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Traces of an Indian Legend
Tefft, Rev. B. F. Traces of Travel
Weaver, Philip L., Jr. Track Athletes in California
Tefft Tracks of a Traveler, Part I
Tefft Tracks of a Traveler, Part II
Tefft Tracks of a Traveler, Part III
Tefft Tracks of a Traveler, Part IV
Tefft Tracks of a Traveler, Part V
Tefft Tracks of a Traveler, Part VI
Tract Journalism
Tract on Government
The Tractarian Movement and its Relation to the Church
Trade and Commerce of the West
The Trade and Commercial Prospects of Great Britain
Fitzhugh, Geo. Trade and Panics
Trade Between St. Louis and Arkansas
Seton, W. Trade-Brotherhoods, Past and Present
Trade of Baltimore
Trade of Memphis
Trade of Pittsburgh
Trade of Richmond
The Trade of St. Louis
Trade of the Mississippi Valley
Trade of the United States with British North America
Kenna, Edward The Trade of the West with the Seaboard
Trade Seeking Its Old Channels
Trade with Great Britain and Europe
Rockwell, E. A. Trade With the Cannibals
Hewit, The Rev. A. F. Tradition of the Church of Jerusalem Concerning Sacrament and Sacrifice, Part I
Hewit, The Rev. A. F. Tradition of the Church of Jerusalem Concerning Sacrament and Sacrifice, Part II
Thompson, M. P. Traditions and Folklore of Poitu
Traditions of the Cross
Myers, Mrs. S. A. Traditions of the Greenland Esquimaux
Ellet, Mrs. Elizabeth Fries Lummis Tragedies of Silvio Pellico
Alexander, Mrs. Mary W. Tragedy and Tragedians
Repplier, Agnes The Tragedy of Beningbrough Hall
Hartwell, Robert W. A Tragedy of the Columbia
The Tragedy of the Temple
The Tragedy of the Temple, Concluded
Egan, Maurice F. A Tragi-Comedy
The Tragi-Comical History of the Lovers of Quimper Corentin
C. C. L. The Tragic Muse: Sonnets
Tragic Scenes of the Castle of Blois
Victor, Mrs. F. F. Trail-Making in the Oregon Mountains
Wight, J. The Trail of the Serpent
Converse, Emma M. Trailing Arbutus
Training a Child—A Beautiful Incident
Youmans, E. L. Training and Cramming
The Training and Distribution of Missionaries
Training and Support of a Native Ministry in the Turkish Empire.
Training of Children
The Training of Children
Rogers, Thomas H. The Training of Teachers
I. A. M. Training of Teachers in Ontario
White, Mary D. The Training School for Nurses in San Francisco
Dwight, Thomas, M. D. The Training-Schools for Nurses of the Sisters of Charity
Webster, Albert, Jr. A Traitor (with illustration)
Traits and Anecdotes of the Horse
C. D. Traits and Traditions of the South
Traits of a Summer Tourist
The Traits of Animals—A Chapter for Children
Perry, Nora The Tramp
Walworth, Rev. Clarence A. The Tramp
Wight, James A Tramp in Cleveland
Hofer, E. The Tramp Problem
Tranquility in Death
Shaffner, T. P. The Trans-Atlantic Telegraph
The Transcendental Movement of New England
Tefft, Rev. B. F., D. D. Transcendentalism
Transcendentalism in Political Ethics
Bruce, Rev. E. C., M. A. The Transfiguration
Holliday, F. C., D. D. The Transfiguration
Harmony Transfiguration
The Transfigured: A Tale
Bostwick, Helen B. Transformation
Wentworth, President The Transient Flower
Pancoast, Mrs. S. L. Transient Joys
Transit of Goods to and from the Interior, via. New Orleans
The Transit of Venus
Neall, Mrs. James Transition
O'Conor, Rev. J. V. Transitions of American Literature
Maxfield, J. J. Translated
Tucker, Nathaniel Beverley Translation
Translation from Horace
Translation from Tyrtæus
Leigh, J. E. [trans.] Translation of Horace's Epistle to Lollius
Translation of Schiller's "Homage of the Fine Arts"
Costello, Rev. J. Translations
Translations from Horace and Adrian
Hewitt, Mary Elizabeth Moore [Signed] Translations from the French of Victor Hugo
Elia Translations from the Greek
G. Transplanted
Jones, Amanda T. The Transplanted Flower
Porter, Benjamin F. The Transplanted Tree
Transportation across the Continent to the Pacific
Swett, Emelie Tracy Y. A Transportation Aristocrat
Transportation of Charcoal.
