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Full Record: x-1991-sl-2.113/1991_2.113.JPG

Evening Scene in Tokyo: Bon Dance

Takahashi Hiroaki

A circle of festival-goers dances under a full moon. They only appear in silhouette, but the shapes of their kimono and fans in hand can be seen.


20th century

circa 1900-1921


color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.15003

Full Record: x-1981-sl-2.133/1981_2.133.JPG

Scholar's Winter Retreat

Gai Qi (Kai Ch'i)

A scholar sits in a relaxed posture at his desk looking at cut plum blossoms in a white vase; before him is an empty sheet of paper and ink stone, and by his side an attendant is boiling water for tea. A crane tucks her head and leg to keep herself warm in the cold winter air. The scholar seems to be contemplating a subject to be drawn or written, perhaps related to the flowers.

(1774 - 1829)

19th century

circa 1820


fan mounted as an album leaf, ink and color on paper

rank 1.14714

Full Record: x-2008-sl-2.199.5/2008_2_199.5.JPG

View of a River Town with a Bridge

Jan van Goyen

This small sketch presents a view along a waterway that passes beneath a double-arched bridge. The triangular sail of a small boat is visible just before the bridge, moored to the quai next to some sheds. A tall church with a central steeple rises on the right bank in the foreground, and two other tall buildings punctuate the middle ground and distance. The chimneys and rooflines of humbler dwellings appear on the left bank. Despite the urban setting, only a few figures may be glimpsed, including a man crossing the bridge on horseback.


17th century

17th century


black chalk, gray wash on paper

rank 1.14524

Full Record: x-1991-sl-2.111/1991_2.111.JPG

Evening Scene in Tokyo: Strolling Musicians

Takahashi Hiroaki

A man and a woman amble down the street under a crescent moon. The woman plays a stringed instrument, and a woman on a balcony above leans out to listen. Two small dogs in the street appear to howl up at the moon, perhaps joining in the chorus.


20th century



color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.13410

Full Record: x-2012-sl-2.1/2012_2_1.JPG

Sketch Drawing for North Elevation at Main Lobby, Mott Children's Hospital

Michele Oka Doner

This is a drawing for the installation of a terrazzo floor installation at the Mott Children's Hospital in Michigan. It includes notes and comments by the artist.

Born 1945

21st century



pencil and ink on paper

rank 1.13130

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.112/2006_1_112.JPG

Lone Rooster Summons the Spring

Chang Ku-nien

The Rooster is singled out by its expressive outlining brushwork and the vibrant red color of the comb. Its decorative flavor is also enhanced by using a specific type of paper called “cloud-dragon paper” (yunlong zhi), as the pattern of décor resembles motifs of cloud and dragon. Vertical calligraphic text in in the upper left corner.


20th century



ink and color on paper

rank 1.12990

Full Record: x-1938.21/1938.21.JPG

Pont de l'Estacade

Stanislas Victor Edouard Lépine

This painting shows a view of the Seine river in Paris, including the wooden bridge, the Pont de l'Estacade. The foreground is filled is small boats and a dock winch, while the in the distance the bridge and buildings of Paris glow in late afternoon light.


19th century

circa 1880-1885


oil on canvas

rank 1.12054

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.134/2006_1_134.JPG

Bamboo and Rock

Chang Ku-nien, Liu Yantao, Gao Yihong

A rock rises above the earth, and branches of bamboo mimic the gentle curve of its shape. Grasses grow below. Two lines of calligraphic text are written verticalley on the left side of the painting.

20th century

circa 1960-1975


ink on paper

rank 1.10727

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.421.1/2005_1_421_1.JPG

Tematsu no ike (Tematsu Pond)

Takahashi Hiroaki

In the lower left corner of this tall and narrow print two silohettes appear near a small dock. The surface of a pond stretches out behind them, filling much of the pictorial space. The dark form of a house with a traingular, mountain shapped roof rests in the upper register of the print. The lit windows from the house reflect in the calm yet slightly wavy pond.


