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Hughes, Rev. Thomas, S. J. Dr. A. White on St. Francis Xavier's Gift of Tongues
Bicknell, E. L. Dr. Adam Clarke and Sir Walter Scott
Creamer, David Dr. Adam Clarke's Marriage
Dr. Bacon on Conversations to the Catholic Church
McDermot, Rev. George Dr. Benson on the Primacy of Jurisdiction
Dr Bouquillon and the School Question
Dr. Bouquillon's Rejoinder
Dr. Brownson
Hecker, Rev. I. T. Dr. Brownson and Bishop Fitzpatrick
Hecker, Very Rev. I. T. Dr. Brownson and Catholicity (Conclusion)
Hecker, Rev. I. T. Dr. Brownson and the Workingman's Party Fifty Years Ago
Hecker, Rev. I. T. Dr. Brownson in Boston
Hecker, Very Rev. I. T. Dr. Brownson's Road to the Church
Dr. Bushnell's Oration
Dr. Cahill's Last
Cannon, Rev. James Spencer Dr. Cannon's Pastoral Theology
Cartwright, Dr. Dr. Cartwright on the Caucasians and the Africans
Scull, Rev. W. D. Dr. Cartwright on the Negro Race
Mayes, Dr. Dr. Cartwright on the Negro, Reviewed
Mays, Dr. B. B. Dr. Cartwright Reviewed—The Negro, Ape and Serpent, Part I
Hamilton, Kate W. Dr. Castleton's Patient
Dr. David Livingstone (illustrated)
Grayson, W. J. Dr. Dewey and His Elm Tree Oration, a Review
Ploy, Rev. J., D. D. Dr. Dixon in America
Dr. Dorner's System of Theology. Translated by Prof. G. S. Hall, Part I
Hall, Prof. G. S. (trans.) Dr. Dorner's System of Theology: Continued
Dr. Draper
Dr. Draper and Evolution
Dr. Durbin in Gethsemane
Dr. Ewer on the Question, What is Truth?
L. H. A. Dr. Forbes on Romans, vs. Dr. Hodge
Dr. Franklin (a hitherto unpublished letter)
Dr. Franklin, Part I
Dr. Franklin, Part II
Locke, Jesse Albert Dr. Fulton's Answer to the Pope
Dr. George Duffield on the Doctrines of New-School Presbyterians
Dr. Gillett and Liberal Presbyterianism
Dr. Gillett's Works on Natural Theology
Dr. Green's Inaugural Address
Townsend, Virginia F. Dr. Gregory's Patient, Part I
Townsend, Virginia F. Dr. Gregory's Patient, Part II
Brann, Rev. Henry A. Dr. Hammond as an Amateur Theologian
Searle, Rev. George M. Dr. Hammond on Miracles
Dr. Harwood's Price Lecture
Searle, Rev. George M., C. S. P. Dr. Heber Newton on the Resurrection
Dr. Hickik's Philosophy
Dr. Hickok's New and Revised Edition of Rational Psychology
Thomson Dr. Houghton
Fletcher, Rev. J. C. Dr. J. H. Merle D'Aubigné
Adams, Rev. William, D. D. Dr. Jacob's Ecclesiastical Polity of the New Testament
Dr. John Esten Cooke
Keatinge, Oswald Dr. John Hall on the Failure of Protestantism
Dr. Johnson (filler)
Dr. Johnson and Bolingbroke
Dr. Johnson: His Biographers and Critics
Wolfe, Helen J. Dr. Jones
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] Dr. Kane's Arctic Explorations
Dr. Knox on the Unity of the Church
Graham, Rev. H. Dr. Lange
Dr. Livingstone's Discoveries
Curry, Rev. Daniel, D. D. [The Editor] Dr. M'Clintock's "Life and Letters"
McDonald, James Dr. McDonald's Life and Writings of St. John
Fletcher, Rev. J. C. Dr. Merle D'Aubigné
Dr. Mitchell's Poems
Fox, Rev. James J. Dr. Mivart on the Continuity of the Church
Searle, Rev. George M. Dr. Mivart's Last Utterance
Dr. Newman and Dr. Pusey
Dr. Newman's Grammar of Assent
Dr. Nicholas Murray
Hanna, Rev. Thomas A. T. Dr. Nott on the Resurrection
Dr. Olin
Dr. Pandemus Polyglott's Latin Versions, accompanied by the English
Dr. Pastor's Estimate of Alexander VI.
