Visayan-English dictionary.
Rafferty, Patrick.

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Page  [unnumbered] A f,Ie i 1 1 1 1 k v-),,e !!( "', 1, c I 44 '4A l 44&( K # ~~}/ ~ t:.4 i H o I "t il I,, i t, ,, j V,: I:-. " 4 it - r; i 4 1 ) / K 4 Al 4 -4 C A4,4 4 "I 44 4 1 4 4 4-K. K1 I 44 44 41 4 44 4444f 4444 i i i I 4 4 4I4-, 4 A 0

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Page  3 PAHAMATNGON. In compiling this Dictionary, two main sources have been made use of. First, a brief translation was made of the "Diccionario Bisaya-Espafiol, compuesto por R. P. Fr. Juan Felis de la Incarnacion," (Manila, 1866). Secondly, and principally, the book was built up by turning into Visayan-English order, the "English-Visayan Dictionary by Mgr. Jose Ma. Cuenco, Ph. D.," (Cebu, 1920). To these two sources, and their reverend authors, proper credit must: be given. Some other words have been added, from reading and conversation. The compiler's name has been put to the book, so that those who examine it may know whom to hold responsible. It is hoped that the missionaries in Mindanao will find,this book a useful basis for the preparation of a satisfactory second edition. For the benefit of those who are beginning the study of;Visayan, these few notes are inserted. Visayan spelling is not yet uniform. -Variations in the letters of a word will be found, even in the same book or periodical. In constructing a small Dictionary, this freedom cannot be followed. The difficulty occurs principally in the interchaegeableuse of the letters O and U. The rule which we have Wtied:to observe in, to use the letter U, not 0, at least where it has an effect on the position of the word in the alphabetical order. Some inconsistencies will be found, to be eliminated before the second edition. In final syllables 0 seems to represent better the sound heard. Sometimes the letter I will be used in the spelling of a word, and at other times E will take;the place of I. Here I

Page  4 4 VISAYAN -_ENGLISH _ __ - is used; E is not used except atf the end of some words, and in the spelling of a few words taken from the Spanish. Many prefixes are used. in Visayan. A small Dictionary must confine itself mainly to giving words according to the letters in the roots. However, many meanings have been given of words using the prefixes KA and MA, and the beginner will be pleased with this superabundance. Many words have the "infix" IN following the first letter of the root, (e.g. tinudlo, from tudlo.) The word should be sought for, disregarding the letters of the "infix." But some such forms are inserted. For words which are used as verbs, the letter v. has been appended, instead of putting on the infinitive prefix PAG. The study of the grammar will introduce the student to many interesting difficulties in the changes of consonants, and the elision of vowels.' KAHIMTANG may serve as an example. The word may not be found under KA in an important Dictionary. As HI is also a prefix, a search under the letter H may be fruitless; and MTANG does not look encouraging. One may suspect that a vowel has been elided, and MUTANG may come under consideration. A look at the form KAHIMUTANG will help one to remember that M may take the place of B between two vowels. And so, to find some indication of the meaning of KAHIMTANG, look up the word BUTANG. The following remarks may be helpful to one who is trailing the meaning of a Visayan word through tfls book: B often changes to M, between vowels. C is replaced by K, except in some words from tke Spanish. D often changes to N, between vowels. ' D sometimes changes to R.

Page  5 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 5 D sometimes takes the place of L. GUI is a form adopted from the Spanish. Here GI is used, as in modern practice. K is used instead of C, and wherever the sound is K. L sometimes changes to D. L between two vowels is often not pronounced. M often takes the place of B and P, between vowels. N often takes the place of D, S, and T, between vowels. 0 and U are not distinguished much. Where there is question of the position of a word in the alphabetical order, it is simpler to keep to the use of one of the two: U. P often changes to M, between. vowels. Q is not used, but K. R sometimes takes the place of D. S often changes to N, between vowels. T often changes to N, between vowels. U is used here where 0 may be found in reading; - at least where it has an effect on the alphabetical order of the word. WV seems to be displacing, or inserting itself into, some older spellings: AO, OA, UA. ANG NAGTIGUM. __s^

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Page  7 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 7I A aayo v make better, fix; cultivate abaga shoulder abaka hemp abakan hemp field abang rent, fare; v: hire, rent abat ghost, phantasm abay v escort abiabi v entertain, invite; entertainment abli v open abo ashes abohon gray abtik diligent, active, lively abut income, product; v: arrive, reach, befall pagpaabut expect, wait maayong pagabut welcome abut sa yuta crop abutanan hotel abyan friend pagkaabyan friendship acero steel adlaw day; sun adlawadlaw daily matagadlaw daily adlawng natawhan birthday adto there; v: go aduna have; there is, there are adunahan rich * pagkaadunahan riches, wealth agad v serve future father-in-law agag v gush ' ag-ag v sift agak v support agalon master, employer pagpanagana provide, exercise care (tagana) agas v pour agaw v deprive, wrest, despoil, snatch agaw cousin agda impulse; v: urge, impel, excite; incentive, excitement

Page  8 aghat v agi paagi umaagi agianan agid (agid) v agig agila agio, agiw agipo agop-opon aguroy! agiotot v agta agtang agulo v agum v paghiagum agwang mahumot agway ahat akbo v aklas ako ako mao ak6 ako gayud akup v akupakup v alak alagad v maga-alagad alagian alagianan alam v alamag v alamalam v alambre alampuanan alang alasuyong VISAYAN -- ENGLISH compel, incite by way of; step, trail; v: come out, pass, step, manage manner past; ephemeral, fleeting way, passage, gate, outlet, entrance appear like eagle ashes brand, blast, firebrand musty alas! crack negro brow, forehead bewail, groan, lament, sob enjoy; prove possess perfume appearance sudden, violent, untimely, unreasonable lean breast on support labor strike I my myself myself covet monopolize wine serve server way, means course know work by night allure wire (kawat) temple to, for

Page  9 Ka a _.aliabok alibangbang aligato alig-ig v alili v. aiim v alima, v pagalima sa yuta ali'mango alimpulos alinggat v~ ail~s v alisdan alisbo v,afisngaw v pagpanaliupo almirol1' alobaob alpiril -ajsa v pag-aisa v amag amahan amiamiliw amang ama6n sa kasal aumbahan ambak v ambakan ambakan sa. tubi'g ambit ambung ambut amihanan amimislon amto amo amol,amongamong v VISAYAN - ENGLISH - 9 unhappy, unfortunate, wretch, miserable; woe!. dust butterfly spark sift supply cure, dress wound train, rear, foster, till, cultivate, breed, treat, care agriculture crab vortex give casual attention pass in front superseded evaporate, exhale evaporate, exhale intercede, implore, crave, beg, beseech starch eyelid pin raise, lift, heave, arouse conspiracy, insurrection phosphorescence father monster dumb padrino at marriage song; v: sing, chant jump precipice, steep cascade, waterfall share; v: share, partake corpulent; excellent, respected I don't know north kidney our monkey, ape blunt mar, malign; grievance.

Page  10 VJSAY, -' ENGLISH ampo v amut v anaa pagka-anaa anad v pagpaanad anag v anak anak nga babaye anak sa gua anakanak v anam v anay pagpangandak andakan andam andoy v ang anganangan v angang angang sa hagdan' angay angay v -pagkaangay paghiangay angayan angkon v angga angoangoang anha anghit anhi anhing ani v ania v ania karon anindut anino pray, beseech, intercede; prayer subscribe, contribute is there t presence familiarize, accustom tame toast son, child; v: have a child daughter bastard adopt grow, increase.sow, pig boast boastful appropriation; v: prepare, provide, appropriate; preparation, precaution hold in remembrance the await degree stair step worthy, desirable, deserving, becoming, adequate, convenient, befitting, suitable suit, adapt convenience, proportion fit becoming, suitable appropriate, adopt, usurp; acknowledge; option, conquest, gain nicknname decrepit there, near stink here; v: come late. reap, harvest is here behold (eece) decoration; v: decorate shadow.

Page  11 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 1I antigo antus v anud v anugon! anus-a? bisan anus anyagaog apan apapangig apas v apdo apil aping apu apug apuhan arangarang ari aron. asa bisan asa asagdi v asal v asawa asdang v asin asoaso asoy pagasoy dili ilaasoy asugi atabay atang v atay atbang atiman v -a expert; v: know tolerate, suffer, endure, rance, patience carry by current alas! when? (future) whenever beautiful roots, hung on trees to p perstition but, yet jaw follow gall among, with; v: prefer connected with undergo; endu revent theft; su-; engage in, he cheek grandchild lime grandparent v moderate, mitigate, regulate here: come for, because, in order that where wherever prohibit roast, broil wife combat, dare salt addicted to masturbation definition; v: narrate, state, refer, allege, declare, say, define, describe, relate, report description, statement indescribable quicksilver well wait in hiding liver opposite, in front of take care of -

Page  12 sa ato pa atol v atop atub atubang pagpaatubang pagkaatubang atubngan sa atubangan awak v awang awas v awat v away v pagkaaway pakigaway awit ay! ayad v ayaw ayo v ayon ayran (ayad) VISAYAN- ENGLISH our, by us that is be present roof prison, trap * present, in front of summon presence front before, in front of flow; escape from net; menstrual flow chin spill, flow; effusio seminis hominis imitate, give example quarrel, wrangle, struggle, battle, combat feud, fight enmity enmity, defiance; defy, struggle chant, song; v: chant, sing alas! refuse, reject do not; no improve, mend, readjust, rectify, cure, renovate, remedy, repair, reform favorable B ba interrogation baba mouth babation sensitive babaye woman babayeng hamtung lady babaye nga kaslonon bride batang babaye girl babuy hog badbad v solve, translate, untie, interpret, dissolve; undo knot or puzzle pagkabadbad solution badlis sign, line, streak, mark; ashes, unction; v: sketch, depict

Page  13 *:1 0::zA:; VISAYAN - ENGLISH...,.._....... __..._..H.. _. _................................................._A............ _............. 13 ~ miercoles sa badlisAsh Wednesday badlong v reprove, rebuke, correct badlongon mischievous baga lungs, spleen; tumor bagakay bamboo bagang blazing bagay v animate; sing verses bag-o new, recent,, fresh, modern; v: renew pagkabag-o renovation bagting bell; v: strike bell, clock,bagulbagul sa ulo skull bagulbul murmur baguldol v snarl bagutbut v snarl, murmur, growl bagyo storm bahandi wealth, riches bahandianon wealthy, rich bahang daku torrent baha-on sneeze; v: sneeze bahin part, portion, share, piece, section, fraction, division, article; on the part of; v: divide, separate, part, classify, apportion pagpakigbahin sa laing bahin bah6 baho babuan bai baid v baihon bakak bakakon bakbak bakho v bakhi bakiaw v bakilid pagkabako baktas v baktin bakud v share on one side cavity smell, stink odoriferous female grind, sharpen figure, appearance lie; false; v: lie liar hammer; v: strike bewail, groan, wail, lament, sob frog raise slope stop traverse pig rise

Page  14 bakul pagkabakul bakuna. v bakunawa bakus bakyaw v balaan balaanon balag v balahibo balak pagkabalaka balangaw balangay balantay balaod balas balason balatian balatong balay balay nga a.btauat balaydan bbalb bale v balhibo balhin v pagkabalhin balhog v bali balibad balibag v baliboon balighot baligtos baigya baligya sa tinagiyut baltlyaan balik pagbalik sa Diom balika VStAYA -- RtG ba cripple, nurmb paralysis vaccinate, inocdtate eclipse girdle, belt; v:'belt lift the arm blessed, sacred sacred interrupt, find, happen, occupy office hair, skin, feather,.bristles, wool poem worry rainbow barrio, suburb guard law, decree sand, beach sandy passion, feeling, sense lentil, bean, pea house, building; v: construct lodging house creditor sorcerer, sorceress cost hair, wool, feathers, bristles change, alter,; transfer, reverse, transport deform, alienate crisis, modification, evolution interpolate worth, value pretence; v: sxcuse, apologize cast, throw hairy, wooly knot knot,, tie sale; v: sell retail store, shop verse; repeat, resume, return here conversion bad words

Page  15 VISAYAN - ENGilSH 15 baliko balili baling balita balitaan balit-ad v balo nga babaye balo nga lalaki balon balota balud baludbalud balus balus nga makadaut baluvyut bana namana bana v abana banagbang banay pagkabanay banga bangag bangaw bangga bangis bangog bangon v bangkag 'bangkaw bangting v banhaan banhaw v banig banlas v bansa baTinipng ia bansag crooked; v: curve, bend grass net news, report, chronicle, adve.tisement; v: publish, advertise; publication newspaper confuse, misunderstand widow widower victuals ballot surf, wave ripple - reward, recompense; v: vindicte, avenge; correspond vengeance sack husband take a husband give consideration to conjecture, supposition, calculation; v: reckon, calculate, estimate, guess,:suppose twilight kin, relative, tribe, household kindred collision; v: collide pit, hole, gap rainbow contest ferociotts, cruel stink rise spear ring noisy resurrect, resuscittte mat, bed flow from state, condition T'Uited 'States renown

Page  16 16 VISAYAN - ENGLISH bansagon bansalan bansay pagbansay bantal bantay pagbantay bantolinaw bantug v bantugan banugbanug banusbanus v banua nga patag banwag v banyaga bao v baod baol baraw barugon basa basa v basahon bastos basul v bata pagkabata batakan batang bat-ang batan-on batasan may batasan walay batasan dautang batasan batbat v bati v surname helm, rudder dexterous; v: exercise, practise acts (of faith etc.) heap alert, guard; v: keep, preserve, guard, watch, beware, administer, superintend caution, care, precaution ebony celebrate; celebration famous, conspicuous, heroic kite alternate field illuminate infamous mystify billow, wave blunt wet read book coarse, clumsy repent, regret boy, child, young childhood rule, formula helplessness, infirmity hip young character, conduct, way, behavior, custom, habit; v: accustom, behave polite, courteous impolite vice speak first feel, perceive, regret, deplore, ail, mourn, wail, yearn; emotion, feeling, sentiment listen, hear * pagpamati

