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Music and Politics on Disc, 2007 Katz, Derek vol. II no. 1 Winter 2008
Music and Politics on Disc, 2006 Katz, Derek vol. I no. 1 Winter 2007
The Institute of Musicology at the Ludwig Maximilian University during National Socialism: the Career of the Wagner Scholar Alfred Lorenz Kinderman, William vol. XI no. 1 Winter 2017
Introduction to Special Issue: “Sound, Environment, and Action” Kinnear, Tyler vol. VIII no. 2 Summer 2014
Shostakovich and the Peace Conference Klefstad, Terry vol. 6 no. 2 Summer 2012
Marginality–A Key Concept in Understanding the Resurgence of Rebetiko in Turkey Koglin, Daniel vol. II no. 1 Winter 2008
Rapping the Shoah: (Counter-)Narratives and Judaism in German Hip-Hop Köhn, Thomas Sebastian vol. 15 no. 2 Summer 2021
Memory is a Weapon: Ton Steine Scherben’s Use of WWII Memory in the Political Upheavals of the 1970s König, Sidney vol. 15 no. 2 Sum
"Music is Music": Anton Ivanovich is Upset (1941) and Soviet Musical Politics Kupfer, Peter vol. XII no. 2 Summer 2018
Responses to Peter Manuel’s "World Music and Activism Since the End of History [sic]" Kutschke, Beate; Manabe, Noriko; Street, John vol. XI no. 1 Winter 2017
Discrepant Kisses: The Reception and Remediation of North Korean Children’s Performances Circulated on Social Media Kwon, Donna Lee vol. 13 no. 1 Winter 2019