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The O'Brien
Travis, Nellie O, Bury Me by the Riverside!
Hale, E. B. O Bury Me Not
Nealy, Mary E. O, Could I Woo the Stars of Even
Crane, Marcia D. O, Eager Heart
Vivenzo O Envy Not
Cooke, John Esten "O Fairy-Like Child of May"
Grey, F. W. "O Fountain of Love Unceasing"
O, Glory of My Golden Youth
Waring, Harriet Winthrop O Golden June
Hamline, Rev. L. L. "O, How Sweet!"
Babb, Harriet N. "O, I Have a Home!"
O, Let Those People Go
White, W. W. O, Let Us Be Friends Again!
Nichols, Mrs. R. S. "O, Might I Pour My Soul in Song!"
Baxter, William O, Mourn Her Not
O'Neil and O'Donnell in Exile
Channing, Grace Ellery O Patient Sun!
Wilson, Holt "O, Quoties Dixi Zephyris"
Conway, Clara O Salutaris Hostia
Kavanagh, Mary O Salutaris Hostia!
Dyer, Sidney O! Say Not Friendship Is a Name
Foote, Lucius Harwood O Sly Bo-Peep
Harlan, Mary B. O, Take Me Home to Die
O the Deep, Deep Skies of June
Kenniston, Ida O Time and Change!
Gardiner, Mrs. H. C. O, Trust Him Not, Fair Maiden
"O Valde Decora!"
O Wicked, Wicked World!