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Full Record: x-1954-sl-2.27/1954_2.27.JPG

Principal and Secondary Movement

Fritz Winter

1905 - 1976

20th century



oil on paper

rank 2.21044

Full Record: x-1954-sl-2.35.111/1954_2.35.111.JPG

Is There A Red Cross Service Flag in Your Home? A Heart and a Dollar Are All You Need - Join the Red Cross

Artist Unknown

Early 20th century



color lithograph on paper

rank 2.19877

Full Record: x-1954-sl-2.35.46/1954_2.35.46.JPG

Answer the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call - All You Need is a Heart and a Dollar

Ray Greenleaf


circa 1918


color lithograph on paper

rank 2.17758

Full Record: x-1987-sl-1.273.2/1987_1.273.2.JPG

Frozen Stream With Dormant Tree & Shadows, Bethel, Maine, 1966, from'Color Natur

William Garnett

1916 - 2006

20th century



cibachrome print on paper

rank 2.15387

Full Record: x-1965-sl-1.179/1965_1.179.JPG

One of a pair of six-fold screens

Attributed Kanô Tan'yû

These panels represent six of the twelve months. The panels each have calligraphy and a red seal in one corner. In each panel there is a bird and a type of plant, which are suggestive of particular months. On the top left panel there is bamboo, the bow of the boat with a small lamp attached to it, and a type of water fowl. In the bottom middle panel is a blooming sakura tree and a pheasant. In the bottom left panel is blue and white wisteria ans small sparrows. In the bottom right panel there is a willow slowly coming back to life after winter over a thatched building.

(Kyoto, 1604 - 1674, Edo)

19th century?

19th century


ink and light color on paper, one of pair of Six fold screens

rank 2.12242

Full Record: x-1984-sl-2.71.7/1984_2.71.7.JPG

Frozen Stream with Dormant Tree and Shadows, Bethel, ME, 1966, from 'Color Natur

William Garnett

1916 - 2006

20th century

circa 1983-1984


cibachrome print on paper

rank 2.12116

Tematsu no ike (Tematsu Pond)

Takahashi Hiroaki


20th century

circa 1907-1922


color woodblock print on paper

rank 2.11407

Full Record: x-1960-sl-1.149/1960_1.149.JPG

Hundred views of Mt. Fuji: Okitsu

Kitao Masayoshi

1764 - 1824

18th century

circa 1784-1797


color woodblock print on paper

rank 2.09146

Full Record: x-1987-sl-1.243/1987_1.243.JPG

Sankei En Park

Yoshida Hiroshi

1876 - 1950

20th century



color woodblock print on paper

rank 2.07973

Full Record: x-1983-sl-1.247/1983_1.247.JPG

Winter in Paris (or Snow in Paris), (L'Hiver à Paris or La Neige à Paris)

Félix Hilaire Buhot


19th century



etching and aquatint on paper

rank 2.07118

Full Record: x-2012-sl-2.78/2012_2_78.JPG

The Junction is Recaptured

Dmitri Baltermants

A soldier in winter gear holds a firearm next to an unmoving train while dead soldiers lie in the snow around him.

Russian, 1912-1990

1944; printed 2003


gelatin silver print on paper

rank 2.06598

Trees in Winter

Charles Schlickum

(active 1808 - 1869)

19th century



graphite and watercolor on beige wove paper

rank 2.03753

Full Record: x-1970-sl-2.151/1970_2.151.JPG

Winter Landscape (pair with Summer Landscape, 1970/2.150)

Sesshû Tôyô


15-16th century

late 15th century - early 16th century


hanging scroll, ink on paper

rank 2.03264

Full Record: x-1974-sl-1.133/1974_1.133.JPG

Fresh Snow, Yosemite Valley, California, from "Portfolio VI"

Ansel Adams


20th century



gelatin silver print on paper

rank 2.00714

Full Record: x-1935.7/1935.7.JPG

Icy Street

Don Freeman


20th century

circa 1935


lithograph on paper

rank 2.00280

Full Record: x-1954-sl-2.35.121/1954_2.35.121.JPG

Oh, boy! That's the Girl! The Salvation Army Lassie - Keep Her on the Job - United War Work Campaign - Nov. 11th-18th 1918

