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Cremony, J. C. The Apache Race
Hayne, Paul H. Apart
Carroll, Charles Apartment-Houses
An Aphorism
Heinse Aphorism
Merrick, Professor Aphorisms
Clarke, Mary Bayard Devereux Aphrodite (verse)
Apollo and Marsyas: the Story of a Picture
Hassard, J. R. G. The Apology for John Brown
An Apology for the Septuagint, in which its Claims to Biblical and Canonical Authority are briefly stated and vindicated. By E. W. Grinfield, M. A.
An Apology for the True Christian Divinity: Being an Explanation and Vindication of the Principles and Doctrines of the People Called Quakers, by Robert Barclay
The Apostacy of Dr. Dollinger
Repplier, Agnes An Apostle of Doubt
Hart, K. The Apostle of the Alleghenies
The Apostles' Creed
The Apostles' doctrine and fellowship: Five Sermons preached in the principal churches of his diocese, during his spring visitation, 1844. By the Right Rev. L. Silliman Ives, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of North Carolina. Published by the unanimous request of his Convention.
The Apostleship a Temporary Office
The Apostleship a Temporary Office
Young, Rev. Alfred The Apostolate of Congregational Song
The Apostolic Benediction
Slattery, Rev. J. R. An Apostolic College
Pius IX, Pope An Apostolic Letter from the Pope
Apostolic Letter of Pope Pius IX,
The Apostolic Mission to Chili: A Chapter in the Life of Pius IX
The Apostolical Succession
Bowman, Mary C. E. An Apostrophe
Tucker, George [Unsigned] Apostrophe of the Æolian Harp to the Wind
Margaret Junkin An Apostrophe to Niagara
Singleton, G. B. Apostrophe to the Winds
Kendall, W. A. Apothegms
Benton, Joel Apothegms (from the Turkish)
O'Shea, John J. The Apotheosis of Christopher Columbus
Carey, Alice Appeal
Truro The Appeal
Preston, Margaret Junkin An Appeal for Mount Vernon
Walker, Hon. Robert J. An Appeal for the Union
An Appeal from a Sick Woman
An Appeal in Behalf of the Views of the Eternal World and State, and the Doctrines of Faith and Life, Held by the Body of Christians Who Believe that a New Church Is Signified by the New Jerusalem, Embracing All Answers to All Principal Objections, by Rev. S. Noble
Appeal of Ireland to Maternal England, in 1847
Clark, Rev. D. W. An Appeal to Christian and Partriotic Women Upon their Duties in Relation to War
Sehon, E. W. An Appeal to Christians
Lady of Maryland, A Appeal to Maryland: From a Dying Soldier at Manassas (verse).
Gautier, Leon Appeal to Working-men
An Appeal to Young Christian Women
Eames, Mrs. E. J. Appealings
Appeals to Liberality
House Appearances
Welling, D. S. Appearances often Deceptious, Number I
Welling, D. S. Appearances often Deceptious, Number II
Appendix to Address
Benson, Eugene Apple Blossoms
Morse, E. M., Esq. Apple Blossoms
Bigelow, Mrs. M. A. Apple Blossoms
Gillman, Henry Apple Blossoms; A Nutshell Sermon
Apple Sauce
Carpenter, Hugh Smith Apple-Thoughts for Apple-Time
Soule, Nellie M. Apple-Tree Voices
Denison, Elizabeth W. Apple Trees in California
Sturgis, Julian Apples: A Comedy
Applications of Chemistry
Morehead, Anthony Appreciated
Apprenticeship Schools in France
Grasil, Bertha The Approach of Night
The Approaching Baby Show
The Approaching Council of the Vatican
Dupanloup, Mgr., Bishop of Orleans The Approaching General Council
Dupanloup, Mgr. The Approaching General Council
Approaching Spring
Tyler, Martha T. April
Osborn, Minerva April
Bowman, Mrs. M. C. April
Gearhart, Mrs. Sarah M. April
Simms, William Gilmore April
Clark, Luella An April Day
April Fool
Avard, Mrs. A. E. An April Idyl
April Morning. Translated from the Italian.
Reid, Christian An April Noon
Reid, Christian April Parting
Best, Flora L. April Skies
Shanly, C. Dawson April Snow
Apropos de "Marmion"
Lossing, Benson J. The Apthorpe Mansion