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Aaron's Cane Grobman, Michail vol. XXII
About the Horses Halpern, Mark vol. IX
About This Joseph, Lawrence vol. XXXI
Above Oldham Hughes, Glyn vol. IX
Above the Over-Towering Babble Burke, Kenneth vol. XV
Abschied Vom Paradies Irwin, Claire vol. II
The Absent Salinas, Pedro vol. XVIII
Abstraction and Figuration in Afro-American Art Collins, Lizzetta LeFalle vol. XXVIII
Abundance, Now Gregor, Arthur vol. XVII
Academe in Contemporary China Feuerwerker, Albert vol. XXII
Academic Persuasions: On Sahlins and Schama Ryan, Barbara vol. XXXV
Accident and Essence Grosholz, Emily vol. XXXIV
Accommodating Mishnah to Scripture in Judaism: The Uneasy Union and its Offspring Neusner, Jacob vol. XXII
The Achievement of WIlliam Faulkner Powers, Lyall H. vol. VII
Across the Moon's White Body Browning, Stephen vol. XVI
Actress Oates, Joyce Carol vol. XXX
Actress vol. XIX
The Administration of Academic Affairs in Higher Education Hungate, Thad L. vol. V
Adolescent Sexuality: Biology, Psychology, Society Rosen, David S. vol. XXXIII
The Adoration Miller, John N. vol. X
Adultery Wormser, Baron vol. XXVI
Adventures Among the Absolutes: Four Contemporary Volumes of Poetry Stanford, Donald E. vol. XXV
Advertisement Jonckheere, Karel vol. XV
Advice to a Young Poet Jacob, Max vol. XV
Advice to Travelers Rubin, Larry vol. X
Aerial Photograph Before the Atomic Bomb Derricotte, Toi vol. XXVIII
An Aesthetic Distance Valiunas, Algis vol. XIV
The Aesthetics of Forgery Levine, Steven Z. vol. XXIV
The Affair Sorrells, Helen vol. IX
The African Haugh, R. F. vol. VII
African Sunset Martonyi, Csaba vol. XXIV
Afro-American Texts... and Contradictions Gibbons, Reginald vol. XIX
Afrocuban Reflections Mirabel, Nancy Raquel vol. XXXIII
After a Long Illness Gerlach, Lee vol. XXI
After a Painting by Marc Chagall Lazard, Naomi vol. V
After Not Winning the Yale Poetry Prize Webb, Charles vol. XXXII
After Papa Labra, Carilda Oliver vol. XXXIII
After Reading "Le Demon de L'Analogy" Epstein, Daniel Mark vol. XXXIII
After Reading Beloved Moss, Thylias vol. XXXV
After Reading Marguerite Duras, We Celebrate Electricity Harris, Jana vol. XXIX
After Semen Goldbarth, Albert vol. XXIII
After the Hunt Sandy, Stephen vol. XVIII
After the Revolution: Bertolucci's The Last Emperor Zaller, Robert vol. XXVIII
After the Windfall Stuart, Jesse vol. VIII
After Working Salerno, Joseph vol. XVI
Aftermath Hamilton, Ian vol. IX
An Afternoon Nap Lazard, Naomi vol. VI
An Afternoon of Pocket Billiards Taylor, Henry vol. XIII
(Afterword) Thomson, Barbara Earl vol. VII
Age Smith, Ken vol. IX
Aged Hawkins, Spike vol. IX
The Agrarian Impulse in Contemporary American Fiction Morris, Gregory L. vol. XXVII
Ah the Female Body Ferlinghetti, Lawrence vol. XXX
AIDS: Five Years and Counting Osborn, June E. vol. XXVI
Alap Hovhaness, Alan vol. XVIII
Album of Job Interviews Kaufmann, Stanley vol. XXIII
Album of Lili Kauffmann, Stanley vol. XXIII
Aldridge and Fiedler: Presiding at the End Lucid, Robert F. vol. XXIII
Alex's Trick Cochran, Robert vol. XVI
Alice After a Hundred Years White, Alison vol. IV
Alien Territory Atwood, Margaret vol. XXXII
The Alienated Self--A Key To Franz Kafka's The Castle? Politzer, Heinz vol. XIV
