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McDermot, Rev. George The Dual Ownership of Land in Ireland a Myth
Bowen, Francis Dualism, Materialism, or Idealism
Banim, Mary Dublin Charities
A Dublin May Morning
Killen, Y. B., M. A. Dublin of To-Day
Poe, Edgar Allan [Signed] The Duc de L'Omelette
The Duchess de Berri
Towle, G. M. The Duchess de Berri at Blaye
Lewin, R. The Duchy of Cornwall
Duck-Shooting on the Jersey Coast [Frontispiece]
Skitt Duck Town
Brann, Rev. Henry A., D. D. "Dude" Metaphysics
Fox, Rev. James J. The Dudleian Lecture for 1899
Wilkins, Mrs. L. E. Dudley Deane
Egan, Dr. The Duel
Young, A. A Duel on Boston Common
Dixon, L. Maynard The Duel Witnessed by Mr. Cusack (Drawing)
The Duelist's Grave
Duelling—Code of Honour
Cremony, J. C. Duelling in the West Indies
The Duellist
Richardson, D. S. Duels to the Death
Polko, Elise A Duet
The Duet (Engraving)
A Duet of Gems
Towle, G. M. The Duke and Duchess de Berri
Towle, G. M. The Duke D'Aumale
Towle, George M. The Duke of Argyll
The Duke of Sully
Clarkson, Asher The Duke of Wellington
O'Connor, Paul Dulce in Utile
Dull Children
E. Dull Neighborhood: Impromptu
The Duluth Furnace, Minnesota.
"Dum Spiro Spero"
Duma's Method of Composing. From "Le Monte-Cristo."
Dumas' Louis XIV
Vere, Aubrey de Dunluce Castle
Durability of Resinous Woods.
Clark, D. W., M. A. Duration of Memory, No. I
Clark, D. W., M. A. Duration of Memory, No. II
Clark, D. W., M. A. Duration of Memory, No. III
Duration, Part I
Duration, Part II
Dürer's Grasses
Guiney, Louise Imogen Durham Candles
Pope, Rev. Hugh Durham Cathedral
Keatinge, Rev. Dr. During the Red Terror
Shuey, Lillian Dusk at Berkeley
Sexton, Ella M. Dusk at Point Bonita
The Dust shall never Cover My Bible
Dust to Dust
Dust to Dust
Weed, Maria "Dutch"
Benson, Eugene A Dutch Capital and Dutch Art
Dutch Colonial Empire
Ames, Gen. John Dutch Gap Canal
Bierbower, Prof. Austin The Dutch; or, Amphibious Industry
The Dutch Republic
Cocke, Wm. Archer The Dutch Republic (review of John L. Motley's work).
Carey, Alice Duties and Beauties of Life
The Duties of an Overseer
The Duties of Educated Men. An Oration. Manual of Classical Literature. Supplemental Plates to the Manual of Classical Literature. An Address delivered before the Washington and Franklin Literary Societies of La Fayette College, Easton. Memoir of the Life, Labours, and Extensive Usefulness of the Rev. Christmas Evans. The Book of Poetry. The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul. Presbyterian Board of Publication's edition. Remarkable Places mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. The Lives of the British Reformers. The History of the Church of England to the Revolution, 1688. The Great Change: A Treatise on Conversion. The Great Aim of the Sunday School Teacher. Design and Duties of the Christian Ministry. Homely Hints, chiefly addressed to Sunday School Teachers. The Believer: A Series of Discourses. Letters to a Very Young Lady. The Anxious Bench. A Discourse on the True Idea of the State as a Religious Institution. The Bruised Reed: A Memoir of the Rev. Henry Möwes. Guide for Writing Latin. Father Clement, a Roman Catholic Story. Neal's History of the Puritans. The Power of Faith, exemplified in the Life and Writings of Mrs. Isabella Graham. The Dangers of a College Life: A Discourse delivered in Nassau Hall, December 3, 1843. Elijah the Tishbite. By F. W. Krummacher, D.D. The Errors of Romanism traced to their Origin in Human Nature. A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the United Dioceses of Ossary, Ferns and Leighlin, in September 1842. Jamaica, its past and present state. The Farmer's Daughter. Jessy Allan, The Lame Girl. A Vindication of the Scottish Covenanters. The Bible in Spain. Zincali: or an account of the Gipsies in Spain. Campbell's Foreign Semi-Monthly Magazine. The Kingdom of Christ. The Huguenot Captain. Persuasives to early Piety. A Memoir of the Rev. Henry Martyn, B. D. The Exodus of the Church of Scotland. The voice of the Church One, under all the successive forms of Christianity. A voice from Antiquity to the men of the Nineteenth Century. Sequel to Apostolical Succession Examined. The Reply of the Rev. R. C. Grundy to a Pamphlet by a Catholic Layman. The Protestant Reformation, its Cause and Influence. The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul. Carter's edition. Proceedings of the General Assembly for the Free Church of Scotland. Egypt and the Books of Moses.
Rawlinson, Canon George The Duties of Higher Towards Lower Races in a Mixed Community
The Duties of the Rich in Christian Society, No. III
Duties of the Rich in Christian Society, No. IV
Duties of the Rich in Christian Society, No. V
Duties of the Rich in Christian Society, No. VI
The Duties of the Rich in Christian Society, Number I
The Duties of the Rich in Christian Society, Number II
Talmon, Thrace Duties of the Wife
Barr, Rev. J. T. The Dutiful Son
Scammell, Miss A. C. Duty
Nichols, Mrs. C. The Duty First at Hand
Coates-Kinney Duty Here and Glory There
American, By an The Duty of American Mothers
Phillips, M. W., Esq. Duty of Cotton Planters
Sigourney, Mrs. Duty of Mothers
W. R. A. The Duty of Southern Authors
Reubert, Prof. The Duty of the Christian Church with Regard to the Poor
The Duty of the Church in Relation to Sunday Schools
Duty on Charcoal Iron.
Duty on Railroad Iron
Duty to God