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Full Record: x-1971-sl-2.58/1971_2.58.JPG

The Four Times of Day: Evening

William Hogarth

This print is vertically oriented with gray markings. A cream border surrounds it and it has “EVENING” written below it. The lower half of the print has a pastoral scene with several adults and children by a stream at the bottom of the print. Behind them, someone milks a cow. The upper half shows the tops of buildings and rolling hills. A sunset is taking place with dramatic clouds.


18th century



etching and engraving on laid paper

rank 1.46130

Full Record: x-2002-sl-2.23/2002_2.23.JPG

Jarlet with squat ovoid shape

Kiln Unknown, Vietnam

A small jar of squat proportions with short, vertical neck and a pale yellow, crackled glaze. This jar is very similar to 2002/2.20, also in UMMA collections.

13th-15th century

13th century - 15th century


stoneware with crackled clear glaze

rank 1.46000

Full Record: x-1983-sl-2.232/1983_2.232.JPG

A Path through Autumn Woods

John Joseph Enneking


19th-20th century



oil on canvas

rank 1.45978

Full Record: x-2002-sl-2.11/2002_2.11.JPG

Imari vase in the shape of a double gourd, with overall design of chrysanthemums

Artist Unknown, Japan

This vase takes the shape of a double gourd, with a large pear-shaped bottom topped by a smaller oval shape. The vase is decorated with overgalze enamels, primarily with an overall pattern of chrysanthemums. The design is also interspersed with plum blossoms, peonies, and auspicious birds.

19th century

circa 1820-1850


porcelain, blue underglaze and enamel overglaze

rank 1.45456

Full Record: x-1968-sl-2.59/1968_2.59.JPG

Plate with Floral Design, one of five

Shibata Zeshin

Autumn flowers are painted in colored lacquer on plates of gold leaf. The quiet, natural plant motifs stand out against the glittering square of gold.


19th century

circa 1879-1890


clear lacquer over gold leaf and polychrome lacquer painting on paper

rank 1.45072

Full Record: x-1954-sl-1.279/1954_1.279.JPG

Laguna, Venice (View of Shipping from the Riva)

Frank Duveneck


19th century



etching on paper

rank 1.44986

Full Record: x-1953-sl-2.48/1953.2.48.JPG

Faneuses (Haymakers)

Camille Pissarro

A group of women can be seen in a field raking hay. The central woman faces the viewer in the foreground; she wears a hat that shades her face. Behind her are two other women, also raking hay, shown from behind.


19th Century



etching on Holland paper

rank 1.44758

Full Record: x-1986-sl-1.167.2/1986_1.167.2.JPG

Calligraphy (pair with 1986/1.167.1)

Tomioka Tessai

Seven character calligraphy scroll on gold cloth backing.


20th century

circa 1868-1875


ink on paper

rank 1.43986

Full Record: x-1968-sl-2.58/1968_2.58.JPG

Plate with Floral Design, one of five

Shibata Zeshin

Autumn flowers are painted in colored lacquer on plates of gold leaf. The quiet, natural plant motifs stand out against the glittering square of gold.


19th century

circa 1879-1890


clear lacquer over gold leaf and polychrome lacquer painting on paper

rank 1.43918

Full Record: x-1961-sl-1.161/1961_1.161.JPG

Summer Retreat

Xie Shichen (Hsieh Shih-ch'en)

This is a very dense landscape painting. There are waterfalls, clouds, trees and cliffs present in the painting. The colors consist of muted greens and browns. Towards the lower half of the painting, there is a view of an interior with four figures present, three of which are sitting at a low table. There is a staircase on the lower right, with a man standing on it, looking upwards. There is also a house on a cliff towards the upper right of the painting. There is calligraphy in the upper right hand corner, with a red seal. There is another red seal, although a bit faded, in the lower left corner of the image.

1478- after 1567

16th century

mid 16th century


hanging scroll, ink and light color on silk

rank 1.43429

Full Record: x-1971-sl-2.90/1971_2.90.JPG

Vase with "sang de boeuf" glaze

Artist Unknown, China

vase with spherical shaped body and straight, cylinder-like neck, deep red glaze known as Ji-hong, or ox-blood red.