Transportation of Charcoal.
Transportation of Cord-wood.
Transportation of Goods Westward
Thorpe, T. B. The Trapper's Christmas Carol
Tefft, Rev. B. F., D. D. The Traveler's Return
A Traveler's Sight of Death
Travelers' Tales
Morris, Bishop Traveling
Hooper, L. H. The Traveling American
A Traveling Journal
Travellers and Travelling, Part I
Travellers and Travelling, Part II
Degener, Louis Travels in South America
Travels in South Eastern Asia. By Howard Malcom
Travels in the Air
Madden, R. R., Esq., M. R. C. J. Travels in Turkey, Egypt, Nubia, and Palestine, in 1824, 1825, 1826 and 1827.
Travels to North India
Travels with a Valetudinarian, Chapters I-III
Norris, Frank Travis Hallett's Half-Back
Andrews, S. L. Tread Lightly
Phelan, James D. Treason Against Liberty, Chapters I-II
Treason in Carmine Street
The Treason of Trask
Closson, Mabel H. The Treasure Cave in Oahu
Weidman, Frank The Treasure Digger
Treasure in Heaven
Kip, Leonard Treasure-Trove
Treasure Trove
Gifford, Maggie Treasures
Dorr, Mrs. Julia C. R. Treasures of Home
Hooper, W. R. The Treasury Cash-Room
Dodge, N. S. Treasury Department, Third Auditor, and Clerks
Virginius Treating at Election Time
Junkin, George, D. D. A Treatise on Justification
Boardman, H. A. Treatise on Original Sin, Review
Genoa, St. Catharine of Treatise on Purgatory
Treatise on the American Rifle. By J. R. Chapman
Treatise on the Art of Naming Places, Chapters I-X
A Treatise on the Church of Christ; designed chiefly for the use of Students in Theology. By the Rev. William Palmer, M. A., of Worcester College, Oxford. With a preface and notes, by the Rt. Rev. W. R. Wittingham, D. D., Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Maryland.
Treatment of Authors by Society, from Whipple's Lectures
Treatment of Books
Treatment of Children
Reed, T. A. The Treatment of Dependent and Delinquent Children (Correspondence)
Planter, A Treatment of Slaves in the South-West
N. B. P. Treatment of Slaves in the Southern States
Lee, Mary Elizabeth The Treaty of Caernarvon (verse).
Cabell, Mary W. Tree and Brook (from the German)
Tree and Serpent Worship
Harris, Amanda B. Tree-Architecture
Roquette, Otto A Tree in Odenwald
The Tree of Human Invention
Gilmore, H. The Tree of Life
Wood, Miss Annie C. A Tree-Wedding
Nealy, Mary E. Trees
Otis, James F. Trees
Trees and Flowers
Trees and Their Likenings
Lynnde, Elmer Trees and Their Stories
Crary, Agnes The Trees of Sunny Brae
Smucker, Isaac Trees, Trees, Trees
Tremendous Idea
Trench of Revision
Trench on Proverbs
The Trend of Total Abstinence
Youmans, E. L. The Trenton Educational Conventions
Lacroix, Mrs. Cora A. The Treppenhaus of the Museum at Berlin
Irish, Serepta M. The Treshold
Brower, Edith Treshornish
Schuler The Triad
Jones, A. T. Trial and Delivery—The Messenger
Trial by Caymans
Webster, Alfred F. Trial by Fire
Townsend, Virginia F. The Trial of Edith Stearns
Trial of the Christian Graces
Field, Rev. A. D. Trial of the English Bishops
Bendan, Dr. The Trial of the Fox: Translated from Goethe's "Reineke Fuchs"
The Trial of the Rev. William Tennent
The Trial Period in History.
