Visayan-English dictionary
Hall, Alton L., Custodio, Andres.


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Page  [unnumbered] VISAYAN-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. BY ALTON L. HALL, SAN JOSE, ANTIQUE, Assisted by ANDRES CUSTODIO, President of Pontevedra, Negros. (Authors of "CuStodio's Method, English-Visayan.") Here is a book containing 5,000 Visaean words, with wide margins in which other words can be written and corrections made. The work is intended as a foundation on which the purchaser can build up a good dictionary. Americans learning Visaya will find English-Visavya word-lists in the back part. Price - - - I 1. Pour for - - - P 3.00 COPYWRIO TED. ALTON H. HALL, San Jose, Antique. 1911.

Page  [unnumbered] * ^ H/7 i To those rilipinos, friends of the Americans, who trusting in the promises made by the American Government, are patiently co-operating with it in securing the realization of its ideal,-the peace, education, unity, prosperity and ultimate independence of the rilipino t People, this volume is dedicated. f i <L ^V~ l~~N~~IC~~~C~~~~

Page  I PREFACE. Neither the Spanish nor the English spelling is used, but a simplified spelling recommended by Dr. JOSE RIZAL. 1. u is dropped from between g. and i. gina, not guina. 2. qu is changed to k. bankilyo, not banquillo. 3. 11 is changed to ly. bankilyo, not bankillo. 4. j is changed to h. Hinigaran, not Jinigaran. In only one particular,-the universal use of k, have Dr. RIZAL'S rules been deviated from. To assist those learning English, k is used before e and i; and c before a, o, and u, as in English. Thus coring, cat; not koring, kat; baca, cow; not baka, kow. c changes to k before i. caon, kinaon; cuha, kinuha. Prefixes are separated from the root by spaces, and suffixes are separated from it by hyphens. The prefixes are separated as an aid to the student of Visaya, and not as a model. Ma bascug may be written mabascug, gin ca isa-han, gincaisa-han. Hyphens, however, are more important. They are also used to separate the parts of a compound word,

Page  II PREFACE. and to separate parts of a word that are widely separated in speech, ma itum-itum, gab-i. Another aid for the student of Visaya is the printing of halambal as halambal to show that it is derived from hambal. Words containing u or o, if not found under one, will perhaps be found under the other of these letters. If buylog cant be found, look for boylog. u and o are not always interchangeable, for sogo is not pronounced sugu; or tucun, tocon; therefore both letters are retained, and an attempt made to determine in each case what is the proper letter to use. n. is an abbreviation for noun; a., adjective; v., verb; v.t., verb transitive; v.i., verb intransitive. Culong, v.i. curl [hair]. Her hair curls. pa culong, v.t., curl (hair). No, she curls it. Accents are placed at the end of a syllable, instead of over the vowel in the syllable, debtor, not debtor. A number of Spanish words have been included. They are in general use among Visayans, and are therefore Visayan as much as many words of latin derivation are English. Horses were introduced into the Philippines by the Spaniards. The Spanish word for horse (caballo), pronounced caba -yo by Visayans, is the only word for horse which the Fili

Page  III PREFACE. ITT pinos have. The word kindergarten belongs in both the English and German languages. Some words which we do not recognize have been included. Since material was gathered in different Provinces, they may be words from some dialect. If errors, they can be removed iln a later edition, should there be demand for one. The nucleus for this work was a two thousand word list gotten together by Rev. S S. Huse, Jr., of the Baptist Mission, and donated to the author in 1902.

Page  IV

Page  1 A Aba, abao, ah!I alas! whew!I abaa, n. an abbot. abga, it. shoulder. abanico, it. fan. abano, it. cigar'. aba, pang abal, v. hanker after (money), implore', entreaty, beseech, urge, beg, bother. abayo, pang abayo, v. ride. abi, maybe, perhatp's. Aih-Abi. it. kindly recep'tion, weIcoe v. receiv'e kindly, wel'corme. ma abi-abihon, a. almiable, codil hearty, hos'pitable. ca abi-abilion, it. hospital'ity. aibia~n, n. friei.nd.v. be friend'ly. ma inabianon, a. ain'icable, friendly. ang pag inabian, qz. am'ity, friendtliness, sa inabian, friendly. pakig abian, r. ingra'tiate. abi&, 9z. liz'ard. abo, n. conger-eel. abo^, it. ashes. ab6^-ab6^, n. a species of fisbh.

Page  2 abo 2 adi aibog ho, n. jeallousv. ma abogho-on, jealfous. abog hon, jealous. aborido, na aborido, a. vexed. abre, v. open. abrelatas, it. canf-opencI., abrigo, n. hawl. abtanm n~i. n. qiuick~ness, agillity. ma abtic, a. dexfterous, smart, adroit', sup/ple. ca abtic, it. dexterlity, agil'ity, alacfrity. Aabuit. v. arrivfe, arrive at, reach, get to, n. arrjTval. maiug abui, v.i. due to arrive. pa abut, maga abut, ma abut, (future tense) shall arrive. na abtan, arrived. pina abut, it. effect'. achara, n.pickfle. aco, 1. acon, my, mine. sa acon, to me, for me, with me, me. pa-ada, i a. boon. adelantar', v. amelliorate. manugy adelantar, a. enfterprising, energet'ic. adalum, pang adaluan, v. serve. adgao, n. alder tree, alder tree. adi, pang ad&, r. pray.

Page  3 3 aga pala pang adi, a. devout'. adic dic, n. dantdruff. adiong, n. ship. adio! good-bye! pang adit, v. pray for the dead. the dead.;idlao, n. day, sun. inadlao, adlao-adlao, daily. sa adlao-adlao, every day. ca adlao-an, birthfday. n. prayer for adinan, kina Wadlanr, n. aladdin's lamp, philostopherts stone, experrience. may kina adman, a. experienced. ang pag ca walag kinaadman, n. inexpe'rience. kin adman,.... kina adman, n. ability, experience. kina adman,] ~ may kina adman, a. experienced. ang pag ca walay kina adman, n. inex-perience. ad6be, n. block of earth formed like a brick, ready to be baked. adodolay, n. large white dew-worm. adto, agaI, n. morning. sa agahon, in the morning. ca agahon, n. dawn. aga-aga pa, adv. earlier. aga-aga, adv. every morning. aga ca pa ba! How early you are! (ironical). aga pa, sa aga pa, early. agac, n. cock, rooster.

Page  4 as,1 4 ago agad, ad. althofugh, in spite of. agalon, n. lord, master, llis'tress..igao, v'. snatch away!, grab, extort by force. n. scramtble, favorite in a bet. pa agao, v. ritval, sclamnble for. n. scrimrnage. Agay, vi. flow (blood), bleed, run. agba2, r.t. put the arm around one's neck, hug, clasp, embratce. agbon, n. cigar-ashes. agda, n. invitattion. v. invitet. agdum, n.v. gnash in anger. ag-hon, n. (mlartiners) comtpass.,tgi, v '. pass by, come to, pass through, go by. n. track, trace. indi ca ma agi, keep out of. way pa agi, yet to pass, not gone by yet. agi sang til, n. track, foottprint. umalagi, n. trantsient, passer-by. pa agi, v. to pass by one, brush past.,n. way, manner. agi sang tono6, v. prick of a thorn. agi, n.y. sodtomite, masturbator. agid-agid, n. resemrblance, likerness. agigising, n. temple (of the head). agihis, n. small river mussel. agihon, n. stingter (of a bee). agio, n. soot, lampblack. agipo, n. fire'brand. agis-is, n. mange, or dog-lep'rosy. gni agogago, v. speak inartictulately Agong, n. bell.

Page  5 agu agond, agop-op, agoyocoy, n. petty thief. v. sneak; z. moss, mould. n. a species of small crab which lives on the beach and runs swiftly. agpang, n. skein of cotton or silk. agrot v. ma agrot, a. gritty [food]. agrutan, agsas, v. work land on shares. n. tentalt farmer. pa agsa, v. rent to tenants, rent on shares. agsap, n. agsic, it. foam, froth, spray. agtang, n. forehead, brow. aguanta, v. tol'erate, bear, endurge, put up with, stand. ma aguanta, a. endurting, sturdy. aguardiente, n. alcohol. aguasa, n. eruption?). agud (nga), so that, in order that. agugufing, n. a species of beetle. agui, (Look for " agi ") (ipang-ita sing "agi "). agum, t. profit, joy. Agum, v. enjoyt [benefits]. aguma-a, n. horse-mackerel. Agung, t. visayan bell, bamboo gong. agunto,'?t. labored breathing, hard breathing, groan. v. gasp, sob. agus, v. smooth, polish. aguting, n. decay (in teeth).

Page  6 agu 6 ala. ah! ah! O! ahs, petition, request'. ahao, a. gentuine, pure, unmixed, unadul-terated. ahas, pang aha~ v. dare, venture, risk. ahay! alas! too bad! ahig, pang ahig, v. scratch, paw. ahora, (Look for aorra) now. aire, n. air. ahito, n. wild rose. Ahos, n. garlic. Akiat sa pag Away, v. chaltlenge. akid, n. a man partial to his relatives or countrymen. /Akig, pang akig, n. passion, anger, v. be anary, hate, scold. ca Akig, v. to be exastperated at, be angry at. n. anger, fury. diutay ma akig, a. vexed. pa akig, v.t. provoke, enragle, incense'. ma akig, a. angry, cross, provoked. maca alakig, a. exasperating, importtunate. alakigan, a. hated, despised. al [prefix used before words begining with a vowel.] ala-ala, v.i. be in doubt, be undecided. alA! hurry up! get up! go on! alabuton, n. lunratic.

Page  7 7 ala alac, alacayo, alagad, alag-ag, n. wine. n. buffoont. v. serve, wait, on. u. ser/vant. n. servant's respectt and shame before his master, deference. alagas, algian, n. pastsage, transit, way, road. naga alagi, passes or goes along the street. {from agi}. alagilang, n. old leaves. alagisud, v. succeed to the throne. alagit-it, n. small bird with white breast. alagmon, a obtain able. alag-yan, n. course way. alkigan, a. hated, despised. ca alakig, a. irritable {from akig}. ali ain. v. be wise. in. science, wisdom, learning. ca alam, n. sense, wisdom. ma alam, a. wise. ca alam-an, n. taltent, getnius, gift. ma alam ca ayo, a. wisest, very wise. manin alam-on, n. learned man, genius. pa alam, V. instructt. kina alam, n. abillity. alaman, a. wise. alan, a.v. stale, grow rantcid. alandam-an, a. to be handled with care, to be guarded against, to be cared for, dangerots.

Page  8 alaa 8 ala alaiig, alang na alangan, a. taken by surprise (?). alang-alang, n. fix, scrape, strait, something short, difficulty. I. ca alang-alangan, nl. houselless rergion. ang pag Alang-dlang, n. indecistion. ala nga-ang, n. slight fever. alang ay, a. measured, regular, rhythmic. ca alang tan, n. gist. alanlion, } Crop, harvest. (from ani) alao, yellow fever. offer a visitor something. alap, pang alap, v. bury a piece of the image of Christ on Holy Friday. pina ngalap, n. magical power gotten from such amulet or charm; also the charm itself. alap-ap, n. blight, white spots on the body, fungus disease on plants. pang alapcap v. entwine. alapla-ag, v. scatter, [as sheep or soldiers], alaplag, spread [as water], disband. alaptan, n. roof. alapton, n. material for a roof, roofing. Alas, v. to coil. alasinan, n. saltpit, {from asin }. alat, n. hand basket. alatay, a. disease that attacks people, chickens, nanca, and bananas. alawas, v. fill (?).

Page  9 9 ali Alay, n. cramp. alayo, v. be cured. {from ayo}. alaypan, n. benefactor. alehandria, n. name of a flower, a girl's name. alemania, n. Germany. taga alemnnia, n. German. alfombra, n. rug, mat. algodoin, n. cotton, cotton goods. alguasil, n. servant of a justice of the peace. sheriff (?). alhive, n. cistern. alibangbang, n. butterfly. alibhon, n. sage (an herb). alibio, v. allayf, allerviate. alibatbat, n. plant for pipe. alibugos, chilblain, flea-bite. alibubung-anf, n. crest. alibungan, n. ridge pole of a roof. alibutud, n. heart-wood, pith, heart. alibutug, n. chiltblain. alifante, n. ellephant. Aligi, fat part of a crab. aligutgut, ni. a certain rancorous sentiment, spite, rancor, vindictiveness. ca aligutgut, n. ill.-feeling, rancor, grudge. alila, v. esteemS. alilaon, a. esrtimable. alilA, v. fontdle, caresst. alili, nt. advantces made to farmers on growing crops, the farmer agreeing to deliver the produce at time of harvest.

Page  10 ali 10 alo alimano, n. brown crab. alimatoc, n. leech (sharper) of the mts. alimbucad, bubbling or agitated water. alimpolus, n. whirlpool, cowlick, whirlwind. alimpuduan, n. back part of the head where hair parts. alimpulus, n. whirlwind, whirlpool, cowlick. alingayo, n. a species of wasp. alingit, n. frown, space between eyebrows. alingog-ngog, n. headache caused by a cold, cold in the head, ringing in the ears. alingyas, v. put shuttle in bobbin. alinsoso, n. point, or shoot of a plant, core. alintaga, n. story, floor. alintabo, naga alintabo, a. arldent, heated. alipaloc, n. spark of fire. alipocpoc-an, n. summit (of mountain). alipongot, n. anger. gina alipungot, a. futrious. alipumut, ca alipumut, n. chagrint. alis, v. go away. alisbung, n. steam, moisture. Alma, n. soul. almendras, n. almond. almirante, n. adlmiral. alobAybay, n. lace, balustrad'e, rail. alocaba, n. shell. aloca-it, n. shell (of an egg.) egg-shell. alonga-og, n. a poorly cooked article.

Page  11 11 ama along,-ub, a. poorly cooked. n. poorly cooked food. alopo-oc, n. haze. alopo-op, n. fog. alosiman, n. purslain. alort, pang alot, v. scratch, shave. alot, a. bald. Aloy, v. feign, pretend'. aluan, v. be kind. ma alian a. careful, genterous, ajmiable. ca aluan, n. despatch, expedition, liberaltity, goodness. alubaybay-an, n. balustrade. alud, woven (?). alugbati, n. an eldible climbing vine used for greens. alula, alum, n. mole (on the body). alum, n. name of a tree. alumilao, v.i. doze. alun, n. wave [of river or sea]. aluntaga, n. step, staqir. alupu-up, n. mist. aluyan, a. bogus. v. play off. amac, pa amac, n. kindling wood. amacan, n. partition mat of bamboo. amahan, n. large beads of a rosary. amamacol, n.a. mushroom.

Page  12 ama, 12 ami arnan, v.n. prepare, preven'tion. dili mainamafi-on, a. improvident. na aman na, adv. already. pang aman v. preservre, alarmr, warn. pa aman, n. advic'e, warning, commisTsion (agents). v. warn. ang pang aman, n. prevention. amat, n. alarm (?), increase. amat-amat, v. it is becoming, growing, adv. little by little, by degrees, gradrual. sa amat-amat, gradrually. amatong, n. [Guimbal dialect.] pig sty, filthy place. amAy, n. father. amay namon, n. The Lord's prayer, Our Father. ambac, v. leap down. ambahan, n. song. v. praise, extol', glolrify in song, sing praise. ambit, v. get a share of, have some of...... with, have part in, partakfe. v.t. impart', share. ambnong, a. soulful, artlessly comely, beautiful (face.) ca ambong, n. beauty, simple beauty. ma ambong, a. gallant, genteel, beautiful. ambut, I dont know. americana, n. coat (a garment). ami, - n. early crop. amigo, n. friend. ang pagalamigo, n. amtity. ma amigohon, a. amticable, friendtly.

Page  13 13 ainu amihan, n. North wind. amimiloc, n. eye-lash. aminhan, n. north. aminug, pa aminug, v. gargle. anion, n. odor (good), sweet smell. ca amion, n. fratgrance. ma amion, a. frargrant. amlig, v. care for, affect', take carle of. auno, n. monkey. aiino, n. landflord, master, backer, employter. ma amo-mahon, a. genrerous. al amo-mahon, a. esftimable. amito, is, the same. am6 man, also. con am6, in that case, if so. amomong6, n. ape. amomotol, n. lepfrosy. anion, our, ours. {If it follows its noun, use namon}. sa amon, for us, us, ours, with us. among= [amo nga]. ca amotai,} contribution. amoy= amo, {used before vowels}. ampm, v. defend'. amp6, v.n. interceder, pray, adore, implor'e, petition. amuma, v.t. welFcome. n. treat.

Page  14 14 and Amut, v. go partfners, buy a share in. pang amut, v. take root. amfiy6, pang amfiy6, v. adorfe, implorfe, beg ask, pray to God. anae, n. child, son, offrspring. pang anac, v. have a baby, give birth to, bring forth. inanac, n. descendants. anad, a. accustomed to, familliar with, acclimated. pag ca anad, v. accusttom, inurte. anahao, n. a kind of patin. anagas, erdible. anano, con anano, how great, what, how (conj.). anao, n. the flood, the deluge. uanaran, na anaran, a. well known, accustomed, usual. kina-anaran, n. public custom, mode, usage. amon na-anaran, we are in the habit of. ANAY= [a suffix indicating a reciprocal relation] each other, one another. anay, a little while, first, now, at first. Anay, n. a white ant, termite. pagin-anay, v. go slowly. andac, n. vainglory. andain, beware, take care. andaman mo, be careful. mainamdamon, a. caurtious, careful. alandam-an, to be handled with oare. na-andam, a. well known, familtiar.

Page  15 and 15 ang andamio, n. gang-plank. andan, na-andan, a. well known, familiar. amon na andan, we are in the habit of. ang, the. ang-ang, v.i. stammer, stutter. an-aa, n. fond/ness, love. a. cross. angan-angan, v. to await, wait. n. angay, a. adlequate, alikre. equal [breadth], wor'thy, fitting. indi angay, a. inconrgruous. pa angay, v. resemnble, be in harrmony, be becomring to one. dilli ma ang-akan, a. incomnparable. dili pag ang-ay, disagreer [food]. ca angay, n. alike, likeness, equality, v. deserv'e. andcat, a. ajart. n. narrow o'pening or passage, adja'cent position, debt at a store. andcat, n. debt, bill. v. be in debt, owe, have an account. angcob, horizontal top beanm in house-wall, lintel. angcob, anecon, n. thing taken. v. approrpriate to one's self, steal, adapt. ang-ga, v.n. caress', allurle, fonIdle. anggid, v. resemrble. ca anggid, n. liketness, similartity, resemrblance. anggiran, pala anggiran, n. virtuous man, model man model, sample.

Page  16 16 ano anghit, n. goat'ish ordor. anglit, n. a small earthen cooking pot. angso, n. odor of urrine. angsod, n. odor of the armnpit.. angtang, angtud, n. odor of burning food or horn. angul-angul, n. something badly cooked. angut, n. something fast. angut, v. join, fastten, tie fast. a. stuck, fast, nailed, fastened. anhunta, v. be fit, antswer, serve, do, be suffi/cient. Ani, hardvest. ani6, n. horizonttal layter. aniningal, echo. aninput, n. glow worm. anino, reflected imrage. anit, v. skin. anit, v. whip, lash. anito, n. superstiltion. ano! what! ano? P ma ano what? nanoP J pa ano P how? ano-ano, v. fare, get along, do. ano nga, which. con ano, how, in what manner, how great, (conj.). dao ano, how (interrog, adv.). cami naga obra con an6 ang amon ma caon. We work for what we eat.

Page  17 ano 17 ao ma ano ano ca? How do you do? How are you? walay pa ano-ano, a. unconditional. anod, n.v. carried by the current. anud, pa anud, a. adriftf. AN'ON =inhabjitant of, citizen of, Inglaterranon, Britisher; Hinigaran'on =Iinigaran'ite. afios, n. phthi'sis, consumption, tuberculo'sis. anoson, a. phthi'sical, very weak, consump'tive. anot, anta, v. tane, domesticate. a. tame, domestic. anta, v. be burned. (?) antigo, a. sly. afiting-aiiting, n. fetish, charm. anto-al, leviel. antoos, n. smell from burnt food. antus, pala-antus-on, a. crimlinai. ma in antus-on, a. long-suffering. anumn, six. canuman, sixty. ican-um, 1i ica-anum, sixth. afiyag, beautiful. ma anyag, ca anyag, beauty. anyil, n. indigo, bluing. ao! alas! (I must not do so).

Page  18 aor 18 aqu aora mismo, at once, imnmefdiately. aot, ma-aot, a. hard, tough [meat]. apa', a. dumb. apani, n.. locusts. apang, but, yet, howerver. ap-ap, alap-ap, n. blight (on buyo, etc.) apas, n.v. pursure. apat, four. cap-Atan, 40, forty. icap-at, fourth. apdo, n. gall, bile. apian, n. opium. apihis, n. mite, eggs of a fly. ppin, v. defendr, n. parttialtity. apipingig, n. side whiskers, cheek near the ear. apitong, n. name of a tree. apllag v.i. publrish, tell the news, disseminate. alaplag,'v.i. run away from, flee from. pa aplag, v.t. scatter (people). aplui, a. astrinrgent, puck/ery. dpo, grandson. apo sa tuhud, great-grandson. pang apo, v. flatter, allurge, fawn on [dog on his master]. apug, n. lime (mineral). apugani, n. hand-box for carrying lime. alapugan, n. lime kiln. apuro sang tiil, n. horse-shoe. aquid, {look for akid

Page  19 19 ara, there he is, there it is, there is. arado, n. plow. inaradohan, n. furrow. aragoy! ow! ouch! aranya, n. buggy. arascas, pang arascas, v.i. strain at, tug at, make a great exerttion. arbol de fuego, n. fire tree. argo! ouch! arina, n. flour. ariring, n. windmill. antos, n. eartrings. armidol, starch. aro, n. leper. arogo! n. Ouch! arrais, n. skipper (of a sail ship). artamisa, herb to St. Mary. asab, ma asab, a. greedy. asali, v. accuse. asal, v. to put upon a spit, to spit, roast. ina asal, n. the thing spitted, a roast. alalan, n. a spit. asang, n.v. to bespatter, fly (sparks). asawa, n. wife. mag asawa, n. family, coupfle. ascua, n. blaze. asgad, n. sore throat, pain from hoars'eness. Asia (hacia), againstf. asia, v.n. bespatter.

Page  20 as, 20 ata asican-ca, spatter, you! (imperative). asig, v. to express nausea or loathing. n. expression of repugnance. asig! fie! bah! ugh! How dirty! asin', v. salt. n1. salt. ma asin, a. salty. asin-afi mo, [imperative] salt! silhnblm, in. sourness, acid. ma aslum, a. sour. ca aslum, n. acidity. asno, n. ass. aso', n. smoke, vapor, fume pareho lang sang aso, para sa acon. doesn't affect me at all, like water off of a duck's back. alaso-han, n. chimney. asog, n. barren woman. asoy, v. express', declarre, explainl. dili ma Asoy, a. inexpresrsible. ma asoy, a. expressed. ang ca asoyan, explanartion. ang pay pang Asoy, n. declaration. pang asoy, n. expresrsion. asigi, n. quickrsilver. Asta, untilJ, to {cf. tubtub) astante, showrcase, bookrcupboard. astuetis, asufre, n. brimrstone, sulfur. aswang, n. witch, ghost, demon. ata, n. black liquid thrown out by a cuttle-fish.

Page  21 21 ato itA, ati, n. negro. atabay, n. rim of a hole. atanafi, i. joist used as jointer in a floor. atatalo, n. caterpillar in pupa state, chrylsalis. atay, n. liver. atAy-an, a. courargeous, brave. atay, (?) norbleman. Atay-Atay, n. palm (of hand), sole (of foot), athag, ma athag, a. clear (speech, writing) plain. dili ma athag, adv. indistinctlly. ati, v. raid, rob, assaultf. n. netgro. ati, u.v. pillage, plun'der. manug ati, n. burglar. ati, then, thererfore. ati-ayo, v. betrothl (by the parents). atimon, n. mellon, musklmelon. atiotis, n. the heart-leaved bixa. atipilo, n. dew-worm that gives light in walking. atipan, v.t. care for, wait on, entertain (guest). atipiuyong, n. verttigo, sear-sickness. ato, n. end or point of a thread. atble, n. flour-and-water paste. Aton, ours, by us, us. atotoli, n. ear-wax. Atoy, n. liquid (thick or dense).

Page  22 ;atu 22 ay atubait&, sa atubandan sang, before, in the presence of, facing, in front of, forth. pang atubang, v, present' one's self, come forlward. atup, n. roof. avelyana, n. harzel-nut. aviso n. bulfletin, no'tice, sign..-iwa: Excuse' me! Pardon me! I beg your pardon. Awa, n. compassion. ma awa-on, a. genrerous, humanle. ca awa, a. compasrsionate, n. compas'sion, v. consider, be considferate. Awang, n. deep hole, well, large hole. Awtas, n. overflow. v. intundate, run over, overflowt. pa awas, v. dislodtge. paca awas, v. dislodtge. awat, pang Awat, v. rob, steal. awat, v.t. interruptt, detaint a guest, hin'der, delayt, n. interrup'tion, detention. nwat, v. be busy, hard at work. gin awat mo sia, he interruptled you. Away, n.y. fight, disput'e. ca away-an, n. entmity, contest, comrbat. ca away, n. makig away-on, a. hostile, inimtical. naca away, fought. inaway, n. fight, war, com'bat, fray. ay! oh dear! (sad); alas!

Page  23 23 ayo ay, (hay) there is. Americano ay! There is an Americ-n! yari ay! here it is! AY, (suffix denoting a recipral relation) each other, one another. aya-ay, n. low tide. ayag, v. sift. ayag an, v. sift. n. sieve. ayaghag, n. a thin cloth, mosquito netting, cheesecloth. asly-In, it. dog. pang ayafii, v. to hunt. alayamon, n. game (animals) (loose). pinang ayamaf, n. game (when caught). ayao, do not care for more, have enough?. can-ay awan, v. be satiated. ayhan! perhaps! I guess so! v. believfe, supposre. ayo, n.v. bartgain, beat down, hag'gle. ayo, n. enough, something finished. ayo! Enough! dont! finished! ayo, n. good, kindness. v. cure, get well, recover. ayohan mo, be kind to, do good to, heal. [imperative]. pang ado, v. fix, repair, heal, mend. ma ayo, a. good, fine, ex'cellent. ma ayo gid, the best. sing ma a4o, well, nicely, neatly, thorroughly ang labing ma ao, the best. na a4o, well, cured, fixed, mentded. '

Page  24 24 ayu nag alamo, cured. pa ako, v.t. devel'op, improvre. Ce ayo n. kindtness, goodness, good. v. mend, improver, adjustr, amend'. adv. so very, ablsolutely, ut'terly, entir'ely, most. tama ca ayo........., the best of........., at the head of........., excelling........ tam a ca o,........ i ca ayo, pa ca ako, v. preferl, would rathter, esteem', apprerciate. ca ay6han, n. grace, benefit, esteem'. ayo-ayo, ca aao-ako, n. charm, beauty, ma aSo-a4o, a. dain'ty, nice, pretty. walay ca ako ago, a. hometly, plain. gina paca ma ayo, v. preferr, would rather. pag dili pag paca ma a4o, v. disapprovre. a8o, pang a46, v. requestr, ask for, beg. palang a48, n. beg'gar. aRon, to, towards. ayon, v. to adherre. pasing-akon, please, have the kindness to. pa aton, v.t. hulmor, indulg'e [another]. ay/, v. get well. ayfida, n. syrfinge. akad-akud, v. move the hips backward and forward, " cover " [dog] [horse]. ay-Aihan, a. good, kind.

Page  25 ayu 25 bac ayup, manug pa ayup, n. host, hostess. B Ba, {Same as an interjection point} baba, n. mouth. babana, n. jack-fruit. baba-ugon, n. sterile eggs, rotten. baba:e, n. womran, fefmale. babai, maki babak-i, a. uxorious [man]. babatlan, a. superstirtious. babuy, n. pig, hog. babuy-babuy, n. lady-bug. baca, n. cow, mga baca, cattle. baca nga lalaki, n. bull, ox. baca nga baba:e, cow. bac/, v. walk strad/dle. bacac, v. lie, tell an untruthS, equiv'ocate. bacad-on, n. liar. bacag, v. lose paltience. ang pag bacag, n. impattience. bacalan, n. species of mussel. bacalaf, n. studding. bacalain sang puerta, n. door post.

Page  26 26 bac bacal, v. buy, purrchase. bacang, a. astride, stradtdle. bAcas, n. ally', part'ner. bacas, v. be comrade, partner. mabacas, a. active. ba6hao, n. name of a tree. bac-ho, v. lament, mourn. n. sigh, groan. baclay (an), n. mottled sucking pig. baclid, n. the position of hands tied behind the back. v. tie one's hands behind his back, pirnion, fetter. Iaernal, a. troublersome, in the way. n. an eye-trouble. ma bacnal, a. disproportionate, uncomfortable. bacoco, n. name of a fish. bacoi, n. a beating, horse whipping. v. to cane, to club, thrash. bacolod, n. hill. baconawa, n. serpent, snake that swallows the moon. bacong, n. a white lily with long pointed leaves. bacongon, a. black and white, speck.led. bacsat, n. bug. {cf. bagsat.} bacud, n. band, hoop. cabacud, n. force. cabacud, n. force.. pa bacud, v. fortify. walay cabacud, a. poorly constructed, shaky, ramtshackle. ca bacuran, n. strength (of an army), fortification. bacul, n, meat cooked ni a bamboo.

Page  27 27 bag bacunawa, n. snake that swallows the moon. bacuran, ca bacuran, n. strength [of army], fortification. badal, v. ma badal, a. bad-bad, v. unreel (a skein), untie (rope). dili ma badbad, a. inextricable, snarled. badbAran, i. a reel. badiAo, yellow. bAdiang, n a plant with large spatulate leaves and astringent sap. badli, n. extreme unction. badlit, n. a short line made at a stroke (curved, or straight). v. make a line at a stroke, sketch, draw free-hand. badl6, n. phlegm. badlong, n.v. blame. dili ma badlong, a. incorrigible. badlon, n. cod. baga, n. lungs. baga, v.t. to heat in a forge, forge, v.i. glow. n. emrber, live coal. bagabAga, v. broil a small fish on coals. n. small fish broiled on coals. ang pag baga, n. f6rvent heat. bagacay, n. name of a very slender bamboo. bagang, v.t. heat bag-ang, n. molar. bag-ang, n. millistone. bagang-an, n. June-bug, beetle.

Page  28 *bag 28 bag bagang-ai, n. swordfish. bagat, n. slim or small bamlboo. bag-at, bagat, n. ghost, spook, spec/tre. bagay, provided that. bagay, n. chord. bagay, n. kind, varifety, species, class. bagay, n. manner, way, custom, dili bagay, a. improper. sa isa ca bagay nga, in such a way that. sa bagay, bagaybay, n. bunch of fruit on a palm tree. bag-id, the act ot making fire by striking two sticks togerther. bagio, n. storm, cyrclone, torna'do, hurtricane. bagis, n. shark, dog-fish. bag-it, v. to rub (one stick on another). bagnac, a. ripening. bagnas, a. ready to pick; green, but can be ripened. n. fruit about to ripen. bago wala, but it isn't true. bag-o, n. something new. a. new, fresh. ang pag ca bag-o, n.a. renewfal, renovartion, bagr^, n. drop'sy. baglo, n. coconut-shell. bagol-bagol, a. like a skull, skull-like. bAgol sa 61o, n. crarnium, skull. bagolaf, n. a species of large cuttle fish.

Page  29 bag 29 bah bagonion, n. a species of large snails. bagondot, n. night'mare. bagotbot, n. fiber from the date palm used for rope. bag-rong, v.n. hum, buzz. bagrum, v. moan. bagrut, n. gnashing of teeth. v. gnash the teeth. balagrut, v. gnash in anger. bagsat, n. bedbug. bagsic, ma bagsic, a. quick, brisk. bagtic, v.i. to harden, become hard, solidify. n. thing hardened. bagting, v. ring (a bell, gong). n. stroke of a bell. bAg-io, n. hurrricane, tem'pest. bahd/, n. swift inundation, flood, freshet bahad', v. whet, sharpen. bahag, v. put on a loin cloth. n. a loin cloth. bahal, n. old strong tuba. bahan, am bahan, v. laud, praise in song. bahandi, n. jewel, ortnament, gem. bAhao, v. cool off, get cold, become cold [food]. n. cold food. pa bahao, v.t. cool. pa mahao, n. breakfast. bahio-bahAo, n. a. species of very small ants. bahA-on, n.v. sneeze.

Page  30 bah 30 bak baha~-an, n. cord of a fishing net. bahi, n. the outside or hardest part of the palmtree. bahilya, n. set (of dishes). bahlin, n. detailt, part, fracltion. bahin, v. dividle. bthin-bAhin, v. allott, distrib'ute. bahit, v. take up [a meal], remove cooked food from the fire. biaho, uv. make a smell, stink, smell bad. an. smell, odor. mabAho, a. putrid, stale, foul, ill-smelling. baho-bahO, n. straw hat. (?) bahod, v. feed pigs or horses, to mix slop, mix grain and water. n. slop, mash. mabahul, a. rough [cloth], crude, coarse. gina bahflay, v. be sweaty. n. sticky sweat. ba-id, v. sharpen (tools). n. sharpening of tools. a. expert, sharp. ba-iran, n. grindstone, whetstone. bais, v. al'tercate, debat'e, artgue. makig bais-on, n. disputer. binA-is-bais, n. debatte. ang pag binais, n. fray. ang pag bais-bais, dis'cord, contenrtion. dili ma bais, a. incontrovertible. bais-bais, v. take excep'tion to, ar'gue. bakias,

Page  31 bak 31 bal bAkid, very large palay basket. bakid-bakid, n. ear-wax (hard). bAla, n. bullet. bald, perhaps (inferential), probably, no doubt. dili bala matuod, hasn't it, isn't it? Isn't it true? bala-an, a. holy. balibag, v. hin'der, obstruct', blocka'de. pina balabag, n. obstruction across a road. balabag; a. horizonltal. a. squint-eyed. adv. crosswise. balabag-o, n. name of a tree. balabao, n. rat. {cf. ilaga} balac, n. a certain kind of poetry. balaca, v. take care of. n. dilligence. cabalacd, diligence. ma bala6on, indusqtrious. balac-an, baladao, n. poinard, dagger. balading, n. bucket for carrying tuba on the road. balag, n. obstruction, hinrdrance. bal-ag, n. file (a tool). balagay, n. bean. balagi6hon, n. sign in the sky of a storm. balagon, n. a certain climbing vine. balagrut, v. gnash the teeth in anger. balahibo, n. hair, feathers, coat (of fur), fleece. walak balahibo, a. fledg'eless, featheerless. balahuba, v. divullge, tell. balaking, v. raise the skirts. balanf, n. crack (in wall, etc.) (plate, etc.) v. to crack.

Page  32 bal 32 bal balanac, n. name of a large fish, loach, barbel, a river fish. balang, v. throw (a bolo), fling. balangao, n raintbow. balangday, n. a. rick of poles flat on the ground. balangianay, v. contend'. balangit, n. span, distance between thumb and forefinger when stretched. balangon, n. a long yellowish-green banana. balansa, n. scales for weighting. balansagoin, a. laudtable. balantac-o, n. wicker-work. balio, n. sap of apitong tree. balao sugiran co pabala icao. It goes with out saying that, You understand, I dont need to tell you that, needless to say, you are doubtless aware. bala-od, n. dystentery. bala-od, n. fish-basket. balarao, n. dagger. balas, n. sand. balasahon, n. reading, lec!ture. balasbas, v. be oblique. a. oblique. cabalaslan, n grat'itude, thank'fulness. ca-way-cabalaslan, i. ingrattitude. balason, a. sandy. balat, n. a species of rhizropod. balatas, n. milky way, gallaxy. balatas-on, n. hard'ship. balatian, n. sickness, diserase.

Page  33 33 bal balatibat, v. make lattice, weave (bamboo). n. lattice. balatic, n. a spring and arrow trap for shooting men, boars, etc. Balatic, n. Orion. balatong, n. bean. maca pa bala-ud, tends to produce dystentery. balqy, v. build (a house). n. house. balay-an sang locos, n. cuttle-bone. pamalay, n. hamrlet, clusrter. balat-an, n. beam, frame [of a house, kite, bodyl. balayarani, a. due, ought to be paid to-day, [from bayad]. balay-on, a. domesrtic. ca balay-an, n. village, town, group of houses, burg. bala:bay, n. par'able. bala:e, n. parents of a contracting couple. balakong, n. cassia tree and fruit. balbag, v. crush (wood or bone). n. crushed wood or bone. balbal, v. to cane, beat with a cane. baldi, n. pail. bal6o, v. change one thing into another, metamorfphose. balhas, n. sweat, perspiration. v. to sweat, perspitre. balhin, v. translatte. balibad, n.v. excufse. pa malibad, v. refuser.

Page  34 34 bal ball, v.t. break (a stick). balibad, v. object'. pamalibad, v. refuse. balibag, v expel'. balibari, v. baiic, n. a turning back, returnr. v. return, restore, come back/. baiic-balic, go back and forth, a. recurring. balicAwang, n. hip, buttock, ham, hind-quarter, butt. balicaut, n. dullness in work or speech. balico, n. a curve. (?) balid, n. waitermelon. {cf. sandiya} balighot, n v. knot, tie a knot. baligia, v. sell. manug balidia, seller, dealer, agent, salesman. balikid, n. turning the head, glance. v. look aroundf, glance. balil, n. name of a fish. balim-balim, v. allot'. baling-ag, v. be absurd'. a. absurdl. balinsay, v. whirl a stick or spear. balio, v. transformr, change. bali-og, n. neck-cloth (lady's), necklace, neckscarf. bali-6n, (ma) bali-6n, a. brittle. balisbis-an, n. eaves. baliscad', v. turn inside out, turn upside down, wrong side up, reverste, turn wrong side out, upsett, overturn.

Page  35 bal 35 bal baliscog, ni. reinforcement. balising, a. squint'-eyed. ca balising, n. stublbornness. balissa, n. that which is rest'less. balit, v.t. hone. balitW, n. news, notice. v. commurnicate intelligence, nortify, announcle, inform'. balitan, n. whet'stone. balitand, n. fetters, shackrles, handrcuffs. balitao, n. native improvised song and dance, singling, danrcing. balitao? indeed'? balitbit, n. the act of raising an antaglonist with one's arm. baling, n. necklace. balo, 7. widrow, widlower. bal6, n. notice of danger, warning. v. to alarmr, to disturb, arouse. ca bal6, v.i. feel alarmed. hi balO, v. know. balocag, n. bristle on neck of hog, cock, &c. balocboc, v.n. rasping of bamboo or other wood. balocoy, n.v. suffocating cough. balod, v. swell, surge. n. billow, wave, a certain woods bird. balolon, n. coil, scroll, roll, a twist'ing. v. twist, roll, coil. bal6n, n. ream of paper. balon,- v. to get ready for a jourtney. n. provisions, expenses, lunch.

Page  36 36 ban balonbalonan, n. craw. balonas, v. wash rice. balong, a. intoxticated, drunk. n. one drunk or inflamed by passion. v.t. make another person drunk. pa balong, v.t. intoxicate ones self, get drunk. balos, n. replyt (to a letter). v. reply', antswer, rewardl, reply'. maga ma balos-on, ought to be grate'ful. balos-balos, a.n. alrternate. baluc, n. fine red bark used for fermenting tuba. balucani, n. bladder. balucag, n. carabao's mane. balud, n. a wood bird like a large wild pigeon. balud, n. wave. balud-balud, a.v. waiving, floating [flag]. balls, n.v. reply (to a letter), rewardl, to reciptrocate. binalus-a4, v. help one another, kelp each other. mabalu-on, a. grateful. balutan, n. package. balutbut, v. raise up one who has fallen. baluyot, (P) sad. balyo, (P) v. change to another, becom'e, convertf. bamos, let us go, come on! ban-a, n. husband. bdna-bana, n. partamour (male), rake, keeper of mistresses. baban-ban, estimate, caltculate. dili ma bana-bana, incallculable.

Page  37 37 ban bAna-bang, n. calculattion. v. supposSe, estimate. bana-ag, v. illu'minate, shine, give light, glitter, be emrinent. n. a gleaming, light, reflection of light, ratdiance, brighttness. banag-banag, n. dawn. banagan, n. sarsaparil'la. banagani, n. a large lobster having small pinhcers. banAog, n. corral. banas, n. footpath, trail, lane. banata, n. tight bamboo fence usually used for fish-corralf (weir). banban, n. a rush used for weaving nipa, fungus. banca, n. stool. bancag, ma bancag, a. springty, elastic, restilent. bancalan, n. boom (on a ship). bancao, n. spear, short spear. bancay, n. corpse. banco, n. bench. banide, n. hardened sugar, pelnut candy. band6ha, n. an open coffin. bandehadon, n. tray. bandera, in. flag. bangd, n. large earthlen jar. banga, v.t. ainuste, entertain', maca banga, a. in'teresting, eltertainring. bangag, n. crevtice in the earth, fis'snre. bangal, v. put something in the mouth.

Page  38 38 ban banyan, v.t. go out to meet an enemy. bangbang, n. inrroad. v.i. eat [wound, cancer, shore], encro'ach uponf. bangcao, n. lance, spear. bangcay, n. corpse. bangdan, baIngdanan, n. mottive. ca bangdanan, n. reason, fault. maca bangdan, a. efficient. banggad, v.t. incitre. anaca bang-gad, n. incen'tive. banggi, v. lop off branches, break in pieces. banggt-banggi, n. fiddler-crab. banghao, (P) n. lance. bangig, v. emitt a bad odor. bangil, n. a thing put under another to make it higher, a lift, chunk. v. to raise one thing by putting, something under it, jack up. bang-is, ma bang-i~, a. fierce, heilnous, heitnusness. ca bang-is, n. fiercreness. bangkil, n. an eye-took, tusk, fang. banglid, n. slope, hillside, inclinre. bangud, becaus'e of, accortding to. bangud sini, therefore, here'by. bangud cay, because, since, for as muchr as. bangud sa ano P for what reaslon? why? pa bangud, v. blame, lay it to, attribrute, imput'e, accusle.

Page  39 ban 39 ban bangon, v.t. raise, lift. v.i. rise, get up, rise (in the morn). naca bangon na, was alreadfy up. bang-ug, n.a. stink, v. stink, smell bad. bangut, v.t. tie up, moor, hitch. banhao, n. one resurrecrted. v. be resurrectted. ca bafnhao, n. resurrecttion. ca banhao, v. resusrcitate, revivte. banig, n. sleeping-mat made of palm leaves, grass or sedge; petate. banhot, n. a bark used for making cord. bankilyo, n. stool. bafsa, n. name of a beaked fish. bansagon, n. hero. a. fatmous, illus'trious. ca bansagon, n. herroism. bansalan, n. rudder. bafisi, n. flying-fish. bafisil, n. cog, pinlion; a false tooth. bantA, n. an aim, a calculattion. v. reckton, es'timate. sa aeon pagbanta, I think, I supposre. bulubanta, supposle, guess. sa banta co, It appearst to me. dili ma banta, a. incaltculable. bantala, n. bulrletin, nottice, sign. v. preach, proclaim'. pa bantala, v.t. hertald. bantalinao, n. name of a very valuable black wood, Philippine etbony.

Page  40 ban 40 banltay, n. watchman, guard. v. watch, attendt to, mind, take care of, escortr, tend, look out for, guard. ang pag bafitay, n vigilance. manog bantay, v. administer, be in charge of. bantiling, n. a hard black stone. banting, n. shrouds (of a ship), guy. bant6, bantud, n. hill land, upland. baitug, v. celebrate, tell on, revealt [bad things]. a grand, glorious. cabalantugon, a. important, great. cabalantugon sa imo, you are deserving of fame. bantug, a fatmous, fine. cabantug-an, n. famte. bantulinao, n. ebony. bain-ua, n. town, nation. banug, n. sparrow-hawk, fish-hawk, abtscess. banyAg', a. mean, intsolent, abject', low. ca banyaga, n. inrsolence. ba-b, n. land-turtle. bao-as, a. barren. bab-bab, n. instep, bend. ba-og, v. adJdle. ba-on, v. to shell (beans), etc. bapof, n. steamier. bAra, n. a measure of length, 831 centimeters. baraha, n. playing-card. baranggay, n. tribe. pabaranggakan, n. affin'ity.

Page  41 bar 41 bas barasbaras, n. a crooked stick. barato, a. cheap. barba, n. chin whis'kers, beard. pa marbas, v. shave. baril, n. barrel. bariles, n. barrels. barocoy, n.v. suftfocating cough, cough. bar6to, n. a small out'rigger canoet. barra, n. half a brasa, crow'bar, piston. barrii, n. bar'rel. barubal, a. clum/sy. baryo, n. coat (native). basa', v t. wet, rnois'ten, dampen. ma basa', a. wet, moist, damp. pa basa', v. soak in. basa, v. read. basa-basa, n. rice broth. basa't, a. cracked [egg shell, voice, etc.], cracked so as to be worthless. ma basag-on, a. fraglile. basbas, v.t. hew. bascas, v.t. gag. bascug, ma bascug, a. stout, strong. (pa) bascug, a. ac'tuate, encourtage, fos'ter. ca bascug, n force, en'ergy, strength. ca bascugan, n. fortificattion. i but what if. basi, land what if. basi ang ido maga cagat, but look out that the dog doesn't bite.

Page  42 bas 42 bat basi maagi kita sa ulan, suppose we go out in the rain. basi pa, well we shall see, try it and see, time will tell. basi-o, a. emp'ty. bas-ing, n. measure for silk. bas-laniay, v.t. reciprrocate, return the favor, react'. bas-laV, n. dart. baso, n. glass, tumbler. bas6-baso, v. delibrerate, considrer, ponder. basta, enough. basta na inA', That is enough' now, that will do. bastos, a. clumsy, coarse, crude. bait, v. to bear a child, have a baby. dao sa bata, boy'ish. bdtA, n. child. ca bata-an, children. ca bata-on, boythood, youth. tama pa ca bata, very young child. pamatan-on, n. young man. bata-on, a. young, young (man). bata, n. uncle. batac, v.t. hoist. inug bata6, n. der'rick. batang-an, n. threshfold. batas, v.t. endurfe. baltas-on, n. hardtship. batasan, n. personal habit, manner. kina batasan, n. public custom, u'sage. ili batasan, unutsual.

Page  43 bat 4 a 43 bat bati, v. suffer, bear, endure. batt, v. churn.. iug bati, n. chuni. bati,- v. hear ang pag bati, sensa~tioii. pamatii, v. hear, listen. mabati-an mo, you can hear. dili mabatian, mnauldible. bati-bati, get news frona, hear frorn. pa mati! ListeD, Hark! batia, n. wooden tub. ba'diag, v. feel, ail, suffer, (cold, fear, etc.) dili macabatiag, a. insen'sible, batico'lon, n. gland, Q?) giz'zard. bati-is, n. calf. bat-ing, v. trip up. bating-ilan, a. numb, can't feel pain. batitis', n. a very small claim. bat O', v. throw stones. bA-UV, it. stone. bato-ba'to, 77. kid'ney. ca bato-ani, stones. pamato', n. sinker. bat-batO, u1. gravel, small stone, pebble. v. to count one by one. bato v. resistf. indi maca batoe, a. irresisttible. ang pag bato6, n. resis'tance. batoe', against~, con~trary to. batog sang itlog, egg yolk. baton, v. receivfe, accept'.

