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Stoddard, Charles Warren Avalon
Wilhelm, L. W. Avalon, The Precursor of Maryland
Lynch, Jeremiah Ave Atque Vale!
Donnelly, Eleanor C. Ave Gráatia Plena
Malley, Austin O' Ave, Gratia Plena
Teresa Ave, Leo Pontifex!
Ave Maria
Mullin, Rev. M. Ave Maria Sine Labe Concepta
Ave Roma Immortalis
Upton, Melville Ave Sanctissima
Ave Verum
Swift, Mrs. Jane L. The Avenging Conscience (verse)
M.E.W.S. The Average Dream
Aversion to Attorneys
The Avezzana Affair
Rothwell, Annie Avice Gray, I-IV
Rothwell, Annie Avice Gray, V-VII
Rothwell, Annie Avice Gray, VIII-X
Rothwell, Annie Avice Gray, XI-XIII
Thompson, M. P. Avignon, and the Processions of the Gray Penitents