Sheldon, G. W. The Trials of Digging in Cyprus
Boeringer, Pierre N. A Triangular Trip Around San Francisco Bay
Rowland, Francis The Trias of the United States
The Tribune on Tombs
The Tribune's New Guide to Places of Amusement
Thompson, Henry [Signed] Tributary Stanzas to a Young Officer of the United States Navy, lost at Sea
Strickland, W. P. Tribute to Anastasia
Hamilton, Erskine M. Tribute to Cæsar
Philemon Tribute to Dr. Fielding
Philos A Tribute to Eliza
Hewit, Rev. Augustine F. Tribute to Father Hecker
Waterman, George, Jr. A Tribute to Mr. Durant Waterman
Graham, William, D. D. A Tribute to My Mother
Furman, Mrs. S. K. A Tribute to My Mother
Thompson, John Reuben A Tribute to Remembrance
A Tribute to the House
McCabe, John C. Tribute to the Memory of "L. E. L."
Baker, Mrs. Sarepta M. Tribute to the Memory of Miss Harriet Gilruth
Johnson, Professor H. M. Tribute to the Rev. Cyrus Sawyer
Wilbur, Emma G. Tribute to Tragedy
Parker, Edward W. The Tributers
The Tricks of Tyrants
Hagerman, Austin Q. Tried
Coleman, P. J. Trifles
Addison, Joseph Trifles
Rickard, Ellen Trifles
M. Ll. W. H. Trifles
Trifles—A Word to Married People
Meek, Alexander Beaufort Trifles Light as Air
Greenwood, G. W. The Trinidad Pitch-Lake
Jenkins, H. D. Trinita Di Monte
Avery, B. P. The Trinity Diamond
The Trinity in Redemption
Walworth, Rev. C. A. The Trinity in Simple English
Coggeshall, Wm. T. A Trip Down the Muskingum
J. M. A Trip for Trout, Part I
J. M. A Trip for Trout, Part II
A Trip from Home
Gillet, S. T. Trip from Jerusalem to Jaffa
Benjamin, S. G. W. A Trip in a Fishing-Schooner
Bronson, Edgar A Trip in Cloud-Land
Morris, Bishop Trip Northwest
C. W. A Trip to California in 1849
Cook, Henry T. A Trip to Cheops
Scudder, Rev. M. L. A Trip to Martha's Vineyard Camp-Ground
Townsend, Charles E. A Trip to Mount Lyell
Alfredo, Don, El Artista Viajante A Trip to New Mexico
Washingtonian, A A Trip to Niagara
Clark, Rev. James L. A Trip to Quarterly Meeting in Olden Time
Lippitt, Professor A Trip to Siluria
A Trip to St. Petersburg
Benjamin, S. G. W. A Trip to the Bermudas
Hallidie, A. S. A Trip to the Eurocs and Back in 1861
Welch, Lydia K. A Trip to Trenton Falls
Stevens, Rev. A. A Trip to Washington
Stevens, Rev. A. A Trip to Washington
Stevens, Rev. A. A Trip to Washington, No. I
A Trip up Ashley River Banks
Sweet, Frank H. A Triplet
The Triumph
The Triumph
Tefft The Triumph of Aurelian
Haviland, Rev. O. Triumph of Christianity over Death
Wardwell, H. B. Triumph of Freedom
The Triumph of Israel
Townsend, Virginia F. The Triumph of Malcolm Lee
Triumph of Painting
The Triumph of Phineas
Buchanan, Mrs. Maria Gertrude The Triumph of Religion
Tenella The Triumph of Spring
Clarke, Mary Bayard Devereux The Triumph of Spring
The Triumph of the Most Blessed Sacrament in the Louvre at Paris, A.D. 1667
Webb, B. R. The Triumphs of Atropos
Wright, Rev. John F. The Triumphs of Faith
Herr, Rev. Wm. The Triumphs of Grace
Triumphs of New-York Enterprise
Strickland, W. P. The Triumphs of Religion
O'Conor, Rev. J. V. Trollope's Life of Cicero
A Trooper (Frontispiece)
Affleck, T. Tropical Agriculture, Book II
Tropical Agriculture, Book II (continued)
Tropical Agriculture, Book III (Concluded)
Bland, Thomas, F. G. S. Tropical Agriculture: A Text-Book of Tropical Agriculture, for the Use of Students and Schools
