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Full Record: x-1954-sl-1.415/1954_1.415.JPG

Early Morning

James McNeill Whistler

Two men sit on a bench at the lower right. Behind them is a large expanse of water; barges ply the water while smokestacks and buildings are visible on the opposite shore. The overall impression is one of foggy weather and features are generally indistinct.


19th century



lithotint with scraping on a prepared half-tint ground on wove paper

rank 50.99307

Full Record: x-1954-sl-1.463/1954_1.463.JPG

The Thames

James McNeill Whistler

This work portrays a view across a river, whose surface is dotted with shipping. Drawn from a very high vantage point, a roadway is seen through a screen of nearly leafless trees at the bottom of the image; in the distance the far bank of the shore is congested with buildings, some towers--particularly a large one to the right of center--and smoke blowing away and to the right from the viewer can be seen.


19th century



Lithotint with scraping on a prepared half-tint ground on heavy wove paper

rank 50.46165