb; motionless: noiseless. Walang kinikilingan a Impartial; just: unprejudiced. Walang Kulang-a Complete;entire;whole; integral;perfect exact; right; finished; enough. Walang labas sa matowid-a-Just;lawful; true; fair; truthful. Valang laman a-Empty: addle: vacant; void. Walang lasa-a-Tasteless: insipid: flat. Walang lihim a Open; frank; clear; unreserved. Walang likat a Perpetual; everlasting; continuous; ccntinual; endless erect. Walang likit a Straight; erect: contin uous. Walang makakamukha-a-Matchless; incomparable; unparalleled, u n equalled Walang mansa a Immaculate; spotless: pure. Walang hanga at mula.a-Endless; eterna; without end. Walang nag aampon a Helpless; destitute. Walang nagkukupkop a Helpless: destitute; solitary; lonely. Walang nasa a-Disinterested; not desirous. Walang ngipin a-Toothless. Walang pagod a- Indefatigable; unwea ried. Walang paglitiis a Insufferable; intolerable. Walang pakiramdam a-Insensible;sense less; indifferent; shameless. Walang palad-a Unfortunate; unlucky; sad; hapless.

Page  148 YAN 4 A 148 YAY Walang pananam palataya-a-Incred uilous; unbelievable. X'N alang pankalawa-a~-Matchiless:, un paralleled; solitary, singular, unequal led. Walang panigdamdam-a-Insensible- indifferenit; shameless. Walang patiiiiiwala-a-Incredulous; unbelievable. Walang pinag aralan-a Coarse; rough; illbred; rustic; ignorant; abject; low. Walang puri-a- Infamous; vile; despicable; shameless. Walang sakit-a Hale. well. Walang slandata a- Disarmned. Walang sapin-a-Barefou.t. Walang sigla-a Infirm; lifeless; inactive; slow weak. Walang sinelas-a-Barefoot. Walanig Nukal-a-Clean; pure; free; neat; cleanly. Walang taba-a Lean meagre. Walanig tahari-a-Continual endless; incessant; uninterrupted continuous. Walang tahi-a-Seamless. XWalang takot a-.;oltl; fearless. intrepid, dauntless audacious; valiant,- plucky. Walang testamento-a-Intestnte. Walang tigil-a-Inc_-ssant, continual; uninterrupted. Walanig turing-a-Ungrateful; low; abject,mean; ignorant. Walang tuto-a-Ignoranit; dumb, silly; unlearned; foolish. Yabag-r[ Footstep; tread; noise of a footstep. Yagyag-n-Trot. Yac~i p-n- Hug embrace. Yacapi- v To hug; embrace; imbosom. Yarnan-n-R'ches; mammon. Yaman-adv-Since; well; then., now-that. Yaman prep iherefore. Yamut-n- Disgust; abhorrence; molestation; displeasure; impatience; vexa - tion; loathing; disturbance, chafe, disquiet; distaste. Yamuan-n-Rasure; scrapings; filings; parings. Yamutin-v-To disture; displease; vex;, molest; irritate; worry; bother; disgust. Yangyangan n Place of stretching any%thing stretcher. Yanig-n-O~scillation, vibration; shake; trembling; wave. Yanigin-v-ro wave; shake. Walang uilo-a-Headless. Waanug wasto-a-Disarranged confused: disorderly; simple; silly; artlE ss. Waia sa horns-a-Unseaso-nable. un timely. Wala sa capanahunnnt-a-Abortivye, un timely. XWnht sitnomnun-Nobody none, Wala sinoman poNIthr Walis-n-lBroom; (luster. Wnlisin-ii-To sweep; dust. Walo-n Eight. Walo a Eight. Walong puo n Eighty. Walong puo a Eighty. Wan-nn-Reasoning; thought idea. meditation - Wariwariin-vu-To think; reason; meditate; recall to mind. Watak a Wide open; Clear, separated. Watakwatak-a-Wide; open. clear; separated; at or by i- tervalsWawa-n The mouth of a stream. Wika n- I angunge; idiom discourse talk; lingo: dialect conversation; converse; Wikain-v-To talk; converse; pronounce.sQpeax; say~ tell; discourse. Wikain labas sa matowid-v To lie: tell a filsehood. Wika, ng Judio n-Hebrew. Wilig n-Sprinkling. Wiligann-v'ro Sprinkle. Wisik-n-Sprinkler. Wisikan v 'o sprinkle:- water; spray. Yano a-Average; regular: even; ordinary. mediocre; plain; tint; neither good nor bad. Yantas n Tire; felloe. Yaon pro-That. Yaon din adv.-Ditto; idema. Yapak nI read footstep. Yari-n-Cut; shape; make; flgure, work", form fashion; termination: finishv ending. Yari-pro. I his. Yariin-v-To finish: close: terminate; end; do. make; effect. - Yasak n-Desolation; break; destru ctiozi; tear. Yasakin-v To desolate; destrov; break:, tear; lay waste. Yasyas n-Polish; planing. Yasyasin vTo plane; smooth:, polish. Yawe n Stopcock. Yaya-n-Jnvitation. Yayain-v-To invite stand treat.,

Page  149 YUM 141. YUP Yav ainang-j),rep). - iih e r ef o re; ve t;, Yvn i 'iang —od.4Thei now then now that: Yavxat-n-Extenuation; weakness; lean ness: lang-iid(ness. YNirnotn O (akum; tow; tow: cloth. N ntarn v-fo m-ake, formy; produce; cause. exisqt; be. NYuko-),-Bow~; stoop; saint tionv bend. incliinat io n Ytikodi!Salutafion1; b~ow; salute nod;,greeting. XYunmagryt1(g v To trot: jog: be in ha-,e. Yania~ini-oTo treminbie. vibrwate; oscillate. Iumam-an 'r10 enrich; grow or become rich, thriv e prosper Yumtainot-ic-To vex disgust- displease: glut. pique; irk: molest: disturb, af flict; be displeased or vexed; anger; oppress. Yumi-a-Faded;:withered; decayed. Yumfinim-t-To fade: wither: decay. Yumiuko v To bow; nod: bend; stoop. Yuniukod-t-lTo nod; bow; stoop; bend the head. Yumurak-vI-To tread. trample. stamp. Yungib-n-Cave; grotto. cellar, hole; cavern; haunt: pit. Yupi-n-Bend; fold; double. Yurak-n-Stanip: tramnp. Yurakan-v-TFo tread; stamp trample. Ynsakin-v-To tread. trample; stamp. Yupiin v-To fold: double:- bend.

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Page  151 151 I __ _ min~nOi Pr11n6a1f Adan-n-Adaim. Adelaida n Adelaide. Aldrianio-n -Adrian. Al1berta-n-Berthia. AlIberto-n-Albert. Alejandra-n-AlexandrIV. Alejandro-n Alexander. Alfonso-n-Alphonso. An]drea-n-And reln Andres-uAdrew - Angel n-Angelo. Angela n-Angelinie. Anang-Anna. Anselrna-n Selmia. Antonio n-Anthonyv. Arturo-n-Arthur. Agusi in -n-Augustin Barbara-n-Barbara. Bartolome-n-Bartholoxnew.v Basifio-n-Basil.Beatricia-n-Beatrice. Benancia-n-Bernice. Benjarnin-n-Benjarriin. Bernaldo-n-Bernard. Bibiano n-Vivian. Cain-n-Cain. Canuto n-Ken itlh. Carlos-n-Carl-C tian es. Carlota-n-Chiarlotte. Carolina n-Caroline. Catalina-n- Kathirine; lKa t. Cecilia n Sisilia. Cristina-n-Chisf-iatia. Cristitno n-(Chistian. Clara n-Clara. Clarno n Clare. Claudio-n Claude. Clenmenta-n-Rutlh. Conrado-n Conrad. Constanfina-n Constuaice. lDaniel n-IDaniel; Dan. David-n- David. Diego-n Diego. Dicnicio-n-Dennisi. Dora-n Dora. LDorotea n.Dorot liv - Doroteo-n-Dyrcllestei-. Eduardo-n-Edward. Elena-n-Helen; Lena; E-lleni. Emilia-,n-E~milv - Eniilio n Emil. Engracia n-GraceEnoc-n-En och. Enrique-n-Henry - Enriquetta-n-Henrieta, ffni-irvet - Eruian-n-Hermana.n Eugenio-n Eugene. Eva n Eve. Federico-m-Frederick - Fefiz-n-F~elixFernando-n- Ferdinand - Felipe-n-Phillip. Flora-n Flora. Florencia-n-Florence - Francisca-n- Francis. Francisco-n-FrankGabriel n- Gabriel. G'reorge-n-George. 'er6nima-n-Jeremy. Ger6nimo-x-Jeremiali:Jrti G-xil-n-Gil. (4-regorio-n Gregory -.Guillerma-n-Wilhehima(3tuillermno-n-WillianiHterodes-n-Herod. Hierculano-n~-Hercules - Isac-n-Isaac. Jacob-n-Jacob. Jarme-n-Jamnes. Job-n-Job. Jos6-n-Joseph. Josepa-n-Josaphin~e. Juan-n-John; Jonatlhan.Juanita-n-Juniata. Julia n-Julia. Julian n Julian. 'Juliana n JulianaM. Julio n Julius. -Justo n Justus. Laura n Laura. L~e6n-n Leon. L.eonardo-:n Leonard. Leoncia n Leona. Leoncio n Lionel. Leonora n-Leonoir. Lorenzo n Lawrance. Lucas n Luke; Lucacs. Lucia n Lucile; Lucy. Luis-* Lewis: Louis. Luisa n Louisa. Mlagdalena-n Magdalene. Magallanes-n Magallan. Manuel n Emanuel. Marcelo n-Marshall Marcelino a Marshall. -Marcos-n Mlarcus; Mark. Margarita a Margarita; MlareryvMaria-n Mary; Marie. Mlariana n Miriam. Mariano n-Mari~on. Mawrta * Martha.

Page  152 M~artin-n-Martin. Mateo-n Matthew. Matias-n-MNatthiias. Ni~auri cic-n- Mauri(ce. Melecio-n- Michiael. Meliton-n-Milton. Moises-n-M oses. NicolAs n-INicolas. Patricio-nPatrick. Paula; Paulina n-Patflina. Paulino-n-PaulI Pedro-n- I eter. Rafael iA-Ralphi. Raymurndo-n-Raytnom(I. 'Rebeca-n-Rebecca. Ricardo-n-Riclhard. Roberto-n-Robert. Rosa-n-Rose; Rosa. Rosalia n-Rosalind. Rufinon tRufus. Ruperto-nt Rupert. Salomne-n- Salom-e. Sam uel-a-Samiiel. Sara-n-Sarah. Silvestre-n-Silivester. Simeon n-Simeon. Simnon-n-Simeon. Sofia-n-Sophia. Sal omon-n SolomotiSusana n-Susanna. Teobaldo Theobalti. Teodora-n-Theodora. Teodoro-n-Theodore — Timoteo-n-Timotlhy. Tobias-n-Tobias. Tom ~s-n-Thomas., Trinidad-,-n-rrinidadI. Vicente nt-Vincent. Victor n-Victor. Victoria-n VictoriaVirginia-ii-Virgin iaYre neo-n-Jra-.Yrene-n-Tren e. Ysabel-n-IsabelYsayas-n-Isaiab - zoilo-U-Zoilvs - Enero- i-Jan narv -.Febrero-n-Februai-v - M4arzo-n-March - Abril-nt-April. Mlayo a May..lfnif) vjlnne. MWAN4(_'A BUAN_. Julio- u-July. Agosto-n-AugustSeptiembre-n- September. Octebre-n October. Noviembre n-Novembeiu, Deci embre-n-DecembIer. Linigo-pt Sdncday. Lunies,-in-Monday - Martes-n-Tuesday - Mi ervolesq-n- Wed nesdhay - MAN A(A A RA ~W. Jueves- n-Thursday - Viernes-Friday. S~bado n- Satu rd a'.

Page  153 15-3 PROPER niimcs Adelaide -nAdelaida. Adam-n-Adan. Adrian n-Adriano. Albert-n Alberto. Alexanider-n Alejandro. Alexandra-n-Al ejand ra. Alppionso-n-Alfonso. And re-n-Andre's. Andrea-n-Andrea. Andrew-n Andres. Ang~eline-n-Angela, Angefilna. Ang~elo-n Angel. Anna n-Ana. Anthonv-n- Antonio. Arthur-n-A rturo. Augustin-n-AgustiD Barbary-n-Ba'rbara. Bartholomew-n- Bartolome'. Basil-n-Basilio, Beatrice-n-Bea~trici a B~enj amin-n-Benj amin. Bernard n-Bernaldo. Bernice-n- fRenancia. Berthia-n-Alberta. Cain-n-Cain, Carl-n Carlos. Caroline-n-Carolina. C harles-n-Carlos. Charlotte-n-Carlota. Christian-n-Cristino. Chri sti ana-n-Cristina. Clara n Clara. Cl are-n-Claro. Claude-n Claudio. Conrad-n- Conrado. Constance-n Constancia. Dan-n- Daniel. Daniel n Daniel. David-n-David. Dennis-n-Dicnicio. Diego-n Diego. Dora-n Dorotea. Dorcbester-n-Deroteo. Dorothy n-Dorotea. Edward-n Ednardo. Elias-n-Elias. Elen a-n-Elema. Emanuel-n-Manuel. Emil-n-Emilio. Emily-n-Emilia. Enoch-n-Enoc. Eugene-n Eugen io. Eva-n-Eva. Felix-n-Felix. Ferdinand-n Fernando. Flora-n-Flora. Florence-n Florencia. Francis-n-Francisca. -Frank n- Francisco. Frederick-n Federico. Gabriel n-Gabriel, George-n-George. G'il-n-Gil. Grace-n-Engracia. Gregory-n Gregorio. Harr-iet-n Enriqueta. Helen-n Elena. Henrietta n-Enriqueta. Henry-n Enrique. Hercules-n-Herculano - Herman-n-Erman. Herod -n-Herodes. Ira-n-Yreneo. Irene n-Yrene. Isaac-n-Isac. Isabel-n-Ysabel. Isaiah -n-Ysayas. Jacob-n-Jacob. Jam es-n-Jai me. Jerem iah-n-Geroni mo. Jeremy-n-Geroni ma. Job-n-Job. John-n-Juan. Johnathan-n-Juan. Joseph-n-Jose' J osaphine-n-Josepa. Julia n Julia. Julian n- Julian.Juliana n Juliana. Julius n Julio. Juniata-n-Juanita. Justus n Justicio, Justo. Kathrine-n-Catalina. Kenith n-Canuto. Laura n Laura. Lawrence n Lorenzo. Lena-n-El en a. Lenoir n-Leonora. Leon-n Leon. Leonard n Leonardo. Lewis n Luis. Lionel-n.Leoncio. Louis-n-Luis. Louisa n Luisa. Lucile n- Lucia. Luacy-n Lucia. Magdalene n Magdalena. Magellan-n Magallanes. Marshall n-Marcelo. Marcus-n Marcos. M argarette-n- Margarita. 20

Page  154 Marie-n-Maria. Marion-n-Mariatio. MNark-n-Mai-co~s. Martha-n- Marta - Martin-n-Martin - Mary-n- Maria. Matthew n-Mateo. M athias-n-MNatias. Maurice-n-.Mauriwio. Micliael-n-IMlelicio. Milton-n-Melitoni. Moses-n-Moises. Nicohis-n-Nicohis. Patrick-n- Patrici o Pau l-n-Paulino Pauline n Pauliua. ial Peter-n-Pedro. Philli-n-Filipe. Ralph-n-Rafael. Raymond-n-Rayniiinado.-.Rebecca-n-Rebeca. Richard-n-Ricardo. Robert-n-Roberto - Rossalind-n-Rosalia. Rose-Rosa-n-Ro~sa Rufus-n-Rufino. 15b4 ____ Rupert-n Rupei~to-. Ruth-n- Clew enta. Salome-n- SaloimeSatmuel-n- Samuel - Sarah -n-Sara. Selrna-n-Aniselma. Si-silia-n Cesil a. Silvester-n-Silivestre - 8imeon-n-Sityeoii; Simmi. Sol oinon-n- Soiomon - Sophia-n-Sofia. Susannan-qtSusan a Theobald-n-Teobaldo. Theodoran-Teodora. Theodo~re-n-Teodoro, Thomnas-n-Tomas. Tobias n-T'obias. Trinidad-n-Trinidad. Victor n- Victor. Victoria-n V ictoria. Vincent n XVicetfe. Virginia-n XVir-ini. Vivian-n- Bibiano. Wiheluman (Guil lei ma. XWilliam-n-G(iuillermno. Zoilus-n Zoilo. January-n-En ero. February-n -Febrero. March-n-Marzo - April-n-Abril. May n-Mayo. June-n-Junio. Mont s of tiy iprar July-11t-Julio - August-n-A. gos'to) Septem bern-,Sept ietmnbre. October-v Octubre. November-n, Novienibre. Decemiber-n-Dlicicml re - Daps of ti Cwccli Sunday-n- Lingo. Monday-n-Lunies. Tuesday -n-Martes. Wednesdayv-n-Mi ercolIes. Thursday-n- Juev~es. Fridav-n- Vi ernes. Satuirdav-n- S 'ado.-)

Page  155 I

Page  156 ABE16AB 1,56 ABO Aj A-a-Isang; sang. A~back-adv.-Sa likod; sa gawing likod. Abacus n Kasangkapani pangbil1aug. Abaft-adv.-Sa gawing likod; sa gawing huhi. Abandon v Umalits maiwan Ilimayo. pabayaan tamnpulhan. Abandonmnent-n-Pag iiwan; pag alis k'i pabayaaai: kawalan nk kalinga. Abasex-vMagpahamak. ibaba aug loob nk kapwa. Abate-v-Bumnaba: liutiminpil; Inninibay; umigi: gumninhawa. A bbet-n-Convento. Abbot n Aiyo ng convento. Abbreviate v Ikian. Abbreviation n Pag iikli. Aicess n Pigsa., bagii; buikol nia mna nana. Abdicate-v-lbigay sa iba ang kalharian; umalis sa pagkabari. Abdication-n-Angpagaalis sa pagkahari. Abdornen-n-Tian, tiyan. Abdominal a-Nauukol sa tiyan. Abduct-vlItanan, agawin.- iagaw. Abduction n-Pagtanan; pag agaw. Abed-adv.-Nakahiga, nasasa bibhigan. Abet-v-Kalonkin; kumialong. Abettor-n-Taga pagkalong. Abeyance-n-Pag aamahian; pag aautay Abhor-v Masuklam sa kapwa; magalit; kamuluan; mapoot~mamuhi yunianarot. Abhiorrence-n-Dumal:. kas uk lamnan; mulhi; suklain nk loob sa kapwa: vanilot. Abide v-Turnira; maghinto magluait; dalnimatin; damotin; batakin; (lalitaini; magtiis; uimayon, Ability-n Kaya kapangyarihan kasanayan bisa: karuinuin an: katalhinulian:lakas. talas ng isip pag iisip. Abject-a-Hiamak; mababa malait; walang dangal; walag pinag aralan. Abjuire v-Taikuran; makaila; mug renuncia. Ablaze-adv.-Naninin~as. Able-a Makaya, sainay: may kaya; mutalino; miarunong bihiasa. Ablution n Aug pug lifinis. Aboard adv. N asa sasakyan; n akatsaku3-y sa sasakvan. Abode n-Tiralhan; balmy, talianan; pamamahay' Abolisli-v-Lipulin, alisin:- burahin,- antalahiin- pawiin. -Abolition-n Pagkalipol; paglilipol. Abominable-a N akahihiya; harnak; miamaina; kahiyahiya.

Page  157 A BU i "-) 7 A C C Abomninate-v-M~agpahauiak; Ihamiakin. Abomnination -n -Pagpaliamak; k a li amakan. Aboriginal-a-Cauinauinahan; unang.,Aborigines-fl-Ang mg-a unang tawo na tunura sa isang lugar Abortion-n- Pangangana k labas sa panahon pagkakunan. Abortive-a Labas, sa panahon; w~alang kabuluhiai. Abound-v Sumagana masagana. About-adv.-Malapit:, saan, dako; sa palibid sa pagligid. About-prep.-Nang ayon; dahil sa sa. Abovelrep.-Hinkil -sa, tangi sa mataas pa sa Above-adv.-Sa itaas; sas ibabaw. Above men ioned a Nabangit: nasabing. Abreast-adv Sa tabi katabi, sa tagilidl Abridge-v-Iklian; liitan; magbawas. sut maliun, awasan. Abridgement-n-Pag ikli; pagkaliit.. pag babawas salin. Abroad adv.-Sa tanyag" sa labas ng bahay; hayag. Abrupt a-Bigla; golpe. Abscond-v-Tekasin manekfs; tumnekas. Absconder-n-Manenekas Absence-n-Pagkawala; kawalan. Ab~sent-a Wala. Absent-v-Umalis; lumnayo; lumaylns. Absentee n Ang unialis na ang hindi liumarap. Absolute a Totooniy, tunay, mnakapang yayari. Absolution-n- Patawad; pag papatawad. Absolve-v- watawarin. Absorb-v-Higupin, humiigop huinitit. Absorption-n-Higop; hint. Abstain v Magtiis; tiisin. Abstaining a Matitiisin. Abstemious a-Matitiisin-; nina'a g pigil; mabinahon Abstinence-n- Pagtiis; ka iyaban; kasu. katan. Abstinent a Magaptiis: mapagpasiya. Abstract iv-lugutin; bunutin; hiwalayin:ialis. Abstract-n-Kasulatanl. Abstracted-r Nakahiwalav. nakabukod; wala sa'isip. Abstraction-n- Pagkahtiwalay: hi walay: hugot; bu,,-ot. Abstruse-a Malalini; mahirap. talastashin: malabo. Absurd a Makatatawa; wallaug kabuinhan; walang casaysayanAbsurdity-n-Kamangmianganl kaululan. Abundane-n-lKasaganaanl karam ilian; kahustuhan; kasukatan. Abundant a Sagana; husto nmarami; iasagana. Abundantly adv:-Malabis masagana. A buse-v-Lam pastaukanin; alinmurahlan: ilnrait: laitan pamilhasanin pasla; n&in salan tamn alipust~aiu; murahin. Abuse n-Lapastlana,-n paglai; pagaali mura; katampalasanan; dowahaizgi; pagmumiura kalapastanananau Abusive a-Tam palasan; bastos; masama. Abusivenles,- n -Kalapastani-,anani- pagal imura. Abut-v-Magpisan umabot; Itumapit. Abutment n-ader na bato. Abysmal a Malalirn na totoo; walang, pu sod 6 puit. Abyss n Lugal na totoong rnalalmn. Academic Academiical a Naunkol sa aca. demi a. Academyv n-Academnia. Accede v Pumayag; umiabot abutin:I kamitani. Acelerate'-r-Tumulin: luniik-si. Acceleration n lulin kattulinan; liksi; kaliksihan - Acc~ent-n Accento lakas. Accent-v Ila-gay ng accento 6 lak~s. Accentuate vc Ilakas. Acceiintuation n Pagklakigay nk aiccen to. Accept-v Tan gapin. tunmaugap damotin. Acceptable a Dapat tanga'piln; marapat tangapin niatatangap; inakailulugod. Acceptance n Pagtangap. Acceptation-nt Aujg pagtatangaip; kah-ulugan. Access-nt Pag abot pag lapit. Accessible a Mikakatabot; makaka-inta n. Accession-n- Pag abot; pagkcamtau; pagkan-i t.. Accident-n-Aug nangyari una hiudi sinasadlya; nagcacataon- pagkabalatong, sakuna, Accidental a Hindi sinasadYa: nagkataon hi ndi tinatilaga; inataonan - Ac~-laim-v-Purihin; p)arangalin. Acclaim -n-ag pu piuri - Acclamation nt Pagpupuri. Acclivity-n-T ibau; akyat-an tirik. Accoinodlate-iv-Magbigay 1001); makiba — gay; magkasundo Accom-odating-a Mapagbigay lobt) matpagtiis. Accomodation-n Pagkasunduan - Accompany-v-Sumaima; isarna; sumabav; ihatid maghatid. Accomplice-n-Aug kiisama sa paggawa: kamiyaw; kasnima; katuloug. Accomnplish-ii-Iapusin; yariiu; totohiaiflu. Ac-complished-a-Yari; untapos na.

Page  158 15<S ADD Acciolnplish inent n Pagkayari; pangyayari katapusan. Accoinptant n Taga bilang. Accord-n Kasulatan; salitaan; pagkasun1 uaii. Accord-v-Puinayag; unlayon; mag-kasundo. Accordance-n Salitaan pagkasunduan. Accordaint-a-Nagkakaayon. According a Ayon; naunkol. According to law Naayon sa inatowid. Accordion-n Cordion. Accust-v-llapit: ltinapit- bumati' Account-n Balak; saysay; turing; salaysay kasaysayan kuenta Account v Salaysayin; balakin; saysayin, inagtluri ng. Accountable Masasagutin; taga panago t Accountant-n-Taga bilang ng kuarta. Accounter-v-l bigay ng kailangan. A.-,coutterinents n-Manga kasangkapan ng sulndalo. Accredit-v-Ibigay ng katowiran 6 kapangyarihan; puinaag. A\ccredite{d a Balitang bantog. Accrue-'c Magdagdag; luniaki. Accuilllate-v-Magipron; bumnunton; umi)po lual ki. A ccutnalation-n-Pag iipon; (agd(ag, pagsastinr astm a Accurate a Kawanlan l, mali dtunon,. Accnrse v-Sumupain sutnumpa manumnipa imagtungayaw; tungayawin. Accursed a Hainak; inalait. Accusation n-Bintang; sumbong; paratang. Accusative a Dapat sumbungin. Accu(lable a Dapat isumibong. Accuse-v-Isumnibong; sumbunblin; blintan)gin; paratanigan; Imagsumbong: mnagparatang inagbigay sala. Accusttom —r-Mamihalsa; bihasahin; pamaratiliiin; liiratilan'; gainitin. Accustomned-a Hirati; biliasa; datilian; palagi. Ace-n-Alas. Acerbit-n- K asak apan. Ac le-v Surnakit; Iinmal)di; llumlapis; IIaagdandaln. Ac lie -nSakit: damidamn; iapdi; antak. dlalamliati; lapis; kirot. Ac.iieve v Gawill: tapusin. Ac l ieveinenlt-n-Pagyay ari; tapos. Acid -- Aksido. A c i (d-a-MI aa s im. Ac iditxv-.Asin-i kaasilnan. Acknolxwledge- t-Sagot; tuniugon. Ac('kniowletlgelelt-l-Sagot; tugon. Acmie i Panldnlo kataastaasan lugar. Acorn-n- tunga ng kahoy na tinatawag (acorn). Acoustic a Nauukol sa dlinig. Acoustics-n-Kariunungan sa pandinig. Acquaintv- 1lalanin. Acquaintance-n- akilala; kilala; pagkikilala; pagpapakilala. Acquiesce-v Makiayon; pumayag. Acquiescence n Pakikiayon pagkapayag; pagkaayon. Acquire v Makinabang; maagkantan; tlmakaroon; pumulot pulutin. Acquirement n-Pagkamit; pagkakaroon; pagabot Acquisition n Pagkakamtan tubo; pakinabang. Acquisitive a Mahilig sa tubo. Aquittal n-Pagpatawad Acquittance n Tawad:; re ibo. Acre-n-Pirasong lupa na may 123 baras at tatlong dankal ang haba at 49 1 ng baras ang lapad. Acri(ta MaIpait naasimn; naninigid. Acrimonv n-Kapaittan hanghang. Acritnonious a Mapait; masaklap. Acrol)at n Tawong nialakas at sanay. Acobatic-.a Malakas at sanay. Across prep -Sa kabila; nakahalang. Acoos adv.-Sa ibayo pahalang. Acrostic-n- ugtong na may isang sali tang nakatavo. Act n Kilos; gawa bawat isa ng manga bahagi ng teatro. Act-v- uinilos; gumawa:mlagkomIediante. Act like a c.lild-v-Kumilos parang bata; na gl>inata. Action n-Kilos gawa; asal. Actor-n Komediante. Actress in-Konedianteng babayi. Active-a-Maliksi; bulhay: harinmpak; maagap; inasigla; rnadali; mabisa; bihasa; inatalas. Activeness-n-Kaliksilian; agap; kasipa gan; kabihasanan; sigla; liksi. Activity n-Liksi; agap; sipag kasipagan; kaliksihan; sikap; bisa; katulinan; sigla. Actual-a-Kasalukuyan: tunay. Actually-adv.-Kasalukuyan; tunay. Actuate-v Ipakilos; iudyok. Acute a-Matulis; nmatalino; matalas. Acuteness-n Katulisan; katalasan. Adave-n Patnugot; salita nangaling sa kanunuan. A(lapt-v-Ikanla; gamitin: ikapit. A(laptable-a-Mabagay: bagay. laaptataion-n Paggagamlit: pagkama. Add v-)agdagan; bilugin ipatong: patunllan; mnags;uma niagdudngtong; magugnay:; ipaibabaw.

Page  159 ADN4 159 ADV Adder-n-Alupong. Addible-Addlable-a-Maka su sum ia. Adidict vGumamit na lagi. Addition-n- Sumar. pagdaragdad; karagdagan dagdag, dugtong; pagbuti. pamnakpak. Additional-a-Nakadagdag pa. Ad(dle-a llugok; walang kab~ulahan, walang lanman. Addle v FBunulok. Address-v-Magsafita; batiin. Addres-n-Sermnon pagsasa~ysay discurso; kinatitirahan; pagbati. AdduLce v.ilitaw iharaip ipakita. Adept-a Bihiasa; sanay; marunong; natalas. Adept-n Tawong ruarunong at sanily. Adequate-a-Husto; sukat; sapat; bagay; sagana. Adhere-ii-Sumamarna dumikit.2 mag.pisaiil; sumapit pumisalL Adherence-n Pagdidikit2. pagk a pisa ii; pagsapit. Adherency n Pagdidikit: pagk apis an; pagsapit. Adherent-a Nakadikit. Adhesion ni Pagdidikit. Adhesive a-Nakadikit. Adieu n Paalam. Adipose-a-Puro taba. Adjacent-a-,Malapit; katabi, hindli malayo. Adjective-n-Adjectivo. Adjectively adv. Parang adjectivoAdjoin-v-lpian ism radugtong. Adjourn-v-Tuniapo~s tum~igil aug, kapisanan. Adjournment n Pagtitigil n6, kapisanan. Adjudge-v-Mag hatol; hatulan. Adjudicate-v-Elumatol hatulan. Adjudication n Paghahatol. Adjunct-a-Makadugtolng. Adjuration. n-Panalangin~ panumpa. Adjure-v-Manumpa; ipanumpa. Adjust v-A-yosin; husayin, banatin; igayak; ihianda inaghusay. Adjusfable-a-Makakaavo~s. Adjustment n-Pagkakaavos: paglkakahusay: katotohanan. Adjutant n Ayudante. Administer-v-Kuitnalinga; marudlala; suyninl;, manuyo. A diinistration-n-Paiyiaiiialala; pag~)lpuino. Admuinistrator-ii-Ang tiaramahala:- taga bantay na ani ng iba: 6 kapwa. Aidministratrix n Ang. babaying narnamnahala- sa ari ng kapwa. AdImirable~a.1Katakataka; dapat purihin; i-ai nani. Adnmiral n Adinirante; puno in;) ni&,a sasakyan. (le guerra, Adt-miration-ii-Pagkapuri; m-anglia pugi( tataka; pagruarnangha; pangin~ilalas: Ad mire v Purihin; ipagpurm. inamaughia; miv-n~ingilala-,; i-nagtaka. Admnissible-a-Dapat tangapin, matatangap. Aduuission-n,-Pahintulot; p.agpasok. Admit v pasok.; ipahintulot magbiggy~ daan; magkaloob;' tumnangap. Admtitt~anc(e-n- Pahiintullot; tulot pa,..pasok. Admix-v Ihalo; ilahok. Admixture ni Halo lalhok. Admonish-v-Ara-lan: pangtusapan; sisibin; suinaad. bumnala- tnagpasiya. payuhin. Admonition-n-Babala; payo: p as i v a pagpasisi. Ado n (Gul; hirap. Adobe-it-1adrillo na natuvo sa araw lamang. Adopt-v-Gainitin. Adoption. v Paggagamit. Adore ic-G-umuiiAN. lumnigaw; giliwin; Iigawin. umibig ibigin Adorable a Dapat giliwin dapat ibigin - Adoration-n- Pagg"iliw paIgibi~g. AdornvpGava9kan: igavak panmutihin; magaling-in; grumayak. Adornment-n Gayak; hiyas; panmti. Adrift a Nakalutang. Adrift-adv.-Nakaltutang. Adroit a Matalas; tuso. sanay. Adulation nt Pagpalayaw Paglalangis n5g dila. Adulatory-a Naunkol sa pagpapalavaw - Adult a Matanda- m-ay eladl. Adult-n Trawong husto na ang laki. Adulterate a May halo. Adultery n-Pakikiapid. Advance-v SUmulongI; ma'IdtlIOv um pit. Advanc-e n-Sulong; paglalapit; pagtulov Advancement-nt-Pag buti; pagsuilong, I~ag,Advantage it Pakinaabang; tubo; luita:I la tamiasan. Advantage Makinaban~g. AdIvanitageousa,- Pakikiinabani-ani; niakikinabang. Adven-t-n-Ang nagyari a a; nagkakataoni. Adventure-nt-Aug hin di sinasadya ang, nagkakataon. Adventure v Magkataon. Adventurous a Matapang: miaiugalias. Adverb n Advervio. Adverbial-a-Nauukol sa ad verbio Adversary-n, Kalaban; katalo.

Page  160 AFF I GO AGG Adverse a Laban; malaban. Ad versity n- Kasal atan kahi' apan. Advertise-v-1pahavag: ipabalita. Adverti~einent n Babala; pahayag, bahita. Advise-n-Aral; babala; pangmngusap; payo; inanraldan; pagpavo, Ad vise irAralan: piyuhan sninlaad; pangus~apanD; ipanglusap; ninwa:a. Advisable-a-Dapat suind in. Advisedly-adv.-lapat MUSUddsuadin. Avisory a-Marzipat sumunod. Advocate-n-Ang tag a panmavitan. Advocate v Mainagitan; lunmaban; kupkuplin Adlz or aulze, n-JPahas. Aer'aln-iIuankol. sa baDnIin. Aesthetic a Naunkol sa lasa. Aesthetics n-Lasa lasap., Aetlher-n-Etero. Afar-adv-cSa mnalavo Affabihtv-n-Saya; kasayahan; lugod; kalmnl. n an. Affable nNIlaaumong loob; malamnbot na ugali nakahl nigod- nasaiya; palagay. Affabieness n Saya lugod; kasnyahan; kaluguran - Affair n-6a-wa. A ffeCt-17 Magkonowari; ibahin; maukol. Affectation-n- agkok nowari; kaiblban; kankulan:, daya. Af fect ed - a- N akadad aya. Affecting a-Nauinkol sa. Affecticn-n-Pag ibig; pagakwili; paggiliw. Affectionate a-M lagiliiw; inairog_; mairingin: rasintahin- taos saoloob; magandang loob; dapat ibigin; nmaranmdarnin Affidavit n Kasuulatan na ipinanumpa. Affiliate-v-lsania garnitin. Affiliation n- Pagsasama; pag gaigamit. Affiniity%-n-P agkak~amaganiiak dahil sa pag aasawa. Affirm v-Tibayin; tutnmutol, tutnibay; nianibav. Afti rtn ation n,-Pagpapatotoo pagtibayan. Affirmative a-Sinasaysay. Affiu-mative n Kasavysyanvj. Affix-v-Idugtong sa dubo Affix n I)nru tong sa (1111. Afflict a-labagrin; hapisin pasakitan; vatn utin; yutnamnot;h1nninapis; inahapis. Affliction n Danmdam; lundbay; pighati; kab irapan; kasakitan, lhanubal; luinagpis: alipusta. Affluence-n Kayamanan; kasag~anaan. Affluuent-a-Mayaman; saigana; hiusto Aff')rd n Ibigay; pumayag. Affr~ay-n Awuiy pagsasagupmaj aban; pagpuquatynook,. takapan; babag. Affray-vc-Takutin; labanin. Aff right-n- Takuf. Aff righlt-v Takutin. Affr it- n -Kanurahian kapalibbasaan, pa-lapa stang-an pagaaliput-ta. d Affrontv- Murahin lapastan~anin: ohipiustain: hivain. Afghian a Nauukol sa Afghanistan. Afghati n-Taga Afghanistan. Afield adr. Sa pararug 6 bukid. Afire a Mflilinigas; nalifiab. Afire ado Nakalifinkas. Atlo:- t ad-v. Nakabutanig; langoy; Wiunnhitang Affoot (eav. Nakaladkad; palakad. Afore adv -Nauna nabangit sinundan. Afores~aid a Nasabing nasabi na na. bangit naturan na Aforementioned a Nabangit niasabing; natn ran ina. Aforetime adv. Nauina sa panahon. Afraid a Natatakot. matakot. Afresh (udv. Uli panibago. Aft-adv. Sa gawing likod. After adv. -Pa-gkatapos sa hulihan sa huh - After-prep.-Pagka; pagkatapos. After aSumunod; nakasunod huhing. Afternmth-n-Ilapon pagkatangliali. Afternoon n-Hapcn. Afterward adv.-Pagkatapos pagka; sa huilihan - Afterwards-adv.-Pag.katapos; pagka; sa bulihian; sa huli; saka A-Lra'n ade'. Ulii; nuli; nuit Aivainst prep. Sa barap; labani sa; balintuna laban kay. Agate-n-lhong metal na mararami ang, kulay. Agep-n Gnlang edad panahon;- kapanahunan; katandaana; laon. Age v Tumanda lumaon- huMipas. Aged a Matanda: magulang; laon. Agency n Oficina no isang katiwala; pag kakatiwala. Agent n-lKatiwala encargadlo. Agglomierate-v- Paintisanipisan Isa isang bola, Aggrandlize v-IDagdagan; idlag(Iag; liumaki; lumabo, tnagpalaki pagdilagin.' Aggrandizenient-n Pagpabaki; pagdaragdlag. Aggravate-a-Pasamain hamakin; yamntin pagalitin. Auzgravation-n Tukso- kahamakan. Aggregate-v-Umabot; abotin; dumagdag: idagdag purnisan. Aggregate-n-Bilog; buo n akapisa n. Agregate-n- Bto; kabilugan; pagsasama; k alab at an;

Page  161 ATS 1 G I AIS 161 ~~~ALL Arxyregation-nt Pagsasama; p)agpipisan; kalahia ani. AgPrgression n-Pag laban; pag aalsa. Aggressive a Niatapang; mangahas. Aggressor-a-Au-g innmaban; unang in. nmaban A kggrieve v i'NJagpah irap; saktan; pa~ii rapin. A,hast a- akilakilabot, nakataka. Aghast ad'v. Nakatnamanghia; kakilakilabot. Agile a Maliksi. masigla, rnagaan; maagrap. Ag"itate-v Sunisulin: udyokin; ttiksuhin. A gitationi l- Sulsol giob; udyok. Au.itato r ii Ang sumnlsol mangugulo. Ago-adv Nakdraan nia; lipas. Agoing advi Pagalaw; lumalakad. AgYonize-v~ Pahirapin; tuksohin; sumlakit ina lubbia; maglhingalo. Agony-n-Hi rap hingalo:. sakit. Agree v Miagkaisai; urmayon; pumiayng;~z tilinang() pahintutlutin ipabintulot. Agreeable a Mabagay; mnakalulngod; nakangiti; matatawan in, makatatawa. Agreeably adv,. Kawili wili~kalugodlugod Agreemnent-n - K asulatan; pinagkasnn loani silitaan tipanan: trato; pinagusapzm pagkaisa pagkakaayon. A gricnlture-n Agricultn ra pagsasak-a. Agriculturist n M ags,-asaka. Agro~und ado. Nakasoyiad sa lupa. Ague n 'Ngiki. Ahi inter. Abd. Ahd adv. Aba, arov; Ahlead adv. Nauna; sa tina; sa harap:, sit (111. Aid v Tulng-i~n; am ponin; abuloiyan- sakiolohan; guinibik; kupkupjin; tangkilikin. A id-n-Tulong: anduklia, abuloy; paghjibik; sakiolo. tangkilik:, pagaabuloy; mii ann oilon g. A i-iv- Mag_)kasakit.- magdanilam. Aji-n-Sak-it; damdam. Ainm n-I'rnlla; punta. Aini-v-Tudlaiii; puntahfin. Aimless a Xalang (1111 p)abaya. Air n Haiigin.' kahambugan. Air-v-lbilad: ivanigyang; patoynin sa han gin. A~irily adv.-M.agaan; inasaya. Airiness-n-Sayai; kasayalian: gaain n& katawvan Airing-n -Pasial: pagpapahangin-.Airv a Parang hankin: inaagan: namikol sa — hang~in. Airtigl a Di makapasok aug hanhin. Aislena Sulambi- (laan sa, pag itan n~ lIalawanog taludItod nupuan 6b1anko. Ajar-od-v-Nalabukas nk kaunti. Akimbo a Baluktot; nakabaluktot. Akin a Kamaganiak sa dugo kamukha. Alabaster n Bicarbonato de cal. Alacritv-n-Liks51; kaliksihan tuilin; agap, Al atlmode-a1v.-ANvOi 6 sunod sa, ugali; sonold sa nso. Alarm it Goulat gulo; takot; babala; babalitang masama. Alarm clock nRelos na, pangising. Alarm —c Gulatin; takutin; gulubin. Alas initer. Sayang; kaawa. Albatros-n-lhon sa dagat. Albiet adv,-Bagaman datapuia yamang Albietjprep. Datapuat; bagaman. Albino-n-Bata, na mapuiti ang buihok. Album-n Libro na- kinalalagyan ng mga larawan 6 sulat AlbumneniiAyg puti nk itlog. Alcohol n Alak na 836. Alcoholic a May halong alak. Alcove-n-Lugar na, tago sa, isang silid. Al (iermt-ani-nr-C-,onsejatl. Ale-nt Alak. Alee-adv. Sa gilid nk sasakyan -na walang, han~inl, Alert a Maliks-i; mangap; buhay. Algebra-n Algebra Alias-n Banisag; pamagat. Alibi-n-Thrilg lugar. Alien aBuhat sa ibang lupa: iba. Al~ien n Tawonig taga ibang 1upa. Alienate-v lSirain ang mabuting kaugalian; ilipat, ang pagibig; lumayo. Alienation-n-Paglipat ng pagibig,; kanfluIan. Alight-vil-Tinibis. Alike adv. Mlagkaparis: ma-gkamukha; kawanki kawangis,- kamlukhoa. Aliment-n Pagkain. Alim ental a Nauukol sa, pagkain; may sustan cia. Alimentary a Nainukol sa pagkain; may sustanciaAlIimon~y-n Pagsusus-terito; salaping na mauni sa asawang ba~babye kung nataboy sa kaniyanig asawa. Aliquot a-Makakahati na, walang labis. Alive a Bulhay; maliksi; mabuhay. All a Lahat- lahat lahat; publs. All-n Ang 'kalahbatan. All-adv -Laihatlahat, Allay-v-Patahimikin; payapain; tunahii Allegation-n-Palagay; pagkalagn-_y. Allege-v-.Magpalag~ay; magsabi; salbibin. Allegoric-a-Tin atal ingbaga. Allegorical-a-Tinatalingliaga. Alle(,o-rv-ni-Tahiinglha.ga. '21

Page  162 ALT -Alleviate v-Gaanan: umigi: pahimpilin;, humimpil. Alleviation-n Pag iigi, paghihimpil. Alley-n-Daang niakipot, paraan, paso. Alliance-n Pagkapisan; pagkasamua; pag kakalakip. Alligatoi -n-Buaya. All-ni-Lht-adv.-Magdamag; damag, Allot-v-lbigay; ikalat; ipawkaloob. Allotment-n-Pagbioigay; pagkalat. Allow-v-Pahintulutin: puima-yag:, paba yaan. magbigay boob; rnagbigay daan. Allowable-a-Dapat pahinitulutan. Allowance-n Pagkapayag; pagpapahin tulot dahilan pagdadahilan. Alloy-n-Halo; lahok. Alloy-v-Ihalo; ilahok. All Saints day n Kalultuwa. All souls Day n Undas; kaluluiwa. Allspice-n-Bunka nk panminta. AI-lude-n-lbaugit. Al-lure n-Dayain: gahisin. Al-luring-a-Nakahahaliiia. Al-lurement n Pagdadaya; paggagahiis. Al-lusion n~agkabangit. Al lusive n Nauukol sa bangit. Ally-v Isamia; ilakip; magpisan. AI-ly n-Katulong; kapisan; kasama. Alainanac n-Almanaque. Almight-ya Makapangyayari. Amighity n Aug May-kapal; Batlbala. Almost adv.-Halos; malapit, na malapit; kumulang sa. Al ms-n-Limos. Alnmshouse-n Bahay na tinitirahan ngniga pulubi. Aloft-adv.-Sa itaas. Alone-a-Bugtong. nagiisa: nabubukod:, walang kasama; natataugi. Alone adv. Lamang; natatangi;- walaug kasam a Along adv.-Kasama- sa gawi. Alengside adv.-Sa tabi kasiping. Aloof adv. -Buhat sa malavo; nabubukoJ; nakabukod. Aloof-prep.-Nakabukod sa; bulhat so. Aloud adv.-Malakas. Alphabet n Alfabeto:- mkii titik no gi. nagarnit sa isang salita. Alphabetic a-Nauukol. sa mga titik; sumnusunod, sa, mka titik. Alpliabetical-a-Nauiukol sa n-ika t itik; suimusunod; sa mka titik. Already adv.-Ngayon na. Also-adv.-Naman, gayon dlii; din; rin; man; gayonu Altar-n Altar. Alter-v-lbahin; baguhin; maghago; fiipat: b umago. 162 AME Alte~rable-a Makakaiba,- umnubrang ibabin 6 baguhin. Alterant-a-Nakakaiba. Alteration-v. Pagkiaiba; pagbabgo. Altercate-n Umaway; rnakipagtalo. Altercation-n-Away pagtatalo, paiganway. Alternate-v-Humalili Alternate-n-Kalhalili. Alternate a Sunodsuinod. Alternation n Pagkialalili. Alternative v-Makapipili. Alternative-n-Pagkapili sa dalawanig bagay. Although conj.-Dataptia; baga oxan. Altitude-n Taas. Alto-n-Voces n& babaying kuomakanto nk mababa. Altogether-adv.-Sabaysabay; lahatlahat. Alum-nt Tawas. Alway Always avd. Laigi; so booiig pa. nohon; parati, towitowi iio; lagi na; magkoilon man. Am v-Ay; may. Am-afio-adv -Bigloogbigla- malakas. Amnalgam nHalo ng imga metal. Amalgamate v-lIhalo aug azogue so ibaug metal. Amalgamation nAng paghialalo nang. azogue sa ibang metal. Amantiensis-n-Taga solat Dn_' idinidikta; ng iba. Ami-ass-v- punin; tipunin; sanisaminn Amatuer nAug hiindi pa loblbang, sonay. Amaze-v-Magpamangba gti tlahin - Amoaze-n-Gitla maughia. Amazement-n-Moogha. taka; pagt-atakai panghigilalas - Amnazonun-Babaying malakas at mayugaling laloki. Ambassador-n-K atiwalo ng isang (GoIbierno sa ibong lopo. Ambassodlress-n Aug asawa ink ambassador. Ambiguious -a Mararami ang kahtolugan. Ambignity-n-Pagkarami ug m;go kalhulugnu. Ainbition n -ipag; nais: pita. Amibitious-a Masipag; mapita. - Amuble-ii-Lumakad, magpasiol. A mbulance-n-Ambulausa - Ambulatory-a Makalalakad. Ambuscade n Jioraugipn- pagharaug., Amnbuscade-v-Harangin; 5O1)Otin. Ambusli-v-Tlaraung. Ambush-v-Harankin; sabatin; sonmakiaw - Amueliorate-v-Butilhin; buinuti. Amnelioration-n-Pagbubuti - Amen adv., Siya nawa.

Page  163 ANA 16G3 ANI Ameni-"-ting siya nawa. Ainenable-a Mananagotin; miakapaparusa. Amend-v- Baguhin; ibahin. %iInendlatory-a Makaiiba; makababago. Anmendinent-n-Dagdag; pagkabuti. Amends n-Ganti. Amenity n Kagandahan nk loob; kagalangan. Am ricn-nTawngtaga A merica; Americano. Am-erican-n-Nautikol sa America. American ism-n Ang pagkagusto sa Am enica. Americ~anize v Gawin parang America; Gawin paraing Americano. Amiiable a Magsusunuran; mairog; niairogin:' dapat ibigin. Amiability-n-Kabutihan ng loob; kaivaman ii~ asal. Amicable a Maisusunurin; t a hii in i k; inavzkakaibigan;- mabait; mabini. Ainical)ility —n, Kabiitihan img ugali 6' loob; kabaitan kabinioin. Amid Aiiiidstpr-ep. Sa pagitan. Amiss a Mafi. Amiss adv.-Hinhi tairna; may sala. Amnity n Pagkakaibigyan. Ammionia n, Espiritu mie anion a. AAmmunition n M~,a kartucho 6 bala no; lbaril. Amniesty n-Pagkak-aliniot, patawa(1. Ainnesty v-Patawarin. A-mong AmTong(st pre~p.- -'a pagitan. Amorous a Mahfilig, sa pagibig: nmagili-w manin&,os ang loob. Aniount v'.imabot.- abutin; sumapit: niagkabhalago. Amount n Ilalaga- kalahat-an. kabuoan. Amnphitheatre-n-Teatro. Ample-a Maluang - husto so pat; sagana; aliwalas~ malavak. -Ain plify-v Halbnan; laparan;- gawing gusto luan~an. Amiplitude-n Kdlakihan, kahustuhan kasaganoan. Ainputate-v-Putlin; pugotin. Atmputittioni-n)-Pagltpnputol, pagpugot. AmiuckaPabava; walang ingat Amuse vGil~win- lituhin; m-nag aliw;, nmagpasava; sumaya. Amusementi aasayvahan; aliwan; saya; pna"ilibnng.: libang; pag aaliw. An-a sang, isa sang. Anaconda it Sawmi. Anaesthesia n- Kawalan ng, (landam. Aaesthetic n-(iamot na pangpatulog. Anal-a-N\autikol sa tumibong. Analagous-a-Kamukha: nagkakahawig. Analo~y-n Pagkak-ahawig. A nalysis it Poigsasaysay; salay-say. Analyst n-Ang nagsasaysay. Ana'ytic-Analytical-a Naunkol sa 1< asaysayan. Analyze-v Saysayin; nmagsays-ay; salaysax-in. Anarch n Ang autor nk kata~ksilan laban sa G~obierno. Anarchist-n Ang lumalaban sa Gobierno. Anarchy-n-Ang kataksilan laban sa Gobierno; Pag aalsa. Ana~stroplie-n Pogkabaligtad ng dating ayos 6 kah usayan. Anatomnic Anatomical a Naunkol sa katawan 6 sa paghihiwa nk katawan. Anatornist n-Ang marunong tungkol sa katawan. Anatomize v-Siyasatin ang hatawan. Anato mny-n-An g karunung-an tungkol sa katawan. Ancestor n-N uno- kan unuan; pinagbuhatan; pinangalingan. (naruikol sa tawo). AnceStral a Nauukol sa kanunuan. AXncestry n Kanunuan. Anchor-n-Sinepete: kasangkapan na gi. nogamit sa pagpundo ng sasakyan. Anchor v Sumadsad; pumnundo dunioon g. Anchorage-n-Poongan: punduhan. Anchored-a-Nakapundo; nakasadsad. Anchovv-n-UHalobaybay. Ancient a Matanda. lumna; unang laon. Ancient a Uniang tawvo. And con~j. At saka. Anecdote n Aral na patnugot. Anew adv. Panibago- bago; uli; muli; ulit. Angel-n-Anigel. Angelic-a Parang angel; mukhang angel; nauukol sa angel. Ang-er n Galit kasamaan nk loob. kapootan: pagkagalit; sama nk loob. Anger v Pagalitan yarnotin- nagpagalit. Angle-n Sulok., liko; gawing labas ngponulukan. A-ngle-v-Mangisda magbinwit. Angler-n-Ang nagbibinwit. Angrily adv. Magalit: pagalit. Angry-a-Galit:, nagagalit; masama ang loob. Anguish-n Kahirapan; hapis; birap; sakit; dalita; (lawis; hambal; hinagpis; pighati; lunibay. Anigular a Maraming panulukan; ma1)anulukan. Angularity-n Kam-anihjlan nk nmga pa nulukan. Anguilarly adv.-Mapan ulukan. Anil-n-Tinang azul nangagaling sa In(ha.

Page  164 ANS 1 64 ANT Ainimal n Hayop. Aniniate-v-Buhayin; paliksihin;pagilasin. Animate -v Buhay;' maliksi. Animated a Buhay; imaliksing maliksi. Animnation-n-Pagpaligsi. Animosity n Galit. Ankle n-Kasukasuan. Anklet-Sankap na isinustiot sa ka sukosuah. Annals-n-?vla kasaysayan tungkol sa historia. Anneal-v4 ainitin at pagkatapos ay lpalamigin sa tubig timiplalini. Annex v-Dugtungin. Annex-n 1)ugtong, karugtong. Annexed a Nakadugtong kasamia. Annexation-n- Pagkakarugton g. Annihilate-a Lipulin. Annihilation t'-Faglipol: pa gpapalipol Anniversary a Taon taon. Anniversary-n-1K apistahan. Ainnounce-v-Magbalita; inagsahi; i palhayag; nmagpahayag, ibalita: ina-bigay alani; tumawag; tawagin ipanna wa. Announcement n Balita pahayag; tawag babala; paunawa. Annoy-v-Yamutin; pagalitin; lpayannitin; pasuklamnin. Annoy-n-Pighati- galit: yamot. Annoyan ce-n-Pagpagalit -yamot; suklami galit; kayaninntan. Annual a Mangyayari sa taonm taon. Annual n Ang nangyayari sa taon taon. Annually adv. S'a taon taon. Annuity-n-Salapinig tinatangap sa taon taon. Annul-v-Pawalan aug kabuluhian. Annular Annulary a Naunkol sa sing sing 6' buklod. Annunciate v Ipahayag; ipaunawa. Annunciationun Pahayag. pagpapalha yag; paunawa; pagp)apariiawa. Annus It-Tumbong. Anodyne-n-Gamuot nia pangpaigi rn~ sakit. Anoint-v-Buhusan 6' pahiran no Ian ~isAnomnalism n Aug kawalan tig pagsinimo sa regla. Anomalistic AnomalistcaL-a-Hindi sii. musunod sa anomang regla Anomaly n-Pag lihis Fa regla. Anon-adv. Agad; mayamia, sa ibang pa, nahon; noong muli. Anonimnous-a-Di niakikilala:, w alan g pirma. Another-alIba; isa pa. Answer-n Sagot tugon; pagsasagot, tutol; kasagutan. Answer-v-Saguti n; tuntugon: sum agot; tumlutol. Answerable a-M4asasagutin, inakasastagot. Ant-n-Langamn. Ang eater -n-H-ayop na kumiakain nang, lan gain. Antagonismi n-Pag lalaban pagtatalo;, laban; tabo away; salangsang. Antagonist-n iKalaban; katal o. Antagonize abLumaban, miagtalo; suma lansang. Antarctic-a-Antartico. Antecedent-a-Muana, unang. Antecedent n-Ang niasasa inoa. AntedatOe-nilnang fecha, 6 bilang ii~) pArnahlon. Antedate-v-I lagay -nang fechang iiakaraan. Antediluivian a-N aunna sa, pag I ubog nig sang kalibutan sa Ipanalion ni Noahi. Antediluvian nAng tawong niabuhay nanas paghibcg in') mundo. Antelope nlIsang hayop sa, raino na kamnuka ng usa Aniteineridirn-a Sa umaga. Antentiptial;Nanuna sa kasal. Antepaschial-a-Nauukol sa kuaresma. Anterior a Sinusuidan nauna Anthem n IKanta sa sim-bahian. Anthrtopoid n lMukliang tawo; uakakahawig sa tawo. Antlthropid It JTn~gong malaki. Anthropology-n Aug kartinungiau tungkol sa sa,,rfiiig katawan. Anitic-n Kilos; kilos na naikakatawa. Antic-v-Kmiiflos no naka katawa. Antichrist n' Aug ayaw sunmaitpalatayn sa Dios. Aniticlur~ist~iana -Nanuitkol sa Antichrist i. Anticipl-ate v-lagap; ipagpaUna; inn ahatin nmnuna kilalanin rnaagap. Anticipation n Agap; pag ansalian. Antidiote-n-Gamot ina panlaban sa kamandla(r Antipathy-n-Pighati; kapigliatian, kasuklamian, suklam galit. Antipathetic a Mapighati; miasuklnni. Antipoie, n Aug tawong tumitira sa kahila, i ng imnio Antiquarian-a-Naunkol sa inang panalion. Antiquated-a-Lurna:, matandla; ninalaon. Antique-a-Lunma, rnatanda rrialaori. Antique-iRn Pomanig haigay na lurn-aigluma o mnatanda. Antiquitynv Laon; katandhaun. Antiseptic a Lahan sa b)111k. Antiseptic n Gamot na pan lahan sa kabulukan. Antler nt S nnray ng usa.

Page  165 IAPP I bU 0 AP1P Anvil-n-Paliban. Anxious-a Balisa- -masikap. Any a hlang manga. Any body-n- Sinonmn. Apace adv. Matulin; bigla; pabibla; Apart-adv.-Nakabukod, nakahiwalay. Apartunent-n-Silid. Apathetic a Walang danmdam. Apathy-n Kawalan rig damndam. Ape n lBakulaw; ungong malaki. Ape-v Gu~xnagad; gagarin. A pertur-e-n-Butas. Apex-n Dulo Apiary-n-Lugar nk magalaga n~r augan; pokyuttan. Apiece-adv.-Balang isa. Apish a Mukhang ungo, parang lingo. Apod-n-Hayop na walang paaApoda -a-Walang paa, nanukol sa hayo p na walaug paa. Apologetic Apologetical a-N aunkol is a paghingi ng patawad. Apologist-n-Aug hiuniihinki ng, tawad. Apologize-v-Hurningi aug taWtld; magdahilan, tuniangkakal. Apologue-n Talinlhaga. Apology-n-Dahilan, tangkakal paglhingi~ ng tawad; pagdadalhilan. Apoplexy n-HBipan ng han&inI. Aport adv. Sa gawing kaliwa. Apostasy-n-Pagtatal kod sa dating palianamipalata-va. Apo stle-n-Apostoles. A postleship-n-Ang pagka apostoles.4 Apostolic —A postolic-ala-INanutkol sa Apos - toles, Apostolico. Apostrophien-Kurlit na ginagamit sa Igar iia may laktaw nk isang titik. Apostrophize-v-hlagay ngr kurlit. Apothecary-n Aug marunong ilahok 6 giunawa nig mga gamot. Appall v Takutin. Apparatuis-n- Kasangkapani. Apparel-n-Manga damlit. Apparel-v-Isuot aug damit. Apparent-a Maliwaliag; makakikita Apparently adv Maliwanag, tila. Apparition-it-Pagsipot; pag litaw. Appeal-n-Panalangin; daing. pakitisap.; luhog. Appeal v Dumaing; manalangin; ipakiusap; iluhog. lio smaAppeal-v-Lun-itaw; suiotsnlag sumikat; sumingaw; rnatagpuan. Appearance-n-Hlitsuira; pags —ipot. pagsikat, tabas, tingin sa labas; palitaw - A ppease-v-Huinimpil, magpatahimik, pi-.tahjimikin; puinnayapa; tuinahimik. Appendix-n-Aug uakadugtong. Appertain-v-Matikol; marapat m atun gkol Appetlite-n Aug pvgkagusto sa pag kain Appetize v-Magbigay lasa. Applause-n Pagdiwang, pagpupuri - Apple-n Mansanas. Appliance n Kasangkapau; pag gamit. A pplicable-a Bagay; akmna. Applicant-n Aug hunfiihingi ngr distino 6 trabajo. Application-n-Paghilhingi ug (listino 6 trabajo. Apply-v Gamitin; ikapit ikama; guniainit, Appoint-v'-MN1aaghay - pillin. Appointee-n Aug nakalagay sa katung kulan. Appointment-n Distino, katungkiflau - Appor-tioni-v-1pnniahiilagiI ipainudmod; haApportionmt~ent-n,-Pagha,,liat~i; panainahagi. Apposite-a-Bagay; akna- karapatan. Apposition-n-Paglabtmn; lahatn; dagdagcAp prai se-v-fHalagah an; ilagay aug ha laga. lagyan ng halaga; tasailian. Appraisal-n Pagtatasa; paglalga-a aug halaga. Appraisement n-Paglalngay ug~ hmalaga, katasahian; paghahalaga. Appreciable-a-IPapat mn)ahialin. Appreciate-v-Igalang, inagaliniqn; ima. halin; maibigan. Appreciation n Paggala ug ptagmiamahal. Appreheud-v-HuhIhin. dakipin: idlakip. Apprehender n Aug duninkip; tagn, huh1. Apprehension n, Hiraya: akaiang mali. Apprehensive a Mlaguiigunihin. Apprentice it Aug nagmaral ig, hanuapbuhay o. katungkulan. Apprentice-v-Aralan. Apprenticeship n, Pu-,g naval. Apprise-r-lhalita ipaliflyag.Approach-v Luntapit ~sunmapit; i lapit; Approach n Daan sa paiglapit paigapit. A ppro-achiabl)e-a,-Makakalafpit. Approbation n Pahintulot. Approbative a AMakapapahintulot. Approbatory-a Mapahintulotan. A ppropriate —' Ariin; umnari I u pig i m unmaukin; ankinin; kaniyahin. Appropriate a Bagay; akima. A ppropriatiou-n-P~agkaln'pig; ptagnankiim; pagbubukod ng anoanai. Approve-v' Pahiuitulotin: n-imngpatOtoo;umagalinugin.Approval-n Pahiutulot; katotohanan. Approximate v-)umnulog, il-apit. Approximiate-v-Mi'al apit.,Vpproximation n Paglapit - k atasahan; p~agkakalapat,.

Page  166 ARE I 66 ARR Ap pertenance-n-fPagkaukol. Appricot-n- Bungang kahoy na kamukhia ng mansanas. April-n-Abril. Apron-n Topise. Apropos a-Bagay; ruabagay; akma. A pt-a-Bagay; akmia; dapat; mara-pat:I ka sia; sukat sapat; niaiukol ukol..A.1titude-n-Kabagayani; kia saayani; kasukatan, kaya. Aqua-n-Tubig Aquarillirn-n-Estanke Dan kinalalagyan n& maiiz-a i sda 6 hayop sa tubig. Aquatic a Natiukol sa tubig. Aqueduct-n Sangka. Aqueous a Parang tubig. Aquilinie-a Namnkol sa ag~uila. Arab-n-Taga Arabia. Arab-i c a-Naunkol sa Arabbi,. Arabic-n Wika un taga Arabia. Arable a Papat ararohlin. Arbiter n Ilukom. Arbitraryv a M abagsik; unasmigit; mabang-is; matigas aug ulo. Ar~bitrate v-Pakingan at magpasiva. Arbitration n-Pagklasunduan. Arbor n-Kahoyan. Arboreous-a-INauukol sa ing~a kahoy. Arborescent a Mukhang kaboy. Arc-n-Balangaw arco. Arcadle-n-Mga arcong nakas unossunod. A rcanu rn-n- Lihim. Arcli-n-Arco; hubog.. Arch v Jumubog; gumnawa ng- arco. Arch at Kannauinahian puno. mnalaki sa lahat. ArcliedI-a-Balantok: huibog. Archbnic-a-'NahlnO; luma. A rchiangel —aAngel Da katl-rastaasan. Archbishop n Arsobispo. Arclideacon-n-Puno sa simnbahian at, Muababa lamang sca al-5obis1)o. Archer-n Aug nagpapano. AXrchery-n Ane, pagoamana. Architect-it-Auig gumunawa ug plano ng bahav. A rclhiitectn re- a-Aug karunmug-an sa pagg~awa ug~ bahav. ArChives-n-iAlka stilat ug' isaugr (7'_1 -bielno. A~rcliwav-a Daan sa ilalimn ii~ arc-~ Arctic a-Miauukol sa Iiflagaan. Ardent a llauinkuas. mainit; muaalab. Ardor —)n mit; kanin~gasan: ninyas. Arduronsa-Mhatibay; nmaningas; mnainit; mnalakta-, batibot, niasuingit-. A re —v-A v. Are-n-Isang sukat na lupa na may isang daan metros quadrados. Area-n-Laki ug isang lupa. Arena-n-Lugar na pinag labanan. Argal-n Tartaro. Argen t- aMakintab makinis. Argeutfferous a-My halong pilak. Argil-n-Lu pang gimmagamit sa pag gagawa Dg tapayan. Argilla(eons Argillous-a-May h along lupa. A rgolI n-Tn irtaro. Argiie-v-lihgruatuiran- mangatowiraii; Aiiuakipagtaldo. salitain; taltalan Argument-ni Pagmnamatniran; taltalan; pagtalo pinag usapan; katowiran Argumnentati ve-a-Natunkol sa pagtatalo 6panugatowiran. Arid-a Tuvo karat. Aridity Aaidiness-n-Pagkatuyo. Arigbt-adv. -Tama. Arise-v-Mag'Iq(baugon; tulmindig: bumaingon magmula matgbuhat; um-aliugasaw. Aristoc-rat-n Tawong mataas 6' dakila. Aristoc-ratic-a Matnaas dakila. Arithmietic n-Aritmietica. Arithunetical-a-Nauukol sa aritaieticat. Arithmietician-n-Ang niartinong aug anitnietinca. A rk- n-BangkanDg mualaki at may bubungan - Arm-n-blaraso; bisik. Ar uuianaent-,n-K,.asau~gk~apan panlaban. Arinful a-Pamgko. Armhole nt Kilikili- subo. Armistice-n Pagpapahiunga DA labanan. Armnlet-n-Mmitin g baraso. Ainmor-n-Aug bakal na nakalagay sa niga tabi ng sasakyang panlaban. Armory-n Gawaan ung muga kasangkapang pangpalaban-, taguan ng arm-as. Armpit-n Kilikili. Arins-n-Armas:I Dnga sandaia. Armv it Hukbo. Amnica-n-Arica. Arom a n- A m o-v A roniatie-n -Miabango Arounmd aIv.-Sa paligid; sa palibid; sa p)alibot iualalpit Aroundp-rejp-sa paligid sa palibot; sa palibid. Arc) use-v-Snlsulau bubayin; hanun in. A row ad-v. -Nakakahiusay - Ar-raign-v Ilharap sa Juez.: 6 sa liukom. Am-raiginment-n,-Pagpaha,,rap tsa liukom 6 juez. Arrangev-i-Husayin: ayn sm n: ihianda; areglahiin: igayak, magayos: iI igpit. A~rrangemi-ent-n,- Pagkakaayos; ayos-lhnsav

Page  167 ASH 167 ASS Arrant a-Masama; hamak. Array n Husay. ayos. Array v Ayusin, husayin. Arrear-Arrears Arrearage-v-Kakulan pan; utang. Arrest-v Ibilango,- abalahtin; ilagay s,, bilauguan. Arrest n Abala; pagkabilangO. Arrival n Pagdating, pagdatal. Arrive-v-Dumating; dumulog. lumapit; pumantay suruapit, umabot; abutin. Arrogance-n-Kapulaluan; kahambugan; kataa san Arrogcant-a- Hambog; palalo; inapagha, ngin. Arrogate-v Ankinin; kanyahin; lupigin. Arrow-n Pana. Arsenal-n-Gawaan at taguhan kingma, kasangkapan DA hukbo. Arson-n Pagsisigan ng ani ng may ani. Art-n-Arte; karunUngan. Arterial-n-Nauukol sa ugat. Artery-n-Ugat nk dugo. Artful-a-Tuiso; matalas. Article-nt Bagay; pangkat. Article-v- Pumanigkat. Articular-a-Nauunol sa kasnkasman. Articulate-v Sabihin: wikain. Articulately-adv.'Asaisa. Articulation n Pagsasabi; pagwiwika. Artifice n JAlang; Artificer n Taga gawa: trabaj ador. Artificial-a Ginawa lamang- Iindi dati. Artillery-n-Artilleria. Artisan-n-Machanico; inangagawa. Artist-n-Artista. Artless-a Banayad:I mababang 100b; muang; walang. wasto. As-adv. Gayon: din; rin; namnan; luau; kasing; paano. As yet-adv. Bagaman. Ascend-v-Tumaas; umakyait; pumianIfik; sumnalunga; umahon; suimampa. Ascendant-a- Paahou. Ascendency-n-Pagaahon pagpaahomi pagakyat; pagtataas. Ascension Pagaayat pagaalion. Ascent-nt Pagahon:- pagpanhik. Ascertain-v-Kilalaunin; talastasin;I sivasa - tin- tantuin; pasiyasatin. Ascribe-v-Ilagay; ipalagay. Ascription-n Pakalagay. Ash-n Kaho'y na maputi; malamnbot at matibay. Ashanted-a-Nahihiya. Ashen a Maabo. Ashes-n-Abo. Ashore-adv.-Nasasa baybay dagat;- nas-a paugpang, Ashy-a-Ktulay abo. Aside-adv.-Sa tab~i. Asinine-a-Muklhaug () ugaling jumeneto. Ask v-Magtanong itanmug, ipakkiusap: tumnanoug; n-anualang-in. Askant Askauce-a-Pahialaug. Asbiew-adv. Pahalaug. Aslant-adv.-Palhalang. Asleep-adv —Nattitulog. Aslope-adv.-Pababa; paliwa-s. Asp-n Alupoug. Aspect n Hitsuira bika s, lagay', rmiklba tabas. Asperity-n-Higpit-. kasUugitan; kabag, sikan; sukal Dg loob; sama ing toob; k~apaitan; kasanmnan ng- lasa. Asperse v- Pintasin: purnintas. Aspersion-n Pintas. Asphyxia Asphiyxy-n-VNalagayan parang, pat~ay. pagkalagay parang.patay. Aspirant-n Ang may nasa; may gusto. Aspirate-v Itunog parang kunng maykasamang h. Aspiration-n-Nasa; pita; asa. Aspire-v-Magpita:, asahian. Ass v-Ulol: jumente. Assail v Mangloob; bun gain: daluhunii~gin; dumaluhiong; gulatin; labanin. Assailant it Aug bumanga; aug, dumalutiong. ang lumalaban. Assassin n-Aug nakamatay: pumataN-. Assassinate v Purnatay sa kapwva. Assassinat-ion-n Pagkapatay. Assaultnu-Lutsob; labanan; pag bulsob); paglianduloug: daluhong banga. Assault-v Luimusob; lutmaban; man-boob; dumaluhong, bumanga; baugain. Assay-n-Tikini: pagtitikman. Assay-v- Uikman; uriin; muagiasid uit mabuti ang metal. Assemblag~e-n-KNapisanan nu3 mg-a tawo. Assemble-v-Magtiponu Ass-embly n Kapisanan:- tipmiu; katipanan, samahan. Assent n pagkapayag. Assent-v- Pumnayag; umavon. Assert-v Sabihin; magsabi; aialayan: nia umpakan. Assertion mm Sabi.- alalay; pagpatotoo; paniiniwala. Assertor nt Aug nag aalalay: uagsab~i; nagbalita. Assess-i-Halagahian; tasahian. Assessment nt Paghalaga; halaga. Assessor n Ang tuimatasa. Asseis n-Aug yamian ng- sarili. Asseverate-v-Magsabi ng formal - Asseveration a Pagsasabi uo totoo. Assiduous-a Masikap; makalinga. Assiduity -nPagkakalin~a; sikap 's i pag.

Page  168 AST 16(8 ATT Assilgn-v -1laaya idistino. manglagay; sa 1 gar; tadbanan; ibigay ng katungkulan. Assign-n-Tadhalna talaan. Assignable-a-Makapagtadliaanan matatalaan. Assignee-n Any nagtatadhan 6 nactatala. Assigner-Assignor-n Ang nagtatadtlan 6 nagtatalla. A.ssignmetnt-n- Pagkalagay sa distino; pagkatadlanan pagtatala. Assimilate v paris: irmkha; itulad: tularan; rnagkawangis. Assi milatio-n —Pagkakaparis; pagkakatulad; pagkakawangis Assist vr-Tumulong tulungin: ahnuluvin utlnaluloy; gumuibik: amtpunini; unnampon: lubukan; andukhain. Assistance-n-Amnpon; tulongr abulov; andukhla; gibik: katulong tangkakal. Assistaut (I-Pangalawang. Assistant n-A lydante; katulong pangalawa. Associate v lsipan; isama kamivawin' purmisan; magsanrgayon: sutlnaa; sun anib. Associate a-Kasamang. Associate n-Katulong; kanlavaw- kasama; karamav; kaalakbay; abay. Association n Pagsasarna; pagpipisan; pagkapisan pagkaalav. Assort v Hiwalavin; ibukod. Assorttrent-n-Paglhihiwalay: pagl)ntllkod; manga sarisaring bagay na nakakapisan. Assuage-v-Bantuant paltinayain. Assusive-a Palambotlambot Assume-r-Galnitin:; nlapalagay. Assunmpllion n Pagkapalagay; palagay. Assurance n Patotolianan: patunayanl; pangako. Assure v'-Magpatotoo. Assure(tlyl-ard.-Totoongt(,too. Aster n-Bulaklak na marikit at mabango ang amoy. Astern-adv.-Sa rgawing likol; sa likod. Asteroid n Kometang iuinti. Asteroid n Hika..\Astonislh-t-Gitlah in; ni agpatulala; gnlatin; llangalin; tnlalain. Astollishing,ra-Kagitlagitla; n a k a ra - inanglha. Astonisllnent n-Manlgha; gitla: gulat. Astound-v- Imangha; miag)pamtnanga. Astraddle adt'v.-Pahalang Astral-a-Nauukol sa btituin. Ast ra v-ad1,.-Naka wala. Astrid e-ade.- Nakasaysay. Astrologer n, Ang huinnluula alng mag.f-aavari ldahlil sa bituin. Astronomer n-Ang nagaaral ng bitnin. Astronontoy n Ang karunungan sa manga bituin. Astute a Bihasa tnso marunong. Asunder-adv.-Nagkasabog; nakahiwalay. Asylutm - ttahay ng manga ulol; auspicio. At prep Sa. Ate-'. imp.- umain. Atheisnm n Ang tpagkaayaw sumampalatava sa P. Bathala Atheist-n-Ang ayaw sumampalataya sa P. Bathala. Athirst a-Nauuhaw; mapita; maasahan. Athle'e n-Tawong malakas at sanay. Athletic-a-Nanukol sa tawong malakas at sanay; malakas at sanay. Athwart ard. Pahalang. Atlantic-n-Atlantico. Atlas n-Kapisanan ng manga mapa sa isang libro. Atmosphere n-Hanlin. Atmospheric Atmospherical-a-Nauukol sa langin mahangin. Atoll-v Gantihin; magtiis bawiin. Atom n-Pirasonrg muntingmunti. AiAtomic Atmial a Muntingmunti. Atomize v Pirasuhin nang finongpino gawin ng parang alikabok. Atone r Magtiis: gantihin bawiin. Atonement n Pag gaganti; pagtitiis. Atop-adv -Sa ibabaw: sa itaas. Atrocious a Katakot takot; kakilakilabot: bastos. Ati ocity n- \ abastosan;kawalanghiyaan. Attach v Jdngtorg; mahalin. Attachment-n-Dngtong, sangla; pagibig. Attack v-Tahanin: bangain: bumanga; makipag lainas; lumusob; lIarangin; magban ay Attack-n Pag aalsa: pgg laban; banga; laban: lamas; daluhong dalusong. Attain 1 Mfagkaroon; umabot abutin: magkamtgn: kamtan: datnin. Attainable a Magkakaabot; mnabot; makakamtan; sukat makamtan. Attainment-n Pag aahot; pagkakamtan' Attempt,' Tikman; mulaan pamulain. Attemlpt n-Tikliml pagtitikman: paglilisav Attendv(:)alawin: dunalaw; sumamna: 1ma1intat; inmatin: Ilamahala; mann()d. Attendance n-Pagiin gat; paglilingkodl panunuod. Attendant-n-Alila. Attention n Ingat- sipa;: pagkakalin&a. A.ttentive a Maingat maliinhin: makalilnga; maanyo mapagbigay loob. Attenuate-v-Awasan ang taba; palinalinl

Page  169 AUT NUT ~~~169AV AVE Attest-v Sumaksi; magsabi ng katotohanan. Attestation PagkasaksiI pagsasabi nang katotolhanan. Attic-n-Ang loob ng bubungan. Attire v —N1agbiluis: isuot, Attitude n-Tayo; lagay: hilig; kiling Attorney-n- Katiwa Ia; abogado, taga kanlong. Attract-ii-Hikayatin; hiumikayat. Attract by deceit-v-Mangati. Attraction-n-Paghalina; p anghin an g; panghikayat. Attractive a-Mawili; makahahalina, ma-. panghalina- mapanghikayat. Attribute-v-Magparatang; magpalagay. Attribution n- Pagparatan g; pagsumbong; pagypalagay. Atributive a Mapaparatangin. Auburn-n-Kulay kayumanging mnura. Auction-n-Alrnioneda. Auctioneer-n-Ang may katungkulang mag, almioneda. Aucui-ioneer-v-Mag almoneda. Audacious a-Matapang; m-ankahas- walang takot tanipalasan- walang~hiya. Audacity-n-Pangahas. tapang~ katampapalasan an. Audible a Makaririnio,Audience-n Ang manga nanunuod. Audit v Isulat 6 ilista sa libro. Siyasatin aug nakasulat sa libro. Audit-n-Pagsisiyasat ng manka libro. Auditor-n Aug dumninig; taga siyasat ng manga libro. Auditory-n-Ang manga nanunuod. Auiger n- Palibol; barren a pangbutas. Aught-n-Wala; walang anoman. Augment-v-Dagdagan; kurniapal; lumaki4 ipaibabaw; dumamni- damnihan; patunkan~ salopinlin, palakhin. Augment-n-Patong: dagdag: tubo; Augmentation-n Patong; dagdag: pagdaragdag pagtutubo: pagpalaki; Augur n Panghutas barrena. Augur v barrenahin; butasin. Augury-n-Hula. August-a-Mai'narn, dakila; marangal. August-n-Agosto. Agustness n-Kadakilaan; karangalan; kainaman Aunt-n-Ale. Aural-a-Nauukol sa tainga. Auri ch-n-Tainga. Auiricular-a Nauukol sa tainga. Aurist-n-Mangagamot ng tainga. Aurora-n-Madaling araw. Auspicious-a-Makakabuti ang hula. Austere-a-Mabagsik; masungit. Austerity-n- Kabagsikan; kasungitan. Authentic-a-Totoo; tama, tunay. Authenticate-v Magsabi 6 ibigay ug-katotohanaD. Authentication n Paghibigay 6 pagsasabi n& katotohanan. Authenticity-n-Aug katotohan. Author-n-Aug gumragawa. mang gagawa; author, may gawa. Authoress-n-Aug babayin g autor. Authoritative-a-M,'akapangyayari; may kapangyarihan. Authority -n-Kapangyarihan: pahintulot; bisa. Authorization-n-Pahintulot. Authorize-v-Pahintulutin; ibigay nk kapangyarihan. Authorship ft Aug kalagayan autor. Autobiography n Aug pagausulat nang sariliug kabuhayan. Autocrat n Hani. Autocratic Autocratical-a- Nau uko01 sa bani; mabagsik.~ masunkit. Autagraph n-Aug sulat ng sarili. Autographic Autographical-a- N auukol sa sulat ng sarili. Automatic-Automnatical a Talagang su.musunod na walang magturo. Autononmy-n Aug kapangyarihan 6 katowiran na mnagogobierno sa sarili. Autopsy n Pag unsisa ug dahilan nk karnatayan - Autumn-n Tag araw. Autumnal-q-Nauukol sa tagaraw Auxiliar Auxiliary a Nakatulong. Auxiliary-n Katulong. Avail-v Ganapin: gumanap, Availin-Pag ganap. Available a Makaganap. Avalanche-n Tibag ug busilak. Avarice-n-Kamkam; karamutan; sakim; kasakiman- kaingitan; ingit. A varic ious-a-Masakimn; matakaw; kuripot; mararnot. Avaunt-inter. Laumayas; layas. Avast-inter.-Lagyas: sulong; maalis. Avenge-v-Gantihin. Avenue-n-Pasialan; Carsadang mahaba at may tanim na mg-a punong kahoy sa dalawang tabi. Aver-v-Patunayin; patotohanan; sabihin saysayin. Average a Karaniwan; katatagan. Average-v Ilagay sa katatagan. Average n-Katatagan. Averse a-Ayaw; laban. Aversion n Sukiamn nang loob; dumal; pighati; kasuklaman; tanim sa loob. Pagtatanim gatit. Avert-v-Lihisan; ilayo; pigilin aug anoman upang huag mangyari. 22

Page  170 'B3AC 10IA 170 BAL Aviary-n Lugar ng mag alaga nk mga ibon. Avidity-n-Nasang mahigpit, Avocation-n-Hanap buhay. Avoid v Lihisan; umilag; mahulagpos; ilagan. Avoidable-a-Dapat lagan: mailagan, Avoidance n-Pag iilag. paliwas. Avouch-v-Magsabi; saysayin. Avow-v-Manurnpa: magpatunay. Avowal-n-Katibayan nk salitaan; panumpa. Avowedly adv. Sadya; tinalaga. Await-v-Hintayin; antayin; inag antay. Awawe v Gisingin gumising. Awake-a Buhay aug boob; gising; matalas aug isip. Awaken-v-Gisingin; gumising; buhayin. Award-n-Premio; ganting palad. Award-v-Magbigay rk prejnio 6' ganting palad. Aware-a-Maingat, Away-adv.-Malayo; s~a labais 6 malayo Baa-n-lyak ng tupa. Baa-v-Tmiyak ng tupa. Babble v-Masalita ng kaululan. Babble-n-Salita na walang kabuluhan. Babbler-n-Ang nagsasalita ug walang kabuluban. Babe n Bata, sangol; nilalang. Baboon n-Ungong malaki. Baby n Bata; sangol. Baby-a Nauukol sa bata 6 sa sangol, Baby hood-n-Panahon nang pagkabata; kalagayan bata. Babyish-a- Parang bata. Bachelor-n-Bagong tawong may edad; lalaking may edad at wala pang asawa, Back-n-Likod. Back-a-Sa gawing likod Back-v-Umurong aug kabayo; tumalikod. Backbite-v-Sumitsit, rmagalibugha; ma. galimura. Backbiting-n-Pagaalimura; sitsit; pagaalibugha. Backbone-n-Gulugod. Background-n-Lupa sa licuran. Backhanded-a-Pasaliwa. Backside n-Aug likod. Backslide-v-Umurong tumalikod. Backward,.-Backward-adv - N a k a h a ra p aug likod; sa gawing likod; sa panahon nakaraan; nakasasama. Backward-a-Sa likod; nabihiya. Backwardness-n-Kaduagan; pagyuynkod; hiya; karuagan. Awe-n-Mangha; gitla. Awe-v-Jmangha. gitlain. Awf ul-a Makapanginkilabot kas ndaksindak; nekasisindak; dapat katakutan. Aweather-adv.-Sa gawi nk hankin. Awhile-adv. Samnantala. Awkward-a-Bastos; di mainam. Awkwardness-n-Kawalan ug ganda rig kilos: kabastosan. Awl-n-Panduro. Awn-n Tabing. Awning-n-Tabing; kulandong. Awoke-v. imp.-Nagising.- ginisiug, Awry a. adv. Masamang hitsura. Ax-Axe-n-Palakol Axial a-Naxitkol sa palakol. Axiom-n-Patnugot punong aralb Axis-n-Likiran; ikiran. Axle-Axletree-n-Lalikain; ikiran. Ay-Aye adv.-Oo. Azore a Azul. Azure-n-A zul. 3 Backwoods n-Gtibat. Backwoodsman-n Tawong gubat. Bacon-n-Tosino. Bad a-Masamna; mahalay; bm. stos; wa. lang kabuluhan. Bad Bade-v. im~p.-Inanyaya; ipinag, Utos. Badge-n-Tanda. Badger v-Tuksuhin. Badinage-n-lukso. Badly-adv.-Sa masamang paraan; nakasasama; papaano. Badness-n-Kasamaan. Bafflie-v-Abalahin- talunia. gag n-Bayong saco. supot. Bagging-n-Kayong ipinagagawang bayong. Bagasse-v-Bagaso. Baggage n-Ang baul ug damnit na dinala sa viage. Bail-n-Katibayan, panagutan. Bail-n Taugnan; pauglimas. Bail-v- bigay DA katibayan; managot. Bail v-Manglimas; maglimas. Bailiff-n-Katiwala 6 kahalili DA sheriff. Bairn-a-Bata. Bait-r-Panghuli. Bait-v-Ilagay uA paughuli. Bake-v ihawin; mag.ibaw., iluto sa hurno. Bakery-n-Panaderia: gawaan ug tinapay. Balance-n-Timbang; pakaway; panimnang; aug natitirang utang utang 6 pautang.