Page  17 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 17 batid pagkabatid ato )ato nga daku atobalani )ato-on atuk atun v pagpabatun a-ui aul aul v awi v awo V awyut ayad walay bayad walay ikabayad ayayan ayaw ayaw v pagbayaw sa hostias aybay ayhon ayhonan aylo v pagpabaylo ayook ayranan pagabayran iaybiay ihag ihihi v ihil v ilanga v ilanggo v ilanggoan ildo ili clever, expert, ingenious, shrewd, cunning able ability stone, rock cliff magnet rocky against; hostile own, possess, take tain, occupy serve homely rough farm, cultivate exonerate, recover disappoint sack payment, reward; gratis insolvent shell brother-in-law raise care of, cherish, mainv: pay, reward elevation.shore, coast figure, presence, shape elegant dainty, gentle change, exchange loan scrofula payment, dues, fee payable derision, jest; v: taunt, deride captive; v: captivate, ravish. allure neigh entangle detain, imprison imprison prison glass worth, value, price I Dictionary 2

Page  18 VISAYAN - ENGLISH ubus ug bili bilik v bililhon bilin v pagpabilin bilyako binabaay binabuy binata binatunan binaylo-ay binhi binhod binilanggo binistihan biniya-an binikil v binkilbinkil bino binokbok binuang binuhat binukidnon binuksan binulakan binulan binulawan binulit bira v bisan bisan asa asa bisan diin bisan hain bisan kanus-a bisan kinsa bisan ngani bisan pa bisan unsa bisan unsa sa bisibis v biste cheap spin precious, august leave, bequeath remain scoundrel, rascal oral hoggish boyish, childish servant mutual seed numb prisoner clad abandoned, derelict, hopeless, outcas* indispose discord wine (alak) powder, flour foolish composition, creation, invention coarse, countrified open flowery monthly golden drawing pull though, even, although, nor everywhere whenever either, wherever whenever any although, even yet, still, notwithstanding, besides, though, nevertheless whatever, mere, any duha either water, irrigate clothes; v: clothe, dress al

Page  19 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 19 bitad v pull bitan chair bitay v hang, execute bitayan gallows biti spark bitik, trap, snare bitin snake bitingbiting nerve bitoon star biya v abandon, withdraw, quit, forsake biyugol stupid, rude, gawky bogon clod bokado bridle bokbok v pulverize bola ball bolo big knife bolsa pocket, purse -bongbong wall bon-i erysipelas bono v cast bosal muzzle Jbuagaw blond buak v break, split, smash ibuang crazy pagkabuang derange;buangbuang fool; v: stupefy |bubo v pour, pour out, irrigate -budhi betrayal; v: betray budlay fatigue pagpahamudlay rest, leisure budyong horn, trumpet bugalbugal v despise, contemn bugas sa humay rice bugan groin bugat heavy; pregnant; v: weigh bugay dower bughat relapse bugkos bandage; v: tie, bifid Bugna Apocalypse bugnaw v. refresh, cool bugno struggle bugso v give birth 2* iii...^^

Page  20 VISAYAN - ENGLISH bugsok bugto v pagkabugto sa ginhawa bugtong pagkabugtong bugus buhat pagbuhat pagbuhat sa linugsanay tagabuhat nagabuhat pagabuhat buhatan buhi buhis buho v buhok buhong buhong v buinggit buka v bukad v bukag bukal v bukas v bukid bukidnon buklad v pagkabuklad buknal buko bubuk6buk bukton buktot bukug pile cut, break, die stop breathing, die unique, sole; only son singularity complete act, deed, fact, labor, task, toil, performance, work, achievement v: do, work, make, create, perform, produce, construct, cause, compound, manufacture, form, accomplish, act, labor, invent performance, execution violence maker author structure, formation office, place alive; loose; v: live; release, escape tax, revenue, tribute; v: tax, levy, taxation perforate hair many satisfy sty open unfold, spread basket boil, bubble, ferment open, inaugurate mountain mountainous; boor expand, unfold, develop, display expansion hank knot back between shoulders arm humpback bone

Page  21 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 21 bukugon bulag v bulagbulag v bulahan bulak pagpamulka bulan bulang bulangan bulawan bulig buling bulingon bulit v bulog v bulok bulok v nabulok pagkabulok | bulokbulokl v bulong bulong v bulos buluhatan buluhaton bumabalik bunak v bunal bunbun bundak v bunga pagkamabungaon bungabunga bungalos bungat bungkag v bungot bungoton pagpanghimungot bungsod:t bony separate, withdraw, desert, disconnect, avert, divorce, secede disperse blessed, beatific, fortunate flower, blossom bloom moon, month spur for cock; cockfight cockpit, cockfight gold; v: gild cluster stain, dirt, spot, blot, blur, guilt v: stain, soil, blot, defile dirty draw; painting fling lance below hue confound, confuse, baffle bewildered bewilderment, puzzle gargle medicine, remedy; v: heal, remedy wonder at, be surprised cluster factory work, task, undertaking returning wash stick, beating; v: beat, strike, whip fine sandy stretch throw down, fall fruit, product; v: prpduce fruitfulness widemouthed, openmouthed channel word desolate, destroy, dissolve beard bearded shave pedestal; v: place on base

Page  22 22 VISAYAN - ENGLISH bungol buno v buntag bungtod bunyag buok buolbuol buongon buot buotan kabuotan burong buruka busa busay busog pagkabusog buswat v buta pagkabuta butho v butang pagkabutang pagpahamtung pagpahimutang usa ka butang butangbutang butanon buti buto butobuto butod v butyag v buwa buyag v buyok v bwagsa v byhon (baihon) deaf hurl, fling, dash, throw; assassinate morning hill baptism; v: baptize all, entire ankle orange will, wish, willing, humor, desire; v: will, wish, determine, decree, ordain, govern, dispose, desire; resolution, disposal discreet, virtuous, formal, judicious virtue foolrrude suit, litigation accordingly, hence waterfall, cascade full, satiated; v: satisfy bellyful lift blind; v: blind blindness meet in fixed place thing, affair; v: place, put, establish, lay, locate, found, impose condition, situation, position impose, inflict, set locate, put something slander, calumny; v: blame, calumniate prudent smallpox outbreak; v: burst report inflame disclose foam advise, correct; enchant stupefy, faint, swoon scatter

Page  23 23 VISAYAN - ENGLISH i da daan pasidaan pasidaan dad-on dagahay dagami dagan v padaganai dagang dagat nagatdagatnon daghan daghan v pagkadagl daghanan daginot v daginut.i dagitabnon dagkut v dagmal v dagpi v dagsa v dagsang v daguhong v dagum dagum dagway dahig v dahik v dahogdahog dahon dahunog pagdait dakdak v daklit daklit v D only (ra) old; beforehand note v anticipate, warn (dala) murmur hay, straw, stubble, race, run a tire pen sea, ocean fish marine many, much, common, plural, general abound, multiply ian plenty copious, numerous, many economize, spare thrifty, stingy electric light kindle, light illtreat, injure, strike, fight, d strike with palm suffer shipwreck abound, plenty murmur cloud needle, pin appearance, form, bearing, fac figure, shape complicate creep, drag along grievance leaf, blade buzz, murmur, voice peace, tranquillity; covenant strike abbreviation shorten multitude, lestroy ce, feature, I I

Page  24 24 VISAYAN - ENGLISH gidakon daku daku 'v daku kaayo dakuan dakudaku dakup v dala v dala nganhi padala dalaga dalagan v dalahig v dalam dalan dalangin v dalangpan dalap dalayeg v dalaygon daldal v dali v sa pagkadali dalit v daloak dalogdog dalunggan damgo damilit v damlag dan dan-ag danao danawan dangat v padangat dangaw dangop v dagoyngoy v. dangpanan padankop danig v bigness, enormity big, grand, great, huge enlarge, expand, spread, aggrandize vast exorbitant boss catch, arrest, apprehend bear, convey, take, lead, carry bring send, despatch maiden, unmarried run contract (sickness) legislature, senate path, road, street, course bless, absolve, invoke; prayer refuge, shelter measles praise, credit laudable draw; creep hurry, quicken, urge, hasten lightly offer hernia thunder ear dream say good-by day after to-morrow finally, as I said, well then portion bog, swamp, lake marsh, swamp attain, obtain, get, reach,transmit span apply, seek refuge sob harbor shelter attract

Page  25 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 25 danlak dao, daw dapat v pagkadapat walay dapat dap-ig v dapit, sa laing dapit sa usa ka dapit sa tanang dapit dapit v daplin daplin sa dagat daplin sa dalan sa daplin daro dasig v dasmag dasmag v dasuk dasun v datag dato pagkadato daub daub v daug daug v daugdaug v daut v dautan pagdaut sa batasan pagkadaut sa batasan pagkadautan sa pagkadautan labi pang dautan dawat v daw6 hernia same, like; it seems unite, join contact useless, worthless lean to, ally, side with place, near, space, site elsewhere somewhere everywhere invite brim, brink, margin shore wayside along, around plough encourage, stimulate, animate aggression rush, dash, attack compact, thick, dense repeat action even wealthy riches pyre blaze profit gain, conquer, win, overcome, convince illtreat, tyrannize, vex, insult harm, injure, malign, mar, impair, spoil, wrong, corrupt, adulterate, damage, defame bad, evil, perverse, malicious, nefarious demoralize immorality wickedness badly worse, worst receive, accept, take glutton

Page  26 VISAYAN - ENGLISH dayag sa dayag pagpadayag pagpasundayz dayandayan dayandayan v dayeg dayeg v dayon dayon v padayon pagpadayon nagapadayon dedal diay didto digo v diha dihadihfi diin dila dilaab v dili dili gayud dili v sa pagkadili sa dinagko dinagunitan dinaig dinaklit dinakop v dinala dinali dinalian dinasuk dinayandayan dingding dinha dinhi Dios pagkadios evident, certain, public openly exhibit, reveal, demonstrate ig. display, manifest adornment, decoration decorate, beautify eulogy praise, applaud, glorify; ovation eternal; immediately persist; perseverance onward continue, persevere, insist, pursue constancy thimble so! afterwards there bathe there sudden, forthwith whence, from, where tongue inflame, burn no, not never forbid, refuse, hinder, abrogate, re: prohibit, prevent, deny mao wrongly wholesale thrift praised concise, short, briefly seize because of briefly urgent massive ornate wall there here God divinity strict,

Page  27 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 27 diosdios diot diriyut diriyut v dis-a diwa diwata diwatahan diyutay labing diyutay labi pang diyutay doldol dolodapog dolon dosdos v dosmog v duaw v dubok duga dugang dugang v dugaon dugay v dugay sa guihapon dugay na karon dugayan dughan dugho dugmok dugmok v dugo dugo v dugoon dugos duguk v duha duhaduha duhaduha v duka v dukduk v duko v dukot v idol small less lessen whence spirit superstition idolater, heathen, fanatic small, little, less, minor, few, somewhat least, minimum fewer cotton stove locust chafe assail. visit rotten juice increment add, increase; addition juicy linger, delay, protract perpetuate ago late, tardy bosom, breast, chest bug crumb bruise, crush, crumble blood bleed; bleeding bloody honey come together, frequent two doubt, indecision, uncertainty doubt, hesitate, waver doze, nap pound crouch unite, cling

Page  28 28 VISAYAN - ENGLISH dili duktan dula dulaan duladula dulog v dulom pagpadulong padulong sa taas dulong sa sakayan dulongan dulot v dulot v dumalasmag dumdum v pagpahinumdum dumoduaw dumoduong dumut dumut v dumpol duna pagkaduna dungan dungganan dungganon dungguanan dungo v dungog dungog v dunot dunot v pagkadunot dunguanan duol duol sa duol v dupa v duruha dusdus v duso duso v dutong v incombustible game, play, sport, drama stage recreation lie two in bed or grave obscurity converge, tend upward prow address, direction enter deeply, impress; study hard provide food for gods in field assailant commemorate; commemoration remind, evoke visitor alien ill will, hate, spite hate, detest, loathe dull is, has exist, have with distinguished harbor pier, landing arrive honor hear rotten, putrid decay putrefy, corrupt port about, adjacent near approach crucify two, double * rub impulse repeat knit

Page  29 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 29 duyan duyan v duyog v dwaan hammock rock, swing sympathize; sympathy toy G gaan v gabas gabigom gabii tungang gabii gabok gabon gabunon pangadye gagmay gahapon pangahas mapangahason gahin v gahong gahum gakit gakus v gala galab galam v galamhan galamhan sa kinanabuhi galamiton galangalang v galing v galingan gama v pagkagama gamay gamay kaayo gamit v allay, relieve; weigh little saw literary exercises night midnight rotten mist, fog, haze misty prayer; v: pray little yesterday audacity; v: dare, venture, imperil bold divide, distribute, set apart ditch power, energy, vigor, influence, audacity, faculty gander; raft embrace, hug reward, tip scythe; v: reap cultivate faculty, powers vitality implement, utensil, tool vacillate grind mill build, construct, found, constitute, form, compound; production formation, structure little tiny employ, manage, use, wear, spend

Page  30 VISAYAN - ENGLISH gamiton gamut pagpanagana gangahaan gani (ngani) ganoy v ganti gansalgansalon gapas gapus v garas v gasa gasto v gatas usa ka gatus gaud pagpangaut gawas pagkagawas sa gawas pangawat gawi pangayam v pangayo pangayo v gayon gayud ~ dili gayud gi-ab v giagian giagop-op giap v gibugaton gidaghanon gidaguman gidak-on gidangat.walay gidapigan gidili gidugayon instrument, utensil root precaution door, vestibule for which reason, although tow premium rough cotton bind scratch present, gift spend milk one hundred oar; v: row scratch out, outside, exterior; free, exempt, unless excepting; v: except emancipate outside, abroad theft, loot; v: steal character, nature, conduct, habit, quality, temper, custom; v: use, wear chase, hunt entreaty, petition, request request, solicit, claim, beg, ask, demand profitable, agreeable truly, without doubt, indeed, very never throb trail, path musty pant weight sum, quality, total cloudy magnitude, largeness, size result neutral, nonpartisan forbidden lateness; term t