George Mather Richards


Early 20th century

circa 1918


color lithograph on paper

rank 1.96321

Full Record: x-1954-sl-2.35.50/1954_2.35.50.JPG

His Home Over There - More than 2000 such homes for our boys - United War Work Campaign, November 11th - 18th

Albert Herter

Born 1871

20th century



color lithograph on paper

rank 1.95449

Full Record: x-1961-sl-2.3/1961_2.3.JPG


Matsubayashi Keigetsu

An ink drawing of bare trees during a winter scene. Snow-covered mountains dominate the background. In the foreground among the trees is a person walking along a path towards what looks like a house with a thatched roof.

Yamaguchi Pref., 1876-1963

20th century

Autumn 1922


hanging scroll, ink and color on silk

rank 1.86422

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.129/2006_1_129.JPG

Plum Blossoms in Snow

Chang Ku-nien, Chen Shu-chen

In this snowy scene a plum tree and rock seem are seen atop a hill. The elegant, contorted trunk and branches of the tree create a visual arch over the image, framing the rock, snow, and block of calligraphic text below.


20th century

last quarter of 20th century


hanging scroll, ink and light color on paper

rank 1.85327

Crested kimono with elaborate floral wax resist designs (hageito, nandina, biwa, camelia, daffodils, omoto, plums, thistles) against crackled pink-on-taupe ground, with embroidery in metallic threads

Minagawa Gekka

It is a pink silk crepe kimono with wax-resist patterns, hand-painted design and metallic threads embroidery. The kimono is in full length and has elongated sleeves. The fabric is dyed with pink, leaving the family crest under the collar and the floral design part white. The red scale pattern is added using wax-resist technique. Then the design of multiple kinds of plants is hand-painted with white, red, yellow, and pale and blue green colors. There are mix of fall and winter flowers and trees: nandin on the left sleeve, plum, chrysanthemums, thistles, amaranths, camellias and narcissus on the front and back, makino (Chloranthus glaber, with red berries) and more camellias on the right sleeve. Embroidery is added in various metallic threads around the contours of flowers and leaves.


mid-20th century

circa 1950


crepe silk with wax-resist pattern, hand-painted designs, and embroidery

rank 1.84936

Full Record: x-1982-sl-2.41.4/1982_2.41.1_4.JPG

One of Four-panel Screen Depicting the Seasons

Artist Unknown, China

20th century

late 19th century


iron with wood frame

rank 1.84514

Full Record: x-1971-sl-2.57/1971_2.57.JPG

The Four Times of Day: Noon

William Hogarth

This print is vertically oriented with gray markings. A cream border surrounds it and it has “NOON” written below it. The lower half of the print has a busy street scene with lots of adults and children in 18th century garb. The upper half shows the top of the buildings that line the street, including a shop, a brick building, and a church steeple in the distance.


18th century



etching and engraving on laid paper

rank 1.83990

Full Record: x-2014-sl-1.615/2014_1.615.JPG

L'Englise d'Aulnay-sous-Bois

Maurice Utrillo

A winter scene with a steepled church (with a bird on top of the steeple) in the center surounded by other buildings and a three-story building on the right hand side. There is snow on the ground and bare trees. Pinks, whites, browns and blues are the colors throughout.


circa 1938


oil on canvas

rank 1.82988

Full Record: x-1972-sl-2.222/1972_2.222.JPG


Louis Comfort Tiffany


19th century

circa 1896-1900


iridescent glass

rank 1.82966

Full Record: x-1982-sl-2.41.2/1982_2.41.1_4.JPG

One of Four-panel Screen Depicting the Seasons

Artist Unknown, China

late 19th century

late 19th century


iron with wood frame

rank 1.82689

Full Record: x-1982-sl-2.41.1/1982_2.41.1_4.JPG

One of Four-panel Screen Depicting the Seasons

Artist Unknown, China

20th century

late 19th century


iron with wood frame

rank 1.80341

Full Record: x-1982-sl-2.41.3/1982_2.41.1_4.JPG

One of Four-panel Screen Depicting the Seasons

Artist Unknown, China

20th century

late 19th century


iron with wood frame

rank 1.77217

Full Record: x-2009-sl-1.510/2009_1_510.JPG

Sketch of a Peasant Stooping

Adriaen Jansz van Ostade

A man is shown bending down and reaching towards the ground with his right hand while holding his left hand closer to his body. His hat obscures his face.


