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Bi-Sulphate of Lime in Sugar
Renaud, Edward Bianca
Cassady, Rev. F. S. The Bible
Biddle, Hon. Horace P. The Bible
The Bible
Barry, Mrs. E. M. The Bible
Lamda The Bible
Morris, Bishop The Bible
The Bible
Crum, G. C. The Bible
The Bible
Shreve, Thomas H. The Bible
Warrington, Rev. C. B. The Bible, a Mysterious Book
The Bible and Civil Liberty
The Bible and Conscience
E. H. B. The Bible and Divorce, Parts I-II
Chateaubriand The Bible and Homer, Part I
De Chateaubriand, F. A. The Bible and Homer, Part II
Stephenson, Rev. Jas The Bible and Nature
Rawlins, Rev. B. F., D. D. The Bible and Progress
Spear, Samuel T. The Bible and the Public School
Bible Class Manual: or System of Theology. By John McDowell, D. D.
Thomson, Edward The Bible Friendly to Reason
Thomson, Edward The Bible Friendly to Reason, Part II
Wentworth, E. The Bible Identified with Human Progress.—No. I.
Eggleston, Rev. Edward The Bible in Modern Languages
The Bible in Spain
The Bible in the Counting-House
De Costa, B. F. The Bible in the Life, Thought, and Homes of the People
Feudge, Mrs. Fannie Roper The Bible in the Light of Oriental Usages
Wentworth, E. The Bible Intimately Identified with Human Progress.—No. II.
The Bible its Own Witness and Interpreter
The Bible not of Man: or the Argument for the Divine Origin of the Sacred Scriptures Drawn from the Scriptures Themselves, by Gardiner Spring, D. D.
Olin, Julia M. The Bible of the Bastile, Part I
Olin, Julia M. The Bible of the Bastile, Part II
Olin, Julia M. Bible of the Sepulcher
The Bible; or, Christmas Eve
Montgomery The Bible Our True Guide
Mercein, Imogen The Bible Reader
P. A. M. The Bible (review)
The Bible should be Free
Fox, Rev. Thomas Bible Sketches
The Bible the Christian's Standard
Lewis, Rev. George The Bible, the Missal, and the Breviary, Review
Brown, Rev. J. T. The Bible Unfettered
Field, A. D. The Bible vs. the Koran
Draper, Rev. Gideon The "Bible Women's Work" in London
Gavitt, Mrs. E. C. Biblia Sacra
Biblical Eloquence and Poetry
The Biblical Gerritt
Biblical Researches in Palestine, Mount Sinai, and Arabia Petraea. A Journal of Travels in the year 1838, by E. Robinson and E. Smith. Undertaken in reference to Biblical Geography. Drawn up from the Original Diaries, with Historical Illustrations, by Edward Robinson, D.D., Professor of Biblical Literature in the Union Theological Seminary, New York; author of a Greek and English Lexicon of the New Testament, etc. With new Maps and Plans in five sheets
Bibliographical Notes
Bibliographical Notices
Wilson, James Grant Bibliomania
Converse, Emma M. Biela's Comet and the Meteoric Shower
Brower, Edith The Big Boss's Parade
Gally, J. W. Big Jack Small
Pummill, James The Big River
Big Thing in Maine
Hamline, Mrs. Bigelow and Strange
Bigelow as a Preacher
Bigler, Henry W. Bigler's Journal in '49
The Bigots of Bergen
Eustis, Hon. Geo. The Bill of Exchange and Bill of Lading
The Bill of Rights
Deem, Fred Bill's Jokes
Wells, Prof. Wm. A Billigerent Bishop
Brown, William Perry Billy Key West
Billy or not Billy
Baker, Mrs. H. W. Billy's Wife
Sumner, Prof. William G., Yale College Bimetallism
Breckenridge, Henry Marie Biographical Notice of H. H. Breckenridge, Late of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
A Biographical Sketch
Biographical Sketch of Captain Samuel Cooper
Biographical Sketch of Daniel Sheffey
Biographical Sketch of Frederick William Thomas; Extracts from the Poetry of Frederick William Thomas, Esq.