Page  31 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 31 giduhaduhaan doubtful gigkanon ticklish gigutom hungry sa gihapon ever, alwa gikan sa from gikan v leave; em pagikan depart gikapuy weary gilabdan dizzy giladmon depth, cor gilapdon width pagpangilat lighten gilawgilaw brightness gilayon forthwith, gimbutan resolution, gimingaw sa lungsodhomesick ginalaktan course ginama/ invention ginang madam gingalan named ginharian kingdom ginhawa pudding, I ginhawa v breathe ginikanan parent, fo: gining Miss gininhawa breath gino-o sir, miste: gi-ok sa humay v thresh gipangandoy ideal gipanganuran, cloudy gipasagdan helpless gipasikaran principle gisabutan stipulatior gisakit victim gisangputan result gisi v tear, rend giso plaster gisumbong culprit pagpangita seek, seai papangita pursuit gitas-on loftiness, I gitik v tickle;ys anate; departure,e, deepness s; v: twinkle outright; distance, rule pie refather, origin r; Lord 1 'ch tallness, height 1, principle, cause

Page  32 gitugnaw giuhaw giunsa pag...? pagog-og v guba v pagkaguba gubat gubot gubut v gugma gugma sa kaugalingon mahigugmaon paghigugma gugol gukod v gula pagpagula gdlaanan labing gulang pagpangulitaw gumikan gunit v gun-ob v gunsi gunting gu-ol gusok pagpangutana gutlo gutum guyud v habagatan habul habulan habulanan hadluk v haduol VISAYAN - ENGLISH chilly thirsty how...? toss destroy, overthrow, demolish, ruin, smash annihilate, decompose ruin combat, war, battle intricate alarm, disturb, overthrow love, affection, liking, charity selfish affectionate love expense chase, persecute exterior, outside; v: emerge expel exit eldest woo on account of, following seize, grapple, nab, hold collapse, stave in; submerge padlock scissors tired rib consult, question minute hunger drag, tug H south blanket, sheet; v: weave blunt, dull loom ' frighten, awe, dishearten; v: fear near, immediate, beside

Page  33 VISAYAN- ENGLISH 33 sa haduol hagbong v hagdan hagdanan haghonghong hagid v hagit hago v hagok v hagonghong hagpat v hagunos haguot hain? hait v hakug hakut v halablan halad halad v halalum halandumon halangdon closely crash stairs, ladder scales buzz challenge defiance; v: defy, provoke, challenge harass; tire out snore v hum clean up cracked narrow where? sharpen stingy carry loom offering, sacrifice, holocaust offer, adore, consecrate, dedicate, sacrifice, immolate deep, profound memorable eminent, honorable, noble, prominent, majestic, igdon sublimity nearsighted wide altar serpent deep bigger in comparison distant, away, off, far, remote, beyond beyond Lalayo farther i kaayo farthest iyo utmost yo banish substitute sell; migrate; exclude kiss; v: kiss handful pagkahalan halap halapad halaran halas halaum halawig halayo halayo pa labi pang 1 halayo nga labing hals pagpahala3 halili halin v halok halop Dictionary 3 0.::: 7; 0 b- u 00.: d;X,0:I

Page  34 VISAYAN - ENGLISH haluag. slack, wide haluna v arrange, accomodate, install, place, settle pahaluna arrangement ~ hambug grow well hamili noble, distinguished hamlas v destroy, erase hamoy v lick hampak v whip, beat, castigate hamtong adult hamub6 brief, low, short hana v frighten, threaten hanaw v abolish, abrogate, avoid, disappear, repress hanayhay slope, declivity handig declivity handum v commemorate; commemoration handumanan recollection, remembrance, memorial hangad v raise hanggap enjoy hangin air, wind may hangin windy hangin nga makusog gale hanginon windy hangtud till, until hangul needy, pauper pagkahangul beggary; impoverish hangyo entreaty, request hangyo v entreat, beseech, request, crave, pray, solicit hanong v suspend law pahanungdan merit pagpahanungod merit hapa v prostrate hapak v hit hapin cover hapit almost hapnig v pile in order hapon afternoon hari king ginharian kingdom harianon royal hasang sa isda gill hataas tall, high, long, eminent

Page  35 VISAYAN- ENGLISH 35 ang labing hataas supreme hatag gift; v: give, award, deliver, yield, present hatag sa gahum authorize hatag ug katahuran salute pagkamanggihatagan bounty hatud v deliver, give, carry, dispatch, conduct, take, lead pagpahatud remit, send hatudkawat telegram pagpapahawa oust, evict, dismiss, eject, debar, banish hawak waist hawan park, plaza, courtyard hawan v wipe hawas v unload boat hawds legislator, deputy hawid v keep, withold, detain hawo lizard hayag v enlighten, shine, elucidate pagpahayag reveal, expose, exhibit, demonstrate, show; exhibition, revelation pagpahayahay ventilate panghayhay alas! v: moan, wail hayop domestic animal hibal6 knowledge, craft; v: know pagpahibalo report, warn, inform, communicate; communication hibaloan definite hibudngan strange hibudnganan marvellous hibulong v marvel hidalin-as v slip; glisten hidhid v anoint hidlaw v hanker, yearn higala friend higaloan amicable higayon (an) occasion higda v recline, go to bed higdaan bed, alcove higdan ladder, stairs higop v sup, sip higot bond, chain; v: bind, tie 3*

Page  36 higugma hiilhan hiilhan na wala hiilhi hijas hikalatawan hikalit v hikap hikaw v hikay v hikog. v hiktin hilabian hilabihan hilabut v hilahila hilak v hilam-os v hilam-usan hilanat hilaw hilay pahilayo hilig v pagkahilig hilihod v hilimuon sa pagbuhat hiling v hilis v paghilis sa kin; on hilit v hilo hilo pagkahilo hilog v hilum v hiluna (haluna) himamat v himaraut v VISAYAN - ENGLISH affection; v: like, love well known; notorious definite unknown; not indicated jewel ridiculous overtake, surprise touch, tactus turpes; v: feel, touch covet arrange commit suicide narrow exorbitant too, exceeding intrude, interfere, tamper, intervene meddle snail cry, weep, lament, mourn wash wash. basin - fever crude, raw youthful escapades; vice avert bow, incline, near to setting bend bore, tap stuff lurk, inspect; recognize dissolve a, digest; digestion retire; quarantine, thread poison, venom intoxicate anoint be silent salute a friend detention curse, imprecate ^

Page  37 37 VISAYAN- ENGLISH himata v himaya himaya sa pagkahimlli himisti himo v paghimo nahimo himulos pagpahimule himungaan himuot v himustora hinagiban hinanali hinangat v hinaut v hinaway hinawiran hinay hinayak v pagkahinaya hingalan v hinganiban hingaon kaayo hingatulog hingigo hingkod pagkahingk~ tawo hingilin hingilin v hingpit awaken glory; v: exult, glorify langit blessedness i.. ennoble dandy do, can, make, form enable, perform, produce, can, organize, cause, create, become, accomplish creation achievement interest, profit is avail hen please dandy weapon, sword sudden approach desire faultfinder guest slow decide decision allude, name, nominate arms; armed voracious sleepea marksman right in measure Ad pagkahingpit hingtungdan hinguhaan hingutangan hingutas hiniaw sa manhood exile, banishment (hinginlan) exile, debar, dismiss perfect, accurate, entire, thorough; v: refine integrity, accuracy meaning; interested person career, livelihood, profession, earnings creditor agony; v: agonize joker, tricky:~ ~ ~, ~~ j I: / ~

Page  38 VISAYAN - ENGLISA hinigala friendly hinigugma dear, sweetheart hinis v wipe, purify hiniyabaw vociferous hinlakaw walker hinlo v polish hinog mature, ripe pagkahinog ripen hinolibis slanting hinoo, hinoa on the contrary hintungdan cause, motive hinub-an bare hinugilanon.. garrulous hinukasan bare hinulad copy, quotation ' hinulsul sorrow, repentance * hinumdum v remembersrecollect hinungdan cause, motive, reason hinungdangung chief hinunoa on the contrary hinuroy walker / hinuyohoy sa hanginbreeze hipandol v jostle hipus v coil, gather, collect hisaag v wander, stray, divert, deviate wala pa hisayri uncertain hisgut v discuss, mention, allude hitabo incident, happening, occurrence hitabo v happen, occur, befall pinahitan bite pagkamapahitason pride hitimaan conspicuous hitingad-an marvellous hitingala y marvel dili hitupngan matchless hiusa union, concord; v: unite, erate pagkahiusa incorporation hiwa slice; v: slash, slice hiwahiwa v carve hiwi crooked hiyas qualification, quality gather, confed

Page  39 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 39 hiniyasan matahum nga hi yas mangil-ad nga hi yas hiyos v horas horashoras hoyhoy v huabon huadhon hubad v hubag hubag sa baga hubak hubo hubog palahubog hudnohan hudos hudot, hurot v huego hugas v hugaw hugaw v pagkahugaw hugawan hugot hugpong v huhitakig hukad v hukas v hukip ug salapi hukmanan hukum hukum nga daan hulabon hulad v hulagway hulam v.. with a virtue i L quality vice decay hour (takna) hourly straighten, set right boastful gangrene translate, construe, untie, interpret, disconnect; version swelling, inflammation; v: bloat pneumonia asthma naked; v: undress drunk; v: inebriate drunkard oven, furnace strong wind; v: blow finish game, set wash, rinse dirt, filth, excrement, dung defile, blot, soil indecency dirty, filthy tight, complete gather in arms or hands chilliness take out, take copy strip, invalidate contract bribe court, tribunal verdict, sentence, judgment; v: jl decide prejudice boastful copy, quote; quotation; shed, empty photograph borrow udge

Page  40 40 pagpahulam hularan hularanan hulat v pagpahulay pahulayan hulga v hulog v pagkahulog hulog sa infierno ikahulog sa infierno hulusayon humahagit humahatag humalata human sa human humabbus humay sa pagkahumok humod humol v humot hunahuna hunahuna v VISAYAN - ENGLISH lend; loan standard specimen expect, wait rest; recess resting place menance, threat, intimidate fall, drop tumble, lapse, fall; downfall damn damnable questionable, problem defiant given bountiful after, complete; v: finish, complete, conclude thereafter stepson, rice softly wet; v: soak soak pleasant odor thought, opinion, idea, intention, conscience, reflection, supposition think, regard, contemplate, reflect, suppose, consider, presume, muse, deliberate, imagine, intend low tide shelf, bank wash answer telephone bit fool, stupid half of coconut shell song; v: sing, serenade interval; v: stop, pause, suspend, interrupt, stay halt, suppress hunas hunasan hunaw v hunghung v hunghunganan hungit hung6g hungot huni hunong pagpahunong g:1:: -::: -:::,:::::: - -:;::-:::::;::-;;::; i:

Page  41 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 41 pagkahunong hunungan hunus huot v hupaw v hupong hupot v hurot v husay husayi huwab huwabon huwad v huwao huyab huyang v huyop v quiescence station drawer pinch sigh swelling; v: swell hold, occupy, maintain exhaust, consume arrangement, balance; v: conciliate, arbitrate, arrange, solve, pacify, mediate, adjust adjustment lie liar interpret drought gaping; v: gape, yawn weaken, relax; irresolute blow ianan ibabaw sa ibabaw ibug v ibut v igagaw igakita igapugas igdadapat igdudungog ighihikap igo pagkaigo pahaigo sa panahon pahiigo pagpaigo dili igo dili paigo in the beginning (iyanan) surface above, on, over, up, upon, u covet uproot, extract cousin found season for planting material hearing touch enough, sufficient, exact, adapt accuracy; exactly ipper, accurate; v: timely correspond, coincide, coincidence fit inadequate insufficient i a -, i 11 -,: A ': i

Page  42 42 VISAYAN - ENGLISH hingigo gikaigoan igo-igo v igos igpapanimah igpipilit igpuputi igsisimhot igsuon (lalah igsuon (babi igtatan-aw ihalas ihap v ihaw ihawanan ihi pagpangih ihibalo ika... (verl ika (tuig, bi ikadapat ikaduha.. ikag ikahulog sa ikalima dili ikasay ikausa ka lib ikaw ikaw gayud ikis ikis ikog ila ila ila v pagpaili ilaga sa ilalom ilang ilaum ilhanan 0O i) lye) marksman assigned apportion, moderate fig smell mucilage whitewash smell brother sister sight wild count, reckon, compute slaughter urine wi urinate mind b) instrument, cause, motive ulan) each (year, month) applicable second desirous, in a hurry infiernodamnable fifth 'say indescribable o thousandth you (sing.) yourself zigzag tail theirs acquaintance, acquainted know, recognize, comprehend, discern,*perceive, distinguish, identify, acknowledge manifest, introduce, demonstrate* * rat, mouse under ~ their under mark, sign, insignia

Page  43 VISAYAN- ENGLISH 43 hiilhi ilimnon ilis sa ilis v ilis ilis giilisan ilo ilob v ilok ilog v ip i, imong inablihan inabyan inadlip inahan ininahan.. pagkainahan inalisngaw inanak inano ina6n sa kasal inasal inat v inato inay indig v pagpakigindig panagindigay panigingan inig... known drink, beverage instead change, exchange, interchange, substitute, represent, succeed, relieve alternate predecessor orphan tolerate, bear; endurance armpit contest nose. yours, your open friendly slice mother maternal maternity vapor, steam godchid dwarf bridesmaid roasted stretch familiar instead match, compete vie rival example, model, type, standard, specimen when, after, at the time nagpaka-aroningnon hypocrite pagka - aroningnon hypocrisy ingon as ingon man usab also ingon niini so sa ingon niini thus paingon sa..towards ingon v tell, say, relate, ask pagkaingon resemble; identity N4

Page  44 44 VISAYAN - ENGLISH pagpaingon pagpanigingon init v tinginit intaoo intawon intusan inum v inyo, inyong ipa... pagkaipit ipitan ipon converge imitate, mimic warm summer poor fellow, alas! please mill drink I your permit, order; (pass. fut. and imper.) pressure press companion; v: join, unite, affix, coml cohabit )ine, inipon jointly sa pagkaipon jointly iring cat iro dog irug v put away, retire isa v hoist isda f ish isigkatawo *' neighbor, fellowman isip number; v: count, reckon, compute isipan mind, reason ispidno hell maisug fearless sa itaas above, up iti dung itik duck itika consumption, tuberculosis itlog egg itsa v throw itum v blacken inukban open iwa nurse iwag v illuminate, light iwik v grunt iya his, her iya v usurp r iyaan aunt iyak v croak iyahay each one"

