/ Michigan quarterly review: Vol. 29, No. 4
MARGE PIERCY HEEL SHOULD NOT BE AN INSULT The true humility of heels: pale, battered, wrinkled, swollen. We may paint our toes, but naked heels are dumb as cows' behinds. Patient, stubborn, vulnerable they follow us looking back like children in cars making faces through the rearview window. In undressing a lover, even foot fetishists must blink: the sock, the stocking peeled, the unappetizing bony fruit. We are always landing on them slamming them into pavement, jumping out of trucks, forcing them into stirrups and pedals. Cats walk on their toes like ballerinas but we, ape cousins, go shuffling and what we leave in the sand is the imprint of our heels coming home. They are the periods under the leaping exclamation point, gravity's mooring, our anchor to earth, the callused blind familiar of soil, rock, root. 651
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