Page  44 bat 44 bay naca baton, receive, earn. dill mabaton, a. unacceptable. batong,. net trap for boar. bdtu-batu, kid'ney. bAtulan, a. headstrong, bull-headed, perver'se. batus, n. dili mabatus, a. intolterable. ba-ug sang pana, a. wooden bow. ba-ugon (sa itlog) v. ad'dle. baul,. trunk. baw-as, a. barren. {same as bao-as} bawi, redeem.l bay, n. friend. baya, v. leave. pa baya, v. leave. pa bayA-i aco, leave me. pabayai sa acon, leave with me, ailowt me to take. baya-i lang da, let it go, leave it there. baya-an, v. leave, abantdon. baiad, n. pay, compensa'tion. v. pay, comfpensate. mabayaran ai mabayaron paid baaad sang pierde, v. forffeit. dili maca bafad, a. insoltvent. bAyao, v. exaltS, raise, el'evate, lift up'. baoao-bafao, n. couch, sofa. bayao nga lalaki, brother-in-law. bay-bay, n. beach. sa bay-bay, ashor'e, on the beach.

Page  45 bay 45 bib bay-bay-on, shore, coast. ba~hon, n. as'pect, looks, appearrance, form of the bodty. bay honan, n. ladyls graceful walk. pa bayhon, v.t. shape, fashion. bayi, n. grand'mother. pa bay-ilan, v. never mind. bay lani, baylo, n. trade, exchangte, convert'. v. trade, swap, exchange. sa baylo, insteadf, turn. ang pag baylohanfay, n. inftercourse. bayo, v. put on (a shirt). n. waist, shirt. naca bako na, a. dressed [person]. bay-6, v.t. hull [ricel. bayo-oc, n. mumps. bayudr, n. name of a mountain animal. baksay, v. denouncte, speak against. bebinca, n. pie. bentaha, n. advanttage. bentana, n. window. benggala, n. guintea-fowl. berde, a. green. berso, n. po'ctry. bia, v. forsakle, leave. bianida, n. food, ap'petizing food. bibi (sang suba) brink (of stream). bibi-an, n. margin, shore. bibig, n. lip, rim, brim, gunrwale. pamibig, n. [better biya} {cf. bibi}

Page  46 bic 46 bil bicA, n. grape, scup'pernong. bic/', v. stand straddle. bica, n. piece of broken pot. biga, n. harflot, whore, wench, bad woman. biga-on, a. harlot-like, loose, abandoned. bihag, v. conrquer, caprture. n. slave, capftive. ca bihag, to slave. ca bihagan, n. slavrery. bihod, n. fish-eggs, roes. bikil, n. bilang, v. count. bilangg6-an, n. prislon. bilatigo, v. imprislon, confinre in jail, betra'y. na bilango, a. imprisroned, held. n. prisloner. bililanggo-on, n. a convict, person convictted, one senltenced. binilanggo, n. prisroner. bilbilon, n. drop'sy. bili, a. well. (?) bill', n. price, amount/, cost. v. be worth, cost. ca bilihan-on, n. importance, worth. bill, v. detaint, constraint. bilian, a. left behind. {better biliya-an} biliya-an, a. discardfed. bilin, v. leave, let it remainr, let it stay, keep. na bilin, a. left, remainting. maca pa bilin, V. remain1, stay, pass (the night).

Page  47 47 bin ca bilinggan, n. inconvetnience. bilitayan, n. hanging. bilog, n. whole, unit, inrteger. binilog, n. loaf, grain. bilogon, n. stick. bilos, n. small prao, small sail boat. binalantac, n. wicker-work. binalonas, n. water in which rice has been washed. binanton, n. bolo, a knife like a corn-cutter. binainhao, raised up. {from banhao} binan-og, v. grov'el, crawl. binafit6, n. parched corn. {from banto} binAta, a. childfish. {from bata} v. begetr. binatibati, {from bati-bati} binato, n. grain of wheat, grain of rice, kernel of corn. {from bat6} binayao, exalted. {from bayao} binga, n. beard (on grain). bingao, n. nick. v. nick (an edge). bing-it, a. frettful, cryfing, cross [baby], emottional, hysterical. bifhi, n. seed. binhod, a. [foot] asleep'. binilog, n. a grain, loaf. [from bilog} Binisaya, n. Visayan. bifilod, n. fine pieces of broken rice. bino, n. an intoxicating drink made from the nipa palm. bino-hafi, n. brewtery.

Page  48 bin 48 bis binoliga4, v. co-op'erate. {from bulig binordahan, n. embroirdery. {from borda} binsol, n. bintas, n. boat. binting, n. thread. binuad, v.. multiply. {frorn buad binudlay, {from budlay binug-cos, n. bundle. binuhatan, n. acts, deeds, work. binfilan, month'ly. binulig, n. bunch (of flowers), cluster. binulacan, binyit, a. peervish. biqualon, biri, n. wild fig. A not pig. biri-biri, n. drop'sy. biring, n, cramp (especially in cholera). bisa, v. kiss the hand. bisagra, n. hinge. bisan, althoughr, howev'er, even if. bisan pa, neverthelesst, howev'er, althot, no matter. bisan nga, althoughr, even thor. bisan, n. any one, no one. bisan diin, no'where, ev'erywhere. bisang siino lang sa duha, = Either one or the other, either person (of two), one or the othler. bisan sinio, anyone. bisan di-ifi lang sa duha, either in one place or in the other.

Page  49 49 bob bisan mag ca inano lang, in any event, whatever may happen. bisan ano lang nga lorcha, any lorcha. bisan diotay lamang, at allf, a bit', in the least'. bisperas, n. eve,fore' taste. bisperas sang calipay, fore'taste of happiness. bisti, n. clothes. bistido, n. clo'thing. na bisti, a. dress'ed. bita, n. quifnine, quinine tree. bitana, n. net. bitas, v. break the eye of a needle. bitay, v.t. hang up (by a rope), suspend', hang. binitay, ginbitay, hung. bitay.anf, n. galllows, scaf'fold. bitbit, v. carry (in the hand). biti, v.i. pop [corn]. na biti, popped [corn]. biti6, n. flera. bitlig, n. film on the eye. bito-on, n. star. biya, v.t. leave, evacuate, abrdicate, forego' forsake', give upr, abanfdon. biya-biya, v. grudg'e. manug biya, v.i. due to na biya-an, a. forsatken, left. ma biya-biya-on, a. neg'ligent, neglect'ful. bina-ya-an, a. left. bo-agas, bobog, name of a tree. bobot,

Page  50 boc 50 b- o t ca bob6t-on, kind. boc6, n. a nkle. bod6gra, It. hold (of a ship). bohoc, it. hair. L-61a, n. ball. bola, It. cylinders (in sugar mill). bolad, a. blinid. bolante, n. fly-wheel. bolobantA, it. opinlion. {froin banta1 bololacao, n. Aferolite, metteor. v. doctor. naga pabolong, manug bolong, n. docf tor. bolsa, n. pocklet. bomba, it. pump. b Oni-d"", V. grunt [mnan]. bonar, v~t. strike (a person with a stick), hit (with oIcv a a stick). {sain~e word as buinall bo01o, a.deaf. bone, V. stab. b~o-on~g, v break, a. brfe [glass, pottery]. borag-hal, a. clum'sy, rough, botch. borah-ggool, n. scanfdal. borol, n. Portugese man-of-war'. bosal, v. boslot, nt. gap() botelya, n. bottle. botO', n brood. botones, it. button. v. button up, button.

Page  51 51 buo botong, v.t. pull [tooth, cart], extract, draw out. b6tong-b6tong, n. taflfy. botong, n. green cocoanut, water from a green cocoanut. bb-ya, n. buoy. buad, v.i. increalse, multiply, breed. bu-ang, v.t. infattuate. adv, wildly, crarzily. n. fool. v. make one crazy. a. dementeted, insanfe. ca buang, a. crazy. v. be crazy. ca buangon, n. insanity, crarziness. buluandon, a. fran'tic. bftas, In. to-morrow. bu-aya, n. al'ligator. bubod, v. to shed. bubo, v. pour water over (as at baprtism). n. ceremofnial washing. bubon, n. well, hole. bubunaton, n. business, affairs. bubuig-an, n. gable, ridge pole (of roof). bubut, {same as bu-ut (?) ca bubuton, n. will, wish, intenttion. b, v.t. split, open, cut open. 9 v.i. split, open. cabuca, n. explosion. bucad, n. flowfer, blos'somn (opened). pamucad, v.i. flourish. buoag, v. expand (?

Page  52 buc 52 buc bucadcag, v. bristfle. bueai, n. froth, foam. v.i. boil, foam. pala bucalan, n. boiler. pa bucal, v.t. boil (water). bucal-on, {imperativ bucalas, a. impet'uous, rude, rough. bucalong, v.i. swell up [bladder]. buc-an, n. cut-worm. bucao, n. owrl. binficao,' s. hoot at. bucar, (?) pa bucarong, v.i. bulge out. bucarong, v.t. inflate, blow up. bucaA, v. doff (the hat). bucay, a. white (chicken, duck, birds, cows, etc.) buca4, n.. albino. bucbuc, n. moth. bul6ad, v.i. open, unfold. v.t. unfold, spread, o'pen. buclas, v. pull (out (?)) buclas, open, jerk. bu6-lud, n. swelling. bucnol, n. hank (of hemp). biico, n. en/terprise, projfect. v.t. plan, intendr. e} bucsan, {ilmperat buctut, hunch/back, hump. ma bucud, bounrcing (boy), brawnty. bucug, n. small bones. bucug-ofi, a. borny. bucul, n. bud. tive of bucas}

Page  53 53 bug bucul, n. bump. buclud, n. swelling. bucun, n.v. no. {Panay dialect} budbud, n. a stitch binding on the edge of cloth, button-hole stitch. budhi, tretason, unfaithrfulness. ang dili mabuhi, n. faith'fulness. bdulay, n. weariness, fatiglue. v.t. make one tired, tire out. ca budlay, n. weariness. panga budlay, v. to work. na budlay, a. tired. ca budlaaan, i. work, labors. ma budlay, a. tired. pa budlay, v.t. tire out, tire, make one tired. dili ma budlay-on, a. indefattigable. budyong, n. bu'gle. buga, n. pumrice-stone. bugA, v. spit out. bugal, it. pridle, haughtttiness. pa bugal, v. boast. bugal-on, a. proud, haughtty. bugalong, v.t. distend'. bugAna, n. abun'dance. ca bugana-an, n. abuntdance. bug-ann, n. caltrops. bugao, v.t. drive (sheep), herd. n. procur'er. bugas, n. rice, hulled rice. manug bugas, rice peddler., a. weary, v. be heavry, grievfe.

Page  54 bug 5 u 54 bug ma bug-at, a. heavy. bugr-at, n. weight, graV'ity. ca bugaton, n. gravfity, weight. bugra~, -n- favor, gift. o v.t. endowl with tal'ents [God]. confert, bestow', grant. bug'cos9 it. faglot, armful, bundle, hank. na buacos, a. bound (tied). binudcos, n. fag'ot. bugr-hat, it. relapsle. bugna^, it. powfer given by God. "1gifts " of God. bn'-Iuao, V. be cold. mna budnao, a. could, cool, chit'ly. pa bu~nao, v.t. cool, refresh. bugna~,' n. bugn6', v. salutle. it. salut'ation. b ug n ot, v. pull out. bug-os, a. entirte, all, whole, ab'solutely bugsa, v. put on vitolently. bug'say., n. padtdle. v. paddle, row. manug bugsay,?z. boatmar bugsoc, n. stak~e, beam. bWgsii, V. share. bugtao, v. get up ear'ly, risE bu~tas, n~. consump'tion, tui bugtata4, bvulto.) n. broken cord. v. break (a string)., I,.,Iearly. berculotsis,

Page  55 55 buh binufto, n. broken end (of a rope). bugtong, a. alone. buguay, buhahS, a. prod'igal, wastreful, spend'thrift, improv'ident. biihat, n. occupaftion, deed, act con'duct. manug buhat, n. maker. sing buhat nga ma aso, how to act prop'erly. binuhat, n. crerature. binuhAtan, n. chartacter, reclord, hisftory, biogrraphy. binuhaton, n. deeds, acts. dili mabuhat, a. impracrticable. buhawi, n. water spout, whirl pool, whirl wind. buhi, a. alivre, brisk. v. live, let go free. ca buhi, n. life, existfence. cabuhian, n. liv'ing. ang pag ca buhi, n. existence. kina buhi, n. biog'raphy. na buhi pa, a. alive. mabuhi pa, alive yet. buhi sang fusil, v. fire (a gun), shot. buhin, v. lessen, dimintish, reducte, throw off decreasre, abat'e, disfcount, lighten.. v.i. dwintdle, grow smnaller. buhis, tax, rent. bhlioh, n. hole, cavfity. v. make a hole, bore, dig. na buh6-buho-an, full of little holes, per'forated, riddled.

Page  56 buh 56 bul buh6o, n. hair. buhoc-buhoc, n. fil'ament. buin, {same as buhin} bukia, a. kind of jelly-fish. bukid, n. mountain. ca bukiran, n. mountain range. bukidnon, n. mountaineerl, back-woodsman, wild tale. bukis ang pag ca bukis-bukiS, incivility. bAfla, n. pope's bull. bulac, n. cotton plant. bulac, n. flowrer. bulac sang bulac, cotton blossom. Irulad, v.t. to sun, dry in the sun. buladof, n. kite. bulag, a. blind. v. seprarate, go away. bulubulad, a. diver'gent. bulagay, v.i. diverg'e [lives], separate [married couple]. bulagi aco! leave me! bulAllan, a. happy, bles'sed, luckily. ca bulahan, n. hap'piness. pa bulahan, v. to weight. bulan, M. moon, month. binailan, month'ly. bulang, n. cock-fighting. bulangan, n. cock-pit. bulang, v., bet on a cock-fight. bulawan, n. gold.

Page  57 bul 57 bul bulbul, 1. feather(s), fur, fleece, bris'tle. bulbul-on, a. shagrgy. bulbul sang babuy, n. bristle. buli, n. breech, buttock. bulibito-on, bulicawang, n. rump. bulig, n. bunch. bulig, n. adjutant. v. help, aid. ca bulig, n. help'meet, assistant. ang pag bulig, assistance. bulilao, n. a kind of sugar cane. buling, i. grim'e, dirt (on the body, clothes, etc.) pag buling, v.t. to smirch, grime, stain. bulinggit, n. erysiprelas. bulinga, n. large fish-egg. bulingon, n.a. dirty, filthy, {from buling} bulit, bh-16o, n. raccoont. bulo, n.a. small bamboo that grows wild. bulong, n. medticine, v. doc'tor. bftlos sang tubig, strong current of water. bulos, piece. bulto, n. bulk. bulu, {preposition} bulublag, spread. bulucan, n. bladder. bulug, hair cut short. buluhat6n, n. business, task, work, job. {from buhat} bululacao, n. sheet light'ning. bululag, {fron bulag}

Page  58 bul 58 biil 58 ~~~~~~bun bulung, v. heal, cure, {better bo] buluntud, v. bulge out. walay ca bulusgan, a. jnsa'tiable. bulut-an, a. deterlimined. angs pag bulut-an, n. gov'ernment, reglimen. bulut-liu, v. be present at. bulutuan, n. flock of chickens. buluydtan, bumangon, v. rise-! bumba, n. pump, spout. V. pump. bunac, V. wash. bunaf, n. whip, cane, stroke. v. pun'ish, whip, cane. bunang, bunbun, a. dusty [road]. buncal, v. force an enrne break int. bundui, a. dull, unwiel'dy, gross, dull [tool]. buii'a n. fruit, betel-nu t. bufigoa sang acon cabud'lay, fruit of my labox bu-iigalon, name of a tree. bun-gat, v. open. bufiday-bufigay, ni. loose hair. bufig-bufigF, a. replet'e, heaping full. buffgcag, v. destroy', undo'. n. destruc'tion. buftaca1, v0. batter down (a door). buftdcalus, v. arisfe quickly. builggu-anay, n. con'flict. buflgsud, n. large ant-hill. [ong I 1. I#

Page  59 59 bur bung-ta, n. plow-point. bungtas, n. consumpltion. bung-ul n. shark. buing-ul, a. deaf. v. lose onets hearing. pa bungul, v. deafen. maca bungul, n. loud noise. a. deafening. v. deaf'en. ca bungul, n. deafness. bunlut, n. beard, cat's feelers. bunguton, a. beardeed. bungyod, n. hill. bun-i (P) buniag, v. baptizte, immerste, water (a garden etc.) bunit, n. fish-hook. pamunit, v. fish (with pole and line.) bun6, v. to stab, shoot throught one, spear, hurl a bunot, [missile at. buiiyag, n. bapttism. v. christen. bunyag sa tanum, v. to water (plants). bu-ong, v. break, smash, (glass). bu-ot, v. make one (do something), will, detertmine. ca bu-ot, n. formality {see bu-ut} buri, v. bluster, gosrsip, foam, froth. n. foam at the mouth, froth, [cooking.] bura-an, a. gar/rulous, talk'ative, windy. buradhal, a. rough, dilapridated. n. botch. burdAhe, n. tack [ship.] v. tack [ship.]

Page  60 bur 60 but burO-bur6, v.i. gur'gle. burnt, v. sim/mer, bubble. bus! get out! {a word used in driving away pigs.} busa, theredfore. {not much used in conversation.} busal, n. bitless bri'dle, muzzle, head-stall. busa, n. water-fall, catraract, falls. bus-bus, v. opterate on, dissect'. n. opera'tion. buscad, n. blossom, flowter. adv. in bloom. buslo, a. open. pa buslo, v. bulge, stick out. buslot, v. pierce, make a hole through, impal]e. n. eye'let, gap, hole through. busug, a. full, have plenty, (of food), sat'isfied. ca busugon, n. sati'ety. ca busug, v. sat'isfy. busung, n. pregrnancy. but,, a. blind. {cf. bulag} buta-buta, hide and seek. butacal, n. boar. butan, na butan, n. result', effect', conrsequence. but-anan, a. prutdent, stead/y. dili but-anian, a. impruldent. butani-on, a. earthly. butang, n. thing. pag ca butang, n. manner, way. butane, v. put, set, place. butangafi, {imperative} butang-butang, v.t. imput'e.

Page  61 but 61 bun sa pag butang, lying (in bed.) butan-on, a. earth'ly. butas, but-but, balutbut, v.t. pull (man) out of water or mld, raise up, save. butcon, n. arm. buti, n. smallpox. butig, n. lie, fals'ehood, untruth'. ca butig-an, n. lie, falsehood. mabutigon, a. untruef, false, not true. butig-ofi, n. li/ar. butlac, v. glimmer, rise [sun.] butlac sang adlao, n. sun'rise. butlac, v. shine, sparkle. n. rise, dawnring, dawn. but6, v.i. hatch. but^ [sang pispis], n. fea'therless young. butoncilyo, i. a kind of grass, button-grass. butoc, bfltong, v. pull, draw. blitong-bAtong, n. taffy (while being pulled.) butong, n. taffy (ready to eat). butong, n. thornless bamboo. butong, n. green cocoanut. {better botong)t butu-a, v.t. to lift something out of the water. butu-afi, bulutuan, n. flock of chickens. butuwa, v.t. lift or raise (something from the water.) butyag, v. divulgte (a secret), tell (a selcret). bu-ul, v. get. {Antique dialect.}

Page  62 buu 62 buy bul-a, {imperative of bu-uLI. bu-Ung, n. breach, break, crack. {better b6'-ong.I v. break, crack, smash. bu-ut. v. govtern, will, determ~ine, make (one do a thing). ca bubut-on, nt. will, determina~tion, resolvfe. wala4 bu-ut, a. sesles inante, dough'-head. bu-ut, v. wish, detertmine. ma bu-wt, a. pruldent. binobuut, n. disposi'tion. bu-utong, v. pull out. buyagyag, a. pub'lic. v~t. make pub~lic, announcte. buyan, buyanay, v.t. pelt. mapa buyan-buyan-on, a. carelle-:s, inifeet buyayao, v. reville, curse, im~precate. bu~1og, v. be a comrade, accompany. ca bu~log, a, associate, fellow. ~uy4,j v t. bend, tip, lean, inclinfe. ca buy6', v~i. bend, lean, inclinfe. pa huyb, v. lean, fall. bftyo~l i. leaf chewed with be'tel-nut. nabfiy6^, a. addic~ted. luvyoc, v.t. bend down, weigh upon, weight down. buyoc sa cala-ifi-an, v.t. entic'e astra'y. buyoc, v.t. inclinfe. ca buyoc, v. inspir~e affec~tion. n. bent, jnclinat~ion, genius, leanfing. buyog, large wasp. buy-on, n. bel'ly.

Page  63 buy 63 caa buiyong, pa biyong, v. spin. bAiyong-biyong, round and round. buy-one, n. crimlinal. buyuCe, buyuc-buyuc, v. shake (?) na buyuc-an, n. inclinartion. ca buyuc, v. affect', cause or inspirfe affecttion. C CA, {used between numeral and noun, as isa ca bilog} CA, {prerfix denoting the abstract quality of the noun to which it is prefixed} CA, {prefix, to form plural, bata, ca bata-an} {prefix, to form derived noun, ca iwat-on} ca alam, n. scifence. ca aluan, n. liberality, generosity. ca Akig, n. ire, ragre, angler. ca amion, a. fra grant. ca ang-ay, v. deservte. ca anigafan, nz. likerness. ca aslulS, n. sourtness. ca awat-ai, n. occupation. ca away, n. enemy, adtversary.

Page  64 64 cab cs ayo, n. good'ness. {s adv. too many, too much. ca ayo, v. mend, repair', fix. gid ca ayo, the most, the best. ca ayo-ayo, n. beau'ty. ca bacuran, n. strength (of army). ca balAca, n. care, anxieety. cabahot, n. insurrecftion. ca balaslan, n. grat'itude, farvorable, recip'ient (?) cabalhud, n. courtage. cabAt6, v.t. alarm', disturb'. caban, in. trunk, chest, box. a. certain measure, 75 liters. na caban, a. enclosed', surroun!ded. ca baigdAnan, n. cause, reas/on, fault. nano cabangdAnan P what's the matter? mangin cabangdAnan, become the cause of cabafigis, n. cru'elty. cabantugan, n. famte, report'. cabanwa-anan, every where. cabA-6, [look for ba-o.] ca bAta, ang pagcabAta, n. child'hood. cabati, v. hear, listen. cabatang-an, n. essence (?) cabaf? God grant! would to God. cabal pa! Amen! cabniyo, i. horse. {better cal cabayo, i. plow-beam. cabAyo, nga babai, marie. ee ayo} 4y-yo}

Page  65 65 cab cabcab, v. scrapte, dig down (a bank) undermine', dig slowly. cabesera, n. host. cabi sing pani-il, a. bow-legrged. cabig, v. fantcy, to keep the head of a boat up by paddling away from the boat. cabicahan, n. tribre. cAbit, v.i. hang, be suspenfded, cling, hang down, hang out Lfruit.] cabo, n. foretman, corfporal, boss. cabo, n. dipiper made of a whole cocoanut shell. inug cab8, n. dipper. cabon? cabos, a. short (pants, etc.), too short. caboy, v. cabtangan, n. being, enftity, gist, cirtcumstances. cabu, n. dipper. ca bu-ang, n. fool/ishness. ca bu-ang-on, foolishness. ca bubut-on, character, habit, will, volition, intenttion, purpose. cabud, v.t. climb a pole. [vine.] ca buAhi n. treachtery. ca bualay, wearfiness. cabug, n. a large bat. cabigao, n. ortange, grape fruit. ca bugnao, n. frigidiity. cabuguason, n. morning star, Mars. cabug-fsan, a. cathfolic, univertsal. ca bfihi, n. life. cabulung, v. admirle.

Page  66 cab 66 ca bulu~gon, n. satifety. ca buftgo1, n. deaf~ness. cabu~, a. too short [clothes etc.], incoru'petent. cab-ut, v. reach (touch.) cabuyao, n. lep'rosy {see ar6} ca buyawon, n. lepfer. cabu~rlog, n. comfpany, guests. ca btiyuc, it. inclinaltion, bent. cacac, n. cackling, cakfe cd.-cac, v. cackl'le. ca cagud, nt. covtetousness. ca cahag n. mendac'ity. ca cahs n. bold~ness. cacerola, cachila, {look for catsila. 1 cacho, n. pan. cacugmat, v. shivf er. ca culabg'-an, n. fault, defect'. cada, cadta uno, each, apiecfe. ca dacu-on, nt. sizfe, bigfness. ca dacti, big'ness, great~ness. ca dadalinan, nt. dep'th. ca dadulman, n. pit, abyssf. cadagayai, n. abunfdance, plenfty, ca dadumit, n.acit. ca daum, n. dep'th. - ca dam-an, n.mutide ca damfi-an, nt. mliu ca damulon, n. thick'ness. ca daftgat, v. pursu'e.

Page  67 cad cad ca da-ut, n. harm. ca daya, n. hypoc'risy. a. deceitfful. ca dayawan, n. pomp. ca dayon, (?) ca daygan, {from dayag} right side of cloth, face or surface of cloth. cad-cad, v.t. dredge. kinad cad, n. material dredged. cadena, chain. cadimat, v. like the taste of, be fond of. cadios, n. a shrub, lenftil. ca diotay, too small. ca disnon, n. large cooking banana. cadlao, v.n. laugh. pa cadlao, v. deridle, make sport of, make fun maca caladlao-an, a. funtny. cadlas, n. scratch. cadlum, n. name of an orchard shrub. cadlufian, cadulufian, } n. boun'dary. cadlt, v. go. nacadto, gone. caladt6-an, n. destinartion, goal. ca dudulman, n. darkmness. ca dugafon, long time. ca duluri, n. darkness. ca dungganan, n. fame. ca dunuton, n. corrupttion, decayt (in the gray ca dupdup, n. mushrroom on rotten log, brac] ' of. 'e). ket fungus.

Page  68 68i cah -~~~~6 cali ca duyug-an, n. inclination. caf6, n. cofffee. Ilook for ea cafr6, n. can'nibal. cag,, and, but. cagalan, n. the arms. Ca gamhafian, n. fac'ulty, powler. ca gamai, n. a broil. kina gamo, n. fuss. cagang, river crab. cagao, n. ring-worm, itch-mite. ca garas, n. asper'ity, roughfness. Cagat, v. bite. cagat, n. pintcers (crab's). cagau-ian, n. hbabit. cagafcay, n. species of clam. cag-ht, v. griev'e. ma cag-hA-on, ai. haggard. cagidki, n. a kind of itch. ca gino-ohan, n. gen'tlemen. Ifrom ginc cagon, v. preparle for wed'ding. cagon-cagon, v.t. procurte for another a wife or a pros'titute. cagud, v.t. grate up fine. kinagud, a. grated, scraped. ca cagud, nt. sefishness. ma cagud, a. selffish. cagunda, n. misfortune. ca haaluc, n. fear. ca haguli, n. meeklness, genftleness, htmilfity. ca hacug, n. glut'tony. ca halaflgao-an, a. danrgerous. 6pe1 )-Ol

Page  69 69 69 ~~~~cah maca halangao, a. dread~ful. caliam, ma caham, a. pungent, sharp. ea hamtaftg-an, n. situa~tion. ca hamu-ut, n. eartnestness. ca hamuflgayd-an, nt. abun'dance. cahang, a. sharp, pun'gent. ma cahang, a. acionos aclrid. ca ha-figAwa, n. fear, dread. ca hafigul, m. glut'tony, self'ishness. ca hanuii-ud n. coflcern~.l ca haoroflgan, n. perplex'ity. cahapon, adv. yesterday. sa cahaponanon. ('ahas, boldlness, fool'hardiness. macahas, a. bold, darling, fool'hardy, impertinent. cahate, it. quarter of a peso, 25 centavos. ca hawa-an, n. wile derness. ca haylo, v. be attractted. ca hicao, it. envy. cahig, v. rake, poke, scratch. it. po'ker, (tool), rake. ca hi-gay6n-an, n. occa~sion. ca hilac, U. care. ca hilapit, a. around, neigh'boring. cahilas", m. bashtfulness. cea hilo, vi. be poi'soned. ca hiMaya-an, n. heavlen. ca himtangan, n. affiars, estatle, condition, ca himpit, n~. perfec~tion, fault'lessness.

Page  70 70 ca hinay-on, u. neighbbor. ca hi-olipon, v. serve. ca hipid, n. cleanrliness. ca hirop, n. inrtimacy. ca hisa, n. entvy. ca homoc, n. softfness. c-ahoii, n. dyke in a rice-field, box, flower-bed. cahoy, n. tree, plant. cahoy-cahoy, bush. ca cahu&-an, n. fortest, backI ground. ca hubug, n. drun.kenness. ca hiCtud, n. stu'diousness. ca hulag-a,.estlesne ca hulian, n. dif'ficulty. ca h bon, n drunkfnenness, debauchf. ca lubgon, ca huluy-an, n. reproachr, bashrfulness. ca hasay, v. steal. ca husay-ani, n. account'. ca hulu~ran, n. disgrace. ca huyA, n. shamle. {see huyajj paca hu~a, v. disgrac'e. ca-ibog, n. ambiltion. ca-igo, n. counlsel. naga ca-4ig, a. consistrent. ca-iligbon, n. luxtury. ca-itb, a. poor. ca-iiia, beforle, just now, a while ago', just, for'merly, [of only short time.] na-cainthan, a. chained.

Page  71 71 71 ~~~~~Cal ca ifigod, }a. adjafcent, adjoin'ing. ca iping eai is4 l~iunang, at one time, but once, once only. con caisa, someftimes. ca isu, it. bralvery. ca itum, a. black. ca iwat, n. scant tiness. cakiliran, n. relfatives. cakibot', cakitid, cakinf, c akinot, it. economy, stin~giness. cala, n. torltoise-shell. cala-anan, n. ancin plant () calabanan, n. advan'tage, major'ity. calabaisa, v. fi~ze break donf n. squash. calabasa sang 6Owac, n. gourd. caladlao-an, a. queer, laugh~able. caladtuan, n. destinaltion, die~in [from cadto} calag,- It. soul. wala4 calag, a. soul'less. calhah, n. big fry'ing pan, corntpopper. ca la-ini-an, wickfedness, harm, bini'quity. ca lain-lain, ca lakihan, ca lala-an, v. sanc'tify. ca laland-an, n. means, way, devic'e. calalao, n.- flat basket for winnowing4. calalai-an, hard'sbip. Waalipdan,- n. hafven.

Page  72 Cal 72 Call calamalamahafi, n. abeytance, suspens'e. calalumos, v. stran'gle. ealainay., n. sutgar. pag calamafo, n. gan'grene. calambkcgas, a. ferfruled-ring. calaffipay, n. a river crab. calan-an, n. difning-room. calang, just you, you only. teontraction of icao langI calaflgilaran, n. aborninaftion. calan-on, n. provis'ions, food. a. earaable. calantihon, 7n. po'etry, songs. [from canta} calaon, v. eat [when many people]. calao-ay, n. ugliness. cala-onan, {see calan-an} cala-otan, n. harm. {better ca-laut-an} calal5cap, n. vinfe. calaptkan, bandfle (of an injstrument or tool). calas, v. rustle, crunch, cracktle. calasag, shield. calasaion, n. one engaged to be marrried, bridergroom. calalat-an, n. hardrship. Calaf, n. rope. calat naa mabahol cag mahunit, n. cafble. calatipunan, congrega'tion, re-untion, meet'ing, gath'ering. ca lau-ay, n. deformrity. ca lau-afan, n. dishonresty. cala-un, v. eat. calaunafi, a. falflow. Ifrom una)

Page  73 73 cal cahla-ut, n. mallice, perverrsity, etvil. cala-utan, n. maltice, pervertsity, elvil. calawac, n. communion. ca lawig, n. length. fn. fire. ealayo, tv.i. ignitfe. calay-alo, n. flar'e. calayo, n. far. calcag, n. small dried shrimp. a. disorlderly, loose Lhair, &c.] cald6ra, n. kettle, boi'ler. calesiin, n. cab. ca libang-an, n. ofrfice. calibug, n. confulsion, perplex/ity. ca libut-an,.n. world, understanding. ca licaron, a. removed. (?) ca li6sy, n. agillity. ca ligS, n. neglect'. caligdong, n. formality, modlesty, gravfity. calig-on, n. secur'ity, cour'age, grit, spunk. calig-ofian, n. fortitude, courage, guaranteet. ca ligsic, n. agility. ca lim-an, fifty, 50. ca limut, n. forget/fulness, neglect', obliv'ion. calimutao, n. eye'ball. caling, n. plow'-handle. calinong, n. tranquillity, calmrness. ca linyas, n. bob'bin. calipay, v. be gladr, be happy. n. mirth, fun. ca lisdan-an, n. anguish.

Page  74 74 cal pala calisong, a. gruff. ca lisud, n. tortment, sortrow, pain. calit, v. do it while you can, hit and run, win and leave, embracfe the opportunity. caliwat, n. linreage. cal6, n. hat. ct8l6-ctlo, v. fry rice. n. fried rice. manug buhat sang calo, hattter. ca locos, v.t. roll up the sleeves, tuck up. calolo, n. benig'nity. ma calolo-oy, a. in'digent, pit'iable. calong, a. inante, foollish. calong sa olo, a. cracked. calong-calong, n. hoop. calofig g6 n. wart. ealo.oy, n. mertcy, pit'y. calot, v. scratrch. calubay, n. long white squash. ca lubihan. n. cocoanut grove. calud, n. ditbch, gutfter. caluddang, v. sink. ca lu-ib, n. treachfery. ca lu-ib-an, n. treaston, craft'iness. ca lumbut, v.t. cover upl, wrap in blan'kets. ca lumpao, v.i. be leafless, be dormlant. calut, v. scrattch. calu-uy, u. mercy. {better calot-oy} ca lfya, n. leanness, debilrity. ca l1yag, n. pleasure, ap/petite. V. like,

Page  75 75 can1~i ca luyb, a. aroundf, adja'cent, contig'uous. ca ma bu-ut, v. be pru'dent. it. prufdence. cama-cama, n1. pyg3gmy. camago (sa trompo), top'-string. ca mahal-an, nt. nobil~ity. ca mala. n. dry'ness, drought. camalagOd, u. thumb. {from dalagfc5' camalig, it. shack, cablin, shed. camagin king, i. the little fin'ger. ctainang, v. crawl. camang-camang, v. creep. camaiiga, n. whet'stone, honte. ca mang-horan, n?. youngler broth'ers and sisiters. camang-yan, fl. infcensf. camara, n. cabin (of a lorcha). caniariui, n. warelhouse, store'house, grantary. cm jn at.a, r, ni. rnortal'ity, pes'tilence. v. die. camatay-on, n. detath. camato-6ran, n. tru'th. camata-firan, nz. trufth. camayo, pag calamano, n. gan'grene. cambang, a. vafriegated, brin'dled. cafhibio, n. bartter. cambot, n. coat of mnatil. camisa chino, n. a light loose cotton coat cut Chinese style. canf, we (othfer than the one add'ressfed.) camingao, n. sol'itude, distress.*

Page  76 cama 76 can cam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 76c camisita, camisofi, camlut, n. unrdershirt, womants short shirt. n. long chemis'e. v.t. feel of, toutch. it. sense of touch. camno, you. camomo-o, (nga co-om), it. fist. cam6no, n. headling. camo-o, (P) camnoL, M. hand. camOte, n. sweeet'-potato. camoy, n. crab's pintcers. campan'ya, ii. tent. campilan, t. sword. gin camunuan, it. genera'tion. cananail, 9i. fiafvor, salvor. canang, shinle. canatnat, wear. can~way, 9t. gull, sea'-gull. canay, canay-canay, vt. relax', debillitate. canay-canay, n. breezte, zephlyr. cand6la, n. beesfwax canldle. candmn~, n. goat. candos, inug candos, n. diprper. cai'gay, cangdan, n. formality. caig-ga, it. cart, carro. cangil-ad, it. reluctance. canig-ihin, nt. regret', (feeling of loss.) cafigilo, n. actrimony. {p] lutralI { see ca angay}

Page  77 can 7T cap can 77i ca. alns canipis, it, thin~ness, del'icacy, fragili'ty. canipoblon, it. round~ness. canit, a. gaunt. ca niwang, n. lean~ness. can-o, when. {see san -o} can6'-gon! too bad! n. grief. {better canuf gon} Cati-on, n. cooked rice. cafision, n. song. eanta, V. sing. cantero, it. maf sonl. cantidad, n. quan'tity. canto, n. marf gin. cantflo'on! what a pity! too bad! Alas! canungsung, n. headfway. caniyamo, it. jutle cafiyon, can~non. ca-o, n. ropfe or belt on baskets at harfvest, sling. cao-cao, vat. feel, feel' of, toufch. cao-cao, v. hoot. Lowl_]. Cu-1on, V. eat. ang pag ca-on, it. food, meal. ma cit-on na kita, let us eat. ca-on-on, Jimperative} capa, n. cap'e, cloak, robfe. capag-onan, n. guarantee', secu'rity. ca pa-it', n. bit'terness. ca palaran, nt. for'tune, luck, fat'e, des~tiny. sa ca palaran, by chanc'e. capa-magna, ni. priest's shoulder-gown. ca pantoc, nz. dilfigence, jndus~triousness, industry,

Page  78 78 cap ca patag-an, n. vallley, levtel, meadrow. cap-t.atn, a forty, 40. ca patoc, v. invent. ma ca patoc, a. capawa, n. clearness, raddiance, brilliance. capau, n. fin (on side of fish). capak-capay, v. flop, flutfter. cap-cap, v. to clasp, encirtcle, cling to [vine], hovrer o[ver [ghost]. calapcap, n. vine. pang alancap, v. entwinte [vine]. cape, 1. cofflee. capid, 7. twin. capid-an, how much. ca pigao, n. weakfness. capin, more, too much. capin con culang, either too much or too little. ca pifitas, n. dil'igence, application, in'dustry. ca pisan, n. barbariity, fiercerness, crurelty. capitani, n. cap'tain. caponi, n. geld'ing. v. cas'trate, prune. ma capofi, capongo, n. a kind of rice. capobre-hon, n. povrerty. cApoy, a. tired. {cf. mabudtlay} capok, n. cramp (?) captafn, v.t. take hold of, hold. {imperative} calaptafi, n. han'dle. captafiay, hand in hand. ca puc-an, v. fall to ground.

Page  79 79 cipul, v. seal with wax, stop upf, obstructl. capupud-an, i. nattion, quarlter. capuslaiana, it. userfulness, valtue, conrsequence, good. {from pulus} wala sing capuslanan, in vain. walay capuslanan, a. futtile. caput, n. to knit, unite. eaput, v. seize, take hold of, hold, grasp, handle. caput-caput, i. a kind of grass. ca puti, n. whitetness. carabao, n. water bufffalo, "goostey," "stupid." carab-carab, n. roarfing of a fire. v. roar, be ablaze. caraha, n. steel. carambola, v. make a carom shot, hit one to have it hit another. caramb-an, n. crowd. {from darnml caray! ah! carboni, n. coal. carcamonia, n. translfer picture. carga, n. load (wagon, man, ship, gun), carlgo. eari, v. come. pa can, may naga pa can, some one is coming. carintondan, n.a. kind of banawa. carmelitos, n. can'dy. carnero, n. sheep. caro~i, now, to-dayl, at present. cartera, n. purse. caros, v. scrape, crawl. carro, n. cart, dray.

Page  80 car carfo-carro, n. play'-cart. Carrosa, n. a one-horse wagon that drags. carruahe, n. carrilage, coach. casabci, n. law-suit, business, litiga'tion. v. contestl (a will). casaco, n. hur'ry, hast'e. casidia, glad~ness hap'piness, ga'iety. casadiahan, n. the'atre. {plural of casadia} casag, n. blue sea-crab. casai, v. marfry. pa casal, v. unit'e in mar~rage. ca3alo, n. table-compan'ion. casal-anan, n. sin, fault, guilt. ca sambud, n. part~ner. ca sampinit-ani, n. thicket, briar-patch. ca sanag, n. splenfdor, bright'ness. ca sangcap-an, n. maeias fittings. ca sangcar-on, n. brea&'th, tim1bers, beams. casanhi, for'merly. ca sapin-ani, n. heap of shoes. ca sapul-an, n. agree'ment, cocuin decis'ion, of a tributnal. casaf, v. marlry. [same as casal } pa casarf, v. wed. ca sarang, v. may, be afbje, can. [ity. ca sarang-an, n. tem'perance, modera'tion, capaclca sayoran, nt. explanaftion, expres'sion, mean~ing. I{from sayl ud} casaypafi-an, n. mistak'e, sin, fault. biya sang ca saypafian, forsakfe one's sin. { fromn sapayan

Page  81 cas 81 ca say-say-an, n. definition. casco, n. hull, (of a ship). casi-casi, n. dog-vane (on a ship). casilag, n. ha'tred. casilin an, n. neightborhood. casilya, n. privfy, watter clos'et. casimanua, n. fellow country-man. {from banua} casing, n. top (to spin). casingcal, n. furry. ca~ing-casing, n. the heart. casirab, v.t. singe. castafyas, n. chesrtnut. castorilyo, n. der'by hat'. ca su-ay, n. opponrent. ca su-ak-on, n. disput'e. ca subfi, n. sorrow, grief. ca-subo-an, n. grief. ea sudlan, n. enttrails. {from sulud} a. intertnal. ca sudlan sang sapat, n. tripe. ca sudlan sang tawo, n. the bowtels. ca suguaii, n. beniglnity, beginnings. {from sugud ca sutil-an, n. knalvery, rascaltity. ] j 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~.. cati, catA-as, cata-as-an, cataca, catacsafian, catahi, ca tahap, v. croak. n. altitude. n. height. n. fastidiousness. dimentsion. {fromi t n. homrage. n. apprehentsion, fear, expectation, dread, respect'. acus}

Page  82 82 ocfithlirn `. respectf, poli tetness, cour'tesy. [from tahud} adv. politelly. walaYr catahfrn a. impolitte, disrespect'fui. catalaaman, n. dan'ger. catalan-g-an, n. deluf sion. ca talao, n. cwrie catalina, n. gear. ca talun-an, n. grove, woods. ca tamad, it. lafziness. ca taili-is, nt. sweettniess. ca taifi-nan, n i. gar'den, meadlow. {from tatiumi ca tampalas-an, n. mnean~ness. catang, n. a. kind of crab., catao, n. syren. ca ta-~an, u; eventness, levtelness. catapo6, n. fragillity, frail'ness. Ceatapii4an, n. end. wala& ca tapus'an, adv. fore'ver, enter~nal. sa ca tapus'an, at leng'th, fifnally. ca tarung-an, nt. rightleousness. catcho, n. pan. cate, v. swin'dle. cati, cati cati, it. boil (small), pus'tule. catia", it glass. catiti-an, n. glass~ware. cati-atyon, a. betroth'ed. catia, a. short [pantaloon'sl catig.a.pao's out~rigger. catiglayoiian, it.atin et

Page  83 83 cati ca tigulafigon, n. old age. catin-catin, catifigdla, n. magic. catilinfiban, n. meetting-place, reufnion, bodly of pe'ople, congrega'tion. catimbang, n. worftb, importance, weight. catimpa, v. bulge out, topple, crumble. cat i gai a, n. won'der, admirartion, astonishment. macatifalrla, a. ad'mirable, marvelous. ca tingalahan, it. mirfacle, wonfders. catin-catin, v. sit cowlering. catifilo, n. clean'ness, cleanl1iness. catipan, n. espou'sals, presfent to young man from his lafdy love. catipufi-an, n. meetfing, conven'tion. catitao, n. a certain kind of weav'ing. ctttof, n. itleb. ca tolog-on, n. sleep. caton, n. catre, n. bed. catsao, i. triffles' {used only in the plural.} catsild, n. Span'iard. cats6ri, n. OPOSISUm. catsubung, n. nicrotine. ca tub-tufran, n. end, limlit, bounds. ca tuanao, n. cold. ca tunbal, n. pilquancy. ca tundan, n. west. ca tuini-A, n. half. ca tungdani-an, ut. office, duty, min'istry. catufigan, it. swamp.

Page  84 84 ca tunud-an, n. briar-patch, thicket. ca tunud, v. set. [sun]. ca tUtUM, n. cour'age. ca tuy6', n1. sleepirness. ca tuy6-an, n. desirte, wish, intention. caua, {Look for cawal caua~an, {Look for cawa'anJ caucod, n. assiduity. eaugaliflg'On., n. pro-p'erty, estatel.. a. my own, your own, his own, &C. ca ugdang, reserv~e, formal'ity. cauji, n. hook (on a pole). cau-it, n. hook (on a pole). ca-ulag, 'n. lasciviousness. cauli sa sayup, [Look for cawili]. ca umlian, n. coun'try. {from umua ca upod, n. com'pany, compan'ionship. ca Ati, a. dil'igent. it. curios~ity. cauti, v. steal. {cf. cawati ca uturan, n. broth~ers {frorn utud] caiwa,' n. ket~tle, large calldron. ma caw.., a. broad, wide. ca wala sing nabiblao-an, n. stupid'ity. sa cawayandan, adv. afield/. cawas, v. climb outl of, ovrlol Caiwat, v~t. steal. ma cawat, n. thief. Caiway, v. hang from, hang on, be suspen'ded. Cawajan, n. bamboo. ea wayang-an, it. fields, lands.

Page  85 caw chb cawili, n. affecltion. cay, becausre. bandud cay, becaus'e. cay, to, for. cay Maria, for Maria. {sign of dative case used only with proper nouns} cay-cay, v. shovlel. cay-ab, n. ascentsion. cayab, n. fan. cay abog, n. young pigleon. cay an, n. cob. cayan sang mais, cornrcob. cayan-cayan, n. baliancing, rockting. v. fluc/tuate, go up and down. cayang, adv. upside downn. cayang, n. awning. cayas, a. short. na cayasan, a. excilted. ca cayas, n. excitefment. cayat, v.i. drag, extend/ (behind), hang from, hang down. pa cayat, train (of a dress). cay-ohan, n. forttune. aco naghimo sang acon cay-6han, I made my forttune. cayubog, (Look for cayabog). cayug, n. sickqle. cayos. ceremonia, n. certemony. cha, n. tea. {better tsa} charera, tea'pot.

Page  86 ein 86 001 cincha,' n. girth. clara sang itlog, n. albumen. ckase., 7. class, kind, sort, grad'te. clavi'tos, n. tack, brad. china, nt. c ae co-but, v. bite and not let go [crab]. cobre, n. copI per. coch6ro, n. drilver, coach~man. CO0.. nail [of finger] hoof [horse]. cb'c6 sang cabAyo, n. hoof (of horse), horse's hoof. cocod, n. hoof (of horse). codooran, n. grafter. Cogon, n~. a wild grass about a meter high. cogita, n. cut'tle-fish, oc~topus. coh6tas, n. rocklet. cohini, n. cush'ion. colado nga tabaco, n. cigarf. colata, nt. butt (of a mnusfket). coichon, it. mtte colgadura, v.t. drapfe. colinat, v. twist. colifiitas, n. rosary, beads. colisao,;frownfing. co lisong, frown'ing. c0,l0, n. a fruit resembling bread fruit. COLO, a prefix denoting a diminutiye or imitation colo cabayo, rock'ing horse. colo calao, n. grin. colo camaligr, n. hut, small shack, mise'rable hut. colonacnit swallow.