Page  45 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 45 ka ka kaabtik kaadlawon kaaghop kaagi kaalam kaambong kaangay kaanidut kaapod kaaslom kaaway kaayo pagkaayo kaayohan sa lawas kaayohan kabaga kabag-o kabaho kabilingag kabilisa kaban kabanayan kabangis kabanha kabantug kabao kabaskug kabasulanan kabata kabatid kabayo kabig v makapakabig kabihag kabilin kabilingan kabinhod kablit v K you, sing. joins numbers and things numbered energy, quickness, dexterity dawn meekness, clemency way, manner, history knowledge, learning, skill majesty suitability, harmony beauty harshness sourness enemy, adversary very; goodness, benevolence, kindness excellence health advantage, welfare thickness, density freshness stink hallucination conflict trunk, box kindred fierceness noise fame, celebrity, greatness rebuff impetuousness regret boyhood cleverness, experience, ingenuity, skill horse; v: ride, mount bewitch, attract bewitching captivity bequest obstacle, difficulty numbness finger instrument, touch; tempt

Page  46 46, VISAYAN - ENGLISH kabog kabot v. kabtang (an) kabuang kabubuton kabudlay kabugason kabugat kabughat kabugnaw kabuhi kabuhian kabuhong kabukiran kabungkag kabuntagon kabuot kabuotan kabus: pagkakabus kabusog kadaku kadaku kaayo kadagatan kadaghanan kadali kadasok kadaut kadautan kadto kadugay kadugayon kaduhaduhaan kaduol kagabhi-on kagahi kagahub kagahum kagamhanan kagani.. bat attain, obtain natural law, custom insanity will, judgment, brain, desire service morning star heavy; heaviness relapse coldness of body life livelihood fullness, satisfaction mountains. desolation daybreak prudence, wisdom virtue poor impoverish fullness greatness vastness sea many, generality, plurality, majority speed, promptness thickness badness, damage, danger, affliction, malice, injury, disaster, harri, discomfort evil that tardiness duration questionable, doubtful nearness, proximity evening hardness' noise, buzz power, might authority, government solidity

Page  47 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 47 kaganiha, -ina kagaskas kagaw kagawad kagawasan kagawi-an kagikanan kagod v kagon kagonkagon kagonkong kagool kagot v kaguba kagubut kagulanan kagulangon kaguol kagyo v kaha kaha kahadlok kahadlukan kahaduol kahago kahagonghong kahait kahalangdong kahakug kahangul kahangturan kahapon kahaponanan kahas kahayag kahayahay kahibalo kahibulongan kahidlaw kahigayonan before, before now cracked germ councilor liberty, independence custom, character, mood genealogy scrape messenger procurer, agent spine affliction gnash ruin, destruction affray, disorder, revolution, riot, battle adversity age pain, woe escape, flee perhaps safe, box, pan fear causing fear next service, fatigue hearsay sharpness dignity, majesty avarice poverty, indigence eternity yesterday evening star dare, venture; without permission light, splendor, enlightenment ventilation knowledge, learning, wisdom marvel, admirable, miracle eagerness occasion, opportunity, chance, circumstance, case avarice ~1:r kahikaw

Page  48 48 VISAYAN - ENGLISH kahiladman kahilas * kahilayan kahilom kahimaya-an kahimoan kahimtang kahinay kahingpitan kahinog kahiubos sa buot kahubo kahulogan kahumuk kahumot kahungog kahusay kahuy kaibog kaigsuonan kailitgonkailob kaingon kainit kainit sa kasingkasing kaisipan kaisug kaitum kakabus kakahuyan kakap v kakapuy kakidlap kakugi kakulian kakuptan kakusog kalab-as kalabaw kalag:.;** / (.\00;;> abyss obscenity vice, immorality silence joy, glory, happiness possibility nature, condition, state, rank slowness perfection maturity resentment nudity meaning softness, tenderness perfume stupidity order, calmness, concord, organization tree, log, wood appetite brethren appetite patience likeness heat, fervor enthusiasm intelligence bravery, valor, pluck, courage, manliness, severity, animosity blackness poverty, lack grove explore fatigue brightness energy, industry, activity difficulty, barrier tangible rapidity freshness superiority soul

Page  49 VISAYAN- ENGLISH 49 kalaglaig kalagmit kalagot kalagsik kalagsot kalainan kalaki kalambre kalan-on kalantahon kalapad kalapasan kalasag kalawat v kalaw-ay kalayo kalayo kalibang ug dugo kalibangan kalibog kalibunan kalibutan kalibutanon kaligdong kaligid v kaligo kaligoan kalig-on kaligonan kaligunan kaligutgut kalihim kalihok kaliman kalimut kalinaw kalingaw kalingawan kalinis kalipay kalisa v Dictionary extinction quickness, activity quickness, activity, dexterity ugliness difference, sort craft cramp ' q food hymn width abuses, violations shield receive, receive Holy Communion lust, obscenity fire distance dysentery latrines perplexity jungle world, earth, universe worldly modesty, decorum, seriousness roll bath; v: bathe bath tub fortitude, solidity, firmness cement pavement document wrath, animosity secretary uneasiness fifty forgetfulness peace, calmness, calm distraction recreation, entertainment, pastime neatness delight, rejoicing, joy, gladness, pleasure, cheer, comfort, contentment sprain 4

Page  50 50 VISAYAN - ENGLISH kalisang kalisdanan kalisud kalit sa pagkakalit kaliwat kaliwatan kalo kalolot kalot v kalsonis kaluag kalubihan kaluha kaluhaan kaluod sa ginha: kalulot kalumo kaluoy kaluspad kaluwasan kaluya kaluya nga daki kaluyahan kamalig kamang v kamantalaan kamatayon kamatuod kamatuoran lami kamingawan kaminyuon kamo kamubo kamut kan, kang kana kanako kanamo kananan kanato fright, panic adversity, difficulty adversity, affliction, difficulty sudden; v: overtake suddenly offspring, breed, generations J: posterity hat benignity dig, excavate trousers width coconut tree twin twenty wa nausea benignity, bounty leniency, mildness mercy, pity, charity, clemency paleness salvation, liberty languor, lassitude, fragility I starvation weakness storehouse, camarin crawl press; journalism death, mortality truth, proofs, testimony certainty, truth, proof we desert, solitude; sadness matrimony, wedding you, pl. shortness hand to; article with proper names that me, to me us dining room, table us r, sympathy

Page  51 51 VISAYAN - ENGLISH kanaway kanayonan kanding kangil-ad kangitngitan kangutngut sa hunahuna kanhi kania kaniadto kaniha kanila kanimo kaninyo kaniya kan-on kansa? kanuman kanunay kanus-a? kaon v pagpakaon kapaagian kapait kapalaran kapangpangan kapatan kapaykapay kapiang kapig-ot kapildihan kapin kapitoan kapo-o kapon v kapuangod kapupud-an kapula kapulong (anon) kapungot kapunongpunongan west border goat ugliness darkness, gloom remorse then, in times past him, her then, before before now them to you, sing to you, pl. him, her food whom? sixty constant, continual, ever, frequent, common, perpetual when? (past) eat feed, maintain, sustain occasions bitterness happiness rocky place forty fin lameness severity perdition more; excess, profit seventy extinction castrate piety, leniency archipelago red suit, quarrel anger host rZ" *;:::: ~~:: - i x i':;_c;'; r.;:i: r i:i -1~-I,

Page  52 VISAYAN'- ENGLISH kapunungan kapuslanan kapot v kaputi kaputli kapuy v karaan karon karonkaron karon dayon karon adlawa karon gabi-i karon pang bag-o kasaba kasadpan kasadya kasakit kasal kasal-anan kasalop sa adlaw kasalpungan kasama kasamuk kasampungan kasangkapan kasarangan kasayon kasayop kasayoran kasiga kasilag kasilaw kasina kasinaw kasingkasing kasiyaman kasuba sa du4o kasubo kasuki kasuko society profit, usefulness seize whiteness chastity, purity tire aged now, actual, to-day forthwith, immediately forthwith to-day to-night recently noise, brawl west (kasaladpan) splendor, solemnity, pomp affliction, grief, pain, sorrow wedding sin, guilt sunset mountain top likeness annoyance, confusion, nuisance, discord dock baggage, things necessary moderation, temperance, frugality; regular ease error (kasaypanan) explanation, account, interpretation, certainty radiancy, brightness; v: bright, blaze resentment radiancy envy, jealousy; v: envy, begrudge brightness heart ninety hemorrhage distress, grief disobedience, rebellion anger, dissatisfaction, disgust, resentment, rage

Page  53 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 53 kasumaran kasungi kataadman kataas katag v katagkatag v katahap katahum kataharan kataka katakus katalagman katalinis katamis katapul katapusan sa katapusan katarungan kataspok katawa kataw-anan katawhan katawhoan katkat v katigayunan katiguman katilingban katinaw sa katinawan katingad-an katingalahan katipunan katloan katugnaw katulin katulog katungdanan katungud katungud sa panga nay ka-uban kaubus anniversary conflict cape, point greatness unfold disperse suspicion, distrust, apprehension beauty greeting, respect idleness worthiness, ability, dignfity danger, peril, risk keenness sweet idleness end, last, final, result, conclusion "finally reason, justice inaction, indifference, indolence laugh, grin laughable, comic mankind, humanity, multitude mankind, humanity, multitude i climb commercial activity, trade society multitude, assembly, society, arm clearness clearly queer wonder, marvel society thirty coldness, cold temperature speed, rapidity slumber obligation, duty, office rights i y ly m birthright companion, associate, accomplice abjection, vileness

Page  54 VISAYAN - ENGLISH kaugalingnan kaugalingon kaugdang kaugmaon kauhaw kaulag kaulangan kaulaw (on) kaulay kauli-an kaulipnan kaulit kauluhan kaumog kauswagan kaut v kautlanan kawad-on kawala kawalay kawan kawang kawani kawas kawasanan kawat v kawat kawatan kawayan kawba kawhaan kawnggo kay kayab v kaykay v kaylap v kayo v kayugot kidhat v kidlap v kigi v kilabkilab v.independence proper, own decorum, seriousness future thirst lust, immodesty hindrance, impediment shame, bashfulness, ignominy chastity, purity, virginity restoration slavery gluttony capital modesty advancement, progress, liberty, greatness scratch border, boundary indigence, poverty lack, nothing, extinction, annihilation recklessness thing suspended, elevated; v: elevate vain, futile clerk landing lan4ing place steal wire; hatud kawat: telegram thief,, robber bairboo mahogany twenty wart for, because, than fly, ascend; fan dig extend beg, supplicate pain, anguish wink, twinkle brighten rake flash, twinkle

Page  55 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 55 kilat lightning, flash kilay brow kilid side kiliran side kil6 v blink kimpit pincers kinaadman learning, science, skill, wisdom kinaadmanon learned, erudite kinabuhi life, existence kinabuhing dayon eternity kinabuhing umabut after life kinahanglan necessity, need; v: need, want, require pagkakinahanglan necessity kinahanglanon kinaiya kinampilan kinasal kinasingkasing kinataay kinataw-an kinatawo kinhason kini mao kini kinsa? bisan kinsa kinubalan kinuha kinumkum kinutuban walay kinutuban kiriwan kisame kite kita v napakita, nagapakita nangita, nanagpangita pangita necessary, essential, indispensable, requisite character, quality, property, trait, natural, normal moromoro dances married cordial, heartily meeting laugh membrum virile oyster, sea shell this such who? anyone callous extract handful boundary, goal indefinite robber ceiling we see, observe, notice, detect, meet appear, present oneself seek seek (impv)

Page  56 VISAYAN - ENGLISH pagkakita pagpakita pagpakigkita kitkit v ko kogan koko koles kolongon komagko komo v kompisal v kon: kun~ kono L: kosina kosog v kotkot v kotta kotokoto kuako kuan kuarto kubal kubil v kubus kubut kugang v kugi kugihan kugod v mikugos kuha v pagkakuha kuko kuintas kula kulang kulba kulihad v kuliot kuliro discover manifest, show, represent interview gnaw my; by me crust hoof cabbage crisp thumb clinch confess he says, they say, it is said kitchen corroborate dig fort stomach pipe thing; "what do you call it?" money corn touch humble, inferior, less; diminish betrothal take flight, flee; menace studious, diligent worker, energetic, active pursue godparent take, get, catch, deprive, subtract, fetch, extort, extract, deduce miscarry; abortion finger nail beads glue less, deficient, incomplete scare, fright, shock spit gesture simpleton

Page  57 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 5 57 kumpit kun kun dili kunhod v kuno kunot kunsad v kupos v kupot v nahikurat... kurog v pagpakurog kuros v kuskus v kusganon kusog kutaw v kutlo v kuto kutsara kutub kuyap kuyog kuyaw laba v labaha laban ikalaban manlalaban labang v labas labaw labaw v pagkalabaw labaw pa labay labi v pagpalabi pinalabi hilabihan tongs if, or, when, according to, as said, whether but, unless shorten, subtract, reduce; less it is saidwrinkle descend decay, wane; deduce grasp, seize, handle, wield, grapple dream in fright tremble, dangle, quiver vibrate make sign of cross scrape mighty, vigorous force, might, strength, vigor agitate cut with small knife; reap rice louse spoon from, as far as, since, until hysterics associate, accomplice; v: accompany startled L wash; laundry razor defence; v: befriend, side with defensive lawyer pass examination; step fresh advantage, advantageous, prominent excel, outdo, prevail prominence more cast, throw more; v: excel, prevail; exaggeration prefer favorite, excessive. 94it