Clifford, Josephine Tropical California
Clifford, Josephine Tropical California, No. II
Clifford, Josephine Tropical California, No. III
Tropical Cotton
Taylor, Bayard Tropical Forests
Bartlett, W. C. The Tropical Fruits of California
A Tropical Paradise, Part I
A Tropical Paradise, Part II
A Trotting-Match
Abbey, Henry A Troubadour's Song
Troubadour's Song
Genung, Rev. B. M. Trouble
Trouble at the Hub
Kellogg, E. Lincoln The Trouble at Washington Gulch
Blake, Mary Elizabeth The Trouble in Boston Schools
Phillips, B. A Troublesome Picture
Ward, E. D. Trout Culture in Mendocino
Wilson, Ramon E. Trout Fishing in California
Vere, Aubrey de The Trouvere
Bolanden, Conrad von The Trowel or the Cross, Chapter III - V
Bolanden, Conrad von The Trowel or the Cross, Chapters I - II
The Truce Ground, No. III
The Truce Ground, No. III (concluded)
Little, Rev. George L. The True Aim of Life
True Ambition
Augusta True and False Conversion
The True and Only Intelligence Respecting the Visit of the Prince of Wales
Hecker, Rev. I. T. The True and the False Friends of Reason
The True Army Chaplain
The True Artist (verse)
The True Barrier against Ritualism and Rationalism
True Basis of Political Prosperity
Bertolotti, Archivist in Rome The True Beatrice Cenci
Montrose, Vara True Beauty
Stanley, Rev. E. S. True Beauty
Mothersill, Wm. True Beauty
Gardiner, Mrs. H. C. True Beauty
Edwards True Beauty
C. P. C. True Beauty
Oldham, Hon. W. S. True Cause and Issues of the Civil War
Oldham, Hon. W. S. True Cause and Issues of the Civil War
The True Christian
M'Cabe, Prof. The True Christian Woman—Mrs. Mary Dana Dustin
True Consolation
True Consolation in Death
Brownson, Rev. J. K. The True Dignity of the Female Character
Brownson, Rev. J. K. The True Dignity of the Female Character
The True Domestic Poet
True Enough
Caswall, E. True Faith
The True Foundation
The True Freeman
McKrum, John, Esq. The True Functions of Government
The True Gentleman
The True Gentleman
The True Glory of Man
True Greatness
Barnard, E. E. True Greatness
Colby, Fred. Myron True Greatness
Cox True Greatness
Waterman, Professor True Greatness Illustrated
Vere, Aubrey de The True Harp
De Leon, Edwin A True Hero
Holdich, Mrs. L. A. A True Heroine, Number I
Holdich, Mrs. L. A. A True Heroine, Number II
The True History of an Ancient Irish Cathedral
True Humility
Hooper, Lucy H. A True Incident
The True Irish Revolution
MacBennet, F. The True Landing-Place of Columbus
M'Cabe, Professor True Learning, the Friend of Religion
A True Life
Locke, Frances S. The True Life
Stewart, Maggie B. True Living
Walworth, Rev. Clarence A. True Love
True Love
Dexter, Rev. H. M. True Love to Christ
A True Lover
Elliott, Rev. Walter The True Man of his Time
Dougherty, The Rev. J. J. A True Monk—the Venerable Bede
Allen, Rev. R. W. The True Nobility
The True Origin of Gallicanism
Wyman, Don Lloyd The True Peace
Robinson, George O. True Philosophy as an Aid to Religion
True Piety
The True Place of Man in Zoology
The True Place of Man in Zoology
Bigelow, Mrs. M. A. True Pleasures
The True Policy of the South
The True Progress of Society
Lewis, Rev. W. G. W. True Progression
Channing, Dr. True Prosperity
The True Question: A Contest for the Supremacy of Race, as Between the Saxon Puritan of the North, and the Norman of the South.
