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Serial: The Princeton review.
Title: 1. The Integrity of our National Union vs. Abolitionism. An Argument from the Bible, in Proof of the Position, that Believing Masters Ought to Be Honored and Obeyed by Their Servants, and Tolerated in, Not Excommunicated from, the Church of God, Being Part of a Speech Delivered before the Synod of Cincinnati, on the Subject of Slavery. September 19th, and 20th, 1843. By the Rev. George Junkin, D. D., President of Miami University. 2. The Contrast, or the Bible vs. Abolitionism: an Exegetical Argument. By Rev. William Graham, Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, Oxford, Ohio. 3. A Review of the Rev. Dr. Junkin's Synodical Speech, in Defence of American Slavery, with an Outline of the Bible Argument againt Slavery. 4. Line of Demarcation between the Secular and Spiritual Kingdoms. By the Rev. William Wisner, D. D. Ithaca. [Volume 16, Issue 4, Oct 1844; pp. 545-581]
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