Biographical Sketch of General Hugh Mercer
Biographical Sketch of George P. Morris
Biographical Sketch of James Fennimore Cooper
Biographical Sketch of Jeremiah T. Chase
Biographical Sketch of Jonathan P. Cushing
Biographical Sketch of Laurence Everheart
Biographical Sketch of Nicholas Biddle
Youmans, E. L. Biographical Sketch of Professor Tyndall
Biographical Sketch of Robert White
Biographical Sketch of Roger Brooke Taney
Ward, George Atkinson [Unsigned] Biographical Sketch of the Career of Major William Cunningham, of South Carolina, Part I
Ward, George Atkinson [Unsigned] Biographical Sketch of the Career of Major William Cunningham, of South Carolina, Part II
Anderson, Rev. J. R. Biographical Sketch of the Rev. James Smith
Biographical Sketch of William D. Gallagher
Biographical Sketch of William Gilmore Simms
Biographical Sketches of Living American Poets
Hawthorne, Nathaniel Biographical Stories for Children
Biography of Col. C. M. Thruston
Biography of Dabney Carr
Biography of George Peabody
Simmons, James W. (Translation) Bion, Idyll 4
The Birch
Meredith, Owen Bird at Sunset
The Bird Catchers (engraving)
Bird Law
Tristram, Rev. H. B., LL. D. A Bird-nesting Expedition in Northern Africa
Graham, Harry L. Bird Notes in Southern California
Benton, Joel (trans.) The Bird of Gold
Furman, Mrs. S. K. The Bird of Heaven
Benjamin, Park Bird of My Heart
Hewitt, Mary Elizabeth Moore The Bird of Paradise (verse)
The Bird of the Air
Harlan, Mrs. Bird of the Summer
The Bird of Two Songs
Bird's-Eye View of "Old Paris" (Frontispiece)
Harmony, Miss Bird's-Eye View of Our Village
A Bird's-Eye View of Toledo
Bird-Shooting in Absecom Creek, New Jersey (Illustration)
Thorpe, T. B. Bird-Shooting on the Coast of New Jersey
Eames, Elizabeth Jessup Bird Songs (verse)
Birdie's Morning Song
Bean, Harriet M. Birds
The Birds' Friend
Sigourney, Mrs. The Birds in Autumn
Utter, Rebecca Palfrey Birds in the Bush
Birds in the High Hall Garden
Burroughs, John Birds'—Nesting
Birds of a Feather
Birds of Paradise
Blair, Mrs. C. P. Birds of Passage
McWhorter, George C. Birds' Wings
Hoffman, Elwyn Irving Birth
Waterman, Geo., Jr. The Birth-day
Birth-Day Musings
Birth-Day Verses: To a Fair Virginian
Brody, Mr. Birth, Infancy, and Death in Bulgaria
Morse, Philip The Birth of a Flower
Avery, Benjamin P. The Birth of Beauty
Macnab, Leavenworth The Birth of Catalina
Neville, Henry The Birth of Christ
Buckham, James The Birth of Friendship
Powers, H. N. The Birth of Love
Meek, Alexander Beaufort The Birth of Love (verse)
