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Backs Abakanowicz, Magdalena vol. XXXIII
A Symposium on Contemporary American Fiction Abrams, Linsey; Anaya, Rudolfo; Atlas, James; Baber, Asa; Banks, Russell; Baumbach, Jonathan; Bell, Madison Smartt; Bellamy, Joe David; Bernays, Anne; Blecher, George; Bliss, Corinne Demas; Bosworth, David; Boyle, Kay; Boyle, T. Coraghessan; Brown, Rosellen; Carver, Raymond; Chappell, Fred; Cherry, Kelly; Cheuse, Alan; Dillard, Annie; Disch, Thomas M.; Dodd, Susan; Dunn, Robert; Dybek, Stuart; Edwards, Margaret; Erdrich, Louise; Faust, Irvin; Ford, Elaine; Ford, Richard; Fox, Paula; French, Marilyn; Friedman, Bruce Jay; Furman, Laura; Gold, Herbert; Grumbach, Doris; Hansen, Ron; Harnack, Curtis; Harris, Mark; Harrison, Jim; Hazzard, Shirley; Herrick, William; Hoagland, Edward; Holinger, William; Holmes, John Clellon; Houston, James D.; Houston, Robert; Huddle, David; Johnson, Charles; Katz, Steve vol. XXVI
Notes From the Plague Planet Abrams, Sam vol. XIX
New Granddaughter Abse, Dannie vol. XXXV
Remodeling Ackerman, Diane vol. XXXV
Antarctica Considers Her Explorers Ackerman, Diane vol. XXIX
When Handling Desolata Ackerman, Diane vol. XXIX
Nightletter to Loren Eiseley Ackerman, Diane vol. XXVII
Roll Top Desk Ackerman, Diane vol. XXVII
Grand Canyon Ackerman, Diane vol. XXIV
Space Shuttle Ackerman, Diane vol. XXII
Spiders Ackerman, Diane vol. XXII
Underworld Ackerman, Diane vol. XXI
Language Lab Ackerman, Diane vol. XVIII
Freeing the Evergreens Ackerman, Diane vol. XVIII
Ode to the Alien Ackerman, Diane vol. XVIII
Some Milestones of Automotive Literature Ackerson, Robert C. vol. XIX
Should We Worry About Budget Deficits? Ackley, Gardner vol. XXIV
Complicities Adams, Alice vol. XXXIV
David Hostetler, The Carver From Coolville Ridge Adams, Phillip D. vol. V
Joan Crawford Adkins, Richard vol. XVIII
The Failure of Francis Kilvert Adlard, John vol. XIII
The Transformations of the Lover Adonis vol. XXXI
Political Parties: A Behavioral Analysis Adrian, Charles R. vol. V
Perestroika and Historical Knowledge Afanas'ev Iurii vol. XXVIII
Antin/Antinova: The Self as Art Medium Agalidi, Sanda vol. XXIII
Exploring Brain and Mind Agranoff, Bernard W. vol. XXVIII
The Testimony of J. Robert Oppenheimer Ai vol. XXIV
Talking to His Reflection in a Shallow Pond AI vol. XVII
1-75 (Chrysler Freeway) at I-94 (Edsel Ford Freeway), facing southwest, Detroit, June 20, 1984 Aikenhead, Douglas J. vol. XXV
Demolition of Immaculate Conception Church, Poletown, Detroit, July 16, 1981, approximately 2:00 A.M. Aikenhead, Douglas J. vol. XXV
The Bat Ajay, Stephen W. vol. X
Volcano Ajay, Steven vol. IX
Papa, What Does That Spell? Aksenov, Vasily vol. III
To Dream Death Alban, Laureano vol. XXVII
This Song Be Your Shroud Alban, Laureano vol. XXVII
Salvation by Mistake Albinati, Edoardo vol. XXXI
Fourth Anatomical Table of the Human Muscles Albinus, Bernhard Siegfried vol. XXIV
The Geography of Time Alcalay, Ammiel vol. XXXI
What Price Zero Tuition? Alchian, Armen A. and Other vol. VII
The Intricacy of the Song Inverse to the Dull Lores Alcosser, Sandra vol. XXXII
Popular Futurism: Soft Thinking in Hard Times Aldridge, Alexandra vol. XX
Catch-22 Twenty-Five Years Later Aldridge, John W. vol. XXVI
Malcolm Cowley at Eighty Aldridge, John W. vol. XVIII
Unmaking It: The Politics of Literary Failure Aldridge, John W. vol. XIV
Vigia: The Endless Publications of Matanzas Alegria, Maria Eugenia vol. XXXIII
Asylum Alexander, Meena vol. XXXI
Transit Lounge Alexander, Meena vol. XXX
Reprise Alexander, Pamela vol. XXIX
Losses Alexander, Pamela vol. XXIX
Letter to Victor Alexander, Pamela vol. XXIX
Two Books on Cinema Alexander, William vol. XIII
Sociobiology and Human Culture Alland, Alexander, Jr. vol. XVIII
The Physicist to His Lost Love Allen, Dick vol. XXIV
The Great Wonder Allen, Dick vol. XXII
Nineteen Eighty-Four and the Eclipse of Private Worlds Allen, Francis A. vol. XXII
The Law as a Path to the World Allen, Francis A. vol. XVIII
Up in Michigan Allen, Hugh vol. VI
Silence Allen, Sara Van Alstyne vol. VII
The Mass Consumption Society Allen, William R. vol. V