20th century

circa 1907-1922


color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.10610

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.118/2006_1_118.JPG

Scholar in a Thatched Hut

Feng Chaoran (Feng Chao-an)

A scholar sits under a thatched hut in the mountains. He strokes his long beard as a kettle warms. The colophon indicated that the scholar the the famous Song dynasty recluse Lin Bu. In his thatch hut in the Solitary Mountain, he is composing a poem in light smoke from the faint fireplace.


20th century



ink and color on paper

rank 1.10113

Full Record: x-1972-sl-2.210/1972_2.210.JPG

Miniature vase

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Miniature vase of irregular, slightly globular form; vessel has suggestions of lobes and has a narrow neck. Exterior of vase exhibits a deep yellow and pinkish iridescent surface with an overall effect of rich color and natural aysmmetry.


19th century

circa 1896-1900


iridescent gold and pink glass

rank 1.09859

Full Record: x-1993-sl-2.15/1993_2.15.JPG

Le repos

Jean-Baptiste Le Prince

In a large dark interior, and elderly couple standing in the shadows gestures towards a sleeping woman positioned in bright light in the foreground. Her clothing is in disarray, her breasts exposed, and garments used as makeshift drapery to screen her. At the lower left is a still life of an overturned basket with vegetables and eggs cascading onto the floor.


18th century



Etching and aquatint with hand-coloring on heavy laid paper

rank 1.09376

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.119/2006_1_119.JPG

Scholar by a Mountain Stream

Feng Chaoran (Feng Chao-an)

A scholar in the mountains leans on rocks under a tree and stares into the distance. The pine tree is a metaphor for a man of integrity. He is contemplating over the sound of the waterfall.


20th century

1st half of 20th century


ink and color on paper

rank 1.08646

Full Record: x-1990-sl-1.189/1990_1.189.JPG


René Boyvin

A man wearing a tunic, cape and boots stands in a minimal landscape. His walking stick seems to be falling away from him at the right as the man points upwards toward the sun's rays, as well as extends his right hand towards fire at the lower left.


16th century



engraving on laid paper

rank 1.08597

Full Record: x-1964-sl-1.99/1964_1.99.JPG

Blue-and-white jar with floral and leaf design

Artist Unknown, Hizen ware, Japan

A medium size, well potted jar with round shoulder and shorter neck. Inside is not totally glazed. On the body, pine, bamboo, and plum trees are finely painted with blue underglaze. Then a translucent glaze is applied, which turns into milky, white color. It has three floral decorations on the shoulder; the decoration is originated in functional elements of “ears” to which ropes were tied for transportation. The neck has a band of double lines and spray design of peony flowers and leaves. The rim of the neck is unglazed. The foot is unglazed; eye is glazed. Some imperfections of glaze are seen toward the bottom. Glaze is scraped off on one part. Many speckles on the surface.

17th century



porcelain, blue underglaze painting

rank 1.08573

Full Record: x-1986-sl-1.205/1986_1.205.JPG

"Snow": calligraphy scroll

Muan Xingtao (aka (J. Ôbaku Mokuan))

The large character for snow in block script is juxtaposed with lines of smaller characters in running script. The large character is drawn with unhurried, thick, even strokes in dense, unbroken black ink with blunt contours, while the smaller characters are brushed rapidly, with strokes of varying thickness, a pronounced diagonal tilt, and sharp edges.


17th century

circa 1655-1675


ink on paper

rank 1.08289

Full Record: x-1984-sl-2.46/1984_2.46.JPG

Mt. Hua

Junbi Huang

A person mounted on a horse can be seen crossing a bridge over a river among mountains. Mountains among clouds seem to fade away far in the distance.


At the place where mountain chains converge, I am reminded of a landscape I have visited in the past. [Painted on the occasion of] recalling an earlier visit to Mt. Hua, in winter of the Guichou year. [Signed] Junbi.


