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Author: Honoré Vinck
Title: Double identity
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: MPublishing, University of Michigan Library

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Source: Double identity
Honoré Vinck

Evanston, IL: Program of African Studies, Northwestern University
no. 5, pp. 16, 1993
Author Biography: Honore Vinck is the Director of the Center Aequatoria, Mbandaka, Zaire.


February 20th, 1993

To Friends, Collaborators of the Center Aequatoria of Bamanya, Zaire


During the year 1991, we learned that in the Equator Region of Zaire a university was founded, which to my great surprise, took the name of "Aequatoria."

There had been no previous contact with those responsible for the Center Aequatoria, and moreover, no reply has been made to my two letters concerning the difficulties related to the use of our name.

It is well known by the scientific world, both in and outside the country, that the name "Aequatoria" has been associated since 1937 with the "Centre de Recherches Culturelles Africanistes," which is directed by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. This name included a specific history already outlined by us in the magazine, Zaire-Afrique, no. 212. It is associated with those persons who have bequeathed it by will, and according to which its moral and material patrimony is confided to the present Centre Aequatoria, which is located at the Catholic mission of Bamanya, ten kilometers from Mbandaka. Accordingly we possess a moral right to the exclusive use of the name "Aequatoria." So much the more, we fear that much confusion will be engendered by the fact that the two institutions with tasks partially similar, but bearing the same name, are operating in the same Region. That is even more regrettable since the Center has always considered it an obligation to maintain the best relations with the Institutes of Higher Education in the Country. One would have gladly acted in the same manner with the new university.

Accordingly, we ask our friends and collaborators to pay attention to the fact that these two institutions have only the name in common, that no other bond unites them, and consequently they have nothing to do with one another. They are totally independent.

The name, "Aequatoria," referring historically to our Center, appears under the following forms: Centre Aequatoria, Annales Aequatoria, Etudes Aequatoria, Bibliothèque Aequatoria, Archives Aequatoria, Guest-House Aequatoria.

Our addresses, both those in Zaire and outside, are printed on the bottom of this letter.

With my best wishes,

Honoré VINCK

Director of the Center Aequatoria

Annales Aequatoria

Editorial and Administrative offices in Zaire:

B.P. 276 Mbandaka


Administration outside Zaire:

Te Boelaerlei 11

B-2200 Borgerhout


Bibliothèque Aequatoria


B.P. 276 Mbandaka


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