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Full Record: x-2005-sl-2.11/2005_2.11.JPG

Phulkari Shawl with Stylized Bagh Tara (four-part flower) Designs in 45 Squares on central field

India, Eastern Punjab

Embroidery on a plain cotton fabric (khaddar). Red-orange khaddar with neon orange, green, white and red accents which make up the bagh tara (four-part flower) design.

20th century

1st half of 20th century


homespun cotton cloth with silk embroidery

2015-05-15 10:50:48

Full Record: x-1955-sl-1.89/1955_1.89.STDREZ.JPG

Sea and Rain: Variations in Violet and Green

James McNeill Whistler

Painting depicts a solitary male figure standing along the shore. The thin layers of paint evoke a misty, overcast day with the figure standing perhaps on a tidal flat.


20th century



oil on canvas

2015-05-15 10:49:59

Full Record: x-1970-sl-2.150/1970_2.150.STDREZ.JPG

Summer Landscape (pair with Winter Landscape, 1970/2.151)

Sesshû Tôyô

A small figure is shown near a ship on the water. A building or house is partially hidden by hills. Trees, mountains, and clouds are strewn across the landscape with bold brishwork.


15-16th century

late 15th century - early 16th century


Hanging scroll, ink on paper

2015-05-15 10:45:11

Full Record: x-2014-sl-2.131/2014_2.131.JPG

Zander Johnston and Wolfgang, the Miniature Long-hair Silver Dapple Dachsund, Summer 1994

M. Johnston

A little boy and a dog in a field with a low-level brick building in the background.

1994; printed 1995


gelatin silver print on paper

2015-02-20 15:36:00

Full Record: x-1966-sl-1.110/1966_1.110.JPG

Portrait of Pan Qintai

Zeng Jing (Tseng Ching)

Painting of a standing male figure facing forward and holding a walking stick, against a blank background surrounded by an inscription, two artist’s seals, seven colophons and accompanying seals of contemporary scholars and artists.


17th century



hanging scroll, ink and color on paper

2015-02-20 15:30:06

Full Record: x-tc2006.12.2/TC2006.12.2.JPG

Lid Rest (Summer Size)

Artist Unknown, Japan



2014-11-11 15:07:03

Full Record: x-1965-sl-1.178/1965_1.178.JPG

One of a pair of six-fold screens

Attributed Kanô Tan'yû

This six-fold screen, a half of a pair, is meant to represent six of the twelve months of the year, with keen attention paid to the birds and flowers associated with each. Although this screen bears Kano Tan’yu’s signature, it was probably created by his studio or by followers working in this famous artist’s style.

(Kyoto, 1604 - 1674, Edo)

19th century

19th century


one of a pair of 6-fold screens, ink and light color on paper

2014-08-15 13:04:25

Full Record: x-1948-sl-1.177/1948_1.177.JPG

Two Courtesans with a Companion and Two kamuro, Sheet 3 from the series of "The Main Street of the Yoshiwara in Cherry Blossom Time" (A five-sheet series)

Utagawa Toyokuni I

1769 - 1825

19th century

late 18th century - early 19th century


color woodblock print on paper

2014-08-15 13:04:19

Full Record: x-1965-sl-1.179/1965_1.179.JPG

One of a pair of six-fold screens

Attributed Kanô Tan'yû

These panels represent six of the twelve months. The panels each have calligraphy and a red seal in one corner. In each panel there is a bird and a type of plant, which are suggestive of particular months. On the top left panel there is bamboo, the bow of the boat with a small lamp attached to it, and a type of water fowl. In the bottom middle panel is a blooming sakura tree and a pheasant. In the bottom left panel is blue and white wisteria ans small sparrows. In the bottom right panel there is a willow slowly coming back to life after winter over a thatched building.

(Kyoto, 1604 - 1674, Edo)

19th century?

19th century


ink and light color on paper, one of pair of Six fold screens

2014-08-15 13:03:41

Full Record: x-1964-sl-2.64/1964_2.64.JPG

Battle of the Genji and Heike Forces

Artist Unknown, Japan

This 6-fold screen is a depiction of the Battle of Genji and Heike. In samurai armor, the Heike forces approach by ship from the left, while Genji forces rush to the shore on horseback and on foot—drawing the viewer’s attention to the center of the screens, where their confrontation will finally take place. The Heike forces can be identified by the red banners on their ships, while the Genji clan carries white banners.

16th century



6-fold screen, ink and color on paper

2014-08-15 13:02:53

Full Record: x-2006-sl-2.22.2/2006_2.22.2.JPG


Huang Yue (aka Huang Yueh)

This painting (and the one adjacent) comes from an album of four landscape paintings.


