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Cozzens, Frederick Swartwout, 1818-1869. / [1859] Acadia, or, A month with blue noses.
Reed, William B. (William Bradford), 1806-1876. / [1858] The Acadian exiles, or French neutrals, in Pennsylvania. To which is appended A relation of their misfortunes, by John Baptiste Galerm.
Coffin, Joshua, 1792-1864. / [1860] An account of some of the principal slave insurrections, and others, which have occurred, or been attempted, in the United States and elsewhere, during the last two centuries. With various remarks. Collected from various sources by Joshua Coffin.
Baegert, Jacob, 1717-1772. / [1865-75] An account of the aboriginal inhabitants of the Californian Peninsula, as given by Jacob Baegert, a German Jesuit missionary, who lived there seventeen years during the second half of the last century. Tr. and arranged for the Smithsonian institution by Charles Rau.
West Springfield (Mass.) / [1874] Account of the centennial celebration of the town of West Springfield, Mass., Wednesday, March 25th, 1874, with the historical address of Thomas E. Vermilye ... the poem of Mrs. Ellen P. Champion, and other facts and speeches. Comp. by J. N. Bagg.
Jackson, Henry, 1798-1863. / [1854] An account of the churches in Rhode-Island : presented at an adjourned session of the twenty-eighth annual meeting of the Rhode-Island Baptist state convention, Providence, November 8, 1853 / by Henry Jackson.
Everett, Edward, 1794-1865. / [1864] Account of the Fund for the Relief of East Tennessee; with complete list of the contributors.
Clarke, Thomas Curtis, 1827-1901. / [1869] An account of the iron railway bridge across the Mississippi River at Quiney, Illinois.
Rush, Benjamin, 1746-1813. / [1875] An account of the manners of the German inhabitants of Pennsylvania,
Battle of Lake Erie monument association. / [1858] An account of the organization & proceedings of the Battle of Lake Erie monument association. And celebration of the 45th anniversary of the battle of Lake Erie, at Put-in-Bay Island, on September tenth, 1858.
Harvard University. Museum of Comparative Zoology. / [1871] An account of the organization and progress of the Museum of comparative zoölogy at Harvard college
Ballard, Joseph. / [1868] Account of the poor fund and other charities held in trust by the Old South society, city of Boston: with copies of original papers relative to the charities and to the late trial before the Supreme Court of Massachusetts in 1867 / by Joseph Ballard.
Anthony, Susan B. (Susan Brownell), 1820-1906. / [1874] An account of the proceedings on the trial of Susan B. Anthony ... at the Presidential election in Nov., 1872..:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. / [1861] An account of the proceedings preliminary to the organization of the Massachusetts institute of technology;
Rhees, William Jones / [1859] An account of the Smithsonian institution,
Chandler, Zachariah, 1813-1879. / [1859?] Acquisition of Cuba. Speeh of Hon. Zachariah Chandler, of Michigan, in the Senate of the United States, February 17, 1859.
Pumpelly, Raphael, 1837-1923. / [1870] Across America and Asia.
Bowles, Samuel, 1826-1878. / [1865] Across the continent: a summer's journey to the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons, and the Pacific States, with Speaker Colfax, by Samuel Bowles ...
Chard, Thomas S. / [1875] Across the sea & other poems ...
New York (State) / [1866] The act authorizing the formation of corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical, and chemical purposes. Passed February 17, 1848. With the amendments, passed February 7, 1851 ... [to] April 6, 1865. To which are added notes, forms and an index.
Great Britain. / [unknown] An act for reversing the attainder of Jacob Leisler and others.
Massachusetts homoeopathic medical society. / [1864] The act of incorporation and the by-laws.
Richmond (Va.) / [1870?] An act providing a charter for the city of Richmond, approved May 24, 1870, as amended by acts approved July 11, 1870 March 29, 1871, & March 29, 1873.
Illinois. / [1875] An act to provide for the incorporation of cities and villages,: adopted by the city of Chicago, April 23d, 1875.
United States. / [1865] An act to provide internal revenue to support the government,
New York (N.Y.) / [1876] An act to reorganize the local government of the city of New York, passed April 30, 1873, as amended; with an appendix containing the supplementary acts passed since the year 1873.
Morgan, John C. (John Coleman), b. 1831. / [1868] The action and classification of medicine in connection with the anatomy of temperament / by John C. Morgan.
[1860] The actress in high life: an episode in winter quarters ...
South Carolina. / [1872] Acts and joint resolutions of the General assembly of the state of South Carolina, passed at the regular session of 1871-'72. Printed by order of the General assembly, and designed to form a part of the fifteenth volume of the statutes at large, commencing with the acts of 1871-'72.
United States. / [1874] Acts of Congress relating to loans and the currency, from 1841 to 1872 inclusive.
United States. / [1853] Acts of Congress relating to steamboats, collated with the rolls at Washington.
[1876] The Acts of the apostles.
[1862] The Acts of the apostles explained by Joseph Addison Alexander;
Virginia. General assembly, 1862. / [1863] Acts of the General assembly of the state of Virginia. Passed at the extra session, commenced Dec. 4, 1862, in the 87th year of the Commonwealth.