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Lowell, James Russell, 1819-1891. / [c1890] A fable for critics,: by James Russell Lowell; with vignette portraits of the authors de guibus fabula narratur.
La Fontaine, Jean de, 1621-1695. / [1881] Fables ...
La Fontaine, Jean de, 1621-1695. / [1898] Fables de La Fontaine with grammatical explanatory, & etymological notes, by Francis Tarver...
Patterson, Robert, 1829-1885. / [1875] Fables of infidelity and facts of faith:
[1862] Fac-similes of the memorial stones of the last English ancestors of George Washington in the parish church of Brington, Northamptonshire, England; permanently placed in the State house of Massachusetts.
Leavitt, Thomas Hooker, 1824- / [1867] Facts about peat as an artical of fuel.
Gallagher, William Davis 1808-1894. / [1850] Facts and conditions of progress in the North-west. Being the annual discourse for 1850, before the Historical and philosophical society of Ohio; delivered April 8, the sixty-third anniversary of the first settlement of the state ... With an appendix, containing a sketch of the history of the society, and other matter.
Way, W. V. (Willard V.), 1807-1875. / [1869] The facts and historical events of the Toledo war of 1835,
Republican Party (Mich.). State central committee. / [1858?] Facts for the people of Michigan!: State and national finances, and the Kansas policy of the Democratic party, 1858.
Tuel, John. / [1883?] Facts for the people: a report of the Anti-Monopoly League of the State of New York, the record of the legislature of 1883.
United States Christian Commission. / [1864] Facts, principles and progress ... January, 1864.
[Washburn, William Tucker], 1841-1916. / [1869] Fair Harvard: a story of American college life...
Herbert, Henry William, 1807-1858. / [1875] The fair puritan, an historical romance of the days of witchcraft, by Henry William Herbert, (Frank Forrester)
Negativland (Musical group). / [c1995] Fair use : the story of the letter U and the numeral 2 / Negativland.
Neill, Edward D. (Edward Duffield), 1823-1893. / [1868] The Fairfaxes of England and America in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including letters from and to Hon. William Fairfax ... and his sons, Col. George William Fairfax and Rev. Bryan, Eighth Lord Fairfax, the neighbors and friends of George Washington.
Keyser, Charles Shearer, 1825-1904, / [1872] Fairmount park.: Sketches of its scenery, waters and history./ By Charles S. Keyser.
Francke, August Hermann, 1663-1727. / [1867] Faith's work perfected; or, Francke's orphan house at Halle. By A.H. Francke ... Edited and translated by Wm. L. Gage.
Fiske, Daniel Taggart, 1819-1903. / [c1868] Faith working by love: as exemplified in the life of Fidelia Fiske. By D.T. Fiske ...
[White, Richard Grant], 1821-1885. / [1871] The fall of man:
Holt, Joseph, 1807-1894. / [1861] The fallacy of neutrality. An address by the Hon. Joseph Holt, to the people of Kentucky, delivered at Louisville, July 13th, 1861; also a letter to J. F. Speed, esq.
[Boykin, Edward M.] / [1874] The falling flag. Evacuation of Richmond, retreat and surrender at Appomattox.
Hunt, William, counsellor at law. / [1851] A familiar digest of all the pension and bounty land laws of the United States now in force, systematically arranged ... By William Hunt, cousellor at law.
Müller, Michael. / [1875] Familiar explanation of Christian doctrine adapted for the family and more advanced students in Catholic schools and colleges. No. III. ...
Herschel, John F. W. Sir, (John Frederick William), 1792-1871. / [1871] Familiar lectures on scientific subjects. By Sir John F. W. Herschel ...
[1864] Familiar letters to you, a young convert. From your pastor.
Alcott, William A. (William Andrus), 1798-1859. / [1850] Familiar letters to young men on various subjects.: Designed as a companion to The young man's guide./ by Wm. A. Alcott ...
Bartlett, John, 1820-1905. / [1868] Familiar quotations: being an attempt to trace to their source passages and phrases in common use.
Ellis, John, 1815-1896. / [1872] Family homoeopathy.
Ellis, John, 1815-1896. / [1865] Family homoeopathy. By John Ellis ...
Buist, Robert, 1805-1880. / [1861] The family kitchen gardener; containing plain and accurate descriptions of all the different species and varieties of culinary vegetables ... Also, descriptions and characters of the most select fruits, their management, propagation, etc. Illustrated with twenty-five engravings. By Robert Buist ...