19th century



ink on paper

2014-08-15 13:01:36

Full Record: x-1971-sl-2.90/1971_2.90.JPG

Vase with "sang de boeuf" glaze

Artist Unknown, China

vase with spherical shaped body and straight, cylinder-like neck, deep red glaze known as Ji-hong, or ox-blood red.

17th-18th century



Porcelain with copper red glaze

2014-08-15 12:57:21

Full Record: x-2006-sl-2.22.3/2006_2.22.3.JPG


Huang Yue (aka Huang Yueh)

This elegant painting of an idyllic retreat comes from an album of four landscape paintings (another is adjacent).


19th century



ink on paper

2014-08-15 12:55:37

Full Record: x-2013-sl-2.480/2013_2.480A.JPG


Artist Unknown, Japan

Light blue, very light material, not lined with a white silk colar. Fabric is striped, used for summer wear.

20th century


silk, brocade

2014-08-15 12:54:09

Full Record: x-2013-sl-2.179/2013_2.179.JPG

Marine, Last Day of Summer, #2, Montalivet, France

Jock Sturges

A woman standing on a beach, wrapped in a towel.



toned gelatin silver print on paper

2014-03-13 12:08:39

Full Record: x-2013-sl-2.495/2013_2.495A.JPG


Artist Unknown, Japan

White silk with zigzag pattern lining, black with silver threading throughout, braided thread in gold, purple, red and green, all over the fabric in a random continuous pattern.

20th century


silk, brocade

2014-03-13 12:03:39

Full Record: x-2013-sl-2.157/2013_2.157.JPG

London, Francis Holland Primary School, Hot Summer Day

Marketa Luscakova

Children in uniforms playing on a platform, two standing, three laying and two seated.

1988; printed 1989


gelatin silver print on paper

2014-03-13 12:02:54

Full Record: x-2013-sl-2.212/2013_2.212.JPG

Summer Camp

David Rosen

Three girls are seated on a bench and one girl is behind the other giving her a hug. The girls in the front are wearing dark tanktops. The girl in the back is wearing a darker tshirt.




gelatin silver print on paper

2014-03-13 12:00:44

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.360/2005_1.360B.JPG


Artist Unknown, Japan

Purple silk damask with hitome kanoko floral design in graduated scale, from small at collar to large at hem. Lining is plain white silk at the top, the lower third and sleeve ends are purple.

20th century

circa 1960-1979


purple silk with tie dye floral design

2014-02-14 00:29:07

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.327/2005_1.327.JPG

Mauve-and-gold brocade obi with woven chrysanthemum scroll pattern

Artist Unknown, Japan

One continuous length of cloth, doubled back on itself for lining. The front side has a brocade chysanthemum design woven in gold-wrapped thread in three tones. Lozenge pattern with gold-wrapped threads for weft woven throughout.

20th century

circa 1975


silk brocade woven in lozenge pattern with gold-wrapped threads

2014-02-14 00:24:21

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.348/2005_1.348B.JPG

Dark indigo Shibori haori with lining depicting children at play

Artist Unknown, Japan

This haori demponstrates a variety of geometric patterns of repeating white shapes against a dark indigo ground. It also has an inner silk lining.

mid-20th century



white silk tie-dyed dark indigo

2014-02-14 00:21:10

Full Record: x-2009-sl-2.1/2009_2.1A.JPG


Artist Unknown, Japan

Summer linen kimono with stenciled patterns of water wheels.

Early 20th century

early 20th century



2014-02-14 00:21:02

Full Record: x-1974-sl-1.244/1974_1.244.JPG

The Orchid Pavilion Gathering

Sheng Maoye (Sheng Mao-yeh)

Handscroll depicting figures (42 men and 6 boys) in a landscape, most of whom are sitting along the banks of a stream as cups on lotus leaves float by. A small cluster of figures sits in a shelter over the water examining a handscroll. The painting includes an inscription, six artist’s seals and one collector’s seal.

active 1594-164

17th century



handscroll, ink and color on silk

2014-02-14 00:18:56

Full Record: x-2006-sl-1.155/2006_1.155.JPG

Balzac, The Silhouette--4 A.M.

Edward Jean Steichen

This photogravure shows a hazy gray and black outdoor scene. There is a dark cloaked figure depicted in silhouette and a suggestion of trees and vegetation. In the background is a misty gray hillside and expansive sky.