20th century



Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper

rank 1.08232

Full Record: x-1989-sl-1.71/1989_1.71.JPG

Monstrosities of 1825-26

George Cruikshank

Fashionable figures promenading on a windy day are arrayed in a shallow, congested space across the image field. The blustery wind accents the wind-whipped broad straw hats, ribbons, and skirts of the women, rendering some of them faceless. Three children at the lower left appear as mushrooms while the woman in white behind them has an improbably pinched waistline.


19th century



etching with hand-coloring on paper

rank 1.08029

Full Record: x-2003-sl-1.383.1/2003_1.383.1A.JPG

Animals of the Zodiac (pair with 2003/1.383.2)

Yoshikawa Kôkei

The animals are presented in zodiac sequence, from right to left: mouse, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, serpent, horse, goat, monkey, chicken, dog, and boar. The eight-fold screen allows the animals to seem to walk across the space. Negative space plays a significant role in the screen, creating a place for the animals to exist and at the same time extending into the room.

active 1920's

20th century



one of a pair of six-fold screens, ink and color on silk

rank 1.07756

Full Record: x-1976-sl-2.139/1976_2.139.JPG

Fishermen Returning in the Evening Snow

Jiang Song (Chiang Sung)

Swift, spontaneous brushwork is used to capture a winter landscape. Two fishermen, wearing wide-brimmed straw hats and thatched grass rain capes, work their way through the heavy snow as they cross a bridge, carrying nets on their shoulders.

(1478 - after 1567)

16th century

early 16th century


hanging scroll, ink on silk

rank 1.07749

Full Record: x-1999-sl-1.105/1999_1.105.JPG

“Heads should be bowed to him,” quotation from the Avalokitesvara Sutra

Yueshan Daozong (J. Etsuzan Dôshû; Ôbaku Etsuzan)

Long calligraphy hanging scroll with green colored backing. Calligraphy paper is faded. Black ink. Stamps in red in the top right corner and near the bottom on the left. A smaller font of calligraphy is set on the left side while the larger set of calligraphy takes up the center of the scroll.


17th century

circa 1660-1709


ink on paper

rank 1.07593

Full Record: x-1952-sl-2.5/1952_2.5.10OF14.JPG

Fourteen Fruit and Flower Sketches

Yong-chin Kim

Various sketches of fruits and flowers each with accompanying calligraphy.

Image 1: Large white flower in the upper left balanced by a large gray rock in the lower right. A smaller pink flower completes the visual triangle.

Image 2: A branch bearing two clusters of small orange fruits begins in the upper left and ends lower, center.

Image 3: A branch of white and pink flowers starts center right and moves off the page at upper center.

Image 4: A branch bearing three large green fruits starts and the upper left corner and ends just right of center. Two fruits centrally located and the third is in the upper left.

Image 5: Rock-mass in the upper right with green grass-like plants and light green orchids.

Image 6: Fruit-bearing vine moves across the top of the page and crosses over the lower right corner.

Image 7: Two large orange blooms are located slightly left of center and near the top. Opposite those the lower right half is dominated by a large rock formation.

Image 8: Two large orange-ish red fruits are located slightly below the center of the paper.

Image 9: Green leaves move from the upper right corner towards the lower left. In the lower left is a rock formation.

Image 10: Two large orange fruits are slighly off center and a small branch is in the upper right corner.

Image 11: A plant with red leaves moves from the upper right to the lower left. It is visually divided by a rock formation.

Image 12: One cluster of red fruits is slight below the center of the page, while another cluster is located more towards the upper right corner.

Image 13: Blooms of flowers curve up the page from the lower left to the center. There are three white blooms near the bottom left and two yellow ones near the top of the page.

Image 14: Three large blooming flowers are centrally located on the page. Two are slightly toward the left while the third is slightly toward the right.

born 1881

20th century

20th century


watercolor on paper

rank 1.07419

Full Record: x-1959-sl-2.82/1959_2.82.JPG

Old Man and The Green Mountain (Ch'ing-shan lao-fu)

Shitao (Shih-t'ao)

An ink painting of a mountainscape with hills and abstract paths. Trees are depicted in darker shades, though most do not hold any detail. The image is in the lower half of the hanging scroll, and the upper half is covered with text. The image is entirely grey-scale.


