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Title: [Christian pamphlets. Vol. 3]
Publication info: Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library
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Print source: [Christian pamphlets. Vol. 3]
Peabody, Andrew P. (Andrew Preston), 1811-1893. American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions., Bartlett, Samuel Colcord, 1817-1898. Sketches of missions., Bartlett, Samuel Colcord, 1817-1898. Plea for foreign missions., Bissell, E. Will Christianity prevail in India?, Peabody, Andrew P. (Andrew Preston), 1811-1893. Dr. Anderson's work on the Hawaiian Islands., Smith, Asa D. (Asa Dodge), 1804-1877. Personal piety as related to the missionary work., Adams, William, 1807-1880. Christianity designed for the world., Cleaveland, Elisha Lord, 1806-1866. Motives to the missionary work., Condit, Jonathan Bailey, 1808-1876. Missionary enterprise a true development of the life of the church., Barnes, Albert, 1798-1870. Home missions., Storrs, Richard S. (Richard Salter), 1787-1873. Man's duty, in relation to the Lord's work., Riddle, D. H. (David Hunter), 1805-1888, Our country for the sake of the world., Bacon, Leonard, 1802-1881. American church., Hickok, Laurens P. (Laurens Perseus), 1798-1888. Nation saved from its prosperity only by the gospel., Storrs, Richard S. (Richard Salter), 1787-1873. Homes missions., Sturtevant, Julian M. (Julian Monson), 1805-1886. American emigration., Shaw, James Boglan, 1808-1890. Missionary a witness for Christ., Dwight, William Theodore, 1795-1865. Work, and the workmen.

[United States?: s.n., 1849-1867]
Subject terms:
Missions, American.
Missionaries -- Appointment, call, and election.
Church development, New.
Sermons, American.
Home missions.
Anderson, Rufus, -- 1796-1880. -- Hawaiian Islands.
American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.
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