True Reason for Being Honest
A True Reformer—Nicholas Krebs
True Religion
Genung, Rev. B. M. True Religion
Rogers, William Barton [Unsigned] True Riches and Glory
Finley, M. J. True Sayings
Weller, Sidney True Secret of Americaxn Wine Making
Clarke, Rev. A. M. The True Site of the Holy Sepulchre
Heriot, Edwin True Sources of Greatness
The True Sources of Literary Inspiration. By Prof. J. C. Welling, LL. D.
Scott, William Cowper The True Spirit of Literature
Schreiber, Ellis A True Story
The True Story of a Bassontos Child
Sikes, Wirt The True Story of Owen Glendower
Hamilton, E. A. True Tales of the Old West
Boynton, S. S. True Tales of the Old West: IV. Blackfeet and Bruin
Hamilton, G. A. True Tales of the Old West: IX. A Fight with a Grizzly
Robinson, C. D. True Tales of the Old West: V. The Mystery of a Drill
Boynton, S. S. True Tales of the Old West: VI. The First Murder in American Valley
Walsh, J. W. True Tales of the Old West: VII. An Experience of Mexican Justice
Lindsay, Batterman True Tales of the Old West: VIII. A Riddle of the Sagebrush
Thurston, Emma A. True Tales of the Old West: X, The "Gen'ral"
Lawrence, James H. True Tales of the Old West: XI, Uncle Roche's Will
Brown, J. Cabell True Tales of the Old West: XII, Dog Willis
Rountree, E. K. True Tales of the Old West: XIII. Mathewson's Ride
Woodbridge, Bradford True Tales of the Old West: XIV. A Tragedy of Pit River
Sauber, H. H. True Tales of the Old West: XV. Hi Good and the "Mill Creeks"
Reynolds, F. A. True Tales of the Old West: XVI. Punch Choisser's Ride
Daggett, Rollin M. True Tales of the Old West: II. My French Friend, Chapters I-III
Canfield, Chauncey L. True Tales of the Old West: III. An Argonautic Episode
Carroll, Rev. J. True Tenderness
The True Test of an Apostolical Ministry
Gregory, D. S., D. D. The True Theory and Practice of Education
Upshur, Abel Parker The True Theory of Government
The True Tone in Preaching, and The True Temper in Hearing
True Wisdom Looking Upward
Peck, Rev. J. T. The True Woman
Peck, Jesse T., D. D. The True Woman
Peck, Jesse T., D. D. The True Woman
Peck, Rev. J. T. The True Woman—the Late Mrs. Mary Brison
Myer, Carrie True Worship
Truly Rural
Trumped by a Tiger
The Trumpet-Rat
The Trumpeter's Horse
Piatt, J. J. The Trundle-Bed
Perry, Elizabeth E. R. Trust
Clark, Luella Trust
Rice, Mary A. Trust
Deas, Mrs. Henry Trust and Mistrust
Bartlett, Abbie A. Trust in God
Trust in God
Howe, Mrs. B. J. Trust in God
Fletcher, J. Trust in God
Adams, Edward F. The Trust in Politics
Trust in the Savior
Trust in the Time of Calamity
De Hart, Carrie Trust Not to Appearances
A. L. B., M. D. "Trust Not"
Upson, Arthur Truth
Akers, Mrs. J. E. Truth
Fairchild, Mrs. C. M. Truth
Osborn, Miss Minerva Truth
Bean, Harriet M. Truth
Cassady, Rev. F. S. Truth
Kelly, Walter The Truth about Gerald James
Clinch, Bryan J. The Truth About the Church in the Philippines
Smith, Rev. John Talbot The Truth about the French-Canadians
Villamil, Manuel Perez The Truth About The Jews In Spain
Truth and Beauty
Truth and Eloquence
Truth and Falsehood
Truth and Falsehood
Barnes, W. H. Truth and Poetry
The Truth and the Love of It
Truth by Accident
Truth, Charity, and Unity
Cassady, Rev. F. S. Truth is Mighty
Wiseman, Cardinal The Truth of Legends and Fables
Truth, Popery, and Infidelity
Taylor, Rev. William H. Truth Stranger than Fiction
Phillips, B. A Trying Ordeal
Trying Times
Tryphiodorus and Nestor