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Political History and Embodied Identity Discourse in the Turkish Call to Prayer McPherson, Eve vol. V no. 1 Winter 2011
Political Pop, Political Fans? A Content Analysis of Music Fan Blogs Pedelty, Mark; Keefe, Linda vol. IV no. 1 Winter 2010
The Politics and Place of a “Legendary” Hip Hop Track in Detroit Farrugia, Rebekah; Hay, Kellie D. vol. VIII no. 2 Summer 2014
Politics of Identity and Counter-Hegemony: Lopes-Graça and the Concept of "National Music" Vieira de Carvalho, Mário vol. VI no. 1 Winter 2012
Polyphony and Racial Identity: Schoenberg, Heinrich Berl, and Richard Eichenauer Painter, Karen vol. V no. 2 Summer 2011
Postcard from New York—Trio from Terezin Beckerman, Michael vol. I no. 1 Winter 2007
Power, Politics, and Musical Commemoration: Western Musical Figures in the People's Republic of China 1949-1964 Yang, Hon-Lun vol. I no. 2 Summer 2007
Privileged Intersections: The Race, Class, and Gender Politics of Prussian Blue Love, Nancy S. vol. VI no. 1 Winter 2012
Promoting Romanian Music Abroad: The Rumanian Review (1946-1956) Crotty, Joel vol. III no. 2 Summer 2009
Proselytizing the Prague Manifesto in Britain: The Commissioning, Conception, and Musical Language of Alan Bush's "Nottingham" Symphony Waters, Julie vol. III no. 1 Winter 2009
Public Multicultural Music and the Australian State Smith, Graeme vol. III no. 2 Summer 2009