Hawthorne, Julian Dr. Pechal's Theory
Dr. Pusey on the Church of England
Keatinge, Oswald Dr. Pusey: His Life and Doings
Dr. Robinson in the Garden of Gethsemane
Dr. Ruschenberger's New Work
Dickson, Samuel Henry Dr. S. H. Dickson's Address at the Dinner of the New England Society of Charleston
Schaff, Philip Dr. Schaff's Apostolic Church
Author of "Valerie Aylmer," The Dr. Semple's Opportunity
Fox, Rev. James J. Dr. Shield's Defence of Revelation
Dr. Smiles's Works on Self-Help
Spencer, Ichabod S. Dr. Spencer's Sketches and Sermons
Dr. Sprague's Hints, Internal Polity of Churches
Dr. Spring's Reminiscences of His Life and Times
Taylor, Miss T. Dr. Susan's Christmas
Dr. Taylor's Lectures on the Moral Government of God
Stevens, Abel, LL. D. Dr. Thomas Coke
Tochman, G. Dr. Tochman's Letter to the Polish Democratic Societies
Searle, Rev. George M. Dr. Tyng's Sermon on "The Mountain Movers"
Duncan, D. Dr. W. B. Carpenter
Dr. Ward and the Oxford Movement
Dr. Willey's History of the College of California
Haven, Rev. E. O., D. D. Dr. William Butler, Missionary to India
WiIliams, Rowland Dr. William's New Translation of the Hebrew Prophets
Hewit, The Rev. A. F. Dr. Woolsey on Divorce
Leonard, Rev. S. L. Dr. Young and the Night Thoughts
Morgan, Carrie Blake Dragging Her Anchor, Chapter I
Morgan, Carrie Blake Dragging Her Anchor, Chapters II-IV
Morgan, Carrie Blake Dragging Her Anchor, Chapters V-VII
Chesebro, Caroline The Drake Difficulty
Griffes, James H. Drake's Bay Fishing
D. The Drama
The Drama in Boston
Stoddard, Charles Warren The Drama in Dreamland
Drama, Music, and Art
Amsden, Dora E. Dramatic Art in Japan
Dramatic Epigrams
Dramatic Literature. By Geo H. Boker
Dramatic Moralists in Spanish America
Cahour, A. Dramatic Mysteries of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
Dramatic Notes
Dramatic Scene
The Dramatis Personae of Spanish Comedy
Draper's Conflict between Religion and Science
Draper's Religion and Science
Bristed, C. A. The Drat: A Goblin Story of French Provincial Life
Draw Nigh to God
Drawback to Southern Industry
Drawing It Mild
Drawing Near to God
Marshall, A. F. "Drawing the Line"
MacDonald, George Drawing Water
Howarth, Mrs. Ellen C. The Dread Forever
Dreadful, Dramatic Drivel
The Dreadful First of May
Dreadful to Think of!
A Dream
Royce, Katharine A Dream
Wilcox, M. E. A Dream
A Dream
Sylvester The Dream
Oats The Dream and the Sequel
A. A Dream at Christmas
Kelly, Walter A Dream City
Jones, Amanda T. Dream-Land
Meek, Miss Harriet J. Dream-Land
Curtis, Mrs. L. B. Dream-Land (illustrated)
The Dream of a Day, and other Poems. By James G. Percival.
