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Head of a Child

Jacopo Bassano

This drawing depicts the head of a boy looking slightly downward to his right in three-quarters profile.

(c. 1510 - c. 1592)

16th century

2nd half of 16th century


charcoal on paper

rank 34.17042

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A Group of Peasants Eating

Jacopo Bassano

A group of figures are seen kneeling at the lower left in preparation of eating an al fresco meal. The figures consist of two women, two men, and a child, accompanied by a dog, curled up at the bottom right and two lambs or sheep at the right side. Two standing men and a cow are visible, as is the landscape behind the figures that include trees and a house.

Throughout, the work is unified by the consistent fluid and dense pen strokes that describe the figures and animals as well as the distant landscape and sky.


2nd half of 16th century


pen and ink on laid paper

rank 34.17042