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Besant, Walter, Sir, 1836-1901. / [1879] Rabelais.
Beauvallet, Léon. / [1856] Rachel and the New World.: A trip to the United States and Cuba./ Tr.from the French of Léon Beauvallet.
Denton, William, 1823-1883. / [1872] Radical discourses on religious subjects. Delivered in Music hall, Boston, Mass.,
Bartol, C. A. (Cyrus Augustus), 1813-1900. / [1872] Radical problems.
[1868] Radical rule; military outrage in Georgia.: Arrest of Columbus prisoners; with facts connected with their imprisonment and release.
Bruyas, Jacques, 1635-1712. / [1863] Radical words of the Mohawk language, with their derivatives.
Lunt, George, 1803-1885. / [1858] Radicalism in religion, philosophy, and social life: four papers from The Boston courier for 1858.
Sumner, Charles, 1811-1874. / [1865] Rail-road usurpation of New Jersey.
With, Émile. / [1856] Railroad accidents: their causes and the means of preventing them. By Émile With ... With an introduction by Auguste Perdonnet ... Tr. from the French, with an appendix, by G. Forrester Barstow ...
[1865] The Railroad and insurance almanac for 1865.
California. Legislature. / [1876] Railroad fares and freights. Report of the Senate Committee on Corporations, on Senate bills nos. 332, 319, and 334, and Assembly bill no. 182.
Boston (Mass.). City Council. / [1852] The railroad jubilee. An account of the celebration commemorative of the opening of railroad communication between Boston and Canada, Sept. 17th, 18th, and 19th, 1851.
King, Thomas Starr, 1824-1864. / [1851] The railroad jubilee: two discourses delivered in Hollis-street meeting-house, Sunday, Sept. 21, 1851.
United States. War Dept. / [1866] Railroad property. Letter from the secretary of war, in answer to a resolution of the House of June 4, relative to railroad property in the possession of the government.
Ohio. General Assembly. / [1867] Railroads in Ohio. Fast freight lines, etc. Abuses practised and remedies proposed. Report of special committee of the Ohio Legislature.
Lardner, Dionysius, 1793-1859. / [1850] Railway economy: a treatise on the new art of transport, its management, prospects and relations .../ by Dionysius Lardner.
Gilbert, Frank, 1839-1899. / [1873] Railway law in Illinois. The relations of railroads to the people, as set forth in the constitution, the statutes and the decisions of Illinois; together with the decisions of other states and the federal courts upon the constitutional questions involved. With an introduction by Hon. John M. Palmer, and an appendix showing the condition of all the railways in the state, and the tariff schedule prepared in accordance with law. By Frank Gilbert ...
Jervis, John Bloomfield, 1795-1885. / [1861] Railway property : a treatise on the construction and management of railways : designed to afford useful knowledge in a popular style to the holders of this class of property as well as to railway managers, officers and agents / by John B. Jervis.
Jorvis, John Bloomfield, 1795-1885. / [1872] Railway property. A treatise on the construction and management of railways: designed to afford useful knowledge in a popular style ...
Poor, John A. John Alfred, 1808-1871. / [1867] The railway. Remarks at Belfast, Maine, July 4, 1867.
Prosser, Thomas. / [1865] Railways and the wheels which run upon them, being a brief enquiry into the relative cost in material, of rails and tires ...
Fenner, Ball. / [1856] Raising the veil;
Vosburg, John Henry. / [1874] Ralph Elmwood: a poem ...
Alcott, Amos Bronson, 1799-1888. / [1882] Ralph Waldo Emerson: an estimate of his character and genius in prose and verse,/ by A. Bronson Alcott.
Horton, Edward Augustus, 1843- / [1882] Ralph Waldo Emerson: his services as minister of the Second Church, and his qualities as a religious teacher. A discourse preached in the Second Church, Boston, Sunday, April 30,1882, by the minister Edward Augustus Horton.
Brewster, Charles Warren, 1802-1868. / [1873] Rambles about Portsmouth.
Brewster, Charles Warren, 1802-1868. / [1859-69] Rambles about Portsmouth. Sketches of persons, localities, and incidents of two centuries: principally from tradition and unpublished documents. By Charles W. Brewster.
Swinton, William, 1833-1892. / [1872] Rambles among words: their poetry, history and wisdom. By William Swinton.
Bowen, Eli, b. 1824. / [1855] Rambles in the path of the steam-horse.: An off-hand olla podrida, embracing a general historical and descriptive view of the scenery, agricultural and mineral resources, and prominent features of the travelled route from Baltimore to Harper's Ferry, Cumberland, Wheeling, Cincinnati, and Louisville./ By Ele [!] Bowen.
Godman, John D. (John Davidson), 1794-1830. / [1859] Rambles of a naturalist. With a memoir of the author, Dr. John D. Godman.
Lanoye, F. de (Ferdinand), 1810-1870. / [1872] Rameses the Great; or, Egypt 3300 years ago. Tr. from the French of F. de Lanoye. With thirty-nine wood cuts by Lancelot, Sellier and Bayard.
United States. Post Office Dept. / [1855] Ramsey & Carmick contract. Letter from the Postmaster General, transmitting copy of a conditional mail contract; also copies of correspondence relative to the same.
Thompson, Daniel P. (Daniel Pierce), 1795-1868. / [1851] The rangers; or, The Tory's daughter. A tale, illustrative of the revolutionary history of Vermont, and the northern campaign of 1777 ...
New York Chamber of Commerce. / [1905] Rapid transit in New York city and in the other great cities.
Martin, John,of New York. / [1909] Rapid transit: its effect on rents and living conditions and how to get it. / Addressed to rentpayers, social workers and city statesmen.
[c1854] The rappers: or, The mysteries, fallacies, and absurdities of spirit-rapping, table-tipping, and entrancement. By a searcher after truth.
Hickok, Laurens P. (Laurens Perseus), 1798-1888. / [1858] Rational cosmology: or, The eternal principles and the necessary laws of the universe./ By Laurens P. Hickok.
Hickok, Laurens P. (Laurens Perseus), 1798-1888. / [1854] Rational psychology: or, The subjective idea and the objective law of all intelligence, by Laurens P. Hickok.
Vaiden, Thomas J. / [1852] Rational religion and morals: presenting analysis of the functions of mind, under the operations and directions of reason; the first, eliciting the necessary, rational, and only religion, monotheism .. the second, the obvious duties and precautions of society.
Kingsley, Henry, 1830-1876. / [1862] Ravenshoe. By Henry Kingsley.
Ray, Joseph, 1807-1855. / [187-?] Ray's arithmetical key: containing solutions to the questions in Ray's third book, and to some of the most difficult questions in the second book.
Ray, Joseph, 1807-1855. / [1858?] Ray's arithmetical key: containing solutions to the questions in Ray's third book, and to some of the most difficult questions in the second book: also an appendix, of test examples for the slate or blackboard. By Joseph Ray ...
Ray, Joseph, 1807-1855. / [1858?] Ray's higher arithmetic. The principles of arithmetic, analyzed and practically applied ... By Joseph Ray ... Ed. by Chas. E. Matthews, M.A.