Ingle, Ikey The Birth of the Pearls
C. Birth of the Rainbow (verse).
Dunkley, Maud The Birth of The Winds
Tennyson, Alfred The Birth of the Year
The Birth-Place of S. Vincent de Paul
Hoey, J. Cashel The Birth-place of Saint Patrick
Blake, Mary Elizabeth A Birthday
W. T. W. A Birthday Offering: To M. B. W.
Miller, Emily Huntington The Birthday Present
Coolbrith, Ina D. A Birthday Rhyme
A Birthday Song
Moore, Augusta A Birthday Song
Cyllene Birthday Sonnet (verse)
A Birthday Tribute
Johnson, Mrs. Felicia Ross Birthnight Guests
Dutto, Rev. L. A. The Birthplace of Columbus
Bell, J. D. The Birthrights of the Soul
Bogue, Sybil Russell Biscache Bill.—An Andean Sketch
Eddy, Rev. Thomas M. Bishop Ames
The Bishop and the Knight
Barrows, Rev. L. D., A. M. Bishop Baker
Hill, Rev. Moses Bishop Calvin Kingsley
De Bow, J. D. B. [The Editor] Bishop Capers and the Methodist Church
Curry, Rev. Daniel, D. D. Bishop D. W. Clark
H. P. S. Bishop Dudley's Reasons
Bishop Dupanloup's Catholic Congress of Malines
Bishop Dupanloup's Speech at the Catholic Congress of Malines
Curry, Daniel, D. D. Bishop Edward Thomson
Johnson, Rev. H. M., D. D. Bishop Edward Thomson
Bishop Elliott, of Georgia, on the Education of the Freedmen
Rust, Rev. R. S., D. D. Bishop Hamline's Sermons
House, Erwin Bishop Heber
Bishop Heber's Poems
Smith, Henry B., D. D. Bishop Hefele on Pope Honorius
Bishop Isaac W. Wiley (Engraving)
Bishop Jesse T. Peck (engraving)
Reilly, L. W. Bishop John DuBois
McElrone, Hugh P. Bishop Lynch
Bishop M'Ilvaine's Lectures
McIlvaine, Rt. Rev. Charles P. Bishop McIlvaine on the Church
Adams, Henry Austin Bishop Potter and Anglican Orders: What Now?
Bishop Randolph S. Foster [Engraving]
Morris, Bishop Bishop Roberts
Hamline, Rev. L. L. [By the Editor] Bishop Roberts
Elliott, Dr. Bishop Roberts
Bishop Roberts
Elliott, Rev. Walter Bishop Seymour's Reason Why
Bishop Stephen M. Merrill [Engraving]
Bishop Timon
Bishop Vincent Not a Good Methodist
Rooney, John Jerome Bishop Watterson
Bishop William M'Kendree (engraving)
Eliza Bishops
Bishops (from the Medical Repository of —)
The Bishops of Rome
Waring, H. Winthrop Bismarck
Hurst, Rev. J. F., D. D. The Bismarck Family (illustrated)
Hurst, Rev. J. F., D. D. The Bismarck Family (illustrated) (concluded)
Bismark and the Jesuits
Breck, Mary H. A Bit of Eastern Experience
Quien A Bit of Forgotten Biography, Chapter XI
Quien A Bit of Forgotten Biography, Parts I - III
Quien A Bit of Forgotten Biography, Parts IV - VI
Quien A Bit of Forgotten Biography, Parts VII - X
Youmans, E. L. A Bit of Heart-History
Hughes, J. C. A Bit of Indian Folk-Lore
A Bit of Modern Thought on Matter
Rhodes, Albert A Bit of Nature, Chapters I-VI
Rhodes, Albert A Bit of Nature, Chapters VII-XIII
Rhodes, Albert A Bit of Nature, Chapters XIV-XXIII
Adams, Charlotte A Bit of Old Venice: The Story of Bianca Capello
Quien A Bit of the Unclassified Residuum, Part I
Quien A Bit of the Unclassified Residuum, Part II
Tozier, Josephine Bits of Antiquity at the Paris Exposition
The Bitter End
The Bitter Flower, from German Parables
The Bitter Flower—A Parable
Bitter Fruit, Chapter I
Bitter Fruit, Chapter II
Bitter Fruit, Chapter III
Bitter Fruit, Prologue
Griffith, Rev. T. M. Bitter-Sweet
Hewitt, Mary Elizabeth Moore A Bivouac in the Desert