17th-18th century



Porcelain with copper red glaze

rank 1.42143

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.339/2005_1_339.JPG

Olive Nagoya-style obi with wax-resist dyed floral medallions in white, rose, green, and blue

Artist Unknown, Japan

Olive colored silk with wax-resist dyed (rokutsuzome) floral patterns in white, rose, green, and blue; floral patterns further embellished with embroidery originally in white thread, dyed at the same time as floral patterns. Embroidery thread sometimes shot with some strands of gold.

20th century

circa 1930s-1940s


olive colored silk with wax resist and embroidered patterns

rank 1.41339

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.155/2006_1.155.JPG

Balzac, The Silhouette--4 A.M.

Edward Jean Steichen

This photogravure shows a hazy gray and black outdoor scene. There is a dark cloaked figure depicted in silhouette and a suggestion of trees and vegetation. In the background is a misty gray hillside and expansive sky.

(Luxembourg, 1879 - 1973)

October 1908


photogravure on laid Japan tissue

rank 1.40166

Full Record: x-1968-sl-2.57/1968_2.57.JPG

Plate with Floral Design, one of five

Shibata Zeshin

Autumn flowers are painted in colored lacquer on plates of gold leaf. The quiet, natural plant motifs stand out against the glittering square of gold.


19th century

circa 1879-1890


clear lacquer over gold leaf and polychrome lacquer painting on paper

rank 1.39930

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.327/2005_1.327.JPG

Mauve-and-gold brocade obi with woven chrysanthemum scroll pattern

Artist Unknown, Japan

One continuous length of cloth, doubled back on itself for lining. The front side has a brocade chysanthemum design woven in gold-wrapped thread in three tones. Lozenge pattern with gold-wrapped threads for weft woven throughout.

20th century

circa 1975


silk brocade woven in lozenge pattern with gold-wrapped threads

rank 1.39796

Full Record: x-2002-sl-2.234.2/2002_2_234_2.JPG

Cantley Wherries Waiting for the Turn of the Tide, plate XIV from "Life and Landscape on the Norfolk Broads"

Peter Henry Emerson

This photograph is horizontally oriented and portrays a marshy shoreline. The foreground is filled with rushes. The horizon line, in the upper portion of the work, depicts homes, a windmill in the distance, and patches of water. Bare trees also dot this outdoor scene.


19th century



platinum print on paper

rank 1.39455

Full Record: x-1968-sl-2.56/1968_2.56.JPG

Plate with Floral Design, one of five

Shibata Zeshin

Autumn flowers are painted in colored lacquer on plates of gold leaf. The quiet, natural plant motifs stand out against the glittering square of gold.


19th century

circa 1879-1890


clear lacquer over gold leaf and polychrome lacquer painting on paper

rank 1.39170

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.328/2005_1_328.JPG

Ivory maru obi with woven pattern of gold paulownia (kiri) flowers

Artist Unknown, Japan

Maru obi with ivory colored sateen weave silk (shusu) with large woven paulownia designs in gold-leafed paper (kinran)

mid-20th century

circa 1975


ivory colored sateen weave silk with large woven designs in gold-leafed paper

rank 1.38716

Full Record: x-1975-sl-2.151/1975_2.151.JPG

Mahâbhârata series: Warriors in conference

India, Maharashtra, Paithan School

Large image painted with bold blues, reds, greens and yellows. Illustrates seven figures; three on the left half and four on the right. Several of the figures are pinching some sort of food substance. The figures that are closest to the right and left edges of the image also are holding weapons.

19th century

early 19th century - mid 19th century


ink and opaque watercolor on paper

rank 1.38638

Full Record: x-1992-sl-2.1/1992_2.1.JPG

St. Simon

Jacques Bellange

This black and white print has a vertical format with a single standing figure. The figure, shown in profile, has the right arm upraised with palm up. He is wearing voluminous drapery and has a halo and bare feet. There is a long bladed saw on the ground beside him.