Form and Frenzy in Swift's Tale of a Tub Allison, Alexander vol. X
The Unknowing Dance Allison, Alexander W. vol. V
The Enlightenment Allison, Alexander W. vol. I
Modern Art and the Mind's I/Eye Altieri, Charles vol. XXIII
The Myth of the Artist Alvarez, A. vol. XIX
Musical Chairs Alwan, Ameen vol. XVI
Kelly Alwan, Ameen vol. XVI
Battlefield #11 Amaral, Antonio vol. XXIII
Breakfast at Wroxton Abbey Ames, Bernice vol. X
The True Hero of the Aqedah Amichai, Yehuda vol. XXII
Weightlessness Ammons, A. R. vol. XXVIII
Obsession Ammons, A. R. vol. XXVIII
Lofty Calling Ammons, A. R. vol. XXVIII
Now Then Ammons, A.R. vol. XXXVI
Country Music Ammons, A.R. vol. XVII
Twin Stream Anapol, Bay vol. XXXIV
Cameos, Guest Stars, and Real People with a Special Appearance by Orson Welles Anderegg, Michael vol. XXXV
The Stigma of Transparency: Four New Books of Film Criticism Anderegg, Michael A. vol. XXIII
Lawrence of Arabia: The Man, The Myth, The Movie Anderegg, Michael A. vol. XXI
Screening the Western Anderegg, Michael A. vol. XVIII
Film Directors in Hollywood Anderegg, Michael A. vol. XVI
Hommage a Gertrude Anders, Shirley B. vol. XXIII
Block f 5444 Proctor Anderson, Carla vol. XXV
Soy El Mal Querido Anderson, Douglas vol. XV
Orion Anderson, Robert A. vol. XXIX
The Ghost Anderson-Imbert, Enrique vol. II
Equivalent VII Andre, Carl vol. XX
My Love Affair With Dozens Andrews, E. Emerson vol. XI
The Dream Andrews, Nin vol. XXIX
Cinema Verite: Joyce Kilmer, In Picardy, Worries About Plagiarism in "Tress" Andrews, Tom vol. XXXV
Cinema Verite: The River of Barns Andrews, Tom vol. XXXV
World Context for Successful Disarmament Angell, Robert C. vol. III
World Technology and Human Destiny Angell, Robert C. vol. II
Recent Books in Review: Arthur Miller's Collected Plays, Volume II; Sextet; A Visit to WIlliam Blake's Inn: Poems for Innocent and Experienced Travelers Anonymous vol. XXI
Recent Books in Review: R. P. Blackmur, Poet-Critic: Toward a View of Poetic Objects; Lewis Namier and Zionism; The Mortal Danger; The Enigma of Stonehenge; Advice to a Young Scientist Anonymous vol. XX
Recent Books in Review: Reality and Scientific Truth: Discussions with Einstein, von Laue, and Planck; The Socialist Phenomenon; Tales and Stories by Hans Christian Andersen; Women and Politics: The Invisible Majority; Aleck Maury, Sportsman; The Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly; Henry James: Letters Anonymous vol. XX
Recent Books in Review: The Crisis of Impressionism 1878-1882; The Spirit of Surrealism; "A Man of Genius": The Art of Washington Allston; The Yale Gertrude Stein; Exact Resemblance to Exact Resemblance: The Literary Portraiture of Gertrude Stein; The Human Condition; World's End and Other Stories; Being Here, Poetry 1977-1980; Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back Anonymous vol. XX
To Be Noted: Race Relations in Virginia and Miscegenation in the South 1776-1860; The Selling of Joseph: A Memorial; Six San Francisco Poets Anonymous vol. X
To Be Noted: The Winnington Letters; The Complete Works of Washington Irving: Journals and Notebooks Anonymous vol. X
To Be Noted: The Complete Works of Kate Chopin; Kate Chopin, a Critical Study; John Sherman and Dhoya: The Holy Bible; Paris Under Seige, 1870-1871; The End of Liberalism; God and the Bible; Man Fishing; Jourey to Freedom: A Casebook with Music; Vergil and Classical Hexameter Poery: A Study in Metrical Variety Anonymous vol. IX
To Be Noted: The After-Dinner Gardening Book; Latin Literature: From the Beginnings to the Close of the Second Century A. D.; Sit-Down: The General Motors Strike of 1936-1937 Anonymous vol. IX
To Be Noted: Poet's Handbook; Reform in Detroit: Hazen S. Pingree and Urban Politics; Geology of Michigan; A Japanese Sees the U.S.; Cooley and Sociological Analysis Anonymous vol. VIII
To Be Noted: No Such Thing; Gallows Songs; The Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins; Threads of Tranquility Anonymous vol. VIII
To Be Noted: Death and Life in the Tenth Century: A Manual of Siegecraft and Fortification; The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics; Walks and Talks of an American Farmer in England; Dissent and Dogma Anonymous vol. VIII