Page  87 87 con colon, n. a round earthen pot, crock. manug colon, n. pot'ter. colong, a. curtly. pa colong, vt. curl (hair). col6r, n. collor. colyax, it. a neck-scarf. coma-lagco, n. thumb. combirado, n. feast. comb6, O~. toast. combong, ni. curtain. comeclia, n. cornedy. comedorf, n. din'ing room. comod comod, v. inur'rnur. comofta ca, How do you do 29 how arf you? compare, n. god'brother. compas, v. beat time. coilbpay, n. tall grass, fodder. compisarf, v.t. cofsf Con, if, when, or, whethler, had, if II had. con ano, how. con pa ano, how. Icontintuativ( I.11 con-ca isa, sometimtes. con di-in', whence, where, whithler. con dili, if not. {sarr, cay con dill, oth'erwise. conbento, n. con'vent. condenado, condem'ned. condii, but, ontly, unless', or elsfe. con6ho, n. rab' bit. eonos, they say. ie as condif I

Page  88 88 88 ~~~~~~cot consehal', n. al~derman, coun~cilinan. cons~ho, n. council board. I contani, would, might, supposel, should. Conitra, 7i. enlemy. contra, *against'. contario n.en'einy. copa, n. cup. corbata, n. crvaf cofcho, n. cork, cork, shoe. corin~ It. Cat. ca coringan, n. land of cats, corit, coritot', a. curled like pig~s tail. Coro, n. gam)e where shells are picked up while coro, corona, corong, corpinyo, corral, corr~o, Cortina, Cos Cos, cosina, cosmod, costal, cos'tra, cotcot, c6to, cotoy, a ball is tossed up. n. choir. {pronounced cuair} n. wrelath. n. cagle, hen'-coop. n. waist, shirtf-waist. n. fen~ce. n. mail. n.cutan vJt. play (guitar', etc.) n. kitchen. n. frown. n. bag. it. crust (of bread). 'vt. dig. n. lousfe. v. be exlbausfted. it. exhaus'tion. {better cut-cutj

Page  89 89 cue kinotoy, a. exhausted. cristo, n. Christ. santo cristo, n. cruccifix. crizo de mar, n. sealurchin. crusamano, v. fold the arms. cuadlra, n. sta'ble. cuadro, n. picture. cuahi4, v.t. push asidte. euai, whatf do you call it, whatrs its name, I'll tell you in a min/ute, let me thinkl, cuarta, 1. coin, money, small change. wal& pa gid aco cuarta, I am out of monkey. cuartio, a. 31 cents, mex. cuba-cuba, n. throb'bing. cubay, kinubay, abreast'. cub-cub, n. bevrel. cubiefta, n. deck (of a ship). culbus, a. inferrior, less, abjectt. pacubu~,v. dispar'age, slight, humilliate, humble, mortify. cucagan, (?) cuchilya de mesa, n, caste-knife. cficu, n. fin'ger nail. cudal, n. fenc'e. cudang sa init, n. par'asol. cudapA, a. flat-nosed. cud-cud, v.t. grat'e. cudcuran, n. gra'ter. cudlit, v. draw, (little line). cueba, n. celtlar.

Page  90 cue 90 cul cuelyo, n. collar. cuga, v.t. choke (one with the hand), throt'tle. cugan, n. pimlple. ma cugi, a. dil'igent, industtrious. cudhad, v. eugnat, v.t. fright'en. ca cugmat, n. excitefment, horfror, fright. ca cudmat, v. be excitted. pa cugmat, v. excitte. maca culugmat, a. exciting, fright'ful, ghast'ly, hidleous, horrrible. Ceui, v.t. catch (fish), take awaly, get, removfe, ciAha sing talacsan, v. take measures. cuha ca sing, have some of the -. vamos mangfiha kitA, let us go and get. gina cuha-an, n. place from which taken. cuhal, v. cuhit, v.t. pitck at, touch, "nud'ge" (w. finger). cuiapad, v. flut!ter [bird]. cui-us, n. long feather on a wing. culabus, a. insuffic'ient. euilang, a. less, insufficjient. v. lack, need, be deficient, be short. pa cAilang, destitution. ca culangan, n. fault, flaw, defect'. culang-culang, a. brute (man), good-for-nothing [person]. capin con culang, more or less. culao, v. turn out poorly [crop]. cfili. ma cult, a. dull, slow.

Page  91 91 91 ~~~cum ca culi-an, n. di~fifculty. maca culudmat, a. hortrid. culap (sa mata), n. film (on the eye). culba', n. fear. diii cululba-an, a. fear'less, intrep~id. dili makinulbdon, a. self-possessfed. culba-culba, it. flut'ter, pulsating, beat. culi, a. difficult. ca culi-an, it. difficulty. cult, {cf. hadluc} culO,1 v.t. short'en. CU10,5 n?. fur~row. culong, v~i. curl, friz [hair]. a. crisp (hair). pa culong, v.t. friz, curl (hair). CUIPd, n. waste, fault. CUMf, pa culu, v. pack (on horse back), slung. culiib., a. face down~wards, prone, pros'trate. culub sang sacayani, v.i. capsiz'e [boati. maca, culug mat, a. ghastly. culuking gall, culumpio, n. rocking chair, rock'er. cumadto, (past tense and imperative of cadto) go! went. cumala&c6, n. thumab. cumaliuigkin, n. little finger. cuma-on, v. eat! Timperativi 31 cumara, cumbo, cumbot, 1.jimperative from car$'l n. cuirass'.

Page  92 cum 92 cur calumbut, v.t. wrap in blankets, cover up'. cumboya, v.i. be a part/ner or sharelholder, be a stockfholder. v.t. or/ganize. cumpad, n. pod. cuffpay, n. fodder, grass cut for horses, etc. cuitipay, v.t. give hay (to a horse). cumud, v. grumlble. cumung, n. a kind of sea crab (round). cumus, v.t. crumlple, crush. ciniag, ca cAniag, n. enthusiasm, zeal. cunina, aflterwards. cunot, n. crease. ma cunot, a. har'dy, resistant. cunsad, v. descendl, go down, come down from the sky. {cf. pana-ug} cunta, would, had, were, should. Isame as untani} cunta, v.t. les'sen. cuntani, if it were so. Isupposition contrary to fact} cunup, n. cloak, cape. cunut, n.y. crease. cupa, cipang, skein of thread, worsted, silk or cotton. cup-cup, v. grap'ple. cup6, v. to clash, cling to, Llizard on the wall]. cfipus, v. shrink, shriv'el (wood), withber (leaves), contract', grow smaller. ang pag cupus, n. deca'dence. cAra, n. curate. curing, n. cat,

Page  93 93 cut curinot, a. wrinkled [brow] furtrowed. curinot, v. wrinkle. curis-curis, n. baby-writing, scrawl, scribble. curisung, v. frown, knit the brow. curit, curos, n. cross. eurug, v. tremrble, shivrer. maca culfirug, a. thrilrling, hair-raising. curu-cutuc, v. cluck. cusamano, v. fold the hands. cusi, v.t. pinch. cusi, n. a kind of bird, little parrot. cus-tnud, v. pout, sulk, look sul'len. cusO, v. rub. cusug, n. brawn, strength, en'ergy, force [of man, etc.] strnuggle. v. become hard [nmuscle], freeze, hardlen. pang usug, v. make an effort. cusAl, n. cuta, n. pris'on, wall. cutac, v. cacl'le. cutcut, v. spade, exrcavate. cut-cuta6, v. cackle. cutu, n. louse. eutub, from, since. cutub sa Pontevedra, from Pontevedra. na pacutub, a. definite, limited. pacitub, v.t. li-nit, confine'. ang unang nga kinutub-An, n. frontierr cutucutuc, v. cluck.

Page  94 cut; 94 dab cutunt, it. chemis'e. cutu6-cutoS, it. snarlfing, cUitut, n1v. sting (of a bee) cu-urn, u. fist-full. cuyP', t. shame. {cf. huya'11 ma cuya!, asham'ed (guil'ty). may cuya', v. be ashamfed, guiltty cuyang, cuyao, a,. diffident, abashted. ca cuyao, n. einbarrassment, diffidence. cuyap, n. ver'tigo. cuyPs, m. feath'ers. D da-an, a. old, (thing) worn, worn out'. dawa-daDa, it. flamle. naga daba-daba, a. ablazte, flamling. diabdab,, v. burn, flame up', flaxre, kinfdle, flame (in open). daboc, n. bonfire. dabb-dabo3', 1n. driz'zle. vA.i drizfzle. dabput, v. reach, reach to, extend' to. dabuc, v. kinfdle, light (a fire in a stove). d~bu-dabft, n. show'er, drizfzle d~bung, i. fo'liage.

Page  95 dab 95 dag ma dabung, a. dens'e, thick (forest). dab-ut, v. overtakte, reach, touch, reach to. dabuy, v. dacal, v. daclap, n. whippoorwill'. dacmul, a. compactl. madac-mul, a. thick. dacpan, {pp. of dacup'} nada6pan, captured. ddcu, n. a large copper coin = 14 cents mex. dactu, a. great, large, huge. pa dacfi, v.t. enlargle, fos/ter, inten'sify, ang pag ca dacu, grandeur. ang ca dacu, n. greattness. labi sa cadacl, larger than, the largest. ang pag dacu, n. greattness. mangin dacu, v. going to be great, will become great, aggrantdize. daeup, v. catch, seize, arrest, captture, apprehend'. mug dalacup, n. snare, trap. da-et, n. peace. dagami, n. hay, straw, dry straw. dagandan, n. weaving, basket-weaving. dinagandan, a. woven like a basket. daigat, n.. sea (breakers). dagat, a. seat-sick, gid'dy. panagat,. v. fish (with hook and line). mananagat, n. angler. dagay, dinagay, n. fiurrow. dagaya, a. abun'dant, bountiful. sa dagaya, fluently, abundantly.

Page  96 dag 96 ca dagaya, n. abundance. dagbit, na dagbit, a. brisk. dagfiao, it. good-measure, bee, I da'gmitl ma dagmit, inst-antafneously. dagnas-, vJt. flush, (with water.) dagon, n. time. dagon dagon, v. am.tble. dago-ob, n. thunfder. ca dapa,, v. fall to the ground. dagpac, adasang, v~i. fester. dagr-sft, n. driftfwood. da~gtd, u. stain. walakdagta, a. holy. daguldul, a. rat'tling. dag'uIii n. needle. daga-ub, n. thunder. dahas, mi dahas, a. imperttinent, intsol( ca dahas, n. intsolence..ift. ~Int. d~aiwayq n. form (of a person), Cotue It ~~feature, guisfe. dalion, n. leaf.I dahug, V. glide. dahum-dahum, uz. inkling. v. suspect', get an ink'ling. da-it, mnakig dait-on, a. peaceful.

Page  97 97 dal dala, v. carry, bring, fetch, administrate a government, go and get. ma dala, brought out. pa dala, v. send, to forrward. ang pag pa dala, the sending. inog dalacup, n. snare, trick {from dacup} dalag, madalag, a. yel'low. daliga, n. young, girl. ang pag ca dalaga, girl'hood. dinalaga, girlfish. dalAgan, v. run, speed on. dolo dalagan, run. nag dalAgan, ran. dalageii, a. large, immens'e. dumalaco6, a. gigantic. dalagusu, v. tread. dalahig, v. comprehend'. dalamgo, v. to dream. {from damgo} dalamuna, v. be contentted. dalamunon, a. sattisfied, satiated contented, gratified. Indi ac6 dalamunon tubtub nga acon ma cton. I cannot rest untill I eat —. I must have some of that dalan, n. street, road. sa acon dalan, in my way, in my road. sa dalanion, on the street. dalan-dalan, n. narrow street, alfley. nag dalangup. {from dangup} dalafion, n. jourtney.

Page  98 dal 98 dal dalas, ma dalas, a. swift. dalAwat, v. buy rice, salt or grain,. and carry it awayt. manug dalawat, n. carrier, rice peddler. dalay-ahan, go back and forth. dalAyap, n. lime (fruit). dalayAwon, a. blestsed. dala.on, a. continruous, endtless, conrstant. daldag, n. adze. dalh, car'ry! {imperative of dala} dalhon, carry! take! {imperative} dall, v.i. be quick! hurry! ma dali, a. prompt, short (time). ca dali, n. promptiness. dali, promipt'ly, quick'ly. sing madali, quick'ly. ca dali-on, i. haste. dali'dali, hur'riedly, has'tily. dalimo-os, n. fog. dalinas, v. slip. dalini-ag, n. black thorn on Borotrvine. daling-as, v. slip, slide. dAlit, n. poi/son. dalitan, a. poitsonous. dao6, v. serve, caresst. daloc, v. stuff, over eatr, be a pig. n. stuffer, glutton. a. greedy, pig/gish. cadaluc-onf, n. glutitony. dalug-dug, n. a thorny shrub.

Page  99 dal 99 dal 99 ~~~~~dana dalunm, n. dep' th. -ca dalumun, n. dep'th. ma daum, a. deep. (ma duluili, a. da rkI.) (ca dulufii nb. dark'ness.) ca dMumu, n. depth. ca dadalman, it. gulf, depth. dalunggan, n. ear. dalungann sang amO'f, it. an ed'ible fungus. dnan. game (like check'ers}. ca dam-an, n. multitude. {from daiirnj damhag sa licod, v. stand behind'. damang, it. spider (large). damahuana, damahwana, n. dem~ijohn. dauin"ig, n1. dream. pa damgro, v. dream. damil, n. sheath'ing. damisag, it. grantary. {cf. tambo'bo} daiiilagn day after tomorlrow. dampig, v. side with, defendf, take one's part. dampug, n. storm-cloud. dampunung, v. slap. dafiiput, v. reach ou' stret'ch out'. davui'u, many. {root only} v'. abound'. irkadAuinn, a. many. pa damnu, v. enlarge, hoard (money), make many, multiply, breed. cadainiu, v. be m-Lany, abounid'. nmacadamin& often. maca daffif nga yeses, again' anid again'.

Page  100 dam 100 dao damul, ca damul, v. be dense, thick, crowded. madamul, a. thick (growth) (cloud, etc.) stiff. damulaga, n. pul/let. dan! behold/! there! look there! see therfe! naca danahan, chained. {past participle} danao, n. pud'dle. dandat, dangal, a. stamlmerer. dangao, n. dis/tance betweenI the end of the thumb and the fourth finger both extended. dangiao-danirao, n. measuring worm, geometrid. dangat, v. prevaill, come, arrivte. iadan aaian, n. abil'ity. ang labing maafo siling sang imo madang-atan, the best you can. na dang-at-an, n. resultt, conlsequence. ca daingat, v. reach to, extend' to. dangup, v. apply/, attain'. danlog, a. slip'pery. pa daflog, v. lutbricate, oil, greas'e. ma danlog, a. sliptpery, greasy, greased. dao, almost, nearly, near, about, seemed. na dao, as iff. dao sa, aboutr. dao dili, scarcely. daiog, v. win, come out ahead', con'quer, beat. ma da-og, a. pan daQg, v. con'quer. dao.hat, v. stretch forth and take, hold out (the hand) and take, reach to, extend' to.

Page  101 101 das dao-hat sa pihad, v. reach across'. da.ot, v.t. harm, hurt, inljure. maca da-ut, a. hurt'ful. ca da-ot, n. inljury. dapA dapA, n. sole (of foot, or shoe). dapal, n. a hand'st breadth. dapAl, v. stoke, stuff, feed, cram, eat with open hand and open mouth, eat by hand'fuls. dapara, v. attendt, be presrent at. dapat, v. employ'. n. ap'titude. dAipat, ought, must. dapat ngani, therefore. {cf. tapat ngani} Indi dapat sa pag caon inA, It is not fit to eat. wala$ dapatan, a. furtile, good'-for-nothing. dapat, ajarf. dapa4, n. chick'en-ha'wk.,dapi-dapi. dapia, n. dapit, v. pass by, go near, come near, come up closte. dapli, dapuI, n. fireplace, fire'side, cooking-place. dap-ya, v.i. to blow in gusts. dara, n. aunt. dasdas (sa human), v. poltish (rice). dasig, ma dasig, a. swift, fast, quick. ca dasig, n speed. das6-dass, a. foolish, fool'hardy.

Page  102 das 102 dal dasuc, v. squeeze in, press down, compresst. dasug, v. stuff (hides, skins, etc.) dasuii, ma dasui, next in order, following. indi pa dasun, irreg'ularly, not in regular order. dat-dat, v. arrivte. dau, altnost. dau dili, hardly, scarcely. da-ug, v. overcomet, defeat', beat. da-ut, n. ca da-ut, n. harm. v. harm. dayfi, n. lie. v. deceivte, cheat, defraudt, fool. ma da4-a, a. crafty, deceit'ful, tricky. ca dana, n. deceit, guile, fraud, hypoc'risy. manug dala, n. hyp'ocrite, fraud. ca daya-an, n. inpos'ture. daya, a-. pubtlic, open, conspic'uous, manifest. pa da:ag, v. confess, revealt, make public. ca da:gan, n. outside, surfface. day-ag, a. flalgrant. dayao, v. praise, bless, cellebrate, coirpliment extol/. da.yao, v. adorn one's self, primp, deck. pa dayAo, v. boast, brag. pa dayao-dayao, v. aggrandize oneself, show off. ca dayawan, n1. emninence. ca dayAo-an, n. celebration, gailety. dalayAwon, a. illustra/tion.

Page  103 103 dil dayao-dayao, v. flatfter. day-day-an, guard. dayion, v. add, continkue, keep one, stay. padaron, v. continue, lodge, put up at. manug dayon, n. landlord. manug pa dayon, n, host, hostess. madinayon-on =dalaaon, a. contintuous, end/less. dayon, then, next, aftterwards. dedal, n. thim'ble. delargo, n. breeches, pantaloons', troutsers delargo, v. pant. dependienfte, n. clerk (in a store). demasiado, enortmous. der6chos, n. fee, chartges. desfalcado, n. defaulrter. di, {same as dili} {same as diri} dic! pigy!. word used in calling pigsj dic-dic-on, n. coarse rice. didal, n. thimble. didto, there, he is there, yonder. didto nay6n, on the othrer side of, beyond. didto sa marao, over in Marayo, down in Marayo. digos, v. pa ligos, v.t. bathe. digwa, v.i. gag. diin? where? bisan diifi, every where, anywhere. dila, n. tongue. dilap, v. lick, lap. dili, v. forbid'.

Page  104 ail dii ~~~104di dim di'it, no, not, do not. v. refns'e. cay con diii, othlerwise, on the othter hand, on the con'trary. dao diii, daowahi, scarcely hardily. dumidili, dujmili, v. forbid'. diii angay, a. unwor'thy. dili binonyagan, a. pa'ganish. diii bumunga, a. unfruittful, bar1ren. dill cululba-an, a. intrep'id, daring. diii ma dgi-an, a. incpas'sable. diii ma bata', a. intol'erable. diii ma d~rnot, a. incorrup'tible. dili ma guba, a,. imper'ishable. dili ma ThSi'p, a.inumerable. diii ma liwan, a. infal'lible. diii ma lubad, a. unal' terable. diii ma pa lapit-an,a. unapproach'able. diii ma pa'nas, a. indel'ible. dilii ma pa tawad, a. unparfdonable. diii mna say6ran, a. incoinprehen'sible. diii ma sa~say, a. inex'plicable. dli ma sugid, a. inexpres'sible. diii ma tac"u'S, a. incommen'surable. diii ma tafidug, a. invi~olable. diii ma tungcad, a. fatbtomless. diii tacu~", j a. una' ble. diii nga mas-a, never. dii makita"", a. invis'ible. dli matarung, a. ini'quitou3. dimdim, v. tast'e.

Page  105 105 diw dimot, ca dimot, v. ad'dle. dinagoso, noise, made by a quick movement of the feet, shuffle. dinala, carried. {past o dinapon, v. be mixed. (?) ding-ding, n. (outside house) wall. Dios, n. God, the Almighty, The Deity. Diod! Gad! Gee! Gosh! dio~-dios, n. irdol. a Dio! Good-bye! ang pag ca dios, n. derity. a. divin'e, holly. diosnon, a. holy, divin'e. pa ca dio~, v. de'ify. diotay, diftay, a. litftle. dipAha, a. made of straw. diri, here. diri sini, here in this, hereinJ. diri naaon, on this side of. diri sa sini, in this very place, right herte. diri cag didto, here and there, to and fro. discurso, n. speech. dispefisa, i. cupboard. {cf. E dispensa-ha aco, excusfe me (a moment). dispensario, n. dispen/sary. dito, (Look for didto). diuitay, little. diwa, n. sun-god. diwal, diwata, a. idolatrous, heathben. f dala} stantte}

Page  106 106 dug doctor, a. adept' at. idohol, v. get (hat) for one. (?) domolong, n. a trantsient. dorado, a. pla'ted, gilt. du-ag, a. color. du-ao, n. visfit. v. visfit. du-aon, {imperative of duao} duca, v. nod (when sleepy). ducal, v. talk fooltishly. dueO, ma duc8 ca lang sa atubafigan mo, You would lang your head in shame. ducu, v. bow (the head). ducul, n. slap. duga, n. juic'e, sap. dligaing, in. increase. v.t. add to, increas'e, make lartger. dugay, v. be late. n. delaty. sa walA ma digay, in a little while, pretty soon. ma dfigay, late, too late. indi ma dfigay, dugay-dugay, by and by, pretty soont. ma dugay-on, durrable. ma dugay-dftgay, a little while. ca dugay, n. lateness, tar'diness. ca dugay-on, n. dura/tion. sa ma dugay ddurfing. sang na dfigay, after a while. sing dili ma dftiay,.awhil'e.

Page  107 dug 1,07 dul dug-han, n. chest, breast. dug-m6, v. crush. dug-muc, v. pultverize rice by pounding. d ug, n. blood. duigoc, v. assemlble. dugos, n. hon/ey. dugsing, n. froltic. dug-nac, n. crane (bird). {better dug-wac} duguc, v. be prestent at, come together. duluguc, v.i. gathter, assemrble. dugus, n. hon'ey. dug-wac, a. long-necked, " rubber-neck." dug-wac, a. crane (bird). dulia, n. two, both, 2. v. to halve. ica duha, seclond. duha ca pulo, twenDty, 20. dilla-dutihl, it. doubt. v. wonder, doubt, be undecided, be in doubt. tag duha-duha, two by two. walay duha-duha, doubtless, no doubt. wala sing diha-duiha, no doubt, surely. dfihul, v. reach, pass, hand, extend something to, offer, distribrute, hold out to. duhul, v. fetch, go and get, get. gin duhul nia, he held out. duila, v. lose, spoil, go out of sight, lose uncontsciously. ca dfla, v. disappeart, fade awaty, die out. na dila, disappear'ed.

Page  108 dul 108 dul ma dula, a. lost. pa dfila, v. dispelt. dulag, 7n. inequal/ity, contrast. a. inharmo'nious. ca dulag,n. incongruity. dtlang, n. bason. dulao, n. saffron. dulat, n. awl, gimrnlet. dulce, n. dessert', delicacy. duldugan, n. stem, fruit-stem, flower-stem. dul-dul, n. cotton-wood, tree cotton. dulhog, v. descend'. ldulog, v.i. stop, stand stillt, cease. dulog-dulog, v.i. pause, hestitate. dululuan, n. station, stopping place, goal. {better dulug} dulog, go to bed one with another, sleep togethter. dul-ong, v. to lead, to conduct'. ma dulos sang hangin, n. galle. dulot, v. pierce, set, anchor. dulot, v. offer, give. dftlug, v.i. stop, discontintue. pa dulug, v.t. stop, halt. duluguc, v.i. to assemble. dululugan, n. goal. duluin, naga amat amat sing duluf. It is getting darkler and dark'er. naduluum, a. dark. ca dulum, n. darkness, gioom.

Page  109 109 dum ca dudulman, n. obscurrity; gloom. pa dulum, towrard. {preposition} ma dulum-dulum, a. gloomy. duluniian, n. boun/dary. may dulunian, a. filnite. wala dulunian, boundless. dfilung, n. direction, prow (of a ship), bow. pa dulung, v. deliv'er (goods), steer (a ship), to apply', address'. dulung-an, n. direction, point of the compass. dulup, v. be dil'igent, assidJuous, bus'y. dulupi-na! Hurry up! get to work now! get busy now! d6lut, v. oflfer, give. n. gift. dulut, v. pierce, go in, puncrture. duluwasi, n. medium sized sugar-caldron, kettle or vat. dumalA, v.t. gov'ern, control, intfluence. ang pag dumala, n. guiding (phys'ical). dumalagc8, a. giganrtic. {from daciu} dumalakon, n. guest. dumangup, {imperative of dangup} dumasonf, a. second, folllowing, next. uduldum, v. remem'ber. pa duimdum, v. remindf. panumdum, v. recallt. n. thought. panumdum-an, n. mem'ory. dumili, v. forbid', avoidt. {from dill} pag dumili, n. refu'sal.

Page  110 dum 110 duo dumpul, a. blunt. dumug, v.t. praise, -wrestle. dumuguc, {imperative of duguc} dumulki-ong, n. foreigner, im'fmigrant. dumungue, {imperfative of dunguc} dumu~', drowned. dumf "tt, v. hate. dun-dui'-ay, n. gray pigteon. dungan, at once, infstantly. ma dunganan, a. added, appenrfded. dfinhan-du'ngan, n. tem'ple. dung culan, it. chunk of wood, large pieces of firewood for keeping fire all night. dungganan, a. honest. ca dungganan, n. fame. dunggan-ou, a. hon~orable, fafmous. n. gen'tleman, nolble. ang pag ca dung gaflon, n. dig'nity, gen'tlemanliness. diii tacu~' dunggon, not worthy of attention. dui~ig-u6, v. to bow. d1uuig-ug., n. hon'or, fame. pa dui'gug, v. cele'brate, praise, honfor. dann-ut, v. detest'. dunut, a. rotten, decalyed, corrupt'. dfinut, ca dunut-on, n. decafy. ca dfinut, v. decaly, rot. diii ma dunut, a. in corrup'tible. du-oc, it. place. dn-ot, ang pag duot, n. touch, con'tact.

Page  111 III 111 ~~~dwi dpca. iude/cent, foul, [speech]. dup-dup, ca dup-dup, n. bracket fungus. dufdla"/, v. spit, expec'torate. panup1a, V. Spit. dupuy-dupuy, n. ga-le. duiro, too" much, very. duruha, two. {antique dialect} dus-mft, ca dus-mft, v. fall prone, fall pros'trate. d iti~ a. ni. earth, dirt, soil. ca duta-an, nt. country. dut-dut, v0. calk. du-ul, nt. cork. duul-duul, du-un, v.t. impress, jndentr. dulu-un, it.. impres~sion. dinufr-an, n. indentaltion. du-yan, nt. hamfmock, bed, erafdie. pa dfiyan, duyug, na duyug-an, it. the place under an overhanging thing. ca duyugana, nt. inclinattion, slant. duyung, it. Merfmaid. dwinibi, n. imp, small deV~i1.

Page  112 ech 112 fie E echura, n. shape. edad, n. age. manug embahada, n. ambasfsador. embodo, n. funlnel. embornal, n. cullvert. encantohanon, n. enchanttment. pag entra, v. partic'ipate, take part in. espifituhanion, a. spiritual. evanh61io, n. gostpel. F fabula, n. falble. iia, familia, n. famy. f6cha, n. date (tim felicitar, v. congratru fiesta, n. fiesta. tatlo ca hari, purificAcion, Ju6ves Santo, Viernes Santo, Domingo Santo, Asencion, Corpus, epiph'any, Jan. 6. purificaltion, Feb. 2. Holy Thurs'day. Good Friday. Eas'ter. Ascension Day, May 1. Corpus Christy, June 22.

Page  113 fon 113 gab Asuncion, Asumpttion, Aug. 15. Todo Los Santos, All Saints Day, Nov. 1. Concepcion, Concep'tion Day, Dec. 8. fonida, n. hotel' restaurant. formahan, n. a mold (for castings, etc.) fosforo, n. matchtes. fragata, n. friglate, ship. fraile, n. fritar. frito, v. fry. fritohon mo ini, fry this! fuerte, a. strong. funda, n. hotel'. ang funda sang cuadro, back ground. funda sa ol6nan, pillow slip. fufision, n. social function, parrty. fusil, n. gun. G ga-an, a. light, not heavy. ga ang, v. warm by fire. gabao, gAbi, n. plant with edible root. gab-i, n. night. ca gab-i, last night. ca gab-ihan, n. night'fall

Page  114 ga~b14 114 ca sangr gab-i, night before last'. tufiiga"'ang gab-i, mid~night. sang isa ca gab-i, the other night, one night, gab-o6, v. rot, a. rot~ten. {cf. dunut) gabft, n. a reportl of a gun. ga'but, v~t. pull out (trees, etc.) pull up, pluck, pull (weeds, etc.) gacolorinot, a. wrinkled. gadlas, v. scrat'ch. it. scrat~ch. gaihud, cagahud, n. noise, tu'mult, fuss, rack'et, distur1 bance. gahuadi,. V. gov'ern. it. Q~owler. ga-id, v.t. hit'ch, tie. galab, n. sick' le. mu galatong, fire'wood. galawaan, n. win'dow. gali, rath'er, I mean', I sbouldf have said. galini' V. grind. galiiisgau., n. Mill. ginaling, ground. {past participle) mais' n~a grinaliug, corn meal. galit-galit, v. harf ass, defy'. gal-ud, gal-urn, it. rain cloud. galungr, it. earfless. ca galuing, it. noise. ma galong, a. bois'terous. galvaniz-ado", a. gal'vanized.

Page  115 115 gar gamat, v. tie up (packlages). n. string, twinge. gamay, ma gama4, a. fine, smzll. gamhan. I from gahum or gamu} gamhanan, a. mightly. ca gamhanan, n. powter, authortity. gamhoni, n. trash, rablbish. gailit, v. to use. gaei1o, v. agitate, disturb', bothter. n. trouble. magamo', a. out of order, disorlderly, untidy. ma galamu-hon, a. touch'y, ir'ritable. ginamo, n. affray, insurrection. digamo, v. to cook or dress (food), medidle. ma galamu-hon, a. growling. kinagamo, n. fuss, disturbhance. gamut, n. root (of trees, etc.) ganaficia, n. gain, proflits. gang-ao, n. twig, gad, switfch. gang-ha-an,n. door. ganha-an, n. gate. gani, a. propeer, by that or this. gansal, cagansal, n. noise, loud distur'bing noisea gafiso, n. goos'e. mga gafiso, n. geeste. ganftang, n. ganta, I cabant, 3 liters. ganyaicia, n. gain, prof'it. v. make. gafiyo, n. mis'chief, pranks. garas, n.

Page  116 116 ma garas, a. grating, rough. garo-gar6, a. curt. garus, v. to scrat'ch, claw, fasten. gas, n. kerosen'e. gastari, v. spend. gasto, v. spend. cagastohan, n. expensle. galast6han, a. expenfsive. gapa, ma gapa, a. leafry. gaits, n. milk. gatas-gatas, n. rice head when in th gatasan, n. nursing mother, mil( milk-pan. le milk.:h cow, gatud! [fury]. gatus, hunldred. isa ca gatus, 100. ga-ud, v. row (a boat). n. oar.,a. gawa, v. gawang, n. door. gaway, n tentacle, feelfer, tail, (ofcom'et). gawi, n. personal habit, custom, way. ca gawi-an, n. habits, ways. gay nfim, ga-yo<i, ma ga-yoi, a. hand'some, bright, attractive, pretty [face]. ca gayof, n. beau'ty. genal6, n. spoontful, la'dleful. gican sa, since, from. {preposition}

Page  117 igc 117 gin gin gicanan, a. aboriglinal, orligin. n. exit. gican, v.i. emanate from. ca ginagicainan, v. genderate. gicos, n. tugs (on carabao). gid, very, whateveer, himself, itself, at allr, ab'solutely. gid caado, very, very much. gid nga mas-a, ab'solutely. gigante, n. gilant. {better higante} giha, 1. crevice, crack (between boards). gilhaipoi, alrways. sila gihapon, themselves. sa iya gihapon, for himself. gihapon nga, if, provi'ded that. gilho, giho-giho, n. gesture. pa giho, v.t. budge, start, impel. dili ma giho, a. immovtable. wala pag giho, a. inanimate. ang gilabanan. gilang, a. earlless. v. cut off (an ear). gilayoil, right away, imme'diately. sa gilayon, at onc/e, there upon'. gilio,, v.n. be convulsed. sa gilot, v. interpos'e. ginang, ma gianng (nga dina-ding), dinrgy. GIN. {sign of past passive, a prefix} ginaline, ground. {past participle from galing}

Page  118 118 9.1n ginalo, n. spoontful. ginaMO, n. affraly; resolu~tion. v. be an affraly, be trute giiaixnus n. dried fish shredded and seasoned with salt. ginapuy-an, hearth, home. {from puyo} gin camunuan, n. begin'ning, genera'tion. gincawat-an, n. in~teryal, intermis'sion. ginebra, n. gin. {better hine'bra} gingicanan, n. ortigin, aneso ginhari-an, it. King'dom. gin Ilia'wa, v. breathte. pagginhawa, n. respira~tion. ginin' hAwa sa baba, n. breath. ginhuptan. {past of huputl gini eanan, n. parents, source, or'igin, foref fathers, mot gini canan, n. spetcies. ginisi-an, n. b-reach (in ranks). b&mitgin lico-an, nb. corner (of road). gino-o, n. Lord, Sefior, Sir. pag ca gmo-o, v. lord it, be lord. ca gino-ohan, n. genf tlemen, sirs. gin-ot, n. heat (in a house). magcin-ot, a. hot [in a house]. gin padala. gin palangga'. {p gin sacpan, n. jurisdic'tion, sub~j'e gin sacupan, n. subject. gin sang-an, nt. crsrod branch her, antcestor. {from. gisil {cf. liniti {fronm dalal ast of palan~gga} et. road.

Page  119 11.9 gua gin toton-an, n. pu'pil. gin tinlu-an. {past of tinlo} gin tug yan. {past of tug yan} gin-ut, n. heat (in a house). pa gin-ut, v.t. both'er, scold, nag. gion, m. hypphen. girnalda, n. gartland. gisado, a. fried. gisi, v. tear (cloth, or clothes), rip. n. torn place, rent, rip, tear. giya, n. guide. globo, n. glob'e. golgolan, n. scorer-stick. gold, v. put in, place in. g6ma, n. mnucilage, rubber, gum. gorra, n. bonrnet. gosoc, n. rib. gota, n. yokre (on carabao). graduaf, v. gradeuate. grama, n. a kind of grass. gramatica, n. gramfmar. grimpola, n. vanfe, weathrer-vane. grum6tes, n. sailors. gui', out, outsidle, loose. gua,, v. go out. {better gwa} sa gua, out'ward, outsider. gua-gua, out, partly out. na gua, extefrior, extertnal. gu-a6, a. hollow (tree, etc.) guaftes, n. gloves, mitts. guayabas, u. gua'va,

Page  120 gab 120 gum gub~ 120wrgum v. wreck. diii ma guba^, a. imperfishable. ca guibut, v.alr. guginw, v. l ove. n. affec~tioii, devo'tion. mahi gugma-on, a. lov~ing, lovelly. hiniguama, beloVted, loved one. pag Ca higugma-on, nt. amiabil'ity. gftgfi, n. name of a tree. giigum. gugut. na gugut, entangled. gluno-O. Ilook for gino-o} gun~a, n. guin'ea-fowl. g~iia, vO. divul'ge, disclos'e, reveal'. gulaman, n, coral fun'Igus (edible). giiiang, a. old. {used with persons} aco mna gulang sa imo, I am olt der than you are. ma gtulangr, a. older [brother]. ma gulang, a. oldest brother. ca grulafigan, n. woods, forfest. g-ftlay, nz. greens. gulinat, n. comIpass. gulMMA, mt. peek out. {fromn gual gFult, v. carve, cut off, slash. guluwl-an'sang aso'f, chimfney, flue. gmluwa-an sang sub! mouth of a river. gulwa-an, tan guma, V. divest' (of the bark), strip off. guma-a, n. kind of fish.

Page  121 121 gwa gumon, v.t. entan'gle, make difficult. ma gumon, a. inttricate. na gumunan, a. entan'gled. guna, ma guna, a. fratgile. gunting, n. shears, scistsors. pag gufiting, v. to cut (with shears), cut hair. manug gunting, n. bartber. gunut, v.t. draw (a sword). gurus, gusano, n. worm. gusao, n. kind of fish. gusnit, v. to tear. gusuc, n. ribs, rib. gut-gut, n. griev'ance. gutuci, a. too tight, camped, squeezed. v. pinch. gutuim, ca gutum, n. hungrer. ti gulutum, n. fam'ine. gutum, a. hung'ry. guys, n. fac'e. guiyud, v.t. drag, lead, draw, pull, haul [wagon] gwa, v. go out. adv. outside'. sa gwa, outtward, on the outside. pa gwa, v. drive out, eject', expel'.

Page  122 122 had H habagat, n. south wind. habagatnan, n. south. hibiug, n. swing, habiugan, swings. habiug, v.t. swing. habiug-habiug, v. dang'le. haboc, v.t. loosfen, distend'. pa haboc, prom'pador, puff (of hair). hliaol,, n. blanket, shawl, sheet. habol, v. weave (cloth). manug habol, n. weave'r. haboni, n. soap. habuc, v.t. loosten. habug, v.i. swing. habug-habug, v. swing to and fro. {pendulum} hlabuy, v. throw (stones, etc.) toss, throw away. hachat, halachat, v. gigtgle. pang hacol, v. lament' deeply, grieve over. pang ha6roy, v. sigh. hacug. ca hacug, n. avarice, greed. hacup, n. handful (hand open). hacus, v. hug. hacut, v. carry, transfer {things from one place to another, usually carried on shoulder} ha6wat, v.t. pick up, raise, hoist. halhiue, v. be afraid, alarml. way holohadluc, a. fearfless, intrepid. ca hadluc, n. fear, fright.

Page  123 123 hal ma hadlu6on, a. afraid', shy. maca haladluc, a. awful, feartful, terrible, dread'ful, fortmidable, fright'ful, ghastfly. hagac, v. boast. hagac-an, a. flipppant. pala hagac, a. boasttful. hagad, v. invite'. hagan,, hagan-hagan, a. eastier, lighter (pain, work). pa hagan-hagan, v.t. ease (pain, etc.) lighten work) hagao, hag danan, n. stairs, steps, stairrsteps. hagdan, n. banister, stairtway. hagion, a. fig'urative. hagnoc, ma hadnoc, a. haunted hagoc, a. gutteral. hagong, v. drone [bee]. hag-ong, v. groan, belllow. hagunghung, v. echo, rumtble, moan, roar, wail [wind]. hagunun, n. noise made by stroke (of a hammer). hagup, v. tam'e, domesticate. a. meek, tame, gen'tle. cahagup, tractabilfity, docilfity. hailo, pa hailo, v. attract. {see haylo} hain, where. hala! hurry up! get up, there. pang h6ala, v. lat [horse].

Page  124 hal 124 pa halab, v. browse, graze. halachat, v. gig'gle. {from hachati balacan, n. brace. halacut, v. carry on. {from hacut} hiai'ad, n. homlage. v. coscae offer, ded~icate. pala halad, v. make an offering, burn sactrifice. halalaran, n. altar. maca, haladluc, a. ghastly, awful, fearful. {from hadluci hWag, v. cons~ecrate. halagao, v. scrim'mage. halalaran, ni. altar. {frorn haladI halambalon. {from hamball halampangan,9 n. playl ground. {from hampang} halampanganan, n. play'thing. haiang-awa^, Mi fear. halangdon, a. noble, fatmous, sacred, respected, ang pag ca halangdon, n. holiness. halao, v. to won~der. halasuhasan, nt. belflows. halauhao, v. admnirle. pa halayd, v. remov'e. {from Iay6P I hal' ~n. post, corner-post of a house. haligi, nga bato'l, n. pillar, stone pillar. halimbaua, for exam'ple. haliti, v. departf, set ouf set offf, go away. pa halifi, v. discharg~e, expel', dismissf, se~nd fortht (servant).gin ha~l~ian, a. akin', aborig'inail. it. source, starting point, orf igin.

Page  125 125 ham halin-tang, n. step, stair. halit, v.t. impair. hal-o. n. pestle. halo, n. iguana. halo6, v. kiss (the face). hilong, v. take care of. halon-hon, n. gulp. halos, scarce'ly, hard'ly. halu6, v. kiss. halung, v.t. carefor. carefully tentderly. {adverb} halung caca, a. half heartted. halung-caga, n. clat'ter. hlus, scarcely, hardly. {adverb} halus gani, scarcely. hainac, a. profane, degraded. pa hamac, v. degradte, dishonuor. hainbal, n. idliom, talk. v. talk. halambalon, n. language. kig hambal, v. talk much. pang hambal, n. exprestsion. pakig hambal, v.t. elicjit, draw out, interview. hambarro, v. gab'ble, gos'sip. hamboy, v. lean. hambug, v. boast. hamiang, v. lay. pa hamiang, v. lie down. hamili, a. val'uable. paca hamili, v. hal'low. hamllf, v. touch.

Page  126 126 hsiBmiO, v. allurfe, flatrter, speak well! of one. n. flatitery. ham6-hamo, n. adulation. hamonf, n. ham. hamo-o, soundyly hampac, v. punish, whip, hit. haviMpang, n. play. v. play. hampang-anan, n. play thing. pala hampang, a. full of play. halntang, pa hatitang, v. put, place, deposiit (money), insertl, install'. {cf. butang} haintang sing maa'o, put in order. hamug, v. wet, moistten. hamul-aun, n. name of a tree. hamu-nagya, v. make money. a. successful, pro/sperous. hamu~, -pa hamut, n. species. ailnuit, n. fra/grance. ma hamut, a. fragrant. na hamut-an, n. inclinaftion. hamu-ut, v. be pleased. jnaca halam ut, hum'orous. na hamu-ut-an, a. loved. ha nabui, {from tabu} pag ca ha nabfi, v. happen. ca hanabft, n. affair', successt, event', ocurfrence, hap'pening. na ha nabfl, n. event. v. happen.

Page  127 127 han hana, hana-hana, v. gestic'ulate. hanaway, ma hanaway, a. solitary. hanayac, decid'e. ang pag ca hanayac, n. decis'ion. hanayap, a. level. iandai, v. be readry. mahanda, a. ready, han'dy. handomanan, n. gift. hIandun, v. hanker for, long for. n. e'agerness, passionate desirTe anxilety. handumanan, n. gift, souvenirl, memensto. handus, v. stab. hangad, v. lift up. hang-awa, n. ca hang-'w&, n. concernt, alarmt, anxitety, fear. maca halang-Awa, a. formnidable. hang dO, v. nod assent'. hang dus, v. thrust. hanggawa. {see hang-awa) harigin, n. wind. pa hafigin, v. to air, fan, wintnow. pag pa hangin, v. to win'now. hanin-hangin, n. air. hangiii-an, n. windy place, draft, draught. hangin-hangifion, a. boasting. hangin-on, n. fop, dud'e. hangul, hangup, v. comprehend'.

Page  128 han 128 dili ma hang-up, a. incomprentsible. ma hinalandpon, a. intelligent. pa hangup, v. infert, make of it, make one comprehend', elurcidate. hang-yo, n. pet name, bump. hanluc, n. gnat. hanog, v. bruise, mangle. hanol, v.i. heave [waves]. hanonot, naga pahanonot, a. elas/tic. hanoton, v. whip, pun'ish. hanti, then why. {conjunction} hanti ng-a nga, then why was' it that. hantup, v. perceivte, understand', distinguish (betweent). hanugot, v. pa hanugot, v. conced'e, yield to, indulg'e, deign. hanul, n. wave (of river or sea). hanul-hanul,n. rip'ple. hanumidum, pa hanumdum, v. remenmber. ha nunaud, v. devotee. {from tungud} pa ha nufnud, v. addresst, dedticate. ca hanufiud, n. rel'evancy. hAnut, v. flog, punish. ha-om, pa ha-om, v.t. adjust'. hapa, v. pros'trate. hapao, v. skim off. sa hapao, superfic'ially.

Page  129 hap 129 hat har2 a luipay, v. fell (trees), throw downf, cut (grass), demol'ish. haP4, a. down~fallen. hapin, v. to cover, line (a nest, dress, etc.) n. lin'ing. hapin sa lam~sa, ta'ble cloth. hapi! come in! (in the house). hapit. haplas, v. aonf hap&', v. pant. hapo'-hap6, v. gasp. luipon', it. afternoonf. ca hapon, yes'terday. haponi, n. a fish-line with hooks. hapon-hapon, m. an ed'ible Muhro. hap-a, v. pant. hapus,, ca hapus, ease, fiutency, facil~ity. pa hapus, v. facil'itate. labing ma hapus, eat sier, mahapus-hapus. nia hapus, a. simple, easfy. ma hapus sa Amay nam~fon, easlier than the Lord's haras' hara~, a. rude, impolite. ryr I ~~~rudely, impolitely. {adverb} hatni, v. reign, rule, be king. n. king. harianon, n. king. a. re'gal, gin harian, n. king'dom. hart-hari, n. a petty king. harl-hi, v. gig' gle.

Page  130 han 130 haw pang has, v. dare. {past tense is nang has, cf. nga has} hUs ang, n. gill. hasohas, n. bel'lows (smith's). hasta, {Look for asta} hatabu, n. eventt. v. happen, occurr. haitag, v. give. hintag, given. taga-i aco, or hatagan mo aco, give me. hatag sing hambal, v. prom'ise, engagte. hatag-i cami, give us. iga hatag niinyo, you. give! [plural} iga hatag mo, you. give! {singular} nag hatig, gave. hatatubu, v. happen. hatay-htay, n. bog, quagtmire, sinkf-hole. hat-on, a. insignif'icant. hatungad, na hatungud, v. belong to. hafila, n. cagte, chickten-coop. hlwa, v. gin hawa, v. breathe. hawa-an, n. clearing (in forest). v. clear (land). ca hawa-an, n. deserted place, (?) desert, (?) wilderness. na hawa-an, cleared [land]. hawa, ma hawai, a. diz'zy [caused by height], gidtdy. hAwac, n. belt.

Page  131 haw 131 hay hawag, n. birth'-pang. {better ha wa-an} hawan, v. clear, remove things, break (land). ma hawan, a. clear, open. hawid, v. restraint, hinlder, lay holdt of, seize, detainl, grab withhold', detain (a vis'itor), catch at (rope on run away horse), hold (horse to bait). hay. {look for ayS hAya, v. lamentt. pa haya, v. demtonstrate. hayag, v. manifest. ca hayagan, n. illustra'tion. pa hayag, n. vis'ion. mapa hinayag-on, a. ingentuous. pa hayag, v. man'ifest, exhib'it, show, demtonstrate, illus'trate. hayaghag, a. coarse (cloth). n. a coarse poorly-woven cloth. hayang, v. lie on the back, face uptward. a. up'side down'. hay-hay, v. sigh. hayl6, ca hayl6, v. be attractive. ma-ca haylo, n. charm (of manner). a. attractive, wintning, charmring. pa haylo, v. attractt. hayo, v. to name. n. alias. haaub-hatub, n. shed (roof only), hov'el. hayup, n. beast. cahayupan,n, herd, liv'e stock.

Page  132 hec 132 hie hechuira, v. reformS. n. line of goods, shape. henero, n. cloth, fab'ric. Ilesus, n. Jetsus. HI. {prefix} hias, n. gift. hibalo, v.n. know, understandT. {from balo} ihi balo, n. mind, initellect. pa hi balo, v. accus/e, commu'nicate, impart', informt, make known. n. advertisefment. na hibaloan, known. inug pa hifalo, n. informa'tion. may hibalo-on, a. intellectual. hili, v. cry [baby]. nag hibi, cried. hibo. pamala hibo, n. feather. hibon, n. hibon-hibon-an, n. crown (of the head). hibubun-ut, n. weep'ing. hicao, v. en'vy. ma hilicao, a. entviable. hicap, v. touch, stroke (a cat), smooth, feelfor, fumrble. hicawan, v.t. spoil. licay, n. scorn. v. despis'e, disdaint, humiliate. hicug, v. commitS, suticide by hang'ing. hicut, v. work (small matters), ex'ecute, carry out', do.