17th century

circa 1671-1707


ink on paper

rank 1.07235

Full Record: x-1988-sl-2.28/1988_2.28.JPG

Mountain Freshet, Wind and Rain

Artist Unknown, China

A fan mounted as an album leaf. Writing on the mounting is an identification statement of the Song dynasty fan painting. The landscape depicted trees growing from rocks at the lake shore. The waves are whipping the shore due to a rain storm.

13th century

13th century


fan mounted as album leaf, ink and light color on silk

rank 1.07091

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.116/2006_1_116.JPG

White Clouds Over the Creek, in the Style of Xinluo

Feng Chaoran (Feng Chao-an)

A man sits under a tree beside a creek. Behind him is a rock. He is contemplating and stares out of the picture frame with his back to the viewer.


20th century

1st half of 20th century


ink and color on paper

rank 1.06940

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.132/2006_1_132.JPG

Orchids and Red Rock

Chang Ku-nien, Liu Yantao, Gao Yihong

A rough, red rock seems to grow out of the hillside, almost as organically as the orchids growing next to it. Calligraphic text is in the upper left corner.

20th century



hanging scroll, ink and light color on paper

rank 1.06432

Sheet of Figure Studies

Pietro Testa

This sheet contains studies of fourteen figures in various stages of elaboration. Several of the figures are represented standing while gazing upward, including a man with an outstretched arm on the left edge of the sheet, a woman standing before a column near the center, and a man with a cross over his shoulder in the upper right corner. Two summarily sketched seated figures in the lower left corner appear to develop ideas for a similar figure placed at the foot of a column in a more detailed study near the middle of the sheet. In the upper left quadrant of the sheet appears a monk kneeling beneath a tree with a figure holding a staff standing behind him. Marked off by an octagonal frame along the lower edge is a seated female figure pointing upward with her right hand and holding a globe in her left.

(Lucca, Italy, 1612 - 1650, Rome, Italy)

17th century



pen and brown ink on laid paper

rank 1.05905

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.117/2006_1_117.JPG

Master (Su) Tongbo in a Straw Hat and Sandals

Feng Chaoran (Feng Chao-an)

Master Su Tongpo, in a hat stands in a natural arched rock formation, turning his head slightly to stare into the distance. He holds his robes in left hand, and a cane in his right.


20th century

1st half of 20th century


ink and color on paper

rank 1.05751

Full Record: x-1982-sl-1.197/1982_1.197.JPG

Tao Yüan-ming

Nakabayashi Chikkei

In the lower third of the hanging scroll are three figures. Tao Yuanming is the larger figure on the right with his two attendants on the left. They are divided by a table. In the background is a screen which separates the figures from the landscape.


19th century

circa 1840 - 1867


ink and color on silk

rank 1.05516

Full Record: x-1948-sl-1.124/1948_1.124.JPG

Hôeido Tôkaidô Series: Night Snow at Kambara (Second state)

Andô Hiroshige

In this print, sophisticated use of soft lines, rounded forms, dark sky, and subtle tones convey the utter silence and weariness of the figures as they trudge through the night-time snow near Kambara.


19th century



color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.05419

Full Record: x-1948-sl-1.123/1948_1.123.JPG

Hôeido Tôkaidô Series: Night Snow at Kambara (Second state)

Andô Hiroshige

In this print, sophisticated use of soft lines, rounded forms, dark sky, and subtle tones convey the utter silence and weariness of the figures as they trudge through the night-time snow near Kambara.


19th century



color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.05419

Full Record: x-2009-sl-1.499/2009_1_499.JPG

Landscape with Peasants in a Cart

Allart van Everdingen

This work is horizontally oriented. The lower left quadrant shows a horse-pulled cart with peasants resting in it. In front of the cart, a man and a dog walk in a field. The sky occupies the upper half of the work, and the horizon line is dominated by a church steeple as well as buildings and trees. Birds circle in the sky.