All Happy Families Le Guin, Ursula K. vol. XXXVI
The All of Nothingness Vita, Sister Mary R.S.M. vol. III
All the Fun in the World Davis, Olivia vol. XVII
All the Semblance, All the Loss Roethke, Theodore vol. X
All Together Now: The New Sexual Politics of Midlife Bodies Gullette, Margaret Morganroth vol. XXXII
Allan Seager of Tecumseh Quigley, Genevieve L. vol. IX
Allen Tate Davis, Joe Lee vol. XII
Allen Tate: A Season at Monteagle Squires, Radcliff vol. X
Alleyways Mahfouz, Naguib vol. XXIII
Almost One Williams, David vol. XXXI
Alms Davis, William Virgil vol. XV
Alone in Autumn McKeown, Tom vol. XXI
Altamira Goldstein, Laurence vol. XIV
Altar Raboff, Paul vol. XXII
Am I? Greenberg, Barbara L. vol. VI
Amaryllis Cervantes, James V. vol. XIV
Amateur Scientists Taylor, Sir Geoffrey vol. VIII
America In the Grand Style Schwartz, Steven G. vol. XVI
The American Chief Executive Nelson, Randall H. vol. VII
An American in Cambodia Zeisler, Karl F. vol. II
The American Junior College Young, R. J. vol. II
The American Literary Anthology Haugh, Robert F. vol. VIII
American Men Van Goethem, Nancy vol. XXXIII
The American Negro In Transition: An Overview Foster, Luther H. vol. IV
THE AMERICAN PAST Kallenbach, Joseph vol. I
American's Political Dilemma: From Limited to Unlimited Democacy Kallenbach, Joseph E. vol. IX
The American Sound Film: An Introduction Sarris, Andrew vol. XXXIV
American STudies: A Life and Times Bledstein, Burton J. vol. XIX
The American Sublime, C. 1992: What Clothes Does One Wear? Blasing, Mutlu Konuk vol. XXXI
American Theatre: Stratford-Upon-Avon Studies Coakley, James vol. VIII
American Voters Bromage, Arthur W. vol. I
The American White Pelican Epstein, Daniel Mark vol. XXIV
The American Writer: The American Theatre Miller, Arthur vol. XXI
Americans Abroad: Two Centuries of European Travel Barrows, Herbert vol. V
Amish Schoolchildren Galbraith, D. James vol. XVIII
Amos Bond, The Gunsmith Matthews, Jack vol. XII
Amour De Voyage Schwartz, S. G. vol. XVIII
& love to you too Powell, Robert vol. IX
Amulet Sperka, Deanna vol. XXVI
Ana Mendieta Morejon, Nancy vol. XXXIII
Anais Nin Under a Glass Bell Scholar, Nancy vol. XX
Anatomical Chart of the Principal Organs and Arterial System of the Female Body Da Vinci, Leonardo vol. XXIV
Anatomical Painting Tchelitchew, Pavel vol. XXIV
The Anatomy of Hope Petrie, Paul vol. IX
Ancestors Coxe, Louis vol. XIII
The Ancient of Days Blake, William vol. XXIV
Ancient Society Leacock, Eleanor Burke vol. VI
"And Count Myself a King of Infinite Space" Browning, Stephen vol. XVIII
And for a Moment I Saw Myself in You Jastermksy, Karen vol. XXXV
And June . . . ? Somlyo, Gyorgy vol. XXI
" . . . And There Is Only My Imagination Where Our History Should Be": An Interview with Cristina Garcia Lopez, Iraida H. vol. XXXIII
"And They All Came": The James Joyce Centenary Symposium Norris, Margot vol. XXII
And with Advantages Delbanco, Nicholas vol. XXVII
Andrew Lytle's A Name for Evil as a Redaction of "The Turn of the Screw" Yu, Frederick Yeh-Wei vol. XI
Andropov: The First Appraisals Suny, Ronald Grigor vol. XXIII
Andy Warhol: First Capitalist-Realist Curnow, Wystan vol. IX
Anecdotal Biography Ginddin, James vol. XV
Angel and the Buried Onion Soto, Gary vol. XXXV