Page  171 BAN 171 BAR BAN 171 BAR Balance-v-Timbangin; matimbang; tu-I mimbang, magtuas. Balcony n-Balcon. Bald a-Panot, upat; uban. Bald-head Baldpate-n Tawong panot. Baidheaded a Upat-. panot. Balderdlash-n-Lahok na walang kabulu-J han. Bale-n-Bigkis-, pamigkis.] Bale v-lbigkis; magbigkis. Bale-n-Kahirapan; kasalatan; Baleful a Mahirap; salat. Balk n-Abala; hinto; urong. Balk v Huag ararohin; huminto ng pabigla; umurong. Balky a Palaurongan. BalI-n-Bola; anomang bagay na, mabilog Ball-v-Gumawa ng bola; maging bola. Ball n Sayawan Ballad-n-Kanta; awit. Ballast-n-Pangbigat na nalulan sa sasakyan. Ballast-v-fIulan ng panbigat, Balloon-n GI~bo n& hankin na mainit. Ballot-n-Voto; -pagvovoto. Ballot v-Magboto. Balm-n-Pabaiiko. Balm-v-Pabankohin. Balmoral-n-Sapatos na mataas Balmay a-Miabanko. Basam-n- Balsamo. Baluster-n Barandillas; gabay. Bulustrade-n-Gabay. Bamboo n Kawayan: buho; bucane. Bamboozle-v-Hibuin. dayain. Ban n-Hayag; nurnpa; hayag nk kasal. Ban-v-Tunkayawin; ipagbawal; magbawal. Banana-n-Saging. Band-n-Tali; bigkis; pamigkis; sintaTOn. Band v Talian; ibigkis. Band-n Banda. Bandage-n-Pamigkis- balot. Bandage-v-lpamigkis; balutin. Bandanna-n-Panyong mapula. Bandbox-n-Lalagyan ng sombrero. Bandit n-TilisanBandy n Banda. (Isang laro). Bandy v-Magbanda. Bandylegg~&,d-a-Mabilog ang binti. Bane-n Kamandag kasamaan. Baneful a-May kamandag; masama. Bang-v Paluin. Bang-n-Palo:. lagpak: putok. Bang n-Mga kulot malapit sa noo. Bang-v-Gupitin ang buntct n~ kabayo. Bang.Bangue-n Gamot na may halong kamandag. Bangle n-Pulcera. 3ainsh- -Itapon ang may sala ea ibang lupa 6 lugar; ipadistierro. 3anishment n Pagpapanawin; pagpapaalis pagdidistierro; pagkatapon nk may sala sa ibang lupa 6' lugar. 3anister-n-Barandillas, gabay. 3anjo-n Banduria. 3ank-n-Pangpang; tabi n& ilog; tibagan. 3ank-v Magpilapil. Bank n-Pilapil. Bank n- Ban gko. Bank v Ilagay ng salapi sa bangko. Banker-n-Ang may ani ng bangko Banking n -Katungkulan nk muy bangko. Bankrupt-n Ang hinni makakabayad ng kanyang utang. Bankrupt-a-Hindi makakabayad ang utang. Bankrupt v IUbusin ang salapi 6 Pu. hunan na kailankan sa isang negoco 6 sa pangangalakal:, tunawin. Bankruptcy n Kalagayan na hindi makakabayad ang utang. Banner n Bandila; bandera. Banns-n-Pahayag nk kasal; tawag sa simbahan ng mka may ibig magasawa. Banquet-n-Piging; pista; kainan. lianquet-v-Pigingin1; ipiging, magpiging. Bantam-n Manok na nangaling sa Javia. Banter n Biro; tukso. Banter-v-Biruin; tuksuhin. Bantling n Batang munti: sangol. Baptism-n Pagbibinyag, pagkabinyag. Baptismal a INauukol sa pagbibinyag. Baptist-n Ang nagbibinyag. Baptize-v.Magbinyag; binyagin; buminyag. Bar n Bara; kapisanan ng mga abogado. Bar-v-Barahin; iwaksi; ifuera; ibukod. Barb-n Balbas. Barb- nTinik nk kawad. Barbarian-n-Tawong salbahi; salbahi; tawong hindi marunong. Barbarian a Nauukol sa, salbahi. Barbaric a ~albahi. Barbarity-n-lKasalbahillafl. Barbarous a Salbahi, Barber-n.Mangugupit; mang ahit. Bard-n-Poeta. Bare a-Walang damit, 6 takip; hubo; hubad. Bare-v-Alisin ang takip; maghubo; maghubad. Barefaced-v-Walaing hiya. IBarefoot-a-Walang sinelas; hubo ang paa; walang sapin. Barely ahalos; hindi;, laman. Bargain-n-Pinaigkasun auan;, kasulatan. Bargain-v-Magusaip.

Page  172 BAS 172 BAS 172 I3~~~EA Barge n-Kasko. Baritone-n-Voces Ing lalaki na, kung,kutnanta ay alankanin. Bark-n-Balat ng kahoy. Bark-v-Alisan nk balat; upakin; kumakaw; talupan. Bark-n-Tahul. Bark v-Tumahul. Bark-Barque-n-Sasakyan na may tatlong palo at layag. Barley-n Sebada. Barm-n-Labad ura. Barmy-a-May halong la; adura. Barn-n-Caballeriza; bahay ng hayop. lBarnacle-n-Talaan na dumidikit sa mga bato at sasakyan. Barometer-n-Kasangkapang panghula nk panahon. Barouche-n-Carruage. Barque-n-Sasakyan na may tatlong palo, at tatlong layag. Barrack-n-Cuartel; balankas. Barrack v-[umira sa cuartel. -Barrel n-Bariles. Barrel-v Ilagay 6' isilid sa bariles. Barren-a Tuyo; tuyot; karat;di mamunga. Barren-n-Karat na lupa; lugar na ilang. Barricade-n-Kutang munti. Barricade-v-Magkuta; ilagay nk kuta. Barrier-n-Panghara ng, abala. Barrister-,n-Abogado. Barrom-n-Tindahan nk alak. Barrow-n Kareton; na may isaiig guilong. lamang. Barrow-n-Baboy na kinapon. lBarrow-n-Gulod. Barter n Palit. Barrytone-n-Voces na alang~anin. Barytone-a-Alankanin ang, voces. Basalt n BatGng matigas. Base-a-Masama; mababa; hamak, mahalay. Base nFondo; paa. Base v-Ilagay sa fondo 6' pan.. Baseball-n-Besbol. Basement-n-Silong.Baseness n Kaharnakan; kahalayan. Bashaw-n-Maginoo sa turkia. Bashful-a-Nahihiya. Bashfulness n- \ ahimpakhimpakan; lInnhin; kahihiyaan; hiya; karuagan; kinipot. Basin-n-Palangana. Basis-n-Pinagmulaan; pinagbuhataii. Bask-v-Magbilad: ibilad. Basket-n-Batuilang; bakol, bugsok: buslo, kaing. Bass-n-Voces na mababa Bass-a Mababa ang voce -,~ Bass viol n-Viola. Baste v-lhilbana. Basting n Hilbana, Bat n-bayakan; paniki. Bat-n-Pumalo - Bat-v-Pumalo. Batch-nilanko. Batlin-Liguan, palifigo; pagpapaligo. Bathe v ilaligo; paligiian. blathe-n-Ligo. Batsman-n-Aug pumapalo. Battalion n-Isang bahagi ing hukbo. na may apat na daan sundalo. Batten-v Patabain,- yumaman. Batten v-Tapalin. Batten n Tablang makipot; panapal. Batter i Pitpitin. JBatter-n-Pinagbatillan. Batter-n-Ang - pumapalo. Battery-n-Kuta na may kanyon; isang. comnpaniang sundalong artilleria. IBatting-n-Ang pagpalo. B attle-n- P'ag laban; labanaim; pag aaway. Bauble-n-Bagay na walang halaga. Bawl-v-Sumigaw; urmiyak iig ial akae. Bawl n Sigaw; hiyaw; lyak na malakati'Bay-n-Baraso ng dagat. Bay-a-Mapula. Bay n Tahol. Bay-v tumahol. IBayonet-n-Bayneta. Bayonet v Saksakin n- bayneta. Bayou-n-Baraso ng dagat. Bayrum-,n-Rum y quinina. Bazaar-Bazar-n-Basar. Be-v-Ay., mag yari; mnagka. Beach n Baybay dagat, Eeach-v Ilagay, sa baybay (lagat. Beacon-n-Siga na pananda. Bead n batong munti na imay butas. B~ead-v Ituhiog ang kuintas. Beadle-n-Utusan na taga tawag nauig, hukom. Beagle- -Asong munti na ginagamit sa pangangaso. Beak n Tuka. Beaked a May tuka. Beaker-n-Tabo - Eeam n-Kilo: ana-man pinga (of oplow) Kabayo ng araco. Beam v Maningning, lumitaw, kumiin, tab; ipalitaw. Bean-n Sitaw; patani. Bear-v-Tiisin; magtiis. JBear-n-Oso. Bear-v-lbaba ang halaga. Bearable-a-Makatitiis. Beard n Balbas. Beard-v-Batakin nng b aI -)amx. Bearing n Kilos; asal; ugali. Beast-n Hayop. Beastlya-aBastos, parang hayopy,

Page  173 13EF 17 Beat-n-Palo; suko. Beat-v-Pumalo; paluin; hampasin; dagukan. Beat v-Lamnpasin- lusutin.' Beauteous-a-Maganlda, mainiam marikit. Beautiful a Maganda, marikit; mainarn. Beautify-v-Parikitan; gumanda. pagandahin; painamin. Beauty-n-Ganda; kainaman; karikitan; dikit; ganda dilag; aina. Becalm-v-HEumimpil; tumahimik- lurnuIbay. Became-v imp.- Nakabagay; naginig. Because conj,. Sapagka't. Bechance-v Magkataon, inangyari. Beck-ii-Kaway bati. Beck-v-Kawayin; batiin. Beck-n-Sapa. Beckon-v-Kawayin'. Become v-Mabagay; maging miaoui. Becoming-a- 8vgay; akina. Bed-n Hihigan; tinutulugan; catre. Bed-v Ilagay sa, hihigan. Bedaub-v Kulapulan; pahiran nk putic. Bedclothes-n Manka damit nk hihigan. Bedew-vilumamog. l3edfellow-n-Kasiping sa hihigan. Bedim-v-Lumabo; labuin;, dumiliin. Bedlam-n-Pahay na tinirahan nk nm~a ulol. gulo; kaguluhan. Bedlam a-Ulol. Bedlamite-n-Ulol. Bedrid Bedridden-a Ang hindi inakababangon. ang nakafirme sa, hihigan. Bedroom-n-Silid na tulugani; tinutuhigan. Bedsheet-n Kumot na linso. Bedstead n-Hihigan. Bedtiine-n-Oras na, davat inatuilog. Bee-n-Kuinumo pukyu~tanBeech-n- Punong kahoy na, turnutubo sa America. Beef-n-Laman nk baca, o calabaw. Beefsteak-n-Isang hiwa na, ianipi~s nj~ lam'an ng baca, 6 calabaw. Beehive-n Bahay pukyutan. Beeline-tt Matowid na guhit. Been-v. imtp &p.p.-Naging; nagka Beeswax-n-Kalaba. Beetle-v-Pukpok na kahoy. Beetle-v-Pakpokin ng pukpok na, kahoy. Beetle-n- Bicho. Beeve-n Baca. Befall v Mangyari; inagkataon. Befit-v-Maging bagay. Before prep.-Nauna; umunia. 'Before-adv.-Muna; nauna. ]Beforehand-adv.-Namnan. Befoul-v-Bumulok; bulukin. -3 BE L Befriend-v Kupkupin; tulunkin., Beg-v-Magpalirnos pakiuisapan; inaki. usap; sumamno; nianalankin; huiningi. Began-v. imp.- Pinamiulaanl; naginula. Beget v Magkaroon. in agkaintan. Beggar-n-Pulubi; tawong walang hanap buhay at nagpapalimlos; nagpapaliinos. Beggar-v-Magpahir~ap u patin. Beggarly a Parang pulubi. Beggary n-Kalagayan nagpapalirnos; pag papalimnos. Begging-n-Pagpapafimnos; pahinuhiod. Begin-v-Maginula; painulnan banliai n; pasirnulaan- mag~buhat; mulain; buinalong suinipot; inagpasimnuno. Beginner-n- Bagong nag aaral. Beginning-n-Pinagmulan, pinangalingan, pamulan. pinagbuhatan.- painula. Begone-inter.-Layans; alis. Begot Begotten-v imp~p p.-Nangyari; nag karoow nagkamtam; kinanitan. Beguile v-Aliwin; paalinduga~n. BRegun-v.p.p.-Pinasimula. Behalf-n- Paki nabang; interest. Behave v.Truiun~go; surnunod sa inabitting kaugalian. Behavior n Kilos- tun_~o; kaugalian. Behead-v-P ugutin ang ulo; magpugot,. pa1 -gutiln Beheld. v. imp. Nakita; nakakita. Behest n Utos. Behind adv. Sa likod; sa huh. Behind prep. Sa huli; sa, likod, Behindhand a Huhi. Behold v Makita; makakita; tanawin; tilminkin. Beholden-a Kailan~gan. Behoove-v-Matungkol; in aukol - Being n Tawo. Belabor-v-Paluin; hampasin. Belate v Luatin: mnagluat. Belay-v Maglunt. Belch-v Durninghal; duniiillhay. Belch-n-Dilhay; (diaghal. Beldlam Beldame n-Tmpo; nunong babayi; matanda at p)angit na babayi. Beleaguer vlpaligbid nk liukbo. Belie v-Mag alibugha; sumit sit ni~ inasanma. Belief v Paniniwala: pananampalataya; sarnpalataya; religion - Believe-v-Maniwala; suanainpalataya; sainpalatayanin; hinagap. Believable a- Paniniwalaani dapat maniwala. Belittle-v-Pintasin; untian. Bell n Comnpana. Bell-v-Ilagay ng compana.

Page  174 BER 174 I3ER 174 ~~BEW Bell clapper-n-ay agnk compana; panugtog nk compana. Belle-n Dalagang maganda. Bellicose-n Mapagbasagulo. Belligerent a-May gcistong lumaban; ibig 1Itnmaban. Belligerent-u Ang may gustong lumaban. Bellow-n-Sumigaw, humiyaw. umiyak ng mnalakas. Bellow n Sigaw; iyak hiyaw. Bellow-n-Balulusan; hungkoy. Belly-n Tian; tiyan. Bellyband-n-Pamigkis nk tiyan. Belong v-Matungkol. maukol Beloved-a-Ginigiliw; giliw;iniibig;iniirog. Below-adv. Sa ilalim; sa ibaba. Belt-n-Pamigkis; bigkis,- sintoron. Belt-v Bigkisin. Bemnoan-v-Dumaing. Bench-n Banko. Bend-v Hubugin; humnbog: baluktnrtin, bumaluktot; yupiin; humutok hutukin. Bend-n Hubog. kibal pagkabaluktot, yupi; tungo kabaluktutan. Beneath adv. Ba ilalim; sa ibaba. Beneath prep.-Sa ihalm. Benediction-n Bendicion. Benefaction n Kaloob; pakinabang. Benefactor nAiig guinawa, ng mabuti sa, kapua, niya. Benefactor-n Ang babaying gumawa ng mabuti sa Kapwa niya. Beneficence n Kagandahan ng loob. Beneficent-a-Maganda, ang loob inapakinabangan; may pakinabang. Ben eficial-a-Mapakinabangan. Beneficiary-a-Mapakinabang-an, Benefit n Pakinabang; tubo. kabntihan; galing Benefit-v Tunmubo; pakinabangan; makinabang; bumuti. Benevolence-n.Kagandahan D~ blob; kamahalan ng ugali. Benevolent-a -Maganda, ang lob; magandang loob; maawin. B~enight v Guimabi: gabihin. Benign-a-Magandang loob. ma~anio. Benignant-a-Magandang loob; rnaamo. Beninity-n-Kagandahan ng boob. Bent-v. imp &p. p.-Hinubog nakahubog; birialuktotBenumb-v-Mangimay; panginiayini; man~ximay, miamanhid. Bequeath iv-MagpamanaBequest-n-Pagbibigay. Bereave-v-Salatin; masalat. Bereavement-n-Kasalatan. Berg-n-Bundok ng hiebo. Berry-n Btungang imunti. Berth n-Tinutulugan sa sasakyan 6 tren. Beseech-v-lpakiusap; mamanikluhod; manalangin dumaing. Beseem-v-Maging~ maging bagay. Beset-v-Ipalid; pilitin; harangin. Beside-prep. Bukod pa s~a bukod sa; kundi. Besides-adv.-Sa, tabi nakabubukod isa; mahigit pa. Besides prep -Bukod pa, kundi. Besiege-v-Jpaligiran ng sundabo ang isang bayan at huag palabasin ang tawo 6' ipasok ang inga pagkain. B( sraer-v-Kalapulan. pahiran 6' punuin nk putikBesot v Mag lasing. Besought v. p. _p.-jpinakiusap; namanikluhiod dinaing. Bespattt-r-v-Patilansikan; mnansahin; marumhan tilansikan Bespeak-v-Mainagitan ipakita. Best-a-Kabutibutfihan. Best-n-Ang kabutibutihan. Best-adv.-Kabtitibutihang Be-stir v-Magmadali: maghaplit. Bestow-v Ibigay: ipagkaloob. Bestrew-v-Isabog ikalat-, Ipawalat.Bestride-vlIhakbang; umupo na nakacruz aug binti. Bet-n-Pusta; taya; pagpasta. Bet vMagpusta; tumaya:' magtaya; pumusta. Betake v-Maukol. Bethink-v-AlalahaninBetime Betimes-adv.-Sa mabuting panahon, agad; madali. Betken-v. imp.-N~auukol,- nakaukol. Betookmv imp.-Naukol. Betray v-Ihiayag ang hindi dapat; tu maksil sa capwa. Betroth v Ipakasal. Betrothfkl-Betrothinent n Kasal. Better Bettor n-Ang nagpupusta. Better-a Labong mabuti; mabuti pa. Better-n- ng- lalong miabuti. Better adv. Mabuti pa. Beiter-v Butihin; gumaling. Betterment-n Pagpapabuti. Between Betwixt-prep Ba pagitanl. Bevel-n- Halang. Bevel-a-Halang. Bevel-v-1pahalang. Beverage-n-Inomnin. Bevy n-K apisanan ng mainka ibon. Bewail v-Dumaing; manankis Beware-v.Mag inkat ingatin. Beware-inter.-Tigil. Bewilder v-Gulubin; gitlahin,

Page  175 131N 175 BLA 1Bewilderment-n-Ang paggugulo n1 isiP; gulo ng isip. Bewitch-v-Kulamin mangkulami. Peyond-,aiv.-Sa ibayo malayo pa, Bey~ond-prep. Sa ibayo. Bias n.Joint. Bias-adv.-Pahalang. Bias-v-Pahalankin. halankin, [sb-n Pangibabaw n darnit ng bata. Bible n Biblia. Biblical a-Nauukul sa biblia. Bibulous a Mabutasbutas Bicker-v-Mag~talo magusap. magaway, Bicycle-n Bicicleta. Bid n Tawad turing. Bid-v Tuma wad magturing. Bidder n-Ang tumawad. Bidding n-Pagtatawad. Bide v-T-umira, magtiis. Biennial-a-Dalawa dalawang taon,- nangyayari sa towing makalawang taon. Biennial n Ang nangyayari sa towing dalawang taon. Piennially-a~dv.-Sa towing dalawang taon. Bier-n- Kaland~a. Big-a-Malaki. Bigness-ft.Kalakihan, Bigamist n-Ang tawong may dalawang asawa; ang nag aasawa sa dalawa. Bigany-n-Ang pagaasawa sa dalawa. Biggin-n-Gorra n.k bata. Bight-n-Sul~ok. Bigot n-Ang tawong na umfisip na nasa kaniy,,a ang lahat nk katowiran at sa iba ang lahat nig nmali. Bigoted a-Matigas ang ulo,- tagdaraya. Bigotry-n Katigasan ng ulo. Bile n Apdo. Biliary-ax-Nauukol sa apdo. Bill-n-Tuka. Bill-v-Tukaln. Bill,t-Listahan nk anoman. Bill v Maglista. 13ill-n-Kasulatan - Billet n-Sulat na maikli. Billet-vPatuloyin ang mang-a sundalo sa, bahay ng man a paisano. Billetdegux-n-Sulat na paninta. Billiard a Naukuol sa billiar. Billiards-n,Billiar. Billiard cue-n-Panudlok. Billion nIsang libong ankawangaw. Billion a-Sang libong angawankawng. Billow n Malaking alon. Billy-ft Palo ink policia. Bin-n-Taguan 6 sisiglan nk palay6 trigo. Binary-a-Nakahalo sa dalawa. Binate-a Duble; dalawa. Bind-v Talian; higpitan; mnagkalawas; pigilan, pagipitan. Bind-n-Tali. Bindery-ftGawaan ng libro. Binding-n-Yari ug libro; pagbalot. Binnacle-n-t\ahon na kinalalagyan ng gujon ng sasakyan. Biography~-n-Historia nk sariling buhay. Biographer-n Ang sumulat i1g historia nk sariling buhay. Biographic Aiographical ai Nauukol sa historia nk sariling buhay. Biped n Tawo. Ang hayop na may da lawang paa lamang. Bird-n-Ibon. Bird-v Hulihin 6 barilin ang ania~g ibon. mankati. Birdseye a Nakita buhat sa itaas. Birth-n- Pangankanak; kapanganakan; pagsipot. Birthday-n Araw ng- kapankapakan. Birthday a Nauukol sa araw nk kapankanakan. Birthplace-ft-Lugar ng pankanganak;bayang tinubunuan. Birthright-n- Katowiran na nagbuhat sa kapanganakan. Biscuit-a-Bisquit Bisect v Biakin; dalawahin: hatiin. Bisection-n Paghshati pagdadalawahiii; pagbibiak. Bishop-n Obispo. Bit-n Pankatnkat pirasong munti, Bit-vdIlagay ng pank-atnkat sa bibig. Bit-v-imp.-Kinagat. Bitch-n-Asong babayi. Bite n K agat. Bite-v-Kuma~gat; kagatin. Bitter a-Mapait: niasakiap. Bitterness n-Kapaitan; kasaklapan. Bivalve n.Talaan; tahong. Bivouac-n-Banta~y nk isang hukbo. Biweekly-a-Balang dalawang lingo. Biweekly adv.-Sa towing dalawang lingo. Biweekly-n-Pabayagan na, lumilitaw sa towing makalawang lingo. Blad-v-Madiw ara; sumitsit; nmagbunkangaan; magtaltalan. Blad-v-Bunkanga taltalan. BlackazMaitim; itim, mnapaniglaw; walang awa; mabangis. Black-n-Ang itim; kaitiman. Black-v-Paitiman. Blackamoor-n-Negro - Blackant n Kuitib. Blackball-n Huag ihalal. Blackbird n-Martinez; ibon na maititn. Blackboard-n- Pisarang malaki.

Page  176 BL t 176 ~~~IBLO BLI 176 Blacken-VAtjmitim paitiman; padilimin Blackguard-v-Mag alibugha: inagmura; imagalipuista; alipustain murahin. Blackguard nTavwong pala alipusta; tawong hamak. -Blackguard-a Hamak; masama. Blacking-n-F anitim. Blacklead n-Tingang itim. Blackness-n-Kaitiman; kadiliman. Blacksmith-n- Panday. Bladder-n-Pantog. Blade-n Talim; dahon. Blain-n-Suigat. Blame v-Bintangin: m aghigay sala: sisihin sumbungin; magparatang. Blame-n-Sala kasalanan. Blameless-a Walang kasalanan. Blanch v Mamutla. Bland-a-Malambot.Blank n Walang sulat. Blank-n Papel na walang sulat. Blanket n-Ku mat. Blanket-v-Ma~kumot. Blarney n Salitang makadaday'a. Blarney-v-Magsalita ng nakadadaya. Blaspheme-v-Tumunkayaw, sumpain; m anumpa.Blasphemy-n-Tungayaw: sumpa; himawa. Blast-n-Putok na panibag. Blast-v-Putukaa Blatant a Magnlo. Blaze-n-Liab: lingas8; lagablab; apoy. Blaze-v-Magliab; lumnagalab, masunog; maglingas. Bleach v-Mamuti. Bleak a Malamig; malunkot: mapanglaw. Blear-v-Lunmabo at pumula ang mnata. Blear eyed a Dirain. Bleat-n Iyak nk tupa. Bleat v Umiyak ang tUpa umiyak parang tupa. Bleed-v Dumugo. Blemish-n-Dungis, batik: mnansa. Blemish-v-Mamansa; dumlnngi,4 dunkisin.Blench-v-Umyurong; tumnakot. Blend-v Ihalo; ilahok. Blended a-Nakalahok- nakahalo; Ibuaghag; may halo. may lahck Bless-vilulugin *ang gracia nk Dios. Blessed-a-Mfapalad; inalwalhati. Blessing-n-Gracia nA Dios; Kapalaran. Blest a -Masaya. Blet-n-Pagkabulok nA bunga dahil sa kabinugan. Blight v-Sirai. Blight n-Sira: pagkabutod. kasiraan - lind a Bulag. Blind-v-Bulagin. Blind n Aug bulag. Blindfold v-Takpanin ang mata. Blinfold a Natatakpan aug mata. Blindness-n Kabulaanan; kabulagan. Blink v Purnikit'ilagay. ibukod. Blink nt Pikit; silip. Blinker-n-Panakip ng mata nk, kabayo. Bliss-n-Sayd; kasayahan; kaluguran. Blissful a-Masaya.- uiatuwa; maligaya. Blister ii Lintos. Blister-v Lumintos. Blithe 2n-Makinis- mainam. Blithesome a Makinis. Bloat-v-Mamnaga., B3lock-n-Tangkialag. Block-viAbalahin ila~ay ng tangkalag. Blockade-n Pagsasara nk bibig nk bahia upang hiudi makalalabas at makapapasok ang manga sasakyan. Blockade v~sara nk labasan ng ha'hia. Blockhead-n-Tawong hindi marunong. Blond Blonde-a-Maganda; Miaputi ang balat at maganda. Blond n Tawong maputi at magIanda ang balat. Blood n Dug6. Blood colored-a-Kulay dugo. Bloodheat n Init na paris ang mnit ing katawan 6 duigo. Bloodless a-Walang dugo. Bloodshed n Kamatayan, patayan. Bloodshot-a-Mapula aung mata. Bloodsucker n Linta. Bloodthirsty-a-Walaing awa; mabangis; walang habag; dumudugo. Bloodvessel-n-Ugat rig duggo. Bloody-a-Madugo; dugoduguan; dumudugo. Bloody v-Dumugo, pahiran ug dugo. Ploom v-Bumuka; humulaklak. Blossom n-Bulaklak. Blossom-v- Bumulaklak. Blot-n Mansa: dungis: dnmi'. Blot v Dungisin mansahin; marum-ban. Bloch-n-Mansa. Blotch-v-Mansahin. Blotter nz Sicante pandampe' Blouse-n-Barong pang ibabaw. Blow n Umihip; ihipan: hipan; humihip; Blow-n Ihip. Blow n Sumbi: bugbog; tamnpi; dagok; suntok: bungo; salpok. Blow-v-Bumuka. Blow-n Bulaklak. Blower-n-Taga ihip. Blown-v. p. p.-Nakaihip. Blown-a-Hambog;' mayabang. Blowpipe-n Pangihip. Blowse-n Barong pang-ibabaw;

Page  177 IBOG I177'I BOO Blowze nt Bahavin g mataba at. mapula aug mukha. lBlowzy aL Magaspang bastos. Blubber-nl'[aba nj, is(ian-Y malaki. Blubber-v-Uinivak, p)inalngit (lahil sa paigiivak. Bludioyon n. Paloug maikli; palo. hIlue-a-Amul. Blue-n-IKulay azul. Blue-v-Tinain no azul. Blues a Kal uugkutani Kapanglawan. Bluff-a-AMal nag. Bluff-n Batong rmatirik at malaki. Bllliff-v-Takutin. Blunder-n-Mali pagkakauali. Bllunder v Mamiali. Biundletbuss-in-Vlaril na maiksi a~t malaki ani- butas. Blunt a liudpod salsal ang dubo. Blunt v- Pulpolin; salsalin. pudIpurain. Blur-v-Palabuin; lumabo. Blur-a Mlansa. Blurtv-Sabihin ng- pabigla at nialakas. Blushl n Pamiumula ug intc ha. Blush n-Matntula aug muc. ha. Bluster v Maggulo magalit; unagsalita ng inalakas at hambog. Buster n K alainbu~yan; kavabangan. lBoa a Sawii.Boa —n Blaboy na lalaki. Bo~ird-n Tabla. Board i-flag,,Ay nk tabla- ilata_ nji tabla. BoardIv Tuinuloy; sumuno mnaultuyan; Boardling n- Pagsusuuo; pagt-utulov. Boardling house-n Tuluvan. Boast n-ilaibog; kahaubugan; k~ahaiu~inain kayabanngau vabang. Botasti.-i'vaghainbog; maghangiin; maruansa. Boatstful-a-H1-ambogo, maparangalan mapaghiankin miayabang. J.Boat-n-Bangka: banka. Ito a t _,-vNam a uka. B oat n) au -n - Ban gk ero - Bloatswaim n Aug puno na namamahala sa mra banka ug, isang sastakyan. Bob v Kilusin -ug pabigla. Bob-i-Kumilos ng pabigla. Boblbju n-Ikiran. Bobbinet-n-Puntas. Bobtai I-v-Maikliu g buntot. Bobw hite-n-Pugo. Bodfil,ss-a-W ~alaug katawanm. Bodlilv-a-Nauukol sa katawan. Bodikin-n-Kasa~ngkapaui pangbutas. Body-n-IKatawan - Bodyn Ibigay ng hitsura. Bog-n-Blurak kaburakan; banlik. Boggle-v-Gawin ng pabigla.- gawin ng BoguL ~-, —Howad; hindi totoo, falso. Boili-'-IKumnulo riauluto; lutuin - kuluin; maipakulo ihialabos. Boil nuKulo, pagkukulo. B'oiler n- Pohiat. Bo isterous a Mlalikot; maharot; nmagalaw mapang) gulo. Bold a Matapaumg; walang kaba. maraIhas - Boldlness-n-Tapang; katapangan. tiuing n~rbob kapaugathasan; sigla! dahats; kawvalan ug~ takot. Bole n-Aug puno ng kahoy. Bole n saug sukat 6 panukat. Bole-n-Pusali na ginagamit sa pag gagawa ug~ tapayan. Bo Ister-n-Tungkodl tukod. Bolster-v ltungkod itukodi. Bolt n-Tornillo na may ulo. Bold v-Magsabi ng pabigla. bithayinl; ibuk LI. Bominb-n-1-Iomba, BombardI v Ihiagis ug bomba; barilin ug kan von. Bombhlell-n Pala ng kanyon. Bonbon -n-M latam is - Blondi-n- Katiltivan; panali; panaigat. Bond v Tiba-van ng- painai 6' pan agot. Bond-a-Kuloug preso. Bondage-n-Pagkap~reso; kalagyavni ali piP - Bonudmaid-n-Aliping babayi. Bondman n Alipin. Bondsmin m-n Taga panlagot. Bone n Bulto. Bone-v Alisin aug buto. Bonfire-n- SigiA. Bonne-v-Aug, pagaalaga sa isaumg bata tag a alaiga ug bat-a: taga iwi. Bonnet-n 'Tuka rol. Ponny-a Ma- gaui~le; nasaya; maligaya. l-lonnvclab~ber-n-Ge-t,,As na malapot. Bonus-n-Ganting palad. Bony a-Mabuto butuhan. Boobv-n-Ulol:- bubo. Book it Libro. Book-viilagay,sa libro. Pookbinder n Taga gawAa ug~ libro; aug guntuagawa ug libro. Bookbinderv-n Tahian at balatan n~ libro. Bookcase n Lalagyan iig igra lib —ro. Bookishi-a,Masipag niagairal. Book keeper n Tenedor Lie libro. Book keepiing-n-Ang pagtatanda ea libroBookseller-n Ang naztitiuda ug nina libro. Bookworm- n Aug tawong walaug gawa kunudi bumasa sa manka libro; ang maraminfig nabasa sa libro. 22

Page  178 BO0U17BR 178 BRA Boom-n-Palo ng sasakyan na lumampas sa dulo ng cable 6 tanikala na na kakahalang sa labasan ng- fog. Boom n Sigaw na malakas. Boom v-Sumigaw ng malakas. Boon-n Kaloob; favor, kapalaran. Boon-a Masaya-. masagana. Boor-n Tawong niahirap. Boorish-a Bastos,. magaspaing. Boost-v-Buhatin; tulunkin. Boot-n Patong; gamot. Boot-v-Makinabang; ipatong; turnubo. Boot-n-Bota. Boot v Sipaini; isuot nk bota. Booth-n-Tiakad; peria. Bootjack-n-Kasangkapan pangpaalis ng sapatos. Bootless a Walang sapatos; walang kabuluhan: di pakikinabangan. Booty-n Ang ninakaw. Borax-n-Sal de sosa. Border n Gilid; tabi; wakal. wakas~ baybay; dagdag, gasa; hanga hangaban. Border-v Umabot sa gilid; abutan ang gilid. Bordering a-Nakakahanga Bore-v-Butasin. balibulin; barenahin. Bore n-Butas; tawong ikinayayamot. Borough-n-Bayan. Borrow-v-Manghiram, hiramin; sumandali. Bosh-n-Kaululan. Bosom n Dibdib; puso. Boss-n-Amo; panginoon; puno; jeffe. Boss v Mamahala; magpuno; magjeffe. Botany-n-h arunungan tungkol sa mg-a gulay; kahoy; at bulaklak. B~otch-v-Pamamaga; mansa; gawa na hindi tama. Botch-v-Mansgahin; gawin nk pabast(,s. Both-a-Dalawa: kapwa. Both-pro.-Ang dalawa; kapwa. Bother-v-Yamutin; abalahin; yumamot; umabala. Bother n-Yamot: abala: hirap; pagal. Botheration-n Abala; yamot, kayamutan..Bots-Botts-n-Bulati sa lalamanan, bituka, at s~ikmura ng kabayo. B3ottle-v-Bote. Bottle-v-llagay 6 isilid sa Bote. Bottom-a-Ang sa ilalim. Bottom-n-Pusot; puit; ang ibaba. Bottomless-a-Walang pusot, di mata. rok. Boudoir n-Silid ng babayi. Bough-Malaking sanga. Bought-v-imp —Binili; namili. Bouillon-n-Sabaw Boulder-n-Batong malaki. Boulevard-n-Carsadang maluang. Bounce-n-Udlot. Bounce-v-Udlotin; umudlot. Bouncer n lagay na malaki.: tawong sinunkaling.? Bouncing a Malakas; malaki. Bound n-Hanga; wakal; wakas; udlot. lundag; lukso. Bound v Ilagay Dk manka hangai. Bound-v-Lumunda; umudlot; lumukso, Bound v~imp. &pp.-Tinali. nakatali. Boundary-n-Hangaian: hanga- wakal, wakas, danay. hibaybay; kataptisan. Bounden-~a-Daipat gawin. Boundless-a-Walang hanga. Bounteous-a-Sagana; maganda an l oot)Bountiful-a Magsagana; husto. Bounty n-Pabuya, ganting palad. Bouquet-n Tall ng- manka bulaklak. Bourn-Bourne-n-Sapang munti. Bout-n Tabo; away, laban. Bovine-a-Naaukol sa bakang lalaki B otoro. Bow-v-Batfin, yurnuko: iyuko: suniuko. Bow n Yuko; bati; tanuro ]Bow-n Anomang bagay na baluktot, Bowed a Balantok; baluktot. Bowel n Isaw; bituka. Bowel-v-Alisan aug mjka bituka. Bower n Bahay na munti sa halam-Yanian na walang dingding at may nmia utupusin sa boob. Bower n Ang bum ati: aug yuniuko. lBowknot-n-Tali na mainam. Bowl n-Mangkok. Bowlder-ni Botong malaki. Bowliegged-a-Mabilog ang binti. Bowline n-Lubid nk layag. Box-n-l'%'ahon; kaha. Box n Sumbi; sampal; palo: tarnpal. Box-v-Jlagay 6' isilid sa kalion: ikahon. Box v-Sampalin; magboxing. Boxer n.Ang marunong magboxing. Boxing n-Boxing..Boy-n-Batang lalaki. Boyish-a May ugaling batang lalaki. Brace-n Pareja; tungkod; dipa; dalawa. Brace v Itungkod. Bracklet-n Pulsera. Bracket-n-Tungkod. B racket-v-Itu-ngkod. Brakish-a-Maalat. Brad n-Pakong maikli; pakong mnalit, at walang ulo. Brag-v-Magyabang; magbambog maghankinBrag n Kahambugan; kayabangan; kahangiman. Brag-a-Mahambog; hambog; m-ayabang. Braggart-n-Tawongbhambogo6'mayaban,,

Page  179 BRE 1.79 BRI BraggartismnI-nKalbanbugan; kay aban~~an- kahanginan. Braid n Trintas. Braid v Trintasin; mamnirintas. Brain n Utak; sa uilo. Brake n-Pangpigil. Brakeman n-Taga pigil, Brakish a-Tapsim: maalat; mnaasiin. Bramble n-Kaugoygoyan na, may tinik. Bran-n-1)arak. Branch n Sanga. Branch a Kasanga. Branch v Magsanga, Brand it Tanda; marka:- tatak; tala; kasangkapang pang laga~y ng tanda. Brand v Tandaan, miarkahin. ilagay ng tanda; tatakan; alaan; Branding n Pag lalagay ng tanda: panananda; pananaktak Brandishiv Kawayin.- pagpagin: ipagpag. Brandish n Kaway: pagpag. Brandnew- a-Bagongbago. Brandy-n Alv9k. Brant n Gansang ramo; bibi: itik. Brash a-Marupok, mainit ang ulo; miabutlig. Brasli-n-Butlig. Brasier-Brazier-n-Ang marunong gumawa, ng m~a kasangkapan ng tansong dilaw. Brass-n Tansong dilaw. Brassy a Parang tanso; may halong tanso. Brat-n Batang hamak. Bravado.n Tawong hainbog. Brave a Matapang:- mang-ahas bayani;, mnarahas: marikit. Brave n-Trawong matapang. Bravery n-Katapan gan; dahas kapangahasan- tining ng loob. Bravo-n-Tulisadn na, matapang. Bravo inte-r.-Mabuti; tapang. Brawl-n Gulo; talo; away: usap. Brawl-v-Maltipagtalo; mag, usap. Brawn-n-Lakas; kalakasan. Brawny a Malakas. Bray-v-Durugin; dikdikin. Bray-v-Pumutok. Brayn-dyak ng kabayong mnula. Brav-v-Umiyak ang mula. Brazen-a May lialong tanso; bastos. Breach n Puang: sira; puit ng baril. Breach-v-Putmutok. Bread.n Tinapay. Breadth-n-Luang lap ad: kapalaran; kaluagan - Break v-Basagin: sirain: tipuin; biakin; lapakin: bumasag; masira; tumipo; lumagok; lagutin; masayang. Break n Basag; sira;- tipo; lagot: kastraan; puang. Breaker-n-Ang maninira; maninira. Breakfast-n-A gahan. Breakfast-v-Kumain ang agahan. Breakneck-n- Lugar nia matirik. Breakneck-a-Matulin na, matulin. Breakwater-,nHarangan nk tubig. Breast-n-Dibdib: boob nk dibdib. Breast-v Salubunkan; lumaban; bunarap. Breastbone-n Buto ng dibdib. Breastpin-n-Alfiler. Breastwork-n- IN uta. Breathe-n-Ang hininga. Breathe-v-Humin ga. Breathing-n Paghihininga. Breathless a Walang hinga. Bred v imp &p. p. -Nagalaga. Breech n PtiiU' Breech v Ibigay ng salawal. Breeches-n-Salawal - Breecliing-n-Salawalin - Breed-n-Magiwi: magalaga. Breed n Lahi. Breeding-n-Kagalangan; kaugalian; asal, galang: turo;, dunong: karunungan:, kagalingan; mnarn ng kilos; pinagaralan. Breeder-n-Taga alaga. Beeze-n-Hangin; amnihan; habagat Brent n-Gansang lalaki. Brethern n Magkakapatid. Brett n Carruageng mahaba. Breve-n-Nota nk musica. Brevet n Kalagayang mataas pero wa lang dagdag ang suedlo. Brevity-n-Kaiklian. Brew-?,- Ilahok. Brew-v-Gumawa ng servesa. Brew n-Lahok. Brewery-n-Gawaan ng- servesa. Brewhouse n-Gawaan ng servesa. Brewing n Pag gagawa ng servesa. Bribe n Suhol. Bribe-v-Suhulin; suhulan. Bribery n Suhol: pagsusuhol. Bricabrac n Manga sangkap na munti ang halaga.Brick-n-Lario; ladrillo. Brick-v-1lagay ng lario. Brickbat-n- Pirasong lario. Brick kila n.Gawaan ng ladrillos 6 lario. Bricklayer-n Kantero. Brickmaker-n Ang gumagawa ng bario. Bridal-a Nauukol sa kasab. Bride n Mapangasawa. Bridegroom-n-Lalaking bagong kasab. Bridesmaid n Babaying abay sa, kasal. Bridge n-Tulav.

Page  180 13i10 18( B LU( Brid ge-v-i lagay ng tulayl- giunia\41a a tulay. Bridle-n-Cabesada. Bridle v-Pigihnl. Brief a Maikli. Briefly-adv. Agad- mayamia. Brier- Briar-n-Tinik. Briery a Matinik. Bri- n-Sasakyan na mnay lattian dalawang palo. Brigadte n-Tatlong regiiiiientoflgsund~ailo lBrigaiidn-lulisauig; miasaninaig tavwo; tawong suitik. Bright a-.Makintab; maningninig. mnaliwanag; inakisap; inialinaw~ nal iniis Brighten-v-Lumiwanlag liwvanagan; pakintabin pakinisin. Brightness-n-Kaliwanagan: kisap; ki - nang kAintab; kinis, dilag. Brilliance-n-Ningning. kisap; dihag. IBrill iancy-n-K\isap; ningining; (lilag. Brilliant-n-Makinis, maningninig. maki sap; mnakinang niakiiitab. Brilliant n Brilliante. Brinm n Gilid; gasa; tagiliran. Briin-v-PFunuin; pumnuno hangang sa gilid. Brimful-a Puno hanigang sa gifid. Brimstone-n-Batong Matigas. Biindel-lI rindeled-a- i atikbatik. Brindle fl Batik. Brint nPatis; tasik Brine v-Asinan. Brhig-v-Dalhin~ magdala; ilafpit. Briny-a A.laasim. Brisk-a-Maliksi; uragdala:, uasavtiBrisket-n Dibdib i- liayop. Bristle n-Tutsang. Bristle v Tumutsang. Bristle v Tuniindig ang tutsaigv. Bristly-a Miatutsa ng. Brifishi-a Nauukol sa Inglaterra. British n-Ang taw() sa lnglaterria. Briton-n-Trawong Iiigl~s; I ngles. Brittle-a-lMlarupok.; lahangin; maltitong; bitakin. B-roach n Aspile; kasangkapang mato li, - Broach-v-Butasing; ipahayag. Broad-a Malapad; malnang. Broadax n-l'alataw na tualapad aug ta liIn. Broadclast-n-Pagsasaibog. Broadcast a Masabog. Broadcast avd. Pasabog. Broadcloth-n-Kayo paratig uiieriii( -Y Broaden-v Luankin; Ilumnang. Broadside-n-Taglirafl. Broadsword-n-Sabat un unalapat at niatalim. Progan-n-Sapatos na man aspaii'. Broguen-Salitang utal. Broil.v-Lutuin sa baga Broke-v~irnp-Sinira surmira. Brok~en-v Basag; sira. Brokenbhearted-a-Maltnukot na malua kot inalumbay. Broker-n- Katiwala negociante. Bronia-n Ptigkain. Bronchial a Nauukol sa b~ga. Bronclhic-a-Nauukol sa bduga. Broncho-n- abayoug Amiericaun (na niunti at matigas aug Wio. Bronze n iahok ug mnanzya metal na tila tansonig.paIn. Brooeh-n-Alfiler sa dibdib. Brood n-A kay Brood-v-T~nkpanin ink itlog ( akay: ma.. - isipisip-; nmgwariwari. Brook n-Saloysoy; iRog na inunti;- sapni. Brook-v Magtiis, matiisin. Broom-n-Walis; Iawis. Broomstick-n Tarignan mug walis. Broth-n-Sabaw - Brotbier-n-Kapatid na lanlki. Brotherhood n Ang pagknkapaitid; klatipunan. Brother-in low n Baynw. sialio. 1-rothuerly a Parangkapatid. Bronghuam n Carruage. Brow n Noo. Browbeat-v-Takutin aug. kapowa sa stalita.amaiig. Brown a-Kayumangi. B~rown-n- ulay knyumangi. TBrown-v-Tinain u~g kaynmaiigi. Brownlishi (-Kulay trigo. kavuniangimig~ Muiur"I Bruise, n-Lugbog. Bruise-v-Utgbugin; bunmagbog. Bruiser-n-Tawong bastos at malakas. Brunette-n-Babaye na hindi muaputiiig 1inaputi. Brunt nAlsa, Lakas nk isang suntok; untog. Brush-n WalisQ na miunti; escoba. Bruslu-v-Escobahini; lawisin. Bru.sh4wood n Knugoygoyan. Brusque a MagaspangBrutal a-Bastos. walang awn;a pai-amug hinyop; hindi marunong mnaawa. Brutality-n- Kawalang nk awn. kabas. tosan; knhalayan; kahayn pan, k abag, sikan. Brute-nilnyop; taonoig bastos. Pryony-n-Lipay. Bubble n-Bula. Bubble -v Bumula; bumnukal; luntiiiing. sumilakbo; btnulubnok. Bucc(,,aneer-n-Tulisan dagat - Buck-n-IUsang lalaki; negro,

Page  181 RBU ____1_1 Buck —l-t Smlllon wail; unlurunl'g. Bucket n lTimiba bald(i; Ipailllla. Buckle-n tlihila,. Buckle v-Ilibillahin. Buckle- -Hluilubtog; hbutmaluktot. Buc krarm n- Siukb. Buckshot-n-Per dle g('lnes. Buckskin n-Katadl nr trupa 6 usa. Bud-n Buka Bud-vtBum uka: isa.bak. Budge v Guiiialaw. Budtget w-Allg Payoiig at anug lalliau. Buff n Katadi na ill)illiaanl(t sa aIn6isi. Buffalo-n alaba w. Btiuffoon-n- ubo payaso. Buffoon-tuffonisl-a Matiiuwa. Buffoollery n- Bi ro; katuw aan. Bug-n Surot. Bugg- a Masurot. Buggy n-Karruageng nlunti. Blglre-n-C(orneta Bugler- -Ang corneta. Buildl-v-ltayo. gumawa ga-wiii. Build-n Yari ng isalg lbahay; paraan sa pagt atay o. Buildting n Balay. Bulb-n-Bukba. L: ulb v Maimaga: luilake. Bulbous a Malbukba. Bulge-nHubog sa labas. Bulge-v l-Huiu)og sa labas. Bulk-n- Lki. Bulkv-a-Malaki. Bull-n-Toro bakang alakai. Bull-a-Malaki; nmaagsik ilal)ailis. Bulldose v-Takotin sa salita lanltllll Bullet-n-Bala. Bulletin-n Palayag. Buli frog n-Palaka Bullion n-Ginto 6 pilak na liindi pa, I ullock-n-Bulo. Bulls eye n-Gitna n targeta. Bully n Tmawong, liamibog at masainua, Bully-.v-Maghalmbog; lullamniastanaillin. Bulwark nMaliit na kuta. bumblebee n Bubuyog, Buriy) n UiJmumpog'; untogill. Bumpv Umnpog; untog. Bumper n Panumpog. Bumpkin-n Tawong bastos; hanauk 6 ulol tiawong bukid. Bumptious a Maniahas. Bun runn n-Pandesal. Bunch n-Buig-n Kiwan. Bunch v Bunmuig issma. Bunchy a May buig malbuig, Bund-n- K atipunan. Bundle n Bigkis. balot. Bundle-v-Ibigkis; ibalot; lalutan; big kisan. Buing t Tal'olI pasak. Bunghole L Butas nlg lbariles. Bungle o Gav' in na kumg papaat.), Bunglinlg Bigla. Btunk-i-hi i}cuign catre. Bunk vl M;diga sa cliligami; luinia sa. BIunker L,ualigyan ug uliing. Buntimig u- Kavyo11g p)agalak. BuIllvyn-t-anIamagia a n ug idaliri ng plaat Buov-n-Tantla na lumu ail sa ilal, aw lig tubig at tinuturo kumg saa-n lapa4 nitagdaan ang inalga sasakyan. Buo1 v 't? alutngin. Buoy ancty n G a ( l. Bouyanllt ta Maglian; inasava. Burlden-,-'l imbalng; bigat g(a-a; kall rapan; kapagalan. Burlenl- -l patralbohin ng nial)igat. BIurdenisonue-a Mbigat mali irap i at ini. Bu rdock-un AMores. Bureau n, Aparadt.o; oft'icinla, Burg-v Nayon. Burgess e a Hukomn sa naylon. Burgller n Ang tumlitira sa navon. Butglar' n-Magnanakaw. Burglarize- C umiapalng; nlagnakaw akawin sta,balay. Burial-w-PIaglilibing liaunlan. l1urin-i-n-Kasangkapanl 11 platelo. Iulrlestue nit Katuwaxan. lBurlesque a Mlatuwla. Burly a Malaukas nialaki. Burn n-Sapa: sallysoy. Burn-n-Sunog; p)as) silab palt.)s. Burn-v Situgin' silal)in sigan papalpasainl; nauglinLgas; nmgiatiab; inapaso; miasuutnog Burner- -iMalulnog; tagasunog. B:urni-ng-a NMatliit. Burnin u-n,-Pagsulnog pagliab; paglipnglas: pagsilab. Burnish v Bulilin pakintal)in. Burnislu n Buli. Burntt v' p.)Nasun. p. NsO akasu log. Bu rro —Juntlien to. Bulroiw-xt-Nayon 1; ulltkaly ng layi(p. Burrow v lHukayin anlg lupa linumukay sa lupa. Bu rst-?v-Puuitoik: sumabog. Burst-v-Magp)utok. Bu -rst-n-PuItok. Burtlen n Bigat Itirap;, kahiriapan. Bustlhen-v Bigatan: mallir alpai. Bury-v Tlibing ibaon; lhumukay. Bush-n Ugoygoy. Bush v Mlagsaniga Busliel-n-Caba n. Bushy a Masanga: 1malago., Busily v Masipag. Busk-v ayos, ilhanda.

Page  182 CAT 1 8- 2 CAL CAT 182 CAL Busom ii Loob in~ dibdib. Buss, n-Halik. Buss vHumalik; halikin Bust-n-Larawan ng- ulo at balikat. Bustle n Kadalian; kasipagan; haplitan. Bustle-v-Magbavlit: ruagmadali. Busy a-Masipagc; may ginagawa. Busy-v-Sumlyipag: ina-haplit. But-conj.-Bagkus; ngun it; datapua;.yaman g. But.adv. -Yamang; bagkus. But n Haniga. Butcher n Mafggltjit_ Buitcher-v-Patayiu ang hayop. Bucherknife-n-Cucbillong mnalaki. B utchery-n Pagpatay: kamatayan. Butler-n-Tagailngat nA nj~a alak at p~ggkaiin. Butt n-Malaking bariles. Butt v Idugtoing..Butt el1nd-nDulong malaki; puit. Butter n Mantiquilla. Butter-v Ipahiran ng mantiquilla. Butterfly-n-Paroparo. Buttern-ilk-n (Gatas na walang laknip. Buttery a-May mantiquilla. Buttock-n-Baywang:, pigi. Button n-Butones. Buitton -v- Maghutones. Button hole n-UhalesButress-n Haliging bato na pangpatilbay sa bahay. Bukom a-Mataba; malakas; masaya. Buy v Bumnili; mamili. Buyer-n-Ang namimili. Buzz-n-Hanging; Haginit. Buzz-v- Humaging. By prep.-Sa, sakay. By ad~v.-Sa tabi; malapit sa. By-Bye-n Paalam. By-end-n-Sariling interes. By gone a-Nakaraan. By gone-n-Anomang bagay na nakaraati. By-law n-Ordenanza; utos. By-name n Bansag. By-name-n-Ban sagin. Bypath~n Landas na tago. Byroad-n-iDaan na tago. Bystander n Ang nanunuod. Byway-n-Daan na tago. Byword-i Karaniwang salita; talinhaga Q I Cab a-Carroinata. Cabal n-Ka pisanan nA~C tawo; katipunan. Cabai-v-Magakala. Cabbage v-R~epolio. Cjabbage v.ITmitin; umumit. Oab~nn Saloing, kubo. Cabinet-n-Aparadlor. Cabinet ma er-n-Au~g gunmagawa nang m~a aparador. Cable n-Kable. Cable v-MagtelegraniaCable grami-n-Telegrarna.- Hatid KawadCaboose-n-Coche - Cacao-n-Cacao; Puno DA cacao. Cackle-v-Tumilaok. Cackle-n-Talaok. Cad-n-Tawong bastosCadaver-n-Bangkav, BurolCadaverous a Parang patay, mnaputla': mukhang patay. Caddisb-a~Bastos, hamak; palalo. Caddy-nMaliit nia sisiglan DA cha. Cadence-n.Pagkaayoii nA voees sa pagsasaliia, Cade-t-n Ang nag niaral DA magpuno sa. hukbo. Cafe-n-Restaurant; fonda;, kariban. Cage-n Jaula; kulung~an n~ ibon. Cage v-llagay sa jaulaCai man -n-Buava Cairn-n-Bunton ng bato Caisson-n-Sisiglan Dg bala ng kaniyon lalagyan ng bala ng kanyon. Caitiff-n-TawonDg hamak 6 bastos. Caitiff a-Masama; hamak bastos. Cajole v Palayawin. Cajolery-n-Pagpapalayaw. Cake-n-Mamon; bara. Cakev-Tumigas: maging matigas. Calamitous-a-Mahirap; mahapis; n asakit; inasakuna. Calaboose n Bilango: calaboso. Calamity-n Sakuna; kahapisan; kahirapan; kapahamnakan; kasakitan; kasiraan DA pu f. Calaslin-Carruage na umubrang alisin ang itaas. Calcareous-a-Parang apog; may halong apog. Calcimine-n-PamalitadaCalcimine-v-Pumalitada. Calculate-v-Balakin; kuentahin;bilangin; tasahin- bumilang. Calculation-n Bilang; kuenta: balak; ka tasahan; kabilugan. Calculator-n-Taga bilang; ang gumiaga - wa ng kuenta. Calculous-a-Parang bato. Calculous-n-Bato sa loob DR pantog, Paraan DR. pagkuenta.

Page  183 CAN 18 3 CAN Caldron n Kawa, kafingan. Calandar n-Calendario; almianake. Calf n Bulo. Caliber-n-Laki. Calico-n Cita; sita. bgyn Calipers n Patiukat inang inga bgyn mnabilog. Calisthienics-n Ejjercicio;- Pagsaniay. Calix nBalat nk bulakiak. Calk-n-Pasakin; tasakin. Calk n-Pasak; tasak. Call-v-Tuma wag tawagin, dapitivn; niagvisita: visitalhin dutnalaw. Caller-n-Ang magvisita; 'I agatawag. Calling n Tawag hanap 'buhay. Calligraphy-n Sulat na miainamn. Callosity a Kalipakan. Callous n Lipak. Callous-n-Malipak. Callow-a-Walang balahibo. Calm n-Kawalan no hankin. Calm a-Tahimik, walang gulo; payapa; mahinahion. Calm v Katalhimikan; hiumimpil; turnahimik; pahinipilin. palubayin;, payapain; tiwasay pumayapa. Calmness n Katahimikan;, kapalagayan;, kapayapann, kapaniatagan. Caloricon-Taginit. panahonlD in~it. Calorific-aMainit; niauukol sa init. Calumniate v-Bintankin:- magbingtang. Calumniation-u Bintang. pagbibintang. Calumniator-n-Ang nagbintang; hindi tamia: masamia falso. Calumniatory a Falso; hindi taina; si-,nun aling. Calumny-n-Paratang na falso; alibngha. Cal ve-v-Mankanak; (,naaukol sa kialabaw o baka. Calyx-n-Manga dahon sa labas no bulaklak. Cambric-n- Cambray, Came-v. im~p.-Dumating. Camel-n-Camelo. Camnera-n Kasangkapan sa pagkuhia nk retrato. Camp-n Lugar nk pagpalin~ga nk hukho, pahingahan ng huk-bo. Camp-v-MagpahiD~a. Campaign-n Panahon ng- pag lalaban nghukbo. Camphor-n-Alcam por. Camphorate v Ilagay nk alcampor. Can-v-Maka; umubra. Can-n-1.ata. Canal-n-Sangka; padaluyan nA tubig; sangkang patubigani. Canard-n-Daya; hibo. Canary-n-Ibon na munti:at azul ang kulay. Uancel-il-Liptulin; burahin; nnia'a w, Canmcellaton-n-Pagbnra; pagilipol - Cancer n Pigsa. Cancerous-a-aNuukol sa pigsa. Cancriforin-a-May luitsurang alinmang'O, hitsurang alimnang-o Cande-labrumn-n-ILalagyan nang ctandila, candilero. Cand(id a Tunay totoo; ganap; niabait. tapat ang loob; walang labas sa mnatowid. Candidacy n Pagkiacandidato. Candidate-n-Candidato - Cand id~atur-e-n-Patgkacanid(i~atoCandidly adv-tmnay; totoo, tapat. Candle n andila. Candle-stick-n-Ti rikan ug kandila: can - dilero. Candle-fight-n-Ila-w nk cand ila. Candor-n-Catapatan 6 catibayan nang loob. Candy a Matamnis. Cane n-Cawayan; baston; tungkod. Cane v Hampasin ng baston. Cane brake n-3 ubuhan. Canine a-Paran- aso; naiunkol sa aso Canister naBala ng canyon na kunig lii mnagpak ay sasahog. Canker-a-Gibik ngo suso0. pamainato ngSusoCanker vGumiiibik anpg siso, nmamato ang suso. Caninel coal-nz-Uling naiimaitim at niiatigas-. Cannibal n 11ongot; ang~ tawong- kuara. kain ang kapwa. Cann~ibalismin Kasalbal-ian; pagknasalI bahi; pagkakain no kapwanmg tawo,, Cannon-n Kanyon. Cainnonad~e-v-Kum -ttianvoni. Cannonade n Pagpuputok ag kany-on. Cannon ball n-Bala nk kanyon. Cannon shot n-Lutok ii; kaniyoii. Cannot a Walang kaya: dIi manka. Canoe a Bangka. Canoe-v Mamangka. Canon n Utos, regla. Canonic-Canoaici~al-a-NauutkoI sta tegla 6 utos. CanonizevlIlagay sa pagkasanito ang, namatay. Canopy ni'.abing. baldokan. Canopy v Itabing; ilagay ng tubing. Cant v-Kumanta; mag awit. Cant-n Salita na nakakabawig sa kanta labas ng sulok. Canteloup-' anteloupe-n Kunting melon. Cantata n-Poema na may hialo, aiqg RIga111 kanta. Canteen a Tindahan; lalagyan iig tubi~g, Canter n Takbo.

Page  184 CAR 154 CAR C(anter -v Tumakbo. Canticle-n Ang kanta ni Salonion. Canton fiantel n Frenela. Can vas n-Balindang. Canvas-back-n Patonl d (alt. Canvass v Sivasatin humanap n voto. Canvass-n Siyasat; pnghanap n5 voto-. Cap-n-Tukarol; gorro. Cap-v- uptopin; takpan; tapusin. Capable-a-Ma, kaya; bihasa,; nmab.it sanay sapat. Capaciouls-a-Mlaaliwalas: naluiag; mna luang: inalaki. Capacir.y-n Kapalaran sukat; takal; Inki. Cap-a pie-adv.-Mag buhat sa ulo hangang sa paa. Canpariso-n- Kasangkapan ng cahbayo. (:aparison — Gavaki n. Cape-n Capa. Caper-v-MTaglikot; miaglundagan. Caper-n-Likot lunda.. Capillary-a-Parang, bubok. Capitai a Nanukol sa bulhav nio. Pririero sa hanlaga; mainanl: nlarikit. (Capital-n- Cpital; mauscunla. Capitazl — Puhunan. (Cipitalist n-Ang nmay pDnunan: ang naiu n muntllnan. C,)ital, ize-a-Main u lullnanl. C(apittal letter-n rLtranlg inauscula. Capit tioln n Pagltngot. Capitol-n-Ba 3-lay n gobierno. (alpitulate vS-Sumuko. Caipitulation n-Pagsuko. (apon n-Kapon. (,prrice n Li gya inanm; pakaibi). (Iapriciols-n- Main a li: malignya. (1ipsi.culi-n-Panlinta. (aps:ize-i-Ttaub tunmamib. Cas ize-' — Pnt at a ub. Capslar Capsul ary-a-Hitsurang capslla; naimukol sa capsula. Capsule-n Capsula. (Captain n-Kapitan: pnno. Calpta.incy n Pagkakapitan; kalagayan kapitan. C(aption n Paidulo. (Captionus a Makapipintas; mapintasin. Captive n Preso; anlg nakulong. Captivate-v-B i}hgin, bulm ihag; pasukuin. (Captivity-n Pagkapreso: pagkabilhag. Captor n Ang blmlibag. Capture,i-Bilhagin; blrrilafg santsanmin: dak pin. Captlre n PaTrkabibagp pagkliha; pagsa nsan:tl pagbilhagCar-n,- K aro, bagol. (arabline-n Raril nan maikli. Caracole v Gulungin. Caramel-n Caramelitos. Carat n-Tlimnbang ng ginto. Caravansar -n Tulntan. Carbine-,3 Buril na nmaikli. Ca rb)olic t-Carobolico. Carbon -. Tin. Carblon aeous a- ai lv halong uling. Ca rbov n R a j n ju- a. Carbuncle n Piosa. Carca-'s n Banlkay. Card-n SnkilaV ng bailablibo. Card-n-Sulat na miaikli, Pin:song carton na muay n kasulat n ang naglan; bara a Carl-v Suklayin ang balahibo. Card biarrd in Carton. Ca rdia n-Puso. Card iac n Naunkol sa puso. Cardialgia-Cardialgy-n-Sakit ng puso.. Cardinlal-a Unang: mahalagang. (Cardinal-n Cardinalq1. Care n In at pagkakalinga; pagiinlgat; panumaniaala kabirapan. Care v-Inaatin panlmalalaan; mamnahala. Careful-a Maingat: maalaga; mnakalinga; mnagpasnnod Careless a Pabaya waalang ingat; mabagal walang kalinga; walang avos. Cal relessness-ln-lbKapabayaan; kaligtaan; katarnaran: kabagalan; kawalan ng a Vos. Careen-v-Hlunnilig; hImlnapay. Careei-n-(Carrera: palakad; hanapbul ay. Career v Lunakad ng matinlin' Carress v Alindugin; palavawin. Caress-nAlindoor; anis palayaw. Careworn a Pago(d rmairap matpagal. Cargi -n-Painamalbala; ang nilulan. Caribou n Kalabaw. Caricature Tn Retratong mapapatawa. Caricature-v - tUI a a nlan retratong falso Caricaturist-n Ang gulinawa ng retratong falso. Carl n-Tawong malakas; tawong bastos. Carman n Coclero. Carmina tiv e n Carminativo. Carnnge-v-Lamlan 6 carne ng tawo ( hayop na patay: kamatayan. Carnal-,n Mataba; nalamnan. Carnation-n- Carnacion. Carnation a Mapulapula. Carnival 1n-K arn aval. Carniveronsa Makakain ng karne. Carol-n —! anta;: Awit. Carol v-Knlr antla Mag awit. Carousal n Kalikutag ingay kaguluhan; kain ayan; biroan. Carouse v Uminom at nagkagklo. Carouse-n-Ang pag iinom at pag guguloCap-v-Pintasin.

Page  185 'I CAS 185 CAS I 8~~~~~ CAUD' Carp-n-Runinbuan. (Carpen ter-n-AnI uague. Carpentry n Pagr aaniluague. Carper-n- A g paLMIPIntas. Carpet n-Kayotig niakapal na nakalata- sa sahIlig. Carpet n-Saco (le noclhe. Carriage-n-Carruage; paudadala. Carrier-it-Tagadala aug nagdadala; Lga pasan. Carrion-n Carneng nabubulok. Carroin-n- Carom - Carry-v-Magdala, pasanin: (lalhin. Cart n-R~agol, careton. Cart-v-Dalhin; ilag.ay sa bagol. Oar-tage-n Pag lulul an sa b~agol. Carter n-Cochero. Cartilage n Butong r-nlam-bot. Cartilageous a Nauukol sa butong malanmbot. Cartridge n-Cartucho; punlo. Carve v-Guhitin; hiwain. Carvhing n Aug pa9g uhit: paghiwa. Cascade n Talonan ug tuibig. Case n Bahay, lalagyan. Casev Isilid sa lalagyan. Case n IUsap; ang nangyayari. Caseous a Pa rang queso. Cash-n Salapi; kuiarta. Cash-#i-Ipamilit ng kuarta. Cash book v, Librong tandaan ng pagpasok at pag labas nog, kuarta sa caja. Cashier-n-Tenedor de libros. Cashier-i 1alis sa katungkulan. Casing nf akip; kahon; lalagyan. Cask-n lBariles Casket n-Ataul. Casque, n Bariles. Cassimere n-Kayo de 'lana. Cassock-n-Ha'bito. Cast-v-Hagis; pukol; balibag: tapon; pagpukol pagtapon; pagtudla. Cast-v-Ipukol- ibalibag,- itapon; ihagis. Ca~tai way-v-Tawoug hamnak. Cast way-allamak; walang kabuiuhan. Caste v-Kapisanan nR tawo: lahi. Caster-v-Guloung nk in ~a kasangkapan ug bahay. Castigatey~Paru sahiD; paluin; hampasin. I Casting v-Pagbububo; aug b inubo. Castlerv-Kuta; bahay na mainamn at matibay., Castor-v-Sombrero. Castor oil v-Aceite de castor. Csstrel-v-Lawin. Casual a-Hindi sianaadya; mataonanh. Casual v-Stiidalong -walaug destino. Casualty v-Ani~ niagkakataon; pangya yari: aug hindi sinadya. Cat-n-PusaCataconib n-Lugar n~ tipunin aug mga buto n~ natigamatay. Catalep~sy it Knlagaan ',Dparang patay. Cataleptic-a Kaunkol sa hiniatay.' Catalogue n- audnan. Catalogcute-v-Ilsa~ay sa tandaara-: ilista 6 isulat sa tandnan. Catam-aran-n-Sasakyan na may dalawaug katawan. Catamount n-Hayop na mabaugis na nakakahawig sa tigre. Cataplasm n-Tapal. Catapult-n-Panghagis Da mnga bato at Cataract-n-Talon ng tubig; (malaki). Catarrh n Sipon. Catarrhal a Nauukol: sa siponCastastroph e-n-Sakuuna. Cat-awba-n-Alak. Catboat n-I-angka. Catch v Hulihin; humnui; umnabot- abutin; dakpin: hahulin; humnabol; kuDin. Catch-n-Ang nahuli- aug hinuli' Catching n Paghuhbuli. Catch penny-a-Walang kabuluhan. Catchup-Catsup n-Sarsa. Catechiise-v Magturo, sa pagtatanoung. Catechism n Catecismo. Category n Lagay.- kalagayan. Cateo~orical a Nanukol sa lagay; totoo. Cater-v Maghanda naug pagkain; maghanda. Caterpillar n Uod, higad.Catfis-h n Kanduli. Catgut n Pisi ug bituka. Catl-artic-n Purga. Cathartic-a-INaunkol, sa purga. Cathedral-n-Katidral. Catholic a- atolico. Catholic-n-Aug sumasampalataya sa religioug catolico. Catholicism-Catholicity-n-Pananampala — taya sa religioug catolico. Catholicize-v Pilitin ng magigiug catolico. Catkin-n-Tinik. Catmint-Catnip-n-Kabliug. Catsup n-Sarsa. Cattle n-Manada nk baka: mnga baka. Caucus-n-K apulougan ug mnga partida. Caucus'-v-Magtipon DR partida. Caudal a-Nautnkol sa buntot. Caudate a-May buntot. Caudle n Inuruin ug mainit, para naug -may sakit. Caught-v. inmp.&p~p.-Hinuli; -akahuli. 24

Page  186 CEL 186 CER CIL 186 CER CaUl-n-Panakip, ng- ulo. Cause n- Pinagtnulan:, pinagbuhatan. pi nangalingan, dahilan:- katowiraji; katampatan. Cause-v Yumnari ibigayvu pinaghulia tan 6 pinagmulan. Causeless-n Wkalang dahilan. Cause way Causey-n IDaan na mnataas. Caustic a Mlapaposuhan. Caustic n Gamot noa'pangpaso. Caute r-n-Bakal na mainit iia pamaso. Cauterize v Pasuhin. Cautery-n Pagpaso. Caution-n-Lngat; siyasat bait; mnalhan. Caution v Umabala, magbigay alarn. Cautionary a Nauukol sa inigat. Cautious-a- Dal; muaingat mapaginas~i: mahiniahon. Cavalca~de n-Procession uig mia tawouig nakasakay sa kabayo. Cavalier nAug naka-sakay sa kabayo. Cavalier-a-Masaya. Cavalry n Kaballiria. Cave-n-Yungib; lunga, longib; tibag. Cave-v Tibagin, itibag. tumibag. Cavern n-Yunkib, lorigib - lunga. Cavernous a Nauukol. so yungib; miayuugib. Cavil-n-Dahilan na walang kabululian. Cavil v-.Magbigay ng dahilan n~a walang, kabuluhan. Caviler-n-Aug nagbigay, nk (lahilan na walang kabululian. Cavity-n-Hlukay:, ukit; butas. Caw-v- M~agwaka. Caw-n-Wak. Cayenne n Paminton. Cayrnan n Buaya. Cease-v Tumigil; humnimpil; tumalian. Ceaseless a-Walang tahan. Cedar-n-Kah~oy na malambot at mnapulo. Cede-v-Magbigay, ibigay:- ipagkialoob: pumayag. Ceil-v-.Maglagay rig kisame. Ceiling-n Kisame. Celebrate-v-Magdiwang, ipagpista, muagfiesta. Celebrated-a-B antog, balita; bunyi, bayani; muabantog. Celebrity n-Banto'g. kabayanihan. Celebration-n-Diwang- pista. Celebrator-n-Aug nagdidiwaong. Celerity-n-Katuliuan; kadalian, fiksitulin.Celery-n-Kinkiay. Celestial-a-N~auukol, sa,!-insik:' Celestial-n-Jnsik. Oelibacy-n-Kalagayan na wal'ang atsawa; pag-kahagongtawe. Cell-n-Hadlang; butas. Cellar-n-Lunka; lougib: yungib. Cellular-a-May m-raraoming but as: butas butos. Cemient-n Cimeuto. Cement v, Jlagay 6 pahiran jig cenien to. Ce-n etaryn Pan ti on. Cen ser-n-Incen sari o. Censor-n-T.o.ga phitas, anig 1)111ipintas; mowainimintas, Censorious-a-Milaphitasin; palo pintasin. Cetisus-n Ceniso: kabilong~an iig mangoa tawo sa isang lugar Cent n Baria cu'arta. Cental n-Isang daang libra. Clentenarian-a Nauukol sa isang daaiig taon. Centcnariaon vn oweo a may isang, (loan taon nig guan. Centenary n Luot iig isang loan taon. Centenary a Nouukol sa isang daan taon; may isang doaan taon. Centenial~a-Naniukol sa isang doaui toon. Centenial-n-Pagdiwan g sa. katapusan ng isang daan taon. Center-ni (itna, ubod: kaibuturan; laot, koloo bloobon. Center v Ipagitna: pirmihlin. Centesimial. a Jcaisangdaang bliahogi. Centigrade a-May isang daang groWl., Centigram n-Centigrtimo. Centiliter-n- Centilitro. Centimeter n-Centimetro. Centipted n Uod no may mnaratli-~ng paa. Cenjtipede n-Uod ua may maraming pan. Central'a So gitna; naunkol so gitna. Centralize v Ipagitna. Centric a Gitna. Centrical-a-Gitna. Centrifugal.-a-Nakakaalis E-a gitnia. Centripetal a-iNakakalopit sa gitnaCentuple a-Isang daaug duble. Centuple-v-Dublihin uang isang daang veces. Century-n Luat ug- isang (blang taoon. Ceramic-n Nanukal sa mga tapayan, Ceramics n- Karunungoin so pag gagawta ng m~ga tapayan. Cereal a Nauukol sa mga mais, palattrigo, -etc.Cereal n Maiz, palav, trigo, etc. Ceremonisal-aNauukol so cerentonio. Olerem onial-n-Cereruonio. Ceremonious aNaunukol sa cereonionj dakila ayon sa kaugalian. Ceremony-n-Ceremonio.: kaugalion; ka asalan. Cel~tain-a-Totooz tunay. Cert~inly-,adv.-Tunay; totoong. -- Certainly n Pkatunavan; katotohoanan.

Page  187 -,HA I 87 CHA Certiticate-n Titulo; katotohanan. Certificagte v Patotohanin. Certification n Pagpa.patotoo; pagpapatibary. Certify v Sumakgi. Certitude n-Katotohianan. Cervical a-Nautukol sa lig. C-,rvine a anukol, sa usa. Cessationin Paoh into- pagh im pil; tapos; pagglubay. Cession n Suko. Chafe v Yanmtmot; yamnutin. Chafe n 'Yam-ot; alipunga. Chaff n Dara-k:- gilig,; uhan. Chaff n Tuksuhin Chaffy v Unsayanin. Chagrin v Pighati lhiva: yaniot. Chain n, Tanikala- kadena'. Chain vTalian ng tanikala. Chair nt Upuan; silla. Chairman n-Presidente: ang namunmuno sa isanz katipunan. Chaise nt Karromata. Chaldron-n-Takal] n& tiling ta, may pitonlgpuong,, aroba.i Chalice n Calis; kupon. Ch. 1k nYeso: lupang puti. Chailk v Gubhitin 6 paihiran rig yeso. Chalky a-Parang yeso. Chalk line n Pitik. Chatllenge n Harnon; dayo; btaa; daynhian Challenge v-Humamon; harnunin; (Iayuhin. Chamber n Kuarto: silid. Chamber-v Ilagay sa silid. Charrnherlain n Puno sa, bahay nang gobierno. Chamber-maid n Alila sa, bahay. Chamneleon n Butiki, Chainp-v-N;gu inasab. Champagne n Champagne. Champaign n Lupang maluang at patag. Champaign a Patag nialuang; inalawak Champion a Puno: tawong bayani. Champion-,v-Tunaban- kupkopin. Chance n Kapalaran- palad. Chance-v Jlagay sa, kapalaran. Chance-a-Nagks qtron. Chance-n-Lugar nang altar sa simbahani Chancellor n.Hukom, Chandelier ab~alagyannag kinki; aranya. Chandler-h-Ang magtitinda, ng candila'; rnangagawa nk candila. Chandlery it Tindahan ng candila. Change-v Caguhin- palitan; halinhan; ibahin: ipamialit- bumago: hurnalil1'; maggpalit; suklian. Change-n Sukli; palit; pagkabago; kaibhan halili., Changreable Chang~eful- c-Hind i firme Channel n Agos n& tubig: pusod nana, iog. Ciran t-v Mag awit: magkanta. Chfint-n-Awit kanta; dalit. Chanticlier-n Manok. Chaos n-G1ub. ~Chaotic a-Magulo. Chap n Alipunga. Chap n Panga, sihang; lalaki. battang lalaki. Chaparral. n-Wauigoygoyan. Chapenu-n-Sombrero; sambalilo. Chapel-n Visita. Chatperon-n Ang matandang babayi nataga, ingat sa, mga, (alaga, na, nasa" isang funcion. Chaperon-v-Lngatan ug matandang habavi ang niga (lalaga. Chapfallen-a-Maltingkot. nahihiva, Chaplain-n-Capillan; Pani nang man~a suntdalo. Chaplet n Rosario Citapinan n Tawong miangangalakal. Chaps-n-Bibig. Chapter n-Pan gkat. Chapter-v-Magpangkat. Char-v'Sn nugin. Character n- Kaugalian; ugali; asal, knasatan - Characeteristic-a-Cawing: nauukol. Charecteristic-n Kaugalian. Characterize-v-Saysayin; mag~avsay. Charcoal- r-lMing. Charge v Ipagbilin- humlngi. Clhar~en HinDi gasta; gugol, halaga: bilin tagobilin; paratang: bintang., Chargeable-a-Dapat humingi ang bayad. Charger-n Kabayo ng) sundalo. Charitable a Mgawain- mnaluang auc loob: magandang loob. Charitv-,n Limos. Charlatan n-Ang nagsasalita ng walang kabuluban. -1 Charm, n-Pa'nghalina; panghinayang~; pagtataka;, puko. Charm-v Patakanin; pasukuin. Charming a.Main am; dakila. Charnel-a May lulan ng mga, bankayl" Charnel house n Libing- pantion; bahax na, ikinalalagyan ng inga, bangkaV.. Chart nMapaChart v Gumawa, ng miapa. Charter n-Pahintulot ng gobierno; kasn-l latan Charter v-Upahan. Chary-a-Mai ngat; maimot. Chase v Habulin; mang'aso; humabol. Chase n Paghabol; pangangaso. Chaser-n-Ang humahabol. Chasm n'Paris-'saluysoy.

Page  188 CHII18(h 188 (-,)H() Chaste-a-Mahinahon; wag.as. dal isay; mabini; mahinhilin. Chiasteness —n-v abinian- kalinisan; kapurilian. Chasten v-Dalisayin linisin,. Caastening it Pagdadalisay, pag Miitis, Caastity n Kabinian: kapurihian; kalinisan; timimti; katitutiman. Chastise v-1Ilamnpasin; paluinl; parusahin, mnagparusa. Cilastizeixient n- Parusa; ham pas.~ palo. Caat n Salitaan; sahita usap. Ciant v Magsalitaan; inakipagusap. C.iateau-n-J-lahay sa parang. CGiattel-n-BLagay; kasangkapain. Chlatter-v-Magsalita nk matulin. Ctiatter-n-Salita. Chiatterbox-n-Tawong mnasalita. Chiatty-a- Ma_.alita. Ch~eap-v Mura: hamnak. Cdeapriess n-Kamurahan. Ch~eapen-v- B~awasan. nk halaga. Cheat-n Tekas; daya. patihonig hibo; tawong magdaraya; tawong stiftik; pagh~ibo: Manunuba. Cheat-vfHibuin; dayain; tumnekas; tekasin; manuba ankinin. Check n Pigil; billete. Chieck-v-Pigilin; pumigill ainpatin; pa. hiintoin, awatin. Cheek n Pisnki. Cheer-n-Sigaw ng tuwa. Chieer-v Suniigaw dahil sa tuwa. Cheer v-Bigyan lakas. Cheerful-a- Masaya; mnaligava; im akaluilugod; nakatutuwa; matuwa. Cheerless-a Malunkot; mapanglaw. Chieese n Queso. Cheesy-a-Parang queso. Chemise n Camison. Chemist n Kemista. Cheque-n-Chieque. Cherish-n Palayawin; inkat in. Cheroot-n Tabaco. Cherry-a-Ceresa. Cherry n-Mapula. Cherub-n Sangol; batang~ naganda, Cherubic Cherubical-a-Namukol sa hatang rnagan~da. Chest n-Kaban; baul. Chestnut-n Castafio. Chevalier-n-Tawong sutnasakay sa kabayo. Chew v-Nkuyain; nkuniuya. Chick-n-Sisiw. Chicken-n-Manok.Chicken hearted-a-Dung; mahidn~a - anig loob; matatakutin. — Chicken pox-n- Bulutong tubig. Chide v-Gasaan; t'uksuhin. Chief a-Unang;, malaki primerong. Ch~ief n Puno; sinmgkad. Chieflly-adv.-Nauna. Chieftain n Puno. Chaignon n-Pusod. Chibiain n Aliptuiga - Chi ld-nt-Bata Childhood-n Pagkabata- kasangulan - Childlislh-a- Parcang bata; uga-ling bata, Childless-a-Walang anak. Childfli ke-a-Parnmg, bata ugaling bata. Chill n-Ngiki. Chill-iv Ngumiki. Chilfly-aMalamnig na kaunfi; mnalaumiglamnig. Chime-n-Tuatog ng) compana. Chiine-v Tulnugtog ang comupana. Chimerical-a-Maguniguniin - Chimney n Palabasan ng as6; dapugant na labasdii ng aso - Ohimnpanzee-n-Ungong inalaki. Chitn-n-Baba. China-nt-China; Chirnch-n-Surot. Chin cough-n IUbong rntalakas. Chine n GulugodChinese a-Nauiukol sa tnsikChinese n-Insik, 'tawong insik. Chinese-n-Wika n~k Insik. Chink-v-Bitak: lanmat. lahv-ng. Chink-v-Bitakin lalhankin lumnahang, Chintz-n-Sita. Ch1i p n, T,-Pal, pmumas. Chip-v-Pingasin: tatalin. Chips-in Pin agtatalan. Chirp-n-Siap. Chirp z' Sumiap. Chirrup-n Siap. Chirrup-v-Suimiap. Chisel-n-Pait; lukobChisel-v-MNagpaii; maglukob. luktibini Chit-n- Batan-g munti: supling. Chit chat-n-Salita. Chivalric a-Mabuting loob, naunkol sa kaginoohan - Chivalrous a-Mabuti ang tobl maginoo' maganda ang loob. Chivalry n Pagkaginoo. 0Chive-n-Sibuyas na munti. Chloroform-n Cloroformo. Chloroform-v-Patuluigin sa Cloroformo. Chock-v-Talian. Chock-adv. Puno; lubos; punong Puno. Chocolate-n-Sikolate. Choice n-Hirang; pili; lugod; pagpili, parnimili.,Choice-n-flirang; mainam. Choir-n-Coro. Choke-v.1nisin; umninins.