(flourished 1602 - 1617)

17th century



etching on laid paper

rank 1.38157

Full Record: x-1954-sl-1.515a-amp-amp-sem-b/1954_1.515.JPG

Mizusashi (cold water jar for the tea ceremony)

Seifû Yohei III


20th century

circa 1893-1914


porcelain with celadon glaze and inlaid white slip design

rank 1.37318

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.366/2005_1_366.JPG

Obi-jime (obi cord)

Artist Unknown, Japan

Cord made of thin woven silver metallic thread.

mid-20th century



woven silver mettalic thread

rank 1.37087

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.348/2005_1.348B.JPG

Dark indigo Shibori haori with lining depicting children at play

Artist Unknown, Japan

This haori demponstrates a variety of geometric patterns of repeating white shapes against a dark indigo ground. It also has an inner silk lining.

mid-20th century



white silk tie-dyed dark indigo

rank 1.35437

Full Record: x-1966-sl-2.29/1966_2.29.JPG

Mountain Landscape in Autumn

Uragami Shunkin

Landscape painting on a blue/purple cloth backing. Signature and title in upper right corner. Seal also located in lower left corner. Colors are faded and sparse. A small building is visible in the middle of the painting, and a bridge hidden amongst the trees is further down on the painting.


19th century



hanging scroll, ink and color on silk

rank 1.35336

Full Record: x-1965-sl-2.87/1965_2.87.JPG

Yellow and Black

Ellsworth Kelly

born 1923

20th century



lithograph on paper

rank 1.35329

Full Record: x-1965-sl-2.59/1965_2.59.JPG

Mountain village among pines and white clouds

Artist Unknown, China

This fan painting shows a mountain village teeming with activity. The peaceful scene provides a glimpse at daily life, depicting villagers pushing carts of goods and traveling into and out of town, sometimes on horseback. The eye follows this lively village of white buildings and tan roofs as it weaves its way up the mountain slope to what appears to be a royal dwelling or city center capped with emerald green rooftops and enveloped by rolling white clouds.



fan mounted as hanging scroll, ink and color on silk

rank 1.35176

Full Record: x-1984-sl-1.289/1984_1.289.JPG

Crouching Venus

Marcantonio Raimondi

A nude woman is seen in profile crouching and turning her head toward the viewer. She is backed up against a short pedestal or wal, on top of which a winged cupid bends towards the woman. On the right side is a slender tree, and behind the figures is an expansive landscape.

ca. 1475-before 1534

16th century

circa 1505-1506


engraving on laid paper

rank 1.35080

Full Record: x-2005-sl-2.11/2005_2.11.JPG

Phulkari Shawl with Stylized Bagh Tara (four-part flower) Designs in 45 Squares on central field

India, Eastern Punjab

Embroidery on a plain cotton fabric (khaddar). Red-orange khaddar with neon orange, green, white and red accents which make up the bagh tara (four-part flower) design.

20th century

1st half of 20th century


homespun cotton cloth with silk embroidery

rank 1.34143

Full Record: x-1968-sl-2.32/1968_2.32.JPG

Le Paysan rentrant du fumier (Man with a Wheelbarrow or Peasant Returning from the Dung Heap)

Jean-François Millet


19th Century



etching and drypoint on laid paper

rank 1.33952

Full Record: x-1986-sl-1.167.1/1986_1.167.1.JPG

Bamboo (pair with 1986/1.167.2)

Tomioka Tessai

Long, thing hanging scroll with a black/grey ink painting on a gold cloth backing. Writing is in the upper left side of the painting. The painting itself depicts stalks of bamboo.


