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Christy, Prof. D. Emancipation and Cotton—The Triumph of British Policy
Emancipation in Jamaica—Its Workings
Emancipation in the British West India Islands
The Emancipation of Cowards
Perkins, F. B. The Emancipation of Massachusetts
Emanuel Swedenborg
Cramer, M. A. M. Embalmed
Embassy to the Courts of Cochin China, Siam, Muscat. By Edmund Roberts
Coolbrith, Ina D. An Emblem
Waterman, George, Jr. The Emblem
Clark, D. W., D. D. [The Editor] Emblem Literature
Pummill, James The Emblem of Peace
Wardwell, H. B. Emblem of the Free
Clark, Luella Emblems
Stone, W. L. Emblems and Picture-Writing
Snively, J. H. Emeralds and Beryls
Larremore, Wilbur Emerson, Bryant
Burroughs, John Emerson's New Volume
Emerson's Prose Works
Petre, Maude The Emersonian Creed
The Emigrant
Larrabee, Professor The Emigrant
De Forest, Miss The Emigrant's Farewell
Leigh, J. E. The Emigrant's Lament
McCabe, John Collins The Emigrant Ship
The Emigrant to Himself
Furman, Mrs. S. K. The Emigrant Volunteer's Wife
Despard, M. The Emigrants
Thorpe, T. B. Emigrants Crossing the Plains
Pitman, Benjamin The Emigrants Lay
Emigration of All Classes Desired by the Southern People
Emigration to the United States
Towle, G. M. Emile Olivier
Wilcox, Mary E. Emily
Pierson, Rev. John W. Emily and Anna, or the Two Little Friends
T. V. M. Emily: Her Second Birthday among the Angels (verse).
Willis, Richard Storrs [trans.] Emily Linder, Part I
Willis, Richard Storrs [trans.] Emily Linder, Part II
Eminent Persons Deceased in 1869
Eminent Plagiarists
Dinnies, Anna Peyre Shackleford Emma Clifford or The Temptation and the Triumph
Callender, William L. Emma's Grave
Sweeney, Helen M. Emmitsburgh—The Vestibule of Heaven
Sheldon, Francis E. "Emori Nolo"
Martin Emotion
Hibben, H. B. The Emotions and Passions, Part I
Hibben, Henry B. The Emotions and Passions, Part II
Hibben, Henry B. The Emotions and Passions, Part III
Hibben, Henry B. The Emotions and Passions, Part IV
Gmeiner, Rev. John Emperor Julian the Apostate, the Great Spiritist of the Fourth Century
The Emperor Maximilian
Stang, Rev. William Emperor Maximilian I
The Emperor Nero
Coissy, Henri de The Emperor of China
Kidder, Rev. D. P. The Emperor's Birth-Day
An Emperor's Private Papers
The Empire
Bonner, John An Empire in Ruin
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] The Empire of Brazil—Its History, Statistics, and Future
The Empire of Japan
Duncan, Professor W. C. The Empire of Russia, Part 1
Duncan, Professor W. C. The Empire of Russia, Part 2
P. G. The Empire Star
Hatcher, E. H. The Employment of Angels
Employment of Little Children in Heaven
H. A. D. Employment of Women in San Francisco
Employment to Office
Clark, Rev. D. W. The Empress Josephine
Bigelow, Mrs. M. A. The Empress Josephine
Heyse, Paul The Empress of Spinetta (from the German of Paul Heyse)
Polko, Elise The Empress's Violets
Cooper, George Empty Arms
Miller, Emily Huntington The Empty Cradle
M. E. W. S. Empty Spaces, Part I
M. E. W. S. Empty Spaces, Part II
The Empyrean