Page  58 VISAYAN- ENGLISH palabilabih labtog labut pa walay labi lagbas v lagda lagi lagio, lagiyo, laglag v sa pagkala lagong lagsik lagut v lahi lahos v lain lain v lainlain v pagkalain laing yuta lakad lakang lakat v lakaw v nagalakaw laki lakinon lakip laksi v ginalaktan laktud lala lalang v lalin v lalis lalawigan lamang Ion it haughty blister; v: blister besides, furthermore out, except, unless pierce, penetrate plan, rule; v: pass laws v flee, escape consume, demolish, devastate, desolate; havoc Lgmit lightly horsefly light, nimble grind teeth, chew tobacco different; v: differ, excel penetrate, pierce other, else, another, distinct, different, apart, separate separate, classify, distinguish, reserve, appropriate, differ vary, specify variety foreign excessive step, pace walk walk, depart, go, step afoot male manly inclusive; v: include, join accelerate course brief; v: shorten sting effect, institute; power emigrate, migrate, remove brawl, controversy, contention; v: contend, object, contradict, protest, demur, deny, discuss province only

Page  59 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 59 lamba v lambungay Iambus v lamdag lami lamian lamuy v lana lanaw landig v landiganan landung pagpalandung lang langan v langanlangan v langat v langaw langay fangbo v pinalangga langgam langgikit v pagkalanggikii panalangin pinalanginan langit langitnon langitlangit langkat v langoy v langsa v langsang langsang gamay langsang sa cru langto v langub langyaw v lanog lanot lantaw v toss mane strike, hit clarity; v: make clear, inspire delicacy; v: taste, smack delicious, dainty, tasty swallow oil lake compare wharf shade meditate, muse, imagine, reflect, regard; meditation, reflection only delay, detain linger fail in duty flies distracted grow luxuriantly; leafy favorite bird link, connect, affix, knit t series, union blessing, benediction; v: bless, consecrate blessed heaven, sky heavenly garret fail in duty swim stink nail tack Lz crucify stink cave, den travel around echo hemp observe, on watch

Page  60 60 VISAYAN - ENGLISH lantugi pakiglantugi lapad lapas gilapdon lapinig lapok lapokon lapus v lapyahan larawan laroylaroy v lasang lasid lastre latayan latid v latus laum laum v lawak lawas lawasnon maayong lawas walay lawas pakighilawas lawis laya pagkalaya layag layat v layawlayaw layo layog v layon mahilayon libak v palibak libakag v libang v libaot v controversy, contest; v: debate, discuss plead broad; v: widen breach; v: offend, violate; exceed in time width wasp mud muddy, mire penetrate shore, beach image, picture loiter forest, wood level guage ballast bridge, or similar structure use cord or rule, as guide rod, stick; v: whip, beat hope, confidence, trust, reliance hope, expect, confide, rely, trust. room body bodily, corporeal, carnal healthy immaterial fornication, adultery cape withered fade sail jump distracted distant, off, far wrestle withered, languid shameful, evil detract, backbite faultfinder make hair bristle occupy oneself, commonly in evacuating make hair bristle *

Page  61 VISAYAN -- ENGLISHM 61 libgos mushroom usa ka libo one thousand libodsoroy tramp pagkalibog confound, confuse, puzzle libon massive, compact, dense libol circumference, circular, area, roundness libot v enclose, beseige, surround sa libot around ligdong serious, grave, modest ligid wheel; v: turn; wallow ligidligid v sprawl ligis v pound, grind lig-on v confirm, strengthen, fortify, fasten, secure ligop spoon ligutgut v hate; angry, irritated ligwat lever lihi v keep holy iglilihi to be kept holy lihok motion, movement; v: vibrate, move panlihoklihok behavior; v: behave lihukan mischievous, turbulent likay v evade, avoid, elude, shun likit v roll, involve likoliko zigzag likod back, shoulders sa likod behind pakilikot v tap likuanan corner likus fence, belt; v: surround, encircle likusoan corner lili v lurk, inspect, peek lilima five pagkamakalilisang horror lilolok v carve lima five limatok bloodsucker, leech limbasug effort, exertion; v: endeavor limbong fraud, fake, trick; v: cheat, delude, deceive, seduce, trap limbungan impostor, crafty limod v ~ deny

Page  62 62 VISAYAN - ENGLISH limogmog v limos pagpakilimos mangilimtan limut v linaw linaktud lingagngag v lingalinga linganay lingat v lingaw lingawlingaw v lingahayaw v linghod lingi v lingin v lingkawas v lingkod v lingkuranan lingolingo v lingsanan linilok linis v linopakan linti v linug linukban lintuwad v linugos sa linugsanay linugus nga pagkabutang li-og lipay v pagpahalipay lipod v lipot liroglirog v lisang liso rinse alms; fee beg; beggary forgetful forget calm concise, short, briefly gargle dangle bell inspect, watch enjoy amuse young turn round, spherical, circular escape sit seat, chair nod mill statue purify, clean callous fulminate; struck by lightning earthquake; v: quake closed upset compulsory violently violent neck exult, delight, rejoice, please, enjoy, gladden congratulate deceive betrayal; v: betray, encircle, beseige trill tremble, terrified kernel

Page  63 liso v lisod listahan litag liti litok liwat 1o-ag lobid lobut lokob v lokop iv pagkialukPanon lonlon lonlon mnga bukog lo-ok l0.oy V lotak loto V lotob luag v luan luat lubad v lubag v lubang lubid lublub v lubnganan lubok v lubug lubung lubut lugas lugos lugway luha luhaluha luhod v Wui - 63 VISAYAN- ENGLISH turn; dislocate difficulty; v: embarrass, aggravate enrollment, list trap; v: trap) report, crack pronunciation; v: pronounce, utter offspring, generation; v: generate, breed ample halter hips, seat shut comprise catholicity, comprehension mere, unadulterated; only skeleton cove have mercy crevice cook blister widen cargo joint, hinge fade wring, twist tool for uprooting string, make groove; take refuge in sand under net cemetery, grave, tomb pound' not clear, dirty, confused, troubled burial; v: bury hips fibre hardly; v: compress, violate, quell, oblige, force, impel; compulsion, constraint time, period, time limit tear; v: cry joint kneel faithless, cautious 't,

Page  64 VISAYAN - ENGLISH lukab lukat v lukay lukluk v lukob lukot v lukso v sa pagkalulot lumalangyaw lumay lumba lumlum v lumo lumos v lumot lumpag v lunang (an) v lungag lungag sa ilong lungon lungsod lungsuranon pagkatagilungsod lungtad v lunhaw lunhawon lunod v pagkalunod lunsay lunop luok luok v luog lupad v lupig v lupong lusad v lusay lusi v lusparon lutak v lutas v open redeem, ransom palm conceal door; v: close roll jump, leap, hop bountifully foreigner charm race; v: race brood, hatch soft, tender, smooth drown moss demolish, overthrow, ruin wallow,; sprawl cavity, gap, needle eye nostril coffin, bier nation, town, municipality citizen citizenship continue, last green verdant submerge, bury; shipwreck wreck, sink without mixture flood, deluge; v: overflow bay choke, smother wild, savage fly enslave, oppress, misrule general come down gland pinch pale, ghastly split, crash wean:: ~ i;I

Page  65 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 65 lutaw v luthang luto sa hudno v lutoanan luwa luwag luwan luwananan luwas v pagpaluwas luwas v luwat v luya v luy-a luyo sa luyo luyoluyo launch, float cannon, gun; v: shoot bake kitchen spit; v: spit spoon burden, freight, cargo; v: load, ship vehicle save, rescue, release, liberate liberty, safety articulate resign weaken, emaciate ginger side; companion backward, behind auxiliary maabiabihon maabtik maaghop maalam maalimuot maalampuon maalingatan maambong maanad maandakon maanindot maanindot kaayo maantigo maantuson maanyag maapod maasin maaslom maayo maayo v maayo kaayo labing maayo Dictionary M civil, courteous, gallant, hospitable energetic, active, vivacious clement, meek, tame expert, learned, wise warm religious casual, casually majestic, severe tame conceited nice, beautiful, pretty splendid expert patient pretty, exquisite, handsome harsh salty sour, acid good, well, kind, benevolent, important improve excellent, mtagnificent best; rather 5

Page  66 66 VISAYAN - ENGLISH labi pang maayo maayo pa mabaga mabag-uhon mabalhin mabangis superior best thick, dense radical variable fierce, cruel, inclement, bloodthirsty, despot mabansay practicable mabasa legible' mabaskug vigorous, vehement, virile, ix mabaskug kaayo intense mabati perceptible mabdus pregnant; v: conceive pagkamabdus pregnancy mabiaybiayon sarcastic mabihagon alluring mabilik textile mabinantayon careful, watchful, mindful sa paaging mabinantayon carefully mabudhion perfidious, disloyal, traitor mabugaon fertile mabug-at heavy, cumbersome mabugnao cold, chilly mabuhat practicable mabungaon fruitful~ mabutangbutangon slanderer madalag yellow madali speedy, quick, prompt, brie sa madali soon sa labi pang madalisooner madalion punctual madaling mobati sensitive madaugdaugon tyrant madugay kaayo lasting madukaon drowsy magaan light weight mag-aawit singer magaayo reformer magagaling mill magahi solid, stiff, tough, hard magahikog suicide npetuous, loud if, active

Page  67 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 67 magamit magbabalik magbabalita magbabaligya magbabantay magbabasa magbalantay magbibilanggo magbubuhat magdadakop magdadali magdadaro magdadawat magdudula maggagama maggagaud maghahabul maghahatag maghuhubad maghuhukum maghuhulagway maghuhulam maglalaybg maglilihok magloloto maglulut6 sa sopas magmamando magmamantala magmamao magpapatigayon magpulus magsaasayaw magsama dili magsama magsasakay magsasakit magsusukod magsusulat magsusumbong magsususi magtutukod magtutudlo applicable poet chronicler, publisher dealer overseer, superintendent reader sentinel, guard, watchman jailer maker, creator captor carrier ploughman receiver actor creator oarsman weaver giver interpreter, translator juror, judge, magistrate photographer borrower wrestler sculptor cook baker governor editor, publisher creator merchant, dealer useful dancer equal, equivalent, alike uneven marine torturer surveyor writer prosecutor inspector founder guide, teacher 5*

Page  68 68 magtutultol magtutuman magtutuon dili magubai magulang maguuma maguuna magwawali mahaangay mahahadlukon mahagiton mahaigo mahait mahal sa' pagkamahal mahamis dili mahamutang sa mahatungud mahay v mahayag mahibalo mahigugmaon mahilakip mahilis.f* mahilom mahimayaon mahimo pagkadili mahimo mahinay mahinayon mahinlo mahinungdanon mahitungud mahiuyonon mahugaw mahumok mahumot mahunahuna mahunahunaon mahunit mahusay maila VISAYAN -,.ENGLISH guide executive teacher, professor indestructible elder peasant, farm worker forerunner preacher adaptable shy, timid alluring' adaptable sharp precious, valuable, noble; v: esteem nobly smooth uneasy upon, concerning complain clear learned loveable, fond inclusive obscene taciturn, still beatific, glorious possible, probability impossibility slow, slowly slow even, smooth chief, principle, meritorious concerning accommodating filthy, indecent, nasty, unclean, dirty tender, soft, mild, lenieAit aromatic, odoriferous pensive thinker tough calm, tranquil perceptible 9,

Page  69 VISAYAN.lli~ -- ENGLISHJH 69 - maingon ingon like, alike mainit warm, hot; earnest mainit-init lukewarm mainiton enthusiastic maisug braye, plucky, stern, bold, valiant, severe maitum black maitom-itom brown, obscure makabihag bewitching makabudlay irksome, fatiguing makabungkag destructive makadasig incentive makadaut hurtful, harmful, dangerous, mischievous, sinister makadaut kaayo pernicious makadayas slippery makadiot lamang moment makaduha twice makagagahum almighty, powerful makagagahum sa ngatanan omnipotent makaguba destructive makahahadluk dreadful, awful, shocking, terrible makahimo capable dili makahimo unable makahinuklug impressive makahukip ug salapi briber makahukom decisive makakabig attractive makakapuy tiresome, irksome, tedious, wearisome dili makalihok inert makalilisang dreadful, shocking, frightful, horrible, terrible makalingaw amusement makalipay pleasant makalit perfidious, disloyal pagkamakalit perfidy, ingratitude makalukmay persuasion makaluluoy unfortunate makamao able makamatay deadly makamaymay persuasion makamkam tangible k

Page  70 70 VISAYAN- ENGLISH makaon makapadalin-as makapa-himuot makapahinumdu makapakabig makapakasala makapakawa m kapalisang makariot lamanj makasamuk makasasala makatabang makatol makatolo sa makausa makauulaw makidiyos akidlap Lkigdaiton makigindig makililimos makilungsod makinaadmanon makisapi makisayuron makisultihon makita makugi makugihon makuli makuling igkit makusoa malagmlt malagsik malagsot malalim malami malangbo malapason malaskot malaway malaw-ay eatable; food slippery pleasant nm reminder bewitching scandalous ludicrous grim instant inconvenient sinner, guilty helpful itchy thrice once ignominious godly bright peaceful competitor beggar statesman, patriot wise, skillful, scientist selfish inquisitive garrulous visible energetic, active, diligent, wor: earnest difficult l quaint. fast, speedy, strong, vehement - giddy, active brisk, lively, nimble ugly palatable delicious, tasty fertile sinner villain obscene dishonest ker 'B,

Page  71 VISAYAN - ENG4SH 71 maligdong malig-on malihok malimbungon malimtanon malinaw malingin malinis malipayon malisangon malisud maloloy-on malomo maluibon pagkamaluibon malulot malupigon maluspad maluya maluyahon mamai mamahandi mamamatay mamatay mamatik mamimitay mamingaw mamingawng mamingawn mamumono mamumoo mamumulong mamumuno " man pagkamanagsuon mananabang mananagat mananagna mananahi mananakap mananakay 'L-.r modest, serious, discreet, formal, dignified solid, firm, steady, secure rascal, disorderly, naughty cunning, imposter, crafty, shrewd, sly forgetfulness calm, tranquil, peaceful circle, round. clean, neat genial, cheerful, joyful, gay nervous difficult kind, merciful, clement, charitable, affectionate mild, tender, lenient, affable traitor, ungrateful treachery, treason generous, bountiful, benign oppressive, tyrant, autocrat pale, bleak weak, infirm, flimsy, feeble weak, languid, flimsy dumb treasurer, manager slayer mortal printer executioner joyless tragic.sad, baleful murderer, assassin laborer lecturer, orator slayer is, are, etc. brotherhood midwife fisherman prophet tailor captor sailor

