• Christi-Anne Castro, (University of Michigan) and Gabriela Cruz (University of Michigan), Editors

Editorial Board

  • Paul Attinello (University of Newcastle) Queer identities, music and AIDS.
  • Michael Beckerman (New York University) Music under communists, music and secrets, music and the Holocaust.
  • Andrea F. Bohlman (UNC Chapel Hill) Eastern Europe, music and activism, socialism, censorship and sonic media, Cold War historiography, song festivals and nationhood.
  • James R. Currie (University at Buffalo) Critique of capitalism, Frankfurt School, music and negation, music and philosophy, Viennese Classics and Second Viennese School, aesthetics and politics in the discourse of modernity, disciplinary critique.
  • Dick Flacks (University of California, Santa Barbara) Music and social movements.
  • Shirli Gilbert (University of Southampton) Music and resistance, the Holocaust, apartheid South Africa.
  • Nancy Guy (University of California, San Diego) Musics of Taiwan and China, music and state power, music in environmental activism.
  • Patricia Hall (University of Michigan) Founding Editor of Music & Politics and Editor 2007-2017, censorship, Alban Berg and World War I, music and political film.
  • Áine Heneghan (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) Irish traditional music, nationalism and commercialization of indigenous folk cultures, the Second Viennese School and early twentieth-century European musical thought.
  • Noriko Manabe (Temple University) Popular music, contemporary Japan, music in social movements, music and propaganda, sound in urban space, music and nuclear war/nuclear power, intertextuality, music industry.
  • Chérie Rivers Ndaliko (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Music and conflict in Africa, art and social justice, music and humanitarianism, aesthetics of power, revolutionary cinema and music videos.
  • Pamela Potter (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Music and German politics, music and national identity, history of musical institutions, music and global war.
  • Silvio J. dos Santos (University of Florida) Notions of nationalism and multiculturalism in Latin American music, Brazilian music and political affairs.
  • Martha Sprigge (University of California, Santa Barbara), Music in Germany after World War II (especially East Germany), the Cold War, commemorative politics, music and war, mourning and mortuary rituals, trauma studies, memory studies.
  • John Street (University of East Anglia) Music as protest, copyright policy, states and music.

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