(Luxembourg, 1879 - 1973)

October 1908


photogravure on laid Japan tissue

2014-02-14 00:18:03

Full Record: x-2010-sl-1.213/2010_1.213B.JPG

Large Jar

Kôyama Kiyoko

This large jar is wider in the top portion, narrowing towards the base. It has a short neck that flares outwards. The natural glaze creates a range of browns and grays.

born 1936

21st century

circa 2000


stoneware with natural ash glaze

2014-02-14 00:10:33

Full Record: x-2005-sl-1.395/2005_1.395B.JPG

Pale yellow silk underkimono with designs of maple leaves

Artist Unknown, Japan

Silk crepe with woven satin maple leaf designs ("crepe-backed satin") enhanced by hand-painted yellow accents. Sleeves are lined and main part of body is not.

second half of 20th century



Silk crepe with woven and painted designs

2014-02-14 00:03:04

Full Record: x-1970-sl-2.151/1970_2.151.JPG

Winter Landscape (pair with Summer Landscape, 1970/2.150)

Sesshû Tôyô


15-16th century

late 15th century - early 16th century


hanging scroll, ink on paper

2013-12-20 16:39:15

Full Record: x-1965-sl-2.75/1965_2.75.JPG

Ode on a Wanli-era Imperial Brush

Shitao (Shih-t'ao)

Calligraphy of a poem written in running script and including three artist's seals and the artist's signature.


18th century



ink on paper

2013-12-20 16:38:53

Full Record: x-1956-sl-1.74/1956_1.74.JPG

The Sea Monster

Albrecht Dürer

Two figures are seen riding through the water in the foreground; the woman is nude save for an elaborate headdress, the man holds a tortoise shell as a shield and has an antler-like object on his head and has a serpent-like body which supports the woman. Behind is a minutely described landsape with walled town, castle, and along the opposite bank o the water, nude females swimming and a man running in alarm to the water's edge.


Late 15th century

circa 1498


engraving on paper

2013-12-20 16:38:27

Full Record: x-1954-sl-1.330/1954_1.330.JPG

The Kitchen, One of the 'Twelve Etchings from Nature,' or the 'French Set'

James McNeill Whistler

A dark interior view is shown with a deep recessed space. At the end of the space is a window; the recessed space is full of reflected light and a woman is seen framed against the bright view out the window. Closer to the viewer, the foreground is filled with domestic objects: furniture on hte left with vases stored on top; a wall rack with plates stored on the right and other objects with basins or pots below the plates.


19th century



etching, printed in black ink on Japan paper, laid down on white wove plate paper

2013-12-20 16:38:09

Full Record: x-1954-sl-1.326/1954_1.326.JPG

Street at Saverne, One of the 'Twelve Etchings from Nature,' or the 'French Set'

James McNeill Whistler

In this nighttime view down a street, buildings along the left-hand side of the street are shown in with sharp recession into space. A solitary figure is seen in the shadows on the left-hand side half way down the street. The sky is darkened with parallel horizontal hatching lines. The only source of light is a lantern on the wall of the right side of the street. Dark shadows fall across the buildings on the left side.


19th century



etching, printed in black ink on Japan paper, laid down on white wove plate paper

2013-12-20 16:38:08

Full Record: x-1953-sl-2.48/1953.2.48.JPG

Faneuses (Haymakers)

Camille Pissarro

A group of women can be seen in a field raking hay. The central woman faces the viewer in the foreground; she wears a hat that shades her face. Behind her are two other women, also raking hay, shown from behind.


19th Century



etching on Holland paper

2013-12-20 16:38:02

Full Record: x-1950-sl-2.16/1950_2.16.JPG

Yaozhou ware bowl with incised design of three fish in a pond

Artist Unknown, China

a northern celadon bowl of conical shape, incised with abstract depictions of fish and waves on interior, small ring foot

12th century

12th century - 13th century


stoneware with incised and combed decoration under celadon glaze

2013-12-20 16:37:57

Full Record: x-2003-sl-1.390/2003_1.390.JPG

Bamboo and Rocks

Nakabayashi Chikutô

Black ink painting of bamboo shoots around rocks. Writing located in the lower left side of the painting.


19th century



hanging scroll, ink on silk

2013-12-20 16:35:53

Full Record: x-2002-sl-2.232/2002_2.232.JPG


Theo Hios

(Tripi, Greece, 1908 - 1999, New York, New York)

20th century

circa 1975


oil on canvas

2013-12-20 16:35:01

Full Record: x-2001-sl-2.91/2001_2.91.JPG

Woman with Summer Hat

Pierre Daura

1896 - 1976

20th century

circa 1946-1953


oil on canvas

2013-12-20 16:34:55

Full Record: x-2000-sl-1.39/2000_1.39.JPG

Hunping (spirit jar)

Artist Unknown, China

Jar with grey-green celadon glaze; top half of vessel is filled with an assortment of figures, birds, and architectural elements in a tiered arrangement.

