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Lo Here I the Gentle Lark
Bigelow, M. A. Lo! My Sweet Clover
Lo! The Poor Indian
Lo! The Poor Japanese
Lo! The Poor!
Reed, Verner Z. Lo-to-kah and the Golden Woman
Reed, Verner Z. Lo-To-Kah and the Witch
Spalding, Wm. A. A Load of Wood
Loughead, Flora Haines The Loan of a Name
Otis, James F. A Loan to the Messenger
Otis, James F. A Loan to the Messenger
Otis, James F. A Loan to the Messenger, No. III
Otis, James F. Loan to the Messenger, No. V
Local Associations
Local Attachments, from Chambers's Journal
Porter, Robert P., Esq. Local Government: At Home and Abroad
Local War News
Defouri, Rev. James H. The Location of the Earthly Paradise
Lochuagar and Lord Byron
Gage, Frances D. A Lock of Hair
Locke Among the Moonlings
Clark, Dr. Locke and the Philosophy of Mind
Luders, Charles Henry The Locked Antlers
The Locomotive
Street, Alfred B. The Locust
Jones, Amanda T. Locust Leaves
Bartlett, W. C. Locusts and Wild Honey
The Log Chapel on the Rappahannock
Swaney, Rev. J. A. Logan and Judah
Logan Bridge (illustration)
M'Donald, John Logan, the Mingo Chief
Bowen, Francis The Logic of Religion
The Logical Relations of Religion and Natural Science
Lola Montes Unseen
Rhodes, J. A. Lolita Lavegne
Williams, S. W. The Lollards
Emerson, Dr. N. B. Lomi-lomi
Walker, Susan Lona D'Alverez—A Tale of the South
Toft, Peter London Art Exhibition of 1872
Toft, Peter London Art Exhibitions of 1873
The London Costermongers
Dodge, N. S. London Fogs
London Guilds and Apprentices
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Williams, Will London Letters
Faust, A. J. A London Literary Pilgrimage
Pascoe, Charles E. The London Post-Offices, New and Old
London Punch
London Street-Markets on a Saturday Night
Pascoe, Charles E. London Taverns
The London Times on the Battle on the Batteries
Wyman, Emily L. London Tower
Towle, G. M. The London Underground Railway
Waterman, Professor The Lone Dove
Clarke, Woodruff The Lone Highwayman
Amie Lone Rose
The Lone Star of the Palmetto Flag
The Lone Stream [Engraving]
Hoffman, John Milton The Lone Woman of Keya Paha Mountain
Coolbrith, Ina D. Loneliness
Baxter, William Loneliness
Philenia Loneliness
Bradford, S. S. Loneliness (from the French of Lamartine)
The Loneliness of Christ
House, Erwin Loneliness of Heart
Humphrey, Mrs. Mary A. P. Loneliness of Human Experience
Guy, A. H. Lonely Burial
Genung, Rev. E. M. Lonely Funeral
Hester, M. A. The Lonely Grave
Cecilia Lonely Graves
The Lonely Islet
Bell, Mrs. Margaret Cabell The Lonely Picture (verse)
Bostwick, Helen L. The Lonely Pilgrim
Jones, T. C. A Lonely Vigil
Wilton, Charles Long Ago
The Long and Short of It
Thompson, James Maurice The Long Bow
Bunce, O. B. Long Branch (with illustrations)
Long Dresses and Tight Waists
Meek, Alexander Beaufort "Long in Sorrow's Gloomy Night." (verse)
Burling, Gilbert Long Island Oil-Fisheries
A Long, Long Time Ago (verse)
A Long Look-Out
A Long Look-Out (Cartoon)
Bell, J. D. Long-Lost Words
Long Sermons
Long Steamship Voyages
Long Words—Short Epistles, and Oddities Generally.
Sydenham, Alvin H. The Longest Jetty in the World
Anderson, H. C. Longevity
Coolbrith, Ina D. Longfellow
Shane, Charleson Longfellow
Longfellow and Bryant
Longfellow and Evangeline
Longfellow as a Poet
Longfellow's Poems. Prize Review.
