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Serial: The Princeton review.
Title: 1. The Divine Rule of Faith and Practice; or a defence of the Catholic Doctrine that Holy Scripture has been since the times of the Apostles the Sole Divine Rule of Faith and Practice, against the dangerous errors of the authors of the Tracts for the Times, and the Romanists, as, particularly that the Rule of Faith is "made up of Scripture and Tradition together;" &c., in which also the doctrines of Apostolical Succession, the Eucharistic Sacrifice, &c. are fully discussed. By William Goode, M. A., of Trinity College, Cambridge; Rector of St. Antholin, London. Philadelphia: Herman Hooker. 1842. Two volumes, 8vo. 2. A Treatise concerning the Right use of the Fathers in the Decision of Controversies in Religion. By John Daille, Minister of the Gospel in the Reformed Church at Paris. Presbyterian Board of Publication. Philadelphia. 1842. 3. Not Tradition, but Scripture. By Philip N. Shuttleworth, D. D., Warden of New College, Oxford, (late Bishop of Chichester). First American from the third London edition. Philadelphia: Hooker & Agnew. 1841. 4. The Authority of Tradition in Matters of Religion. By George Holden, M. A. Philadelphia: Hooker & Agnew. 1841. 5. Tradition Unveiled. By Baden Powell, of Oriel College, Oxford. Hooker & Agnew. 1841. [Volume 14, Issue 4, Oct 1842; pp. 598-630]
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