Joanna Zylinska

Minimal Ethics for the Anthropocene

    Topia daedala, 2014

    Fig. 12: Joanna Zylinska, Topia daedala 12, 2014
    Fig. 12
    Joanna Zylinska, Topia daedala 12, 2014

    The series of images included in the book continues my visual exploration of various forms of manufactured landscape. Taken from two vantage points on both sides of a window, the composite images interweave human and nonhuman creativity by overlaying the outer world of cloud formation with the inner space of sculptural arrangement. Remediating the tradition of the sublime as embraced by J.M.W. Turner’s landscape paintings and Ansel Adams’ national park photographs, the series foregrounds the inherent constructedness of what counts as “landscape” and of the conventions of its visual representation. Through this, Topia daedala performs a micro-sublime for the Anthropocene era, a period in which the human has become identified as a geological agent. It also raises questions for the role of plastic—as both construction material and debris—in the age of petrochemical urgency.