17th century


pen and brown ink on laid paper

rank 1.76914

Full Record: x-1957-sl-1.31/1957_1.31.JPG

Peasant with His Hand in His Cloak

Adriaen Jansz van Ostade

A single figures stands with his left arm cradled in his cloak while he reaches into his cloak with his right hand.


17th century

1638 ?


etching, engraving and drypoint on laid paper

rank 1.76421

Full Record: x-1971-sl-2.58/1971_2.58.JPG

The Four Times of Day: Evening

William Hogarth

This print is vertically oriented with gray markings. A cream border surrounds it and it has “EVENING” written below it. The lower half of the print has a pastoral scene with several adults and children by a stream at the bottom of the print. Behind them, someone milks a cow. The upper half shows the tops of buildings and rolling hills. A sunset is taking place with dramatic clouds.


18th century



etching and engraving on laid paper

rank 1.75703

Full Record: x-1971-sl-2.59/1971_2.59.JPG

The Four Times of Day: Evening

William Hogarth

This print is vertically oriented with gray markings. A cream border surrounds it and it has “NIGHT” written below it. The lower half of the print has a busy street scene with lots of people taking parts of several stories (e.g. someone empting a chamber pot on people on the street, a tipped over carriage that is being set on fire, a quack doctor performing an operation in a candlelit room). The upper half of the print shows the tops of the buildings that line the street, iron-wrought shop signs, a statue of a man on horseback in the distance, and a crescent moon in a cloudy sky.


18th century



etching and engraving on laid paper

rank 1.75116

Full Record: x-2013-sl-1.297/2013_1.297A.JPG

Lane at Cooksbridge

John Atkinson Grimshaw

Figures in a winter landscape. A couple and their small dog are silhouetted against snow and ice on a diagonal path lower right by a rail fence and a pollard willow. He is in a top hat and jacket, she in a long coat and broad hat, carrying an umbrella. A cottage with three chimneys and a steep roof is right of center behind a hedge and gate parallel to the path. Another house and wooded horizon are visible through the distant haze under a golden sky.




oil on canvas

rank 1.73690

Full Record: x-1965-sl-1.178/1965_1.178.JPG

One of a pair of six-fold screens

Attributed Kanô Tan'yû

This six-fold screen, a half of a pair, is meant to represent six of the twelve months of the year, with keen attention paid to the birds and flowers associated with each. Although this screen bears Kano Tan’yu’s signature, it was probably created by his studio or by followers working in this famous artist’s style.

(Kyoto, 1604 - 1674, Edo)

19th century

19th century


one of a pair of 6-fold screens, ink and light color on paper

rank 1.73114

Full Record: x-2012-sl-2.194/2012_2_194.JPG

Rade de Bordeaux

Maxime Lalanne

This black and white etching depicts a winter scene along a harbor. A line of many boats with high masts separates the water from the land at a diagonal from the lower right corner up to the center of the horizon line. On the left side of the horizon line there is a row of tall buildings. On the left and center in the mid-ground are crowds of figures and horse-drawn carriages along the snowy shore. The upper two-thirds of the composition are devoted to the lightly crosshatched sky.




etching on laid paper

rank 1.72535

Full Record: x-1960-sl-2.75/1960_2.75.JPG

Landscape with Farm Buildings

Abraham Bloemaert


Late 16th or early 17th century



pen and brown gray wash on cream paper

rank 1.69617

Full Record: x-1949-sl-1.195/1949_1.195.JPG


Qi Baishi (Ch'i Pai-shih)

There is a frog on the left bottom of the painting, and on the right the artist inscribed "to make a voice" with his signature and seal.