19th century

circa 1865-1875


ink on paper

rank 1.33950

Full Record: x-1985-sl-1.98/1985_1.98.JPG

Jamaica Bay

Frederic Edwin Church

Horizontal landscape of a misty harbor view with several small boats in distance near center

1826 - 1900

19th century



oil on paper laid on canvas

rank 1.33885

Full Record: x-1998-sl-2.17/1998_2.17.JPG

Venus and Cupid

Hendrick Goltzius

This black and white print shows a nude woman and young boy with wings within an oval shape.The woman is lounging on a draped surface and has her arm around the boy. He is facing toward her and pushing an arrow against her left breast. Other smaller scenes surround these figures including, a woman in a chariot drawn by swans; a man and a woman conversing in a forest; two figures in a landscape scene and two birds nestled together. Outside the oval in the corners of the work are hearts, flaming arrows and roses . At the bottom is Latin lettering.

1558 - 1617

16th century

circa 1596


engraving on laid paper

rank 1.33273

Full Record: x-2007-sl-2.101/2007_2_101.JPG


Erich Heckel

Ink line drawing of a landscape; gently rolling hills, divided into plots, fill the bottom two-thirds. Brush and/or trees form borders between plots. On the horizon trees, a windmill, and possible buildlings appear. The sky is dotted with clouds.


20th century



graphite and ink on thin paper

rank 1.33049

Full Record: x-1981-sl-2.132a/1981_2.132A.JPG

Cicada on a Willow Branch

Zhang Wendao (Chang Wen-tao)

A cicada perches on a willow branch.


19th century



fan mounted as an album leaf, ink and color on mica-coated paper

rank 1.32923

Full Record: x-1930.18/1930.18.JPG

Two Cows

Jean-François Millet

A shepherdess stands between two cows who are grazing at the center of the image. In the foreground is the indication of a rough track leading towards the distance at left. At the right is a woman bending over beneath a tree.


19th century



drypoint and roulette on pale blue laid paper

rank 1.32738

Full Record: x-2003-sl-1.390/2003_1.390.JPG

Bamboo and Rocks

Nakabayashi Chikutô

Black ink painting of bamboo shoots around rocks. Writing located in the lower left side of the painting.


19th century



hanging scroll, ink on silk

rank 1.32401

Full Record: x-2004-sl-2.59.3/2004_2_59_3.JPG

Shiprock Triptych #1

Richard Misrach

The lower half of this work depicts a dusty brown landscape with a craggy rock formation rising in the central portion of the horizon. The upper portion depicts a vast, cloudless sky in tones of blue and gray.

born 1949

20th century



cibachrome print on paper

rank 1.32308

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.341/2005_1_341.JPG

Black Nagoya-style obi with appliquéd pathces woven in varied designs

Artist Unknown, Japan

Black plain-weave satin with appliqued patches in abstract geometric shapes, with woven floral, geometric, and landscape designs.

mid-20th century



black satin with appliqued woven patches

rank 1.32233

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.343/2005_1_343.JPG

Black Nagoya -style obi with woven design of decorative spools (itomaki)

Artist Unknown, Japan

Black plain-weave silk (shusu) with woven designs in turquoise, fuschia, white, apricot, red, pink, and gold- and silver- coated paper (kinran, ginran). Lined with black satin.

20th century



black colored silk with gold and silver wrapped thread

rank 1.32229

Full Record: x-1963-sl-2.21/1963_2.21.JPG

Studies of a Peasant Digging (Études d'un paysan bêchant)

Camille Pissarro

This quick pencil study shows five sketches of a man digging; he is not seen in a single pose, but these sketches seen from behind explore a number of actions that are part of the digging.


19th century



graphite on greenish-yellow wove paper

rank 1.32156

Full Record: x-1983-sl-1.371.16/1983_1.371.16.JPG

Laeliocattleya Jacquinetta, from 'A Record of an Orchid Collection'

Ikeda Zuigetsu

Single pink, flowering orchid with leaf on solid green background. Ink on paper, print.


20th century



color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.32105

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.395/2005_1.395B.JPG

Pale yellow silk underkimono with designs of maple leaves

Artist Unknown, Japan

Silk crepe with woven satin maple leaf designs ("crepe-backed satin") enhanced by hand-painted yellow accents. Sleeves are lined and main part of body is not.

second half of 20th century



Silk crepe with woven and painted designs

rank 1.32084

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.368/2005_1_368.JPG

Obidome (obi brooch) in shape of dancing lion

Artist Unknown, Japan

Metal lion with flowing mane and tail. Gold inlaid spits decorate his body and color his eyes. The lion's head is thrown impossibly backwards, allowing a view of the head as if from above. The golden eyes look upwards.