Page  133 133 big hicut sang casugu-afi, enforcee (law). manug hicut, a. executive. hi-hi, hanr-hi, v. gigrgle. hid, () pa hid, v. wipe. ma hid, wipe. hidi-hidi, v. neigh. hidioc, n. date palm. hidlao, n. joy (on return of member.of family). v.t. miss, be lone'some for, long for, hank'er. ca hidlao, n. impa/tience, e'agerness, longling. higad, n. sid'e, rim, coast, edgle. higante, a. gilant. higay6nan, n. influence. hligco, n. dirt, filth (on hands, walls, dishes, etc.) v. to soil, dir'ty. ma higc6,a. fillthy, dirtty, foul. ca hiOc8, n. filth, dirt. higdal, v. lie downt. ma higda, a. lying down.t higda, a. lying down. higda-an,n. bed'room, bed, lodg'ing. bigot, a. tight. v. to tie. higpit. ma higpit, a. austere. n. a rope, string. hiligot, n. twinge. higtan. {imperative of higut} higugma, v. love. n. love.

Page  134 134 hil ma higugma-on, a. atmiable. higut, n. string, clasp, chain. v. tie, rope. {better I hi labina, espectially. hitI:Iut, v. interest one's self in, concernI one's self. pa hilabut, interferre, intrudte, medddle, interposfe. ligot} hilac, n. hilagos, v. to smooth. Iilamno, n. short grass. ca hilamon-ani, n. sod, grass lands, prairie. hilinant, n. fetver. v. catch cold&. hilao, a. part'ly cooked, green, raw, crudle. pang hilao-hilao, v.i. look sheep'ish, become cresttfallen, shut up, (jaw drop), become disconcer!ted. hilapitay, v. be contigtuous. ca hi lapit, a. contigtuous. hi las, v. hi lAwas, v. have sextual inttercourse, coptulate. {cf. laye} hilay, v.t. inclinre, tilt, tip. hilay6, v.i. septarate. pa hilay8, v.t. estrangte, septarate. HILL hili (?) hilicao, ca hilicawan, en'viable. ma hilicao, a. en'viable. hilicut-on, n of fice. {prefix}

Page  135 135hm him hiligUgma-On, a. loved. [from hi hilinulsul, v. repentf. hill sapul, v. take counfsl.51 {fron hli sugat. ang pag hili sugat, it. affairl. hilt, n. place. huhi to-on. ang pag hffi tu-on, n. har'mony. hilh usa, v. unitte, join, unitte (persons). Hii utud, v. be broth'er. hili fiyon, v. agreer. naga hili-(iyon, a.. consisttent. Mil1o, u. cotton, thread. ca hlo, v. be poisoned. maca HIMl, a. poisonous. hilonO^, v.t. molt, shed, slough., hilwac-hiwac, v.i. heave [stomuachi. hima laut, v. denouncte. himalus, v. avenote. [fromlI pang himatu-ud, v. contfirinr corrob'orate. hirnayai, V. glo'rify. nt. glory, rejoicle. ma himaya'-on, a. glorious. ca himaya-an, n. lIeavlen, Parfadise. Inimnibiis, n. scales (on fish). v. scal'e (a. fish). hhilibon, v. plane. hi1no,) v. do, make, act, acuae diii ma limo, a. impos'sible. Igugnial I sapul}I )alus (?)1

Page  136 136 him sa pag himo sang iya naluyagan, to carry out his wishes. ang ca himo-an, n. an act. na himo na, it is done. hilimo-an, n. factory, manufacdtory. pang in himo, v. contstitute, composte, go to make up. pang himos, v. get ready (to start on a trip). himotig, v. take back, retractr, recant/. himo-on, v. disposfe of. himoyung. {cf. himuyung} hiIlipit, a. abesolute, politle, perfect, idefal. ca himpit, n. perfecftion, fault'lessness. himpit, v. perfect'. ma himpit, adv. strictly. ca himtang, v. lie (in the grave). ca himtangan, n. estatfe, state, condijtion. himugt6, v. agfonize. n. a'gony. pang himulag, v. abjur'e, recants. himulat, n. seeking, endeavyor, exerltion. himulbul, v. pluck (a fowl). himunong, v. be qui'et, be inactive, rest, stay. (from linong} himus, v. prepare, pull out. na himus na, already. himfitad, v.t. examline, look at care/fully, scrutinize. hiinuyong, v. be quitet, be silent. pa himuyong, a. steady, quiret. ang pag himuyong, n. inac'tion. ca himuyung-an, n. inac'tion.

Page  137 137 bin hinacay, n. hire, fare, freight-charges. v. hire (from the owner), rent. pag pa hinacay, v.t. let, rent, hire a thing out. panghina-i, v. dress (a fish). {imperativej n. garbage..inakit, v.t. covlet. ma hinalangpon, a. intelligent. hinali, 7n. accident, instantatneously. {adverb} a. sudcden, abruptt. sa hinali, inrstantly. hinalifan, n. ex'it. {from halifi} hifialo, v. call in vain, call without an answer. hinalup, v. set [sun]. hinambalan, prom'ise. {from hambalj hinambit, v. observre, advisee, mark. pang hina-i, v.t. dress a fish, to gut. hina-ngiban, n. sword, weapon. hinara:a nga hambal, n. dialect. hinaso, n. braggartism. hinay, v. go slow'ly. ma hinay, a. slow. maga hinay, v. go slow'ly. tama ca hinay, so slowly. hinay-hinay, soft'ly, rather slowly. hinanay, n. thread. hinatag [look for hatagl given. hinewa, n. fish-steak. hingabut, v. pursute, pertsecute. hingalan, v. to name, call. hingalai, v. addressf. hingamS, v. acquiree.

Page  138 138 hip hinganiban nga sa calafo, n. gun, musket. hingud-hingud, n. snout. hiigulba, n. dread. hingunud, n. brawn. hingy6, v. aspirre to. n. aspirattion. hinidhiran, a. anointted. pang hining, v. pick (the teeth). hinis, v. scour, poltish. inog hinis, n. pol'isher, burnisher [thing]. manug hinis, polisher [person]. Iino6log, v. pag ca hinoclog, v. pity, have compassion on. ang pag ca hino6log, n. comnpassion. ma hino6log, a. compas'sionate. hinon6-o ngani, on the contrary. hinulsul, v. repentt. ma hinulsulon, a. contrite. hinun-anon, n. supposition, reflection. hinyo. hi-ol, v.t. annoyS. a. burden some, hard, diffficult. ca hi-oi, n. weartiness, annoyrance, dis'comfort. hiphip, v. removte all. hipid, v. reg'ulate. ca hipid, n. cleanliness, orderliness. ma hipid, a. neat, clean, orderly. hipion, n. small shrimps. nlipus! be qui'et! keep still! hush! hipus, v.i. be quie't. ma hipus, a. quiet [person]. {cf. tao hayj

Page  139 139 hoe pa hipus, v.. hush, still, ciuilet. hiras' pa hiras, n. appor'tionment, hiii-hiri,3 n a petty king. hirop, n. ma hirop, a. in1 timate. ca hirop, n. in'tirnacy. hisa, v. en~vy. nt. mischieff. hisapul. {see sapuil} hi t "a", mu groin, crotch. pa hito-hito, v. inventf, makin upt fab~ricate. hinito, it. devic'e. hiO, v. compos'e (a song, etc.), jinv11tt, devise'. hiUl Isee hii-oll hifipud, v. take part in (confcert, etc.) pakig hiupud, v~t. ortganize. hinyon, v. agreet. ang dilipag hiu.yfinay, a. incompat'ible. n. disagreef ment. hi'wa, v. carve, slash. hiwa-on mo, cut off. {imperative} hiwat, v. equ ipl. hiwasa, v.i. be out of one's head, ravle. naga hiwasa, a. delefrious. hoad, v.t. translat'e, imlitate, copy, pour from one dish to another. hobag, n. an abtscess, tutruor, ho6log, hooom, n. judge.

Page  140 hod 140 hub hod-hod, n. a kind of net. hogot, a, tight. {better higot} holobiton, n. prov'erb. holocmanan, n. audience. holog, v. drop, fall. {see hulog} holon. {Look for hulun} holong-holong, v. look at. 11oInoe, v. soften, fatten, be fat. ma homoc, a. soft. ca honoc, n. benig'nity. ho-o, ho-on, ho-od, yes. ham6-o, soundly. ho-ol, v disturb/. ca ho-ol, n. interrup'tion, inconvetnience, trouble, disturtbing, put one to trouble. ca ho-ol-an, n. weartiness. horas. {see 6ras} hormAhan, n. pies. horo, n. furtnace, oven. hostias, n. eurcharist. hoy! hey! huad, v.t. copy, transfer, follow one's examnple. huAran, n. modlel, designt, imnage. hui-ay, n. rest, easte, leisture. a. care-free, doesn't need to work. pa huay, v.i. rest. pala huafan, n. tavern, inn, hotel'. hfibad, v. untiet, loose. IIuba4O, n. abtscess, boil, swelling. v.i. swell up. hubas, v.i. waste [moneyl, boil dry', evap'orate.

Page  141 hub14hu 141 hug pa hubas, v.t. evapforate' lItblas, v.t. despoill, strip, depriv'e of, bereay~e, undress'. a. naked, bare (hook). hublasan. {iinperative ol hubft, a. naked. hubfig4, v. be intoxijcateJ. a. drunk, pas~sionate. ca hubug, vdi. get drunk, become drunk. pa hubug, vit. make oneself drunk. ca hubugon, n.- drunkeness. hubug-hubucg, v. carouste. hubus, v. pa hubus', v. degrad'e (in rank). hubut', n. a nocturnal bird. hucas, v. unyokle. hucom, nxy. judge, se~ene aug pag hucom, n. judgment. litidas-huidas, n. scr'-rw efffigy. hugA', v.t. squeeze out. hugranas, v~i. patter, gur'gle. lhugas, v. wash. hga, n. bath, ablution, washing. uga, n. glee. hgnd, n. group. hugrnat, v. repeat, hugpa, v. stop at, lodge, settle [ily]. hug,,ud, n. hugut, v. tight'en. a. tight. hugut, it. long'ing. Fbublas.1 {Judas]

Page  142 hui 142 hul pa hinttgrut, v. confirm'. huiyat, v. hold. litilag, v~i. stir, move, ag'itate, excit~e. ea hulag-an, it. restlessness. ma hulag, a. turbulent. pa hulag, vt. make a thing move, start. hulagan, a. turlbulent, rest'less. cli maca hulag, a.inrf hulagoc, v~i. snore. pang hulam, v. bor'ro-w. pa hulam, v. lend. hut-anan. {past tense of hu-ull ca hul-an, n. inovrine weariness. hulas, n. a still, distil'lery. v.t. distill'. pa hulas, v.t. distill'. hula~, ca hWas', n. facility, ease. ma hulas, a. easy. hulat, v -i. wait, reai' expectf, wait! Hold on! hMMa anay, wait a little. ginahulat, a. expec'ted. hulat-on, v. excus'e (me). hulat-on! exul me! pa hulat, v. hold back, retardl, delafy, deait diii pag hulat', v. despair'. huh, ca huli-an, n. dif'ficulty. hulip, v. mend. hulu6man, ni. au~dience, judge's court. littilug, v~t. drop, let fall, to lower. ca hulugan, n. rnean'ing.

Page  143 143 hun wala& ca hulugan, a. inante. ca hulog, v.i. fall [roof, etc.] fall in [roofj, drop off. hululunani, n. roost. hulum, hulum-an, v.t. put to soak, soak. hulun, perched. hulung, v. pang hulung-hulung, look around and see what is to be seen, look about', go sight-seeing. hulut. huluy. ca huluy-an, n. shame, disgrac'e, ignominy, infamy. huluyung, bent. {past of huyung} hulwaran, n. standard. humanf, v. complete. huma/, n. unhulled rice, growing rice. humbia, n. see-saw. huluhumbia, v. fluctuate. humbug, n. bragrgart. humog, v. irrigate. ma humoc, a. soft, tender. {see homoc} humug, v.t. drench. humut, n. v. desire anxiously. humuyup, blew. {past and imperative of huyupj hunai.huna, v. think, intend'. n. thought. pang hunA-hunA, v. think hard. wala paga huna-huna, unawartes.

Page  144 bun 144 hur sa acon na huna, I said to myseltf. dili ma huna-huna, inconceivtable. hunao, v. wash. hunapit, ma hunapit, a. neat. hunas, v.i. ebb. n. low tide. hungcoy, n. beltlows. hungit, n. mouthtful, morlsel. hiungai, on purrpose, purrposely, inten'tional. indi hungud, accidentally, not on purlpose. hungut, n. cocoa-shell dipper (made of entire shell.) huni, n. blast, roar. hunit, v. ma hunit, a. tough, plifable, resisting. hun-og, n. ma hun-og, a. hutmid. hupW/, nightrmare. huptan, hinuptafi-an, n. pet, favorite. hupug, v. fill. a. soaking full, sat'urated. huput, v. adopt', have on hand, possess'. huraguc, v. snore. hurong, a. irn'pudent. hurubaton, n. provterb. hurung, a. shamefless. hurus, v.t. decievle, cheat, swindle, dupe, gull, hum'bug, put up a game on, put up a job on.

Page  145 145 145 b~~~uy hinUMrS, n~. dupe. hulurus-on, a. gul'lible. litisay, n7. comb. V. Comr-b, arrangfe, exrcae ma husay, a. tran'quil, quiet [place]. husto gid, a good fit, just right, exactly. hutic, v. whisper. hutig, v. pa himutig, v. contradictf. hln-ul, v. molestf, disturb'. ca hu-ul, n. wernes annoytance. hu ~i, v. to abash. it. shame. a. ashamed. huya'-huyg, n. sensitive plant. ma liu-ya-on, a. bash'ful. pang huy-ab, v. gape. huyang, v. to debil~itate, weakfen. pag ca huyang, v. faint. ma huyang, a. flimtsy, insecurte. hiiyung, v.i. bend. huyu', v. blow. tn. puff.

Page  146 146 I, Have the kindness to. {prefix, sign of the imperative}. ia, his, her, its. {better iya} iba-bao, on top of. pa iba-bao, v. go up on top, go up on. na iba-bao, abov'e. sa iba-bao sang, on top of, in the top of (tree). ipa iba-bao, v.t. raise, exalt'. {imperative} ibago, if so. iban, oth'er, some one else. {pronoun} ang pag iban, v. dis'count. pa ca iban, v. disguise'. iban, v.i. growless', become smaller, dwin'dle. v.t. les'sen, decreas'e, abatle. ibubu-ngan,n. ridge-pole, ridge of the roof of a house. ibuc-ibuc, n. a kind of bug. ibug, v. ca ibug, v. attract'. n. ambi'tion. ma ibug-on, a. ambitious, greed'y. ICA {insep. prefix} ica ayo, a. beneficlial. ieao, you, thou. {pronoun, singular} ica hatag, a. possible. ica matay, v. cawse one's death, kill. dao ica mata& nia, near killing him. ica on, n. vinand, food. ica sarang, n. capac'ity. ica walo, a. eighth.

Page  147 ico 147 icog, n. tail. icog-icog, v. wag (the tail). idag, v. leant against, lie. idalurn, ca idaiman, ang sa idaium, n. bothtom. pa idalum, v. descendf, go down, sink. idas, v. keep in line. n. row, line. idic, n. sucking pig. id-lac, n. flash. icd', n. dog. idulungan, n. thumb. idulungug, n. hearing, organ and sense of hearing. IGA. {prefix} ma igana, hearty [meal]. igasiling, v. {from siling} igo, v. contain, contain exactly, be exactly contained in, hit the mark, strike it rich. dili igo, a. inadrequate. ca igo, ~v. suit, fit. n. reflection, meditation, consideration. naga ca igo, a. eq'uitable, just. dili naga ca igo, inappropriate, unjust'. pa ig6, v. adapt', adjust'. pa igo-ig6, v. reflectr, medfitate. na igs-an, n. cost. walay na ig6-an, a. immaterial, of no impor'tance, insignif'icant. igo, v. grant.7 igong, v. whine. igos, n. fig.

Page  148 igo 148 ila igot, v. creak, squeak [wagton wheel]. pa igot, v. make a harsh noise, grate. naga pa igot, a. grating. igpat, v. glisten. igpaigpgt-pat, v. glare. igso-on, n. God-brother. ihao, v. to but'cher, kill (animals). manug ihao, n. butcher. ihao-afi,. slaughter house. ihi, n. urrine. ihi, v., pang ihi, v. utrinate. ihibalo, n. knowledge. ikip, v. ma ikip, a. compact'. IL. {prefix before words begining in a vowel. In words beginning in a consonant, it follows the first letter, as bilango, bililango-on; ilub, ililub-on.} na, of them, their. {genitive} sa ila, to them, by them, for them, with them, in them, them. ma ila, a. unmanrageable [horse], fracltions. pa ila, v.t. display. pa ilf-ili, n. cotquetry. v. flirt, be a coquette. ilac, n. a kind of fish. ilaga,' n. rat ilhas, a. wild. ilalacub, n. eye-lid. ilang-ilang, n. a sweet-smelling tree, ylang-ylang. pang ilat. {root of kilat} ila-ud, n. mouth (of a river).

Page  149 149 ilo pang iloy, v. raise the eye brows in assent, to nod the head backward in assent. {from kilay} ilay-a, a. source, land near the source of a stream. ilig, v.i. flow, run off, run. ilig, n. mucous-like ear-wax. ca iligbon nga mainit sa pag ca-on, ravtenous aptpetite. pa ilig, v.t. drain (land). iligaii, n. channel, course (of a river). ilihan, n. lurking-place. ili-ili, v.t. sing a baby to sleep, croon, quiet. ilila, v. maca ilila, a. delicious, ex'quisite, gracetful. ililnan, n. cup. tubig nga ilifinon, drinking water. ilinangay, v. to etqual. ilinaway, n. contest. ilinit. maca ilinit, a. irritable. ilis, v.t. to change. ilis-ilis, v. alternate. wala pag ilisi, a. conrstant, unchangetable. ilisul, v. go back [army]. ilo, n. orlphan. i8, n. armtpit. iloc, n. armtpit. ilog, v.t. imitate, follow one's examrple. ilong, n. nose. ilong-ilong, n. something resembling a nose. iloy, n. moth'er.

Page  150 ilu 150 ina ilu>b v t. suffer, bear, endurte. mapa ilub-on, a. pattient. ang pag ilub, n. endurlance. ililub-on, n. hardtship. ca ilub, n. humilfity. ang pag pi ilub, n. humility. ilum, ma ilum, a. brunette, brown. ma ilum-ilum, a. gray, blackish. ilyuminAria, n. signal light. inn, v. bleat. iniol, a. poor, needy. v. impov'erish. ca imol-on, n. pov'erty, mis'ery. iifpon, v.t. mix, unitel. pakigimpon, v:t. orrganize. imprefita, v.t. print, impress'. inimprenta, n. edaition. IN, {prefix used the same as IL, which see} in1;, that. {adjective, pronoun} in adlao, daily. {from adlao} in &ga, every morning. {from aga} in agao, v. carry off. in agda, {Look for agda} in agsap, n chip. {in agsap} in angtang, n. joint where two things are fastened together, splice. in anay, v. go slowly. {in anay} in ano, n. dwarf. in aradohan, n. furtrow. {from arado}

Page  151 151 min inas, v. wear out, wear away, become worn [wood, iron, string &c.] in at'i, V. rob. assaultI* in away, n. fight (affra'y). in dacal, n. bub'ble. in~dan, n. girlie, my gire. {a pet name used only in intimacy} indt, no! pang indi", v. reject', refusle. ang pag indi, n. deni'al. ifAdis, v. pa inidis-inidis, v. compet'e. pa indis, v~t. emtulate, Ov~al in schol'arship. in duac, n. descendants.(2 ingao, v. mew [cat.] inggat, u1. glitter, glittering. ing-hit, V. dili ma ing-hit, a. absolutely immov~able. inhgin, v. ca inifgin, n. clearing (in forest). in-god, v. come along'side. ca ii'iod, n. nioghlborhood, imm~eldiate vicinity, neighbor, compan'ion. naga ii'ikod, it. adjoin'ing, contigluous. ingsic, n. Cbitnaman. in ingsic, a. Chinese. ingus, v. whine. IL, this. {adjective pronoun' in ihao, a. roas'ted, [from tlhao}

Page  152 ini 152 inu ining-ini nga, [ining is'da, this fish 1 init, n. warmth, heat, v.t. to heat. ca init, n. heat. v.i. be hot. ma init, a. hot. ma init-on, a. irritable, cross. maca pa init, n. incenttive. pang init sang mata, v.i. have inflam'ed eyes. ino, v. pa ino-ino, v. medritate, think. n. opintion. ifio, [Look for inyo]. inog, {see inug} inog balati, n. sense. inoflan, n. inot, v. be economtical. n. econtomy. ma inot, a. self'ish, stin'gy. ca inot, n. frugal'ity. cak inot, n. econromy. inpiefno, n. hell. insic, n. chinaman. int6, v.t. fool someone. ca na intO, v. be fooled. intos, n. juice (of cane). INUG, that which enables, the means by which, that by which. {inseparable prefix} ma inug, quietly. inug aman, n. preparaltion. mug balatiag, n. sense.

Page  153 inu 153 ipa inug bayad, n. pay. inug cabo, n. dipper. inug candos, n. laWdle. inug gatong, n. fire'wood. inug gal6, n. ladle. inughalambal, n. recitattion. inug hucam(P), n. ven'geance. iug lingcod, n. buttock. inug luhod, n. knee. iug pa hfiay, n. Sunday. inug pamahid, n. towel. inug pamihac, n. ax, axe. {from pihac] inug sag-ob, n. jar. inug sagub-ub (P), n. dam. iug sanduc, n. dipper. iug saroc, n. dipper. mug sico, n. El'bow. inug siling, n. something to say. inug sudlib, n. a thing to light. inug taliwan, n. time to depart', hour for departure inug timba, n. bucktet. inug tuconi, n. a long pole. inug tunicad, n. sounding. inunm, v.t. to drink. pala inum, n. drunkard, sot. inut, v. be saving. n. econtomy. ma inut, selfish, stin'gy. inyo, your, yours. {plural} {before its noun} ipangalaham, n. feeling, tact, sense of touch. ipasagahay, n. flowed. {irperative from sagahay}

Page  154 154ig isg ipif, vsqezwight down, burd, ca-ipit, v. be burdened, be squeezed. ipit-an, nt. clamp. i pot,, n. exfcrement, dung (of aniima pa ipot, v. extort', compel one to give. ipugsac, {imperative frc iras, it. row.' p~a iras, v.t. make a row. Isa, one. pag isa, v. agreel. isa ca, a. anoth'er, a certain. isa lamang, only. isa lang, a. alne one only, just one, unaidled, single handed. isa la, a. alone. isa ca liwat, again, once more. pag isa sang layag, v. raise sail. isa-isa, it. sol'itude. en. is). )m pugsac} ang ginca isahan, it. corn'pact, com'promise, unanimlitv. a —eemn cada isa, each, each one. isdis, v. nestle. isaway, 14da', n/v. fish. manug isda, n. fish-def pang WAd, v. deal in mangi-ng-isda, n. fishlern iMog, v. diii ma is'dog, a. immovai isganani, a. Coura geouis. V, " [imperative from saway) der. fish. aan. ble. jmountain etc.) { fromn isug)I

Page  155 155 Au isikuay, {imperative from sic-way} isig catao, n. neigh~bor, fellow-ereatfure. isip., n. an account, mental imntage. v. think, es~timate. ca isip-an, it. gump'tion, common sense, ideta. i-sip, v. to count. ma isip, a. selfish. ilisip'-an, ut. countler (in ta sto,,.-). diii may isip, a. countless, innu'merable. pag isip sing isa-isAi, v. enu'merate. inu~g isip, n. power of imag'ining. iMa, it. island. iSMI!, n. strength, courtage. ma isug, fear~less, strong, coura'geous, aggres'sive, brave. ca isug, n. strength, courtage. pa isog-isog, v. stiim'ulate. pa iswg, v. shout, cheer., encourtage abet'. paca isog-sog, v. hec'tor. duro ca isug, 1)ravely. isul,9 m11ove backward, stand back, move back. pang ita, {look for ni ita I iti, n. excein (of birds), drop'pings, guafns. itAi, v'. tick' le. pa itin-itin, n. aluin innuenfdo iniuain it'log., i. egg. itOl0l0C, it. eye-sight, sight. jfrom tuloc} itutludo, it. foreffinger. IiUuu1, a. black. ma itum, a. black.

Page  156 156 iyo ma itum-itum, a. brown. gin pa itum, a. blackened. iwag, v. inspirpe, illu'minate. 1t. inspirattion, light, guidlance. iwas-was, {imperative from was-was) ma iwat, not plen'tiful, scarce, abstrusfe. ma iwat nga aalao, " a rainy day," a time that probably will not come. ca iwat-onl, n. time of scarcity. ang ca iwat, dif'ficulty. iwi-iwi. fn. scor'pion. iwic, '. squeal. iya, his, her, its. [niya, his, hers, its.] iyogdo, v. stick (a knife etc.) into, stab, pierce. J [Look for HI. {The letter J is not needed in Visayan}

Page  157 157 kit K keha, v. demanad, complain' of. kibag, a. twist'ed. kibit, v. be tan'gent. kibol, kibul, n. corn, caltlous. kibfl,?.i. emerg'e, jump out of the water [fish], come to the surface. kiibut. v. fright'en, drive away', surpriste. n. fright, surpriste. sa kibut, aglhast'. {adverb) makibut-on, a. eas'ily frightfened. pag ca kibut, v. be alarmed, amazed. pala kibut, a. growl'ing [man]. maca kilibut, a. start'ling, shockting, amaztilg. kibut-kibut, i. grumble, snarl, growl. kidlab, n. flash of a reflected light. kidlap,,n. makidlap, a. glos'sy. kigas, v t. dry (in the sun); a sun'dried. {cf. bulad} kihad, v. slice, cut, carve. kildla, n. acquaintrance. v. to make one's acquaintance, become acquaintted. na kilala, rec'ognized, acquainted. pa kilala, v. convince, introduce. kilao, v. try, endeav'or. kilat, n. light'ning, it lightens. kilay, n. eye brow. kila&, n. bevel edge. kiles, v. wash rice.

Page  158 158 kin kilez, n. a two-wheeled bus. kilid, n. side, flank. kilis, v. [Look for kile's]. kilis, n. a two-wheeled bus. kilo-oy, pa kilo-oy, v.t. beg for mercy. kimao, n. maimed. kimpay, a. handless, club-hand. kimpit, n. pin'cers, clothes-pin. v. to pin clothes. kimpol, a. tailfless, bob'tail, docked. v. dock (a horse's tail), amtputate, cut off. KINA, the cause of, to cause. {prefix} kina () kina adman, n. " open sestame," key of knowledge. kina alam, n. wis'dom, abiltity. kina anaran,,n. habit, custom. kina banwa, n. nartion, place. kina batasan, n. custom. kina buhi, n. life. kina burigal, n. affraly, brawl. kinadcad, n. material removed by a dredge. kina damfi, v. to group. kina da-an, n. antiq'uity, the antcients. kina gamo, n. fuss. kinagut, a. scraped, worn out, worn. kintahaiiglau, n. necestsity, need, lack. v. need, want, lack. nano ang imo kinahanglan? What can I do for you? kinalabi, n. advan'tage, farvorite. kinam-kinam, v.i. smack the lips.

Page  159 159 kit kinaon, {froin ca-on} kina sadto, it. antiq'uity, the ancients. kina~ton, it. dent. kina ta-o, a. genrital. kinataifihan, born. tfrorn ca-ta-o} kinatsila, n. spanish. kinat tgs'li, nt. cuftm ways, tempers, habits. a. comtmon, or~dinary of course. [conjunction}I kinawat-an, a. stolen. {from. cawat} kingki, n1. lamp. kinii, n. remorse?. ma kini', a. tar' dy. kinilis, n. water in which rice has been washed. kinitcl-an, conttact, joint, splice. tfrom. kita} kinki, it. lamp. kintos, V. ca kifittos, v.t. draft (for service). kinotoy, a. exhausted, worn out. kinubay, abreast'. ladverbj k~inuha', taken, gotten. [from cufhh&J ma kinut, a. frulgal. kiput, v0. close, shut Eteeth, door, book]. kiral3, v. flash Efrom matches etc.] kisame (sang balakv), n. ceil'ing, at'tic, garfret. kisdong, it. frown. kislan, v. rinse, wash [nioel. kats4l. you and I, we. [includes the one spoken to,

Page  160 kit ]60 lab kti^, v. meet, find, see. kita-ay, meet, find, ang pag kita, the sight. kinita an, n. place where two things join. pag ca kita, n. a sight. naca kita, found. ca kita, v. find, come acrosst. pa kita, v.i. show, appeart, come in sight pina kits, showed. pala kita-an, n. show-case. kiti&, n. akind of net. i4I kitidi, a. narrrow. kitin, v. to stride. n. heel. kit-kit, v. gnaw. L:la., n. lenglth. ca laba, n. lengtth. ma ldba, long, in lengtth. ca laba-on, along, in lengtth. pa laba, v.t. lengthen, elon'gate. laba, v. to cane, drub, beat. laba.,, v. get more than one's share, overreach', give more than one's share.

Page  161 161 lab laban, most'ly. {adverb} ca labanian, a. majority. laban, (the most (of). dill ma labang-an, a. incomtparable. labAo, v. surpasst, excellf, to too much, exceedt. n. eminence, advantage. pa labao, v. bull (the market), force up. lab-as, a. fresh, new. laban, v. cross, go across (stream, etc.) lab-han, n. husk, hull. la9i. a. more. {sign of comparative} rather, extcellent, most. labi sa cadacu, a. enortmous. labi, V. prevail. pa labi, v. prefer?. pa lAbi-labi, n. presump'tion. pa labi-labilion, a. conceited, haugh'ty, proud. ma labi sa, at the head of, excelfling. hi labina, espec'ially. kina labi, a. fatvorite. labing-ad, v. whine [people]. labit, n. brisket. labo, r. chop, hack. lab-o6, n. swallow, dram. laboc, n. bonfire. labo6-an, n. dram-shop, saloon. laboy, v. loosren, relaxt. labf, v. hack, chop, gash. lAbud, n. scum, lee. labug-labug, n. a kind of bug. labfigay, v.i. scramble up, clamber. v.t. to flutter.

Page  162 162.lltbut walay labut, [lang], exceptr. way labut, wa-ay labut. walay labut sini, however. labut-labut, n. memnbrane. ca labut-an, n. solution, the'ory, explanation. labyug, r. hurl (a spear) at. lacad, v. step over (a thing). lacad-bulan, n. a kind of medicine tree. lacarafi, n. door-fence to keep babies in the house. laeass, a. too much, exhortbitant, extremely, enorrmous, excestsive, immod'erate. pa lacas, v. exag'gerate, overdot a thing, make more than necessary. li*atl, v. go, walk, sail, march, tramp. pan lacat-an, n. journey. pang lacat-on, n. gait. ang lacat nga gican sa sogo, n. er'rand. lacay, n. ingre'dient. lacbang, go acrossr, cross orver. lac-bay, v. cross (a mountain, etc.) lact, n. ca lacot, n. ingre'dient. lac-pat, lacsa, ten thousand; 10,000. lactic-an, lactud, v. abbre'viate, abridg'e, shorten. a. brief. n. epitrome, synop'sis. lactud nga ca say-sagan, n. epittome.

Page  163 163lg Imf Z7.) na lactan, a. mnipurfe, maixd. lad-lad, v.i. stret~ch, extendf. ea ladlao. tsee cadOlaol, laga-laga, n. wingyed ant. laga6 n. hyfdrocele. lagao, qv. traVel. pang lagao-lagao, 7. walk. pang lagao-lagao-on, n. journey. Iagairi, v.-. to saw. n. saw. laga~, v. pursufe, chase (a person), perfsecu~te. lagas-lagas, it. a testticle. lag-bung, nt. clap of thunder. ladday, v. drawl. pang lag-hap, v. hunt for, seartch for, seek ear'nestly. Ia4 io. v~. flee, run away. pa, lagio, v. flee, run awaly froim. manug pa lagio, nt. fu'giiv. mana lagio, 77,. fuf gitive. _I~I' v. destroy', dernollish, lay wate dili ma lag-lag, a. imnper'ishable. pag ca lag-lag', it. desolattion. cata lagman, it. dan'ger, per'il. lagna"-,?1. lag6 lag6^, a. dirty. lag6, nt. worm used for bait. lago6'-lag~l, a. dirty (clothes). lag-ong, it. large gadfly. lagongs-lagong, it. double-chill. ladpat, r. divinfe, forebod'e infer', havea presentfiment. it. in'ference.

Page  164 1l 11(4 lai laiagpat-on, a. inferen'tial lhg-pit, n,. trap. lag-poc, v. strike (a blow). i3,isa, v. fol'low, chase, run after. 1 -gsac, v. to sound. lagtic, v. click, snap. n. click. lag-ting, a. ring;ing (of coin), jingling (money). linagting, n. clanking. lagtoc, n. a dull noise, rap, thud. lag-toc, it. scum, lee. lag-uc, n. draught (of water). laguerta, n. or'chard. lagumba, n. clap of thunder. pang laguyao, v. go on an excursion. lag-way, v. slubber, be sluggish, be diltatory. ma lag-way, a. delibterate, pottering, dilatory, slow. lAhay, v. to bark. lahid, v?. pa lahind-lahid, n. allutsion, hint, suggest/ion, insinuation. v. to alludle, hint, suggest', insintuate, inttimate. lahing, n. ripe cocoanut. Inihog-!lhliog, v. scoff at, jest, joke, to " run" on, chaff, poke fun at, make fun of. linAhog, n. chatter. lAid-lAid, n. allusion. hiii ' v. be bad.

Page  165 165 laim pa ca 1-in, v. denouncle. pa lA-in, v. corrupt', vitiate, debauch, impair', adulfterate. ang ma lA-in gid, the worst. ma la-in, a(. immortal bad, wicked. ca ia-in,,. badness, evil. makig la-in-on, a. malev'olent. maca pa l-in, a. evil. pag paca l-in, t. denouncre, condemnf, find fault with. la-ii,i alooft, far. {adverb} different, {adjective} cala-ini-an, n. dispar/ity, difference, accident. ang gia ca la-inan, difference. ang la-in, n. anoth'er kind (of). pag ca laii-laini, v. con'trast. lain-lain, a. abstract. laki, it. grand'father. lakip, adrjunct, attachlnent, trimming. v.t. includte, incloste, attach', trim. na lakip, a. inclu'sive, attached, trimmed. lala, v. weave. lalagpat-on, a. inferen'tial. lalaki, a.rnale (of men and animals). paca lalaki, v.t. bear manfully, grin and bear, make light of, not let on about. maki lalaki, a. passionate [womanl. lalam, q. creat'e. lambit, v. pa na lalambit-on, v. lament'.

Page  166 166 lan lalang, v. creat'e. calalangan, n. means, remedy, stratlageIn, trick, artful deception. lalanta-wan, n. window, balcony, watch tower. ca lalatan, n. trouble, danger. lalis, v. dissent, disobeyl. ma lalison, disobe'dient. lalis-ay, v. disput'e. lamang, on'ly. sa iya lamang, as far as he is concerned. lafihbat, v. intercept'. n. net. lam-ag, lambong, lIau mbut, lam6sa, lami, lamoc, lamon, lamnof, lanipara, lamparones, lampAso, lampawan, lampirong, lampitao, lampus, lamuti, lamu4, lana, de lana, V. n. shirt. v. reach, overtak'e, get to arrive at. n. board, table. a. flavored. n. mosquitto. v. to swallow, devour. a. blind. n. lamp. n. goi'tre. v. mop up, scrub, mop. n. pan. v. scale off. n. spies. v. beat, whip, cane, slam, whack. n. blis'ter. v. devour'. n. oil. a. woollen.

Page  167 167la I,-I 1-1 tanag, nt. surface soil, soil. lanag-lanag, it. moist soil, low land. landas, v. excelf. landas'an, mI. ant vil. lando-lalndo, v. gad, run about. a. laf zy. landong, i. shadow. pamnalandong, ii. con'template. ItnIg. just, on'l1y. difttay lang, just, a little. sa acon lang, by miyself 'just for ine. lang-an, sa wala~ lang-aft, forev'cr. walay lang-an, at. iricestsant. lafiiao, it. fly. lan-o'ao, n. vin'egar. lang-a~', -r. to chat. lang-at, it. intterval. langya~, v. chat, to chaff. lang-at, n. in'terval. langy-ca, it. large fruit, jack fruit. lang-cag, v. i. fret, be inmpa'tient. ma lang-cadon, a. imnpa'tient. ca lang-cag, it. irnpaltience. lang capan, it. lattice, floor(? lag ca-lang ca, a. hysterical. lan coy, a. contilious, unbroken (line) nij uninterrup'ted.,iinterrulpted tang cia, baya-i lang da, let it go, leave it there. pa lang-ga, v. caressf. nt. dar'ling, fa'vorite.

Page  168 168 lao lang gao, nt. -vinegar. I a 1iit, it. heavlen, sky. langit-on, a. heav'enly. ca langit-an, n. heavens. laWiiit-lahiit, n. jumping-match. laiifoy, v. swim. Iangud, v. growl. lang-ug, uz. a stink. v, stink, smell bad. Ian6b0, a. young. lansadera, 9n. shut'tle. Inai'usang, nt. nail. v. spike, nail. lantang sa cras, v'. crutcify. lantang, v. delaly. Iantao, v. considler, Med~itate on, con'teinplate. lantay, n,. cord used to scare birds awaly. lantoy, t. pipe. lan-tip, a. keen, sharp, elloquent. ca Ian-tip, n. elloquence, 1reenfness. dil lan-tip, a. inefficlient. la' nU4 in. hemp. lanyog, V. ma lanyog, a. very high. Iao-ay, n. spit. pa laWay, v. deface', disfiglure. ma lao-ay, a. deformled, inde'cent. ca lao-a4an, n. ug'liness, inde'cency, hidteousness. la-og, v. dependt on, trust in. Iaog-laog, n. play, pretend'.

Page  169 169 lap la-on, a. old, stale. pa la,-on, v. assurfe. ang pag la-ot singe ginhawa, n. nause? lapac, v. tread. lapa-d, v.t. hit with the flat side (of a bolo, etc.) mna kI'ad, a. wide, broad, exten'sive. pa lapad, v. broadten. lapao, ~i'. pass by. ca laparon, 'n. bread'th, width. lapas, v. tres'pass, abusfe, encroach upon, kifring'e, usurp!. mna linapas-on, l w-breaker, transgrestsor. lapa't, n. rag. lapit, v. be near. ca hilapit, nnigh'bor. pa lapit, v. come near, approachl. inai lapiti, a. near, at hand, around. puma lapit-lapit, v. come near. naga pa lapit-lapit, come clofser and clo'ser, comle nearer and nearer. lap'nag, v~i. cir'culate [blood). v.t. infus'e. na lapunag sa ca damifi-an, n. epidem'ic. pa lapnag, v.t. dissemlinate. laf3-oc, n. dust, fine dirt. lap-o6, n. a kind of itch. lap-si, ma lapsi, a. pale, pal'lid. lCaptA, v. scat'ter, clutfter. lapuc, a. allu'vial. lapu~', v. pierce, stab.

Page  170 170 lat pag pa lapus, v. throw through. lapuyot, ma lapuyot, a. condensed, thick. lap-yo,:. pa lap-yo, r. har'ass. laranhita, n. small orange, tangerine. {better naranhita} larawan, n. iiTage, figTure, itdol, statrue. v. carve. lasac, 1?. tread upon, tramtple under foot, spurn. lasac, a. disor'derly, irreg'ular. lasa6,.. molasstes. pa lasao, r. dilut'e. ma las-ao, a. thin, clear [liquid]. las-ay,,. ma las-ay, a. insip'id, tasteless. lasi6, r. rend, hurl apart', sep'arate. la~-o, n. lac'e. lasona, n. garlic. I;a4tianit! too bad! lastima, n. object of comnpassion or pity. lasud, v. stuff (bird). l;tit, it. can, tin can. latagon, n. field, seed tilme, uncultivated field. latay,,w. walk a tight-rope, balance oneself. latay-on, n. foot-bridge, gang-plank. lati, n. new moon. latic-latic, n. deadened noise. latnan, a. {froml latont} na latnan, a. infec'ted. lato, v. guess.

Page  171 :171 lau lato-lato, n. lar of corn in the milk, ear of corn with few kernels. latoc, n. stool, low table. latoc-latoc, n. a small low table. lat-on, v.i. spread, pass from one to another. na latnan, infected. naga pang latoni, a. contatgious. man la laton, a. contalgious. latum, v.i. be imbu'ed with, be satlurated with. pa latum, v.t. inculcate. laua-an, n. a tree used for lumber. lauas, {see lawas} la-ud, n. deep sea. laud, searward. {adverb} la-ug, v. expectl confidently. la.-ug, v. go away from home, leave home. laug-ani, a.n. one away from home for a long time. Ih.uira, v. believte, trust. n. faith, trust, hope. ang pag la-um, n. faith, hope. lala-umnan, n. person in whom one trusts. ma lina-ufion, a. trust!ful. la-ut, v. be wickled. ma la-ut, a. bad, ugly, wicked. ca la-ut, n. unrightleousness, wickredness. ca la-utan, n. paca ma lN-ut, v. detest', adhorr, abomfinate loathe. pag ma la-ut, v. detest; loathe. ica laut, n. an abomina'tion.

Page  172 lau 172 lay lauting, n. la-atya, n. meat-stew. lawd, lb. cob' web. lawas, it. body. lawas'non, a. MUEL~dane, world'Ily. ca lawas-an, nt. frame, body, mortal frame. linawas-non, a., cor'poral, corpo~real. maki hi lawas-on, a. adullterer. laway, it. salilva, spit. ma law-ay, a. deformed, ugly. {better ma lao-ay} lawig., long, along. ma lawig, a. long [~story], bound/less. ca lawigr-on, nt. disttance. lawod, it. deep sea. Ila'-y a, vi. droop. pa laya, a. discouraged. ca Ia-ya', v.i. turn brown, droop. dlaya, it. a throw-net. laya', a. dry. lay-ao, a. loose [anim-al], single, free. hIyag, it. sail. v. sail. pang la~re, v. have sextual inftercourse. la~Vgay, v. admon~ish, cosit harang'ue. 9z. exhorta'tion, advicte, harang'ue. layhao, byptocrite. ca layhawan, it. hypoc'risy. lyaO far.rb ma Iayok far, distant. {deb aloof1, yonder, far offi. ca lay6', n. dis'tance.

Page  173 lay 173 lib pa layS, v. go away', departf, removte from, estrangte, allienate. labin malay6, fartthest. sa ma layo-layo, farlther, furlther. lay-od, a. lazy. lay-ong, v.i. withter. layu, {see lay-6} pa layf, v. estrangte. lechon, roast pig. {look for letson} lentil, 16tra, n. letter (of altphabet). le-tsoni, n. sucking pig, roast pig. liac-on, v. inhalte. lias, pa lias-lias, v. abscond/. libA, v. to beat. libac, v. murtmur. libaton, a. sung out of tunte. inharmotnious, discor[dant [music] [people]. libang, v. to detain. libang (sa bata), v. distract' (the child). maca pa pang libang, tends to produce cholera. pag hatag sing libang sa, to give employment to, einployt. libat, a. cross-eyed. libo, a. thoustand. isa ca libo, one thousand, 1000, libod, libog, n. a small wild bee.

Page  174 lib 174 lie libog, v. be confased, be in a quan'dary, be in a dilemtma. pa libog, v. raise dif'ficulties. ma libog, a. inttricate, undeci/ded. lib-og v. submerg'e; sink. libon, a. close, sol'id, mastsive. libonf,. bag made of buri leaves, buri sack. lilot, v. encom'pass, go out around, enclose'. ca libot, a. wind'ing (stairs). ca libutan, n. world. wa-as ca libut-an, innocent, unsophisticated. pa libut, round about, around. libot-libot, round and round. libud, n. mining. libud-libud, a. lazy. libugus, n. flea-bite. libut, v.t. encirtcle. ca libut-an, n. world. waay ca libut-an, a. innocent. pa libut, adv. about, round about. na libut-an sang, enclosed/ by. libutog, n. blotch, pimple. licAo, v. avoidt (on the street), keep clear of, get out of the way of. licao-anf, n. by-way taken to avoid danger, circuitous route. dili mapa licao, a. inevritable. dao dili mapa licao, a. impending. licao, v. divertt. lic-ic, v. give secretly.

Page  175 175 lig 0Z licman, kept secret. {past from licun keep it secret! {imperativ lico, v. to tack (on ship), to turn down. gin lico-an, lico-an, n. turn or bend of the road, corner where two roads cross. licodi, n. back, back (of a blade). sa licod, behindf. 1} e} na licod, a. hind. na licoran, behindf. {adverb} licsi, ma licsi, a. brisk. lictin, v. spring (as a cat), dash fortward. licu m, v. keep a secret. licup, v. surround (a robber, an enemny). na licupan, surrounlded. lidan, dill ca mag lidan, ( don't fail." lidgid, v.t. grate, shred, rasp. lidgidan, n. grafter. liga, n. ca liga, n. neglect'. ligad, adv. beforfe, ago', once, forlnerly. ligad, v. pass through, pass (as time). sa nag ligad, than ever. ligao sing hinAli, v. decamp'. ligas, n. garrter. lig-as, n. rice-hull. ligaynan, n. oc'topus. {Iloilo di ligboc, n. em'phasis. pa ligboc, v. em'phasize, accent'. ligbus, n. a certain ed'ible mush'room. ialect}

Page  176 lig 176 igdas, v. roll awaly. ligdong, v. ca liddong, i. formality, gravity, mod/esty. ma ligdong, a. handtsome, serious, grave. ligid, v.t. roll (a pencil, barrel etc.) a. abed'. pa ligid, v.i. roll, roll over. ligom, a. jet-black. lig-on, v. assurfe, make certain. ma lig-on, a. firm. pag pa lig-on, v. foritify. ca lig-ofian sa pag baclanay, n. deed of land. mamligon, a. cautions. ca lig-ofian, n. fortification, insurance. ang pag ca ligon, t. forftitude. ligos, v. bathe. pa ligos, v. ligot-ligot, n. strife (?) li-goy, n. truant, idleness. ligoy-an, a. out of work, unemployted. ligsic, ca ligsic, n. agili'ty. lidwat, v. dili ma ligwat, a. incontest'able incontrovertible. liha~, v. dodge. lihi, n. ab'stinence. lihim, lihit-lihit, v. put away, lay asidle. likin, v. to plat (strips, crown). likis, v. get out of [doing work], shirk, fasten the warp into a loom.

Page  177 177 lim likit, v.t. double, roll up tight. lilad, maca ngi-lilad, a. foul. liling-ling, v. look in. lilibut, v. surround{. {fror libutl lilisdan, {from lisud'} ca lilisdan, a. hard ship, trial, grief. inAng bata isa ca calilisdan para sa Acon, that child is a trial to me. lilong, v. deny, pass. lima, v. five. ca lifan, a. fif'ty, 50. ica lima, a. fiftth. lima-lima, n. a climbing plant. limambut, arrived at. {past of lambut} limas, v. to bale. limba-ong, n. pudtdle. limbong, v. deceivre lie, cheat, fool, defraud. n. deception, fraud, humbug. ma limbong-on, a. deceit/ful, trickly. ca limbong, n. lie. limon, n. lemlon. limos, n. alms. paki limos, give alms. manug limos, n. almoner, one who gives alms. maki lilimus, a. beggar, menjdicant. limot, v. forgetl, omiit. ca limot, n. forgetlfulness. ma limot-on, a. forgettful. na limtan, omitted, forgotten. limug, v.