Page  72 W 72 VISAYAN- ENGLISH mananambag mananambal mananap mananapaw mananaug mananaway mando v mangahason mangangayam manggad manggialamon manggiayuhon manggibuhaton manggihatagon pagkamanggihatagon manggiloy-on manggiponon manggugubut manghod mangil-ad mangilngig mangingihaw mangingisda mangitngit manihit manililsil. maninintal manipis maniwang ~ manlalaban manlalaba nga babaye manluluwas manok mansa mansol mantala mantalaan manulonda manunubus manununod counsel doctor, physician animal, beast, brute adulterer conqueror, winner, triumph-nt critic rule rash, hardy hunter goods, belongings learned, wise optimist workman liberal, generous generosity merciful sociable warrior,!ugnacious junior ugly, widked nauseated butcher fisherman obscure, dim, dark scarce sculptor tempter simple, slender, thin lean, thin lawyer laundress savior cock stain; v: stain eagle edition; v: publish, newspaper angel redeemer heir edit, diffuse

Page  73 0 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 73 mao pagkamao pagkamao nga diosnon mao kini maomao mapahitason mapait dili mapala mapanaganon mapanimaluson maparat mapasalamaton mapasipad-anon mapatalinghugon mapaubsanon mapig-ot mapiko mapili mapilit mapinaubsanon mapintas mapiskay mapuanguron mapula mapula kaayo mapuslanon maputi masaba masabut masaka masadya masakit (on) masapnot masap-pod masayag masayag ug buot masayon masayong maliso masiga masigpit same; v: is, compose, contrive, create; creation to be, being Deity such fad, fiction, whim proud, haughty, arrogant bitter indelible cautious revengeful salty thankful abusive, outrageous attentive humble severe, stern flexible eligible sticky lowly inclement brisk, lively, active clement, lenient red purple useful, important c white, blank boisterous, loud, clamorous intelligible accessible solemn sick rough crabbed affable, pleasant genial easy, obvious versatile bright, radiant, vivid, glowing narrow

Page  74 74 VISAYAN - ENGLISH masihag masilaw masinabuton masinahon masinaw masingkamuton masinilbihon masinugtanon masubsub masukihon masulub-on masulud masupakon mata paghimatai dili matagbaw sa matag adlaw matahapon matahum matahum uyamut matak-anon matalinis matambal matambok matam-is matan-aw matarong dilli matarong sa matarong pagkamatarong matay v pagpamati matiaw matiga matinahuran matinamdanon matinaw matin-aw matinumanon pagkamatinumanon transparent bright intelligent, smart, envious, jealous brilliant zealous, diligent obliging obliging, obedient assiduous, frequent disobedient, rebel lamentable, sorrowful, sad accessible averse eye, v: awake awake implacable daily suspicious, evil minded nice, exquisite, beautiful magnificent lazy, indolent, idle keen, sharp, acute curable fat, robust sweet visible right, upright, virtuous, honest, just, decency unfair, wrong justly honesty die, perish listen, hear funny, jocose obstinate, stubborn respectful mindful evident, clear -: ' wag loyal loyalty, fidelity

Page  75 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 75 wala pa matino matistis matngon v pamatngon matoto v matutuhuon matul-id matulin matuod matuod v sa pagkamatuod matuod pa maugdang maulag maulagon maulawn maulipnonon mausikon mauswagon may maya v maymay v mga miagi miagi na mialsa pagpamihag miilis mikagyo milaum minahal minao minanap minatay minasa mingdagmal mingdasmag minyo misalig misunud mithi uncertain jocose, funny, joker note note rear visionary right, straight fast true, certain, positive, real, genuine prove, certify, verify, ratify, testify, assure, affirm, demonstrate assuredly,, indeed, yes according serious lewd immodest, libertine bashful autocrat wasteful, lavish, spendthrift progressive have enjoy, rejoice persuade the, pl. ago, past past insurgent captivate successor runaway, fugitive confident dear composition brutal corpse, dead leaven aggressor aggressor married; v: marry confident successor ideal

Page  76 76 VISAYAN - ENGLISH' mo mobo labi pang mobo moda modagan mogilawgilaw mohurus molomainit molopyo * momho mo-o v mosunud motakod. moton mubo v mugbu pamulong pagpamulka multa mulupyo mumho pagpamunga pagpanghimungot pagpamungot pagpamunoan makapahimuot pagpahimutang pagpahamtang mutuo mutya na na-a naandan nabao, nabawo nabatasan nabo nabulok nadagsang your, sing. low, short; v: shorten lower fashion speedy, rapid splendid boisterous lukewarm inhabitant scrap work by day, work for food subsequent infectious pulley abbreviate short oration; v: speak, talk bloom fine neighbor, citizen, inhabitant crumb, scrap yield shave rage govern, governor pleasant put, locate impose, inflict, set believer pearl; gem N already is there (near person addressed; used with second person.) usage, usual, habitual disappointed customary, usual, regular, habitual turnip bewildered copious

Page  77 VISAYAN - ENGLISH nadunot nagabalik nagabasul nagabatok nagabiste nagabuhat nagadala nagadawat nagahatud nagahupot nagakasiga nagapadayon nagapasalig nagasugo panagat nagatubo nagatuon nagauna nagausara nagbaton nagdali nagdaut nagdili nagduka naghunong nagkabayo nagkaipon nagkalainlain nagkatagiya naglabi nagmata nagpakamanambal nagpatay nagsukod nagtinguha nagtuon naguna naguswag nahabulag nahadluk nahaigo nahamulag putrid returning repentant opponent clad author bearer recipient bearer incumbent afire continual voucher imperative fishing crescent pupil former, primary, previous alone occupant hasty sick negative sleeper quiet horseback, rider together various occupant most wideawake quack doctor slayer originator eager student originator prosperous loose afraid, awestruck pertinent apart

Page  78 78 VISAYAN - ENGLISH nahamutang napanahap nahasupak nahatabo nahauna nahauyon nahibalingag nahibalo nahigugma nahimo nahimulag nahisaag nahitabo nahiuyon nakabuhi nakadaghan nakadaug nakahimo dili nakahimo nakigindig nako naligutgut nalilong nalipayon naluwas namatay namati pagpanamkon namo nan nanay nangayo nanuk v nanuy6 naong napapas napildi napo-o napulo napungot napuslanon nasakit situated surmise, suspect contrary event first, former, main favorable, regular thoughtless knowingly, aware lover achievement loose wanderer event, adventure, fact, occurrence agreed loose many times victorious, triumphant fit unfit rival mine indignant clandestine glad safe deceased hearer conceive j ours so then mamma petitioner sleep profoundly, lose senses indignant, disgusted countenance extinct missing extinct ten angry useful sorrowful

Page  79 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 79 nasod nation nasuk6 angry, discontented, furious, disgusted nata cream natarong perpendicular, vertical natawo native; birth, births adlawng natawohanbirthday nati sa karnero lamb nati sa vaka veal natibwas complete nato ours natonton perpendicular, vertical natulog dormant, sleep natuwad upside down pagkanaug descend naumog humid nawadan devoid, without nawala extinct, lost, missing nawong face, visage nayon v border nga who, which, that, of which ngabil lip ngadto - there, yonder ngalan name; v: name, nominate nganhi here, thus far ngani for which reason, although ngano? how? why? ngatanan all, whole, universal ngipon tooth ngulob v murmur, quarrel, grumble niadto before niadtdng panahona then niana so; gen. of cana: that nianhi in time past niini gen. of kini: this niining paagiha somehow pagpanikas loot nila their pagpaningot perspire, perspiration ninyo your, pl. nipis delicate, fine, slender; v: pare, trim, I niwang v y smootne i emaciate

Page  80 I 80 VISAYAN - -EN~LISH niya pagpanug-ab nugok v nuka nukaon nuklog v pagpahinumdum pagpanumpa pagpanumpa sa I babak nusinus v panuyo his, her belch help, assist, come together itch itchy pity, condole, sympathife evoke, remind swear perjure, perjury rub rage; v: rage, scold 0 odto ololo v onggoy onlan oo orasan orasan nga daku owak noon coax monkey cushion yes watch clock crow pa pa-a paak paagi paaway pabawnan pabilo padpad v padulong sa taas pagama pagaw pagkatawo pagya v pahamatngon pahanungdan pahat yet thigh, leg bite way, method pugnacious gizzard wink blow away upward produce hoarse birth, date of birth, nativity scoff preface, remark; v: remark meritspart, division, distribution; vdIvi de, part,

Page  81 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 81 pahibalo pahid m pahimatngon pahimulos v pahiran pahit v pahiyum paingon sa sa pagkapait pakalaki pakang pakiao v pako pakpak v pakyas pala pala v pagkapala palabilabi palabilabihon palad maayong plad palad sa kamut pagkapalag palahubog palainom palanga palanggana palaran pali palid palina v palis palit v palo palong v palot v pamahaw pamantala pamasol pamatasan Dictionary allot, distribute note, notice, advertisement; v: notify clean suggestion; v: suggest profit towel bite smile; v: smile towards bitterly boast, v: boast hammer work by contract wing clap, applaud, bark failure; v: frustrate shovel; deface vanish pride superb luck, chance success palm discover drunkard drunkard basin wash basin:' - lucky, fortunate, happy, successful i glass 'rf page, leaf fumigate?. afternoon, 3 p. m. buy ' i *it mast ' e i q i extinguish ^ peel breakfast; v: break^fst i i. advertisement fishing t * i; i,' courtesy; "M&3alSy+t"ei ' t " 6

Page  82 VISAYAN - ENGLISH maayong pamatasan decency pamilok twinkling; v: twinkle pamulong oration; v: speak, talk pamuno governor pamuno sa lungsodmunicipal president...;- i..I pamunong lupong pana panagana panagat / panagway panahaf v panahon panakot panaksan panamastainas panamilit pananglitanan panapaw panapton panas v papanas v panaw pandakan panday panday sa kahuy panday sa puthaw pandol v pangagaw v pangako v.panganud pangayo pangdol v pangga v pangilin pangompas pangpang pangulo pangutana v panigingnan panihapon paniid governor general bow, arrow, dart preparation, foresight fishing form, appearance suspect time, period, season spice cup affront farewell example, sample, instance adultery cloth deface rub journey; voyage; v: travel, voyage dwarf mechanic carpenter blacksmith jostle despoil jeopardize cloud petition strike obstacle; make mistake esteem, appreciate festivity, feast gesture; v: gesticulate large rock head, president, principal; v: preside question example, type, model supper observation; v: observe... I.

Page  83 83 VISAYAN - ENGLISH...,. panikas v panimaho v panimalay panimalus v paniodto panit panit sa tawo panit nga manipis panon pantalan pantaw pantug panuigon panulay panulis v panulundon panumduman panumpa panuni pan-us panyolon paon papa-ak v papaol v papas v parayeg pardo pasagad v pasagdi v pasala v pasalig pas-an v pansangil pasaylo pasidaan pasidunggan v pasikaran pasipala paskin pasko sa pagkaban' bribe, swindle, despoil smell house vindicate, avenge; revenge dinner; v: dine (midday) leather, skin; v: peel skin web drove, herd, flock pier azotea, flat roof bladder age temptation; v: tempt despoil inherited quality; original sin memory oath music, band stale shawl bait bite benumb erase, abolish, rub, wipe, blot, derogate, deface vanity bale allow, abandon, act without thought, act rashly allow, let, permit, suffer offend guarantee, engagement take up, lift, carry on shoulders pretence pardon, forgiveness; v: excuse, forgive, note; v: anticipate, warn honor foundation outrage, contempt anonymous 6*

Page  84 haw pasko sa paso v pasongan paspas v pasulit pasunding patag patalinghc patay patayanar pati patid v patigayon Oatikanan patilya patol patongpat paud paw pawikan pawng v payag payod payong paypay piang pigos v./ pig-ot v pagkap sa pagk pigsanan piit v pikas pikpik v pila pila da Ik pipila pildi Easter pagkatawo Christmas blast, burn oneself, Seald crib cancel examination procession even, flat, plane, level; v: lIt )g v listen, heed, pay attention dead; v: kill i gallows dove, pigeon kick commerce, traffic, dealing, industry; v: negotiate, manage mark, stamp, seal; impression; v: tmark. impress, print, sign, stamp printing press whisker fit;ong v lay up, gather nipa lash; v: lash turtle quench hut thigh umbrella fan lame press compress, crush igot pressure;apigbt closely press press half; v: divide, bteak pat how many ibuok few some loss, forfeit; v: lose, miss

Page  85 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 85 pilionon pilit pilo v pinaagi pinilo pilok sa usa ka pa milok pilpil v pinaakan pinaankan pinalabi pinalanggK pinalangman pinaskuhan pinggan pinggang diyu pinig v pinili pinili-an pinili-ay pinilit pinintal pinugos pinulong pinulongan pinuyan (an) piot v pipila. piraso piriko. pisi pisik v pislat pislit v piso pitik v pitipiti v pito v pito,gpa elect, vote, choice candidate compulsion; fold by way of folded, choose, disriinte v: affix.1, post in the wink of an eye hammer bite illegitimate child, unmarried mother pet pet, dear, favorite blessed Christmas gift plate, dish tay saucer make appropriation, set apart, gather the elect cast away election, selection, choice compulsory, picture, painting, drawing; v: paint, pict,, draw compulsory oral language residence crush, restrict several piece parrot cord, rope, string, halter splash bruise chicken throb sparkle whistle seven de