17th century



brown ink and wash on cream laid paper

rank 1.05234

Full Record: x-1982-sl-2.23/1982_2.23.JPG

Snow Scene in Ueno Park

Takahashi Hiroaki

Snow falls during a night scene in Ueno Park, located in the Tokyo area. Weary, snow-heavy travelers trek through the scene. One may be heading into a shop to have something warm to eat, while the other heads towards a small bridge and a red torii gate topped with snow. A pine tree arches in from the left corner and arches over the scene, framing the park against the gray, snow-dotted sky.


20th century



color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.05168

Full Record: x-1985-sl-2.28/1985_2.28.JPG

Plum Blossoms, after Jin Nong

Li Jishou (Li Chi-shou)

The branches of a plum tree stretch skyward, skillfully utilizing the vertical space of this hanging scroll. Black dots are used as accents along the branches, making them look knotted and full of texture. These heavy features are offset by the delicate depiction of plum blossoms. Calligraphic text is in the upper right corner, with two seals.

active 19th century

19th century

19th century


hanging scroll, ink on paper

rank 1.05112

Full Record: x-1968-sl-2.19/1968_2.19.JPG

Calligraphy: "And naturally ripens into fruit"

Tetsugen (Ôbaku) Doko

Hanging scroll with five large calligraphic kanji characters. The lower right contains further text and orangish read seals. The background brocade on which it is mounted is green and gold and has a floral design. Two strips of other material lie across the top and bottom of the white material on which teh calligraphy is painted. These strips also have a floral design and a light gold/yellow background.

active 1630-1682

17th century

circa 1660-1682


ink on paper

rank 1.04661

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.110/2006_1_110.JPG

Clearing After Snow

Chang Ku-nien

In this scene mountains and a pavillion are covered by snow and dormant trees bear no leaves. Calligraphic text is in the upper right corner.

1906 - 1987

20th century



hanging scroll, ink on paper

rank 1.04281

Full Record: x-1991-sl-2.40/1991_2.40.JPG


Hiram Powers

Bust-length white marble sculpture of a young female figure crowned with a plait of wheat and framed along the bottom with a wreath of sculpted acanthus leaves.

1805 - 1873

19th century

second version: modeled 1844; cut 1847


Seravezza marble

rank 1.03611

Full Record: x-1975-sl-2.175/1975_2.175.JPG

Jina and devotees from a Digambara Jain manuscript

Artist Unknown, India

Nude Jina sitting on altar-like structure in center of image. The "altar" is sitting on a lotus flower. There are devotees on all four sides of Jina, a total of five persons. The devotee at the left is also nude. There are red and yellow flags, and various flowers scattered all over the image. There is a red and green border. The colors present are vivid reds, greens, yellows and deep blues.

18th century

circa 18th century


ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper

rank 1.03506

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.111/2006_1_111.JPG

Cross-Island Highway Based on Sketches

Chang Ku-nien

Painted and inscribed on the occasion of Veterans’ Day. The artist depicts a view of the narrow, winding roadway cutting through a magnificent rocky mountain.

In his inscription, Chang claims to use methods of Song masters that were adopted in painting the scene. A small detail on the lower right of the painting represents a couple of tiny figures standing aside the road. One figure is depicted as making life-sketches of the scene.

(Shanghai, China, 1906 - 1987, Flint, Michigan)

20th century



hanging scroll, ink on paper

rank 1.02424

Full Record: x-1975-sl-2.174/1975_2.174.JPG

Jina and a devotee from a Digambara Jain manuscript

Artist Unknown, India

Nude (Jina, center) and a devotees (nude on left, and other clothed figures) depicted in a folio of a Jain manuscript.

The image contains trees, lotus flowers and dark clouds. The the colors are composed of vivid reds, browns, yellows, greens and blues. The image is surrounded by a red and green pattereed border which resembles a chain.

