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"Singing Trauma Trails": Songs of the Stolen Generations in Indigenous Australia Barney, Katelyn; Mackinlay, Elizabeth vol. IV no. 2 Summer 2010
“Bailo Desafiando al Hombre”: Isnavi Cardoso Díaz Performing the Politics of Culture in Cuban Columbia Batiuk, Elizabeth Kimzey vol. 14 no. 1 Winter 2020
The Politics of Atonality during the Thaw and Beyond Bazayev, Inessa vol. 14 no. 2 Summer 2020
Music & Politics in the Classroom: "Politics and Protest in American Musical History" Beal, Amy vol. II no. 1 Winter 2008
“Lullaby”: The Story of a Niggun Beckerman, Michael; Tadmor, Naomi vol. X no. 1 Winter 2016
Job, Zeisl, Exile, and the Suffering of the Ordinary Beckerman, Michael vol. V no. 2 Summer 2011
Editorial Beckerman, Michael vol. V no. 2 Summer 2011
The Dark Blue Exile of Jaroslav Ježek Beckerman, Michael vol. II no. 2 Summer 2008
Postcard from New York—Trio from Terezin Beckerman, Michael vol. I no. 1 Winter 2007
Whose Utopia? Perspectives on the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra Beckles Willson, Rachel vol. III no. 2 Summer 2009
Vocal Materiality and Expression in Intentionally Compromised Vocal Physiology: The Cause and Effect of the Castrato Superstar Luigi Marchesi Berger, Talya vol. X no. 2 Summer 2016
How Can Music Be Torturous?: Music in Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camps Brauer, Juliane vol. X no. 1 Winter 2016
“Tiny Little Screw Cap” (“Xiao Xiao Luosimao”): Children’s Songs from the Chinese Cultural Revolution Bryant, Lei Ouyang vol. XII no. 1 Winter 2018
Planes, Walls, and Bits of Sound: Healing a Voice Bulut, Zeynep vol. X no. 2 Summer 2016