Page  178 178 lin na limug-an, a. impure. linacsa, {from lacsa} linaga, v. to stew. linaga, n. stair. linagting, v. clank [sword]. n. clanking. linafisang, nailed. {past of laisang} linas, v. thrash (rice). linas-afi, n. threshing, threshing-floor. linea, n. line. lin-ganay, n. bell. lingcang-lingcang, v. wadtdle. fiinlcod, v.-.sit, (elelvate (?)) lingcoran, it. seat, bench. lingao, v.t. amuste, entertaint, disturbr, annoyt. interruptt, distractt (one). lingao-lingao, v. enjoyl. maca lilingao, a. entertaining. pang liigao-liniao, v. drown care, enjoyl oneself, divert one's mind. ca lingao-an, n. diversion {taken, alone,} recrea'tion. pa lingao-lingao, v. amuste oneself. lingas, v. look everywhere. a. agogr. lingcang, ang dili pag ca ling-cang, n. integtrity. inggAnay, i. bell. ling-hod, a. unripe, green, cant be ripened. ling-id, v.t. nottice. lingin, a. diztzy (caused by whirling), giddy. v. be dizzy, be confused, be intoxticated.

Page  179 179 h No pa Uin-i, v.t. "1rush ene to death," confusle gm rctrat'tle, drive one crazy [work]. ling-ling, vt. spy (see), peek. linibo, a number of thousand. {fronm libo} 1inicup'an, V. captured [a robber] { past of licupj lin'ISO, a. hind foremost, back wards. liniSO,1 grain by grain. linmu~so, jumped. {past from lucso} lin06 v. shake. linocot-an, {past from locotj hirng, v~i. tremble. nt. earthlquake. Iinon~, v~i. be quiet. ma linond, a. peaceful, qui'et, calm [ocean], still. ca linong-an, n. tranquillity, rest, ease, leisure, quiet. ca linong, n. si'lence. linta", it. leech. linti!v damin it! {interjectionj lilinti-an ca! May lightning strike you! linti, nt. flash of lightning. Ii fit O", n7. bran. lin-tuc, n. rice-polish. lintigao, mb. gruel. lifyas, ni. v. to wind. ca lifiyas, it. bobbin. ca linyas-an, n,. shuttle. Ji-Og, n. neck.

Page  180 180 llp liofi, n. liron. lipas, v. pa lipas-lipas, v. avoidl a question. lipat, v. steal away, leave without saying good-bye. pa lipat, v.t. make one forget, rattle, throw one off the scent, confus'e. ma lihat-on, a. forget'ful. eat lipat, v. forget'. {past is naca ca lipat} dill ca ma lipat, dont forget. ma lipatan co, I have forgot'ten. lipay, v. consol'e, cheer. pa lipay, v.t. delight'. maca lilipay, a. ge'nial, joy'ous, gladdening, cheer'ing. ma lipay-(on), a. happy, jolly. sa ma lipay-on, gaily. tadverb} ca lipay, n. pleas'ure. v. be happy, be glad. ca may ca lipay, n. fun. sa ca lipay, gaily. lipay, n. a poisonous shrub. lipdan, v. pala lipdan, n. harbor. lipia, n. plow-share. lipong, a. dazed, senseless, in a faint (from a blow). v.t. daze, put one in a stupor. ca lipong, n. faint, stu'por. lipot, v. be short, abbreviated. mna lipo, a. short. ca lip-ot, n. shortness, brev'ity lipud, v. lie in amtbush, waylay.

Page  181 181 lipud, n. rear. out of sight. {adverb} walay lipud-lipud, a. frank. pa iipua, v.t. keep oneself out of sight. pa sa lipud, v.t. inrncf lip-ut, v. be short, abbre~viated. {see lip-ot} 1isa~, v. miss, miss the mark, fail to hit go astra'y [road], de'viate. ca lisa, it. injus'tice. wala~ lisa, a. unde'viating.f lis'ang, stupefac'tion, unconrsciousness. calis'ang, v. stutpefy with wonder, astound', astontish. maca Misi'ang, a. stun'ning, astound'ing, pet'rifying, hid'eous. lisi, v. [Look for Iingas]. lisi-lisi, a. wide awake. lisic, v. to fly (as a chip). liso, n. seed, large seed. {cf. bin' hi, fine seed} HOs, v. turn, move. liso-liso, v.t. roll over and over, turn repeat'edly. lison, n. a kind of fish. lista, n. list. v. enroll1 [names]. pa lista, v.t. enlist', enrollf [mi-en] [in the army-j. listahan, it. mnemoran~dutu. listo, ready. {adverb} listofi, it. ribbon. lisud, v. be diffficult, find dif~ficulty iii. ea lisud, n1. pang, sharp pain, dif'ficulty. pa ca lisua, v. give one a pain.

Page  182 182 lob ma lisud, a. difficult, hard. pa lisud, v. hinder, make more difficult. ca lilisdan, n. hard'ship. liti6, v. to crack [board]. n. chink, crev'ice, crack. litic-on, n. fistsure, chink, crack. litog, liton, v. to move, transport, transfer. pa liton, v.t. transmit, transfer. lintodaii, n. a species of banana. liwan,, a. anoth'er. pag paking liwan nga tao, v. imper'sonate. liwafi, v. repeat', alfter, amend', do it over again. liwan, again, once more. {adverb} ma liwafiay, a. comfortable. ang pag liwan, n. a change. dili ma liwan, a. unrenewlable. ca liwasan, n. freedom. liwat, v. repeatS. dili ma liwat, a. inalterable. liwat, again', afresh'. {adverb} ca liwat, n. off-spring, lin'eage. ca liwat-an, generation, decendants. liya-liya, n. bamboo coffin. liyo, v. to row. llabi, {look for lyabi} lobi-lobi, n. a certain spice. lobo, n. wolf. 16bo-16bo, n. dec'apod. lob6, n. priv/y, water closet. lobot, v.t. pierce, punc'ture, thrust through.

Page  183 183 loo loco-loc6-an, n. space back of the knee, ham-string. locos, n. a certain fish with tentacles. 1ocot, v.i. roll [waves]. lo6so, v. jump. {better lucso} lo6so, n. grass'hopper. lo6so-lo6so, v.i. gambol, go jumping about. lohod, v. kneel, prosttrate. {see luhud} lo16, ca lolo, n. benigrnity. ma lol, a. pious, tender. lolon, v.t. roll up. lolot, v. ca lolot, n. harlmony. ma lolot, a. harmornious, minor [music]. na lolot-an, loved, dear, chertished. loloy, {from lo-oy} ma loloy-on, a. gra/cious, mer/ciful, pilous. maca lolo-oy, a. poor, worthtless. loloto-an sang pag ca-on, n. kitchen. {from luto} longa, n sesame-seed. longgo, v. maim, mutilate. longgong, v. shake, aglitate. n. game of dice. loflion, n. coffin. lo-os, v. pa lo-os, n. fermentation. lo-oy, n. pitety, mertcy, chartity. ca lo-oy, n. pity, compastsion, symlpathy. pag ca 16-oy, v. pity, have compassion on. paki lo-oy, v. pray, try to secure compassion. ma 16-oy, a. sympathettic, compastsionate.

Page  184 lor 184 lub maca lolo-oy, a. pitfeous, pit'iful, mov~ing, touch'ing, help'less. ma loloy-on, a. mer~ciful. loro, nt. parfrot. losong, n. mortar (for pestle). 0 m~n ripe. {better lutt6} pa lotO^, v. cause to ripen, cause to cook. lot, 'v. cook. Ift-a, n. declama'tion. Jiag, ut. kitchen-ladle. luag-luag, it. clavijcle. ha-as, VIt. free, save, release. ca lftas, vdi. be free. pag ca itt-as, n. salvattion. V. releasle. pangin-Ift-as, v. evadfe [a question, etc.] extiae diii maca Iftas, a. inxticbe na lu-as, a. exempt'. Ifttba-d, v. to Unee a skein, to lose its color when color is not fast, fade, crock. luba4, v. translate~, disentangle, solve (probflem). diii ma lubad, a. inexftricable. lttbag, v. twist. linubag, a. twistyed. lulhd, V. deceivte, cheat, humfbug, fool. ma lublia-on, a. insid'ious. lU'bi, n. clont Onod sang lubi, meat of the cocoanut. ca lubi'-an, n. grove, cocoanut grove. Juibio,q n. rope, cord.

Page  185 lub 185 lug lub-lub, n. gorge, groove. lubo, n. wolf. lubug, pa lubug, v. debas'e. ma lubud, a. dim. lubung, v. burty, interl. { lub-nga-nan, tomb, grave. ang pag lubung, n. fu'neral. ma lubung, a. buried, hidden. lubus, a. pure. luc-ad, v. gouge. lucap, v. better lubongj lucaS, n. coconut-leaves. lficot, v. roll up. lucso, n. grass'hopper, wingless locust. ludso, v. jump. lu6so-lu6so, v. frisk, jump, repeatedly, gamnbol naga lucso-lucso, a. intermitftent. lucub, n. fraud. lugaf, n. place, space. sa lugar sang, insteada of. lugao, linugao nga binucboc, gru'el. lfigao-lfigao, n. adula'tion, flatftery. lugav, v.t. stir. ifigay, n. worm. lugdang, v. founrder. lug-hud, v. sharrpen, polpish. lugpay, v. convincee, persuadre, induc'e, convert a man (from bad to good or from good to bad).

Page  186 lug 186 lurm luguay, n. fertry. uiigum, v.t. dye, color, tingle, tint. lugui, n. dye. ligus, v. usurp', vitolate, ravish (woman) extortU (money), force. manug ligos, n. usurper, extortioner. pag lugos sa pag sulud, v. force an en'trance. lugway, n. ferry, ferry-rope. luha', it tear, tear-drop. luha-luha (sang mata), v. bring tears to the eyes. luhud, v. kneel. iug luhud, n. knee. luhut, v.t. punch (a hole with a punch). luia-luia, n. wild giniger. {better luy-a} Iu-Uib, v. deceivie, fool, be fals'e to, fail. ma lu-ib, n. traitor. a. crafty, trea'sonable. ca lu-ib, it. treaslon, deception, fraud. dili ma lu-ib, a. loylal. lulan, n. burlden. lului, v. be gentle, be tenrder. ca lulfu, n. fond'ness, gentleness. ma lulu, a. gentle, affable, bountiful, chartitable. ma lulu'-on, a. gratcious. ululb-ngan, n. sep'ulchre, cemtetery, grave, tomb. lumabao, n. second finger. {from labao} lumad, v. abjure, appear. lurmam-but, reached, arrived at, got. {from lambut} lumay, v. attract' with deceitt, allur'e, entic'e, ingratiate.

Page  187 187 lun lumba, pa lumba, pa lumba-ay, lumbi-lumba, lumbang, lumbay, lumbayag, lumbut, v. get an advantage, surpas's in a race, beat. n. race, running race, match. v. to race. n. a kind of fish. n. a kind of plant. n. young leaves, shoot, new leaves. v. leap, jump. ca lum but, v.t. cover one up, wrap in blankets. panga lumbut, v.i. be wrapped up in blankets, be well covered up. lumbuy, n. a purple plum-like fruit. lumbuy-lumbuy sing gawi, a. bad mannered. lumincod, sit. {imperative from lingcod} lumipoin, v. blind'folded. {past from lipon} lum-lum, n. setting hen. v.t. hatch. lum-oc, n. ma lum-oc, a. soft. lumun, v. live with. luros, v.t. choke, drown, (another). ca lumos, v.i. drown. lumpag, v. destroy'. ang pag lumpag, n. destruc'tion. lumpao, ca lumpao, v.i. be dormant. lumpat, v. jump, plunge in. lumupu6, v. bursted. {past from lupuc} lun-ad, v. ma lun-ad, a. pale, palilid.

Page  188 iun 188 lup Idnang, n. mud, clay. lunay, v.i. liqtuefy, melt. lunga, n. sesame-seed. lung-ay-ngay, v. to bend. lung-cung, v. ca lungcung, v. transport in the hands, transfer by hand. lunggung, n. dice. lung-i6, n. den, cavle, celflar. lung6-lung6, v. shake the head. lung-ui, n. board coffin. lun-lun, v. swallow up, bolt food swal/low, devourt. lufnsay, a. pure, unadulrterated, undilurted. lu-oy, n. mercy. ca lu-oy, i. charity, feelings, sympathy compassion. {see lo-oy) luntad, v. abide, reside forever. lunu6, n. towering tree, balete. lunud, v.t. season [food], sink [boat]. ca lunod, v.i. sink, fountder. 1f-o, n. fungus, mold, must. lupai, v. fly. pa lupad, v. fly. lupad-lupad, v. flit, flutter, hover. Ifipig, n. disadvan'tage. v. bultly, take the advantage, tyrtannize, impos'e on [weak]. ma lupin-on, n. bul'ly. lupitafi, lupog, a. pallsy. lup-og, v. sit down on the ground.

Page  189 lup 189 lut lup-si, n. ma lup-si, a. pale, pallid, gray. lupu6, v. burst, explod'e. n. report of a gun. pa lupu6, v. fire a gun. pa lupuc, n. sharp-shooting. liput, v. calk [a boatl, stop up. luput, v. have a free moverment of the bowrels, diarrhoeta. lusad, v. step from the stairs to the ground, reach the bottom, alight'. lusad sa cabAyo, dismount/, get off'. pa lusad, n. a landing on a stairtway. lusao. ma lusao, a. watered (ink, etc.), dilulted. pa luMao, v. detract. lusarain, n. porch, entrance, stair-landing. luson, n. mortar (for pestle). luspad. ma luspad, a. pale, pallid. luspi, v.i. grow pale, blanch, pale. ma luspi, a. pale, pal'lid. luta. luta-lutAhan sang tudll, n. knucktles. luthang, v. shoot (a gun), fire a gun. lut-hang-an mo sia! shoot him! inug lut-hang, n. gun. lfitao, v.i. float. lutao-lutao, v. plunge, rise and fall like a ship. ma lfitao, afloat', floating. luta~, v. to mean.

Page  190 lut 190 luy luto, n. crape. luAtoS," v. be ripe. ca lito, v i. ripen, become ripe. pa lfit, v.t. ripen, make ripe. lutO, a. ripe. Ilto, v. to cook. ma lutO, (a. cooked, done. liluto-an sang pag ca-on, n. kitchen. manug luto, n. a cook. lu-ub, v.i. sit on the ground [hens], or on eggs. lu-uy, n. mercy, piety, charity. {see lo-oy} liwag, t. kitchen-ladle. lft-was, a. free, loose. n. freedom. v. to free, save, rescue, releasre. ca luwas-an, n. freEtdom. lu-ya, ma 1f-ya, a. weary, tired, weak, feetble. pang lfiya, v. faint, become exhaus/ted. ca laiyA, n, weaklness. pa lfiya, a. discouraged, v.t. weaklen. caluyahon, n. debil'ity, weakMness. ang pag pang lfyA, desponrdency, discour'agement. pina lfiy, enfeebled, weakened by diseas'e etc. lu$-a, In. gin'ger. luyag, v. wish, want, desirte, care for. n. wish, rellish. pa lfiyag-16fyag, v. flirt, ingraltiate [oneself], make oneself agreeable. luyag4uyag, v. go tripping along. maca lfiyag, n. fun. ca lfMyag, n. fondfness, taste.

Page  191 191 maa ma luyag-on, n. amateurf. a. fond of. na tuyad-on, a. dear, cherished. ang ca luyag, n. comfort. maca luluyag, a. comrfortable, fashionable, attractive, graceful. pa luyag, v. delightV, please, play tricks, act [dog]. cuha-a ang na luyag-an mo, Take the one that pleases you. luy-luy, v.i. droop, hang down, sag. luyo, n. side. sa luy6 cag sa luy6, side by side. sa imo luy6, to the one besidet you. sa luy6', across'. {adverb} Iwas. {incorrect spelling for luwas} lyabehan, n. lock. lyabi, n. key. M MA, ma abi-abihon, ma abion-on, ma aftic, {prefix used to form adjectives} a. armiable. a. friend'ly. a. ag'ile. Note: Other adjectives are listed under the nouns from which they are derived.

Page  192 maa 192 mab ma aluan, a. gen'erous. ma afibong, a. agreetable. ma amoma-hon, a. estimable. ma amigo-hon, a. friendly. ma amion, a. fra'grant. ma afiyag, a. beaultiful. ma asiii, a. salted, salt'y. ma aslum, a. acid, sour. ma aso, a. smoky. ma asul, a. blue. ma athag, a. plain, clear, distinct. ma atipan-on, a. carefful. ma away-onf, a. warlike. ma ado, a. good. ma ayo-ayo, a. pretty. ma ayo-hon, a. kind. ma bacal, a. for sale. ma bAcas, a. dil'igent. ma bacnal, a. increasted, disproportionate, incontgruous, unsuited. ma bacod, a. strong. ma badal, a. resisting. ma bad-bad, a. unreeled', unwound'. ma bahl, a. fetid, foul, bad-smelling. ma bahoi, a. thick. ma bali-6n, a. fragile, britltle. ma balus-ofi, a. grateful, thankfful. ma baicag, a. springy, resilent. Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are derived.

Page  193 193 mac ma basag-on, a. fraglile. ma bascug, a. strong, mightly. maldus, n. pregrnancy, conception. ma bili, a. val'uable. ma budhi, a. traitorous, treachlerous. ma bug-at, a. heavry. ma bug nao, a. cold, chiltly. ma bu-ut, a. prutdent, hon/est. MACA, causes, makes, tends. {prefix} MACA, [before numeralsj times. {prefix} MACA, {sign of the future tense} cf. MAGA. maca buhay, n. a medic'inal tree. maca dAmft, fre'quently, often. maca da-ut, a. hurt'ful. maca gagahum, a. almighty. ma cayud, n. glutton, stinrgy, in'digent. maca ha hadluc, a. dread/ful. maca hala-ngAwa, a. awfful. ma cAham, a. sharp (taste), biting, pun'gent. ma cahang, a. acrimotnious. ma cahas, a. darting. ma caisa, once. maca lambut, will reach, will arrive. maca lilisang, a. terrible, dreadful. maca lolo-oy, a. doleful, pitiful. maca lili pay, a. joytous, cheerfful, joy-giving. nilatean, n. a kind of lowland rice ripe in December. Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  194 mac 194 mag maca ngilil-ad, a. repugtnant, [from ngil-ad]. maca pp tamboc, fattening, cause to grow-fat. ma capun, a. gelding. maca saranS, a. atble. maca sasAla, n. sintner. maca tingala, maca tilingAla, a. adamirable. ma cawat, n. robtber. maca wiwili, cause pleasture, please. ma culi, dull, slow. ma dabung, a. leafy. ma dagmit, a. aliv'e. ma dalas, a. swift. ma dali, a. prompt, quick. ma dAlum, a. deep. ma damf1, a. many. ma damul, a. thick. ma dang-atan, capaclity, abil'ity. ma dafilog, a. slip'pery. ma dailog-on, a. sliding. ma dasig, a. rap/id, swift. ma dinayon-on, contintuous. {from dayon} madlus, n. ma dulurf, a. dark. ma dulum-dulufin, a. gloomy, shady. ma dulumut-on, hateful. {from dumot} ma dtumut, a. hateful. MAG, Isign of the imperative} {sign of the past} MAGA, must, ought. {sign of the future} ma galamu-hon, a. snarling. {from gam6} Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  195 mag 19-5 mah maga linog, will shake. ma gamag, a. small, fine. mag-amak, n. housedhold. mag-an, a. light (not heavy). ma gapa, a. garas, a. rough (hand). ma ga-yon, a. gay, pretty. ma gin-ot, a. hot, oppres'sive. mag toto-on, n master, teacher. ma guna, n. fraglile. ma hAgup, a. tame. mnahlli, a. valluable, pre'cious, dear expen'sive. pa mahal, v. make it expensive, raise the price. pa ca mahal, v. prize, praise, cher'ish. malahal-on, expen'sive, cost'ly. ma hanaway, a. lon'ely, seclu'ded, sol'itary. pa maha-on, v. sneez'e. ma hapus, a. easy. ma hid, v.t. wipe. ma higc6, a. unclean'. ma higpit, a. austere'. ma hi gugma-on, a. A'miable. ma himaya-on, a. blestsed. ma himo, a. pos'sible. ma hinoclog-on, a. compas'sionate. ma hipid, a. neat, polished. ma hugud, a. sturdious. ma hulag, a. turlbulent. Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  196 196 mak ma hulas, a. easy. ma hfimoc, a. soft. {better m ma hunapit, a. neat. ma hunit, a. resisrting. ma hfiyang, a. feeble, flimsy. ma ibug-on, a. greedy. ma ilui, a. brown. ma ilum ilum, blackish. ma imot, a. stin'gy. ma in antus-on, a. long-suffering. ma inot, a. stin'gy. ma inug, a. quietly. ia-is, n. corn. ca ma-is-afi, n. corn/field. mala-is-an, n. corn land. ma isip, a. selfish. ma isug, a. brave. ma iwat, a. rare, scarce. MAKI, ma kidlap, a. glossy. maki baba~-i, a. uxorrious [man]. MAKIG, makig away-on, a. inimlical. makig bais-on, a. disputer. makig daiton, a. peaceful. makig hi lawas-on, a. adulterer. maki lalaki, passionate [womenl. maki lilimos, a. beggar, menrdicant. 1a homoc) {prefix} Note t For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  197 197 mal ma kini, a. tardy. ma kitid, a. nartrow. malae, v. to dry. pa mala, v. to dry, absorbl. mamala, a. dry. ma laba, a. long. ma lagu-ay, a. slow. ma lain, a. bad. ma lalis-on, a. naughty, disoberdient. ma la-malA, n. gray cricket. ma lao-ay, a. ugly. ma lapaa, a. wide, extentsive, broad. ma lapit, near, around, at hand. ma lapsi, a. palflid. ma lapuyot, a. condensed, thick. ma las-ay, a. tasterless. ma la-ut,- a. bad, ugly. ma laway, {see ma las-ay ma layo', far, afar, far off, dis'tant. mal6ta, n. valisle. pa malibad, v. refusee. {from balibad ma ligdong, a. serious, grave. ma lilimton, a. forget'ful. {fromn limot ma limbong, ma limbonion, a. deceitful. ma linapas-on, disobe'dient. malinday, n. a kind of mussel. ma lipay-on, a. hap'py. ma lip-ot, a -short. Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  198 198 mam ma lisud, a. difficult, hard. mal-it, n. hag. malo, v. pa m&l6, v. crow. ma lol1, a. pious, tender. ma lolot, a. minor [music]. ma loloy-on, a. merciful. malopalo, n. short paddle. ma lIbong, a. hid'den, buried. ma lugus, n. extortioner, violator. ma lula, a. chartitable. ma lum-oc, a. soft. ma lup-si, a. grey, pallid, pale. ma luspad, a. pallid, pale. ma lfiya, a. weak, feeble. ma luyag-on, a. amateur/. malvarosa, n. a plant almost like the geratnium. mama, v. roar. n. a nurse. maum, v. chew, a mixture of buyo, tobacco and lime. ma madlus, n. rain and wind storm. ma mag-an, a. light, not heavy. ma mala, a. dry. mama mang-ain, n. highway man. ma mingao, a. sad, dreary. mam ligon, a. cautions. Inalfiio, n. cake, sweet cake, cookie, roll. Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  199 mam 199. marn mamsa, n. a kind of fish. ma mumugofi, n. hand hired servant. man, also, too. mana-ag, a. lighted up, bright. ma nacay-an, n. boat-passenger. {from sac ma nacay-an-on, n. sailor. mana lagio, n. futgitive. mana lagna, n. prophret. ma nAmit, a. savory (meat), nice, dainty (foo mana nabang, a. defentder. {from taba n. protecttor. mana nagat, n. fishberlan. {from daE mana nahi nga lalali, n. tailor. {from tt mana nahi nga babae, n. seamtstress. ma nanam, a. palratable. mAnanai, n. all living creatures in air and on the earth except fishes. All beasts and birds. manang, a. elder [sister]. manan-gete, mananggete, n. man who climbs cocoanut trees. manara, n. herd. ma naya-nAya, a. mild, agreeable. mando, n. guidance [moral and spiritual]. v. guide. maniduc, v. bring up, guide. minandoan, guided. ay) d). ng gat} ihil Ifix} mang. {pre Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  200 200 Man mang-ang-aco6, n. endorser, one who guarantees that another will pay. ca mangaran, n. treasures, riches. manda muy6i". {future from panga muy6}l manga-nga~am, it. hunter. mang cot. jLook for pang cot}I pamanacot, v. ask. managa, it. mango. manggad, n. riches, treasures, prope'erty. manggAran, mangrgaran-on, a. wealthy, rich. managol, a. coarse, rude. itiang1iund, ni. younger brother. ca manghur-an, n. all one's younger brothers. MVANGI.. {prefix} MYANGIN, become. {prefix} bunt mangin-Crusoe, I wish I were Crusoe. mangin dacu sia, he will become great. mafigi ngi~dg, n. fisherman. mang'i la-jifon, a. unlucky. mangin sacsi, n. witnesses. ma ngit-ngit, a. dusky, dark. rnaiigo-fig6lo, u. {from 61lo} mango-na~ma, n. laborer, farmer. {from unma} mangulia, let us go and get. {from cuhal maffgaffgutand, it. debt/or. inani, n. pea-nut. mani-mani, maninay, n. god-mother. Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they rae formed.

Page  201 201 man maninina, n. python. ma nipis, a. thin, fine. ma nipolon, n. cirtcle. {from tipolon a. round. maninit, rarely. ma niwang, a. thin, lean. mant6ca, n. lard, grease. man lalagaw-on. ma lalagaw-on. ma nimprano, I will be early, I am early, be early! maninay, n. godmother. ma nobo, a. low, not high. mano6, n. cock, chicken. manoi, a. igfnorant, unlearned, low. ang pag ca manol, n. coarseness. mtnong, a. older brother, respectl for an elder. mansister, n. white drill cloth. mansisili, n. corrmorant. mantikilya, n. butter. manu nubli, n. heir. {from subli manubo, a. low, inferior. manubfi, n. sheep. man-ug, n. snake, adder. MANUG, one who. {prefis } i}:} manug bacal, n. buyer, one who buys. manug baligya, n. seller. manug balita, 1. herald. manug balitao, n. singer of balitao.,L Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  202 man 202 map manug batas, n. one who suffers paltiently. manug bolong, n. doc/tor. manug bolong sa sapat, n. vetlerinary. manug comersio, n. merchant. manug co.ipay, n. one who sells fodder. manug ilog, n. imitator. manug lipay, n. a happy man. manug pacot, n. fortune-teller. manug pinta, n. painter. manug sagad sang cabayo, n. horse-trainer. manug salsal, 9n. silversmith. manug sucot, n. collector. manug tugyan, n. one who trusts another. manug tunda, n. messenger. man-ul, a. coarse, igrnorant, low. manunub-li, n. heir. manunubus, n. redeemter. ma-olo-ang gid, a. similar. MAPA {prefix} = ma+pa (?) mapa Pontevedra, I am going to Pontevedra. mapa buyan-buyan-on, a. apathetfic, indifferent. ma pagsic, a. skillful. ma paidalum, v. {future of paidalum} mapa ilubon, a. paatient. mapa in ubus-on, a. humble. ma patag, a. level, waste. ma pa tina-as-ta-ason, a. haughty. {from ta-as} ma pilit, a. stickty, mucilagtinous. Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  203 203 203 rn~~as ma pililit-on, glu'tinous. m a p i Iitas, a. beast'ly, crulel. ma pisan, a. indus'trious, dil'igent. ma pin-ot, a. tight, oppressfed. ma pi-ut, a. narrow-minded, narrow, bigoted. ma Putt, a. white. maqu~i. {spelled ii maral, n. fox. maramna, a. many. {cf. madi marasmas, v. perceivt e. marca, n1. brand. marfil, n. itvory. mare'I it. inciplient rice head, rice-head beft riaki I )re.01 the milk forms in it. inartilyo, n. iron hammner, hammer. mas, a. more. mdasa v. t. knead. nz., hub. 1z1n~sa.a ever. dili nga mas-a, never. gid naa mas-a,, absolutely, utfterly. masaco"", hast'ily. ma sal-ag, a. bashtful. ma saint, a. fre' quent. adv. genferally. ma sanag, a. clear, light, evident. ma sangcad, a. broad, exten'sive. mascada, n.toaco { adverb}I Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns fromn which they are formed.

Page  204 204 masiado, very much, very. ma silao, a. dazzling. ma siling, a. glosrsy. ma simput, a. tight, narrow. ma sinadia-hon, a. jolly, gelnial. ma sinarang. ca ma sinarang, v. be comtpetent. ma sindcal, ma sinologton, ma sinolondon, ma sinubuhon, ma sirum, masita, ma si-ut, a. rash, very hot. a. obedient, faithful. {from sugut a. obetdient, faith'ful. {from sun a. sortrowful. {from sul a. twi'light. n. maltlet. a. wild [land], weedy, impenetrable, brush [land]. t(?) } ud} b6o maskin nunca, than etver. mas nga. ma solondon, a. obedient. ma subfl, a. sad, ghastly. ma sun-sun, a. fre'quent. inat,, v.i. to wake, awaken. n. eye. na ca matA aco, I am awake. pa mata, v. awaken, wake up. pa mata! wake up! ma ta-as, a. high. matabia, n. a kind of banana. matabia, n. a kind of tree. {cf. pucaoj Note: For other adjectves, s3e the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  205 205 mat ma taalong, a. straight, honest. ma tahufn, a. beauti'ful. matalao, a. coward. ma talewis, a. short [pig ears]. ma taliwis, a. sharp-pointed. ma talum, a. acute, sharp, keen. ma tamad, a. larzy. matambo6, a. fat. ma tain-is, a. sweet, delicfious. matao-hay, a. open, clear, quiet [place]. ma tap-ingian. {future of tap-ing} ma tapo6, a. brittle, fragtile. ma tarung, a. right, just. v. allege, reason. pa matarung, v. justify, exculpate. matasan, pa matasan, n custom. {from batasan} uma tay, ca matay, v. die. ca matay-on, n. death. tagu matay-on, a. dyring. mangin matay diri con tugut-an aco, I shall die here if they will let me. mama lation, a. morrtal. dili mama lation, a. immorrtal. materia, n. gun or sword-wound. mati, pa mati! Hark! Listen Ifrom bati} Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are formed.

Page  206 206 mat ma tig-a, a. hard. ma tinahoron, a. respectrful. {fromr tahud] ma tinao, a. clear, fair [day]. ma tinatApon, n. mantager, attendant, otverseer. a. industtrious, busy. ma tinl8, a. clean. ma tino-oron, a. honest, trustful. tfrom to-o} ma tinuman-on, a. obedient. {from tuman} ma ti-ong, v. be moved. a. moved, movtable, moving. ma tis-cog, a. crisp. ma to-oran, ca ma to-oran, n. cerrtitude. matraca, n. wooden rattle. ma tu dan. na ma tud an, a. convic/ted, convinced. ma tulog-on, a. listless, dull [person], sleepyhead. ina tui-od, a. true. ma tu.ud, adv. truly, of course. pag ma tuod, v. affirm/. n. affirmartion, certificate. pag pa matuod, n. tesrtimony. v. testify. dili bala ma tu-od P hasn't it? wont it? didn't it? isn't it so? pa mat tu-od, v. assure, certify. pag pang hi ma tu-od, v. certtify, assurre. sa kina ma tu-od, earnestly. {adverb} Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they,re derived,

Page  207 207 mga ma tutum, a. bold, constant. ma-ug, a. avaricious. ma unod, a. thick, fleshy. ma utihon, a. careful. may, there is, there was, have. sa may, near by. sa may nanca, where there is a nanca. aco may acon, I have. icao may imo, you have. may-ong, n. sack. may-um, v.i. seem familiar [to one], look familiar. medal~a, n. medfal. mediahan, n. half-size bottle. medias, n. stockring. v. put on one's stockings. medias sa lalaki, n. socks, sox, sock. medida, n. measure. medio-medio, a. rattle-headed. menan-ug, v. crawl [snake]. menos, less, but, except. pa menta na, look out of the window. mercader, n. dealer. mesa, n. table. metal, n. mnetfal. mnsi, [sign of plural} {pronounced mung-a or mang-a} may mga a las diez bala, It was about ten o'clockl. isa ca calo, a hat. mga calo, hats. Note: For other adjectives, see the nouns from which they are derived.

Page  208 mie 208 mo1l ang caba;o, a horse. mga cabao, horses. mienitras, in the meanttime, during, meanwwhile. mild, n. raccoont. {cf. maral} mina maays, a. approv'ed. minata4, n. corpse. mingao. ma mingao, a. doleful, dreary, sad. mingot, v. pa mifgot, a. glum. minoro, n. a village, small town, hamlet, burg. minyo, n. married couptle. mnisa, v. say mass. n. mass (in church). mismo, itself, himself, herself, themselves. misoc. pa misoc-misoc, v. blink. mitlang, v. pronounce, actcent. moda, n. in style, in fashtion, proper form. mod-mod, v. crush, pultverize [rocks]. m61a, n. an American mule. molalong, v. perceivte. molomonyeca, n. doll. molong. pa molong, v. {Look for polong} pag pa molong sang mala-in, v. curse, slan'der. molf-mold, hesritatingly. momho, n. crumbs. monastefio, n. mon'astery. monha-an, n. a kind of rice reaped in September and October.

Page  209 mon 209 mun mono. gin ca mono-an, n. foundation, hypothtesis, beginning. mony6ca, n. doll. mo-og, n. tower. moro-moro, n. moro-poro, n. morado, n. red banana. moros, n. heathten. mos-mos, v. demoltish. mudiot. pa mudiot, v. catch (in the hands). mud-mud, v.t. corrodte, demoltish, crush. muebles, n. furtniture. mugis, never, at no time. {adverb} mugon. ma mumugoi, n. hired servant. mugsuc (P) pa mulugsuc, v. be cross. mugut, a. very angry, enraged, infuriated. mula, v.i. blush! red'den, flush. mulalung, v. perceive. muloc, v. bloom. mulot, v. glean. multa, n. forfeit, fine. mulugsu. pa mulugsfl, v. be cross, sulky, sultlen. pa mulugsuc, sulkily. {adverb} mundo, n. a very small yellow banana. inungt, n. hen. pa mmnga, v. to bear fruit. {from bunga}

Page  210 210 210 ~~~nab mungus. pa Mufigus, munuanan. pala muntuan-an, it. galley murug, v. growl. Muscad. pa- muscad, V. musingf, v. defille, dirty. musin`:aI, a. defilred. mus-MUS, VIt. ruin, improV'erish. Mutd, n. a humnor from the eyes. Mutid, n. pearl. mutoft, 7b. reel, pulfley. inutuwa, vdi. emergle from the water. mu-Ut. muyo. panga muy65, v. crave. muyo, muyung, a. still, limp, motionless. NT NA. na, now, at present, just, already. nA, there. na baligia, a. sold. {prefix} {adverb}

Page  211 211 nah nabang. {see tabang} na bangA, a. entertaining. na bantfig-an. {past of bantug} nabao. manAbao, a. shal'low. na ba-ti-an, heard. {past participle} na buyuc-an, n. inclination. na ca wa-an, n. aisle. nacuyang, v. lie, reclinte. nadlong. pa nadlong, v. go straight. {from tadlong} NAG. {sign of past indicative} NAGA. {sign of the present indicative} naga pang latoin, a. contargious. naga fis-us, v. slide down. na hamu-ut-an, a. loved. na ha nabaf, v. haptpen. {from tabu} n. eventt. na ha nungud, concernling. {preposition} Ifrom tungud} a. desert, due, bound for, belongting to. na ha pilit-an. na ha tabfl, n. event'. {same as na ha nabui} na ha tugiiud, concernting. na ha fina, a. first, the first. sa naha una, before, at first, fortmerly. na ha wa an, cleared. {past participle} na hi balo-an, known. nahon, pa nahon, n. fortune, time.

Page  212 nah 212 nan nahot, n. fiber, thread, shoe-string. na igo-an, n. bottom price, fair price, a bargain. na lakip, 'n. attached, trimmed. na libut-an, a. surrounded. nalihim, n. mystery. na lolot-an, n. loved, cherished. na luyag-an, a. dear, desired. naman. {na man} nami, n. savor. {same as namit} wa-ay nami, n. insipid. namlkit, n. savor. ma namit, a. good, savory, [food]. nainon, our, ours. tgenitive of calmi, used as subject with passive verbs)} cf. amon nampuay. pa nam puay, v. lean one's head on his hand. a. buried in his hands, [head]. {from hu-ay} nan, therefore. nan1i, n. matter, subrstance. nafiao. pa naiao, v. forercast. n. forersight. annam, ma nanam, a. pal'atable. nanay, n. mother. nanca, n. bread fruit. NANG. {nag pang nang d6. pa nang do, v. consent. pag dill pag pa nang dO, v. dis'approv'e.

Page  213 nan 213 nau nang, hacroy, sighed. {past from pang hacrog} nang, has, dared, durst. tpast from pang has} nangin, turned to. {sign of conversion} nangin tacus, a. changed so as to be worthy. nano? what? what! na numpa, swore, took oath. {past from sumpa} na-og, go down. {see na-ug} naong, n. face. na pulo, ten, 10. na pulog, [napulo cag]. nas-nas. nas-nas sang ca aga-hon, n. dawn. na sambit, a. mentioned, afore-mentioned. n. con'tents. nasum-uran, a. tasteless, disgusted. na sihud, a. snared. {past of sihud nasioin, n. naftion. na tabun-an, covered. {past participle from tabun} na tam-an, too much, exceeded. {past participle of tama} na tampad, a. opposite opposed. na tapic, n. adjunct, stuck on, adhered. na ta-uhan, I. birth. na tingala, v. wondered at, admired. na tuman, obeyed; carried out. na-ug, v. cloth, dress. n. old clothes, garment. na-ug. pa na-ug, v. come down, descend, go down, alight', get off' [horsel.

Page  214 214ng nga na-ung, n. coun~tenance. na wad-an, a. pen'niless, needy. {from wala' nawong, n. face, count~enance. NAY, to himself. {suffix naya, V. ma naya-naya, a. agreelable, mild. nayoc. ma nayoc-nayoc, a. extreme [distancel. nkayon, towards, in that direc'tion. I{preposition and adverb} dini nayon, on this side of. didto nayon, beyondf, on the other side of. negocio, n. business. Uga, that, as, so that. jjsign of apposition 11 who relative pronoun nrga-a, why? how? how so? Hanti nga-a naa nag dugay ca P Then why did you come late? nga-a man P Why how so? ngabil, n. lip. naag. pang ngthas, v. dare. IlIgsian, n. name. ngalag-ngagr, n. pal'ate. ngalap, n. pina ngalap, n. a charm, fetih aiflt iaglical power from buried piece of cruf cifix. nga1imogY. pa nga limog, v. gar'gle. jnAii therefore, but.

Page  215 nga 215 nia hinono-o ngani, dapat ngani, ngdway, ngayan, ngil-ad, there fore. theretfore. n. soltdier, wartrior. V. V. maca ngilil-ad, v. disgust'; be offen'sive, disfigure. a. repug'nant. na ngil-aran, a. disgustred. nglpon, n. tooth. ngil~6, n. gum (in the mouth). ngita, v. pa ngita, v. seek, search for, look for, hunt for. n. occupaltion, bus'iness, trade. ano ang pa ngita mo P what are you looking for? ngit-ngit. ca ngit-ngit-an, n. heat-ache, bitter pain. ma ni*t-ngit, a. painful, heart-rending. ma niAt-ngit con dum-dum-on, painful recollections, heart-breaking. ngol6-ngolO, v.i. hes'itate [in action]. faltter [in speech]. ngorub, n. growl. v. purr, growl. pala ngorub, a. growling [dog]. pang ngurus, v. cross oneself. nguy-nguy, n. sob. nha! aha! ni, {sign of genlitive, used with proper nouns} ang monyeca ni mildred, mildredas doll. nui. {genitive (possessive) of sia}

Page  216 216 ang iya nga bala9, his house. bala9 nia, his house. {better niya} niani, already, yet. tub-tub niain, heretoforfe, for/merly. niblao. nicasug. pa nicasug, v. oblige, procure solic'it. from ticasug } nihul. {see tihul} nilil-ad. {see nigilil-ad} nilong. pa nilong, v. shelter. {from silong nmgag. pa nini1ag-tingag, v. play eaves dropper. niil'yo, of you, yours, your. {gentitive (possessive) of camo6, follows its noun} nipa, n. nipa. nipa-nipa', n. a kind of fish, salt water eel. 'lipis. ma nipis, a. thin. ca nipis, n. thinness, delicacy. nipol. ma nipol-on, a. round. ca nipol-on, n. roundIness. niwang. naga niwang, v. lose flesh, grow thin waste away. ma niwang, a. thin, slim, gaunt, lean, lank, in poor flesh, run downt. ma niwang-on, a. thinner. ca niwang, n. leantness, lanktness. niya, his, her, hers, its. {possessive pronoun, follows its noun}

Page  217 nub 217 nut nubli, v. pa nubli, v. inher'it. {from subli} pala nubli-on, n. inhertitance. pina nubli, n. leg'acy. nubo. ma nubo, a. low (not high), grave [voice]. amar-amat sing ma nubo, grow low'er and low'er. ma nubo nga bill, a. cheap. nues, n. nut. nugid. {from sugid} pa nugid, v. tell, relate, confess'. nulay. pa nulay. {from sulay} nuloc. pa nuloc, v. look sharp. {from tuloc} nulog. pa nuilug, v. retiree, go to bedf. {from tulog} numbong. pa numbong, v. complaint. Ifrom sumbong} nung-sung. pa nung-sung, v. dare, stem, breast, go against, [wind, current]. Ifrom sung-sung} nus-i.ns v. scour, scrub, rub. nutuc. pa nutuc, v. knock, rap.

Page  218 218 oha 0 0, or. oban-on, obispo, obod, obra, obug, obus, ocag, ocasioni, ocban, ocob, a. hoarry. n. Bish'op. n. cough. v. cough. n. heart, pith, (of plants). n. work, occupation, business. v. wade. v. same as " ubus." n. pride, haughtiness. n. opportutnity. n. a kind of tree. v. bite and not let go [people biting people]. n. a kind of clam. n. noon. n. a species of spider. n. string (in a sweet potato), fiber. n. a kind of fish. tn. vein. n. shoot. v. increase. n. sea-eel. v. plant. a. medicinal plant. n. spike, head of grain, ear of corn. v. pierce, make holes through. ocpan, oato, oato-oato, oganot, ogapang, ogat, ogbos, ogdo, ogdoc, ogdoc, ohas desini, ohay, ohang, Note: Ifn lot listed under "0," look under " U."

Page  219 oha 219 olo ohand, n. hole. 6hong, n. an edible, mushrroom. ola, v.i. spill. olan, n. rain, shower. olang, n. dec'apod, ancestors. {see ulang} olnndes, n. albitno. ole-Anon, a. decrep'it, child'ish, perverse, repeating se'nile, enfeebtled, doting, gartrulous. n. dotage, senil'ity. ol6he, olihi, behind, later, after. {adverb sang olehe, afterwards. ca olehe-an, n. the future, future events, postertity. tiil nga pang olehe, hind foot. oli-anon, a. decrepit. {see ole-anon} oliba, n. olive. olin (sa sacayan), n. poop, stern (of a ship). 6ling, n. coal. olipon, a. slave. olitao, n. bachtelor. OLO, almost. {a syllable inserted} l1o, n. head. pag sa olo, v. commit, to memory. sa olo, by memlory, by heart. ang pag pang olo, n. stewlardship, leardership. olo-olo, v. conciltiate, propitiate by sweet words, persuade, tease, appease. a. mild, gentle, conciliatory. Note: If not found under "0," see under "U."

Page  220 olo 220 ona pang ol6-olo, v. fawn on. pang olo, n. chief, host. a. fore/most. Olob, v. pare. olobra, diutay nga olobrahon, small job. olog, v. praise. sa olog, v. be kept, be observed. 61og-1log, v. flatter, mol'lify, cajol'e. olomafon, a. {see oleanon} {guimbal dialect} oloi, v. reclinre, lean back. olon-an, n. pil'low, boltster. olon-olon sang humay, n. bran. olot. sa olot, between'. olbo, v. spring. olbo, n. spring. olu, {see olo} pang olu-olf, v. mollify, appeas'e, pac'ify. oma, n. seed sowing, country. om al abut, n. adtvent. om al Agi, n. atlien. omid, v. comlplicate. omamba6, n. large yellow banana. 6na, v. to precedle. sa onhan, beyond', aheadf, on beforef, in the lead, in advance, in front. {adverb} beyond, on the other side of. {preposition Note: If not found under " O," see under " U."

Page  221 ono 221 oya 6nod, n. context, flesh, meat. {see unod} ma onod, a. thick, fleshy. Onos, n. gale. opA, n. chaff. opao, n. bald. opisio, n. busriness. 6ras, n. hour, time. oras-ani, n. clock, watch. orog, v. tremlble. orond, v.i. stop spellbound, stop in amaztement. na orond an, a. perplexed, spellbound. 6rot, v.t. consumte, finish, take all, use up, take what is left. osa, n. deer. osay. osbong, v.i. evaporate. osioso, a. gawky, gaping, staring. oto. pang hing oto, v. pick out, pluck, (lice). pang otol, v. pick out. {from cuto} otoc, n. brain. Otod, n. brother. otSd, v. cut off, cut in two (transversely). pang otol, v. pluck out, pick out. otot, v. break wind. oto&-otoy sang cadlao, v. laugh too much. owa&, n. rattant. oy! Hey there! Look here! Hello! oyang, v.t. waste. Note: If not found under " O," see under "U."

Page  222 222 pac oyang, oyang, oyang-ya, oyas, oya~, oyon, oyong, owa, owang, n. residtuum, leavings, waste. n. grandniother. n. belladontna. n. grain. n. lazy. v. fit. {see uyon} n. grandtfather. n. grandtfather or grandtmother. n. outtcry. PA, toward. {prefix} pa banua co, I am going to town. PA, cause, make. {prefix} pa. {sign of comparative degree} madamol pa sa sini, thicker than this. pa, yet, else, besides. {adverb} sifi-o pa P who else? pA-a, n. leg, lap. pa agsa, v. let on shares, rent out on shares. pa alagisod, {see alagisod} pabilo, n. lamp wick. pabo, n. turkey. paca', n. tree-toad, frog. Note: If not found under " 0," see under " U."

Page  223 223 pad PACA. {prefix} [pa ca]. pa ca duha, n. second cousin. pa ca isa, n. couslin.,pacal, v.t. stab (with down stroke, the blade being next to the little finger). pacalas, pacaras, n. har'row. pacang, n. short paddle used by washerwomen. pacang-an, n. sword-fish. pacao, n. crank. pacafthi, v. clean the ears. paco, n. an edible fern. paco-paco, n. a fern not edible. pac6, n. sleeve. pa c6lo, a. packed (on horse back). pacolong, n. pacot. manug pacot, n. fortune-teller. pacras, pacriS, n. a scratch, slight wound. paIC-pac, v. flap (wings), slap, spank, whack. n. wing. paladpac, v.t. clap (hands), applaud, cheer. v.i. flap [sail]. palac pac-an, a. winged. pama la6pac, v. flap the wings. [rooster]. pacta-acon, n. pa cut, v.t. divinre, have a presentiment. padrino, n. best man. pad-pad. paladpad, v.i. float, wave, [flag]. pa dul-ong, v. be conveyed, steer.

