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Lyall's Mental Philosophy, review
B. The Lyceum, No. I
B. The Lyceum, No. II
Lyceum, No. V, Chapters I-II
Gulliver the Younger Lyceum, No. VI, Chapter III
W. The Lyceum, Part III
M. The Lyceum, Part IV
Gilbert Lycurgus, the Athenian Patriot
Chidlae Lydia
Graham, Rev. William Lydia of Thyatira
Converse, Emma M. Lyra
Cist, Lewis Jacob Lyric
Gardner, Mrs. H. C. A Lyric for Christmas Eve
Victor, Frances Fuller A Lyric of Life
Rowell, J. C. Lyric Poetry
Faust, A. J., Jr. Lyric Poetry
Dayton, L. Amelia Lyric Poetry in France, Part I
Dayton, L. Amelia Lyric Poetry in France, Part II