The Anger of Prospero Summers, Joseph H. vol. XII
Angle of Acsent: The Poetry of Robert Hayden Turco, Lewis vol. XVI
"Animated Pictures", Tales of Cinema's Forgotten Future Gunning, Tom vol. XXXIV
The Ann Arbor Telescope McLaughlin, Dean B. vol. II
Anna Akhmatova: Translations Coffin, Lyn vol. XVII
Anna Akmatova: Drawings from life Voskvov, Garrick vol. XVII
Anna and the Cow Jensen, Johannes V. vol. VII
The Annihilation of Communication Zeisler, Karl F. vol. III
The Annunciation Neufeldt, Leonard vol. XI
Annus Mirabilis Larkin, Philip vol. IX
Another Conversation with the Beloved Socolow, Elizabeth Anne vol. XXXII
Another Man Done Gone: Self-Pity in Baldwin's Another Country Berry, Boyd M. vol. V
The Answer of Death Ginsberg, Louis vol. VII
Antarctica Considers Her Explorers Ackerman, Diane vol. XXIX
Anthologies I and II Garrett, George vol. XXXV
Anthology Burrows, E.G. vol. XXI
Anthropology Fried, Morton H. vol. IV
ANTHROPOMORPHISM Mowrer, Paul Scott vol. I
Anti-Memoirs Chua, C. L. vol. VIII
Antin/Antinova: The Self as Art Medium Agalidi, Sanda vol. XXIII
Antinova: Artist and Model Antin, Eleanor vol. XXIII
ANTISLAVERY Bald, F. Clever vol. I
Antonion, Botones Feldman, Irving vol. XV
The Ants Petrie, Paul vol. XII
The Anvil of the Times Elman, Richard vol. XXVI
Aortic Valve Replacement Hodge, Gerald P. vol. XXIV
The Ape in Me Tanner, Ron vol. XXXII
Aphorisms Wank, Martin vol. XV
Aphorisms Messenger, Richard vol. XII
The Apocalyptic Context of Christian Origins Collins, John J. vol. XXII
Apollo Perillo, Lucia vol. XXXV
Apollo 113 Finne, Diderik vol. XVIII
An Apology Leet Judith vol. XVI
Appearance Tomlinson, Charles vol. IX
The Apple Tree Hornberger, Marian vol. VIII
The Apple Tree Again Hutchinson, Robert vol. XVII
Arab Figures Rosin, Meir vol. XXI
An Arab-Israeli's Novel Balaban, Avraham vol. XXIX
The Archaeology of Divorce Storace, Patricia vol. XXII
Archeology Arghezi, Tudor vol. XIII
Archibald MacLeish: Continuing the Journey Kressler, David J. vol. XVI
Architecture and Society: Selected Essays of Henry Van Brunt Eaton, Leonard K. vol. IX
Are We the Center of the Universe? Kane, Gordon vol. XXIV
Aria Da Capo Broughton, T. Alan vol. XXI
Aristophanes, The Wasps Nelson, Norman E. vol. II
Aristotle's Poetics McNamee, M. B. vol. VII
Arlington Haines, John vol. XV
Arms: A Personal Essay Yarbrough, Steve vol. XXXIV
Arnold's Prose Works, III Walcott, Fred G. vol. II
Arnold Schoenberg in Kammern Lautner, Lois vol. VI
Arrival at the Final Station Garrigue, Jean vol. XI
Arriving Too Late to Meet Someone Hooper, Patricia vol. III
Arrow Dove, Rita vol. XXVI
Arrow Math Haake, Katharine vol. XXXIV
Ars Cinematica Shinder, Jason vol. XXX
Art and its Enemies: Academic and Otherwise Beauchamp, Gorman vol. XXXV
Art and Psychiatry: Characterization as Therapy, Therapy as Characterization Ghiselin, Brewster vol. XVI
Art as Ricochet Church, Philip vol. XII
The Art of Claudine Goux Goux, Claudine vol. XXIII
The Art of F. Scott Fitzgerald Millgate, Michael vol. V
An Art of Summer Honig, Edwin vol. XVI
The Art of the Noh Mask vol. XVIII
The Art of Vergil Copley, Frank O. vol. III
The Art of Viola Frey Frey, Viola vol. XXIV
Arthur Miller - Tragedy and Commitment Martin, Robert A. vol. VIII
Arthur Miller Criticism: (1930-1967) Martin, Arthur A. vol. X