Bryant, William Cullen, ed. 1794-1878. / [1880] The family library of poetry and song:
Herzfeld, Elsa Goldina, 1881- / [1905] Family monographs : the history of twenty-four families living in the middle west side of New York city, with an introduction / by Elsa G. Herzfeld ; preface by Elsie Clews Parsons ...
Episcopal Church. / [1868] The family prayer book, or, The Book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church, according to the use of the Protestant Episcopal church in the United States of America; accompanied by a general commentary, historical, explanatory, doctrinal, and practical: compiled from the most approved liturgical works, with alterations and additions, and accommodated to the liturgy of the Protestant Episcopal church in the United States of America.
Macduff, John R. (John Ross), 1818-1895. / [1875?] Family prayers ...
Smith, Benjamin Mosby, 1811-1893. / [1859] Family religion,: or, The domestic relations as regulated by Christian principles./ By the Rev. B. M. Smith ... A prize essay.
Parton, James, 1822-1891. / [1867] Famous Americans of recent times. By James Parton.
Parton, James, 1822-1891. / [1871] Famous Americans of recent times.: By James Parton.
Phillips, Samuel March, 1780-1862. / [1873] Famous cases of circumstantial evidence : with an introduction on the theory of presumptive proof / by S.M. Phillipps.
Goodrich, Samuel G. (Samuel Griswold), 1793-1860. / [1860] Famous men of ancient times: by the author of Peter Parley's tales.
[1860] Fanaticism, and its results: or, Facts versus fancies. By a southerner.
Tyndall, John, 1820-1893. / [1873] Faraday as a discoverer. By John Tyndall.
Washington, George, 1732-1799. / [1852] Farewell address of George Washington to the people of the United States of America, September 17, 1796. With a German translation by F. W. Bogen.
Duffield, Samuel Willoughby, 1843-1887. / [1874] A farewell sermon delivered in the First Presbyterian church, Ann Arbor, Michigan,: by Rev. Samuel W. Duffield, Sunday evening, Nov. 29, 1874 ...
Blake, John Lauris, 1788-1857. / [1852] The farm and the fireside: or, The romance of agriculture. Being half hour sketches of life in the country./ By the Rev. John L. Blake ...
Brackett, George E. / [1868] Farm talk:
Johnson, Cuthbert William, 1799-1878. / [1855] The farmer's and planter's encyclopedia of rural affairs: embracing all the more recent discoveries in agricultural chemistry.
Stephens, Henry, 1795-1874. / [1853] The farmer's guide to scientific and practical agriculture.: Detailing the labors of the farmer, in all their variety, and adapting them to the seasons of the year as they successively occur./ By Henry Stephens ... assisted by John P. Norton ... With numerous illustrations.
Stephens, Henry, 1795-1874. / [1853] The farmer's guide to scientific and practical agriculture.: Detailing the labors of the farmer, in all their variety, and adapting them to the seasons of the year as they successively occur./ By Henry Stephens ... assisted by John P. Norton ... With numerous illustrations.
Pedder, James, 1775-1859. / [1856] The farmer's land-measurer, or pocket companion: showing, at one view, the content of any piece of land, from dimensions taken in yards. With a set of useful agricultural tables./ By James Pedder ...
Barnard, Charles, 1838-1920. / [c1869] Farming by inches: or, "With brains, sir" ...
Headley, Joel Tyler, 1813-1897. / [1867] Farragut and our naval commanders. By Hon. J. T. Headley. A companion volume to Headley's "Grant and Sherman". Comprising the early life and public serices of the prominent naval commanders who, with Grant and Sherman and their generals, brought to a triumphant close the great rebellion of 1861-1865.
Stephens, Ann S. (Ann Sophia), 1810-1886. / [1854] Fashion and famine. By Mrs. Ann S. Stephens.
Ingelow, Jean, 1820-1897. / [1875] Fated to be free. A novel. By Jean Ingelow.
Maguire, John Francis, 1815-1872. / [c1864] Father Mathew: a biography, by John Francis Maguire ...
Ruffner, Henry, 1790-1861. / [1850] The fathers of the desert;
Lapham, Increase Allen, 1811-1875. / [1852] Fauna and flora of Wisconsin. By I.A. Lapham.
[1866, c1860] Favorite authors: a companion-book of prose and poetry.