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I Ia Ib Ic Id If Ig Il Im In Io Ip Ir Is It Iv Ix
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Clark, Alexander If a Man Die, He Shall Live Again!
Cooke, John Esten "If around You Say"
If at Last
Foster, Miss H. A. If Franky Lives to Be a Man
Baker, Harry C. "If He'd Only Come to Me."
Morgan, Carrie Blake If I Were Grief
Sheldon, Francis E. If It Were Come
If Ladies won't Walk, Do Let Them Make the Men Walk
Coolbrith, Ina D. If Only
Bashford, Herbert If She Should Die
If the Cap Fits, &c.
Martin, Elizabeth Gilbert If Thou wilt Be Perfect
Martin, Elizabeth Gilbert If Thou wilt Enter into Life
Lippmann, Julie M. If We But Knew
Sheldon, Francis E. If We Could Know
Clark, Luella If We Knew
Higgins, Dell A. If We Knew
"If We Knew"