Page  189 CID) 1s,. (ilT Choler n Galit. Cholera nt Colera. Clioler-i Apdo. Chioletic aNaniukol sa galit. Chioleric a auuikol sa apdo. Cholera morbus n olera morlho; colerin, Choose v-lhalal; piliiin; pumili; humid rang hfiraD~in humnalaw; uraghialal; Chop-v-Plitolin; tadtarin palakojin. Chiop n-Potitl; pagpuputoll tadtad. Chiop-n- lifstek. Chop stick n-C.ubiertos ng man1ka 'nsik. Chioralo-Nautikol sa coro. Chordi n Kuerdas Chord-v-1lagav D kirerdas. Chore-n Munting trabajo. Choristei —' antador. Chor-us ntKapisanan ng- manga can ta(1ores Chose v. imp.-Pinili; pumiii. Choseni v. p. j -Pinili na; nakapili na. Chowder-n-Pagkasahiog ng pagkain. Chowder-v Lutuin ng sahogsahog. Christ-n (risto. Christen-v-1Binyagin; bu InMinyag;- magbiny ag. Chriseterdom-n-Lupain ng inanka biniyaga n. Christian-v-Binyagani ang binin-vagan. Christ~ian-a-Nauunkol, sa pagiribinyvag. Christ ian~ity-n Pagkabinyagan. Christianize v-Binyagin nragbinvag, Christmnas n-Pasco Chrornatic-a-Nauukol sa nianga kulay. Chromie-n Metal na inaputi at niatigas. Chronic a Nauukol sa panahion. Chronicle n-Tandaan no manga bagay, na nangvari sa iba,t, ibang panahion. Chronicle v Listahin DA manga nrangyari saibha,t, i bang pan ahon. Chronometer-n-Reloso6'Orasan na mabutitiChub-n-Halobaybay. Chubby a Pandak, mataba. Chuck-v Sumiap. Chuck-n Siap. Chuckle n Tawa. Chum n- Kaulayaw; kalaguyo, kaibigani. Chum v-Magkalaguyo; rnagkaulayaw. Chuck-n-Piraso. Chunky a-Ntataba; pandak. Church-n Simbahian. Church man n-lawong simbahan - Churchwarden n Fiscal nk simbahian. Churchyard n-Patio. Churl n Tawong bastos at may masa mang kaugalian. Churlish a Mararnot at bastos. Churn v Pagpagin; galawin. Cider n-Katns ng mansanas, alak. Cigar n-Tabaco. Cigarette-n- igarr-illo. Ohlla n-Plilikruata. Ciliary —a Nanutkol sa p~i kniat a. Cinder n Ulin~g Abo. Cinnamon n-Canela. Cion- SoIp1 log. Ciphier- n Zero. Cipher v Ktientalim; rnagkoerrta. Circle n- Bilog; kabilngan - Cir-lex Palgir-in. putnaligid. Circlet-nt Munting bilog. Circuit nPalibid bilog palibot;paligid, Circuit-r-hi- naligid. puinalihot puma11-t hbidl. Circuitous a Mlabilog; inalikoliko;p; suotstlot. Circular a Mabilog. Circular n Pahox-,ag ng isang lbagay. Circularity a-Kabilugan. Circulatev -okalat; iparnalat. Ch-ct lotioin -Ang pagkakalat. Cir(t-cu ifereucceai-Paligidpaii-kai logan -laibdkh Circumiflex nINurlit. Circumiflex aNaunikol sa kurlit. Circumiilocuttion-n.Sa-liraing baliktadi. Circum navigate v Paligiringangmound —,~ purnaligid sa ruondo. Cii-cui.r navigatioin-i-.nPagpapal igidI ng mnundo - Circum polar- a. Malapit sa hilagaan ng inundio. Circuniscribe v Kulungin:, paligirin ng guhlit. Circoiniscription n Guhit ea labas ii anoimang bagay 6 lugar-. Circunmspect a Mabait mruanuong: inahinahon: banayad; niahinhin - Circunispection-n K a hi n hIi nan bait tuto; dunorijg ka~runungari - hinahon - Cir-curnstance it Airg N\angyari Circunmstancial-a-Nauiukol sa ruanga bagay.Circumvent-v-Manalo sa pagd ad ava, magbalatkayo. Circumvention-ut Pagdaraya pai a ii a 1 o sa pagdaraya.- daya. Citicus-n-Circo. Cis atlantic aSa gawi rito ng dagat na atlantil 0. Cistern-n Balon Citadel-n-Kuta ng hayan. Cite-v Sabihin.- saysayin, m agsavsay, magsabi; magpahayag: pahayagrin - Citation n Pagisabi; pahayag.Citenzen-n-Tawong bayan. Citric-a-Nauukol sa kundol 6 dayap. Citron-n Kundol. City-n-Bayan na malaki; malakingbayar.

Page  190 CLA Civerr n lBawang. Civic a Nauukol sa.piao Civil-a Masuvo; mabait; niragalang-. Civilian n Pa'isano. kiilots Anyo; suyo galang; hinihin; klsna mrainan-i; haindog. Civilization n Duno gy; kalagyr a runo ng, Civilize —r-Turnian. Civilizedl-a Martinong: may dunong. Clabber n Paglalapot nR 'gatas. Cl rbber-v Lurnapot. Clack-v-Ngumna sab. Clack-n-NgZasab. Clad-v. imp. & p. p.-Nakasriot; sin not. Claim v Humingi; ariin. Claimn-n Hin~i. Claimant n Ang humihingi. Clanin-Taln-an Clamnber-iv Urnakyat. Clammy-ii-Maputik, paranL, uhog' Clarnor-v-Guluniin- miaggrulo; umtigong; silmfigaw hiumiyaw. Clamror v Gulo- ingnay- rigong kalabog; Iliyaw ka~tilhnhn: kaing&ayan. Clarnorous-a-Alai ngay; unagurlo. Clarrp ni-Panipit. Clam p-v Ipitin. Clin n Lahi. Clasman-n-Balang tawo, ng isang, lahi, Clandestine a-Liliirn; tag. Clandesti nat ion-n-Li him. Clang v Trnimnuog. Clang, n Tunog. Clangor nt Gurlo- in gay, Clangorous-a-Magurlo. Clank n-Tuniog. Clankv-Tu'irnunog. Clap v Turyiagupak; tagipAkin. Clap n Ttigipak. Claptrap-n-Hibo; dayal. Claptrap a Nlakadada,,va: nakahihi~bo. Claret-n-Ti nto. Clarify V-Towirin- husavinl; liwanagin; (lalisavin: lurniwana-g. Clarinet-C-iariornet, n-Clarinete., Clarion nt Trmurpeta. Clashi v-Umrrmpog; btunungo. Cl-asl n Cungo, hanga: 'umpog: untog. Cla-sp c-Itrimawak lhawakin. dla'sp-n liawak. Cla~ss aClase: hirinog; Jahii. Olass-v-llazray sa grado. Clasrsic-n.-G('awa na marinam. Clats'ic-,Clapsical-a Nauukol sa pagaarali. Cla,,'',Qsifincation'-n-PaglalagavN sa grado. Cillssify-v Ilagay sa- grado 6 sa karn;rpaan. Cassmate n Kasamna sa pagoar-al (O CLI Clatter-v Kumalog. Clatter-n-i alog. Clouse n-Pangkat. Clavicle-n-Buto nig lug'. Claw-v-K uko rig paa nk hayop 6 iboD. Claw-v Umukyabit. Clay-n Pusali. Clay-v Pahiiran rig putsali. Clayey-a-May halong pusali; nanukiol sa pusali. Clean-a Malinis: wagas; walang halo-; inaselang liawan; tagan~s, manayos. Cleian-adv.-Wagas. walang halo; walang s uk al, Clean-v-Linisin: ninglinis; kayasin; kintalin pakalinisin: ayusin. Cleanliness nKalinisan: kakinisan; ka-; linawan. Cleanly-adv.-Malinis; walang halo: mnaselang. Cleanse v Talisayin: linisin; pakalinisin. Clear aPuro: tunay- totoo: maliwanag: hiawan hayag. di malabo. Cle~ar-a Malinis; watak mnaaiwalas. Clear-adv.-Wagas; walang halo; mali. nis aliwalas. Clear-v-IL-iwanag~,in; dalisayin: linisini. Clear-n-Lugar na walang kahoy sa gubat. Clearence-n-Pag lifinis. Clearing nLugar na malinis. Clearness-n-Liwanag; kaliwanagan; ka-' linawan. Cleat n Tablang makitid. Cleavage n Paghibiak. Clave-v-Lahanin; biakin. Cleaver n Palataw. Cleft n Bitak~ lahan~g. Clef t-a Mabiak. Cleinatis-n Lipay na. may burlaki~ak. Clernent-a-Maawain. Clemency-n-Awa; habag: kaawaa.111 Clergy n Kapisanan rig mga pani. Clergy man-n-Pastor. Cleric n-Taga sulat; pani. Cleric-" lerical-a Nauukol sa pani; nauukol sa tsga sulat. Clerk-n Escribiente:- taga sulat:- aug nagtitindla; tindera. Clever-a-Bihasa; mnarunong; ganap; miabait. Cleverness n Karuriung!an; dunong. Clewnr Bola rig pisi. Click v-Pumalatak. Click n Palatak.Client-n-Ang kinalorig rig abogado. Cliff-n-llatong matairik. Climate-n-Clina. Climnax-n-Dulo; paridulo. Climb n Umalkyat: urnahon.

Page  191 CLU U) I 'J A0Jh Clime-n-Chniia. Clinch-v-Silsilin. Cling v Sumabit, dundkit. Clink-v-Umalalad. Clink-n-Alala. Clinker-n-Abo nk uling. Clip-v- Bawasari: awasan- tnutiai: gupitin; hiwaiin. Clip-n Gtupit hiwa. Clipper n- ug guniuguipit. Clippiug-n Paggugupit. Clipping-n-Pinag gupitan. Clique n Kapisanan. Cloak n Darnit na pang ibabaw. Cloak-vilsuot ng pang ibabaw. Clock-n-Relos: orasan. Clock work-n-Makina ing relos. Clod-n Tingkal. Olod-v-Ttimingzkal. Cioddy a Matingkial. Clod hopper n-'fawong bastos; tawoing.parang tawong hamak. Clog-n-Abala. Clog-v-Abalahin. Cloggy-a-Makakaabala. Close-v Tapusin; isara; yarfin; utasin; tumapos: sadhan. Close-a-Tipi miasinsin; inaratr:ot, mait ipid kuiripot; mahigpit gi pit. Close avd. Malapit;I iakipot; niakit id. Close-n-Tapos; katapuisan. Closed-a-Utas. Closcly-adv. Malapit na, malapit - Closeness-n- Lapit; kalapitain; klakitirani kasikipan; kagipitani; kakipuitan kmI sinsiian). Closet n-Silid na kinalaidgyan iig inga damit. ClotnPatak ng diugo. Cloth-n Kayo. Clothe v-Isuot nk dauiit. Clothes-n Maiiga dinhit. Clothing-n-Damit. Cloud n-Ulap; alapaap. Cloud-v-Dumiban; labuan padilimin. Cloudfless a-XWalang uhop niaiwanlag. Cloudy a-Maulap may ulap; mnalabo. Clout-n-Tutop; pakong munti at walang ullo; Clout v-Tu',aupan. Clove v-Bunga Dk pandiita. Cloven-v- Piniak nabiak - Clover n Damo. Clown-n-Bobo. Clownish-a-Patang bobo. Cloy v-Mabusog, yumarniot. Club-n-Palo: tungkod pumalo. Club v-Paluin; pumalo; paluin nang tungkod. Club) foot, n- Pila,-ag su pai. Clue-n-Guni, tan(ia. Clnmp-n-buntoni ina walang hitsuira. Cluaisv a Llastos; nuabagal. Clu~ng vI. p..p.-Nakadikit diniki I; siniabit; nakasabit CIluster-vr-Piling. Cluster-i'-' uniiliny. Clutcth-n Hlaw~ak. Clutch v Hawakan; hutnawak. Coavh -n-Ccch e. Coach-v-Magturo. Coachman ~i Cochero. CoadIjutor-,nAug laaking tunututtlong sa i ba. Coadjutrix n Ang babayiiig ttniutuflong sa iba. Coal-n-Uling. Coal v Ilagay nA til ing; pun itfn -nan uling. Coalesce-v-lialo, i laki p ilangkapj isania; sumnaina hunialo. Coalition-n- Pagkiakalapat; p~agkakalakip;pagkakapitsan. Coal pit n Huikayan nA uling. Coarse a-Magaspang:- bastos; han~aal - walang pinag aralan. Coarsenes-s-n Kabastusan; kapal, Coastan-Baybay dlagat.Coast v-Luau y~ag nialapit sa bay ba v dagat. Coaster n asakyani na hindi ltinay x sa bay bay dagat. Coat n-Bfaro. - Coat v-1agay sa barn. Coax-v Palayawin; alindutgin; paalohi; tnanuya; miagdiladila. Coaxing-n Pag lalayaw; pag -aalindog; pag(fidiladila. Co b-n-Busal.-soienBtigruiL Cobble-v Tntupan nk mnagaspan g. Cobbler n-Taga tutop. Cobra de capello-n-Tankaiba. Cobweb-,n-Bahay gagamnba. Cochineal n Tinang mapula. Cock-n Manok; yawi. Cockade-n-Buhol ~sa sombrero. Cockle-n-TahLan. Cockney n Taga bayan n~ Lond(Ires. Cock pit- n Sabung-an; gallera. Cockroach n Ipis. Cocks comb-n Tuktok nk manok. Cock swain-n-Ang umlu~git soa 8asakvan, Cocoa n- acao. Cocoa-n-Punong cacao. Cocoa palm-n-Puhong niog. Cocoanut-n -Niog. Cocoon n-Babay nk uod. Cod-n- Bakalaw.

Page  192 (CO1L 1192 coMa Coddile r-Palayvawin. Co)de-n- Kapisanan ug rianga at-os nang gobiel-no0. Codiger n Tawong maramot. Codicil-n-Suilat na kasarna sa testaI7 men to. Codify-v-1lagay sa codigo. Coefficient-n-K at ilon g. Coequal a Kapautay. Coerce v Pilitia; hbiuin; davain. Coercion n-Pagpilit: hibo, da'VaI. Coercive-a-ivakapipilit Coeval n Kalaban; katalo. Cofee n-Kspe. Cofftee p~ot n Kapetera. Coffer n' Ka ban. atauil baul. Coffin-n-Ataul. Cog-v Hibunin. Cog -Hib-o; Ngipin ng guiloug. Co -ency n Kalakasan. CCo ent-a-Malakas: di makala'laban. Gogit'tte c Magwariwari, mna g b u la v bhulavin, magwari inagnsipisip. Coctitation nn Pagwawariwari- wani pagbubul'avbulavin- pagiisipisip. Cognaen n Cofiat.. Cao-nate a Kamb~al; kanibal. Cognation-n-Pagkakam nocanak. Cog~nition-n-A lam; pagkakaalam. Cogntizabtle a Magkakaalam. Cogniizancee n-Pagickakaaiam. alam; pag khkilala. Cogn izev '-Malanian; makialain. Cognomren-n-A pellido. Cog, wheel-n-Grulong na may ni~,ipin.' Cohete v-Durnikit. C herence Coherency-v Pagdidikit. (Coherent a Makadikit. Cohort-n-Pulutong ng-, sundalo0. Coil v-1kirin. Coil-nilkit: bilog. Coin n Salapi; kniarta. Coin v-Ginnawa ng sniapi. Coinage n Salap paggagawa ng-salapi. Coincide v-Umayon; makiayon. makiisa; umayos. Coincidence-n-Ang nangyari sa isang panahion; ang pagkayaring sabay. Coincident-a-Nauukol sa isang panahon. Coir —n-Btinot ng niog 6 mansana. Coke-n-Ulillg Dg metal. Coke v-Gumnawa, nk uiliug. Colander-n- Salaan, Cold-a-Malamig; mnaginaw. Cold-n-Lamig, ginaw. C-ddness n- Kalamigan; kaginawan Cole-n-Gulay parang repollo. Cole wort-n- Repollo nia malambot aug 1110. Colic n- lKabag. apad. Co ikvi-n-K inakabagan. Collapse v Liniagpak; imasira. Collar-n Luig; cut Ilb. Collar v Isnot ang cuello; hawakan sa. luig. Colla-tioni-n-Pa-gtatapat miniudal. Colleaigue-n-i asama; kasah~ay. Collect-v~ Iponin samsamin;, tipuinin. wagsarmsam. magtipon; ikatna; magtipon; mag~amasama: pu jmisan. Collect n-Pastil na ruaikli. Collected a-Naipon: nasamsam; buo aug loob. Collector-n Maniningil taga paniugil. Collectiou-n-Paniniugil pagsam sam:, pagtitipon. Collective a ~-inkad magkakasabay. Collectively adv. Sabaysabay;sama'ania. College n-C~olegio. I Collegian n Aug nagtaral sa colegio. Collegiate a-Nanutkol sa colegio. Collegiate n-Aug uagaaral sa, colegio. Collidie v Ibungo; bumnugo; uimumpog: magumipigan; uimuntog. Collier-n -Aug maguniliug maninibag. Collier n Sasakyan na may luilang tiliug. Culliery-n-Tibagan ug~ uliug. Collision n IUmpog; untog: hungo. Colloquial a Nauukol sa, salita. Colloquialism nI]Karaniwaug panaualitai Colloquy-n-Pauaualita; salitaan. Collusive a Naunkol sa salitaang lihim. Cologne-n,-Pabango. Colonel n Kornuel; puno ug~ isaug regiinientonig suindalo Colonelcy-Colonelship n Kalagayan koroniel. Colinistvn Colinista. Colony-n Colonia. Colonnade n Taludtod ng mg~a haligi. Colorv-Wulay color. Color v-Tinain. Coloring-n-Color pagt-itina. Colored-a May kulay, makulay. Colossal a-Totoong malaki. (Oolossiis n Larawan na totoong malaki. Colt-n-Potro. Coltish a Nauukol sa potro;I paramig potro. Colter n Sudsod. Column-n- Haligi. Columnar a May maraming haligi. Coma n-Coma. Comat e a Mabuh okComb-n Suklay. Comb-(of a chicken)-Tuiktok ng -ma-nok. Comb-v -Snklayin, magsuklay. Combat-v-Magaway: umaway; I umaban - magbangay; humusob: bumaka; maghaka.

Page  193 COM AI 193 COMn Combat-n-Digina; pagbabaka; labanan;, labaii; pag aaway. Combatanlt-a-Nauukol sa, digma. Combatant nMandirigmia: ang luimalabani; ang nagbabaka. Combative-a i\lasun~it mahagsik. Com-biniation-v Pagkakalapat; pagkaka'pisan:- pakakasamna. Combinie vi Isama; ilapat. Combulstible a-,Nadalinig mnaglilingas,. Combustible-a-Ano mang bagay na madaling rnagl lingas Combustion n Lingas:, sunog paglingas. Come-v-Dnmating lumnapit: mangaling. Come up v-Pumnanhik; Umahon. Comediani-n-Kutiediante. Comedy-n-Kasayahan: komedia. Comely-a Maganda. Comeli ness-n- Kagand(Iahan. Comet n Comneta Cometerv-Comnetic-a Nauukol sakometa. Comfort n-Aliwin; tuwa. Comfort v Aliw matuwa. Comfortalble-a-Nakakaaliw; nakaluluigod; magaling. Comnforter n Kuimot. Comfo rt~less-a-Walanv kagi nhawaban; walang aliwv; hindi maaliw. Coimic-Couniical-a-Masava; mapagpatawa. Comicality Comicalness-n-Kasayaban. Oorning-a'Darating. Comiiig-n-Pagdating; pagdatal. Commia-n-Kurlit, Command n-Utos pamutmuno: kapangyarihban- katungkulan- pamamahala. Commnand-v -Magutos; imaghari; mnamuno. Co~ammandant-n Puino. Comrnander-n-Puino.Commandmient n-Utos. Commemorate-v Mlagd iwang, Co inmemoration-n-Pagd i Wang. Commence-v Mulaan buhatin; magamula; pas inulan magsiparnnla. Commencemi-ent-n Pasimula; pinagbuhatan; pinagmiulaann Comnmend v Purihin: igalang. Commneidable-a IPapat puirihin: (lapat mahalin dapat ipagtagubilin..' Commendation n Pagpupuri. Commensurate-a Parisukat. Commenlsurate v ilusayin; ayulsinl, pai-~ sukatin. Comment v Saysayin sa pintas. Comm ent n-Pintas, kasaysayan. Coinnmen'tary n-K ahulugan: kasaysayan; salI a v sa v. Commllentater, n- Ang nagsasaysay. Commentator-n-A ng nags-asaysay. Commerce n-Pan~angzalakal. Comm i-ercial-a-Nanuklol s~a paiigan~,alakal Commtiserate v Maawa-in. Commiseration n Awa; habag. Com-imission-n-Bilin: katungkulan. Commission-v-Ibigay ng katungkulan; ipaghbilin. ('ommit-v-Isangla; sanglain- ga-win Comimitment-n Sanigla pagsaSangla. Commitee-n-Kapisanan n& tawo. Commodious a-Maaliwalas:- miaIu an g mialaki: maluag. Commiodity n -Kalakal. Commo-1dor-e n Puno ng mga sasakyan na pauidirigma. Commnon a araniwan; gawi. Common n Solar; plaza. Commoner-n-Karaniiwang tawo. Commonly adv Gawing: karaniwang. Common-place a Karaniwan. Common-place n KaraniWang sagot 6 tugon; karaniwang tutol. Common-wealth-n- Isang nacion; sang katawohan; manga tawo niang isang nacion.Common-weal-n-Isang nacion; sang kata~wohan; manga tawo nang isang nacion. Coin mun e-v-Magsal itnan. Communicant-v-Ang tawong nakikinabang. Communicate-vi' Magsabi;magbigay alamn; sabihin ipahayag. Communication-v Pahayag; balita; snlat.; salita.Communtnicative a-May gustong mag sa-, lita Communion-n-Com union. Community n —K apisanan ng tawo. Commute-v Palitan pumalit. Conimutation-n-Kapalit; palit. Compact aiMalaki masinsin s'iks-ik. tipi. Compact-v-Higpitin- ipitin. Comipact-n Salitaan; trato. Compactness n-Katibayan; kasinsin an. Companion-n-Abay ka~sama kaalakbay: kaluguyo:, kalihim- kasabay; kausap. Companionable n-Main am maskisama. Companion-shiip-n- Pa gkakasam a. Company-n-Tropa compania: kanlakbay- kasabay - kasamia pagkakatipon: katipunan: kapisvinan. Comparable-a-Makal aharap. Comparative-a Di pa siguro. Comypare-v-lbh rap: sukatin: mixagparis; taruibin; itulot. Comparison n-Pag tatapat; pag harap; pagsukat. Comipart-v-Hat-iiiu: biwalavin. Compartment n Kuarto, silid. isang bahagi. I Compass n Aguhon.

Page  194 COIN! 194 CON Compass-v- Pumaligid. Comipassion-n-Awn; habag; kahinahinayang; hinagpis. Camipassionate-a-M'aawain; maawa; habag. mahabag. Compassionate-v-Maawa; habagin. Compel v-Pilitin; higpitan. Cornpend n-Kasaysayan; sulat na maikli. Compendious a.Maikli. Compendium n Tandaan. Co mpensate-v-Biayaran nlagrbayadl; upahin11 utniupa tanmtaman n pahian. Comnpensation-n-IBayad, upa; kagamnpan;,.anti. Compete v Lumabau; labanin. Competene n Kalagayan:. kaya; kastikatan. Comipetency-n-Kaya-; kasukataii kabagayan. Competent a Makaya~ bagay; aknia. Competition-n- Paglaban; pagtatalo. Competitive a iNaiunkol sa pa-laban. Competitor n-Kaagaw; kaaway, kalaban; katalo. Compilation n Paggagawainanganoman. Comnpile v-Tipunin: grawin. Complacence nSaya; wili; kasayahan Complacency n Saya xwiii kasa alman. Complacent a Masaya; masunurin. Comrplaini-v-Dumaing; iuag.duing: magdamdain nriaghimnutok nianaghoy. Comnplainant-ni-Ango dumadaing. Com-plaint nItaing, sumbong taghoy; hinanakit; danuviarn; karaindanian. Complement n-Kahustuhian: kasukatan. Complete-a Lubos; husto puno ganap: lipos; sakdal. puspos; sinkad; sawa; walang kulaiig Complete v Tapusin; ganapin; idaos; hustuhini Comupleteness-nt-Kayariari lubos;- sidli - Completion-w2Kayarian; sidhti. Complex a Pasuotsuot; hindi maliwanag; muahirap tarukin: mnagtilo. Complexion n-Kiflay at hitsura niang mnukha. Cornpliauce-n- Pagtupad; band(og;, suvo; pag.linkod, kapakumbabaan. Compliant a MIapaglinkod]; miapaghbigay, loob. malamnbot aug ugali; masunn. riii; masaya aug "Ilob: mnasuiyo. Complicate i-Gul11uhin, pilipitin. Complicate a Magulo: pasnotsuot Comnplicationi-n-Kaguluihani; kapilipitan:l gulo. Complimentit-Paktimusta; pabilin; hiA yaya: bilin; kunmusta. Comuplimuenit-v-Puriluin; gahan;~,i. Complintental a Mapnri Co a n pi~nentary-a-~\Mapuri. Comply v-Tuimupad; tuparin;, umayon; magbigay loob pahinubodl, sumunnodl. umayos. Component a Nakatulong. Component-n-Baliagi. Comnport-v-Dalitain;data;dlnkin damutin. Compose-v-lsulat; gumawva nig sulat. Composed a-Buo aug loob, tahimik. Comnposedly-adv -Tahimik. Coiiposer-n- Aug gumnagawa ng- sulat. Cornposite-rv May isang btihagi. Composition-n -Halo; lahok aug sintilat uig sarili. Oomnpost-n-Duumi ng- layop, Composure n-Katahimik an. Comnpotmnd-v-Hulihin; lahokin; ilahok, Compound a Nakakahalo nakiakalaho Compound n Halo; lahok. Comprehend-v-Tarukil fig isip urnlintindi:. dingin; mawatasani; dniuiiiv,: tantuin; abutin jig isip Comprehension-n-Pang i-ntiunli (lunong., Comprehensive a Maabot nig isip. Compress v-iipfiiu: pabipikin; ipitin. Compress n-Tipi; paugpaikpik. Compressed a- aikpik tipi. Corn l~)ression-n- Pagpa pai kp~ik. Comprise-v-Ilahok; ilangkap; nuagl a mait Compromise-n-Salituan pagk(Akasunditan piungkcastunduanl. Compromise-v~ Magkasundo. Comptroller-n-P uno. Compuilsion n Pagpilit. Compulsory a Mapilitan. Compulsive a Mapilitan. Comptunction n-Hiya. Computationi n-Bilang kabiltugan, Cuimpute n-Bilang-in; bumilang. Comurade-n-Kanlayaw kasamna kaihiganl kalaguyo- kasabay. Con-v-Magwa i wari. magisipisip. Concave-a Malukonig. Con~oave-n Hubog; hiukay. Concavit-v-n-I< ahumbakani. Conceal-v-ltago; umago magtagojbiaon: ilipit; lurnigpit; ikalong kumaloug; ilihim; itnan. Concealed v. p. p -ThiftgoConcealmeint-n Pagtatago; pa,.gkalongpagtatakpan.Concede-v-Purnayag; nruayoni; sumunodl; magbigay magkaloob- surnuko. Conceit-n-Ynbang hambog; kayabang~an:~ kahambugan: kapalalnian. Conceited-a-Mnyabalg~ banmbog. Conceive-v-Akalain-i isipin Iumisip'. Conceivable a Maabot ng~ isip., madaling mainitindihan.

Page  195 CON 195 CON Concentrate-v-1pagi tn a isarna. Concentration n Pcagpapagitna; pag-,sasamasarna, Conception-n-Aha. dilidili; banta. Concern-v-Maukol marapat; mnatugkol, ipagm asa kit. Concern-n-SAkit; dalamhati; imbot han a d, lun-iba v Co ncerning-pre -Tungkol sa, nauukol sa. Concert-v-Mag.,ickaisa urnavon, husavin. Concert n-Pagkakasunduan. Con cert-ma-n-Con certin a. Concession n- Pagpayag pa gsuko. Concierge-ni- oncierge. Conciliate v- Pagkaisunduan, magkasundo Contci liation -n- Pagkakasun Do1i. Concilatory,-a-Nauiukol sa pagkakasuin do. Concluide-v-Tapusin; yariin; utasin; mautas tumvipos. Conclusio)n-n-Tapos vani dub:. pandlulo; pag~tatapos pang wakas; katapuisaii. Conclusive-a-Pangt wakas. Concoct-v-lbailo; ilalhok. Concord n-Salitaan; pinagkasundulnan., Concordance-n Salitana; pag kakasun (1uan. Concord~ant a-Nagkakapisa~nConcourse-n-Paqg galaw; kilos; bunton nR tawo. Concrete-n-'Nakakaavon. Concrete-v-Pagkakapisan ng mna bagavbaga,,v: halo- nR bato at cimiento. Conci-ete-a Isanisam: pumisani C oncretion-n-Pagsasamsam. Con'cubi ne-n-JKlaagubo; kahuuya. Concur v- Uinabulov; imagkaisa: umayon. Concurrence it Abuloy; pag kakasundo, pinagkasunduan: salitatan. Concuirrent aNanukol sa, salitaan 6 ab uboy. Concuss,,,ion-n Putok. Condeuin-v-Bigyan sala; lhumatol; sumnentencia. Condlemnable a Dapat pintasin. Condenlination-n-Paghibigay sala. Condensation n Pavlalapot; sinsin. Condense v-Lumapot cinsinan. palapuipntin:, sumiinsin. Condlescendl-v- Bigyan g loob; magbigay lobt urnaayon; sutnunod; dabitain'l Conde(sceen'sioni-n-Pagbibigay boob Condign-a-Dapat nararapat, alm-a.Condlignniess-,-,n-Karapatani. Condimttent ni-Kar-amupatan. Condition n Lagay: kalagayan; kabag'ayvan; pa-gkakalagav; kalidad. Condition v Magsafitaan. Conditional a May condiciones. Condolev-.N-Maaw~ain: habagrin. Condolence-n-Ilabag; awa, linayang. Condone v Pat-awarin., Conduce-v 1hatid: ihibig- maghatid. Conducibl'e-a-Mahilig. Conduct —v-Magbatid. akayin; dalhinihatid saklawin. Conduct v i los anyo; gawa: bakad. Conductor-n Tagahatid: taga dala. Conduit-n-Trubo no grifo. Cone n-Cono. Confection nt-Manga, matamis. Confectioner-n-Taga gawa, nang manga, matanmis. Confectionery-n-Manga, matamis. Confederacy-n- Kapisanan. Confederate-a Nakilkit ara. Confederate, n Kalihim; kaulayaw. Confederats-7 v sama pumisan. Confederation-n-higpisanan. Confer v-Tpagkaloob. Conference n Pan pungusapan. Confess?I Malgeompisal. Confession n Compisal Confessional n-Compisionario Confessional-a-Nauukol sa pananampa'bataya - Con fidant n-Kalihim; kaunuran. Confide v lpagkatiwala..Confidence-n Katapa tanl Dg bob: liksi~' tapang; kabuoan ng boob. Confident-a Buo ang, bob: matapang mapabagay aug loob. Confifdential-a-Malihim: pabihirn: mulhina-hon- nalilihim. Confidentially-adv.-Palihim. Confine-n-Il anga.Confine-v- Kubungin:~ bawasan: awasanpadl ibinmm Confinement-n-PakUlong; pagkiabiba&'. Confirm-ii-Tibayvini turn angkibik; tumu., long- patotohanin, Confirmation n-Pagpapatotoo: tibay nig anom an; pagpapm- tibay. Confirmative a Maudtibayan. Confirmatory a] Matitibayan.Conflscat~e-v-Kunin ng gobierno. Confiscation-n Pagkakuba, no gobierno Con-flagi ation-n-Snnog. Conflict-n Tabo laban, away. Conflict-v-Lumaban- gububin. Conthuence-n-Bunton ng tawo. Conform-v-Umayon: ibagay; inmukha.Confo~rmable a Kumukha; kaparis. Conformation-,n-Pagkakasutn(hlan; pinag kasunduan, Conformity-n- Kasukatan: pagkakaisa: pagkakapisan pagkakawanm~is-; pagkaugnay; tango Confound v Gubuhin. Confoundled a Gublo; magubo.Confront-vilhatmap; bmnnmarap.

Page  196 CON 19(1 CON Confuise-v- Lu mabo; guintilo; gultoliin. Confiised-a-NlaaLilo; walang avos. Cotifusioti-n Kagululhan kahihiyaan; kalilhan; ligyalig, pagkalito. Confutation-n- Kaayawang pumnayag. Confute-vc Manialo sa pangungusap; patahimikin. Congeal-v MAaintio. Congeniial a agkaparis; kamunkla; kaparis makibagay. Congeniality-n Pagkakamulkha. Conigenital-a- Bohat ipiniatiaiiak buhat sa patigani~anak. Coniger n Palos Conger eel-n Palos. Conigest v Samsamnin; iponiin. Congestion-n-Pagsani sam; pagiipon. Coniglomerate v Mlaipon utimponi. Con glomnerate-a- Nakapiliiig. Cong,-i 910erati on-n- Pagi ipon. Congratulate v Purihin panyvoin. Congratulation n PanuyoCongratulatory- a- Panumn y o. Conregote v Pumnisan: tumni pon 1 imakip; luinagoomCongregation n - atipunian tipow: kapisanan; pagpuiptlo; pagtitipon; luponig. Congregational a-Naunkol sa pulonr 6 tipon 6 katipunian. Congres s-n-Congres o. Congressional a-Naaukol sa conigie!se. Cong~ruence nt Kabagavan pagkokasionduan. Conigruency-n- Pagknkasuid uaul. Congruent-a-NMasun urin - Congruity-ni-Pagkako isun (dnani. Congruous a Masunurin. Conic a Parang cono. Conical-a-Paran~g cono. Conjectural a Hindi pa siguro. Conjecture n-Hinala; sapantalho; hula: tuinbak; bintang. Conjecture-v-.Maghinala hurnula; suimapantalia. Conjoin-v Igawgaw; ihalo:- ilakip; isarna. Conjoint-a-Nakakapisan; nakakasania. Conjuigal aNauukol sa kasal. Conjugate-v-Ibahin no kahltiugani iliisang verbo. Conjugate v-NakakapisanConjunct-a-Kalapit~ katabi. Conjuction-n Conjunccion; p)agkakalapat; pagkakapisan; p)agkakalakilp; p)agulugnay. Conjunctive a Nauukol sa pagkakapisan; nakakalapat,; nakakapisan. Conjunctor n-Pagsasa'ma. Conjure-v-Tornawa; pannmpainl. Connate-a-Kambal. Connect-iv-Jsania: ilapat;idgo. Coninection-n-Kadtigtong'. pagliokolapat' pagkakaugponig kauikulan. Cotiiive-v fluag, ruiakita ant, mali. Connoisseur n Taga pinitas,. Connubial a-Nauukol -sa kasal. Conique r-v~ Manalo; isako p; matgpasuko) Conquerable-a Malalaluan. Conquest-n Panaunlo. Consanguineous a-Kadugo. Consainginiity-n Kaduigo. Conscieuce-n-Jsip; loob. Conscientious-a-Ayon sa isip). Consciouis-a-M~ay isip; mayvpan gdianu ami. (Jonscript-n-Nakalista; nakataiiida. Conscript n Sundalo. Conscription-n Paglilista. Consecrate a-Beniditahiin; iPanaogano; lalay niogalay; itaan. Consecrate a Moaalay. Ccnsecration-n- Paga alayv- paiiagano. Consecutive a Suniodsuniod. Consenit n-Pahintulot. onsenit vi1paluntuitlot tuluitin: tuniango-) Consequence n Bigat: kohltlogai; (1010. Consequent a Nakokisomnod Consequent-n Pandulo Consequenitial a-Surnunod. Consequently-adv.-Dahil (lito., Conservation n-Pagluluat; looat tagal. Con servative-a-Mat-ibay; di niahubuflok. Conservator-n-Toga kolong; on, Imlmalabani; pora sa iba. Conserve n-Conservas iniatands. Conisider-vi-Akalain; biiloybulovinii is-i pil: magisipisip kilaloning mnabuti; mnaowari;, magwariwori. Considerable a-Marami iqu! knunti. Considerate aMabait.; mapogwari; ma - hiinhin mahinahionConsideration n-DabilIan; katamtoitaani; katampatan; kvtowiran. C on si gi-v-Ipo gkaloob - Consignn ent-n-PagpapadalaConsist.v- Magkaroon - Consistencee-n- Kalagayan; katibayon. Consistemnc n-Kala(gayani. katibvn Consistent a Masin sin, inotatog. Consolation-n-Aliw; kaaliwaii; pug aliw. Consolatory a Maaliw. Console-v-Aliwi n. Consolidate-vifsama; ilakip. Consolidation-n- Iagsasaima. Consonant-n Consonante. Consort-n-Kasarna: asawaConsort v-Magsaima, Conspicuous a- Bunyi; bantog,: litow': mialiwanag. Comspiracy-n-Hibo i-ip no miosana. Conspirator-n-Ang umiisip; gumxawa nig masam a -

Page  197 CON I19D7 CON Conspire-v-Isipin iiii rasama davain. Conspirer-n-Ang ut-Isip guinawa ng rnasamna. Constable nt Policia constable. Conostancy n Katiyaguan; tibay in~ loob; katibayan iig loob);! katamnanan, pananialig. Conistant-a-Tiaga; inatibay; niatitifis, niatiyTaga firt-ne ang loob; p)atag; walbang gulo. hindi niababago. Conisternatroii-n-Takot. gulat; gulo. Constipate -v SunIiponl. Conistipation-n-Si pon. Conistituency-n-Kapisanan n~ niranga nag vovoto. Constitution-n- Consti tuci6n. Constitutional-a-Ayon sa uitos; rnatowid; tamna: walang labani sa utos Conistituitionialitv-ni-Pagknknyoii sa cons,-,, tituci6n. Constrain-v- Pilitin. Constraint-n- Pagpigil. Constrict v-Talian; isamna Cotistriction-n-Pagtatali paglhigpit. Construct-v Gumawa ga-win; itovo; umagtayo. Conistruictioii-n-Pn.ggaigava;' ptigtatai o. Construex-v-patalastas; ituro. Consul n Consul. Consulate nOfficina ii& consul. Consnlship-2i-Kalagavang consull. Conisult-v Sumnangutnit; inagt-anong(. Conisultation-n Pagsasangnini. Consume-v-Ubtisin. laniunin; hisawin; gamitinConsumimate-v Tapusinl. Consurnmately-a-Matatapos. Con sunm mation-it-Tnpos. Consumption n Pag ubos pag gagamit. Consumptive-it-Tawong natutut vo. Contact-nilipo; sagi; salubong. Contage v-Makalhawa. Contagion-n Pagkakahawa. Contagious-a MakaliabawaContain v Magkaroon: magkaugat; naigkalaman imalullan may. Contaminate v Mansahin; bulukin. Contamination-n- Pagkakamnntsa. Contemn v-Mdurahin; hamakin - Contemplate-v-Bulaybulayiii: wart waruin mag isil) isipin; nilavin. Contetnplation —n-Pag wawariwari.- ptwg alaala, pagdilidili. Contemplative-a Mapag, wariwari; niapag isip; isipin. Contemporaneous a-Makasabav. Contemporary-n-Kasabay; kapanabion - Contempt-n-Pintas: kawalan nang galang kaalin-urahan; pag lait: ptigparam ak - Con emptible a-Hanak ik.niababa; roalait; ninasani a. Co nten ttious-v-Mapngiai t Contendl v Luiinabann-nniawaY; burrabag: hunrarnon: ipagniatowid; puntilit. Content it-Tuwva, katalninijkan; gaklk; kasayalian. Content-a Masaya, natutuiwa; nialugod. Content-v Matuwa. Contention-n-Pagtatalo tabo; baban. Contentious- a Nakakahibig sa laban; rinapaupatalo; rnrapagbnsaptubo. Contentmnent-n K atuwaan.; kansaynhan - Contest-v-Uniawav; huniaban - rnagtalo;, magusap - Contestin- fabo; usap; awtv-; butno. Contestation n Pakli; tugon, sagot Contestable a Matatalo. Conte~stant nt Ang nakikiptigtabo. Context it Mga pangkat iio s et-mon. Contiguity nt Lapit; lakip; pagungntiv: pagkabaki p Cantiguous a Alalapit: katabi. Continence-ni finalion; bait; kat-ahimiikani kabaitan. Continency n Bait, Ihinalhon; kaktnitan: kataitimikan. Contingence-n-Palad; kapabaran. Con tinencyn?-Pabad; kapabaran - Contingent a Nag ataon, hindi sinnsadya lhindi tinatalaga. joniitienit-ni-i'4aliniialron talrinik;tnabnit Cor4tinent -71contillente. Continental a Ntmukol sa -contin cute. Qontingent n Piultitong rg I nka suindnioI. Continual-a-WValang tiuil walang likat. walang huinpay; walang talran - Continuance-n-vLaon - pagtutuboy; pagtntagal: ktipanavan. Continuation n-1Pagtutulboy; pnigtAtngal, kapanayvan. Continuled-a-Tuboytufloy; sunodISUnOrl. Continue v Suinuinod ipatublov inanalao-i rnagtubov; ituloy. Continuity-it-Pa-tuttuloy. Continluous-a- lValang, tigil. wabnng uintpa\- -walang talhan; lagi; pnnay; innukakadngtong. (luigtolg,. Conitort-v-Pil ipitin - Conitortioni-n-Pngpi(,pitli pit. Contour-n-Han ga. Contraband-?vLaban sa utos rungn, gobiertno Contract )t Ktumuntratro; tnig stibitaan; magkasunod.- imagtrato. Contractvr-Salitaan; pinagkasuinduair; titipan trato; kasuilatarn, Contracted-a AMay baw as; nmay hanga. Conitractioni-n-Pan imr ng-uiron g~;b~awas-; pa g-,urongr.

Page  198 CO"N 198 \coo Contractor-n Ang~ may saiitaan; ang purnapakyaw ng ano, mani. C~rntradict v Magkafla; itatua; labagin tu nanigi; isalang-ang; suniunmbaug ipagkait; tunalikod. Contradiction-nt Pagtatalikod- pagkakaila; pagIabaiz tatna pagkcait. Coutradictory a owaiI; matigas ang ulo0. Contrariwise-adv. Pabal iltad, sc kala. ban; pabalik pasalhnniiat. Contrary-a-Salungyat; sowail; niatigas anLy ulo; pabalilktad. Contraist v Salan~sangin. Contrast n Salauigsang. Contravene v- Lumabafn; sumnalangsang; sumoway. Contravention n Salangsang: paglahyan; paogkakaila pagsoway.: Contribut — v Ml-g,-imb~ag;t-nmarnbac,;umabullov. Contribution nAnmbag; abuloy. Contrite a-Maluingkot nialumbay. Contriteness n Kalungkintan; luIniibav. Contritioni n K aflung-kutan; kal mnhayan. Contrivance n Kasangkapan. Contrive v Akalain isipin kunmatha. Control n Kapangyarihan:, kapal; parna nmahala. Control v Mamialala supilin. Controller n Anc, namainahala: ang niay k apa ii-, gyri hanD. Controversial a Naniukol sa basaonlo. C mtroversy n-Basagnli; pamytatalo C ntrovert v M.akipagtalo: niag-talo. Controvertible a Hiligr sa basaigulo. Contunmaceou'z. a MNfatio-as ang nlo. Conturnacy-n-IKatigasan ug ulo higpit:kastnngitan. Cou~tnitmeliouis-a-Ha,,mak; bastos; tampalasan. Contumiely n Kahamakan:- kabastusan; tamplaltisan. Contuse v Bugbogin (likdikin: manamho ang dugo. Contusionni Bughbog parunumuo n,&dugo. Conun111drumII ii B1igto~ng Con valescev-1.1angal ing sa sakit.- gumnaling sa sakit. Convalescencen-Pag, galing sa sakit. Convalescent n-NLagYpapalakas,,. -Convalescent nI Ang tawong bnago,(ng graIhng sa saikit. Co)nvene-v-M.Nagtipon:, punmisan Conveniencewn atapatan- kabagavan. Convenlient-a (Ginhawa, bagay; akuma; agpang; tantia: mtaayos; mabnti; daPat Convent n Konvento. Con ventual a NXanukol sat konvento. Convention n Tipanan; pulong; katipnnan. Conventional-a-Makikiayon- ba gay. Converge-v-Lumrapit sa, isang dubo. Convergence-n Pa zlalapit sa, isang dubo; paglalapit ng (1alawang bagny. Con versant-a Mrunong; magsalit~a. Coniversation n-Salita pag-usap: wika. Conversational a Naunkol sa, salitaan. Conver,-e-v-Magsalitaan:- wikain. magun-pok; rnanz-usap. Converse-n Salita-, wika. Conversion n Pagiiba DA pananampalatava. Colivert-v.Baguhin ibahin- binyagin. Convert-n-Bagong binyagan. Converifible-aiMaladahng baguhin: madaling mabago. Convex-a Umnbok ang Ritna, kukob; mataas ang gitna. Con vex-n- Kukub. Convey-v Dalhin; ihatid; rnaghatid; isama. sumamna; akayin; iakay. ConveyancewnPaghaliatid: katsangkapang pandala. Convict v Maghigay snla. Convict-n Ang may kasalanan: ang nakukulong sa bilango: ang nabibilan go; anyr nagkasala. Conviction n Pagbit'ay sal~a. Convince-v-Li wanagin pi litinD. Convivial a-Masavy-; maligaya; m-alugod. Conviviality nt Kasayahan; kaluguran: kaligayahan Convoke-m'-Tawagin- sunduin-, tuniawag Lsa marami. Convocation n Pagtitipon; pubong. Convolve-v-Ikirin. Convoy-v Ihatid; muaghatid. Convoy n Tulong; kunmboy. Convulse-v-Pu mulikat. Convulsion n Pulikat. Cony-n Conejo. Coo v-Snnijap. Cook-n-Tagaluto; cocinero. Cook-n Lutuin; mnagluto;, niagkosina. Cookery-n-Pag luluto n~ pagkain. Cooky n-Mamnon; hupia. Cool a Malanmig: sariwa. Cool-v-MVag~palamnig lun-tamnig. Coolie-n Taga, pasan. Coolness; n Kalanigan Cooly n Taga pasan; trabajador. Coo i-n Kalarniigan Coop-n-Knlungan n ~ manok- tangkal. Coop-v-Ilagay sa kulun,5an. Co-oper-n-Ang gumagawa 'ng bariles; taga gawa ng bariles. Cooperate-v-Tulungin: sumnabay sa t ra bajo;, tumnulong-.

Page  199 COil I 9i) COT Co operation-n-Pagtutulong. Co-operator-n-Ang tumutulong. Co ordinate a Magkaisa ang tnaas ik Icatungkulan. Co ordinate v Magkaisa. Co-ordination n Pagkakaisa. Coot-n-Ulol, tawong niangmnang.Copartner-n- Calaguyo. kaulay'aw. Oope-n-Habito ng- parn. Cope-v Lumaban; mnagtalo sulbukin. Copier-n-Taga salin. Coping nIbabaw nk pader. Copious aMaramni mnaluang; mialaki. Copiously-adv.-Magsagana. Cop per n-Baria; tan song pula. 'Coppervtl balot ing tanso, ilub~og sa, tanso. Copse-n-Kaugoygovan. Copulative n-Conjunci6n. Copy n Tulad saliin; howvad; pasunodl Copy v-Howarani; tularin: tuinulad. gagarin; gumagadl. Oopyier-Copyist n-Taga sulat. Coquet n Kalakero;babav~ingsalawabn~i~ig loob. Cord-n Lubid; pisi. Cord-v-Talian I' g pisi. Cordage n-Mga lubid at pisi. Cadate-a-Hitsurang puso. CordiaL-aTapat na loob. Cor-diality-n-Katapankan ng 10 b., Core-n-Ubod. puso. Core-v-Alisan nk ubmi 6 puso. Cork n-Tapon; tasok. Cork v Ilagiav ng- tapon; tasakin. Cork screw n Pang aliss nfr tapon; tiria-: buson.. Corn-n Mais. Corn-v-Asnan; magpaksiw. Corn cob-n Busal n& Inais. Corner-u Sulok: paulnukan. Corner-vil1agay sa sulok' gipit in. Cornered a Nakasulok. Cornet n Corn etinCornice-n-Gilid. ng pader. Corn knife n Itak, pisaw. Corn shuck-n-Balat nk mais. Corn stalk-n-Puno no nais. Corn starch-n-Alniirol. Coral-Corolla-n- Loob ii.g( bu Iakl1ak - Corona-n-Coron a. Coronory a Hitsurang corona. Coronation-n-Pagpuputongy n& corona. Coroner-n-Taga siyasat sa patay. Coronet )t Putongz. Corporal-n Kabo. Corporal-a-Nauukol sA katawvan. Corporate-a-Samnasan a. Corporstion-n Kapisaitan n~ m~a manikankalakal, Corporeal a Mfay katawan. Corps nt-Hukbo. Corpse-n-Bangkay; bu'rol. Corpul lit aMataba; nialakas. mnalaki;. mnakapal, may katawan. Corpuilence ui a'bataan. Corpu 1encv-n ab-autuAn - Correct a Tamnia; totoo. Correct v Towirin correhin; Ims-avi n; aralan nia gmat mv id. Correction n Pagaav~os; paghuisay, pagaa ra Ia. Correspond v~ Umayon matuigkol gui mnathing Ioob; mlaagsuIStuatami. Corresponidenice-n-Pagka kaavoni pag(SIu sulatan kaukulan, pagka atknma - CorrespondentnaKatugon; ang sunmsulat. Co rrespondent-a-IMaukol; tungkol ayon - Corresponding a Karanipatan. Corridor n-Salas. Corroborate v rumankilik, tum ayon: Su-. maksi mnagkaisa. Corroboration-n Tankilik; pagti-ibavan, saksi; pagkakaisa. sa salitaan. Corrode v Kunmala wang. Cor rosi on-t- K~al1awang - Corrosive a Mlakaknlawan)giin. Corrugrate v Kutuntin kunutin. Corrupt v-Mabubok bulukin dunimha; lumniumni,,sasam~i n, sumamaii omn lok. Corrupt a-Bub~ok; umarumi: madlung-i-s; masgina. Corm-uptible a-Alamumni niabulok. Corruption-n- Balho; dun~is; kabumlukanpagkabulok. Corruptive a-Nakakabulok. Corsair-n-Tulisan dagat. Coruscate-vKumnuintab. kunmi-sap. Corusc~ation n Kin~tab kisap. ki~slap. Corvine aNanukol sa wak. CoAmnetic 9. Blankete; rosunetiro. Cosnmopolitan n Tawong la ad taw-ong walang bnaha na pirine. Cosmmos n Sanigkalibutan; sau-, katawvoIhan. Cost?-Mahalaga; magk-ahalaga. Cost n Halaga; gasta. Costal-a-Nanukol,s-a tadyanug Costl, a M~ahalaga; mahal. Cositume tt Danmit.. Costumer a Ang nagtitinda ni~ dainit. Cot-Cote v B~ida) na niunti, kulo) Cot-Cott n. Hihigan na triunti. Con tenmporary u Kap~analhon: knnitlakbaxt-v. Coterie a, K apisanan; katipuinan. Cotillion a1 Pigujdonl. Cottage ti-Balay na mun ti; barong ha ron g.

Page  200 cou 200 CRA Cotter-n'- Susi.Cotton a IBilak. Couchnr-Sandalan, hiligan; hihigan na Coughj v-Tmubo- tuuikhui m. Coul~h n lI~bo; tikhim. Could-n-Maka. Con lter-n- Sudsod. Council n-Consejo. Cotn ucilmani-'t- C a- (ej a I. Counsel-n Hatol Ipasiva. Counsel in Aralan inaogpasiva, Count-n-Bilang,; kabi angan. Count v Bu3tmilang. Countenanice n Mlukhia: pagumuninukha. Countenance?v Pumnavag ipahlintnt lot:. pabavaan; Hlaygaa. Counter n-Panbilanlg Counter-a-Kalohan labani. Counteract-i' Lurnaban. Counteraction n Tinrubang, katimbang. Counterfeit n-Howaud tulad; kataladkalhuwvad. Couniterfeit-v Hlowad. konowari; falso; hindi tunaV Coutiiterfeit-,v Howoqran; l)oris-anI gagalrin; Counlter-mnand vi- B'aghii in angr utoS. Counter-pane, i-Kumnot. Couter-part-n Kabiak. Counter-pois-e-v Tumimnbang. Couniter-poise n-katimnbanpg. Counter-sign-v-HFodyat hodyatan. Counter-sign v Purnirmna Countess a Asawa ng visconde. Counting-house it- 13anko Countless?t li makabilang. Country n-INarang, bukid; kabuki ran. Country a Nalunkol. sa p, arung 6 bnkid.~ Country-man n,-Trga bukid: lkababayon. Country-woinan n n Babayin~g taga bukid. County —n- Lalawig~an. Couple nt Ang, dolawa; paris. Couple v-Isama: kurmasal ikasal. Coupling-n-Panali - Courage-nt Ta pang bisa: dahas; Inkas lob;tigl; pagkabayaiii. Courageous at Mat~apanr g malaka.s aug, boob buo aug, 1001) mnarahas, bayani. Courier-ni'aga (dola n~ telegrama. Course a Paraan; daau takbo. 0ourse-vc-Punm-araau tum-akho (lunmnan. Cours-er n.Mang-ng-aso; kabayong nua- tullinCourt nt-Juz~gado biukuman. Court-v-Lumu 1igrawv: lumnin kod;, man yo. Courteous aI Maigalaug biha-sa, uarnnong muaki pag, kapwa, tawo. Courtesy-nJ(inlang; y'uko:,ilkmd. Couirtesy v Yu nmnko gumnaflaug. Court house n Bahay ng juzgado. Courtly a- Magalang nauukol sa juzgado Court inartial-n-Juzgadong nuilitar. Co ut-pblaster-n-Patko. Court ship-n Pagligavw; pagliln~kod. Cousin-nt Pinsan. Cove n Yungib lalaki. Coven~ant a Salitaan. Covenant-v Moagsalittaam: magtipanan - Cover v-Tntupan; takpanin, atipan. b.alutin; itakip. Cover-n-Tutop; balot; tungtong; tapab:karaiug takip. Covering-n Balot; karang takip. Co veru a Natakpan. CovertnLilgal na tago Coverlet n IKumuot na, mantil. Covet v Magnasa; main git. Covt-tous-a-Maingitan maramnot, masakim. Covetousness n Kasakinman; karamnutain, kahalayan; kaingitan. Covey n-Akay ing ibong. Cow n lBaka. Cow v Takutin; turnakot Coward a Duag; mnahina aug boob; matatakutin - Coward-n-Duag Cowardice n Karuagan; pagkaduag. Cowardfly-a-Duag; muadnag, matata, utin mahina, aug boob. Co wer-vi-Tu mnakot. Cow herd nt Ang nagpapastol; pastol. Cow hidle n, Balat ns haka. Cowld n Tukarol ni~ pani. Cov a-Nahihiva- nmnhihivain. Co-zen v-Dayain; hibuin. Cozv-a-Mainaim- maganda. Crob n-Afiman~o; talangka alimasag. Crabb~led-a-.Mlasun iit;malbngsik;maraun ut. Cr ck vPumuutok. lumahang lahankin;, baliin; lanmatin. Crackna Ugong; putok: lahang larnat. ba~sag: bali. Crack a Sanay; umarmiong; makinis; in-ainamn. Cracker a Galleta. Crackle v Humuagiug, lumn-agutok; lumnagitik. Crackle n Lagitik; lagutok; langitngit. Cradle-a Du-van. Cradle-v ilagay sa, duyan;1 iluyaa). Craft n-Talus katalasan katusuihan; lansi katalinuhan. Craftv-a-M~atalas tuso; suitik. Crag,-)-Batong mataas at ruiatarik. Cragged-a-Mabato; hindli pat-ag. Cragg,,y a Mabato; hindi patag. Cramu-v-Siksikin; isiksik. Cramap-n-Ptlikat muanhid - apadl.

Page  201 C RUE 201 CR0 Cramp v-Pumulikat; mamanhid. Crane-n-Tagak: grua; kamaboy. Craniium-n Bao ng ulo. Crank-n- Puluhan. Cranky a Miasunigit; mabagsik. Cranny n Litak sulok. Crape n Kayong manipis at maitim; kayong panluksa. Cra-sh-n-Bungo- lagpak; kalog: umpog. C"rash-v Bumungo- lumagpak; kumalog: durugin. Crate n Kahon: kaing- loelang buslo. Crater-n-Bibig 6' butas nk volcan. Cravat-n Corbata. Crave n-Magtiasa; maingit; sumamo; manalan~in- dumaing. Craving-n-Ingit, nasa; pita. Craven a Dag; maduag; mahina ang loob. Craw-n-Baliinbalunan. Crawl-v-Gumapan g.Crawl-n-Pag-gapang. Crawl-n-Kulunkan ng isda; bakiad. Crawfish n-Alimasag. Crayon n Yeso Cr~aze-v-Mfaging ulol; maulol. Craze it Uso- ugali kaugalian- modo. Crazy a Ulol; baliw; sira ang isip. Crazy man-n Tawong ulol. tawong sira ang isip ulol. Croak n Alitiit langitn~it. Cream n Laknip. Creamny a Malaknip. Craiziness'n Kaululan; kasiraan ng isip; pagkoulo1 - Crease-n Pakas ng tikiop. Craase-v-Bakasin sa pagtiklop. Create v JLumalang magsangol. Creation-n- W 'apal; laang; paglalang. Creator n Ang may kapal. Ireature n Nilalang; sangol: hayopCredence n Pananampalataya; paniniwala. Credent a Pananampalatayanin. Credential n Titulo. Credible-a Dapat maniwala; tapat ang loob. Credit-v-Pautang. pananampalataya; paniniwala. Credit-v- Pa'utangin; sumampalataya; maniwala- magbigay puni. Creditorn Aug nagpapautang; pinagkautangan. Credulous a-Dapat maniwala. Credulifty n-Sun~palataya. pananampalaya paniiniwala. Creed n Pananampalataya sa, Dios. Creek n Thog; sapa. Creed n-Biislo. Creep-v-Gumapang. Creeping n Paggapang. Cre-eper n Aiig gumagapang. Cremnate vSunu-in ng- bangkay. Cremation-n-Pagsunog ng bankay. Crept-v-imp. & p. p.-Gumapang. Cre~sent nPaglaki nang buan. bagong huati. Crest-n-Tuktok - Crest-v Ilagay Dk tuktok. Crested-v-May; puaot: may tuktok. Crestfallen-a-Malungkot: nabihiya. Cretaceous-a-May halong yeso. Crevasse n Baris saluysoy;sungoy. Crivice n-Baris: saluysoy, sunkoy. Crew n-Ang mga tawvong nagtatrabajo sa isang sasakyan. Crew-v. imp Tlnmalaok. Crewel-n-Torcilla. Crib-v-Bithay; kakanan ug havop, labangan. Crib-v-Bithayin: mv-gbithay. Cribbing-n Pagkulong; pag-umnit. Cribbage-n Laro ug baraha. Cribble n-Bithiay. Cribble-v-Magbithay; bithayin. Crick nManhid ng luig. Cricket n Paklong. Cried-v imp. p. p.-Umiyak; nakaiyak. Crier n-Taga tawag. Crime n-Kasalanan; sala. Criminal-a-Laban sa utos. Crim-ina n-Ang may kasalanan; aug nao~kasala. Criminality n Gawang masama; kasalanan kasamaan; kataksilan. Criminate-v-Magbigay sala paratangin; bintankin. Crimp n-Kuton; pilegas. Crimp-v-Kutonin; pilegasin. Cri mson-n-Pula. Crimson-a Mapula. Crimson v Pulain. Cringe v Umurong. Cringe n Urong. Crinkle v Kutonin. Crinkle n Kuton. Crisis n Pandulo; hauga; taning na pa nalion. Crisp a Kulot. Crisp v-Kulotin; kutonin. Criterion n Katotohanan. Critic, n Aug pumipintas; taga pintas.~ Critical-a-Ganap: mabigaf.. Criticize-v Pintasin; kutyain: pulaan. Croclbet-v-Magganchillo; gumanchillo. Crock n-Tapayan; kamaw. Crock-a-IUling. Crock v Umuling. Crockery n Manga tapayan- 2

Page  202 CRU20CL 202 CUL Crocodile n-lBuaya. Croft n-Pitak na lupa. Munting bukid. Crone-n-Matandang baba~vi. Crony n Kaulayaw; kalaguvo; kaunuran. Crook-n-Bukot, hubog. Crook v-Bukotin, hubugin. baluktotin, Crooked-a Hubog; bal uktot pasuotsuot. Crop n. Balunbalunan. Crop n Ani; inani; pagani. Crop v Putlin ang, dubo. kumain u g damu. Crosier-n-Tungkod nz) Arsobispo. Cross-n-Krus; bigat dalamliati; kasakitan. Cross a Masun~oit; mabagsik. Cross-v Kumabila-. tumawid. Cross bar A Anoman. Cross bow n-lana. Cross examine v-Tanonpin n,6 saksi. Cross-eyed-a- Duling. Cross grained a-Masungit. Crossing n Krus, Crossly-adv.-Paffunkit, Crossness-n Kasungitan. Cross question-v Tanongin nA saksi. Crossroad-n Si~ubunkan nk daan. krus ng carsada, Cross-timber n Anornan; balikilan. Cross way-n-Krus ng daan 6 lansangan.. Crosswise adv -Pahalang. Crotch-n-Sabak. Crotchet-v-Gumanchillo. Crouch v-Yumuko. Croup-n Likuran: gawing likod. Crow'-n-Wak: awak; talaok. Cro w-v-Tumnalaok'.K Crowbar-n -Bareta. Crowd n-Bunton ng tawo,1 kakapalan ng tawo. Crowd-n-Kamnapal n~ tawo tumulak. Crown n-K orona- putong; kaharian. Crown-v-Putungan ng6 korona; korotiahin: tapusin. Crucial a Hitsurang krus. Crucible n-Pangpat-unaw ng mnedico. Crucifix-n-Larawan ni Jesu-Cristo na& nakapako sa krus. Crucifixio'n-n-Pagpapako sa krus. Cruciforni-a-Hitsurang krus. Crocify-v.1pako sa krus. Crude-a Maasim:, hilaw. Crudeness-n-Asim: kahilawan. Crudity-n Kaasiman-, asim; kahilawan. Cruel a-Walang awa;, ganid: walang habag; inaban-is mbagsik; malupit'. Cruelly-adO.-Kalupitlupit. Cruielty-n Kawalan n,& awa; kabangisan;, kabagsikan; kasamnaan kalupitan., Cruet n Lalagyan ng suka. Cruise n Lakad sa dagat. Cruise-v-Lumayag sa dagat. Cruiser n-Sasakyan pandirignma. Cruller n Mamon nanakaluto sa man tika Crumb-n-Pindot ng tinapay; pirasonig mlunIIti. Crumb v-Pumiraso:, pirasolin ing munti. Cumple-v-Kusotin;- kutonin. Crunch-v-Nkuia sab. Crunch-n-Nkasab.; sabsab. Crupper-n- Baticola Crusade n-Lakad nk lbukbo. Cruse-n-Tasa, bote. Cruset n Paugpatunaw nk platero. Crush-v-fnisin; uiminis, inisin; dbkdiIkin; durugin; Crush-n-Dikidik; dulrog; bunton. Crust-n-Upak: balat Crusty-a-Mabalat; mauipak. Crutch-n-Tunkod. Cry-n-Sigaw; iyak; tangis. Cry-v Tumangis uuniyak, sum iigraw. Cry of dangyer-n Hulhol. Cry~pt-n-Libing sa ilalim n~ simbahaii. Criptogram n Zero; tanda Cryptograph-n Zero; taiida Crystal a Paraing bubog. Crystal n Bubog. Crystaine-a-Parb Dg bubog. Crystalize v-Magitg bubog. Cub n-Munting oso; baIgong niagaaral ngkatungkulan batang bastos. Cube n Kubo tangkialag. Cubic a Nanukol sa kubo. Mbed n-Cigarrillo nk bUngaD u pminta. Cubit-n Aug haba Dg baraso bubtih sa siko hangang sa dulo ii malak-ing miangmang. Cucu mber-n-Pepino - Cud-n-Ang nfingtinguya nk baka. Cuddle v Sumiping ugo malapit Cudgel-n-Pumalo; palo: kahoy - Cudgel v Paluin; kahoyin; orangin. Cue n Buntot nk insik. Cuff-v-Sampal tampal; tampi. Cuff-v Sampalin; tampalin. Cuisine n-K osina Culinery-n-Naunkol sa koshia. Cull-v-lwaksi, ihiwalay. Cullender-n-Salaan. Cully-n-Tawong mahina ang isip. Culman-Puno ng nmais-. Culm-inate v-Abutan ng kataastasang lugar 6 grado. Culpa-n-Kasalanann sala. Culpable aMay' kasalanan; dapat parusahan - Culprit-n-Aug may kasalanan Cultivate-v Bagbagin; linan gin ag lu1pa'; Inags),,aka. Cultivation-n-Pagsasaka; paglitiang'.

Page  203 _ GCUR 203 CZA Cultivator-n Ang nagsasaka; magsasaka. Culture n-lKarunungan. Culture-v rnagturo. Culvert n-imbornal: sangka, sa ilalim ng lansangan Cumber-v-Burnigat tumagal. Cumber~ome-a-Igabigat matindi. Cumbrante-n-Abala. Cunibrous a Mabigat; mnalaki. Cumnulate-i-IMag ipon; bumunton. Cunniing,-a Tuso: bihiasa; matalas; madiwara suitik. Cunning n Karunungian, katustiban; katal asan. Cup-n-Tasa, kopa. Cup bearer-n Taga abot nk tasa, sa, isang funcio'n. Cupboard nLalagvani ng rnga pagkain. Cupidity n-Nais; ingit: kaingitan; kasakirnan karamutan. Cur nAsong walang kabuluhian. Currish a Bastos- hatnak. Curable a Magagalingy n. Curate n nra. Curative a Makakagalinug. Curator-n- Puno taga pam~abhala. Curb) v-Pigilan; Jpumigil. Curb n-Pigil.,Curb stone-n-Bato sa tabi nk lansaugan. Curd v-'LurnapDT. Curdle v-Lumapot.COire-n Can-ot; kagam utan pag gagamot. Cure v-Gamutin~ gumaimot; pagalingin. Curfew-n-Tugtog ug compana sa alas nueve. Cuiriositv-n-Kadiwaraan; nasang makialanm. Curious a Madiwara- mnasinop. Curl-v-Kulutiu; balisurin; pilipitin. Curi-n-Kulot. Cur-inugdeon-n-Tawong bastos. Currant n-Pasteles. Current a Lunmalakad. Current-n-Agos ng tubig; kaagusan. Curry-vLinisin ng kabayo. Currv-comb-n-Panlinis nug kabayo. Curse-v-,Sumpain: manumpa.- murabin; tun gayawin. Curse-r' TUng'tayaw sunipa. Cuirsed-a -amnak; malupit. Cursory a Bigla; madali; pabayn.Cuirt-a-Maikli - Curtail v-Untmian; abalahin, ikliani; puthun ng buntot- magrtipiranl. Curtain-n 'labiug. Cuirtalin v Ilagav uge tahing. Cur-tsv- aB tim N uko. Curtsy-v-Bunmati; yumuko. Curvate a Baluktot. Curvation n-Pingk-abaluktot:- kakubaan. Curvature n Kakubaf n. Curve-n-Yuko.- hubog; kabaluktutan. Curve a- Baluktot. Curve v Yumuko: hubugin; baluktutin; bumaluktot; humubog. CurbiLy-n- Kabaluktut-an. Cushion-n-Upuan na malanib6t. Cuspid-n-Pangil. Cuspidal aMatulis ang dulb. Cuspidate-v Tulisan. Cuspidor-n-Luraau. Custard n-, lifflan. Custodian n-Ang nagbabautay; taga bantay. Custody n-Tanod; bantay; pagkabantav. Custlom n-Katigalian,. ugali; uso, modo; gawi anyo; asal- kaasalan. Customary-a-Klaraniwan; mugawi;_ kaugalian. Customer-n-Kasuki Custom-hiouse-n Aduana. Cut-v Hiwain; tigpasin; putulin; gilitin; hiwasin. Cut-n-Hiwa; gilit. putol; tigpas; yari hitsura. Cutaneous-a-Nauiukol sti balat u t-awo. Cute aTuso mnatalas, mnaganda. Cuticle-n Balok. Cutlass n-LIapak. Cutler-n-Aug nagtitinda, ug rniga lanceta; guntiug at iba pang kasankapang parnghiwa. Cutlery-n-Manka kasangkapang panghiwa. Cutter n.Mangigilit; taga, hiwa. Cut throat-n-Ang n~atay sa kapwa, au g nakamatay. Cutting-n-Pug, gilit, pagbiwa. pag gupit. Cut worm-n-Uod Cycle-n-Bicicleta. Cycler Cyclist-n-Auig sunmasakay sa bicicleta. Cyclone n-Bugyo. Cylinder-n-Bilog; kaidkuran. Cylindric Cylindrical a Mabilog. Cyinbal-n-Piang. Cynic n-Tawong masungit. Cynic Cynical a-Masunnit. Cynicism-n- Kasungitan.Czar-n-Hary sa, Ruso.Czarina-n Asawa ink Hani sa Ru11 o.Czarowitz n Panganay na anak na lalaki nk hani sa, Ruso.

Page  204 DAS 204 DAS 204 ~~~DEB ID Dab-,n-Tawong sanay; hampas na miagaan. Dab vHampasin ng magaan. Dabble-v-Basain. Daft a-Ulol, loco; sira ang isip. Dagger-n-Pufial; panaksak. Daily a Araw araw. Daily n Pahayagan na lumitaw sa araw araw. Dainty-a-Mainam; malasa. Dainty nBagay na mainam. Dairy nBahay lalagyan iig gatas Dale n Parang. Daily-v Magluat; tumagal. Dam-n-Salopilan; harankan nk tubig. Dam a-Salopilin. Dam v.Harangin ang tubig. Damage-n-Kasiraan; sira, pagkas ira. Damage-v-Sirai. Damask n Damasko. Dame-n-Babaying puno sa isang farniIia 6 escuelahan. Damn-v-Ihuilog ang kapowa sa infierno. Damp a Basa' halumigmig; lamig. Damp-n-BasAi lamig. Damnpen-v- Basain.- basabasain. Damper nPangharang ng as6. Damsel-n-Binibini babaying ginoo. Dance v-Sumayaw; magsayaw. Dance-n-Sayawan sayaw. Dancer- n-Mananayaw Dandle-v-Palayawin; iwfij. Dandruff-n-Balakubak. Dandy-n-Tawong hambog. Danger-n-Pankanib kapankanibani. Dangerous-a-Mapanganib; may panganiii). Dangle-v-Isabit; sumabit sabitin. Dapper-a-Munti at maliksi. Dare v-Mangahas; ipankahas. Dare n Pangahas.- paslang. -Dark-a-Madilim; malabo.- maitim. Dark-n-Dilim; itim. Darken-v-Umitim dumilim; dhunhan,dungisan: labuan; lumabo. Darkness n.Kadili man; kapanglawati Darling a Minamahal, pinalayaw. Darling-n-Aug minamahal. Darn v Sursihan. Damnn Sursi. Dart-n-Palaso; suligi; sibat. Dart-v-Jhagis nk palaso, itulag. Dash-n Takbo., Dash-v-Jhagis nk malakas. Dastard-n-Karuagan; duag. Dastard a Duag. Dastardly a Maduag. mahina ang oob,. Date n Bilang nk panahon; fechia. Date-v-Ilagay fecha. Daub-v-Dumhan: dung+san- mansahin. Daub n Dungis, dumi. Daughter-n-Anak na babayi. Daughter-in-law-n Manugang babayi. Dauntless-a-Walang takot: m atap anig; hindi marunong matakot. Dawdle v Sayankin auig panahion. Dawn-n-Madaling araw; liwayway. Dawn-a-Lumiwanag sa umaga. Day n Araw; kaarawan. Day before-yesterday-Kamakalawa. Day break-n-Madaling araw. Day-laborer n-Aug uagpapauipa sa maghapou: mang-ang-araw. Day light-n-Liwanag Dg ara9w. Day spring-n Madaling araw; pinagmulaan; pinaugalingan. Day time-n Panahon ng- araw buhat sa madaling araw hangang sa dilim. Daze-v-Turuulig; masilaw. Dazzle v Makasilaw; sumilaw, patakain. Dead-a-Pat -y; walang buhay. -namatay. Dead-adv.-Patay. Dead n Aug nangamatay. Deaden v-Patayin. Deaf a-Bingi. Deafen v Bingihin: mnamingi. Deaf-mute-n Tawong bingi at pipe. Deal-n-Pangankalakal.Deal-v Mangalakal. magtindaDealer-n-Mangangalakal. Dealing-n-Pangangalakal. Deanun-Puno sa katidral. Dear-a Iniibig, mahal; minamalhal; inurog. irog. Dear-n-Iniirog; palayaw; aug iuiibig. Dear-adv -Mahal. JDearth n-Kawalan; kakulaugan.Death-n-Kamatayan; pagkamatay. Deathless a-Walang kamatayau. IDeathly a Makakamatay. Death-bed-n-Huling oras ug buhay; hI ugalo; kamatayan. Debar v Ibukod: iwaksiDeba-e-v-Hamakin; bawasan. Debasement-n-Pagkahamak; pagbawas. Debate-v-Ipagmatowiran: muagmatowid - Debate n-Pagmamatowiran. Debauch-v-Maglasing; maghilo; bumu'lok. Debauch-n Aug labis. Debauchery-n- Paglalasing pagkabubok. Debifitate-v-Mangavayat.- lhumina.

Page  205 DEC 205 TDP,,F Debility-n'-Kahinaan; lath, pangangayayat, hina. Debit-n-Ut~ang. Debit-v-Pautangin. Debonair-a-Magalang. mapagbigay loob. Debris-n Pinagpilian. kasukalan Debt-n Utang. Debtor n-Ang may utang,- ang nagkautang. Debut n Primerong litaw. Decade-n-Luat nk sampuong taon.,Decadence n Pagkabawas; pagkabulok. Decadency-u Pagkabawas; pagkabnlok. Decaliter -n-Takal na may sanipuong. litro. Decalogue-n-Ang sampuong utos ing Dios. Decameter-n-Layo ng sampuong metro. Decamp v Tumakas; umalis. Decant v Ibuhos. Decanter-n-Lalagyan ng rnga alak. Decapi tate-v- Pugutin; makpugot. Decapitation-n-Pagpugot. Decay-n-Bumulok. lumipol; sumira. Decay- -Pagkasira; pagkabulok. Decease-n-Pagalis; pagkamatay. Decease-v-Mamatay. Deceit-n,-Daya hibo; patibong kasinun~alinkan: panunuba paghibo. Deceitful a-Magdaraya-, daya; nakadaya; manuiba. Deceive v-Hibuin; dayain- magdaya; magsinungaling- magbulaan manekas. December n-Diciembre. Decency-n Kabaitan; timtim; kamalhalan; kabinian: kahinhinan; kahusayan. Decennary-n Luat ng. saMPUOng taon. Decennial-a-Nauukol sa luat ng samn. puong taon. Decent-a-Matimtim;magalang;nmaguinoo; mabait; mab ni. Deception-n-Daya; hibo; kasinUngalinkan. Deceptive-a-Makakadaya. Decide v-Magbigay hatol; hatulan; hua matol; magtika. Decided-v-Buo ang loob Decimal-n-Bahagi: decimal. Decimal-n-Nauukol sa decimal. Decimal fractions-n Quebrados, decimales. I Decipher v Hanapin ng kahulugan: ihuii log; saysayin. Decision-nilatol; tigas ng loob; kahuoan nk loob; pasiya. Decisive-a-Totoo: huli. Deck-n-Sahig ng sasakyan, balasa. D~eck-v-Bihisin; takpanin. Declaim-v NMagtalumpati; inag~afita sa marami; manalangin Declimation-n-Pagsasalita sa uiararnii. Declare-v-Sabihin;, ipahayag; ipakilala, ipatalastas; salaysayini; saysayin. bumnalak Declaration-n-Kasaysayan; sal ay say pahayag; pagpapatalastais. Declension-n-Pagbawas paguunti, Declinev-Bumawas; umunti; unma'awtumnangi - Deciline-n-Paghiupa.: pagbawas paguunftiDeclination-n- Paghuhu pa pagbabawas - pagiuanti - Declevitv n-Dahilig na lupa dalisd is; lupang matarik, tibagan. Decoct-v HaluliD; i halo; ilahokDecolor-v Alisni ang kulay. puItiiD. IDeclorize v Putiin. Decompose-v- Bumulok. Decomposition-n Pagbulok. Deco'rate v-Gayakin; pagandahin; painamina. Decorated n Taga gayak;anggumagayak. Decoration-n Paggayak; paghanda. Decorative-a- Naka gagavak. Decorouis-a-Mahinhin; mah~inahon; mabait; maginoo. Decorum-n-Kabaitan; kahinhiinan; kamahialati; kalinisan. JDecoy i Hibuin:- dayain. Decoy-n-Hibo: pangati. Decrease-v-Bumawas; umunti; umiikli; lumiit. 1)ecrease-n Pagbawas pag auniti. JDecree n Utos pasiya. Decree-v-Mag-utos - Decrepid-a-Ulianin mahiina: mat anda. Decrepitude-n-Katandaan; kahdni nanpa g kahukiuban. Decrial-n Uyam, pintas; alibughia. Decry-v-Mag alibugha: halayiin; kutyain. IDedicate vMag alay: iWay. ipanagano. Dedication-n-Pag alay; alay. Dedicator n-Ang nag aalay. IDeduce v-Hanguin; hugutin; awasan. 1)educt-v-Awasan; bawasan; untian kulangin. Deduction-n-Pagbawas - 1)eed-n-Gawa- titulo. Deed-v-lbigay ng titulo. Deem n Mag isip;- magwari. Deep-a Malalim. IDeep-adv.-Malalin. Deep-n-Laot. Deepen-v Ipalalim; palal man - 1)eer-n-Usa. 1)eface-v-Sirain; sirain ang nmukha. 1)efamatory-a-Maninira ng puni. 1)efaination-n-Panira nang puri; upasala.

Page  206 DEG ___ Defamne v-Murahin; ma-galimura;utmupasala; kutyain. Default n-Daya; tekas. JPefault-v-Manekas;-' dayain; kaniyahin. Defaulter n Manenckas. Defeat-v-Pasukin- talonin, supilin~. Defeat-n-Tabo; suko. Defect n- akuilangan kulang; pintas; kapintasan mali; sala kasailanan. Defection-n Kamalian kakulankan, Defective a Di yari; hindi ganap; knlang. Defence n Saklobo; tubong -ampon tankilik. Defend v Tulungiu: tuimulong; kanlongin, kuipkuphin iplagt-angol; tumankilik; aimponin. Defendant-n-Ang kinakanbonig; ang tinatango]. Defense n-Kanlong tan gkilik; tulong; sakiolo pagtatagumpay; tagumnpay. Defenceless- lefenseless-a-Walang magaampon. 1)efer v Antalalhiin;bi mbinigin; mnaa~ntala:tipagpalnat. Deference-n ATntala- abala: galang. Deferential-a Magalang. Detiance-n- Kapaniaahasan; hamon. Defiant dt Man~ahas. Deficience- Deficiency-n Kakiulankan; kawal an. Deficient a - ulang. Deficit n Kakulangan; kulang. Defile-n Landas Defile v- Bumulok; sumira; dungisau). Defilement-n-Pagkiabulok pagkasira. Define v Saysayin. salaysayini iiubogy. Definite a-~irm'e; totoo. I I-)eflniitioai-,n-Kabhulugani; kasay'sayan. D~eflect v Iliko lumilro. Deflection-n- Pagliko.Deflexure-n Pagliko. Defoliation it Paglaloglag ni& dahon; Deform-vi-Ptimangit ang hbitsura. Deformnity-l- Pagkapankit n~ hitsura. Def raid-V Mlanekas; manuba; dayainii kanivyahin. TDef ray-vi-Abuluiyan; tim abuiloy; an~iponi n. Deft-a-Bagay, marunongy sanay. D-ifunct a Patay; walang. buhay. Defy-v-Lumraban; lanmnin; lInmainon. Degeneracy-fl Pagktilmamak. Degrenerate a -Hatmak, mnababa:, waking kabuiltihian. D~eg(eie~rate-Vil-illumalflak- buinaba. D~egredation. n-Pagkalhamak- pagkababa. IDegradle-r-Sumi ra: si-rain - l~i~imamak. Detvraded-a-Hfamklfl miababat aug9 )aiyka taw o. Degree-a (~radio. Deign-v-Purnayat~,,g; pag~ing dapat. Deject v Humamak- maglungkot Dejected a-Aba ham ak; hapis; mahapiw; kulang palad Dejection-n PagkAhrama; lungkot; kakuilangan nk palad. Delay n-A ba-la; antala: pigil: pagluat. Delav:v-Umnabsala; antalahin. Delectable a-Maaliw myagiliw; malugod; masaya. 'Delectation n Sava - lugod: aliw. Delegate n Kahalili; katiwala; kapalit. - Delegate n Jpagkatiwala; humnaili magkatiwfla. Delegation n Ka-pisana.1n. Deleter ious a Makasisira; masama. Delf n Manga tapayan. Deliberate-v Sadyain; magwari, mnagi, i pis i P. Deliherately-adv.-Tinalaga;, sinadya. Deliberation n-Pa-gwari sadya. Delicacv-n-Kabutihan; kainaman; kalarnbutan- lambot kakiniisanm Delicate-a Banavad; malambot; manipki;l marupok; maselang. Delicious,-a-Ma~sarap; mnalasa; kaaliwaliw~; kaltugodlugod. Delighit n-Tuwa: ailiw:iniam luigod; lasap; katuwaan- ligavia. - Deli~yht-v-Mantiva mnagl ugo& magsaya. Del ight-ed-a —Masuya; maluigod:. manliw. Delightfuil a-Kaaliwaliw: kalugyodlugod; kasay~asaya. Deli neate-v-Tumabas;' padpa~rin saysayin Delineation n Pa t a ba9s. Deliquiency n-Pag~so way sa ut-os; ~kakulang-an; pagkakasala. Delinquent-a-MKay kasalanan. Delniquient nAug may kasalan an. Delirious-a Ilol- sira ang isip. DeliriumrnnPagkasira nk isip; pagkauilol. Deliv~er-v-Magdlala; sagipin.Deliveranc n-Pagdadala; pagsagip; Pag Ii gtaIS. Deli very-n-Paghiahatid]: pagdadala; pagDefll n ParangDelta n-Lalxbasan nA ibog.Deludle v-Upatin; dayain; hibufin.Deluge n,-Apaw;, hubog. Deluge-cirtinapaw; ilubog.De ltsio'n-n-Pagupat;, daya; lhibo; kasi~iinun Z-al i n an. Del usive-a-Makakadaya~ magrdaraya. Delve v-Humnukay: tunmarok. - Demiagogiie-n-Puino ng- isang katipunan Demnand v Huminki~ luiinu hog. Demand r-Ang hinin-i, bingi; Iuhog.

