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Feustel, Irvin C. / [October 1939] The Acidic Properties of Peat and Muck.
Denison, I. A. / [July 1929] Alteration of Muscovite and Biotite in the Soil.
Parker, D. L. / [May 1935] Apanteles Solitarius (Ratzeburg), an Introduced Braconid Parasite of the Satin Moth.
Vance, Arlo McCrillis / [April 1931] Apanteles Thompsoni Lyle: A Braconid Parasite of the European Corn Borer.
Porter, B. A. / [May 1928] The Apple Maggot.
Senner, Arthur H. / [August 1934] Application of Steam in the Sterilization of Soils.
Tremearne, T. H. / [November 1941] Arsenic in Natural Phosphates and Phosphate Fertilizers.