Page  224 pad 224 pak pa dufiug, v. honror, celebral pa-et, n. bitterness. PAG, to. {prefix, PAGA, shall be. {prefix, sign PAGCA, to be. padi (nga dahon-ai), n. sting ray. pag-on. be., sign of infinitive}. of future passive} {prefix} ma p, pagsi6, ma p, pagsoc, pagti6, pa-gut, paha, pahat, pAhid, mug pahimu; pahug, ag-on, a. firm. v. ward off. agsic, a. skillful. v. to plant. {pag ogdo v. ward off. v. to snap. n. belt. n. porltion. v.t. wipe. panahid, n. towel, wiping cloth. yong, a. steady, quiet. n. mango. v.t. intimlidate, bullly, intimidate, bulfly. v. clas'sify, arrange. aloof,. {adverl pain, v. classify. c} pa-in, pa-in, pain b} pa-it. ma pa-it, a. astringent, bitter. paki, a. maimted. PAKIG, try to secure, implove (mercy) draw out (conversa'tion), solicit (help), win (friendship). { prefix pakilimos, v. beg.

Page  225 pak 225 pal pakinhason, n. clams, oyfsters. {all varieties} PALA. {prefix} = pala. pala, v. extinguish, eraste, aboltish, rid. pala, v. to shovel. n. shovel. pala-pala, n. bower. pala antus-on, crim'inal. pa labi-labi-hon, a. proud. palac, v. jump and shake oneself. pIlad, n. palm (of hand). palad, ma la-in nga palad, bad luck. palaran, a. forttunate, luckfy. v. be successful. ca palaran, n. fortune. palad, n. a kind of fish. palad-palad, n. prickly pear, cacetus. palagtica, n. a kind of grass. pala halaban, n. pasture. pala halad, v. to make offering. pala mula, v.i. blush, redden, flush. pala nago-an, n. breast work. {from tago} palangga. palanggas-an, n. field, sowing, planted crop. palang icog, n. crup'per. palang-palang. pala nublion, n. inheriitance. {from subli} pala-pala, n. bower. palapa onulag, a. furious. palaran, a. happy, fortunate, successful, lucky. v. succeed'.

Page  226 226 pam capa laran, n. hap'piness, for'tune palareho, palatugnan, n. foot. paia-ul;. palayas, n. alcove. paldias, n. hat-brim. palhit, v. daub. pali, v.i. heal. papali, v.t. heal. pa libot, about, out around. pa ligid-ligid, v. roll. pa ligiron, v.t. roll (fish) in (flou pa ligos, pa ligo, v.t. bathe. pa ligos-an, n. a bathing place. palinpin. * {from pa-uli} {adverb} r). ifrom ligid } tfrom digos} palis, n. hoop or binding around a splitting mast, etc. palito, n. tooth-pick. palo, v. pound, hamtmer. n. hammer, stick, gavel, paddle. pdlo, n. mast (of a ship). pal-oc, n. blister. palong, v.t. put out (a light). napalong, a. extinguished, extinct, put out. palos. ang pag panging palos, n. resignation. pangin palus, v. exttricate. pa lupad, v. to fly. palumba, n. race, running race. paluyag, v. play tricks, act, [dog]. pamadpad, v. spin.

Page  227 227 Pam patmahao, pamagrat, pamaha-ofi, pamahog, pamahuy, parnala hibo, parnalafidong, pamala~, pamalibad, pamal6,, pcamanday-an, patitangcot, pala pamangcot, pamarbas, pamatan-on, pamati, pamatO, pamibig. pamfica, pamudiot, pamisuc, pamucad, I pamuluc, pamulugs-ft, pamulot, pamunfa, pamuni, n. braft {from bahao} n. ghost, spook. v. to sneeze. {fromn baha-onjl it. ghost. n. ghost. n. feathter. v. con~template, pon~der. n. group of houses, hamflet. {from bala '1 v. refus'e. {from balibad} v. to crow. n. forge. v. to ask. n. interroga'tion. v. shave. {from. barbasi n. young man. {from bata} v. hear, listen. { from ba ti}I n. sinker. ifrom bate'} Ifrom bi big,.i. start out very early, get an early start. V. pick up between thumb and ends of fingers, gathler. v. wink, blink. I{from pisuc} 7.i. flour1 ish. {from bucad} v. bloom. a. mad, very angry, infu'riated. v. pick up, gather. V. v. adornf.

Page  228 228 pan pamunit, v. angle, fish (with pole and line). {from bunit} pamuno, n. begin'ning. v.t. initiate, began'. pamfusod, v. go to the privy, go out. n. corfner. PANA, [pana]. pans n. artrow. pana-ad, v. promise. {from sa-ad } panabang, n. prayer for dying. panabat, v. answer, offer objections, demurr. {from sabat} panabi-tabi, v. excuse. {from tabi-tabi} panacao, n. theft. {from tacao} panacay-on, v. come over the sea. {from sacay} ang pag panacayon, jourfney, cruise. panacut, n. spices. panagadsad, v. explorer. panagalng, v. defend' oneself. {from sagang} n. defence'. panagat, v. fish (with long line). {from dagat} mananagat, n. fisherman. panaghoy, v. lament', deplorer, sigh for. {from sag'hoy} panitga, v. hide oneself, secret oneself. {from tago} panago-an, n. hi'ding place. palanago-an, n. breast'work. panag-on, season. {from dag-on} panagtag, v. disburs'e, distrib'ute. give one a piec'e. {from tag-tag} panagubilin.

Page  229 229 pan panagutsu, v.i. clack, cluck, (with the tongue). panahid, v. fish (with a net). panhon, n. forrtune. panahof, v. gam'ble. panalabiton, lamentt. panalagan, n. race. {from dalagan, run} panalgan, n. floor, story. panalao, v. be daunfted, quail. {from talao} discourrage, demortalize. ang pag panAlao, despon'dency. panafmcon, v. conceive, (idea), gen'erate. ang pag panamcon, n. concep'tion. panamilit, v. take one's leave, depart', dismissr. panaming, v. shield. {from taming} panampoc, v. beat the breast. panan-ao, v. foresee', appear', seem. panan-aon, n. illusion. {from tan-ao] panafgiis, v. weep. panafnlit, for exam'ple. pananglit-an, n. ad'age, examtple, intstance. pana-og, v. come down', descendt, alight'. panapton, n. clothes, garb. panas, v. eraste, rubout'. dili ma panas, a. indel'ible, fast [color]. inug panas, n. eratser. pana-ug, v. alight', come down, descend'. panaug sa cabayo, dismount', get offt. panawag, v. call. {from tawag} pindaug, v. win. patnday. (sa cahoy), n. car'penter.

Page  230 pan 230 pan pamanday-an sang cahoy, n. carpenter-shop. pamanday-an sang salsalon, n. black-smithshop. pandug, n. stocks [in prison]. PANG. {prefix, denoting PANGA. pang-a, n. hook [on the end of a pole]. pang-a, n. lever, hook, Lon a loom]. pang aba#, v. crave. pang ac6, a. amenrable. panga linyas, v. to wind. panga, muy6, v. crave. panganod, n. air, either, white cloud. pandao, n. hook. patncot, v. ask. pamangcot, v. ask. pala pamangcot, a. inquistitive. pangdan, n. screw-pine. pang-has, v.i. dare. pang hfina-hfina, v. imagrine. PANGIN. pangin lu-as, v. evade. {from lupangn tahap, v. pa ngita, v. seek, hunt for, look for. n. bus'iness. pang-it, v. gnaw, nibble [mice]. panggal, n. pan-gas, v. plant in hills. pang gas, v. plant in hills. pang blo, n. host (at table), chief, leader, pang otol, v. pare., eftfort} as, free} boss.

Page  231 pan 231 pal: pang-pang, n. high river-bank, bank. pang-pang nga bato, n. cliff. pangughad, v. PANI. paniiaga, it. dintner. v. dine, eat dinner, have dinner. paniAga-hafi, di'ning-room. pani bfA-ut, n. chartacter, discre'tion..panicang, n. gait, going. panicas, v. steal. Ifrom ticas} paniApon, n. sup'per, tea. panicasug, v. to interest. panicma, v. blow the nose. {from sicmna panicma sa punot, venture. {from ticimna paniguro, n. secur'ity. {froml seguro} panihul, v.t. whistle (tune). pani-id. {from ti-id} ang pag pani-id, n. exper'iment. pinani-iran, n. expetrience. learn from observattion pick up. '[{follow another's exanlple. panilag, v. observre, spy on, experfiment. panilag-an, n. watch. look out for. {imperative} ang pag panilag, n. experiiment. walay pinanilagan, n. inexpe'rience. panimah8, v.t. smell, sniff. [babo]. panimalay, n. kindred, family. panimprano, v.i. to be early, [tenprano]. panindac, v. kick. Ifrom tindac} paninghot, v. to smell. {from singhot}

Page  232 232 pan paning-oha, v. to take interest, make a careerr. paning hawac, paninoy, paninsoro, panio, paniog-tiog, panipon, panit, panit, {from ting uha} a. akimrbo. {from hawac} n. godfather. v. fish (with a large net). n. handkerchief. tbetter pafiyo} n. irdler. {from tiog-tiog} n. a cold v. catch cold. n. treat. v. peel, pare. n. skin, leathler. panit sang tinapay, n. crust. panitsit, v.i. hiss. pan lacat-an, n. jouriney. pan libang, n. diarrhoe'a. pan lihit-lihit, v. go here and there. pan lingao-lingao, v. divert'. panlugayao. panocofi, v.t. to pole. {from tucuin} panocs6, question. {from tocso} panoctoc, v. knock. {from toc-toc} pantalan, n. dock, wharf, landing. pantalon, n. pantaloonst. paftao, plat'form, porch, table-land. pantoc, v. ca pantoc, n. diligence. pantog, n. testicle. panubli, v.t. inher'it. {from subli} panubli-on, n. inheriitance, legracy, bequest'.

Page  233 pan 233 pan panfica, n. nausea. {from suca} v. vomit, be sick to one's stomach. panuctuc, v. knock, thump. {from tuc-tuc} panudlo, v. teach. {from tudlo} panug-an, promfise. pa nug-mao, v. put to soak. {from tugmao} panu-igon, n. seaston, time, season for crops, weathter. {from tu-ig} panulak, v. to tempt. {from sulay} n. tempta'tion, devyil. panulong, v.i. go and enter a dance, go and join a game. {from sulong} panuloc, v. foreseef, glance ahead. tfrom tuloc} n. sight, eyetsight. panumbong, v. claim, complaint, demand', accuser. jfrom sumbong} panumdum, n V. panumduman, panufpa, panung, panuigay, panungsunf,. thought. to think, recall'. {from dum-dum} n. memory. v. swear (in court). {from sumpa} n. gang, flock, swarm, herd drove, shool, crowd. v. hook, horn, gore. {from sungay} v. face, dare, breast. {from sung-sung} panupla, v. spit, expec'torate. {from dupla' paga panu-y8', a. desperate. panuwayang, v. to fish with a very small net. panyaga, n. dinner. v. eat dinner, have dinner. pafiy8, n. handtkerchief.

Page  234 pao 234 pas pa-on, v. to bait a hook. pa-os, a. hoarse, husky. pa oyon, v. taste (of food). papag, n. lattice. papas, v. extinguish, eradicate, devtastate, exterfminate. papel, 7. paper. papel de carta, note paper. pap-ha, n. steps (?) para iso, paracol, n. diutay nga paracol, n. hat/chet. parag, v.t. hasten, hurry. parAo, n. outrigger sail-boat. par6ha, n. a couple. pareho, e'qual, as, the same as, just like. pareho sang, just like the. Difitay lang mag pareho, Almost alike, aboutt the same. acon negocio pareho sa imo, my bus/iness as well as yours. pari, n. priest. parienite, n. reltative. paris, v. to pair, mate. parol, n. street-lamp. parte, v. share, divide'. pasad v. create', estab'lish, plant, found. manug pasad, n. founder, establisher. pasahi, v. except (?) pa sal1, v. remain, be left. pasan, v. carry on shoullder, shoulder.

Page  235 235 pat pa sapayan, a. free-hand, rough. {see sapayan} pasar. ca pasar-an, n. founda'tion (of house). pasayan, n. shrimp. Pascua, n. Christ'mas. pasi, n. a grain of unhulled rice in a lot of hulled rice. pasia6, n. whistle (wooden or metal). pasiaf, v. walk, go for a walk, go out walking. n. walk, stroll. pasipayan, v. neglect'. paslao, v. baffle (?) paso, n. trace. capaso, v. flare. paso6, n. comfit, sugary stuff. pasong, n. hectare, 10,000 square meters. pasungan, n. vat, mantger pig-trough, cra'dle. pa sunud, n. order (sequence). patadiong, it. native skirt. patag, n. fallow field. ca patag-an, n. glen (?) pa tama, v. aim, be too much. {see tanla} pitas, n. a tie game, a tie. v. come out etven. pstayr, v. extinguish [light], kill. a. d&ad. ca patal, v. die. maca pata~, v. kill. maca mamatay, a. fattal. na pata4, a. dead. minata&, one who has died, the dead.

Page  236 pat 236 pat pati, n. believe. dili mapati, a. incredible. patihon mo ina! do that! pati, together with, at the same time. patio, v. patic-an, n. pa ticang, n. mode, way. {see ticang' pating, n. dog-fish, small shark. patio, n. graveyard, cemetery. patioc, n. pation, v. to kill. pa tilic-an, n. windllass. patis, n. brine (?) patita, v.t. show. pato, n. duck. pato, v. orig'inate, invent', have my own way, follow one's own inclinattion. pato6, v. hit, strike. n. (a long) handle, axe-helve. patoc, v. establish. ca patoc, n. invent'. patol, v. indi ma patol, a. irresistiable. patong, v. sit or alight (like a bird). pa to-on, v. to aim. {see to-on} pa to-on, v. educate. patbtot, n. harllot, whore. past-pat, v. describre. pat-att, sang dulun-an, v. to bound a country. dili ma pat-pat, a. indefinite.

Page  237 pat 237 per pat-pat sang matu-od, v.t. defin'e. ang pat-pat sang matu-od, n. definittion. patuba4, v. to hartvest. patubas,;. harlvest, crop, yield. patug-siling, i. con'science. v. consid'er, anticipate, be considerate, be thoughttful of others, do as you would be done by. walay patug-siling, a. hearttless, inconsidlerate. pa ubus, v. to humble. {see ubus} pa uli, v. returnt, come back. pawA. ca pawa, n. light, radiance, brilliance. na umpawan, v. come to one's self. pawican, n. sea-turtle. paya, n. paya-ofi, a. boy'ish. paSa, n. tuba cup made fronm half of a cocoanut shell. payag, n. hut, hovtel. payag-payag, n. hut, shed, crib. pay-al8. paya-oin, a. boyish. pa-ong, n. umbreltla. pay pay, v. becklon. peligro, n. danger. perlas, n. pearls. permigi, often. {adverb} pero, but. {cf. apang} {coujunction} perr6ra, n. ksnnel.

Page  238 per 238 pil persesa. petimini, n. a dark rose with pointed petals. petic, n. reins (for a horse). petroleo, n. kerosene. {cf. gas} piador, a. amentable. pi-ang, a. lame, crippled (leg). v. limp. piang-piang, v. to pretend to be lame. piniang, n. hitch [in gait]. pico, n. a certain game. pico-pico, n. hop-scotch. picas (sa guya), n. freck'le. picas-on, a. freckled. pic-pic, v. to pat. picuit, v. pick up in ends of thumb and first finger. pierde, a. lost ca pierde-han, n. loss, damage. pigao, a. weak. pig-hole, n. clod. pigtot, n. base of spine. pilhae, v.t. to open, to halve, split. sa piha6 cag sa piha6, on one' side and on the other. gican sa pihac cadto sa pihac, to and fro, here and there, from side to side. ca piha6, n. half. pikit, n. bale (around a cask), hoop, binding. pila? how much? pila ca bilog? how many? pila de bautismo, n. font.

Page  239 239 pa sang pila ca adlao, a. few days ago. sang pila ca bulan, a. few months ago. pilac, n. money. pila6, v. throw, fling. pilas, n. cut, wound from a knife, gash. v. cut, wound, gash. pili, v. choose, pick out, select'. M. choice. walay gina pili-an, a. imparltial. ang pag pili, n. elec'tion. pinili, a. choice, selectted. pilili-on, n. choice. piili-on, a. eltigible. dili pilii-on, a. incl'igible. pilipig, n1. flaked rice. pilii, v. stick to, adherfe. ma pilit, a. stickty. mug pa pilit, n. glue, mucilage, paste. pilit, v. compelt, obligee. maca pilit, n. incentive. na pilit, a. compelled, obliged. pi16o, v to fold (paper), turn up, roll up. pililo-an, n. fold, crease, cuff. pilwac-piwac-afi, n. flank. PINA, (=pina P) pina abut, n. effectt. pina ca ma ta-as, n. high priest. pinacas, n. dried fish. pina dala, n. messenger, apostle. {from dala, send} paina babi, a. altertnative. {Look for labi}

Page  240 pin 240 pin pinalang-ga, a. favorite. pinali-an, a. healed. pina lAya', enfeebled. {fron pinamunu-an, n. good haul. pina ngyam-ani, n. game. pilan!-iran, n. education, experience. {from pali} a liuya, weak} {from ayarn}l from pani-id { pinanil agan, pinas-an, pina sagahay, pina sahi. n. experience. on the shoulder. was shed forth. pina tawad, pardoned. pindac, v. monopolize. pingcao, a. crippled [arm ], naimed, partalyzed. piniga, n. manfs yoke for carrying loads. manug ping-ga, n. carrier, cootlie. piniggani, n. plate, dishes. pinilo-afi, n. cuff (on coat), roll, fold. pinolofigan, said. pin-ot. ma pin-ot, a. oppressed, tight. pinotos, n. parcel, packrage. {better pin pm-pmi, v. palinpin. pinsoti. pintal, v. to bolt (a door), fasten (by locking) autos} I put a weight on, weight. pii'tas, v. to worry, martyrize, harm, abuse. ma pintas, a. fierce, wild, fero'cious, cross, inclement [weath'er], rough.

Page  241 241 241 ~~Pam pintoc, n. dot. pinucan. {seE pinucilan, n. stump. pinun-an. pinung-yot, nt. bunch. pinuttis, n. bundle (covered), package, I piniya, n. pine~apple. pi-od, v. furl, wrap. piong-piongr, a. sleepy. piononon, n. rolls (cakes). pi..ot, V. ma pi-Ot, a. big'oted, oppres'sive, grim. pi^-pi^, u. clay, small pieces of disin'tegrated rock. n. soap bark. v. slap. pisa, v.t. in'lay. it. brick. Ipucan} )ar~cel. Pisan, v. ca pisan, n. dil~igence, indus~triousness. ma pisan, a. industrious, busly, dilligent, pisang. piscantef'o, n. driver. pisngri, n. side-wbiskers. Pisi, n. fish-linie. pisi6, v. frisk, gam'bol, bound. piskilkoni, a. gnarly. Pisa.) n. chicken (little). piso, v. turn (at surface of water) [Uis piSo6, v. wink, blink. pamisuo, v. wink, blink. hi].

Page  242 242 pisot, n. pispis, n. bird. balafon nga pispis, n. fowl. pitic, v. drive (carabao), snap the fingers. pitic sang carabao, n. line, rope for driving. pito, v. whistle (tune). pito, seven. pito-pito, n. game of tag, hide and seek. ca pito-an, seventy. icapito, seventh. pi-ui, v. fold (cloth). pi-ut, ca pi-ut, defficulty. ma pi-ut, n. difficult, narrow, bigloted. piyong, piyong-piyong, a. platero, n. cupboard for dishes, silversmith. plete, n. fare, freight-charges, passage money. pocol, v.t. strike together, hit together. poctol, v.t. pick (fruit etc.), gather. poeta, n. potet. pog6ta, n. otctopus. polo, n. a handle. polo, n. an island. polong, v. say. i. word, dilalect. pakig polong-polong, v. communte, converste, consultl, confer/. ang pag plnolong-polong, n. conversaftion. polo pamisoc, v. wink. polos. {see pulus}

Page  243 243 puc p6lot. {see pulut} pongco, v. sit. pong-pong, n. nose gay, bunch. pon6, a. full, replete. {see puno} pono-an, n. president, chief. pOrong-porong, n. crown. posar, v. rest. pospas, n. soup. potiocan, n. bee. bala, sang potiocan, n. bee-hive. potoc, n. potoc-potoc-an, n. mountain peak. potro, n. colt. powac, n. throat. prasco, n. large square bottle. prenda, in. security, guaranteef, article pawned principal, a. chief, n. capfital. prision, n. pris'on. priso, n. capftive, pris'oner. prito, a. fried. protestante, a. protlestant. mangin protestanite, n. a protestant. puac, n. gorge. p6-ad, v.t. uproot'. puang, n. cradle. pu-asa, n. a fast. v. to fast. ang pag puasa, n. fasting. puc! thud! bang! bung! pucan, v. put down. ca pucan, v.i. tumble.

Page  244 puc 244 pul pucao, puclid-puclid, puclo, pucot, puc-si, pinuc-si-an, pudlan, pinudlan, pud-pud, pudya, pudyot, v.t. to make one awake out of sleep, rouse, awake. n. pull-ball. n. pelvis. n. net. v. pick, pluck, pull up. a. broken (stems).?n. n. stump. v.t. shell (corn). n. crumb. v. take. v. pick up (with the end of the thumb and two fingers). puefta, n. door. puerta-han, n. gates. puerta-hon, n. door/way. pugSi, v. squeeze, compress', clasp, choke, wring. pfiga, n. the ground, clod. pfigad, n. nest. pugawa, n. woof. pug-is, n. scar, whiteness of a scraped surface. pugone, v. abstainr, interruptl, hold, keep back, refrain from, retainl, contain'. pugsA, a. plowed. pugsac, v. slam down, throw down violently. puha. puhunain. pula, a. red. ma pula-pula, a. flotrid.

Page  245 245 pul pulac, m. one-fourth of a ganta. pulao, r~. watch, keep awak'e. pulgoada, it. inch. puiling, ni. mote. pulo, n, ten, handle. pulog, v. paint, gild. pinulog, a. gillded. pulsO, n1. wrist. pulft, mb. itsland.pulu-dnon, a. in'sular. pulud, v.t. cut down (tree). pulugsfr pulun, Vt. wind up, coil. pululun-an, n. perch, pulun-aii, n. windlass. pulun-dan, m. windlass. pttlungc6-an, it. chair, seat. pulung-yot, it. puIu9, it. 5uccessT. a. useful. way sing pulu~, wali sing pulu~', in vain, unsuccess'ful (ly). wala', ca puslan-an, a. fu'tile. ca puslan-an, n. usefulness, value. may pulus, worth whill, successrful. nano pulu', of what use. pfllut, v. take. pulut, v. pulut-an, a. hidden. puluy-an, it. home, habita'tion. pulvera, n. pow'der. pulvus, n. powder.

Page  246 pum,26 u 246 pun Pumi, content. pumiduyo, in. inhab'itant. pui-na ii. knit'ting. punanmilit, v. leave. punan. pinun-an. pi'inao, it. claim (ocean). pfinao-punao'on, almost out of sight. punay, n. turtle-dove. pundo, v. anch'or. pulundfi-han, n. haven, ancb'orage. punebfe, it. dirge. punga"", V. lisp. pungra-pungrangro, it. stein. pungao, V. gina pungao, V. be lonely without. pun~ct, v. sit, sit down. pungco-an, n. seat. pulungr-co-an, U. pung-gan. dili ma pung-gan, a. ungov'ernable, uncontrol'lable. pung-git, n. a game. pung-god, it. black'head. pung-pung (sang bulac), it. bunch (of flowers). bouquet', clus'ter, nosefgay. pungr-San, n. knot (of hair). pung-ut, n. catarrh, a cold. v. catch cold. punnif, v.t. adornf, deck, trim. n. decoratijon or'nament.

Page  247 pam 247 pus pamuni, v. adorn'. puni' sa liog, n. string of beads. piino, n. clump, cluster, hill. v. fill, hill up. pun6' (sang), repletle, full. puino, n. trunk (of tree). pftn, n. chief, leader. puno-all, n. governor, president, chief. punong, n. dyke, dam. v. obstruct', block upS, stop upr, bar. punsion, 1n. company, party, spread, feast. punsoc, v.t. group. punsu&'. punta, In. point (of a pencil) (of land) (of sword). punteria, v. to aim. punto, n. a period. punu-an, n. govTernor. pun-ut, ni. fish-corralt, weir. puiga, n. catharttic, purtgative. puriacot, v. babble. purung, n. crown. purong-purong, n. halo. purung-purung nga bulac, n. gar'land. puruy, IL. puss, v. crack (a nut). pusda, v. to stamp with. pus-dac, v. to bounce. pusnga, v. squal [pig], low [cow], bray [donkeys]. puslit-onf, a. droll.

Page  248 pus 248 pusod, n. navel, corner. pamusod, v. go to the choslet, go out. pus-on, nL. abdotmen. pusud, n. corrner. puti, v. disumember. n frag'ment. puti, v. whiten. na putlt, a. white. ca puti, n. white'ness. putic, n. whip. puti6, n. putlac, v. rise, flame [the sun]. putli, a. holy, pure. pag ca putli, n. chas'tity. puto, v.t. impov'erish, cook rice-meal in a banana leaf. pa puto, v. be poor. ca pfito, v. fail in busliness. pfitoc-putoc-ai, n. sunlmit, crest. putos, v. involvte, wrap up, enveltope, surroundr. pinutus, n. bundle, packrage, parrcel. putus, v.t. wrapupS, n. wraptper. putus' sang sulat, n. enrvelope. putut, a.n. short [person]. pu-ut, v. surpris'e. pu-ut, v. cease, stop, discontin'ue. ang pag pu-ut, n. constipation (sang ca sudlan). puya, n seed, offspring. {cf. liso, binhi} puy-as, v.t. poltish (rice). puyAsay, n. dispute'.

Page  249 249 red puyo, n. a kind of fish. pul'yo, v. liver at, dwell, inhabtit. purnzlfiyo, n. inhabitant. puyo-pfiyo, n. pocklet. puluy-an, n. home. puyot. mala puyot, a. thick. pwac, n. gorge. Q QV. quita. {Look for k } {look for kita} ragA-a, ragAma, ragoaroy, raha, rascal, rason, ray-us, reiles, redondil, R n. crash. n. crack'ling (noise). n. holly. n. slit, four-foot wood. n. ras'cal. n. a reaston. n. cart-wheel. n. ten dacus, one-eighth of a peso. n. lamp-mat.

Page  250 reg 250 sab regla, reguladores, relas, relihiofi, repara, retoldant, retrato, rinagimo, rifa, ri-it, mari-it, ri-ri, I roscas, rfighia, n. ruler. n. governors (of an entgine). n. grate. n. religion. v. obtaint, see. n. a small yellow banana. n. pho'tograph, picture. n. crackling (noise). n. raftfle. V. a. n.v. n. haunted (forest). gash. here. {antique dialect} S sa, of, to, for, from, with, in, at, along, by. sa imo, through you, by you, for you, you. sa-ad, v. promrise. sal-a, n. small cooking banana. sabac, n. lap. sabao, n broth. sablao, v. reprov'e. sabat,. answer (a letter, question), echo, reply'. pa silabat, v. intervenet.

Page  251 sab 251 sac sinabt-anay, heated discusrsion. dili masabat, a. unan'swerable. sab-it, v.t. hang (on a nail), hang up. salabit-an, n. rack, hat-rack. sablag, n. clog, hin'drance, check. v. hintder, interferle (with), embartrass, impedel, conflict1 (with) hamrper, obstruct' blockadte, barricad'e, put something, across ones way. wala' safilag, disengaged, unhinrdered. ca sablag-an, n. inconve'nience, impedirnent. na sablag-an, disengaged, unhnperded. sablay, v.t. hang something on a line, hang up, hang out. v.i. hang over, hang. sable, n. sword. sab-og, v. sow broadtcast. sabof, n. taste, flavor. sabot, v. ca sabot, seem. {Tagalog} sabud, n. seed-bed.?. plant a seed-bed. sabwag,v.t. scatter, sow broadcast, strew. saca', v. go up, climb up, come up rise [sun]. pa saca, v. irrigate. saca, n. [on moneyl interest, in1come, increase. satay, v. go aboardl, mount, embark1 ride, ride horseback (sa cabayo). sacay-an, all kinds of large boats, ship, boat. sacay-afon, n. sailor.

Page  252 252 sad saCbay, v.t. hug, embrace', put one's arm around anotherts waist. sacd, v. be quick, hie, hasten. ca saco, n. quick'ness. ma saco, quickly, quick. saco, i. sack. sacop, v. includ'e, contain. n. district, ward, section, coun~try refgion. sacot, v. mix (liquids). sacpan, v. sac-sac, v. salac-sac-an,. n. kingtfisher. sacsi, n.v. wittness. mangin sacsi, n. witnesses. sadia, v. to feast, rejoice. sulu sAdia, v.i. have a good time, enjoyl, themselves. ang ca sadia, n. alac'rity, fun, gladrness. ma sadia-hon, a. festal, festival [company of people]. ma sinadia-hon, a. cheer/ful jolly, genial, joyful. ca sadia-han, n. ca'pers, divernsion. -, v. romp. sadlab, n. flame. adlab, v. kindle. sadol, n. hoe. sad-sad. ca salad-sad, v. know thoroly, be master of. sadsaran, n founda'tion, sill. saido, once, for'merly, then, a while agog.

Page  253 253sa sa Ctl-$ dnay, sadto, once upon a time, once, formerly, a long while ago. cutub sadto, since then, tbereaffter. gican sadto tubtubcaron, ever since then. saaya, v. rejoicle. {see sa-dial saga, v. bale. sagrad, v. train, drill, prac'tice, exrie manug sagrad, n., drill-master, trainer, coach. sagaa, V. be cunning, shrewd. Sagahay, v. flow fast. sagait, v. chale. sagangr, nz. nask, fender, protector. v. ward offt, defendf. sagr-ang, n. chin, jaws. sag-butl n. trash, garbage, rufib sag-hao, v. glean. saghoy, V. panaghoy, vo. lament', deplore/. saghid, V. ang page saghid, angr pagr sagid, n. fric~tion. sagrilot. Smiging, n. banana. sagitsit, v.i. hiss. sag-noy, v. drag (a thing, one end on the ground). sag-ob, it. mnug sag-ob, n. jar. sag-sag, V. pa sagr-sagr, v. sagrua, n.cralfimony. v. miurse, take care of.

Page  254 sah 254 sal manug sagud sang cabayo, n. hostler, groom, stable-boy. saha, n. shoot. sahib, n. frantchise. sahi, n. course. pa sahi', v. be an exception. n. excepttion. iug pa sahi-an, n. excep'tion. sahaf, v. intrudre. n. intrusion. sailo, v. go across, to alter, change. sailo-sailo, v. to alternate. sakit, v.i. hurt, be injured. sakit, v.t. hurt, pain, ache. n. pain [of body or mind]. ca sakit, v. to ail. v.t. to harm. n. pain, grief. way ca sakit, in safefty, safe'ly, unharmed. ma sakit, a. paintful, sick. wala sing ca sakit, unharmed. na sakit aco, I am sorry. ma sakit sa olo, n. headtache. sala, v.t. craze, make delerious, render insante. salA', a. wrong, mistaken, incorrect'. n. mistakle, erfror, fault. v. be mistaken, make a mistakte. sala' nga haidong, sin, crime. walak sala, a. inrnocent. na ca sala', n. crimrinal. a. guil'ty.

Page  255 255 sal ang pag paca sala' sing daca'. paca sala, v. reprovte. ma sinalaypon, a. ma sinala-on, a. fallible, er'ring. walay pag sala, a. infal'lible, faultless. sala-way-on, a. incorrectt. maca sa sala, n. sinner. salS, v. filter. pa sAla, v. remain, be left. sala-anan, n. skimmer. salacay, v. invadre. salac-sa6-an, n. king'fisher. salad-sad, v. pen/etrate, understand'. sal-ag. ma sal-ag, bashtful. salag-ya-wan, n. large chicken-hawk. salakian, n. train of cars. salaligan, n. faith, contfidence, argent atgency, deltegate. salama [duro ca salama], too many irons in the fire, trying to do too many things at once. salamankero, n. ac'robat. sal&iinat, n. thanks, thank you. pa salamat, v. to thank, acknowl'edge. salamind, n. mirror, looking-glass. salamo, n. mixtule, confusion. a. sound of confused voices. v.t. mix together. salampati, n. dove. salapid, v. braid (hair, rope). n. braid of hair.

Page  256 sal 256 salapit, n. fifty centavos. salapi. sala-way-on, a. incorrect'. salaya. sali. sAli-sali, v. mix things. sali-agum, a. ambigluous. salibay, v. expel'. salica, v. ride. safiig, v. confid'e; expect confidently intrust', trust. pa salig, v. assurte, guarantee'. salalig-an, n. confidant'e. ang pag salig, n. contfidence, expecta'tion, faith. ma sinalidon, a. trustful. salili, n. al'cove. salili, v.t. to sub'stitutue, del'egate. saliinbo, n. ed'dy. salimo-ang, v. pa salimo-and, v. craze, make delerrious. ang pag salimf-ang, n. fren'zy. salipo6, i. ed'dy. salo, v. catch in the hands, (ball). sal8, v. shine [sun]. salsa, n. floor. salogsog. saloni, n. hall. salsa, n. gra'vy. sal-sal, v.t. hammer. manug sal-sal, n. silversmith. salsal-on, n. iron. manug salsal, n. blacksmith.

Page  257 257 sam salsay, n. vari/ety. salf, v. catch (b saludo, v. bow, sal saIn, n. floor'. salum, v.i. dive. salung, m. pitch, g salung-sung, n. a kind saluno, v. find. salup, v. set [sun salup, a. stuck fa salfipsup, v. absorbt, pa salupsup, v. inject'. sa luy6, on the other side. salvAhle, n. savrage. samad, v. break. all etc.). lutre. um of a tree. of fish. 1] (in mud). impreg'nate. samay, v. sahfibag, n. tamrarind tree. sa3m1bit, v. say, mention. na sambit, a. afore'said. sambo, v. grunt [pig]. sambud, v. girdle. ca sambud, n. part/ner. sami, v. frequentt, haunt. ma sami, a. fretquent. adv. genterally. pa sami, v. sam6, v. mix, adulterate. sam6-samo, n. mortar. samong, v. imped'e, bothler, hin'der. sampat-on, a. clevter. dili sampat-on, a. inefficient.

Page  258 slam 258 san sampinit, n. thorn. ca sampinit-an, n. thicket, briar-patch. sampong, v. sampoc, v. fight entwining necks [chicken] chiveh. sampuc maya, n. planet. sanasg, n. light. ma sanag, a. light, evrident, clear, plain. ca sanag, n. bright/ness. pa sanag, v. prove, illus'trate, brightten convince illutlinate. sancad, n. width. {better sangcad sancap, v. leath forth. san-co. san-col. sandad, v. slip, slip a cog. ca sanidad, v. floun'der. sanday. sandia, n. watermelon sandig, v. lean against, be tipped up against sandig-an, n. plow-shoe. sandoc, v. inug sandoc, n. dip'per. saig, after, when, as, [= sa ang], of the, against'. siitai n. limb, branch, bough. gin sangan, n. road crossing, corner. ang gin sang-han, n. fork (in a road). safinal, v.t. gag. sangat, v. pa sangat, v. insertt. sltni'ad, v. dilater, broad'en widen. ca sangcad, n. width. 1} t.

Page  259 259 san nma sancgad, a. wide, broad, extenfsive. saiigcap, v. furtnish. ca sangcap-an, n. materials, furnishings. sangco, sangcol, a. elab'orate. sang-gab, v. clash. sang git. pala sanggit. sanggot, n. sicktle. sang-han, n. ang gin sang han, n. fork (of road). san ilit cay, since, becaus'e. forasmuch'. sangyad, aground'. {adverb} sangyad, v.i. drag. v.t. drag (flat things). sanlag, v.t. parch (corn). sinanlag, v.i. parch [corn etc.] sibanlag nga mais, pop-corn. sinanlag, n. parched corn, anything parched. san-o, when. bisan san-o, whenefver, at any time. ca san-o, when. con san-o nga tiempo, had ever. sanso-sanso, n. a kind of plant. santermo, n. jumping of flame supposed to be caused by spirits, St. Elmo's fire. santic. santi6-an, n. flint. satltos, a. holy, satcred. n. saints.

Page  260 san, 260 sap pa ca santos, v.t. hal'low. sanugpa, v.t. roast. saog, v. crawl. sa-ol6, v. memrorize. sa-6log, v. praise, entlogize. sai-ot, n.. dance. manug sAot, n. dancer. ang pag spot, n. dancing. sapI1i, n. creek, stream. sapa-sapa, n. rill, brook. sapac, v. pay attenrtion to, mind, care. sapal, n. rice-cake. sa pag to-on, a. stu'dious, saipat, n. beast, antimal. sapat, n. wild creature. ca sapat-an, n. wild creatures. sapatos, n. shoes. wa-ay sapatos, a. bare'footed. sapay, n. sipay-ail. pi sapay-afi, a. " don't care," free hand, careless, adrift', rough (drawing). wala sapay-aii, althought. walA sing sapay-ain, never mind. walay sapay-afi, howevfer. walay sapay-aii sini, neverthelesst. ca saypan-an, n. mistake, sin, fault. sapin, n. shoe. manug sapin, n. shoetmaker. saplyo, n. plane, carpenter's plane. sapla, v. trim (end of log) hair), to butt-end.

Page  261 261 sar saplid, v. grrze, brush by, even off (a measure). sap6, v. pag ca sapo, v. discov'er, find. sapopo, v.t. take charge of, oversee'. sap-sap, v. hack. sipul, v. agreef confid'e. manug sapul, n. an allyt. ca sapul-an, n. agreement, deci'sion of a tributnal. wala mag hilli sapul, a. disagree'ing. sapupo, v. care for, shelter, take care of. saput, n. grave-clothes, shroud. pa saput, v.t. clothe, to house. saranj, v. be a'ble, can. ca sarang, v. can. ica sarang, n. abil'ity. walay ma sarmin-an, a. im'potent. dili pag ca sarang, n. inabilfity. walay ca sarang-an, a. inca'pable. Indi ac6 ma ca sarang, I can't. ca sarang-an capa6ity, moderattion, powers. sarang-sarang, v.t. inmoierate, restraint, mol'Iify, curb, about. naca sarang, could. {past} maca sarang, could. {potential} sari, n. class, kind. {cf. bagay} sinali-sari, v. consist, be composed of. sari-sari, v. clas'sify. a. assorlted. sariwa-ol. ma sariwa-ol, a. incommo'dious.

Page  262 262 saroc, v. mug saroc, n. dip'per. sarol, n. pick-axe, hoe. v. hoe. sarot, v. na ca sarot, a. incidenttal. sarten, n. skilVlet, fryling-pan, gridtdle. sarual, n. pants. satan, n. Saftan. sat-om, v. maca sat-om, v. have a presenitiment, know by intuittion. di ma sat-um-an, a. imperceptible. saug, v. slide down. saway, v. scold, reprovye, centsure, rebukle. sinaway, v. ca saway-an, n. defectf, flaw. sacaway-on, a. frotward. sawa/, n. brass. saya, 9i. ladyls skirt. sayao, n. war-whoop. v. brantdish. say-asat, v.t. make a description of, describ'e. wala ma sayasat, a. indefinite. sayente, n. farce. saygad, v. feed. saylo, v. change position, move, move on, change, cross otver. ma pa sa- lo-hon. pa saflo, v. a'lienate, consignt goods, excuse from school.

Page  263 263 say dili ma pa saylo, a. unparddonable. sayma. say-6, v. frequentf, be often at. sayod, v. {see sayud} say-say, v. explainr, expressf, confess'. ca say-saC-an, n. definiftion, explana'tion. say-say sa cadam-an, v.t. her'ald. salaysay-on, n. topic, theme, subject of conversation. dill ma say-say, a. inextplicable. sayud, v. narrate, know, translate. pakig sayud, v. elicit, inves'tigate, ask for information, inquirte. pakig sanud sang ca tarundan, v. consult. ca sa'ud, v. defect', discovter, mean. wald sayud, a. worth'less, bad. wa-a9 saaud, a. uselless, worthtless, no good, bad, trashy. wala gid ca sakud, n. the worst. pag ca wala maca sayud, be ig/norant of, not aware of. ca sayoran, n. explanaltion, expres'sion, mneanting. sa9up, a. false, defective, containing flaws. n. error, fault, defect', quilt. v. fail, miss someone, be defective, notice absence of. dill maca sayup, a. infal'lible. ma sayup, a. wrong, unjustf. ca sayuran, n. significance, meaning intenttion. dili ma sayoran, a. incomprehen'sible.

Page  264 264 sic walay sayup', a. intnocent. seguro. pa seguro-han, n. insurtance. semanero, n. farm-hands. sensoro, n. fish-net. Senyor, Sir. serapente, n. dragoon. serbesa, n. beer. servilyeta, n. naphkin. si, [sign of the nominative used with proper nouns} Mr. (mis'ter), Mrs. (mis'sez), Miss, Master sia, he, she, it. siabut. siain, nine, 9. Napulo cag sianm, nineteenl. ca siaif-an, ninrety, 90. sibat, n. harpoon'. sibin, n. wash-rag (for face). sibii, n. pin. v. pin. sibit sa buho6, n. hairrpin. sibo, v. fit, fit exact'ly, contain without' remain1 -der, prove a ineasure by filling it from a half-m-easure. sib6, a. accurate, ad/equate, exactt, well put togethter, well matched. dili sibS, a. not exactly e'qual, not fitting exactly. not exactly the same. sibo, a. exact'. sibo, n. grease. sibud-sibud, n. a spiral shell. si-co! scat!

Page  265 265.sig sicad, sicar-ani, sicapat, sicdo, siclat, siniclat, sicma. panicma, sico, sieway, sinicway sid-ing, siling, sido, sidlac. ma sidlac sidlangan, sid-sid, sifra, sigat, Siga, ca siga, pa siga, sa siga, v. work treadlles, kick, ped'al. n. treadle (of loom). n. ten dacus, one-eighth of a peso, shilling. n. hic'cup, hick'up. n. weaving, cloth-weaving, plain-weave. a. woven like cloth. v. blow (the nose). n. elbow. inug sico, n. elbow. v. nud'ge. v. refusfe, rejectS, expelt, cast out', spurn, decliner, aban'don, become estranged. a. abandoned, estranged. v. stoop. v. discern t at distance. n. hic'cup.:, a. brilliant, glis'tening, dawnring, shimmering, shining. v. glisten, glitter, shine. n. dawn, ray. n. east. n. border (of a garment) hem, seltvage. v. work, enmbroirder. v. be lit, shine, glare, be glaring. n. flame (in a lamp). v.t. light (lamp), inflarne. n. brilrliancy, brightlness. v. brighten, illu'minate, light. afir'e. {adverb I

Page  266 sig. 266 sil ma siva, a. lighted up', bright. sigabung! souse! splash! sigitsit, v. whistle through the air, hiss [steam]. siglac, v. glitter. {see sidlac} sigmit, n. eye-tooth. sihud, n. fish-net. si-it, n. thorn. sila, they. {pronoun} sila, sa ila, to them, of them, for them, with them, them, by them. silabat, {see sabat}. silac, v. shine, glimmer. {see sidlac} silac, n. ray, glare. silag, n. a kind of fish. ca silag, n. irritabil'ity. silao, v. glitter, glare, daztzle. n. splenrdor, radiance, glitter, glare. ca silao, n. splendor, beams, glare. ma silao, a. bright, splen'did, daztzling, glit'tering, glarling, gorlgeous. na silao, n. glare. siiliig, n. broom. v. sweep. silic, n. fin, dorsal fin, pectoral fin, anal fin. siligni, n. horror. maca siligni, a. grim, hair-raising, horrible, terrible, indig'nant. s*iing, inug siling, ca siling na, siling, v. say. n. something to say. afore'said. it.

Page  267 267 17 shn ma si ~~ a.los'sy. siting'. accordinig. siting sang iya madanga'tan, a~ccordingo to his abiltity. Silingain, it. ncighfbor. ca silindan, n. neigh' borhood, vicin'ity. silingit, mt cheer, huzza'. 'bhetter silinggit' siling-sing-an, it. third finger, rhing finger. sialip, v., gathl er. silog, nv. crease. silot, it. chastening, doom, punlisimeiit. v~t. punish. sOng. v I p siung, silung, pa nilong SHilnt. v.t. shade. it. lelflar, en'ltraxice, space underneathl a house.,v. sbelf ter. vr. fine, punf'ish, condeimi. n. punishment, doom, chastening,. ca silut-an, mt. punishment. simaroni, a. cross, aingry, mad, (animal) sim~~m, v. adorte, worfship, go to chur' simbl-han, n. church. SiffI'Mog, v.mxcf. s Simborio, n. chim'n ey, smoke-sta.-lck. simpalad. pa simpalad, n. fadven'fture. simupon. v.t. mix, add to, stir together. siiimpon, v~i. huddle. simpuit, m4a snhpo't a. narfrow elh.. im~pon la

Page  268 sim 268 sin simud, n. pig. {cf. babuy} sina, L=sa ina']. sinabtanay, n. con'troversy, barbel, confujsion of voices, hum. {from sabat} siwadia. ma sinadia-hon, a. joy'ful, cheer'ful, ge'nial. sinag. sinali-sari, v. consist', be compo'sed of. sifiamay, n. hemp-cloth. sinand, [ =sa ina nga]. sinafit6, v. disagree [person], be incompatible. ma sinant6-on, a. inharmo'nious, distasteful. sinao. ma sinao, a. bril'liant [from reflected light] sinarAyo, n. custom. sinaway. sincao, n. yoke. sindacal, v.i. sim'mering, singting [kettle]. sindi. v.t. kindle fire, light a fire. sindot, v.t. light a fuse with a torch. sing, some, any. {indefinite article] sin-galong, fox. singcal, n. ma sindcal, a. very hot, scorchting hot, rash. impassioned, hot tempered, heated. ca singcal sa imo, you are hot headed. sing gAlong, n. fox. singgit. scream, shriek, yell, shout, cry out, call out to, call loudly to. silinggit, v. cheer, hurraht, applaud'. n. cheer, applauste. I i

Page  269 269si sin sing-hut, sinianlag, sing-it, v.t. smell. it. anything parched. nv. hook (on a pole, used for harvesting fruit). Singld. Ca sIngki, nv. sing-sing, nv. ring. Siling-Sing-an. n. ring-finger. sIui' of this, to this, for, this, from this, this. falso, objective case of inif I sinipit, iv. an anchlor. na sinipit, a. anch~ored. sin~las, it. slippers. f~inin' [L=sa min nga], in this, for this, by this, etc. sinipiyo, 7z. sha'vings. sin~o. who. {personal pronou con sin-o, whoev'er. sinog&"",. mes'senger. sinolondon. ma sinolouidon, iv. alle'giance. a. obe'dient. I vii sinpon, v. gin sin pon, v. add to. sinisil, iv. chisel. sinsil sang letra, v. engravle. sinsifyo. iv. small change. a. plain. smesoro, n. fish-net. sifitas, nv. floor-joist, sill. simigba, a. roast. sinulad, n. writing. I{cf. tigif~l tcf. solerasj

Page  270 1:270:sip sinuluudon. ma sinulufidon, a. obefdient. siiAundan,i. predecestsor. Sin-o sinundan mo PBehind whom are you? Whom are you following? sinyas, v. make a sign. n. a sign. sioctot, n. hunchfback. si-oti:m si-ot, a; weedy, grown up to underbrush. sipadpad, v. pa sipadpad, v. to waste. pina pa sipad-an, n. a thing laid aside because....: one is tired of it, something discarded. sipal, v. pa sipAla, v. dishon'or, insult', reproach', blame. n. intfamy, intsult. sipan, n. tooth-brush. sipayan, v. pa sipayan, v. neglect'. way sipayan, howevrer. sipilyo,. n. brush. siiit, v.t. hold in place by pressure. sinipit, n. anchorsipif, n. an insect with pincers. sipiyo, n. plane, wood-plane. sinipiyo, n. shavingts.. r siat, -. n. glimptse. ca siplat, n. glance [of the eye]. siponon, n. cold in the head.';

Page  271 271: sob siput, v.t. spill. sip-wac, v.i. spill. pa sip-wac, v.t. spill. sirab, v.t. singe. ca sirab, v.t. singe. sirit, v. hiss, [as a hot iron in water]. ma sirit, shall hiss, will hiss. pala sirit. a. ma siriwa-ol, a. uncomtfortable. sirum. sirum-siru ma siru sirut. sifve, sisi, sisi, sista, sitra, sit-sit, si-ud, Si-lit. m, i. cricklet. m, a. twilight. v. rear, attend/ to, be useful answer, good for. n. oy'ster. v. fur'row. n. guitarl. n. scep'ter. v. n. trap, snare, slip-noose. for, do, ma si-ya, socoi, socol, socofi sobra s6bre, si-ut, a. weedy, tangled, grown up to underbrush. ifn. chair. siya sa cabao, sadIdle. v. to saddle. n. young mushrroom.. to measure. ro, v. help. {cf. bulig} a. too much, excestsive, exhorlbitant. n. enrvelope.