Page  207 D)E N 2M Demnarcation-n-Hianga; lianganani. Demean -v-Gumawa. Demeanor n-Gawa; paguugali ugali, palakad asal- kilos. Denientate a- Ulol; walang isip. -Demented-a Ulol: sira ang isip. Demnentia-n- Kaululan: pagkaulol kasi-m ngn isip. Demerit-n-Pintas., gawa 6' kilos na ma. sama. Dem.ijolin-n-Damaj uana. De mis e-n-Kam atayan. Demi se- v Magpamana. Demolisti-n-Lipolin; sirain; gibnain; gu - Juijin. Demnolition-n- Paglipol, pagsira; kasiranat. Demon-n- Demon io. Demnoriac a-Nauukol sa demiioio. Demioniacal a-Nauukol 'sa demionio. Demonstrate-v-Jpakilala; ipakita: paliwanawan-; ipatalastas. Demonstration-n-Kilos; kasaysayan- pagpapakita. Demonstrative a Sinasaysay. Demonstrative n-Kasaysayan. Dem~oralization-n-Pagkasira ngmabuiting kaugali an. Demoralize-v-Siraini n;- mabuting kaugalian. Deniur v-Sumalangsang; tumigil. Demur-n-Ti'gil. Demure a-Mababang loob. De-n-n Yunkib. 1)engue n-Lumipo. Deniable-a-Maipagkakaila; imapagkaila. Denial n Pagkakaila; pagkaayaw; pa hindi; kaayawan, pagkatangi. Deanizen-n-Ang tumitira sa isang lugar. Denominate vPamagatin:- puimagrat; magsaysay. Denominate a-May nkalan. Denomination-n-Tawag, ngalan; pumagat: bansag. Denote v-Tandlaan. Denounce v Magdentincia; i pagl1a it; isumbong. Dense a Siksik: masinsin. Density n Kasiksikan,kasinsinan kapal, kadiliman. Dent-n'-Ukit. Dent-v-Ukltin; umiukit. Dental-n-N'auukol sa' ngipin. Dentist n Mangagamot ng ngi pill; dentista. Dentistry-n-Karunungani sa ~paggagamot ng- ng-ipin. Dentoid-a-Hitsurang ngipin. Denudation n Pagliubad. Denude-v- Hubarani; humu-ho; h umu badl; mnaghubo; maghlubad; hubdan. Deny-v-Magkaila; tumangi. tangihan.; huag ipagkaloob. ipaink-ayaw. Deodonize-v-Alisan n,~ atinoy. Depart-v-Umalis lumakad:- tumakas. Departure n- Pagalis paglavas; pagtakas. De partmeniit-n- Dep1,artamen to. Depend-v-Sumabit inabitin: humilig. Depict —v-Pintahin:I ipinta saysayin liwanagin. Depicture-n-Pagliliwanaig. Depicture-v-Liwanagin. limniwanag. Deplorable-a- Kahamnbalihambal; kahapishapis; kaluinosluinos. Depopulate-v-Uinalis ang manga tawo sa isang lugar. Deplore-v-Magdanmdam - Deport v Ipaalis sa isang lugar Deportation n-Pagpapanaw; pa gd e destiero. Dep~ortment n Kilos; uigali. 1Deposal Pagpaal is sa' kattmgktilan - Depose v lalis sa katungkulan. Deposit v Ideposito:I ilaigavy, -ipak-atiwala: -kilaga.Deposit n-Deposito; lalagyan. Deposition-n Pagdledeposito. Depot-n-Deposito. Depravation n Kabulukan - kahamrtkan. Deprave v-Humnamak; pasanmain. Depraved-a-Paslit, Iibasama; hamak. Depravity n- Kahamakan; ligalig; paigIkabulok. Deprecato v-Manalan -ginl. 1)eprec ation it Patialaig-in. Depreciate-i-Hamuakin: bawasan au halaga; lhalayin; laparan Depreciation n Pagalipusta: paghaiamak. Depreciatory a-Mnapaktiabanak. Depredate v-Nakawin: lnanilllit.. Depredlation n-Pandudnitit. Depress-v-Hamnakin; inisin; tunmiuzal - Depression-n Pagiinis. Depressi-v e-a-Llatuimal - Deprivation-n Kawalan: pagkawala. Deprive-v-Alisan ang kailang-an; i wala Deptli-n-Lalimi: kalaliman. Deputation-n Kahahiaili; kat-iwala. Deputy-n Katiwala; kalhalili. Derail-v Umnalis 'sa railes. Deralnge-v-Simmi ang ay-os,, Derangemient n-Pagkasirq Dg avyos. Dereliction n Pag iiwan. Deridlev7-Uniupasala, uyvamni:, Iibakin - Derision n Upasala: tivain. IIi ba k. Derisive-a Mauvam. Derive v-Hang-uin sa iba. Derivation-n, P agkubha sa iba. Derivative-n-Salita nia natigaliii sa ibang- wika. Derive v-Etiniin sa.

Page  208 _DES 208 DET Pernn n Balat. 1)erogate v Pawalan ng kabuluhan. DFerogate-n Sira; may bawas. Derogation n Pagbawas. 1)escend-v-Lurnusong. manaog burnaba; bumnawas. Descendant n Anak lahi, hinlog: inapo. Descendent-n-Mangalrn g sa. Descension-n Pagp)anaog; paglusong. IDescent-n-Paglusong; lusong. 1)escribe-v-Liwanagan: saysayin; sabi-~ bin DR maliwanag. IDescription n-Kasaysayan; pagsasaysay. Descry-v-Tanawin: turnanaw. Desecrate vSirain sunmpain:- tumung-ayaw. IDesecration n-Pagtuttunkayaw tungayaw. sumpa pagpasira. iDesert v-Magtanan. Desertion n Pagtatanan. ]Desert n-Lugal na flang; ilang. D6sert a Ihang; karat. Deserter n-Sundalong nagtanan. Deserve-v-M-,agkaroon nR karam patan; paging dapat. D)eservedly-alv.-Nararapat. Deserving a-Nararapat. Des habille a-Walang ayos ang paghibilhis. )e~siccate-v-Tuyuin; matuyo. IPesiccation-n-Pagtuttivo. 1)esiderate-v Magkiailangan- mnagkiaroon DR kailangan Desiderative a May nasa; mapipitain. J)2sign v Gulitin: akalain, isipin; gawi II. Design-n-Plano; guhit; t:ka:. akala, banta; pag gagawa. IDesig~nedly adv -Tinalaga, sinadya; kin usa. Designing a Nakahihibo. Designate v Ituro; sabihin; Designation-n- Pagtnturno; pagsasabi pili; tungo. 1)esirable a-Maibigan; nasain, Desire-v-Magnasa: nasain; magpita; urnibig: hunianga(l. lDesire nNasa; ibig, gusto: nais. Desirous-a-Magn~anasain m ai ibig an'; mapagnasa: rnapagpita-, napaghal ngad. I)esist v Huminto: mnaghinto;- tumi_ ii' humnimpil, niagtahan. 1)esk-n-KupitreDesolate-a —Mapanglaw: i lang. Desolate-v-Lipulin; gibain, sirain. iDesolation-n- Pagyasak.; kapi raan - DIespair-v-Mawala ng- pag asa,- linuina ang loob. 1)espair n Kawalan iik pagaasa. Despatch v Ipadala; tapusin. Despatch-n-Telegrama. hatid kawad. Desperado n Tulis~n; magnanakaw. Deseperate-a-Walang asa. Desperation n-Pagkawala DR pagaasa. Despicable a Hamak walang puni; madini; mahalay; malait; masama. Despise-v-Yamutin; yumamnot; masuklamn. Despite-n Galit.- tanim sa, lob. Despite-prep. Masque. Despiteful a M4asama: harnak. Despoil-v-Sirain- lansagin; gibain. Despoliation-n-Pagkasira: paglansag. De~spond-v-Humina ang loob; mnawala ang pagaasahan. Despondency-n-;, awalan nang pagaasa; paghina, DR lob. Despondent a W aIanD.g ipagaasahan; malungkot. Despot-n Punong Dmabaksik; baring; mabagsik. Despotic-a-MNabagsik; mabangis;masama. Despotism n-KabagsikaD; kabangisan. Dessert n-IHimagas. Destination n Destino; pag uukol; kaukulan; taan. Destine-v-Jpadistino; idistino. Destiny n Distino. Destitute-a-Walang hanap buhay; salat; walang mag aampon: dukha. Destitution-n-Kasalatan; kabamnakan; kadukhaan. Destroy-v-Sirain; basagin; gibain; lansagin; igiba. Destructible-a-Makasisira. JDestruction-n-Kasiraan; pagkalipol; pag kalugso. Destructive, a Makasisira. Detach-v-lbukod; tangalin; turnangal. Detacliment-n-Destactamento; pagtangal; pagbukod. Detail n Kasaysayan. Detail v- Magsayeay. Detain-v-Pigilin: magluat; pihitin. Detect-v-Tuklasin; tagpuan; makita; usisain, siyasatin. Detection nPag uusisa; siyasat. 1)etective-a Nauukol sa secreta. 1)etective n-Policia secreta; policiang lihim Detention n Pagluat: pagpigil; abala. Deten-v-Ilmabala; pigilin. Deteriorate v Sumamna, bumigat, ang sakit 6 karamdaman; sumira; lumnipas. Deterioration-n-Pagsasama'; pagliasira. Determination-n-Pasiya. kabuoan nang loob. IDetermine-v Hatulan jnagpasiya, bumnuo ang loob.

Page  209 DEX 209 DIF Detenmin-ite v Ilagay ng- in ga hanga; saysayi n. Determined a Bnlo ang' lob. Detest v Suklam in. yumnamot. Detestable a-Kainpitlupit; kastikiamn sukiam. kal nno~l ins; inasuklian. Detestationi-nt- Pagsntnklarn: kulnpitan:l kasukh man. Dethronle v aluiiin aiug ha nr. Dethonenient-n-Pag~tatalo sa hari Detour it Lutniakad ng p stiotsuot. Detract v Manun mpa tintitngayaw; sum11 -pain; alisin: bawasan. Det~raction nPagalis pagbawas paminunpa: pagsunmpa tunigayaw. Detriment-n-Abala; bagay na miakasasai-na. Detri mental a Makasisira; inakasasaini. Deva~state, v Gtubatin sirain lipulin. Devastation n Kasiraau; paglilipol Develop v Bununti butihin: isulongy. Development n-Pag sniong; pag kakabuti. Devest v Alisin; hubdlan:, hubarin. Deviate V- Bngnhin; ibain; ilipat; lunmapat: bunmago; huminkod. Deviation-n-Pagkiabtigo; kaiblian; hinkod. Device-n-Kasangkapan. Devil n Pemionio. Devil-v-Miantnkso; tuksohin. Devilish a Parang demonio; nanuk-ol, sa d emonijo. Deviltry-n Kasainaan; gawa nang (le in on. Devious a Pastnot; snot pab'~ya; tanimd. Devise-v Akab ain- isipin; miagpamnaua. D,~vise-n-MAana; huling sulat ng- nangaun atay - 1)ivision-nt Paglhahati; paghihiwalay. Devoid-ii-Alisin: bawas. Devoid nWalang larnan: salat. Devolve-v-Bumalik mauiwi sa (lati; mabinat. Devobution n-Pagbalik pagsasauli. Devote-v Alayin:- ialay. Devoted a Masipag, tapat naibig. Devotion nt Alay; pagtat~apat ug boob. Devotional-a-Naunkol sa pag aalay. Devour v Lamunin. Devout a-r'otoo; tapat:I malinis. Dew-n- Hamog. Dew v-Huinamog. 1)ew Drop-n-LPatak. ng hamog. Dewy a Mahamog, Dexter a Nanukol sa kanan. Dexterity-n Kasanavan;katalasan;kartinungan - Dexterous-a Matalas; mnarunong; sanay; bihasa. Dextrous a-Sanavy; marunoug: matalas bihasa. Diabetes ii-Saki t ua nmadalas uniih-i aug may sakit. Diablerv-n Kalikotan. Diabolic a Nauukol sa (lemonio. Diabolical a Naunikol sa (lemonio. Diadem n Korona. Diagram nt Piano;- guhit: tabas. Dial n Mukha ng orasan. Dialect n Salita, ng m~a tawoug hindi mnartnonog: dialecto. Dialogue-n-Salit~aan ng dalawa. Diameter n-Kagitnaan - Diametric a-Naiunkol sa kagituaan. Diametrical a Nauukol sa kagitna an. Diamond n Diamiante. bnillante. Diaper-n- Lampen - lDiaphragm-n-Balat sa pag itan ng dibdiib at ng tiyan. Diarrhea n-Bululos pag iilagan. Diarrhoea a-Pag iilagan; bululos. Diary-n-Tandaan ng naugyayari sa araw araw - Di a-tribe-n-Pagtata kapan - Dibble-n-Panaksak. Dice-n-Knbo na may bilang ang, mga nmukha. Dicker-n-Kapalit; pagpalit, pagtuturiug. Dictate-n-Idicta Dictate-n Utos. Dictati'on-n- Pagdlidicta. Dictator n-Aug nagdi~icta: aug naguUtos - Dictatorial-a Nanukol sa pagdid icta. Dictiou-n-Wika salita; pagpili ng saIi ta Dictionary n Diccionario. Didi-v. inip.-Nangyari; gtumawa: ginawa. IDist-v. iimp. Ginawa; gumawa; 'nangyari. Die-v-Mamatay: tumapos. Die n-HulmiahanDiet-n Pagkain dieta. Diet-v-MVa gdietaDiety-n-Kadiosan pagkadios. Differ v MagkaibaDifference n-Kaibhan: pagkakaiba. Different-a-Iba; hindi kaparis 6 katulad. Difficult nMahirap; ruagulo. Difflculty-n-Kahirapain: kahigpitan Diffident a Ayaw sumampalataya: inatatakutin; ayaw maniwala. Diffidence n Katakutan. Diffuse v-lbuhos, lumaki:, isabog; ipahayag; ipatalastasDiffuse a-Maluag. malawak. Diffuision-n-Pangpaparami; karamihain;paghubuhios. 2

Page  210 DIR 21II 210 DIS Dig-v-llnkayin: humukay. Digest vTumnunaw ang kinain. Digest nCodigo. kapisanian nig mniai; utoR. Digestible-a-Mangyayaritig matunaw sa sikinura. Digestion n Pagtuinaw nig kinain. Digit n Daliri isa. Digtiify-v Ipagpniri; magalingini; purihiin. Dignity-n-Dan~gal. puri: kainal alan; karangalan; karapatan. Digress-v-Lumiko liiiiiayo; humiwalay. Digression n Paghihiwalay; pagliko. Dike n-Pilapil; harangani; ng tuibing. Dike v Magpilapil Dilapidate v Sutnira; sirai. Dilapidation n Pagkasira sira. Dilate v.Bumnuka; dumilat lumaki. Dilation n Pagbtuka. paglaki, pagdilat. Diliatory a Pabaya, mabagal;- taimad; huli. Diligence-n Kasivagan; sipag. Diligent-a-Masipag mnaagap; mabisa;, masigla masikap. Dilute-v-Labnawin; lumabnaw; tunawin; tumunaw. Dilute-v-Lusaw: malabnaw. Dilution n Pagtutunaw Dim-a Madilim: malabo. Dime-n-Sangbillion. Dimension-n-Sukat: laki at Iapa(1. Diminish v Buinawas umunti; ninimpis; lumniit. bawasan. Dimunition-n Pagbawas pagkulang; pagpaunti; pagpaliit. Diminutive a-Nagpapaliit; nababawas. Dimity-n-Kavong sita. Dimple-n-Bu~tas ng pisngi. Din n-Gulo. ugong. Dine v Kumnaini. Dingle-n-Paranig munti na sa pagitan nk dalawang bundok. Dingy a Marumini marungis; nmapanglaw. Dinner-n-Tanighalian. Dint n-U~kit lakas; kapangyaribian. Dint v Ukitin. Diocese-n-Kapangyarihian rig obispo. Dip v-1sawsaw: isisid: ilubog. Dip-n-Lubog: sisid; ligo. Diploma-n-Titulo. Diplomacy n Salitaan rig dalawang naciones: karunungan; katalasan. Dipper n Tabo lumbo. Dive-Direful a Katakottakot; kakilakilabot: masama. Direct a Matowid walang liko. Direct-v-Tinngin; uilogi n; akayin;, ituingo. marnahala Director-n Ang namamnahala. Directory-a Nakatungo. Direc-tress n lBabaying martmong mamahiala. I Direful a-Katakottakot kakilakilabot. IDirgen D~afit sa paglilibing, Dirk n Paniaksak; puflal. Dirk-v-Jsaksak. Dirt-n Dumi; dungis. kaurumiban- kasukalan kasalaulaan IiPa,; putik. Dirt v Dumbilan dung sin. Dirty-v-Marumi Maruingis mnasuka 1: salahuila pnngit. malibag; ma~y man~sa. Dity)-v- iimihan; dlungisi1n. Dsable a Palayitikapilay, kapilayan. Dis ability n-Pag. Dis ad vantage n- Lugi; kabhirapana: k asi - raan. Dis ad vantaogeotis-a-Maliirap iniakal uluigi; naknsisira. Dis agree-v-Magkasira; Imag uiiiavoii. Pis agreeable-a Masainaing ugali; mastinigit; mnakakayamot, nnkababagot nakagagalit -Dis agrteementnr Pagknsira; pa-kagnlit; kasirnan. Dis allow-v-Huag ipahlintulot. Dis annul v Pawalan ang kabuluhian. Dis appear-v Mawalan. Dis appearance n awalan. Dis appoint vMagdaya; yumamot, kumulanog; inatalo. Dis appointment n-Kakulanignnkasiraan: pagkatalo. Dis approval n-Katangilhan pagkaay-a-A. Dis approve v-Hnag ipalhintulot pintasin; tumrangi. Dis arm-v Alisan ang man~a, sandlata. Dis armiament nPaogtangol rig inan g-a sand ata. Dis arrange v Sirain ang ayos guilub in. Dis aranged-a-Walang avos; ms gulo. Dis arrangement n Kawalan ng- avos 6 wasto. Disaster-n Kahirapan:- sakunaDitaastrous-a-Masakuna nmahiirap. Dis avow-v -Malimutan hiuag inalaiunn - Disband-v-Tan galin anig mnaiua sandata nig maniga sun(lalo Disbelief-n-Kawalan ng patinaiirpalatava. Disvelie~ve v-Hung man iwala 6 suimaiiipalatav% a. Disburse v Magbayad gastahin. Disbursement-n Pag babavadi: pag gagasta. Disc-n-BilogDis-card-v Itapon ial is; inagdliscarte. Discard-n-Baralhang panapon. Discern v. Tanawin; inakita: tunihiiin. Discerniiig-a-Matal as; matalino:, tiuSO -

Page  211 DIS 211 DIS Discharge v-Tumupad;bawasan; bitiwan; gurnanap; ialis sa katungkulan. Discharge r& Pagkukumpil. Disciple n Alagad dicipulo. Disciplinarian a Nauukol sa pagtupad 6 sa, gobierno. Diciplinarian —n-Maestrong rnabagsik; 6 masunkit. Discipline n Disciplina: pagtupad sa kautusan. Discipline v-Aralan- magturo; turuan. Disclaim v-Magkaila; falikuran; huag kumilala; umayaw. Dislaimer-n-A ng nagkakaila; ang tumalikod. Disclose-v-Buksan: ilitaw; ipalitaw; pabayag; ihayeg. Disclosuire-n Pahayng; paglitaw. Discolor-v- Kumupas. Discoloration n Pagkupas. Discoloredi a Kulpas; maputla. Dascomifltv-Manalo; talUnin. Discomfort-n-Kakulangannkkaguiinbawa han kahirapan Discomfort-v Yumamot. humina ang loob; pagalitin. Discommode v-Abalahin-. pagslitin. Discompose-v Sirai ang ayos:- guluhin. Discomposure n-Galit; gulo. Disconcert v-Guluhin. Disconnect v-Tan~yalin; hilawayin. Disconnection-n-Pagkatangal, tangal. Disconsolate aMalungkot; salat; mahapis: mahapis. Discontent nYamot- sibangot: galit. Di~scontent-a-Galit; masama ang loob. Discontent v-Yumamnot; magalit. Discontented a Sowail; galit. Discontinuancq-n-Pagtigi I Discontinuation-n-Pagtigil. Discontinue-v-Tumigil; pigilin. Discord-n Gulo galit; pagkasira; kasiraan. Discordance-n Kaguluhan. kasiraan: Discordancy n Pagkasira, kasiraain. Discordant-a-Magulo; di maayos. Discount-n-Bawasan; kulangin. Discount-n-Ang por ciento- pagbawas. Discountenance-v Huag ipahintulot. Dis~courage vPahinain ang loob. Discourage~hent niKahinaan nR bob,., Discourse-n-Discurso' pagmamatowid; nab itaan. Discourse-v-Wikain; magmatow id. Discourteous aWalang galang; tampalasan. JDiscourteousness-n tKawalan ng gaag katalnuain,1sananh: paslang. DiscourtesynzK awalan ug galang Icatam pal asan an. Discover v-Tuklnsin; tumuklas; buksan; makita ang dIi pa nakita. Discoy~ery-n-Anug bagong tinuklas. Discredlit n- awalan DA paniniwala; kakulangan nft paniniwala. Discrediit v-Huag maniy~ala. Discretitahle a Hamak; bastos. Disereet-aMabait; tuso; matalas; mnarunong matalino. Discrepancy-n-Kakulangan: kamalian, ibhan. Discrepant-a-Iba; kulang; nmal i. Di~crete-a-Nakabukod: malayo. Discretion-n-Kabaitan; karunungan: katalasan Discriminate n-Ibukod; hiwalayin. Discrimination-n-Pagkabukod paghihiwalay. Discuss-v1 Matngpuan magmatowiran; nmavsaIi ta an. Discussi on-n-Pagmamatowira n. Disdlain-n-Uyam: tampalasan kahamnbuigan ka palaluan. Disdain-vi-Maghambog: nyaimin. lDisdainful-a-Paalao; hambog; mauyam. Disease n Dnmdam sakit. Diseased a-May sakit. Disemihark-v-Uimibis umahon. Disembarkation n-Pag ibis sa sasakyan. Disembarrass v Hanguin sa kahiyahiy'a. Disembody, v-Alisin sa katawan. Disencumber-v Hanguin sa kagipitan. Disengage v Hanguiwi iligtas. Pisengaged a Walang gawa.Disentangle v Hanguin sa kaguluhian. Disfavor-v Huag ipahintulot. Disfavor n-Knkulangan DA galang. Disfigure v-Mansabin; pangitin. Disflguremnent-n-Pagp-apanl it. Disfiguration n Pagpapangit. DistfrnIhD~ise iiAlisin ang pahintulot. D~is,,zorge v-Suniuka: isauli gantihin. Disgrace-v-Pahamakin: ipalhamak. Disgrace-v- Kalham s kan; kahiiyahivaain. Disgraceful a-NakAahihiiya; akadudusta: hamak. Disguise v ibahin ang hitchura; maghaIlntk-ayo. Disguise-n-ragka'bal atk ayo. Disgust v-Yumamot, yamiutin; arnauhi; pasamain- sumama ang loob. Disgust-n Yamot sama, nk loob: kapighatian: hapis- kadalambatian: poot. Disgusted-a-Hapis; nasusukiam. Dishi-n-Pingan. Dish v-Isandok. Dishearten v-H1umina angloob: urnakot. Disheveled-a-Walang ayos magubo; guIsot Disbonest-a-Mahalay; taksil. suitik.

Page  212 t)IS 212 DIS D~ish-oniestv-n iKasuitikani: kahialay van; k ataksilan7. Dishonor-n-Kahatnakan kalhalayan kahihiyaan;. kamurahani kasamnaan. Dishonor-v Mapapahiyva; hiyain. Dishonorable-a-Nakadudu ta; kalhivabiya; mahalay; suitik Disincline v-Huag pumayag. Disinclination n-,awalan no gusto: kawalan ng kahiliiu~-an Disinfect —v Suo1)in sunmuob; linisin. Disinfection n-Kalinlisan pui~r. Disinherit-vLHuag pa-manahin. Disintegrate-v rlangalin~; tumniangal. Disinte-ration n FPagtatangal. Disinterested a WXalang interes walang" n asa. Disjoin vaPalinsarin; luminsad. Disjoint-v-Palinsarin; luminsad. Disk-n Bilog. Dislike-v-Yunmaniot:, saniama; masukiamin. Dislike-n-Yamot: ka&*uklamnan.- poot; sukiam; kaayawan. Dislocate-v-Paliuisarin lumiusad~mawala sit lugar. Dislocation n-Pagpapahnsad. Dislodge-v-Alisin sa luga~r. Dislodginent-n- Pagkawala sa lugar. Disloyal-n-1\ialiko inasuk.ab; HIi- taksil; suitik Disloyalty-n Kalilubian; kasukabawi k-asuitikan - Di-~iyal a Miapanglaw; mnaluingkot; ma hamubal iwalapis. IDistnantle-v-L3 ubaran; alisaii n~ (latnit 6 kasangknipan. P~i4mav v-Pahinain ang lob:, takotin; tumakot: humnina, ang loob Dismay-n Kahiun~an ng- lob; takot. Dismember-v~-Haatin: hulwalavan, pirasuhin. Dismembern-ientin-Fa,,ghiihiwbv%-,li iu katawanDismiss-v-Itaboy, paaiisi n; palayasin; ipagtabuyan - Dismissal n Pagtaboy. pagptnias: ag palayas. Dismount v-Umnibis, furnusong. Disobedience-n-Panso wail; katigasan no ulo; alintana. Disobedi3nt a-Sowail: mnatigas ang ulo: iaasowayi n. D~isobey vSunntiwfyI; mang alintana-. Disoblige v-1 agalitin; hung tutmupad. Disobliging a-Makngagalit. Disorder-n-Gulo~kawalan ng!ayos 6 wNsto Disorder vGuluhin; sirain ang ayos. Disorderly a Magulo; pagulogulo; hiindfi mabait- bastop. Disorganizc v Guinhin; sirain ang ayos. Disown-v-Hung kilalanin: hungy kumni-, lala; talikur-ai; maokaila Disparage v Hamakin pintasin - Disparagenient n-Pagpahaniak; pintas; kapintasan. Dipar~ity-,n Eaibiman uo knln,-gasan cy gulang. Dispassion-n Katnluimikan. Dispassionate-a-Tahimik: walang, gulo., Dispatch v-Palidnljin idiaos; ipahatid:tapusn: 1mng,1padala; mntgttnpos. Dispatchl-n-Telegrama; hathid kawad - Dispel-v Isabog; palayasin: panilisin. Dispensable a Di kailanga,,n. Dispensary n-Tindtilan mig gamu1t. Dispensation-n Paghaliati~papgkalat, pagbigay Dispenise-v-lk.a~iat; isabog. Desperse visabog; sabugin; kalatini. Dis~persion-n Pagkalat pagsahog. Dispirit-v-Takutin; pahiunin aug,, loob - Displace-v-)Ilay7o sa lugar:, btiguhin aung lugar. ibukod-. Displacemient n-Pagbabn~go n& lugar. DisplayvvIpakita ipahalata; buksnn. Display-n Pagpapakita kaiinaman., Displease-v P~agalitini:pasanuainnuiigloolb. Displeasure-n-Yamot; gnlit; kawfala n~-, gusto:- dalamha'ti. Disposal nt Paraan pamnanumahala. Dispose-vildnos; tapusin: nynsini; ikl~-,at, at ilagsy sa lugar:- humilig. Disposed a Nakahiling natatalsan. Disposition n, Lgali; nyos; kilos; bait:I kalngayan; parn-an. Dispossess-v-Kaniyabin ningkinin. Dispossession-n- Png nankin Disproof nPagbigay na~ig kasinui&nlingan. Disproportion-n-Kawalan sa, sukat. Disproportion vGaw'ii nts hindi tannmn sa sukat. Disprove vibigay ng kasinun~alimganr sa iba. Disputable a MlakapagpapataloDipuitant-n Aug nag tnusa-p; aug unkikipagtalo. Disputation-n -Pagmainiatowiranti paug nsap; basaigulo. Dispute v Mlakipagtabo; maginatowiranl; umaway: salangsankin mug usap. Dispute-n Pagtatalo: usap pag mania towiran- basagulo alinkasunas. Disqualification nt Eakulang-an; pintas, kakulankan nk kaya. Disqualify v Iluag abutin aug grad,.pintasin. Disquite-n-Kakiulang-an ng katahimi kan, gubo.

Page  213 M)s '2 li3 D1V )isquiet-v-(Guluhin. Disquietude n-Gulo; kaguluhan. I)isquisition-nt-Pagm am-at owxira. Disregard v-Huag malalin; ullg kali ngayin; hamakin; llalayin. Disregard n-Alintana; taipalasan.. Disreputable-a-Bastos larmak tampa lasan. Disrepute-n Kahamakan; kallalayan, kabastusan. Disrespect-n-Kawalanll galang tampalasan kabastusan. Disrespect -Huag kilalanii; lunag sninunod. Disrespectful a Bastos; tanlpalasan; \valang galang; walang hiya; nlasama. Disrobe-v Hubaran alisan ang damit; inaghubo at magliubad. Disrupt-a-Sira bulok; bali. Disrupt-v Sirain baliin; punitin. Disruption-n Kasiraal. tDisrupture-n-Kasiraan. )issatisfaction n Kawalan ngr guisto; ka sainaall un 1oob. Dissatisfy-v Pagalitin; uinag tnmupiad( Iissect v Pirasulin usisain. Dissection-n-Pagpipiraso. Dissemble-v-Magkonowari. Disseminate-v-Isabog ang bitnlii. Disseminationn- Pagassabog n; binili. )issension-n-Pagtatalo; basagulo gllo, I)issent-v-Urnayaw, huag sunlunodl Imn'kaiba, Dissent n- Basagulo. Dissentation-n- Pagmanln atowirmai. Dissimilar a Hindi kaparis gansal. iilndi kamukha 6 katulad. Dissimilarity n Paakakaiba; kailbhan. Dissimulate v Magkonowari. Dissimulation-n-Pagkakaiba kaibhlan. Dissipate v-Maglasing. Dissipation-n-Paglalasin g. Dissolute a Pabaya talipanidas; tanmad. Dissolution n Kapabayaan: kawalan ng kalinga. Dissolve-v-Tumunaw: tunawin. Dissonance-n Pagkakasira ng tugtog. Dissonant a Masama ang tuno1g. Dissuade-v-Pigilin pasiyahin. Dissuasiqn-n-Pagpi piguil; pagpapasiya. Distaff n-Panulid. Distance n Layo pagitan; pal ugit; puang kalat. Distance-v-Ilayo; 'lunmavo palayuin, Distant a-Malayo; tan-i, Distaste n Yamot; pighati. Distasteful a Makayayamot mapilghati. Distemper-v-Yamutin. Distemper-n-Katigasan n utlo; sipon nig kabayo. Distend-v-Lumlaki humaba. Distention n Kalhbalaan pagllaba. Distill vAlakin gunmawa ng alak. Distillation n Pag gagawa ng alak. Distellery-n Gawaan ng alak. Distinct-ai-NMaliwanag, tbukod talngi. Distinction-n-Pamumukodl; pianginlgiba: kaiblian kamahalan. Distinguish-v- Kilalanin manlmukod; takdaan; saysayin. Distinguishable a-M aliwanag; maldalilg makikilala. Distinguished a Balita; bunyDi. bantog; bayani Distort-v-Pilihin; pumilipit; pilipitin, Distortion-n- lagpipilipit. Distract-v Guluuini ang isip. Distracted a Ulol; gulo ang isip. Distraction n-Kagululan ng' isi p. Distress-n Hirap piglhati; sakit; kaliirapan: kasakitan. Distress v Pahirapin. Distribute v Ipamaliagi kalatin ikalat. Distribution n-Paglati pa m a m1 a ag i; panmumudmod pagkalat. Distributive-a-INalakakasalog. District n Danay lIanga: lugar pagknt ng bayan: nayon distrito. District-v-Ilagay ang hanga in in mga (lanay 6 nayon. Distrust-v-Mag gangamng ang loob; kumulang ang katapatan ng, loob Distrust-n-Kakulangan ng katapatan noloo1). Distrustful-a-Mapangambaliin k ui an g; confian za. Disturb-v-Yanlutin; bagalaagalin g ulluhin: pasuklamin anr 10oo): sabariil; tuksuhin balisahin. Disturbance-n-Gulo; kagulultlanl: yamot: kabalisalian. Disunion-n-Plaghi hivalay; pagkat1ukoud. Disunite-v-Bumrnkod; tanlgalin; iliiwalay. Disuse-n-Kawatlan ng paggamit. Disuse-v-Huag gamitin. Ditch n Sangka. Ditch v Gumawa ng sangka. Ditto n-Ang nabangit na. Ditto-ad!.-Paris ang dati; gayon din; naman idem. Ditty-n Awit; dalit. Di urnal-a-Arawaraw. Dive v Sumisid. Diven Sisid hititan n, apian. Diverge-v-Humiwalay: lumayo. Div ergence-n-Paghiihiwalay. Divergency n Paghihiwalay. Divers a-Marami: ilan. Diverse a-Iba;hindikamnkha;naka}lu ko(d Diversification n Kaiblian.

Page  214 DOL 214 D()L 214 ~~DOV J)i'versify-v-lbhian- bagubin. Diversion n Kaibyban; aliwan kasayalban pagpapahlinga kutuwaan. Diversity'n Kaibhan Divert v-Lumiko, iliko: aliwin. Diverting-a Nakakaaliw. Divest v Hiubaran alisin, magbawal. Divide-v-Ha~iin hiwalayin; itiwalay; buinuahagi huiniwalay. Divider-n-Tava pamnahagi. Divination n Paghuhula; hula. Divine aNan nkol sa lankit. Divine n-Pani pastorDivine v linmula- human. Divinity-n-Bathala; Dios. Division-n-Pamamahagi. paghihiwalay; paghahati. Di vorce a Pagtaboy. Divorce v-ltaboy: ipagtabuvan ibiwalay; ilayo. Divulge v Tpahayag ihavag: tukiasin; tunmnklas sabilin. Dizziness-n-Pagkali-ila; pagkahilo. Do-v-Gnawin gumawa. Docile a-Maamo banavad: mastnunrin. Docility n-Kaamoan: kiaanavaran.- Dock v Putlin augobintot~klian~bawasan Dock v Punduhan ing sasakyan kung. lilinisi n. Docket-n-Listahan. Doctor-u Mangagamot. Doctor-v-Gatnuti n. Doctrine n Pananampalataya; doctrina; pagrtuturo. 1)ocnment n-Docuuiento: kasuilatan: katibayan. Documnrntal-a Nautnkol sa, kasulatan. Dodge v Umilag mawala. Dodgen aHibo.- daya. Doe-n Usang babayi in aling usa. Doer-n Aug gumagawa. Does-v-Guniagawa. Doff v M~aghubad, alisin. DogY n Aso. Dogfish-n-Patinge na, n-muti. Dog V Sumunod nk pilit. Doirged-a Matigas, an,, ulo: s owail Doggerel n-Mababa, at bastos, h amak. Dogmna it Panananamnpalataya: isip. Dogmnatic a Totoo: tunav. Dogmi-atical a Totoo; tnuiav. Doily n-Servilletangr munti. Doingsn Mang-a ginagawa., Dole n Daing: panaghov. Doleful a- Kah'imbalhambaIl - kahapishapis mapa InglaN: malunngkot. Dol n-Munika. — Dollar-n-Dollar- piso. Dolor n Sakit; (Ira, ahin panaghov. Dolorous-a-Mahirap, masakit. Dolt. n lUlol, Domain n Kapangharian; -nayon lupain. Domnestic-n-Aiia sa bahay. Domestic a Naaukol sa sariling balmy; maamo. Domesticate-v-Paanoi n. Domesticity n Ka~amoan. Domicile it Tirahan, tahanan. Dominate v Supiliin Domination-n Pagkasupil Dom-ineer v- Mamahala ng ma~bags k. Domiinioti-n Lupain; lupa. unyon. D,)miio n-Domino. Don -v-Isuot. Don-n Maginoo. Donate-v-Magbigay ipagkaloob- iambag Douation-to-Bigay caloob ambag. Done-v p. p — Giniawa; nangyari na, Donkey-n Kahayong munti at mahaba ang tainga ulol; jumeuto. Donor-n-Aug nagbigay. Doomin- Hatol; kapalaran - pasiya. Doom v Sumenteucia: huinatolDooms (lay a arawan ing paghahatol. Door n-Pinto pintu-,u. Door keeper-n -Ang nanmumalala sa isaug bahay taga, bantay ng pinto. Door way n Pintuan. Dormant-a-Natutu log.Dorsal a Nauukol sa, likod. Dose nTakal ug- gamot doses. Dose nMagpainom ng- gamot. Dost vaGumawa. Dot-n Punto. Dot-n Ilagay aug punto- puntuhan. Dotage~n Kaululan paglkaukol. Dotal aNaaukol sa, panhik. Dotard nTawong matauda at mahina1: augy isip. Dote v Umulol; humihang. Doth v Guimawa. Domble n-Yiipi: tiklop. Double v-Ytipiin; tikliupin; ulitin; di~ublihin. Double-a-Doble; ulit.Doublet n Paris; pareja.Doubly adv. Doble. Doubt n Agamnagam augloob; pangamba. Doubt v Mang~gamba- huag maniwala;. Doubtful-a-Agamnagam. ng loob; hin~di pa siguro,. Doubtless a-Siguro, walang agamnagami nu& lob. Douglin-Harinang minasa para, sa, t'ii' pay- minasa. Dough uut-n-Buch ibuch i. Doug hty a-Matapang maugahas. ( Douse a Thulog sa tubig. - Dove n Kalapati.

Page  215 DRA 215 DRO lDove cot n Bahay ng kalapati. IDove cote n-lBahay ng kalapati. Dove like a Maanio; niagandang loob. Dove tail-n Pagnkingipinkin at paglaIpatan nk kahoy. Dove tail v Jiapat DA mabuti. Dowdy a M~aruuigis. salahiula; marunii. Dowdy-n-Tawoiig maruingis. Dowel-n-Pakong kahoy. Dowelv Ipako DA paikong kahioy. Dower-n Kaloob, bigay; ati mninaiia ug asawauig babayi uk nangamatay. Down n Balahibong mnalam bot. Down-adv. Sa ibaba; sa gawin gibaba. Down prep -Sa ibaba. Down- a Malungkot, Down cast-a Malungkot. Down cast nTingin na mabungkot. Down fall n PagkasiraDown right a Tunay; totoo. Down right adv -Sa, gawing ibaba. Down ward-Downwards-adv.-Sa gawing inababaI Dowry n Bigay.- kal1oob. Yanman ng- asawang babayi Dowse v Isisid ilubog. Doze a Matulog. Dozen n Labing danbawa, isang doce na. Dozen a Labingdabawa; isang (locena. Drab ai Kay'nmangi. Drab a Kayumanging, IOrahbe v B~asthin- tigmakiin. Draft n-Fagpili: cheke. Draft v Gtihit~n ang banhay; pahin aug sundalo. Drafs man n-Taga gawa plano 6 kasulatan. Drag v Hilahin; huminla. Drag n-Paghihila; paragos. Draggle v Basahin at bilahin sa bupa. Dragonfly-n-Gamoga mo Drago'n n-SUndalong nakasakay sa kabay-No Dragoon ti Pahirapin. Drain v Tumita. patitiin. Drain n Snngka. Drainagen-Pngtita. Drake-n Patong lalaki; bibi. Drama-a-Teatro. Dramatic-a-Nanukol sa, teatro. Dramatical pi Naunkol sa teat ro. Drank-v~imp.-Uminom: nakainon'. Drape v-Takpanin Dk kayong itim. Drapern Aug nagtitinda nk kayo Drapery-n Manga kayo; katungkulIan ng nagtitindat. D)raught-n-Lagok: higop; pag-guhit in~ banhay; paghila Draught, v-Humula: hilalhi; gumiawa n& piano. Draw —v-Humila-. iguhit. Draw-n Baiak. hila; pagiiila. Drawback n-lPintas; abala. Dr-awer n-K aja. lDrawing-u-Pag-gulit, paghila. Drawl v-Magsalita? u- g daliaudalhan. Drawl nPagsasalita no marahan. Drav-y —Bagol. Dread-unKaba pan~ganmba takot, sindak. Dread-r-lKnuaba tuniAkot. Dread a Katakot takot kasindak-siiidak. Dreadful a. Knsindaksindak katakot takot masanma; kaguflatgulat kakila. kilabot. Dream-n-Patuaghiip): pann-arap. Dreaniv-Ma-tnaginip; miaugarap). D reamy-a-Mapa gp nuagi nip Dreara~ 1Ma patglaw uialuingkot. Dreary a Mapaiiglaw naiangkot. Dredge-n-Panh~ukay ng~ bupa s-a. ilalitit ug ilog. Dreg-n-Tira Drench v Tigniakiin; basah in. Dress n Damnit; bild-tiiiu. Dress-v Magbihlis; isuot aug dlamit. Dressy-a-Maingat sa pagbibi his. Dribbe v Pumatak- tuimalas. Dribblet-ttPirasoug niunti - Dried beefin-Tapa pin da-ng. Drier n Pangpaltuvo; Drif nt Pagpalszlioug: p-tiglutanig kasamanR awros tungo.~0 Drift,-v Lumutang. Drill-n Pagsasanny; arab; pauigbutaw. Drill-v Aralan magrturo; butasin. Drilling n-Pagpaaral; pagturo. Drink u U~mitiom: inomin, Drink n luomin. Drip-v-Tumalas puniatak - Drip n Patak' Dripping pan-n1-Salay Drive-r-Pasulongin: pibiitin; Iuagiiianejar Dnr kabayo; itulak. Drizzle v lUmambon. Drizzle-n -A mbon - Droll-a-Makatatawa- palabiro siste. Droll-naTawong palabiro. Drol lerv n-Biro; katuiwaan - Drone-nt Tawong taniadl. Drone.v,-Ma gpab*Iya. Droop r, Yumnko; lumanta. Drop nt-Patak. Drop-vi-Lu magpak; mnabaglag pumratak. Dropsy-n-Sakit na, mIC1ants. Dross-n-Duini- tae ng bakal; tira, Drossy a-Marumi. Drought-Drought-nl Tuyo; panabhong- sca bat sa uban. Droughtv a Mntuyot- matuitiyO t. DroverV imp. -Pinasuilong. Drove n-Manadla. kapisananl ug~ Ia~-cp

Page  216 DUN. 216 DYS Drover rt-Ang tay ari an naramin gbaka., Drown o Lumunod(; malnnod. 1)rowse z, Ma gantokantoka. l)rowsi es s-n A tokl)rowsy a Nagaantok: in antok. Drub v Pumalo palinn. Drubbing nu Puapapalo paghalampas. Drudge v-Puima(gl; magtrabajo tig ma lakas. Drudge n-Alipin sa trabajo. l)rudge-n-Gawa na mabigat. D)rlu n Pangpatulog, gainot. Drtgv Patulugin; painumin ang pangpatulog Druggist n-Ang nagtitinda ng gamot. l)rum in Tam bol. Drum v Magatambol Drum stick n.Plo 1g tambol. I)runk a Hilo la.ing lango. Drunkard n Tawongpalagingnaglalasing Irunken a. Lango: lasing Dry a Tuyo. Drv-v-Tuyvin ibila(l; patuyuin. Dryly a'v.-Patuyo. Dub v-NMagbansag; bansagin. D)ubious a Malabo. Duck-n-Pato; itik, Duck-v Tsili(t illbog. D)ucklin) n Patong lunti; sisiw ng pato; sisiw nlg itik. Duct-n Sangka. )uctile a Masunurin nlalambot. )lnlgeon nTangnan ng pufial 6 hng panaksak. Due a-Bagay aklin, marapat. Due adv. Totoo; tunny. I)ne n l'tang. Duel n Hamn.l. iDuel-?-H l uman on. I)net n Kanta ng (dalawa. I)ng v. imnp & )..-Hinukay; lniuukay. Duke I)Duke. Dukedom n Kalagayang duke. )Dlcet-n-MIainam sa dinig. I)ull a Maputol; mlapud(pod:; (tulngo mahlangal walang kabuluhan: torpe. Dull —Purulin; pumurol pudpurin. D lln ess n Kapurulan; kalabuan. )aly-a-Karam patan. Dumb a Pipe inalang tuto: hamak. Dnlulli) tell-n-Peso. unmll yn Tawong pipe; larawaiin n tawo; sa teatro. Dumlinv a Tahinik; walang kibo. Dlmp n Bual kasnkalan. Dlmp-v-lbual; itapon. Dumpy a Pandak; at ntataba. Dun a Maitini ang kulay. Dun v Maningil: singgilinl. Dun b-paniningil. 'l.Duuce-n-Ulol bobo; tawong walapgl karuunnlan. Dunl.n Dl)umn; tae ng haayop. )ungeon-n Bi lalgong mla(ilim. Duo n-Dalawa Du)odesimal n Ikalabing dlalawang baIagi. )uo(lecilmo nl Anl may labing daalawarl) (ldahon. Dupe-v Danyain; hibuin. Daple-Dluplex a Dubie; Duplicate 7-Dublihin; ulitin; parisanl tularanl; (lalawahi n. Duplicate n-Salin parisani; howad. Duplictation n Pagkadublle. Duplication n Pag aiduble. kataksilan; kasuitik in. Durability n Tibay; tagal: pamamarati. Durable a Hinidi masisira; matagal; lagi. Durance - Tagal kah irapan. Duration n Tagal; laon panramarati. Duress n Klairapan. Duringp pr.Sam an tala. D)urst- inlqp Pinanlgagalas. Dusk AMadilim. Dusk n Orasion. )usky a Aaitin mad ilinm )ust-n Alikabok; alabok; gilik. Dust-v Alisin aug alikabok: paspasin; bnudburin ig alikabok; dikdikin. Duster it Walls. Dustpan n Pungke. Dusty a Maalikabok, Dutch a Nauukol sa I-ollandesa. Dutch-n HIollandtesa. Duteous a Masunurin. Dutiable a-May buis dapat ibnwis. Dutiful-a Masun urin. Duty n Katungkulan; pamamal ala utang; buwis ng aduana. Dwarf n Unano Dwarf v-Pandakin. Dwel v Tumira; manahan; tumalhan. Dwelling-n Bahay. Dwindle v-Bumawas; umunti. Dve-v-Tinain; lngtilla. Dve-n Tina. Dyeing n Pagtitina. )yer n Ang nagtitina. Dying a Namamatayv naglihingalo. Dyke n Pilapil. Dynamite n-Dinanmita. Dynasty n-Kaharian: latli ng hari. Dyventery-n-Iti: pagdudumi na may halong dugo. Dyspepsia-n-Sakit ng sikmura. Dyspeptec-a-Nauukol sa sakit na1ng sikmura. Dyspeptic-a- Ag may sakit ng sikmura.

Page  217 EBO 217 EFF Each l-E'alanr, tuwix bawat; i) awat isa. E ach 1-lpro B alang isa. lager a Mainiiiip laiagnais. Eagerless — a ilnipanl nais, pita. I!a vle?t-Aguila. EaI:let-nt Aguilang nllti l lar-tn-T'aia'a: puso ng nlais. Ear-' -Tuinubo ang puso ng nmais. 11Earlesss a- \\Valna ng tain a. EIarly a Maaga' uiang, agap); maagap. 1:ti il -adl -\IIaa a. Ear Irinl. ar Ttan da sa taiiiga. Irnl t 'v Makita knniita..Earnlest a-'l'too; iliiidi b)iro; pormal. Fa ritiet n Ka totolianian kapornialan. E1a:rningrs- Angr kinita na isa. Ear ri" g r Iika. Etarth nI 1 pa; sa.ng kalibutan. 1Earthl-7-Itlbao sa Inpa. Eartllen-a Bai'ay linpa; vari In Inlpa; iial npa. Earthliincess,n Kalllpaan. Eartitl v a Bagay lupa; laulnkol sa lupa. 1a,:rt}l quake n Liin dol. 11Eartli worin I' Bullati; 110(o. Eartliy a Mailupa: may iail)iig lu11:1. Ease 1 Kagiuhllawailanl kaigiiian; igi; ka:lalian ktnlubyaan. Fasec ll Imigi Itlunag. lumuinl)a; liuiii iipi 1i. East n. Silangianal, East a-Sa gawing silallanan.ii. East c-Pinunita sa sil'aglanan. Easter-a, Kiuaresmai; paskolg liallaba. Easterlv-a NaIngallinl sa silagaiana; sa gawig,, silnnganan. EJaslterlv adil -Sa rawing silaniigavian. Ea'ter1 ( Natsa silanI1gatanii sa g.awing silalnlgnan. E:ast wart t-(ia.-Sa gawingz silanganii Elasvy -(winlawa; inadali. Eatr S 1 I(llni11 oiq///ti.S/hl 11 n1 imanoll. Eatable a IIakakain. F, aves-tl' eIabag balisbisan. Eaves trougli n Alilod. Etaves 1 ropper-1' MIan tunul)ok. lEavtsdrop- Pakin ann; ni palilli i. E1 7iV Ptl':knit i ng tuli)ig. Ebon-a-Paranl el)ono. Ebonize v-Paitinian; utiitilm. Ebon v n,-E bono. bolly a Yari nii ebolo; Inaitim. E(ccenltric nZMaligaling sa gitna; lindi karan wian katuiwa Ecclesialstic a -Naukol sa simlbalalln. cclesilstic-n- Partl; pastor. Eci,o-n Uliiylaw; lin 'll-awl~gaw; alalaa(ld. E1}cho(?v; UT lilaw unalinlla rga aw. E.lipset n 1P-'arililni ngii biuan 6 araw. c lipse-c-DIumilim ang araw 6 buan; lailp si n. Ecliptic( 1t-1 aan ing araw. Ecoi(noic-Eco, om()Iicial a Tipid; matipid. Ecoononist-n Anlg tawongl maruniong nmatip)id. Economize-n Tipirin. tumipid; mailtipirall. IEnomloli- n Pagtiti pid; lkati lpi ran. Ecstasv-n Savya 11na alabis IFddyvn Tttl)ig na tulog, ulitli. Etitiv-d UIullinli. Edentaten t ay-op ia walanlg ngipi)ll kundi,lang bagang. Elge n (ilidl, laylaan-; wkal; wakas; bayvbay, dllniot gasa; liangang: tabi; Edge ' 1 Lunmapit sa oilid(; lgumawa 1n'g gilid. Edged-ae-d I a taii 1n. 1ddgiin gt (Gilid tabi;. puntas na makitid. Edg(e way s-F dgew ise adal. Pagilid; sa gaw ing ili(d Edlille ca Makakai.,Edlict-tn ttos; kautusin. Id(i fict atio l-n-Pagtatat o tagtuturo. Ptldifice n-Baliav. I^dif- v —Magta'yo gurllawa nalligturlo). Eldi t av MIagliml)ag. lFditioti -I Limbi1ag pinflagliml:)agan. Ed(itor nl An g naipapap lilbag. Editorial.a N auukol sa pFag lilimibaig. ',(dit1orial l-Alg silllllt nalg iinlgpapa-,'(duc:te- l -'Turuan i agturo; pallaklli Iang isip. Id(1uctio()ln (l-G alang karuiunitian: dunon:1r; aral. Ildn cationoal-a-Nauuokol sa1 karnlluntglllan tdl catort 1 Ang inagtuturo. Educ-c — IpalitawV; lin11gnin. I'el, Palos. Ilen a(dv. MasT li(,; }iangang sa. PIe'r -(7^li.-lxailat7n man11: sa ano1110 alli, panalion. 1Efface v Buralitin lipulin. 28

Page  218 E DJ 218 EL() Effect-n-Ang nangvaya i; kayarian; gawa. E~ffect v-Maramay; idanm y; yariin. Effective-a-Kasalukuyan. miabisa, m~alakas; masidla. Effectual a Husto; sukat; totoo. Effeminacy n Karuagan. kahinaan ngloob. Effeminate-a-Parang babayi:- duag. ma hina ang lobo Effervesce-v- Kumulo; buniula. Efferves-enc(~e-ni-Pangkakulo, kulo. Effervescent-a- Kuin uku lo. Effete-a JLipas. karat walang kabuluhan. gasgas. Efficacious a Mlalakas, man gyayari. Efficiency n Pagyavari kahustuhan. Efficient n fusto mangyayari. Effilgy-n-Larawan. Effort-n-Tikhim; subok. Effrontry-n-Lamnpastan gan tampalasan. Effulgence-n- Kalinawan; kaliwanagan. Effulgent-a-Malinaw; -maliwanag. Effuse-v-Jbuhos: ipalabas. Effusion-n-FPagbuhos: pagpalabasEffusive-a Mapagbuhos; bu inukal. Ef t n Butiki. Egg n Itlog. Egg v-ludyok isulong. Egg plant-n-Tabonig. Egotism-n-Kariputanl kasakiman; karamutan; kapalaluan. Egregiouis a Lamnpas; katakataka. Egr~ess-n PFag labns: pag, alis. Egyptian a-Naunkol sa taga Egipto. Egyptian-n Taga Egipto. Eh-inter. -Ano. Eight a Wabo. Eight n-Wabo. Eighteen a Labhig walo. Eighteen n-Labing walo. Eig.hteenth-a Ikala bin g walong. Eiahteenth n-Tkalabing walo. Eighth-a-Tkawalong. Eighth it kawalo. Eig~hthly-adv.-Ikawalo. Eignhtieth a-lkawalong puiong. Eightieth nt Ang ikawalong ptio. Fghthy a Walong puong. Eighty nt Walong puo. Eithe'r-a Alin. Either pro -Alinman. Fither conj.-AlinEjakulate v Magsalita ng bigla. Ejaculation nt Salitang bigla. Eje-ct v-Itapon ipalabas. Ejection-n-Pagpalabas; pagtapon sa labas. Ejectment v Pagtapon -;a labias pagpalabas. Eke-v- Lutnaki, inagdaragdrig. Eke adv. Naman; gayon din. E-laborate-a A yos; maniam nmaganda. Elaborate v-Avlusiii; tapusinl; nk mahusay, Elapse-v-Lunmiipas; nmagdaan macaraan - Elasuic-a-Paraiig gonia. Elastic n Ligas Elate-a-Mataas:- masaya. Elate v SumayA. Elationna Syaw; tuiwa: kaluguran. Elbow n Siko. Elder it Tawong matanda. Elder-a-Lalong matanda, niatanda pt{i Elderly-a Mat;,nda.Eldest-a-Matanida sa lahat; katandatandaan. Elect-a-Pinili; hinalal Elect-v-Humalai; pumili; ipalaigav. Electn-Ang pinili. Election-n-Pngliahialal:I eleccion. Electioneer-v Tumulong sa isang candJidato. Elective-a May kapangyarhban pumiili. Elector n Ang mnay katuwiran magvoto. Electoral-a Nauukol sa paghabalal. Electric-a-Nauukol sa lintik. Electrical a-Namikol sa lintik. Electricity n Lintik; kidlat, Electriif v-v- Btihayin. Elg Ic-nama; inani nk kilos: kainamian, karikitan kagandahan Elegant-a-.Mainam; niakinis bihasa~ mia ganda; 'lakila; inarilag; niagaling; halata; maayos,. Elementin Bahagi: parte; pinaginulaan, Elemnental-a-Naiunkol sa piraso, naunikol sa parte 6 pinagmulan. Elementary a Primero - bago. Elephant n Elepante. Elephantine-a-Malaki, Elevate-v-Itaas; ibankon; padlakilain. Elevation n Pagpapataas; kadiakilaanti. Elevator n Makinang pangpat8 as. Eleven-a-Labing isa. Eleven-n-Labing isa. Eleventh a Ikalabingisaing. Eleventh n Ang ikalabingisa. Elf n-Duende. Elfin-a Naunkol sa duende. Elfin-n-Munting duende. Elicit-v Hanguin; ipalitaw. Eligible a Mararapat. Elixir-n-Gamot na halobalo. Elk-n-Malaking usa. Ellipse n-Talohaba. Ellipsis-n-Paglaktaw. Elocution n Pag.sasalita, pagdidiscurso. Elocutionary-a Nauukol sa salita 6 sa discurso.

Page  219 ENIB 219 ENA Elocuitionist n-Ang nagsasalita, 6' nag(lidi scurso. Elong~ate v-Humaba. Unatan. Elongation-n-Pagbaba2- pagunat. Elope-v Magtanan. Elopeme-nt-n Pagtatanan. Eloquence-n- aiunamanl ng pagusasalita. E'loquent a-IMaa-va- rnainam magsalita. Else a Iba Else Jwo. Iba. Else adev-Pukod sa rito. Else couj.-Bukod sa ito. Else where ad~v.Sa ibang lugar. Elude v Umilag. Eludible a Miaiilagin } lusion n Ilag; pagkailag. Elusory a Makadadaya, I Ive-n-Duende. Ylvish-a-Natuukol sa (hiende. Emaiciate-v-Pumayat mangangayayat. Emnaciat~ioni-n- Pang-aniayayat. Emanate-v-Stimipot: burmukal. m-angaling. Emnan,,fion n-Pagsipot, pagbukal. Emancipate v-Pawalan ang alipiin; mugbigay ng kalayaan. Emanci pation-.n-Pagbibigay nang kalaVaaIn. Em~asculate v Kaponin. Emasculate a Mahina; duao. Embalm-v Gamutin ang bangkay upang huag mabulok. Embank-,u Magpilapil. Emtbankment-n Pilapil. Embarcation-n-Pagsakay sa sasakyan. Embargo n-Fagbawal n~r pag alis ng isang sasakyan sa isang puerto. Embark v Ilulan; miaglulanl; isakay. sumakay. Fmbarrass v Hiyain. Embarrassm ent-n- Hi ya. Embed-iiIlagay sa bihigan. Embelish-v-Gumayak; gayakan; gumanda; pagandahin; pamnutihan parikitan. Embellishment-n-Pag gagayak; pagpapaganda; gayak; pamuti. Ember n Baga. Embezzle-v-Manekas; ankinin ang iiilagak sa, 'isa. Embe-zzlement-n-Tekas; pag aakin ng ani ng iba. Vmbl em-n-Tanda. Emblem-atic-a-Nauukol sa tanda. Emblematical a Nauukol sa tandg.. Embodyment-n-Pag sas ama samna; pagipon. Embody rIsama; iponin. Emboldeni v Turnapang. Emboss v- Itampok; padilagin. Embrace-v-Yumakap; yakapin; humagkaa. Embrace n-Yakap; bagkan. Embracement n-Pagyakap Embrocate v Pahiran ng gamot, hiluriia; hilutin. Ebrocation n Paghilot, pagpahit nang gamot. Embroider v Gumnawa ng puntas. Emend-v Aywsin. linisin. Emendation-n-Paglinis iig 1asalanan. Emerge v-Lumitaw. Emergency-n-Ang nangyari na hindi sinasadya. Emergy n-Liha. Emetic n Gamot na pangpasuca. Emnetic-a- Nakasusuka. Emigrant-n- Aug lumipat sa ibang lipa. Emigrate-v-Lumi pat sa ibang Ilupa. Emigrationun-Paglipat sa, ibang lupa. Eminence-n-Kadakilaan; karilagan; karangalan. Eminency-n-Karangalan;- kadakilaan, karilagan. Em-inent-a- Dakila; marangal miakapangyayari. Emissary n Kalihim. Emissary-a-Malihim. Emission n eagpaiabas ang lumitaw sa isang panahon. Emit-v-lutos; ipalitaw. palabasin. Em met-n-ILangain Emolliate-v-Lumambot-, lambutin. Emollient a Mlala'lambutin. Emolument-n-i akinabang: tubo. Emotion-n-Pakiranidam; damadam. karamdaman -kaba. Emotional a-Nauukol sa pakiramndam. Emperor n Emperador; bari. Emphatic-a Malakas. Empire n Emperio; kaharian. Employ v Gamitin; upaha-n. Employ-n-Hanaqp buhay; katungkulan - Employee-n-Ang nagtatrabajo. Employment-n-Blanap buhay, katungkulan. Emporium-n-Lugar nk pankangahiakl; plaza: palinke. Empower-v.Ibigay nang kapangyariban sa iba. Empress n Haring babayi. Empty a-Walang laman; bugok; kalog; walang kabuluhan. Emipty-v-Ibuhios; alisin ang laman; isalin. Emulate-v-Lumaban; pasukuiin; lanipasin Emulationun-Hiling ng loob..Emuls ion-n-GamotEmulsive a Makalalambot. Enable v-Magkarooii n- kaya;, makaya.

Page  220 ENG? ' 0 ENT Enact-v lutos; gumalwa na eIes. lEnactllmet-n-l'aggagawa ng ngla utos. En ainor-7' Ul nibig ng tnahigpit Encamp-vI-Magpahinga ang huklo. Entcampment-n Pagpapaliinga n1g I}ukbo. LEcamptl:ient-n Gayunla. Encircle-v -Paligiin iiagligid. Enclose-v-Bakurin; nagbakod kulungin; ipaligid. Enclosure w-lugar sa loob ng bakod; kural. lEnc o)nlll)ass, P'aligiri n. Encore-adr.-T lit; inuli. ELticore inte(r.-UJlit. Encoren Fagpuri; paglhini'i ngI ulit. Encounter-v Sumalubong; u mi n t o g; bumanga; sabatin, Elcountter n Urlmpog untog; salubont)g; banga laban. JEncourage-v-ludly ok; ipabuya..Encouragement n-Pagudyok. Encroach v Ankinin. fEncui:lber- v -Abalal:in: antalahlin; nm1abala. End n Dlulo; tapos; katapusan; wakal; wakas; dungot; langa; lhangahaln. Endc v-Tapusin tumapos; yariin; utasin: rnarnattv ay lllam aa. 1Endanger v Ihiulog 6 ilagay sa nmay pangan ib. En(lear v Mahalin. Endearmenlt n Pagmamllahal. Entdeavor v Tumikim; subukin. End(eavor-, Tik in subok. Ending n UItas katapusan; dulo; 1pagkayari JEndless a Walang dulo; walang hlanga; walang katapusanm walang mula at hanga. Endorse-v Pirm allin: pumayag. Endilow v- MalYpamiainla. Endtlowment n- M \ana: karunnnran; dunolng. Endure vMaIgtiis; tiisin; mnamalagi; Inmagi, alalayan; batahin. ElndIllrance n-Pagtitiis; Ipainamalagi. Enldways-E ilwise-adrv.-Patayo; paialang. Enemry-n Kaalit kalaban; katalo: kaaway. Energy-n-Lakas loob; liksi: kasi pagan. Energetic-a-Malakas ang loob; maliksi; inasipag. Enfeeble v Huiinla. Enforce - Pilitin: patapangin. Enforcement-n Pagpilit. Enfranchise-v Haanlni;n sa kagipitan 6 pag kaalipin; Inmabigay nang kalayaan. Engage-v-Itali; isama; Inmaban: labanlin. Engaged-a Mlay pan1gako. Eli(rag- menllt 0' PIgako (lulkl1):..E gine? Ma' 1in a (le vapor. E: n rilaeer-n Makinista;tiagasnkat nlrnl:ipa. Engineer-vc Manallala. Engineerin(g tn Kartunmng'an saa miakina E ulish a En'l-les. Enolish 'ri, FneI6s taga Elglaterra. En-lJish-hi- lbiog sa wikang Engls. Engrave- -Id(k it: Iilukan'; gunilllit. 'Engrali in ll-ii - It'agd(lukit dhukit. Fngross-v-Isalill allng sulat. Engulf v I-Lai nin. E,ll hancle-r-Tlim ll as;l unaiki; matlrigd a ragn Enla(e i ent na Paghlki pagr iam gd la Eniigma '-0'lugitong talinalllga.. Eimnigmatic a Malabo. Enjoi-i'-Ipig-i )Ilii;' i pagniiasaki t. })u miala; maubilin magbawal. Enjoy-?-Magiistnian; ibigini. nmaliw, suoimaya. Enjo)yment-n Kasavalan; Itlwa: kaaliva In. Enlarge-i-uim aki; rnagpaiaki d unam i biklarin; habaaan; lunmaba Enlargementlln-Li-Paglki; palna.i. Enlighten-i-iiwailagaIl; inagilaw i, magturo Enlii litenmen t n, Pgt:' liiwanlag; pagrtro,. Enlist-v -Punlasok sa servicio. iEiilistmentt -l 'agpiasok sa servicio. Enli ventv-} Hlay ill; ln hi ksi. Enmity-n Gait;; samia nl- loo)b tanllil sa loob. En o r ons-f-a -M Malaki 1n _1 tot o;( dk ila; lul)a: mInalabis. Enoi iitvy-n-lx 1ki; kalakilan: lkabigaltalt. Enoughi a Hsto; si-lkat; sawa. Enoungh adtc. Sukat Enough-n- Kasnkatan kahlustulan. Enquire —v\-agtanong tanloln in; tunElano g. Enquiry —n-Tanong Enrage-v-Pagalitin; magalit. Enrich-v-Paya manin. Enroll v Listahin pumnirma. Enrollmnent n Paglilista.. Ensample-n Halinmbawa. Ensconce v Itago; kanlongin; lkupkupii Enslhrine-v Malhalin. Enshroud r-Ralutin no, sapot. Ensign i,-'andi ila. Enslave v-Supilina alipinin. 'Enslav emen t — Pa pa ali pin. Einsue vx-Sumniui 1nodl; iu1i t tan. Ensure-v Ti)bavin tumibn i Entangle v -(unluhin. En tan g l en e t,n-Pa gpa pa g l I (:,. Fntangli ng, arMapagbasagul( o. Enter v Pumasok' pasnkin. Enter tlhe mind-l 1 rTarukin n isil).

Page  221 EQU 221 - E It _ _ }U Fllter prise-n-Gawa; tlrabajo. linterprising-atBullay ang loob. I itertain v-Aliwin; litulin, rnagpasaya. EI itertaininllg ai-Matsaya; mtraaliw. El'titevtainlnent-.n Pagopaaliw; kasayalian. E1ilthronle- Ila( v sa trono.,I 'lthlroniellelnt itn-'aglagav sa tlollo. liatliuusiasin n,-Pagkei vili; interes. IEtllusiastti( a-.l-May ilntecres; buliav ant loob. E, nti e -v Tlksuhi n. Initicement n 'ukso uraling inasaina. IAntire a-Lalat )uo ganap pulos. Enitiretv-Enitireness n I alahatan; kal}) - oan. () c'I1. Entitle v MAarapatin. ntoni)b v- Ilibing. EIntrails ai Ma bitnka; isaw. nlltranc.e n Pag)llasok pintuan. lHiitrance-v- t'atlllllunil; tnlllllill. Entrap- ll Hullihin; bilagin. kintreat v Duimnairng; niaalanll 'ii: lilli kii i ipakiusap. Eiltreaty,-n-Pakiusap lutliog; (daig. niitree n Paipasok. EIntrust v-Ialok: ilagak. Entry n Pagpasok pintuan. Inulerate-v-Bi langin, saysayin niang, isa't isa. nlumeration n Pagbilar g kabila^:: ill n. Elnunciate v-Magpah 'yag; rnagsab)i. Enunciati(on n PagpIallayag; palayag; pagsasabli. 1Envelop- Ilbalot; balutin. 1Envelop Envelope n Balot ng sulat. Invious-a Maingit. I Evirol-v-Ipaligid. Environnient nPa'ltpatizi dl;kalliilirllan EInvoy a-'Tl'ag bilin; traa utos utusan: taga tupad. IEnvv-n Kaingitan; ingit paninil)u}li. Envy 'y-v-Maingit; nIinip. Ilpicene a Nauukol sa lalaki at babayi. Epidemic-a- Hayag; karaniwan. E1pidlemic-n- Kasakitan. Epidlermis n-Balat sa lal)as. Epiplany n Pagsipot; litaw,; pista nI tatlon Hlari. E piscopate-n-Kapisanan nlg a pari. Episoden Kasaysayan. IEiistle-n Sulat. Epistolar-a-Nauukol sa sulat. IEpitaph-n-Karalula sa ibabaw ng, lil)ing. Epitoine-n Maikling kasavsayan. EIpoch n Panahon: feclha. Epsomi salt-n-Magnesia calsinada. EIulable-a-Pantay at nlagkaparis; kawvanlki: katulad. l(Equtal-a-Iipasl; miagkaisa; niagl'katul.tfi: mlagkaw anlki. IEual n-Pagkatula(l ptal'gkaisa. Eiug-ic Plantavin; tularan. Eltl alitv - ttl'a lliu-kak:apantay 1a;i kl.at u ilal }pai kakaisa ks l asiksItat l. Equalization -n' Pakak - n tay pagtu llquani it- al a paii tayyan; pagkakauis!E(unator n Eluador. Elluestrial (a Nauuikol sa kalayvo. Equestrian-i n -Ang marunl(ng' suniakax s: kaltavlo. Equiangular a nla-kaparis aug ni5a su lok E(qulianguilar a IMakaisa ang lav(). Eltuilaieral a Alaglkisa i,ig sukat inQ nllia ilid 6 llanl a. 11111lii iuin-n-'1 mininl)arig tatlig. i,(11uie i, Nauukol sa kabayo. EIltiuinox nt Panaboin na tlaitiskasi-ig lia)nt ang, araw at ang gal)i Equp vl Maglt igav ii kailanlga liquiipag -T-Pagil)igay nan-i iiaga kai lang-air. li;ltuii ienlt-n- 'agl)il)igay ng kailangan, Equii oise-n-Tin ibang E(luitablle a-,Matowid; lhusto; walangvldaya 1EqIity-n- at noluanan kal)anav araln. IE1ivaleinee-n?-K atiml)bang; klastkat ka palit. 'Equivalent a Mtagka-lsing halaga; niag kapari s. E,11 (i vocall- a-Nkakain ali EIuiivoiate-1-Maul ali; lumli}lis; maligaw. 1quivocation n KaInalianl mal; pag: lihis; pagliaaxw. Era-n-Pan al ( n. Elra(licate-t Lablinutin alisiun; imnagbuliat sa ugat; bunutiln. Eradlication i Pag}lnnot. Inrase, Burahlin: pawiin. lrasAre t,- BI4urtl; )aglil)ubural. Ere (nIv. Nauna. ELie-prep. Nanna. Erec(t a Maitivid; patayo, mnaavos. Erect-t —ltayvo; nmagtayo. Erpction n a -agt'atay () Ere long-(ait I indi maluluatatm. Err-r' Mainali; bluag tunmana; llaligaw, El;rrand-. lItos bilin; )pasali. Errant a-iPabayva: tiniad. I-rrati(c-a-Pa'glakallakial walari' ayos. lrratumr-I l NMali sa sulalt. lrroneous-a Nakaiamniali; imay Mali, - Error-n Mali: kannalian: kalbulaan. Erluite-a Mlarinoing; may dlunlona.

Page  222 EUP 222 EVO Eruditioii n Karuntnnian. Eruption n-Pagputok. Erysipelas-nt-Sakit n~ balat na, nakakahawig sa, bungang araw. Escapade n Kalikutan; biro. Escape-il-Makawala; urnilag; niake pulas. Escape n-Pagakawala; paglkaligtas. F sch e w- -vUni Jag. Escort n Kuniboy; bantay. Escort v thatid manghatid; sumama. Escrotoire it-Mesang sulatani. Escailent a Makakain. Escrilent nt Anomang bagav nia kinain. un tawo Esophagus ft Lalamunan. Especial aI Especial btukod nagiisa. J4 spousal ft Kasai; pagagainit. Espouse v-Magasawa kumrasal; gamitin. hs,-py?V UTsisain; manubok. Essay n.Tikim. Essav-v-Tumikim. Essence n K~aukulan ubod amnoy. Essenti~al-v-Kailanigan. E~ssenitialwn Ang kinakailaiif-1an. Establish v.Magtav o; itayo; iaa;me pund ar, Establishment n Pagtatag; bah-2y. Estate n Ari pagaari: I hpa. Esteemi-v-Galan~kin. gumalang mahafln. Es4teemn -i Galang kamnahalon; pagmam1ahal. Fstimable a Dapat igalang magalang; dapat mahain. Estimate vTaruhlan; tuasahan: mnaglagarfy; 1n~ hahaga; ku entahin Estim-yate it Tas;-; hialaga Estim-ation. n-Galang; pag gagalang; pr gPuri. Fstrange-v-Lumayo; umilag Es'tra~,enm-yeiit-n-laghilay,3o. Ikailangan. Etch v (4uiuhit sa metal. Etching-ni-Guhit sa metal. Eternal-a Walang mula at han~a. Eternally-ad17.-Sa huong panahion. E th er-n- Ftern o. Etherial a Magaan parang hranin nanukol sa Iankit. Ethiop it-Negro. tawong itim. Ethiopic Ethiopian-a-Nanukol sa, negro. Ethiopic-qt-Wika ng- negro. Etiquette-n Gialang; kainaman ng kil Os. Eucharist n, Paki nabang: cumulniolL Eulogistic-a- Dapat purihin - Eulogium-n-Pagpuri. Eulogi-ze-v-Purihin. Ealogyv nt Kasa ysayan na pagpupuri. Euphonic-a-Makiki~avon sa tunog ng Euphony-n-Ayos no tunog. Europe ft Europa. European-a-N auukol sa Europa. European n Taga Europa. Evacuate v-Unmalis. Evacuation-n-Pagahs - Evade-v Umilag; lumayo. Evanesce v Mawala. Evan escen ce-n-Pagkawala. Evangel nMabuting balita: Santa BibliaEvangelic a-Nannkol sa, Santa Biblia. Evangeli'cal-a-N auukol sa Santa biblia. Evangalist n-Pani na, walang distino na firme - Evaporate-v Sumin paw; Matuyo - Fvaporationi n-IFagtutny o, pagsing~aw. Evasion nt Pagiilagan. Evasive a-Maiilagan; di maliwanag. Eve Even-n Orasion. Eveni a Yano; pantay; patag; hangang; Evenv- antayin; pumantay. Even-adv.Bagaflia~n; gayondin; pati. Eveningn Hapon; orasion; panayan Evenit nAng nangyari; Ang nagkakataon, pangyayari. Eventful-a Maraming nanigyayari. Eventual-a-Tapus; sa katapusan. Ever adv.-Kailanman; sa anomnanigpanahion; laguiEver-glade-n-IawakEver lasting-a Walang ta p os; la gi walang likatEver lasting-a-Pagkakalagi. Ever more adv. Lagi; palagi; walanig tigil. Every a-Palang; bawat: pulos; tWWI. Every-body-n-1lahat n-& tawo. Every day a-Araw-arawv: balang araw - Every-one-n-Lahat ng tawo. Every-thing ut-Lahat nk maniga, bagay bagay - Every-where adv. Sa lahat ng lugar. Eve-through n Alulod. Evict v-Alisin sa, katungkulan. Eviction-n-Pagpapaalis sa katmngkiflan - Evidence n Subok katotohanan; pagsasaksi. Evidence-v Ipakita; ipabalata. Evident-a-Maliwansg; malinaw; totoo; tunay; tapat. Evil a Masama. Evil-n-Kasamaan. Evil-adv.-Kasamasama, Evince-v-Ipakita; ipaha, lata. Evitable-a-Maiilagan. Evoke-v-Tawagin, tninawag. Evolution-n-Paglaki; tubo. Evolve v-Ilatag, liwanagan.

Page  223 EXC 223 EXI Ewe-n-Tupang babayi. Ewer-n-Tapayan. Exact aHusio, tama; sukat; ganap,walang kulang. Exact v Humingi. Exaction-n- K atowi ran. Fxactitude-n IKatowiran. Exaggerate-v-Ululan. dagdagan. Exagrgeration-n-Pagdaragdag pagpalaki. Exalt-v-Puribin. Exaltation-n-Pagpupuri. Examiine-v-Umiusig usisain, siyasatin; ipaglisavin magexarnin. Examination-n-Pagu-usisa, siyasat, paglisig. Examiple n Halinmbawa; tularan; ulirani; parisan. talinhiaga. Exasperate v Pagalitin. Exasperation-n Galit, poot. Excavate vilukayin. hurnukay. Excavation -n-Hukay. Ex eed-v Hlumigit; lumampas, Ilumabis; lumagpos; lumnalo. Exceeding-a Lalo; mahigit. Excel-v Humigit: lumiampas lampasis. Excellence n Dangal; dunong puni: kamnahalan; kaguinoohan; kalinisan. Excellency n Kainaman; kaginoohan;karunungan. Excellent-a Mainam; bihasa- marunong;marilag: marangal, dakiba, bunyi. Excelsior a Mataas, pa. Except-v-Ibukod; itangi- mamukod. Except-prep. Bagkus; bukot; bukcd sa liban. Except-conj. - Pagkus; bukod; nguni; datapua. Exception-n Katanguihan; pamumukod. Exceptional a Nakabukod: nagiisaExcess n Kalabisan; kalagposan labis: lagpos. Excessive v Malabis'; lagpos: lampas. Exchange v Palitan, ipamalit; habinhan, huimalili. Exchange-n-Pagpalit; kahiabili; kapal it. Exchangeable a- Makapapalit. Excise-n Buis. Excise-vBumuis; miagbayad ang buis. Exciseman nManiningib nk buis. Excision nPagputol;, paglipol. Excite-v-lbuya; iudyok: udyukan; sulsulan. Excitability n Kasiglahan. Excitable a Masigla; Magulatin. Excitement n Gulo; sigla; gubat:I gitla'. Exciting a-Masigla: makagugulat. Excbaim-v-Humiyaw sumigaw. Exclamation n Hiyaw: sigaw. Exclamatory-a-Makasisigaw. Exclude-v Huag isama; ibukod, ilavo; ifuera ilahas. Exclusion n- Pagkabuko d kalayiua. Exclusive-c Nakaubuukod. Excoimituuicate-v Jul is sa simbalian111 Llxcon-iniuni(.atio11 n Pagpaali,- sa aimtbahan - Fxcremient-n Tae; (lumi. Excr~ete-v-Ibnukod at italpon. Excretion -n-Pagtapon. Excruciate-v Pahitajin;i ma-tghiirap. Excruciation n Pagpapahirap. Exculpaite vl-Haiiguin s-a pagkiaktisala. Fxculpation-n Paigpatawa,,d sa kasalatian. Excursion n Lakad; viaije. Excursive-a Pabakadlakad. Ex cuseri-Patawa ri n - Fxcuse n Dahiflan, -katowiran). Execrate-viManiumpa, magtun kayawxx baitan, maglait. Execration n IKalaitanm; paigtuttunrayaw. Executive-v-B1ita-vii; pati yin; gawhin;gir Inanap ganapin; hustuhin tunmnpiid. Executer nAng tumutupad. Execution-n-Pagpugot,- pa gbitay; pag, gagawa. Executioner n Taga pugot: ang pumativ, Exeeutive vNauukol sa pagtupad. Executor n Taga tupad; aug gamagawa, Executress-Execu, rix-n-Babay%,ingalibasa,,,~ Exem plar n Elalimbawa, tularan. Exemplaqry a Dapat sumnuod. Exemplification n Halimbawa,;pa-gliliwana'g. Exemplify-v/ Maghigay iig hlimbtiwa. Exeinpt-i' Ilayo;pataw~ariui;ibuk~odiilic(,ths Exempt-v-Malaya- - laya. Exemption-n tKalaynaan; patawad - Exercise n Sanay: gawa. Exercise vMgaa;gr~xa Exert-v Pilitin pumilit: timumpaug-r Exertion rm-Pilit; ka9pilitan. Exhalationl n Pagsingaw. Exhale v1 Hum inOa. Exhaust-v Ubulsin uimubus; tapusin. Exhaust a Naubos Exhaustion-n- Pagubus. Exhibit-v Iharap; ipakita itanghtlnl Exhibit-n Tan ghalanExhibition n Pagpapakita. Exhilerate v-Sumaya; pasayain. bulhavinn Exhileration-n.Kasayahan sava. Exlhort-v-Magpasaya hulaan; a-ralan. Exhortation n-Arab- pasiya; hula, Exhume-v-Hukayin mubli. Fxhumnation n-Paghiukay mulli.Exigence-Exigency n Kakailangan-,,fl Exigent a Kailangan91. Exile-v idestiero; itapon ang imay ul sa ibang bupa.