Page  86 VISAYAN - ENGLISH pagkaplag pagkakaplag paghikaplag pokopoko pagkapolido popo v pos-on puangod v walay puangud puasa v pudpon v puga v pugad v pugas v pugdaw v pugong v pugos v puhu v puhunan pukan v pukaw v pukot pukpuk v pula pul-an pulgas puli pulo pulong pakigpulong pagpamulong puluyanan pultahan pulos pagpulos magapulos walay pulos pumapalit pumapanaw pumipili succeed, detect get, reach, discover, obtain meet spine refinement pick abdomen show compassion, favor impious, unholy fast cut in pieces squeeze collect in basket sow, plant swoon, faint restrict, refrain, check, quell, impede, intercept compress, force, oblige, compel; compulsion destroy capital, property demolish, devastate, ruin wake fish net strike, beat red handle flea acting; v: represent, aid island word, term speech, address declaim, declamation, address dwelling, residence gate, door mere; advantage, advantageous importance beneficial bad purchaser tourist voter

Page  87 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 87 pumopuyo punda sa onlan pundok pundok v punggot v pungpung sa bulak punit v puno (1) punopuno puno (2) punoan pagpamunoan punoan sa kahuy (3) purok pu-o v puol v purongpurong pagapuslan pusod pusta putad puthaw puti * putli putong putul v putos putyukan puy6 v puyo puypuy v inhabitant pillow case crowd, group, party, gang, faction, heap gather, group behead bouquet pick complete, full, teaming; v: fill, complete, add exaggeration leader leader, authority, head, ruler, chief, governor govern, rule; ruler trunk, stalk district extinguish, destroy feel distaste wreath, halo beneficial navel bet; v: bet dwarf iron white; v: bleach chaste, virgin, pure simpleton cut, chop package, bundle; v: wrap, pack, truss bee live, inhabit, dwell, stay, be; being pocket ~ mitigate, slake sa saa? saad saad sa Dios saagsaag v saba v S of, at, in, with, to, during where? promise, engagement; v: promsie vow wander dispute, quarrel, reprehend

Page  88 88 VISAYAN - ENGLISH sabaan sabakan saban v sabat v sabaw sabaw v sab-it sab-itanan sablig v sabog v sabong sabug v sabut pagpasabut gisabutan gikasabutan nagpasabut pakigsabut sabwag v sad-an sadang sadya v sagabay pagpasagad sagang v sagbat v sagbut paghisaghid saging sagpa v sagulo v saguyud v saha sahi saka v sakay v sakayan sakit sakmit v sako noisy lap reprehend, reprimand respond broth cover with waves, ship water latch locket sprinkle, splash i - mingle ^:. cockfighting do repeatedly; often covenant, accord; v: comprehend, perceive, construct, stipulate, understand -. explain, indicate, signify, imply stipulation agreement indicative contract diffuse, disseminate, strew guilty, criminal, blameworthy enough, moderate, apt, possible animate companion, fellow misuse, carelessness uphold answer, converse grass, weeds creep banana slap memorize creep bud like, equal ascend, climb, mount embark, navigate, travel ship, boat, vessel illness, disease; v: ail, afflict, ache; deplore seize, deprive bag

Page  89 ISAYAN - ENGLISH 89 sakop pagpasakop sakot v walay sakot saksi sakyanan sala salA pagpasala sala-an salak v salakyan salang diyutay salanta v salabutan slag ilamat pagpasalamat salamin salampati salapi salapi nga inisip salapian salibay v salig v pagpasalig sal-ig v saliko salikway v salikyat salimuang salin salingkapaw salingsing salipdanan salipod v salmot v sa6l v salom v salop. salot dependent, subject, member; v: comprise submit; submission mix, mingle, interminge mere, simple, pure witness; v: testify vehicle hall sin, offence, crime, vice, guilt, iniquity scandal strainer, sieve, filter hurt, confuse vehicle fault impede, restrain mind, intellect, reason, talent, understanding nest thanks thank mirror dove money, coin, silver cash rich throw, fling, hurl trust, rely, entrust, guarantee, confide bail, warranty; guarantee, vouch recline vest reject invited delirium, delirious; v: rave scrap, remains captious, superficial.bud, spray trench intrench take part in catch plunge sunset pet

Page  90 90 VISAYAN -ENGLISH salug floor salwal trousers sama like, as; v: liken pagkasama equality, identity; resemble walay sama incomparable samad wound, sore; v: hurt, wound samad nga halaum ulcer sambag v incite, admonish pagpakisambag consult sambingay v insinuate pasambingay hint samid v sharpen samkon v conceive samot v aggravate samput hips samtang while samuk annoyance; v: trouble, vex, molest, incommode, embarrass, bother, alarm, confuse, annoy samukan disorderly samut v augment sanao clear, serene night sanay v multiply sandayong pipe sandig v recline sandiya watermelon. sandok spoon sanga branch, bough sangay namesake sanggot scythe sanghid v ask permission pasangil excuse; v: blame, impute, ascribe sangka conflict, dispute sangkap v equip, furnish, provide, supply kasangkapan equipment, baggage V sangko v stumble, strike against igsasangkop material sanglit since, because sanglitanan example, saying, proverb sangpit v invoke sangpot v spell, pronounce sangputan effect, fate, consequence, conclusion 40X. mXs ^/w.. 1- i1. -ia- 0001;:.E.9X '* *\'<.00f;X;^~;0;00 j0: 000097if;;

Page  91 91 VISAYAN- ENGLISH gisangputan sangyaw v pagpakigsanka sanla sanlahon santa v santop v santos pagkasantos nagpakasantos saolog v saom v sa-op sapa sapang diyutay sapaw v sapaw sapayan sapi sapian pagkasapian sapin sapinit saput saro sarol magsasakay magsasaway saulog v saway v ikasaway sawng sawo v saya sayaw saylo v pasaylo sayo sayon v sayran: see sayud saysay result spread, promote, advocate, electioneer match leprosy leprosy interrupt, deter, impede imagine, reflect, consider sacred holiness, justification hypocrite celebrate; celebration dive tenant creek, stream brook commit adultery lining, underclothes difficulty, inconvenience silver, money rich riches boot, shoe brambles, thorns clothes, costume; v: clothe cup spade, hoe boatman censor adore, celebrate reprove, chide, rebuke, correct defect tar sup skirt dance; v: dance pass in front pardon early, premature obviate account, definition, comment, theory; v: explain, describe 75 N.

Page  92 92 VISAYAN - ENGLISH sayud pagpakisayud sayup pagkasayup si sibo pagkasibo sibo v sibog v sibot v sibsib v sidlakan sid-ok pagpasidungog siga sigbin v sigpit sihag sikad v gipasikaran pinasikaran siklat siko sikuate sila silab v silag v silang silaw silhig silid silingan silong silsil v silut simana simang v simba v moimah siiborho certain, sure; v: advertize consult, question; curiosity mistake, defect, guilt, wrong inaccuracy, erroneous; oversight, incorrect blunder, mistake, lapse article with nominative of proper names exact exactly confront withdraw, recoil, recede actuate, stimulate; stimulation graze east hiccough honor blaze, flame; v: glow have familiar demon contact transparent establish, base principle basis, enclosure, fence elbow chocolate they ignite resent sunrise ray, glare, beam; v: shine broom; v: brush, sweep title neighbor porch, entrance engrave, carve penalty, punishment; v: condemn, fine, punish week divert worship, venerate, adore, church, temple 4*,e hear nwas

Page  93 VISAYA - ENGLISH 93 r%,r.. simhot v sina sinakit sinaktan sinapit sinamay sinapsap sinaputan pagkasinati sinaw v singbako singgit v singka singkamut singot singsing sinilas sinina sinipit sintas sinugdan sinugo sinuhulan sinulat sinultihan sinumbagay v sipa sipol sipon sip-on sira v sisip siya siya siyagit siyam sob6 v soki sok6 v solog sologuon solondon smell envy victim miscellaneous braid cloth splint clad experience brighten, polish, shine God forbid shout, scream, exclaim discourtesy effort, zeal; v: activate perspiration; v: sweat, perspire ring slippers shirt, blouse anchor tape beginning, original, outset, priitipile emissary, envoy employee essay, writing language box; boxing report knife sick with cold mucus shut, close wedge he, she seat, saddle (silla) shout, scream; v: shout, scream,:ry nine afflict customer afflict current '. servant, agent patrimony

Page  94 94 solop solosimana songkod songsong sool sa tiyan sopil v sosimana soyod suang suba subad v subang subangan subay v subli v subo subsub pagkasubsub sud-an sudlanan sudlanan sa kaf sudlay sudok sud-ung v sudya v suga sugang dagitabr sug-anan sugal v sugalan sugarol sugat v sugba v sugid v sugilanon sugilon v sugnod sugo pagpasugo sugod v VISAYAN- ENGLISH undergrowth weekly crutch, cane cork colic quarrel, reprimand weekly sting beard river eat, devour sunrise, shine east follow tracks, search represent; appointment by election joyless; v: grieve frequently; v: repeat assiduity dish of food entrance e coffee pot comb water soaked earth contemplate, gaze reproach light, torch, beacon; v: light ion electric light lamp gamble gambling house gambler meet, receive throw into fire narrate, relate, tell, converse story, novel, tale, fable, myth relate, narrate, refer fuel order, commandment, decree, injunction; v: command, bid, ordain serve begin, derive, depend, resume, emanate, undertake I

Page  95 9 95 VISAYAN - ENGLISH nagasugod beginner sugpa tuberculosis sugut v obey; obedience sugyot v instigate, suggest sihi v invert suhol pay, salary, wage, pension suka v vomit suka -vinegar sukad since, from sukamod v fall under burden sukdanan type, pattern suki v rebel, disobey sukihan disobedient sukitsukit v inquire sukmat v- reproach sukna v examine suko v displease, vex sukod survey; v: survey sukol conspiracy; v: resist, rebel, withstand sukuahi contrast sukwahi preposterous sul& food, meat, fish sulat letter; v: write mga sulat correspondence santos nga sulat Scripture sulatanon desk sulay v try, tempt, attempt, prove, test; ordeal suliyaw v shout, shriek, hoot sulo torch sulod inner, interior; room, alcove; v: enter, contain, enclose sa sulod within, internal sa sulod sa during walay sulod empty sulog current sulombanan program sulondon formula, pattern, model, type, program sulti speech; v: say, speak, talk, converse, address pagpakisulti converse pagpakigsulti confer sultisulti conversation

Page  96 96 VISAYAN -. EGLtS sinultihan sul-ub v suluguon sulung. v sumad sumala sumbag v sumbong gisumbong sum-ol v sumosunod sumpa sumpak sumpay sumpit sunasuna v sundalo sundang pagpasundayag pasundayag pasungan sungay sungog v sungkod sungsung v sunod v pagpasunod pagkasunodsunod sunog sunoy suntok v suok supak supang supil v suroysuroy v sursi v susi v susi v language cover, by high tide, or flood servant, waiter examine, inspect anniversary accordingly punch complaint, aoOMton; v: complain, chaO&t denounce, impeach, prosecute culprit loathe follower remedy continuation continuation; v: add, increase, z6ntbfiilt pump mimic. soldier big knife, bolo display, manifest exhibition manger horn tease cane, staff navigate agdinst current or wind imitate follow series fire; v: ignite, burn rooster knock corner aversion; v: oppose, demur, *ithtlMAd, object plump, robust, stout, obese wrangle promenade, walk darn examine, ascertain, investig^&te,oVr^&e, inspect, inquire, reVise sew ~

Page  97 VISAYAN- ENGLISH 97 sU80 suwa suyup ta taan v taas pagpataas sa taas tabaghak tabaghon tabako v taban tab-ang tabang tabangtabapg tabanog tabi tabi-an tabian tabo v tabok v tabon tabontabon tabtab v tabuan tabyog v tadtad v tadtaran tadyao taga taga v tagad v ayaw pagtagad walay pagtagad tagak v tagal v taga laing dapit Dictionary breasts, nipple, udder; v: suck lemon suction; v: imbibe, suck, sip T mine, ours concefe long, tall, high, lengthy; v: lengthen; prominence lengthen; elate up leprosy leper smoke abduction, rape, elopement; v: elope mild help, relief, support; v: help, aid, befriend, protect, support, contribute, cooperate auxiliary kite gossip, tattle; v: gossip vociferous quack arrive, meet, occur traverse, cross over cover, lid, veil, carpet; v: cover, shut eyelid cut fair swing chop choppingblock large jar hook shield, liberate; give heed do not trouble indifference drop indicate time stranger u 7

Page  98 98 VISAYAN - ENGLISH tagana appropriation; v: reserve pagpanagana provide tagbalay v host, house owner tagbaw v satisfy, quench tagbo v unite, arrive tagbong wig tagbuhat maker, author taghoy v whistle, hiss tagibanua wild; god of the fields tagilungsod citizen tagiya owner, proprietor v: own pagkatagiya domain, ownership tagangkan womb tagna prophecy, prediction; v: predict, prophesy, foresee tago v conceal, hide, keep tago-anan hiding place tagok resin, mucilage tagsa each, every sa tagsa ka takna hourly tagsaon rare tagsatagsa apiece. tagtinguha aspirant tagurha ~ two by two taha v revere, honor tahap v suspect, surmise, distrust tahi v I. sew - taho report, recount ' ' tahotaho gossip tahor gamester tahud v respect, venerate; homage, respects tahum v beautify tahum bran, chaff A 4 ta-i excrement taka sloth, negligence takbuy v down with sickness; grasp, hold taki v quack takiang v limp takilid across, inclination; bow, bend, incline, lean takip v unite, join takkap mask takkup lid

Page  99 takna taknaan takud v sa takulahao takup v takuis pagkatakis pagakatakus dili takus tala v talaan talaba talad talagman talagsaon talagsa ra talaghuron talamayon pagkatalamayon talamban talambuan talamdon talan-awn talanawon talaphan talarok talaw v talawan talib v pagkatalidhay taligbos v taligsik lalikala talikod v talinghog v talinis talisik talithi taliwala sa taliwala talo talodtod VISAYAN- ENGLISH hour, time watch, clock infect casually close worthy, able, apt, capable, deserving qualify, deserve deign unfit traverse list oyster table dangerous singular, odd, rare, quaint seldom, scarce respectable, venerable abject,*despicable, mean, vile abjection sardine window oracle; revered scene landscape gridiron mast fear craven, coward, dastardly trim laughter drizzle shower; v: drizzle chain turn shoulders; past doings listen, hear, attend sharp; v: sharpen shower spit; v: spit center, middle; v: mediate between, amidst wax spine, backbone, ridge 7* 99