C. F. S. Longing
Coolbrith, Ina D. Longing
Butts, M. F. Longing
Woolson, Constance F. Longing
Elliott, Rev. Walter The Longing for God and its Fulfilment
Waterman, Durant, A. M. Longing for Heaven
Kelly, Meribah B. Longings
Millman, Mary B. Longings
Wise, Rev. D. Longings After Heaven
Longings for Heaven
Davidson, L. P. Longings for the West (verse)
Longings, from the German of Schiller
Vivenzo Look Aloft
Cary, Alice A Look Backward
Upton, G. Melville "Look in Thy Heart"
A Look into the Future (Cartoon)
Piatt, Mrs. S. M. B. A Look into the Grave
Anderson, Mrs. Ann M. Look not upon the Wine
Smith, Mrs. Sarah Look on the Bright Side
Wardwell, H. B. Look Onward
Look Out for this Bird!
Henry, Mrs. S. M. I. Look to the Cross
A Looker-Back, Part I
A Looker-Back, Part II
A Looker-Back, Part III
Bean, Harriet M. Looking Away
McCready, Rev. Charles Looking Back at the Maynooth Centenary
Clark, Luella Looking Backward
Hittell, John S. Looking Backward in Peru
Looking Down the Road
Looking for a Crown
Looking for Papa (Engraving)
Akers, Mrs. J. E. Looking Forward
Wilcox, Mary E. Looking Forward
Looking to Jesus
Loon Lake (engraving)
Matthews, Rose Loose Leaves
Loose Leaves from a Stray Portfolio
Loose Talk in Liverpool
Brooks, Wade The Looting of the Second National
Lope de Vega
Morris, Bishop Loquacity
Wilbur, E. G. Lord Bacon
Lord Bacon
Lord Bacon's Essays
Lord Bacon, Part I
Lord Bacon, Part II
Lord Bacon, Part III
Lord Beaconsfield, Part I
Lord Beaconsfield, Part II
Lord Bolingbroke
Lord Bolingbroke
Lord Bolingbroke: His Political Character and Writings
Lord Brougham
Lord Brougham in a New Light
H. R. Lord Brougham's Dialogues on Instinct: A Review
Hamline Lord Byron
Snodgrass, J. E., M. D. Lord Byron
H. Lord Byron
H. N. W. Lord Byron
Lord Byron's Faults
Lord Byron, A Borrower or a Plagiarist
Lord Castlehaven's Memoirs
The Lord Chancellors of Ireland
Osborne, M. Lord Halifax
Lord Holland's Reminiscences
Perry, Nora Lord Houghton
Clark, Alexander The Lord is Good—Contrasted Smiles
The Lord is my Shepherd
Tassin, A. G. Lord John
Dinnies, Anna Peyre Shackleford Lord, Keep My Memory Green!
