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Title: Kenya Celebrates Obama Victory
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: MPublishing, University of Michigan Library
December 2004

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Source: Kenya Celebrates Obama Victory

no. ns 1, December 2004


Fredrick Odiero & Agencies,

The Kenya Times, November 4, 2004

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KENYANS were thrown into celebrations yesterday following the victory of Barrack Obama, the only African American to be elected to the US Senate at the just concluded US polls.

While celebrations were reported in some parts of Nairobi, reports indicate that in Nyanza Province, the ancestral home of the Senator-elect's late father Dr Barrack Obama senior broke into song and dance upon learning of the victory.

President Mwai Kibaki who is outside the country in an official trip sent a message of congratulations to the Senator-elect.

The President said the people of Illinois had expressed confidence in Obama's leadership.

Alego Kogelo, the late Obama's ancestral home in Siaya District broke into celebrations after receiving the news.

They stayed up the whole night on Tuesday through yesterday awaiting news from Illinois.

The village in East Alego Location of Siaya District was invaded by local and foreign journalists from Monday. Obama's family gave a series of interviews to the reporters.

Obama's grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama could not hide her joy when she spoke to journalists. She claimed that her grandson who last visited Siaya in 1992, as a young person, shared his dreams of becoming a great politician in future.

"I am so happy" she told journalists.

Obama's uncles Yusuf Okoth and Said Obama and niece Mwajuma could not hide their joy either. Said suggested that the senator elect should now use his position to assist his kin in Kenya.

He said: "It means a lot. Barrack loves this family and I believe he is going to try hard to uplift the standards of life of the family here."

He said villagers along the shores of Lake Victoria had been looking forward to Obama's victory.

And he also suggested that Obama's rise could also raise Kenya's stature in the USA.

"We're so happy that we have got somebody there who can actually identify with the problems of Kenya and the third world at large."

Local people in Nyanza have renamed a local brew called "Senator" to "Obama".

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