Page  224 EXP 224 EXT Exile /,- 'taw ong pinadestiero. I xist Ma gIaarioon, n. rii.n g. Exiistelce —Yai; pagilg; ant. pagkakstaon, Y xit. t, Palabasan; pintuan. IExodus t n ag alis pag labas. IExolleraite-e-Hantg.uill sa )agkakasala; plat ax arni. Exonerat ion- Pagpapatawad. Ex, rbitltat a Aalalbis; inalaMl na mahal. fx:)otic a I angalling sa ibang Inpa. Ex1,lanl-7,-luninki; llinulllml; lunabot; idtalay u1nunat. Ex1,aiise it, Paglaki; laki luang. ExpaI 1)sio1n.- PagIaki. Ex pati-late r Lulnixi Inimaki kung saan inlax glsto). sxp'ltr iate - tapon sa ibang lupa. EXl)atriaitiln nl'agt atil() sa ibang Expect -v-Asalian; mllnasa mnagpita ilagalita. I;Exp Iect ane-Expectancy-nt- Pagasa. Expect:tnt (t1 MIay inasalhan. 'Expetorat.te-r Linumra maglaw'av; du't}}alia k EIxpectorati, l-n Paglura. lra; r paglaa\\ y p'g ifla lnk (;tli ak. 1Ex p'('(iece- I-: aldalinl. Ixl'eplie ti~t-a tla. li; iniapaki nabl)angan.,ICxpedlient- 1t Kasa ngkapan Expedtelite ci-Tnulec~ }hawanan ipladala. lx pilt iti o-ii-'a Pi lak 'al; vaiaje. EIx^,(editiolus ( Tu'Ilovtulov1 rnaali. Expel r1 Ilal)as ifllera. E1xptendl 1' ilusin 'as'stallin; gulllgol; rllminSit gasg si - 111; gatll itin. guinr as. Exptend it l-,-ukai t nangasta. I )tll( i x e I1 I t'-l P I -alit a I. I ttl o. li^x 1,ditlure x )-I n, a t a; pa l}tos. Extiense-n(last os lbal:aa.~.; mrg {l'; p>aggasta. Exptensive a Malinalaa nalal. l;xletricce-e Sanay; kasanaxan; - u nln)ll'; kilalllllllgnill; ta.llio. Ejxxpeeri-ence r NiMa snnyA; mnataito; inatal:last: S; ltlllliaan. IExiiieli(eii(t.'Sl^itv; nit oi; lrn )iltasa: iati alas. IExtperiill' ilt t.-l aI gsjll}),., k: SIbll)o)k. Expteri'iient v Tutliikit.aii; usisain. Explert-a Matalas:; il'arniong; l)iliasa; sall a v. Expl'ert-n Twnviig iari-, i ng 6 matalas. IExptiat e —l-Gantiltin ' ainianlti. JE x i) t i,1n- t-n - Pagatam t i; gan t i. lExirati,()lin-f-TIapIos; katapusan: bdilo. Exlpire —'-Manmatay; tunia>os o mnala.ot ant lininga.,"- ~1 Explain-v-Saysay in; lixwanagin:; nia saysay; salaysayin; inagt ro- i nthala. Explanation n- I aliwanagan;kasaysav anll salatsav. Ex)pleti ve-a1 Miapu)puno Expletive-n Salitang ginagamit sa pagJExplicit a Tunay'; maliwanag, Explode v Pununtok. Exploit? (Gawa. E'xploit v G amitl in. Explorev Siyasatin; tlklasin. iExploration n' P'agtnklas. Explosli O in-1- Paigputok. IExplosive a Nau ukol sa pagputclk. Explosive \(ci-Ainomaiig bag ray na iiadaling ptuputok. Export Ipaldala sa ibang }Ipa. Expi)rt nt Ang li a l bagay na ipinadala sa, ibang ul pa. Expo(rtation n-Ptlm:papadala nhg inisniia bagaylb)ay sa i}bang Inpa. IExpose 1 v I)ulid; ibulusok; i)alitaw pal iwanagin Expositionll T'lnghallan. Expstult l:te v I)Dunain managliox. Expostulll tiio n- Daing; taglhov. Exposl1 re-n-:'al gtpakita. lExpon(d I xlwaniagi; saysayiln; salI vsatyin; ilatiala; inat isabi. xI:pxress I Malgpatayag ipalhay-ag; Illnlgsabi s'abiin. Elxpress a- 1aNli wa ra tunav. Expr)ession-nt1- Sali ta wika. Explillsioil-n -Palpaal is )pagpalabats. IE'xpugIe?it lBura'lill lip in. EIxqluisite- a-Mai na; llaganlda; gala;}'a I I xser t rt N iapaliko. E'xtanlt-n-Naapako. Ext'eniporle (r:'alangl lianda. IExtend v Biklarin. banatii; bablaa; uilatin. IxtellndeIl a IBana't: inaluarg nmallaa. IExsensioln-.-Hal)b Iluang; kaluagin.l I xtesi v e- Malawak; nialuag. Isxtenlt 1 t-L,uag at lalpad. IExteiluate v- lan lla-vat: )purinavat. IExten atetd -at - I'aat ia in a. Extenuat ion t-Pan g an a ray at; kalii IExterior- -Ang lab as. I, xterior-al-,( )as. IExtermilna't e t-lsi)linl; patavin. iExterminatiol 1 -Pag' lipol kamlatayan.l1 IExternl a 1 abas. Eixternlll n. A-' In l)as Extincta* Patlay; w-alail;g bnliai'. Extint ition Ka ain atyan; plagp pat a yiv. Extinguislt-c-Mlpulin. lumipol; patayin.

Page  225 F AC22FA 9.60 -9 5 FAL Extirpate v-Bunutiu pitasin. E ctirpation n- Pagbuinot; pagpitas. E'xtol v Il)unyi purihiin itamnpok. Extort-v Pilitin; pumilit. Extortionary-a Mapilitin inabagsik. Extra-a-Nakabukod Extra-n-Bagay na nak.Abukod. Extract-v Alisin; hugutini hanguin kunin sa iba. Extract n Anomang bagay na kinuha, sa iba. Extraction-n Paghugot; paghango. Extraordinary a Katakataka; kamanghatianagha; bukodtangi. Extravagance-n Pa gkaburara. Extravitgant a Burara rnapagbigay. Extreme a Huli; malabis malublba dubo. Extreme nt- Dub:; kaduluhan katapusan. E~xtremity n Dubo: wakal wakas; dungot;- katapusan. Extricate-v-Hanguin. alisin; ktinin. Extrication n-Paghango; paghug'ot. Exuberancy n Kalagpusan kalabisap. Exuberant-a-M~alagpos: malabis. Exult-v-Sumaya: unaglugod. Exultant-n-Malugod. Exultation-n-Kasayahan. Eye n Mata. Eye-v-Turinkuin. Eye bali-n-Mata. Eye brow-n Kilay. Eye glass-n Salamin ng mata. Eye lash-n-Pilik mata. Eye lid n Talukap nk mata. Eyeless-a-Walang mata. Eye let-n Matang munti. Eye piece n Salamin. nk mata. Eye sight-n-Tinkin paningin. Eye tooth n Pangil. Eye witness-n-Saksing nakita aug nangyari. Eurie-n Pugad nk lawin 6 ug- aguila. F Fan Fa. Fable n A wit: kuento. Fable-v-Magkuento magsalita Dkg kasinn tai AMitkka i. Fabric n Paggagswa nk anornan. Fabricate v Gumawa nk anoman. Fabrication-n Paggagawa nganoman, kasitiungalinugan. Fabulift-n Aug taga sulat ng- mg-a ka-.Fabulosity-n Kabuilaanan: kasinung-alingan. Fabulous-a Hiadi totoo; dakilangdakila; katakataka konowari: kamanaghamangha. Facade n-Harapan u g bahay. Face n Mukha; kita sa labas; harapan. Face-v-ltihaya. Faced-a Tibaya. Facet-ntMukhang munti. Facetious a Masaya. maalindog. Facile nGinhawa nmadali inasunurin. Facilitate v-Hawanun; gamnitin; ibigav. Facilitation-n-Pag gagamit; kaginhawahan. Facility n Kaginhawahan; kadaian. Facinationi-n-Gayuma. Facing n Mukha ap, ro. Facing adv. Nakatapat nakaharap. Facsimile nSalin:, kAtulad; parisan. Fact-n-Katotohanan; kilos; gawa. Faction-n Kapisanan; lahi.- gulo; kagu1uhan. Pactious-a-Magulo. Factitious-a-Hindi totoo-, konowari - Factor-n-Katiwala;, bahagi Factory-n-Gawaan. Faculty-n Kapangyarihian: karunungan Fad n Tgali. kaugalian; uso. Fade-v-Kumupas; lurnanta. Faded-a-Kupas. yumi. Fag-v-Pumagod; pumagal. Fag n-Alila. Fag end n Tirahan; aug natitira. Fagot n Bigkis.I kalawas. Fagot v Ibigkis: rnagtali kalawasin. Fail-v-Mamatay; kurnulang: buniawar,, mawala. Fail-n-Kakulangan-, kulang. Failing-n-Kakulangan, kahinaan; sakit; Failure ti-Kakulangan; sala. Fain-a-Masaya; matuwa; malugod; bagay. Fain-adv. May malaking gusto. Faint a Malata: mnahina. Faint-v-Manghimatay. Faint n-Himatay. Fair-a-Marangal; maganda; mainam; akma: tama- walang interes 6 daya. Fair-adv.-Maakma. Fair-n Tanghalan.I kapalaran. Fairness n Dikit: gand'a. Fairy-A4Duende. Fairy a Nauukol sa, duende. Faith-n-Pananampalataya: paniuiwala; religion: katuparan sa, pankako. Faithful-a l'slpat aug loob; tarna. Faithless-a-S'takab; suitik: taksil. Falcon-n-LAwin. 29

Page  226 FAR 226 FAV FAR 26 FA Fall-vMahulog. lumagpak; ~"~'i-alaglag; bumawas. Fall-n-Lagpak: laglag; hulog; pagbawas. pagkabual Fallacious a Magkasalandl "magdaraya; maiiahihibo. Fallacy in Kasinungalingan; daya; hibo. Fallen a-Nalaglag. hamak, patay. Fallible-a Magkakasala. Fallibility-n-, ahiligaii sa pagkakasala. Fallow a-Mapulapula. Fallow n Ararohin. False a Hindi tam~a; masama; hindi~totoo; rnaigdaraya, mapag,,#inal- banaw Ian; sukab sifiun~aling fal's'O. False hood-n-Balatkayo;kasiflun galingan. Falsify-v-Davain; mag daraya huwaran humuwad; palsohin, magsinunkaling, Falsity-nl-Kabulaaflafl kasinurngalinkan; daya. Falter v Mag utal; kumulang; maghinto. Fame-n-Kabantuagan; pagkabantog balita: bunyi; kabunyian: karangalaii; lualhati. Fame v Ma 'balita; ipagbantog. Famniliar-a Sanay; karaniwan. Familiar-n-Kasarma: kalaguyo. Familiarity-fl-Kasaflayan.f Familiarize v Magsanay; mamalagi. Family n Familia. Famine-n-Gutom; kagutuman. Famish-v-Magutom. gutumin, mamulubi: gumutom. Famous-a-Balita: bantog; bunyi; mabantog dakila. Fan-n-Paypay; abanico. Fan-v Pumaypay. Fanatic-a-Masigla. Fan Aful -a-Magufliguni. Fancy-n-Ugali; isip; wani; guniguni; hilig ng loob; aha- banta. Fancy v Isipin- mag wani; magunigruni; akalain; bantamn. Fang n-Pangil. Fantastic a-Maguniguni; konowari. Far a Malayo. Far adv. Malayo. Farce n-Konowa; kabiroan; b~tgqy na hindi tamna; kasamaan. Farcial a Konowaring. Fare-v-Lumakad: maglakad; ~umulong bumuhay. Fare-n-Halagang; 6 kuar ta'n g ~g yad sa pagpapahatid.,upa pagl4in: Fare well-inter.-Paalam. Fare well-n. Ang paalam. Fare well;-aHu'ling. Farm.n.Bukid; lupang sinagaka. Farm-v-Magsaka. Farmer n Magsasaka. Farmitig n Pagsasaka. Farrier-n-Ang nag babakal sa kabayo; manga gamot nk liayop Farrow-n-Manga biik na inakay nang inahing baboy. Farrow n Mankanak aiug inalhing baboy - Farther a-Malayo. Farther-adv -Malayo pa; laong nmalayo. Farthest a-Kalayo layoan. Fascinate v-Manghalina Fascination-n Panighalina. Fashion in Asa]; kaugaliain; kayarian tabas; yari. Fashion-v-Gumawa; tabasin Fashionable a Mauso; kaugalian..Fast-a Matibay; inatulin; malakas; lagi. Fast ad'v.-Matulin. Fast v Huag kurnaini; magcolasion. Fasten-v-lkabit isabit, talian ikawig. Fastening n-Pagkakabit tali. Fastidious a-Hambog; mavabting. Fastness n-K atapatan nk loob; katibayan ri~ lob. Fat a-Mataba. Fat n-Taba. Fat-v-Patabain; tumaba. Fatal-a Makauinamatay. Fatalism n-Kamatayani. Fatality n Kamatayan. Fate-n-Palad, kapalaranFated a Talaga. Father'-n-A ma tatai; I atay; tatan g. Father v Magama. Fatherhood-n Kalagayan ama. Father-in-law n-Bienang lalaki. Fathier land-r- Bayan g tinutubuan. Fatherless a Walang amna; ulila sa atma. Fatherly-a-Parang ama. Fathom-n-DipaFathom-v-Tarukin dipahin. Fathomless afHindi matatarok di matarok- di malirip. Fatigue-n-Pagal;skapagalann paigod., lirap; dalamhntiFatigue v-Pumnag'al; pumagod: pagurin. Fatten v Tuniaba: patabain. miagpataba. Fatty-a Mataba.Faucet v Grifo. Fault n Kasalanan; kakulangan; pintas; kapintasan: sala, kamalian; kasiraan; samA kasamaan. Failitless-a Walang pintas, makinis; walang kapintasan. Faulty-a-May sala; di yari: may pintas. Favor n-Tankilik; tubong; ampon; abuloy; pagkakalinka; biyaya. Favor-v Tumankilik: umampon: tuimulong; abuluiyan; amponin; imukha; pumaris.

Page  227 FEL22FE.227 FET Favorable-a Mabuti maganap. Favorite-a Minamnahal; lavawFavorite-n-Ang ininamahal; kaulayaw. Fawn n Munting, usa. Fawn vPurihin no hindi totoo. Fawn-n-Pagpuri nk hindi totoo. Fay n Duende. Fay-v- ldugtong Fealty-n Katapatan nk loob. Fear-n Takot; hinala. Fear -v-Maghinala:I tumakotFearful a-Matatakotin: mapag hinala: mapan~ambahin; katakot takot: miasama. Fearless-a-Matapang; walang takot; mangahas Feasible a Makagagawa;sukatmangyari. Feast-n-Piging bito piesta kapistahan; pao~pipiging aglahi. Fecast v agpi~ging; magbito; ipagpista; inagalahi purnista. Feat —n-Gawa; yari; kagagawan. Feathier n-Balahibo n& ibon. Feather-v-Tumubo ang balahibo. Feathery a Mabalahibo. Feature-n Yari; kayarian'. hi tsura; rnukha. February-n -Febrero. Fed-v-Jpinakakain. Feleral aNaunkol; sa Federal. Federal n Federal. Fed eration n-Kapisanang Federal. Fee-u-Upa; ganti. bayad; kaupahan Fee v-Upahan: magbayad; gantibin. Feeble-a-Mahina. Feebleness n-Kahinaan- yayat. Feed-v-Magpakain; pakanin; kumiain. Feed-n-Pagkain; kainan. Feel-v Hipuin; humnipo- magdamdan-i; apuhapin kapain:, damdamin; indahin salatin. Feel n Damdam; hipo; salat. Feeling n Maramdamnin. Feeling n-Pakiramdam-, karamdaman. FeAtn M~a paA'. Feign v-Magkonowary; magbalatkayo. Feigned-a-Hindi toioo; mapagpaimbabaw; sukab. Feint n Pagpapakonowari. Felicitate-v Sumaya; pasayahin; aliwin. Feli citous-v'- M1aligaya- masaya; mal ugod. Felicitation-v-'Pagpapaligaya kaaliwan. Felicity n-Ligaya: kaligayahan; kasayahan; kaaliwan. Fenile a-Nauiukol sa pusa. Fell v. imp.-N~ahulog.- bum agpak. Fell a-Masarna; bastos, mabagsik, walang awa. Fell n-Balat n~ hayop. Fell-v Maqgtaga' nk kahoy. Felloe-n-Karnia. Fellow-n-Trawo. Fellow-feeling-n-Pagdamndam sa kapwa. Fellow ship-n Pakikisamra; kalaguyo kalagayang kaibigan Felly-n-Kamna. Felon-n-Tawong suitik; Tawong taksil. Felon-a-Suitik taksil.Felonious-a-Taksil; masuitik. Felony-n-Kaliluhan:, kasuitikan; kataksilani kasamiaan., 1 Felt-v imp. &p.p.-Kinapa; hinipo; dinamd am. Felt n Fieltro. Female-n BabayiFemale a Nauukol sa babayi. Feminine-a-Nauukol sa babayi. Femoral a Nauukol sa bayawang. Fen n Lawak. Fence-n-Bakod; bakuran. Fence-v-,Magbakod bakurAn. Fencing a Pagbabakod; 'kabakuran. Fend v-Iwaksi; lumaban. Fender-n Aug lumnalaban. Fennish a Malawak. Ferine-a Mailag. ramo; mabangis. Ferment n Pagkuilo nk alak. Ferment-v-Bumula ang alak. Fermentation-n Pagbula ink alak. Ferocious-a Mabang-is, masani a. masunkit. Ferociousness-n.-Kabagsikan; kabangisanFerocity n Kabagsikan: kabangisan. Ferret v Hanapin ng pilit. Ferriage n Upa sa pagtatawid. Ferric-a-Nauukol sa bakal. Ferry-n-TawiranFerry man-n 'aga tawid. Fertile a Mataba; mabunga; malago. Fertileness-n Katabaan ng lupa; kalagoan. Fertility-n-Katabaan ink lupa. Fertilize-v Patabain ang lupa. Fertile-n-Buklod; ikog. Fervent a Maningas; mabisa; pusok na boob Ferbid a Maningas; mainit ang b6ob. Feror n-Kaningasan nk boob;, kainitan, Festal a Masaya; maligaya. Fester-v-Magnana. Fester-n Sugat na nagnanana. Festival a Masaya: nauukol sa pista. Festival n Piging. Festive-a-Nauukol sa piging; masaya; maligaya. Festivity-n-Kasayahan; kaligayahan-. Fetch v-Dalhin; magdala. Fetcb-n-Hibo daya; biro Fete n-Piging- kasayahan. Fete-v-Magpiging.

Page  228 IFIF 22 8 FIR Fetid-a-Mabaho; bulok. Fetlock-n-Balahibo 6 buhok sa mnunika nA paA -n- kabayo. Fetter-n-Pangapos nk paa. Fetter-v-Gapusin ang paa. Feud n Galit pagkakaaway. Feudal-a-Nauukol sa, galit. Fever-n-Lagnat. Feverish a-Malalagnatin. Few a-Bihira. ilanig. Fiance n Ang may compromniso. Fiancee n Babaying may comnpromiso. Fiasco n Kakulangan. Fiat-n Utos. Fib-v-Kasinungalinkan. Fib-v Magsinungalin. Fiber-n-Hibla. Fibrous a Mahibla. Fibula n Hebilla. Fickle a Alisaga walang firme; lhind~i matibay ang loob. Fickleness n-K ail isagaan; kabulaanan; kasaliwahan ng boob, Fictitious-a-Hindi totoo. Fiction n Awit; balat kayo; kasinungalingaw, katha. Fiddle-n Violi n. Fiddle-v Tumugtog sa violin. Fiddle inter.-Hum. Fiddler n Ang -tumu~tugtog sa violitv -violinista. Fidelity n Katapatan nA lbob. Fidget-v-Maglikot.- bumatisa. Fidget-n-Kabaliemahan. likot. Fidgety a-Maglikot; balisa; -mapakali; di mnabait. Fie-inter.-Oroy. Fief-n-Lupang kinamtan d'ahil sa pagseservicio. Field-n-Parang; bukid pastulan. Field piece n-Kanyon na may gulong. Fiend n Demonijo. Fiendish-a Parang demonio, nauukol sa demonio. Fierce a-Mabagsik; wabankis; gahasa. Fiery-a-Xalinkow; JAW04a8. maliab; pusuk as WAb. Fife is-ito. Fife-v-Tumugtog sa, pito. Fifteen-a Labing lima. Fifteen n Labing lima. Flftemith a~ $kalabing lima. Fifh4 i-kalirna. Fifth-n-Aug ika lima. Fifthly-adv.-Sa ikalima. Fiftieth a-Ikalimangpuo. Fiftieth n Ang ikalimangpuo. Fifty-nLimnangpuo. Fifty-a-Limang puo. Fig n Higo. Fight n-Away; banga; babag bungo; labanan. Fight v Labanan. bumabag; umaway; awayin; labanin; babagin lhtrmnrono. Figurative a Halimibawa. Figure n-Numero. yari; ka3-arian. Figure v-Kuentallin magkiuenta. Filament n Sumiliid. Filch v 1Jrnumit; umnitin; nakawin. File-v ilil; taludtod; pagkiakasunodt sunod. I File v Kikilin; kumikil. Filial aNauukol sa anak. Filigree n-k angkap nk ginto 6 pilak. Filigree-a-Mainaum; makiniis. Filings-n-Pinag kikilaii; yiimauam. Fill-v Punuin pumuno; bumutisog; maimaulo; masaiidat. Fill-v-Kabusogan, kuhustuhan; pagkapuno; kaisandatan. Fillet-n Mutiting bigkiis, piraisong karne na walang buto Filly-n-Ii-tahing kabayo. Film-n Balat na, nanipi8. Filter-n Salaan, pangpataias. Filter-v-Tumnalas isalain. Filth-n- Karumihan dumi; kasalaulaan; sukal, kasukalan dungis. Filthinetss-n Karumiihan, kasukalan. Filthy a-Marum~i; miarungis, malibag. Filtrate v Tumalas. Fin n Palikpik. Final-n-Tapos katapus~an; pandulo. Fitial a-Huling; katapustapusan. Finality n Katapusan. Finale n Katapusan. Finally-adv.-Sa katapursan, Finance-n-Kuurta ng bayan. Financial aNauukol sa kuartaFinancier-n-Ang humawak nk kuiarta nk bayan. Find-v-Humanap; hanapin; makita. Finding-n-Paghanap; pagkain paghatol. Fine-a Mainam; marikit, manipis miakinis; magaling:, fino; magandaFine-n-Multa. Fine v Multahini; magnmulta. Finery n IDilag; kainaman, sangkap. Finger-n-Daliri. Finger-v-Hipuin ng madalam. Finical-a Tila mainam.Finis-n-Tiapos; katapusan; dulo. Finish vi' apusin; tapusin; utasin; yaruin; ganapin; humanga. lutasin. Finish n Tapos; yaril, hanga kinis kinaing.- kintab. Finite a May hanga. Finless a-Walang palikPik. Fiirny-a-May po)ikpik

Page  229 I FIX HZ ~~~229FL FLE Fire-n-Sunog: apoy; sigA. Fire-v Sunugin: ilagay nk apoy. Fire arms-n Baril. Fire brand-n-Sulo. Firefly-n Alitaptap. )Tire mnan-n-Fogonoro Fire place-n-Pinag aapuyan. Fire proof-a Di makasusunog. Fireside-n-Tabi nk pinag aapuyan. Fire wood n Gatuiigqn. Fire work —n-Kuetes. Firm a Matibay- tapat anig 1001): lagi; malakas; miatigas; matuis: niatiytaga matapang. hindi m'ababago. Firm n Kapisanan. Firmament-n Lankit. F-irmness-n-katibayan: katimitiman. First a-tUnang; kaunahan. F-irst-adv.-Naunang. First-born-n Pang-anay. First class-a-'Prim eron'g clase; kabutibutihan.m Firtli n Baraso ng dagat. Fi-scal a Nanukol sa kuar-ta nk isang bay-an. Fiscal-n-Fiscal. Fish n Isda. Fish v Mangisda. Fish bone-n-Tinik. Fisher-n-Mangingisda. F~ish corral-n-Baklad. Fisher man n-Manginikisda. Fishery-n- Katungkulang mang!isda.. Fish hawk-n-Limbas. Fish hook-n-Kiba tagt.A, kalawit. Fishing-n-Pankingisda. Fish monger n Ang nagtitinda rig isda. Fish net n Kitid sakag; panti. lambat. Fish spear n-Salapang. Fishy a-May maraming isda. Fissile-a-Baakin. Fissure-n Lahang. lamat 1biak. Fist-n-lkom. Fisticuff n-Sanipal 6 suntok nug komay. Fit a Bagay; ayos; dapat; akma, kasia; magagam it-. Fit-,v-Ilapat; sukatin ibagay; iakmua. Fit n Lapat; akma: pasma. Fitful-a-Hindi panay. walang ayos. Fitting a-J3akay akma. Fitting-n-Paglapat: pagkakaakm-a. Five-n-Lima. Five a Limang. Five fold-a-Limang duble Fix-v Manatili. kumpunihin; ayusin.. Fix-n-KagipitanFixed a-Matibay, inanatili. Fixedly adv.-Matibay. Fixture-n-Kasangkapan. Fizz-v-Humnaging; sumutsot. Fizz n-Hankin; suit. Fizz-,n Suit; haging.Fizzle-v Stimuit hiunalgin~g kuniulan~g. Fizzle-n Kakulangan. Flabby a Mataba. Flag-n Bandila bandera. Flag-v Pigilin; liuniina. Flagon-ft Lalagyan, nk alak. Flagrant-a-Ma~mng-a's mainit mnasama. Flag siuip-ti Sasakyan n, iulu'ulirante. Flag staff-n Palo jig ban~lila. Flail-si Painbayo. Flail-v-Magbayo Flake-n Patak nA busilak; sluson. Flambeau-n Sulb Flame n Linkas kauhinasai;, Iliab. Flamne v Alag lingas; ijag 1mbl. Flange-n Gilid 'Flank-n-Gilid, tagpiliranII. Flank v-Tunma-yi sa galit. Flannel-o-Frent la Flap-n-Tabing..Flap-v Galawin- sampalin, ilagpak. Flap jac'k n Bibingka Flarn —v Lumiab trag link8s. Flare n-Kaningasan; ningas; lingas 1mab. Flashi v Kutnidlat-' liash-n-Kidflat kisap. Flashi a-Makisap; rmakintab. Flashy-a Makinis; kintab. Flask n Frasko Flat a Ya~no patag; pantay. Flat n Lupang patag isang, gradnk Ilk isang bahay. Flatten-v-Patagin; salsalin- pulpuilin Flatter vTuytiin; mnanuya. mag(lila(lila;, purihin nk hindi totoo. Flattery-n-Pa'gpupuri ng htindi totoo. Flaunt v-lsabog: ipakita. Flautist n Flantista. Flavor n Lasa lasap. Flavor v Magbigav lasa. Flaw u-Lah~ang; sala, pintas-, lam at. Flaw v Lunmahang. Flay-v-Bayuhin magbayoFlea n-Hanip; pulgas kuitong aso. Fleats n-Tulag. Fleck n-Mansa. Fleck v-Mansahin. Flection-n-Paghubog. Fled-v. imp. &p. p. Nagtanan. tifltakbo; nakatakboFledtreviTumubo ang balahib~o. F ledlge-r-Tumubo ang bal ab ibo. Flee vMagtanan tumakas tumakbo. Fleeee~a lgalahibo ng tupa. Fleece-n-Manekags; daya~in. Fleecy a-Mabalahibo. Fleer-v Alipustahiin; uyamnin - niurahin - Fleer n-Uyamrn alipusta

Page  230 FLO 230 FOL Fleet-a-Natulin: maliksi. Fleet-v-Magmadali; tumulin. Fleet-n- apisanan ng ng-a sasakyan Flesh-n-Lamnan nu& tawo karne. Flesh-vilpakain iig karne. Fleshy a Mataba; makalaman malamani. Flew-v. imp. Lumipad nakalipad. Flex-v- f-uinubog. Flexible a Malambot. Flexion n-Pagbubog. Flicker v Purnisik. Flicker n Pisik no, kandila. Flier-n Ang lurnilipad; ang nagtanan. Flight n Takbo; tanain; takas. Fli~yhtv a Palipad lipad ang isip. Flimisy a-Di matibay. Flinch v Umurong. Flinders-n-Manga, piraso. Fling-v Itapon ipukol ihragis; ibalihag. Flingc-n-Hagis, pukol balibag. Flinit n-Patong matigns. Flinty-a-Matigas nia matigas Flip-n-Pagkakahalo Dg- mg-a alak. Flippancy n Kawalan ug galang. Flippant-a-Masalita;, walang galang. Flipper n-Palikpik. Flirt vMaabiro; ma;asaliwahang loob. Flirt n-Babaying salawahan. Flit v Kumilos ug pabigla. Flitch n Tosino. Flitter n Gulanit; piraso; basahan. Float n Ano manw bagay ia, lurnulutan g. Float v Lumuntang. FlIock-n-' apisanan; kawan. Flock v Umipon, pumisan. Floe n Agos ng hielo. Flog v Ilarpasin, paluin. Flood n-Raha- apaw. Flood-vi-Umapaw, apawin; bumaha. Floor n Sahig Floor v Gumawa ang sahig. Floorinig n Tabla, ng sahig. Flop-v-Puiaogpag: kumilos ug pabigla.. Floral a-Natiukol sa, hulaklak. Floret n Munting bulaklak. Florist v-Aug nagtitindaL ng bulaklak. Florid a Makintab;maliwauagangkulay. Floss n Sut~l FlotageP-n-Paglutang. Flotation n-Pagpapalutang. Flotilla-nt Kapisanan ug- mg-a sasakyang mutnti. Fl'ounce-v Ihagis aug manga, baraso at binti. Flounce-n Pilegas. Flounder-nt-K1itan g. FHnn ider-v- Kumilos: luiriundaglundag. Flour-n? Harina. Flour-v-Budbilran aug harina. lVlourish-v-Iway way; tumunbo lumaki. Flourish In-Pagpag-. Floury a-Parang harina.Flout-v-Alipus6ain. gagarin. Flow ic Uinagos burnaba. Flo w-n-A gus. Flov~er n-Bulaklak. Flower-v-Mamnulaklak; mamuinga. Flowery-a-May maramning bulaklak. Flown-v. p. p.-Nakalipad -na. Fluctuate- g, Burn uwam, bumaba. Fluctuation n-Paglrawas. Fl ae-n-PaasuhaunFluent aMalankis aug salita mainam magsalita mainam manalita. Fluencyvn-Kainaman magsalita. Flaid-a-Tunaw: lusaw. Fluid-n-Anoinang hagsy na, lusaw. - Fluidity n-Pagkatunaw. Flume-n-Daanan ng tubig. Flummery n-Bagaynawalangkabuluhan. Flung-v. imp. &. Hngs pinukol, binaiibag. Flunky n Alila. Flurry n-Giulo. Flurry-v Guluhin gulatin. Flush~-v-Umnapaw; nmamula, ang mukha. Flush n Apaw;, parnur nua'Dg- MUkha. Flush-a Puno pulos Fluster-v Guluhin. Fluster n —nit gulo. Flut,-n-Flauta. Flutistin-11 aiiista. Flutter n Kumilos na, bigla: guluhin; tumibok.. Flutter-n-Tibok - kadalisn, kaguluhan.,Fluttering a Palikoliko. Fluvial a Nauukol sa, ilog. Flux nDurni; tae. — Flux v-Durnumi. Fly-r-Lumipad magliparan.Fly-n-Lankaw. Fly blown a Mabulok. Fly trap-n-Panghuli ug langaw. Foal n Potroug b~agong piranganak FoaI-v-Mauganak aug inahing kabayo. Foam n-Bu Ia. Foamn-v- Bumula. Fob-v IKavrel. -Fob-v-Daya~in. Foddern Pagkain ung hayop. Fne n K alaban; kaaway; katalo. Fog n-Arnbon. Fogy-v Umamb n, lurnabo. Foggage n-Kugon. Foggy a Balot ug ulap; rnaamnbon Fogy nt Tawong mapurol aug isip. Fob inter -Oroy. Foihte n Pintas sala. -Foil-v-Abalahin; pigilin. Fold-v-Tiklupin lupiin pilegasinkutonin.

Page  231 FOR '231 FOR Fold-n-Lupi; tiklop; pilegaf., Fol de rolin-Kaululan. Foliage-n-M~a dahon ng kahoy. Foliate a May dahon. Folio-n-Dahlon ng- libro. Folk-n-Manga towo. Follow-v-Sumunod,- bumuntot. Following n Pag.sunod; pagkakasunodsunod. Following a-Sumusunod; kasunod. Folly n- Kaululani; gawanig hunghang; kabutingti-ngan. Foment-v-ltapal ang tubig na mainit. Fonmentation-n Pagtatapal nk tubig na uiainit. Fond aMawiwili; maiibigin.~ Fondle v-A lindugin. pawilihin. Fondling-n-Ang, minamahial. Font n Bukalaii. Food-n Pagkain ikinabubuhay. Food-a-Makakain. Fool-n-IUlol; tawongtulig; kawalang, isp Fool-v Ululin; biruin; tuligin. Foolery-n Kaululan-. kabiruan. Fool liardy-a-Maulol: tulig; walang kabuluhan. Foolish a-Tulig; hunghang mai- gmang,; walang isip tungak; unkos. Foolishness n-Kaulu Ian; kaungusan kamangmankan. Fools cap-n-Papel de barba. Foot-v Paa'; panukat na may isang dangkal at kalahati ang haba. Foot v Lumakad. Footing-n-Lugar ng paa'. Foot ball-n-Bolang malaki. Foot fall-n-Yabag ng- paai. Foot man-n-Sundalong lakad. Foot note n-Huling sabi. Foot sore-a-Pagod; mapagal. Foot step-n-Bakas ng- paai. Foot way-n Landas. Fop-n-Tawong lhunghang 6 mangm ang. Foppery-n-Kaululan; koimangmang-an; gawang hunghang. Foppish-a-Mangmang: muang. For-prep.-Para, en; nang. For conj.-Para en4:,nang. Forage-n-Saknati. Forage v Hiimanap at kumuha masque hindi knniya. For as-much-conj.-Sapagka't Foray-n-Panduduit. Foray-v-Manduit. For bade-v imp. Ipinagbawal. For benr-v-Tumigil; humimpil; tumangi; umnyaw. For bearance-n-Tigil; pagh-impil, katimtiman; hinahon: kahinhinan. For bid-v-Magbawal, ipagbawal. For bidding-a-Mapagbawal; moalabo. Fcrce-n Lakas kattibayan; kalakasait; apilitan; pagpilit. Force-v Gahisini: puersahin. Forcible-a-Malakas; mapilitin. Forceps-n-Sipit. Ford n Batisan. Ford-v-Magtawid; bumatis. Fore aNaunang na sa harap. Fore adv. Na sat harmp. For and aft Ang. harap at likrod. Fore bole-yr imp -Ipinagbaw-al Fare boding n-Kaban g dibdiL; aigauin agai.n g loob. Fore cas et-v-Hum-ula; hulaan. Fore cast nHula. Fore close v Magtuios iwaksi. Fore closure-n-Pag tutuos. Fore end-n Dubo sa una. Fore father n Kanunnan: magtilant.. Fore fend-v Ilagin; umilag. Fore finger-n-Hinitutuiro. Fore go-v-'Maiwa~n; bitiwan. Fore grouindn Lupa sa harapan. Fore head n Noo. Foreingn-a Buhat sa ibancg 1upa..Foreinger-n-Taga ibang lupa. Fore. know-v Maagap inalanman., Fore man n-Tauva panmahaba; ang nanmamahala, tawong natatanoha. -Fore mast n Palo sa uina Fore most a- K aunaunahan. Fore, noon n-Umaga Fore rank-n-Tuludtod sa kaunaL~aii; hiarapan. Fore sail n Layng sa nuna Fore see-v-Unahan' umagap; tumona. Fore show v Hulaan. ipakita. Forest-v-Gubat; kagubatan. Forester-n-Taga guibat. Forestry-n-KarunUllgan to ngkol,,a giibat. Fore stall-v-,Unahain: asahanFore, taste nz-Tikimi. Fore taste-v-Asaban. Fore tell v Hulnan hurnula. Fore thougl-4-n-Asa- hula. Fore token n Tanda. Fore tooth n-Ngipin sa harap. Fore top n-Eu lhok sa noo. Fore ever-adv.-Magpakailanl man; walang hanga' Fore warn v Bumala: sabihin mnona.' Forfeit n-Prenda, multa. ForfeitxVMagprenda.atwd Fore gave-v. imp-Ipinatwd Forge-n-Panldavanf: kalan. Forge v Huwaran; tubaran; pabsohin. Forger-n Ang pumabso sa sulat.l For get-v Mabimutan;' pnbayaan.:

Page  232 FOU 232 FRA For getful-a-Malilimutin; pabaya walang in-at; maligtaan. For give-v Patawarin magpatawa(1. For givene -s-a Patawad, pagpapatawad. For giving a-Makapag papatawad. For got-v~imp.-Nalimutan. For gotten v- p. p.. Nilimutan. Fork n Tinedor. Fork v Humniwalay. For lorn a Malungkot; rnalumrbay. Forrr-n.Hitsura tay'o; bikas. Forin-v-Gawin aug hitsura. Form al-a-Pormal. Formalist n Aug nagpopormal. Formality n- apormalanFormless a Walang hitnsura. Former-,n Ang unang ang (lati. Fortnerly-adv,-Sa nuna noong dati. Formidable-a Malakas: kata-kot takot. Formula n Regla patnugot. Formulation, n-Paggagawa nk reseta. For sake-v-Ma'iwan;umalis hbuwaggrawinFor sooth-adv.-Totoo;` tunay: sa katotohanan, For swear-v-Matmnmpa ng kasinungalingan. Fort-n Kuta' Y'orte n-Katowiran: dahilan. Forth-adv.-Sa gawing una. VPorth-a-lkaapat. Forth n-Aug ikan pat. Forth coming a Darating. Forth with-adv -Dahil dito. Fortieth a-Ikaapat Da puo. Fortieth-n Ang ikaapat na pua. Fortification-n-K uta, Fortify-v-Tibayin; gumawa n~ kuta. Fortitude-n Tapang tihay: tibay naloob; lakas tigns, lakas b~ob." Fort night n-Panahon nkdalawanglingo. Forth nightly-adt..-Sa tuwing dalawang lingo. Fortress n Kuta. Fortuitous-a-Hindi sinasadya; nagkakataon; hindi tinatalaga. Fortuity-n Kapalaran. Fortune-n-Yaman:, kayamanan; kapalaran; pav sari. Fortunate-a Mapalad mapal aran. Forty-n Apat na puo. Forty-a Apat na pulo. Forum n Bahay ug hucuman. For ward a Man~ahas. For wards-adv.-Sa ga~win'g harapan. EF~r ward-v Ipadala.,ster-vi-Pakanin tumapang. *gh-V.' imp.- d& p. p.Lumaban. bumnahaunuaway. Fn-MabuIolok. FOul v llunmlok; bulukin. Foul-n Gulo umpog. Found-vy imp. &. p. p.-Pinulot,- nakita; nakapulot Found-v-Itatag; itayo; magtayo; lumalang. Foundation-n Tatayuan nk bahay. Founider-n-Aug nagtatayo nk bahay. Foundling-ti lUlila sa ama. at mna at walang tinututuyan. Foundry n-Bubnan. Fount-n- Bukalan Fonuntain-n-Bukalan. Four a Apat' Four-n Apat. Four fold a-Apat na, doble Four footed a May, apat na paA. Four score a-Walongpuo. Foruteen a-Labing apat. Fourteen-n Labing spat. Fourteenth-a Ika labing apat. Fourteenth-n-Ang ikalabing apat. Fourth al1ka apat. Fourth n-Ang ika apat. Fourthly-adv.-Sa ikoapat. Fowl n-I bon. Fowler n-Taga huhi nk ibon. Fox-n Zorra. Fox-v-Maglasing. Foxy-a Tuso; matalas. Fracas-n Gulo; tab.- usup. Fraction n Bahagi; quebrado. Fractious a Mapootin; masunkit sowail Fracture-n Bali; basag; lahang. Fracture-vl-Basagin; bahiin; labankin. FragilIe a Marupok. Fragility n-Dupok; karupukan. Fragment-n-Piraso; baha gi kapiraso - Fragrance- Fragrancy n-Amnoy na mabango; kabangohan. Fraurrant a Mabanko; mainam aug amoy. Frail n Buslo; pangnan. Frail-a Marupok. babasagin; mahina. Frailty-n Dupok: karupokan. Frame-n- Banhay. Framne-v Magbanhay. Frame work-n- Banh~,ayFranchise n-Pahin tulot ng gobierno. Franchise-n Ipabiintulot: pumayag. Frangible-a Marupok. dapok. Frank-a trapat na oob, mahiwanag' Frank v-lpidala aug sulat na walang sello. Frank-n Si' Francisco. F ra uk i n -c au se-,n- A d iy an Aa w 'Frankness-n-Katapatan; liwanag. Frantic-a Raliw- galit, na galit; ulol: sira ang loob, Fraternal'aNduukol sa pagkakapatidFraternity v, Pagkiakapatid. Fraternize v Sumama parang kapatid

Page  233 233 FUG Fratricide n Ang natay sa sariling kapatid. Fraud-n Daya; hibo; patibong; paraya. Fraudulent- a Magdaraya, suitik. Frauhgt a Puno; may lulan. kray n Pagtatalo. babag laban; bangay; bungo. Fray-v Gasgasin; kuskusin. Freak-n-Sumponig. Freckle-n Mansa nk Mukha. Free a.Timawa malaya; dalisay walang tali. Free v-Timawain; iligtas; paluagin. hauguinl. Free booter-n-Magnaiak-aw. maniduduit. Free born a-Hindi alipin. Freedman-n-Tawong malaya. Freedom-n-K~alayagan. Free man-n-Tawong malaya. Free wvill-n Sariliing gusto; kusa. Freeze-v-Maging hielo. Freight n-Anjg nilulan. Freight vilulan: lumulan. tP rench a Franceis; nauukol sa Franceis. French n- rawonig Frances. French man-n-i aga Frances. Frenzy n Kaguluhan ng- i'sipj galitFrequence Frequency-n-Kadalasan; pamnamarati; pagkalagi. Frequent aMadalas; towi: gamit. Frequent-v-Madalas dalawin: magmadalas; pamaratihin mamialagi. Frepuently-adv. Madalas. Fresh-a-Sariwa- bago. Freshen-v-Panariwain. Freshet-n- Baha. Pres-h man-n-Ang bagong nag aaral, Fresh water n-Tubig na matabang. Fret-v Magtampo. magbalisa. Fret n-Tampo. Friar n Fraile. Frairy-n Kapisauan nk mga Fraile. Friction n Pagkuskos. Friday-n Viernes. Fried v. imp. & p. p.-Nakaluto; naka-, prito.I Friend-n-Kaulayaw kalaguyo; baibigan; magkaibigan..Friendless-a-Walang kaibigan. Friendly-aMaiibigan; magiliw. Friend ship n PagkakaibiganFright-n-Takot; sindak: gulat nkinmi. Fright v-Tumakot; magulat. Frighten-tiTakutin, gulatin; manakot; pukawin. Frightful a-Katakottakot; kakilakilabot; kasindaksindak. Frigid a Maginaw; malamig. Frigidity-n-Ginaw; kalamigan; lamig. Frigidness-n Ginaw; kalamigan;, lam-ig. Frill n-Pilegas. Frill-v-Pilegasin. Fringe-n Uria gilid: dagdag; borlasFrisk —v-Mag aliw; mag lhkot; maglundag; turnakbo Frisk n Aliw. lundag. Frisky a-Maaliw; malugod. Fritter-n Buchebuche; maruya., Fr itter v - i rasohinD. I Frivolous-a Walang halaga, walang kabuluhan. Friz-Frizz-v Kulutin ang buhok. Friz~zle v Kulotin. Frizzly a Makulot. kulot. Fro-adv.-Malayo; an gawing likod nang. Frock n-Kamisola. Frog-n-Palaka; tugak. Frolic a Masaya. Frolic-n-Sayn kasaynhan- lugod. Frolic v Maglikot; mag lundag; tumakbo. Frolic some-a-Masaya malugod. From-prep. Buhat nang: buhat sa; taga. Front-n-1-larap, harapan: mukha. Front v-~Uumapat humarap. Front a Harap nasa harap. Frost-n-Busilak. Frost v Umulan nk busilak. Frosty-a-Mabusilak. Froth n Bula; sub6. Froth v-Bumula. Frothy a Mabula. Frouzy-a-Mabulok. Frow-n-WomanFroward-a-Matigas ang ulo; sowail. Frown-n-Sibangot. Frown v Makasibangot. Frowsy-a- Sabog sabog; gusot ang buhok. Frozen-a- Hielo. Fructification-n-Pagpapataba nk lupa. Fructify v Patabain ang lupa. Frugal a-Matipid; maramot. Frugality-n-Pagtitipid; katipiran; kasiyahan: kahinhinan. Fruit-n-Bunga. Fruitage-n-Manga bunka. Fruitful-a-Mabunia; malago: -mataba. Fruitfulness-n-Katabaanl Dg -lupa.. Fruition-n-Paggagamit: kagamitan. Fruitless a —Walaing bunga; karat. Frustrate-v-Aba~lahin: supilin. Frustrate-a Walang kabuluhan. Frustration-n-Pagpa'wala nA kabuluhan. Fry-v-Prituhin; lutuin sa mantica. Fry-n Ano mang bagay Da pinirito. Fuddle-v-Palasingin: maglasing lumabo ang isip dahil, sa alak. Fudge n- I' ahamfbuga". F udge-v Magsalita nA walangi kabuluan. Fuel n-Gatungan: uiling. - Fugitive-a-Natatak~bo; nakatatgo.:30

Page  234 GAI 234 GAL 234 ~~~GAL Fugitive-n- Aug nagtanan; tuntekas. Fulcrum n Tuugkod; panghuit; suhayv Fulfill-v-Tumiupad; gumaniap. Fulfillment-n-Pagtupad Full aPuno; lubos; puspos;~ sakdal; busog, Full-n Kabusugau: kasaiidalani. Full-adv. Lubos; puspos. Full-v-Punuin. Fulluess-n- Kasaganaan. Fulinlate v Putnutok; kumulog. Fulmiuation-n-Pagputok Fulsome a-Labis na labis, mnakasusuklamiu; masusukiamn. Fumble v iglaiu gawin naung hindi tama. Fume-n-As6 usok. Fume v-LUmas6; urnusok, Fumigate-v-Isuob; sumuolb; sno01)1i. Fumrigati on-n- Pagsuob. Furny-a Maas6 i ausok. Fun-n- Saya; tuwa; kasayaban; aliw Function n Katungkulan. Functiouary-n-Ang may katungknlan - Fuud-n-Pundo Ipuhunan; tinda. Fund v Mamuhunan. Fundament-n-Tum bong. Fuudamental a Unang. Funeral-n-Paglibing. Funeral a-Nauukol sa paglibing, Funereal a Nauukol sa paglibingFungous-a Buhaghag. Funk-n-Baho alingasaw. Funk-v-Bumaho; umaling'asaw. Funnel-n-Paasuhan. Funny-a-Masaya. Fur-n Balat at balahibo.n~ havop. Fuirbish-v-Kiskisin; bulihinC Gab n Bibig; salita. Gab-v-Magsalita ng kaululan. Gabble-v-Magsalita ng walang kayuinhan. flabble-n-Salitang walang kabuluhan. Gad v-Gumala. Gad a-bout-n Tawong mapagpasial. Gadde'r t-Tawong mapagpasial. Gad fly-n-Pankaw., Gaff-n-Kalawit; panunngkit. Gaff-v Sungkitin. Gage n Katibayan.'Gage-v Tibayin sa, kasulatan. Gage-n-Panukat. Gage —v Sukatia: manukat.Gaiety-n.Kasayahan; sayal. Furc-ate a-MYav- sanga. FUrfur n Bala~kubak. Furious-v-Baliw galit na galit. Furl-v-Ibalot balutin. Furlong-n Lsyo iik 250 baras. Fut-lough n Tulot; pahiutuluit. Furnace it Apuytin. Furnish-v-Tulung~in; ibigay ug kail-augan. Furniture n Manga kastimgkapan sa,bahayvFari-ow-n-Tudhiug; bakas lhian~g. Fur-row v Itudling. -tumudlingibk. Fur-ther-adv.- Malayo pa; sa gu,1wi 1r01) Pa. - Fuither-a Da5ko roon. Ftirther-v-Pasulungin; isulonga; tuniumlong. Fu rtherar tce-n-Patg pasutl o ig Further more-adv.- Bukodi pa sa ritoJla-tni pas pa rito; mahigit pa. Further most a Kalavo layoan. Furtive-a Ttuso, ninakaw - Fury n-Galit. Fuse v-Tunawin tumunaw. Fusible a Maaling nmatuinaw. Fusion n Pagtunaw. Fuss n Gulo talo pagtatnlo. Fuss v Gumulo; magulo inagtalo.. Fussy a Magubo. Fust n-Arnoy na mnasaniti. Fusty a-Maamag. Futile a-Walang kabululiaui. Furtility n- Kawalang ng~- kahbu-1uhana - Future-a Natnukol sa panabuo~g. larating: niaigigng. Future n-Paniahon darating. Futuritv-n-Panahong dar-at ii] Gail13-adv.-Masava; maali waliw - Gain-n-Pakiuabang; tubo. Gain-v-Tumubo, magtubo; mnanalo tamuhin; makinabang. Gainsay-v-Talikuran, itatna unagkaila; tumalitma. Gait-n-Lakad;, palakad. Gaiter-n Takip ink bukoYngbukon~g. Gala-n-Piging; pista. Gale-n- Bagyo. Gall-n-Dagli; apdo: kapaitali; tainpala, san - Gafl-v-Guinasgam. - Gallant-a-Maganda ng oob~; nmainani maginoo; matapang-' Gallantry n Tapang, lakas; kax~udaliai ng. kilos4.

Page  235 G %As 235 GEN Galley-n-Kosina ng sasakyan. G,'allon n Gralon. Gallop-v-Tumakbo. Gallop-n Takbo. G',allows n Bibitayin. Galvanic a-Nauukol sa gal vanico. Galvanize v-Mag galvanizadio: Galvanized-v-Galvani zadlo. Gamble v-Mag sugal. Gambl er-n-Magsuisug~al; tawomyg1 mapagysugal. Gambol -n-Laro. G4ambol, v Mag laro. Graimbrel nPaa ng kabavo. Game n-Laro biro. Game-a-Aatapanmg. Game-v-Mavlsugal muagsabong. Gaminun-Batangy gala. Gamster-n Ang naglalaro; nmagstisugal. Gander n-Ganisatig barako., Gang-n Kapisanan ng tawo; bunton ngtawo. Gan grene n Gangrena. Gaii grene-v-Bumulok aug sugat. Gamgrenous- a- May nania 6 gang-renia. Uang way n Paraan: daan. Gaol-n-Bilanigo kalabuso. Gap naTipo; puang. Gap v-Tipunin: binkawin. Gape n-Hikab Gape v-Maglhikab Garb v- Damnit;, hitsara; pananamnit. Garbags-n Sukal- kasukalan. Garblexv Dikdikin; piliin. G'arden-n Halamanan. Garden-v fMaglialaman. Gardener-n Anig maghahalamnan. Gadening n Pagliahalamnan. Gargyle v MNitgmnogin. Gargle n Mugmog. Glarish a Hambog: nmnyabanig. Garland n Koronang bulakiak. Garlic-n- Baw-ang. Garment n-Damit; pananamit. Garner-v Ilagay ang palay sa ban gan. Garner-n- Bangan. Garnish-v Gayak in pa ti. Garnish n-Gayak; pamuiiti. Garret-nI-oob nk bubungan. Garrison n ~langa sundalong nakadis' tiao sa isang lugar. Garru'louis a- Masal ita; mangulo. Garrulouisness-n- Kalagayang, mas'al ita'. Garter-a Ligas panali; tali. Garter v-Talian ng ligas. G as 'n-G a s. Gaseous a May kahalong'gas8. Gash-v-Tuinaga- tagain; himwain- humiwa. Gash n-Taga, -hiwva..Gxasp- v-M~agh i gal'o. Grasp —n-Hinkalo. Gastric-a-Nauukol sa, sikimura. Grate n-Trangkaharn; traugkta. Grate way-n-Paraan daan trankahagn. (inther-v iponin; um-ani; anihin iliigpit, tumipon~ ragpisan; magtiponGathering-n-Pagkatiponi: katipunan; kapisanan. Gaud-n-Sangkap na walanik kabuluhlan. Gaudy a-Mayabanig; hambog Gauige v Takalin. Gauisen-Takal. Gauint-a Payat. Gauntlet-n-Guanta. Gauize-a Manipis niagaan. Gauzy a Manipis; magaan. G~ave-v. imp.- Binigay. naghigay. Gavel n-Talnimpo. G-Iawk-n-Ulol. Gawk v Kumilos ng paulol. Gawky-a Bastos.~ Gay-a-Mass ya: maltugod; natutu Wa; mak~inis maaliw. Gayety-n-Tuwa, kasayalban. lugod: kaluguran. saya, katuiwaan; kaligayahan. Gaze-v-Tuminagin; silayin. Gaze-n-Tingitl masid; silay. Gazette-n-Pahaya gamin. Gear-n-Darnit: kasangkapan. Gear vMaghihis. isuot, ang damit. Geese-n LMamiga gansa Gelatin n Jelea. Gelatinous-a Malagkit. Gem-a Saingkap. Gender-n Kaibhan nang- lalaki sa babayi.Genealogical-a-Naniukol sa, lahi. General —n-Gyeneral; puno ng hukho. G'eneral-a Karaniwan; litaw; alam nang madla: hayag. Generally-adv.Sa karaniwan: hayag. General shi p-n-Kal agay an g general; katungkulang general. pagka gen~eral. G —enerate-v-Paramihin; gnamawa gAwa. Generation n Lahi. Generator-a-Ang gumagawa. Generosity-n-Kagandahan nk loob;, kabutihan nk loob; kamahalan. Generous a Magandang boob. m'ahuting loob: magaling. mapagaampon. Genesis n Genesis. Gxeniel a-Maawain. Genital-a-NaaukoL. sa, isang paniahon 6 sa isang lahi. Genitive-a-Natiukol sa kalagayang lalaki 6' kalagavang babayi.G~enitor-n-Tawong marunong atimatal as'. Genteel a Magalang. Gentile-n-Gentiles; ang hin'di biny'agan

Page  236 6 GIG GIG ~~~236GL GLI G-entile-a-Hindi binyagan. Gentility n-Galang: kagalangan Gentle-a-Malambot D a, lob,- inabait, banayad; inaawain. Gentle f olk-n Tawong maginoo. Gentleman-n Tawong maginoo, ginoo. Gentlemanlike a-Parang guinloo. mnaginoo mahal. Gentle manly a Mahial; mnagalang. inagi 1100. Gentle woman n Binibini. Gently a Anas, inot inot dahandahan:, utay atay. Gentry-n-Manga tawo Genuine-a-Wagas; tunay, totoo; dalisay. Geographiic a-Natiukol sa geografia. Geography n Geografia. GealogicAl-a Nauukol sa, bato. Geometrical a-Nauukol sa Geomnetri a. Geometry-n-Geonietria. Germ -n Pinangalingan, pinagmulan; pi nagbnihatan.- binhi. German n-Taga Aleman. Germane-a-Nauiukol bagay. aknia. Germinate v-Sum-upling; magusbong., Gestation-n —Pagkabuntis. Gesture n Kaway nk camay. Gesticulate v-K awayin; kumilos. Get-v-Magkaroon; manalo, inagaral; kamtan; maifkamit. Gew~gaw n Bagay na, walang kabuluhan. Geyser n.Bukalan ng& tubig na mainit. GhastlyParang patny; maputla katakot takot., Ghastly adv -Katakot takot: kakilakilahot; maputla-putia. - Ghost n-Nuno; guniguni: capre. Ghostly-n-Para 6 nauulol sa nuno. Ghoul-n- Demonio. Giant n-Gi&ganti; tawong; malaki. Giant-a-Malaking malaki. Giantess n Giganting babayi. Gibbet n Bibitayan. Gibbet-v.Bitayin. ibitin sa lug. Gibbon-n Ungong malaki at walang, buntot. Gibbous-a Hubog. Gibe-v Mu rah in.. pintasin: alipustain: uyamin. G4ire-n-Alipusta; pintas: uyanm Giblets-n-Puso; atay at buche nang manok. Giddy-a-Magaan aug ilo:, maliliw. Gift-n Bigay; s~lubonIg; alay; kaloob; hayin. Gig-n-Calesa; salapang. Gig-v Salapankin aug isda. Gigantic a Malaking malaki. Giggle v-Tumawa. Giggle-n-Tawa -- Gild-v-Pahiran nk ginto; (luradul-t in. Gill-n-Hasang. Gill-n-Takal, gatang. G-im crack n-Kasangkapan na walaii.g1 kabuluhian laroan. Gimblet Gimlet n-Balibol. Gimip n-Trencillas. Gin-n Ginebra. Ginger-n Luya. Gingerly adv. Mainam; mnatatakotin. Gingham-n-Sita kayong sita. Gipsy-n-Hampas lupa; tnwong walang tin itirahan. Gird v Bigkisin paligirin. Gird n Pamigkis sakit, pintas. Girdle n-Pamigkis. Girdle v-Pnlig-irin; bigkisin. Girl n Bafang babavi. Girl hood-n- agkabata nk babavi, Girlishi a-Nauuikol sa batang babavi. Girt-v imp.-Binuigkis. Girth-n-Aug bilog. Gist-n-Panidulo: kahulugan. Give-v-NMagbigay; bigyan; ipagkaloob, tulutan - Giver-,n-Aug nagbibigay. Gizzard n-Balunbalunan. Glacial a.Nanukol sa hielo. Glacier-n Bundok n~ hiebo. Glad a Tuwa; natutuwa; innsaya. niaingod. maligayn; ruatuwa. Glnd-v-Aliwiri pasayahinj. Gladden-v Sumaya pnsayalhin. Glair-n-Ang puti ng itbog., Glair-v Ipahid; pahiran. Glairy-a-Nauukol sa, puti ng~ itbog Gla~ncen-Silip; tingin; masid; silay: su.hap. Glance-v Silayin; silipin;, suliapin, tuGlauders n-Snkit DR luig nk kabnyo. Glare-v-Tuminkin ng- masama. Glare-n-Masamang tinkin. Glass-n-Cristal: 'bubog: baso; kopa.t Glassy n Parang cristal. Gleam n Sinag. Gleam-v-Lumiwanag. Glean-v-Maghimalay. G'Ileanings n-Himalay. Glebe-n Lupang simbahan. Glee-n-Towa; saya; lugod. Gleeful-a-Masaya; malugod maligtiay Glib-a-Malangis; ninsalita. Glide a-Dumaplis; madapilas. Glim. n-Ilaw nug kandila Glimmer-n Ilaw DA kandila. Glimmer-v-Kumiritab; maninguing. Glimpse-,n-Suliap silay.. Glisten-v-Kumisap: kumintab; kumiisap; magningning.

Page  237 GOD 237 GRW Glitter-vjKumislap; kumisap. magninigning. Glitter-n 'Kislap. kintab. Glittering a Maningning; makislap Globe nMundo; bilog, sangkalibutan. Globular aMabilog. Gloamning-n Orasioni. G loom-n-Dilim: kapan~glawan; umbay lungkot..Gloom v Dumilim. Gloomy-a-Mapan glaw, malungkot;- ma dilim. Glorification-n-Kalualbatian. Glorify-v Maluallbati. Glorious-a Malualhati. Glory n Lualliati kalotialtian dan~hil. karangalan; ganti; kabantugan puri: kabunyian~ kamahalan. Glory v-Maglualhati; magparangalan. Gloss-n-Ningning; kintab kislap, kinang: ki nis. Gloss v-Ku~mintab; kumislap. Glossy-a-Makintab; miakislap; miakiniis; inaluningning makiniang. Glottis-n-Lalam unan. Glove n-Guantes. Glow-v Kuinislap; kumisap maghlwanag Glow n Kislap; ningning; liw.atiag(,. Glow worm n Uod. Glue n Pagkit, pandikit. Glue v Idikit. Gl~um-a Madilim ang muklia. Glume n-ipa Glut-v. Lamunin. Glut-u-Kabusugan; kahiustulban alhala. Glutinious-a-Maganit. Glutton n Tawong matakaw. Gluttonous a Matakaw. Gluttony-n-Kasi baan; katakawani. Glycerine n Glicerin'a. Gniarl-n Kuton Gnarl-v-Umankil, tumahol. Gnash v Sumagpang. Gnat n Pulgas. Gnaw-v-Kagatin: kumain; ii~atngatin. Gnome n-Nuno; unano. Go-v Pumaroon. pumunta; mnagpunta. Goad-n-Panudlong:, tudlong. Goad-v-Ttidlutngin. Goal-n-Hanuga dubo: lbanganan; hiangahan; patay. Goat-n- KambingGoatee-n-Balbas. Goat herd-n Ang, nagpapastol Globbex-Lamunin: umiyak ang, pavo. Grlobber-n-Pavo; pavong barako. Goblet-n-Baso: kopa. Goblin-n-Tianak: duende. G-o-by-n Kapaba yaan; tangi. GOV-n-BATHALA' DIOS'. God child n-lliaanak. God (laughiter-n I nanak. (balboyij. God delss n Bahaying maganda. God fath~er n ILnaama. Godless a-Walang Dios, Gcd like a Maluialhati; parang lNos. Godliniess-n-Kaliniisan rn~ kalultia; kapu._ rilian: puri dikit, ganida. Godly a-Magala 1mg, napagdasal. God iiother-n Iniiina. God send-n Bahiay na ipinatykaloob) ngP. Dios. God son-n Innaanak; (lalaki)i. Goggles n Salamrin sa mnata G4oing n- Pagparoon pagpun'ta pag alis. Gold-n-G3int6.Gold dust-n-Gabok n~ gintbi Goldeni a- May hlmaong gint6 magintc. Gold smuith-n Platero. Goie-r-. p p -Nakaalis, umialis na. Gone-n-Kulilking Good-n-Mabuti; masunurin. Good-n- Kahutihian; buti; kanamoan. Good-adv.-Mabuti bu~i. Good-by Good-bye-n Paalbni. Good-by-Good-bye-inter.-I aalain. Goodly'a Mabutibuti:. mainam; malaki. Good natured a M1asunurin; mabuti au-g uguali. Go~odniess n- ahutilhan. Good tempered a Mlabuti auig ugali masuntirnn Goody goody-a Mabuti. Goose n Ganisa. Gore n-Sesgo: dnigong nanmnuO. Gore v Magsesgo suagiin. Gorge n-Saluy-soy. Gorge-v Lanmunin. Gorgeous-a Mainam, dakila;. magainda.~ Gorilla-a Musang Golhmand-n Tawong matakaw. Gormnandike-v1-Lamu nin - Gory a Madugo. Goslinig n Inakay nk gansa Gospel-n Biblia passion. (iossamner-n- Kala piaw. Gossip n-Sitsit. Gossip-vi-Sumitsit. Got-v. inp.Nagkaroon kinarutani. (;ouge-n-Lukob. Gouge-v-Lukubin.Gourmand n-Tawon g mnatakaw. Gout-n-Sa'kit ng Bukongbukong. Govern-n-Manuno; maghiari - aiinaaliala. Governor n Hani: puno: goberniador. Governess-n-Maestra. Government-n-Pamumnuno; paghiahari; pamrnamabala; paggogobierno. Govennatorial aNauukol sa gobiermmo. Gown-n Damit.

Page  238 (G~RA 238 GRE (iarb-v akuitin: agawin. Grab n Agaw; (ldakot. Grace at Graceia; ganda, n~i kilos, kainaman ng ugali. G race n Ihulog, ang gracia. G4raceful n-Magauda; marikit. makinis; miainamn aug kiots. Graceless a-Bastos hamak. G`racious-a Magandang loob, mabuting~ loob. Giradation n -Pagsulong nk -untiunti; pagayos paghusay. Grade vAyuisin. -ilagay sa grado. Grade-n-Grado:; lagay Graduial-a Untiiunti. Gradluate n Aug bagong labas sa escuela. Graduiate v Tuinangap.ang titulo; ta'pisin; aug, carrera. Gra- Iuation-v Paglabas sa escuela. Grain nI util binhi. Grain v But-nut~il. Gram. n Gramo. Grammar n Gramnatica.Gramimarian-n-Aang suimulat~.ramatica. (iranmmatical-a-Naunkol sa gramatica; ayon sa gramatica. Granary n-Ban~an; taguan n~ trigo, palay, at mais. Grand a Dakila miaranzial; niiagrinoo; malaki magalang bantog; malial; kagalang galang. Grand child-n Apo: inapo. Grand daugther n Aponig babayi. Grande-n Tawong (Iakiha 6 nmarangal. Granideur-ut K adakilaan; kalakihian: kainanman. G-rand father n-Nunong lalaki; ingko. Gian (1 ilO(lt en ce-n-Sal itang maran~-al: kainaman nk pananalita. Grandiloquent a 'Mainamn nanalita. Grand mother-n Nunong babayi - impo.' G~rand sire-i-tingkong. G4rand1 son at-Apong lalaki. Grange-n-Ani n~ may lupa. Granite-n-Batog mainanm parang- marmob. G'raniverous a-H umakain ng pabay.l Grant, r-Pumnayag; ipahintulot; -tubotin; magkaloob; maghigay, Grant, n-lBigay; kaloob. Grantee n Aug tumnangap ni~ kaloob. Grantor n-Ang nagbigay. G~ranilar-a-Parang buitil; Inablitil. -I ranuile it Butil. (Granuiuos, a- Mabutih. 6 rape-n-Ubas. Gvraperyvn-Hab amanan ng~ iibas5 Grape stone n-IBUt( n~ nba-s. - Grape vine-nz Lipay nfz uba-s. - Graphic a Nauukol sa sulat. Graphite n Tinga. Grapple-a Magbuuo bumiuno. (irapple-n Buno sungabani. Grasp-v-Hawakan; hum11awak; kunni n; agawin dampotin Grasp n-Hamak; dampot. G4rass hopper-n.Balang; lukso. Grass ness n-Kalaguan DR diamo. Girass-widow-n Bao sa btihay - (baba(yi). Girss widower-n-Bao sa buhay (lalaki). Grassy a Marami6 G'rate-n Alitiit. Grate v Umialitiit; ikudkod. ku nayod. lninankitngit. Grater n Kudkuran: panudkod. Gratefuni-a Marunong niagutang na boob. G'Tratification-n Ganti biyava; dulot; kabo0b; alay-; bayad. upa. Gratify v-Gantihin;, gumanti magbigay boob; bigyang loob ipabuya. Gratis-a Walang bayad.. Gratitude it Utang na loob. Gratouitous a-Walang 'bayNd'(.Giratuity n Bi~yav, pagbigav%; kawalan n~, bayad.(3ratulate v-1-atihin- huniati. Gratulation-n- Pagbahati Gratulatory-a Masayi. Grave-a Pormal; miabigat;, totoo; walanig biro. Grave n Libing kabaong; libinigan. Gravel-n-Buhan~in na, magaspang. Grave stone n-Tumba ng patay. Grave yard-n-Pantion. Gravitate-v Humiling: tumun tong. Gravitation n Pagka'hilingGravity n Tutitunnan. Gravy -n Sawsaw. Gray a IUpat; inura- kayumiangi. - Gray-n-Knblay na kayrnmangi. Gray beardI-n Tawong matanda. Gray head ed-n-Mauban mi aputit an,, g ubo. Grayish a Kayumangi Graze-v-Maggpastol. Gra-ting-n-Pagpapastol. Grease-n-Mantika: sebo. Grease-v-Pahiran no - sebo;, pahiran no mantikaG'reasy a Mamnantika. naba; m~aseho malagkit. malibag.(-lreat-grand child-n-Apo sa tubod. Gxreat-granddaugther.-n.Apo sa tultod, (babdy/i). Great-grand father-n-Ama ng- n uno. Great-grand mother-n-I na DR inuno. Gyreat-grand son-n-Apo sa tnhod (laaki). Grebe-it-Pibepile.Grecian -n-Nainuk ol sa.griego; G~i ego

Page  239 G1WI{O Greed n Kaingitan nasa, katakawvan; kasaki man. Greedy-a-MlatakaA ~;miapagnasa-.inasakimi. Greek-a Nauukol sa taga tiriego. Greek-n Griego. Green-a Verde; hilaw; sariwa MUra Gxreen-n Kulav -verde. Green-v-Suinari wa. Greenishi-a Verde; hilaw. Green horun-TaWOng hindi inaruinong; bagong nagaaral. Greet v- FBatiin; yumnuko;, kumustalhin. Greet~ing.nBati; yuko, kumnusta. Grenadier ni Sundalon~g lakat. Grew-v. inp -Tumubo nakatubo. Grey-txf Ka umangi. Griddleni awaling jp~babaw. Gridiron -ihawani Grief n Dt ita; lu-nkot hambal. dawns; lumnbay, hapis: dalamhati; taghoy. Grieve v- amdamiu magdamdanu; Iim mapis: naglumbay: nmngdalita; managhiol Grievante n Hapis dalamhati-. pigaliat; diaing; ~taghoy. Gr~i, vow-Ia Mahavis; agraviado) mapight~i: nalurnbay. Gril -hawin; magihaw Griuta. ba~rsik inadilim ang nmuklin. Grim i Ngiwii kibit. Grimmev Kumibit; nugumiwi. Grimnaln-n Ptisang matanda. Grime i-lunis tiling; duni. Grime V~mying-is; durnumi. Grimy-alarungis; mnarumi. Grin-v-Nimiti - Grind-v-imiling; ratdihin: alilisin. Grinder-Aug gumniling; bagang., Grind stie-nt-Hasahan. Grip-v-Lwvakin; humawak. Gripe n mwak. Gripe v-4wakin nk mahigpit: magimirap.: makit ang tian, Gripe n tpis; hirap:, hawak. Grippe-iakit nk -lalamunan. Grisly attakottakot: kakilaki'labot. Grist-r-Pis na ginilimig. Gristle-ititong, malambot. Grit-nt-Bingin;tapang;kabuoan a il oob1. Grit-v-Gikin; gnmiling. Gritty-oatapang. Grizzle-ll-ayumaangi. Griz'zly- ayumangi. Groan-'ribik; Halinghing. G3roan-n-linghing; hibik.Grocer-n-iz nagtitinda ng m a n a pagkain. Grocery-n-'Aahan nang mang-a pagkain. Grog-n-Alak, - Grogeryr-G~rogshop-n-Tindi-latan ng alak. Groin-n Siaptiapuunan singir. Groom n-Lalaking baeong, kasal. G-roomn-v Mahialaga, sa, kabayo - Grooms man it Abay n- ilakai sa kasal. Groove t- Bakam bakas Groove v-Bakasin. Grope-v-Apuhapi n; damalhin: ka~ahi. Gross a- Bastos; inagasp~ang, masinsini; mnapurol makapal waian~g hiiva Gross "-IBilang ug isangdaan atiapat, na puo st, apat-: 144 (-'rot Grottoc-n-Yung-i b lunga. Grotesque a Mmaka~atawa, Ground-v. imp. Ginilin)g. G-round-n Luipa, bukit. Groundless v Walang katmwiian). - Ground nut n Munii. Groind work-n Tatynyuan iig bahnv-a. Grouip n-Grtnpo bunton: katipunan'.11 C,.roup v Ibunton pumisan turnipon." Grout n Mais 6' bigas na durog:, binfid. Grove nt Kahovan.Grovel v-Gunlapan. sa lupa: humamak.,Grow-v Tumnubo lumans; dumamni.i Illmagro; sumilang. Growl v Urangil dlumahog: dumnaimg. Growi-tt-Angil dabog: daing. - Grown-v. p. p.-Tumubo na; nakattubo Growth it Tubo paglaki. Grtib v Hukavin.- putulin sa ugrat. Grub it Uod. Grudge ni Dula sa kaptia tanim sa, ktapua. Grudge-v Dumula sa kapun. Gruel n-Sabaw. Gruff-a-Bastos - (rum a Tahimik madilim alig n-Inkloa. Grtumble-tv-Buitrmlotigb-)tlo)iig dlumnabog: dunmaing; magdalafinhti. Grunt n-ugk. Grunt-v-Gumuikgok.Guana-it-Bayawak. G.,uano-n-Dumi' ug9 ibonig dagat. Guarantee v rTib)avan1 kL. 1-.. ayan: tindi Guarantee v Tibayin tindigan;' bigyang; ng katibayan. Guaranty-n-katibayan; tindi. Guard-v A lagaan b a n ta yin; i nga t, in; itago. Guard nt lantavy; iat; tantod Aug niag, aalaga. Guardedly adv,-Main;gat.Gnardian-it-Poder, taga. ingat aug '-yaman n' lifla. Guava n-Bayabas. Gtubernatorial a Nauikol sa gobernadom-. Guess-v Tumuring; tumlama. Guess n-Ttiring; tama. Guest-nt-Visita:- nainunulo~y

Page  240 HAF 240 HAL Guiffaw-n-Halakha~; tawanig malak,,vs.Guidance-n-Pagturo; pagakay. Guide vAkayin, ituro. O-uide-n-Taga turo; taga akay. Guile-n-Hibo, dayn Guilefuila Nakalfihibo; magdaraya. 6uileless a-Walang daya. Guilflotine n-Makiniang pain-ugot ng nk6: Guillotine v-Pugtitin aug ulo.. (4uilt-n-Kasalanian sala. GYuiltless-aWalang kasalanan. Guilty-a May kasalanan. Guise n HAitsura bikas. Guitar n(-Guitara. Gutlch n Snugioy: salusoy,. 6ulf n Baraso ng dagat, lob. Gull-v-Dayain. manekas; tekasin. (Gull n-Daya, tekas. Gull et-n-L alamiunan. Gullible a Makakadaya; madaling (layaii Gully n Snnoy. saluysoy. Gully v-S umaluysoy. Gfulp, v-Lamn-i~ in. G ul p n Aug nilamion; anomang bagay na nilamon. (Thm n Dagta: katas: gonia. Gum-v-' umatas lumapot. G~um-n Gilagid nk ngipin'. G'ummy-a Madagta; tnakatas. 6ump n-Ulol. Gumption n-E atusuhan; talas. Ha-Hah-inter.-Ha. Habiliment-n Damit. Habit-n-Ugali, kaugalian; kagawian; pinagkaratihan. Hiab it-v-1lu mi ra; tuimahan; (lalawin ngmnadalas. Hlabitable-a-Gawi; matitirahan. Habitat n-Dating tirahan. flabitation-n-Tirahan; tahan an hantungan. Habitutil-a Lagi lagi na. Habituiate-v- umagi; mnamalagi. Habituation n-Pamamalagi. Hack-v-Tagaini; hiwain tadtarin. Hack-n Hiwa tagAi; tadtad. Hack-n-Carruaging inupahan. Hack-a-Inupahan. Hackle-v Suiklayin aug sinuilid 6 builak. Hackle-n Suklay ng similid 6 bulak. 1-1ackney-a-Kabayo. Hackney-a- Karaniwan, inupab an. Had v. imp p. p.-Nagkarooii. Haft-n-Bitbitati: tangiian. Gun-n- Baril. Gun v-Mangaso. Gunner n-Ang marunong bumaril. Gunni ng-n-Pauikankaso. Gun powder n-Puilvora ng baril. Guunshot-n-Putok nk baril. Gunsmith-n-Ang ~marunong magkunm poni ng baril. Gnu istock n-Tangnan nk baril. GJurgl e-v-M, ugmogin. Gurgle-n Mugmog. Gush v Bumnukal. Gush-n-Bukal. Gtisset-n-Suikob - Gust-n-Lasap; lasa: hipo ng- ha'ngin: (4usto-n-Lasap: gusto. G'usty a Mahankin. Gut-n Bituka: isaw. Gut-v Alisan ang bituka. Gutta percha-n Goma parang adyangaw. Gutter-n Sangka: alulod. Gutter-n Ilagay ang alulod.Guttural a Nauukol sa lalam-ijAan. Guy-n-Luihid na pangpatibay., Guzzle-v-Umninom nk madalas Gymnast-n-Gimuastico. Gy psy-n-Hampaslupa. Gyrate-n-Umiinog; umikit. Gyration-n-Paikit painog. Gyratory-a Pagikit, painog. 6yve-n-Pangapos./ Gy ve-v- Gapusin. 3: Hag-n-Babaying masama at, pigit. Haggard-a Pagod; miahina. H-aggle-v-Magturing, tuksuhin. Haggling n-Turing. Hail-n-Bugbog bati. Hail inter.-Aba. Hail-v-Umulan ng bubog, bumatiatiin; magpugay. Hail storm n-TUlan ug bubog. Hair n Bu'hok; balahibo. Hair breadth a Lapad ng isangihok. Hair breadth n-Ang lapad ng isg bui. hok. Hairless-a-Walang buhok;, pano~ipat. Hair pin n-Ipit. Hair spring-n Kuerdas na muY n~ orasan. Hairy-a Mabuhok. Balcyon-n-Limbas - Halcyon-a-Tahimik; nlasaya.' Hale-a Msliakas; walang sakif Hale-a-Hilahin.Half-n Kabiak; aug kalahat

Page  241 HAN 241 lIAR Half-n Kalahati. Half breed n Mestizo- mestiza. Half brother n Kapatid sa ama 6' ia Half caste-n Mestizo; mestiza. Half peniny n-Isang kuarta. Half sister n Kapatid na ama 6' sa ina (babayi). Half witted a Mahina ang, isip. Hall n Salas. alleltiiali-Ha~llelujah inter.-Jesus, MaHria v Jos6. Hallo n Sigaw na malakas, hoy. Halloo-v-Stimigaw na malakas. Hallow-v Sambah in. Hallucination n Guniguni: dava. Halo it Limbo Halt-n Tigil; hinto; kapilavan. Halt-v Humantong: tumio-il huminto. Halter-n Mortigon. Halter-v Ila,-cay ang mortigon. Halve v Hatiin; biakin; dalawahin.Halves n-Kabiak. Halyard n-Lubid ng layag. Ham n- Hamon. ]Hamlet n-Navon. Hammer-n-Mfartillo- -pukpok; pamukpok. Hammer-v -Pukpokin; pumnkpok. Hammock-n Duyan. Hamper n-Buslo Kaing; abala. Hamper-v -Abalahin; ilagay sa buslo. Harn strinign Litid. Ham string-v-Litirin. Hand n Kai-ay. Hand v labot; umabot. Hand brpadth-n-Dangkal. Hand cuf f-n Pangapos in~ kamay. Hand cuff v-63apusin ang kamay -Hand full-n-Isang laya- dakot. Handicap n-Abala: palugit. Handicap v-Palugitin..Handicraft-n-Katalasan;, talas; lalang. Handily-a-Ginhawa; mnadali., Handiwork-n-Ginawa ii~ kamnay.Hand kerchief-n -Panyo - hiran g. Handle-v Ilugin- ugitin.- lamasin; hipuin; maglamas. Handle-n-Tatangnan; bitbitan; tankay.: puluhan. Hand madle a Yari ng kamay. Hand maidI Handmaiden n Afilang babayi. Handl saw n- Lagaring munti. Handsome-a Maganda, marikit mainam. Hand spike-n-Pangsual. Hand writing-n-Sulat kamay Handy-a-Matalas. sanay; martinong. Hang-v-Bitayin: ibitin; ilaylay: isam pay isabit: sampayin; sabitin. Hang v Sabit pagsampay. Hlanger-i Sabitan- sampayan. Hanginig n Pagbitay. Hangdog n Tawong hamak at bastos. Hanig dog a Ham ak: bastos mababa Hang mian v Verdugo:- taga bitay sa may kasalanan. Hank n Bigkis ng sinu~lid. Hanker v-Mognasa, nasain: magpitaHankering n-Nasa; pita. Hap-n kapalaran. palad. Hap v Viapalaran- magkataon. Hap hazard a Walang ayos. Hap hazard n Kapalaran; ang, pagkakataon pala~d.Hapless-a-Walangpalad; sawing kapalai-an mialungkot. Haply-a-i~v. Marahil. Happpin-v-Mangyari; magkataonHappiness-n-Kasayahan; lugod kaln - guran- kaligayahan- ligaya. Happy aMasaya: maaliw: malugod;nma ligaya mapagaglahii. H araniigu e n- Pan -un gu sap. Harangue-v-Makipagusap:, ma kin sap; magdiscuirso - Ha rass-v Dawabaginin: yam-uItin; pagalitin. Harbinlger n-Tanda. Harbor-n Punduhan; ii vapor 6 sasakyan. Harbor-vi-Ituloy: ikalong. Hard-a-Matigas:, malakas- batibot- masipag mahirap; hindi malamibot: mabagsik; masungit. Hard adv -Matigastigas. Harden-v Turnigas. Hard hearted-a-Walang awa- ganid. Hardihood n-japang: palngahas. Hiardily-adv.-Manlgabas. Hardness-n KatigasakHard ship-ni-Kapagalan~kahiirapan~pagal; lhirap. Hard ware n Mga bagay sa bakal. Hardy a Malakas matapang. Hare n Conejo. Hare brained-a Ulol: mahina ang isip. Hare lip it Hiwas. Harem n Kuarto n~g babayi. H ark-v-PakinlganHarlot-n Hitad- puita; patutot. Harm n-Sakit- hirap- kabirapan. Harm-v Pasaki in; ~sirain. Harmful a-Makakasira: masama. Harmless a-Di makakasira; maamo. H~trmonic-n Silendro. Harmonium n-Silendro. Harnie-s-n Guarniciones Harness-v Magsingkaw; singkawin. Harp-n-Arpa. Harper-n-Ang mnurunong tumugtog sja arpa..

