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Full Record: x-1973-sl-2.87/1973_2.87.JPG

Sword (original) and later handle, sword guard, and scabbard


The sword is long and slightly curved; the handle cover is wrapped with black cords, mostly worn out. The round tsuba (sword guard) is made of steel and has two holes. The scabbard is painted with lacquer and has a string for hanging. There is a pair of lion-shaped menuki (fitting) on the handle.

(active Ôei era, 1394 - 1427)

14th-15th century



forged steel blade and lacquer

rank 28.07419

Full Record: x-1973-sl-2.86/1973_2.86.JPG

Sword, with handle and scabbard, Kanbun era (1661–1672)

Yokoyama Sukesada

(active 1661 - 1672, Kambun era)

17th century



forged steel blade with cloth dipped in red lacquer scabbard

rank 26.89158