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(Post)hegemony and the Promise of Populism: Reflections on the Politics of Our Times Baker, Peter vol. 10 2016
Mapping the Glocal and Deciphering the Asymmetry of Economies of Code in Giacomo Marramao’s The Passage West. Baker, Peter vol. 8 2015
Sujeción y subjetivación Balibar, Étienne vol. 6 2014
“Da-sein, first letter to Being”: Reading Heidegger’s Decree of Ipseity in Derrida’s 1964-65 Seminar Bascuñán, Matías vol. 13 2019
The Scene of Politics in an Atonal World: Hegemony, Contagion, Spectrality Bazzicalupo, Laura vol. 9 2016
Political Representation after its Deconstruction Bazzicalupo, Laura vol. 3 2012
Prospero’s Book Beasley-Murray, Jon vol. 4 2013
Estrategias políticas desde las narrativas del padre subvertido: De la plaza al aula Belausteguigoitia Rius, Marisa vol. 7 2015
Epochages Bennington, Geoffrey vol. 13 2019
Response Bennington, Geoffrey vol. 12 2017
Francisco de Vitoria, Carl Schmitt, and Originary Technicity Bentancor, Orlando vol. 5 2014
Alessandro Fornazzari, Speculative Fictions: Chilean Culture, Economics, and the Neoliberal Transition. Pittsburgh UP, 2013, 158 pages Beverinotti, Matías vol. 5 2014
Laclau with Freud, or the Path Towards Psychoanalysis as General Ontology Biglieri, Paula; Perelló, Gloria vol. 9 2016
Preface to The Planetary Tension Between Orient and Occident and the Opposition Between Land and Sea: reorderings and reorientations Blanco, John D. vol. 5 2014
Reorienting Schmitt's Nomos: Political Theology, and Colonial (and Other) Exceptions in the Creation of Modern and Global Worlds Blanco, John D.; del Valle, Ivonne vol. 5 2014