Page  242 HAY 242 HEA Harpooui-n-Salapaiig. Harpoon-v Salapanrig. ]Harpooner n Aug imaruinon gumawa ihagis aug salapang. Harrow-n-Paragos. Harrow-v-Sabarini Harrowing n Pagparagos. Harry-v-Nakawin magnakaw; manidait. Harsh a Mabagsik; masuakit. Harshuess-n-Kabagsikan kasunkitan. HartnaUsang lalaki sungayan. Harts horn-n Surigay nk usang lalaki. Harum scaruma-a-Paulol, papaano. lBarvestnaPagaani, paggapas: ani. Harvest vUmani anihin: gapasin. Harvester-n-Ang gumapas, H as-v-Mayroon.,Hash n Pagkain na sahiogsafog. Hash v-Tadtarin. Hasp n-Seradura; kandaro. Hast-v-Mayroon. Htase-n-lxabiglaan-, kadalian. Haste-Hasten naBiglain;- niaaztaaali; ttiruakho; maghaplit; haplitill. Hastines n-Kadaliati; kahiglaan. Hasty a-Bigla; madali. Hat-n-Sombrero; sambalilo. Hatch-v-i-umisa; lhumalfinhini. Hatch n-Pagpisa; halim him. Hatchet-naPalataw. Hate a Galit; tanim sa loob. Hate-v-Magalit. Hateful-a- L(alupitlupit; kasamasanui; kasuklamisakl am. Hatred n-i animingloob; galit; kalupitain Haughity-a-Hambog palalo. tamnpala sail; palamara; mavabang- mapagmayabang. inapagnmarikit. Haughtiness n K ahiambnban kapalaluan; katam palamanan - Haul v Bumatak; hilahin; batakin. Haul n-Fatak; hila. Haul-n-Dayatni. Haunchan-Pigi. Haunt-v-Mamamnalagi; lumagi. Haunt a Yungib; kagawian. Have v Magkaroon; maugyari. Haven-n-Punduhanu, lugar na walaug H kapanganiban. Haversack n Dalaan' ng pagkain. Havoc-n Kasimaan; paglipol. Haw-n-Pagkantal. Haw-v-Uniutal. Hawk-n-Lawin. Hawk v-Dumahak. Hawk-n Dahak. Hawk eyed-a-Matalas aug mata. Hawser-n-Malakiug lubid. Hay-a Damung tuyo.,Hay cook-n-Talumpok. Hayloft a-Tagnan ink damoiig tu'o. Haymw-iaguan ng- damong ttuyo. Hay rickan-Timb~on. Hay stack-n-Mandala. Hazard-n-Kapalaran: palad pangqnilp. H azardl-v —Ila~.ay sa pai~aatiib) Hazardous a May panganib. Haze-n-Ambon. Haze v 'Toksulii manuksoi h aze a- Kay im ang i. Hazy-a Maulap, malabo. mnapanglow. He pr-o. Siya: (lalakij. Head-h-Ub; panduhi.- pangutlo; ptiiio; auig naniuniuno111. Head r-Tummngo. itun4go aintamo111 Headaheien-Sakit ilk ulo. Headdress-n-Damiit sa ubo. H eadit nga —Pandulo. Headland I —a-Dnot. Headless-a-Walang tilo. Head long a Papaano. Head piece-n Dainit sa ulo. Head guarters- a Oficinia bahay iiang'Plifno Heads- man-n Taga pamutgot a1 tio ii4 miav kasalanan Head s4pring-n Pinangalingan bika~lan-ir Head st-all-n Mortigon. Head stronig a Matigas aug ubo. Head way-n- Lakad tuboHeady-a-Sowail, matigas aug uflo. Heal vkumalhig p)agalinginl galtatrini Health-n-K awalan ng- sakit galing. Healthiful-a-Mapagaling rmabuiti S'a ka.tawan - Healthy —a Magalinig, wal-ang isakit; ma, husaNv. Heap-n Bunton. Heap v Ihuntoni. Hear v —Dingin; niarinig; duiminig; mia kinig; manain ga, pumakingan. Hearing n-Dinig pandinig; litis; paglitis:. Hearken -v-Pakingan manai nga; batya gin; dingin: makimatvag. Hearsay a Sitsit alinkawugaw - balita. Hearse-a Carro- Heart-n-Puso; ubod Heart felt-a-Bnihat, sa puiso; tapat, na loob; malalim. Hearth a Piuagaapuyan. apuyvan. Heartless a Waiang awa mabagsik walang habag;, hindi maruno'tg nmarwa. Heatlessnessan-Kawalan, nk awa 6 nig habag. Heart rending-a-Mabigat; ma!ltngkot na m alungkot. Hieart'Is-ease-n-Katalhii miikan.Hearty-a Masaya; bWhat sa puso., Heat n Init. Heat v Painitin: idarang: uminit. H eatlien-l-Tawo us hindi binyagan -

Page  243 H EM 1 2943 HIC Heathen-a-Hindi binyagan. H mnisphere-'n- 'alahating bilogHeathenish a Natnukol sa hin di bin va- Remnorrhage-n-Bankuyiikoy, gani. Hemp n Copra, abaka. Heave-ii-Itaas buhatin; magbuhat. Heni n Inahin. Hleave-n-Pagbthat. Hence adv.-lahil (lito. Heaven-n1-Jangi t. Hence forth -Hencefrward-adv.- fiuhatng-at lieaveiily a Para na sa langit; nanukol yon magbuhat, ngayon. Isa langit. Hen coop n-Kulunnan nk mnanok. Heaven wa-rd adii.-Sa (rawing lankit. Her pro. p.-Kaniya niya. Heaver,rTaga buhat. Herald n Pahayagan. Heaviness-n- Kabigatan bigat. Herald v Ipahayag; maghalita. Heavy-a-NMabigat malaki; nmatindi. H erba,(-e n- I ami u. Hebrew-u.Jndio; wika ngr.ludio. Herculean-a-Malakas na lublba. Hebrew aJudio; nautikol sa -Jndio. Herd-v Manada. Hectic-a-Avon sa utos. Herd-ti-Maupastol. Hec-tic n Lagnat. tisis tWvo. Herds nun n Aug nagpapastol. Hector n-'awong bastos at hamnbog. Here adv. Dito dini, Hedg(e-,n Rakod Here abou)tt- Hereabontits-adv~.-Dito; dini-, Hfedg~eiv Magb-inkod; kniungin. sa gawing dito Hedlge row n Bakod. Here af ter-adm, -Buhat ngrayon. Heed-v Trurn upad; mnagingat alagaan Here aftern Ang panahong darating. ingatin; mnakinig. Here atadvc.- Dahilan dito. Heed n-In gat; pagkakalinga Here by adv Dahilan (lito. Heedful-a Main~at mnahinhin: mabait. lfereditary aNanukol sa nmana. Hfeedless aPabaya;- walang ingoit 6' ka- Here in adv,,-Sa ito. lingia. Here of adv. Buhat ngayon. Heel v~ Sakong. Here on adv. Dahilan dito." Heel vl Yurakin ng sakong. -heresy-n Mali sa panianampalataya. Heft n Bizat; kabigatan. Heretic n-Aug narnali sa pananampaHeifer n-Bnlo ug baka o kalabaw; ha- palataya kaug dumnalaga. H-ere to- Here into-adv,.- Haugaug ngayouiHfeight-it-Tayog mataas. Here tofore-adv.-Hangang ngayon. Heighten v Itaas, palakilin. Here unto-ad17'-Hangano, dito 6 ng-ayon. Heinous-a-KNatakot takot: kaltipitlupit; Here upon-adv Dahilan. dito. bastos: hamak. Here with-adv. DAhi dito. Hfeir nA igo nagmanmana (ialaki). Hermetic-a Nauukol sa kemnico. Hleirdoni n-Paganiamnaa. Hermnit-n-Tawong ayaw sumnama sa kaHeiress n Ang nagmairnana. (babayi). puang tawo. Heirloom n Mana. Hermnitage n-Bahay ng tawong kulung Held-vi irnp&.p.p -Hinawak; tinankanan. sa kusa Hell n lufierno. Hero-n Tawong bayani; tawong mata Hellish a Naunikol sa infierno, parang pang. na sa infierno. Heroic aMatapaug; bayani: bnnyi. Helm n Ugit nk sasakyan Heroine n Babaying bayani. Helms mian n Aug umungit sa sasakyan. Heroism n-Pagkabayani. Helmet-n-Capecete. Heroin n N amuboy. Help-n Tuloug; ampon:- katulong.- aim-, Hers pro -Kauiya. niya; (babayi).' loy; paggibik- kupkop. Her self pro.-Siva rin. (babayiji. Hel p-v-Tumulong; amponin- kupkupin; Hesitate-v Umnutal. -umunouno. gikban;, abultnyan; unmaripon; gum i- H esitation-n-Pag uutal - katitalan - bik. 1leteroclite-a Walang ayos. Helpful a-Makatutuilong. Hew v Tagain; turuaga;, putulin: putlin: Helpless a Walaug katolong:I dukha.; inagftaga. walang hanapbuhay. Hexagon -n Plano Da may anim na giHelp mate n-N a tuloug.- kasarna. lid. Help meet-n-Asawang babayi. Hexangular aMay anim sa sulok. Helter skelter-a-Pasabogsabog.. Hey-inter.-Oy. Helve-n Puluhan ug palakol. H ibernal a Nauukol sa taglamigHem n Lupi. Hibernian-n Irlande rs. Hem r Illupfin. Hiccough n Sinok.

Page  244 His 244 HIS 244 ~~~11GHM Hiccoughi v-Magsinok. Hid Hidden-v. imp. & _p. _p-Tin ago; iiatago. Hidden a Lihim; patago, tago, Hiddenly adv. Patago. palilifin, Hlide-v.Magtago; itago; ihhini. Hide n Ba~lat; katad. Hideous a Paugit; kalait lait. Hie-v Magmadali. Hierogliph n Sulat Egipto. Higgle v Magturing; nian~atowiran - High a Mataas. dakila High adv.-Itaas. Higher at-,1ataas pa: lalong dakila. Highest a Kataastaasan, High flown a Hatubog pabalo. High handed-a Tampalasan. High land n Lupang rnataat-. IHigh lander-n-Taga bundlok. Highly-adv. Totoong maramni. Highness-n-Kataasan; tWas. Hfigh road n-Lansangan. High spirited a Maliksi, mnangahas. Hight n-Taas; kataasan. High way-n-Carsada; lansan kan. High waymaii-n Tulisan; mnagnanakaw. Hilarious a Mallikot- masaya; magullo. Hilarity n K asayalian-, kalikutan. Hill-n-Tibag; tugatog; gulod; pugpogHillock-n-Pugpog gulod. Hilly v Mabundok. Hilt-n Tangnan aug sable o ptifial, Him-pro. -Siva (lalaki). Him self-p-o.-Siyaring (lalaki), Hind n-Likod; likuran. Hind- a Likod. Hinder a-Likod. Hinder-v-Abalahin: umabala. Hinderance n-Abala. Hinder most a Huh sa lahat; kahalilialihan. Hind most a Huh sa lahat; kahulihutlihan. Hi ndoo-Hindt(i -Jn-Ilio. Hindustani n Wika ii~ Inidio, Hindrance n Abala. Hinge-n-Visagra. Hinge-v-Isabit ang -visagra. Hint-v-Isurot s~a isip; sulsulau, Hint n-Sulrsol. Hip n Pigi. Hippodrome-n-Circo. Hip shot-a-Hingkod; hiwid. Hire-v-Upahan. Hire n Upa; bayad. Hireling-n-Ang nagstistndalo dahil 'I a His-po.-Kniva(lalaki), Hiss n-Haging; Haginit. His-inter.-Hu'ag Historian-n Taa,a sulat nik listor'ia 6 buhay. Historic Historical a Nanukol sa tHito) ria. History n His"toria. Hit-v Hampas in. tumnama:- tainaan, paluin. Hit-v Hampas; palo; tamna. Hitch v-Magsing~aw; isingkaw:, talian Hitch-n-Buhol; abala. Hither-adv.-Dini. dito. Hithierto adv.-Hangang dito:- luiagang nikay'On Hive-n-Bahay Pukyntan: butlig. Hive-v-Itago ipun~in. Hives n-Butliug. Ho Hoa inter.-Abha. Hoar-a-Maputi; ninatbai.' Hoard n-Aiiomang bagay na nakatag., kayamanan. Hoard-v-Ipunidii itago Hloarfrost nHarnong na miaputi.i Hoarse-a Mapaos inaalat. H oarseness-n- PaosHoary-a Mauban; mnaputi ang buliok, Hoax-n Biro uivain. Hoax-v-Biruin; miagbiro. Hoobble-v-Humningkod. Hobble n Lakad na pilay. Hobby Hobbyliors, —n-Laroan na kalayu. [lob goblin-n IDernoniong munti. Hod-n Panghakot ng ladri lbs. Hoe n-Asarol. Hoe-v-Asarolhi; magasarol. Hog n Baboy. Hoggish a Matakaw; salahufla. Hog, pen n Kulatigan nk baboy. Hoideun-n-Babaying aniaiiaas. Hoiden a Tampalasan; bastos. Hoist-v-Itaas; buhatin- taasan. Hold n Hawak: Tagngan. Hold-v-Hawakin. -lhinawak. inaiaalagi; tangnan- manatili. Hole-n-Hukay. butas Holiday-n lKaarawan na ista; 'kapis, tahanl._p Holidav a-M~asaya maligaya. Holmnes n Kabanalan; kasantosan - Holland-n-Hollanda. Hollow-Walang lainan; kalog; kuvluipas. Hollow n Hukay. Hollow v-Ihukay. hulkain. Holster n Lalagyan ji, rebolber. Holy a Banal; lualhati; Santa. Holy day-n-Araw ng pista. Homage-n-Galang; paggalang, Home-n Bahay na tinitirahan, Home-adv.-Sa bahav- Homeless-a-Walang tiralian.

Page  245 HOR 245 HOW Homely a-Pangit: hindi niaganda. Homemade a-Yari sa baliav. Homesick a May gustong iumuwi. Honiespun a-Yari sa b)ahav. Home stead-n-Lupa ng Inagsnsaka. Homeward ada.-Sa gawi ng ballay. Homnicide n Ang natay sa kapowa, Ho milist n Pari pastor. Halmmock n (julod; putlpog. Honen Hasaan; Talaran, Hone-v lhasa falarin. Hanest a Mahihlin; marilag; tapat aiig loob; hindi magdaraya. Honesty-n-Katapatan ii loob; karangalan. Honey-n-Pulot pkyutan. Honey v Maging pulot. mapulot. Honey bee-n Pokyutan. Honey comb-n-Kalaba. Honey moon t-Panahon ng ligaya at sarap ng bagong kasal; luna de miel. Honor n Karangalan dilang galang: puri. Honor-v-Igalang. purihin; mahalin. Honorable a Marangal; bunyi, bayani: Inarilag: dakila. Hood-n- Kulambo. Hoodlum-n-Tawong hamak at bastos. Hood wink n-Dayain Hoof-n-Kubo ng kabayo. Hook-n-Taga kalawit, panungkit; sabitan. HookV, Kibitin; isabit. kalawitin knmalawit Hooked a-Baluktot. Hoop-n-Bilog; pamigkis ng bariles. HIoop v-Ilagay ang pamigkis. Hoot v-Hiyawin; hutniyaw. Hoot-n-Hiyaw; sigaw. Hop-n Kumandirit. Hop-v Kandirit. Hope n-Asa, pagasa: pananalig. Hope-v-Umasa; asahan. Hopeful na-Ma aasahan. Hopeless-a Walang asa; walang pagasa. Hopple.n Gapusin ang paa ng hayop. Hopplen-Pangapos ng paa nig hayop. Horde-n Bunton ng tawo Horizontal a-Pahiga; nakaliiga. Horn n Sungay. Horn-v-Suagin; manuag. Horned,a May sungay. ]ornet-n Putakti. orny-a-Masungay: parang sungay. Horrible a-Katakottakot; kakilakilabot; katakataka; kasindaksindak. Horrid a-Masama: pangit; masuklan. Horrific a Katakottakot; kakilakilabot kasindaksindak. Horrify v-Takutin. gulatin. Horror n Kilabot: takot. Horse-n Kabayo. Horse-v Ibigay ang kabayo sumakay sa kabavo. Horse back n-Likod ng kabayo. Horse fly-n Bangaw. Horse hair n Buhlok nig kabayo. Horse laugh-n Halak. Horseman n Ang marunong sumnakay sa kabavo. Horse play it Larong bastos. Horse shoe n Bakal ng labayo. Horsewhip n Latigo. Horticulture- aggagawa ng lhalaman. Horticulturist-n Ang n aglihai at al a n maghahalamanan. Ilosanna n.Josana. Hose-n iMedias. Hosier-n Ang nagtitilnda ng miedias. Hosiery-n Manga melias. Hospitable a Magandang ugali 6 kanralian; magalanr. Hospital-n-Ospital. Hospitality-nKainaman n1g ugtali. Host-n-Ang may bahay may visita ang bunton ng tawo. Hostess-n-Ang may bahay (babayi). Hostile-a-Galit Hostilitv-n-Galit laban. away. Hostler n-Ang nagaalaga sa kabavo. Hot a-Mainit maningas. Hot bed-n-Punlaan. Hotel n Bahay tuluyan. Hot head n-Tawong lnatigas aug ulo. Hotly adv. Mabagsik; mladali. Hotness n Kainitan: gulo. Hot spur n-Tawong mainit aig ulo. Hough-n-Bukongbukong. Hound-n-Asong mataas at manipis aug katawan. Hound v Buntotin pilitin. Hour-n-Oras. Hourly a Orasoras. Hourly-adtv.-Sa oraslras. House n Bahay; tiralian. House-v Ilagay sa bahay. House-breaker-n-Magn alnak aw.. House hold-n Mangoatawo sa isangbahay House keeper-n-Taga ingat ang bahay; taga pamahala sa balhay. -House keeping n pamamahala sa balay. House maid n-Alila sa balay.. House wife n Ina ng isang famnilia. -! Hove imp. Tinaas: binangon. Hovel-n-Kubo na walang kathululhan Hover vHuag umalis. -!' How-adv.-Paano; sa anong paraanl ltakit. How beit conj.-Datapuat. How ever How-so ever-adnl.-Sa anomanl: g paraan. However-conj.-Datapuat.;

Page  246 ICE 24(; ICII HoNwl-n Tahol an~iI h)Ihol0; sigaw. Howler-n-An' surnigraw. lHuh n ANaso. llunbub-n Gulong malaki kaguluihan. Huckster n MaglIalako. Huckster-n Maglako. ii uddle v Unuipon. Huddle n-Ipon; huniton; guilo kaguluhan HIue-n-Hukav. Huff-nt %alit. poou tawong hambog. Huff -v-Lumaki; humanmbog; mnagmayabang. H-uffy-a-Mapootin; hamnbog. Hungn Yakap liagkan. fi-lg v -Hunitgkan vumakap.; yakapin.; Huge-a Malaki; (lakila. Hnulkn Katawvan ng sasakyvan. f-iffl-n-Katawvan n& sasakyan; halat. I —hin) n-Awit. fHiiii-v-NIlag ai~it. 1-1 urn-inter. Oroy. Iuiman aNatiukol sa. tawvo; miaawirn. Hlumanec n. MVaawtain. Humnanity n Sang katawvohan. Humanize n-Maging tawo. lumnhle-a Mabaha, aug boob; tabim~ik. I-I umble-v Hiyain. I —umble been;-Kumurmno. Hlumbug n Paya: kayanbangan: kahaui buigan. tawong, hambog, 6 mnagdaraya. Humbug r-Dlaya~in; magdarava. H uimdruini-a-Ma~kvavyayamot. Humid a-Basa. Humidity n-PagkahasA. -luinnliate v Hiyain: supilin. huinifliating-a Nakalhihiva, nakaduduista. I] urn iliation )i Hiya: pag"kahiya. Humility n K ababaan ng loob.: pagvuko). Hummniling-a Humaging. Hummock n-Gulod: pugpog. H-uniorn-Kaugalian: kilos. Humor-u Palayawin suimuinod ang gusto tug kapwa Humorist a Ta-wong muapagsiste. Homnmorous-a Mlasaya; maligava; Dlakatkm ta-iw a. Hump-n- Kakubauin; kakzubutan. Huimp backan-Kubo. Hunch-n Kuko, tulak ngr siko. 'Hunch-v Isiko-: tuflakin ng& siko. Hunch b~aek n Tawong kuha. t-pro, Ak o. lee n-Hielo. lee-uv Maging hielo. Hundred-n Jsangdaan. Hundred a-Isangdaan. Hunniredth-a Ikaisaugdaan. Hun dredith-v-Ang ika, isangdaan. Hung-r i imp. & p. p.-Sinabit; sinam pay binitbit: nakaisabit. Hunger n Gutoin. Hunger-v-Magutomn; rnzarnunlui. Hun gry-a- Nagugutonit; magultoun. Hunk-n Piraso. Hiunks-n Tawon,, masakirum. Hunt v-Mangaso: hurnanap: hantapin. Hunt-n-'Paghanap; pangangaso. Hunter n Mangangaso. Huntress-n Mangangaso (balm yi). Hunts ma~n-n-Man~angaso. Hurdle r-Bakod: pangharang. HurI-v-Ihagis i pukol. Hurl n-Hagris pukol. Hurricru~ne-nUnos. Hurriedly-adv Bivia nwbig)la. Hurnry-n-Pagmamadiali; kadaslian. Hurtvr-Babagin; saktan: sugatin - hugbo~in Hurt-n Sira:, sakit; bughog.-, Hurtful a Masakit; makasisira, ma~kasasama. H usband-n-Asawa, lalaki. Husband vNYa-gsaka. Husband mnan-n-Magsasaka; an g inagpapaupa, sa araw araw. Husbandry-n-Gawa: trabajo. Hush-v-Huag kutmiho; patahimikin. Hush-n-Katahiimikan; kaw-alan ng kibo 6 guilo. Husk-n Balat. Hlusk-v-Balatin; al isin aug balat. Husky a.Malakas; paos; mapaus. H ussar n Sundalong caball eria. Hussy-n-Babaying tampalasan. Hustle.v Sutunipag. maghaplit: muagina dali. Hustle-n-Pagmamadali:, kadialian, kasisipagan Hut-n Kubo. Huzza v-Ipagdliwang. Hydrant n Grifo, Hymn-n-Dalit na, pagpupuri. Hymnal a Nanukol sa dalit. Hyphen n Gion giyon. H ypothecate-v' Isangla; magsangla. Hypothecation us-Pagsangla. Hypothesis-n-Sapantaha; palagay. Hysteria-i-Hipan nk hang~in. Iee berg-n Bundok ng hielo. Icy-a Malamig; mnahielo. Ichorous-a Malabnaw.

Page  247 'ILL 247 IMM I'd con Ako'y nagkaroon. Idean Wari; ang inisip; akala; banta; haka; pakana. Ideal a Sa isip alang. Ideal-n Halimbawa. Idelll-a-Yaonl dill. ldentical-a-Yaon din Identification n Pagkikilaia. Ilentify-v-Kilalaiin kumiilala. Identity-n-Pagkakilala. Idiocy n Kalagayany ulol; kaululan. Idiomn Wika salita. Idioiiatic a-Naulikol sa wika. Idiot n Tawotg 'manliol ulol. Idiotic aMaulol; tulingad tulig. tIle ltala Tl alang trabajo batugan: pagayon gayon pabaya hlle-v-Humayon gayon pabayaan. Id leness-n-Katamaran; kapabayaan. Idol-n Anito; larawan. I(lolater n-Ang sunlasamba sa anito. Idolatress -Babaying Eumnasarnba sa anito. I(dolatrous a Nauukol sa anito. Idolatry n-Pagsasamba sa anito Idolize-v Ibigin ng malabis 6 lubba. I:conj.-Kung kailan. Igneous-a Nauukol sa apoy; nangaling sa apoy, tgnite-v Sindihin; maglingas, Ignition-n-Pagsindi; paglingas. Ignoble-a Kadusta dlsta nanlak:; asallla Ignomliniious-a-Halmak: kaadsta dusta. Ignomiiny-n Kadustaan; kahamnaka. Ignoramus n lol tawoing hindi maru nong. Ignorant-a-Hindi mnarunonlg; ulol ma. purol ang isip: tulig tulalat tulingad. ungas walang tulto. Ignore.v H'uag kilalanin. Ill-( Masakit. 111 a-Masama. Illapse v Huag ituro Ill-bred a-Hanak walang pinagaralan; bastos; magaspang. Illegal a-Laban sa utos; lindi ayon sa katowiran. Illegality-n Pagkalaban sa utos. Illegiilea Di tiabasai Illegibility n-Kalabuan. Ill'fa vored-a-Pangit. Illiberal a Maramot; masakim. Illicit a Laban sa utos; lihis sa ima towid. Illimitable a Walang hanga walang ubos. Illiterate a Walang tuto; walang pinayaralan. Iil natured v Masamang kaugalian. Illness-n Sakit kasakitan. Illogical a Walang tuto. Ill starred a-Walang palad; sainjg kapalaran. Illude-v Iulyok. Illume-v Liwanagin magilaw. Illuminate v Liwanagin; magrilaw, 1 lluminatiton-n-Pagpaliwaafag ilaw. Illusion nAkalang mali hirava. llusive a Makadadaya; konowari. Illustrate 7v-Ipakita; liwaniagil; ipakita. Illustration i Kalinawan; kaliwailagant: pintura. Illustrative a Nauukol sa pag,pali^a nag. Illustrious a Bantog; bun.yi; ialita; Ima rangal; -dakila; marilag. Image n- arawan. Inageryiz-Pag gagawa ng lara-ani. Imaginable a Magniguni:l hinmli tttoo: sa isip lanmag. Imaginarya Hindi totoo; sa isip lanmang. I magination-w-Guniguni: kuro; dilidli. Imaginative a Naitgaiing sa guniguni. nmagine-v Gunigunihin; isipin; akalain: maghakia. Imbank v Magpilapil. Imbanknient-n-Pilapil. Iml)ecilea Malhina; tulala mahina ang isip. Imbecile-n-Tawong inahina at tulala. Imbecility-n Kalagtyang tulala at iahina. Imbed vrtlubog; ilagay sa. ]mbitne 7/-Uninom. Imbitter-v Pagalitin Imbosom v Yakapin hagkan. Imbricate-a Hubog; baluktot. Imbrication-n-Pag ahubog; kabalukt-w tan. Imbrown r-Tinain. Tmbrue-v-Ibadbad 6) tigniakin naing dugo. Imbrute-v Humayop; hutnamak. Imbue v-ludyok udyokan: ipabuya. Imitable a Dapat tutaran. Imitate v Tularan; huwarin; humuad; gagarin; gumnaga(. Imitation n-Hagad howad; pagtutulad: paghowad parisan salin. Imitative a-Hindi dati. Immaculate a Malinis. mapuri. lllasela ng. Immaterial a Walang kabuluhan. wa lang katowiran. Immature-n Di pa tapes 6 magulang; di pa panahon. Immeasurable a )i mlasukatinll malakiti, malaki. Immediate a-tarakaraka tainbing.

Page  248 IMP? 248 IMP rnuinediately-adv. Pagdaka; karakaraka; tambing; ugayon dini agad agad; sanip0. pagkaraka. Immemorial a Maluat na maluat. 1immense-a MNalaki.- walang hanga. Iminensiv y n-Kalakibazi. lmnmrerse-v Ilubog. 1mmitnersion-n-Paglubog. In-miethodical-a Walang nyos. Iiurigraint nwAng tawong Imimipat sa ibang lupa at doon tiliitira. Iinin igrate-~- Pumasok sa ibang Jima. himmigraition-n Pagpasok sa ibang hipa. liniininent-a Malapit, mapan-&anib. Imminence n Lapit panganib. Inmnmiscible a Di imakakah-alo 1hniniobility n-libiay: pagkapirme. Imnitoderate a-Basios lhind(i mabait tampailasan mapag lasing. Jmimodlest aBlistos; tsahlula; nialibog; wahang hiya. I yin mo destv-n-Ka lsalanilaani kawalan ng hiya: kalibuggan. Immolate ii Patayin at ialav sa Dios. Immolation n Pag alay sa Dios. fimmortal a Walang hangan- walang katapusan- di mamamatav. Imm-otal-a-Masama; mahalay- malibog. Immortality-n.-Kawalhn n~r Ianga; kawalan n,& tapos. fimmovable-a-Di maigalaw. Imimovability n Katibavan; kaluatan. Iinmuntitv-nTawad; patawad. fim mure-v- Kul un~i n. lmnmutable-a-Di mabab.ago. Imp n Demoniong muntiImpact v-Ilapat. Impact n-Umnpogr. Impair-ty-Stnmira: hmia Tmnpale-v-ItulaLg ituhog sa, sibat. TImpalpable a Di rmahipo nianipis na muanipis- walang katawan. Tinipanel-v Ilista. Inparity a? Kaibahan. Imipart-v Sabihin: ningsabi;, magbalita; inaglbigav alani- ipihaivag. Im1partial-a-Walang interes: wafang kiuikilin~ranr walana tinitingnan. om patrtiality u Nawalan nang interes kabavanamran: kaba-itan sa pagtupad. TImpas-sibility n Kawalan nk daan. Timpassihle-a'-Di rnakaraan. TImpassible a Wal ang (lamdam. lmpassmionate-a Malakin2 damdam. Tipmlassioned1 a, Manin~gas- gulo ang isip. lniipassive (a \alarmg daiildanL I1 inpatient w-Balisa: mainip; mubiin. Iniiiatienee it Balisa;, amnhi;- kainipan. I imp~each v'-Bliitanuingiimi1agIintang; inagbigamv s;l a: mnagrparatanv_ Impbeacanent n-Pagbibigay sala, bintanmz; paratang. lnipede-v-Abalahin; umabala; pigilinl: Purnigil. Imipeditment-n Abala- kasiraan. Impel-v-Pilitin; tulakin. itulak. Imnpendl-v-Maabala. Inmpenetrable a Di matagos: 6' matarok; di makapasok. Impenitence n Katigaisan ng ulo. Impenitent aMatigas ang ulo. Imperative a Kailankan; mapilitin; i-mat~aas Imperceptible a-Di malirip.- di maraimdam in Imperfect a-Di yari; kulang may sala. Imperfection n Kakulangan: kalagavan na di pa yari- pintas. Imperial-a-Nauukol sa hari. bImperialism-n- Kapangyarihain ng hari. limiperil vIlagay sa panganib. Imiperious aNauukol sa utos: kailangan. Imperishable-a Hindi nabubulok; mainluatan. Impersonal a Hinidi naunkol sa sarili. Impersonate-v-Gagarin ang kapwa, gumagad sa ibang, tawo. Impersonation )t Howad. I mpertinence w -Tam pal asan. kawalan n g galang. TImpertinent-a-Walang galang: tampalasan. Imperturbability-n- Katahimikan. Imperturbable a Di magagalit Impetuous-a Maningas: malakas aug, loob; mabigla; dalosdalos..Impetuo~it-y-n- Kalakasan nang loob; kabiglaan. Impetus-n Lakas. TInpiety-n-Kasamaan: kakulang-an mig galang sa, P. Dios. Imnpinge-v-Mahulog- umumpog; uinuntoog; lumaban. Impious a-Masama;ayawsumam palatayN,-i sa P. Dios. Immiplacable a Di matatahimik.; walang awa. Implant-v-Magtanirn; ibaon. Implement n Kasangkapan. Implicate-v-Idamayv: isama. Implication-n Pagdamay Implicit-a-Maniwalang lubos. Implore-v-Dumnaing; manalangin; hn. mingi: ipakiusap. linploration n Daing; panalangin, bingi:, pagdaing. Imply-v-Sabihin- niagbigay kahuluigan. Impolicy-n Masamang halimbawa. lImipolite-a Waking galang tamnpalasain

Page  249 lxI P 2 4 ~) INC Impolitic a Walang galang tampalasati. Itiporous-a Walang butas. Iiiport-v Ipasok. Import-n Kalakal na nangaling sa ibang lupa. Importanle enTindi; kabigatan:- kabu lulhan. nimportant a-To~too; mnabigat; pormial; ailai:an an. Importation-n Pagpasok sa ating lupa. Importunate a Kailaiigan. Imnportune-v-M~Vanalatigin; huminini nk pilit. Importunity n-IDaing. hillki; paiialaIm~pos.e v Dayain:- ilagay; ilugar. Im1pos ng-a Magdaraya. Imposition-n Daya kasinun~alin,&an. Imtpossibility n Kalagayan na hind~i maari. Imopossible-a Di magagawa: di maari; Itindi rnaingyayari. limpost-n Buis. lInposter it Tawong inagdara. titposture-n- Kasinungafingan: dava. Impoteimce-Ilmpotency-n Kawalaii nA Ia-, kas; kahinaan. Impotent-a-Mahina; walang lakas. Impotent nt-Tawong mahina. itipoverish v- Maghirap. lmpracticable-a-1)i maari; hindi dapat gawin; mahirap gawin. I iprecate v Manungayaw: maniumpa. Imprecation n Tungayaw: sumpa. Inmpregnable-a-Di makaraan, di mananalo. Impregnate-v Matignmak tigm akin. I i npregn ati on-n- Pagti tigm ak. Impress v Itatak taktakin. lminpr ss n Tatak; taktak. Impressible a Maramdamin. inpressive aMabigat formal. Jmprint-v Kinitalin- ikintal. Imrprint a- ' intal; limbag. I mprison-v-lbilango. Imprisonment a Pagbibilango. Improbability-n IKalabuan. Improbable a Marahil hindi. Inmpromtu-adv. Bigla pagkaraka. Improper-a-Di bagay: tarnpalasan. Impropriety n-Tampalasan. Im prove v Ihrnuti; umigi: gurnaling. Intprovement-n-Dagdag.- pagigi; paglago: pagbubuti. Improvidence-n-Kapabayaan. I mprovident a-Pabaya. Imprudeiice-a-Gawang hunghang; kaku'langan ng bait. Im pru'dent-a~-Walang bait; walang ga. lang; walang hiya. Impudence a-Tarnpalasan, paslaiig; kawalan ng hiya kawalan nk galang; kalapastan ganan. Inipudent aWalan~g hiya, tampalasan. Impugn v-Magsalangsang; luniaban. I I )UImpuSce -h1Iuy a pag udurali. Impulsion n Buya; pabuya tulak Impulsive a Maning-as; buhay ang loob. lImpun ity-n-Pag ligtas: pag adya. lImpure a-Mahalay, marumi; walang pur. Impurity n Kabalayan; kawalan nk puri; kalibugan; karumihan. Imnputation-n-Paratang' bintang. Impute v-Magbintang; paratankin: mag. paratang; bintangin. In prep Sa Ioob;- nang sa. Ini-adti.-Sa loob. Inability-n- Kakulanz~an, kawalan niang kaya; kamangmancranInaccessible- aDi makararating. Inaccurate-a Mali; may mali; hindi tamna. Inaccuracyn-Kamalian. Inaction-n Kawalail ng kilos. Inactive a Walang kilos: tahimik. Iniactivity-n- Kawalani ng kilos. Iniadequacy-n. Kakulang-an. Inadequate a Kulang; kapos; (Ii sapat. 1 nadmissible-a- Hind i matatangap; (lapat urungan. Inadlvertence-Inadt~vertencV-,n Kapabayaan - inadvertent a-Pabaya. Inamoratana Babayi; kalunya; bato. Inaniorato-n-Lalaking lumiligaw- maniinitnta. Inane-a Walaijg laman; tuyo Inanimate-n-Walang buhay; walang ka 1luluw a. I naniitioni-Iiianity-n-Kawalan nk laman. inapplicable a-Hindi magagamit. Inapplication-n Katamaran. Inappreciable a Di dapat galangin. Inapt-a-Di bagay; di akma. Iniappropriate a Di bagay. Inaptitude-n. Kalagayan mia hindi bag(-ay 6 akma. Inarticulate a-Hlindi maliwanag; di masabi. utal. Inas much adv.-Dahil dito. I nattenition-n-Kapabayaan; katamaran. Inattentive a Pabaya; tamad. lnaudible a Di makarinig. lnauigurate-v-1,lagay sa katungkulan. Iman guration-n-PaglIagay sa katUngkulan. Inauspicious a Di bagay; masama at hilig; mahalay. I nbreathe-v-'Huminga. Incage-v-Kulungin sa haula. In'calculable a Di makabibilang. Incandescence-n-Kaliwaniagan; liwanag. 32

Page  250 INC 250 INC Incandescent a Maputi dahil sa init; maliwanag; rnalinaw. Iucapability n Kakapusan. kakulangai; kawalan ng kaya. Incapable-a-Kulang walang kaya. wa lang kabuluhan Incapacitate-v Alisin ang kaya. Incapacity-n-Kakulangan. Incarcerate v Ibilango; kulungin. Incarceration-n-Pagkulon g; pa gi b i i - lango. Incarnate-a May Jaman. Incase v Ibalot balutin. Incautious a Walang ingat; pabaya. incendiary n-Taga snnog n n an m unog Incendiary a Nauukol sa llnog. Incense v Pasubuin ng incenso. Incense n Incenso. Iicentive n Dahilan; uilyok. Inception n-Pinagbuliatan; pi nag nlan1an. Inceptive aNauukol sa pinagbuhlatan. Incertitude n-Agalnagamn ng loob. Incessant a Walaing lubay 6 tigil walang himpil. Inch-n-Pulgada; dalawang dali. Inchoate a Bago. Inchoation n-Pinagbuhatan; p i n a g m n - laan. Incidence n Pagkahalatong. Incident-n Mabalatong. Incidental-a-Kakaunti ang ialaga. Incipient a-Bago: una Incise v-Hiwain; inaghiwa hiwasin. Incised-a-Nakahiwa. Incision-v Hiwa. Incisive-a-Makahihiwa; matuli.s; masaklap. Incisor-n-Pangil ng aso. Incite v Sulsulan udyokan; ipabuya. Incitement n Jldyok pabuya Incivility n Katarnpalasanan; k a walan ng galang. Inclemency n-Kabagsikan; kwNalan ng awa kasungitan. Inclement a Walang awa; n mabagsik; walang habag. Incline v-Humilig: humiling; ihapay; ihingil: itungo. Incline-n Dahilig na lupa dalisdis. Inclined-a Dahilig: nakahilig. Inclination-n-Hilig hiling; ugali; yuko; pagkahilig. Inclose-iv-Magbakod; bakuran isama. Inclosure-r —Bakuran. Include-v-Isama. Inclusion-n-Pagsama, paglahok. Inclusive a-Kasama. Incog-lncognito a Dinakikilala: nakaba. latkayo. Incoherent ci-Hindi Illalintindiian nma labo, Incombustibility n Kalag-ayan na blilldi masusunog. lncombustible-a Hindi masnsunog. Incomne-n Ang kinita: upa; bayag; salmotl Incomlin a Dumarating. Incomensurable a-Walang katulad 6 ka pantay. Incolmnll ode v Magmolestia alba lahin. Incommodious-a Kulang. nmasikip. Incoimmunicable a-Hindi inakksasabi. Incolnmunicative a Avaw- magsabi;;a lang kib6. Incompar-alle a Walang kaparis 6 kint lad; walang kalllilip. Incompatible a Sowail. Incompetency-n Kakulangan ng kaya, ncompetent a TWalang kaya: liindi 1)a gay. Incomplete a Kiulang; kapos; }Iindi l)avari. Incomnprelensible a Hindi imakaintindi - an; hitnldi; matan to. Inconceivable a Hindi matanto. Inconclusive a Hindi pa tapo's; kn lang. Incongruous a Hindi bagay; kulang Inconsequence n Kawalan ng lIalaga. Inconsequent a Walang kabuln-aln. Inconsequential a Walang lhalaga 6 ka bu1lubna 11. Inconsiderable a Kakaunti; walang m1a ralni. Inconsiderate a Bigla, nali pabaya. Inconlsistenc -n-Gulo. Inconsistent a SoN ail magulo. Inconsolable a Hindi humnimpil. Inconstancy-n Kasaliwahan ng lool; kaalisagaan kataksilan kasuitikan. Inconstant a Saliwahan; alisaga: taksil. Incontestable a Di magkakaila. TIcontinency n-Kalibugan; kabiglaan. Incontinent a Bigla malibog. m-abab, ang isip. Incontinently adu. Pabigla: ngay ondin. Incontrovertible a Di magkakaila, totoo; walang kapintasan. Inconveniencen Molestia; alba)na. Inconvenient a Di karampatan; h i ndi mabagay di bagay. Incorporate a Guniguni. Incorporate v Pumisan magtipon. Incorporation-n-Pagpipisan n1g maniga niangangalakal Incorporeal a-Walang katawan; guni guni. Incorrect a Hindi tama. mali; hiwas falso.

Page  251 ME F 251) IND) Incorrigibility it Kasarnaan na h indi ma babago. Incorrigible a Ayaw magbait mnasarna; d1i niabait. I ncorrigible-n Tawong totoong imasamna. Incorrupt allindi nabulok manabsay; inalinis. Inc(.orruiptibility,-n-" al~agayaui na, hindi mnasisira. Incorruptible a Hindi inasisira. Increase-v Lurnaki tumnubo mnagdlag(ag, idlagdag dnniamii; k urnapal; huInc rease n-Dagdag, tubo; paglaki; pagdadamin. Incredible a Di dapat inaniiwala. Incredulous-a Hindi naniwala; Nvalang pananamnpalatava. Increment n lDagdfag; tubo. paglaki. liiculcate-v-Magturo Inculcation-n- Pagtuturo. iclwiipate-v Idamay; magparatan g, mnagbintamng bintani-in. I nce-tlp~atioi-n-nBi ritan c,; paratang IIncuinbeticy n- Paghiga tirrnbang-katurig. kulan. I ncumnbent a Nakahiga kailangan. Incumxbent n Aug nakahiga. aug may katungkulan. hIncumber-v Abalahin; pigilin. hincumbrance-n-Abala; pagpigil. Inucur v Marapatan; inagkaroon; kaintan; magkamit. incurable a-Hindi magagaling. Incursioin-nUmnpog; untog. Incurvate a H ubog; baluktot. incurvation n-Pagbabaluktot; kabaluktot-an. lndebt v Pautangin.:. lI1(ebted a May utang. hnidecency n-Kabastosan. kahalayan. kalibugan; kasarnaan. Indecent-a Malibog; bastos; mahalay; masarna; magaspang. lnd~acision nAgamagam no lob. midecisive aHindi buo aug loob). Indecorous a-Bastog; tampalasan hindecoru rn-n- Kakulangan ng bait; kabastosan, katamnpalasanan. lndleedlapv. Totoo baga: totoo nga. hI defam igable-a-Walang pagod 6' pagal; hinldi uharunong niapagodl. Indefensible-a-Hindli mnakupkopin. Indefinable-a-Hindi rnagsaysay; hindi niasaysayV. hi definuite-a M1albo walang hanga. Indelible a Ifindi mnabubura. Indelicacy it Kabaiotosan: kasamanan ii~( IH-a1i. I u d ct ea Msamn gugal i;bastos. Idemunification-n Pagsasauli; pagganti; kabaynran. Ildenmnfy v Isauli. 1(1emnify-v- isa~uli. bavaran. gantihin. Idemnnity ni.anti, Katibayan. tawad. Indent-v Bhin S-awin; lUkitin. Indent-n-Bingaw,- ukit. Indentation-n Pagbiingaw; pagukit. Ind(ependlence-n Kalayaan., laya. Independlent-a Malaya. Indescribable a Hindi masaysay. [(idestructible-a Hindi masisira. Ind1(etermninable a Hindi masaysay,bhindi ninasabi. Indlex-n-Anoman ba-.ayv na tumnuturo; h intuturo. index v Ilista. Indian n Indio. Indian-a.Nauukol sa indio. Itndian corn-n-Mais. Indlia, rubber-n-Gorna. Indlieate-v Ituro; ibig sabihin; ipakita. INdication-n-Pagpakita; surot; hula; tandla Jn(licative a-Tinuturo. TIndices-n Lista. Indict v Bintangin.- magparatang. lndictment-n-Bintang paratang. Indifference-n-Kawalan, nj interes; kapabayaan. In(Iitferent-a-Walang, hiteres; pabaya; walang pakirarndam; batugan. Indligent a-Wualang hanapbubay. Indigestible a-Di matutunaw sasikrnura. Indigestion-n-Emnpatso.- -sakit na kinakabagan. Indignant-a-Galit: nagagalit. Indignation-n-Galit poot. Indignity n Kahainakan kabastosan~katamipalasanan. Indigo n-Tayomn tina. Indigo plant-n Tayorn. I n(irect-a Hindi mnatowil.- hindi talpat; malabo. bidi rection-n-Pagdaraya. lndliscreet a-'Pabaya; bigla walang bait. Inuliscrete-a Masinsin; nakapisan. hindiscre ion n Kakulangan no bait. In(liscriminmate a Walang avos magulo. indiscriminationitn-Kawalan nA interes; katapatan. Lunlespensible a Kailangan ng totoo 6 DA mnahigpit. Indispos.e v- Suniira; Inagdlaranidain. Indisposed a May sakii. TIndlisp~osition-n-IDann)latm: taummy. ln~lisputabhi a Himdi 1mnagkakaila. Indissoluible a Di inatutunaw. Indisftinct a MNambo muahina- utal. Indite r-Sumulat, dliktahin.

Page  252 INE 252 IN F Individual a Nagiisa; nakabukod; tbugtong; tanli. Individual n Tawo. Individuality-n Pagkakaisa: pangkakastma. Indivisible a Hindi makababahnlai. Indocile a Mapurol ang isip. Indoctrinate-v-Magtulro Indolence n Kapabayaan; katamaran' kakuparan. Indolent-a-Tamad pa)aya. Indomitable-a Di susuko: matapang. Indoor vdv.-Sa loob ng bnliay. Indoor-n-Loob. Indorse-v- Pi rnma in. Indorsemlent n Pagpirnla; sulat sa likod n1 isang kasulatan. Induce 7/-Ipalbuya; pilitin. udyukan. Inducement-n Pabuva iudyok. Inductv Ipasok dalhin;'sa loob: ilagny sa katungkulan. Inductile-a-Maganit liilui inalainlot: matinas at lnarupok. Indluction n-Pagpasokl pinagniulaan. Indulge 'v Magbigay loob; 'pumayagl. I ndul(gence-n-Pagbigay loob. I nltulgent-a-Mapagnbigay loot). Indlulgent-a -Matigas; mabagsik; walang awa. Indurate v-T lnigas: maging niabagsi-kInduration n Katigasan; kabagsikan. lIndustrial a Nauukol sit indsitria, iau ukol sa nagtatrabajo. Industrious a Masipag masikap. Industry n-Trabajo; gawa. kasipagan; kasikapan lalang. Inebriate v Maglasing; maglann o Inebriate-n Tawong lasing 6 lango. Inebriation ni Kalasingan. Inebriety-n Kalasingan. Ineffective a-Walang kabuluhan. Ineffectual a-Valang kabuluhan. Inefficacious a-Walang kabuluhan. Inefficient a Kulang; pabaya. Inelegance n- apangitan. Inelegant n-Pangit bastos: mlagaspang. Ineiligibility-n Kalagavang di maihahalal. Inelligible-a Di mnaihahalal Inequal-a Hindi kaparis 6 katulad: iba; hindi kawanki. Inequality n Kakaibalan. Inert-a-Pabava: tamad; maplrol ang isip. Inertness-n-Katatuaranl kapabayaan, kapurulan ng isip. Inestimable-a-Lubhang mahalaga. Inevitable a Di maiilagan, mangyayari na walang sala. Inexcusable a Di dapat patawarin. Inexhaust;ible-a-th llmi lman bos. Inexorable a Matigas Inng ulo 1bio nng loob walang awa. Inexpedience n-Kasamnan. Inlexpedient alHindi bngany wala sal panaholn. Inex)perience-n-Kakulan gan sa,ags:. nay: kawalan ng sanay. Inexpressible a l)i nakasasabi. Inextricable-a-Hindi makahabanigo; gt long gulo. Infallible-a-Taina; totoo; liindi malmat mali. Infalmous-a-Walang dangal; hamnak; 1a. salma walang puri; katakot takot Infamy-n Kapalibham aan kasanllnnn: ka siraan ng puri kalhamakan. Infantile a-Nauukol sa pagkabata. Infant-n-Sangol: batang munti. Infant-a Nauukol sa bata. Infantry-n-Sundalong lakad. Infatuate v-Hangalin; masira ang isip sa pagibig. Infatuation-n-Kaululan; kahangalan. Infect v Sumira; makahawa. Infection n Hawa: pagkahawa. ilfectious a Naakkahawa. Infelicitous a Hindi nasaya; malunlkot., mahapis!nfelicity-n-K alun gkutan' kahapisa Infer v Awasan; magiigay kalluluani. Inference n Kabullugan. Inferior a-Mababa may pistas: kulnllg, Inferior n Ang nmababa sa iba. Inferiority-n Kababaan sa iba. Infernal a-Nauukol sa infierno. Infertile.a Karat; di mamunga. Infertility.n Kakaratan ng llpa. Infest-zv-Yamutin pagalitin. Infidel-a-Ayaw surnampalataya sa Dios. Infidel a Ang ayaw sunmamlpalataya sa Dios. Infidelity a Kasukaban; kataksilal; kalsui tikan. Infinite a Walang hanga. Infiniteness n-Kawalan ng hanga. Infinitesimal a Lubhang mnunti. Infinitive-a Walang hanga. Infinitude n-Kawalan ng haiiga. Infirm a-Hindi matibay; maliina. Infirmary n-Ospital. Infirmity-w Kahinaan; kapayatan. Intlame-u Mag linga:i mag liab, unii nit. Inflammable-a-Madaling maglingas mai nit ang ulo. Inflammation-n-Pag lingas: pamumiula na balat; galit; kainitan ng ulo. Inflammatory a Madaling masunog tak sil; mainit ang ulo,

Page  253 IN11 _)00 1N() llfiate-V-Punuin nang hangini; lmaiiatog. Intlation-n-Panmamiantog; pag lalag-ay nu hangin. 1Inflect 'u ballin ang kahulugani. baguilin ang kahululgan. Inflection-n-Pagbago nr kalulugan. Iftexibility n-Katigasan, katibayan ng loob. Inflexible a-Malakas: batibot; inatigas ang loob. litlexion n Pagkabagt ng kailuiilan Iltlict-v-Gamitin na pilit nimltal il. Infliction-n-Mnlta; parlusa. Influence n-K apangyarilan. Influence v lhililn itungo, ihlilig. Influential a7 May kapangyvirillan. Influenza-n Hika. influx n Pagpasok. Infold-v-Baluitn. Inform-v Sabihin; ipagbalita; Illagllita; magbigay alani isunlbong. Informatiol-n alita alam: bala. Informer Informant it Ang nagsabi; an;g sumumbong; manunubok manuiimunibong. Infraction n-Sala; kasalanan. Infrequency n IOalang kadalangan. Infrequent - Madalang; llindi nadlalas: bihira lnfringe-v-Magkasala Infringement it Kasalnan sala. Infuriate v-Pagalitin. Infuriate-a-Mgaagalit: galit. Infuse v Isalin ibulios ipabuya. Infusion n Pagsalin,paLbya Ingenious a Matalas ang isig; matalino; marun ong. Ingenuity-n-Katalasan ng isip. Ingenuous-a-Malaya. dakila; inarangal. Inglorious-a-Kahiyaiyai: haamak mnasa ma; mahalay. Ingot-n Bara ng metal. Ingrate-n-'lawong palamara.6 hindi mlarunong ng utang na loob. Ingratiate v-M.agustulian. Ingratitude-n-K atanmpalasa naln: kabastosan; kasuitikan; pag kapalamlara. Ingredient-n-Kalahok; kahalo Ingress-n-Pagpasok. Ingressio-i-n- Pagpasok Ingulf-v-Lamunin. inhabit-v Tumira; manahan. Inhabitable-a Matatahanan. Inhabitant-n-Ang tumitira sa isang \lgar. Inhale-v Huminga. Inhalation-n- Paghinga, Inharmonic a-Masama ang tmnnm. Inhere-v Dumikit: maukol sa. Inherent-a Nangaling sa piniagiIulaan. Inherit-a Magrlanaa Inheritance-n Manaii; ari. Inlieritor-n-Ang narllmaa. Inhospitable-.a Hillni amarunon.g lmalki pagkapwa tawo. Inlhumaan-a Walang awa- wa wag haba; mabagsik masungit; hindi tawio. Inlhumanity n- abagsikan kawalan iig awa 6 habag; kalupitan kasmimiitilan. Inimi(cal-a-<;alit malaban Inimitable-a, Hindli lmagagagai. I iquito us a Masama makasalana. Iniquity n Kasamaan: gawang,lasanrn: kasalanan. Initial a lnang primerom: walang lima)mgalingaTi. Initial n-Manga leta letra ni alan. Initiate r Magmulla magsimnla: imulaii.i In ittioati-n-Panul ulla; panmuia. Initiative a-Nanklol sa primero. Initiative n Pamulaan pinagbublatan. Inject-v- hagis sa loob ipasok. Injection n Pagpasok. Injudiciou0s a Paantya: higla; li indi ma bait!Injunlct i(on-n-Ut tus Injure- Bguimbgin. paliamakin; saktan: sirain: harmakin. Injurious a Makasisira n.asamna. lnjury-n-Kasamaan kasiraan sakit. Injustice n Kalapastanganan kasiraa:l kam-lian kawalan nl justicia. Ink nI-Tinta. Ink v-Pahiran n-g tinta; lalagyian ang tinta. Ink stand nlalagyan ng i tinta. Inky-a-May tinta. Inlan(d a-MaIlayo{ sa i.agat. Inland-n-Lupang nmalayo sa lagat. Inlay-v Magiing bote. Inlet n I)aan sa pagpasok. Inly a Ioob InlV-rad.S1a loob. Inmate n Ang tumitira sat isang ballay. Inmost — Kaloob looban; kaibuturan. Inn n. Ballay na tinutulIlan; tulllvai. Innate a-Natural dati talaga. Inner-a Sa loob: loob. Inner most a-Kaloob looban kai l)uturan. Innocence n Lava kawalan ng sala. Innocent-a-Walang kasalanan; \wagas; may puri. Innocent-n-Ang tawong walang kasala nan; ang tawong may pnri. Innovate-v-Bagulhin ang kaugalian. Innoxious a May puri: malinis. Innumlerable-a Di mabibilang. Inoderous a Walang amoy. Inoffensive a Tahinmik; mabait; m1aamSan,.

Page  254 INS 254 INS lItofficial a Hindi oticial. Inoperative a -abagal. lnopportune-a VWal a s sa panahonl di bagay Inlorditlate-a- Lubha lainpas; ilaluabha. Ino(rganic-a-Walali, buhay. Inlquest-n Pagunsisa Illquietulle n Kagul lllaln Inquire v Umnusig rliagtano(ng tanungin: usisain sivasatin. Inquity-t- ranonl pamgulsisa: sivasat. Inqulisition n Sivasat kadiiwaraan sinop Inquisitive a Maiiwara inasinop. inquisitor-n-Ang nagtataiiolng. Inquisitorial-a Madi\waranll toto(. Inroad n-Pagpasok nr sunllalo. Insane a Ulol sira ang ul>. lnsanitv-n-Kasiraan 1ni isip. Insatiable-a- Di mabulbsog. Insatiety-n Kalagayan na hintli inab busog. Inscribe v-Isulat. Ilnscription -n-Snlat. Inscrutable a-Di inalirap, bindi miahalata: di wnatanto. Insect n-Hanip. Insecure-a Matlina; hinli rnatilbay. Insecurity n-Kahinaan; kakulanran ng ti,ay. Tnsensate a Walang daindanm: tunnak; imapurol ang isip; walaing diwa. insensible ( Walang damNdam walang pakiraindanM walang diwa. Inseparable a Di nmakal}iliwalay. Insert,r-Ipasok. Insertion-n Pagpasok. Inside-adv. Sa loob. Inside n-Loob. Insiduous a Matalas; tuso. Insiglt n-Tingin sa loob tarok ng isip. Insignia n Tanda. Insignificant a Walang halaga. Insincere a Lilo taksil; suitik h}indi tapat ang loob. Insincerity-n-Kaliluhlan; kataksilan; kasuitikan. Tnsinuate v Mazlbintang miagparatang. sinuatiatonl- Iintang; paratang. Insipid a Walang lasa rnatabang. Insipidity n Kakulanglan nrg lasa. Insist-1-Pilitin p11nnnilit Intsnarev 1 Hibuin davain. Insobriety-n Kalasingan. lnqsulate-v-Ibilad bilarin. Insolence n Kalapastanglanan tanpalasan pantgahas; kapan;galasan; pasiang; kawalan n g(alang. nsoleint a tWalang }iva: tainpalasan; walang galang; tali pandas. buthong. Insoluble a Hindi matutunaw; di masta vsav. Insolvency-n Kalagayan na hindi ma kakaba!ya ang ntang. Insolvent a Walang ikababayad. Iii so mutich-(Il v.- Dahilan dito. lnspect-vc Siyasatin; usisain, magmasid; raginasdan lumikalin. Inspection n Pagsisiyasat pagmasid;pag ulusisa. Tnspire-v Uniudvok uralian damahin. Inspiration n UTfyok: siunpong; ilip. Inspirit v Bulav in. Instable a Hindti matibay: mahina. Install v-Paupuan: ilagay sa katung. kulan. Instance n Halinibawa; hiraraan n11tance v Maogalhinbawa. Instant-n-Dali; kisap mata. Instant a Tanlbing. Instantaneous a Agad; madali; tambing; Instantvl adv.-Pagkuraka pagdaka; tambin.g: ngayon din. Instate v Ilagay sa katungkulan. Instead adv. Sa Ingar ng. Instep n Bubong ng paa. Instigate v-Sulsulai. ud ykan; isulong; iudvok. Instigation-n Sulsol; udy(ok. Instill-v Tsalin. ]nstinct nt-ilos na bigla. Institute-v Magtayo; itatag; lumalang. fInsltitu te-n Instituto. IIstitution-n-Pag tatatag; pag tatayo. Instruct-v Magturo: turuan; akayin. Instructor n Ang nagtuturo: maestro. Instructress n-Ang nag tuturo; maestra. Instruction n Pagtuturo. Instrument t Kasangkapan; instrumento Insubordinate v-Lu naban; sumuay. Insuburdination-n Pagsuay; pag laban. Insufferable-a Hindi nmatitiis Insufficiency-n- Kakapusan kakulangan. Insnfficient a Kapos, kulang; di husto; dli sapat. Insular a Insular. Insult v Lampastanganin: murahin; laitin hiyain lunapit: alimurahin; paslangin; inagmlura. lnsult-n-Paslang lait; kalaitan; alimura; siphayo: kaalinmurahan. Insuperable-a Di madaig. Insupportable-a Di makatitiis. Insurance n Katibayan; siguro. Insure-c-Tibayin: gawin ang katibayan. Insurgent a Nauukol sa insurecto 6 sa taga labas. Insurgent-n-Ang lunmalaban sa gobierno.

Page  255 INT 255 INrT Insurmountable a Di matatalonin. I1surrection-n-Pal aalsa laban sa Go bierno. Intact a-Buo; lubos. Intangible-a-Di mraarnmdamin. Integer-n- N l mero. Integral-a- Walang kulang buo; lubos. lntegral-n-Bilang; numnero. Integrate-v-Buoin, bilugin. Integrity n-Kabuoan, katibayan; kata patan ng loob. Intellect-n- Karunungan; bait dunong. Intellectual a-Marunong; mabait mnatalino matalas. Intelligence t-Karunungan ba it; d( nong. kabaitan pangintindi. Intellingent a Marunong; mabait; matalas; matalino; may dunong. Intelligible a Madaling matalastas. Intemperance-n Kalasingan. Intemperate-a-Mapag las ing; hilon go. Intend-v-Bantain: akalain isipin. Intendant n Superintendente pitnO. Intense a-Masinsin; mabagsik: pormal; labis; lubla matalas. Intent-n-Banta; ang inisip: 6 inakala. Intention-I-lsip: akala; banta. Intentional a-Sinadya: tinalaga. Inter-v-Ilibing. Intercalation n-Pakli; sabat Intercede-v-Mamagitan, ipakiusap; imamanhik. Intercept v-Harangin; abalalin. Interception-n-Pagharang abala. Intercession-n Pamamagitan. Intercessor n Taga mamagitan; pintakasi. nterchange-v-Magpalitan. Interchange n Palitan. Interchangeable a Maipapalit. Intercourse n-Kasulatan; salitaan: salita. Interclude v Harangin: abalahin. Interdict-v Ipagbawal; magbawal. Interdiction-n Pagbawal. Interest-n-Tubo imbot; patubo: >akinabang interes. Interest-v Maimbot; nmagrkaroon nl in teres. Interested a May interes. Interesting n-Malihang. maaliw: Interfere v-Umabala; nakialam:; Ialn — himasok; sabarin. Interference n Abala; pakialam. Interim-n-lnterino: pagkasamantala, Interior-n- Loob. Interior a-Na sa loob; loob Interject-v-Ipasok; ipagitna, isalit I nterjectioll-n-n Pgpansok pagsalit. Interlace v Idugtollg ilapat; taliall. Interlardi-v- I tlao; ilhdllk. Interline-r Sumntulat sa )paitan nang guhit. Interlineation- Pa-gsulat sa pagitain nig mla guhit Interlocution n Salitaan. Interlocutor-n Ang lagsasalita. Interlope n-Mag ia nTg walang lieien cia; Imakialam. Interloper n Ang nakikialani. Interludlen- Puanlg. Intermarry-v-A1aging kanmaganak ulahil sa kasal. I nterii e(ddle-t-3i ak i al am. Intermediate a Na' sa pngital. Interme(tiarvya Na. sa panitan. Interlment-n Paglibing. Interminable a. Walang hanga, 'w-alain, kataapus -n. Intermin lle r-Lumnaltok ihal(. Intermission n-Likat; puang, plagrp)ipa Ira. Interlmit —I. n-llltikat magpahinga. Intermitent a Tatahan at imuliitg b)ali lik. Intermix v Ilialok: ihalo. Internal a Nasa lotb; loob. International a-Alam nang lahat hang nacion. Interpose v Mantanhik; mlantlaitan; bnmtala; ipagitla. Interposition n, Pagpapagitna; tpamamlagitan. Interpret v Iliulog. nuagsaysay; salavsavin. lnterpretation-n Kahnlu gan' kasaysa yan; salaysay. Interrogate-,- Itanong; magtanong. Interrogation-,-Pagtatanong: tanoing. Interrogative a-Nauukol; sa tanong. Interrogatory -i Tanong. Interrupt-v- UITabala; satariln: makialam; isabat abalahin Interruption it Abala sabat; likat. Intersect- r-Magkrus. Intersection- n I rus. Intersperse-1-l tIialo; ikalat. Interstice n-Puiang likat. Interval n Puang: pagitan. Intervene v Maittlngitan; makiusap; ipagitna. Interventin n Pamamagitan pa)ki usap. Interview-n-Jsaap pa.Ptatanunganl sali taan interview-v Magtanong. magusap. i nterweave-v-Lumahok; hu rnalo. Intestate a Walang testamento.

Page  256 INV 2____ Intestine-n Blituka isaw. Ititestinal a Natiukol sa bituka. Iltitmate alTapat na, lob. taos,- 6 tWintimr ag D Io bIntirnate v pahlalata nmagsabi. Intimation n Pagpahialata S'ali. Intit-nidate-i' Takutin; gullat il. Intirmidation-n Takot. I1itop~rfp-Sa loob sa. Intolerable-a Di in at itiis; dIi la ptat tiisin. Intolerance n.Kabagsikan; kawalan n10 lIntolerant a IDi rnakatitiist. In',ouib ci-tlbing. intone-v Magdalit; mnagawit. Iiitoxicativ- Mag~lasing inagylilo. Intoxicationan Paglalasi ng; kalIa, lIntractabie v-Di miasusunurin; masuingit: in abav.si k. Intransitive a-Sarili. Intrenchi v tiinmawa aug trinchera. lutrenchutn cut ni'rinchera Intrepid~a, Matapang -anghas; bavani: wvalani. takot; wAlan(r kaba. intrepidityna Tapang kat~ipatapan gan; pag~kabttyani: kawalan ni~ takot. intricate-a Pasuotsuot; gulo, iualabo,; niahirap ggawin. Intritiue.-n-Salitaan na masarna I ntrigue-v-lXtagsalitaan ng- palhin InTtrinsic aSa 1001); totoo kailangan. 1Introduce v-Ipakilala; mnagpakilala. 1Intro(Iuction n- Pagpapakilala. Intrude v Makialamn; abalahin puruasok. lntrusion-n-Pakialaum- abala. in trusive-a-Makikialanm. zitrutist-v I alok; ipagkatiwala. Intuition n Katotohianan: isip na, bigla. lutwine v-Pilipitin: pumilipit. In hundate v-Umnapaw apawin: bumaha. Inundation-n-Baha: pagbaha: paitapawInuire-v MN'abihiasa; mnagawai. tinama lagi. Inutility-n-KawalaDn u kabuluhan Inivade-v Luniapit; at luinaban: pumasok sa ibang lupa at: maglabanan. Iinvalid-a Walaug kabuluiban; hindi umavon sa utos In valid n Tawong may sakit; aug may sakit. In validate-v-Pawalan ang kabuluhan Invaluable a-Lubhang mahalaga. In variable a Hindi mababago. hivatsion-n-Pagpasok na sundalo sa ibang lupa. invective a Maalipustain- malait. hivective-n-Alipusta; salitang mabigat. Inveigle v Tuksuhin:.udyukan, Inivenit-,v-Tukiasiin; ulnisip isip in- kumiat ha lalaugin - Invention nAug kinatha 6& nilalaug. inventor-n-Aug kun~ia~tha 6 lumnalang. Inventory-n-Listahau 1n- nig(a bagav. Iviv-erse a Kallabaii- iba. Inversion-,n Pagpatuad: pa-gkaiba. Invert zyipatuad, ibalik, In ver~tebr-ate-a,-\\ 'alaing, gulugod - Invertebrate n Hayop na, walang gu-ti godInve~st-vi-Lumabari: buniaT1,&x-; banionin. I nvestment-n-Paglalag'ay iig kuarta sa cornercio Inuvesti gate-v-Siyasatiw usisain - Investigation-n-Pagnutsisa, siyasat. I nveterate-a-Matibay niatigas ang uilo: So wai!L Invigorate v Buhayin; dahasin. Invigoration-n- Paglalakas. Invinicible-a Hindi masupil, di susuko. Inviolable-a- Malualbati. Inviolate aDi nasira; buo pa: nlns luvisible-a-Di miakakita. Invite-v-Anyavahin, manganvynyn. Invitation n-A~nyaya; hikayat Invocate-n-MXianalankin; turnawag., Inivocation-n-Panialaingm ui; tawag. In voice-v-Li stahin aug im Ia( baay sa isaqng lug r 6 sa, isatig tin(Ialan. Invoice n Listahan Dg inauga bagay sa isang lugar 6' tindahan. Invoke-v-Manalangin.: tawaoin involuntary aWala sa loot). Involution n Pagtiklop- kagul milan. Involve-t'-Baluitin; itikbop. Invulnerable a Di masasaktan. i nward a Na sa loob. lnward-adv. Sa gawing boob. Iracible-a-Magagalit~in; niapootin. Irate-a Galit: inasatia. aug loob)Ire nGalit; tanim saloob. 1 ref al-a Galit, magagal itiui. Iris-n-Itahag harm Irish-a Nautikol sa, Irlandes. Irish nTawoug, 1rlandes. Irk-v-Pumnagod yuirn antot - Irksome a- Mavamut-in. iron n Bakal. Iron-v Mamirinsa; bakalinIronics ronioal-a M1asaklap Irony n K asaklapan t- Wyo. Irr-adianceO-n-Ningning,; kainanman. Irradiate-v Lurniwanaf:lig wanagan. irrational-a Di ayun s;a katwiran. lrreconcilable-a-1Hindi bubuti. Irrecoverable a Di mnakababawi. Irredeemable a Hiniii miakabtawi. Ilre(Iucihle a Di babanxa-an, Irrefutable a-Di mna~gkakaila

Page  257 JAN 25O'7 JEL Irregular a- H indli karaniw-an; ila,t, iba; di matowid. lrrelative-a Walang interes. Irrelevant-a Di bagay 6' di akma. 1 rreligion-n-Kakulangan nk religion. Irreligious a Banday; walang religion. IrreMediable aDi magagaling; sira. Irreparable-a-Hindi magagaling; diinai ul i. Irrepressible a Di masupil. Irreproachable aDi mapipintasin; walang pintas. lirresistible-a-Di makakalaban. Irresolut a Alangan- trong sulong:- salawalhan; hindi irine. Irrespective aWalang pinipili. Irresponsible-a Walang. isasagot; di kailangan rnanagot. Irretrievable-a- Di ruakakabawi. Irreverence —K akua an ~an nk galang. irreverent-a-Walang galang. Irrevocable-a-Di mababago. Irrig,-ate v Patubigin. Irrigation-n Pagpapatubig. Irritability n-Yamot; poot. lI-ritable a-Mlavarntin; mapootin; mahapdi. Jabber it Salita na walang kabuluihan. JIabber-v-Mag-sal ita ngwalanigkabut luban. Jack-n-Baiisag ing ngalan ni Juan~ Magdarag~at: bandera sota in~ baraha. Jackan apes-n-Un go; ta'wong mnalikot at hamnbog. Jackass n Jurnento~ tawoing ulol. Jacket n-Barong maikli. Jack knife-n-Laseta. Jacobin n Fraile Dominico. Jaculate-v Itulag. Jade n-Kabayong masama: babaying masungit. Jade-v Pumnagal; pumagod. Jag n-Bingawm; tinik; piraso. Jagged a Magaspang. Jaguar-n-Tigre Americano. Jail-n Bilan go; kalabuso. Jailer n Aiug mamahala sa bilango. Jam-n.Ielea. Janm-v-pitin; bugbogin; kum-rapal aug, tawo. Jamb n Gilid ng pinto. Jangle-v-K umnlaSing; makipagtalo. - Jangle-n-Kalasing; pagtatalo. Janitor -n Katiwala ng bahay; encargado; ang namamabiala saisang bahay'. I rritate-iv-Yanutiin; bagbagin; humiapdi Irritation n-Yamot; bapdi; poot. Irruption n Butlig:- pagputok. Is v-Ay, may; mag. Island n-Pulo. Isle-n-Pulo. lsolate-v-llayo sa iba; ibukod. Isrealite-nt-Taga Israel. Issae-v-lkalat. magmula; mangaliug sa magbuhat. Issue-n-Pangvayari; paglabas. it pro. Siya:- iyon; iyan; ito; ire. ltalian-a-ltaliano. Italian n Taga Italia. ltalic-a-Naaukol sa Italia. Itch v-Hunmapdi; kum-irot; kuniire. Itch n-Galis. Item-n-Bagay. Iternize v salat nk isaisa. Iterate-v Ilitin: gawing; muli. iteration n Pagulit. itinerant a Paglakadlakad. Itinerant-n Tawong miapaglakad.I tinerate-v-Lumakad at magdiscurso. Itself pro-I yondin; siyarin. Ivory n-Marfil. Ivv-nlipay. Jainty-a-Magaan: makinis; mainamn. January-n Enero. Japan-n Japon; pintang itim. Japan-v Pintalhin ine itim. Japanese-a-Nauukol sa Japon. Japanese-n-Taga Japon; wika nk Japon. Jar nJaro saro. Jargon it Salitang utal 6 di maintindihan. Jargon-n —Magsalita; nk hindi inaliwanag. Jaunt-v-Magpasial. Jaunt-u- Pasial. Jaunty-a-Makinis: magaan; mainam. Javelin-u Tulag; sibat. J aw-n-Panga. Jaw bone-n-Sihang: panka. Jay n Tawong bukid. Jealous a-Siloso; mangambain; maimngitinl. Jealousy-n-Pan~imbalo; ingit; hinfala; pangamba; alapaap nre lob. Jean-n-Kayong magaspang, gris. Jeer v fy'ainin; tuksuhin; hivawin. Jeer-n-Tukso; tiyam: hiyaw. Jehovah'n-Dios; bathala. Jelly-n-Jelea. 33'

Page  258 JoU 25 8 J UN Jeopardize v- llagay%7 sa, pan~anib. Jeopardy n Pauganiib. Jerk-v-Batakiu. ihiagis na pabigla. Jerk-n Batak. Jerky a Di panay. Jest-n-Biro; laro. Jest v Biruin; inaghiro. Jesuit n Jesuitai. Jesuitic a Nauukol sa ~Jestfita. Jet-n Bukal. Jet-v-Lumabas nk pabigla. Jetty n Muella. Jetty-a Maitim. itim. Jew-n Judio. Jewel-n Sauigkap; brillante. Jeweler-n Platero. Jewish aNanutkol sa Juidio. Jib v Urnurong. Jiber-I-bahin ang tuntunganii u sasatkyan. nmagkasundo. Jiffy n-Sangdali. Jiggle-v-Galawin; gumualaw, kalogin. Jilt-n- Babaying salawahan aug loob. JIilt v-Dayaiii 6 hibuin sa pagiig Jinuglenv-Kumalasing. kunialog. Jinigle n Kalasing; kalog. Job-n-Trabajo: gawa. Jockey-r~-Hilmiiu. (layain. Jocose a Misaya; palabiro. Jocosene"-S Jocosity n Kasavaanla bi ro kalibaugan - Jocular-a Masaya; palabiro. Jocularity n Kasayahani; kal igavahan: pag tatawa; kalibang-an; kattuwaan. Jog-n-Sunagsag. Jog n Sagsag. Joggle-v-Kumalog,: kalugin. Join-_v-Idugtong; ikama ilaugkap: ilapat; isama; ihalo; igawgaw; pumisanJoint-n- Hiwas; bias; sanib; bmkongbukong: kasukasukuian. Joint a Kasarna. Joint-v-Hiwasin; biasin. Jointly-adiv.Samuasamna: sabay sabay. Joist-n-Solero - Joke-n-Biro: aglahi. badya. Joke v-Magbiro; biroin: miagbadlya. Jollification n Pagsasaya- kasayahan. Jollity-Jolliness nt Kasayahian; kafigayahan. Jolly-a-Masaya- maligaya. Jolt-v-Umumpog. tumulak: minuntog. Jolt-n4Jmpog; untog; tulak. Jostle-v-Magumpog; bunmanga; timuntog. Jostle-n-Umpog: untog; bauga. Jot-n-Pirasong munti; punto. Jot-v-Surnulat sa tandaan- isuilat.sa tandaan - Jounce v Galawin, umumIIpog." Jounce-n-Galaw:~ untog; unmpug. Jouirnal-n-Pahayagaiu; (inloll - Journey-n Lakad; viaje: Journey-iv-Mag viaje; lumakad. inag lakad. Journeyman n Trabajador, aug nag papaupa sa mnaghapon. Jovial-a Masaya; malugod; maligaya; matamo aug loob. Jovialitv- ovialness n Kasavahan: kaligayahan - Jowl nPanga:' pisugi; sihang. Joy-n- Kasayahan: kaligayahani tuwva; kahibaugan;- katuwaan..Joy v Sumaya: maligaya. Joyous -Joyful a Masaya: niatutuhwa; ma iibang- nmapavpatawa; mapagsiste. Joyless a Walang saya 6 kasaynhan; walang tuwa, Joyf ulness n,-K asayahan; kalivayalhan. Jubilant a, Masaya; nmaligaya. Jubilation it Kasayahan. Jubileein. Kap~istahan. Judaic-a Nauukol sa inga.ludio. JTudaism-n Pauanampalataya ugA nIIA1a Jtldi() Judge-n-Hlukoni; juez. Judge-v-llumatol; hatulan. Judgment-n Hatol:- pasiya; tutu: p~ag hatol; tarus, bait isip- akala. Judicative aMay kapangyariing hurnatol. Judlicial aNauukol sa huikoin. Judiciary-a Naniukol sa hunkom. Judicious aMabait: malthinhiu natali. no tahimik.Jug itLalagyan;.u~ mnauga bagtiv na lusaw. Juggle-v-Magsalamau gka - Juggle n Salam-rangkia. Jugglery n-Pagsasala mana gka - Jugular a-Namukol sa lug 6 lalamiu nan. Ju ice-n- Kat~as - Juiceless n Walang katas. Juicy-a Makatas. July-n Julio. Jumnble-v-Haluin: guluihin. Jumble-n-Halo; kaguluihan. Jump v-Lunmnudag,; I umukso; inagtalou; tumnalon; laktawin. Jump-n-Lukso; lundag; talon; laktaw - Junctioni n Sanib. Juncture-n Sanib: dugtouig. June n-Junio. Jungle n-Lasaw. Junior a-ata pa; binata. Juniority n Pagkahata. Junk n Manga bagay na' walaug kahnluhan -

Page  259 KIN 259 KNI Jnuket n-Mamon; matamislJ1unket-v-Magpiginig. Junta-n-Junta;- katipunan: lupong. Jun to-n-K ati punan. J1uridic Juridical a-Natiukol sa hucorn. Jurisdliction n-Kapanigyarihan: 1upang sinukuban; lupanig sinakupan. Jury a Interino. Just-a- I apat matowid:, ayon sa katowiran hatibot- husto, sukat. Just-ad-c. Sukat; husto. Kaji-n Repolio. Kale n-Repolio. Katy did-nti pakiong. Kell n Puit nA sasakyan. Keen a Matalas;, iatalino: tuso. Keep-v-Alagaan: bantayin: ikalong; ingatin. Keeping n Pagaalaga. pagingat. Keep sake n-Kaloob, bigavy: biyaya. Keep secret v Huag sabihin. Keg, n-1Hariles na munti. Ken-n-Malar-nan: kilalanin: kuminlala; kartinungan tanawan, pagkikilaia. Kennel-n-Kubo in~ aso, Kept-v. imp &p p.-Inin~at: binantay. Kerchief n Alampay:- birang. Kernel-n- Butil. Kerosene-n Gas. Ketchup-n-Katsup- sarsa. Kettlen awali: kawa. Kettle drum n-Kaja. Key n Susi. Kiev v Susiin- isusi. Key hole-n-Butas no susian. Key stone n-Batong pan sara nk arko. Kick-n-Sipa- sikad. Kick v Isikad: sumikad; sipain. Kid-n-Bata; tupang munti: kaumbing na m1unti. 1K,'idnap-v Bihiagin: bumiihag. Kidney n-Bato ng katawan. Kill-v-Pumatay; patayin. Killing-n-Patawan. Kiln-n- Hurno. Kilo Kilovrai-n-Kilogramo, kilo. Kin-n-Kamnaganak. Kind-n-Clase; lahi. Kind-n Mabuti ang, Thoh; mabuti; mapagpitagan. Kinder garten-_nEscuela nang nm~a bata. Kinw le-ti-Sunu-Vin- sindihan; magsindi - Kindnes's n-Kabutihan nk lbob:, kabutihian; pitagan hinhin. Justice-n- Katowiran:- katanmpatan; kasuikatan; kahustuhan. Justifiable aDapat patawari; may katowi ran. Justification n-Katowiran. Justify-v-Magbigay ng katowiran. Jut v-Lumiinbutod, lumiko. Jut-n Liko. Juvenile a-Binata Juvenile n [agong tawo; binlata. Juvenility-n-Pagkabata. Kindred-n H in log. manga kamaganak kamatganaktrn. Kindired a Magkamaganak. Ki ne-n-Baka. King n Hari. Kingdom n Kaharian. King fisher n Lumbas. Kingly-a-Parang hari. Kink-n Kunot. Kink-v Kumunot. Kinky a-K ununot: makulot. Kinsfolk-n Manga ka~maganak. Kinsman-n- amiaganak na lalaki. ins woman-n-Kamaganak na bahayi Kip n Katad nk bulo. Kirk n Sanmbahan. Kirmess-n-Piging at pista. Kismet-n- Kapalaran Kiss nilalik hagkcan. Kiss,v-Humalik: halikin: humiagkani. Kit n-Pusang munti; kuting. Kitchen n-Kosina. Kite-n-Bnladol. Kitten n-Kuting. Knack n-Tuto; karunung-an; bait. Knap-n-1)ulo- dungot. Knarl-n-Mata ng kahoy. Knave-n-Tawong masama; tawong ha mak 6 mahalay. Knavery n Gawang masama 6 mahalay. Knavish a-Mahalay: masama. Knead-v-Masahin magmasa. Kneadin g-n-Pagmamasa. Knee-n Tuhod. K; nee cap-n-Bay ugo. K neel-v- Lurnuhod. Knell-n-Tugtog nk kamipana. Knelt v. imp &p~p.-Nakalubod~lumulhod. Knew-v imp. Nalaman: kinilala. Knickerbockers-n Salawal na putot. Knickknack-n-Bagay na walang halaga. Knife-n-Laseta-. batavia Knife-v Hiwain Dk laseta: saksakin. Knit-v-Isama; gumnanchillo.

Page  260 LAD 260 L A NT Knlitting n Paggaganchillo. K'nives n-Mga laseta 6 batavia. Knob n Buhol; tangan ng pinto. Knock-n-Tugtog. tuktok; bun go; dagok; katog. Knock v Tuniuktok, bumungo; dagukan; kumatog. Knoll n Tugatog' pugpok; gulod. Knot nBuhol; tali, mulmol, talibugso. Knot-v-Btnhulin 'magbuhiol; humuirnol. Knotted a Mabuhiol. Knotty-a-Mabuhiol. L~a-n- Ua Label n-Tanda. Label v Ilagay ang tatida. Labial a Nauukol su labi. Labial n Salita ng labi. Labor n-Trabajo. gawa. L~abor-v.Magtrabajo; gumawa; putnagal. Laborer n Ang nagtatrabajo, ang gilmagawa. Laborious n-Mahirap; magtrabajo. Laborato ry n- Labatorio. Labyrinth n-Lugar ng maraming lan-,das. Lace n Puntas panali. Lace a Talian; ilagay ang puntas. Lacerate-v-Hiwain.- pilasin, walifin. Laceration-n-Paghbiwa; pagwahi. hiw'a; pilas. Lache-n-Katamaran. Lachrymal-a-Nauukol sa 1bha - Lachrymose a-Maluba. Lack v-Kumulang. Lack-n-Kakulangan; kulang kakaptisan; pagkulang. Lacking-n-Pagkuflang. Lacker-n-Varnis. Lackey-n-Ayudante. Laconic-a-Manlol, loco. Lacquer-n-Varnis.Lacquer n-Pahiran nk varnis,41 varniiiin, magvarnis. Lacrymal aNauukol sa Mma. Lactation n-Pagpasuso. Lacteal-a-Nauukol sa g' tas4. Lactean-Laeteous a Magatas. Lactescent a Magatas. Lad n Batang lalaki. Ladder n Hagdanan. Ladev-vlpasan; ilulan. Lading-n-Paglulan; pagpasan. Ladle-n-SandakLadle-v-Sandnkin; magsandok. Lady-n Binin7ibi,: babaying ginoo. Know n-NMalaman; kilalamin; matutuhian; mara wasan Knowing a-Bihasa; maruinoug. tnatalas; tuso. matalino. Knowledge n Kariiununan; (lunotug.- tuto. bait. Knuckle-n Buko nk kamnay - K nuckle-v-Suimuko. Knurly-a-Magaspan g. Kraai n-Nayon:- kulunivan ui elepante. Ereosote n-Kreosote. Ladvlike aBinibiini; mabait; malial;na ugali. Lady love-n-An~y nililigawan: auig phiaDgangasawa. Lady ship-n-Bhiibini. Lag a1-Hulinig, katapusaii. Lag v Magpabaya. ILaggard -n -Tawong tam a(l 6. pabaya. Laggard-a Tamad, mnabagal; mnarahiani huh. Lagoorin-Dagat dagatan. Laid-v. imp c&. p. p.-Nilagay; nakalagay. Laini-v. p. p.-Nilagay; nakalagay. Lair-n-Hihigan nk hayop san danmo. Lake n Dagat dagatan. Lamb n-Tupang munti. Lambkin n-Tupanig iniunti. Lambent a Makinitab; makisap. Lame a Pilay-, mapilay; hiwid; hiingkod. Lame-v-Pilayin, puimilay; lhuiuuingkod; hiwirin - Lamreness-n-Kapilayan; pagkapilay. Lanient-v-Manankis, dumaiing. manaima hoy; turnangis. Lament-n-Tankis, daing.- panaglhoy; panambitan. Lamentabl e-a Mahabag: kaawaan, Lamentation-n-Daing; bibi k; panamibitan; panaghioy. Lamp n-lawan lam para: ilaw. Lamp black-n Ulinng. Lamper eel-n-Palos. Lamnpoon-n Uyam. Lance n Tulag; sibat. Lance-v-Sibatin; tulagini. Lancet-n.Lasetang panagma. Lanch v-Jtulag; salapaiigin. Land n-Lupa. Land-v'-Iagay sa pangpang; if adIsd. Landed-a May maraming Ilupa. L anding-n Doongan. Land Isrd-n-Ang may ari ug hotel6 balay panublayan (lalaki).