(1864 - 1957)

20th century



ink on paper

rank 1.66812

Full Record: x-1988-sl-2.17/1988_2.17.JPG

Mongolian Lady with Winter Hat

John Thomson

(1837 - 1921)

19th century



albumen print on paper

rank 1.66572

Lotus and Carp

Artist Unknown, Korea

A six panel folding screen depicting pairs of carp on each of the lower portions of each panel, and lotus blossoms.

19th century

19th century


six-panel folding screen, ink and color on paper

rank 1.65587

Full Record: x-2012-sl-2.2/2012_2_2.JPG

Ice House

Gregory Holm

A small urban house is seen in a nocturnal view set in winter. The house is covered with icicles hang from the gables and over the first floor windows and door. There is no illumination from inside the house, although there are lights in adjacet houses; the house is illuminated by a cool white light that, along with the house, illuminates the chain-link fence to the right and the trees flanking the house.

born 1971



digital print on paper

rank 1.63584

Full Record: x-1983-sl-1.371.68/1983_1.371.68.JPG

'Miltonia Sanderiana var. Oyamazaki,' from 'A Record of an Orchid Collection'

Ikeda Zuigetsu

Horizontal image with white and pink accented blooms located on the upper right half of the image. Central, left is a row of unblossomed buds.


20th century



color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.63403

Full Record: x-1961-sl-2.23/1961_2.23.JPG

Le Lever du soleil

Charles-François Daubigny


19th Century



etching and drypoint on paper

rank 1.63269

Full Record: x-1998-sl-2.32/1998_2.32.JPG

Untitled [Two children with a snow shovel]

Saitô Kiyoshi

This print depicts two children in the snow with a snow shovel.

(active 1907 - 1997)

20th century

mid 20th century


color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.62970

Full Record: x-1969-sl-2.154/1969_2.154.JPG

Aurora (Landscape at Dawn)

Hendrik Goudt


17th century



engraving and etching on paper

rank 1.62521

Full Record: x-1948-sl-1.144/1948_1.144.JPG

Edo Meisho: Yushima Shrine in the Snow (Yushima tenmangu, Yukihare no zu)

Andô Hiroshige

A snow scene of people walking up the stairs leading to the snow-covered shrine and temple complex.


19th century

circa 1853


color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.59913

Full Record: x-1964-sl-1.143/1964_1.143.JPG

Apollo and Daphne, No. 2 from a series of 6 mythological subjects

Anthonie Waterloo

ca. 1610-1690

17th century

circa 1610-1690


etching on paper

rank 1.56746

Full Record: x-1948-sl-1.142/1948_1.142.JPG

Edo Meisho: Ochanomizu

Andô Hiroshige

A snow scene of the canal. Snow covers the house roofs, the boat shelters, and the trees. Three travelers in blue robes are walking in the snow, two of them are carrying umbrellas.


19th century

circa 1853


color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.52657

Full Record: x-1963-sl-2.58/1963_2.58.JPG

La Récréation Champêtre

Jean-Baptiste Le Prince


18th century



aquatint and etching on on off-white laid paper

rank 1.51607

Full Record: x-1958-sl-2.65/1958_2.65.JPG

Abstract Composition

Ernst Wilhelm Nay


20th century



color aquatint on paper

rank 1.50429

Full Record: x-1969-sl-2.17/1969_2.17.JPG

Edo Meisho: View of the Kameido Temple in Snow, Tokyo

Andô Hiroshige

Night scene of bridges over the lake leading to the temple complex. The snow falls down from the sky and covers the bridges, roofs, and trees. There are several travelers walking with parasols.


19th century

circa 1853


color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.49625

Full Record: x-1959-sl-1.124/1959_1.124.JPG

Landscape with Trees and Distant View of a City

Hans Bol

This is a brown pen and gray wash drawing in a horizontal format. It shows a sweeping landscape scene with a wooded area in the foreground and distant mountains in the background. In the lower left corner, there is a group of three figures seated among tall trees with full foliage. There are other groups of people positioned in this wooded area. Beyond the trees, there is a rural village with thatched roof buildings, church steeples and windmills. Farmland extends out into a distant mountain range on the right.


16th century



ink and wash

rank 1.47038