Page  100 VSYAN - ENGUM tamak v tread, trample taman v effect, agree panamastamas insult, affront; v: insult tamay contempt; v: scorn, despise, sneer, disregard, undervalue, slight, jar tambag counsel, suggestion; v: exhort, admonish, advise, suggest tambal medicine, drug, cure, v: heal, remedy, cure, doctor tambalanan hospital mananambal doctor tamban sardine tambok v nourish tambol drum tambong v concur, assist taming shield tam-is sweet; v: sweeten tam6d v appreciate tampalas grievance, knavery tampalasan nefarious, scoundrel, knave, rascal tanan all, universal tanaman garden, orchard tanaw v look, see, contemplate, view, notice, gdze, behold nagatan-aw beholder panan-aw eyesight tandi v compare; comparison tanding v liken tangaha puzzle, enigma, ingenious thing, clock, engine, lock tangdo v approve; approval tangkal cage tangkod v measure in full units; full period tango fang tangtang v set one free 'tanod v tame tanum plant; v: sow, plant, transplant tanyag v provide, furnish ta-ob ug hunas high and low tide tapa v broil, roast, toast tapak v mend, patch tapat resolution

Page  101 VISAYAN- EN;GLSH 101 tapay taphaanan tapok v tapol tapot v taptap tapulan tapus pagkatapus matapus sa tapus tarong dili tarong taspukan taub pagkatawa tawag v nataw pagkatawo tawhana tawo pagpakatawo tawong hamili tawong bililhon tawtaw taya taytayan tian tiangihan tiaw panagtiayon tibawas v tibuok " tibwas v tidlum v tig-a tigaway tigbas v tighunahuna tigib tigmo tigpauli crest gridiron gather, aggregate lazy fasten, adhere, fix veil, bandage; v: bind lazy, idle, slack end; v: end, finish, conclude perish finite thereafter right, stiff; v: justify, right indirect loafer, indifferent high tide laughable call, proclaim, invoke, summon born birth men4 man, person incarnate; Incarnation gentleman, illustrious personage doll rust bridge belly market fun, joke; v: derile marriage; v: marry end, culminate; pay for entire, whole; v: condense conclude leak, spread out hard, obstinate fighter slash, wound thinker chisel enigma, puzzle returning

Page  102 102 VISAYAN - ENGLISH tigulang tigum tigwali tigyamyam tihog tihoy v tiil tikas tikasan tikod tiktik tila v tilap v tilaw v tili v tilimanan pagpatiliwala timaan old, decrepit meeting, congress, gathering; v: collect, assemble, accumulate preacher delirious fork whistle foot estafa, swindle swindler heel spy, detective lap -j lap taste, prove neigh mark, sign mediate sign, emblem, token, signature, note, mark. index, proof, insignia; v: marlk hitiman-an conspicuous timawa poor, pauper timba bucket timbang weight; v: weigh timbangan scales, balance tina v dye tinabangan client tinabas sa nuog rag? tinago secret, latent, clandestine sa tinago underhand tina-i bowels, guts, intestines ': tinakilid slanting tinalawan dastardly tinao clear, transparent tinapay loaf, bread, wafer tin-aw manly sa pagkatin-aw humanly tindahan store, shop tindak v kick tindug v stand, rise pagkatindug establish tinga lead

Page  103 VISAYAN- ENGLISH 103 tinga v hitingad-an mahitingala makapatingala paghitingala tingali ting-ani tingil v ting-init tingob v tingsi tingug tinguha gasp marvellous wonder at bewitching surprise, marvel; v: surprise perhaps, likely harvest collect, receive, demand payment summer concur, meet grin; v: grin voice, sound; v: bellow desire, purpose, intention, wish, ideal, eagerness; v: wish, desire, covet, procure, intend, pretend tinguhaon desirable nagtinguha anxious pagpaninguha aim, intend, wish paninguha nga daku anxiety Tinipong Bansa United States Tinipong Lungsod United States tinon-an pupil, disciple tinonto v trifle tinta ink tintal v tempt; temptation tinudlo appointed, designated tinudlo-an pupil, disciple tinugyan agent, deputy, delegate, correspondent tinuhuan religion, belief tinukod composition, invention tinun-an student, scholar tinun-an ni JesucristoApostle tinunto folly; trifle; v: trifle tinuod true, real pagkatinuod indeed sa pagkatinuod truly tinuohan belief tipak v chip tipig v preserve, deposit, spare tipigan sa salapi bank tipik bit; v: chip."

Page  104 VISAYAN - ENGUH tipon v bind, join, rally, consolidate, annex, asemble, concentrate Tinipong Lungsod United States tipun-og accumulate tisa brick tiso stiff matiti finished, ended titik letter type tiyabaw v scream, shout tiyan stomach, womb, belly tiyangi market, fair toangtoang v dangle tog-ab v belch togtog v play pagkamatohotohoon fanaticism tokko lizard tokod v compose, compound tokso v examine, catechize, use question and answer toktok v knock tolo three pagkatolo trinity pagatolonwan academy tomoy point, cupula pagkakaton learn tonatona v stammer, lisp tonglo v imprecate, curse tonob v tread tonog v crash; tonog nga daku report.tonok thorn tonokon thorny * tonong v aim, mark tonton plumb line, level too right hand, pagtoo creed, faith toon v learn nagatoon apprentice topong equal tornilyo screw torok v begin, start work; be born, grow, conceiv torta cake

Page  105 ViSAYAN - ENGLISH 105 totolo totonlan magtotoon tranka trigo tuaw v tubag v tubang v tubig tubig nga pinalanginan tubig sa tuburan tubo tubo tubod v tubos v tuboy v pagtuboy tuburan tubus v tudlo tudlo sa tiil tudlo v pagpanuga b tugan v tugaw v tugbaw v tugbong v tugkad v tugkaran tugnao tugon v tugub v tugut v tugyan v tuhod tuhig v three throat teacher bar wheat exclaim, weep reply, answer receive benefit water holy water spring water profit, increase; v: increase, develop, grow, prosper tube; sugar cane flow redeem elevate, lift, exalt, hoist elevation spring, fountain, source redeem finger toe teach, instruct, train, guide, direct, point, lead, acquaint, assign, design; education, instruction; appointment belch confess, declare disturb, violate fly high descend study, understand, solve difficulties ground, foundation chilliness charge, recommend fill grant, allow, let, concede, accede, permit, tolerate, yield, warrant; consent, license confide, entrust, commend, recommend, consign; confidence knee string together

Page  106 106 VISAYAN - ENGLISH tuig tuigtuig tuka tuka sa langa tukas v tukaw v tukhi tukib v tukmod v tukna tukob v tukod v year yearly, annual nib, beak bill. take off, abandon, lift vigil, watch toothpick comprehend, deepen - - jerk, push proposed bill seize, hold found, build, organize, establish, erect, construct, institute, frame; constitution right, straight; v: rectify, right, direct burglar, bandit, outlaw drop; v: leak three push sleep sleeper swallow. lesson tulid tulisan tulo tulo tulod v tulog v hingtulog tulon v pagtulun-ar tulonggan sa i han tulpok tultol v tulumanon tulunanan tuma tuman pagpatumai sa pagkatu tumbaga tumatagkod tumba tumoy tumpag v tun-anan tunaw v tunga, tungha tungatunga simba11 man I organ sting guide statute, rite - school louse complete, entire, v: comply, fulfill, com_ plete, execute; performance enforce quite, utterly copper, brass infectious equivalent edge, top, extreme, vertex collapse, demolish, desolate school melt half middle

Page  107 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 107 tungang gabii tungad v tungas v tungha v tunghaan tunob v tungol tungtung v tungod, tungud tungud kay tungud niini tungud sa paghatungud paghitungud pagpahanungud tunlob v tunog pagkatunog tunok tunol v tuo tuo v pagmatuod sa tuodtuod tuon v tupad tupihanan tupong pagkatupong turok v tuto v tutol magtutukod magtutupi tuwang v tuyo pagpanuyo tuyok v twalya midnight present oneself, appear ascend be present school tread footprints flag mount; surcharge, additional tax for, because, as, through inasmuch, whereas so, hence, accordingly, therefore through, for the sake of pertain to concern, belong dedicate soak tone sound brier hand right hand believe confirm, verify afterward direct, study side barber shop equal equality grow sustain, nourish protest founder, builder barber lean, upset object, purpose, intention, destination enrage, disgust; indignation whirl, turn towel

Page  108 108 ISAYAN - ENGLSH U uban among, with; mate, companion, other, others, some uban v accompany, associate, escort, follow pagkakaubanan kindred ubayubay enough; give, do prudently ubo cough; v: cough ubog v wade ubus abject, inferior, vile sa ubus below, beneath, underneath, down, under, thereafter pagpaubus humiliate, decrease, condescend, debase pagkaubus vulgarity sa pagpaubus humbly udlot stem udlot sa kahoy bud udto noon, odto udyong bolt ug and, if, when, whether uga dry ugaling with this difference, only that, even though, if perchance, although, notwithstanding, perhaps, why not? ugangan father-in-law ugat blood vessel, vein ugay v caress ugdaw ashes ugdo clod ugma to-morrow: kaugmaon future ugod against, on the contrary uhawn thirsty giuhaw thirsty uhay v glean uhipan centipede uili v like (kauidan mo) ukab v open; ukay v stir ukit v unshell, peel; analyze ukmay v persuade

Page  109 VISAYAN - ENGLISH ula v ula sa dug6 kaulag ulahi ulan ulang v ulang ulat ulaw naulaw makauulaw ulay uli v pagpa-uli paghiuli ulin uling ulipon pagkaulipon ulitan ulitaw ulo ulod ulogulog v pagpaulos ulot uloulo v uloy v ulpot v ulusahon uma umaabut sa umaabut umaagi umagad umalagi umangkon umari umog pagkaUmog pour bloodshed incontinence latter rain; v: rain embarrass, hinder, impede, block, deter, prevent, obstruct railing, balustrade scar shame ashamed dishonorable chaste, virgin, pure, modest; v: purify return, restore; restoration return recovery stern charcoal slave, handmaid; v: enslave bondage greedy, glutton single, bachelor head worm soothe L lend boundary; (kautlanan); v: bound entice, flatter, soothe, allure threaten throb especial, unique, strange, singular, exceptional, quaint plantation, farm; v: till, farm future hereafter past; ephemeral, fleeting son-in-law wayfarer nephew come damp, wet, moist humidity

Page  110 10 VISAYAN - ENGLI[SH 11 VIAYN EGLS umol una pagkauna unahan sa unahan unayan undan undang v ungo unlan unlod v paghiunlod unod unoran unsa? unsaon? dili makaunsa giunsa pag..? unum unus nga daku unya upat upaw upod urog urong v usa: ang usa usa lamang usa ka tawo usa ka buok pagusara usa v pagkausa wala sa usag usa usa usab usahay usap v usbaw v mass, piece first, early, before; v: begin, lead, precede precedence beginning forward, before keel fleshy leave, quit, cease ghost, witch pillow sink submerge flesh, meat fleshy what? how? shall not prevail How....? six storm, tornado afterwards, after, hereafter four bald accompanying, following fashion, style cease, discontinue, pause, suspend, adjourn, stop, stand a, one; before, first othet, next sole, only individual, somebody individual loneliness concentrate, connect singularity, unity, connection neither deer too, also, again; v: change, amend, alter, renew, reform, repeat, reverse; amendment sometimes chew elevate, exalt, aggrandize, promote, uplift,

Page  111 VISAYAN - ENGLISH 111 usik v mausikon usig sa iro US - uswag v utang pagpakautang utangan hingutangan utang buot utanon utaw v utlanan utok uyamut uyog v uyon v pagpahiuyon gikauyonan uyuan uwang uwang v wall wala v pagkawala wald wali walihanan walo wasay wati develop waste, scatter, delapidate extravagant, prodigal bark of dog fashion uplift, prosper, thrive, advance, foment, promote, postpone, defer debt, due, account; v: owe owe debtor, indebted creditor favor vegetable to iron limit, landmark brain very agitate, shake, tremble assent, agree, indorse, approve, acquiesce; consent accommodate agreement, accord, unanimous uncle lobster, crawfish howl W no, not, none, naught; nobody, nothing, zero lose, cancel, abrogate, derogate, annihilate; derogation, loss lack, disappear, vanish, bereave, miss, stray; perdition, loss left sermon; v: preach, exhort pulpit eight hatche' worm

Page  112 VISAYAN - NGLISH 1'12 Y yabag yabo v yagak v yamog yamyam v yanang yanangon yangoyango v yano yapyap v yasyas v yatak v yatik v yawa yawi yawihaninan yogol yubit yubitan yudyud v yugot v yugyug v yukbo v yukto v yungit v yupyup yuta ang may yuta yutang natawhan unpleasant sound pour, spill. croak dew rave mud, mire muddy nod unadorned chirp operate tread trample devil, demon key; Have lock dull contempt, derision; v: mock, deride, despise, jeer, scorn, sarcasm, slight, sneer sarcastic daze worry stir bend, crouch, greet, salute act | lisp suction; v: suck land, soil, ground, earth, clay landholder native land, country Printed by CATHOLIC TRADE SCHOOL, 1916 Oroquieta, Manila.

Page  [unnumbered] 0 iII I - -, 4 - t,, V', 'A L-. I -,I- i II, -, 1, 4i- 0.1 , f-t-, e I, II I e I I ,, I I I 4 Ir /, or 0 - e I-,, p i "e, V1I 1 * /

Page  [unnumbered] II VC~ I& -- 1 I N MOO 4Z 77 r t 14 k, AN V;~* r f r 141 10-> NV -N I I Al V1 N~

Page  [unnumbered] , -" ' -L- I.V-I N. t,,c s-I 'U 'N.,7 C! & I _e -U I '1, 8 II L L 4 I 4 lo, "I t 1,A N J ix a 11 Ili qVI 0 LC) N 'h11w IlX I 71:trl t. Ilk lt , 7 % i IV Vt1 ~ S -:A, Sr~; I I A. ) -C2 I —A 4< V - "I 2, PS"~1. - N ~ 44 1A I-. 4.4, cN N - "4~ J IV V xc \,~,% I i.

Page  [unnumbered] I