The Dream of a War Office Employe
Imlac The Dream of Algamon
McCabe, Rev. J. C. A Dream of Childhood
Hinton, Charles A Dream of Doubt
Newman, John Henry The Dream of Gerontius, Part I
Newman, John Henry The Dream of Gerontius, Part II
Baxter, William A Dream of Heaven
The Dream of Hope [Engraving]
M. Le. W. H. The Dream of Nations
Lawless, Magaret H. The Dream of Pilate's Wife
Bean, Harriet M. A Dream of Repose
The Dream of Scipio, Translated from Cicero
The Dream of Simme Boojsen No-Cami
Talley, Susan Archer A Dream of Summer Woods
The Dream of the Army Contractor
Bigelow, Mrs. M. A. A Dream of the Dead
Bigelow, Mrs. M. A. A Dream of the Dead
Mosby, Ella F. Dream of the Fir-Tree
Swartz, John T. A Dream of the Reality
Stone, C. M. Dream of the Summer-Land
Victor, O. J. "Dream On"
Cecilia Dream Pictures
Bean, Harriet M. The Dreamer
Cushing, Benjamin T. The Dreamer
Cooke, John Esten The Dreamer
Bean, Sam A Dreamer's Dream
Reilly, T. B. The Dreamers
Of Dreamers and Workers
Wolfe, Helen J. Dreaming
Howarth, Ellen C. Dreaming
Nealy, Mary E. Dreaming
Ross, Felicia H. Dreaming
Clark, Luella Dreaming
Dreaming—Not Achieving
Holmes, Avanelle L. Dreamings
Cheney, John Vance Dreams
Morris, Rev. T. M. Dreams
Nicholson, Meredith Dreams
Wentworth, R. S. Dreams
Baxter, William Dreams
D. E. L. Dreams
Author of "The Poet," By the Dreams
Seton, William Dreams and Hallucinations
Dreams by Day and Night
Beck, R. Maria Dreams of Childhood
Nealy, Mary E. Dreams of Heaven
The Dreams of Love
Dreams of My Child
Robertson, Miss Mary M. Dreams of My Early Home
Fiesco Dreams of the Heart: A Song
Worthington, Miss Jane Tayloe Lomax Dreams of the Past
Dreams of Youth (engraving)
Elia Dreams: To the Same
Mary The Dreamy Past
Dred Scott in the Supreme Court
Peatfield, J. J. Dredging on the Pacific Coast
Wells, Prof. William Dresden and its Environs
Johnson, Rev. J. E. Dress
Gardiner, Mrs. H. C. Dress
Dress and Sight
Townsend, Virginia F. The Dress-Maker
L. Dress of Public Speakers
Wentworth, Miss N. C. Dress Reform
The Drift in Italy
Thompson, Joseph F. The Drift of Europe, Christian and Social
Moses, Bernard The Drift of Power in the English Government
Crandall, Authur I. J. Drifting
Graves, Frances Drifting
The Drifting Boat
Underwood, T. Hulbert Drifting Down
Smith, H. Elton Drifting on the Bay, Chapters I-II
Drill for Dinners
Drilling by Hand and by Power.
Drink and Away
Foley, Rev. M. F. Drink and Drink-Sellers the Nation's Bane
Snively, J. H. Drinks and Drinking Vessels
Townsend, Virginia F. Driven to the War
A Drop for Dives
Benson, Eugene "Dropping Off," a Sketch of Eastman Johnson
Rose, A. C. Droppings of the Sanctuary
Drops from Heaven
The Drought: An Improvise
Ross, Felicia H. Drowned
The Drowned Fisherman (Engraving)
Drs. Hedge and Woolsey on College Studies and Government
Drug Literature
Drumming Up Fools
S. The Drunkard
Hamline, Mrs. The Drunkard's Wife
Burritt, Elihu The Drunkard's Wife
Nordhoff, Charles Dry Bones
Stern, Herman I. Dryad's Death
Dryburgh Abbey
Drying the Cedars of Lebanon