Page  272 sog 272.iot sbgat, v. meet. logo, v. command', send, orlder, bid. n. command, law. ca sugti-an, n. law, orders, rules, instructions. iholSo, v. pay wages, hire. n. pay, wages, sal'ary. a. hired. pa sohol, v.t. earn, receive (as salary), make. sohot, v.i. slip away. sokima, n. slip-noose. solar, n. lot, building-lot. soldddo, n. solFdier. pag sulud sa pag ca soldado, r.i. enlistt in, en/ter (the army). mga ca soldados-an, n. garrison. sol6ras, n. raffter. s61o, a. alonte. ang pag hambal nga solo-solo, di'alogue. solog-oi! make him fight! {imperative} sologo-ofi, i. servant. soololo-on, n. young fighting cock. solufidan, n. an example, problem. sono, according to. sono-sono, as..... as, so...... as. sbnog, a. burned. {see sunog} sonud, v. obey'. {see sunul} so-oc. sa tanan nga so-oc, ev'erywhere. soplot, v.t. incitte. sor6-soro, v.i. sim'mer. s6ta, n. groom (stable).

Page  273 sot sot ~~~273 b sub sotAna, stafite, Su! stay n. priest's gown. In. shelves, cupboard, cabinet. shoo! v. altercate, deate disputle, quarfrel, contradict'; break (the law). ca may-on, 11. dispute. oa-suay, - i. oppo'nent. suay-suay, v. ar~gue, discuss'. suluay-suay, v'. wran'gle, alftereate. sinuay, -n. feud. sub,!. n. ri ver. v. rise [sunj, appear' Itbright thin sftban-, begin to shine. n. glimmer, gleam. subay, n. ants. sifibay, v. to measure grain. n. species. s ftbli1, v. t. inherf it. manu nubli, n. heir. subond. (seo sub fif11 a. sad, mournilul. v. mourn, be sorry, be sad. ma subu, a. sad, with a sad heart, doleful. ea subu, It. sadness, grief, gloom. v. mourn. pa subu, v. make sad, sadden. ma sinubu-hon, a. sor~rowful. subuc, a. very hungry. ea subu6, it. starvaltion. v. starve. g], see nubli I -1 subun ''9 dreary,

Page  274 274su sue subul, v. put out, expell, drive awaty Lfromn home,' town 'etc~ S bIuiig~ as, according as. subung sang like. Ca Su~bung, n?. resemblance, lik~eness, simiisubulng nora. subung sind'. iimmefdia-telv, thus, lik~e that. yara subung sin~/, a. ac'tual. stibung Sini',l like this, thus, imintnediately., naga suluibuug, a. homoge'neonis. v. vomf it, throw up, spew. muaca pa siuka, n.emt. i su6-ad, r. scoop out, ladle. sficad, r.remoV~e (rice from kettle), take up. suobit,. thrust into one's belt. Sudlub, a. ress oneself, dress, puit on one's clothes. suicot,: v~t. Colet dun. manug sucot sangr buhis, i. tax-collector. suc-suc, r. tuck one uip, insertt., suIcu, n. rafters,in a Ceiling. sud14u1. n. relish, meat eaten with rice. sudan, [imperative, of sulludi;ca sudlana [sangtiau], intestine. sudlib, r. mnake a fire, build a tire. Mug sudlib, nt. somaething to light. sud-sud, r. fur'row. sud1a, ii. sole (of a shoe). sneldo. i'. t. ea~rn. ~cf. sohol}

Page  275 275sg sug sue'lo, suerte, pa sueftE sugal-an, n. floor. salug~ n. luck. (t a. adrift'. n. adven' ture. v. to illuminate. it. a light', lIamp. v. cast lots, play cards, gaif' lie. n. place where cards are played, teanblin~r dell. smolina-reooia. Siligat, v. meet. sugata, v.t. meet (somne one). sllaath, m~t. meet. gin ea sugtanan, n'. cointpromie con' tract.,sugba, q.vt. roast. sinugba, roast. sugfba-sugba, it. gnat. Sikgu, iv. cast O'verboard, throw overboard. si'gid, v. boast, tell, Narae dicoe suigid nda dili dapat, v. divulgle. sugid sang matuod, v. confessl. dili ma sugid, a. uninen'tionable, secret. pa nugid, qi'. tell, relatfe, cofsf sugilanon, n. story, tale. sugil-om, ma sugil-om, a. dusky., si'giot, ivt. push one person against another, ines initeagainst, provokfe, goad, inflam'e. it,. command. {see sogol SfIgUd) 'c.begin', inauf gurate, iniftiatey-conameti-cfe.

Page  276 Pu ~~~~~~2 7 ( Sul gin suguran, nbegyinning, start, opening. sugrudsud, v. shuffle [walIk] sgunm great pain, m any. sugfiranr begin'. { imperative of sugrud} Sngt v. agree' (in planning) contract. pa suglut, v. confirm[. (ma si;nulogtoii, a,. oblifging, faith'ful). sujia suiao. su~ki, n. gig. suki, n. a meas'nre for liquids, erdft snkot. jsee sucotj si.' lab, n. edge (of a knife, etc.) knife-edge. sulabi, i.. prefer'. pa suilabi', r.prefer'. sulang, n. jaw-bone. pa sulang-an, n. in'let. sulai, v. write. m. letter. manugsftlat, n. anmanuen'sis. ca sulat-an, u. writing. na sulat, a. written. sululat-an, writing-desk. siiay, cv. tempt. panula~', v. tempt. n. tempta'tioD, tempter. stilay, n. a prop. v. to prop. v. run in out of the rain. sxs.,v. reverste, invertf, turn upside down'. adv. upside down, topsy-turvy, wrong side up.

Page  277 277 sulio. sulit, n. repetition. v. repeatV. sfiloc, v. enter a river [the tide]. pa stiloc, n. ague pains in breast after childbirth. siloc-stiloc, n. stomach, hiding-place. sulog, n. current, male (of birds), drake cock, gander. sulong, v.t. deliver, deliver to, turn over to, turn in. pa sulong sang hampang, always ready for a game. panulong, v. go and enter a game. suliay, n. quesrtion. v. discussf. sulucban, n. measure for grain or liquids. sulu4, n. a room, apartfment. siulud, v. enter, go in, come in. sa sulud, insidle, on the insidle. sulua-sulud, n. a cell. pa sulud, v. invitle in, cause to enter, introducle. suludlan, n. actcess, entrance [place] gateway, doortway; a thing which contains, recep'tacle. suludlan sang pilac, n. pocket-book, purse. na sulud, n. conttents. (t. inner. ang pag sulud, n. entrance, coming in. sudlan! Come in! ca sudlan sang tian, intesttine.

Page  278 2!78 sulund, t. follow in single-file. ea nagsa sulud, vO. Cotan hold. stdlud, ni 9. oblong tamping framde in a loom. SlfLlug, a. male (of birds) drake, cock. s11u1lulug-on, nI. young fighfting -cock. suiug, qz. current. sulig6,-on, n. servant, err, nud employee'. {from sogyoj mna sinulogton, a. obefdient, fatfl ma sinuluigo-on, a. faith~ful. suhunidan, it. drawing, draft, exam'ple, prob'Iewi. sultinud, V. follow, (in a train). suluptan, n. conta ining ves'sel, purse. sulu sacay-an. sula s~dia, 7% divert' oneself, [companly of people] be happy, enjoy'f oneself. Suml Saylo, v% cross', go across'. Suluit, - v. stoop. s-umabat, v. answer! {irperative sit~macak, r. get on board! Have a ride?.Iimi(.-perativ'e I sunudA, a corYd i ngr. siiali,. {irneral sunihbag, it. hit (with list). v~. to strike (with the fist). Smi't Iuig,. nt. acusfio complaint'. v. accusle, claim, enter a- complaint'. Live) manog sumoong, It. plaintiff.I pa numbong, qr. complain'.- II pa, numbong-on, it. omnplaint", chafrge. -

Page  279 ,sum 7:9 sun sunmiling, past tense and replied, reply! {imperative} sumlniigit, v. yell! shout! {imperative} sumo, n. ca sumo, v.i. he exaslperated at. ma ca sutimo, a. exaslperating. sumilpa, n. medicinal herbs, roots etc. sumipii, 1. oath. v. adjur'e, swear, take oath; took oath. past tense is na numpa} panumpa, v. swear (in court), take oath. sumpit, v. spurt, gush. pa sumpit, v.t, allow' to escap'e [liquids] drain off, draw. sumpo, v. abase, dull the point of. sumpul, n1. stump (of amrputated limb). sufida, v. try, sound. psidan, v. [copy] imritate, follow. {imlperative} sinundan, n. predecestsor. sinundanay, n. row, line, file. suluidan, n. examtple, modtel. sundun. sulufidun, a. iniluenitial. dili ma slutfidon, a. disobe'dient. ma sinolundon, obeclient. s.dang, nI.carving-knife. sundong,.. sung. sung-ao, n. fume. suniay, 7n. horn (of carabao, vaca etc.). 1.o hok, horn, gore, bunt.

Page  280 sunI1 280 panungay, v. hook. sungcud, n. cane, crutch, staff. suniig&, v. dash against, jostle, bump, strike against. sunggu-Anay, n. blow, collistion. v. clash, collidte. sunggu-anay, n. imrpact. v.t. make a carom shot. sung-i, n. hare-lip. sung-u, n. anten'na. sllig-sung, v. to cork up, to cork. salung-sung, n. a kind of fish. pa nungsung, v. go against (wind), face (cur'rent)'; breast. sung-sung sang baril, n. bung. sunlug, v.t. tease, play jokes on. suno, a. addicted. sunod. {see sunud} sInog, a. burned, burnt. v. burn. sun-sun. ma sun-sun, a. fretquent. sa ma sun-sun gid, often. dili ma sun-sun, a. extra ortdinary, infrequent. sa ma stu-sun, frerquently. suntuc, v.t. gore, poke, stick, thrust, stab (with an up-thrust), good. sunud, v. follow, obey/..n. obe'dience. pa sunud, v. make one follow, inrfluence. ma sinolondon, a. obedient, faithful. {cf. sundanj

Page  281 281 suy supad, n. a section of an orange, lemon, etc. siipat, n. grain [of wood]. sup-ay, v. ca sup-ay, v.i. to famish. suplit, v.t. instigate. supot, v. collect a debt. sup-sup, v.t. suck, nurse. salup-sup, v. impregrnate, inject' soak in, be absorbed, perlcolate. s6r6, v. to simtmer, bubfble, foam, froth, tin cooking]. sursi, v. darn. sfisi, v. hunt. sus6, n. a long slender clam. sustento, n. al'inony, food given, support'. susu, v. to nurse, to suck the breast. susu, n. breast, mother's breast. pa susu, v. to give suck to. sutil, n. scamp, foolish boy, rogue. a. cunning, sly. ca sutil-an, n. rascality, rogueishness. sut-sut, v.t. slightly joggle a floor from below, using a pole. su-ut, v. to dress, change one's clothes. sf-uc, sn. hiding-place, spot, corner. sftya, n. [term used in addressing a Chinaman]. suyac, n. lance. suyup, v. absorb'. suyup, [sang hangtin] v. inhal'e.

Page  282 *ja 282 tab T ta,;.; our, by us. [follows its noun]. ta there! tiAas,;i: to grow high. naga amat sing ta-as, grow tallter and tallter. ca ta-ason, n. height, elevaltion. ma patina-as-ta-as-on, a. haugh'ty. mata-as, a. high, lofty, elevated. ca ta-asan, n. stature. pa ca ta-as, v. to be proud, be overbearting. pag pa tAas-taas, n. pride. v. to be proud. matintaas-taas-on, a. conceitted. pa tA-as, v.t. cultminate, exalt', e!evate, raise higher, lift up. tabaco, n. tobactco. v. to smoke (tobacco). tabanag, v. elop'e. taibang, v. help, defendf. manug t&bang, n. ad'vocate, laweyer. pa nabang, m. prayer for dying. tabang, n. breast-collar. taba6, n. a kind of rice harvested in Nov. tnai, excuste me,. pardon me, clear the way! stand!aside!

Page  283 tab 283 tab pa nabi-tabi, v. excusfe. tabi sa imo, with your permission. tabia, v.t. fasten a can to a tail, fasten a tail on (a person). tabid, v. join, connect'. tabig, n. tele'scope basket. tabiog-tAbiog, v. danrgle. tablug-tablug, v.i. swing to and fro. taD-la, v. interferte. tAbo, v. couple (cars). tabo6. {see talt tabog, v. drive out', expel'. tabon, n. a wild fowl that has large eggs andno tail. uc' } tAbon, n. a cover, flap. v. to cover, envelope. tabon-ac. taboyog, n. wild fig. [not wild pig]. tabfi, n. truth, fact, affair, it happened. diutay nga tabo, n. in'cident. na ha nabu, n. event. v. happen. tabu6, n. occurrence, eventf. [same as tabu?] tabuc:, v. to cross a river, go acrossa, cross olver. ni. the other shore. ca tabuc, v. befall'. tabuc-an, the place of crossing a river, ferry. tabuca6, n. lep'rosy. tAbug, v. cast out, drive out, drive (herd). tabun, v. cover. {see tabon} tabung (P) assist/.

Page  284 tac 284 tac tacos tabung (P), v. to measure, gauge. taca, v. to feel bored, out of sorts'. ma ca talaca, a. cross. ca taca, i. weartiness, ennui, listflessness. ca taca, v.t. give up. (as impossible). ma talaco, n. one who is list'less. ma tala6-on, a. easily discourraged. pa taca, v. bore one, tire one. a. impaltient. taddulain, n. top rail. tacas, v. go ashorte, land. n. higher ground, higher part. v. go from the water, beach a boat, go up on top of a hill. pa tacas, v. to land a fish. tacal-tacal, v. gob!ble, make a noise like a turkey. tac-ga. tac-lad, v. ascend'. taclas, v. climb a tree [cat], clamber. tclul, v. to covyer. n. a lid, cover. taco sang fusil, n. bullet. ta6tac, v. drive out, dislodge, shake out. tactac sang swayang, v. to set a net. naga ca tactac fall out, get loose. tacus, v. be worthy, to measture. n. dimentsion. dili ma tacus, a. incommen/surable, immeasurable. ang pag ca tacu~, n. abiltity. a. necessary, worthy. talacsan, n. measure, gage.

Page  285 285 tag tacup, v. shut, close. n. lid. tailong, v. to make straight, correctt, straighten. a. direct', straight. tadlong-tadlong, v. go straight. pa tadlong, v. to direct'. ma tadlong, a. straight, hontest. dili tadlong, a. indirect. tad-yao, n. vase. tagg, n. fish-hook. taga-taga, n. praying-horse. taga, n. a native of. taga iban nga banwa, n. atlien. taga, v.t. expos'e. tinaga, n. expo'sure [to the eltements], expression. tagad, v. to spade. n. a spade. tagahod, n. rumbling. tagain, look out. (?) tagali, v. flinch. tagat, v. bite [as fish]. tgay, v. pour out. taga~-an,n. cup. tagay cay. {probably cagavcay} tag-bala$, in. householder, man of the house. n. master, mistress, landlord of house. The Visayans call "Tag-balay," and walk in Americans knock, and wait for the door tol be opened, sometimes saying, " May I come| in?"

Page  286 tag 286 tag tagbung, v. throw overboard. taghol, n. bark. v. to bark. tg-ia, v. become ownter of. n. owner. pa tag-ia, v. give title to. tagic, v. to weave bamboo slats into flooring, fish-weirs, etc. tagimislon, n. kid'ney. tagintim, n. a small cup-shaped clam (?). tagipos-ion, n heart. tagna, v. to prophlasy. mana lagna, n. prophet tago. {see tagu} tago, v. hide, keep, concealS, save, put away, cover completely, hoard [pilac]. na tago, a. hid!den. nag tago, v. hid. {past tense} pa nAgo, v. hide one's self. tago-ancan, n. womb. pala nago-an, n. breastwork. pa nago-an, n. hiding-place, covert. tago siranan, n. hyp'notism. tago sirang-an, n. hyprnotist. tag-o, v. lay asid'e, lay up. pa tago, v. depos'it (money in a bank). tag-ob, n. case, covtering, sheath. v. put up, sheath'e. tag-pila, apiecle, how much a piece? ni. price apiecee, a;gsa-tagsa, a. apiecfe.

Page  287 tag 287 tab ma tag sing, a. piercing [shriek]. tag-tag, v. distrib'ute, allot'. pa nagtag, v. disburse'. tagu-aican, n. womb. tagu balus-on, a. unthankful, ungrateful. ang dili pag ca ma tagu balus-on, n. ingrat'itude. tagu-bilin, v. panagub bilin, v. tagubug, v. wade. taguc, n. rostin. tagudili, v. condemrn, sen'tence. ma pa tagu dili-an. ca tudilian, n. condemna'tion. tagum, n. intdigo plant. tagu mata4-on, a. dyling. tag-wati, n. night'ingale. tahai, v. respect'. n. respect'able. wala4 cataha, a. irrespective (?), rude. tahal, v. sharpen. tahap. ca tahap, n. dread. catahap, n. fear (about small matter). ta hi, v. sew. manug tahi', n. tailor, seamnstress. tahid. tahig. tahong. tahop, v. winnow, cast up rice to sift it. tahud, n. cour'tesy, spur on rooster's leg.

Page  288 tah 288 tal tahud, a. ven'erable. v. to esteenm, respectt, reverie. ca tahufan, n. respect', revrerence. sa dacar pagtahud, very politefly. ma tinahoron, a. respectlful. tahun', v. be beauttiful. pa tahuln, v. adornt, beautify, dectorate. ma tahurxi, a. beauttiful, prettty, handtsome. ma tahum-tahum, a. good looking, rather pretty. ca tahumi, n. beauty, grace, charm. ca tahum-an, n. pomp. ma tahum-an, a. beautiful. tA-1, 7n. Ex/crement, (person's) dung. ta-i sang bulawan, a. dross. pang-hinA-i, v.t. remove the enttrails from, to gut. tina-i, n. tripe, entrails. ta-is, v.t. gall. taimpa, strike. (?) takig, n. argue, mala'ria, chills and fetver. takilid, v. lean. tala. O. tala, v. o'pen a clam with a knife. talaba, n. oylster. talaboni, n. cartrier for sick or woun'ded. talabuan, n. rendezvous, meeting-place. talaca. {see taca} tala6san, n. gage, measure. {from tacus} ca talagman, n. Exporsure (to danfger). pag ca may catalagman, to be in danger.

Page  289 289 tal talagsa, adv. selldom. a. infrequent. n. freak, excepttion. talagu-an. talahaon, a. respec/table. talahoron, a. respectable. talahur-an, a. safcred, respectted. {from tahud} talamafon, a. vile, contemptible, depraved, foul, abjectt. talambuan, n. window-sill. talamdan, n. inscripltion, written report'. talamdon, a. considterably. talai'inan, n. field of rice, rice paddy, field of grain. rice-land, low land suited for rice. talamnon, n. garden-stuff, struck, garden-truck. talam wa-an, n. window. talan, v. miss, (the road), get off the road miss the way. {see talang} talan-aun, n. vistions, sights. talan-Ao-an. {from tan) talanawan. {see tantalanda-an, n. inscrip'tion. talandug-on, n. a thing touched. tilang, v. take the wrong road, go wrong, confound one thing, with another, wander about, (lost), delviate. ca talang-an, n. delu'sion. pa talang, v. delude, lead astra/y, misleadf, divertt, flur'ry. ang pag talang, n. delutsion. tao}.ao}

Page  290 290tl tal talang-talar talang-talang, talaffgld, talao, pa talao, ma talao, IV. confound (the judg'ment), confusel, be confus~ed, demortalize. v. be out of one's head, be in a delefriuni, go cratzy. v. to look out. v. daunt, discour'age, disheart'en. a. cow'ard, cow'ardly. n. cowf ard. ca talao, n. cowfardice. talao-an, a. cowardly, tild talapac-afi, n. pedals, stool, treadles. talastas. diii ma talastas, a. inex'plicable, indefitnite. tala-tala, it. clappers or castanets (beaten to frighten locusts, or during Holy week). talawaii, a. cow'ardly, timid. {from talao} tala~ han, n. defmon, imp, devil. talbo, v. jump. vlt. splash. ma taiha, a. brittle. talibufg, 9z. sWord,, bolo. talicala, n. chain. talikdan, v. reject it!1 timperative of talicud talic-di, do not turn your back to, do not disdain, do not reject. {imperative (negative) from talicudl talicud, v. turn on's back to, reject/, leave. tahimbab~%ga, n. cen'tiped.

Page  291 291 tarn talit-hi, v.i. sprinkle. n. shower. taliwan, n. departure, leaving. v. leave, set out, go away, depart. inug taliwan, time for departure. taliwis. ma taliwis, a. sharp-pointed. tal-on, n. woods, forest, grove. talof-an, a. leafy, wooded. ca talun-an, n. grove, woods. talon-on, a. wild, forest. talotog, n. a strong high fence. tal-os, instead of. ta-los, v.t. act as a substitute. {for anoti talubu, t. sprout. taludtud, n. loins. talug, n. duct, trough. talufi, n. cutting-edge. taluin, ma talum, a. sharp, keen; acute. tal-ung, n. egg'-plant. talun-an, woodland. {from taltalung caha, a. half-heart'ed. talung-un, n. thorn-tree having long thorns. na talupang dan, noticed. tAuna, v. exceedl, fill, be too much. a. excessive, ultra. pa tama, v. overdo', cram, exceed/. v. aim. n. an aim. tama, adv. so very, such, so, excessively, over. ier} on}

Page  292 tam29ta 292 tam ta na tafii-an, over, (over done, over drawn, over paid etc). mjad, v. be lafzy. ma tamad, a. lazy, shirking, shift'less. ca tamnad, n. la'ziness. tamarani, it. an in'dolent person. na taili-an, j1- Look for tamal uamao, tamarani, ma tamarani, tamasA. n. lairly. n. iftdler. a. if die, slothful. a. infdolent. { from taimad}I tamaso, m. blight (on humay). tamag, n. in'sult.v. reproach~, despisfe, insu1tf. tambalihani, it. alligator-lizard. tamxbing, a. cash, cash down, for cash. tambobo, n. granary, garner, bin, storehouse. tarn bo a. fat, greasy. n. fat, grease. pmna tamboc, a. fat'ted. pa tambo6, v.t. fat'ten. ma tamboc, a. fleshy, fat. tamboc-on, a. greasy. taffibong, v. be present. tambof', n. drum. taffiborong, n. fl ume. tamb~ibu, n. gyranary tambul, n. drum. tambfirongv, n. inflet. taming, 9. shield.

Page  293 tam 293 tan panaming, v. shield. tam-is. ca tam-is, n. sweeteness. ma tam-is, a. sweet, delic'ious. tam-nan. ca tafnnan, n. garden. tainpa, v. slap (the face). {tampa is not such a hard slap as tampuyong} n. a slap, box. tampad. na tampad, opposed. tampilas, v. curse, destecrate, blaspheme. tampalas-an, a. worthless, vile, des/picable. ang pag ca tampalasan, n. inirquity. ca tampalas-an, n. meantness. tamparas, v. brow-beat. tAmpoc, v. raise a ramtpart. n. setting for a jewel. tampong, n. ferrule [on a cane]. tampo-yon, n. blow, stroke, hard slap, crack, whack, [on the face]. {tampuyong is harder than tampa} tamud, v. look down. tanaii, n. all, ev/eryone. a. every. sa tanani, adv. all, altogether, unantimously, entire'ly. tanan-tnafi, adv. altogether. sa tanan nga sooc, e'verywhere. tii-ao, v. see, eye, watch, look on, look at. tan-Awa! see! look! (imperative) look at this!

Page  294 294 tan panan-ao, v'. foresee', seem, appearl, imagline. panan-aon, n. illu'sion. t and, "'") i. sign, livery (dress), brand, maark, mnsig~nia. v. heed, mark. talanda-an,.inscrip~tion. tand6-tando", n. silk-worm, chrys~alis. tandoc. turnanidoc, a. native of, aboriglinal. tanidug, v. to touch. ang pags tandugs, n. touch. tandug-tandug,_ n. worm inside of a cocoonf, chrysfalis. wala ma tafidug, a. untouched, intact'. tanga", v. peer, stare, throw the head back, look upward. tanig'a, it. (brown) cock-roach. tangan-tangan, n, castor-bean, castor-plant. tangbu, lift (2?) tang-ca',' n. pig-pen, filthy place. v. cofne pen, surround' [by anl army]. tangeol, n. mnanfacles. tangdA, nt. scar. tanhagra, it. mirfacle. panangris, v. weep. tangla, v. to look up (apbove). tango tango, v. nod. tan-tan, ang pag tantan, nt. incanta'tion.

Page  295 tan 295 tap tantan-an, n. charm, witchrcraft. manug tantan, n. wiz'ard, fairly. tanuc, v. to boil (corn, potatoes, etc.) tanunlt, v.t. to plant, to sow. manug tafium, n. sower. tanum-an, n. garden, planted ground. tao, n. man. ca tauhan, n. men, peo'ple, mankindt, human'ity, folks. ang pag ca tao, n. birth. tao-tao, sang mata, n. image (on the eye). tao-tao, n. (a low) fellow. kina ta-o, a. gen'ital, inlnate. tao-tao, n. picture, something resembling a person. na tao sa america, n. an American, born in America. na tao, born. pata-o, v.t. to be midtwife, delivter. kina tauhan, born. duta nga na ta-fhan, n. native land. taob, n. high tide. taohay, v.i. be calm, quiet, restful, [places.] ma ta6hay, a. open, clear, quiet [place]. {cf. ma husay} pa ta6hay, v.t. to quilet, hush. tapa, n. salted dried-beef. tapac, v. crush under foot. tapan. ma tapan, n. level-full. -. lev'el, plain, flat, commruon.

Page  296 296 tapas, v. chop, cut down, fell, hack. n. havyoc. tapas sang lubi, cut the bark of a cocoanut tree. tapat ngani, on the contrary, on the othler hand. tapat, v. repent', resolv3e. ang pag tapat, n. resolution. tapay, n. leavren, yeast. tinapay, n. bread. tapi, v. cuff. taipi, n. board. tapic, v. adherte, stick to. maca tapic, a. adhetsive, stickly. ca tapic, n. affin'ity (for). tap-in, n. dirty spot [on the face, hands, clothes, etc.] v. be dirty. tap-ing-on, a. dirty-faced, with dirty hands, with dirty clothes. taplid-tapli6, v. to wave. tap-na, v.t. interrupt' [a conversa/tion] stanch [blood]. tap-6, n. a fill [with dirt], filling. tai-oc, v. fill in with dirt, make a filling, to level up. tapoc, v.t. banish, exile. ma tapo6, a. fragtile, brittle. ca tapu6, n. fragil'ity, delicacy. tapus, v. finfish, achievfe accomfplish, finish it up, get through. a. complete, over, finished, done, [work].

Page  297 1297 tat tapus na, a. fintisht, done. sa tapus, after. sa tapus sint or sina, affterwards, then. ca tapus-an, n. end, expiraltion. sa ca tapus-an, at length, fi'nally. wala, sing ca tapu~-an, a. endtless, intertmrinable. wala4 ca ta pus-an, a. interfminable. tapus-on, pp. finished, fintish it! mata tapus, a. fi/nite. pag ca tapus, v. completre. taric. tarogo, n. mortise-pin. tarso, n. guy, hayfseed, jake. tarung. ang dili pag ca tarung, n. dishonresty, insincertity. mna tarung, a. right, just, correct, hon'est, righteous. v. reason, allege. pa ma tarang, v. jus'tify, exonterate. dili matarung, unwartrantable, unjusrtifiable. ca tarungan, n. justice, claim. pa tarung, v. correctr, reformr, rec'tify. ta-ta. ta ti ca ta-ta, v. fray..tactac, v. unfas'ten. itap, v. care for, take care of, keep, gov'ern, pay attention to, heed. tatap sang balay, keep house. walay pag tatap, n. inattenttion. ma tinatapon, n. attendant, orverseer mantager.

Page  298 tat 298 te tatay, tatlo, catl6an, icatlo, tau, ca tafhan, ta-ub, taugon. tauhay. a. industrious. n. papa (father), dad. three. thirty. third. n. man, person. n. folks. n. high tide. {see tao} {see tawag {see taohay} ta ta l-ung, n. bucklet. Lwad, v. pa tawa'd, n. absolution. pa tawdv. forgivre, spare. dili ma pa tawad, a. unparldonable. pina tawad, pardoned. Iwag, v. call, call by name, name. paga tafigon, shall be called. waron. {from tawad} ta ta pa tawaron, excus'e (me)? tawas, tawas, tay-a, n. al/um. v. follow. tguimbal dialect' n. bet, wa'ger. v. bet, make a bet, watger. tay-og, v.t. shake. tay-tay, n. bridge. tayfyun, adv. without attention or effort, eastily, antomatfically, without trying..! I I told you so! There! What, did I tellt you!

Page  299 299 tic temonel, n. helmsfman, pi'lot. temprano, a. early. tenedor, n. fork. temo. isa ca terno, a. suit of clothes. terso, collect (?) testigos, n. wittness. TI. {prefix denoting} ti abao, n. clamnor. tiacad, shed. tian, i. belly, abdo'men. tianugi, n. store (building). tiao-tiao, v. to make fun' of, jest deridle. tiayon. ca tiafon, n. par'amour, hustband, mistress, wife. mag tia:on, n. married couple. ti baba, n. trap-door spider. tiba6 la, n. grass'hopper. tib-ong, v.t. heave, heightten, boost. ti bawas, v. librerate. ca tibawas, v. be free. ang pag ca tibawas, n. salvartion. ticang, n.v. step. pa nicang, n. gait. pa ticang, v.t. use, employ'. in. way, mode, method. tieas, v.t. sneak, purloin', piltfer, embezrzle, filch, (small amounts,) graft. ticas-ticas, n. gyptsy. ticasug. pa nicasug, v. procur'e, soliclit.

Page  300 tic 300 tig pa ticasug, v. interest. tichan. ticlud, v. push, shove. ticma. panicma (sa punot), venlture. tteo, n. curve, bend, crook. v. bend, curve, be crooked, be bent. a. crookted. tico-tic6, n. a servies of curves. ca tico, n. curvature, crookedness. indi ma tic6, a. stiff. tic-ti6, n. an evening bird, wiztard, a spirit that kills people. tic-tic, v.i. tick, [clock]. ticuang. {see ticwa ticud, n. heel. ti6wang, v.t. push, push one downt, urge, impel'. tieifpo, n. time. sang una nga tiempo, once uponr a time, in early times. tieiida, n. market-stall, store. manug tienda, n. storekeeper. tiga. ma tiga, a. solrid, hard. pa tig-a, v.t. harden. tig-ana, v. prepar'e, get ready. pag tigana sing pilac, to lay up money. tigang, v. put a pot on the fire, cook rice, cook food. n. cooked food, anything cooked. ma tig-ang, a. cooked. ng

Page  301 301 tih tiWao. tigao-nafi, n. fish pole, fishing rod. tigayaon, enough (?) tiga:lo, v. com'pensate (for), make up for. tigayon, v. be suceessfful, securer, obtainf, get, strive, succeedl, attaint. pa tigayon, v. entrustf, charge. ma tigafon, a. success'ful. ca tigaron, v. get, acquirte, obtaint. ang pag pa tigagon, n. recommendattion. ca tigayon-an, n. attainrment. pala tigayon-on. tigbao, n. pamrpas grass. tigbas, v. chop off, lop off, sever at a stroke, cut, off. tigi, n. piece of a broken pot, broken piece of pottery. tigil, n. crust. tigi, v.t. tan [sun], fry. tigib, n. chis'el. tigis, v.t. pour. tigre, n. ti'ger. tigtig, a. tigulang, a. old [men or animals], a'ged. ca ti gulang-on, n. old age. ca ti gulang-an, n. foretfather. ti gu/fitum, n. fam'ine. tihon. pala tihon, a. credtible, trustfworthy, worthy of credence. tihul, v.t. whis'tle (a tune).

Page  302 tii 302 tim pa nihu ti-id, 1, v.t. whistle (a tune). n. steal'thy walk. v. walk stealthily, sneak, steal along sneak Um behind. timonei.. pilot. tinani-iran, v., n. foot. sa tiil, afooti, on foot. ti-is, v. bear patiently. tilao, v. taste, try, try it out, give it a trial. na tilawan, tasted, tried, proven. til-as, n. catlerpillar. tilic, v. pa tilic, v.t. spin (a top), make it spin. pa tilic-afi, n. wind'lass. tilingban, n. congregaftion. ca tilingban, n. congregation, meeting-place, renldezvous. tilipon, v. assemrble, conlcentrate, conlgregate. til-og, v. give nourishing food to the sick. tima-an, n. sign. timawa, a. indepentdent, common [people]. v.t. free, set free, librerate. pa timawa-on, a. loosed, freed, liberated, emanrcipated. ca timawa, v.i. be free. ang catimawa-an, n. freerdom, liberty. timbA, n. bucket in well. v. draw up (a bucket). inug timbi, n. bucket in well, the means by which you draw up water,

Page  303 tim 803 tin timbal, a. iden'tical. tinibang, v. weigh. n. weight, importance, confsequence. timbangan, n. scales (for weighing). tulu timbang, v. delib'erate. ca timbang, n. worth, imporltance. Bisan nga mangin timbang sang acon cabuhi, even tho' it may cost me my life. timga, n. lead. tinifidug, v. stand. timolang, v. affrontr, perlsecute. timon, n. rudcder. manug timofn, n. helmsman, pilot. timonel, n. helmstman, pillot. timpa. ca tifnpa, v. top!ple, fall over, crumrble collapsre, land'slide. naga ca timpa, dilapidated. timpuso, n. midst. (?) timulang, v.t. pertsecute. tinA, n. soot. tinabang-on. {Look for tabang} tinac-an, n. whim, capricle, noltion. tinAcas, n. dried salted fish. tinag6, n. secret. v. keep secret. tina-i, n. intesrtine, bowtel. tinalicdan, past. tinancon, n. sweet-potato vine used for greens. a. a variety of sweet potato. tinao, n. [Look for tao] people.

Page  304 tin 304 tin t in a o. pa tifiao, v. clarify. ma tifi-ao, a. clear [water, cloud etc.], thin (broth), fair [day]. tina pay, n. bread. manug tinapay, n. balker. tinawag, v. called. {past of tawaE tinda-, n. shop. manug tinda, n. shop-keeper. tindac, v. kick. tindahan, n. market. tiiiday, a. young [animal] colt, calf, cub, kitten, PUP. tifiday sang cabay6, n. colt. tindug, v. stand up, stand. pa tindug, v. build, cosrcf ercf tinindug-an, it. footling. tindug-on, n. cliff, prectipice. tindug, n. the warp. ting-41, v. gasp. a. gasping. n. a'gony, gasp. ting-iddlao, n. dry season. {cf. tingfilai tingag. tingag-tingag. pa ningag-tingag, v. overbear', spy on, play eaves-droprmer, YI Oi tinda1, v~t. gag. in~ga'Iaq u1. Marlvel, stran'ger, won'der. na ting-ala aco, I wonder, It seems strange to me, I am surprised.

Page  305 305 tin ti ti ca tingala, n. curios'ity, astonfishment. v. admirte. ngco, a. magtic. ca tingco, v. bump. nalo, v. cleanse. {see tinlo} tina. tinaa. pa tinga, v. antic'ipate. tingco, v. bruise. ting-ting, n. tinkling, sound of bells, clang'or. tingub, v. consolidate, agtgregate, add. tindub, adv. altogeth'er. tinaug, n. voice, tone. tingfha. v. endeavor, be infterested in, strive for. n. inrterest, concernr, desirte, anxi'ety. ting-Alan, n. wet season. {cf. ting-adlao} til19, n. ablution, cleantsing, cleanling. v.t. to clean (with or without water). ma tinlo, a. clean. ma tinl6 gid, a. spotless, immnaculate. ca tinl8, ni. cleanliness. ang pag tinl8, n. cleans'ing. iug tinlo, n2. brush, cleaner. tinmupa. {past of tupal tinobo-an, n. place where a thing grows. tiboc-toc, n. meat stew. tinodcan, v. engender. tinl6a, n. chicken-stew. tiUoloni, swallowed. {past of tolon} may tinon-an, educated. {from to-on,~~~~~

Page  306 tin tin ~~~~306ti tio tino-ohon. ma tino 6hon, a. ceuos [from to-o} tfrom to-o} tino-oran. tinsillas, tinta, tintero'han, tin-tin, tinub, tinul-an, tinud. ma tiniud, tinudlo, tinug-an, tinulanli', tin(fiR, tilluloy it. knitting. n. ink. n. ink-stand. v. hop. v. join, assem'ble. n. stump. a. immovtable [rock, etc.]. v. taught. Ifrom tudlo} v. promised. {from tugan n. hash. it. cirfcumcised man. v. dropped. {from tulh' n. drop. tinumnan. ma tinuman-on, a. obe'dient. tinun-an, n. breeding, manners, educa'tion, cjiviiza~tion, culltu~re, del'icacy. angr pag ca walay tinun-an, it in civility. tiog, v. slips from its place, refinelment. I I~~~~~~ from to-on) pa tiog, v. spin. tiog-ti~og, n. idler, rover, vag'abond, restless, person, tramp. ang page ca tiog-tiog, n. idleness. tiofi, 7z. a moment. ti-ong, v. move. tion-toii,. small moment.

Page  307 307 tit tipaca. tipan. ca tipan, n. espousals, engagement-present. tiphag, v. ca tiPhag, v.i. crumible. tipi', n. crumb, piece, tidbit, fragrment, bit. v.t. break off pieces of, break up. ang pag ca tipic, n. a breaking. pag ca tipic, v. mutilate. tinipic, n. lump. tipig, v. guard. tiplang. ca tiplang, v. incurt. tipolon. ina nipololl, a. round. tipon, v.t. deposrit, amasst, gathter, heap up, form, collect', accutnulate. na tipon, a. deposited, accumulated. ca tipufi-an, n. congregartion, assemrbly, meeting, commurniou conventtion. pa tipun-an, v. assure. (?) tipus6, n. dry island in a swamp. tirabunsoii, n. corktscrew. tiral, n. loom. tisa, n. tile, brick. tis-cog. ma tis-cog, a. crisp. tisoc, v.t. stab, stick (a knife, etc.) into. n. stitching. titi, v.t. exhaust, drain the last drop, extractl the esrsence of.

Page  308 tiw 308 tomr tiwid-tiwid, n. seed of the dap-dap tree. tiyan, [look for titan]. tiyo, v.i. pa tiyo, v.t. spin. tiyub, v.i. spin, whirl. toalya, n. towtel. tobod, v.i. leak, leak out of, leak out toc-toc, v. knock (at the door) chop tocar, v. play [band, in'strument]. todlo, n. balustrade. (?) togd6, n. shoot, first leaves. togon. {loo togot. {loc tohalla, n. [look for to-alya]. tol6, n. drop. oloc, v. look at, look sharply, lool a. agogr. tolod, v. push a thing fortward. tolog, sleep. {lo, tololfig-an, n. chamnber, bed-room. toloman-on, n. an engage'ment, conttrac {f t. (meat). k for tugon} )k for tugot} {see tuli} k carefully. ok for tulog},t. rom tuman} tolon, v. swallow. toloin-an, n. book, doctrine, teaching. {from to-on tolonan, tolonon, tolo-6han, n. woods, wooded hill. v. swallow! {imperative of tolofi} n. one in whom one believes creed, the person in whom one trusts. {from to-oj -- tomillo, n. thyme.

Page  309 309 tra ton-anf, study! {from totoncod, n. cane. tong-tong, v. put one thing on top of another, stack up, be on top of. tonto, a. goosey, blockhead, rattle, headed. toni-ton, v. lowter with a rope, let it down. t6-o, adv. formnerly, beforfe, once. to", a. right (not left). t-o, v. believte. ang pag to-o, n. creed, belieft. ma tino-ohon, a. trust/ful. ma tino-oran, a. honest. to-od, Isee tuto-on, v. study, learn. pa to-on, v. edrucate. sa tapus pag to-on, when one once knows. to-on. pa t6-on, v. to aim. to-oran. {from t( ca ma to-oran, n. cerrtitude. torta, n. rusk. tortilya, n. omtelet. gin toton (P) to-to-o, a. prop'er, correctf, genruine, on} ud} )-o} pure, heartfelt. totoo nga gayud, cerltainly. totor, n. pup'py, pup. toytoy, v. guide, direct'. ang pag toy-toy, n. guidance. tranca, n. lock trapo, n. rag, dirty cloth, piece of cloth.

Page  310 tri. 310 trigo, n. wheat. trinsera, n. fort. tripulacioin,n. crew. trono, n. throne. trumpu, n. a top. tsa, n. tea. tsar6ra, n. tealpot. tWac, v. galllop. tuac-tAac, v. pitch (as a ship)., n. interjection, shrick, exclamation. v. cry out, shrick, yell, exclaiim, bawl. tfi-ay, n. spieces of clam. tiay-tuay sang tuhud, n. knee-cap. tubaling. pa tubaling, v.t. defert to the wishes of others. tubas, after, bear (blos'soms). (?) pa tubas, n. crop, threshed grain. tuibi, n. water. tubig-anam, n. a certain game. tublag, v.t. bothler, trouble, disturb'. tubluc, v.t. stab (with a thrust stroke, the knife-blade near the thumb), thrust. tfib8, n. small flat basket. {plate} tubo, v. gertminate. n. lamp chim'ney, germ. nag tubo, grew. talubo, n. sprout. tubo~, n. sugar cane. tubod, v.i. leak. tub-tub, until', to.

Page  311 311 tuc tubtub sa San Francisco, As far/ as San Francis'co. walay ca tub-tub-an, illimritable, in'finite. ca tub-tub-an, n. limit, bounds, end. tu' ba, " v. grow. pa tubil, v. creatte, breed. ca tfibft, a. of e'qual age. tinubo-an, n. place where it grows. tinub6, n. infterest, in'come. tubunae. tuburafi, n. spring [of water]. tubus, v. redeem'. manu nubus, n. Redeemer. tubut, v. allowed. tuca, v. peck at, feed [as a bird], eat, pick up. pa tuca, v.t. feed grain to chickens or birds. ticap, v. patch, mend. tucap, v.t. to dust. tucap-tficap, v. clap. tu6-ap, v. shake (clothes). tuc-bil, v. nib'ble, bite. n. nib'ble, bite. tuc-bul, v.t. strike the floor with a pole from underneath1. tuIlo, v. dash, dart, spring upon, jump and catch. pounce upon, grasp at. tucbul, v.t. strike, a floor from bellow, with a pole. tucm6, n. wild pig/eon. tuc-sf, v.t. puz'zle, mys'tify.

Page  312 tuc 312 tug tuc-tue, v. knock, tap, rust [iron]. n. bill of a bird, tap, beak, rust. n. ax-head. tinuctuc, n. meat-stew. tuc-turu-uc, v, to crow. tAicud, v. support', undertakfe, attemptf. pala tucuran, v. tficud, v. establish, sustains, ortganize, build. n. prop, foundation. tucua, n. bracket, prop, foundation. tuconi, n. pole. inug tucon, n. a pole. tucuii, v. to pole [a raft]. tucurun. {from tuc-yaf, v.t. shake a rug, carpet, etc. tucud} tuw1I1, v. flap. n. finger, digtit. v. point, teach, show, tell, intdicate, instruct. tuludlo, n. index-finger, first finger. tudlo-an, Point! tudlong, v. arrangie. tudlu dalAga, n. lady-finger banana. tud-tud. tfigfi, v. designt, plan, creatle, inventt. tug-an, v. promise, agree' (contract). panugan, v. promise. tugbon, v. {present and imperative of tugub} tugd6, n. shoot. tug.ian, v. deli'ver, charge, intrust'. v. confidre, give, recommend'. {cf. tugon{

Page  313 tug 313 tug tugyan. {preferred spelling for tug-ian} tinugian-afit, n. commit'tee, del'egate, agent, deptuty, one in charge, trusteed. tugmao, v.t. immersfe, baptiz'e. n. place of immerlsion. tugnao, v. become cold, be cold. ma tugnao, a. cold. ca tuinao, n. the cold. pa tugnao. tugofn, pa tugofi, tugon, v.t. stop bleeding, clot, stop flowing, [blood], coag'ulate. v.t. stanch the flow (of blood). v. entrust1, commit', recommend, send, charge, advis'e. v.t. acquiese', admitr, allow' let out (kite), permit'. {see tugut} tugsiling. pa tug siling, v. pity. (?) tugub, v. fill [liquids] [sound], be full of joy or sorrow. tugbon, Fill! Be full! tugun, v. hold up the head [chicken]. draw the head up [chicken]. tugut, v. permit', allowt, let, give, betra'y, turn over to, grant, accedre, acquiesc'e. Tuguti aco, Permitt me, allow me, let me. Itugot conta sang Dios, God grant. dili matugut-an, a. inadmis'sible. tugyan, v. entrust', commit', consignt to, deliver to.

Page  314 tuh 314 tul tuhao, without beginning [as God]. tihud, n. knee. tAihug, v. pierce, thrust through. tuhu4, n. ring [in the nose of a pig]. tu-ig, n. year, weather, time of, age. tinuig, yearly, antnual. tulabong, n. nag pie. tulali, n. fife. tul-an, n. bone. tulay, n. bridge.. {cf. tay-tay} tflI, v. circumcise. tinuli, n. one circumcised. tul-id, ma tul-id, thor'oughly, impartial, fair. tulin, v. consignt, entrustt, deput'e, bequeath. ma tulin, a. smooth and easy running. tul6, drip. {see tulu} tuloc, v. perceive, see, eye, look sharp, take care, notice, look out, look carefully. n. glance, small hole. tuloc (sing matalufin conmasakit), v. glare. tulog, v. { Look for tulug} maga pa tulog-tulog, pretend' to be asleep'. tfloy, n. heraring. TULU. +er, more. {sign of the comparative} tula, v. leak out, drop, drip. a. drip'ping, leaky, leaking. nz. a drop. pa tull, v.t. tap (a tree). tinulu, n. a drop (liquid). v. dropped.