Page  261 LAT 261 LEA Leagaue v Magtipan;- magtipon; ilakip). 1Leak-n Tulo; tal as. Land lady-n-Ang may ari iig hotel bahay panuluyan (babayi). Land rnark-n-Muison. Lane n-Daan. Language n Wika:. salita. Languid-a Mahina: malata; pavat. Languidness n-LatAd, kahinaan; kap~ayatan. Languish v-Lumnata; huzuina:- punzayvat, Larguor-n-LatA kapayatan; kalhinoaan. Lank-a-Payat.- mataas. Lantern-n-Parol. laterna. Lap-n-Kandungan; sinapuipunan. Lap v-Dilain. Lapel n-Tiklop ng damit. Lapse v Puang; likat:- paglipas. iLapse-v-Lumikat; lumnipas. bar board-n-Ang gaw iug kaliwa nang sasakyan. Larcency-n-Pagnimit:, pagnakawN. Lard-v-M~antikaLard v Mantikahin. Larder-n- Panguera. Large-a Malaki: dakila. Largeness n Laki. kal1,kihan.' Lariat n-Silo ugr lubid. Lark-n Batobato; kabiruian. Lark v-Magbiro. Larva Larvea n Uod. Larnyx-n-Lalainunani. Lash-n-Latigo; pilikmata. Lash-v-Tal ian. Lass n-Batang babayi..L.assitude-,n-Kahtinaan;kapagutr-Ill)Iranp od. Lasso-n-Silo. Lasso-v Silui. Last a Iuling; kahulihutlihan:, kataptisan. Last-v Ttimigas; tum-ragal. Lasting n Matibay; di masisira.; mnatagal. Last-n-Lulan - Lastly ado.-Huilinghiuli; sa kahulilhzazan. Latch n Kandaro. Latch-v-Jkandaro. Latchet n Tali nk sapatos. Late a Bavo: huling. Late adv. -Tanghali; gabi na. Lately-adv.-Ngayon laniang. Latency-m Kalabuian. Latent a-Di makakita; inalabo; tago. Latei-a Mayamaya, pa; huhl pa. Latest a-Kahulihulihan. Lather n-Bula ng sabon. Lather-v-Magpaluid ug sabon. Latin-n-Latin. Latin a Nanukol' sa latin. Latitude n-Layo sa hilagaan "AAi tirnilgan. - Latte r-a- H in di. Laterlv-adv._Sa kalhulihian. Lauid-v-Purihiin; 1na-.,iwauig. Laud-n-Pagpuim; purl; lulai. Latidableca-Dapat purili in. Laudation-n Pagpuri, Lauidatory —a-Dapat ptiriltin - Laugh-n-Tawa. Lauigh-v Turnawa. 1Lamylhable a-Matatawaniii- miak-atatawva. mnapagpatawa. Laughing n-Tawa. Launch-n- Laticha vap)orsito. Launch-v-Duimapila~s; niagniua. LIaunder i-Maglaba, Launderer n Maglalaba; labanders - Lauindress -n-Labandera. Latindry-n- Pa~laba han. Lavatory- a]Natiukol s~a p~aglalaba. Lave-v-Huigasiti; maligo. Lavatory n Hilamutsan; lav-ador. Lavander n-Kalay puirpura. Laver-n-Bahita. Lav i-l 7 Sagana; labis,; muapaguzaintsa, bura a. Lav-ish v Itap-on; inag ~sabog; znvg Imu rara. Law-n.Utos, 1ev. I awful a-Avyon sa- iitos., lo' lev-. Lawfulnes~s?i Pagkakaayon sa katowiran. Lawles.s a Tlaban sa. 1ev ti utos,,. Lawn n Bakuiran. ]Lawsuit n~a;pagtatalo;- pag usap. Lawyer n Abogado. Lax a Pabaya; tantail. Laxity- Laxnes~s wa Katauzaran kalpabavatan. - Lay-v ia,)p.-Hiniga; naliiiga. Lay v Ihiga;, ilagay. Lav-n Kanta:- awit. Lnayer-n 'Stison. LaiiesnKataniaran, kapabay-aan- Ii galig. kakuparaiz. Lazi-a-Tanmad; p~ab~aa; ailisiga: batu. gan, mabagal. ayaw nuigtrabajo. Lea-n-Bukid nia pastulan. Lea(ch-n Linta. Lead r Akavin; uzniakav; tamuhzin:- iziahran. Leadna Cualan; palliumu 11. Leadan-Tinga - Leaden a linga- miay lialong ting'i.1 Leadern-Panguilo; 1110 Leaf n-Dahon. Leaf v-llunago ang dalmon. Leaflet'n-INIinztimg dalahof. Leafv a Madahmon-. League n-Layo nkisang oras iig lakad. kapissanan, katiptiuan,~ tipant.

Page  262 LEG 262 LEX jeak v-Tuniulo; tunialas. Leakage n Tubo; pagtulo. Leaky a L-arot. Lean-Vi1hapay. iphalaiag ihiiling. L-ean a Payat. Lean-n Lanian. l-eani to-n-Pakpak sihi. Leap v, Luintirdag; lunnlikso. Ileap n.Lundag Itikso. L-earn-n-Magaral: mnatuto. ILxarned nMaruinong miata'a~s; inatal - no,t, bihiasa. L-earner n Ang' nagaral. I-earnin, n Karnungna palham; d unong. Lease v Ipabuis: bumnis. Lease n Kasulatan tutngkol sa pa-buis. Leash n Panabi; suga tatlo. Least-a KaulltiUntian. I. eather-n-KNatad. Leather aLYari ug- katad. L-eathery a Parang katad. Leave v Mlaiwan; tirahin; nia-tira.; bit wan ipahinitulotiitumalis; pahinituilotin. Lea-ve n Paihintulot. kapahintulotaii. L-eaven n-Lavadura. Leaves n Manga dlahon ng kahoy. l-eavings-n Aug tinitira Piniagpilian. L-ecture n Diseturso pan~rutnnsap, L-ecture v Magdliscurso.: pan gusapin - I.led-v imp.- p _p.Inakay. I -edge-n-Paris. Lee n-Latak ii~ alak. Leesh n-l-inta. Leer- -Tunmingin ng, paInistos. Leer n Tin~in na lbastos Lee ward-adv.-Sa gawi nai uay lhangin. Left-v. imp. & p. p~p-ini waw tinira, tmna fis L-eft-a Kaliwanig. Left n Kaliwa. Left hand n Kamay na kaliwa. Left handed-nSanay ang kamnav na kaliwa L-ega-nIita. L-egacy-n-Mana. L-egal-a Matowid; ayon) sa utos n1c Gobierno. Legalize v lagay sa Katowirani. Legality-n Katowiran. Legate~n Pintakasi. Legatee-n Aug tumatangap ni- mana. Legator-n-Ang nagpamana. Legend-n Awit; kuen to. L~egendery a-Nauukol sa awit-. Lager die mnain-n-Salamnangka. Leg~ible, a, Makcahahasa, Letzion va H1 kho; hunton ji~ tawo. Legilat-r-aglgdaguimnawa n& nitos. Legislantive-a.-N ann kol sa. paglalagda. Legi slation-n- lPaglftgda. Legislature-n-Katipunan nA manka nmaglalagd~a. Legitimiacy-n-Katunayan. Legitimate-n Tunav; totoo. Leisure n- Kalibangan; Ingar: panahion na walang gawa. Leistire-a-Walang gaWa. Leisurely n, IDahandahan. Leimtn-n-Linon dayap. Lemonade n-Limonada. Letnd-v-Magpahirami. pahirainin Length a Haba. Lengthen v-Habaan:, unatin; banatin; batalkin. Length ways-adv. -Pahaba. Length wise adv. Pahaba. L-engthy-a Mahaba. L-enienc.y-n-Awa; habag. L~enient a Mahahag- maawain. Lenity-n Awa: habag Lent-v. imp. & p. p.-Lpinahiram: niagpahiram - Lent n-Kuaresma. Leonine a-Parang leon. Leo pard-n-L eopardo. Leper-n Lepra Leprosy n Sakit na iepra- san lazaro. Leprous-a May sakit na lepra: naunko! sa I epra Less-a-Ktllang kapos- liban. Less adv. Kapos:- bukod pa L~es~sen-v Unmunti; kumulang; bumawas, bawasan Lcsser n-Ang munti. Lesson-nileccion pinagaralanLessor-n-Ang nagpapaupa ng bahay. L-est cornj Baka, sakali. Let-v-lpahintubot; puimayapa, ma i wani abalah n. Let-n-AbalaLethargic, a Nagaantok; palaantok. Lethargy-nAntok Letter n-Stulat letia; titik. TLetter-ii-Letrahifl; titikan-, isnlat. Lettuce-n-Lit suga - Levant-a-Nakatayo; nakatindig. Levant v Umalis lumayasL~evee nPanharang ng tubig. Level a Patag pantayLevel v Patagin pumatag. L~evel n Kapatagan; kapantayan. Lever v-Panghikuat, panghuit; pang~ispike. L~evity-n-Gaatn. LevNv-u-Buis l~evy-v Ipabuis,L~ew'd-a-Malibog; hamnak: nialia-lay. l~ewdness-n Kafibiugan. kahamnakan; kahalayau - l-exical a Nauukol sa salita, 6 lexion.

Page  263 JALG 2613 LIO0 Lexicographer-n-Aug gum aga wa ni dicciotiario. Lexicography n- Paggragaw-a n& d icci() nario Lexicon-a-nDic-cionario. Liable aMahlilng; maliangn(1. Liar-n-Tawong nmapagsintiugaling. Libel n-Pagwiwika ng katampalasatian. Liberal n Magandlaig loob;rnapaganiipoii sakap wa. Liberal n- Liberal. Li berality n Kagandahian ng loob; kalak han. I'g puso Liberate v Pawalan; patai~arin; tiuna wain; palayain-. Liberation n Pagkawala; pag pataw-ad ta wad. Libertv-n-,alavaan:- timiawa, palhintulot. Lice-n-Manga kuto. License n Licencia; tuilot. Li-enise-vt-Ipahiiintulntin~i; tuluitin; iIbigay ng hicencia. Lick v-Dilaan. Lick-n-Pagdidilaan. Lid n Tunntong; talob; takip: panakip. ILie-v'-Mag~inutialing. Lie-n-Kasinung~alin~gan - Lief-adv.-Nakahtiling. Liege-a Naiunkol sa, buis. Liege n-Mayari 6 encargadlo ii~ lupaiig, bu-isan. Lien n-Fianiza:- katibayan. Lieu-n- ugal higar. Lieutenancv-n-Kalagavan tiniente. Lieutenant-vn-Tinieiite. Life n Buhtay kabuhayan. Lifeless-a Walanig 'buhay. p~atay:- payat; nmabaval - Life like-a Parang may bulhay. Lift-v-Jtaas; 'buhiatin; (lamputin;, iba, naon - Lift n-Tulong, ampon, pagbuliat 'ligament n Anat litid. Ligature-n- Pamigkis. Light n Apoy; ilaw; liwanag; araw. Light-a-Magaan. raliwanag; mnaliksi; imabilis. Light-v Sindihian mnagsindi. Lighten v. Bawasan gaaning; gunina an: luminaw: lumiwanag: kiimidlat. Lighternin~g n.Pagpapagaang;pagpalinaw, pagliliwaung. Lightningn-Kidlat n4 lintik~ linti k. Light-headed-a Hilo; inagaan ang ulo. Lighit-leadeness,-ni-Kagaanai- i ulo Ipagkahilo. Light hearted-a Masava; magaan ang loob. LiJ,ht-tninde~d'aMagulo aug isip. Light~-n Baga. Ligneous-a Yari ng kalhov; paraiig kahoy. Ljignite n Utiling. Like alMagkapar-is; kaw-auki; kaparis. Like adv. Paris uga; rin. Like v-Urn jibig; ibigin, giliwin; gumiliw; mnagustulhan. nmaibigan. Liking n-N ais; pita. gusto; nasa. i~kc lv-ad~v.- Marahil 1.i ken-v" Iparis tunmuladi; itulad. Likeness-n IKaparisani; tingi n sa, lab~as:; lagay, pagkakawanki. Like wisev-d'v.-('avondin, niaman - Lilac n Lila. Limb a Sa~ri~a; Ihita 6 baraso. Limber a Malarnbot. Lim~ber —ii-Lumainb( t. Lninbo-n-Bilango. Lime n-Apog. Limne nLimon davap. Lime kilni-n Ga-waan n~ a pog. Lime stone-n-Barnton apuigan. Limit-n-Hanga hanganan., wakal~wakams; gilid; baybay, danay - Limit v Ilagay nig hanga mnagtaan. Limita-tion-n Paghianga.- pagglalagay iig hanga Linitle-ss-a XWalang lhanga. Limp-n-Hingkot; iko. Limp-i-Hurmingkod; unmiko. Limp-a Malambot. Limpidl a- Malinaw maaninag mnakintab, mali wantam, Limnpidlity-' irupidness n 1\.aliw'anagan; liwaniag, kinta-b, aninag. Linchi pin-n- r'artigo:- susi. mne v' Gu-hitin gumuhit. Line n Lutbid rienda- guhit talmitod. Lineage n- Lahii; bin log. karmaganakani kanunuan - Lineal-a Nauukol sa, guhit. Lineament n-HitsuraLinear-a-Natitkol 6 parang guhit. Linen n-H inabing fino. linso; kayumangrii~ngver-i'-Lum nat; iiagluat turna-gal - Lingering-n- Pagluluatan, luat: hiinayang. Lingering a-MahinayangLingunal a Nauukol sa (lila. Linguiist-n Ang tawong, ma'runoung sa manga wika. Linam ent-n-Gamnot na patmabirian - Lining-n-Aporo. Link n Siho. L~ink-v Idugtouig. Lint n-Pamnigkis ng sugat. Liona-n.-Leon - Lionessan-Bahaying, leon; inalinig leon,

Page  264 LOA Lip-n-N~uso; labi. Lipothymny-n-Himatav. Liquation n Pagtunaw. Liquefraction n Pagtutuniaw. Liquefiable a-.Natutunaw. inal usaw. Liquid a-Malabnaw. Liquidl-n Anomang baigay nalusaw. Liquidfity-n-Kalabnawan; paokalusaw. Liquidate v Himiwvalay.- ryagbayadi. Liquidation-n-Hiwalax-; pagbayad. 1qu(Ior-n-Alak. Lisp-v-Umuttal. Lisp n Kauitalan. List n Listahan; tandaan. list v-Maglista; ilista; listahin. Listen?v-Batyag.in; pakingan; dumninig; Marinig; makinig. Listener-v Ang, nakikinmatyag. listless a Pab~ava; tamad; inallinla. Lit-v. imp.- Sinindihian; tumuntoig:s-I niga. 'Litanv-n-Dasal- litania. Liter-Litre n-Litre. L~iteral a-Ayon sa salita. Literary a-Nauukol sa sulat 6' sa libro. 'Literature n Manga libiro; karunnun~yan (1unong. Lithe-a-Malambot- maliksi. Lithesome-a-M1aliksi. Lithogra'pb-v-Magdlibulio; isulat sa 1)ato. Litigant-a-Nauukol sa iusap. Litigant n-Ang nag uuisap. Litigate v-Mav usap. Litigation-n-Usap, tabo. Litter-n Arag arag; kalanda-' Litter-v-Gulnhin. Little-a-Munii; rnaliit; kaunti. Little-n- IKakaunti. Live-v-Bumuhay: timira; tahanan. Live-a-Buhay; buhay ang boob: inasaya. ~i vlihoodI-n Hanapbuhav: ikin~abuibublay. livel oig-a-Sa Ihahang buhay. Lively-a-Maliksi; masigla; malikot; buhay ang loob. Liveliness-n-Kalikmilhan: sigia; liksi. Livelv-adc. -KasayAsayai Liver i, Atay Lives it M,~a buuhay. Livid a Mlapula: kulay ta Io ng Living a-Buhav. mnabubay. I~ivinug n Kabuhayan; pagkabuhiay. 1 izard-n Tt'ko; butiki; bay-awak. L~oad n-figat: hulan. Lo~ad-vtiulan:- i pasan krabn inaghulan. Loaf nTinapay na nialaki. 1Loaf —v Mag, alisaga: ma-gpab-ava. lm~af er-n-Ham pas In pa; tawon g paba-ya at- tamadl. Loa it Uipang itim". 4 LON Loan-n Hiram; anomang bagay na ipiiiahiramLoan v Magpahiram; pahiramin. Loath a Ayaw: walang; gusto. L~oathe v Mamuhi. yumamot; masamain. Loathful-a-Makavayamot masukiamin. Loathing-n- Sukiam; kasuiklaman. yamot-; ka-varnutan, dalarmbati. Loathi somie-a- Makayayamot; miasuisuaix,man: madiri; mubfin. Lobate a-May ngipin. Lobby a Silid na munti Lobe n Tain~a. Lob~ed a Parang tainga. Lobs9ter-n Hipon dagat. L~ocal-a Nanukol sa isang lugar. Locality-n Lugar. Locate v-Lumagay; hanapin. Location-n-Lugar. Loch n Danaw. Lock-n Seradura. Lock-v Isara; isusi. Locker n-Baul; kaban. Lock smith-v-Ang gulmagawa ug serad ura. Locket n KayrelLockup-n-Bilango; 'kalabuso. Locomotion n-Kilos: galaw. Locomotive n, Makina nk tren. L~ocust n Balang; kuliglig. Locution n-Salita: pangunkusap. Lodle n-Daan ng tuibig, Lodge n Bahay:- kubo.L~odge v-Magptibinga. Lodg~er-n-Ang sumusunlo; ang tumnitirai sa bubay ng kapwa. L'odg(ing-n Tuluyan; bahay. Lo0fty a Mataas: palalo: dakila; mayabang Log nTroso: puno ng kahoy. bordon. L~oa-v-Magtaga at mraglabas ng myga kahoy. Logger head n-Tawong mapurol angisip; ulol - Logic-iz-Dunong: karunun~gan. L~og cal a-Marunong. L'ogician n-Tawong mnaruinong. Logwood-it-Kahoy na mapula. Loin-rt-Sinapupunanl; singit; balakalng. Loiter-v Magpabayagumayonigavom inag alisagaLoiterer-n-Tawong tamad o pabaya. Loll v-Magpabaya. Lone-a-Bugtong nagiisa. Lonely-a-Mapanglaw: malungkot; walang kasamna: nagiisa. Loneliness nt Kalungkutan; kiapangvla waan. Lonesome a Malung-kotV m-apanglaw Long-a-Maliaba.

Page  265 LOU 265 LUG long-u-lMainip; kainipan nais. longevity n - ahabaan ing bulay. Longli- vct aI Miaba ang }buliay. Iloiigshore-a Nauukol sa baybay dagat. Long sitlted a Malinaxw ang tingin. 6 inata matalas: niatalino; tuso. L,ong sllfferinlg-a Matitiisin. I,ongl suffering-n-Pagtitiis. L long o1gued a Mahaba a ng dila: ilasalita. I,ong ways adv. Pahaba IlOIni w i tied-a-Mahlab aangl lininiga; ima lakas ng baga. Long wise-a-Paliaba lIook v T'lnin-ri n; tanaawin; tumanaw. Look-nTinl in; hitsura lagay. Lookilng glass n Salamin. Looks-n Hitsura. I,ook out-n-Bantav; tanod. loomll-n Habihan. loomi v Sumipot: iumitaw. Ioon -n-Tawong masamna 'Loop u Silo; buhol; bilog. loop v-Siluin. loop '.ole n Butas sa kott. I,oose a Bugnos; maluag; Inbag: tali. pal(ndas. Ioose v-Lummubag lumnuag Ioosen v Luagin kalagin; bnniugnos. Loot n Ang ninakaw Loot v Manduit; nakawin I,op-v- tlint; putulin; iklian Lop-a akasabit. Lop eared a Mahaba ang tainga. I,oquacious a Masalita; masabi: matabil. Loq uaciousness-n- Kalagayan; masalita. Loquacity n-Pagsasalita ig marami. Lor(d-n lios; Bathala; Ang May kapal. Lord v Anrg natnanmlahala. Lord v Mamahala Lordly a Mattas dakila. Lore-n-Kartunungan; dunong. L,orn-a In wan. Lose r MI:,v\ala; iwala iligaw; ratalo; maligaw; malugi. Loos, Ang nawala; pagtalo; nig nata 10 klwalan- lugi. Lost a Nawala; natalo; naligaw. Lotn lapalaran; pagkataon; solar; bahagi; karanihian; dami. Loth -a-A yt w. Lotion-n Gamot na pamahid. Lottery n Loteria; rifa. L ud a Malak..s. Loud adv Malakas. loiiglh-n Danaw Lounge-v-Magalisaga magpabaya. Lounge-n Sandalan; hiligan. Lounger-nTawong tamad; 6 tigagal Louse a Hanip; kuto. Lousy a Maktlto; ktutuhin. Lout-nT'awvoog; ulol 6 ligalig. Loutish-a Ulol lliidi marunong. Lovable-a Maiibigan. Love n-Pa-gibig. kailbigan; paglingkod; suvo ligaw; pagsinta. Lovc-v Sinrtabill; ibigin: iumibig; sulniin - ta Ilnmniinlkod; ligaxwin; lumigaw; su11nn11o. Loving a Maibigan. Loveless a Walallg umibig di maibigan. Lovelorn-a Naiwan ng lumigaw. Lovely a Ma ganda mainam. Lover n Ang lu1niligaw; ang sumisinta 6 lumilingkod nanininta. Low aMababa hanmak mabababw; paslit; walang pinagaralan. Iow n lyak:rg baka unga. l.ow ad,. Kadustadusta. 1]ow v-Umnn a. Iowv bred a Hamnak mnababa 6 hlamak ang pinangalingan. Lower a Mababa pa. Lower v bala; ilusong; ibsan: uminm})is; yumuko. Lower miost a Kababababaan. Lowery a Maulap; imapanglaw; malungkot. L,ow land n-Lupang mababa at patag. Low-lived a Hamlak; bastos. Lowly a Mababa. Lowness n, ababaan. Low spirited a Mabagal; rnahina ang loob: malungkot. Loyal a Ayon sa katowiran; tapat ang loob. Loyally a Tapat Loyalty n Katapatan ngloob pagkaayon sa katowiran. Lubber n Tawont bastos 6 hamak. Lubricant a Malangis. Lubricanlt-n-Lanugis. Lubricate-v,anlgisin. Lubricous a-Madulas. Lucent a Maningning; makislap; makisap. Lucid a Makintab; maningning: makislap; makisap. Luck-n-Kapalaran; palad. Luckless a Walang kapalaran: sawing kapalaran. Lucky a Mapalat. Lucrative a Pakikinabangan: matuboLucre-n-Pakinabang; kayamanan. Ludicrous-a Matatawanin. Lug-n-Tainga. Iug-v-Dalhin; magdala. Luggage n Baon; ang dinala sa viage. lugubrious a Malungkot. 34

Page  266 MAE 266 MAG Luke warm-a.Malakuiko, inalagarngarn. Lull-v-Tu~mahimik; tumnigil. Lull-v-~ligil. Lullaby-n-Awit. Lumavo-n Sakit ng gulugod at haamkang. Lumbar-a-Nauukol 6 mnalapit sa balakang. Lumber n-M.Nanga tabla; kahoy3. Lumber v-Magkahoy. Lumber man-n-Mangan galakal ngkahoi; magkakahoy. Lumbering-n Pangan~ahoy. Luminary-a-Nakaliliwanag Luminous-a- Maliwanag; maningning; nakaliliwanag. Lump n-lHukol.- taugykal. Ltimp-v-Butnukol: niagtang'kal. Lumpy a Mantanigkal; nmabukol. Lunacy- Kaululan. Lunar n Nauukol sa buan Lunatic a Ulol: loco maulol. Lunatic-n-Ulol; tawong inaulol. Lunch-n-Minindal. Lunch v Magminindal. Luncheon-n Mitiindal. Lung n.B~igft Lunge-n-Tulak; saksak. Lunge-v-ltulak. isaksak. Lurch-v-K umilos. Lurch-n-Kilos na higla. Lure-v-Hibuin (lavain. Lure-nilibo; daya. Lurid a-Maputla; inaputi. Lurk v-Harankin hiunarang. Luscious a Masarap, niatamni s. Lush a Puno ng katas. Lust-n Pita unis; nasa,; k -aIi bugtan kasalahulaan - Lust v-.Magnasa. Lustful a Mailibog; nmapagnasa. Luster n Mu~igning;- kinitab; kisap. Lustiness n Lakas. liksi Lustrate-v Tin isin; dilb- gin - Lustre n Ningning kintab- (lung. Lusty a Malakas Luxuriance-n-lIsalaguan:I kasaganaan. Luixuriant aMalago: ruasagana; ia s-abong. Luxuriate v-Luuago; sumagana. Luxury-,n Kasaganaan kalaguian. Luxurious a Sagana; malago, Imusto. Lymnph n Bukailan ng tubIig. Lynch v Bibitayin. Lynx eyed a Matalas ang mnata. Lyre n Lira. Lyrest-n Aug marunong tumugitog sa lira. Ma-n Ima- inang. Ma'am-n Binibini: habaying iuaginoo. Macadamiize v-Lagyan, n (; batoug' d urog. sa, lansanngan. Mace n-Tuugkod; palo. Machine n MakinaMachinery-n-MakinaMachinist n-Aug marunting muagktunmpuni sa makina. Mackintosh n-Capote. Mad-a-Galid; ulol; hunighang. Mad v Pagalitin. Madam-n-Pabaying giuoo: binibinmi. Madcat-a-Maharot; walang takot; itangahas. Madden-v-Pagalitin. Made v. imp & p. _p.-Giuawa uiyari. Mademoiselle-,n-Dalaga; binibini. Mad house-n-Auspicio. Madly-adv.-Paulol. Mad man-n-Ulol; tawong ulol. Madness n-Galit, kagalitan. Madonna-n-Larawan ng mahal na Vir-, gen na si Maria. Maelstrorn-n-Uliuli. Maestro n Maestro. Magazine n-Taguan ng minana b~ala at POlVO - iMagdlalevi n Putangbumuabait. Maggot-n-Uod; tiis. Maggoty a Manod; mnay tiis. Magi-n Mago. Magic-n Saiaruangka. Magician ni Mtigo. Magisterial-a-Nauiukc]I sa mmmaestro;- may kapangyarihan - Magistracy-n-Katungkulanig Juez 6 hukomi. Magistrate-n-Hukomn; juez. Magnanimity-n-Kagandahan uig loob; magandaug kalooban. Magnanimous-a-Maa waiui; nmapagamnponl mmagandang loob. magaling Magnate n-Tawoug dakila at manyamuan. Magnesia n Magniesia. Magnet-n-Bato na may, b~atobalani;, panghinang. Maguetic-Mag netical-a-1\Iay batobalani; inapaghinayaug Magnetize v Lagyan ug~ batobalani; pahinayangin Magnifiable-a-Magpalaki.

Page  267 MIA L 267 Magnific-a M',alaki- dakila:- marangal; ain nlag. Magnificence-n-Kadakilaan:- karilagan. M-a~iznify-v-.Magpalaki, dagdagan ibunyi; itanyag; painainin; puribin. Magn itnd~e-n-Kalikahian;kadlakilaan laki; karangalan. Magpie-n- Martinez. Mahogwiiy n-Narra tisana. Maid-n-Dalaga, alilang, babayi. Vlaiden n Dalaga. Mlaiden a Nauukol sa, dalaga..N1aidenly-a-Parang dalaga. M~aid servant-n Alilang babayi. M'ail, n Correos MNail-i-cIlagay sa, correo. Maimi 'i-Pilayin saktan bugbugin. Maimrn-aSakit kapilayaniv btigbog. Main n Lakas Main a-Unang principal. Main land-n-Lupa, malayo sa (lagat. Main spring-n- Kuerdas ng orasan. Mlain stay-n-Katulong; kupkop. Mlai ntain-v-Batahin: tumaal umalalay: itigatin: manatili, ipaglaan; ipagtangol. Maintenance n-Kupkop; abn-Ioy. pananatili- alalay. Maize n-Mais Majestic a-Mataas- dakila; marangal. Majesty-n-lKnalakilaan; karangalan; kataasan Major-a-Malaki pa. Major-n-Commnandante. Make-t-Gurnawa: yaring; gawin. Make n-Yari gawa, knyarian; pagkagawa. Maker-n-Ang gumagawa; imangagawa. Make be ieve-v-Magkonwari. Make believe a Hindi totoo konowari. Malad v-n Sakit. Mal apropos-a-Di lbagay: di akma. Malar~ia-n Sakit na lagnat at n~iki. Malaria Vialarious n Matiukol sa, lagnat at ngiki. MalIcontenit-a Mapaghasagulo; masukal ang loob galit. Male-a-Nauukol sa lalaki. Male-n-Lalaki. Mcalediction-n Tunng-ayaw; alipusta. Malefactor-n-Ang nagkasala; tawong ]In asamna, Malevolen'ta Masama. hamak. Malfeasance-n-Kasamaan; pagkakasiala. Malice-n Galit kasarnaan' gawang bastos 6 hamak. Malicious-a- Masama; bastos. hamak. Malicion ess-n-Ks samnaan; kabastosan. Mnilign-.Ra,.,,labintain-gan: masama. Malign vfBintangin; tungayawin; ura, liin. alipustainMalignaatJ-d-Masama; hamak. - M~~'NAN Malignant-n-Tawong masama. Malignity n- Kasainaan; kabastosan. M all-n-Panbayo. Mall-v-Magbayo; haynbin. Mallard-n-Patong malaki. Malleable a Makninat. Mallet n Pan bayo. IVIal practi(-e-n- Masamang pagsanay. Malpractic-e —c-Magsanay ng kasamaan. Malt, n Palay na binabad sa tubig na, in ai n it. NI ea] treat-v- L am pastan gan in;ali pu stainD. N1 cal treatment n.Tam palasan,- lam p a stangan an Mamma-n Ima- inang. Mammal-nilnyop na malaki..Mammon-n Yaman; kayamanan..VIam nioth-a- Malakingmalaki. Man-n Lalaki; tawo. Nan-v Vlamiahala. Manacle nPaugapos DA kamay. Manacle-v Gapusin ang kamay. Manage-vi M amahala; ulogin; ipatnugot; galawin: palakarin. Manag~aeble a Madalin uilogin 6 palakarin. Management-n-Pamamahala:, ulog. pala, kad Mandate it Utos. Mandatory-a-Nauukol sa utos. Mandible-n Sihang: panga. Mandrel-n Bara nA hakal. Mane, n-Kiling. Maneuver-n Paguiog; palakad. Maneuver-v Ulogin. palakarin. AMange-n-Galis. Manger-n-Kakanan n& hayopMangle-v Bugbugin. Mango-n.Manga. Mangy-a-M1~agalis. Man hood-n-Kalagayan lalaki. Mania n Kaululan. Maniac-n-Ulol. Maniac-a-Naunkol sa ulol. Manifest-a Tunay; totoo: tanyag; matifling na lobl; hindi mababago. Manifest-v-llathiala- ipakita; i tan y ag; ipabayag' ipatalastas; ipakilala; ipasabi. - Manifesto Manifestation-n-Pakita;, pahayag; tangyag. alaala;, pagtatalastas. Manifold-a- Marami. Manakin-n Tawong pandak; unanc. Manipulate-v-Mamahala; ulogin. Manipulation n Painamahala. Man kind-n-Lahat ng manga tawo. Man like a Parang lalaki. Manner-n-Tayo; kiios.- kauga~lian; ugali; anyon: bika~s; kagalanganMannerism-n- Kilos in hambog. kahambn gan -

Page  268 MAR 268 M AT Mannerly a 1Mapitagan; rnaglalan(. Mannis- a Parang lalaki. Man of war \Vapor de gnerra. Mnise n-Balay ng pastor. Mansioln- Baltay na malaki at mainain. Mlan sla;uglter t'lakaln:tay sa kapowa dahlil sa pagledlefensa Mantel n Mantel; takip. Mantilla a I'afitlon. Martyr n lMartir. Mantle v Itakip itakpan. Mantuamnaker n-Babayilngl mananahi. Manual-. Nanukol sa kamay; yari n1 kantay Manlal-n l.ibrong munti Manufacture ln Paga.wa; gawa. Manuflacture-c -(G lawa; gawa. M:anufactury- Gawaan. MiItAumiission n Pagbigay ngkalayaansa alip)in. Manulnit v Ibigny nt kalayaan saalipin. lMatire r l)n Dii ng hiayop Manure v. l'at:ttainl ang lupa. Mantsc'ript a Sulat kaimay. Maunscript n Sulat kamay. Many a M;arani Manv n-i, aranibian Map n Mapa Mapn v-Gumnawa ang mapa. Mar vSirain; labuin. lar n Sira; kalabuan. MAtrasinus-n Tisis. Marauld v-;landuit. Marble n-Martnol. Mairble-a Marmnol. Marclh, Marzo. March n Lakad paglakad. Ma'ch-v- umakad. Marchioness-n Asawa ng inarkis. Mare-n-Inahing kabayo. Margin —Gilid; gasa: hanga: ladlaran. Marginal-a-Nauukol sa gilid 6 ladlaran. Marguerite n-Margarita. Marine a-Naunkol sa dagat. Marine-n Sundalong dagat; marina. Mariner-n-Magdaragat. Mariolatry a Pagsarnba sa mahal na Vir gen. Marital a-Naunkol sa asawa. Maritime a qauukol sa dagat. Mark-n Gnlit; tad(la marka: tala; sa Alemania ay Kahlati, Mark-v-Tandaan; ilagay ni tanda; guhitiin. Marketn aBaraka: palenke; tiangi. Market-v-Magbaraka; ipagbili sa Palinki. Marline-n-ilMunting lubid. Marly-Marlaceous-a-May lalong lupa. Maroon n Kayumangi. Marquis n Markiis. Marquise n Asawa ng markis. Marriage-n -lasal; pagkkaasal balayi. Marlrilagealdle a Uiim ublrang mnagasawa Marrow n-Jtak ng buto. Marry-v Ikasal; kumasal; mnagasanwa. Marsh~-l,-l-awak, lupang Imi -,:lba at b)asa. Mars v-a-Mablalabo nIalawak. Marshal n Puno; policia. Marshal v-Avusinl; nllanmlno Mart-n Baraka; palinki; tiangi. Marten-n- Martin ez Martial-a No:uukol san militar. Mantle-n-lTaakip; p;angibabaw. Martyrldom-,n Kamatnyan ng imartir. Marvel-zn-Bagay na dakila; bagay na makamamanglba. Marvel v Ma,_,taka inamanaglia. Marvelous a Makamamanglia: magallng na lubliba Masculine a M-ascullino;naunukol salalaki. Masr hn, Pitpit Mash v Pitpitin. Mask n-Mlaska; pacnakip. Mask-n Itakpani ilagay ang nriska. Mason n Kantero; ang mag lalabra n, bato Masonry a Manga kuta 6 pader na b:ato Masque n Mask ara. Masquerade-la Sayawan panaki Ip. Masquera(le v Magtago ancg niuklia. Mass a1. l, alahatan kablilugan. Mass-v Mag ipon Uliip)On. Massacre n Kamatayan patayan Massacre v Patayin kamatayan Massive-a Malaki: mlasinsin; mnay katawan. Mast t Palo nii sasakyan. Master-n-Gimnoo; puno; panginoon Imalcs tro. Master v Supilin. Masterly a Nauukol sa panginoon:; main am, Masterpiece-n-Gawa na maran'lal. Mastery n Pagpasupil; panan alo. Masticate v-Ngumuya nguyain. Mastication-n Pangunnuya. Mat n-Ban ig Mat-v Gumawa 6 gawin ang bantig. Macth-r-Casafuego; katulad: kalaban. Match-v Tularan; tumulad. Matcltless a Walang katapat walang katulad 6 kaparis. Mate-n Kasarna; kalaguyo. Mate v Parisan. Material-a-May katawan. Material-n-Kasan gkapan, Maternal a Nanikol sa ina. Maternity-n-Kalagayang ina,

Page  269 _IEA 2,_69 5!EE Matheriatq- aN annkol sa artinletica. Meal ile nI Pan 1a11oll 1 ku iai~i Matmallmatica l a Nauukol sa artimltica Mean r-Saysayanl magrnasna imin 6 kluenlta, tillde. Matlnemetician-nl Anog Imarunon)g lmag- Menll a- llt:a k; dukll.a mnasatla IIm kuiiata Ibangsik. MIetltemartics-n-Malga kneiit. 1ean-n Kagitinan. Matinl-a-Nautkol sa utllaga. Meader. Lakad; pasiai. 5IMati~l-n lDasarl s.a umtagatlN Mealnder-'r I nknd ti) pn ),Ilot suot. lIatinee l, Kotiledlia sa linponi 1Mea iiir- Kahi:t lluatl ll; ka:savsanvani; n a Alatressn Iilihian i in m1alnIlnblot. laysav Alatrici(de — AiI natay sa snIhariin inl Aleanis-,-Yinala; kla)a yargilaan. Maitriculate -Puiiin s(k; puiiirm ti eaiien t-i. 1)itp ( ) ) ih 1. Ibi sabi in. Mlatricultion n -'a^ngpsok; p)agpirla. Meanii tiine Aleatiilile ado. Samaitalta. MatItriniiio(iil a Nllaukol sa kasaleAlen alti eti-5e iaw it- Snapaliiaiiol ito. AlMatr iloy n K1asal. easles In, Tig' las Matrix n llalvay bata Measly a a!av ti(rlla titlasin. Alatr(o n Asa\\ a; b ao ang na11amna}ila Measure Sukat; pniiat; takal. sa ballay. Measure ' Sukattin sumuknt takal in. Mattr(onl a -NaIuikol sa aisaa a6 sa ba}a. Measureless-ac- \Vlai takal 6 sukat; MaItrolize 1' Alamaihla. walantg lan-a..Matter n Sakit sustancia; kaukulan; Measuremlleit a Kasuk,'itan; sukat: takal ln aa. patrata kal. Matter-v AIaulkol Meat-n Catre; tilam. Mattinng I Ba ni,. Mechani(c n Iec inico. Alattc k Itn Piko Mechanical a. Nainkol sa mectlani(o. Mlattress n) I iiitia ri a mnalalinlot. Mehlanician 11n Ie' lcnitco. Maturate v- allingin hutminog. Mec('laics ---lKarn:iaa sa pagSieieMaturatiorn n-Pa}linog c ni'li o. Mature t Huiino()g gumulang. Mechanism n-Klasanlgkapani 11 Illakila. Mature a Magulang; hliinog Ilabait rma Medal. MedIeall lasa talliiiik Medalic aNa nrilkl sa medalla. Matu,ity-n Kaliinnugan gulang; kapana- Medallion-n Medalla. l1ullna11 Meddlle v (Tulliit makialam. Maudlin a Maulol; halos laslng Meddlesome a- Vadliwarta IapakialinaI. Maul-n Pambayo. Medial a aukl sa kalagitnaan lMaul-v Baynhin ' paluin Meldiate a Kasiping kalabi. Mausoleum n-Libinganrg mlarilag. Me'liate-v -M allagital Mauve a- - ulav lila. Mediation-2 H-'amanliaritan. 1Mauve n Kulay lila. Med ator A-Anl lialianlagit -ll tagat 1)p Maw n Sikmlura ng hayo()t. magitan. Maxilla-n-Sillanlg; panga. Medical a- Naunkol sa gamot. Maxillar Malxillary a-Nauukol sa sia sing Medicament I Gamnot. 6 panga. Medicate-v Ganmutlin Maxim-n-Punolng aral; patliugot kasa Med cation - Pag g;iamonl(t. liiban. Medic(inal-a- taukol sa galitt. Mlaximum n Kalakilakihan. Med(icilne- -Gam(ot Maximum ia Kalakilakilian. Mediocre a Knraiiwan: \ano. May n-Mayox. Meditatev Vlag wariwari mrnacyr gna May v Maka. gunam: tnagbulnyblulayin iaing wari; MAaybe ad.- Varnllil; kung sakali. mag isip isip; nma-lilaynilyin;,u Mayor-n- Presidente. namrlunal i nl. Mayoralty it Pagkal presidente Meditation-n nlaninlila; \vari )ag \'a AMaze — n-Kagulullan kalabuan; kawalan wanri. iig axos - Meditating a Mapag wari. Meze-v- l'atakahli n. Mediterranean n-, editeranio. a'e-pro. Ako Med(iun-n i alagiitlnan gitna Mead-n-Pulut at tubig. Med ey-n-Kanta; awit. MIeadlw-Mead(o-n-tParang. Meed n Ganti. Meeare a Walang taba; payat; malina. Meek-a-Maamo; mabanayad; ai'amnIg Meal n Harina; pagkain, loob.

Page  270 MIEN 270 MEW Meekness-n lkaarnloan. Meet v-Smalubolng salubungin punnuv long mvagwtipon; nmasaponig; unmabot. Mleet nt-alubtnng. pagtiponi. frleethign-Palulong, tipon. katipunan; MeetingboiisenlPahay na pinagtitiMelancholic a Malvingkot; man ininmdimn: IMelancholy a Malun~gkot inalumnbay. Ma'ancholy-n Kalungkutan kaliunbayvan; pigh'ati. Melliorate v Pagalinigin; butihin. Melliferons a-MNapulot M (-IlIif luent Miellif luos a Maptilot. Mellow a Malainbot. malasa. Mellow v Luai-nabot. Melodleon-,n Harmonica Melodions-a Mainam ulingin. Melod. it Kanta awit. Melon nt Melon, pakuian. Welt v Tunawin; tumiuuaw. Melting n-Pagtutunaw. Member n Kasali; kasama. M ember ship-n-Pagkakasaina. Membrante n Balat iua manipis. Niementon7 Alaala bigay. Menmoir it Alaala; gunamgunam. M etnorable a Maahiala, mnaranlkal. Memorandum n-Ttindaan. Memorial-a Mlaalaala. Memiorial-n D)alngal.-alaalia gunanmgunam. Memorize v Isaulo. cabesaduh in. Mem~orv-n-Alaala. Meni n-flnn~a lalaki. M enace-n-Panganib. Menace viUmabala. Mend-v lBaguhin; tutupan; hili: husayin. lMiendacious-a-Mali; sinungialing. ].eni(iacitv-ni- Ka-sinnni~alin)&anikamnalian. Mendicancy n.Pagiaptiluhi. Mendicant-n- Mamnltibi. M en d ican t -n-Pultibi. Mendici tv-n Pagkapuhibi. Meniial a Vababa; haMak. nanukol sa aIi la. I Menial n-Alila. Mensal-a-Mangyayvari sa buiian buian; buanbuan. Mensal aNauukol sa lamnesaMenses n-K apanahunan iig babayi. Menstrual a- Mangyayari sa buanbuan; nanukol sa panahton n& babayi. Menstruatev-c MainanalionMenstruation-nt Parnamanahion. Mensnrable at. Masusukatin. Meni-mral-a Nanukol sa sukat. Mensuration-n Pagsusukat. pagtatakal. Mental a 8a u-tlo hindi inasulat. Mention it Bangit. Mention-n-Bangitin; alalahanin. M entor-n-Tawong murunong. Mercantile, a-Naunkol sa pangangalakal. Mercenary a Inupahan; ruasakinm. Mercenary n Sun dalong inupahan. Merchandise n Kalakal. Merchant n Mankankalakal. Merchant-a Nauukol sa Ipankang&alak'al. Merchantable a-Mapagtinda. Merchantman-n Sasakyan. Merciful a M aawain. mahabagin - Merciless-a-Waking awa; mnabagsik. Mercurial a Maliksi; Nauukol sa azogue. Mercuty-n Azogue. Mercyn~-Awa: habag. Mere a-Malinis walang halo. M ereII7-Hanga law a. Nerge-v Isama ilubog. Meridian a Nanutkol sa katanghalian. Meridiani-n Katanglialian. Merino n-Merinio. Merino a Merino. Merit n Katapatan kabutihan;kaakmaan. M erit-v- VM arapatin - Meritorious-a-Magaling. (lakila Merriment-n Kasayahinn: tuwa; galak Iigaya. Merry a-Natutuwa mnasaya: malugod. Mesh n-M~ata ng titid 6' dala. Mesh-v-Humigit. MessnPagkain sa lamnes-a. Message-n-Bilin. telegrama; hatid kaw ad. Messenger-n IUtusan. M essiah-n Jesu Cristo; M esias. Mesieurs n Manga ginoo. Met-v imp & p p.-Sinalubong; sunmalubong Metal-n. etal. Metallic-a-iNauukol sa metal; may halong metal. Metamorphos-e v Ibahin; baguhin. M eta iphor-n-Tularan - Mete v Sukatin: takalin. Mete-n-Sukat; lakal, pan ukat. M eter-n - VI etro. Methinks-v-Tila; sa akala ko. Method-n Palakad: reglia. Methodie-Methodical-a-Nau ukol sa regla. Methodize-v Ayusin; husayin. Metric-Metrical a Nauukol sa, metrico. M etropolis-n-Bavang tin ubuian; capital. Metropolitan a Metropolitano. iMetropolitani-t-,M etropolit-ano. Mettle-n-Buhay o liksi ngk loobk: lakas loob. Mettlesonme-a-Malakas-ang loob. Mew-v-N_&unmiyaw. Mew-n-NgYivaw -

Page  271 MIL27MR '12.j i t MIR Mewi v-Um-iyak parang bata. mi-n-Mi. Mice-n Manka daga. Mlicrobe-n-Mlicrobe. Mid-a Kalahati: gitna. Mid day n Tangliali, katanglialian. Middle'n-Kagitnaana kalahati. laot. Middle a-Aing sa gitna, nasa laot. T i1ddlng 7;-Katatagaan, -alanganin.Midge-n-Langaw na mnunti. Midged-n-Unano. tawonig mutiti. Midland a-Malavo sa (lagat. Midland n-Lupang mialayo sa dagat. Midmosta-Na sa gitia Mid night-a Hatinig gabi. Mid night a Hating gabi Mid-shipman-n-Piinonlg mababa sa isanig sasakyan - Mid~ships-,adv.-Sa gitna nl siasakyan. Midst n-Gitna laot. Midst-adv.-Sa pagitan. Mid way n Kalahati D;5 dlaan. Mid way adv. Na sa kalahati ng daaui. Mid wife n Hilot. Mien-n-Hitsura; kilos. Miff-n-Galit; poot; kapootan. Might-v-Maka; marahil. Might-n-Lakas; kalak-asan. Mightily adv.-Malakaslakas. Mighty-a-NI alakas. Migrate v Ptimunta 6' magpunta sa -ibang lugar. Migration n-Eagpuiita sa ibang lugar. Migratory-a Palipatlipat. Milch-a-Mag~atas, gatasan. Mild a-Maamo. mairog, tainihimi k. NMildew-n-Amiag. Mildew-v-Maamag. Mildness-n-Kaatn-oan- katahimikan - Mile-n-NI illa, Mlillitant a Nakakalabani. Military a-Nanukol sa hukbo 6 -sa mnilitar. Military n-MIilitar.- hukbo. Militate-v-Luniaban. Militia n-Hukbo. M~ilk-n Gatas. Milk-v Gatasin. gumiiatas, Milky-a-Magatay; miay halong gatas. Mill noGilingan. Mill dam-n-Haranlgan jig tubig. Millenial-a-Nauukol sa isang libong taon. Millenari-n-Isang libong taon. Miller n-Ang ma yari n~ gilingan. Milliard-n-Isanlg libong an)gawangaw. Milling n Paggiling. Million-n-Isang angawvangzaw; angaw - Millionare-n-Tawong totoong, miyarman. Milt n Atay. M imic-a-Nakahawig guwiugad - NIimic-v-Gumnaga-d: gagarin. badvahin - Mimic-n-Ang gtimagad sa iba. Mimicker-n-Anigbum adi,-a; nrnabiiadvaiIN,. Mimiicry-n Baidva. Miniatory a Maabala. Mi nce-v-Tadtarini. Miuice meat-n-Carneig, tiiladta(1. Mind-n-Ilsip;, bait, wani; kalo ~bat akala, namnman tapang. Mind-v-Maginkat; ingkaftin bantavinl; akalain. Minided-viNakahil iig. M~indful a-MNab~ait-main,-tiiat;miasnisuiur-iin; matatandai n Minepro.-Akin. NI me-n- M mna. Mine-v-Ma giniitia Mineral-n-Nineral metal. Mineral-a-Nauttkol, sa mineral. Mingle-v Ihalo: halufin; ilaiok~ salitin. Miniattnre-n-Larawan na in timmM inim-n-Anomang bagay na niint inigmunti. Minimize v-Liitinl; unitian. Mininumn-n Kaun~ltiuntian. Minion n-Alil~a. Minish-a-Umunti: burnawtis. Minister-n Pastor alila katiwala. Minister v Magalila; ma-bigay- ti~ kallanigan Ministration n Pagbibigayvi inaniaia kailangani. Minnow-n-Isang munti. Minor n-Munti. Minor n Tawvo na wala pa sa edad nat karaninpatan - Minority-n Kauntian. Minster n Sim-rbaban ng inona-sterio. Mint n Gawaan ng salapi. Mint v Gurmawa ng salapi. Minus-a-Kiflan gMinute n Minilto. NIininte-a- Muntimngi-inti - Miuute-v Tandaan. Minx-n.-Babaying mangahas. Miracle-n-Gawa jig Dios. Miraculous a-Marangal; kamniiglitaimmgn. ha katakataka rnagaling na lublia'. Mire-n-Putik. buirak; balaho. banifik: lusakMire-n Kaburakan. Mire v-Mabalaho sa putik. Mfirk Mirkyva-Mapanglaw; niadilinit. Mirk-n-Kadilinian; kapanglaw-an. Mirror-n-Salamin - Mirth-n-Kasgavahian; tuwa: luigod; livaya. Mirthful-a-Masava; niatuttuwa, maltigod -

Page  272 M IS 27 Miry-a \labalaho: mnputik Mis adlventure-n Klasalatan: sakuna. Mis apply \ MaIa,.li sa paggganit Mis applicnti oin — K amali an sa pagganlit. Mis a)r)ehlenl v 7\tlMli:,i-; mainali sa pag(li(tilnig Mis apprehensionl n-K lrnalian 1ng pagi:l i t.Mis appropriation n-Pagaalnkin. Mis l)ehave r-NM Falikot. Mlis behavior n-Kaliarot.n kalikutan. MIis calilulate-n Mamn-ali sa pagbilang. Mis calc ulltion-v Mali ss paihilang. Misc arriage-r Pagkuntan; aga1san. Mis icarry-: Mlakulnan rnll aasan. Misel'alneous a Sari ssri Mis chance n Sawing kapi l:lran. Mlsc(anc(e- A Mnsawinz palald. Miscllief n, Ialikutan;' saima. Mischievous a Malikot. Mlis cl(ie vousnlss. Ka likutan Mi, conceive - Maulinigan Mis concept ion — K a uliiniran Mlis conduct t. Klilos na, masama Mliis conduct t v Mn rnahala na hinti taina. Mis construct r Saysayin ng tiindi tamta: Inama-li sa pa.z-sasaysav MAis costruction-n-Kanialian sa pag sasay say. Mis constriule -Mainali sa pagsasaAysay. iis count.?v MaInali sa pagbilang Miscount-n Mali sa pagbilang. Miscreant n-Tawong tmasania Miscreant-a lMasamIIi: lianak. bastos Mis date v-Manlali sa paglalagay n fe(cha Misdate-n Mali sa paglalagay nan tfe ch a Mis deedl-n Kilos na niasanla; kasala nan Mis leamen-v Klumilos na masania; Inmag kasala. NMis dct,leaTlor n Sala: kasalanan. Misd irect-v Ituro ng hindi tama. Mis directioln n-Pagttuturo nang h3indi ta 1lla. Misd(o- (iatwin ng llindi taina. Misdtoer n Tawong may kasalanan. Miser n 'I awong mnasakim 6 rmaramot. Miserly a Moraniot; inasakim. Miserable-a Malungkot hamak: aba. Misery - Kahirapan hirap. kasalatan; kasaliwivaanl; karuklhaan. Misfit a Di bagay. Mis fortune n Sawing kapalaran. Mis fortunate-a-K ulangpalad; sawing pa lad. Mis give v-Magduda: magagam agam na loob. MIS Mis giving nDuda againagam na lob. Mis gotten a Falso ang pagkamit. Mtis govern v iMainmahla 6 imainnin( ng masamai. Mis gover-ment w Pannllmahala ng falso 6 mniasainn NMis guidance nt-Pagturo nl hinli tanla. Mis guide v Ituro sa.l inli tama. Mishap n Kakulanga n ng paladl klasa liwaan ng kapalaran. Mis inforlm v Tpntalstast ang hindi tamia. Mis interpret v Magkamali. Mis interpretation n Mali sa pagssaysav Mis judLte v ilMamnali; huag tarnaan. Misjudlgment n. Mali; kainalian. Mis mIanlage- Mlamahlala ng masatma ' falso. M/is managnlemfent n-Kapalsohan ng pamain aliala. Mis name-v-bahin ang ngalan Misplace-v Ilagay sa hindi, karampatan lugar Mis placement n-Paglalagay sa hindi ka ramnpatang lugar. Mis pronounce v Sabihin ng pautal. Mispronuincl iaitioi-n Mlali sa pagsabi Misrule-v Mamalala 6 maghari na di ayon sa katowiran. Misrulen-Kabagsikan nang pag gogo bierno. Miss-n Dalaga binibini. Miss-n- aktaw: mali. Miss-v-Ilakaw; mawala sunala. Miss al-n Libro ng misa. Mis send v Mamali sa pagpadala Misshapen a Masamang hitsura. Missile n Kasangkapang panghagis. Mission n-Bilin; dahilan. Mis sive-n Sulat na rnaikli: bilin. Mis spend-v Musawin 6 isabog ang pag aari. Mis statement n-Kamalian sa pagsasay sav Mist-n-Angi ambon. Mist-v-Umnangi; umambon.,lMistaken-v1 Namali; mali. Mistake- -Mamlali. Mistake n-Mali; kamalian. Mistatev- Mamali sa pagsasaysay. Mister-n-Ginoo. Mis treat v lumapastangan Mistress n Babayi kalunya. MIis trust n Duda. Mis trust v Magduda. Mis trustful-a-May duda. Misty-a-Ma aambon. Mistiness-n Ambon; angi. Mis understand v Maulinigan maianali pagdinig.

Page  273 MOL 2 73 MOP Mis under st-anin~ig n-Kaulinigan; gailit, kagyalitan: pagtatalo. Mis use-v-H amakin. salbalbiin. 'Mis use-n-Pagpalhamaik. Mite n-Bagtiy na inunti. -Miter-n Gorra nk arsobispo. Miter v-ldugtong Mititage v Luinarnbot. maawa. MHitigrationi n Awa lambot. Mix v-Jhalo bialuin ilabok ibabiog. Mixture n Kabialo paig laliok:- lalo, la liok; pagkakalbalo. Mizzen-a- Kaultibimililihan - Mizzle-v Umaanbon: utnangi. Mizzle n Ainbon, angi. M.,oani v Hum alinghing. MNoan n Hialinghhig. Moat n-Sangka. Mob-n-Buniton n~ tawo. M..obile-a Magalaw. Mobility-n Pa'g galaw; galaw. Moccasin n Sapatos 6' sinelas n& Indio Americano. Mocba-n-Bayan sa Arabia. Mocbia n-' afe nangaling sa Arabia. Mock-v-Gagarin gumagad. badyaliin. Mock n.Badya uyam. Mock-a Mabadva hindi totoo konowari. Mockery n Pagbabadya: uyarn; libak: upasal a Mode-n 1Paraan; asal; lhitsura; kauigalian; lagay; palakad. M~odelin-Halimbawa; h uwaratn: tularan. Moderate a- Mabai t ban ayad: maii nahon. M'Noderate-v-Husayin baguhirt. Moderation Kabannyaran bait kabaitan hinabion tining na loob. Modern a-Bago: mura. Modernize-r-Baguhin. Modest a-Mabait; banayad; nmabini; maingat. Modesty-n Bait, kabaitan; kabinian; timtimn; kalinisan. MNodify-v-Ba.nhi~nI husayin. Modification n Pagkabago; paghusay; kahuisayan. M4oh-air-n Bal-ahibo ng kanibing. Moiety n Aug kalahati- kagitna. MJoist-a Basa. Moisten-v Basain. Moisture -nHarnog. Molar a Nauukol sa bagang. Molai-n Bagang. Molasses n-Pulot: 'inuivat. Mold WAmag. Mold v Umamnag. Molding n Marko. Molder-v Magine alikiabok. MNoldy a Maarnag. Mole v-1-umnukav. M olest-v- Abalahin; umiabala; magtnolestia; mubufin payamutin. Mole~station-n Abala; muhi; yamnot. M7obIi fication -n- Kylatubutan. iI\Iollifv v Lamnbutin.; lumanibot. Moltvo alugas ang bubok. Molten a Nattinaw; lusaw; tunaw. AMoment- nDali kisap my ta; bigathalaga. Momentary a Hindi pirmne. Momentarily-a'hv-Sa b awat isang (bali. Mlomento-)n Aboala. Momentous-a-M-abigat mnahalaga. Mlomentum-n-Bilis tulin 'la kas. Monareh-n-Puno; hari monarca. Monarchal-a-Nanukol sa bari. Monajrclhyn-Kalharan Monastery-n Convento.. M~onastic a-Nauukol sa convento. Manday-n-Luines. M"onietary-a-Nanukol sa sabapi..vlonlgol-Mongolian-n-Insik, Iapon. Monvolian a-Nauukol sa Tnsik. Monition-n-Pan&garal; bababa. Monitor-n-Ang nagtutnuro. Monk-n Monje. Monkey-n-Ungo. Monkey-v-Magbiro. Monogamy-n-Klasal; pagkakasal. Mon opolize-v-Kunin ang lahat; ariin ang lahat. Nvtonoton ouis-a-Masasawa;rnasusu~klaman - Mon soon-n-Bagyo. Mlonster-n-Bagay na totoong malaki; HayopMonstrous-a-Katakot takot; kakilakilahot. M ontli-n-Bu an. Monthly-a-Buanbuan: balang buan. Monthly-nPahayagsn na lumitawi minsan sa bawat buan. Monthlv-adv.-Sa buanbuan; buanan. Monum~ent-n- Monumento Monumental a Natiukol sa monurnento. Moo n.Iyak ng baka.; un~a.Mood -n-Lagay ng isip. Moody-a-apMootinMNoon-n-Buan sa lan~it. Moon light n Liwanag ngr buan. Moon shine-n-Sinag nk buan. Moor-n Lawak yaong taga Africa. Moor v Sumayad ang sasakyan. Mooring n-Pundulhan. Moorland-n Lupangmnalawak6rnabalaho Woory a Malawak, nmabalaho. Moot v-Mangatowiran, intgsalitaan. MNoot-n Pangangatowiran. Mop n Pangisis. Mop-v1 magisis Mopishi a-baliw: tamnad.

Page  274 MOU 24 U 274 MUL Moral a Nauukol sa kauigalian. Moral n Talinhaga. Morality n Kalinisan; puri. Morass-n-Lawa'k. Morbid a.Nakababagot; sira ang isip. Mordant a-Mapait; masaklap. More-a-Lampas; lubha:, lalo. More adtv.-Lubhang; lalong. More over adv. Bukod pa sa ito. kuk6d; lampas pa rito. Morn Morning-n Umaga. Morn-Morning a Umaga. Morocco-n Katad na fino. Morose-a-Matig~as ang ulo; nrmasungit; bastos. Morphia Morphine n-Extrcto de Apian. Morrow n Samakalawa. Morsel-n-Pirasong munti. Mortal-a-Masupil sa katnatayan: magkakamatay. Mortal n Tawvo. Mortar-n Almires; dikdikan. Mortgagen n-Sangla. Mortgage v-Isangla. Morigage-i' Isangla. Mortification-n Hiya; kapiglhatian. Mortif v-v -1ahiya, bagabagin. Mortise n-Rabo. Mortise-v Magrabo. Mosaic n Palamote. Mosaic a-Nauukol sa kay Msises. Mosquito n-Lamok. Mosquito-net-n- Kularnbo. Moss-n- Lumot. Motas-V- Maglumot. Mossiness n-Pagkalumot. Mossy- aMalumot. Most-a-Karamiramihan. Most adv.,-Karamiramihan. Mostly adv.-H-alos lahat. Mote-n-Pirasong munti. Moth-n Tanga. Moth eaten-a May tang-a. Mother n-Ina. Mother a Natural; dati. Mother hood-n-Pagkaina;, kalagayan mna. Mother in-law-n Bienang babayi. Motherless-a-Ulila sa mna. Motherly a Nanukol sa mna. Motherly-adv.-Parang ina. Motion-n-Kilos: galaw. Motion-v- Kawayin - Motionless-a-Walang kilos; walang kibo. Motive-n-Dahilan; pinagmulaan; pinagbuhatan. Motley-a-Sarisaring kulay. Mottle-v-Manmansa. Motto-n-Patnugot. Mould-n-Marka. Mount-n-Bundok. Mound-n-Pugpog; gulod. Mount-v-Umakyat; umahon; punianhlik, sumalunkat. Mounting n Pagakyvat - Mountain-n-Bunudok. Mountain-n Nauukol sa bundok. Mountaineer-n-Tawong taga bundok. Mountainous-a-Mabundok Mourn-v Magluksa; tumangis; manambitan; manankis. Mournful-a-Malungkot: malumbay: mapanglaw. Mourning,-n-Luksa: panambitan. Mouse-ni-Daga - Mouse-v Hulihin ang (laga. Mouse hole-n lButas na ginawa ng (laga. Mouse trap-n-Panghuli ng (laga. Mouth n-Bibig. Mouth-v-1lagay sa bibig. Mouthful-n-Kagat. Move v Kumilos.- gunmalaw; baguhfin; hi - mipat.- galawin. kilusin; ilipat. Movement n Kilos; galaw. Moving n Paggalaw. kilos. Mow-n Taguan 6 sisiglan n;, (ayalni 6 damung tuyo. Mow-v Gapasin; gumapas. Mower n Pangapas. Mr. n-Ginoo. Mrs -n-Binibini. Much-a Marami. Much n Karaimihan. Much a-Maraming Mucilage-n andikit; pagkit. Mucilaginous-a Pagkit- malagkit. Muck n-Pusali; putik; balaho. Mud-ri-Putik balaho-pusali burak;banlik Mud-v-Pumutik; bumalaho. Muddle-v Guluhin: labuin. Muddile n Gulo- kapurolan. Muddy-a-M'abalaho. maputik: maburak; mabanlik Muddy-v-Pumutik; labuin. Muffin-n-Torta. Mug n-Tasa. Muggy-n Basa. Mulatto n Mestiziong negro. Mulch n-Dayaming bulok. Mulct n-Multa. Mulct-v-Multahin: magmulta. Mule n-Mula.- kabayong mula. Muleteer-n Cochero ng mula. Mulish aNauukol sa mula. Mullet n BumbuanMultiped-n-Hayop na marami ang paa. Multiplication-n-Pagdadami; pagmurnultiplicar; pagpaparami. Multiply v-Magintltiplicar pararnihin. Multitude-n-Kakapalan, nF, tawo- bunton nk tawo.

Page  275 NAR Multitudinous a-Makapal; malaki. Mum —a-Tahimik; walang kibo. M~um Wintr Huag. M~umble-v-Umimik. Mum ble-n- I mik. Muminy-n-bangkay ng tawo na hindi mabubulok. Mump v-Umankil; dumaing. Mumps n-Baiki. Munch-v-Kumain; nkuyain. Mlundane aNauuihol sa lupa. Municipal a-Nauuikol sa municipio. Municipality-n Municipio. Munificence-n, Kagandang ng loob. Munificent a Magandan~g kalooban. Munition-n-Kasangkapang panlaban. Murder n-Patayan; pag patay, matay. Murder-v-Pumatay. patayin. Murderer-n-An g nakamatay; ang natay sa kapwa. Murderess n Babaying nakamatay. Murderous-n- Makamamatay. MurKy-a-Malabo: mapanlaw. Murmur-n-Imik: bulongbulongan; hinanakit; himutok; dabog. Murmur-v Dumabog; umimik; maghimutok. Muscle n-Lakas; litid. Muscular a Malakas; mnaahtid. Muse-v-Magwariwari: magkuro; magdilidili:- magisi pisip. Muse-n-Pagkuro; wani; pagdidilidili. Mush n-L~ugaw. Music n Musica. Musical a-Nauukol sa mnusica. Musician- n-Musico. Nab-v Kunin: dampotin. Nabob-n-Tawong mayaman. Nag-n-Kabayo. Nag-v-Ttiksuhin; manukso. Nail n-Pako. Nail v Pumako: pakuin. Nailer n Aug muamamako. Naked-a-Hubat: hubo; walang damit. Name n-Ptankalan ngalan. Name v Mngnkankalang. Nameless-Walang pankalang. Namely adv. Sunodsuniod. Name sake n- Kankalang. Nap-n-Siesta tulog sa tanghali. Nap-v Magsiesta; matulog. Nape-n- Vatong. Napkin-n-Servilleta. Narcotic n Paiigpatulog. 7 ~~NAT Musket-n-Baril. Musk-melon-n-Melon. Muslin-ti-Frenela; musilina. Musquito-n-Lamok. Muss n Gulo, kaguluhan. Muss-v-Gululiin - Must a Dapat marapat. Mustachie-n-Balbas sa nguso; bigote. Mustang-n-Kabayong munti at matigas ang ulo. Mustard-n-Mustasa; kiluwa. Muster nPagtipon ang sundalo. Muster n-Magtipon ang sundalo. Mutable-a-Makapapalit Musty-a-Maaniag. amagin; laoni. Mutation-n-Pagpalit. Mute a-Tahimik- walang kibo. Mute n Tawong pipe. Mutilate v Sirain; pilayin. Mutilation-n-Pagsira: pagkapilay. MutuiousalIbig lumaban sa puno. Mutiny-n Pag alsa ng manga magdaragat laban sa kanilang puno. Mutiny-v Lumaban sa puno. Mutter-n-Imik. Mutter-v-Umimik. Mutton-n-Karne ng tupa. Mutual-a Magkaayon: magkaisa. Mutuality n Pagkakaayon. Muzzle-n-Bibig ng baka. Mypro -Akin; ko. Myriad a-Isang laksa. Myridom-n-Tawong bastos. Myself-pro.-Aking sarili; sanili ko. Mysterious a-Lihim; malalim. Mystify-v-Ipalihim. Mvth-n-Kuento; awit. Narrate-v-Magbalita; magsaysay; salay. sayin magsabi. Narration n-t-alaysay, balita; kuento. N arrative-n Balita. kuento; kasaysayan; salaysay. Narrow-a-Makitid; makipot. Narrow v Kumipot; kumitid. Narrow-n Kakiputun; kakitiran. Nasal-a-Nauukol sa ilong; humal. Nastiniess-n-K asukalan: kasalahulaan; libag; dunkis; dumi; karurnihan. Nasty-a-Marumni; niarungis; malibag; salahula. N atal-a-Nauukol sa kapanganakan - Nation nSang katawolian; nacion. National a-Nauukol sa sang katawolhan; 6 nacion. Nationality-n-Pagkat aiv o.

Page  276 NEF 27(6 N EW Native a Nanukol sa, kapaiiganakan. Native n-l awo. Nativity-n. Kapanganakan. Natty a Makinis; inaganda. Natural-a Katutubong hilig. Natural-n-Tawotig uilol., Nature n-Panahon; u mali; gawi. Naught-n Wala walang anomian. Naught adv.-Wala. Naught a WVrla. Naughty-a Masa ma: maharot: malikot-. Nausea n Alibadhad; suya kasulklanian. Nauseate v Masuya sukainain. N auseous-a Nakaaal ibad bad; nakasusuk lanm; inasukiamin. Nauitical a,N'auukol sa tubig. Naval-a Naiunkol sa, tubig. Nave nLoob nk simbahan. maso. Navel-n Pusod ng katawan. Navigable a-Makararaan ang sasakvan. Navigate v Lumanyag. Navigation-n-Pag layag. Navigator-n-Ang lumalavag, Navy -n-Manjia sasakvang panl ab.an - Nay adv. I'litidi; wala. Near-ad.- Malapit kasama; kasi ping. Near a Kalapit: kasiping. Near v Lumapit. Nearly Mvdv-Halos. kumnulang sil. Neat a Malinis; mainam; dalisay; mnarikit; wagas. Neat-n M;Za baka.Neat-a Nauukol sa baka. Neatniess-n-Kainainan:, kaliiiis-an. karlkitan. Neb n Ilong.- IIO-uso Necessary-n- Kailangan. Necessitate-a Magkaroon ang kailan~an. Necessitous a Kailankan.Necessity-n Kailangan. Neck n-Luig Neck lace-n-Kuiintas. Neck tie-n-Corbata. Necrology-n-Pagtatanda sa maniga nanangainamatay. Necroniancy-n-Pagtatanda sa imanga nanaaumaniat-ay. Necropolis-n-Pantion. Need-n-K ailan~an: kakulangan.Need-v-Magkailangan. Needful a- Kailangan - Needless a Walang kailahgan, hindi kaihankan. Needle-n-Karavotm. Needle woman -n-BIabaying mlananiahi. Ne'er adv.- Kailanman; kahi't ka-ilaninan. N eedy a Kailan~ai; salat, inahi rap; mt-aralita. Nefarious-a-Masania; hamak; nakahihi va. Negation n Pagkakaila; tatangihan; pagtatalikuran. Negative a-Magkaila. Negative n-N atangihian: pagkakaila. Negative v Talikuran; magkailIa. Neglect-v-Malimutin: miagpabava; pabayaan; mnao, lingat.Neglect n. apabayaan; kataniaran; pag limot. Neglectful-a-Malilimiutin, pabaya; mnalinkat, Neg~ligpence n Kapabayaan; katamaranDNegligent a Malingat, pabaya, tamad. N\eglige~ntly-adv.-Pagayonigayon. Negotiate v Magsafitaan: magnegocio. Negotiation-n- Pagnenegocio. Negress n-Babaying negro. Negro n Negro. Neigh, v Hun-uni arig kabavo. Neigh n-Huni ng kabayo. Neighbor-n-Kapit bahay; kapwa mongr tawo. Neighbor v Lumdpit sa. Neighborhood 7t Lugar na inala pit. Neighboring a Malapit; kalapit; karatig. Neither-a Alin mnan ay wala. Neithier-conj. -Wala. Neophyte-n-Ang bagong -nagaaral; ha (Yong. binylagan. Nephew-n-Pamnanking lalaki. Nerve-n-Litid; lakas tapang; ugat. Nerve-v Tumapang. Nervine a Mlalitid. Nervine-n-(3amot sa mianga litid 6} ugat. Nervous-a-Latiran: Ilervioso. Nest n- Pugad; salay. Nest v-Magpugad. Nestle v Magpugad; turnahan. Nestling, n Ibon na rmunti. Net n Lamnbat kitid; panti-: bitang; balatik. Net-v Mangitid.- marnanti. Net-a Malinis; fuera ang gastos. Nether-a-Na sa ilalim; sa loob. Nether most aKailalirnan; kalooblbooban. Nettle n Lipa. Nettle-v-Guluhin - Neuralgia nSakit nk inan ia ugat at litid. Neuter-a-Neutro. Neutral a Alanganin; neutro. Neutrality-n-Katahimikan. Neutralize v-Tumnahimik. Never-ada.-Kailan man; kahi't kaibanman; kailan man av hindi. Never the less-adv.-Datlapuia't. New-a-Bago; sariwa,. i

Page  277 NO' 277 News n Balita; niiga balita. News nionger n-Ang nagtitinda nI mia, pahayagan. News paper-n-Pahayagan; diario; (dahon. Newt n utiki tuko. Next a Kasunod; kalapit. Next adv. KasunodI sutimuunod Nib n Dulo ng p luma. Nib v Ituro. Nibble-v Kumaii ng untiunti. Nibble n-Muitting kagat. NiceaMaiuanl maganda; Iltarikit masarap. Nicety-n ainaman; karikitan; ganda. Niche n Sulok. Nick n-Bingaw. -Nick v Buminguaw. bingawin. Nickel n-lagol tansong puV i. Nick nack n Bagay akakaunitianglialhia Nick name-n Bansag; lit; paiiiagat. Nick name v-BHansagin Inaglbaisag. Niece-n Pamangking babayi. Niggard-n T'awong maigot. Niggard a Maigot, dukha; maraimot. \iggardly a-Maigot; salat: duklia. Nigh a Mlalapit; kalapit. Nigh adv.-Malapit. Night nl Gabi. Night fall-n ()rasion. Niglhtgown n-l)amit na giingaliait sa gabi. Nightly a (abigabli. Nightly adv. Gabigabi. Night mare-n Bangngllot. Nihil n Kawalan. Nihility n-Kawalan. Nimble a Maliksi. masigia mlatluli; maagap n;ldali. Nimbleness n Kaliksilian; agal, liksi; tulin Nine-v Siyam. Nine a Siy aml. Nine fold a Siyam na dulle. Nineteen n Labingsiam. Nineteen a I abingsiam. Nineteentlh-a-lka labing siam. Nineteenth tn-Ang ikalabing siyam.t Ninety n Sialll na puo. Ninety a Siam na puo. Ninetieth a Ika siam nat puo Ninetieth-n-Ang ika siamn na puI. Ninth a-Ikasia lm. Ninth n Ang ikasiam. Ninthly-adv.-Sa ikasiai. Nipv unimrot kurutin. Nip-n-Kurot Nipper-nSipit na munti. Nipple n Suso; utong Nit-n-lt!og ng lwanip. No-adv. Hindli: wala. NOR Nobility n-Kadakilaan; karangailan ka bunyian; kabantugan; kadilagan Noble aMarilag; miarangal; bunyi; lakila bantog: bayanii. Noble n-'Ta-ong dakila. Noble manll- n Tawong dakila, 1io body-n-Wala sinoman. Nocturnal a Nauukol sa gabi. Nod-v Yumuko ivuko; umnuko; batiin. Nod -nUko vukod: bati. Nlode-n- Buh}l. Nodal-N odular-a-Nauukol sa buhol, mabuhol. Nodule n-Bluhol. Noise-n-Gulo. ingay; tunog. Noise-v-Mag gulo; Imag maingay. Noiseless-a Tahimik, walang gulo. Noiselessness-n Katahimnikan. Noisiness-nl,-Kaguluhan; inay. Noisyr-a-Mainlay; magulo. Nolmad-n Tawo na walang bahay 6 tinitirahan na pirne. Nomad-a Malikot; hampas Ilupa. Nonminal -Nauukol sa, Inga ngallanlg. Nonlinate-v-Ihalal, pumili. Nomination-n-Paghahalal. Nominative a-Nauukol sa nigalan. NJonage-n- abataan. Nonlagenariai-u-llfawo na 1ma siant Ino puong taon inia gulang. Non attenltance n-Kawalan. Nondescript-a l)i pa sinaysay; di masavsa. di masabi. N one a wala None )ro Aioman ay wala; wala sino Illall. man. Nonentity-n-Kawalan; tawong wvalang kabululian. Noni existence n Kawalan. Non payeet-n Katkulangan ng tagbavad. No iseiise-t -Kiaulultan kakulanain ing bait; kanmangl angan; kaungasai; salitang hunglhang. Nonsensicalt-a-Maulol; walang kallluhal. Noodle-n Misiw. Nook n Sulok Noon-a Katanglhalian, tangliahi. Ncon a ianghialian. Noon day-n Katanghalian. Noon (day a Tamghali. Nooning-n Pagpaaliuga sa katanghahlalian. Noon tide-n-Katanglhalianl tanghali. Noose-n Silo. Noose —Silui l. - Nor conj. - ii.ndi ri-., Normnal a I)ati,v aon: say- knttlwiral:n Nolrnal schlool-tn Kscuele no1-ial.

Page  278 NOV 278 NYM iNorse n-Taga Norwega. iNorman n-Taga Norwega. Norse man n-iaga Norwega. 'orth-n-Hilagaitn. North a Hilaga. North v -Mg-punta 6' ipadala sa hilagaan. Norther-n Hankin nangaling sa hilagaan: balas. Northerly a Hilagaan. 1~orthei-ly adv Sa gawing hilaga. Northen a Hilaga. North ener n Taga hilaga. Northern most-a Malayo sa bilagaan. Northward iNorthwards-adv. Sa gawing hilaga; patungo sa hilagaan. Northeast n Habagat. North eastern a Habagat. Nose-n Ilong; uguso. Nose v-Makialam. Nose bleed-n BalaunAyDngo. Nostril-n Butas ug ihong. Not atdv.-Hindi. Notable-a-Halata: mahalata, Notably adv.-Mahalata. Notary n Notario. Notch-n-)kit; bingaw. Note-n Sulat; tanda; nota. Note v Taudain; talastasin: halatain. Notebook n- Librong tandaan. Noted-a-Bantog bunvi; mabalita. Note worthy-a Dapat purihin. Nothing-n-Wala. walang ano man. Nothing-adv -Wala. Notice-n Pahayag- paunawa. N otice-v- Humalata; magmnasdan; pansin; makita. I N oticeable a Mapapansinin- mahalata. Notification-n Pahayag; balita; panna. wa. Notifiy-v-Ipatalastas: i pahay ag, ibalita. Notion n- Akala; isip; aug inisip: wani; pagwawari; gunamngunam: pakana. Notoriety n-Kabalitaan- kabanuttgan. Notorious a Mabalita; bunyi. Not witb s;tanding adv.-Datapuia't; nkn ni't. Not. witlis tandIing-_prep.. Datapua,t; nkuni't Noughit-n Walang apio man. Nouight, ad-v Wala. Nouin naNombre. sustantivo. Nouristhiv-Pakanin: magpalago. ''ourisbiment-n Pagkain; ikinabubuhay. Novel-a-Marilag: bago. Novel n.Novela; awit. Novelty-n-Pankingiba: kaibhan. November-n Noviembre. Novice- nAng bagoug nagaaral. Now-ad~v.- Nkayon, Now adays abv.-Sa panahon ng-ayon. Now-and-then Maminsan minsan. N oway-N oways -adv. Sa anomang paraan ay hiudi. No where ad. Kahit suan. Noxious-a- Makasisira. Nozzle-n- Nguso. Nucleate a-Mabutil. Nocleus n Butil. Nude a-Hubo: hubad; walang dam-it Nudge-n-TIulak. Nudge v Maniko tulakin nk siko. Nudity-'n Kahubuan; kahuburun. Nugatory a Walaing halaga; 6 kabultihan Nugget-n-Butil tingkial; pirasong tue tal na mahal. N uisan ce-n-K inasusuklam an. Null a Walang kabuluhan. Nullification-n Kawalan naug kabuluw han. Nullify v-Pawalan ug kabuluhan. Numb a Namamahid. Numb v Mamamahid Number n-Bilang niimero Number-v-Bumilang bilauginl. Dumberless-a-Di mabilang. Numeral q Naunkol sa kabilangan. Numeral n Bilang: numero Numerable a Makabibilang Numerally adv -A you sa bi lan g. Numerate-v-Bum ilang. bilaugin. Numeration n Pagbil iug kabilaugan. Numerator-n Taga. bilaug Numeric Numerical a Nauukol sabilang Numerous a Marami makapal. Num skull n Ulol; tawong hindi marunong;, tawong mapurol aug isip. Nun n Monja. N uncupati ve-Nuncupatory-a- Di nakasui lat: sinabi lamang Nunnery nBahay ng ntga mouja. Nuptial a Nauukol sa kasal. Nuptials n Kasal- balayi. Nurse n Magsisiwa; taga iwi ug bata. Nurse v-Mag iwi. Nurseling nBata; saungol. Nurture-,n-Pagsisiwa; pug iiwi; pagtuituro. Nurtnre-v-Magiwi; magtu-io. Nut-n-Bito. Nut v-Magbito. Nutant a-Nakayuko. Nut meg-n-Anis mascuda. Nutrient a-May sustancia. Nutriment-n Sustancia. Nutritious-Nutritive- a N auukol. sa pagkain; ikinabubuhav: mabuti. - Nut shell-n-Balat ug buto. Nymph in-Duende; tianak, nuno.

Page  279 OBS 279 OCT 0) Oakurn-n-Yimot; gulot. Oar n Gaod: sagwan. Oar v Sumagwan: gumaod. Oars man-n-Ang sumagw-an 6 gumaod. Oath n Sumpa, tungayaw; Obduracy n- Katigasan nk ulo. Obdurate-a Matigas ang ulo; suwail, Obdurateness n Katigasan nk ulo. Obedience-n Katuparan, kagalanpan. Obedient-a Masusunurin, rnapagbigay loob; rnagalang. Obeisance-n- Katuparani;pagbibigavloob. OIbese-a-Mataba na lubha. o beseness-n- Kaabaan. Obesity-n- LKatabaan. Obey-v-Sumunod;, pintuhuin: tuuallima; tumupad sa utos sumuuod. Obfuscate-v-Padiliiuin: Obit n- Kai-natayan. Obituary-n-Pahayag tungkol sa nanga-, matay. Obituary-a-Nauukol sa nang-amatay. Object-n-Patun ko; dahiltn; pakay; pinagusapan; salitaan. Object-v-Lurnaban; umayaw; isalangsang; salung-atin: hutab pumayag. Objection-n Salangsankan; pintas; kaayawan. Objectionable-a-May pintas. Objective-n-Dahilan; pinagtutungyuhan. Oblate-a-Pudpod. Oblation n-Alay. Obligate v Pilitin:. purnilit. Obligation-n- -~ atungkulan. Obligatory a Kailang-an. Obligce-v-Pilitin; pigipitin. Obliging-a-Masunurin; malhinbin. Oblique-a Malialang; hiwas. Ob ique-v-Ipahalang; ihapay. Obliquity n-1 agkahapay; hiwas. O'bliterate-v Lipulin: burahin; gibain. Obliteration n Pagbura; kabursban: kalipulan. Oblivion -n Kadilirnan; pagkalimnot. Oblivious-,ta Madilim; malilimutin. Oblong a Talohaba. Obloquy n-Alibugha; alipusta. Obnoxious-a-Makayayamot. Obovate-a-Hitsurang itlog. Obscene a-Malibog; mabalay: inaruimi. Obscenity n Kalibugan: kahialayan. Obscuration-n-Kadi liman. Obscure a Malabo., madilim; in1apanglaw. Obscure-v-Padilimin; duinniirn; lumabo; palabuin. Obscureness-Obscurity-n Kalabuani; dilim kadilimana. Obs~equeouis —a-Mi~apagli ngkturati. Obsequy-n-Responso - Observance nMasid. katuparan; pag masid: paguusisa; kabaitan; bait. Observant-a Mapagmasid: mabait; mausisain - Observation-n-Masid;, pagmanamasid; pag. uusisa% Observatorvn-Observatorio. Observe-v Usisian; masirain; rriagmasid; magmasdan: malasin. Observing a-Mapagmasid. Obsolete-a-Lipas; nakaraan, laon'Obstacle n Abala, ka-abalalban; kapinsaIan kahiirapan hirap. Obstinate a Sowail: matigas aug nilo; masowayin. Obstinacy-n-Katigasan ng ulo. Obstreperous-a-Magulo, malikot. Obstruct v Abalahin~ harangin; pasdlin - pigilin; sadhaii; puinio-il. Obstruction-n-Abala, lharang; bood; kah irapan. Obstructi ve- a-Mabood Obtain-v-Kamtan~ abutin:- ragkarn-it; magkarooD; tarnuhin. Obt ainable-a-Makaabot:- sukat: kamitan. Obtrude v Makialarn- surnabat. Obtrusion-n-PakialaianObtrusive a Mapakialarn. Obtuse,-a-Mapurol; pulplol; salsal. Obviate v Ilagan. Obvious-a Maliwanag; malinaw. Occasion-n-Dahilan; panahon. Occasional-a-Maininsanini nsan Occident-n alunuran, pag Iubog. Occidental a (.Gawing kalunuran. Occiput-n-Likod nk ubo.- - Occult-a-Tago; lihiin; di nakikilala. Occupant n Ang nakalugar. Occupation-n Gawa- hanap buhay. Occupy v-Makalugar gamnitin. Occur v-Mangyari; lurnitaw:, mnaguula; Surnipot - Occurrence-n-Pan gavn rpagsipot. Ocean-n- Dagat. Oceanic-a-Nauukol,;a dagat. Octagon-n-Babay na may; w,1long paniulukan.