To Be Noted: Papers of the Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters;Confluence, The Intercollegiate Magazine; The Jail Diary of Albie Sachs; I/D/E/A, Inc.; Management by Participation Anonymous vol. VII
To Be Noted: The Gap Anonymous vol. VII
To Be Noted: Literary and Library Prizes; Emergence and Growth of an Urban Region: The Developing Urban Detroit Area; Far Wilderness; The Way it Was; Government of Michigan: Under the 1964 Constitution; Adam Micklewicz; Maria Edgeworth the Novelist Anonymous vol. VII
To Be Noted: Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters Anonymous vol. VI
To Be Noted: Contemporary Writers in Christian Perspective; The Seige of the Alcazar; United States Government Organizational Manual; The University of Michigan, A Pictorial History; Botanical Essays for Humanities Anonymous vol. VI
To Be Noted: Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess; Our Michigan; Common Sense in Advertising; Samuel Adams: The Fateful Years, 1764-1776 Anonymous vol. VI
To Be Noted: The Abecedarian Book; To the Young Writer; Writing for Business; Before Flight; Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters Anonymous vol. V
To Be Noted: Philosophy of Language; The Construction of Reality; The Mushroom Hunter's Field Guide; The Papers of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters Anonymous vol. IV
To Be Noted: The Recognition of Emily Dickinson; Shakespeare's Critics; Surgery of Facial Fractures Anonymous vol. III
Anonymous vol. III
Interlude in Burma Anthony, Edward M. Jr. vol. II
Gone With the Wind Antillano, Laura vol. XXXIV
Antinova: Artist and Model Antin, Eleanor vol. XXIII
Fragments from Cuban Narratives Aparicio, Eduardo vol. XXXIII
On Persisting as a Writer Apple, Max vol. XXI
Carbo-Loading Apple, Max vol. XXI
Two Women II Applebroog, Ida vol. XXX
Visit With Artina Applewhite, James vol. XIV
Trollope Semper Redux apRoberts, Ruth vol. XXIII
Epistle to Jose Luis Ferrer Arcos, Jorge Luis vol. XXXIII
Flowers of Mildew Arghezi, Tudor vol. XIII
Archeology Arghezi, Tudor vol. XIII
The Sea-Beast Arghezi, Tudor vol. XIII
War Arikha, Avigdor vol. XXI
The National Vernacular: Folklore and Egyptian Popular Culture Armbrust, Walter vol. XXXI
A God's Perfection Arnheim, Rudolf vol. XXXII
The Split and the Structure Arnheim, Rudolf vol. XXXI
The Struggle for Law and Freedom Arnheim, Rudolf vol. XXIV
Forty-Five Years After Guernica Arnheim, Rudolf vol. XXII
Wilhelm Worringer and Modern Art: Some Reflections on a 75th Anniversary Arnheim, Rudolf vol. XX
On the Late Style of Life and Art Arnheim, Rudolf vol. XVII
Detroit During World War II Arnow, Harriette S. vol. XXV
Famiies Without Heroes or Heroines Arnow, Harriette Simpson vol. XXI
Multicultural Cinema Arora, Poonam vol. XXXV
Shakespeare and the Ancient World Arthos, John vol. X
Dialogues with Leuco Arthos, John vol. V
The Gothic Line Revisited Arthos, John vol. II
Follower Arvey, Michael vol. XVII
Irresolutions on a Theme of La Rochefoucauld Ashbery, John vol. XXXI
The Tattooed Woman in Heaven's Flower Shop Atkinson, Michael vol. XXXII
Ava Gardner Reincarnated as a Magnolia Atwood, Margaret vol. XXXIV
Alien Territory Atwood, Margaret vol. XXXII
Northrop Frye Remembered Atwood, Margaret vol. XXX
The Female Body Atwood, Margaret vol. XXIX
Bunnar Ekelof Auden, W. H. and Other vol. IX
Intimations on a Journey/ First Century A.D. (from A Dream of Rome) Augen, Medea vol. XV
Medieval Church-Drama Augen, Medea vol. XII
Selected Poems by Fernando Pessoa Augen, Medea vol. XI
Enactment: Greek Tragedy Augen, Medea vol. XI
The Homeric Hymns Augen, Medea vol. XI
James Russell Lowell, Portrait od a Many-Sided Man Augen, Medea vol. X
The Poem Austin, Richard vol. XIV
Book of Ruth Avadenka, Lynne vol. XXVI
A Radical's America Averill, David vol. II
The Bible to be Believed Avison, Margaret vol. XXII
A Soldier with a Steingun Avni, Aharon vol. XXI
High Mountain Pond Avrett, Robert vol. III
High Mountain Pond Avrett, Robert vol. III
Tradition, History, and Contemporary Afro-American Women Writers Awkward, Michael vol. XXVII
Kinsdale Ayers, Mary Alice vol. XVII