Page  315 315 315 ~~~turn tulu-a o, V. Cry out. tulubdan san0s baihas, n. pore. tuluc6-ay, rl. stare at, lcok at each other. {cf. tuloci tulud, v. push, he pushed. mga tulud-tulud, n., loins. tulua1o, it, iui'dex.-finger, first finger. tilug, v. sleep, be asleep. pa tulug, r. put to sleep. ca tulug, m. sleep. pala tulticr, it. sleepy bead. pa nulugs, v. retire', go to hed. tululug-an, c.1hanin'ber, bed-roomn. tulug-tulug, n. poke-herry. tuluhug-aii, wound, the place pierced. tululuc'-a,- v. look at one another, look at each other. tululug-afi, n. chamber, bed-room, bunk, dor'mitory. tuluman-on mo, you ought. tulun, n. draught (of water). tulun-aii, n. appreii'tice. tulun-dnan, n. appren' tice. tulun-awaii, it. foun' dry. tulung-on, it. thorn-tree Nvith long thorns. tulupa,d it. row. tulutimbang, V. delib'erate. tui temprano pa, earlier. tul uhan, it, statement, sayihg.(2 tul YU-On', (. (lesifrable. tuanaliwa n', deparltedl, set out, left.

Page  316 tuIn 316 turn tuixnan, a. mind, carry out. v. acquirle, obeyS, make good. fulfill, exsecute. pa timan, v. enforce'. tuluman-on,n. conltract, agree'ment. dill pag trman, v. disobeyl, fail to carry out. tuman lamang, just obey, only obey. tuman na, That is enough'. tuman lamang, That is enough. tulumanon, n. ado'. Tuman-on mo ina'! Do that! Do it! ma tinuman-on, a. obedient. dili ma tinumanf-on, disobetdient, refracttory. tuin ba, tfimba-tuifba, v. fall. v.i. rock, sway, roll [as a shipl. I I pa tumba, v. toss. mapa tumba ya-on, a. carelless. tumbAhay, v. wrestle. tumbAga, n. cop'per. tumbac-tumbac, n. dragron-fly. tumbal. ca tumba tum-bas, tumbo-tuml tumbuc. 1I, n. piquancy. v. receipt in full, give a receipt for. bo, v. bob up and down. v. to strike with the end of a stick moving longitu'dinally, to spear. Rise Stand up! Have faith! v. dive. tumindug, tum6-o, tumpilac,

Page  317 tum 317 tun tutnapue, v. amass, heap up. n. pile, heap. tinumpuc-an, piled-up, heaped up. tum-tur, v. skim along, shake the fist at. tumugub, v. reverlberate, spread. tumuy-tuy, Show the way! tuna, v. genterate, produc'e, cause. tuniao, v.t. dissolve, melt, fuse. tunao sang kinzon, v. digest'. tunay, a. pure, holy. tuniadi, v. announc'e. manug tunda, n. mes'senger. tunelero, n. coopier. tunga', v. to halve, cut in two (transversely). n. half. amid', amongl. {preposition} ca tunganan, n. cenrter, midadle. na tung-a/, a. cen'tral. pa tung-a', v.t. divide into two equal parts, put tung-a, something in the middle. na tung-an sang ca layo-on, halfway. tungcA-ao, v. peep out. tungcad. inug tungcad, n. sounding. tungdan, v. ca tungdafi-an, n. ofrfice, duty, mintistry. tunggan. ca tunggan, n. swamp. pala tunggan, n. foot. tung-tung, v. stack up, put things one on top of another, be on top of. tuiigud, since, becausfe, concerning.

Page  318 tun 318 tun sa tungud sini', therefore, confsequenitly. sa tunrad sang, concernfing. sa tunad,, about, concernting. tungud sina, consequently. tungud sa ano, how so, why. tungud nga, becausre, since, for as much as. ca ha tungud, n. concernS. sa tungud sa, as to. tung-oy, v. immersfe. tunn-ug, n. watery vapor, steam. tfino, n. tune, an air, a piece of music. pa tunong, n. abolish, do away with. tunong, v.i. stop, stand still, cease. {cf. dulug} ang pag tunong, n. abaeyance, stop, stopping, halt. tumuin:, n. thorn, pricker. v.t. prick. ca tunu6an, briar-patch, thicket of thorn bushes. tunuc-on, a. thorny. tun-tun, v. lower (with a cord), drop, anchor, let down. tunud, v. throw into the water. tunud sang adlao, n. sunset. ang pag ca tunud sang aalao, n. sunset. ca tunud, v. set [sun]. tfinug, n. dew. tunug, v.i. distillt, [dew]. tuIuI, n. sound. pa tunug, v. play (a wind instrument) make a noise, or sound. tunung, v. cease. stop. {see tunong}

Page  319 319 tuu pa tunong, v.t. abolish. tu.od. ma tu-od, a. certain, true. tu-on, v. study. tupa, v. fall. tupad, beside', at the side of. n. side. {see to-on } tulupad, n. row. ca tupad, n. imme'diate vicintity, neigh' borhood. tupung, n. e'qual (of length, and also figuratively) etven. dili' ma tupund-an, a. une'qual. turil, n. barn-yard, cow-pen, corral'. turno, i. turtning-lathe. turo6, v. pa turo6, v. gen'erate. tusic, nt. bite [of bird]. tusluc, v.t. goad, sting, punch, poke. tusmug, v. dip. tusmud, v.t. immers'e, dip, rinse. tzuusmug-an, n. place of immiertsion. tutud, r. set fire to (an enemy's house). maca-tutud, a. incentdiary. manug-tutud, n. incen'diary. tutum. ma tutum, a. brave, not afraidl, dilligent in study, con'stant. ca tutum, n. courtage. tutunlan, i. throat. tuub, n. smudge. tu-ub, v.t. smoke.

Page  320 320 tu-ud. nma tuud, a. true. {see matuod} pa matfiud, v. tes'tify, depos'e, certify. tfwac, v.i. galflop, buck, bound. tfiwang-tfiwang, n. man's yoke for carrying. v. carry [as a coolie]. manug tuwang-tuwang, n. coolie, cartrier. tfiwas. v.t. lift. tuway, n. a fresh water clam. tuyo, v. be sleepy. a. sleepy, drow'sy. ca tuyo, n. sleepiness. ca tuyu-ain, n. goal, ob'ject, desirre. tuluyu-oni, a. desilrable. tiyo, n. inten'tion. v. intendS, wish to, plan to. aco may tuyo, I-have a mind to, I purpose. may tuyo ca sa acon? Do you want something? What can I do' for you? ang may tuyo, n. one in need. tuyong. ma tuyong, a. stealthy. ma tuyong-tuyong, a. intens'e. tuy-tuy, v. guide, show the way, lead the way.

Page  321 321 uga U Uba, v. undresst, disrobe', take off one's clothes. uban-on, a. gray, [hair, horse] hoarly. Abong, n. ha'lo. ubug, v.t. wade, ford. ulubug-an, n. ford. ubus, v. run out of (supplies), consum/e. a. low, used up, na ubus na, gone, consumed. ca ubus, v. run out of (rice, etc.) pa ubus, v. descend', humrble (oneself, or another). pa in ubus, a. low'ly. ang pag pa ubus, n. humility. amat-amat sing pa ubus, sink, go lower and lower. mapa inubus-on, a. hum'ble. ucud, v. ma-ficud, a. tiretless, indefattigable unflag'ging. ucut, v.t. persistl in, have one's own way. ugh, a. dry. ugMall, n. custtom, way personal habit. kina ugali, n. hab'it, chartacter, ways, intstinct. ugaling, soon, later, presently, afterwards, but. ugaling-on, a. usual. ugaii, n. cold-sore. ugangan (hga lalaki), n. father-in-law. ugat, n. vein. ca ugat-an, n. the venous system.

Page  322 uga 322 ul'a& ugat-ugat, n. nerve. iguay, v. caress', pet, fontdle. ugbos, n. shoot, (young) leaves. pang ugbos, v.i. shoot, burst, unfold. nudan. ca ugdan, n. formal'ity. ma ugdan, a. fortmal. ugis, a. feathterless (from age), bald. ugpong, n. handful of grain [in field], bunch of stalks. ugsad, a. full [moon]. ugsaran, n. front yard. ugtac, v. cack'le. ugtas, v.t. overwork, overdo', hurt oneself, be a taskmaster. pa ugtas, v.t. overwork others, be a taskmaster. ugtas, a. provoked. maca ulugtas, a. perverste, provo'king. ugtum, n. gnashing the teeth. ugut, v. grunlmble. ug-yon, v. unit'e, agree', concurl. fthand, v. make a gap in. n. gap, breach, cleft, narrow pass. fihao, a. thirst. ihay, n. head of grain. ear of corn. uhi, v. UL. {prefix. See IL} ula, v.t. pour, spill. ca ula, v.i. pour, be poured, spill. pang ula, v.t. upset'.

Page  323 323uu utul alag. ma ulag, a. inconttinent, lascivfious, ca ulag, a. lascivfiousnaess. huila'i it. rain, shower. v rai n. ftlang, a. arncestors. ula-ng nga Maaki, It grandfather. filang, v. conflict' (with), ericumtber, interferle, imnpedle, be in the wayl. ulay, n. vir~gin. a. pure. ca ulay, n. purlity, virttue, chas'tity. v.i. be pure, be virttuous. uiIt. v. restore, returnf. ilia (dli, a. that which can. be restored. fill, again'. {adverb pa ui, v. reurf come back again. ulicon, cap'tive. uligiat, v. mock, laugh at. ulikid, n. attach~ment to a town or to one's home, homesickness. nuln, n. stern of a ship. filing, n. a hot coal, char'coal, cin'ders, candlesnuff, soot. ulingid, n. atahmn to one's home. Ulipo,P0 v. enslavle. n. slave. nult, 9i. deri'sion, taunt. v. deridfe, make fun of, taunt. Uin, V. pang fitu, v. control. se-e olo'

Page  324 ulu 324 umi ulucal, v. swarm [as ants or bees]. ulud, n. worm. ulud-ulua, n. a large sea worm. ulfigion, v. unite, agree'. uluna, Be first! Go ahead! ulunan, n. pilllow. ulus, v. change one's clothes. n. clothes. ulut, n. disrtance. ulut, n. separating wall or line, interval. sa ulut, amidt, betweenr. sa ulut sang, amongl, between'. ulutangan, n. money-lender. ulutan-on, n. vegtetables, sal'ads. l6fitud, v. be brothers, be a brother of. uluyat-an, n. han'dle. tcf. calaptan UM. {prefix. see IL.} uina, n1. farm, coun'try, planted fields. manug uma, n. farmer, country jake. ca umhan, n. coun'try. pang uma, v. culttivate. maiio ngoma, n. farmer. umagad nga lalaki, son-in-law. umagad nga baba9e, daughter-in-law. unagi, a. past time, past, gone before, gone. v. pass by. umalagi, n. pas'ser-by', a'lien, trantsient. umalaway, n. soldier, fighter. fmang, n. hermit crab. umid, v.t. imlplicate. tao na Amid, n. accomrplice.

Page  325 umo 325 ung uno, n. honey comb. tmon, v. colnplicate. umpao, v. ca umpao, v. otvercomte. na umpao-an, v. regain consciousness, come to. umpay. {curl pay] pang uipay, v. hunt hay for horses, for'age. umpawan. na umpawan, a. come to (one's self). uiipuc, v. be reflected, bound back from, rebound. n. early rice. una, a. first, forenmost. v. advancte, go before, preced'e. adv. first, forth, ahead, in front. pa una, v. be first, anticlipate. pang-una, n. leader. una han,j un.}han, Ja. beyond'. sing una, n. the first, first, at first. na hauna, forth. na una, forth, ahead', inittial. sang una, adv. forrmerly, once. sa una anay,)^^ sa una anay,} at first. sa una, J isa sa una, once beforte. unan, n. Cala unan, a. fallow. unang. uigad, v. to root [pig]. ufigot, v. stick, cling, hang on. a. stuck fast, fast.

Page  326 ung 326 upu uritat, v. deposle (from office). ung-un, n. bri'er, thorn. ulllan, aheadi, on before', beyond&, in front, in the lead, in the van. {adverb} beyond', on the other sidel of. {preposition} unod, n. meat, flesh. unod nga labas, q. fresh meat. ma unud, fleshy, thick. unod nga inasin-an, n. salt-meat. ang pang unod, muscle. wa-ay sing unod, a. elmp'ty. untani, would could, might, If I had...... If I were. untay, v. stretch, hold out, straight'en [parts of the body only]. unus, n. storm, hurricane. ups, a. use'less. n. chaff. upang, v. encum'ber, imped'e. upas. upluc, v. retreat into one's hole, into one's hole dodge down. upod, v. go along with, come with, go with. {see upud} upong, n. handful of grain (in ear), wisp. v. glean, gather handfuls. upudi, v. go with, go along with, accomtpany, come with. mga upud-upud, n1. mates. maca upud, r. accompmny. ca-upua,?. help'ni' e, comrpan'ion

Page  327 327 41, nsi U' ang na~ga upuid, n. accoim'panyinL~. naga inupud, m i. party (of plefople) also aug p~ag hiii upud.?ud, ~ v grow smaller, wear out, wvear avway.?ug, it. begfgar.?ung, n. bunch (flowers). u n. brand, firebrand. a. all burned, burning, burned. na upus, v.i. 'be burned up. ca upus, v.t. burn up, consume. urong. manugc pa urong, a. charm'ing. ftrug, v. tremble, quiV'er [,flesh], shake. palang urug, v. trem'ble. urus. [Cruz] pagfirus, v. mnake the sigli of the cross, cross oneself. firut, v. fiu'ish, conIsumtAe, use up, take all. na urot, a. used up, all gone. usa-, n. antlered deer, deer, doe, fawn. usad.-usad, v. to stamp [feet]. (isang, usap, Iinulsap, usay. us'bung, v. chew. v. chew, masthcate. n. cud. pa usbungr, usic,~ it. evapora'tion. v. to evapforate. v. emit fra~grance. v. siuan'der, wvaste. v. investtigate, examtii ne, inspect', searcb, imquir~e.

Page  328 828 t utu n. in~quiry. a. inquis'itive. asoc, r. drive a stake. usuag pa. usuag, v. adjourn'. pang USUg, nv. strug'gle. us-us, v. slide down. pang ut~in, v. inquirle, ask (ques'tion). utan,. grens. it nterrogaf tion, question. Wiang, n. debt. pang ifitang, n. debt. v. borrow, owe. pa (itang, v. lend. na ca utango, a. in debt to, indebted. manug utangs, it. debt' or borf rower. nang fitang Ca P did you borrow? fttbong, nt. point, extrem'ity, end, (of a pencil thread, etc.) ca. (iti, n. curiosity. ma uti-hon, a. careful. Uti. ca uti, v. steal. utlan, separated. utuc, n. brain. utuc sa tuil-an, mnarfrow. iitud., n. brother, sister. sa inutud, a. fraterf nal. utu4, v -cut in two, (tr" {from ulut} nisversely), bisect'. aug pag utua, n. interrup~tion.

Page  329 329 uyu pang utud-utud v. cut into pieces. utud sang cahoy, v. cut wood. utdui, cut it in two? {imperativet utup, v. pare (the nails), cut off the point, clip, trim. ut-ut, v. gnaw. uvas, n. grapes. iwac, v. fight with entwining necks [chickens]. uwa6, n. a crow. uwang, v. howl [dog], yowl [cat]. uyab, v. pang fiyab, v. to fan. uyas, n. meal. (?) uyat, v. han'dle, seize, hold in the hand, grasp, take hold of, clutch. gin uyat-an nia, he held. uluyat-an, n. handle. {cf. calaptan} iuyon, v. consent', agree', fit. n. taste, wish. a. agreedable, fatvorable. pa uyon, indorse, sanction, taste. gina ca-oyufian, n. agreetment. gin ca oyfinan, n. contract. dili fiyon, undesirtable. ang dili pag ca-fyon, n. dislik'e. fiyug, v.t. shake.

Page  330 V 330 wal V V. vsmos, come, come on. vapor, n. steamer. ventana, window. verde, a. green. vianda. viloz, n. skiff, sail boat. visita, n.v. vis'it, call. {Look for B } {see sud-an} W wa-an. na ca wa-an, n. aisle. gin wa-an, n. exit. gincawa-an, n. space between two things, distance, infterval. wvi-ay. wa-ay na, is over, is all gone, that's all. waga~, n. ore. wageos, n. belt, zone, girtdle. wag-wag, scatter, emnit send forth, demol'ish. wala, unless', is not, has not, no. wala' sing ano? none of what. sa wal pa, beforte, ere. pag ca wAla, v. disappear', die out, be ab'sent.

Page  331 wal 331 wil ar wi wa w;' sa wal wal. Wah sa w~ wali pa m, wal ig pag wala, n. denital, negaftion. al a nga ano? None of what? ala gid, never, none whatever, nothing at all. ala' gid sing, no'body, none of. L wala', withoutt. Lc-wAlac, v. shake, [as a cat a rat].,y'. {a contraction of wala sing} wala, without'. alay sin-o, no one. i, v. preach. ing wali, v. preach earrnestly. anug wali, n. preachter. is, v.t. stab (with a back stroke, the blade being near the little finger). walo, eight, 8. ca walo-an, eigh'ty, 80. ica walo, eighth. wasag, v. scatter, spread, demollish. wasay, n. hat'chet, ax. was-was, n. a blow (with a hammer). v.t. shake. way, n. rattant. wayang, n. field, waste land, br, taga wayang, n. peas'ant, farmer. ca wayang-an, n. lands, fields. oad plair i. wa;ang, n. camp. wili. ma ca wili-wili, v. have a pleasant time, enjoy' one's self,

Page  332 wit 332 ca wili, n. affecttion. witi. witi-witi, a. frivlolous. puni nga witi-witi, n. gew'gaw. wow-wow, v. roar. y yabi, n. key. yab-oe, n. dust. ma yab-6, a. dusty. yaboc-on, a. dusty [air, etc.]. yadto, a. that, yonder, that one over there. yadtong. {contraction of yadto nga} yaguts, v. be iron'ical, scoff, deride'. n. ifrony, derisfion, satfire. yamug, n. dew. yang cot-yancot. yarir, there are......there, there it is. yari! here! behold! right here'. yas-yas-an sang haingin, n. draught, draft of air, breeze. yaiwa, n. devil, saftan. yaya, n. nurse-girl, nurse. yflbit, v. despiste. yuhuif, n. smile. yupuc, n. dimple. ya-ya, pa lang yfl-yft, v. smite, prick, goad. {cf. cadlao}

Page  333 333 SOME PAGES FROM " CUSTODIO'S METHOD." PERSONS. woman man boy girl babaye tau bata nga lalaki bata nga babaye little girl ditay nga bata nga babaye baby bata nga ditay bata nga uncle la]aki, tio bata/ nga aunt babaye, tia father amay mother iloy sister utud nga babaaye brother utud nga lalaki young man pamatafion nga lalaki young lady pamatanion nga babaye little boy ditay nga bata nga lalaki cousin pacaisa brother-in- bayao nga law lalaki relative pariente, himata familia family

Page  334 334 PARTS OF THET BODY. hand wrist finger arm shoulder neck back chest side hip leg (thigh) knee head ear eye camllot canumuio tudlo butcon abaga liog licod dug-han kilid balicawang paa tuhud olo dulufigan mata nose ilong mouth baba forehead agtang chin sulang,. [sagang cheek pisngi ankle buco sang tiil fool tiil face guya hair buhoc - thumb cumalagco sang camut palm palad toe tudlo sang tiil THE HOUSE. house steps floor wall roof window door room kitchen balay halintang salug dingding atup ventana, talambuan {puerta, ganhaan sulud (cosina, digamuhani table fireplace chair mat bed mosquito net pillow blanket sheet la mesa dapug pungc6an banig {hig-daan, catri moskitero ulman habul hbul 1ngii lnmaipis

Page  335 335 wash basin soap towel oil plangana haboni towalya gas looking glass. comb brush {salaminig, espeho husay sipilyo DINING ROOM, plate knife fork spoon dish saucer cup bowl teakettle pot frying pan pinggan sundang tene-doi cuchara bandehado platito copa, tasa yahong charera colon fritohan, sart( KITCHEN, FOOD, &C. chicken piso clam pakinhason, tuway crab alimango banana saging orange cabuigao cocoanut lubi sweet camote 311 salt asiii pepper pimienta tea cha, tsa coffee caf6 rice bugas, cai'on fish isda beef unud sang baca pork unud sang babuy mutton unud sang carnero potato pine apple roasting ears cor'] jelly egg milk bread crackers butter soup food a meal meal pinya linahofi, tinanoc mais halea itlog gatas tinapay biscocho, mantekilya sopas calaflon pagcaon binlucbuc sang trigo

Page  336 336 MEN'S CLOTHING. shoe sock drawers pantaloons suspenders belt shirt collar tie sapin, sapato media calsonsilyo delargo sacbay, tirantes wagcos camiseta cuelyo corbata coat hat cap watch ring cane pocket book americana calo gorro reloh sa bolsa singsing {bas-ton, sungcud sulud-lan sang libro. WOMEN'S CLOTHING. sandal sandalyas, corcho skirt saya waist naog dress vestido locket neck scarf earring bracelet cortsete baliog aritos pulsera OTHER NOUNS COMMONLY USED.. mountain hill stream river ocean island town city bukid bun'yud, bacolod sapa suba dagat pulo baniuwa ciudad village country farm ditch dam falls {barrio, mindoro {wayang, bafiuwa {uma, hacienda calug punong

Page  337 337 bridge tay-tay well bubonr fence corral orchard laguerta f dalan, roadd tflcalsada street dalan fpath dalan-dalan, path banas high tide ta-og low tide hunas current sulug pang-pang bank higad (sang suba) shore baybay valley gintungan sang duha ca bungyud steamer vapor boat bote, sacayani rope calat chain talicala wave balud anchor sail paddle mast lorcha ferry raft barn mill engine cart wagon harness shovel hoe plow harrow sinipit layad bugsay palo lorcha talabucan balsa for grain tambobo, for stock cuadra galingan makina cangga cangga nga apat ang carretoi sangcap sa cabayo pala, sadol arado pacalas book newspaper page libro picture periodico pallid, word pinanid sentence lamina, cuadro polong hinun-anon

Page  338 338 question answer letter reply tree trunk limb branch blossom bud piece of load of handful of pamangcot sabat sulat panabat cahoy puno gangao sanga bulac, bucad bucul tipic sang carga sang hacup sang stamp mail package registered fruit leaves leaf bark juice stick of loaf of a lot of selyo correo pinotos certificada bunga mga dahon dahon panit (sang cahoy) duga bilogon sang minasa sang madamo sang kernel ear (of corn) grain of rice spear of grass drop of oil stalk of corn clump of bamboo a bamboo a banana plant pinud pud isa ca bilog sang u-yas isa ca nahot sang hilamoni,,, tulo sang lana,,, puno sang mais,,,,,,,, Cawyn cawayan,,, lay-on,,,,, puno,, saging

Page  339 339 a clump of bananas a bunch of bananas a cake of soap some sugar a grain of sugar a lump of sugar isa ca pinuno sang saging,,, bulig sang saging,,,, barita sang habofn sang calamay isa ca binucbu6 sang calamay isa ca bilog sang calamay Person Persons tawo rnga catawuhan horse horses cow cattle carabao carabaos LALAKI man men lalaki, mga tau tai BABAYI woman women bbabai mga babayi stallion stallions mare bull bulls cow mares cows bitches ewes dog cat sheep dogs cats sheep tom-cat tom-cats ran rams )buck bucks rooster roosters drake drakes bitch ewe (ii) TINDAY baby bata nga ditay colt calf carabaocalf puppy kitten lamb kid chick duckling gosling fawn pig cub goat goats chicken chickens duck ducks goose deer hog bear geese deer hogs bears gander buck boar he-bear ganders bucks boars he-bears hen liens duck ducks goose geese sow sows (sali) slhe- shebear bears

Page  340 340 Nouns that are also used as verbs:Aoun. Verb. Anchor "to anchor " means to fasten by means of an anchor. Answer "to answer" means to make a reply. Beach "To beach" means to draw a boat up on the beach. Bottle "to bottle" means to put a thing in a bottle. Branch "to branch out " means to spread out (like branches). Bridge to bridge" means to connect by means of a bridge. Butter "to butter" means to spread butter on something. Cane "to cane " means to whip with a cane. Cart "to cart" means to haul in a cart. Chain "to chain" means to fasten with a chain. Comb "to comb." Cough " to cough." Cover "to cover " means to put a cover on something. Cross "to cross one's self" means to make the sign of the cross on one's self. Dam "to dam" (up) a stream means to hold it back. Ditch "to ditch" a field means to dig ditches in it. Egg "to egg " a man means to three eggs at hil. Eye "to eye " a thing means to look at it closely. Face "to face " an army means to turn the face towards it. Farm "to farm." Fence ' to fence" a field means to enclose it with a fence. pagpani jit. pagsabat. pagpabaybay. pagbotelya. pagbunghay. pagtaytay. pagmantikilya. pagbunal. pagguyon. pagtalicali. pag-husay. pag-ob6. pagtabon. pagpa-ngurus. pagpunung. pagcalug. pagbalang sang ittlog. pag-himutad. nangatubang. pagpa-nguma. pagcorral.

Page  341 341 Ferry Fight Fish Hand tam mer Harness Harrow Hoe House Load Light Mail "to ferry " means to carry across on a ferry. "to fight." "to fish " means to try to catch fish. "to hand " is to offer one a thing in the hand. "to hammer" is to pound with a hammrer. "to harness" a horse. "to harrow ' a field. "to hoe" corn. "to house " a person is to shelter him in a house. "to load " a cart. "to light" a fire is to kindle it. "to mail " a letter. pagtabuc. pag-a way. pagpanagat. pagdulnt sa camut. pagsalsal. paga-angcap sa cabayo. pagpacalag. pagsarof. pagpasapot. pagpadala. pagpadabldab. pagpahamntang sang sulat sa correo. pagsangcap sang nnga tao s5t bote. Man "to manl" a boat. Match - "to match" a piece of cloth means to pag-habol s: produce a piece exactly like it. caangay gid Nail " to nail " means to fasten with driven nails. pag-lansang. Paddle ' to paddle" a boat. pagbugsay. Piece to piece" a quilt means to make a quilt with pieces. Pipe "to pipe" water means to run it through a pipe. pagtarog. Plane "to plane" a board is to make it smooth with a plane. pagsipifyo. Plow "to plow" a field. pag-arado. Pole " to pole " a raft is to propel it with a pole. pagtucoi. Question " to question a person is to ask him questions. pagpa-nguta: ang I. na.

Page  342 342 Reply "to reply." Return " to return" is to come back, or give back. Ride "to ride" a horse. Roof "to roof"'a house is to put a roof o'i it. Rope "to rope" a horse is to catch him with a rope. Sail "to sail " a boat. "alt "to salt" rice is to season it with salt. Saw "to saw" a board means to cut it with a saw. Seat "to seat " oneself means to sit down on a seat. Stamp "to stamp " a letter. Shovel "to shovel " dirt. Soap "to soap " clothes means to rub soap on them. Steam "to steam" is to cook or to travel by means of steam. Step "to step " means to take a step. Stick "to stick " a pin into anything. String "to string" beads mneans to put them on a string. Tree "to tree" a fox means to chase him into a tree from vwhich he cant escape. Wall "to wall " up a well is to line it with a wall. Water "to water " plants. Wave "to wave" a flag is to toss it like a wave tosses. Wheel "to wheel" a load means to push it in a wheelbarrow. Work "to work."., pagsabat. pagbalic, paguli. pagsacay. pag-atup. pagcalat. ppgpalayag. pag-asifi. pag-lagari. pagpungco. pagsilyo. pagpala. pag-habofi. pagticang ang pag-lacan. pagtusluc sang. pagtuhug. pagpasaca sa cahoy. pagatabay. pagbufiyag. pagpa-palacpad. pag'ialigid. pagpangabudiay.

Page  343 343 SOME REGULARt VERIBS. Ang masunod nga mnga verbo nagailimo sang ila nag-ligad nla tierlpo cag nag-ligad nga participio nga ginadugangan sang "ed " ang tiempo presente. Busa:-Presente," answer" (naga satat); Pasado, "answered " (nagsabat, sinnabit); Participio pasado, "answered " (sabat, nasabat). May iban nga ginatawag mnga verbo regular wala Ilabut sang yari sini nga lista. ache, ached, aching, ached. pag sakit answer, answered, answering, answered. pag sabat arrive, arrived, arriving, arrived. pag abut *ask, asked, asking, asked. pag pang-utana. asker, manug *bathe, batled, bathing, bathed. pag paligos. bather manug *beg, begged, begging, begged. pag pa-ngayo. begger, mIanug *borrow, borrowed, borrowing, borrowed. pag Ihulam, borrower, manug *carry, carried, carrying, carried. pag dala. carrier, manug change, changed, changing, changed. pag baylo. *chew, chewed, -ing, -ed. pag usang. chewer, manug clean, cleaned, -ing, -ed. pag tinlo. crow, crowed, -ing, -ed. pag panalo. cry, cried, crying, cried. pag singgit, con pag hibi *dance, danced, dancing, danced. pag sIaot. dancer, manug deal, dealed, -ing, -ed. pag tagtag, con pag paticang *destroy, destroyed, -ing, -ed. pag laglag. destroyer,. manug fail, failed, -ing, — ed. pag saynlp. fasten, fastened, —ing, —ed. pag ungut, con pag tabid. *'gamble, gambled, gambling, gambled. pag panahol'. gambler, nmanug fheal, healed, -ing, -ed. pag bolong, talgpai:yo. healer, manug

Page  344 344 *help, helped, -ing, -ed. hitch, hitched, -ing, -ed. *hunt, hunted, -ing, -ed. hurry, hurried, hurrying, hurried. kill, killed, -ing, -ed. kneel, kneeled, -ing, -ed. *learn, learned, -ing, -ed. *lie, lied, lying, lied. light, lighted, -ing, -ed. like, liked, liking, liked. look, looked, -ing, -ed. owe owed, owing, owed. pay, paid, paying, paid. *play, played, -ing, -ed. pound, pounded, -ing, -ed. pull, pulled, -ing, -ed. reach, reached, -ing, -ed. return, returned, -ing, -ed. *row, rowed, rowing, rowed. rub, rubbed, rubbing, rubbed. *sail, sailed, &c. scrub, scrubbed, scrubbing, scrubbed. sew, sewed, sewing, sewed. shuffle, shuffled, &c. *smoke, smoked, smoking, smoked. spoil, spoiled, &c. squeal, squealed, &c. start, started, &c. stay, stayed, &c. stir, stirred, &c. stop, stopped, &c. *talk, talked, talking, talked. tie, tied, tying, tied. *wait, waited, &c. *walk, walked, &c. pag bulig. helper, manug pag-higot sang cabayo. pag pang-ayam. hunter, manug pag dalf pag patay. pag luhud. pag toon. learner, manug pag butig. liar, manug pag sudlib. pag caliyag. pag tuluc pag utang pag hayad pag hampang. player, manug pag bayo. pag palpag. pag buclas pag dangat, pag-cabut, pag abut. pag panumbalid pagbalic. pag iras. rower, manug pag nus-nus, pag lughud. pag layag. sailor, manug pag hinis, pahid. pag panahi, pag tal6. pag balasa, pagsud-sud. pag-tabaco smoker, pag-as6 o manug pag pasapayai pag iwick. pag halini, pamuno. pag pabilin. pag hulag, giho, lug:iy. pag dulug, padulug. pag polong, liaffibal. talker, manlug pag higot, gaid. pag hulaf, waiter, muchacho pag lacat, daya.'. walker, manug

Page  345 345 wash, washed, &c. water, watered, &c. pag laba, hugas. pag buniyag, salibo " ER," OR "(THE ONE WHO." It will be noticed in the above list that the words marked thus, " *" have also a form ending in "er." IRREGULAR VERBS.-(two parts alike). ACTIVE. PRESENT. I buy. Singular. Plural. 1. Aco naga bacaf Cami 2. Icao naga bacal Camo 3. Sia naga bacal Sila PAST. PASSIVE. PRESENT. I am bought. Singular. Plural. Aco na bacal Cami Icao na bacal Camo Sia na bacal Sila PAST. Aco gin bacaf. I was bought. FUTURE. Aco paga bac-lofi I shall be bought. PERFECT. 1. Aco nag bacaf. I bought. FUTURE. 1. Aco maga bacat. I shall buy. PERFECT. 1. Aco naca bacaf. I have Aco binacaf I have been bou bough bought. PAST PERFECT. 1. Aco bin macaf. I had bought. FUTURE PERFECT. 1. Aco bumacaf. I shall have bought. PAST PERFECT. Aco sadto binacaf I had been bought. FUTURE PERFECT. Aco binacaf na I shall have been bought.

Page  346 346 LIKE THE ABOVE ARE: Present Past Present. Past. Participle. Participle. Bring brought bringing brought *Buy bought buying bought Pag dall sa Pag bacaf Buyer manug hacaf I Cut cut cutting cut Pag utud *Dig dug digging dug Pag cutcut Digger *Find found finding found Pag cakita Finder Have had having had Pag camay *Hold held holding leld Pag uyat Iolder Hurt hurt hurting hurt Pag pilas *Keep kept keeping kept Pag tago Keeper Kneel knelt kneeling knelt Pag luhud Leave left leaving left Pag biiin *Lend lent lending lent Pag pahulam Lend *Lose lost losing lost Pag dula Losei *Make made making made Pag himo, bubat N Meet met meeting met Pag sugata *Read read (red) reading read (red) Pag basa Reader Say said (sed) saying said Pag siling *Sell sold selling sold Pag balfgia Seller *Send sent sending sent Pag padala Sit sat sitting sat Pag pungco *Sleep slept sleeping slept Pag tulog Sleeper Spend spent spending spent Pag gasto Stand stood standing stood Pag tindog Steal stole stealing stole Pag cawat *Wring wrung wringing wrung Pag puga er laker IRREGULAR VERBS.-(all parts different). PRESENT TENSE. 1. Aco nagabutong I draw Aco ginabutong I am drawn PAST TENSE. 1. Aco nagbutong I drew Aco ginbutong I was drawn

Page  347 347 FUTURE TENSE. 1. Aco magabutong Aco pagabutongon I shall draw I shall be drawn PERFECT TENSE. 1. Aco nacabutong Aco binutong (sa masunsun, I have been drawn con tubtub caroni I have drawn PAST PERFECT TENSE. 1. Aco sadto nacabutong Aco sadto binutong I had drawn I had been drawn FUTURE PERFECT TENSE. 1. Aco nacabutong na Aco binutong na I shall have drawn I shall have been drawn LIKE THE ABOVE ARE:Present _Past Present. Pst. Peet te. "one who" Participle. Participle. *Bear bore bearing born Pag-dala Bearer Come came coming come Pag carn *Do did doing done Pag buhat, himo Doer Draw drew drawing drawn Pag debujo, butong *Drink drank drinking drunk Pag inom Drinker *Drive drove driving driven Pag tabug Driver *Eat ate eating eaten Pag caon Eater Fall fell falling fallen Pag cahulog, catumba Fly flew flying flown Pag lupacd Get got getting gotton Pag cuha *Give gave giving given Pag hatag Giver Go went going gone Pag cadto, lacat Lie lay lying lain Pag higda Light lit lighting lighted Pag siga *Ride rode riding ridden Pag sacay sa Rider *Run ran running run Pag dalagan Runner *Sing sang singing sung i cag canta Singer *Swir swamn swimming swum Pag langoy Swimmer *Write wrote writing written Pag sulat Writer

Page  348 348 ADJECTIVES.-(with derived nouns and verbs). "MA." "PA" or " MACA." "Ang pagca " "MA." or "CA." Adjective. Verb. Noun. Adjective. Afraid. frighten means to make one Mahadluc afraid, to cause Fear. Alive. create, enliven, resurrect Life. Buhf Bad. spoil, corrupt, degrade Badness, Malain Vice, Evil. Beautiful. beautify Beauty. Maayoayo r. Big. enlarge, increase the size of, Great size of. Dacu Blue. Maasuf r. Brave. encourage, embolden Bravery. Maisug r. BRIGHT. brighten, polish Brightness, Masidlac Glare r. BROAD. broaden Breadth. Masangcad r. CHEAP. cheapen, lower the price of, Cheapness Barato r. Chilly. chill Chill, Cold Mabugnao r. CLEAN. clean, cleanse, wash Cleanliness Matiilo r. COARSE. coarsen Coarseness Mabahul r. Cold. chill, cool Cold Matugnao r. COOL. cool Coolness, Mayamig Cold r. Crooked. bend Crookedness Tic6 r. DARK. darken Darkness, Maduluni Gloom r. Dead. kill, put to death Death Patay r. Dear. raise the price of, High price Mahaf of, Expensiveness r. Dear. - Cherish Naluyagan r. DEEP. deepen Depth Madalumn Difficult. Difficulty Malisuc r. DRY. dry, dessicate Dryness Mamala r. DULL. dull, blunt Dullness Bunduf r. Early. Earliness Temprano r. Easy. facilitate, help Ease Mata6hay r. False. falsify Falseness Falso FAST. fasten, tighten Tightness Nahigoi

Page  349 349 *" `MA." " PA" or " MACA." " Adjective. r. Fast. Verb. hasten r. FAT. fatten Female. r. Few. lessen, decrease the number of, r. Fine. refine, cultivate, educate r. Fine. sharpen, Good. improve r. Great. increase the size of, enlarge r. Great. r. Green. r. Green. r. Happy. enliven, cheer, brighten r. HARD. harden, r. Hard. r. Heavy, load, weight r. High. raise, elevate r. Hot. heat Imitation. Iron. r. Large. enlarge, expand, increase the size of, r. Late. delay r. Lean. reduce the weight of r. LEVEL. level, plane r. LIGHT. lighten, ease r. LIGHT. light, lighten r. Little. lessen, diminish, decrease r. Long. lengthen, extend, stretch r. LOOSE. loosen r. LOW. lower Ang pagca " " MA." or " CA." Noun. Adjective. Swiftness, Madasig haste Fat Matambod Femininity Babayi Fewness, Ditay Scarcity Culture Maayo Fineness Magamaf Goodness Maayo Greatness Dacf Renown Dalagco an Greenness Verde Greenness, Linghod Immaturity Happiness, Bulahan Joy. Hardness, Matiga Solidity Diffictilty Malisud Weight Mabugat Height, Mataas Loftiness Heat Ma-init Ang pag huad Salsalon Immensity Dacti Lateness Leanness Levelness Lightness Brightness Littleness Length Looseness Lowness Maddgay Maniwang Matapan Mamagan Masidlac Diutay Malabt Malhugad ManabA, manubG

Page  350 350 "MA." " PA " or " MACA." "Ang paqca " " MA? or " CA." Adjective. Verb. Noun. Adjective. Male. Masculinity Lalaki Many. increase the number of, Multitude Madamo r. NARROW. narrow Narrowness Makitic r. Nice. beautify, refine Nicety, Maarbong Delicacy r. Noisy. Noisiness Magalung,,v<~~~~~ - ~magahud r. Old age, become old, Age Tigulang, daan OPEN. open Openness Nabucsan Ordinary, cheapen Commonness, Pareho Regularity sang iban r. Plarm. dispense with adornments Plainness Yano r. Plain. explain Plainness, Nasayoran Perspicuity Plenty. abound Plentifulness, Dagaya, Abundance Bugana r. Poor. impoverish Poverty Imol r. Pretty. beautify Prettiness Mlaambong r. Pure. purify, refine, cleanse, purge. Purity Maayo. r. QUICK. quicken, urge, hasten, hurry Quickness, Mad all Celerity r. QUIET. quiet, hush, deaden Quietness, Mahipus Stillness r. Ready. prepare, get ready Readiness, Hand~ Preparation r. RED. redden Redness Mapula r. Rich. enrich, make rich Wealth Mangaranon r. RIPE. ripen Ripeness, Maluto Maturity r. ROUGH. roughen Roughness Alagyan

Page  351 351 " MA." "PA " or " MACA." " CA " or " MA." " Ang pagca." Adjective. Verb corresponding.Noun naming Adjective. with " PA." the quality. Round. Roundness, Manipulon Rotundity r. SAD. sadden, distress, dishearten Sadness Masub6 r. SCARCE. scarcen Scarceness, Maiwat Scarcity r. Shallow. Shallowness Manabao Sham. Sham. Lalang Pretense r. SHARP. sharpen Sharpness, Matafom Keenness r. SHORT. shorten, curtail Shortness, Malipot Brevity SHUT. shut, close Nacerrahan r. SICK. sicken, make one sick Sickness Masakit Slippery. make slippery, polish SlipperinessMadanlug r. Slow. retard, Slowness Mahinay r. Small. diminish, compress, condense. Smallness Ditay r. SMOOTH. smooth, plane Smoothness Mahing-lo r. SOFT. soften Softness 'Mahomoc r. Sore. hurt, bruise, injure Soreness Mabisug r. Sorry. Regret Masub6 r. SOUR. sour Sourness, Maaslomr Acidity r. STEEP. steepen Steepness Pilag r. STRAIGHT. straighten Straightness MataJlong r. Strong. strengthen Strength Mabascug r. Sure. assure, insure, convince Certainty Maligon r. SWEET. sweeten Sweetness Matariis r. Tall. raise, elevate Height Mataas r. TIGHT. tighten, compress, bind Tightness, Mahigot Constriction r. True. correct Truth, Matfiod Correctness r. Ugly. disfigure, spoil Ugliness Malaway Uncertain. Uncertainty Maduhaduha

Page  352 "MlA." "PA" or "M ACA.". - ' CA" or' M" A.: "Ang pagca." Adjective. Verb corresponding - A omNn -nariing Adjective. with " PA." the quality. r. WARM. warm, heat Warmth Ma-init r. WEAK. weaken Weakness Maluya Well. cure - Health Maayo r. WET. wet Wetness, Mabasa Dampness r. WHITE. whiten, bleach Whiteness Maputi r. Wicked. debase, corrupt Wickedness, Malaut, Sin talamayon r. WIDE. widen Wideness, Masangcad......-* Width r. Young. rejuvenate Youthifulness Bataoii

Page  353 353 NUMERALS AND ORDINALS:One 1 Isa First Naha una Two 2 Duha Second Ica duha Three 3 Tatlo Third Icatlo Four 4 Apat Fourth Tcapat Five 5 Lira Fifth Icalima Six 6 Anom Sixth Icanom Seven 7 Pito Seventh Icapito Eight 8 Walo Eighth Icawalo Nine 9 Siam Ninth Icasiam Ten 10 Napulo Tenth Icapulo Eleven 11 Napulo cag is'6 Eleventh Icapulo cag isa Twelve 12 Napulo cag duha Twelfth Tcapulo cag duha Thirteen 13 Napulo cag tatlo Thirteenth Icapulo cag tatlo Fourteen 14 Napulo cag apat Fourteenth Icapulo cag apat Fifteen 15 Napulo cag lima Fifteenth Icapulo cag lima Sixteen 16 Napulo cag anom Sixteenth Icapulo cag anom Seventeen 17 Napulo cag pito Seventeenth Icapulo cag pito Eighteen 18 Napulo cag walo Eighteent h1 Icapulo cag walo Nineteen 19 Napulo cag siam Nineteenth Icapulo cag siam Twenty 20 Duha ca p ulo Twentiethl Icaduha ca pulo Twenty-one 21 Duha ca pulo Twenty-first Icaduhacapful..cag isaC cag isa Twenty-two 22 Duha ca pulo Twenty- Icaduhacapulo cag duha second cag duha Thirty 30 Catloan Thirtieth Ica catloan ' Thirty-one 31 Catloan cag isal Thirty-first Ica catloan cag-isi, Forty 40 Cap-atan Fortieth Ica c.lp-atan Fifty 50 Calirian Fiftieth lea calirlan Sixty 60 Can-omail Sixtieth lea can-oman Seventy 70 Capitoan Seventieth lca capitoai Eighty 80 Cawaloanu Eightieth lea cawaloat Ninety 90 Casiaman Ninetieth lea casiaman One hundred 100 Isa ca gatos One hundrendth lea isa ca gatos Five thunidred - 500 Lima ca gatos Five hundredtl Ica lima ca gatos One thousand 1,000 Isa ca libo One thousandth Ica isa ca libo Ten thousand 10,000 Isa ca lacsa Ten thousandth Ica is$..-...- - ca -lacsa

Page  354 354 ADVERBS OF TIME. at last at length finally afterwards formerly once nlow immediately at once right away just now after a while pretty soon soon early late always forever never not yet sometimes once in a while frequently often every time then usually once an hour daily, every day sa catapusan 9) ugaling caina, sadto sadto caron, a6ra mnismo a6ra mismo, gilayoi, subung sini.......... amo pa lang caron ugaling indi lang dugay temprano duigay gihapon walay langani wala gid wala pa con cais& r, dugay-dugay,, sa masunsun masunsun sa cada oras, satanan nga oras sang olehi, ugaling sa kina-ugali sa tagsa ca oras inadlao adlao-adlao

Page  355 355 weekly, sinimana every week monthly, binulan every month yearly, every year tinuig ADVERBS OF PLACE. ahead sa una in front sa atubangan yonder didto, yadto there dira, ara, didto on the outskirts of, sa lihit sang out there yadto, didto over there dira, didto out around sa libut here diri, ari far malayo near malapit inside sa sulud outside sa gwa in sa, sa sulud (sang) out sa gwa. (sang), sa luas (sang) away halin, sa malay6, gican forward sa atubangan back balic up sa ibabao. (go up, pag-saca) down sa idalum. (go down, pagpanaug) abreast cubay all over sa bugos nga, sa bilog nga everywhere sa tanan nga lugar anywhere bisan diin, bisan aiin nga lugar

Page  356 356 somewhere no where at the end of on the top of on the bottom of in the middle of at the side of on the inside of on the outside of to each other con diin, con diii nga parte wala sa bisan diifi, wala bisan diini lang sa utbong sang, sa catapusan sang sa ibabao sang, (mt., tree, house) sa potocpotocan sang sa idaluru sang, (ocean) sa caidadalman sang sa tung-a sang sa kiiid sang, sa luy6 sang sa sulud sang sa gwa sang, sa luas sang pakig PERSONAL PRONOUNS. Nominative: I you he she it we you they Possessive: my your his her its our your their Objective: me you him her it us you them Nominative: aco icao sia sia sia cami camo sila Possessive: acon imo iya iya iya amon inyo ila Objective: sa acon sa imo sa iya sa iya sa iya sa amon sa inyo sa ila -..,. "*',. fhisani sino anyone bisan sino whoever (Ilis;1 si siio lan,, someone May isa whichever bisan ano, diii tupad everyone Ang tanair whatever bisan ano, bisan anano n walay sino, wahla sisino noone lwala sing isg each ope,. 4ng tggsatagsa.: -' PREPOSITIONS. at sa of sa, sang for sa fro.r cutub, halin sa, sa gican-sa, sa, sa tluyo sa i

Page  357 357 to tubtub, sa, toward mapacadto sa, pacadto isa, mapa in sa, sa sulu4 through lapus' sa between sa olot, sa tungAII with caupuct sang, sa, among sa tung-it upon sa, sa ibabao sang, na tung-tung sa, ovr{sa hiaas sang, sa ibabao Sang, na ibaba'o above sa hitaas sang, sa ibabao sang, na ibabao sang, under sa idalufi~ sang, La idafum, na idaf mran, after sa pageatapus, sa oleli,) behind sa licod, sa olehe, before sa atubang'an sang, sa, un1.a, na un1a, pag-una against batoc sa, contra sa, across sa tabo5 in front of sa atubang'an sang.

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