Lord Love Ye All
Lord Lyons
Lord Lytton Bulwer
Lord Macaulay
Lord Macaulay and Marlborough
B. T. Lord Macaulay and Marlborough; Duke of Marlborough
Pascoe, C. Eyre Lord-Mayor's Day
Dall, W. H. The Lord of the Isles
Lanckton, Mary A. The Lord our Righteousness
Lord Palmerston in Paris in 1815
Lord Robertson's Estimate of Poetry
Lord Rosse's Telescope
Templar, A Lord Russell of Killowen and the Chief Justiceship of England
Lord's Old Roman World
The Lord's Prayer
Johnson, George The Lord's Prayer
Rooney, John Jerome The Lords and the Home-Rule Bill
Martin, Mrs. E. S. Lorgnette Glimpses
Martin, Elizabeth S. Lorgnette Glimpses of Italy
Storer, Harriet G. Losing and Winning
Herbert, Annie Loss and Gain
Kiely, Rev. J. M. Loss and Gain in the Church
Loss of a Wife
Gardiner, Mrs. H. C. The Loss of Beauty
Poe, Edgar Allan Loss of Breath: a Tale a la Blackwood
Loss of Life and Property at Sea
Loss of Ocean Steamers
The Loss of Our Trade with the North
J. R. Loss of the Birkenhead
The Loss of the Harriet
Blair, Elizabeth H. Loss of the Shepherdess
Bean, Harriet M. Losses and Crosses
Losses by Fires in the United States in 1856 and 1857
Howland, C. Lost
Thompson, Mrs. Helen H. S. Lost
Hering, J. Lost—A True Highland Story, Chapter I
Hering, J. Lost—A True Highland Story, Chapter II
Reno, Lydia M. Lost and Found
Lost and Found
Lost and Found, A Wayside Reminiscence
Cary, Alice Lost and Found, Part I
Cary, Alice Lost and Found, Part II
Canoll, Angelo Lost Annie
Robinson, K. Evelyn The Lost Arrow
Holdich, Henrietta A Lost Art
Benson, Eugene A Lost Art—Conversation
Meade, R. W. Lost at Sea
Walcott, Josephine The Lost Bride
Simpson, Samuel L. The Lost Cabin
A Lost Chance for Art, Part II
Northcote, James Spencer A Lost Chapter of Church History Recovered
Johnson, Mace The Lost Child
M'Clure, Rev. E. M. The Lost Child
Holdich, Miss The Lost Children
C. C. L. The Lost Church. From the German (verse).
Grayson, Anna The Lost Darling
Woods, Virna The Lost Dawn
Snively, John H. The Lost Diamond
Mariager, Dagmar The Lost Explorers
Montgomery, Rev. Robert Lost Feelings
Lost for Gold
Dufour, Mrs. A. L. Ruter The Lost Fountain
Walcott, Josephine The Lost Friend
Dulcimore, Sackville The Lost Goblet: An Emblem
Roberts, Charles H. Lost Ideals
Brooks, Noah Lost in the Fog
Finley, Rev. J. B. Lost in the Mountains
Barnes, Will C. Lost in the Petrified Forest of Arizona
Brooke, Stoner Lost in Upper Naciemiento
The Lost is Found
A Lost Island
Montgomery, G. E. Lost Journals of a Pioneer.—I.
Montgomery, G. E. Lost Journals of a Pioneer.—II.
Montgomery, G. E. Lost Journals of a Pioneer.—III
Powers, Stephen The Lost Lead
Reid, Christian The Lost Lode, Parts I-VI
Reid, Christian The Lost Lode, Parts VIII-X
Davenport, W. H. The Lost Miniature
Dodge, N. S. Lost Occupations
Ker, David Lost on an Iceland Moor
Bigelow, Mrs. M. A. The Lost One
Beach, Rev. R. M. The Lost Pipe; or, Ask an Explanation
Stoddard, Richard Henry The Lost Pleiad
Eddy, Rev. T. M. A Lost Race
Lost Seeds
Sutton, Maude A Lost Song
Thompson, George W. The Lost Star
Palmer, Louise The Lost Treasure of Montezuma, Part I
Palmer, Louise The Lost Treasure of Montezuma, Part II
Brooks, Cyrus The Lost Tribes
A Lost Vocation
The Lot of Labor
Melodia Lottie
Mumford, Shaw The Lotus
Le Conte, Joseph Louis Agassiz
Ware, Henry Louis Agassiz
Egan, Maurice F. Louis Fréchette
Louis le Grand
Kellogg, Mrs. G. M. Louis Napoleon
Burwell, W. B. Louis Napoleon
Moore, J. Q. Louis Napoleon and the French
Burwell, W. M. Louis Napoleon as a Model for the South
