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Serial: Debow's review, Agricultural, commercial, industrial progress and resources.
Title: Lead [Volume 18, Issue 5, May 1855; pp. 652-653]
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652 LEAD. swept them away, and left the people once more a prey to pawnbrokers. This evil became so great that the Monts de Pit6 were restored, and there are now in France forty-six establishments. The aggregate loans per annum were in 1849 42,220,684 francs, in average sums of 13.75 francs, or $2 50 each. Five of the establishments loan gratuitously. Others make a charge for loans over one dollar of from one to fifteen per cent. per annum. The average length of the loans is seven months, and about five per cent. only of the pledged articles are forfeited. In the year 1848, at Paris, there was loaned 19,731,872 francs upon 1,213,116 articles. The minimum loans in some of the concerns is one franc or nineteen cents, and some of them receive deposits by which a person may gradually redeem his pledge. The great importance and usefulness of these institutions has been fully demonstrated by experience. The Baron de Watterville remarks, that to remove any doubt in relation to them it is only necessary to read the edicts of September, 1643, of 1777, and of the report of the year XII. of the republic. They operate to restrain usury, and to succor in time of distress those citizens neither rich nor poor. They contribute to the diminution of pauperism. They aid laboring men in time of sickness, want of work, or accidental distress. They preserve the honor of the poor citizen, and prevent him from having recourse to disreputable means for the procurement of money. They often sustain the credit of the merchants, and many a small manufacturer has by them been carried through a crisis that might otherwise have overwhelmed him. LEAD. The import of foreign lead for the past six months has been as follows: Pigs. Pigs. July.......... 27,651 October....... 69,486 August ---- 36,462 November... 46,088 September -....... 24,972 December. 46,958 Total --- —....-...-. 251,617 Received previously -.....-.......... 148,018 Making for the whole year a total of.. 399,635 Against last year from all foreign ports............ 270,844 Decrease................................. 128,704 The receipts of galena at New York, the past year, have