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Serial: The Southern quarterly review.
Title: The Reformed Israelites. 1. Twelve Sermons, delivered in the New Temple of the Israelites at Hamburgh, by Dr. Gotthold Salomon. Translated from the German, by Anna Goldsmid. First American edition. London and Charleston. 1841. 2. Instructions in the Mosaic Religion, from the German of Johlson, translated by the Rev. Isaac Leeser. Philadelpia. 5594. 3. The Mosaic System, in its fundamental principle, by the Rev. Dr. Lewis Salomon, Minister of the Congregation Rodif Shalone. Philadelphia. 5601. 4. The Voice of Jacob,—Newspaper,—Semi-Monthly.—London. [Volume 5, Issue 10, Apr 1844; pp. 312-360]
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