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Full Record: x-1951-sl-2.35/1951_2.35.JPG

The Cistercian Abbey at Roche, Yorkshire

Thomas Hearne


18th century



India ink with watercolor tint

Full Record: x-1958-sl-1.64/1958_1.64.JPG

Elevation of a Small Domed Church

Giuseppe Barberi

The sketch for a church is presented with the view towards the door. The church has a portico entrance with columns and and pediment. Above that his a high glazed drum supporting the dome. Atop the dome is a lantern and cross. At the ends of the entableture are sculptures of standing figures. The sides of the stucture appear to be quite shallow, suggesting that the church is a short-armed Greek cross or even round in plan.


18th-19th century



pen and brown ink with ink wash

Full Record: x-1960-sl-1.145/1960_1.145.JPG

First Designs of Model Young Leaves: the Courtesan Karauta of the Chôjiya, accompanied by her attendants Matsuno and Takeno

Isoda Koryûsai

This is a color woodblock print of a courtesan and her two attendants. They are walking toward the left. The courtesan wears red and brown kimono with geometric designs and a pink cloak with plum tree and cloud design. Her green obi (sash), tied in front, has peacock feather and geometric patterns. Her hair is sculpted in the shape of “lantern” style, with the broad wings to the side of the head. Three large tortoise-shell comb and four pins adorn the hair. The two young attendants wear matching clothes and hair accessories; their kimono design has the same plum and cloud patterns as the courtesan but in brownish colors. Their obi is in green color with wavy stripes, loosely tied on their backs. They also have tortoise shell combs, hairpins, and ornaments in the shape of pine leaves. One attendant is looking at a ground, and other attendant toward the right. All three wear high platform sandals. There are artist’s signature and publisher’s seal on the lower left corner, as well as the title on the upper right corner.

active 1764 - 1788

18th century

circa 1777-1782


Oban (large size) nishiki-e (full-color woodblock print) on paper

Full Record: x-1974-sl-2.50/1974_2.50.JPG

Les adieux (Farewells), after J. M. Moreau, le jeaune (French, 1741-1814)

Robert Delaunay

(1749 - 1814)

18th century

1777; published 1789


engraving and etching on paper

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.436/2005_1_436.JPG

Arch of Augustus

Paul Sandby


18th century



etching and aquatint on paper

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.440/2005_1_440.JPG

Tomb of Theodoric

Paul Sandby


18th century

circa 1777


etching and aquatint on paper

Full Record: x-2009-sl-1.528/2009_1_528.JPG

A Group of Strolling Peasants

Saverio della Gatta

This watercolor depicts a group of three children, three adult females, two adult males, and one small dog. An adult male plays a string instrument on the far left side, and an adult female sits on the lower right side; the rest stand. All the figures wear vividly colored clothes.




watercolor on paper

Full Record: x-2014-sl-2.221/2014_2.221.JPG

Le Charlatan Francois

Isidore Stanislas Helman

Man standing at a podium, crowd surrounding, one man on a horse.




engraving on paper