Page  280 OLD 280.Ofl?, Octagonal a Nauukol sa bagay na may walong panulukan. Octano~ular aMay walong pan ulukan. 4}ctennial a Naunkol sa luat nA walong taon. October -n-Otubre Octuple a Makawalong (lInble. Ocular a Nanukol sa inata Oe~nlist-n-AMangiagamot n& mata. 0(1( a Gansrtl; iba;- walang kaparis.Oddity n Kaibh~an. Odds-n-Patong differencia. Ode nVerso; can ta; awit Odions-a-Mlaoacralitin, nagairalt. Odium-n-Galit; tanim na. lobl. Oder-n-Amoy pabanko. Odorous-Odoriferous-a Mabango. O'er prep Sa ibabawY; sa, itaas. O'er-adv.-Sa ibabaw sa itaas. Of-prep,-Nang; sa; ni; sa cay. nila. Of f -adi, -Malayo. Off prep. Sa d i sa. Off a Kalayolavoan. Off inter. Layas alis,. Of fal n Laman sa loob. Offend-v Mlagkasala; pagalitin vaimutin; mnanainpalasan. O)ffense-n-Sala; kasalanan alipusta:- ka paslangan, katampalasanan. Offensive a Ilamak;nmasama; maalipusta' Offer nAlay: alok, pan ata; hiayin. Of fer-v-Ialok; Waay; maghayin. Offering-n-Pa..alay; pag.alok. Off hand-adv.-Ngavon. din; mnadali. Of fice it Oficina. Officcr n-Puno; official. Officer-ii-Mamuno. Official a Oficial. Offici al-n-Ptino. Officiate-v-MamnnnoOfficious a Masipag, masikap. Officiousness-n Kasipagan; hiasikapan. Offing-n-Laot ng dagat; layo nmaglimiat sa pangpang. Offish a Mauilol loco. Off set-a Matimbanain; turnapat. Offspring n-Lahi: mnang-a anak at mna Po. Oft-Of ten-avd. -Madalas; towitowi na. Often times- Of times-adin. Madalas. Oglle-'v-Magmnasdan; magmnata. Oh inter.-Aba; nakti. Oil n-Gas; langis. Oil v-Pahiran nA langis; langisin. Oil cloth-n-Tapete. Oily a Maflangim. Ointmnent-n-lbuhios anog laugis sa, uPo. 01(1-a Matanda; laon; luma; - nagulang, ubanin; dati. O)ldcn-a-1)afting; niatanmIdamm m Oldish a-Matanda nk kauniti. Oid maid-n-Dalagang mat anda. Wlaster n-Puno ng olivas. Olfactory a-Nauukol sa aDIoy. Olive n Oliva. Omelet-n-Tinor-tas na itlog. Omen a hula; tandaOmnen-' Hnmula. Ominous-a Namukol sa hula 6 tands. Onuit-v-llaktaw' laktawin maiwan; malimutin ligtaan Omumissible-a-Makalilimot Oimmiss~ion n Laktaw kalimnutan. Omnipotence n Kapangyarihan:I kakapa l an. Omnipotent a Makapal; makapangyayari; maalam n& lahat - Oinnisciene'en-Karunungaii sa lahat. Omnniscient-a-Marunong sa lahat ng manga, bagay. On prepj Sa; sa ibabaw. Once adv. Minsan. At-once.-N~gayon dI in. Onec-,n-Isa. One a-IsangOneness it Kaisabian- One by one-n-Isaisa; isa,t isa.Onerous-a Sowail; mabigat,- matigras ang ul o - Onion n-.Cebuy as. Only-a-BugtongOnly-ad-v.- amnang. Onsetan-Pagmula: babag. Onslaught n-Babag: laban. Onward a Sumulongsulong, Onward adv. Sa: gawing harap. Ooze v-Putik: na malabnaw. Ooze-v Tumalas; tumiin. Oozy a Mabuirak- malumot. Opacity n IKadiliman kalabuan. Opal a-Batong malbal. Opaque a Madilimn di mnaaninag. Opaqueness-n- Kalabuan - kadiliman. Ope a Bukas. Ope v Buksan; bumukas. Open a-Bukas; maliwanag; nialuang, watak, hayag; maaliwalas. Open-v lBnksan: bumukas, Itiangin - liwanagin; lumnuang. Opera-n Opera. Operate vi Marmalala; ul ini gi n; gawi n; gumuawa. Operator n Aug namamniaala. Operation n Gawa: pagubog Operative-'a Nauukol sa gawa. Opiate —n-Gamut na may haloug apian. Opine v Sumapantaha; muagakala. Opinion-n Akala; sapant-ahaOpI-inm n Apian. Opponent at Kaagaw; kalcahan; kata 10; k:a galit

Page  281 ORG 26d8 OUT Opponent a Kalaban; nakatapat. Opportune-a-Sa mabuting p an ahon; bagay. Opportuneness n-lKapanahunan; pa-.nahon. o)pportunity-n Kapanahunan; panahion. Oppose-v Lumaban- umaway; makipagtalo nagtalo: snumay; salangsang; makipagaway; humamon. Opposite a katapat harap; laban. Opposite-n-Katapat kalaban. Opposition n-Katapatan: away, laban; paglaban; pagsoway. Oppress v-lnisin; alipinin; magpahirap; pahirapan. Oppression-n-Pagiriis: kahirapan. Oppressive-a-Mabangis5; napakahirap. Optative'a Nauukol sa nais 6' sa pita. Optie-n-Mata. Optic Optical-a-Nauukol sa tin~in 6) sa mata Optimist n-Mangaoamot ng mata. Option-n-Kapanigyarihan: humalal: pili; katowiran nk buinili 6' sa ipagbili. Optional-a Nakapipili. Opulence n-Yaman; kayamanan. Opulent-a WIayaman. Or conj. Kung: ni: nila- 6., Oi acle-n-Tawong marunong. Oral-nilindi nakasulat. Orange a-IDalandan- dalanghita. Orange-a Kulay dalandan. Orang-outang-n-Bakulaw. Oration-nt Sermon; luhog; panalangin. Orator-n Ang marunong magsermon. Oratory-in-Pagsesermon; pangankaral. Orb-n- Il'ilog. Orbed-a-Mabilog. Orbit-n-Lakad ng isang planeta. Orchard-nijalaman an - Orchestra-n Orkesta. Ordain-v Iayos; ayusin; itatag; ilagay sa katunv'kulan. Ordeal n Subok na, mahirap. Order n-Utos. kautusan; ayos; husay; pagkakawasto. Order-v l'Aagutos; iutos; ayusin; husayin; mamuno. Orderly-a-IAbayos, mahusay; mabait. Orderly n Sundalong utusan ng puno. Ordinal a-~Nauiukol sa kahusayan. Ordinance-n-Utos nk Municipio. OrdinaryaKaraniwan; gawi; hirati;, hay ag. Ordinary-n-Karaniwang bagay. Ordlination-n-Pagpili; paghalal; kautusan; pagutosOrdna nce n Kasangkapan ng liukbo. Ore n-MetalOrgan-nt Harmonica. Org~anic Organical a Nauukol sa harmonica. Organist-nt Taga tugtog sa harmonica. Organize-v-Itayo;- itatag; mnagpundar; arreglahin. Organization-n. Pagtatayo; pagpundar. Orient-nt Silanganan, Orient Oriental-a Nauuikol sasilanganan. Oriental-n-Tag'a silanganan. Orientate-7' Pumaroon sa silan~ganani. Orificeen-Bibig Origin n Pinagmulaan; pinagbnihatani; pi nangLaIi n gan. Original a-Dating, unaxng. Original-n Ang dati. Origination-n-Pinagbuhatan; pinangalingan: pinagmulaan. Originally-adv.-Sa dati. Originality-n Datihian, kaunahan. Orison it Orasion. Ornament n CGayak; sangkap; pamuti; biyaya, hiyas. Ornament v-Gayakan; pamutiin; gumayak. Ornamental-a- Maganda: mainam. Ornamientation-n-Paggayak; pamuti - Orphan n-Ulila. -.Orphan a-Nauakol sa pagkauhila. Orphanage n Kalagayan ulila. Orthography n flag sulat nk mahusay. Oscillate-v-M~aningning; mangatal; kumislap; kumintab. O'scillation-n-Luningning; kisap; pagatal ningning. Ossification-n-Paging buto. Ossify v Maging buto. Ostent-n-Flitsura; bikas; pakita. Otensible a-Maliwanag. Os-tentation n-Kahambugan; pa k papakita. Ostentations a Ilambog. Ostler n Ang nagalaga sa kabayo. ()stracea nt Talaan. Ostracize vHuag isama, sa, kapwang tawo. Other a Iba. Other-nt Ang iba- kasama. Other wise-adv.-Kung hindi; sa ibang paraan. Ottoman a Nauukol sa kaharian ng Turko - Ought-adv.-Dapat. Ought-v-Dapat. Ounce-n Onza. Our pro.-Amin; atin; namin; natin. Ours-Pro.-Namin; natin. Our selfpro.-Sarili namin; amin siarili; sarili natin; ating sarili. Oust-ir-Paalisin: alisin;, palayasin. Out adv.-Sa labas, labas38

Page  282 ___ OVA OVA '~~~282OW OWN Out balance v Bumnigat. lumaampas. Out bid v Tawirin n& mataas sa iba. Out break n-Plagalsa, alsa. Out building-n-I~ahay 6 kanmalig na na kabubukod. Out cast n Tawong di ruakikisama sa iba. Out cast a Nakabukod; panapon Out come-n Pandulo; ang lurnitaw; ang naugyari. Out cry-n Tunang; sigaw ng maranrm. Out door-a Nauukol sa labas naig bayan. Out doors vpv.-Sa labas ng bahay. Outer a Labas. Outer most a Kalayolayoan. Out fit-n Manka,- kasainaan. Out go v Pumaroon sa ibabaw;- lumayo. Out go-n-Gastos. I Out grow-v-Lumamupas aug paglaki. Out growth-n-Pandulo. Out house-n-Bahay na nakabukod. Out landish-a Katakataka. Out las-v-Tuuiagal sa iba. Out law u-Taga labas; tulisan. Out lawry-n lPagkatu'isan. Out lay-G-astos gugol. Out let n Labas'an. Out line-n-Plano, banhay. Out line-v-Gawin ang Plano. Out live-v-Bumuhay na maha-ba sa iba. Out look-n Pakita. Out lying-a-Malayo. Out post n-Bantay na malayo sa hukbo. Outrage n-1h alapastanganan;tampalasan; kapalibhasaan; paglait. Outrage-v-Gab isin; lapastan-anin; mamilhasa; laitin. Outrageous-a Katakot takot; bastos masama. Out ride-v-Stumakay riang matulin sa iba. Outright-a-Tunay; totoong; hayag. Out run-v-Tumakbo ng matulin sa iba. Out sail-v-Lumayag ng matulin sa iba. Out set n-Pinagrnulan: pamula. Out side n-Ang labas. Out side a-Labas. Out skirt-n Gilid; hanga. Out spread-v Latagin; banatin. Out vie v Humigit,. mamukod. Out walk v Lumakad nang matulin sa iba. Outward-Out wards adv.-Sa gawing labas. Out wear-v-Tumagal sa iba. Out weigh-v-Bumigat sa iba. Out wit-v-Manalo, sa talas ng isip; daigin sa dunong. Oval-n-Talohaba. Oval a Talohaba. Ovate-Ovated a Hitsurang itlog. Ovation-n-Kapurihan- pagpuri. Oven-n Hurno. Over-adv. Sa itaas. Over a-I taas, lam pas. mahigit. Over prep Mahigit sa; sa. Over abundan ce-n- kalagpusau. Over abunidant a Malagpos; labis. Over awe v Takutin. Over balance-v-lbual -bumual. Over balance n Pagbual. Over bear-v-Stipilin. Over bearing a Palalo., tanmpalasan. Over board adv. Na sa tubig. Over cast v-1-abuin. tiklupin. Ovter coat n Damnit na pangibabaw. Over come v-Daigin. supilin. Over due a-Larnpas sa panahon. Over flow v IUmapaw; bumaha. Over flow n Apaw; paglubog; pagapawv pagbaha; kalabisan. Over haul-v-Bagtihin; kumpunihin. Over liead-adr',-Ta itaas. Over hear-v-Marinig duuiinig. Over joy-n-Kasayahani. Over landI-avd Sa lupa aug daan. Over look-v -Laktawin: ilaktaw; malimu - tin. Over plus n-Kalabisaa:. kalagpusan; labis; lagpos. Over power v-Supilin daigin. Over reachi-v-1-umampas aug pagabot. (layain. Over rule v Supilin; daigin. Over see v-Mamahala; mamuno. Over seer nAug inamarnahala; kap~atas,,. Over set v-itaub; i'bual. Over shoe-n-Sapatos na pang ibabaw. Over shoot v I-luag tummaru. Over sight n Mali kamalian. Over spread-v-Ilatag itakpan. Overt a Maliwanag; palitaw. Over take-v-Abutitn; umabot; magkaniit, datnim. Over throw-v Ibual, talonin. Over throw-n-Kalituhan: pagtataluniii. Overturew,-Balak, alok. Over turn-v-Bumalikuias. balikuasin. Over turu-n-Balikuas~ kalituhan. Over ween v-Maghambog. Over weigh-v-Lumampas aug bigat. Over Whelm-v Supilin; patakahin. Oviform-a Hitenrang itlog. Owe-v-Mankutang - Owl-n-Kuago. Owlet-n-Kuagong m.unti. Owlish-a-Parang kuago; nauukot sa kuago. Own-v Ariin; umari; magkaroon., I

Page  283 PAL 283 PAN Own a Sariling. Ow ner-n-Ang may ari; panginoon Pabular a Nauukol sa pagkain. Pabulum-n-Pa-kain. Pace it Hakbang lakad, tulin. Pace v Lakarin; hakbanigin, lumakad. Pacific a Tahimnik. Pacification-n Katahfirikan. Pacify v-Patahimnikan; tumnahimik. Pack-v Balutan; balot, higkis; karga. Pack-n Balutin ibalot bigkisin; pasafin; ikahon isilid, magpasan. Packtige a Baluitan. Packer n-Kargador taga pasan. Pad-n Balutan nk papel Pad v Sapinin. Padding-n Sapin. Paddle —v-Gaod; sagwan. Paddle vGumnacud maglaro sa tubig. Padd-ockvn Pitak. Paddyv-n Pitak. Padlock n Seradura. Padlock v-lhagay DA saradura; susuihin nk seradura. Pad rone-n-Fastron. Pagan-n- Aug ayaw surnampalatava sa Pan~inooD, Dios, tawong hindi binyagan. Pagan a Nauukol sa hindi binvagan. Paganish a Paranig hindi binyagan. Paganism nt-Kalagayang hindi biniyagan. Page-nt Mukha nk (lahon; pag mna; alila. Page v Bilankin ang dahon. Pagoda-n Simibahan sa India, Japon at sa China. Pail n'rimba. baldi. Pailful n-Lamnan nA baldi. Pain n Sakit bugbog-; hirap; dalamnbati; hapdi; hapis, kirot. Pain-v-Sumakit bumapis. humapdi. Painful a Masakit., mahapis, mnakirot; manhapdi. Painless-a-Walang sakit 6 damdam. Pains n Ingat: kaingatan. Pains taker-n Tawong maingat. Pains taki~gn Paz inkat. Pains taking-a-Maingat. Paint-n-Pinta. Paint-v- MagpintaPair n-Paris. Palace-n-Palacio; bahay n g han - Palate n Palasap. Palatable n Malasa: masarap. Palatial a-Nanukol sa bahay ng hari; mainam maganda.. Ownership-n Pagkaari. Ox-n-Bakangy malaki na nakapon. Oyster n Talaba. Palaver n Salita. Palaver v Magsalita. Pale-a Putla; rnaputla; kupas. Pale-v Maniutla; kurnupas. Pale n Tulos; hanga; bakod. Paleness niutla; kaputlaan. Paleograpby-n-Ang dating paraan nang pagsulat. Palestra-n Pagbubu no. Paletot-n-Daniit na pang ibabaw. Palfrey n-Kabayong pangsakay. Paling-n-Manga tulos; hanga; bakod. Pallisade n-Tubos na mnalaki; bakod ng nika tulos na malaki Palisade v Magbakod nk tubos na malaki. Pallbish-a-Maputlaputla. Pall n Damnit na pang i~babaw. Pall bearer-n Taga pasan nk kalanda. Palliate 71-lkanlong; itago; magbigay ng dahilnn. Pallid a Maputla; marnutla. Pall dness-Pallidity n- I' aputlaan. Pallor n F'agkaputia; kaputlaan - Palm n-Dangkal; ramos; balalaw. Palm v Dangkalin. Palm-n- Palad nR kamnay. Palmnate-a Hitsurang kamay. Palm Sunday n Lingo de ramos. Palpable-a Makararamdam sa hipo. Palpitate v-Tumibok; kumutog; kumaba. Palpitation-n Tibok kutog. kaba. Palsy n Sakit na pasmna. Palsy-v Mapasmna. Palsied-a- Pasmado. Palter-v-Dayain; tumaksil; mamali; magbiro Paltriness n- Karamutan; karakiman - Paltry-a-Maramot; masakim. Pamper-ir-Pakanin ng- husto: bumusog. Pamnphlet-n Pamnpleta; munting libro. Pan n-Lalagyan ng anoman. Panacea-n-Gamnot sa lahat nang manka sakit. Pancake n Bibinigkang harina. Pandemonium n-K aguluhan. Pane n-Cristal nk bintana. Panel-n Bahagi ng pinto. Pang n Gulat; kaba ng dibdib. Panic n-Takot ng marami. Pannier-n Batulang: bakol. Pantn Hingal. Pant v Humingal; humankoe.

Page  284 PAR 284 PAS Pantaloon-n- Salawal. Pantry n Silid nang manga pagkain, bangera. Pap-n Suso-, pagkain na malamnbot para sa mga bata. Papa nTatang. tata- tatay; amang. Papacy n-Katungkulang papa. Papal a Nauukol sa, papa. Papaw-n 'Papaya. Paper-n-Plapel. Paper-v-llagay 6' idikit ng- papel. Papist n Katolico. I apistic-Papistical-a-Nauukol sa Cat6 -lico 6 sa papa. Par-n-Kapantayan DA halaha. Parable n-Talinhaga. Parade n Procession. Parade-v Magprocession. Paradise n (A'arden ni Adan; kasayahan.' Paragonun-Hali mbawa ng kabutihan. Paragraplh-n-Pangkat na maikli. Paralell a Katabi kasiping; pantay. P'aralysis n-Pas,,ma. Paralytic-n-Ang may sakit na pasma. Paralytic-Paralytical a-Nauuikol sa sakit ng pasnma. Paralyze v Mapasma. Paramount a Kataastaasan; mataas sa lahat. Parapet-n-Kuita. Paraphirase-n-Kasaysayan. Faraphrase-v-1hulog sa i bang w ik a; magsaysay. Parasite-n Ang bumubuhay sa gugol ug iba.' Parasol n PayongPar boil-v Kuluin ng kaunti. Parcel-n Balutan; balot. Farcel-v-Balutin; ibalot. Parch-v Ibusa. Parchment n Katad ng tupa, na ginayak sa pagsulat. Pardon n-Patawad; paglitos; pagkalag sa sala, pagpatawad. Pardon-v-Kalagin sa sala: patawarin. Pardonable a-Dapat patawarin. Pare-v-Taluipan; balutan: bawasan- iklian. Parent-n Magulang: hinlog. Parentage-n-Hinlog; pinaganakan. Parental-a-. Nauukol sa magulang. Parish nHukuiman ng- isang pani: InIpang nasasakop nk kapangyarihian ng isang pari. I-arity-n-Kapantayan. P~ark-n Plaza; luneta. Plarlance-n-Sal itaan - Parley-n-Salitaan. lParley v-Magsalitaan. lParlor-n-Sifid na tinatawag aug loob. Paroechial-a-Nauukol sa paroquia; nmaki tidl; makipot may hangav Parol n Salita ng bibig. Parol-a-Nakasabi lamang. Farole-v-Pankako. Parole v Patawarin: hanguin. iligtas. ibig-ay ng kalayaan. IParri ide n-Aug natay sa sarilhingann6 inn. Parrot nt Loro. Parry v Ilagan; umilag., Parsimonious a-AIaramut- kurip~ot. Parsimony-n —Karipuitan; kr-rarnuttan. Parson-n-Pastor. Parsonage-n-Bhahay n & pastor.Part-n- habiagri kapiraso part e. Part-v.Balhagiin; biakin; hiwalayin Ihomiwalay: lum agot. Par take-v-Suniali; kumain, kumuhia Paitial a Di 1)11; mabahagi; mahilig mnay tinitignuan - Partiality-n-N ahiligan. kabilini-an. Participate-v Sumali. Participation-n- Pagkakasali. Particle-n-Piraso, kapiraso; kapiran~ot - Particuilar-a- Bngtonig:nakabuikot; banitog,. Parting-n Paghihiwalav. Partisan-n-Kasali. Partition-n- Paghih-iwalay; dingdiug. Partition-v Jlagay ang dingling - Partly-adv.- Di buo. Partner-n- Kasama; kaulavaw. Partnership n Sarnialan. Parturition n Panganganak. Party-n-Samalian; katipunani kapisanan - Party-colored-Parti coboredl-a S ar isa ri au g kulay. Parvenu n-Tawong lhambog 6 palalo, Pas-n.Hakbang; unahan. Pascia, it- Kuresnia. Pass-v-Lummi pas; makaraan; dunanan; miarnatav. Pass-n-Passes; palhintulot; liakbanig landas paso. Passable nt-Makararaan. Passagye n-Paraan: lakad. Passeng~er-n-Ang sumiasakay; aug, lunmalakad Passim adv.-Dito at doon. Passing n PadaanPassing a MakaraanPassion Galit: pagkakagalit: kagalitan; tanimn na loob. Passion -n-Iasion'. Passionate a Mainit aug ulo. Passive-a Tahiimik: maamo: matitiis. Pass port n Pahintublot. Past-a-Nakaraan- lipasPast-n-Ang paniahon nakaraan. Paste-nt Pagkit, pandikit.

Page  285 PAU 289"' IPaste-v-ldikit. Paste board-n-Carton. 'Pastil-Pastille-n Pasteles. Plastine~n-Aliw; kaluguran; aliwan. Pastor n-Pastor; pani. P1astoral-a Nauukol sa pastor. Pastorate Pastorship-n-Kalagayann pastor. Pastry-n-Manga mamon. IPasture v-I-astulan. Pasture v Ipastol magpastol. Pasturage-n-Pastulan. pagpastol. Pasty-a-Madikit. nliapagkit. lPat-a Bagay: akma; ayon sa panahion. _Pat-adv.-Sa mabuting panahon. Pac-n- Layaw. Patch n-Tutop tagpi; dagdag. Pacthi v Tutupan; itagpi; hlayuniahin: husayin; kum-punihin. Patch w~ork-n Pagtutup; paghahlayuma. Pate-n Bao ng ulo. Patella-n-Bayngo ng tuhod. Patent a-Maliwanag, hayag; bukas. Paternal-a-Nauukol sa ama. Paternity-n-Hinlog; la~hi; familia; kalagayang ania Path-n-Landas: daan. Pathless-a Walaiig landas. Pathet~ic a-Kaawa. Pathologist n-Mangagamot. Pathology-n- Karunung-an sa inga sakit. Paht way n-Landas; daan; paraan. Patient-a Matitiisin. Patient-nt Aug may sakit. Patience n Katitiisan, katimfiman nk loch. Fatriarch-n-i1uno ng- isang familia; Tawong matanda. Patrician a Marangal; dakila. Patricide-n-An g namnatay sa ama. Patrimonial a Nanukol sa mana. Patrimony nt Mania. Patriotism n-Pagibig sa lupang tianbuan. Patrol-v-Magpatrulia; rnagbantay. Patrol-n- Bantay - Patron-n-Kasuki; pintakasi. Patronage n Pagkakasuki - pagampon. Patroness-n'Kabaying kasuki. Ilatronize-'v-Sumuki; maokasuki. Patten n Bakia. Patter-v-Pnmatak. Patter-n-Katapakaii; pagpapatak. Pattern v Huwaran; tularan; kahowad. Pattern-v Humuwad.- tumulad; tularin. Paucity-n-Kadalangan; kautian. Paunich-n Tiyan. Pauper-n-Pulubi. Pauperism-n-Kalagayang pulubi. 5 ~~~PEE, Pauperize-v- Lubng sa, hirap Pause n-Hi-nto; uital; kautalan. Pause-v-MaghintG; mamtal Paves-Il1atag au~g bato s,,a karsAda. Pavementa- Latag ng bato 'sa karsada,Pawif Paa n, lhayop. Pawn-v'-Galaw~in; kumurtinilPawn n-Sangla. iPawn-v-Isangla. Pawnbroker it Aug iuiayam-i nk ba~hay na sanglaana Pay n-Upa; bayad; kaupaltan; ikaba. bayad. Pay -v —Bavaran; rnagbayad; unmuula; upalian. Payee anAng tuimangap aug bavado upalayernaToga bayad; aug mnagbabaa~-d. Paymlent nt-Pa-bayad kabayaran; ba'vad; kauipahan: upa. Pea n-Guisante Peace-nt Katahinmikan; kapanatagran; kapayapa~an Peaceable a Tabhimik. walattg blasagulopayapa. Peaceful a Tabiimik mabini;ni~iaoi walang basaguflo: payapa. Peach it Melocotones,. 1Peach v. Bintaninjii paratang-in - Peak-n —Tuktok Io blundok. Peal nt Tunog Ila malakas. Peal v Tuigtucgin ulg malakas. Peanut n Muini. Pear n-Peras. Pear-l n, Perlas. Pearly a-Paraug perlas. P-easant-n Taga buked - tawong airnp Peasqe-n-Guisan te. -brp Pebble n-Baton~- intinti. Pebbly-a-'Nabato. Peck-n-Tuka. iPeck-v Tbuiutka tukain. Pector~al-a Nauutkol sa dibdib () sa sakit ng dibdib. Pecuflate v-Umitimn, uiniumit. nakawvin. magnakaw. P~eculationi-Pa —',gumiiit; pagnakaw. Pecuilator-a-Magnanakaw. mangtunut-nit_ Pecuiniary-a Naumnkol sa salapi. Padagogue n Maestro. l~edagogyi-t- Karunungii(an~ sa pagtuitu o. Pedal-a-Nanukol sa paa. Peddle-?!-alok; nmaglako. P~eddler n Maglalako. Pedestal n.Puno ig- lhaligi. Pedestrian a, Nakalakad lunmalakad. Pedestrian-n Tawong lakad. P~edestrianiisim-nt- PagIal akad. Pedigree-n& Hin~log; lahi. Peek r Surnilip: - --- -

Page  286 PEN 286 PER Peek -n-Silip. Pleel-v Bailatin:- taltipan. upakan. Peel n Balat upak. Peel) vumilip. P-eep-n-Silip. Plepeir it S,,,iw. Peer n-Surniilip. Peer n Kasarna; kauilayaw. Peerless a Walang kapauitay 6' kahulilip. Peevish. a-Maapootin mag,- galitin. Pleg n Pakotrig kahoy. Pee-v- Ipako. Pelfit Saqlapi kayamanan. lPellet n lolang munti.,Pellicle n Balok. Pe~lrinell-a-Walang ayos. - Pellucid-a-N Maaninag. Plelt-n-l3alat ng hayop. Pelt-vi-Batuhin ipukol.' Pelvic-a Naanukol sna buto nigbayawang. Pel vish-n-Bnito ng bayawang. tPen n Kulun~,an. Pei-ti' uKnulunin kumnuloig1.. iPen n- luima. P~enal-a Natnukol sa parusa. Penalty-n Parusa. P) nance n-Katiisan. Pence-n Dalawang kuarta; isan g malapad. PencilI n Lapis. 1Pensil-v Sumulat. Pendency it Sabit- kabit. Pendent a-Nakasabit; nakabitin. lPendulous-a Nakasabit; nakabitin. Penduluin-n-Paniktik ng orasan. Penetrate v Tumnagos; matarok. Penetration n-Tagos. tarok. Penitence-n-Pa gsisi si - Penitent a Nakapagsisi. Pen itent-n-Ang nagsisisi. Penlitential aNaunkol sa pagsisisi. Penitentiary n Bilango. lPen knife-n-Laseta. Penmian n Auig marunonig SUMnUlat. Penmaiislip-n-Siflat kamnay. lPetant-n-Blandera. Pennate Pennated -a May pakpakPenniless aMahirap; salat;- walang kuarta. Pennon Bandila; pakpak. Pensile a Nakasabit; nakabitin. Pensive a Palaisipin; mapag, wani; malungkot. Pent v. imp p p.-Nakakulong. Pentateuch n Ang m~ga ultos ni Moises. Pent house, n Sibe- pakpak Dk bahay. Penult-n-Ang huhi f tera carning isa. Penn mbra n Pagdidilim nk buan Penurious a —Naramot; inadalang. Penury-n Kahir apan; kakailangani; kaiguitan; karukhaan People-n, Mang —a tawo People-v Magkaroon nk mnaramning tawo; (lumnani ang mnga tawo Pepper-n-J'aininta Pepper-v-Ilagav 6 ibudbuod ang paun-iuita. Pep p ery -a- Maan ghan g. Peradveuture adv. MarahilPerainbulate-ti-Lakarin; lumiakad - Peranmbulationun-Lak~ad; paglalakad. Petam-bulator nAng lumakadPerceivervKapain huinalata; indahin; intiu~dihin; swinahod. Perceivable a Madaling maintindihan - Percenitage n-For ciento. Perceptible a-Nahalata, litaw. tnalhwainag Perceptibility n FakiramdamPerceptive-a M1aram-damin Perception n Pakiramdamn danidamxi paPerchi n Hapunain. 'Perch v-Humapon - Perchance a Mlarahil. Percolate v Salain Percuiss v laigpak: itupak. Percuission n Tagpak tagupak Perdition-n-Lugi. kalipulan; kasiraan; kam atayan Peregrinate v Lumakad.Peregrination n Lakad. Peremtorv a Totoo; tUnay. Perenniial a-Matagal; nmaluat. walang tigil 6 likat; panayPerfect-a-Lubos; puspos, walang kulang dalisay, ganap, magrling; nmaganda. Perfect v-Tapusin; ganapin; gumianap; tutnapos; yaruin. Perfectibility n-KNayarian; katapusanPerfectible a-Makatatapos Perfection-n Kayarian. kataptisan; kaganapan. Perfidious a-Taksi1; sukab; suitik; Mio. JPerfidv-n- Kata'ks!ian - kasuitikan; kaliluhan kasukabfin. Perforate v Bnasin turukin: balibulin. Perforalion nPagbutas pagkabutas butas. Perforce-adv.- Sa kakailankan: sa lakas. Perf mrm v Gunnawa. turnupad; tuparin:I gawin. Performnance-n Kilos teatro; acto Perfumne-n-Paban go - Perfume-v Pabangobin, ilagay ng pala Perfumery -n-Paban go. Perbapa-adv. Marahil; dili; sakali.

Page  287 PER 287 1I-11A Peril n-Fanganib. Perlious-a-Mapanganib;- may panbainib. Perimeter-n-Paligid. Period n-Panahon luat punto. Periodic-Periodical a N~auakol sa pania11011 lPeriplhery-n-Paligid. Perish-v-Mamatay; lumnipol. Perishable aiM~amamataA'. Perisomne n-lBalat ng hayop ria walang gulugod. Periwig n-Buhok nia postiso. Perjure n Manumnpa n~r kasinuingalingan. huag tumupadl sa, ipinantrnpa. Perjury n Kasinunkalingaii. Pernmanence-Plermanencny-n-I ariia iiat iii. pamnamaraty katibayan; pagkalagi. Permanent-a-Lagi; matibay. Permteable a-Makatatarok. matatarukini. Permeate-'v-Taruikin Permissible a Maarinig ipahintulot. LPermnission-n Tulot; kapahintulutan - Perm-it-n-Tuluitan; ipahintulot; paraanin. Plerrnit-n-Tulot; pahinitulot. Permissive a Maaring ipahintulot, Permutation n-.Kapalitan; pagpalit Permute v-Ipamalit; palitani; pumnalit. Perniicious-a Masamia; makasasama m&kasisira makamaimatay. Perpendlicular a Patayo; tirik; nakatayo. iPerpendicular n-Tayo, tirik. Perpendicularity n Plagka tayo. katiri kan. Perpetrate-v-Gumiawa; gawin;magkasala. Perpetration n Fag gagawa; gawa. Perpetrator n Ang gtimawa. Perpetual a-Walatig haiiga o' likat; lagi; pareti. Perpetuate-vi Gawing lagi; iparnalagi. 1Perpetuation-?n-Pagkalagi; pam amarati. Perpetuity —n-F ammaati: pami~amalagi - Perplex-v,Guluhin auig isip. Perplexity-n Basagulo; gulo ang isip. kalabuan; duwag. Persecute-v-flahulin: yamutin: pahira pan; sundin ipagdowahagiin. Persecution-n-Kabirapan; dowahiagi - Perseverance-n-K atiyagaan. kalakasani ng loob. katibayan ng loob. Persevere-v-. i litin:I nagtagal tumagal - Persist v'Ipaglaon: lumiagi; pilitin; pu IPersistence-Fersis-tency —n-Kapilitan;, katiyagaan.- pagpilit. Persistent-a-Nakapipilit.I mapipilitin. Person-n-Tawo Persgoniage. n-Katawolian Personal a-Nauukol sa tawo 6 sarili. Porsonalty-n An nk sarili. Personate-v Gumnagad sa iba; saysayin. Personify-n-tiagarin aug kapwa. Perspective-aNautikol sa pianio. Perspective n-T-iigiin; piano. Perspire-iv-F uiiiawis. Perspiration-n pawis. Persuade-v ludyok, ihiling: pilitinl; pum lbit - Persuasible-a-Makapi pilit. 1-~rsusio — Kaplitn uok. Pert-a-Mangahas. Pertain v M.Vaukol. Pertinaciouis a Matigas au~g ulo iiatibay aug loob. Pertiniacity-ni Kalakasani ii;, lob. kahig, pitaan; katigasan ii& ulo. Pertinent-a Akmia; bagay, niauukol - Pertnesq n-`Pqn~rahas. Perturb v, Sabarin. yvainutin: tuksuhfin; gululhin aiig isip. Pertuirbation-ni Kaguluhian iiaing isip - Iigalig Perusal n Fag babdsa. Peruse v Bunnasa Dg patakbo; umusig; malasin. Perverse-a-Nakalihjis; matigas aiug ulo - masnma. IPerverseiiess n Katigasan ng ulo;- pag kabalhi tmiia - lPerversity-n- atigasan ng uilo pagkabalintuna. Pervert 'i' [akay sat inasama pasamiain. Pervious a Makapapasuk. matatarukin - Pest n-Feste. Pester n Yam utin- sabarin. Pestiferous a Naniukol sa peste, maka kahawa. Plertileice-n Peste. Pestilent a Mahilig sa mnasarna. Pestle n-Fanidurog. Pet-v-Palayawkin Pet n Auig minamiahal. lPet a Miniamahal. Petal-n-Dahon nR btulaklak. Petit-a Munti walang kabultihan; knripot. P~etition-n-Panalankin;- samo., dahig. Pitition v Manalankin- sumamno, duima ing. Petrificatiorin a -agiging bato. Petrify v Mlaging bato. Pletroleumi-n-Gas. Petticoat-n-Naguas; enaguas. Pettish-a Mapootin -Petty-a-Munti; walang kabuluhan. PetulAnce-Petuilancy-nt-Kapootan; poot. Petulant-a Miapootin. IPew-n-Upuan sa simbahan. Phalanx n-Pub uton g nk sundalo. Phantasm-n-I ainaginip; guniguni. Phantom-n.Nuno; guniguni.

Page  288 PIE 288 pip Pharisee-n- Fariseo. Piece meal-adv.-Untiunti; dahandahian; Pharmiacy-n-Fag gagawa nang gamot; pahintohiinto. Ihotica., Pied-a May maraming kulay mansado. Pliarivyx -Ngalangala. Piet n-Pilar; haligi ing) bato. IPhase, v Hitsura. Pierce v-Tarukin; butasin; tumagos. Phetiom-inal-a-Kataka taka; kamangha- Piety-n Pagibig sa Bathala. mangha. Pigeon n K'alapati. Phiial-n Botetig munti. Pig-n-Baboy Phitlantrophiic-Phiilantropicala(t Mabuti 6 Piggish-a-Matakaw. magandang loob Pig headed-a Matigas ang ulo. Philantropy n Kagand-ahian lo ob. Pigtnent-n- I mna. Philter-n-Gayunia. Pigmy-n-Tawong pandsk: unaiio. Phiz n-MN-kla Pike-n-Pakong malaki. Plilegm-n- Kalagra, Pilaster-n-H aligi - Phlegmatic-a-Makalagra. Pile-n- Bunton; baligi. Phionetic a-Nauukol sa voces. Pile-v-Ibunton.- punuin. Phonetics n Kar-unungan tungkol s a Pilfer-v-Ur~niitin; umumit. inafiga tuniog. Pilgrim-n-Tawong mapaglakad. Phonic aNauukol sa tunog. Pilgrimage-n-Ladad. Plhonics,-n-Kartunutrigan t'iing~kol sa miaf-ga Pill n Pilduras tunog. Z Pillage v Maagloob; gibain; mandnit. Ph~onog~raphic-a-Nauukol'sa foiiografo. Pillage-n Panduduit. Phonograph-n.Fonografo. Pillar-n Haligi; pilar. Photogyraph-n Ret-rato. -Piblow-n-Unan. Phlotog raph-v-Kunin ang retrato- Pillow v M1ahiga sa, unan. TPhotography it Kartuuimigaii sa pagkuha Pbliow case-n-Punda ng unan ucg retrato. Pilot n Ang umugit sa, sasakyan. PIhat-ase-n Maikling kasaysayan - Pilot v-Un-itiit.- umakay; akayin. 1Phrenologv-n-Kf(artununan tung-kol sa Pimple-n Butfig. utak n;C ulo0. Pin-n-Aspibi. Plirenisy it Kaulublan. Pin-v AspilihinPhithisic n Tisis. Pinafore n C2amisola. Plithisical-a May tisis. Pincers n Sipit. manipit. Phithisis n Tisis. Pinch-v-Kurutin; kumnurot. Phy-sic n-Puirga: gamot. Pinch-n Kurot. Physic v Puirgahin. Pinch bek-a Hindi totoo: sintingalihigPhy~sical-a-Nauukol sa catawan. Pinchers n Sipit; panipit. P'llysician-a-Maigagran-ot. Pincushion-n Lalagian ng aspiliPhyvsics n-Karunungan ttingkol sa fi- Pine-v-Lumungkot; manitydin aL sica. Pine n-Pina. Phiysiognomny-n-Hitsura, nmukha. Pine apple-n-Pifia. Piano Pianofortr-n-Piano. Pinery-n-Gubat ng pina. Pianist-n Pianista. Pinon n-Balahibo; pakpak; pangapos Picayune n-Sikolo. nk baraso Pick v Pumulot; tukain; gayatini. Pinion -v-Gapusin Pick n Tuka; piko. Pink-a-Mapulapula. Pick ax-Pick-axe-n Piko. Pink n-Saksak. Picket-n Tuugkol na ruiatuilis- Pink-.v Butasin. Pickle n Atsara. Phinnacle-n-Lugar na mataas. Pick pocket-n-Manenekas. Pint-n Takalan no manka bagay na Picnic n-Kasayahan; kainan sa, gubat. lusaw. Picnic~ v Magkainan sa gubat. Pintle-n-Aspiling munti. Pictorial-a.Naunkol sa, manga pintura. Pioneer-n-Tawong lumipat sa bag-ong Picture-n- Pintura. hupa. Picture frame-n Sanepa. Pioneer v-Umuna. Pie-n Pastel. Pious-a-Mapagdasal:, banal. Pie bald a May maraming kulay. Pip-n-Sakit ng- manok; binhi. Piece-n-Piraso; bahagi; kagyat; kapiraso; Pip-v-Sumiap. bapan g. Pipe-n-Kuako; tubo; flauta. Piece v-EPirasohin - babagiiii- Pipe-v Tunugtgs lua

Page  289 IPLA 289 PLI Piquant a Miasaklap; mnapait-rnaangliang. Pique-n (I'alit dalarmhati. yarnot; Pique v; Yamnutin;- pagalitin. Piracy n- Pagnanacaw sa dagat. Pirate n Magnanakaw sa dagat; tulisang (daVrat. Piratical a-Nauukol sa tulisang dagat. P1iscatorial a Naunkol sa isda. Piscivorous a Kuniakain nk isda. Pistol-n Revolb~er; pistola. Plit n-Huikay baunan tibag. Pit v-Htukayin. Pitch n Alketran itsa. Pitch-v KIagitsa; palhiran nk alketran. Pitch-dark a Mladilini na madilhim. Pitcher n Pitchiel. Ilitch fork n anghakot nk (larnung tWyo. Pitchy a M~ay haloiig alketran. IPiteouis a Kahapishapis malunos. Pithy-a Malarnihot ang, lob. Pitiable a IDapa t urnawa. Pit~ifuil a Mah-abagin mnaawain. Pitiless v-Walang habag walang awa; inabg sik; iTnaban~is. Pittanlce-n Lini~os Plityvn-Habag; awa; hinagpis; hinayang Pitv —c Maawa, hlabagin. Pivot-n IKiran Pivot v-Urn ikit. Placard-n- Pahayag; paunawa. Placard-vj Ipahayag Placc-n- L-ugar; (han. Place-ci-Llagiy sa luiaar lagyan Jurntagay. ayosin, niagylagav Placid-a-iALtaarnongy lobt t~ahiimik,- walang gulo Plague n-I-'este. Plague-c; Yatnutin; pavanmutin. Plaid n Sita. Plain-a-Maliwanag. yano:- al iwas was. liayag Plain n Lupang patag. Plaint a- Daing; panalangi n panaghoy. Plaintive a Malungkot mnalurnbay. Plait n-Kunot;- suri. Plait —v Magsuri; rnagkunot; kunotin. Plan-n-Anyo katha planio. Plan-v fsipin:- kumathia. Planie-n-Katatn; pangkavas. Plane a Y'ano; patag. Planie-vi Katarnin. Planet n-Planeta. PlIanetarv a Nauukol sa lplaneta. Plank-n Tablang makapal. Plank-v-1latag 6 takpanin rig tablang makapal. Plant-n-Punla. IPlantain n-Saging. Plantation-n-Lupang sinasaka. Planter-n Mananianirn. Plush n-Labak tilansik. Plash vTurnilansik ang tubig. Plashy a-Malabak. Plaster-n-Halo ni& apog at buhlang-in. Plaster v, I-ahiran ng apog. Platn Hurnabi Plat-n-Habi; kapirasong lupa. Plate-n-f-ingani; pirasong1 metal. Plateau-n Lupang, inataas at patag. Plat f -rin-n-Tablado plataforma. Platoon n Pulutong ng sundalo. Platter n JBandejada. Plaudit-v- Pagpnri. Plaudit v Purihin. Plausible-a-lBagay. dapat purihin. Play it Laro:, teatro acto Play v Mfaglalaro. Player-n-Magliro. Play fellow-n-Kalaro. Play mate-n-Kalaro. Playful-a Masaya: mapaglaro. Play thing n Laroan. Plea n Dahilan. Plead-v Manalangin: marnanhiklnihod. Please-v-Aliwin; magbigay lugod palayaw in. Pleasan try-n-Kasayahan; kaligavahan: galak. Pleasing a-Maaliw, masaya; malugod; maligaya; knaliwaliw. kalugodlugod; mairogin nakalulugod. Pleasant aMaaliw; masaya: rnaligayamalugod mnaaya. Pleasure n Kasayahan; tawa; galak; handlog: mumr; kainaman; lasap., ligaya. P1leat-n-Suri. Pleat v-Suriin. Plebian a-Hama k; mababa; karaniwan - Plebian-n-'fawong hamak.- tawong ka raniwan. Pled-v. imp. & p. p.- Narnagitan; namanhikluhod: dumaing. Pledge-n-Sanlan PI e dge-v-Isangla Plenary a~uno lubos Plentitude-n Kasaganaan karamnihan - Plenteous I —lentiful a Masagana;marami - Plenty-n-K1<aramnihan- kasaganaan. Plenty-a Sagana mararni. Pleura-n Loob ng Ialamunan. Pleurisy-n Sakit ng lalamunan. Il1exiformn a-Kasuotsuot; magulo. lPliable a Malanmbot, mahubugin. Pliant-a-M-alambot; malubay. Pliancy-n- Kalainbutan. P'liers nSipit na munti. Plight-n-Sangla: katibayan;- kapanganiban; pangako. 37

Page  290 POE 290 POE 290 ~~~~~POMI Plighit-v-Isangla: miagpankako. Plod v-Lumacad. Plot n Lupang munti:, isip na masama. Plot v Umisip Plough n Araro; kasangkapang panlinang. Plough v-Ararohin; magararo; maglinang. Plow-n Araro: kasangkapan panlinang. Plow-v Ararohin; mnagararo; maglinang. Plowboy-Plowman-n-Ang nagaararo. Plowshare-n Sudsod. Pluck-n-Tapang; batak. Pluck-v-Himulmulan. Plucky-a-Matapang; mangahas: walang takot. Plug-n-Tasak; tapon: tasok. Plug,-v-Tasakin. plum-n-Sinegfielas. Plumage-n-Balahibo n' mga, ibon. Plumb-a Patayo; tamna. Plumb-n-Hulog. Plnmb-v-Tow irn ang tayo ng lhaligi. Plumb line in Hulog. Pinume-n-Tu'ktok. Plump a-Mabilog mataba: may katawan. Plump v-Lumaki: tumaba. Plump-avd.-Ngayon din; pagdaka. Plunder-n-Ang pagumit; ang inumit; umit. Plunder-v-Nakawin. imanduit. plunge-v-Sumisid; sumulong Dang pabigla. Plunge n Sisid. Pluferfect a Puspos; puano, walang pintas- lubos. Plural-a Mahigit sa, isa. Plurality-n Kahigtan; karamihan. Plus-a-Totoo; dapat idagdag Plush-n-Trespelo. Plutocrat-n-Ang may kapangyarihan dahil sa, kanyang yaman. Pluvial aNanutkol sa, ulan. Ply-v-Tanungin- pilitin:- magtrabajo. Pneumnatic-a Mahangin. Pneumonia-n Saklt ing bagaPneumonic-n Gamot sa, baga. Poach-n-Prituhin sa, tubig: umitin; magnakaw. Pock-n-Bulutong. Pock hole- Pock mark n Bulutong. Pocket n Bul'sa. Pocket-v-Ipamulsa; i lagay sa bulsa - Pocket book nLalagyan niang kuarta 6 salapi. Pocket knife-n-Laseta. Pocky-a-Mabulutong: buluitongo. Pod nBahay nk binhi. Pod-v Tumaba;, himaki. Poem n Tula. Poet-n Manunula. Poetess-n-Babaying manunula. Poetic Poetical aNauukol sa tula. Poetrv-n-Verso, tula. Pohl-inter. Oroy. Poignancy n- Kapaitan; kaa nghankan. Poignant-a-Maanghang mapait. Point-n Dulo tudla: tudlok; tul 1is. dun ot. Point v Ituro; itudla; tumudlok~ tuli-, san. Point blank-a Matowid; maliwng Pointed-a-Matulis, Pointor-n- Pantuiro. Pointless a-Walang dubo. Poise-n-Timbang. bigat. Poisev-i Timnbankin, Poison n Lason kamandag. Poison-v-Lasunin;pakanin n~klamandag. Poisonous a-May lason malason; MaY kamandag. Poke-n-Bayong supot; mangas na, maluang; tiidlok. Poke-v Tudflikin; tumudlok. Poker n Panudlok. Pole nPalo baligi. Polar a Mauukol sa, hilagaan. Police n-Policia. Police-v-Lunisin; ayusin husayin. Policeman-n Policia, Policy-n-Billete sa lotenia. JPolish-v-Bu1 ihin pakinisin pakintabin; kintabin. Polish-n-Kinang kintab huhi. Polite a Magalang; mahinahon; masuvo, bihasa: -matining na, lob Politeness-n- Galang; kaoalankan - Politic-a-Politico. Political a Polftico. Politician n Ang maruncing mag gobierno. Politics-n-Karunungan tungkol sa, paggogobierno. Polity n Pag gogobierao. Polka-n-Polka. Poll n-Pad ron- listahan nk lahat nk tawo sa, isang Iugar. Pool-n-Jlista aug lahat ng tawo sa, isang lugar. Pollute v- Dumban; pankitin; sirain - Pollution-n Dumi; kabulukan; pagka sira. Poltroon-n-Tawong duag. Poltroonery-n Karuagan. Polygamny-n Pag aasawa, ia, marami. Polyglot n Aug rnarunong sa, maraming wika. Pomade- Pomatuim n Cosmetico. Pommel-n- Bukol - Pommel-v Paluin.

Page  291 POR 291 POT Pomp n Gxayak; handaI kainaman. karikitan. Pompous-a Mlaganda; mainamn: marikit. Pond n Labak. Ponder-v-Magwari: magisipisip. Ponderous-n Malaki, mabigat. Poinard-n-Panaksak. P~ontiff-n Ang papa. Pantifical a-Nauukol sa papa. Pontificate n-Kalagavan nk papa. Pony-n Kabayong munti. Poodlle n Asong munti at mahaba aing buhok. Pooh inter. Oroy. Pool-n-Labak. Poop v Hampasin sa puit. Poor a Mahirap nasalat; dukha; payat. Pop-n-Putok- soda. Pop v Pumutok. Pope n-Ang papa. Popedom n Katungkulan nk papa. Popery n Pananampalataya sa simbahan Cato'lico. Pop gun n- Pasiblang. Popinjay-n-Loro; tawong hambog. Popish a Nanukol sa 6' tinuro ng- papa. Populace n-MaD~a tawo sa isong lugar. Ilopular-a-Nauukol sa lahat ng tawo bagay sa, karamihan nk tawo. Populate v Dumami ang mga tawo sa isang lugar. Population-n-Manka, tawo sa isang ingar. Po pulous-a-Matawo. Porch n Sibi., Porcine-a-Nauukol sa baboy. Pore n-Kilabot Pore v-Magaral; magisip. Pork n Carne Dg baboy. Porker-n Baboy. Porous a Buhaghag; mabutas. Porpoise n-I agong. Port-n-Doongan; punduhan ng- sasakyan. Portable a-Makadadala. Portage n-IPagdadala; halaga. Plortal-n-Pinto. PorteMOnnaie-n-l alagyan nk salapi. Portend v-Humula. Plortent-n-Hula- tanda. Porter-n-Utusan, kargador. Porterage n Tpa sa kargador. Portfolio-n Lalagyan ng mga papeles. Porthole n-8Uutas sa gilid ng sasakyan. Portiere nTabing nk pinto. Portion-n-Bahagi~ kapiraso. Portionx-v-iwalayin. Portionless a.Di mababahagi. Portly-a May katawan; mataba. Portmanteau n Saco de noche. Portrait-n Retrato; larawan. P'ortray-v-Gumawa nang larawan; saysayin. Portrayal n-Pagsasaysay. Portress-n Babaying utusan. Pose v-Ayusin, ilagay sa lugar. Pose-n Kalagayan; tayo. Poser n-Bugtong. Positioun —Liagay; lugar, tavo kalagayan. Positive a-I otoo. tama; walaug sala; tunay. Positive-n-Katotohanan; katunayan. Possess -v-Magk aroon; kamtan; rnagkamit. Possession-n-Posession. Possessor-n-Ang mayari. Possibility n Bisa: kaya. Possible n-Mangyayari. Post n Haligi; tukod; correoPost-v Ilagay sa correo. Postage n Bayad sa, correo. Postage stamp-n-Sello. Postal a-Nauukol sa correo. Post diluvial-v Pagkatapos nk panahon ni Noah. Poster-n Pahayag. Posterior a Huh sa panalion; pagkatapos huh: sa likod. Posteriors-n-Bayawang ng hayop. Posterityvn-Jnapo: labi: kanunuan - Postern-n-Pintuan sa likuran nang ba. hay. Post haste-n-Kadalian. Post man-n-Ang namamahala sa correo. Post mark-n-Tanda na nakalagay sa suhat ng mahaman kung saan nangaling. Post master-n-Aug namamnahala, sa correo. Post meridian-a-Sa hapon. Post mortemn a-Pagkauamatay. Post-offlce-n-Oficina nk correo. Post pone-v Jlayo: ilipat; lipatin. Post ponement-n-Paglipat sa panahon. postscript-n-Ang dugtong sa isang sulat. Posture-n-Tayo. Posy-n Bulaklak. p-ot-n-P'ahayok. Pot-v-Isam a. potash-n Sosa. Potato n-Papas. Potency n-1' adakilaan: karihagain; kapangyarihan; kayanmanan. 1Potent a-Mavaman; dakila; m-akapangyayari: m-arilagPotentate-n Hari: an g makapaugyayari. Potential-a Nauukol sa. kapangyarihan. lPotlier-n-(4ulo; kaguluhan...

Page  292 PRE 22P 292 PRE Potion n-Gamot, lagok. Potter-n Magtatapayan Potter v-Gumawa nik tapayan. Pottery n Paggawa.g nikma, tapayna. Pouch nSupot malaking tian. Pouch-v Ipamulsa ipunin. Poultice n-Tapal Poultice-v Itapal. Poultry n Ma-nga, manok. Pounce n-VulIvo; kuko nk ibon. Poncee-v Jiulihin. Pound n-Libra. Pound v Durugin bugbuigin, (likdfikin. Pouir-v Ibuhos, ibulusok. Pout-v-Magtainpo. ngumuso. Pout n Nguiso tam po. Pouter n Ang nagtatan-po. Poverty n Kasalatan; kahirapan. (lalita; karukhaan. Powder-n- Pulvo. alabok: alikabok - Powder v Dikdlikin; durugin; budbiurin; ligisin Povi er-n Kapanigyarihan; kapal. Powerful a.N1\lalakas makapangyayari; mnay kapal Powerless aMahina; walang kapangyarihban Practicability n-Cadalian gumawa. Practicabieca Madaling guinawa ginhawa - Practical a-Manigyari; madaling gumawa. Practice n- Kasanayan; paggamit; sa nay. Practice-v-Magsanay; gamitin. Prairie nLupangc mnalaki at patag. Praise-n-Pagpuri.' patm~amahal. Praise-v-Purihin: Mabafin. Prai-se worthy-a 1)apat purihin. Prance-n Lundag; lakad. Prance-v-Lumakad rng pahamb~og. Prank -n-Biro.- tukso. Prank v Gumayak. Prate v-Magsalita ng walang kabuinu ban, Prate-n-Salita na walang kabuluhan. Prattle-n Salita na walang kabultitj an. Prattle —v-Magsalita parang bata. Pray-v Magdasal lumuhiog. Prayer n-Dasal. luhog.- panialangin; daing Prayer n Ang nagdadasal,- towong mapagdlasalPrayer book-n-Librong dasalan - Prayerful a Mapagdasal.Preach-v-Magsermon mangaral. Preacher-n-Ang nagsesermon. Preaching n Pagsesermon. Prebend-n-Upa. bayad. Precarious-a-May panganib. Precauition-n Ingat- kain-a-tan. Precautional-a Maing!at. Precede-v-MNanna; timuvna. Precedence-n- K aunahan. Precedent rt Aug sinundan; halimbfawatWu'aran Precept n Utos; talunton. Preceptress n- Pabaying nag uutos - 'IPreceptor n Ang nag utos. Preceptoriil a t'amikol sa utos. Precinct n P'rio; nayon. Previons a-Mahial Pre(cipice-n Kabnbuliran; tsaluv-sov. Pre( ipitate v Liglain.i (alidtdl in; ib11Ulsok: isugba. Pre(cipitate a Tgla, madali dalosdalos;rnahilis; niatuilin - Precipitation-n-K~adlalian; kabiglaan - Precipitous-a Bigglangbigia. Precise a May lhanga, tuinay totoo. Preclunde-v-Ifuera; ibuikod. iwNvksi. Preclusion m- Pagkabukod; pagka waksi Precociouisa —Mangahas Precocity-n Kapaingahasamn. Preconcert a,. Ma-salitaan. Preconcert-n Salitaan. Precursive-a Mauna, Precuirsor n Manunula. Predecessor n-Ang hinalinhan. Predfial-a-Malupa. Predicable a Nanuikol. Predicament n-Kaguluhan ng isip. Predicate v Ma1,gs.bi Predication-n Pagstsabi. Predict v Hum uila.; hnlaan. Prediction-n- H ula. Predile~ctioin-n-ParimqnialnaIa ng labis Pr-eeminleiice-n-Kaqdnkilaan karflasgan. Preeminent aDakila, matatis mnarangalPi-eface n-Kasaysayarn sa liarapan ng~ isaug libro; i adhana, paninawa. Prefer v-Maniili; pumifli. Preference-n-Kahiligan; kahilinganl; anTg pinili Preferment n-Kapilian; kahilingan. Preferable a Dapat magalingin. Prefiix-n-Dugtong sn una. Pregnancy n-Kabniitisan. Pregnant-a Buntis. Prehiension n Pagkuiha pagdampot. Prejuidge-v-Hatulan niang hindi pa inni sisa. Prejudgment nPaghatol ag hindi painuusisa. Prejudicial a Makasisira Prelection-n-Sermon - Premature-a-Hindi pa paniahon. Prematurity n IKaagapan Premeditate v Mag wani 6 wani war-iin muns.

Page  293 P RE 293 PMI Premeditation-n Banta; 'wari. Premier a-Umnang mabuti, miagaling Premnium-n 6aniti; ganting palad; pabuya: ganting loob. Prepare-ii Guinavak; gayakan.l rnaghandla; ipaglaan. Preparation-n Gaynk; handal paoghandog. Preparative n Gayak handa. Preparatory a Naktigayak. Prepay v Magbnyad inuna. Prepavment, n-pagbabayad ng hindi pa yari. Preponderate-v Burnigat, sa iba. P-repositive a-N akalagay sa una. repossessing a Magan~dang loob; napagpapahalitia. Preposteriotis-a Hindi taima; hamnbog. rerogative n-Katowiran. Presage n Huila. Prescribe-v Mavsabi; guinamnot. Prescription n Gamnot. Presence n-Paharap harap. Present-a-Nakaharap; sa harap. Preseut-n-Ginaldo bigay; salubong hiyaya: regalo. Present-v-Magbigav; i bigay:- magbigay iio ginaldo ipagkilala; iharap. I-Iresentinijent, n Hinala. 1Presently-adv. Bago. maya maya,~ pagdaka. Preservation-n Laon, tagal. Preserve vi-Bantayin, gumiawa nk conservas - Preserves-n- Concervas. Presidie v Manmuno; mnianahala. P"residency-n Kalagavang presidente. President n-Pr-esidente, PresidentialwaNauukol sa presidente. Presidentship n- atung kulang presidente. tin. Press-n Hapitan. Pressing-a- Kailangan - Pressure-n Hapit; kadalianl,kakailang-an. Presume-v-Sn ma pantalba;m agsapantaha. Presumption-n Sapantalha; hin~alal, bintang; kabainbugan kahanginan. Presumptive a Marahil. Presurnituous a Hamnbog. palalo. Presuppose v Hakain. P-resupposition n Haka. Pretend v-Magkonowari; magbalobalo. Pretense Pretence-n Dahilami. pagkokonowari: sapantaha. Pretension-n-Dahilan. katowiran. Pretentious aHambog, mayabang. Preterit a-Nakaraan; nangari na. Pretermit-v-Laktawin; maiwan. Pretext-n 1)ahilani; katowiran. Pretty a Magatuda; inarikit; miaiinam. Prevail v Pilitin; putnilit supilin ntag ka-mnit; karntani; magkaroon Prevailing,-a Malakas karani wan. Prevalence-n Kalakasan. Prevalent a- Karaniwan, nialakas. prevaricate v Magsintingalitig. prevarication n 1<asijnunia1ingan )-1 prevaricator nTawong 8-inunigaling,Prevent vSowxvni abalahi; pigil1in. prevention n Pagpigil; abala. Preventive n Abala. previouis a Nannta. Prey it Ang, ninakaw. prev v Nakawin. price, n Halaga. pr-ice iiHalagalhan. priceless-a Matta] Da lubbla. Prick-n Duro. Prick v- Durufin. Prickle-n Hapdi. Prickle v Hutnapd(i. Prickle a-Mlahapd(i Prickly heat-n Buing-an~g araw. Pride n- 1<apalaluian kahainbugan, ka tarupalasan. kayabang-an. lPride-v Maghanmbog. nmagmayabang. Priest n Pani. Prig it Taw-ong( mn-iigahas. P1rig v~ Uinitim iurnumit. lPrigislh a-Hamnbog.; palalo; mayabang. Prim-a Ayos h~usay. inahusay. Pri inary-a-Pri lxiero naunang. p-rimate n Arzobispo. Prime a Unang mnainarn. Primer n Cartilla. Primevial-a-Nauinang nanukol sa unanig panahon - Primitive a- Naumnkol sa kaunahan. Prince-n —Principe, anak tig har;. Princess-n-Prinicessa, anak nk hari. Princely a Pa rang principe, dakilanigdakila. Principal a-Unang' totoong tunay.- maginoo. Principal n Pu n.Principality-n- Kalagayang principe. Pri ncipally-a-Lalonglalo. 1Principle n Painula. pinagbhuatan paraan pinaginulnan. Print-v-Maglinibag ikintal kintalin. Print n-Bakas limbag; gubhit. Printing n-Paglimbag. Prior-a-Nauna. Prison -n-Bilango, kalabuso. Prison-v-Kulunkin, ilagaiy sa bilango; ibilango. Prisoncr-n Preso. Private-a-Nagiisa.

Page  294 PRO 294 PRO Privacy-n-Kaisaban; pagkaisa. Private-n-Sundalong ultimo. Privateer n Sasakyan nk tulisan dagat. Privationi-n Kakailangan; kahirapan. Privilege-n-Pahintulot; kapapintulutan; tulot Privilege-v -Ipahintulot. Privy a Nanukol sa, iang tawo lamang; lihim hindi hayag. Prize n Ganting palad; pabuha. Prike-v-H~alagahan. Probable adv. Marahil. Probably-adv.-Marahil. Probate-n Katibayan nk testamnento. Probation-n -Tik himn; kasanayan; subok. Probe-v-Usisain; miyasatin. Probity n-b atapatan Dk loob. Problem n Kuenita. Problematif-a Nanukol sa, kuenta. Probosis n Ilong nk hayop. Proceed-v-Sumulong; magtuioy; bumalong; bumiukal. Proceedings n-Gawa; hatol. Proceeds-n Tubo; pinaghilan. ProcE ss-n-Paraan; gawa. Procession-n-Procession - Proclaim v-Tawagin: tumawag. ipahayag- ihayag. ipatalastasProclamation n P'ahayag; tawag.; utosProclivity-n-Kahilingan; kaliffnkan. Procrastinate-v Ipagluatin. Procrastination-n- Kaluatan; katagalan - Procumbent a Nakadapa. Procuration n Pagkamit- pagkakamtanProcure v Magkamit; isamsam; magkaroon: damahin. Procurement-n Pagkamtan; p ag kam it; pagsamsam - Prodigal-a Burara. Prodigal-n-Tawong burara. Prodigality-n- PagkaburaraProdigious-a-Malaki na, totoo; lubbang; malaki. Produce v-Guinawa- gawvin; k athai n; magkaroon: mamunga. Produce n Ang inani. Product n-Bunga; anomang bagay na yari. Production n Pagaggawa; gawa. Productive-a MatabaProfanation n-Pagpaslang; kapaslangan. Profane a Banday: manununkayaw. Profane v-Paslangin; tungayawin. Profanity-n-P-agtutunkayaw; kapaslankan. Profess v Magsabi: ipahayag. Profession-n- Katungkulan. Prof~essional aSaniay na lublia. Prof essor-n- Professor - Proffer-v-Iabot; ialok; 'ialay. Proffer n-Alok. balak. Proficiency-,n-Kasanayan; luta; karu nunkan. Proficient-a-Maruinong sanay Proficient-,n-Tawong marunong at sanay. Profile n Larawan; retrato. Profit-n-Pakinabang; tubo. Profitti-Turnubo. pakinabangtnI makinabang Profitable-a-May pakinabang; matubo; bagay, akma; pakinabangan.- mabuti - Profitless aWalang tubo 6 pakinaban g. Profligacy n-F asamaan; kssirnan. Profligate-a-Masama. hamak. mahalay; walang hiya. Profounad(-a- Malalim. Profoundness-n Lalim. Profundity -n-Kalaliman; lali in. Profuse-a Sagana; marami. Profuseness Profusion n-K asagan aan:. karamihan. Progenitor n.Nuno; kanunuan. Progeny n Angkan: lahi; karmaganakan. Prognostic n Tanda. hula. Prognosticate v-H umula; liulaan - Prognosticati on-n-Paghuila. Program-Prograimme-n Babalai sa madla. Progress n Pagbuti. pagsuilong.- kagalingan. Progression n-Pagsulong; galing. Progressive-n-Magpasulong; miabubuti. Prohibit-v Magbawal; ipaghbawal sowayin. Prohibiton-n-Pagbawal; pagsoway. Project n-Bala balak; akala; anyo. Project-v-Bumalak; akalain. Projectile n-Bala nk kanyon. Projection n Liko. Prolific a- Mamunga. Prolix a-Matagal; malaon: maluat: bagal; mabagal. Prolixity Prolixness n-Kataralan; kaluatan-, kabagalan. Prolocutor n Taga pamagitan. Prolong-v Tumagal; itagal,- luatan; huTnaba. Prolongation n-Kaluatan, katagalan; pagtatagal: paglilluat. Promenade n-Pasialan. Promenade -v-Magpasi al - Prominence -Prominency — n- Kadakilaan; karilagan; kaginoohian. Prom-inent-a Dakila; nmarangal: mataas:I bantog; bunyi. Promiscuous-a- Walang a-yos; hialohialo 1111n(1 mahusav. Promnise-npI3n~ai;o tipan: salitaan - Promnise-v-Mang-ang-ako:- ipangako. -

Page  295 PRO 2~ R 2195 PRO Pr~omontory-n Lupang inataas at makitid. Promote v-Jpataas: umabuloy. Promotion-n-I agpataas abuloy. Prompt aMaliksi; matulin, m asi pag; nakagayak niakahanda. PromiptvlIbuhlo. isurot sa isip. Premptitude I romptness -n'- Kaliksihan; katulinan.- kasipagan Prone-a-Nadapa; nakadapa Pronominal aNauiukol sa pronombre. Prong-n-Duloiig matulis. Pronoun-n-Pronombre. Pronounce vWikain, Magsabi; sabihin. Pronunciamento n-Pahayag: paunawa. Pronunciation-nKasaysayan; pagsasalaysay. Proof n Katotohanani; katuinayan. Prop-n Tukod; tungkod; abuloy. Prop-v [tukod tungkod; uimabuloy. Propagate v Maghasik; nuggpunla; paramnihin. Propagation-n-Pagsulong; paghasik. Propensity-n Kagawian 6 kahiling-an ng loob. Proper-a-Akma bagay; dapat; karampatan mnaakmia; nararapat. Property-n- Lupa: an:, kavamanian. Prophecy n-Hula. Prophesy v Humula: hulaan. Prophet n Manghuhula: mago. Prohetic a Nauukol sa, hula. Propitious-a -Nakahawak. Propitiate-v- Patahimikin; pahimpilin. Proportion-n Avos. Proportion-v-Ayusin: h atiina; h iwa Ia - yin. Proporti onal-a-Masiya- matamitt- man. Proportional-n Kasiyahian katamtanian. Propose-v-Bumalak; ibalak, niagturing; ialok. Proposal n Balak: turing. Propositi~on-n-Tur-ing. balak. Propound-v-Ialok; magsaysay. Proprietor-n-Ang mayani. Proprietress-n Aang may ani babayi. Prepriety-n- Kahusayan; kaayusan; ayos Propulsion-n Pngsulong tulak. Propulsive a Pasulong. Proscribe-v Bintankin.- ihulog sa infierno; lmnagbigay sala. Proscription-n-Bintang; pagbibigay sala. Prose-n-Karaniwang sulat. Prosecute-t7-Ihabla - Prosec~ution n Paghabla; Bagong biniyagan. Prosecutor-n-Ang naghalhabla - Prospect-n-Tanawani; tingin. Popect-aUsisain: tuinhinin., Prospection?i-Paguuisisa. Prospectus-n -Plan o. Prosper-ii-Gumnaling; guminliawa. Prosperity-n Kaginhawahan; galing; kagalingan. kawalan ngk damdarn. Prosperous a Mngaling. masa-va; miabuti Prostitute-v Magputa; mnagpaltutot. Prostitute n flitad. puta: patu tot. Prostitutioni-n Paghihitad: pagpuputa. Prostrate a Tilhaya. nakahiga. Prostrate v-Ihiga; itibaya; baliktarinl. Prostrationl n lPagtitih~aya; kalungkut an; kopanglawailn Protasis n-Pntnugot punoing aral. Protect vIka long; kupkopin tuluinkin; tumanihilik; ipaglaban; bantay~in; ipa,,gsangalang; mnagtangol. Protectioni-n Kupkop. tulong. andukha; inkat; bantay. Protector-n-Taga tangol pintakasi; taga kalong. Protege-n-Tawong na sa kapangyarihazi nk iba. Protest-v-Dunafing, lumaban. Protest n Daing; paglaban. Protestant-a-Protestainte. Protestant n-Protestante. Protestat ion n Daing. Protomiartyr-n Kaunnunahan martir. Protract v Humiaba; magluat, luatan; tumagal. Pr~otracted-n-Mnaluat- matagal. Protraction-n-Luat, haba, kahabaan; kaluatan tagal. Prctrude v Sumiipot; lumitaw.- ilabas. Pr~otuberance n Liko.- bukol. Protuberant-a-Litaw: unkabukol. Protuberate-v-Mamaga; buinukol. Protuberatioiin-Pamiamaga: bukol. Proud aPalalo; hambog mnayabang. Prove vDamahin; siyasatin; ibigayauig katotohanan. Provenider n-Pagkain nDg hay~op. Proverb-v Talinhaga. halimbawa: kasahihan kawikaan; karnkaan: patnugot. Proverbial a-Nauukol sa talinhaga. Provide v-Ibigay ang kailankan; tumutlong bigyan nk kailankan. Provided conj -Kung sakali. Providence n Gaynk; handog: handa. Provident a Nakagayak; niakahanida. Province n-Hukuman: lalawigan. Provincial a-Nauuklol sa huko~man 6 sa lalawigan. Pravision-n Paghanda; paggayak; manga pagkain. Provision-v-Bumili aug manga pagkain. Provisional a.Hangang hindi: interino..Proviso n Condition- salitaan. Provocation-n Dahilan katowirani sul.sol

Page  296 PUL 296 PRU Provoke v-H umamon;' hamunin yamutin; m-a gsulsol; pagalitin, udyok. Prow n Duo ng- sasakyan. Prowess n Lakas~ kalakaisan. Prowl v Gumnapang, Proxim-ate-a Kahapit mialapit, kasunod. Proximnity n Kalapitan pagkasundo. Proximo-n Ang buang darating. Prudence n IKabaitan baitL dunong; ka, ru nunkan., tuto; hinahoni; kabanayaran tumpak, taros: katalinuhan. Prudent a Mahinahon. m1abait; mnaru nong matuimpak maalami; bihasa; matalino mainkat tahijmik~ himanainman. Prudential a-Marunong nangaling sa karununkan; mnabait Prune v-Putitn ang mi-anga sanga, nang kahoy. 1Pry-v M~adiwaras usisain miagnusisajnaagdiwara itaas. Pry it anaghnit; kadiwaraan. Prying a Madiwara. Psalmn-n- Salm:). kanta ng nanukol sa P. D. P-salmisqtn-Ang stimulat ng mga kan tang nauukol sa P. Dios. Pseudonvrn-nNkalan na hindi totoo. Pshaw inter. Oroy. ba Psyche-n-Kaluluwa- isip Psychic Psychical-a Naunkol sa kaluluwa. Public-a Alam ng inadla; havag;- karani wan. Public-n Madla. Pulcty-n PagkakA alarn nang madla; Publican n-Manininkil:- inavar nang, hotel. Publication n-Pag limibag; tawag sa madila. Publish v-pahayag; ipaladas ilathala; ikalaT, Pucker-n Nguso. Pucker-v Nkurnnso. Pudidle n Labak. Puddle v-Lunmabak. Pudgy a Pandak at- mataba. Puerile-a Parang bata. Puerility n Kalagayang bat-a. Puff-n Ihip, ng hankin. Puff v Umihip; mamanas. Pug-v-Tasakin ng pusali. Puilism n Suntukani. Pugnaceou s a Mapagbasagulo. Pug'nose n-Ilong masapad. Pule-v-Sumniap. Puike v Sumuka:, magsuka. Pull v-Batakin; bumatak; biwatsin; bumiwas; hilabin; humila. Pull-n-Batak hila; biwas. Pullet -n-Manok. Pulley n Kalooey. Pullmoniic-lal m-tonarv-a-NauinkoI sa baga. Pulmonic-n-Gamiot, sa baga. P.)ulpit-n EulIpito, altar. Pulsate v lumukpok; tumibok: kumaba. Plulsation-n-l'ukpok: tibok; kaba. Pulse-n-Pu Iso. Pulse-V-FUM ulso - Pulverization n F'agdurog; dikdikan. Pulverize v Durugin; dikdlikin. Pump n Bomba, Pun n Bugtong. tukso. Punch n Suntok; surot. Punch v Suntukin, sumuntok, hudlungin. Puncheon n Pangbutas. Punctual aBagay, maagap; maliksi. Punctuality n- Kaganapan; kaliksihankadalian. Puncture n Butas. Puncture-v Butasin. Pungency n Kasaklapan, kapaitan. Pungent a Masaiklap mapait. Punish v FParusahi n; hampasin. Punishable a Papat parusahin. Punishment n Parusa; dusa. Punster n Tawong mapagbiro. Puny a Mahina at munti. Pup n Tuta. Pupil-n-Ang nag aaral. Pupilage-n-Kalagayang nag aaral. Puppet n Muneka. Puppy-n Tuta. 1Puppyish-a-Farang tuta; mapootini. Pur-v-Surniap. Pur-n-Siap. Pur blind a Balangaw. Purchase v-Bumili- mamnili. Purchase n Ang pinam ill. Pure a Dalisay; malinis banal; wagas;,walang halo; tapat. ang loob. Purgation-n-Pagpurga.Purgative a.Makapagpurga. Purgative-n-Purga. Purgato ry-n-Purgatorio. Purgatory-a-Nauu~kol sa purgatorio. Purge v-Furgahi n Purge-n-Purga. Purification-n-Paglilinis; kalinisan Purifv-v-Linisin; dalisayin. kintalin. Puirity-n-Kalinisan- kadalisayan: kamahalan: kapurihan; puri. Purlin-Borlas. lPurl v-1lagay aug borlas Purlieu-n-Lugar na malapit. Purlin-n,-Anoman. Purloin-v Umitin: umurnit, nakawin magnakaw.

Page  297 Q-UA 2)97 QUE IPurplen Pii-upura. Purport-n-Kaliulugan. Pu'rport-v-iMagbigav kahulugan Plurpos e-i-Akala, kaliulugan tun~o. Purpose v-Akalain, magbigay kahuflugan. Purr-tl-Ngurniaw. Purse n Bulsa bulsikot. Parse-v N~umnuso, Parse p~roud a Hambog dahli sa kayaniamanDn Plursuance?t P-agkasuuod. Pursua-nt-a- Ayou. Plurstie-v, Habulin; humabol. P-ursuit n-Paghiabol. ],ursy-a Mataba, at inaikli aug luinin~a. P~uruleuit-a May Dana. P-urvey v lalok: maglako, magtinda. Purview-nt Katawan ng isang larawan kapan gyarihan. Pus n Nana; kabulukan ng su gut. Push-v Tumulak; itulak. tulakini. Push n Tulak untog. Quack n Lyak ng ifik 6 bibi. Quack n Mangagamnot na hindi nag aral. Quack v U7miyak aug itik 6 bibi. Quad raeian K oresm a. Quad ragesi nial-a Nauukol sa koresmiang unahiaba. quadrangle n Anomang bagay na inay apat iia sulok 6 panulukan. (~-uadrate a-Parisukat. (juadrate-n- Parisukat. Quadratic-a Nauukol. sa, parisukat,. Quaadreninial-a MVangyvaari in insan isa balang apat na taon. Quadrilateral a May apat na gilidl at apat na panulukan. (Quadrilateral n Anomang bagay na may apat na gilid. Quadrille n Rigodon. QuItadrill ioni-n-lsaugyuitammg angawangaw. Qluadruped-n-Hayop na may alpat na paa (,jundruped a May apat na paa. Qutad rupl-e-ai Aapat na duble. (Inadruple n Aug apat na (luble. Quadruple-v-Dublihin ng mnakaapat. Quaere-r- Magtauong, tanungin. Quaff-iiUrninom ng nmararni. Quagmire n-Lablab; lawak. Quaggy a-Malablab. Quail v-Mankinkinig. Quail-n- Pugo Quaint-a Di karaniwan; iba. Qtuake r TNanginig, uininig. PuLsillanimity-n Karuagan. Pnisillanimous a Duag (lungo. Puss Pussy-n-Pusa:- kuting. Pustule-n-Blutlig. P'ustural-a-Mabutlig. Put vilagay: maglagay; lagyuu, iliagis. Put n Hagis. Putative a Nabalita. Put off -v Ilayo. Put out -Ilab)as palabasin. Putrefy-v Bumi-ulok mabulok. Putrid-a-Bulok nmabulok. Putridity Putridness-n-Kabulukan. Puzzle n- Basagulo; bugtong. Puzzle-v- Mtigbugtong. Pygmny-n Unano. l~ygmy a Muntiugmunti; unano. Pyjama-n Carsoucillos. Pvniforin a Hitsurang peras. Pyrotechnics-n Paggawa at pagganiit aug kuetes. Pythion-n Sawa. Quake n Inig; galaw Qualification-n-F'ag abot sa grado. Qualify-v-Umabot sa, grado Quality n Kalidad. Qualm-n-Kahinaan- again agamn na bobl Qualinish-a-Masakit aug sikinura. Quandary-n Again again DA lob. kaguluhan nk isip. Qtjantity-n-Kararnihan- dami. Quarantine-n Kuarentenas. Quarrel n,-Basagulo; talo usap. Quarrel-v Mag basagulo; makipagtalo: mag usap. Quarrelsome aMapag basagulo; palaaway. Quarry-n Pinaghukayan Dg bato. Quarry v Maghukay;, mag tibag. Quart-n Takal na may dalawang gataing aug lainan. Quarter-n-Kabati ikaapat; na, lahimgi: luat nA tatbong buan. Quarter v-Apatin. Quarterly-a-Balang tatlong huau Qua-sh v Huinimpil; luinubay; durugin; inisin. Quaver v Umninig; inaningning. Quaver-n-Inig; nignging. Quay-n-Muella. Quean-n Babayi: batang babsyi. Queasy-a Masakit ang sikrnura, mnakilitiiu. Qneen-n-Haringr babayi. Queenly-a-Blagay sa, haring babayi38

Page  298 RAD 298 RAI Queen consort-n-Asawa nk hari. Queen dowager-n-Bao nk hari. Queen mother n ma nk hari. Queen regent n-Haring babayi. Queer-a-Hindi karaniwan iba. Queer-n Kuartang masama. Quell v.Tahirniikin; supilin. Quench v-Patayin aug apoy 6 sunog. Querist n Aug nagtatanong. Query-n-Tanong. Query v Magtanong. tanunkin. Quest-n-Hanap; paghanap. Question n Tanong. Question v-MJagtanung itanong. Questionable-a-Falso; hindi totoong ma. linis 6 mahusay. Questionless a Malinis; totoo; tunay, dalisay; mahusay. Queue n Buhok nk insik. Quibble n-Kailagan sa tanoug. Quibble v Umnilag sa tanong. Quick a Matulin; maliksi; maagap. Quick-adv.-Madali. Quicken-v Tumulin; magmadlali. Quick lime n-Apog. Quick silver-Azogue. Quid n-Pirasong ruascada. Quiescent-a Tahimik; walang kibo. Quiet-a-Tahimik walang gulo; ma bini; mnahait mahinahon. Quiet-n-Katahimikan; pagpapahinga; kapahingahan. Rabbit-n-Conejo. Rabble-n-IBunton Dk tawo. Rabid a-Maulol. ulol. sira aug isip. Race-n-Hinlog., lahii. pareja:, takbuiian. Race n-Tumakbo; magpareja. Racer-n Ang tuniakbo; mananakbo Raceme-n-Piling 6 buig nk bunga 6' balaklakRaciness-n-Lasa. Rack-n-Lalagyan ng pagkain ng hayop; kakanan nk hayop; kasiraan. Rack-v-Ilagay sa kakananRack-vLumakad na matulin; banatin-, pahirapan.,Racket n-Gulo; kaingayan; in~gav. Rackety-a-Maingay; inagulo. Racy-a-Malasa sariwa. Radial-a-Nauukol sa kagitnaan. Radiance-n-Ningning.' kintab, kakinitaban: kisap. kislap. Radiant-a-Maningnig; makintab; inakisap. Radiate-v-Kumislap; kumisap. Quiet-v-Tahimikin, magpahinga. Quietude Quietness-n-Katahimikan; pagpapahinka. Quill-n-Puno, nk balahibo ng ibon. Quilt n Kuniot. Quilt-v-Magkumot - Quinine-n- - inina. Quinquangesima a lkalimangpuo Quiiuquangular-a-May limaig panulukn.-ii Quinquennial a Mangyayari min-san sa balang limang taon. Quinsy-n-Sakit nk lalamnunan Quintal-n-Kintal; isangdaan libra. Quintuple a-Dinuble no makali ma. Quip-n Uvamn; alibughia. Quip-v-Magafibugba. Quire-n-Dalawangpuo at apat na (amuon nk papel. Quirk-n-Kilos. Quit v-Maiwan; umalis, patawarin:- hayaran. Quite adv. Lubos puspos. Quit tance-n-Kabayaran - Quiver —n-Lalagyan nk palaso. Quiver v-Uminig. Quiz-v Magbugtong. Quiz-n Bugtong Quondam a Dating., unang. Quota-n-Bapagi, parte. Quote v-Sabihin aug sinabi ng- iba. Quoth-v. im. Sinabi. winika. Quotidian a.Mangyavari sa arawaraw. Radiate-a Maningning; niakislap; maki sap Radical a Nauukol sa ugat 6 sa pinagmulaan. Radical-n-Dating salita. Radically-adv.- Buhat sa pinagmulaan. Radicate v-Magtaniim. Radicel-n-M~unting ugat. Radish n Labanos. Radius n.Layo, maghuhat aug gitna hiangang sa gilid ng hilog. Radix-n-Pinagimulaan. Raffle n Rifa. Raffle v Parifahin. Raft-n-Balsa Raft-v Magbalsa. Rafter n Balsero. Rag-n-B3asahan; gulanit. Ragged a-Punit punit; punit. Rage n Qalit; kagalitan; ka