18th century

circa 18th century


ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper

rank 1.02057

Full Record: x-2003-sl-1.383.2/2003_1.383.2A.JPG

Animals of the Zodiac (pair with 2003/1.282.1)

Yoshikawa Kôkei

The animals are presented in zodiac sequence, from right to left: mouse, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, serpent, horse, goat, monkey, chicken, dog, and boar. The eight-fold screen allows the animals to seem to walk across the space. Negative space plays a significant role in the screen, creating a place for the animals to exist and at the same time extending into the room.

active 1920's

20th century



one of a pair of six-fold screens, ink and color on silk

rank 1.02055

Full Record: x-1983-sl-2.158/1983_2.158.JPG

Figures from Chinese History: Zhang Tianqi Calling in the Cranes

Huang Shen

Paper mounted on aqua silk. There are two figures present, and a large crane (bird). The central figure, Zhang Tiangi, has his arms uplifted, while a less important figure is depicted with his back to the viewer and is slightly hunched over. There is a crane with a red crown behind these two figures. The colors are muted. There is calligraphy in the upper left hand corner of the painting, complete with two red seals.


18th century



album leaf, ink and color on paper

rank 1.01813

Full Record: x-1960-sl-2.142/1960_2.142.JPG

The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido (Tate-e Edition): #38 Fujikawa

Andô Hiroshige

A village by a lake is shown in the snow. Several travelers are walking in the streets. The snow is steadily fallling and covers their hats, the roofs of the houses, the trees and the mountains. The title is in the upper right corner in a red box.


19th century



full color woodblock print (nishiki e)

rank 1.01324

Full Record: x-1980-sl-1.223a/1980_1.223A_BOBV.JPG

Colored Landscape after Gongxian / Red Bird on a Branch

Jin Cheng and Jin Zhang

(Wuxing, Zhejiang, 1878 - 1926)

20th century



folding fan, ink and color on paper

rank 1.01171

Full Record: x-1983-sl-2.157/1983_2.157.JPG

Figures from Chinese History: The Taoist Luo Gongyuan

Huang Shen

Paper mounted on aqua silk. There are three figures present in the image. The focal point is a cart full of fruit. There is calligraphy on the upper left hand side of the image, complete with two red seals. There is a Christies sticker on the bottom left corner of the mounting.


18th century



album leaf, ink and color on paper

rank 1.00207

Full Record: x-1961-sl-2.2/1961_2.2.JPG


Matsubayashi Keigetsu

Image of a green mountain range that snakes from the lower right of the image to the upper right. The lower right of the image is further embellished with several detailed trees. Slightly lower and to the left of center is a small hut with a white figure standing on the porch.

Yamaguchi Pref., 1876-1963

20th century

Autumn 1922


hanging scroll, ink and color on silk

rank 1.00037

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.115/2006_1_115.JPG

Portrait of Chang Ku-nien

Shouxuan Wang

The artist uses soft, almost nostalgic, tones to portray her sick teacher, Chang Ku-nien. Chang is depicted in a blue shirt and wearing glasses. On either side of the portrait is calligraphic text added to the image by Liu Yantao.

born 1924

20th century



ink and color on paper

rank 0.99445

Full Record: x-1895.57/1895.57.JPG

White Mountains in September, North Conway, New Hampshire

Sylvester Phelps Hodgdon

Landscape with trees in foreground, valley in middle ground dotted with minute figures of sheep and a farmer with a team of oxen pulling well-filled haywain. Mountains in distance with a snow-capped mountain in center background.

1830 - 1906

19th century



oil on canvas

rank 0.97157

Full Record: x-1970-sl-2.150/1970_2.150.STDREZ.JPG

Summer Landscape (pair with Winter Landscape, 1970/2.151)

Sesshû Tôyô

A small figure is shown near a ship on the water. A building or house is partially hidden by hills. Trees, mountains, and clouds are strewn across the landscape with bold brishwork.


15-16th century

late 15th century - early 16th century


Hanging scroll, ink on paper

rank 0.97006

Full Record: x-1988-sl-2.6/1988_2.6.JPG

There Are Some

Gerome Kamrowski

1914 - 2004

20th century



paint, ink, photograph and printed paper assemblage

rank 0.96994