3rd century

3rd century


stoneware with celadon glaze

2013-12-20 16:32:49

Full Record: x-1999-sl-2.6/1999_2.6.JPG


Julian Stanczak

born 1928

20th century



acrylic on canvas

2013-12-20 16:32:44

Full Record: x-1996-sl-2.29/1996_2.29.JPG

Day Lily, one of a pair of album leaves

Jin Nong (Chin Nung)

Ink on paper. Foliage and calligraphy.

1687 - 1764

18th century

circa 1754-1756


album leaf, ink and color on paper

2013-12-20 16:30:33

Full Record: x-1996-sl-2.1/1996_2.1.JPG

Battle of the Sea Gods

Daniel Hopfer

This black and white print depicts an animated and detailed scene of nude figures and mythical beasts on the surface of the sea.Two men, with seaweed hair and riding half horse/half fish creatures, strike out at each other. A man and a woman ride a beast with a scaly body and the head of a fierce dog. In the background, a man holding a trident stands with his back to the viewer. Action and motion are expressed with billowing drapery, flowing hair and moving waves. The wide mouthed expressions of the figures and animals suggest yelling and noise in this chaotic scene. Among the many details depicted by the artist is a plaque held by the woman that has his initials.

ca. 1470-1536

16th century

early 16th century


etching on iron on medium, slightly textured light beige laid paper

2013-12-20 16:30:30

Full Record: x-1994-sl-2.6/1994_2.6.JPG

Coffea Liberica

Charles T. Scowen

active ca. 1860-late 1890s

19th Century

circa 1880


albumen print on laid down

2013-12-20 16:30:00

Full Record: x-1994-sl-1.82/1994_1.82.JPG

Raffia Square

Artist Unknown, African, Congo (Zaire), Kuba



knotted, dyed and woven raffia

2013-12-20 16:29:50

Full Record: x-1994-sl-1.70/1994_1.70.JPG

The Bullfight (Courses de taureaux)

Pablo Picasso

A bull in the center charges to the left toward a horse rearing up with a bullfighter on its back. The bullfighter leans forward to plunge a spear into the bull's shoulder area. Flags and spectator stands lie in the background.

1881 - 1973

20th century



oil on canvas

2013-12-20 16:29:48

Full Record: x-1993-sl-2.6/1993_2.6.JPG


Frank Stella

Two sets of concentric arcs of bright colors radiate toward one another from the lower left corner and the upper right corner.

born 1936

20th century



acrylic on canvas

2013-12-20 16:29:46

Full Record: x-1993-sl-1.108/1993_1.108.JPG

Longquan ware incense burner

Artist Unknown, China

incense burner with straight neck, spherical shaped body and three short legs, celadon glaze have crackles all over and incised hatch line design on lower body

15th-16th century

circa 15th century


porcelaneous stoneware with crackled celadon glaze

2013-12-20 16:29:12

Full Record: x-1992-sl-2.36/1992_2.36.JPG

Landscape Section

Albert Mullen

(active 1921 - )

20th century



acrylic on board

2013-12-20 16:29:09

Full Record: x-1992-sl-2.18/1992_2.18.JPG

The Seated Violinist

Cornelis Dusart

This etching portrays a lively tavern scene in the 17th century Dutch Republic.The large room has rough plank walls and a stone floor. There is an open hearth on the right and a long table with a bench in the background. There are many figures engaged in various activities, but most are clustered around a seated man playing a violin. One man stands to watch, another, with arms upraised, is singing and a woman tends to a young child. The scene is depicted in great detail and there is lettering on the bottom of the print.


17th century



etching on laid paper

2013-12-20 16:29:03

Full Record: x-1992-sl-2.1/1992_2.1.JPG

St. Simon

Jacques Bellange

This black and white print has a vertical format with a single standing figure. The figure, shown in profile, has the right arm upraised with palm up. He is wearing voluminous drapery and has a halo and bare feet. There is a long bladed saw on the ground beside him.

(flourished 1602 - 1617)

17th century



etching on laid paper

2013-12-20 16:29:01

Full Record: x-1991-sl-2.40/1991_2.40.JPG


Hiram Powers

Bust-length white marble sculpture of a young female figure crowned with a plait of wheat and framed along the bottom with a wreath of sculpted acanthus leaves.

1805 - 1873

19th century

second version: modeled 1844; cut 1847


Seravezza marble

2013-12-20 16:28:33

Full Record: x-1991-sl-2.113/1991_2.113.JPG

Evening Scene in Tokyo: Bon Dance

Takahashi Hiroaki

A circle of festival-goers dances under a full moon. They only appear in silhouette, but the shapes of their kimono and fans in hand can be seen.


20th century

circa 1900-1921


color woodblock print on paper

2013-12-20 16:28:23