Gabriela Cruz, Editor
Christi-Anne Castro, Editor

Music and Politics is a peer-reviewed electronic journal first published in 2007 and is publishing online twice a year. We welcome submissions of any length that explore the interaction of music and politics. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the impact of politics on the lives of musicians, music as a form of political discourse, and the influences of ideology on musical historiography. In addition, we seek articles that examine pedagogical issues and strategies pertaining to the study of Music and Politics in the undergraduate classroom. We also welcome suggestions and/or submissions of relevant articles that have already been published in another language and that would benefit from dissemination in English translation. Submissions are encouraged from both established scholars and graduate students. Because Music and Politics is an on-line journal, authors are welcome to take advantage of the media capabilities of the web (sound files, hyperlinks, color images, and video).

Most issues will contain:

  1. Articles by scholars in any field (musicology, ethnomusicology, film studies, political science, history, sociology, etc.) on music and politics.
  2. A featured article, Music and Politics in the Classroom, covering topics that are appropriate for undergraduate classes and currently lacking in the literature.
  3. A translation of an article on music and politics not previously published in English.
  4. A book list of items published in the last six months in the area of music and politics. (Eunice Schroeder, Music Librarian, UCSB)
  5. An article by a graduate student on any area of music and politics.