Arthur Miller Talks Miller, Arthur; Wallace, Mike; Gingrich, Arnold vol. VI
Arthur Vandenberg Reston, James vol. VIII
Artie and Benny Faust, Irvin vol. XXVIII
Artificial intelligence and Images of Man Boden, Margaret A. vol. XXIV
Artificial Intelligence: Visions of the Future McCorduck, Pamela vol. XVII
The Artist and His Patron Iglehart, Robert vol. III
Artist and Model Wheelis, Allen vol. XIX
Artistry and Death Monette, Paul vol. XVI
Arts of Ancient China Handler, Sarah vol. XVI
As Animals Spivack, Kathleen vol. XIX
As I Was Saying Burke, Kenneth vol. XI
As If In A Game Valero, Roberto vol. XXXIII
As Our Bodies Rise, Our Names Turn Into Light Wright, Charles vol. XXXI
As We Approach Miller, Michael vol. VII
Asbestos Flook, Maria vol. XXX
Aspects Turco, Lewis vol. VI
Aspirants and Postulants Halme, Kathleen vol. XXX
Assassin of Options Emmett, Arielle vol. XVIII
The Assault on Privacy: Computers, Data Banks, and Dossiers Lax, Jerold vol. XI
Assembling the History of Detroit Faires, Nora vol. XXV
ASSIGNMENT IN SICILY Eiteman, Sylvia C. vol. I
Asylum Alexander, Meena vol. XXXI
At Bessemer Levine, Philip vol. XXIII
At Brunch We Entertain the Notion of the Perfect Place to Live Rosen, Michael J. vol. XXIII
At Center Court Sandeen, Ernest vol. XXI
At Dusk, Passing a Farmhouse Lawder, Douglas vol. XIII
"At Home in the Dark": An Interview with WIlliam Stafford Elliott, David L. vol. XXX
At Mudumalai Simon, Maurya vol. XXVI
At Night Henning, Barbara vol. XXIII
At Round Pond Oliver, Mary vol. XXXVI
At Sea Stoloff, Carolyn vol. X
At the Boulderado Dunning, Stephen vol. XXIV
At the Coast Stafford, William vol. XI
At the Grave of My Brother: Bomber Pilot Stafford, William vol. XXX
At the Movies Sadoff, Ira vol. XXXIV
Athlete's Scars Lea, Sydney vol. XXXII
Atlantis Cooper, Bernard vol. XXV
Atomic Age Meditation: San Marco Mosaics Feldman, Ruth vol. VIII
Atomic Bombs, Inbreeding, and Japanese Genes Neel, James V. vol. VI
Aubade Hicks, John V. vol. XI
Auden Morse, S. F. vol. XIII
Auden in Ann Arbor Chapman, Robert L. vol. XVII
The Audience's Audience Emanuel, Lynn vol. XXXV
The Audition of History and the Vocation of Man: Reflections on Extinction and Human Destiny Lavery, David vol. XXIV
The Auer Mystique Ross, Gilbert vol. XIV
August Night Roberts, J. G. vol. III
The Ausable Point Light Broke Anchor Cummins, Joseph vol. XVII
Ausonius: A Letter to the Christians Hollander, Robert vol. XIV
The Auteur Industry McDougal, Stuart Y. vol. XX
Authority and Animals Marlborough, Helen vol. XXVII
The Authority of Voice Davie, Donald vol. VI
Authority Without Freedom Haber, William vol. VII
Autobiography as Narrative Kazin, Alfred vol. III
Autograph Party Burden, Jean vol. XVI
The Automobile and American Poetry Goldstein, Laurence vol. XIX
The Automobile and the City Foster, Mark S. vol. XIX
The Automobile and the Transformation of the American House Kihlstedt, Foke T. vol. XIX
The Automobile Industry's Future Role in the Domestic and World Economy Cole, David E. vol. XIX
The Automobile Under the Blue Eagle Skeels, Jack W. vol. IV
Ava Gardner Reincarnated as a Magnolia Atwood, Margaret vol. XXXIV
Avail Shepherd, Reginald vol. XXXIV
Awakening Hamilton, Ian vol. IX
Awkward Boy Magee, Wes vol. XIV