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Serial: The Southern quarterly review.
Title: Milton's Genius—Imitation and Use of the Moderns, 1. An Essay on Milton's Imitation and Use of the Moderns. By Wm. Lauder. 1750. 2. Sarcotis. Carmen. Auctore P. Jacobo Masenio. Cologne: 1644. Londini; et venit Paris: Adud J. Barbou. 3. Poemata Sacra Andreæ Ramsæi Pastoris Edinburgeni. Edinburgi: 1633. Gentleman's Magazine: 1747. 4. Hugonis Grotii Adamus Exul. Tragœdia. Edition of the Hague: 1601. Gentleman's Magazine: 1747. 5. The Life of Milton; with conjectures on the origin of Paradise Lost. By Wm. Hayley, Esq. London: 1796. 6. Remarks on the Character and Writings of John Milton. By Wm. Ellery Channing. Boston: 1826. 7. Milton's Paradise Lost. Newton's edition. Article on Mr. Prendeville's Milton,-Blackwood's Magazine, May, 1840. [Volume 5, Issue 10, Apr 1844; pp. 420-458]
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