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The Conversion Process

The materials in the MOA collection are scanned from the original paper source, with materials disbound locally due to the brittle nature of many of the items. The conversion of the materials has been outsourced to Northern Micrographics, Inc., a service vendor in LaCrosse, WI. The images are captured at 600 dpi in TIFF image format and compressed using CCITT Group 4. Minimal document structuring occurs at the point of conversion, primarily linking image numbers to pagination and tagging self-referencing portions of the text. In the case of serials, low-level indexing will be added post-conversion by the partner institutions; Cornell and Michigan staff are collaborating to determine low-level indexing guidelines for this complex group of serial titles.

Further conversion of the University of Michigan materials (approximately 685,000 pages from within the total project) includes both optical character recognition of the page images, and SGML-encoding of the ensuing textual information. For more information, please consult information About this Online Implementation.


January, 2002

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