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Title: [Christian pamphlets. Vol. 7]
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
Availability: Where applicable, subject to copyright. Please go to for more information.
Print source: [Christian pamphlets. Vol. 7]
Roebuck, John Arthur, 1801-1879. Life of Mahomet., Bethune, John Elliot Drinkwater, 1801-1851. Life of Galileo., Draper, William. Life of Dr. Adam Smith., Stevenson, William, 1772-1829. Life of William Caxton., Lardner, Dionysius, 1793-1859. Popular account of Newton's Optics., Griffin, Edward Dorr, 1770-1837. Sermon on the art of preaching, Fisk, Wilbur, 1792-1839. Substance of a discourse preached at Wilbraham, Maas. on occasion of the death of Rev. Edward Hyde., Chapin, Horace B. (Horace Billings), 1792-1840. Penalty of the divine law., Bethune, John Elliot Drinkwater, 1801-1851. Life of Kepler., Richardson, Chauncey, 1802-1852. Divine character and offices of the Holy Spirit., Richardson, Chauncey, 1802-1852. Sacred office., Richardson, Chauncey, 1802-1852. Apostolic ministry., Richardson, Chauncey, 1802-1852. Great truth and its evidences., Richardson, Chauncey, 1802-1852. Sound doctrine, unpopular., Richardson, Chauncey, 1802-1852. Sermon, Richardson, Chauncey, 1802-1852. Sermon, preached on the occasion of the death of Mrs. Sarah E. Waters., Richardson, Chauncey, 1802-1852. Sermon preached on the occasion of the death of Mrs. Sarah Milton Whipple., Wesley, John, 1703-1791. Wesley's thoughts on slavery., Magoun, George Frederic, 1821-1896. Address to the Association for Missionary Inquiry in Knox College., Webster, Daniel, 1782-1852. Defence of the Christian religion, and of the religious instruction of the young., Hill, Pascoe Grenfell, 1804-1882. Fifty days on board a slave vessel in the Mozambique Channel., Williams, William R., 1804-1885., American Bible Union. Bible question decided in a correspondence between the American Bible Union and Rev. William R. Williams.

[United States: s.n., 1800-1856]
Subject terms:
Holy Spirit.
Theology, Doctrinal.
Funeral sermons.
Slavery -- United States.
Protestant churches -- Relations
Slave-trade -- Africa
Baptists -- Missions.
Women -- Periodicals.
Muhammad, -- Prophet, -- d. 632.
Galilei, Galileo, -- 1564-1642.
Kepler, Johannes, -- 1571-1630.
Smith, Adam, -- 1723-1790.
Caxton, William, -- ca.1422-1491.
Bacon, Francis, -- 1561-1626. -- Novum organum.
Newton, Isaac, -- Sir, -- 1642-1727. -- Opticks.
Hyde, Edward, -- 1786-1832.
Waters, Sarah E.
Girard, Stephen, -- 1750-1831.
Whipple, Sarah Milton.
Catholic Church -- Relations
Bible. -- English -- Versions.