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Serial: Overland monthly and Out West magazine.
Title: Chinese Proverbs [Volume 10, Issue 1, Jan 1873; pp. 82-85]
Author: Loomis, Rev. A. W.
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CHINESE PRO VERBS. CHRISTMAS EVE: I872. Peace in thy snowy breast, O cloud from storm at rest! Peace in the winds that sleep Upon the deep. Peace in the starry height: Peace infinite, Through all the worlds that move Within Ilis love. O! all sad hearts, that be On land or on the sea, God's peace with you rest light This Christmas night! And with the souls that stand In that dear land Where pain and all tears cease, Most perfect peace! CHINESE PROVERBS. ON INTIMACY AND FRIENDSHIP. ONFUCIUS said: To dwell with a good man is like entering a house wherein are the fragrant "lan" flowers; after awhile you may not seem to smell the fragrance, because you yourself have changed-(your whole person has become impregnated with the fragrance.) To dwell with a bad man is like entering a market of abalones (a large shellfish); after awhile you do not notice the stench, because you yourself have changed-(your garments are saturated with it.) The vessel in which cinnabar is stored will have the carnation color: the vessel which contains black varnish will become black. Therefore, all ye gentlemen! take great care with whom ye associate. Association with good men is like the fragrance of the lan-wai flower. Let one man cultivate it, and all people will enjoy its fragrance. Association with bad men is like carrying a child to the top of a wall: if the man misses his step, both will meet with disaster. In the family sayings of Confucius it is said: To dwell with a good man is like walking in a gentle mist: although your garments do not become suddenly wet, yet are they all the time imbibing the moisture. To dwell with wicked men is like standing in the midst of knives and swords: although they may not wound [JAN. 82