Prospero, George Louis Pasteur
Louis Pasteur (portrait)
Zahm, Rev. J. A. Louis Pasteur and His Life-Work
Prospero, George Louis Pasteur, Part II
Louis the XIV
Lacroix, Mrs. C. A. Louisa, Queen of Prussia
Louise Lateau before the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine
Louise Nestrow
Greene, Mrs. R. J. Louise Pellegrin: A Tale of the Vaudois Valleys
Forstall, E. J. Louisiana
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] Louisiana and Her Industry
Louisiana and Texas Railroad
Kathman, J. C., Chief of the Bureau of Immigration of Louisiana Louisiana Compared with the Northwest
Thomassy, Prof. Louisiana—Her Alluvions, Rocks, and Soils
Louisiana—Her Public Lands and Levees
Louisiana Historical Researches
The Louisiana Levees
Morse, M. B. The Louisiana of Creole Days
Bry, Hon. H. Louisiana Ouachita Region
The Louisiana Ouachita Region, No. II
Louisiana Scenery (engraving)
Benjamin, J. P. Louisiana Sugar
Forstall, E. J. Louisiana Sugar
Louisiana Sugar Crops
Louisville and Its Future Prospects
Hassard, John R. G. Lourdes in Winter
Samuel, Anna E. Love
Bates, Katharine Lee Love
Hobart, Mrs. Chauncey Love
Aldrich, L. Hattie S. Love
Aldrich, L. Hattie S. Love
Hill, A. Love
Stewart, W. P. Love
Stout, B. G. Love
H. C. P. Love
Woodman, Charles H. Love a Hundred Years Ago
Woodman, Charles H. Love a Hundred Years Ago, Part II
Townshend, R. B. Love a la Turque
Love and Age
Dodge, Mary B. Love and Ambition
Cooke, Philip Pendleton Love and Be Kind
O'Reilly, John Boyle Love, and Be Wise
Mowatt, Anna Cora Ogden Love and Beauty (verse)
C. Love and Care
Fisher, E. Burke [Signed] Love and Constancy
Jessop, G. H. Love and Death
Love and Death
Eames, Elizabeth Jessup [Signed] Love and Flowers
Cranch, C. P. Love and Forgetfulness
Duffield, John M. Love and Gooseberries
Emma Love and Hope
Love and Labor
Thomson, Rev. Edward, D. D. Love and Marriage
Jessop, G. H. Love and Money
White, Eliza [Unsigned] Love and Poetry
Fremont, Anne A. Love and Pride
Waterman, Nixon Love and Reason
Dodge, Mary E. Love and Rest
Jessen, C. Horatio Love and Sorrow
Dewart, R. H. Love and Sorrow
Thompson, Francis Love and the Child
Curtis, M. L. Wakeman Love and the Dai Butsu
Powell, Arthur Love at the Point of the Sword
Brent, Henry Johnson Love at the Shrines
A Love Chant
Collier, Thomas E. Love Deathless
Glyndon, Howard Love Entangled
Love For Animals
Love: From "Festus"
Love Gifts
Meek, Miss Harriet J. Love God
Clark, Luella Love in a Cottage
Clark, Luella Love in a Cottage
Symonds, John Addington Love in Dreams
Klutz Love in the Country, Part I-III
Young, Rev. Alfred Love is Blind
Thurston, Charlotte W. Love is King
Holcombe, W. H. Love is Omnipotent
Stoddard, Charles Warren Love-Life in a Lanai
Love Lines, Translated from Anacreon
Love Making as an Exact Science
Browne, Junius Henri Love-Matches
Nichols, R. S. Love Me Always
Love, Mutual, but Hopeless
Elderly Man, An The Love of Approbation
Tefft, Rev. B. F., D. D. Love of Country
Cist, Lewis Jacob Love of Country
Fitzhugh, George Love of Danger and Love of War
Love of Fame
Dixon, J. M. Love of Fame—Ambition
Mortimer, Gertrude A Love of Gain
The Love of God
Chalmers, Dr. The Love of God
Brame, John T. The Love of God
De Forest, Miss The Love of God Illustrated
Love of Home
Barton, Bernard The Love of Later Years
Love of Money
Hubbard, Augusta M. The Love of Novelty
Leonard, Rev. S. L. The Love of Praise
McGinley, A. A. The Love of the Mystics
The Love of the Pardoned
Merrick, Professor E. The Love of Truth
Moore, Augusta Love On