Second half of 20th century

circa 1950-1975


metal with gold inlay

rank 1.31441

Full Record: x-2004-sl-2.59.2/2004_2_59_2.JPG

Shiprock Triptych #1

Richard Misrach

The lower portion of this work depicts a dusty brown landscape with a craggy rock formation rising in the central portion of the horizon. A dirt road is shown in the foreground. The upper portion depicts a vast, cloudless sky in tones of blue and pink.

born 1949

20th century



cibachrome print on paper

rank 1.31407

Full Record: x-1983-sl-1.371.63/1983_1.371.63.JPG

'Vanda Kimbariana,' from 'A Record of an Orchid Collection'

Ikeda Zuigetsu

Single plant with multiple flowers (white and pink). Flowers concentrated on the left side of the image with leaves on the right.


20th century



color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.31164

Full Record: x-2004-sl-2.59.1/2004_2_59_1.JPG

Shiprock Triptych #1

Richard Misrach

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Richard Misrach first began to photograph western landscapes as an undergraduate at Berkeley. Beginning in the late 1970s, he traveled extensively in the American West, using a large-format camera and color film to make beautiful and technically precise photographs of the often-disastrous effects mankind has had on the environment. For Shiprock Triptych #1, Misrach traveled to the Navajo and Chuska volcanic fields that stretch between northeastern Arizona and northwestern New Mexico, where Shiprock, the unique natural monument sacred to the Navajo, sits in close proximity to uranium mines and mill tailings (the radioactive waste resulting from the extraction and processing of uranium) that contaminate drinking and irrigation water and diffuse carcinogenic radon gas. Created from a volcanic eruption that occurred over 30 million years ago, Shiprock is shown in Misrach’s images as a majestic if distant presence, alone in the center of a sparse landscape. The three photographs—taken at intervals over the course of the day—emphasize both the actual passage of time and the sense of timelessness conjured by such natural monuments.

born 1949

20th century



cibachrome print on paper

rank 1.31083

Full Record: x-1983-sl-1.371.67/1983_1.371.67.JPG

'Dendrobium Devonianum,' from 'A Record of an Orchid Collection'

Ikeda Zuigetsu

Single plant with multiple flowers (purple, white and yellow). Flowers are slightly right of center with leaves and bulb located to left (lower).


20th century



color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.31009

Full Record: x-1997-sl-1.534/1997_1.526.JPG

Corselet Bearers

Giulio Campagnola

This print shows a procession of men walking from right to left across the foregound of the picture.They are dressed in short tunics and have laurel wreaths on their heads and some have swords.Some carry poles on which there are breast plates and helmets and some are holding litters piled with furniture, vessels and cups. There is an elephant that is partially shown at the far left.The background area is blank.

There are traces of additional diagonal hatching marks that had been added at a later date; those lines have been removed.


15th century

circa 1498


engraving on laid paper

rank 1.30748

Full Record: x-2008-sl-2.264/2008_2_264.JPG

Summer Watercolor #5

Richard Tuttle

Watercolor of wavy lines in blue, green, pink, purple and orange on a sheet of paper, which is attached at top by two pieces of masking tape to a strip of Styrofoam, making the drawing “float,” “hang.”

Born 1941

20th century



watercolor, Styrofoam, graphite and tape on paper

rank 1.29999

Full Record: x-1983-sl-1.371.75/1983_1.371.75.JPG

'Coelogyne Dayana var. Grandifola,' from 'A Record of an Orchid Collection'

Ikeda Zuigetsu

Single plant with mulitple flowers (red, cream and yellow). Flowers located left and center in the frame with leaves concentrated on the right.


20th century



color woodblock print on paper

rank 1.29839