M. E. W. S. Love or Study
Rooney, John Jerome Love Rules
Mason, Edward Wilbur Love's Bitter-Sweet
Love's Burden
Moran, John Love's Burden
Collier, Thos. S. Love's Coming
Love's Dreams (Frontispiece)
Dodge, Mary B. Love's Fealty
Copland, Mary Love's Flowers
F. W. B. Love's Heralds
Greene, Charles S. Love's Ideal Real
Cooke, J. Edmund V. Love's Imagery
Eames, Mrs. Elizabeth Jessup Love's Last Work (verse)
Shultze, Lenore Congdon Love's Legend
Shuey, Lillian M. Love's Liberty, a Song
Perry, Carlotta Love's Meaning
Love's New Light
Nettleton, Charles P. Love's Prooflessness
Valentine, Edward A. Uffington Love's Quietude
Charlton, Edith G. Love's Resurrection
Love's Winter
Bradley, Mary E. Love's Wisdom
Martel, Bert Love's Wisdom
Martel, Bert Love's Witness
Young, Rev. Alfred Love's Word
Harney, Will Wallace Love's Young Dream
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax [Signed] Love Sketches
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, No. I
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, No. II
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, No. III
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, No. V
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, No. VII
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, No. VIII
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, No.VI
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, Part I
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, Part II
Worthington, Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, Part III
Worthington, Mrs. Jane Tayloe Lomax Love Sketches, Part IV
McCoy, Edna Heald A Love Song
Coolbrith, Ina D. Love-Song
Mulchinock, William P. A Love Song
Dana, Henrietta Channing Love Songs on the Tuscan Peasantry
Fry, Mary E. Love Stories, Unpublished Ones
A Love Story
Love Sweetens Toil
MacCorrie, John Paul The Love that Overcometh
Hayten, E. H. A Love Thought
Stoddard, Richard Henry Love Thy Neighbor
Hittell, John S. Love to Canada
Love to Christ
Love to Christ
Benjamin, Park Love Unchanging
Woolson, Constance F. Love Unexpressed
The Loved and Lost
Brame Loved and Lost
Larremore, Wilbur Loved Even Yet
The Loved not Lost
The Loved One
M. L. M. The Loveliness of Sanctity
M. L. M. The Loveliness of Sanctity, Part II
Lovell the Confident, and Duncan the Cheerful
The Lover and the Birds
The Lover's Drink-Song
Lathrop, Rose Hawthorne The Lover's Fate
Jones, George S. The "Lover's Leap"
Gasus, P. A Lover's Letter
Harman, Elizabeth A Lover's Song
Sill, E. R. The Lover's Song
Smith, Mrs. Seba The Lover's Talisman, or the Spirit Bride
Johnson, Rossiter The Lovers on the Cliff
Stevens, Rev. A., A. M. The Loves of a Poet
Bell, J. D. Loves of Swift
Moore, Rev. H. H. The Loves of the Lonely
Fisk, F. "Lovest Thou Me?"
The Loving Nature of Little Children
Griffith, Rev. T. M. Loving the Beautiful
Hart, J. S. Loving the Children
Spencer, Edward Low Down: The Story of a Violin and a Voice
The Low Lands of Virginia (concluded)
The Low Lands of Virginia, No. 1
Murphy, Wm., M. D. Low Life Among Plants
Murphy, Wm., M. D. Low Life Among Plants, Part II
Abbey, Henry Low Lives We Led of Care and Sin
Low Price of Southern Lands
The Lowell Offering
Lowell's Poems
Woodworth, Eliza Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal
Larremore, Wilbur Lowell, the Poet
Lower Louisiana—an Early Record
Lowliness of Love
Moore, A. The Lowly Seat
The Lowly Violet of the Tribune
Loyalty (filler)
Welford, R. R. The Loyalty of the Border States
Stonex, Rev. W. G. Loyola and His Followers